The Bull Pen II
By Teez

Almost time. The sisters and their companions would be gathering down below by now and taking another turn before the mirror gave her reflection a last approving look. What looked back was 5'11" and 200 lbs and the product of genes and hard work which combined with her naturally violent sexual proclivities had produced the epitome of a championship class fighting female which this unique sisterhood found so obviously attractive. She knew the socializing she’d enjoyed with them earlier in the day had served to reinforce their opinions in that regard. Smiling to herself she thought it had been a bit like a day at muscle beach. A see and be seen sort of thing with their similar physical and sexual proclivities serving to re-energize her own basic instincts with respect to why she was here. Giving her reflection a last approving glance she finished her cocktail and with an sudden impatience proceeded to the stairwell that would lead her to the rest of the evening.

The unmistakable odor of pot greeted her as she reached the bottom of the stairs growing stronger as she made her way along the corridor. Not surprising but it hadn’t been quite so evident yesterday. Of course this was a day later and that always changed things, an impression that was reinforced as she pushed through the swinging doors to the lounge. Again they were the same females of the previous evening but the veneer of restraint they’d displayed then was less in evidence this evening and the odors from the corridor were now much more intermingled with that of alcohol and the more subtle odor of overly stimulated sexuality. Filling her lungs with it she listened to their subdued chatter as she made her way to the bar and helped herself to the evenings cocktail de jour. Tasty she thought and licking her lips decided it would probably do what was intended and smiling at the thoughts portent made her way along the bar to an empty stool.

She was conscious of a certain increased edginess among them and as she settled herself was reminded of Heidi’s observation that it was to be expected. As she’d pointed out it was a natural development when females like these with their unique proclivities were confined together in an isolated environment such as on a cruise. Actually she’d said that was the way it was intended to work and she’d agreed with that. In any event they had a lot more of themselves on display and considering their purpose for being here the reason for that was obvious. Cocktail dress’s and jewelry had been replaced with more sexually provocative attire and there was a more obviously overt level of antagonism to their socializing. A bit like a meat market except that here it was one sister’s meat meeting another’s thinking not for the first time that as far as meat like this went it was pretty impressive. Different but like everything else about this experience exciting. She was about to turn her attention to a few of the more interesting physical pairings that seemed to be coming together when the door from the corridor opened and Heidi flanked by Cora and Gretchen swept into the room.

Both of them were wearing short sleeveless robes but it was Heidi wearing nothing more than custom fitted leather shorts with a cut out for the crotch displaying a large patch of dark curly pubic hair, an abbreviated half cup leather bra and heeled ankle boots. It immediately elevated the air of anticipation in the room and as the attention of those at the surrounding tables focused on the three of them in the center of the room Heidi held her arm aloft and turned to face them.

“Good evening. I’m sure you’ve all re-acquainted yourselves with each other” adding with a laugh, “again” and when the scattered laughter and applause died down continued. “The arrangement this evening will be a premiere event of the cruise” and as a small platform was wheeled out to the center of the lounge she motioned for Cora and Gretchen to mount it. Pointing first to Cora, “from stateside at just over 6' and 204 lbs, Cora” and with that the brunette stripped off her robe clasped her hands above her head and did a slow pirouette for the applauding spectators. “Her arms are 16 her thighs are 23 calves are 11 and she carries a marvelous 37 inch rack.” Another burst of applause interspersed with some comments that Shirley couldn’t capture and Heidi turned to Gretchen. “And from the former GDR and elsewhere east at 5'10" and 200, Gretchen. Her arms are 16.5 her thighs 25 and her calves are 12.” Slipping out of her robe the German raised her arms out beside her and followed Cora’s turn on the platform with her own.

No mention of her rack and Shirley could see why. Her breasts small set wide and tight to her chest bore more than a little evidence of scar tissue and her right nipple seemed mostly missing. The rest of her was quite impressive though. Built like a block her back, shoulders and arms appeared to be solid muscle and while her abs, thighs and lower legs showed a little softer they were still impressive. She was impressively big and she had the fleeting thought that somehow her promos had failed to do her justice. Probably intentional but it didn’t matter. Cora would’ve accepted in any case. Pausing for the room to become quiet again Heidi announced

“They will fight the requisite three rounds. The first will be five minutes followed in five minutes by another of ten minutes and ten minutes after the second has been concluded the third and final round will commence. At that point the fight will continue until one of them has felled the other.” Accepting two glasses from an attendant and handing one to each and accepting a third for herself she announced “a toast” and as they linked their arms bearing the glasses and raised them to their lips the sisters and their companions raised their own in a silent salute. It lasted only a moment then the glasses drained Heidi announced “by now most of you have decided your preferred outcome. As you pass out of this room you will find two boxes of wrist bands, one with red to show your support for Gretchen and the other with blue if you support Cora. Wear your preference to the fighting room” and motioning for them to follow led the way down the steps to where the waiting octagon.

