The English Scene III,

Sonya & the Black Panther by Teez

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It was dark now and the rain was picking up but she was close and slowing the hire car she flicked on the high beams and started looking for the turn in. Helen had said it was once an old hotel but the buildings all looked much alike she thought. Big, long lines of nondescript facades broken up by numerous and for the most part darkened doorways but in the second block she saw it. An old arched gateway, the gates long gone, adorned by a couple of once stylish lamps now a bit a-screw and turning in she made her way past the corner of the building and into a dimly lite car park. Pulling into an open spot at the far end she pulled the hood of her car coat over her head and grabbing her kit slipped into the weather and headed in the direction of the light that marked the service entrance.


Skipping around some of the more pool like puddles she reached the door and huddling in under the overhang pressed the announce button. It took a moment but then a disembodied voice answered and after taking her name and the number Helen had provided the door lock released and she pushed through it into a dimly lite hallway and made her way to the elevator. Punching the call button she thought Helen certainly had been right about it once being a hotel. It certainly had the worn carpet, faded paint and chipped woodwork that buildings with such history's usually seemed to have. Also a bit of the smell but that seemed to be mixed with others that were more familiar. Stepping into the car after it arrived sh descended to the floor below where she was greeted by a female attendant. Silently reaching for her coat and kit she nodded down the hall toward a double doorway and said.


“Helen's upstairs but she'll be along shortly. I'll put your things in the room that corresponds with the number you provided” and having said that she turned and disappeared back into the elevator.


It was warmer down here and as she approached there was light coming from under the doors along with an increasing level of sound. Pausing to check her appearance in the full length mirror beside the door she took a deep breath and pushing through was met by the familiar smell of too many people confined to a small space mixed along with more than a whiff of Odeur de cannabis. Knowing it would take a moment to get her bearings she headed to what appeared to be a service bar along the wall while she let her eyes adjust to the smoky lighting.


Apparently a small ball room at one point and what once had been a dance floor was now occupied by a specially constructed fighting cage around which were crowded a number spectators shouting encouragement and suggestions to the two inside of it. Reaching the bar she made a selection and then continued her way along the upper walkway that surrounding the room noting as she did that a number of randomly placed couches, cocktail tables and chairs had been placed on the series of wide, shallow steps that surrounded it. All in all it seemed to serve it's new purpose rather well.


It looked as if the tiered steps would accommodate at least ten or so along each side which would make the number of those in attendance at probably at least fifty she thought. There were enough to restrict her view anyway and moving down a few steps found an empty couch and settling into it concentrated on what was taking place on the floor of the cage.


There were three involved, a big female serving as referee and two fighters, one male and the other female. Other than a special device worn by the male around his genitals neither were wearing more than the usual modified bag gloves and protective sports masks. The female was on her back with the males neck trapped under her left arm and her legs wrapped around his right thigh and from what she could judge of their appearance the struggle had been long, brutal and bloody. Her face screwed into a snarl, teeth gritted, her right glove wrapped around her left wrist she was heaving and twisting his head back under her left shoulder. Each time she did it his head smashed into the floor of the cage and she'd release her two handed grip to drive her right fist into either his left side or his crotch before quickly re-establishing her hold around his neck. She was bleeding from what appeared to be a broken nose forcing her to snort the accumulated blood and snot from it on a regular basis and her face, upper body and his back were covered with it. The gore was also making them both exceptionally slippery though and as she heaved back again he was able to wedge his left arm across her right shoulder and using his left leg as a lever rolled her onto her left side. It forced her to release her leg clamp and as she did he reacted by suddenly using his right hand to force her left arm up and yank his head from under her arm. Quickly pulling it back he drove it into her left breast and as she rolled onto her back, groaning and clutched her breast, he lifted his knee and began driving it wildly into her cunt before scrambling away.


As she slowly rolled to her hands and knees and began to push herself to her feet he set himself and as his screaming supporters crowded along the side of the cage he deliberately hooked his left fist up into her belly just below the navel. Should of been prepared for that she though as she watched her stagger backwards, gagging, against the side of the cage. She was a bit more aware of her peril now though and as he followed her she raised her arms and weakly tried to keep him away. Not nearly enough though and sensing she was almost finished he thrust his arms under her shoulders and elbowing them aside began to deliver a furious series of wild indiscriminate punches to her sides and belly and then upwards hooking them into the underside of her breasts. Megan thought she appeared out of it now but he refused to stop. Forcing his left shoulder under her right one he kept her pinned against the side of the cage and lowered his fists to her cunt and then rearing back he delivered two more upward hooking blows that smashed into her face before stepping back to let her sprawl in a limp heap on the floor. The spectators erupted with applause and screams of approval or rage as she fell ans as the other female stepped between them the cage slowly rose from the floor and several of his supporters slipped beneath it to crowd around him while several others began to ease the female from the floor.


