Seaking's Femfight Index Update Archives (2021 - 2022)

- DEC 2022 -

The final update for 2022 has arrived.
Featuring more female fighting and mixed fighting galleries from your favorite producers:
Catfight Connection
Mutiny Wrestling
MMA Domination
Hit the Mat (HTMwrestling)
Jennifer Thomas/SessionGirls Studio

DEC 2022 Gallery Index

Many thanks to the fans who continue to visit and the studios that continue to provide us with action to enjoy. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

Until next time, Cheers! -- Felicia

- NOV 2022 -

The next SeakingsFemfight update is here!
Featuring female fighting and mixed fighting galleries from your favorite producers:
Catfight Connection
Mutiny Wrestling
LadyFist -- feat new titles!
MMA Domination
Hit the Mat (HTMwrestling)
Jennifer Thomas/SessionGirls Studio

Nov 2022 Gallery Index

If you've sent us galleries in the past, you are welcome to do so again. And thank you to all who continue to send us great content and grant us permission to use.

Until next time, Cheers! -- Felicia

- OCT 2022 -

Happy Halloween 2022 everyone! The next update is here.
Featuring female fighting galleries from your favorite producers:
MMA Domination
Hit the Mat (HTMwrestling)
Jennifer Thomas/SessionGirls Studio

If you've sent us galleries in the past, you are welcome to do so again!

Story updates will be on hiatus a little longer.

Until next time, Cheers! -- Felicia

- SEPT 2022 -

SeaKing's Femfight is updating again!
Featuring female fighting galleries from your favorite producers:
Sexy Fight Dreams
Italian Female Wrestling
Hit the Mat (HTMwrestling)
Geeky and Kinky Sports Network
Fetish Fights

It is also with sadness that I must announce, SeaKing, creator of this website who has managed it for so many years, has retired. Read More...

Photo galleries will be updated again on at least a monthly basis.

Until next time, Cheers! -- Felicia

- JULY 2022 -

       We have been on hiatus but expect updates to begin again soon, along with a news annoucement. Seaking's FemFight is not going away!

- NOVEMBER 2021 -

      Winter is upon us again and so are the updates! We're back with more pics and stories from around the world.

     PHOTOS: This time around we start the photos section with Ladyfist on C4S featuring Pixie as she tries to ghost fights her way out of trouble... Up next up are the gorgeous ladies from HTML Wrestling feel the leather on their chin and on their back in boxing action. From down south of the border are the fighting gals of the squared ring. Up next we have the sexy women of Catfight Connection battling it out while the BaeFight gals fight it out around the house..

     STORIES: We have for you this week a good load of femfighting stories from your favourite authors and so many other stories over the years.

     Thanks very much for visiting our site and I do hope you find something of interest to catch your attention.

Until next time, Cheers!


- OCTOBER 2021 -

     Welcome to another update for you to check what the producers have to offer. You'll be abe to find something that will appeal to you, so let's get started.

     PHOTOS: We kick things off with the gorgeous ladies from Sexy Fight Dreams as they grapple it out on the mats vs male and females! Up next is Ladyfist C4S feauring two hellcats in an intense struggle fight with belly punches and more. Italian Female Wrestling brings you the best in ferocious mat fights with beautiful talented fighters. Hit the Mat Wrestling's Irene trades leather and ends up on her back, but don't give up her yet! Check out the latest from Fetish Fights as their warrior women step up the game. The wrestling ladies from CLF are back with more squared circle action. And finally but not least, the big busted ladies of Catfight Connection press chest to chest as they fight for dominance. Please do check out these producers as they will have more to check at their own websites.

     STORIES: We once again bring more stories from your favourite authors such as Wolfboy, Azekial, JS2007 and Ellen. You'll be able to find their stories and thousands more in our story section. Please enjoy!

     Thank you for visiting us and for your supoort. Stay safe out there!



- SEPTEMBER 2021 -

     Well, I'm back for another update. Apologies for missing AUGUST update but life sometimes has a way of getting in the way of things we need to do.. But no fear, we have new photos and stories for all of you to enjoy. Brought to us by various producers around the world, these photos will give you an idea as to what they have to offer in videos and content on their sites. Please do give them a visit as you might be surprised as to what awaits you there.

PHOTOS: We'll kick things off with a photo series from Ladyfist's Taboo site that brings you content you can't find elsewhere else. Up next are those gorgeously delicious wrestlers from Sexy Fight Dreams. Next we have Waldo's digital art work at Merlin Kingdom, though not currently producing content, the site contains over 15 yrs of artwork stories featuring Merlin's original work and Waldo's later contributions. You can still pick up a one month membership to check out all that content! Again from Ladyfist on Clips4Sale site, they bring us samples from the LF139 video featuring Absynth vs Bunny. And at Italian Female Wrestling, the beautiful women put on a great match. Check out the latest offerings from HTM Wrestling where Christine Dupree viciously battles it out with Jennifer Thomas in various matches. Fetish Fights brings you intense fight action on the mats where someone will be put to sleep. Then we have the ladies from down south putting up a as good of a fight as they can against brutal opponents at CLF. We finish of the gallery collection with the mature fighting women of Catfight Corner as they go chest to chest, and much more!