Heidi followed by Gretchen and Cora slipped into the pen while the sisters arranged themselves around it jostling for better viewing and as the sounds of their enthusiasm for what was about to take place began to fill the room the attending ring girls who began fitting the gloves. Constructed of white kid leather they covered the hand out to the second knuckle and were similar to those worn for extreme cage matches. Their backs were covered with a thick firm padding to protect their fists which would serve to soften the blows to some degree but Shirley knew the soft white leather would be unrecognizable as such by the end of the fight. Finished with the gloving and as the ring girls slipped back out of the pen Heidi looked first to one and then the other. Acknowledging their silent nods she raised her arms and looking around at the sisters crowded along the rail asked. “Are you ready for them to begin” and as their lusty roar of enthusiasm rolled back upon them she backed away and slashing her arms downward cried “YOU MAY BEGIN FIGHTING.”

Forcing herself to mentally step away from the tableau of the two of them facing each other in the center of the pen Shirley turned her attention to a more detailed inspection of the German’s body as she waited for Heidi to join her. Tattoos, a colored circle on her right thigh and arm, a black frond like image at the small of her back and a stylized image of what appeared to be a small medusa’s face supplanting her navel seemed to be about it. She noted that she was also rather hirsute and with the exception of a neatly trimmed pubic mound her body hair seemed to curl in a profusion along her calves, lower thighs and forearms with more than a trace of it above her upper lip. As was always the case in these sorts of things Vaseline had been worked into her body and it gleamed under the single ring light. Cora’s had been done pretty much the same but her dark hair now grown longer was done in a single braid and doubled up at the back of her head while her thick lush patch of unruly pubic hair completely covered her groin, the inside of her thighs and extended upwards in a point almost to her navel. Her throat thickened in excitement as she compared them. The two of them were awesome female fighting machines and while the German was really built a bit like a tank Cora’s physical stats weren’t all that different and she was just as strong and had the longer reach. Still she began to experience niggling doubts. For that matter she had a few as to how well she’d fare against her but that was swept aside as the German spread her hands before her and slowly bowed from the waist. Cora responded with a bow of her own and dipped a leg but then straightening up and with a quick nod of acknowledgment they raised their fists and as they began to circle along the side of the pen the sisters began to urge them together with low, lusty growls of encouragement.

Round 1

It had started and as the growls turned to more specific suggestions Heidi motioned to her and collecting a drink they settled themselves into a little booth to watch from the upper level. Except for the light over the pen the room lighting had been extinguished which deepened the shadows around it and as the sound system amplified the sounds of the activity in the pen they slid almost unconsciously closer. They knew that what had started could have only one outcome and while they might differ with respect to that it didn’t matter. The two in the pen were joined and whatever was to happen would and as Cora suddenly lunged forward driving her left fist into the German’s right shoulder her own sudden screams blended in with those of the rest.

Gretchen appeared to take no notice simple taking it before dropping into a crouch and hooking her right fist up into the left side of the brunette’s rib cage. The sound of it impacting the side of her body was clearly audible but it didn’t seem to effect her and dancing back out of her reach she motioned with her hand as if inviting the blond to come after her and with an almost savage grin of pleasure on her face she did. Feinting as she moved forward it caused Cora to reflexively move away and when she did she rushed forward blocking ahead with her right arm and drove her left fist into her belly. It left her with her back to the side and taking advantage of it the blond crowded in hooking her fists up into the lower part of her body. It caught her by surprise and while it didn’t seem to be hurting her the side of the pen to her back prevented her from doing much about it. She did what she could though fielding a somewhat clumsy defensive effort until she could escape along the side and when she did manage to slip away blood from a gash on Gretchen’s forehead was streaming down the side of her face. Good she thought as she watched her use the back of her glove to wipe it away. Apparently she’d taken one of Cora’s elbows there and it was a good place to get her since it would bleed awhile and at the very least obscure her vision and be a distraction. It didn’t seem to bother her that much either and other than wiping her eye and cheek with a final shake of her head she lowered her fists and turned to find Cora.

