The Bull Pen I
By; Teez

Hoisting herself up from the couch Shirley collected her water bottle and made her way past the snoring Cora out onto the compartments little deck. She was impressed, Cora too but since she was pretty passed out from the previous evening and needed her rest for this evening she wasn’t as inclined to appreciate it. She was though, their cabin was delightful and ignoring her friend on the bed behind her she settled into a lounger and idly surveyed the scene below as she let herself retrace the steps that had brought them half way around the world to here.

That they were here pretty much because Heidi Gunsler, their hostess, had been one of the attendees at an underground fight between herself and Cora. As usual it had been brutal and bloody and so impressed had she been that she’d extended an invitation for Cora to meet a candidate from the continental underground scene under similar circumstances. It would take place on board a small ship specially equipped for such things for the benefit of a rather selective group of female fight afficionados. Her opponents name was Gretchen and the arrangement was scheduled to take place this evening.

They’d left Chet and Alex, Cora’s other half in Paris taken the train to Marseille and then along with some other invites a water taxi out to the ship. There’d been a goodly number of guests and their companions on board already and although a few more arrived a bit after by early afternoon they’d gotten under way and by nightfall the shoreline was only a distant line on the horizon. That had been yesterday and after they’d made themselves comfortable their hostess had extended an invitation for them to meet her in her compartment to review the details of the arrangement.

She’d found that interesting, the three of them gathered around a coffee table sipping white wine and discussing Cora’s contract to fight another female. Heidi had been interesting too, not that she hadn’t been before but now in contrast to the business attire she’d worn back in the states the short sleeved mans shirt that she was wearing silhouetted the swell of her heavy breasts, muscular arms and still impressive abs. Along with brief leather shorts slit up the side and deck shoes it left no doubt of her past and present proclivities. She’d gotten right to the point asking Cora,

“I trust that the details of the arrangement are still satisfactory” and smiling at Cora’s silent nod of acknowledgment continued. “And your physical qualifications haven’t changed appreciably?”

“Well, refined a bit perhaps” laughed Cora softly.

“I’m sure” responded Heidi softly. “Actually that also seems to apply to Gretchen. She’s been pretty much going in the same direction since you agreed to this.”

“Assuming that there are no further issues to be resolved perhaps you might describe a bit more about how all of this is to come about” murmured Shirley.

“Well yes, certainly” she replied. “Perhaps a bit of history first. Our membership are for the most part female who we refer to as “the sorority.” Simply put they’re very much attracted to this more extreme style of sport and financially capable of supporting their taste for it. We provide the discreet environment which accommodates those tastes which I might add that can go well beyond anything which can be found elsewhere.”
“They also seem to be mostly of our persuasion” replied Shirley.

“Shouldn’t think that would surprise you” responded Heidi with a soft laugh. “The more aggressive or Bullish side of our persuasion have always been attracted to blood sports and considering it’s strong sexual component they’re also attracted to those that are involved in it.”

“Something we’re certainly not unfamiliar with” replied Cora softly.

“Yes, well of course “we” from that more “Bullish” side and since we share that attraction it’s natural that we’re inclined to indulge each other’s tastes with respect to it.”

“And” intoned Shirley with a smile and a wave of her hand, “this certainly affords the ultimate in discretion with respect to those tastes.”

“Very much so” replied Heidi. “And since the sorority’s demands have moved well beyond the usual it also permits virtually unlimited exposure for any type of arrangement without being concerned about the consequences. As you say it’s the perfect place for them to let their championship Bulls fight to the finish.”

“It would appear then that Gretchen and I are not to be the only attractions.”

“No” she replied with a soft laugh. “A singular highlight but there have been and will be others before we return to port.”

“And the few men aboard” responded Shirley questioningly?

“Yes, well there are a few among the membership and another few who participate in the occasional male female arrangement.”

“And just how do you go about selecting suitable candidates for the Bull fights” intoned Shirley?

“Well considering that there are a goodly and growing number of “us” that are naturally attracted to it there are those that find them and, since our interests in such things are not unknown, there are those of them that find us.”

“Organized almost like a sport” murmured Shirley almost to herself and then. “Aside from the obvious just what do you look for?”

“Well aside from the obvious which would be an aggressive nature combined with a strong sense of competitiveness they should also be from the larger, stronger, more hard bodied side of “our” culture with the requisite mental toughness and a willingness to participate in what’s involved. An inclination to become personally involved with the membership on a more personally intimate level is also helpful”

“Neatly put” murmured Shirley. “And I assume there are incentives other than their natural inclinations with respect to fighting?”
“Well aside from the financial considerations as well as our ability to shield them from any unwanted official curiosity they participate in rigorous physical and fight development training programs that ensure their competitiveness. Other than that their wants are few and depending on how successful they are, even less. Actually a number of them have joined the sorority to become their personal companions as well as champions.”

“Gives new meaning to cruising for a fight” laughed Cora softly. “The Bulls wearing their Bitches colors into the pen.”

