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16 APRIL 2014

     And now it's time for another update! We'll be checking out photos and clips submitted by various Femfight and Catfight production companies from around the world, and some exciting hard hitting femfight stories!

     PHOTO GALLERY: This week we have quite the large Gallery for your perusal.. We'll start things off with the gals at Battle of the Sexes where they know how to put a man in his proper place.. From across the pond (Atlantic), the vicious hell cats from Bitch Fight UK tear into each other once again. Not to be outdone, Catfight Corner ladies bring the fight to the ground as they press on for supremacy. The gorgeous ladies at Femfight are back with exciting new images. Dominating their opponents, the babes at F-F-Fights take no prisoners. Again from Europe, the hard fighting gals at Italian Female Wrestling girls are back at it on the mats. Making their debut appearances on LadyFist, redhead Sadie Smackdown raises her new opponent Desire to new heights... the hard way! If you think Russian winters are tough, wait till you see the fighting hellcats at Lynxfight! Fantasy ring action fans will enjoy the rousing matches at Ring Divas. Down south, the Southern Wrestling Belles are ready for battle. Tough intergender matches can be seen in this week's collection from TC-Wrestling. And finally.. but never the least, the wild and vicious sexually charged ladies from Ultimate Surrender are back with pics and clips, showing you what happens to the losers in their heated battles on the mats.

     STORIES: Great stories available this week from authors Stone and Kim. Be sure to check them out and drop them a note if you like what you read..

31 MARCH 2014

     Sick and tired of winter yet? I know a lot of us up here in the Great White North can hardly wait for winter to be over with.. Spring has come and still wiping it's feet at the door.., and yet we're still enjoying all kinds of blizzards, freezing rain and what ever else Mother Nature has up her sleeve.. Who ever it was that pissed her off, please apologize, eh?

    Alrighty then, lets get on with the update! We have quite a collection of photos for the Fight Fans out there.. buckle up, it's gonna be another whirlwind ride across the globe!

     PHOTO GALLERY: For the foot fetish fans out there, our first gallery is from At Our Feet where the hell cats love using their pretty feet to wreak havoc. With hair pulling and claws flying, the felines at Catfight Corner brawl it out for victory. Down south of the borders come the ladies from CLFEM. Another feast for the feetlings, Deadly Feet show why the toes can be a useful weapon in a fight! Clamping thighs from Female Assassins Club crush their opponents into submission. From sunny Italy comes the hard fighting ladies of Italian Female Wrestling. On the mats and in each other's face, the gals from Ladyfist yank and bite their way to victory. Tough gals from Maiden of Mayhem tear into each other again this week. From far away Russian, check out Russian Women Wrestling. I've seen their videos and wow, quite awesome, and cool people to deal with if you're looking to commission a custom video. They also have a Clips4Sale store so be sure to check that out as they have even more fantastic videos available there. SuperheroineWorld babes are back for their sex-charge fights. And finally, but never least! the ladies from Ultimate Surrender are here to show you what happens when someone loses a match.. or even during a match it can be quite humiliating. Sample pics and free video clips available.

     STORIES: This week's stories are brought to you by you favourite authors such as Stone, Aristocatch, ThePac and DG. Drop the authors a note if you like their stories, they would like to hear from you.

    We'll be back next month with more pics, clips and stories from around the world's Femfighting Proucers. Cheers!


10 MARCH 2014

     It's time once again for another exciting update from the wide wild world of Female Combative Sports! This week we have all kinds of photos and stories from your favourite producers and authors, always something for everyone. So lets get started!

     Photo Gallery: Kicking things off are the leather gloves of the battling babes at Boxing Fantasies. Next up are those mature fighting felines from Catfight Corner. New to our Galleries is Female Assassin's Club. From across the pond, on the Med are the feisty fighting ladies of Italian Female Wrestling where they put on good grapple for supremacy! Also new to these pages is Jade Fights and LennyLoo Wrestling, gotta check those out. For the 3D Cyber Arts fans out there, Nitroman and Waldo are back with another update installment from Pro3D Apartment Wrestling, a little of everything for everyone there.. And as always, for those who enjoy a more salacious ending to their catfight wrestling matches, the sexually charged babes of Ultimate Surrender are back this week with more of their hot hitting action!

     Stories: And now for the stories! We know many of you simply enjoy reading all about hot and heavy female combative sports stories.. and these authors will not disappoint you! New stories this week from Authors Stone, Aristocatch, Kim and Teez. As always, if you enjoyed their stories and the authors have left their contact information on their list pages, please do send them a note.. they appreciate hearing back from the readers.

    Winter is JUST about over, soon.. real soon.. yet we have major winter storms coming up this week.. sigh.. when oh when shall Spring arrive?!?! Oh well, at least we have something here to help keep the time while we're waiting ;) Until next time, Cheers!


02 MARCH 2014

     Welcome back for another exciting update. This week we have new photos from around the world and new stories for your entertainment in the world of female combative sports.

