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09 FEB 2016

     Seeing how there's a blizzard hitting the region tonight, why not work on this week's update?! Let's get this show on the road!

     PHOTOS: This week in the photo section we're going to kick things off with the gals at BOUTTIMESTUDIOS as they wage war in the squared circle. Great catfighting action is brought to you next by the gals at Catfight Connection. Down in the sunnier and warmer part of the world, the ladies at CLFEM tear into each other. The CPLWrestling girls crush their opponents to defeat in an impressive photos set. Hair and clothes ripping action is up next from the ladies at both FEMFIGHT and F-F-FIGHTS. Art work fans will appreciate the fight imagery at Fight Fantasies. Vicious competitive fights are up next with the fighters at FIGHT PULSE! I had the pleasure of checking out one of the latest video from Gotika`s Wrestling Castle this week and I do have to say I was quite impressed with the level of competitive fight action amongst all these girls in this match. Taking it on the chin this week are the boxing babes at HitTheMat. Up next are the babes at Italian Female Wrestling as they battle it out on the mats. Next up are the vicious gals from KrakMonster. Though Merlin officially retired from producing stories from the Merlin-Kingdom website, he still sends in some new stories once in a while as Waldo takes over the reigns, so this week you get a chance to see what both these talented artists have cooked up in the 3D art world. Back again this week is MFVideo and NUDE FIGHT CLUB. Again from Russia and doing battle in the squared circle are the gals from Russian Women Wrestling. Finally this week, we have new action from Sexy Fight Dreams.

STORIES: Be sure to check out the latest stories brought to you by such authors as Stone, Ronin, Diavolo and Sandman. You`ll find these and thousands more stories waiting for your perusal.

We`ll be back soon again with yet another update for your femfighting pleasures.



17 JAN 2016

     We're back with another update for all you frozen fight fans out there! Winter is locked in for now but lets get warmed up with new photos and stories from the female fighting scene from around the world.

     Starting off the in the Galleries section, we have the tough ladies from the Catfight Connection tangling it up while the ladies at CPL Wrestling take it to the mats. Ganging up on their opponents are the DefeatedXXX fighters. Up next, the Defeated SexFight girls really get tangled up in battle. Rough action from the gals at Fightpulse! is next, followed by good ring action at HTM Wrestling. Getting down and nasty are the ladies at Krakmonster Productions. For all kinds of fetish, check out what's new at MFVideo. Putting the nude in Nude Fight club, check out what the ladies there are not wearing.. For the Digital Art fans out there, see what Nitro has to offer at Pro3D Apartment Wrestling with guest artist Waldo. And this week, to finish things off, we bring you the gorgeous ladies at Ring Divas.

     For the fight story fans, we bring you the latest from your favourite authors Magoo, Stone and Aristochatch.

     I hope you enjoy this week's update. We'll be back soon with yet another exciting update from your favourite producers, artists and writers from around the world.



10 JAN 2016

     Welcome to a new year at Seakingsfemfight.com! I hope everyone had a great time over the festive season and got to this side of the festivities in a safe and orderly manner ;)

     We're going to try some new things this year with the website, partly to make it easier for me to do the updates, and mostly to make it easier for you to visit and check out the great photos, videos clip samplers and fighting stories. The first thing you'll notice is how we changed up the Photos Gallery. You'll be able to click from one image to the next, either by clicking on the "next" button or by clicking on either side of the photo.. don't worry, it's easy to use and you'll get used to it easy enough. You can even press F11 on your keyboard to full enlarge your browser to check out some of the very images the producers send in for their galleries. All in all, I think you're going to enjoy how it all presents itself.

    However, please do let me know what you think of the new gallery presentation.

    SO! lets get into the update, shall we?!

     In the Photos Gallery, we kick things off with CPL Wresting, followed up by Fight Pulse!.. Making a return to the site is Italian Female Wrestling. Making their first appearance to the site is MF Video Fetish. Then we have those cute and sexy ladies from Nude Fight Club, followed up by the gals in the ring at Ring Divas. And to cap things off, the ladies from Ultimate Surrender are back with a big photo gallery update, and some video clip samplers for your enjoyment.

     In the Stories Section, one writer heralds the new year in with his first story for 2016, Barfyl636.

We'll be back soon with yet another exciting update!