She found her waiting in the center of the pen with a half smile of satisfaction on her face and Shirley knew she’d be thinking she’d take whatever she could get out of that. Hopefully she’d also be a little more careful in the future of where the sides of the pen were and as the blond suddenly lurched forward pawing at her face with her left fist she twisted to her left and backed away to the center of it. They both paused for a moment and then with the growl from the shadows rising around them started to circle again as they cautiously sought an opening.

Gretchen seemed to find one first moving quickly in under Cora’s arms and sinking her right fist into her guts and as the brunette instinctively lowered her arms she straightened up and drove a strong right cross over the top of her left arm and into the side of her head. It stunned her and as she staggered away she followed her and wrapping her left arm around her waist used her momentum to ram her back into the side of the pen. The impact caused Cora’s arms to fly out to her sides and Gretchen, her left arm still wrapped around her waist, quickly took advantage of it by hooking her right fist up into her cunt and then forcing her head up under her chin followed it with a short uppercut into her left breast. It was awkward and left few options but taking the most obvious Cora wrapped her right arm around the back of the German’s neck and twisting her head down and to her left hooked her left fist into her unprotected face. She did it again but then but as the suddenly desperate Gretchen tried to free her head she stumbled sending both of them staggering away from the side and sprawling to the floor. The result was a melee of arms legs fists and elbows with neither gaining an advantage but then as the blond finally managed to position herself on top of the brunette the buzzer sounded and two ring attendants slipped into the pen to wrestle them apart

End Round #1

Exchanging a quick look they rose and made their way to the pen and after pushing her way through the crowd along the side of it Shirley slipped over the top and crouched down in front of Cora. Not too bad she though while the ring attendant worked at cleaning her up. The German had managed to get her hooks into her left breast leaving a four finger pattern of gouges from the front of her shoulder almost to the nipple but it had been a glancing swipe and not too deep. Her right eye looked a bit more troubling though. She’d taken something hard to it and it was starting to discolor and swell but other than that and a slight trace of blood trickling from her nose she seemed to have weathered it pretty well. She was about to offer a word of encouragement when suddenly she became aware that Flavia had joined them and giving Cora a smile she turned to look to where Gretchen was crouched on the other side of the pen. She noticed that Pietra and Heidi had joined her and that the German still seemed to be having trouble with the slash on her forehead which Pietra was swabbing with a cloth. Cora had apparently done the same to her mouth and it was another of those bleeders causing her to smile as she watched her bat away the cloth Pietra was trying to apply to her split lips. With the exception of a four finger rake across her belly that matched the one on Cora’s breast the rest of her looked OK though, or at least OK for now she thought. Five minutes was not a long way into something like this and she felt another flutter of trepidation mix with her rising level of excitement knowing where they were going to take it from here. Giving Flavia a quick smile she slipped her arm around the brunette’s neck and whispered

“Keep your tongue in you mouth baby” and giving her shoulder an encouraging squeeze rose to her feet.

Cora smiled, it had been enough. It wasn’t necessary to say what she’d have said and for now the beauteous Flavia was likely to be more comforting. No reason to confuse things and leveraging herself over the rail she made her way back out through the crowd to the upper lounge. Settling back into her seat she waited for Heidi to join her. She wasn’t long, Pietra was doing for her what Flavia was doing for Cora and settling in beside her she lit a joint and after taking a hit passed it to her. Cocking her head she turned and asked

“Your thoughts, so far?”

Shirley took a hit instead of replying as she let her eyes play across the room. She considered herself intimately acquainted with the what, why and how of the usual female fighting scene but this was a totally different experience, not just because it was taking place on a ship which offered no recourse but also because those in attendance, the spectators, the sisterhood and their companions, appeared to be as physically and psychologically aggressive as herself. She was accustomed to spectators that were for the most part just that, spectators, but these spectators were actively participating players and that excited her even more. Cocking her head to look at Heidi she responded.

“Impressive, it seems almost like ancient Rome.”

“Yes, there are similarities there and nodding to them as they re-arranged themselves into more definable groupings added “they’re also starting to select who they want next in the pen.” The one minute warning buzzer sounded and she added with a laugh “of course they’re also soliciting a partner who might be interested in personally participating at some level themselves.”