     Photo Gallery: We get things started with those beautiful brawlers from across the pond at Bitch Fight UK, followed by the vicious and mean gals at Catfight Corner. Nasty girl attitudes show up at Catfight Fantasies with samples of their latest video release. And from further south in Mexico, we have a newcomer with fight pics by CLFEM. With an interesting approach to the scene, check out the Female Wrestling Channel for a new take on fight matches. The queen of the mats, Hollywood fights for survival against her vicious opponent at Hollywould Productions. Out the Mediterranean, the Italian Female Wrestling ladies put on a great show on the mats. With sample pics from their latest video compilation release, Ladyfist comes with sample pics and sampler video clip. The undisputed king of 3D Cyber Art fights, Merlin's Kingdom has some awesome samples of his work. With weekly updates and loads of content, Merlin has been entertaining his fans for over 10 years with exceptional stories. In the squared circle, the Ring Divas babes take the meaning of one sided beatdowns to a new level as you'll see in their gallery. For some of the best Pro Ring Wrestling action, look no further than Slammin' Ladies and Slampegs, top notch wrestlers and great action! For the fantasy side of fighting, SuperHeroine World has more photos to check out. And finally, and never least, for the pinnacle of intense sex fighting, there's none better than Ultimate Surrender. Intense grappling until one loses the match, and the loser has to submit to the winner's sexual desires until satisfied. Sample pics and clips!

     Stories: This week we have more awesome stories from such authors as Stone, Aristocatch, Dark Knight and DG. Be sure to drop them a line with your comments and critiques as they would love to hear from you.

     That's it for now, folks. I hope you enjoy this update.


18 FEB 2014

     As you might have noticed, we're seeing a slight change to the website's look and feel. After so many years online (21 yrs), I thought it might be time for at least a little paint here and there, and some streamlining since some of the old codes no longer apply with the new web technologies available.. and hopefully still keep it simple and clean, accessible across various browsers and platforms.. and hopefully mobile devices. Let me know what you think..

     As we patiently wait for the spring thaw after so many frequent winter storms, this would be a good time to curl up with a few good stories from new authors, returning authors and your favourite authors. In the photos gallery, we have a large offering of various styles of femfighting styles that should appeal to a lot of fans out there.

     Photo Gallery: Here are sample photos and clips from some of your favourite female combat content producers on the 'net. We start with the Big Beautiful Babe Behaving Badly.. the length of the title is almost as huge as the combatants! BBW fans love this site. Catfighting babes from Catfight Corner are back in locked combat like never before. Competitive Enterprises show you the hard hitting side of M vs F action. We have the latest Episodes samples from Female Wrestling Channel, be sure to check them out! In your face with their feet are the babes from KickAss Club as they stomp their way to victory. On the mats and in the bedroom, the Ladyfist gals battle it out. Tough and mean, the gals from Maidens of Mayhem rip into each other like no other. For the Digital Art fight fans, check out the latest from Nitroman's own Pro3D ApartmentWrestling as the girls from PAWL and AEWA battle it out, in the digital world.. Now, for some pro ring action, check out some of the latest from ProStyle Fantasies as gorgeous women get mean and nasty.. More pro ring action is also available from Ring Divas as their fighters try to resolve their differences in the squared circle, with various results. And once again in the pro ring side of things, check out veteran fighters taking on new fighters at Southern Wrestling Belles. Another 3D fight site to check out, Toss3D has something for everyone. For the brutal and nasty sexfighting that ends up in humiliating defeat for the losers, Ultimate Surrender seems to lead the field.. Check it out to see why so many people are talking about the vicious fight action.. And finally, when it's always best to put your best foot forward, you might as well just put it in your defeated foe's face.. and this is just what the babes at XtremeDeFeet are well known for..

     Stories: And now for the literary types out there, you're in for a treat as we have a varied collection of stories for you by such authors as Teez, DG. Aristocatch, Stone, Deacon, Kim, Wolfboy, Romantic Jack and Knicks! And as always, if the author has left their contact information on their listings page, please do drop them a line with your comments and critiques of their work. I know a lot of them would LOVE to hear from you.



21 JAN 2014

     Welcome to the new Year and we're going to kick things off with a bang by bringing you new pics, clips and stories from some of your favourite authors and producers out there in the Femfighting Industries.

     Photo Gallery: We're going to get things started with the ladies from across the pond at BitchFight UK as they tangle it up for victory. In the squared circle, the sexy gals at Boxing Fantasies duke it out with the leather to the face and belly. The vicious fighting gals at Catfight Corner rip into each other looking to submit the other. Catch up on the latest at Female Wrestling Channel with their latest video pics submission. In the pro-ring, the wrestling gals go all out at Hit The Mat Wrestling. Grappling their way to victory are the hellcats at TC-Wrestling. Lots of hair pulling from Ladyfist's members gallery and finally, but as usual, never the least, those sensuous she-devils at Ultimate Surrender are back with more brutal and sexually charged fighting on the mats.

     Stories: Ready for some hard hitting literary fight scenes? We have a nice selection of stories from various authors such as Stone, Aristocatch, DG, SuperCat, Kim, PerilEyes and Wyldewood.

     As winter drags on and on.. and on and on.. hopefully these pics, clips and stories will help make the time go by quicker.. Until next time, Cheers!

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