31 DEC 2015

    Welcome to the last update of 2015! It's been a fun year and a busy one. We wish to thank everyone who helped make this past year possible, from the promoters, producers, writers, fans and friends alike.

     Lets jump into this update right away! In the Galleries section, we kick off with those vicious ladies from Catfight Connection. Flexing their stuff from down south where it's warmer, the ladies of CLFEM do their business on the mats. Sitting down on the job and on their victim's faces are the ladies from CPL Wrestling. Taking their catfights to the bedroom, the ladies at Femfightbound fight for domination. Great mat action await you from the ladies at FightPulse! Again from down south, Jade Catfights gives it a try at mixed fighting. On the mats and putting the hurt on their victims are the Ladyfist girls. Taking over after Merlin's retirement, Waldo's art is now available at Merlin's Kingdom. Sexy nude sexfights are up next from Nude Fight Club. Gorgeous women battling it out in the ring are the Ring Divas. And finally but never ever least, are those insatiably dirty fighters from Ultimate Surrender where the loser pays the ultimate price if they lose their match..

     In the Stories section, we have our last two stories of the year from Wolfboy and Magoo. You'll find these and thousands more stories in our vast stories collection from over the past decades..

    We'll be back next month in 2016 with yet more exciting matches, clips. photos and stories from wide world of femfighting.

Until then, Happy New Year!


24 DEC 2015

     We're back for another update just before the big holiday kicks off today! Just in time for when you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and kick back to catch up with the latest in femfighting videos, pics and stories.

    PHOTOS: We kick things off again this week with Academy Wrestling girls in martial arts gear while the Bitch Fight UK ladies battle it out in more traditional gear. Putting the crush on their victims are the CPL Wrestling ladies. Sitting this one out, on their victim, are the gals from Defeated Sexfight XX. Boasting as being the only femfight at a band rehearsal, the ladies put a note on KrakMonster Productions. Up next are the gals from Nude Fight Club in a fun wet and slippery match, this is one of my favourite of their matches. Into the ring we go with the gorgeous ladies at Ring Divas. Proving women are usually more dangerous than men on the mats, the women at Saw Mixed Wrestling put the hurt on their male opponents.. Up next is more mat action with the gals at TC Wrestling. The gals at TopCatz Fighting and TopCatz Mixed can be equally vicious on either sex! And this week we finish off the update with XXXDefeatedXXX ladies as they have a go at each other.

     STORIES: Lots of stories for you this week from your favourite authors of Femfighting Stories! Check out the latest by Stone, Wolfboy, Rob, Aristocatch and Magoo. Drop them a note if the authors have left their contact info on their pages.

And with that, we wish you all a happy Holidays! Stay safe and have fun! (and don`t let the ref see you cheat ;)



04 DEC 2015

     Welcome back for another wild and crazy update from the world of female combative sports.. and more! We have photos, sampler clips and stories for you from your favourite producers and femfighting sources. Let's get to it, shall we?

     Kicking off the Photo Gallery extravaganza, Academy Wrestling teases us images from what could be described as perhaps one of their greatest matches ever as Ariel X dominates Isamar. Check out the pipes on Ariel X, someone call that girl a plumber, wow. I'm looking forward to see that video! Next up, the vicious ladies of Catfight Connection do battle. And down in the warmer climes of our continent, the gals at CLFEM get it on in the gym, while the girls at CPL Wrestling have a sit in.. on their victims' heads! Check out the latest from the Female Wrestling Channel as they present new stories and action fights. Gotika's Wrestling Castle is back with more wild action. Back again to the warmer climes, Jade's Catfights tangle it up in the ring. Battling it out on the mats, and then getting down and dirty, are the ladies from Nude Fight Club with pics and sample video.. For the 3D Digital Arts fans, Nitro is back with more samples from Pro3D Apartment Wrestling.. just remember, no pixels were harmed during the process.. Sexy ring action is up next with the gals at Ring Divas. You're really to enjoy watching Gotika vs Dallas in the latest Russian Women's Wrestling video. Very impressive! It's not often that I literally do a 'wtf' and rewind video to catch those surprising scenes. The first clothe-line take down caught ME by surprise.. never mind the victim! I look forward to seeing these two go to war again! And finally, we finish off with Toss3D multi-coloured battle scenes.

     In the Stories Section, we have new reading material for you by veteran author Stone and the new authors Gordon and Jayne Ellis. Check them and drop them a line with your comments, they would love to hear from you.

