Shirley vs Cora II

by Teez

Shirley and Cora are professional club fighters who perform for discerning audiences with very unique tastes. They have just witnessed an extreme fight between a Black and a Jap and now, by choice and for a considerable sum of money, are preparing to meet each other under similar circumstances in the same arena.

As required Chet had left her at the door to the prep room. Somebody more impartial would see to her from here and she was already there, sitting on a massage table with her eyes glued to a monitor focused on what was taking place in the other room. Nodding a greeting Shirley slipped the shift over her head and throwing it in the corner joined her. She knew there'd be more than enough time and joining her on the table she too turned her attention to the large wall mounted display. The display was silent but the muffled sounds of the crowd coming through the wall were still audible as the big black struggled to her feet. The Jap was still impaled on the artificial phallus her arms around the black's neck her legs hitched up around her waist to relieve the pressure between her legs and as the watched Melda hitched her up even closer and lunging forward rammed the Jap's back into the side of the pen. Her high sobbing scream that followed it could be heard plainly through the wall and as Melda heaved up into her again becoming louder as she slipped one leg over the other side to straddle the top it. Wrestling her down on her back she pushed forward thrusting her legs between the Japs thighs and forcing them apart straightened up and let her legs hang down on either side of it. Panting with anticipation she looked around at the spectators, smiling to acknowledge their obvious suggestions and then leaning forward and arching her back she tightened her hips and began a final savage series of short vicious thrusts that buried the giant phallus even deeper into her screaming opponents cunt. Finally, her satisfaction achieved she slumped forward in exhaustion and as the screaming crowd surged closer around them they slipped from sight.

“Well that paid her back” muttered the woman with a little shudder. “At least they won't have to worry about getting it that way next time.”

“Meaning the Jap had her the first time” asked Shirley?

“Yeah, except she finished her off with the whip” the other responded “and since the next one will be their last, and probably the very last for one of them, that finish will be a lot different.”

“Yeah, probably so” murmured Shirley experiencing a twinge of anticipation as she thought of what that meant and swinging away from the table said “might as well get started ya think?”

“Yeah, guess so” and nodding to a sink in the corner continued “you wash up to the elbow I'll start the taping” and nodding in agreement Shirley moved to the sink as the girl silently gathered her gear and spread it out on the table.


Part of it seemed like a long time and part of it didn't she thought as she examined herself in the reflection of the full length mirror on the wall. At 38 she might have expected something different from life she'd led but knew she wouldn't trade it not the least for the challenge, money or satisfaction it provided her. She'd known early on she was a bit different from most of the rest. Born with a natural mean streak she was also bigger, stronger and certainly more aggressive than her female friends and consequently found herself increasingly involved in the physical confrontations that those characteristics seemed to invite. She'd found she was naturally attracted to it increasingly enjoying the physical aspect of it, especially the fighting and being somewhat of an exhibitionist soon found it also provided a natural complement for the sado-masochistic tendencies her activities developed. Eventually it had lead her to the underground where she and a few other females that were similarly inclined fought each other in either a pen or a pit for a small but well heeled group of spectators. Of course there was the money angle but more than that she'd learned to like the getting it on with somebody like herself for an appreciative crowd even without money being an incentive. The physicality of the one on one, the smell, the feel, all of it was physiologically rewarding and as her taste and a talent for it had grown she'd quickly learned that she liked the lusting admiration of the mostly female fighting enthusiasts that supported it. Finishing up with the wash up she faced the mirror and let her fingers thread along the single, tight braid of blond hair at the back of her head as she silently contemplated the physical capabilities she brought to the evening.


Meeting Karlie had been more than fortunate she mused. A turning point and she'd been true to her word with the results and rewards coming more quickly than expected. Of course it hadn't hurt that her new mentor had previous experience as both a nurse and a personal trainer in the military. The Marines she'd said and Shirley could relate to that. She'd also been a bit of a nutritional nut and somewhat of an expert with respect to certain performance enhancing drugs some of which had originated in the former East block countries. She'd been able to relate to that too not least because of some of some of the side effects seemed to complement her psychological inclinations that were related to the violence. It had been almost like a boot camp at first what with the daily laps at the local high school track and at least thirty miles of the bike a week. She'd liked that better than the laps but hadn't complained since the rest of the time was spent developing her skills in Karlie's private gym and measuring her improving physical strength and skills with the regimen's objective. And the results were certainly not unimpressive she thought as she admired the muscular physic staring back at her from the mirror. It had all served to transform her into a strong, physically aggressive fighting machine and catching the prep woman's admiring gaze reflected in the mirror she flexed her arms over her head. Smiling as the other woman nodded approvingly she stepped to the scales against the wall.

“202" she murmured almost to herself after fiddling with the balance and lowering the elevation bar to Shirley's head settled it into her hair. “5:11 and, ah, lets call it 5:11" as she read off her height and producing a cloth tailors tape and said “lets see what goes with it.”

“Enough” said Shirley almost defensively as she stepped off the scales and flexed her arm for the tape. “You'll find it's almost 17", the calf at 12" and the thigh's 24“.

“Yeah” the other answered with a noncommital grunt as she motioned her up on the table. Reaching for the binding tape as Shirley eased herself onto it she asked “Which one you wanna start with” and grasping the proffered hand began binding it with surgical tape.