Nodding Shirley murmured almost to herself “I rather like the thought of that.”

“I rather thought you might” chuckled Heidi.

It didn’t require a response and she contented herself by silently watching Flavia and Cora’s ring attendant hoist themselves out of the pen. On the other side Pietra and the girl that had been helping her clean Gretchen were doing the same and taking it as a signal and anticipating the buzzer pushed themselves up and began moving cautiously along the side of the pen. The sisterhood were anticipating it too and began aggressively crowding against each other calling out suggestions which rose to lusty roars of approval as it sounded.

Round 2

Idly watching Gretchen rub the palm of her hand across her face Shirley noticed her gloves were completely stained and the slash on her forehead was back to bleeding. Cora’s looked much the same but her eye didn’t seem as bad as she’d feared and the rest of it was still relatively inconsequential. She hoped the bleeding on the German’s forehead would distract her enough for Cora to work on her eyes again though. That might even it up a bit. She also noticed that they’d already broken out in a sweat. Rivulets of it were running down their backs and thighs mixing with the grease to make them glisten and sparkle under the ring light. Other than shaking their heads to send a silvery shower of it over the nearest of those crowded out along the rail they paid no attention to it though. Closer and then as a snarl of approval came from the sisters Cora lunged forward and forcing her left arm across the front of Gretchen’s neck began hooking her right fist up into her left breast. Using the force of her momentum she threw her weight into her and as they slammed into the side continued the fisting with another to her crotch and then shifting her weight a short hard left to her guts before the blond managed to push her away. Retreating back to the center with another slight smile of satisfaction on her face she waited while the grim faced German pushed herself from the side. Pausing to wipe the blood from her mouth with the back of her glove she slowly started to move after her but the sisters cries of encouragement had begun to be interspersed with taunts and apparently it had it’s effect. Suddenly with a burst of speed and a lack of defensive concern she launched herself into the brunette with hard punches to her sides and Cora could to little other than hold her close and drive knee lifts up into her crotch and belly as they staggered from one side to the other. Finally, glancing off of one of them she wrapped her left arm around her neck and trapping her head beneath her right breast began driving her right fist up into her face. Desperately the German tried to twist away but Cora managed to keep her head beneath her arm until they impacted the side of the pen again. Apparently anticipating it though she was ready and quickly slipping her right arm between the brunette’s legs heaved her from the floor. Obviously a plan thought Shirley as she watched her grasp Cora’s right arm with her left and then as Cora’s left arm slipped over her head she twisted to her left and heaved her sprawling on her back in the center of the pen.

She looked up as the sisterhood screamed their approval and then giving them a brief smile and a nod of acknowledgment set herself and drove her right foot at the side of the brunette’s head. It was meant to end it, knock her senseless or worse but she was already rolling to the side and her foot skidded off her back as she scrambled away. Furiously following her she kicked into her sides as she to scuttled across the floor until finally she had her trapped along the side. Another kick, this one between her legs but then as she prepared to mount her Cora managed to grasp the mesh and pulling herself erect slammed her elbow into the blonds belly. That brought a roar of approval from the sisters and as she suddenly heaved up with her left shoulder and drove her left elbow back into her mouth it rose to a scream.

Perfect Shirley thought as she watched her stagger back with the blood streaming down her chin and smearing across her sweat slick breasts. Now get to hurting her some more before this ones over and that was what Cora apparently intended to do. Glaring in rage she whirled to face her and catching her still wiping the blood from her face closed the distance between them with a quick skip and stepping close began slamming punches into her belly, ribs and as she lowered her arms, her breasts. The amplified sound of her fists driving into her body were clearly audible back but as her back hit the side Cora stumbled and as she lurched forward the German was able to hook her left fist into the side of her face and as the force of it drove her head to the side almost in desperation she blindly drove her right fist into the other side of it.

Staggering back she started to fall and with an exultant scream Gretchen threw herself on top of her. It crushed her to the floor and quickly taking advantage of it the German thrust her hands beneath her shoulders and began driving her knee up into the brunette’s already bloody cunt. Then lurching forward she grasped her shoulders and holding her still did it again and then again until finally in desperation Cora managed to get her hands up and digging her thumbs into her belly managed to heave her off.