     We'll be back soon with yet another update from the wild world of women's combative sports.. and beyond!



19 NOV 2015

     We're back with another update full of photos, clips and stories from contributors from around the world. As some of us are already hunkering down through the season's first winter snow storms, let's check out to see what's new in the world of Femfighting.

     Starting off in the Photo Gallery, and much warmer climes, the ladies of CLFEM duke it out in the warmth (yes, it's cold up here already). Next up, the hell cats from CPL Wrestling do battle, while the gals at DefeatedXXX make their victims eat feet. Get the latest fight episodes from the Female Wrestling Channel as their ladies fight it out. Then we have those seductresses from both FemFight and F-F-Fights rage in battle. Tough battles are up next with the Girls Wrestle. Looking for hard hitting action? Check out the latest from Hit The Mat Wrestling as the leather goes flying. Again from down south, Jade Catfights puts the hurt on victims. Interesting photos are up next from KrakMonster Productions. KO's abound in Ladyfist's latest video as poor Taylor can't seem to stay awake in her match against her opponents. The Master of 3D Digital Arts, Merlin, is back with more images from the popular Merlin's Kingdom website.. one of the longest running and continuously updated fight sites. For in the ring, and in the ropes action, check out the latest from Ring Divas. With some of the biggest names in the Indie Wrestle game, check out what Slammin' Ladies has to offer with some of the best pro ring wrestling action around. Getting down and dirty with their feet and anything else available to them, the girls at XXXDefeatedXXX are getting down to business. And then finally but as usual, never least, are the ladies from Ultimate Surrender as they rage against each other in the most brutal and humiliating way possible. Sex fighting at it's best. Check out the sample pics and clips.

     And now for the Stories Section, we kick things off with the latest and greatest stories from your favourite authors from around the world. Check out what ThePac, Stone, Sashafight, Aristocatch and Cuda73 have to offer in this week's update. With literally thousands of stories from over the years available, you're sure to find a story that will appeal to you.

     And there you have it.. Please do check out the contributors' own websites as without your support, they can't produce the content that we all so enjoy.

    Until next time, stay warm and never give up, never submit..


05 NOV 2015

     Welcome back to another exciting update featuring pics, clips and stories of your favourite Femfight content producers from around the world.

     A lot of news hitting the streets this week! After 14 years of producing some of the web's greatest 3D Arts femfight stories on a weekly basis, Merlin from www.merlin-kingdom.com has decided it's sadly time to retire next month. But fear not, Merlin will be handing the reigns to his partner and the website will continue with new stories by guest artists, and occasionally by Merlin himself. His legacy stories will always be available with the new stories starting mid-December. Happy Retirement, Merlin!

     After Debbie Chan's return to the scene, things have been rolling on strong at www.foxyfighter.com as they've just launched their latest and greatest project by offering a new Patreon site. Check it out at FoxyFighter Patreon.

     And with that, let's jump into the update. Kicking this week's offering in the Photo Gallery are those Big Beautiful Babes Behaving Badly. Up next, the ladies from Catfight Connection aren't giving up an inch as they are determined to defeat their opponent. From a much warmer region, we next have the Latin ladies from Mexico at CLFem. Putting their mark on their unfortunately victims, the CPL Wrestling ladies have everything and everyone under control. Every time you open your mouth at DefeatedXXX you risk getting dominated in a most humiliating manner as the ladies make everyone toe the line.. New stories are here from the Female Wrestling Channel. Check the latest from the gorgeous battling babes at Femfight and F-F-Fights. Next up on the mats are the no nonsense tough gals from FightPulse! as they dominate their victims. Next up with their latest 3D Arts stories is Galaxy Wrestling All Stars, worth checking out! Again from the warmer parts of our continent, Jade Catfights rip into each other. Intent on destroying the bed and their adversary, these two ladies from Ladyfist aren't backing down. Check out the latest from SAW Mixed Wrestling as the poor males have a rough time against some very tough ladies.. Great mat action is up next with the gals at TC-Wrestling. Coming to grips with their adversaries, the ladies at TopCatz make it all happen. And last but never least, those wild and vivacious ladies from Ultimate Surrender are back again with more hot and intense sex fights on the mats.

      In the Stories section, we kick off a great reading frenzy with the latest from Kim, Mature Brit, ThePac, Aristocatch and Wolfboy. Check out their stories and drop them a line with your comments and critiques if the author has left their contact info.

