The Private Club

By Teez

Debbie accepted another drink from the girl and nodding her thanks let her eyes take another turn around the room. The fight they were to follow was about over, he had her in a corner and the electronically amplified sounds of his fists impacting her body were increasingly mixed with a louder undercurrent of excited comments and exclamations from the spectators. Unconsciously letting her hand caress the muscular contours of her companions broad back she stiffened in anticipation as he suddenly jammed his forearm across her face and pushing her head back over the top of the partition buried his fist in her belly then as the spectators screamed at him to do it again he hooked it into her sex.

It had been a tough fight for an even tougher audience and the place where it was all taking place was pretty much the same. A nondescript cement block building off a dirty alley in the industrial area of town it attracted little attention which served the purpose perfectly. The inside was just as grungy with it's main feature an octagonally shaped pit about twenty feet across dominating the center of the room. Recessed a foot into the floor with wooden partitions erected around it the insides including the floor were covered with what had once been cream colored packing blankets now stained and streaked with the evidence of previous events that had taken place in it. Events which the woman who'd solicited them had said tended to be extreme. Not that it had been anymore or less than they'd expected, things like this took place in places like this and they both had too much experience in the underground blood sports circuit to be either surprised or turned off by what they were watching. Actually it had been better than they'd expected. A lot of arrangements they were involved in failed to live up to their hype but this one had and for a very select audience which had appreciated the level of viciousness they'd both brought to it. They'd been largely bi-partisan at first, that was usually the case in things like this but now that he'd pretty much beaten her to a pulp most seemed in favor of him finishing her. They also had some suggestions about how they wanted him to do it too and as she started to stumble blindly along the side they screamed at him to get her back into the corner. Apparently hearing he muscled her back and then with his breath coming in short ragged gasps he drove his knee between her legs and pausing looked up at the three people standing together on the other side of the partition directly in back of her. Debbie felt a tremor of anticipation and a telltale sensation of in her lower body as the watched them. Two females, cousins and a male who belonged to the older cousin and they'd found their attention returning to them throughout the fight if doe no other reason than the male and the female sitting beside her were to be next in the pen.

The spectators were quieter now as they watched the younger of the two, a cruel sliver of a smile on her face, lean further out over the top of the partition and rub her thumb downward over the males sweat slick chest. A few laughed and there were some crude exclamations that mixed with their muffled groans of anticipation and giving her a quick smile of acknowledgment he reached for the females arms and lifting them hooked them back over the top of the partition. Confused, her head lolling to the side she hung there unable to resist. Again she smiled and then positioning herself directly in back of her nodded and taking it as a signal he balled his fist and drove it into the females breast. Nodding her approval her smile turned to a snarl of lusty pleasure and grasping the blonds knot of sweat soaked hair hauled her head back over the top of the partition and screamed at him to do it again. Smiling and dipping his head he lowered his right shoulder and hooked his right fist up into her unprotected belly and as she lurched forward from the force of it the impact he crowded in and hooked his left into the right side of her right breast. Apparently satisfied she released her hand from her hair and as her head sagged forward he stepped back and setting himself smashed his right fist into the left side of her head to send her sprawling to the floor of the pen.

A muffled groan, a few involuntary muscle twitches she lay quiet and the spectators roared their approval she vaulted over the partition and into the pen. Wearing leather shorts, brief sleeveless tee and heels she was exceptionally well muscled and obviously no stranger to the pens herself and as she watched her embrace the male she wondered what the implications of that might be. It was a long moment then as two female attendants began removing the blond they slipped out over the top and the older cousin and her candidate slipped in. Exchanging a quick glance with her companion the two of them rose and slipping over the side joined the other two in the center of the pen.

As she watched the older female fuss with his robe she was under no illusions as to how it would come out. It would be just the two of them, both equally competent fighting naked except for their taped fists and the special protective apparatus that covered their genitals and as she slipped the robe from his shoulders she thought it looked to be pretty even. He was a few of inches shorter and maybe ten pounds lighter but had the hard muscularity and obvious scaring that attested to the experience he brought to it. . He was also well endowed noticing that the swelling package between his legs barely contained by his protective apparatus. It hadn't gone unnoticed by the females in the crowd either and as if to acknowledge it his female gave it a quick possessive caress before she slipped back out of the pen. A big part of it particularly when it was a male and a female and surrendering her robe Millie seemed to be generating a like amount. Giving her shoulder a quick squeeze she slipped back out pen and crowding in with the rest watched another female, the pen mistress, slipp over the side and begin to announce their particulars. Pointing first to the male she said.

