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- JANUARY 2020 -

     Welcome to to the new year! We're going to have ourselves another banner year at SKFF with all new content of preview pics, photosets and fight stories from your favourite producers and authors from around the world.

     I have to keep this pre-amble much shorter than previous months as I just got out of hospital (2 week stay for a broken femur) and I don't trust my writing skills while under the happy fuzzy embrace of some really good pain meds. So please enjoy the many great photos from your fave video producers and the great stories from these fine talented authors.

     What a way to start the year, right?! It can ONLY go uphill from here... ;)

Cheers and Happy New Year 2020 to one and all..


25 DECEMBER 2019

     My apologies for being very late with the LAST update for 2019. Just as I was working on this update during the holidays, my computer decided to go on strike and not reboot.. sigh. Such bad timing! After much delay, my computer is back and the latest / greatest update is now ready! So though today is actually the 7th of January 2020, consider this the update for last month! Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

     Happy Holidays to all, here we are with the last update for the year 2019! What a great year of sampler pics and video previews from all over the world of female combat sports! We're going to dive into the fray with some rather interesting samplers!

     PHOTOS: We start things off with xxxDEFEATEDxxx where the women rule and own their male opponents in one hell of a sex fight beatdown! Then we slide over to Russia where the MMA girls of the Wrestling Castle tangle up for combat! Powerful thighs are at work for the ladies at Sexy Fight Dreams. Sexy topless cat masked ring action is up next with the gals at Russian Women Wrestling. Again in the squared circle, the Russian women from Wrestling Matreshka are back again for more intense action. Waldo return with his latest in 3D CyberArt of female combat action at Merlin's Kingdom. Next, the beautiful women of Italian Female Wrestling engage in intense fighting. The boxing gloves are out at Hit The Mat Wrestling as the pretty blonde suffers belly punches from her male opponent. Spicy Wrestling Tales are here to display their 3D CyberArt fight images, check out their link for spicy stories and more! Over at Fight Pulse the ladies show the men who is boss (take a guess!). Trading shot for shot, the nude fighters at Female Fight Club taste leather! DefeatedXXX is back again with a beautiful sampling of what their fighters can do when they get mad! Meanwhile, over at Defeated Sexfights, it's slippery when wet as the women get oiled up for fighting! Check out the latest from down south of the border where it's a lot warmer than up here as the ladies battle it out in the squared circle. And finally, the beautiful ladies of Catfight Connection go breast to breast in combat competition. Check out the links of these contributing fight sites to see what appeals to you the most, you migt be surprised as to what you will find!

     STORIES: We have for you this week one hell of a collection of fight stories from your favourite authors and a number of new authors that you should check out. As always, don't forget to send them feedback (if they have left their email addresses on their pages) as they would lover to hear back from you about their stories. Your responses always helps them hone their skills and be able to offer you more stories. Many thanks to all the authors for your contributions this past year!

     And there you have it.. better late than never! We will be back again with the first update of 2020 at the end of this month of January!


25 NOVEMBER 2019

     We're back with yet another great update from around the world of female combat sports! This week, we bring you the latest and greatest samplers of F vs F and F vs M action in and out of the ring, and a good selection of new femfighting stories for your entertainment pleasure.

     PHOTOS: We kick things off with the Russian ladies at the Wrestling Castle as they engage in a thrown boxing match in the ringed circle. Still from Russian, the topless ladies trade leather in another boxing match over at Russian Women Wrestling. Not to be outdone, the ladies at Rumble Matreshka wrestle it out in the ring. Waldo is back with more of his great stories and artwork at Merlin's Kingdom. Over at Fight Pulse, the ladies and men go all out in mat combat. Tall boots and petite victims are the order of the day over at F-F-Fights, while over at FemFight, it's clothes ripping time as the ladies face off against each other. Check out the latest from Female Wrestling Channel. Punches are traded at Female Fight Club this week. It's a down and dirty domination battle for the ladies at Defeated Sexfight, while over at Defeated XXX, it's lights out and beat downs for their combatants! And finally, but not least, the gals from down south of the borders are in full wrestling combat inside the squared circle.

     STORIES: We have a great selection of femfighting stories available to you from your favourite writers such as; Mike Massy, Joebur68, Starr247742, Karl Butters, Mr Chain, Aristocatch, Scissorman and Rival's Rapture. You find their stories and literally thousands more stories in our library.

      I hope that you enjoyed this update, and please do support your favourite femfighting producers. Send them your feedback as this always helps in letting them know what you, the fans, want to see next.

      Until next time, we'll see you again in December with this year's last update before the New Year (wow, time flies when you're having fun =)



27 OCTOBER 2019

     Welcome back to yet another great update from around the world of female combat sports and more ;) I do have to keep this one short and sweet but check out the latest in the PHOTO GALLERY as there as some really awesome samplers available from your favourite producers, and we also have new stories from your favourite authors and a new writer this month in the STORIES SECTION.

     Please do check out the latest and greatest from around the world!

Until next time, Cheers!




     A bit late with September's update! Sometimes sh*t gets in the way of what we like to do.. we have another great update waiting for you so let's get right to it!