     There you have it folks, I hope you've enjoyed this update, we'll be back with more soon enough.


21 OCT 2015

     And we're back with another exciting update featuring the latest and greatest from around the world of FemFighting!

     Kicking things off in the Photo Gallery, we have the bodacious ladies of Catfight Connection battling it out on the floor while the rough and tough ladies south of the border at CLFEM do their business in the ring. Always putting their foot into it, the ladies of XXXDefeatedXXX get up close and personal with their toes. Great mat action is brought to us by FightPulse! this week. New on the scene but familiar with the Russian wrestling fans is Gotika's Wrestling Castle where this vicious gal puts her love for wrestling and domination to work. Boxing fans will delight in the latest boxing matches from HTMWrestling. Up next from down south of the border again is Jade's Catfight. Also new to the scene here is a rather unique site KrakMonster Productions. If you want to see rough, check them out! And for the Digital Arts fans out there, be sure to check out the latest from Nitro's Pro3d Apartment Wrestling where he and guest artist Waldo's artwork are featured. Just remember, no pixels were harmed in the making of the fight scenes. Next up are those fantastic rough and tough ladies from Russian Women Wrestling. I've been checking out their videos since inception and they have really stepped up their game since then. Very impressive. And finally, but never least, check out the latest wild sex fights from none other than Ultimate Surrender. We bring you lots of pics and clips of what they have to offer their victims.

     For the literary types, we have a nice collection of great stories from your favourite authors such as Aristocatch, Magoo, Ronin, Barfly6363, Stone, Dark Cloud and welcoming a new author to our site, Mature Brit. Check out their stories and if the author has left their email addresses on their respective pages, why not send them a note of thanks or comments. I know they would appreciate getting some feedback on their stories.

     Well there you have it folks. We'll be back with another update soon before winter settles in on the Great White North (which could be anytime soon.. brrrr).





04 OCTOBER 2015

     Welcome back to yet another update, and a special welcome back to FoxyFighter after a 7 year hiatus, fans will be eager to enjoy all her artwork and stories.

     Let's kick things off with the Photo Gallery. Another welcome back goes out to Academy Wrestling as their girls lead the way in mat fights. But on the carpets, up against the walls and anywhere else that they land, the Catfight Connection ladies rip away into each other. Down south of the borders, the ladies from CLF are at it again as they battle it out in the ring. New to the site are the ladies from CPL Wrestling as they dominate their opponents. Speaking of being dominated, the footloose gals from DefeatedXXX are back again this week, rubbing their feet in everyone else's business. New artwork is being presented by Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars, something new to check out! Back again with another compilation video is Ladyfist. And finally but not least, the wild women of xxxDefeatedxxx are back with more of their wildest action fights.

      This week's offerings in the Stories Section will find more exciting stories from the authors Magoo, Aristocatch and Mr Cage. You'll also find thousands of awesome stories from the past years, there's something there for everyone.

     I hope you enjoy this update, we'll be back with more exciting content from the Femfighting scenes from around the world.



     We're back again with another update for you from your favourite producers, artists and authors from around the world. Buckle up, we're going for a ride!

     Starting things off in the Photo Gallery section, we have rough and tough M vs F action from BOTS. Up next, the curvaceous ladies of Catfight Connection rumble it out. Down south in Mexico, the hard hitting ladies from CLFEM do their battles in the ring while those powerful women from FightPulse! put their male victims in pain on the mats. New to the site is digital artwork from Female SuperStar Wrestlers & Catfights. Gut busting boxing action is featured with Hit The Mat Wrestling. Again from down south in Mexico, Jade Catfights puts up a good fight. Out with two new video compilations, Ladyfist videos featuring hair pulling and M vs F action. Crushing their male victims are the ladies from TopCatz. And finally and never least, those sexy ladies of Ultimate Surrender are back with a massive photo and video clips gallery featuring double teaming action and mayhem. There are a lot of 'sexfighting' sites out there but none as brutal and vicious as these ladies! You have to see it to believe it..

     For the fans who enjoy reading about Fem Fighting, we have a new batch of excellent stories from your favourite writers and new authors making their debut this week. Leading the charge are the authors Wolfboy, ThePac, One Sided Kinda Guy. Cuda73, Aristocatch and Dark Knight. Check out their stories and if you enjoyed their work, please do drop them a line with your comments if they have their emails posted on their page. They would love to hear from you.