STORIES: We bring you new stories from authors Wolfboy, Azekeial and Aristocatch. I'm sorry to say that there would have more stories this time but unfortunately, some authors are neglecting to send in their stories in the proper format which causes more work than required.

     So there we have it after a long wait! We'll be back with more of your favourite fighters and writers!

Stay safe out there, be kind to one another.




- JULY 2021 -

     Welcome back another fun update with the contributions of the various producers out there that help make this site possible. Please do visit their sites and see what they have to offer. Here are what's being offered this month:

     PHOTOS: We start off the gallery of pics with the beautiful women of Sexy Fight Dreams. Up next, a selection of images from Merlin-Kingdom. From the Med, we next have the ferocious ladies of Italian Female Wrestling. Next, the women of Fetish Fight are brawling it out. Nude and brutal, the felines of the Female Fight Club fight to the finish. There is a bit of everything available at CLF featuring the ladies from south of the border. And finally, but never least, the ladies of Catfight Connection use all of their assets to attain dominance.

     STORIES: We have a great selection of stories as always, and this month we have many of your favourite authors plus a new author to check out this month. Let the authors know your appreciation of their stories with feedback and comments.

     There you have it, we're all set for the month of August coming next, we should have some more great content for your peruse and enjoy.

Stay safe out there!! Cheers!


- JUNE 2021 -

     Summer is finally here which means things are getting hotter around the world of female fighting! And we're here to show you some of what is available from the various producers of women fighting videos, photos and artwork. Let's get started with the...

     PHOTOS: This month we kick off with the Taboo-Ladyfist site has many KO, HOM and various other scenes you can't find at many other sites. Merlin-Kingdom is back with some of the original artwork by Merlin himself in the early days... It's chaos in the ring as the men and women trade leather and pain over at Hit The Mat Wrestling. Rip 'em and strip 'em beat down matches are presented this month from the gorgeous women at Female Fight Club. Next up are the fighting ladies from south of the border in the CLFEM as they battle it out in the ring and on the mats. And not to be overlooked, those mature buxom battling babes from Catfight Connection are back again tangling it up, breast to breast in all out combat!

Be sure to check out these producers to see what else that they may have in hand for your entertainment pleasure!

     STORIES: We have man new stories for you to check out this month from your favourite authors. It's one of those perfect times of the year to be sitting out on the deck or under a tree and enjoying the literary works of these fine authors.

     Looking forward to seeing you next month!

- MAY 2021 -

     We're back with another update of your favourite femfight producers of videos, art and stories.

     PHOTOS: In the photo section, you will find many and exciting images of vicious, dangerous and gorgeous women fighting it out in one way or another to determine who is supreme. Be sure to check out their websites to see what else that they may have to offer you.

     STORIES: Once again, this month you will find a multitude of new stories by your favourite writers. As always, be sure to drop them a line about what you enjoyed most about their stories as this helps them in developping new stories for you.

     Stay safe out there! See you next month.


- APRIL 2021 -

     Just as many of us having getting our Covid shots and hoping to return to a life of normal and safety, we're back with another update from around the world of female combative sports. Your favourite producers have provided us with yet another superb selection of photos and images to help keep us entertained and to show us what they have available at their stores, so please do check them out!

     PHOTOS: We kick things off with the ladies of Ladyfist in matches where KO's and sleepers are still a thing ;) at an alternate site. Though on hiatus due to health reasons, we have some new and old samples from Merlin's Kingdom. There's over 20 yrs of content on that venerable site started by Merlin back in the day. For those familiar with Clips4Sale, check out what Ladyfist has available from their large video selection, there's something for everyone. Gorgeous woman and leather gloves are a dangerous combo over at Hit The Mat Wrestling. Back again, the sexually charged ladies from Defeated Sexfight go all in when battling it out. Equally sexy and dangerous, the Defeated XXX women will show more than one way to defeat your opponent in the squared circle. It's all out warfare at CLFEM as the ladies and men battle it out in the ring. And finally but never least, the big breasted ladies of Catfight Connection are tearing into each other for dominance.

     STORIES Everyone loves a good read so why not check out the latest from your favourite authors and a new author appearing this month such as Wolfboy, Azekeial, JS2007, Aristocatch, Joebur68, Scissorhold100 and new author Ellen. There are literally thousands of stories available on site for your reading entertainment.

     Please enjoy your visit and stay safe out there...




- MARCH 2021 -

     Back again with another March Madness update for all you female combat sports fans! We have a great selection of photos and stories waiting for you this month in the Galleries and Stories section of the website.

     Please enjoy your visit!




- FEBRUARY 2021 -

     Welcome to another update! We have new pics and stories to entertain you and help you get through the winter doldrums. Let's get started!