“Yes that is apt” she replied with a soft laugh “of course the affections or animosities that they’ve developed with respect to each other contribute to both the social order as well as the development of the rivalries that this requires. With respect to that most of their arrangements have been agreed to before they come aboard.”

“Amazing” murmured Shirley almost to herself. “Frankly though the physical differences between them don’t seem to be that great.”

“No, other than their financial resources and level of worldly sophistication there’s relatively little and considering they’re common interest they’re naturally inclined to lean toward emulating the “Bullish” physic. It’s a shared ideal and since many of them are as physically aggressive as those that participate in the games they’re also inclined to consider personal participation as their ultimate challenge and it’s not uncommon for them to prepare themselves for it in very much the same way that we do. Of course in the interest of stimulating that inclination we make available a rather sophisticated supplemental program that contributes psychologically as well as physiologically to their inclination to participate and hopefully their subsequent appreciation of it.” Laughing she continued, “Either in the pen or elsewhere.”

“Ah” laughed Shirley adding, “something we’re also not unfamiliar with. I’ve always considered that part of it as honing that essential edge of opportunity” then, “and when will we meet the “Bull” that’s to be penned with Cora?”

Chuckling to herself Heidi replied “Ah yes, the essentially sensual edge” then. “Well soon I should think. We’ll get together a little later and have a nice civilized discussion about the what and how of it but now perhaps you might be interested in seeing the where?”

It had been an interesting discussion and when it was over they’d taken them on a tour of the ship which had inevitably ended in the room where the fighting would take place. They’d found the octagonally shaped pen impressive situated in a lower, windowless midships compartment impressive. About twenty feet across it had solid three foot base walls topped with another three feet of nylon netting tightly strung from eight external steel posts connected by a wide wooden bar positioned between them. A walkway about five feet wide elevated about a feet above the floor surrounded it with another area even higher behind it that had some chairs and tables scattered about. Both the floor and the solid part of the sides were tightly covered with a splotchy grey canvas.

Returning to Heidi’s salon they’d found “Gretchen” and a friend already waiting and after almost friendly introductions they’d made themselves comfortable on the curved settee in the middle of the room. Shirley’d thought she appeared very much like as she had in the tapes they’d exchanged. Shorter than Cora with blond spiky hair and a slightly distressed face she built like a bull and the parts of her body that weren’t covered by her cut off jeans and muscle tee showed more than a little evidence of scar tissue. Her friend, taller, more slender and with a similarly distressed face was wearing baggy pants and a long sleeved shirt. Making themselves comfortable Heidi had opened the conversation by introducing the tall brown haired female as Pietra, a “professional” friend of Gretchen’s and after the introductions and a fresh round of refreshments she’d nodded at her and announced.

“You’ll actually be seeing more of her this evening, won’t we darling?”

“Oh yes” she’d enthused and giving Shirley and Cora what could only be described as an evil leer continued, “And you will see what awaits for you even more tomorrow when,” and putting her arm around Gretchen’s shoulders, “your time comes with my darling here.”

Cora had leaned forward and crossing her wrists on her knees had replied “Yes, we will won’t we” and looking squarely at Gretchen, “I’m looking forward to it and I fully intend on disappointing both you and you friend as much as it is possible to do so.”

“I’m very much sure you are I too am looking forward to it” replied the blond with a slight smile and glancing at Shirley continued. “And you as well?”

“Of course” she’d murmured. “Like you I take pleasure in watching my Cora and we’ll both be looking forward to attending your Pietra’s performance this evening.”

Late in the day they’d nosed into a secluded bay and shortly after dusk gathered in the lounge for cocktails and a preview of the evenings activities. Tp Shirley and Cora it had all been rather “normal” in a bizarre sort of way. The minimal daytime lounging wear replaced by brief cocktail dresses or for the more “Bullish” some modification that contributed to the wearer’s more striking physical attributes. She’d draped herself in an opaque sleeveless open front blouse, brief shorts of a similar material and heeled sandals that strapped up around the calf while Cora had chosen a pair of low cut, mid thigh bicycle shorts, a muscle tee and flats. Gretchen still wore what she’d had on during their meeting while Heidi wore a short sleeveless shirt open down the front knotted around the waist, deck shoes and a thong. But for their attire and the purpose for their gathering it had been almost like pre-event cocktail parties elsewhere except for the sorority’s intense physical speculation of each other and the subject of their cocktail conversation. After a decent interval of silent assessment along with some stoking and toking they’d descended to the lower level and entered the large compartment where the fighting would take place. Quickly crowding in, jostling for better position they’d arranged themselves around the octagon shaped pen and as the piped background music faded and the lights dimmed to just a single overhead Heidi had slipped into the pen and moved to it’s center. Waiting for them to become quiet she’d held up her arms and in a teasing voice asked.