“John's at five feet nine and weighs in at weighs 168. He's the winner of three of his last four fights” then pausing until the female catcalls, whistles and sexual suggestions died down she turned to Millie and continued. “And the challenger, Millie. She's five eleven and 181 and probably already familiar to some of you since she's been active in this type of sporting event for some time” then looking around and tipping her hand to Millie added, “as you can see she's well equipped for it.” The last brought a low but appreciative growl of a response from the male spectators which increased as she removed her light shift. Wearing only brief, black bicycle shorts and an abbreviated muscle tee with black and white stripes she waited for their chatter to die down and continued,

“The first round will be five minutes, the second ten and third fifteen. If they wish to continue after that the fourth one will go until one of them can no longer continue. There are no rules or restraints and I'll intervene only to separate you at the end of a round or try to prevent one of you from killing the other.”

The room was quieter and Debbie felt the first nervous knarls of anxiety as the three of them lined up in the middle of the pen. Glancing briefly at the woman in the other corner and acknowledging her nod she turned to look at Debbie and receiving the same stepped back to the side of the pen and announced'

“Do it.”

Round #1

Raising his hands to shoulder height the male began circling in a counter-clockwise shuffle and following him, first with her eyes then slowly pivoting in the center of the pen she began moving toward him forcing him to widen his circle and putting his back closer to the side. It seemed to be working for her and as they came within arms length of each other he lashed out with a right to her ribs before dancing away. It didn't faze her and quickly moving after him she crowded him to the side of the pen and unleashed a quick series of fistings that found his belly and chest before he was able to tie her up against the side. Debbie found herself a little surprised that he'd let her get him there so quickly. It didn't seem to concern Millie though. She had her head up close beside his, her short cropped white hair already spiky with sweat keeping him off with a series of short left and right uppercuts into his mid-section although from what Debbie could see he was able to block most of them with his arms. It quickly became apparent that he was the clever one though. He'd played the mouse and now in a sudden burst energy he pushed her back and ducking below her arms drove his fists up into the big body that was now crouched over him. At that range and angle it was especially effective and as his fists forced her erect he gathered all of his strength and hooked his left and then his right into the soft underside of her breasts. Falling back, her arms raised to protect them he followed. Crouching, knees bent, he slid under her elbows and drove his right fist into the thinly covered profusion of her sex and then straightening his knees hooked his other fist into the right side of her right breast. It hurt her and as she retreated in confusion her he lurched after her and drove his right fist flush into her face. It was devastatingly effective and as and she stumbled back, her face streaming blood from both mouth and nose he followed his fists slashing into her as he forced her back across the floor of pen as the spectators screamed their approval. Now it was all him and as her back bounced against the side he charged into her hooking a left into the side of her head and then a right to the lower left part of her face which sent her slumping against the side with her right arm dangling over the top of the partition.

Debbie felt a flush and the knots of anxiety tightened in her belly as she listened to what those nearest to her were suggesting. It was pretty graphic and she knew he wouldn't have to be all that clever if he followed some of it and somewhat detached from the reality of it she watched him begin to measure her for what he had in mind. Moving in closer and using his right forearm to bat away her weak left hand he forced his right leg against the inside of her left thigh and pivoting slightly to his left hooked his left fist into her belly. It prompted a moan of approval from the spectators followed by even more specific suggestions and one in particular, from an older female, suggested he lower his aim,

“lower baby, cunt her, another one like that only lower.”

He did, probably not because he'd heard but because he wanted to and starting from knee level he hooked his left fist squarely up into the center of her sex. The sound system mixed the sound of it's impact with her anguished scream and as clutched at herself and and sagged to the floor he straightened up and standing over her raised both arms above his head and struck a pose for the lustily cheering spectators clustered along the other side of the partition.

Almost involuntarily Debbie found herself staring at Millie moaning and writhing on the floor. Her impulse was to go to her but Millie wouldn't want it and she couldn't anyway. If you came here to do it lie this it was because you not only agreed to it but wanted to and while she fully expected him to join her on the floor and finish it he didn't. Seemingly confident of his ability and wanting more he preferred to bask in the crowds approval and as the chime announced the end of the round and he started to move away she grabbed the stool and slipped into the pen.