She could feel the inevitable butterflies start and forcing herself to relax let her mind swing back to Chet. She knew he'd be out talking her up, placing as much on her as he could and moistening her lips with her tongue she had to smile. It was hard to say what would have become of her if he hadn't come into her life. Not that the two years with Karlie hadn't been good but toward the end it had become less challenging as they worked through the stock of suitable opponents and that indirectly had lead her to him, or vice-versa.

They'd just gotten back from one of their ever more frequent trips, one that had barely left a mark on her, when Karlie had suggested that the opportunity for another “arrangement” had been presented. Some discussion, she said she knew him but not her, she'd heard about her though and thought it might be something she might want to consider. She did, their trip had been profitable but emotionally disappointing and the thought of another more competitive arrangement, one that might be more physically and psychologically stimulating, was attractive. The background information had been promising too and the picture of her prospective opponent, a nordic looking woman at least her equal in size had excited her but for some reason she'd found the picture of her sponsor of equal interest. Older, medium height and slightly balding he was somehow not the usual type that involved themselves in the scene but she'd found the thought of him there watching along with Karlie exciting. She remembered that she'd mentioned she thought him attractive and that Karlie's only response had been to agree with her and let it go at that.

They'd accepted of course, the money alone assured that and the arrangement had been scheduled for a few weeks hence. Karlie'd been rather quiet about it though, not like her, she was usually pretty enthusiastic about things related to this but she'd been her usual helpful self in getting her ready. The usual introductory tapes had been exchanged along with a few clips of previous arrangements, the normal thing but other than to say that this one would be special she hadn't really gotten into it like she usually did. There also hadn't been the usual flurry of exchanged calls that usually preceded such a thing. That had been a bit curious too but her training regimen had driven it to the back of her mind and she hadn't thought much about it until the day to do it arrived.

In the morning Karlie'd opened up a bit mentioning that she'd known him, Chet, for a number of years but that they'd lost touch. She'd sort of kept up with him through second and third hand bits and pieces though and from what she knew about her opponent, Marta, she was pretty sure that Shirley would find it, as she put it, engaging. She also said that unlike other arrangements the only spectators would be herself and Chet. They'd had some discussions about it but that was the way he wanted it and since he was covering the financial hole she hadn't objected and that was the way it had gone down..

Karlie'd been there as she always was while she got ready. Small talk and making sure that all was in order but she hadn't stuck around much after like she usually did and when she'd entered the room where it was to happen she was already there. The other two were there too, Marta leaning against the side of the pen and Chet lounging along with Karlie in hip length robes on a lower step. It was also darker than usual with the overhead light having been adjusted to the minimum creating shadows around the side of the pen and as she'd moved closer to Marta she'd sensed in her a presence more like herself than had recently been the case. That had been a bit disquieting but the supplements and the normal apprehension that preceded the actual fighting were having their usual effect and although it was troubling Marta seemed to be experiencing the same reaction. Normal under these circumstances even for two natural born fighters such as themselves. Shirley knew she'd have dosed as much and as the butterflies became more pronounced she'd also known that this was going to be quite different from her recent experience and with a further quickening of her breath and a pounding heart and she'd moved closer to her. Nodding a greeting she murmured

“you would be Marta?”

“Yes, and you'd be the Shirley that I've heard so much about” the other had replied evenly as she extended her hand.

“Most of it good I hope” she'd replied accepting it and with a soft laugh added, “I only hope you live up to the promises that were made in you name.”

“I'll do everything I can not disappoint you” responded the other. ”And the two of you as well” nodding to the two watching from the side of the pen.

Reaching behind her she un-catched whatever was holding her dress in place and pulling it over her head threw it out of the enclosure. Then striking a pose to acknowledge their admiring looks she had turned to Shirley and silently challenged her to do the same.

Questions crowded in but Shirley had ignored them as she'd silently compared herself to the other. She couldn't help but admire her powerful body, the equal of her own and concluded that she was as well prepared as she and it had been with a racing heart that she'd slipped out of her shift and let it follow the other's out of the pen. Now, except for their taped hands they were totally naked and facing their patrons, their bodies taunt with anticipation and already glowing with a soft sheen of nervous sweat they waited silently for the signal to begin and it would have started then but for Chet raising his hand and saying.

“Something you should know Shirley. Before Marta it was Karlie and the reason that we are here is because we both found the thought of an arrangement between the two of you to be so compelling. Hopefully it will satisfy our curiosity” and nodding to Marta, “and hers and now I assume yours as well.”

“And” added Karlie “it's also a bit of a change up since whichever of you prevail's will determine, in a way, what happens after it's over.”

Shirley remembered that had explained some of it while opening up even more questions but seeing the fight lust beginning to reflect in Marta's face she dismissed it for the moment and began a circling move to her right. It was starting now and as Marta slipped into a lazy crouch and raising her arms in front of her began circling in search of an opening she turned to keep her in sight.

She'd been right to think that this was no ordinary arrangement. Everything in those past two weeks had led up to it and her quick initial assessment of Marta confirmed that she was as well equipped for what they were about to do as she was. About equal in height and weight and like herself obviously into physical conditioning and serious body building she looked like she'd be as comfortable showing herself off on stage as working it here in the pen. Swallowing the heart that had risen into her throat she'd moistened her dry lips and let her natural fighting emotions take over her body as she moved in closer to confront her.