“Welcome to the Bull Pen” and receiving a rumble of approval pointed to a doorway on the far side of the compartment and cried out “Flavia”

Tall wearing a long hooded red silk robe and as she slipped through an opening in the rope mesh Shirley thought her rather attractive. Long aquiline nose, slightly crooked with a prominent chin and she was also very dark. Touted as being French Moroccan the only other part of her body that was visible were her forearms and hands both of which were taped with the hands appearing to be club like white balls. Moving to Heidi’s side she raised her arms above her shoulders in prizefighter fashion and pirouetted for the crowd. Waiting for the excited rumble of the spectators to die down Heidi again pointed to the doorway and cried “and Pietra.”

Pietra was draped in a long sleeved cream colored robe similar to Flavia’s and as she reached the netting surrounding the pen she seemed to almost slither over it. Duplicating the Moroccan she raised her club like fists and also did a turn for the crowd. Waiting for those along the rail to become quiet Heidi announced.

“A special arrangement between two exceptional fighters. As you can see their hands have been bound to minimize their effectiveness making their legs and feet their most effective weapons.”

Her announcement was met with a groan of anticipation and then a scurry of conversation as she raised her hand to Flavia and slipping out of her robe the Moroccan flung it over the top of the netting. It was a dramatic move, not the shedding but what it revealed and as the spectators growl of approval became a moan of anticipation both she and Cora experienced an almost involuntary intake of breath. Except for her fists and ankles she was naked and while her upper body was substantial Shirley thought her lower body could only be described as being specially designed for the purpose that she was there for. Her thighs were almost massive compared to the rest with her calves also exhibiting an unusual level of muscular development and as she’d paraded around the perimeter of the pen to the applause of the crowd behind the rail Cora had observed that her legs rivaled hers. Waiting for them to become quiet again Heidi had motioned to Pietra and flinging her robe into the spectators and bending at the waist the German had placed her fists on her hips with an evil grin on her face skipped around the perimeter laughing and taunted the spectators as she swivelled and spread her legs to display her already swelling genitalia. Her body had rivaled the Moroccan’s and as Flavia joined her they’d strutted arm in arm along the mesh letting the spectators reach out to touch, caress offering encouragement as they passed. Waiting for them to become quiet again Heidi announced.

“They will fight for three minutes, then five minutes and then until they’re finished. There are no rules” and looking around at the spectators said. “You may begin fighting.”

Neither she nor Cora had been conscious of Gretchen joining them but as Heidi maneuvered herself through the crowd in their direction she’d slipped in beside Cora and putting her arm on her shoulder asked

“Is fighting like this something you have seen?”

“No, not like this” replied Cora. Your Pietra is most impressive though.”

“Yes” replied Gretchen. “Especially her lower half and I’m sure you like that don’t you?”

“They’re both very impressive” interjected Shirley “And certainly well designed and equipped for this”

“Yes, besides nature we work very hard like much running and climbing hills Things like that but of course my Pietra has many other talents too” laughed Gretchen.

“Which hopefully will not be impaired to overly much” said Heidi as she sidled in beside them.

“Oh I will nurse her back. I am good at that as is she” replied Gretchen and looking at Cora asked. “I am much excited when I watch my Pietra fight, and you?” nodding at Shirley.

It gave Shirley pause but yes, obviously, but of course Gretchen would know that. That aspect was very much a part of it and smiling back at the German she nodded and slipping her arm around Cora’s waist murmured “yes, of course I like watching my Cora fight and in particular I will like watching her fight you.” There might have been more to the exchange but an exclamation from the spectators followed by some jostling along the rail returned their attention to the pen.

The light had dimmed even further with baffles directing it downward to highlight just the two as they slowly bowed to each other in the center of the pen. Then raising her arms to shoulder level and thrusting them ahead of her Flavia had charged at the German and quickly hopping on her left foot as she reached her she’d angled to her left and driven her right heel into the her stomach. Shirley thought it was well delivered and while she might have been aiming lower accurate enough for an opening shot and the way she followed it was brilliant. Another hop and she’d turned her back to Pietra and bending forward at the waist and extending her right leg in back of her she’d slashed her right foot across her stomach. It left a white streak across the flesh and as the German staggered back Heidi almost conspiratorially laid her hand on Shirley’s shoulder and murmured

“you will see it soon. Their toes are fitted with special devices that they will use to cut each other. Soon it will begin to show” and as she spoke the slash started to redden.

“And their hands” murmured Shirley feeling Heidi’s body nestle in against hers?

“Actually they’re fitted into small specially molded rubber balls before they’re taped. By themselves they’re too soft to use for much of anything other than balance but with the tape they’re firm enough to do damage and of course it removes the fingers from play.”

Nodding in approval Shirley murmured “ingenious” and slipping her arm around her back added “a distinctly Germanic enhancement I would think. Is it yours?”

“Yes actually” she replied and pressing closer as they turned back to the pen added “I like it that you find it exciting.”

They remained that way, Heidi’s arm on her shoulder and her’s around her back as Pietra, her arms now swinging at her sides, danced sideways around the Moroccan. Cora and Gretchen also seemed to have put aside their thoughts of tomorrow and were pressed together adding their cries to those of the rest as Flavia, crouching slightly and extending her arms turned to follow her.