Watching her clamber to her feet and slowly make her way to where she waited Debbie noted there wasn't much she could do. Her major pain was between her legs and about all that was left would be to offer encouragement and suggestions while she wiped her off. She'd removed her hands from between her thighs though and as she slid onto the stool there didn't appear to be any serious damage. If anything she seemed more angry at herself than hurt and when she turned her head to allow Debbie to better attend to the damage to her face she murmured.

“That son of a bitch isn't ever going to get me like that again I can tell you.”

Her attention being on her face her answer was noncommittal but she was encouraged by her attitude and the look she'd flashed her and finished with what she could do she stood back and silently massaged her shoulders as they waited the signal for the second. Her breathing was returning to normal to and sensing she was eager to get back into it she gave her a last pat as the chime sounded and grabbing the stool slipped out of the pen.

Round #2

His two did the same quickly arraying themselves behind the partition in back of him as he turned to face Millie. It was hot, the room was small, poorly air-conditioned if at all and the combination of the ring lights and their body heat had raised the temperature even further. Both of them had slipped the buttons of their shirts and other's had done the same some shedding shirts, blouses or even more and their newly exposed expanse of sweat slick flesh seemed to gleam under the lights. Nearby a woman in her fifties had removed her skirt and now was wearing nothing more than brief panties, heels and a white mens shirt open down the front. She also sported a plaster across her nose and both her ankle and left forearm were wrapped in ace bandage and a quick glance at some of the others showed a few of them to be similarly patched up. Smiling to herself she thought that all things considered this truly had to be the hard core of the extreme fight crowd.

Millie appeared more hesitant and as he began maneuvering around her she that retreated along the side too late realizing how close it was and taking advantage of her surprise he lunged into her furiously driving her against the padding with his fists. Her instinctive reaction was to cover up and wait but that's what he'd expected and crowding in he began fisting her with a series of left's and rights that seemed to penetrate her defense from her sex to her face. Each of them rocked her back against the packing blankets and Debbie found herself screaming along with the rest as each punch forced her further along the side. Trying to cover up she'd raised her arms with her elbows to her breasts and her fists to her face but seemingly oblivious to it he still powered through them into her upper body. Each impact seemed to cause a spray of sweat increasingly tinged with red to explode from her and as the sound of striking her body became louder so did the spectators cries for more. Mesmerized she could only lean wordlessly against the top of the pen and watch as each increasingly bloody fist dug furiously into her swaying body. Finally, unable to take any more of it and pushing back against him in desperation she wrestled him aside and stumbling past staggered to the center of the pen. Again he could have ended it but again he decided to toy with her and that was a mistake.

Approaching her almost nonchalantly she let him get one more into her but as he set himself to do it again she lunged forward and wrapping her arms around his neck dragged him to the floor. Sweat slick and bloody they thrashed about, first one and then the other driving a fist into a side or a knee into a crotch but finally it was she who managed to do the mounting. Quickly wrapping her legs around his right thigh and sliding her left arm under his right shoulder she wrapped her hand back across the front of his face and wrenching his head over to the side began driving her right fist into his left side. Trying to roll her off he reached for her head with his right hand but burrowing her head further into the hollow of his neck she continued driving her fist into his body while he battered ineffectually at her back with his left. Both were sweat slick though which supplemented by the renewed flow of blood from her face made them slippery and twisting and writhing he finally managed to force her off to the side. Not without it's final costs though and as she began to lose her position on top she released her legs and pushing even further forward used her left arm for support as she drove her right knee up into his crotch. Snarling with pleasure at her success she did it again and would've tried it for the third time but he'd had enough and desperately bucking her off over his head rolled away to the side and with his hand between his legs scrambled awkwardly to his feet.

The crowd seemed to have become a bit less partisan as she rolled to her knees and a few even urged her to get up and put him down again.

“Get on him girl, your turn, put him down again before this ones over” and heeding their advice she lunged forward from her crouch and drove her fist into the swelling bulge between his legs.

More effective than her knee it paralyzed him and as he clutched himself and sagged back against the side of the pen she crowded in and determined to make the most of the time remaining cocked a right into his face knocking his head back over the top and then hunching forward and grasping the top of the of the partition with her right hand drove her left fist into his belly. It doubled him over and as his outstretched arms grasped at her shoulders for support he presented a target that was impossible not to take advantage of.