     PHOTO GALLERIES! Kicking thinks off with Merlin's Kingdom, we have two artists showcasing their revival of one of the original and popular story series, the WCF! You can get a sneak peek at what their working on here. Up next, we go to Ladyfist where you can check out vid caps of some of their popular videos now available on C4S. It's a hard life for the boxers at HTM Wrestling as the leather will tag anyone who gets in the way! Down and dirty fighting hits the spot at Defeated Sexfight while the fights gets 'carried away' over at Defeated XXX. The ladies from down south take to the squared circle and mat fights at CLFEM. And to finish this line up of awesome photos, we have the women of power going breast to breast, nipple to nipple in intense fighting action. Be sure to check out these producers' websites as they will certainly have more to show you.

     STORIES: We have quite the selection of stories for you this week, featuring your favourite authors such as Aristocatch, MikeMassy, Wolfboy, Joebur68, JS2007, Azekeial, TJ, Dark Cloud, CatRolePlaya (2 Stories) and a new author, Stevie Thomas making his debut. Check these and thousands of stories available for your reading pleasure.

     I hope that you will enjoy this update and remember to stay safe out there!



- JANUARY 2021 -

     FINALLY! We've arrived to the year 2021 and already there are so many changes in and around the world. Some of it bad, but most of it for the good! Let us take some time to escape the turmoils of our times and dive into the fun world of Female Combat Sports!

     PHOTO GALLERIES! We will start the year off with some exciting pics delivered to us by producers from around the world. We'll start off with those lovely ladies at Sexy Fight Dreams as they tackle so many varieties of fight matches, M vs F, 2 on 1 matches etc.. you don't want to miss any of the action there. Speaking of variety, Waldo at Merlin's Kingdom has been kept busy with his 3D Cyber Artwork portraying incredible fight matches! Then we have those beautiful Italian women at Italian Female Wrestling engaged in intense matches of all kinds. Up next, we have the ladies of F-F-Fights and FemFights throwing caution to the wind as well as their opponents' clothes. These women will stop at nothing for the win. Fists and kicks are what awaits the combatants at Female Fight Club as they wail away at each other. The fights at Defeated Sexfight quickly dissolve into nasty but sexy competition of their own as the sexy ladies use all at their disposal to gain victory! Squeezes and crushes are in store for the fighters in the squared circle at Defeated XXX as the men and women give it their all. Check out the latest from Mexico as the CLFEM women battle it out in the ring and on the mats! And finally but not least, the women at Catfight Connection go nipple to nipple, breast to breast in their battles for dominance!

     Be sure to check out these websites as they will surely have something there that will grab your attention ;)

     FIGHT STORIES: This week we have a great selection of stories from your favourite authors such as Aristocatch, Joebur68, JS2007, Azekeial, Wolfboy, TJ and new writer KGirls. You can find thousands and thousands of stories from over the years to keep you busy during these remaining winter months.


     There we have it, folks... the first update for the year 2021... let's hope that this year will have far fewer surprises than last year did, and that it's a much more safer year for all. I wish to thank all of you who have supported this website for so many years now. We wouldn't have been able to do this without you. THANKS!



- DECEMBER 2020 -

     The LAST update of the year, and what a year it has been. Rough on many, tough on many more. I do hope this update finds you in great in spirit and in great health. The year is just about over and I do honestly hope that the next year will be so much better than what we've been through from one thing to another, locally and globally...

     Now for the fun stuff. We have a lot of great content to share with you from the producers from around the world of Female Fighting! It's been a tough year on many but somehow they manage to come through with either new content in a safe manner or by combining older content into compilation videos. Please show your support by visiting their sites and see what might interest you from their collections of female combat line up!

      PHOTOS: We kick off the last update with the latest offerings from the contributing producers starting off with Waldo's Merlin's Kingdom bringing you great stories in 3D Graphics format with his weekly updates of fresh stories wit a wide variety of themes and genres. Up next, from their video vaults is Ladyfist with screen caps from their LF230 video featuring Ema vs Maia. With leather gloves and canvas mats of the squared circle, the ladies of Hit The Mat Wrestling pull no punches in their battles. Nipples get crushed when the women of F-F-Fights go at each other for the win, while over at FemFights, the women literally rip the clothes off their back and of their opponents' to earn victory! Over at Female Fight Club, bruises and blood indicate the viciousness of the battles as the ladies go into bare fisted fights. At Defeated Sexfight, it's competitive trib fights mixed in with huge boobs tit fights as these women have no mercy for their opponents! Over at Defeated XXX, there can be only one winner as the men and women fight it out on the mats and in the ring. Check out the latest from south of the border when the women fight it out for victory at CLFEM. Last but never least, check out what Catfight Connection has to offer as the women go for broke in their big battles.

     STORIES: We again have a nice selection of fight stories for you from your favourite authors who have been entertaining you this year with outstanding stories. Check out the latest from Aristocatch, Joebur68, Azekeial, JS2007 and Wolfboy. Be sure to send them some feedback and comments as this always helps them with coming up with new stories.

     So folks, there you have it, the last update for 2020! after 28(?) years of service to the femfighting community, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Be safe out there and Keep Safe! We'll see you next year with our first update of 2021.



LadyFist Catfights
Hit the Mat Foxy Boxing

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