Smiling to herself she though it had certainly been all of what it had promised. They'd both approached it with the same mental attitude and physical capabilities and it had resulted in over forty minutes of some of the most extremely intense fighting either had ever experienced. They'd closed immediately and seldom parted as they let their primitive instincts overpower caution but when it was over it had been Marta laying unconscious on the blood soaked canvas while Shirley sagged weakly against the side of the pen in exhaustion. Not without injuries either. An ankle badly sprained, a broken arm and facial damage that required surgery had kept her convalescing for several months but it had been Chet who'd seen to her while Karlie'd taken care of Marta. All in all quite satisfactory she mused and feeling a sudden quiver of nervous anticipation let her eyes slip back to the monitor and let her imagination picture Cora being prepared in the adjoining room.


The taping finished the woman began applying the oil and done with the back she slipped her hands around to the front to work on her breasts and belly while Shirley watched the monitor. A unique group she thought knowing that they'd have to be to be attracted to what they were here for and she knew that for the most part they'd also possess the physical capabilities and the psychological inclinations necessary to fully appreciate it. Just to be here they'd have to be and noticing a bit more buffed flesh in evidence on the monitor thought just how much intertwined with the sexual aspects of it it was. Advertising she thought and by now there'd also be a few back in the shadows sizing each other up as they discussed a potential arrangement of their own. There'd be a few scheduled before she and Cora were through she knew. Performances of the sort that they were about to provide were almost certain to guarantee it and continuing to think about that part of it she slipped off the table as the woman began to work the oil into her arms and then into her braided hair. The legs now and as she worked her way upwards Shirley spread her them apart and gave a little laugh as she reached the juncture of her thighs.

“Reached the part you like best” she suggested?

“Yeah, I sorta like what you go there” replied the other as she worked her fingers lovingly into the soft, moist flesh. “And it sorta shows where your at too doesn't it” she added softly as she admired the soft cunt lips now beginning to flair in anticipation of what was to come.

“Yeah, well you be careful to work it in there cause I'm real sure that she's going to give it a lot of attention.”

“I'll be watching for that” the other murmured as she gently slapped Shirley on her ass and motioned for her to step into the partial sandals beside the table. Consisting of a wedge that extended from beneath the heel to the instep it left the toes and the ball of the foot bare to be used for whatever use the wearer might have for them. Quickly pulling the strapping harness up her calf she secured the ties with a rivet below the knee and straightening up handed her a leather fighting thong.

Silently she pulled it up between her legs as the other woman moved to secure it. It consisted of a thin strap that circled the waist well below the navel joined at the sides by two more straps that connected to a triangularly shaped leather cup that covered her mound. Another strap connected at the back of the cup and was to be drawn up between the cheeks of her ass and reconnected with the belt at the center of her back. A bit like something out of a leather catalog she thought except for being stronger and even more brief and as the other woman snugged it tight she let her fingers play lightly with the tight leather surface now covering her swollen and increasingly more sensitive mound. And now for the mask she thought as she watched the woman reach for the box that contained it. Made of hard leather that had been molded to fit her face it covered mostly just the eyes with an extension that encased the upper part of the nose leaving the cheeks and lower part of the face exposed. Held in place by straps that went above and below the ears it was secured by a lacing pattern at the back of the head. She'd decorated hers with some lines which highlighted the eyes giving it a somewhat cat like look and was rather pleased with it's appearance.

“Your ready” the assistant said as she stepped back to admire her work. “And so are they” she added nodding at the now red light over the door and as the chanting cries of anticipation began to rise in the other room she slipped a robe over Shirley's shoulders and led her toward the door.

Cora was there already, standing stiffly in the short hallway and pausing, a brief silent look of appraisal and then with a shiver of anticipation they pushed open the door and stepped into their arena.

The fighting rooms pungent accumulation of smells underlaid by the not so subtle odor of marihuana greeted them as they made their way to the pen. The fight mistress was already there and as the spectators excited murmurs of speculatory anticipation welled up around them they slipped over the edge to be joined by two other females who quickly set about fitting the gloves to their hands she began to describe the rules of engagement.

“There will be three rounds. The first for three minutes and it will be followed by a three minute rest period. The second will be for five minutes followed by a rest period of the same length while the third will be a single round which will last until one of them has satisfactorily finished with the other. It will be an extreme fight with no rules or restrictions and there will be absolutely no interference except to separate them if necessary at the end of the first two rounds. As I'm sure you are already aware” she continued, “the winners proceeds will be well into five figures.” Pausing for a moment she added, “all things considered and especially the physical and mental qualities that are purported to bring I think we can anticipate a most satisfactory performance.”

The gloving was complete now. The same as those worn for extreme, cage matches they left the fingers free after the first joint and were padded across the top of the hand and palm and secured by tape around the wrist. Silently flexing her fingers she let the tape that covered her hands work into them. With a final snugging of a strap the woman working on Shirley stepped back and with a curt nod changed places with the one who had attended to Cora. Appropriate, they would also serve as their corners and from the looks of their hard muscularity they brought the necessary capabilities and experience to the task. They'd also have a personal interest in it since one of them would share in a percentage of the winnings. Sort of like the caddy's cut and while not large still enough to ensure their enthusiastically partisan support. Stepping forward the Mistress motioned for them to remove their robes and shrugging out of her's she joined Cora to face the spectators arrayed along the other side of the wall of the pen.