Debbie caught her breath. It was beautiful to watch, the muscles sliding beneath the taunt skin of her broad back and shoulders as her fists slammed him back into the side of the pen. Although he was partially obscured by her broad muscled back each impact seemed to provoke the sight of an arm or leg jerking out to the side and for a moment she thought she might be able to finish him. A little longer and she probably could have but the chime sounded and the pen mistress slipped between them and reluctantly, her eyes never leaving him, she stepped back and then turning away returned to where Debbie was waiting with the stool.

Millie was smiling as she sponged her off and Debbie know she was liking where she was with it. The damage was a bit less than she'd thought too. Her eyes were a bit puffy, a cheek was cut and her mouth and nose had both been breached, again, but it wasn't anything more than ugly at this point. Messy too but none of it, other than the eye, could bring her down. Her breathing was also returning to normal and after a second look even the cut over her eye didn't seem to be all that threatening. She was also rocking forward almost unconsciously on the stool clenching and unclenching her fists as she anticipated the start of the next round. Not unusual, if you wanted and were willing to do it like this that was the way it worked and Debbie knew she'd probably reached the point where she was capable of anything. She'd entered into this more than willingly and now her sole objective would be to physically destroy the opponent that had been selected for her. It was a brutally vicious sport and meant to be that way and they'd both accepted it as such. Reaching for the steptic stick she moved to the side so Millie could watch what was happening on the other side of the pen while she worked on her face.

He appeared a lot less jaunty as his females worked to assuage what they could of the damage. Both were bent over him working on one part or another and Debbie felt a familiar thrill race through her as she refocused on the younger one. They were about the same age, physically similar and also similarly inclined to what they were here for. She found the comparison exciting and taking another swipe at the blood still seeping from Millie's lips let her imagination consider what a similar arrangement between the two of them might be like.

Forced back to the present by Millie shifting on her stool she moved the ice pack to her nose and hoped the bleeding stopped before the chime called her out again. Other than that there wasn't much for either of them to do and letting her hold the ice moved to her back and began kneading her fingers into her shoulder muscles and then down her powerful arms. The unlimited would be the one after this one and her mouth felt dry at the thought of it. Of course it excited her too and almost unconsciously she wrapped her arms around Millie's back and let her hands gently massage her heavy, fight swollen breasts.

“Your looking great baby”she murmured gently kneading the firm taunt flesh. “Too bad it couldn't have been longer.”

“Yeah replied Millie. “Maybe I can get him there earlier with this next one.”

“You be careful darling” replied Debbie. “Pace yourself , your going to need everything you've got if you can't finish him here.”

For the most part the male seemed mostly recovered although the side of his face was raw from Millie's taped fists. The rest of him though was mostly smeared blood from her nose and mouth. His females were finished though and as they waited for the chime they returned their attention back to them. They seemed impatient almost resenting the intrusion of the rest period and and as it sounded all three of them grabbed their equipment and slipped out of the pen. Leaning back over the top she whispered,

“the face, fuck it up and get the blood flowing, blind the bastard” but as Millie rose to meet him her response was unintelligible.

Round #3

As they began to dance around each other in the center of the pen the damage they'd already incurred was more starkly obvious. Both were abraded and cut, Millie's nose still bled and their fists once white and dry were now damply stained a brownish red. Their bodies were also slick from sweat and blood and as they circled each other the male began making quick little efforts to wipe some of it away from the stinging rawness that was the side of his face. It wasn't much but it was enough of a distraction for her to take advantage of and as he did it again she delivered a straight right to his upper chest. It drove him backwards and with his left arm already extended he reacted instinctively bringing it down and swinging the back of his fist in a wide scything arc into the side of her right breast. She didn't seem to notice but when he tried to do it again she drove a short hard right into his belly before finding his face with a wild swinging left to his right eye.