Exhaling slowly Shirley forced herself to relax. It had been a bad situation which would have been worse and glancing at Heidi thought she seemed to agree. Thinking close but no cigar bitch she watched them push themselves erect in the center of the pen. Should have used her fists instead of her knees and Cora’d still be there on her back but they’d both seemingly had their fill of the floor and as they started to circle each other it seemed as if they both preferred a standup fight for awhile.

A few tentative taps, a feint and then a quick parried thrust to a head before moving apart and then closing again. It was quieter now the sisterhood almost hypnotically watching their dance as the listened to the sound of their fists impacting each others bodies. Most were still crowded together along the rail but a few had moved up to the raised area not far from where they were seated. Mostly foursomes and having made themselves comfortable it seemed as if they were at least as interested in themselves as the purpose at hand. Several groups scattered around the rail were acting in a similar fashion and from their body language Shirley assumed that when their attention was not on the pen they’d be discussing the pairings for future arrangements. Following her gaze Heidi murmured.

“They’re in the process of coalescing around candidates that they have an interest in seeing compete and when they and the candidates they’ve selected become sufficiently inspired they’ll be put together in smaller more intimate settings.”

Laughing softly Shirley murmured “and just where will you and I be when they begin to indulge themselves?”

“Perhaps there, or here or perhaps somewhere else” she replied letting her hand gently caress the thick muscle inside on the inside of Shirley’s thigh then adding with a chuckle “or perhaps wherever and then somewhere else.”

What she;’d said intrigued her but as she was about to reply her attention was returned to the pen by a flurry of activity and newly excited cries from the spectators. Gretchen had crowded into Cora and seemingly oblivious to her defensive jabs to her head delivered a short series of fisting’s to her guts and a she tried to push her away into her ribs. Shirley had the thought that it wasn’t very artful but probably effective enough seeming to leave Cora no option other than to deliver a backhanded left to the side of her face. It set her back for a moment but not enough and as she backed away Gretchen raised her fists and lunged after her. Again a short series as each of them scored hits to the body and then Cora another to her left eye but Gretchen seemed oblivious to it and bulling in continued to work on her guts. Admiring the powerful muscles of her back and shoulders working beneath the sweat slick skin Shirley decided it was probably a good strategy knowing that would be part of what attracted the sisterhood to fights like this. It was the same as Vegas, they’d admire the physical qualities, speculate about the others and compare them to either their own or another. Both Cora and the German were definitely fodder for their imaginations in all of those respects.

And the German was a true Bull who apparently thought if she could protect her head she could take anything that Cora could give her and considering what she’d seen of her she had to think that it could work. For her part Cora continued to defend herself as best she could getting in an occasional stinging jab to Gretchen’s face or breasts but as they neared the side the German suddenly raged in again and began delivering an indiscriminate salvo of fisting’s to her body that effectively pinned her against the side. Crowding in, she furiously alternating the blows from her fists with backhands from her wrists and forearms to the side of her head and neck she continued to press her advantage until finally Cora could only hunch over and attempt to deflect as much of it as she could. Finally in desperation she tried to sidle away along the side but as she ducked beneath Gretchen’s arm she caught her with a right hook to the left side of her face that sent her sprawling along the side of the pen. Immediately taking advantage of it she crowded in kneeing her in the guts and driving her left fist up into her face but her surge of energy was exhausted and she couldn’t prevent the brunette from finally slumping to the floor. Looking down, gasping for breath, it was obvious what she’d do next but as she reached for the mesh to steady herself the buzzer sounded and a ring girl slipped in front and forced her away.

End Round #2

Shirley felt a wave of relief as she watched her herd the German back. It could have been a near thing except for the buzzer and as Cora slowly started to drag herself along the floor to her corner she felt a wave of concern sweep over her. Pushing through the crowd she slipped over the top of the pen to join Flavia and a ring attendant. Making a quick assessment of the damage she decided the rake to her breast and the damage between her legs didn’t appear to be too serious but her nose and mouth were a mess and the sides of her head were discolored and swollen.

“Your lookin a little messy Babe” she murmured as she let her finger trace a line across her cheek. “How you feelin?”

Cora’d propped herself up against the side of the pen and reaching for a towel dabbed it over her mouth before replying with a touch of sarcasm. “Great, and you?”

It was reassuring, the German bitch hadn’t killed her attitude and it prompted Shirley to murmur “well that’s reassuring. Your obviously not as bad off as you look.”