The light had dimmed to a single source directly over the pen and looking out from the brightness the reason for the contrasting colors of the room became even more apparent. The white square of the pen stood out in stark contrast to the darker, light absorbing colors of the rest of the room bathing most of it in shadow. She also noticed that no effort had been made to clean the surface of the pen after the previous arrangement the results of which still gleamed with a dull dark wetness in the corner where the Black had finished her brutalization of the Jap. There would be more of that before they were through she though grimly before turning back to appraise her opponent.

Cora's mask was similar to her own only black and the single light that highlighted her big oiled body made her appear heavier than she remembered. It started a knot to form in her stomach but almost immediately it was joined by a spreading sensation of anticipation between her legs. The usual thing of course when she was this psyched up for a fight but Cora seemed to inspire it more than most. She was taller by about an inch and with the exception of some softness about her belly had a well defined body with heavily muscled arms and shoulders topped by a short thick, vee shaped neck. She noticed that when she shuffled from foot to foot her powerful thighs and calves rippled with muscle and seemed to dance in anticipation. The special footgear with the short heel accentuated it but the same was true with her and none of it would serve to much advantage. Her dark hair had been braided and greased like hers and now with the robe removed it was obvious that like herself she hadn't bothered to shave any part of her body and a black mass of pubic hair curled out from beneath the brief and more of it showed as a damp shadow beneath her arms. That sort of went with it too and for some reason it had always excited her and smiled knowing that while she wasn't as visible she was just as well represented in that area. She was having trouble controlling her breathing though and noticing that Cora seemed to be having trouble too began to dance lightly on her feet in anticipation. The nervousness wouldn't last much beyond the first punch and clenching her fist she let a tremor shudder through her at the thought of it. Brought back to the present by an expectant murmur from the crowd she turned to face the mistress as she slipped her arms across their shoulders and pulled them in against her.

“On my left, the magnificent Shirley at 202 and to the right, the impressively luxurious Cora at 207. True heavyweights in every sense of it.” It elicited a soft moan of approval from the spectators and as Shirley and Cora raised their arms and turned away to move along the side of the pen she retreated to the side and silently hoisted herself into the crowd on the other side.

She was only vaguely aware of the scrutiny emanating from the shadows as she turned to face Cora now standing just a few feet away. She could hear the rustling of positions as they resettled themselves and their soft exchanges but mostly she was conscious of their faces dimly illuminated from the single light coming over Cora's shoulders. Not to dwell on it though and sidestepping the brunette's rush she hooked her left fist inside the others guard and delivered a glancing blow to her left cheek before twisting away.

It elicited a few soft guttural grunts of approval from the spectators, their feral expressions of anticipation gleaming from the shadows, and then they were quiet as they raised their fists and began the circling dance that would bring them back within reach of the other. Again Cora took the initiative stepping forward and banging her left fist against Shirley's forearm then quickly ducking down to drive her right into her ribs. It backed her up a bit and as she dropped into a slight crouch the brunette straightened up and drove her right fist squarely into her mouth. bursting her lips. The spectators immediately began voicing their approval and as she staggered back against the side of the pen the outpouring of blood quickly spread across her breasts and belly. Cora was oblivious to it though and seizing the advantage charged after her slamming into her and as they slid along the side of the pen began to dig her fists furiously into her sides and belly. Finally, in desperation Shirley drove her left fist in a wide looping blow that connected with her cheek stunning her enough for her to twist free and regain the center of the pen. Wiping the blood from her face with her forearms and struggling to catch her breath she watched the brunette push herself away from the lip.

Stupid, she'd sorta left herself open for that one and while it hadn't done any serious damage it had made a mess of her face and it wouldn't be good to catch one there again, at least not this early in the fight and as Cora, her mouth twisted in a sneer of satisfaction, started after her she dropped her arms and moved slowly to her left. Bobbing back as Cora feinted she ducked and moving closer hooked her right fist into the brunette's ribs and as Cora brought her right arm back for another head punch she deflected it with her left arm and delivered another right fist into her left breast. Crowding in against her she forced her back against the lip and delivered two more into her guts before the big brunette pushed her away. Close now, only a foot or so from the side of the pen and as they directed their fists with as much force as possible into the other's body neither made much effort to protect anything other than their face. It was to punch and be punched and the round might have ended that way except that Cora slipped her left over Shirley's right shoulder and Shirley shifting slightly to her left skidded her right fist across Cora's right cheek. It seemed to rock her but it also left her exposed and as the brunette recovered her balance she twisted to her right and lowering her head thrust her left shoulder under Shirley's right arm and bulling forward drove her right fist directly into the area between Shirley's navel and the vee between her legs.

For the moment it wiped out all thought from her consciousness and as she clasped her belly and slumped to her knees and Cora took immediate advantage of it. Setting herself in front of her she hooked her right fist into the side of her head that sent her sprawling to the floor now only semi-lucid. Cora paused savoring the sight of her lying against the side of it for a moment as she watched her reach for the lip and try to pull herself erect only to collapse again as another wave of pain and confusion swept over her. There wasn't any doubt that she could finish her now and would have except for the sound of the three minute warning buzzer and then her corner stepping between them and forcing her reluctantly away. Assured she would stay there Shirley's slipped into the pen where she'd managed to pull herself up and began applying smelling salts and then toweling the blood and sweat from the exposed part of her face and upper body.