It resulted in a furious melee near the wall where standing head to head they drove short hard punches into each other at close range. The spectators were silent for the most part the only sounds being that of their hard taped fists digging into each others bodies and the the grunts of mounting rage and frustration that accompanied them. The male being smaller was managing to get inside of her though and to Debbie it looked as if she was getting the worst of it again. He was faster in close but only for a while and when it became apparent what she intended Debbie screamed out for her to do it. She'd deliberately left her lower body open and as he crouched and seemed to concentrate on it she went for his head and leaning forward, her arms extended over him, her right fist re- impacted the left side of his head. His females sudden pitched scream of warning came too late and as the rough tape reopened the raw surface of the cheek and he staggered back in confusion she lurched after him peppering his face with shots to the nose and mouth and forcing him into the side before he was able to clinch with her. Debbie could see where her rough fists had opened numerous new cuts and abrasions on his face and as they wrestled along the side she noted that the leather harness around his groin appeared torn and the thin fabric covering hers was now so drenched with sweat that it was virtually transparent. The mixture of sweat and blood smeared on them also made it hard to get a grip on each others body and finally in desperation he pushed her away and lowering his head and grasping her hips butted her in the stomach sending them both sprawling to the floor.

Neither seemed inclined to risk a repeat of what had happened earlier instead preferring to claw at each other with their hands and use their fists when the opportunity presented itself. Initially he seemed to have the advantage but only until Millie started to exercise her weight advantage and then apparently fearing a repeat he managed to push her away and scramble to the far side of the pen. Rolling to her knees and then to her feet she shook her shoulders out and running her hands threw her hair began moving after him. He parried a feint to his head and another that skidded off his right shoulder but she managed a quick right cross to the left side of his ribs before they moved apart. He took advantage of it by moving back to the center of the pen and as she turned after him he lunged forward and grabbing her arms drove his right knee up into her cunt. It brought an anguished exclamation of pain from her but managing to grab his leg and lifting she threw him to the floor before quickly throwing herself down on top. He landed on his back and the sudden impact of her weight stunned him and taking advantage of it she slid off to the side and quickly wrapping her left arm across the front of his neck in a type of reverse headlock began to tighten her arm. It was an awkward. While she had his head under her arm their bodies were at right angles and most of the rest of him was splayed out of reach on the floor to her right and in an effort to keep it away from her he rolled onto his left side and arching his back tried to keep it that way. He wasn't totally successful but his neck was slippery and rolling onto his stomach and blindly punching his left into her right breast he was able to extract his head from under her arm. It put them almost head to head and quickly reaching for her shoulders he forced her back to the floor and then digging his fingers into her breasts pulled himself up to a kneeling position at her head. Hunching forward he placed a knee on each shoulder and as her screams of outrage and the exclamations of the spectators filled the room began clawing at her breasts. It wouldn't last though and as he leaned forward to get a better grip on them he left his head exposed and with a sudden arch and a twist of her back Millie latched her legs around his neck and grasping at his wrists sent his body flying into the side of the pen.

This time she didn't pause immediately launching herself after him wrapping her left arm around his neck as he started to rise. Not bothering to immobilize his legs this time she drove her right fist into his face and then twisting him down beneath her and forcing his back against the side of the pen she did it again.

The spectators murmurs and exclamations became louder as she reached behind her with her right hand and wrapped her hand around his harness. Now their exclamations turned to suggestions and as she suddenly wrenched his neck even further under her arm she simultaneously began yanking at the harness with her right hand. Her left breast muffled his scream but then as she tightened her fingers she released the pressure on his neck and gave it an even stronger pull. Now it filled the room and looking up at the spectators she smiled as if to say “look at him now.” Still looking up but searching the faces and finding that of his female she tightened her fingers around it and gave it such a savage yank that it seemed to curve his body around her back. Again she did it brutally digging her uncovered nails into the tender flesh of his unprotected scrotum and but for the chime and the pen mistress that accompanied it she'd have continued. Quickly moving in she pulled her bloody hand away and as the male struggled to his knees the spectators screamed their approval as Millie rose to her feet and lifting her arms in a symbolic sign of victory and moved to where Debbie was waiting. .

She'd slipped into the pen to meet her and a quick appraisal showed that she'd weathered this one better. The early action had been to her breasts and lower body, two of her stronger areas and the latter part had been all her. The male on the other hand had suffered some serious damage noting the deep gash over his puffy eye, the crushed lips and especially his misshapen nose. All of which would give Millie more than enough to work on she thought knowing that with the throbbing pain between his legs to remind him he'd likely be a far more guarded opponent in the ultimate round to follow.