     There you go folks, I hope you enjoy this week's update. Stay tuned for more updates as the fall weather kicks in and we all start moving back indoors before the glaciers start creeping down from the north again.



22 AUGUST 2015

     Welcome back to another great update featuring your favourite fighting females photos, clips and stories from around the world!

     We'll kick things off right away with the Photo Gallery and who best to lead the way than those exciting ladies at Catfight Connection.. Next up, in the ring and fighting to the 3 count are the ladies from down south at CLFEM. Dominating the scene and her opponents, FightPulse!'s tough gal shows who the better fighter is in a mixed match. Roughing it up next are the loverly ladies from GirlsWrestle. Fan favourite Jobber Girl Absynthe is featured in Ladyfist's latest video release as the petite fighter faces off against Lily. Up next in a heated and delicious mixed match are the ladies from SAW Mixed Wrestling. Tangling it up on the mats are the ladies from TC-Wrestling as the fight for dominance. And finally but not least, we find the tough ladies from TopCatzfight tearing into each other in competition.

     For those who enjoy a great femfighting read, head on down to the Stories Section where you will find new and exciting stories from your favourite authors, and some new authors as well.. There are literally thousands of stories to chose from over the years. There will be something there to entertain you.

    I hope you will enjoy this update. Please support your favourite producer sites by visiting them..

Until next time!



28 JULY 2015

     With the summer break over, it's time to get back with a new update featuring the latest and greatest of sample images from your favourite producers around the world and great fight stories from your favourite authors!

    The Photo Gallery section kicks off with those gorgeous ladies from Catfight Connection, followed up by the Latin ladies from CLFEM. A new exciting episode is featured by Female Wrestling Channel. Stunning Fem vs Male action is featured by FightPulse! Never judging a book by it's cover, Ladyfist presents their latest video LF306 where the tough gal gets destroyed by a smaller but much tougher opponent. Battling it out next are the Maidens of Mayhem. Next up is Pro3D Apartment Wrestling where artists Nitroman and his partner Waldo showcase their 3D fight stories. From the deep south, the gorgeous ladies of Southern Wrestling Belles flex their fight might for the fans. And finally, but never least, those salaciously sexy women of Ultimate Surrender are back with more sexfighting pics and clip samplers.

     The Stories section features new author Jayne with her first story on the site. Your favourite authors Aristocatch, Wolfboy, Magoo and Thepac are back with their new and exciting stories that should have you on the edge of your literary seats.

     I hope you enjoy this update, we'll be back soon with more pics and stories from around the Femfighting World!




03 JULY 2015

     After a long break, we're back once again with another update with lots of photos from your favourite producers from around the world and some fantastic fight stories for the literary fans of femfighting. There's something for everone, so be sure to check out the latest offerings!

We'll be back with more photos, clips and stories real soon..


02 JUNE 2015

     We're back with another long awaited update.. a recent computer fire killed the PSU and a couple of HHD which took a little while to repair and build the system back up. Luckily, the good practice of backups on a regular schedule saved all the web work on the other drives. With a new PSU, HDDs and re-installed software it's time to get to work!

     Let's get started with the Photo Gallery, where the rambunctious ladies of Catfight Connection get things rolling. From down south, the ladies at CLF battle it out. Putting their feet and toes into everyone`s business, the women at DefeatedXXX mean business with some impressive action. Check out the latest Episode over with the latest Female Wrestling Channel samples. Another Extreme video from Ladyfist, this one features a one sided beatdown with tons of wedgies, KOs and belly punching. For the 3D Fight fans out there, Nitro and Waldo are back with more exciting samples from Pro3DApartmentWrestling. Check out some of the best indie pro ring matches over at SlamPegs! Big names and bigger action! And finally but never least, the insatiable ladies of Ultimate Surrender go all out to humiliate their opponent on the mats.

     In the Stories section, we have again another great offering of literary femfight action by various authors such as DG, Aristrocatch. Barfly6363, Wolfboy and Dark Cloud. You can find these impressive stories and thousands more.

     So here we have it, folks. we`ll be back with another update soon from the producers, artists and authors from around the world.



09 MAY 2015

     Time again for another update featuring photos, clips and stories from around the world.