Pietra initiated first suddenly changing direction catching the Moroccan by surprise and as she started to turn back she spun around on her right heel and sent her left foot in a scything arc that cut from her left to right across Flavia’s breasts. Not pausing she transferred her weight to her left foot and quickly hopping forward drove her right knee up into her belly while at the same time giving the back of her neck a chopping blow with the taped part of her left forearm. It brought an instant scream of approval from her supporters but it was a bit premature as Flavia drove her club like fist in an upwards swinging left that seemed to bury itself between the German’s thick muscular legs. Groaning she huddled over her but as Flavia stumbled away she suddenly pushed herself erect and twisted after her drove first one and then the other foot into her as she retreated. They ended up crowded against the side of the pen in a jumble of arms and legs using their fists and then their knees to club each other’s upper body but it also brought the three minute buzzer and two of Heidi’s nearly nude event attendants who quickly slipped into the pen to pry them apart. That in itself was dramatic with the closest spectators lunging forward over the top of the mesh screaming their support while the four of them struggled against the side and when they finally succeeded in pulling and pushing them apart all four were smeared with a gleaming sheen of sweat and blood.

The room became more quiet as they drew back from the netting but as Gretchen slipped into the pen and crouched down to have a more private word with Pietra the chatter resumed. Cora, turning to Shirley, clearly excited, her nipples thrusting through the thin fabric of her shirt like big dark thumbs, muttered somewhat breathlessly

“a bit more than we expected babe?”

“Yeah” murmured Shirley running her fingers up the side of the brunette’s arm. “You think she’s” nodding at where Gretchen was crouched, “going to be the same?”
“Maybe” smiled Cora. “But she likes it just like you and me, with the fists but I’ll do her.”

“Yeah, I know you will baby” muttered Shirley softly and sliding her arm around Cora’s waist pulled her close and nuzzled her lips into her neck adding “you just make sure you keep that precious tongue of yours inside you mouth while you do it. I don’t want it bitten off, OK?”

“Ah yes, the tongue of tongue’s” chuckled Heidi from the other side. “Difficult to forget whence one has seen much less experienced it I should think.”

She might have said more but a short burst from the buzzer signaled the start of the second round and as Pietra moved away from the side of the pen the damage from the first was obvious. Not only was the gash on her belly still bleeding but her face had suffered as well with a dribble of blood still trickling from her nose and a bruise under her left eye. The melee by the side had marked them both though with Flavia taking some hits too. Her left breast was swollen and red, her belly skinned and scraped and she appeared to be favoring her left side as she moved away from her supporters on the other side of the pen.

Those crowded around the rail were a bit more restrained now. The previous round had either confirmed or changed their opinions and it was obvious that some adjustments were being made with respect to their wagering. Shirley thought that so far Pietra had showed better but it was obvious that Cora favored Flavia. The partisan comparison was interesting and as Cora and Gretchen started moving a bit further along the side of the pen it left Heidi and herself still pressed together contemplating the progression of events. It was not to be for long though as Flavia with a sudden leap forward twisted to her left and swept her right foot into the left side of Pietra’s head. It staggered the German and with the already stained ball of her left fist pressed to her face she slumped back against the netting as Flavia twisted back to face her and drove the front of her left foot up between her thighs. Gretchen’s scream rose above those of the rest but as the big blond leaned out over the netting as if to give help it was obvious that Flavia was oblivious to it. Furiously throwing herself into the Moroccan she drove her knees into her belly and thighs while she used the taped ball of her fists to furiously batt at her head which Flavia managed to parry most of before t falling back and moving more to the center of the pen. Watching as a furious Pietra followed Heidi pointed to her and said

“see, she got her toes into her that time good.”

“”Yeah” murmured Shirley approvingly as she admired the rich red smear spreading down the inside of Pietra’s thighs. Then tightening her arm around the other she added “have you ever fought with the toes things?”

Heidi didn’t answer immediately but then looking sideways at Shirley she smiled and answered “yes, I’m quite good with them and to be as good as I am with them they can be quite deadly, if you know what I’m referring to.”

“Presumably you have personal experience” asked Shirley?

Laughing softly Heidi tightened her arm and replied. “A reasonable assumption” and the looking directly at Shirley added “if you like perhaps we can watch one of my taped arrangements when such things have happened.”

It caught Shirley a bit by surprise but at the same time it excited her. Of course Heidi had known it would and when she’d murmured that yes she’d like that Heidi had squeezed her arm tighter and chuckled that in that case she hoped that Cora might be finding other things to attract her.

Both were doing a slow waltz around the other as they waited for an opening. The closed space and the proximity of the rest of those present had also made it noticeably warmer and as they stretched out over the mesh to watch them a few had already begun to divest themselves of some of their sweat soaked garments. Their attitude had also become more aggressive and she felt a stirring of excitement as she watched them roughly jostling each other for a better vantage. It was the way it started and she knew it would lead to even more aggression before they were through and as she looked around more closely Heidi leaned over and nodding murmured

“And that would excite you too, no” and laughing in response and squeezing her arm Shirley had replied “yes, I would find watching them very exciting too.”