For the most part Cora was relatively unscathed and settling back against the side of the pen she allowed her corner to clean her cheek as her eyes traveled around the room. She felt good about it so far and the admiring looks and softly voiced encouragement she was receiving from the spectators seemed to reinforce the feeling. Only the buzzer and the corners had prevented her from doing as she wished and thinking of that brought a smile of anticipation to her face as she contemplated what she was sure she'd have the chance to accomplish in the second and longer round.

On the other side of the pen Shirley had recovered enough to take stock of what had happened and rethink her strategy. Her guts still ached but the spots in her eyes were what bothered her. They'd have to clear up quickly or Cora would have her before the second round was over. Leaving herself so open so early had been stupid, she'd paid the price and the comments coming from the shadows suggested that those watching were not disagreeing with her. The spots were starting to fade a bit now though and as they waited for the buzzer she considered a few of the points that Cora had driven home. Very strong, very solid, could hit, as they say, like a mule and as she watched her give her a leering smile of anticipation, like herself very ruthless. A trickle of blood was still coming from her nose and as Shirley began to shuffle her feet and get ready for what she expected to be a rapid onslaught the brunette extended her tongue and to Shirley's amazement slowly gave the tip of it a tantalizing lick. It occurred to her that it wold take at least two inches of tongue to do that and the thought of it caused a little involuntary shudder to pass through her. It's effect wasn't lost on the spectators either and when the buzzer sounded their appreciative laughter followed them away from the walls.

Five minutes for this one she thought a bit grimly or least she hoped so. The big bitch had gotten her attention and there was entirely too much riding on it for her to let her do it again. Dancing to the center of the pen she raised her fists and waited for what she was sure would be an early attempt to finish it. She'd be confident, perhaps overly so and inclined to take chances but no matter she thought. Five minutes it would be unless one of them killed the other and slipping to the side as Cora charged she spun around and gave her a chop to her side as she passed. Keeping it going around she lurched after her and as she smacked into the side of the pen she threw herself onto her driving her fists into her sides and then as she wrestled her around, into her belly and breasts. She'd liked to have kept at it but now mindful of the other's physical power and lack of caution she backed off and moved back to the center of the pen to wait for her.

Cora wasn't smiling now and as she grasped the lip and pushed herself away her face reflected a cruel determination. She thought the spectators seemed to be favoring Cora now. Some wanting it sooner others later but at this point either way appeared to be OK by most and it gave her a bit of pause. She was accustomed to being the favorite but as Cora approached the message in their eyes seemed to say they favored the brunette. Give em what they want she thought and ducking under Cora's feint and as she stepped back she closed in driving her right fist into her left breast. Not as much force behind it as she'd have liked but it impacted straight on causing the brunette to grunt and then cry out involuntarily as she pulled back and danced out of Shirley's range. More like it she thought grimly feeling a little better as she watched her scuttle off to her left and then in an effort to catch her before she reached the side of the pen she launched herself at her back and wrapping her left arm around her neck began fisting into her back and sides. Twisting her around she wrestled her back against the lip and slipping her arm beneath her shoulder and wrapped it back across her throat. Quickly pressing in against her she arched her backwards over the top and began driving her right fist into her side before swiveling to her left and kneeing her up between the legs. Struggling to hold her she did it again and then again before her sweat slippery hold failed and Cora extricated herself and staggered away. Swinging after her she barely had time to raise her guard before the brunette reversed herself and retaliated with a desperate right that glanced off of left right forearm and skid across her forehead. Crouching she moved cautiously forward as Cora slowly began to back away.

Casting back and forth to cut off her escape Shirley continued to force her back as she slowly closed the distance between them and when her back was against the side of the pen she launched herself into her and began a savage indiscriminate fisting to her body as Cora tried to wrestle her away. Finally, unable to slip to the side she wrapped her arms around Shirley's waist and began desperately driving her knee up between her legs each thrust seeming to lift her feet from the floor. The force of it unbalanced both of them though and as they began to slip to the floor Shirley wrapped her right arm around her neck and pulled her against her they toppled to the floor.

Landing mostly on top the impact jarred them and instinctively she loosened her grip on the other's neck.

Now it was her turn and as she drove her left knee into the brunette's cunt she forced her right arm beneath Cora's left shoulder. Shoving it up behind her neck she wrapped it back around the front of her neck mashing her hand across her mouth and forcing her head back and to her right. It permitted her to leverage herself up onto the brunette's thrashing body and locking her legs around her left thigh she began driving her left fist into her side, her ribs and and then upward into the underside of her right breast.

