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15 MAR 2015

     We're back with another great update this week for femfight fans around the world..

      In the Photo Galleries Section, we start things off on the right foot with the heavy footed ladies at At Our Feet. Intergender match fans will enjoy samples from BOTS (Battle of the Sexes). Clad in leather and jeans, the Catfight Connection gals rip away at each other while the ladies at CLFEM enjoy the warm weather brawling in the grass. Tasty toes battles rage with the girls at while the ladies at Fight Pulse! dominate their male opponents. Brutal ring action can be found at Hit The Mat as leather meets bellies and cheeks. Great grapping mat action can be found at Italian Female Wrestling. Again from down in the warmer regions, JadeCatfights go all out. The gals at Lennyloo Wrestling get a face full of action. From the God Father of Digital Arts of Femfighting, Merlin's Kingdom has a massive sampling of his excellent work on display. More mixed matches are featured at SAW Mixed Wrestling. Body crushing action samples from TC-Wrestling followed by vicious action at TopCatzFight. More foot in your face fight action from Xtremedefeet available for the feetlings out there. And finally, and never least are more sample photos and vid clips from those over sexed and vicious women of Ultimate Surrender.

     In the Femfight Stories section, we have two new stories from new write LynnAnne and Wolfboy.

     Massive update, lots of photos from the producers from around the world. Check them out and check out their sites for more femfighting action photos and videos. There's something out there for everyone!

     Until next time, cheers!

03 MAR 2015

     Time again for another update.. it's been a long time waiting.. (like waiting for spring!)

     We have a lot of great photos from your favourite producers from around the world, bringing you all kind of fem vs fem action like sweater fights, hair pulling action, in the ring, on the mats, fantasy style, pro style, competitive style, and in digital art format. Just about anything and everything for everyone! Check it out and visit their websites for even more offerings.

     We also have more stories within the stories section where you'll find your favourite authors and some new authors willing to share their literary talents.

      Until next time...

08 FEB 2015

     After so many snow storms, I think it's high time for an update!

      We have new pics sent in from the producers from around the world, so lets get started! From Catfight Connections, the brazen women rage war upon each other. From down south where it's warm, the women battle it out at CLFEM. Check out the latest from the Female Wrestling Channel. Girl scraps are brutal at both the FemFight and F-F-Fight battle grounds. Proving their skills and abilities, the women at Fight Pulse! show the men their proper place. Nitroman and Waldo are back with the latest Cyber Art from Pro3DApartmentWrestling. Again from just below the snow belt, the gorgeous women from Southern Belles Wrestling rip into each other. And finally but of course, never least, are those wanton women of sexual mayhem from Ultimate Surrender as they fight it out for sexual dominance. Some of these ladies actually do have skills! Check out the sample pics and video samples.

   New stories await you from your favourite authors such as Wolfboy, Magoo, Aristocatch, Stone and DG. I've lost count as to how man stories are stored on the site but there's easily over 3,000 stories and something there for everyone!

     I hope you enjoy this update!


19 JAN 2015

     We're back again with another exciting update featuring the latest and greatest pics and stories from your favourite producers and authors from around the world. Lets see what awaits in the galleries and library!

     Photos: We start this week's update with those Big Beautiful Babes Behaving Badly from the USA, only the bravest of brave need tackle these hellcats. NEW to our galleries are the Korean Irongirls from South Korea, from what's seen so far it looks rather promising! In the rough house department, the Catfight Connection ladies go nip to nip in their battles. From down south in Mexico, the CLFEM gals raise hell! Check out the Female Wrestling Channel for their newest fight videos and stories. Mauling their way to the top, the bodacious babes at Femfight go all out, just as the ladies at F-F-Fights let it all hang out in their battles as well. Rough and tough mat tacticians at FightPulse! are back once again. Check out the cool pics from GirlsWrestle, I envy the beach scenes.. sigh. Again from down Mexico, Jade Catfights is back. Ladyfist brings pics samples of their latest video compilation featuring Absynthe vs Pixie. And finally, but as usual, never least are those lustful and dangerously ferocious babes at Ultimate Surrender!

     Stories: This week we bring you your favourite writers and welcome back authors from the past.. some from the way past as they return with new stories. Check out the latest offerings from Brittany, Mixedwrestler1976, Aristocatch, DiavoloM, Stone, Kim and Wolfboy. If you see the authors requesting feedback (good or bad) please let them know of what you thought of their stories. I know they would really appreciate it!

      And there we go, the latest update.. While we're waiting for spring to come around to release us from another cold harsh miserable winter, we'll be back again soon with yet another warming update!


01 JAN 2015

     Welcome back to a New Year of Femfighting excitement! I hope everyone had a great holidays of fun, family and enjoyment. Glad to see you on this side of the new year so lets get things started right away, we have a lot of new content from around the world to show you with this update.

     Starting this week's PhotoGallery lineup are the rough and tough gals from Catfight Connection. From down below the border, the CLFEM hellcats rip into each other. Check out the latest at Female Wrestling Channel as each week brings their fans a new fight episode.The ladies at Femfight are back again! New to the galleries are the gals from FemmixVsPro. Nasty catfight action comes to you from F-F-Fights. Crushing mixed mat action from the latest at Fightpulse! Again from below the border, JadeCatfights take it outdoors for some fresh air. Inside on the mats, the gals from Ladyfist battle it out. On the Digital side of things, check out Nitro and Waldo's Pro3DApartmentWrestling action images. Inside the ringed circle, the gorgeous babes from RingDivas are back. New to the galleries are the folks at SAW Mixed Wrestling.. Again on the mats is TC-Wrestling with some great action. And last and never least with stunning photos and sampler clips are the vicious and evil licious babes from Ultimate Surrender. Great action from any angle!!

      In the Stories section we have new and exciting stories from your favourite authors such as Aristocatch, Stone, MrCage and MrMagoo.

     What a great way to kick off the new year while getting a little rest from the recent festivities.


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