“That is also good” murmured Heidi. “They like their sex in much the way they like their fighting, rough, and watching can be very exciting.”

She might have said more but at that moment the two in the pen came together and they along with the rest lunged back over the top of the mesh. Flavia had danced forward on her left foot as she toyed at Pietra’s face with her right. Almost teasingly she flicked it across the front of face laughing as she taunted the German to respond and when finally Pietra raised her left forearm to deflect it she suddenly leaped up and twisting to her right and hooked the front of her left ankle around the side of the German’s neck driving her to the floor of the pen. As she fell Flavia fell on top repeatedly driving her right knee into her belly, breasts and face until Pietra was able to roll over onto her other side and scramble away to the side of the pen.
It left the Moroccan on her hands and knees but then rising to her feet she lunged after her driving her right knee up into the German’s guts while at the same time smashing her right forearm sideways along side of her neck. Crowding in close she elbowed her neck again and then it was another jumble of arms and legs as they struggled against the side of the pen. It might have stayed that way but Pietra in a movement of desperation suddenly managed to get her left thigh between the Moroccan’s muscular legs and forcing her balled fists against her breasts pushed her away. Not before Flavia was able to inflict a last bit of damage though and as she stumbled away she was able to swipe her right elbow across the German’s face. It impacted the right side of her nose driving her back against the side of the pen and as she staggered away along the side snorting blood and pawing it with the now pink balls of her fists it left a stream of dark brown stains to splotch on the canvas in her wake.

Shirley was conscious of Cora’s scream of encouragement rising above the others as the Moroccan turned after her. Gretchen was pressed out over the side of the pen shaking her fist and gesturing angrily as she urged Flavia away from her but for the most part those stretched out over the top of the netting were screaming for her to close up. Feeling Heidi tighten her arm Shirley leaned into her to nuzzle her neck. Words weren’t necessary, they both were channeled into the moment and as other overheated sweat soaked screaming females pressed in against them the look of silent understanding they exchanged was enough. It was good, the feel of the others body pressed against her own, the closeness and noise of the fighting room and the spectacle of two naked females in furious unrestricted combat only a few feet away. It acted as an aphrodisiac and with a sudden enthusiasm they lunged forward into the increasingly aggressive females around them and added their own screams of encouragement to theirs.

As they returned their attention to the two circling each other on the far side of the pen it appeared that Pietra had come off the worse for their exchange. Her face was completely bloodied from Flavia’s elbows and forearms and it was spread across her neck breasts and belly smearing itself with Flavia’s previous attacks on her torso. Her cunt was still bleeding although not as much but her thighs and calves were mostly covered with it by now. Flavia remained relatively undamaged although both her breasts were swollen showing considerable bruising, her face a collection of nicks and cuts and her left eye was dark and swelling shut. That eye was not a good thing thought Shirley as she watched the German suddenly lunge forward with her left arm raised across the front of her body. It caught Flavia by surprise and as she instinctively ducked to her right and raised her left arm Pietra slashed her left forearm down onto the back of her neck while at the same time driving her left knee into her face. It was spectacularly successful and as Flavia fell back against the mesh her face a rapidly increasing crimson mask. she slumped to the floor. Both lips and her nose had been breached and as Pietra dropped on top of her driving her knees into her breasts and belly she furiously pummeled her head and flailing legs with the bright red balls of her fists. Suddenly forcing her forearms up against the mesh she leveraged herself up and began to knee into the Moroccan’s lower body and then straightening up continued to kick into her breasts and belly as the buzzer signaling the end of the second round sounded.

This time it required four attendants to separate them and as they dragged Pietra off Flavia, cradling her face with the crook of her elbow, slowly pulled herself up along the side of the pen and made her way to where her supporters waited. One had already slipped into the pen to assist and as she watched Cora joined her. Gretchen had slipped into the pen to help with Pietra and as they set about tidying them up she and Heidi moved out of the pack and back to the upper lounge area. Others followed and as they settled themselves into some seats Heidi murmured

“It’ll be ten minutes for this one. They usually need it and then it’ll go till one of them has dropped the other”

Shirley didn’t reply at first then nodding back to the pen asked “your pick?”

Heidi didn’t respond at first as she considered the question then shrugging she said,”probably Pietra. She’d stronger, a bit more vicious and while it could go either way I’ve never known the German to quit.”

“Well from what I’ve seen either of them is capable of doing it to the other” responded Shirley. “And with this next one there’s no time limit or restrictions” her voice asking the question?
“Or consequences” murmured Heidi in reply.

Shirley didn’t reply. No need too and taking a sip of the refreshment that had suddenly appeared she let her eyes wander around the room. Most were still clustered along the side of the pen watching the clean up but a few had moved up onto the lounge level with them and were seated nearby. She noticed that any vestiges of inhibition they might have exhibited earlier during the cocktail hour had disappeared along with a significant part of their clothing and now for the most part they huddled together in little knots discussing what had and anticipating what was to come.