The spectators had been mostly silent as they watched them but now with a louder growl of approval they crowded out over the lip for a better view and started to scream encouragement to one or the other of them. Cora was desperately trying to buck her off but with her left arm prisoned uselessly above her head by Shirley's right shoulder and her vision restricted by her hand she couldn't do much more than flay around as she continued her assault. Their re-accumulated blood and sweat made it slippery though and as Shirley's grip began to loosen she managed to grasp her right wrist between her left thumb and the palm of the mitt and hold it away. Finally with another desperate heave of her pelvis she managed to force her off and as Shirley's leg lock failed she pushed herself away and raising herself with her right arm rolled back on top of her. Quickly wrapping her arms around Shirley's neck and burying her head in her breasts she began to frantically drive her knee into her crotch until finally Shirley managed to get her mitts between their bodies and digging her exposed thumb nails into her belly pushed her off. Rolling to their knees they stared at each other from about five feet before simultaneously launching themselves back into each other.

The crowd was roaring their approval now screaming for even more as still mostly on their knees they came together. Cora was more effective at it though and using both legs to push off wrapped her arms around Shirley's waist and mashing her breasts into her face twisted her around and pushed her down onto her back beneath her. Quickly swiveling to the side she sat back and thrusting her left heel into the right side of Shirley's neck threw her right leg over her right leg and lodged her right foot against the inside of Shirley's left thigh. Crouching forward under Shirley's flaying right arm she clawed her left hand into her biceps just below the shoulder reaching down with her right hand grabbed her right ankle. Then with a triumphant scream she rocked back on her ass and suddenly straightening her legs pressed her opponents head and left leg away with her feet while simultaneously yanking her right arm and leg toward her as she began to rock backwards.

Her screams were drowned out by the spectators shouting and applauding her effort. It had been clean, effective, with a bit more effort deadly and some of them seemed as if they were beginning to prefer it that way. Encouraged she redoubled her efforts vigorously tramping and stamping against the blonds neck and leg alternately wrenching at her shoulder and groin muscles. Finally, feeling her neck almost reach the breaking point Shirley managed to cock her left leg and twisting her left arm back across her body pried Cora's mitt from beneath her sweat slippery arm. Quickly following her arm she threw herself over the brunette's body and managing to drive her right elbow into her neck before rolling free. Scrambling away on all fours to the side of the pen she grasped the top of the lip and pulled herself up as Cora, still coughing and spitting on her hands and knees tried to steady herself in the center of the pen. Rocking back on her haunches and slowly rising she began to back away to the other side of the pen as Shirley lowered herself into a crouch and started after her.

After their initial burst of enthusiasm and suggestions the spectators had become relatively quiet again but now applauding and shouting they leaned back out over the edge of the lip and screamed for them to close with each other and with an evil smile Cora motioned her in with an arrogant gesture of her hand. She knew she'd be hurting but also that there wasn't much time left and Shirley consciously related to that as she cautiously maneuvered around her. Her arm and groin throbbed with pain to the point that she really couldn't know if she could trust them and the sooner the buzzer sounded the better she'd like it. Cora on the other hand was determined to make the most of it while she could and charging across the open space between them, arms extended, drove her right fist into her belly. It was meant to double her over but anticipating it Shirley had prepared and as they came together she tensed her abdominal muscles and turning a bit to the side let Cora's fist slide off of her belly while at the same time hooking her right fist up into her face. It hadn't been as direct as she'd have liked, skidding across the bridge of her nose and left cheek, but as it's impact sent a mixture of blood, sweat and saliva spraying over the nearest of the spectators and as she straightened up she wasn't displeased with the effort. It rocked her back on her heels though and as she screamed her frustration and pawed at Shirley's face with her right mitt the blond moved quickly back into her. She knew she had to make the most of it and ignoring the threat of her fists closed in with a series of short, well placed punches to the body that forced the brunette back against the side of the pen. She paid a price for it though taking one to the mouth to reopen her lips and some glancing blows to her breasts and in a moment of uncertainty stepped back to reassess the situation. It was all Cora needed and when she felt the side of the pen at her back she lashed out knocking aside most of Shirley's searching fists and then hunching forward met her with some short heavy punches of her own.

Neither heard the buzzer as they pressed in against each other. They were oblivious to the spectators and the results of their indiscriminate slugging covered the nearest of them in a fine red spray and it would probably have continued until one of them dropped had their corners not slipped between them forcing them apart to opposite sides of the pen.

Only vaguely aware of the tumult behind her Shirley leaned on the lip gasping for breath as the worst was wiped from her. She felt better about it though and as she slumped against the side of the pen the comments coming from the shadows behind her now seemed to reinforce her thinking. Looking across at Cora she was further encouraged to see that she also was having difficulty getting her breathing under control and that the blood from her face seemed to be replacing itself as rapidly as her corner was wiping it off. Smiling to herself she noted that the two spots where she'd dug her thumbs into her belly were also still oozing. Her shoulder felt better too although the groin was another matter. It would probably be OK to go in a few more minutes though and leaning back let her corner add some Vaseline back to her face and braid while her gaze traveled around the room.

Most of the crowd had settled back pulling themselves together and chatting as they refreshed their drinks or shared a joint or something stronger. That they were in a high state of excitement was obvious though and they were increasingly voluble as they pointed to either Cora or herself as they made a point with respect to one or the other. And she knew that since it was the last before the all-in they'd also be negotiating their final wagers. That made her smile since at least as far as she was concerned the performance was either undecided or leaning her way and catching a subdued Cora watching her from across the pen smiled and deliberately let the tip of her tongue slip across her upper lip. The symbolism of it wasn't lost on either Cora or those in the shadows but as she was about to emphasize it a bit more she felt fingers play across the back of her shoulder. Turning her head she found herself looking into the face of an older woman who with a pensively thoughtful expression said.