Again there wasn't much for her to do except sponge her off and use the styptic stick on her most egregious cuts and scrapes while they watched what was happening on the other side of the pen. Millie found it funny and was laughing, a bit mirthlessly but still a laugh and Debbie knew she was enjoying their discomfort. The end of the third was the signal though and the spectators were beginning to rustle about as they waited with growing impatience for the fourth and final round. Some were moving nervously along the perimeter others gathered in groups along the partition while few were looked their way giving the thumbs up sign. About evenly divided between male and female Debbie was again impressed by the nature of them. The extreme brutality of what was taking place obviously didn't concern them and on closer examination most appeared to be participants at some level themselves. The female that she'd noticed earlier had been joined by a younger male about half her age who also looked like a player, probably a personal pet and she assumed from their behavior that the relationship was reciprocal. Her shirt hung open and her her left hand was slowly massaged the heavy swelling of her left breast. She'd also wrapped her right arm around his back and he had his left arm around her neck with his right hand working rhythmically deep between her thick powerful thighs. There was scar tissue on them as well leading her to the conclusion that she was much more than just an occasional afficionado of this type of sport. Obviously rich probably from a husband conveniently deceased and regularly indulging herself in ways that might otherwise not be possible. OK she thought. If I were her I'd be doing it that way too and casting another look at the male decided she'd be happy doing almost anything with him as well. Idly she wondered how many times they'd been matched by other against an opponent just for the pleasure of watching them fight but her thoughts were interrupted by the pen mistress slipping back into it.

And worth more than just a cursory look she thought noting her well developed arms, abs and legs. Earlier she noticed scarring on her legs along with some other thin white lines beneath the sweat slick tan of her arms and it wasn't hard to imagine her in this pen in a different capacity.

Millie and the male were on their feet now and after a brief words of encouragement she and the two females slipped out of the pen and the two of them moved to join the mistress in the center of it.


Slack jawed and slightly glassy eyed she was unconsciously caressing her breast it appeared she was experiencing the same sense of involvement as those crowded around the pen. Not surprising under the circumstances but it added another level of uncertainty and that sent an unexpected hot flush surging through her. Nothing to do for it now though and as the crowd pressed closer in anticipation of what she had to say the mistress asked with a questioning look

“I assume that your both ready to begin the final round” and taking their silence as a reply she continued. “When I give you the command start I will leave the pen and not return until one of you has finished with the other” and moving back slightly from between them continued in a stronger voice filled with obvious relish. “OK, start it.”

Immediately he lunged forward slipping his right fist under Millie's guard but she'd anticipated him and her tensing her stomach muscles and twisting her torso to her right deflected it and as he tried to slip in back of her on her left she clubbed him along the left side of his head with the back of her left arm. It knocked him to his knees but stumbling away he regained his feet and as she swung around after him he'd already turned to face her. Both were cautious as they slowly circled and waited for an opportunity. He'd skip in then dance away, teasing, trying to tempt her into coming to him and then as he'd slowly retreat she'd doggedly follow, batting away his jabbing thrusts with her fists as she maneuvered him into a corner. Her plan was obvious, take what she had to until she could get him down where her weight and strength would be to her advantage and to that end she'd probably let him get into her until she could do it. He caught her again, stepping into her as she lowered her arms delivering a quick combination of hard punches to her breasts and as she covered back up a last low hook up into her belly. This time she wasn't ready for it and as she sagged forward he drove his right fist into the left side of her face following it with a left cross that skid across her right cheek and nose. He'd have danced away again but lunging forward she wrapped her arms around his waist and with an explosion of blood pouring from her nose wrenched him into her body and fell backwards to the floor pulling him down on top of her as they fell.