“You know that almost a 100,00 eu’s will change hands on the outcome don’t you” asked Heidi quietly?

“And tomorrow, with Cora and Gretchen” asked Shirley?

“Oh, more” chuckled Heidi in reply as she set her drink aside and lighting up a rather long and elegant cheroot held it aloft and continued “special blend darling.” Handing it to Shirley she added. “You’ll not be unfamiliar with either it’s smell or effects” and nodding to those around them continued “we find it seems to enhance the experience with respect to the next part of this.”

Accepting the proffered light Shirley settled back in her chair. The end of the ten minute break was fast approaching and as she looked about the room she noticed that for the most part those that had followed them to the lounge level had returned to join the pack along the side of the pen. A few remained engaged in conversation or in one or two cases something more intense but none were so distracted as not to take notice of the buzzer announcing the start of the third round of fighting. It prompted those that had remained to join the rest and taking a last hit from the cheroot she snuffed it out and followed Heidi back into the crowd. She found the thought of what was about to take place in the pen exhilarating and crowding in beside Heidi she watched as Cora, Gretchen and those that had been with them in the pen slip out to join the rest. Most had brought back their drinks, a few still smoked and thinking to herself that the venue in itself was most impressive she silently watched as Pietra and then Flavia slowly pushed themselves away from the side of the pen and advanced toward each other in the center of the pen.

They’d been cleaned up for the most part although a certain amount of dried blood still spotted them and the absence of the rest only highlighted the bruises, cuts and scrapes that they’d incurred in the first two rounds. Shirley still thought that Flavia showed better but considered that her opinion might be unduly colored by the fact that her face was not quite as fucked up as the German’s. Pietra on the other hand while she seemed less aggressive somehow appeared to be the more formidable. Crouching forward she held her arms in front of her and as Flavia suddenly spun to deliver a kick with her left foot she blocked it with the ball of her right fist and lunging forward slammed her left forearm into the inside of her thigh. Keeping her momentum going forward she quickly lowered her arm and thrusting it between the Moroccan’s thick thighs brought her forearm up sharply into her cunt before skipping away to the side. Not too damaging but Flavia seemed to be favoring her left leg as she scrambled back and Pietra, sensing an opportunity rushed forward and spinning on her left heel delivered a sharp kick to her face with her right foot. Letting her momentum carry her around she changed up to her left foot and delivered another flat footed kick to her upper body that skidded up her chest and across her chin.

The unexpected suddenness of it coupled with the well timed and delivered attack caught the Moroccan by surprise and as the spectators roared their approval she staggered back pawing at her face with her forearms. It caused Pietra to momentarily turn to face them as with her face a mask of pleasure she dropped her shoulders and crooking her arms and extending them out beside her she bowed slightly in salute.

“I think the Moroccan will regret that lapse of attention” Shirley heard Heidi murmur at her side.
“Pietra will press her now and she has the weight and speed to prevail.”

“Perhaps” murmured Shirley as she watched Cora push her way through the spectators to where
Flavia was leaning against the side of the pen. “She may be both of those things but the Moroccan is a bit more precise in her delivery so I wouldn’t discount her just yet.”

“Oh I’m not” she replied. “ It will be well and fully fought but unless she gets lucky I still favor the German.”

Flavia was moving away from the side blood streaming down her face as Pietra turned back away from the spectators she suddenly skipped forward and hopping on her right foot drove the toes of her left into the German’s belly. It caused the German to instinctively lower her arms and as she did she lunged forward and cocking her left arm she drove the point of her elbow into the side of her neck. Shirley heard Gretchen’s scream as Pietra crumbled to the floor followed by Cora’s bellow of encouragement as Flavia followed her down. Both ended up tangled together their arms and legs furiously driving into any perceived opening their bloody, sweat sheened bodies glistening under the lights as they rolled around on the floor. When it settled out Flavia was on top laying crossways on Pietra’s chest with her face just visible under her shoulder. Momentarily trapped the German could only thrash around under the other’s weight until finally in desperation she cocked her head forward and wedging her left arm up between Flavia’s thighs she buried her teeth into her side. It prompted both a scream from the Moroccan and then a furious reaction as she frantically began to drive her right elbow back into the side of the German’s face but Pietra’s left arm was still between her legs locking her in place and she continued to chew into her side. Nothing important there or at least nothing that could cause a fatal injury but it created a lot of blood which quickly soaked the canvas under the German’s head and coated her face and jaws. Moving themselves now jostled along by the crowd as they tried to get closer they were almost there when Flavia suddenly lifted her right leg clear of Pietra’s arm and rotated her body so they were head to head. Still on top she pushed herself up on the balls of her fists and screaming with rage began driving her right knee up into her unprotected cunt until finally in desperation the German was able to get her own fists up against her chest and push her off.