“You've done well beauty” she murmured. “You might have been able to do it there but I'm rather glad you didn't.”

“Haven't made up your mind?” responded Shirley brushing away the hand.

“Oh no, that's not the case at all” the woman murmured letting her fingers continue to caress her neck. “Your both providing everything that was promised but whatever I've been able to place has been exclusively on you.”

“That's encouraging” responded Shirley. “I wasn't aware that my performance was so convincing.”

“Oh, it's been all of that. You see I've been talking a bit with Chet while you've been going at it and he's been very helpful in extolling your finer points.”

“Oh, that's nice” replied Shirley searching for him in the shadows. “I suppose there's a reason for all of this” pausing as she caught his eye, “but perhaps another time.”

“You can be sure of it” she murmured in reply withdrawing her fingers and Shirley returned her attention to the rest of the faces peering at them from the shadows.

Casting another look around at those gathered in the shadows she knew she wasn't really seeing them. The last part of it was about to start and she needed to concentrate on what that would require of her and taking a deep breath she pushed away from the side of the pen and began to shift her weight from foot to foot as she waited for it. On the other side of the pen Cora was doing the same.

The spectators, at least those in the first row or so, were more out of the shadows and had pressed out over the top of the pen while they watched them being attended to. A few were chatting among themselves but for the rest their attention was on what was taking place at the corners. She'd already noticed that a few of them seemed to have developed a more personal interest in either herself or Cora and were openly soliciting their attention with more overt displays of themselves. One in particular, a black at the other end of the pen, appeared to be providing Cora with a bit more than unsolicited advice and Shirley recognized her as a previous opponent. It wasn't difficult to imagine what she might be suggesting but there was suddenly no time for more than idle speculation as the buzzer sounded and the corners hoisted themselves out of the pen.

The buzz and movement coming from around the pen seemed to fade as they moved away from the side of the pen. They were still pressed out over onto the lip chattering among themselves but as Cora suddenly lunged forward hooking her right at Shirley's face they became silent. It was an easy parry and Shirley returned it with a left that drove the brunette's right breast up and over into the left side of her chest following it with a right short jab that impacted the left side of her nose. A mutter more than a groan and stepping forward she returned it with a clubbing blow from her right fist that caught Shirley on the left side of her neck and as she staggered away she twisted to her right and hooked her left into the side of her face. Again, it staggered her and as she hurriedly backed away Cora danced after her delivering a series of quick close punches to her belly and breasts and then as she lowered her arms a hooking right into her face. Grimacing with pain and snorting away the blood and snot Shirley backpedaled while Cora smirking at her success shook her head and then dancing back did the same. There was too much at stake now for a simple error that could be cancelled out by luck. There wouldn't be another round and neither could afford to give the other the slightest unnecessary advantage.

Again Cora seized the initiative and shaking her head sending droplets of blood and sweat over those nearest she snorted the last of the blood and snot from her nose turned back to Shirley. Pausing to wipe it off on the leather that covered the back of her hand she squared her shoulders and then cautiously moved closer. Watching her approach Shirley let her arms hang loosely at her sides as she waited and then as she came within the range suddenly lunged forward and drove her right fist between the brunette's raised arms and into the inside of her right breast. Twisting her fist as it impacted the meat she lowered her right shoulder and thrusting it into her belly sent a upwards looping left that skided harmlessly off her right shoulder. The weight of her charge forced Cora backwards though but as she stumbled to her left she wrapped her arms around Shirley's neck and took her with her as they fell.

The impact of the fall sent her sailing over Cora's head and as they rolled to their hands and knees a scream of approval from the spectators. Snorting her nose clear Cora gave it a quick swipe of her hand and struggled to her feet as Shirley slowly pushed herself to a crouch and then suddenly pushing herself erect she lunged forward and looped her right fist into Cora's left side just below the ribs before dropping back to a crouch and scuttling off under her outstretched arms to her right.

It had felt good and feeling a bit more satisfied with things she stopped and turned back just as Cora turned after her. She seemed to be favoring her left side though and Shirley wondered if she'd clipped a rib but then as she straightened up it appeared to be forgotten. Wouldn't do that if it were broken she thought as she started a little dance step that carried her to her left. Cora kept turning to follow her though and as the distance between then narrowed she suddenly moved in quickly with a series of well placed punches that seemed to build on each other driving Shirley toward the wall of the pen. It was an obvious perhaps desperate move to finish it and as she sensed her start to make her move she ducked under her outstretched right arm and slammed her right fist up into her right breast before scampering back to the center of the pen. Reaching it she whirled around and keeping her fists cocked in front of her waited for the brunette to respond. She sensed that she was getting increasingly frustrated though and in the interest of adding to it motioned for her to come and presumably get it prompting Cora's first verbal response as she mouthed.

“You fuckin cunt. Here it comes and it's gonna keep comin” and lowering her head bulled into Shirley.