Hoisting herself up on a stool Cora gave a short laugh and said “thanks” but her attention was centered over Shirley’s shoulder on the other side of the pen. It caused her to turn and look across the pen at the activity on the other side of the pen. Gretchen, disregarding the proffered stool and for the most part the efforts of Pietra and the ring girl was strutting along the side of the pen her arms raised in a symbolic sign of victory as her supporters leaned out over the rail to touch, caress and offer encouragement. She’d let one of those attending her wipe the worst off her face but the rest of her was still covered with the gore of the previous round and Shirley rather suspected she liked it that way. She heard Cora mutter “pig” over her shoulder indicating her agreement and turning back and muttering in return said “yeah but bull or pig she’s a really bad bitch and if you don’t get better at staying at least arms length away she’s gonna have you Babe.”

Other than a sour smile Cora didn’t reply and with a last reassuring squeeze to her shoulder she hoisted herself out over the top of the pen and made her way back to the table where Heidi was waiting. It wasn’t as bad as she’d feared and it was with a feeling of renewed confidence that she settled into her seat and accepted the proffered joint. Taking a sip of her drink she nodded toward the German and murmured

“She’s a Pig and I think Cora’s gonna take her.”

“She may be” replied Heidi. “Whatever, as you say over there, but to my way of thinking she’s the one that’s going to do the taking.”

Round 3

She might have said more but the round buzzer sounded and as Flavia and the ring girl climbed out of the pen Cora pushed herself away from the side and started out to meet the German. Except for part of her face Gretchen was still covered with the the previous rounds gore and as she approached the center of the pen she raised her bloody gloves and gave each a lick with her tongue. It caused Cora to pause and then smiling she extended her tongue and slowly touched the tip of it to the end of her nose. The sight of it resembled nothing as much as a lioness savoring the thought of a meal and while it brought a scowl the German’s face the sisters loved it roaring out their approval and breaking out in calls for more but the moment was past and as they began their dance around each other the cries from the shadows changed to calls for them to close and get it on.

Apparently heeding their shouted advice Gretchen lowered her head and charged with the obvious intention of taking Cora down to where she’d had her at the end of the second round. It wasn’t unanticipated though and as she came within arms length Cora dodged to the side and gave her a judo chop to the back of her neck as she stumbled past. Spinning around she followed her and as they neared the far side of the pen she rushed into her again delivering another chop to the side of the head. It enraged her and as she turned back to find her she delivered a right hooking fist into the left side of her face before quickly dancing back out of her range. The amplifier seemed louder now and the sound of it smacking into the side of her head was seemed for the moment the only one in the room. Good move thought Shirley. By now it was obvious that her preferred method of attack was close in and then to the floor and Cora had taken advantage of it by using her agility to stay out of her reach then almost like a bull fighter useing her fists to drop her into the side. She was still a lethal bitch though and Shirley knew she’d get her back to the floor before it was over. She was obviously a bit more cautious now though. Cora had gotten a good read on her and she’d paid for it. When they started back together both were noticeably more cautious.

Watching her block most of the blonds returns with her arms while she kept her away by tapping at her head with her longer reach it appeared to Shirley that she might have taken her advice. The German was still driving her to the side though and sensing it she sidestep for every one that she took back which kept her a few feet out. German’s supporters were increasingly frustrated by it though and stretching their arms out over the top of the pen began shaking their wrists and chanting for her to close with the brunette.

“Close, close, get her down” along with other things in other languages and heeding their calls she prepared to do it.

Her plan, such as it was, seemed to telegraph itself to Cora though and as she spread her arms and lunged forward she suddenly jumped to the side and with a quick skip stepped out of the way. It was almost a replay but this time instead of trying for the back of her neck she hooked her right fist back up into her face and as the force of it twisted the blonds body around she lost her footing and as she fell to the floor she threw herself down on top of her. Immediately driving her left knee between her legs she kicked it up into her cunt forcing her legs apart and as she did she stretched out on top of her and locked her legs around her left thigh. Thrusting her right arm beneath her left shoulder she wrapped her hand back over her shoulder and across the front of her throat and quickly leveraging her up on her right side began using her hand to force the right side of her face into the floor. Not exactly what she’d anticipated but as Cora began driving her left fist into the blonds body it brought Heidi and herself out of their seats to join both groups of furiously screaming partisans along the side of the pen. It almost appeared to be a stalemate as both of their sweat slick muscular bodies struggled together on the floor but finally Gretchen managed to wrap her left arm around Cora’s neck and pulling her head down into her left breast started to roll Cora’s body over hers forcing Cora’s left fist to the floor on the far side of her for support. It also had the effect of freeing Gretchen’s right arm enough to permit her to use her fist and grunting with the effort she was able to drive it into the left side of Cora;’s head still trapped beneath her arm. Again she did it the directional mics picking up the sound of it’s impact along with some guttural comments which she assumed were German curses along with some distinctly American phrases but except for the deliberate movement of their arms and legs they pretty much lay where they’d fallen. It seemed to be another stalemate but just as the screams of the sisters seemed to reach a crescendo Cora managed to slip her head free of Gretchen’s arm and with a last savage clubbing fist into the side of her face rolled free of her.