     PHOTOS: Submitted by the femfight producers from around the world, we have for you some of the best teaser pics going. We kick things off with nude fighting from xxxDefeatedxxx. From across the pond, the sexy ladies from Sexy Fight Dreams put the hurt on their female and male opponents. For something different and interesting, the Russian ladies at Rumble Matreshka put on a fencing match! Check out the latest from OxFighterz as they battle it out on the mats, love their photos! Next we have digital fight art from Waldo at Merlin's Kingdom, we're assured that no pixels were harmed in the making of the stories. The Maidens of Mayhem are up next with some painful action. It;s super heroin time as KMP girls fight it out. The Kick Ass Club girls are putting their stamp on their opponents with some brutal and humiliating shots! In ferocious fight action, the women from the Italian Female Wrestling team battle it out in all out action. No one is safe from defeat on the mats at Fight Pulse as they go all out in search of victory! Now it's time for some fists to be flying over at the Female Fight Club gym! Next up are the ladies from DefeatedXXX as they go for the KO and more to get their wins! It's getting wet and messy over at the Defeated Sexfight fight club where nothing is apparently taboo with these fighters! Though man might be the stronger of the two, it's the women who take charge and take names over at Competitive Enterprises when it comes to domination! Next we have the wrestler ladies from south of the border at CLFEM as they battle it out in the squared circle. And finally but never least, it's fierce competition as the ladies from Catfight Connection battle it out for supremacy!

Check out these producers' website for more tantalizing samples of the great work that they put forth, you might find something that you will be blown away with!

     STORIES: This week we bring you the latest and greatest from your favourite femfight story writers such as; Wolfboy, Starr247742 (new writer), Karl Butters, Aristocatch and Mike Massy. You will be able to find their stories and thousands more from over the years in our story section.

     I hope that you will enjoy this month's update and we will be back at the end of October with a lot more of your favourite female combat samplers and teasers!



29 AUGUST 2019

     What a great summer so far and with that we're back another great update featuring content from your favourite female combat content producers and stories from your favourite authors. Let's jump into the fray and see what's up this month!

     PHOTOS: We kick things off this week with the sultry ladies of XXXDEFEATEDXXX as someone gets caught from behind and is made to pay the price for her trespass! Next we have the rough and tumble ring girls from Russia's Rumble Matreshka as they battle it out. Sexy and tough, the OxFighterz women go all out in incredible fight action! Back again with more 3D gfx artwork, Merlin's Kingdom pixel characters take the fighting action where no live girls can go! The very beautiful women of Italian Female Wrestling bring the pain to their opponents out on the mats and on the grass like no one else can! For the pugilist in all of us, the women from Hit The Mat Wrestling bring your leather swapping action from within the ring. All hell breaks out at GirlsWrestle as the ladies team up for some vicious action. Big or small, they break them all at FightPulse when you step out on the mats with these women! Tall and beautiful, the ladies take on all foolish enough to take up the challenge over at F-F-Fights and FEMFIGHT, great action! Getting into the wet and wild side of things, the ladies at Defeated Sexfight go all out. There's a bit of everything waiting for you at Defeated XXX this week as they show case what they're all about, you've gotta check this out! Down south of the border in Mexico, the girls take it one step further and they brutally destroy their opponents in the ring! And finally, it's the Catfight Connection women who go breast to breast in full fight mode!

Be sure to check out these producers' websites for even more samplers of what they have to offer!

     STORIES: This week we have a great selection of stories from your favourite authors such as WS2003, Wolfboy, Aristocatch and Barfly6363. There are literally thousands of stories from the years past also available in the stories section of the website.

     And there you have it, another great update from around the world of female combative sports.

Best wishes to go out the folks in Florida who are currently bracing for one hell of a hurricane soon about to hit their shores. Hang tight!

     Until next time, fight fair, especially when the ref is looking!



28 JULY 2019

     We're back with another great update of photos and stories from your favourite producers and authors from around the world of female combat sports and more!

     PHOTOS: We kick things off with the ladies of UK Dream Wrestlers as they do battle vs the opposite sex. Intense fight action is up next with the Sexy Fight Dreams beauties. Rough and tumble ring action from Rumble Matreshka as the Russian ladies lay it all out. Oxfighterz bring us a stunning photo set of their ladies in action! Waldo is back from more intense digital fight action artwork from Merlin's Kingdom, showcasing some of his recent commissioned work. Krak Monster Productions returns to our gallery with more combat action, while the Italian Female Wrestling ladies get in deep with their opponents in the ring and on the mats. Lace them up for the ladies of Hit The Mat Wrestling for some boxing fight action. All kinds of mat grappling action is up next from the gals and guys at Fight Pulse. Check out the latest and greatest impressive artwork from the pages of Fight Fantasies. Over at Femfight and F-F-Fights, they beautiful ladies get into hard fighting action once again. Hard hitting and vicious fight action is up next at Female Fight Club. Fighting against all odds, the ladies of Defeated Sexfight go for the finish. Titillating fight action as the guys and gals at Defeated XXX get into some intense domination matches. The ladies from down south of the border in sunny Mexico are in all kinds of battle scenes at CLFEM. And finally but never least, it's breast to breast action for the women at Catfight Connection. Check out these producers' website for more of what they have to offer!

STORIES: This week we bring you a vast variety of fight stories from your favourite and new authors such as Wolfboy, Barfly6363, Rival's Capture, Melissa, Dark Cloud, Luffy316, MikeMas3, CatRolePlaya, Diane and Mr Chain. You will be able to find all of these and thousands of more stories in our story section.

     I hope that you will enjoy this week's update. We'll be back in August with much more from around the world of female combat sports scene!




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