Her charge caught her in the belly but she'd sort of expected it and leaning over her back she wrapped her arms around her body and wrestled her around in a twisting movement to her left. Releasing her arms she hooked her right fist upwards into her belly and then lunging forward muscled her against the far wall of the pen. Their impact scattered the nearest of the spectators back away from the lip and as the brunette's body rebounded slightly Shirley close lined her across the neck with left arm and then as she sagged back she dropped her left arm in back of her left shoulder and tightening it around her neck in a reverse headlock wrestled her down to her back on the floor. Quickly twisting her head back under her left shoulder she raised her right arm and hooked her right fist into the bottom of her right breast, then again and then arching forward over her body chopped the side of her hand into her cunt. Quickly grasping her flailing left wrist with her right hand she settled back placing more weight on her head and then wrenching it even further under her shoulder threw her right leg over the brunette's right thigh and captured her ankle between it and her left foot began to arch her back over her left knee. Cora clearly understood her danger and thrashing about with her left leg was able to push herself up on her right side and as her head slipped out from under Shirley's arm she heaved herself over her and wresting her wrist from her right hand scuttled away to the side of the pen. Rolling to her hands and knees Shirley followed her but Cora, reaching the side of the pen suddenly reversed and bracing her feet against the side of it pushed forward into her like a pit bull and although Shirley had started to rear up to meet her she was able to push her over on her back and then quickly straddling her belly she drove her right fist down into her face.

She'd seen it coming and while she couldn't totally avoid it she could bridge with her legs and roll to her right sending the brunette sprawling to the canvas as her fist skidded across her face. Again it stunned her bringing back the spots but she had only time to lurch to her feet swing around before Cora ploughed into her again and began pushing her across the pen. She was conscious of Cora's fists working her lower body but she resisted the impulse to lower her arms and tensing her stomach muscles placed a hand on either side of the brunette's head and wrenched her to the left against the side of the pen. Not as successful as she'd have liked but as she hit it Shirley had the chance to bury her right fist into her kidney before she was able to back away.

All of their maneuvering had left them standing about eight feet apart along the side of the pen staring at each other as they tried to get their breathing back under control. It was thinking time and as they struggled to stabilize their senses the spectators began to lean closer and offer suggestions. Experience had long since taught them to ignore it but Shirley was momentarily distracted by the sight of Chet's face staring at her from the crowd silently mouthing encouragement. The woman behind her at the five minute break was there as well leaning forward staring at her with and an enigmatic smile on her face. Almost like she's reading my mind thought Shirley but then shaking it off she pushed away from the side and began a circling approach to the left while Cora, taking an obvious deep breath pushed away as well and raising her fists invited Shirley to bring it to her and lowering her elbows she raised her fists tight against her breasts and did. Skipping in with a quick feint she caught her with a right that slipped over her left arm and into the side of her left breast and as she jinked back hooked it up into her belly. Cora responded with a clipping blow on her left ear for her trouble but shaking her head and lowering her shoulders she muscled back into her with a series of short quick fisting's to her sides and breasts that drove her back against the side again. This time she didn't try to slide away deciding to hold her ground and slug it out but with her back to the wall her range of motion was somewhat curtailed and even though she returned each of Shirley's punches they lacked the force they'd have had in the middle of the pen. Pressing her advantage Shirley crowded her with an indiscriminate barrage of heavy punches that caught her from between her legs to her head and toward the last as she tried to slip away along the side of the pen a solid right hook to the side of the head that sent her staggering along the wall.

Sensing she had her she desperately attacked her back, sides and then hooking into her kidneys before Cora turned in desperation to face her in the center of the pen. Knowing there was no time for finesse she waded in aiming for the head while Cora seemed content with attacking her lower body but her punches lacked their earlier force and as she began a slow retreat Shirley sensed that the fight had shifted to her. There really wasn't anywhere for her to go, she was weaker now and pressing her advantage she forced her back to the wall with a savage series of blows that almost seemed to lift her from her feet. Finally and in obvious confusion with her back was forced against the lip she started to sag back over the top and Shirley connected with a right that sank into her lower left side following it with a short powerful hooking jab with her left that seemed to bury itself in her right breast. Pausing she stepped back and then setting herself delivered the savage right cross to her jaw that ended it.

Leaning against the side of the pen to steady herself she raised her arms acknowledging her victory as the spectators screamed their approval and Cora slumped slowly to the floor. It was over and stepping closer, she straddled the supine figure at her feet. She was hers now and like a lioness with her kill she intended to enjoy it. Grinning in anticipation and bending her knees she sank down on top of her and then, as the spectators groaned their approval she placed a hand on either side of her face. Listening to the suggestions coming from above she played with it for a moment then as the light turned to spotlight just the two of them she began to urge her mouth closer to the throbbing center of her sex. Almost there an arm appeared over the edge of the pen and slipping down her back began to toy with the catch of her thong. It belonged to the woman who'd talked to her earlier but now all she said was a soft

“Here, let me” and the the leather slipped from between her legs.

Looking up she smiled an acknowledgment then slipping her hands around the back of Cora's head began to maneuver her face closer to her engorged cunt. Sighing softly as she sensed it meet her mouth she pulled it more tightly up into her now juicy crevice and as the tongue, the tongue of tongue's, began to softly caress her throbbing clit she tightened her thighs and began the soft rhythmical thrusting of her hips that would achieve her climax. Sensing it and as a rejuvenated Cora's hands crept up over the top of her thighs she rocked forward more fully onto her face and throwing her head back began a keening scream of pleasure as it arrived.