Shirley felt a sense of relief as she watched her rise to a crouch and then push herself up before grasping the mesh to pull herself erect. Gretchen did the same rising to a kneeling position to face her before putting her hands on her knees and slowly pushing herself up. Sustained applause along with comments and suggestions and the sound of their harsh breathing followed them as they wiped the blood and sweat from their faces with the backs of their gloves and slowly began to circle each other. Both she and Heidi had moved back up to the edge of the seating platform for a better view and now they remained there, Shirley’s arm across her shoulders and Heidi’s arm circling her waist. Remaining seated wouldn’t work any longer and they waited along with the rest as the two in the pen considered what they should do next.

Shirley noticed that based on the color of their wrist bands the sisters of the sorority were about evenly split on their respective support and that they’d also become more aggressive, some to the point of confronting another wearing a different color and turning to Heidi she murmured.

“The wristband idea seems to have the desired effect.”

“Yes” she replied nodding across the room. “It helps to stimulate their selections for the fight clubbing that follows.”

Turning her attention back to those gathered around the pen she didn’t reply. She’d been involved in sport fighting since her late teens but this was by far it’s most exotic environment she’d ever experienced. Never could she have thought she’d find herself with other females as physically and physiologically aggressive as herself on a ship for the sole purpose of watching other females of their persuasion fight to the finish. It was their sport and that they were able and only too willing to support it with such purism just made it all that much better. Just for the moment she found herself picturing how things like this took place in another time in arenas where men and women fought to the death for the pleasure of the screaming crowds. Relating it to the reality of the present she could readily understand the attraction of those ancient games. Her attention might have wandered further along that path but for the two in the pen coming within each others range again.

By now both were a mess but Gretchen more so. Blood and sweat were smeared over most of her body with new coming from a gash on her forehead and some more from her nose and mouth. It had gotten into her short blond hair too turning it along with what curled up in the oily sweat covering her arms, legs and pubic area a reddish brown. Cora didn’t show so much. Her numerous scrapes including the rake across her left breast were just that and while the sides of her head seemed swollen, bruised only a bit more than a trickle of blood was coming from her nose and a ruined lower lip. They seemed to be re-energized as they began to trade punches in the center of the pen though with neither of them showing signs of being seriously wearied. For her part Gretchen seemed to have almost adopted Shirley’s advice to Cora keeping her guard up and eschewing any attempt to crowd Cora prematurely and for a few moments their maneuvering more closely resembled conventional boxing than what they were actually engaged in.

It wasn’t enough to satisfy the sisterhood though and as their comments and suggestions became more vociferous and specific Gretchen seemed to revert to type and lowering her head and spreading her arms charged into Cora again. And again she’d anticipated it but this time instead of being able to step to the side she became trapped in the German’s arms and was driven backwards into the side of the pen. Keeping her head buried in her breasts Gretchen grasped the mesh in back of her shoulders and began frantically kneeing her between the legs leaving Cora with few options other than to try and grasp her head with her hands and try to throw her to the side. It wasn’t all that successful and crowding in closer the German wrapped her arms around her back and wedging her left knee between her legs forced her feet from the floor. It unbalanced them both and forced Gretchen to release her arms and as she wrestled her to the side she instinctively grasped at the mesh for support and Cora was able to scuttle to the right. Confused the German turned to find her just as Cora turned and met her with a desperate left handed chopping blow to the right side of her face.