The fall stunned her and quickly taking advantage of it he lurched forward to a sitting position on her straddling her with a leg on either side. He obviously intended to remain there and use her head for a target but with a heave she pushed him aside and rolling to her hands and knees launched herself on top forced him to the floor beneath her. He'd landed on his back and quickly slipping her left arm under his right shoulder she wrapped her hand back over across the front of his face and prisoning his right thigh between her legs grasped his left wrist with her right hand. Laying there for a moment, their breath coming in ragged gasps and then as the spectators crowded closer along the wall she slid it further around his neck and started leveraging his head beneath her left shoulder. Tightening it further she forced him over onto his left side and as his head began to disappear beneath her arm she rolled on top and then releasing her legs she quickly locked her right leg inside and then around the back of his right knee before raising her left knee to the middle of his back. Almost like a snake coiling around it's prey she tightened her arm around his neck wrenching his head even further beneath her shoulder and then settling her weight back onto the floor beside him began bending his back over her left thigh. Still stretched out on his left side it exposed from his chest to below the crotch and as he frantically struggled to extricate his head she released his left wrist and raising her right arm smiled up at the spectators almost as if to say “look, only one hand.” The most Debbie could see of him was his left arm flopping uselessly over her head but she knew that with just a bit more pressure on her arm she'd probably break his neck. She might have too, It happened in these sorts of things and there'd be those clustered around her screaming encouragement or advice who might wish it but the slickness of his body made him difficult to hold and with a sudden twist he freed his right leg and rolling over onto his belly extricated his head from beneath her arm. Rolling to his haunches he seemed to stare at her like a trapped rabbit for a moment and that was all she needed. Pushing herself up with her left arm she reached between his legs and wrapping the fingers around his package yanked him toward her and then lurching to her knees drove her left fist into his face. As he fell to his back she still held the harness and lunging after him she covered his face with her left hand and forcing his head to the left placed her left knee on his neck and as she began playfully stroking his sweat slick leather harness Debbie thought she looked like a lioness about to devour her kill. It was an impression that was also apparently shared by his females who'd positioned themselves directly on the other side of the partition and as Millie returned to twisting at his harness and his gurgles turned to muffled screams Debbie began to wonder if they'd intervene. Millie'd notice them too and looking up with a wicked smile suddenly removed her knee from his neck and swivelling over him settled on top with her knees between his legs. Another look at his females, another smile then kicking his legs apart she forced her thighs beneath his and then settling forward lowered her body back on top of his and began riding his package with rhythmic thrusts of her pelvis.

His enraged females were poured over the partition just feet away and as if in answer to their shaken fists and frantic screams she stopped the movement and looking back up at them pushed up to her hands and knees above him and hunching back over him drove her right knee up between his legs. It was probably enough and as if to acknowledge it she pushed herself to her feet and nodding to his females moved away leaving him writhing on the floor. Still watching him she moved closer to the side, smiling as she ran her hands through her spiky hair and then leaning her back against it let questing hands explore and admire her warrior's body as she watched him slowly struggle to his feet.

It was an incautious move and as Debbie screamed a warning the two females in back of her grabbed her arms hauling them back over the partition held her as the male lunged forward and drove his right fist into her belly just below the navel. It caused an uproar of confusion and anger among the spectators and Debbie began moving along the side he did it again and then as the females released her arms and she started to slump to her knees he grabbed the partition and drove his right knee into her face.

There was pandemonium on the other side of the partition as he raised his arms and breathing in ragged gasps moved to the center of the pen. Millie, gagging and curled into a ball, lay where she'd fallen while several of the spectators joined by the pen mistress scuffled with the two females. Fist had begun to be used and Debbie was tempted to either join it or go to Millie but before she could decide the mistress broke away and entered the pen. Millie was on her haunches now, her head between her knees with the blood streaming from her face smearing the canvas between her legs then shaking her head she pushed to her feet and leaned back wearily against the side as the mistress examined her. She was hurt but it wasn't enough to stop it and the rules had been breached. Looking at Millie, a question look on her face and taking her nod as an affirmative acknowledgment she moved to the side. Blood from her face was still spreading steadily across the front of her body but waving away the offered towel she pushed away from the side and moved toward the male. So did the mistress and then moving quickly before he could react she slipped in back of him and pinning his arms wordlessly invited Millie to exact her revenge. The sound of the scuffling between the spectators and his females increased as she moved in front of him but now completely restrained they could only watch and scream and struggle as Millie stepped in closer. Smiling at those crowded along the partition she held her right arm out to them then turning back to where the mistress held the frantically struggling male she drew it back and blasted her right fist into into the lower part of his belly. Still she held him fast and as Millie again stepped close she lifted lifted him slightly from the floor and wrapping her hands around his neck Millie drove her right knee up into his crotch.

Releasing him the mistress let him slump to the floor and as he curled into a ball at her feet Millie raised her arms and her eyes still locked with those of his females, backed away. There'd be another part of this but for now, as the spectators wildly cheered her victory, it was over at least for awhile.