     In the Photo Gallery, we kick things off with those gorgeous ladies at Catfight Connection, followed up by the Mexican gals at CLF. Putting their feet into their victim's faces, the girls at Defeatedxxx toe the line.. Catfights and more from the women at FemfightBound, and things get down and dirty for Jade Catfights. Another vicious one sided match as Absynthe takes her most brutal beating ever in Ladyfist Extreme 002, check out the clip at the bottom of the page. The Grand Master of 3D CyberArts fights is back again, showcasing her work at Merlin's Kingdom. And finally, but never least, the delicious ladies of Ultimate Surrender fight it out the only way they know how.. down right dirty! Pics and clips!

      What's an update without stories? In the Stories Section, we have your favourite writers bringing you their latest literary works. With literally thousands of stories from over the many years, there's a story for you here. Check out the latest from Wolfboy, Aristcatch, Dark Knight and new comer Jaguar 8.

      And there we have it! We'll be back again soon with another update.



16 APR 2015

     Spring seems to have paid the Great White North a visit so let us celebrate with an update!

    Let's get things started in the Photo Gallery with those delicious ladies at Catfight Connection and follow that up with the girls down south from CLFEM. Check out the latest from Defeated.xxx as they put their feet to the task. With fantasy brutal fights, Ladyfist has some new never before seen pic samples for the fans. For all the ring fans out there, here's a nice collection of great action from Ring Divas, Russian Woman Wrestling and SlamPegs!

     This week, in the Stories Section, we welcome new stories from writers Striker, Aristocatch and Wolfboy. Literally thousands of stories submitted over the long years by a large variety of writers, you're sure to find something appealing in there.

    And, until next time, I hope you've enjoyed this update from the various producers of the FemFighting world.


04 APR 2015

     It's time for another update and we have a nice selection of photos and clips available for the fem fight fans from various producers from around the world.

     Kicking things off in the Photo Gallery are the gals from sunny Mexico at CLFEM. From out in sunny Italy are the Italian Female Wrestling ladies taking it to the mats while the girls from the frozen north at Ladyfist work out their cabin fever issues. New photos from beautiful Michelle Collier as she takes on a taller opponent. NitroMan and Waldo are back with more of their excellent 3D Artwork at Pro3D Apartment Wrestling. Slugging it out next are the babes at Southern Wrestling Belles. Pounding back and forth are the tough gals at Underground Girl Fights. And the ever sexually charged ladies of Ultimate Surrender are back again with pics and clips.

      And for your reading pleasure, we have the latest femfight stories by such authors as Aristocatch, DiavoloM, Wolfboy and Kim. Tons of stories to enjoy from the past years and this year!

     I hope you enjoy this update, we'll be back soon with more photo, clips and stories from around the world of women's combative sports.




15 MAR 2015

     We're back with another great update this week for femfight fans around the world..

      In the Photo Galleries Section, we start things off on the right foot with the heavy footed ladies at At Our Feet. Intergender match fans will enjoy samples from BOTS (Battle of the Sexes). Clad in leather and jeans, the Catfight Connection gals rip away at each other while the ladies at CLFEM enjoy the warm weather brawling in the grass. Tasty toes battles rage with the girls at Defeated.xxx while the ladies at Fight Pulse! dominate their male opponents. Brutal ring action can be found at Hit The Mat as leather meets bellies and cheeks. Great grapping mat action can be found at Italian Female Wrestling. Again from down in the warmer regions, JadeCatfights go all out. The gals at Lennyloo Wrestling get a face full of action. From the God Father of Digital Arts of Femfighting, Merlin's Kingdom has a massive sampling of his excellent work on display. More mixed matches are featured at SAW Mixed Wrestling. Body crushing action samples from TC-Wrestling followed by vicious action at TopCatzFight. More foot in your face fight action from Xtremedefeet available for the feetlings out there. And finally, and never least are more sample photos and vid clips from those over sexed and vicious women of Ultimate Surrender.

     In the Femfight Stories section, we have two new stories from new write LynnAnne and Wolfboy.

     Massive update, lots of photos from the producers from around the world. Check them out and check out their sites for more femfighting action photos and videos. There's something out there for everyone!

     Until next time, cheers!


03 MAR 2015

     Time again for another update.. it's been a long time waiting.. (like waiting for spring!)