Shirley noticed Cora and Gretchen pressed in together by the crowd on the other side of the pen as they scrambled to the feet and with malevolent stares of hatred moved apart as they licked their wounds. It had been a dramatic turn of events and as she joined the others in a silent sigh of relief she heard Heidi murmur

“If she could have gotten to her neck she’d have liked that better”
“Yes, I should think so” replied Shirley softly. “Has she, ever?”

“Yes” was Heidi’s simple answer and as the crowd re-dispersed themselves back around the pen she nodded to the upper lounge area and they slipped out of the pack. Retrieving their drinks and re-lighting the cheroot they silently looked at those crowded along the side of the pen below them.. All of them females and females of her physiological and sexual persuasion and the thought of it acted as an aphrodisiac. Like herself they took pleasure in their chosen blood sport and as she experienced their scent mixing with the increasingly fragrant pall of bluish smoke wafting in a lazy haze across the pen it caused her to experience a shiver of pleasure. The last layer of inhibition had melted away and as she silently toyed with Heidi’s simple answer she considered that if Pietra had been able to get at Flavia’s neck, yes, she would have ended it that way and Flavia had apparently known that. For that matter Flavia probably would have done the same. It had become a case of survival of the fittest and it was increasingly apparent that possibly only the fittest of the two would survive. Given the circumstances she found that the thought of it did not disturb her.

They were back to circling each other and both bore obvious evidence of the other’s relative success while they’d been tangled together on the floor. The right side of Pietra’s face was bloody, swollen and discolored while Flavia’s right side was an open wound continually being smeared with fresh blood. She seemed to favor it too, dropping her right arm to cover it as she waited for an opening while Pietra seemed content to brush the right side of her face occasionally with her forearm. This time though it was a more cautious dance and when they finally did close the distance between them their movements were more deliberate. Shirley thought they resembled two cranes doing a mating dance as they slowly maneuvered around each other but the thought was lost as Pietra suddenly charged into the Moroccan and with a quick knee to her thigh thrust her arms beneath her shoulders and lunging forward pushed her back against the side of the pen. Furiously driving first one knee and then the other into the Moroccan she kept her pinned she maneuvered herself slightly to the side. Again Flavia had been caught by surprise and as she instinctively lowered her forearms Pietra looped her left arm back over her right shoulder and wrapping it back around the front of her neck in a reverse head lock began to wrestle her to the floor. Flavia wasn’t having it though and bending her knees and slumping into a crouch they staggered around the pen as she desperately tried to push the arm away. Finally approaching the side of the pen she was able to wrap her left arm around Pietra’s waist and as they collided with the side she took advantage of the temporary imbalance and heaving her around to her right threw her into the mesh.

It loosened Pietra’s arm and as her neck slipped free Flavia quickly rammed her forearm against the German’s neck holding her against the side of the pen while she used her left knee to batter her belly and thighs. Slick with sweat she couldn’t hold her though and as she managed to slip lower along the side she managed to free her neck. As she slumped to the floor Flavia threw herself on top and wrapping her left arm around the German’s left shoulder she pulled her head into the hollow beneath her left shoulder and began to drive the pinkish ball of her right fist into the German’s lower body while Pietra, her range of motion severely diminished, could do little other than pound her forearms against the side of Flavia’s neck and head. Recognizing that it was ineffective she paused and as Flavia moved to re-adjust her arm she used her right leg to leverage herself over on to her left side. Reaching up she lodged the ball of her right fist through the mesh and straightening up her body managed to roll Flavia over on to her left side with her back along the side of the pen. It caused the Moroccan to release her arm and as it slipped from Pietra’s neck she straightened up, thrust her other balled fist through the mesh and using it to anchor her body drove her left knee into Flavia’s breasts. She’d have done it again but in a sudden act of desperation Flavia reached up and wrapping her arms around Pietra’s legs wrestled her back to the floor. Quickly scrambling away on her hands and knees she managed to reach the other side of the pen as Pietra slowly struggled to her feet.

Shirley exhaled slowly as she let the effects of the cheroot take more control over her senses and reaching for her glass let it toy with her lips as she watched those gathered along the rail. It seemed to be effecting them in about the same way and while all were intent on what was taking place in the pen most had become paired together in knots of three or four. The smoke was thicker and she noticed that as they watched a few of the Bulls had been maneuvered into what appeared to be more confrontational positions and that some of their sorority sisters seemed to be finding that as interesting as the activity in the pen. Noticing her interest Heidi nudged her and said.

“They’re considering their objectives”

“And does what comes after take place here” asked Shirley?

“Possibly but also in more private areas” adding “we can watch them on the video system in my quarters if you like.”

“And” responded Shirley softly, “if we tire of that what else might we do, in you quarters?”

“Well” she replied as she her hand caress the back her neck. “We could explore how each of us likes our sex. Would you find that interesting?”

Setting her drink back on the table Shirley let her right arm slip around Heidi’s back. Tightening it she reached beneath her shoulder and cupping the German’s right breast let her fingers gently stroke and toy with the hard, thrusting nipple at the tip of it. Turning to look her in the eye she tightened fingers then bringing them back to cup the orb she suddenly dug them deeper into the firm flesh and smiled her response.