Backing quickly away from the side she paused as she watched her massage the side of her face. She was wasn’t going to let her get her back on the floor again and with a sudden decisiveness she lunged back into her fisting her body and as she lowered her arms a solid right hook that smacked squarely into the front of the blonds face. Dancing back she waited to assess the damage as she watched Gretchen, groaning in shock, stagger back along the side of the pen. Both of her hands covered her face and fresh blood was streaming through her fingers, running down her wrists and splashing from her chin to smear with the rest across her sweat slick breasts. It brought everybody screaming to the rail, Shirley, Heidi, the foursomes scattered around the pen, all crowded in together as Gretchen’s supporters desperately urged their champion back into the fight and for her part she seemed to understand she was doomed if she didn’t. Shaking her head in confusion she started to raise her fists as Cora moved in to finish her.

Shirley knew what would be going through Cora’s mind as she watched a shiver of anticipation shake through the muscles of her back. Anticipating what she was about to do and savoring the pleasure of it a feeling of power would be surging through her body as she approached her. The German, still in shock, her hands alternating between face and fists, didn’t seem to be aware of her intentions as she moved with seeming nonchalance to stand in front of her. Moving closer she straddled the German’s thick greasy thigh between her legs and slipping her left arm beneath her shoulder and around her back pulled her body close against her own. S sliver of a cruel sadistic smile crossed her face and nestling it closer to the Germans she almost seemed to urge her head back with it. The sudden quiver trembling through her ass cheeks betrayed what she was experiencing and then as the obvious feelings of sadistic anticipation surged through her she set herself and as her supporters screamed their approval drove her right fist in a short powerful punch that hooked into the German’s now relaxed and unprotected belly. It started to double her over and releasing her left arm she deliberately drove her right fist into the left side of her face sending a reddish mist of sweat and blood over those standing behind her. Another scream from her supporters as the force of it twisted her around to her right grunting and mumbling as she grasped at the mesh for support and somewhere Shirley could hear Pietra screaming.

Shirley, caught up by the sight of it as much as the rest, felt a shudder of anticipation as she looked at Gretchen hanging listlessly from the mesh, her head lolling on her chest with blood streaming from her nose and mouth. She was finished and as Cora turned to face her she could see her begin to flex the muscles of her back and shoulders in obvious anticipation of what she intended to do to her and over it all the mounting chants of the crowd intermixed with Pietra’s continued wailing somewhere in the background. The sisters were ready for it too eagerly jostling against each other in their excitement as they rearranged themselves along the side of the pen. Shirley knew they all were marveling at the look of her. They’d be admiring her big powerful sweaty body, lusting after it as it glistened under the light and as she moved closer to the German and prepared to deliver the coup de grace she felt the familiar thrill of the kill. It was a feeling she’d experienced herself and as Cora set herself in front of the German and drew back her right fist to do it she stretched out over the rail and added her own screams of approval to those of the rest giving free rein to the emotions vicariously coursing through her body.

Almost gently Cora’s fist dug into the German’s left side below the breast and as she feebly raised her hand as if to ward off another she put her hands on her shoulders and pressed her back to the side of the pen. Reaching first for her left arm she thrust her hand through the mesh and then repeating it with her right splayed her against the side and as scattered cries for her to do it began to rise throughout the room she tensed her body and prepared to finish her. Setting herself directly in front of her and with a final flexing of her shoulders she drove her left fist into her right breast. It brought a retching groan from the German and as she instinctively tried to twist away she delivered a right cross to the left side of her head. Pausing as if to prolong the pleasure of it she hooked her right up into her belly and as a few of the sisters began crying for a kill she hooked it in another scything swing to the left side of her face. Except for her hands tangled in the mesh she’d have fallen and as if to acknowledge that Cora raised her arm and turned to look at the sisterhood crowded around the outside of the pen. Proudly spreading her legs she allowed the sliver of salmon colored flesh slip from her swollen labia as a creamy slick of spend spread down the inside of her thighs. It brought an roar of approval from the sisters but as she turned to finish the German Flavia’s face appeared from the crowd. A hand reached through the mesh disentangling her hand, then the other and as she slumped to the floor the Moroccan slipped into the pen and almost gently pushed Cora away. It was an appropriate finish bringing immediate and enthusiastic concurrence from the sisters and as they began to melt away Shirley tightened her arm around Heidi’s neck and drawing her closer whispered

“I think that perhaps before this night is over you and I will be experiencing our own rough brand of pleasure.”

Not Quite the End