     We have a lot of great photos from your favourite producers from around the world, bringing you all kind of fem vs fem action like sweater fights, hair pulling action, in the ring, on the mats, fantasy style, pro style, competitive style, and in digital art format. Just about anything and everything for everyone! Check it out and visit their websites for even more offerings.

     We also have more stories within the stories section where you'll find your favourite authors and some new authors willing to share their literary talents.

      Until next time...

08 FEB 2015

     After so many snow storms, I think it's high time for an update!

      We have new pics sent in from the producers from around the world, so lets get started! From Catfight Connections, the brazen women rage war upon each other. From down south where it's warm, the women battle it out at CLFEM. Check out the latest from the Female Wrestling Channel. Girl scraps are brutal at both the FemFight and F-F-Fight battle grounds. Proving their skills and abilities, the women at Fight Pulse! show the men their proper place. Nitroman and Waldo are back with the latest Cyber Art from Pro3DApartmentWrestling. Again from just below the snow belt, the gorgeous women from Southern Belles Wrestling rip into each other. And finally but of course, never least, are those wanton women of sexual mayhem from Ultimate Surrender as they fight it out for sexual dominance. Some of these ladies actually do have skills! Check out the sample pics and video samples.

   New stories await you from your favourite authors such as Wolfboy, Magoo, Aristocatch, Stone and DG. I've lost count as to how man stories are stored on the site but there's easily over 3,000 stories and something there for everyone!

     I hope you enjoy this update!


19 JAN 2015

     We're back again with another exciting update featuring the latest and greatest pics and stories from your favourite producers and authors from around the world. Lets see what awaits in the galleries and library!

     Photos: We start this week's update with those Big Beautiful Babes Behaving Badly from the USA, only the bravest of brave need tackle these hellcats. NEW to our galleries are the Korean Irongirls from South Korea, from what's seen so far it looks rather promising! In the rough house department, the Catfight Connection ladies go nip to nip in their battles. From down south in Mexico, the CLFEM gals raise hell! Check out the Female Wrestling Channel for their newest fight videos and stories. Mauling their way to the top, the bodacious babes at Femfight go all out, just as the ladies at F-F-Fights let it all hang out in their battles as well. Rough and tough mat tacticians at FightPulse! are back once again. Check out the cool pics from GirlsWrestle, I envy the beach scenes.. sigh. Again from down Mexico, Jade Catfights is back. Ladyfist brings pics samples of their latest video compilation featuring Absynthe vs Pixie. And finally, but as usual, never least are those lustful and dangerously ferocious babes at Ultimate Surrender!

     Stories: This week we bring you your favourite writers and welcome back authors from the past.. some from the way past as they return with new stories. Check out the latest offerings from Brittany, Mixedwrestler1976, Aristocatch, DiavoloM, Stone, Kim and Wolfboy. If you see the authors requesting feedback (good or bad) please let them know of what you thought of their stories. I know they would really appreciate it!

      And there we go, the latest update.. While we're waiting for spring to come around to release us from another cold harsh miserable winter, we'll be back again soon with yet another warming update!


01 JAN 2015

     Welcome back to a New Year of Femfighting excitement! I hope everyone had a great holidays of fun, family and enjoyment. Glad to see you on this side of the new year so lets get things started right away, we have a lot of new content from around the world to show you with this update.

     Starting this week's PhotoGallery lineup are the rough and tough gals from Catfight Connection. From down below the border, the CLFEM hellcats rip into each other. Check out the latest at Female Wrestling Channel as each week brings their fans a new fight episode.The ladies at Femfight are back again! New to the galleries are the gals from FemmixVsPro. Nasty catfight action comes to you from F-F-Fights. Crushing mixed mat action from the latest at Fightpulse! Again from below the border, JadeCatfights take it outdoors for some fresh air. Inside on the mats, the gals from Ladyfist battle it out. On the Digital side of things, check out Nitro and Waldo's Pro3DApartmentWrestling action images. Inside the ringed circle, the gorgeous babes from RingDivas are back. New to the galleries are the folks at SAW Mixed Wrestling.. Again on the mats is TC-Wrestling with some great action. And last and never least with stunning photos and sampler clips are the vicious and evil licious babes from Ultimate Surrender. Great action from any angle!!

      In the Stories section we have new and exciting stories from your favourite authors such as Aristocatch, Stone, MrCage and MrMagoo.

     What a great way to kick off the new year while getting a little rest from the recent festivities.


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