“Very good” was all that a slightly breathless Heidi said and then lifting her own hand and clasping the back Shirley’s hand drove her fingers even further into her own breast meat. Exchanging another look of understanding both smiled and a little tremulously returned their attention to the pen.

A black, corn rows hanging lankly to her shoulders was leaning over the side with her hand on the back of Flavia’s neck urging her forward. Others too were crowding close to where she stood holding onto the side of the pen gasping for breath but her attention was on the equally exhausted German slowly moving from the other side in her direction. Shirley sensed it would be over soon and experienced some surprise that so far neither been able to dominate the other and retrieving her glass she moved along with Heidi back to the rail. As she pushed back in among them their feral fragrance and the feel of their sweat slick bodies assailed her senses and as they jostled and pushed against her in their growing excitement she welcomed it giving back as good as she got. It was good and as she added her own voice to theirs she knew that whatever came of it would be OK with her. Flavia, Pietra, it didn’t much matter anymore. It was her kind of fight, to the finish and as Flavia moved away from the side of the pen to meet the German she screamed out for her to do it.

It was having the same effect on Heidi and as Pietra with a sudden leap forward swept her right leg up into Flavia’s belly she could feel her body contorting and jerking in concert with her slashing feet as she grunted and snarled her enthusiasm. It hadn’t caught the Moroccan by surprise but she hadn’t really been prepared for it either and as Pietra began quickly shifting her weight from one foot to the other she was able to drive her feet into her almost at will. Finally lowering her arms in a futile effort to deflect them she left her head exposed and Pietra, taking the opportunity that it presented, spun completely around on her left heel and drove the sole of her right foot into the side of the Moroccan’s head. It lifted her from her feet and as she seemingly twisted in slow motion to her left a spray of blood, snot and sweat erupted from her face to splatter those crowded along the rail behind her. Pressing along the side of the pen her left arm uselessly pawing at the mesh for support she started to collapse but Pietra, moved into her and placing both of her own red balled fists on the Moroccan’s shoulders drove her left knee into her groin while at the same time using her arms to twist her body to the right and throw her back out into the center of the pen. Staggering after her she lifted her right leg and drove it into her left side and then transferring her weight back and stretching out her left leg threw it up over her right shoulder. Capturing her head against the inside of her thigh she twisted sideways to her right and toppled the Moroccan to the floor. She landed on her left side Pietra’s leg still across her neck and as she leaned forward, her right arm on the floor to support herself, the room was silent except for the sound of their tortured gasping for breath. Still with her right fist on the floor she raised her left arm and drove the red, round ball of her fist into the right side of Flavia’s face. Again and as the crowd their screams of approval filling the room surged forward over the rail she raised her head and then her left arm in salute. Pausing she let it sweep over her and then slumping forward she placed the ball of her left fist on the back of Flavia’s head pulled herself upright to sit astride the Moroccan’s neck. Holding it there she urged her head up between her thighs and then sweeping her right leg forward wedged it under the back of her head.

Smiling in anticipation now she pushed forward until Flavia’s chin was covered by the tangled mass of her pubic hair then settling back she began to increase the pressure of her sweat glistening thighs as she tightened them around her neck. Leaning forward her sweat dripping onto Flavia’s face she placed both of her balled fists on the back of her head and urging it up slipped her right calf under the back of her neck. Laughing now she looked at the faces peering out at her from above and then their sudden roar of approval rising to match her scream of victory she settled her weight onto her face and began to squeeze her thighs even tighter around her neck. Breathing heavily, almost panting in her anticipation and evil grin on her face she leaned forward and looking down into Flavia’s eyes slowly settled even further onto her face. The Moroccan, her screams now muffled by the matted fur of Pietra’s thick virulent crotch could do little other than arch her back on trembling legs and weakly beat her balled fists up against her back and sides as the German tightened her sweaty thighs around her neck. Swept up with the rest as it became apparent where it would go Shirley could do nothing but watch as Pietra began almost gently to maneuver her head up even further between her massive thighs. The room was quiet, the crowd holding it’s collective breath for the final savage squeeze and then as they began to chant for the kill the Moroccan’s arms slowly rose and locked themselves around Pietra’s thighs causing an obvious shudder to course through her. Her expression changed becoming softer and then slowly stretching her right leg out beside the head trapped between her legs she seemed to relax and placing her left fist on the floor began to almost gently caress the back of Flavia’s head with her right. Settling back in confused silence they waited but only for a moment as suddenly gasping then with a soft groan of pleasure followed by a keening cry of triumph she began to rock back on forth on the face trapped between her legs.
It was over and as the crowd applauded and screamed their approval it was obvious what had spared the Moroccan the final penalty and as Cora, Gretchen and several others dropped into the pen to pry them apart they exchanged a glance of understanding and began to make their out from among the crowd. What might happen next would be what it would be but for now with the images of what they’d witnessed etched in their minds their interest would be focused on where it would lead their own imaginations and sensual inclinations.