That part of it was finished and returning her attention to her surroundings noticed some chairs and couches scattered along the wide steps. A rather nice touch she thought, it seemed to make it all appear a bit more social than what she was accustomed to and the revealing cocktail dresses or casual evening wear that most were wearing seemed to complement the effect. All in all it was a rather nice change from the usual fight night environment. As usual most appeared to range in age from their late twenties to mid fifties, for the most part female and like herself she knew they'd also be mostly gay, lesbian or bi. A select group that were no longer attracted to the more conventional of the blood sports they were drawn by both the extreme sporting aspects of the spectacle as well as in no small part it's sexual voyeurism. They were the true connoisseurs who in the truest of fight club fashion had gravitated to this the ultimate arena of extreme combat where both females and males that were mentally inclined and physically capable were pitted against each other in gladiatorial style challenges for both their personal gratification as well as financial reward.


A few others appeared familiar now and one, a tall Moroccan accompanied by another female, caught her attention. They were deep in discussion with another couple a short distance away and Megan recognized her as one who facilitated arrangements such as were about to take place. There wasn't much doubt concerning the subject of their discussion she mused. All very civilized of course, they'd be on a first name basis, that was part of it but she knew the subject of their discussion would be an arrangement between the two females with them. And not just for their voyeuristic addiction to the spectacle of it. There'd also be significant sums of money involved which in itself always seemed to lend

a more rational aura to it. She also knew from personal experience that it also served to sharpen the competitive instincts of the participants and running her fingers unconsciously along her thighs felt a little thrill as she imagined them discussing the particulars of it. She'd always liked that part of the before and was edging a little closer when a door opened in the back and Sonya, her opponent along with their respective entourages entered the room.


An enthusiastic growl of approval met their arrival and as those that had returned to their seats rose and began applauding Megan caught her breath and with a quickening pulse rose to join them. Both fighters were wearing brief, hooded robes and short heeled scandals that accented the powerful muscularity of their legs and as they walked down the steps she reached out to lightly touch Sonya's hand receiving a nervous nod and a tight smile in return. It served to accent her usual nervous anticipation but as she watched them pass under the side of the suspended cage she felt it mix with her swelling fight lust as it began to swell within her.


Settling back in her seat she noticed that most of the preparation had already been accomplished. Their masks were fitted, hands taped and the cage boss had now joined them. About six feet tall she sported a tight black and white striped muscle tee, leather briefs and Megan found her quite impressive. She also appeared to have been more involved in the previous fight than one might have expected. The shirt was torn, her left eye had started to darken and dried blood stained her mouth and chin as well as spotting her shirt. Her right thigh had also suffered a gouging still weeping a bit of blood but she paid no attention to any of it and as the spectators began to quiet she raised her arms and announced.


“Again, welcome to Club Combat. Out third match-up will feature two very promising candidates who are as eager to face each other in the cage as you are to see them caged so” and waving to her right continued. “I give you Lute” and then nodding to her left continued “and Sonya.”


Megan watched with a quickening sense of anticipation as Sonya and the black each raised an arm in acknowledgment while those gathered around the cage enthusiastically shouted their approval and raised their glasses in salute.


“Lute is from somewhere on the dark continent, stands 5'11", weighs 178 lbs and her measurements are arms 15", calves 15" and thighs 23". She's had about thirty fights winning all but three and at least one of those fights resulted in the death of her opponent.


Stripping off her robe and slinging it to her handler the black struck a pose and then as the spectators crowded closer along the outside of the cage and extended their hands through the cage to touch her as she passed she raised her arms above her head and strutted along the side of the mats. Standing back a bit from the others Megan had to admire the hard muscularity of her superbly conditioned body outlined by the the heavy oil that had been applied for the fight. It accented her blue black shading and the ridged outline of her abs and the corded muscles of her shoulders, back and arms making them gleam under the reflection of the overheads. She was leaner, more sensuous than Sonya and taking note of the dark shadow beneath her arms and the thick wiry tangle of pubic hair at the juncture of her thighs she had to conclude, every bit a true professional. The fact that she'd been involved in a kill was unsettling, that happened, but still she felt her feelings of apprehension begin to grow.


“And Sonya. She's from the eastern block. She's 5' 9", weighs 184 lbs, her arms are 16.5", calves 16"and thighs 26." She's had 24 fights winning all but one. Two of her fights have resulted in death.”


Megan caught her breath as Sonya slipped out of her robe and handed it to Helen. This last bit of information had caught her by surprise but then as her eyes and imagination devoured her pale complected body she found it exciting and watching her take her turn around the pad she experienced a renewed surge of sexual and physical excitement. Compared to the black's lean muscularity her body appeared softer and less well defined. She had a heftier build though with broader shoulders and little evidence of fat which was somewhat surprising considering her physiology. Instead she just seemed to be big and solid and this was particularly true with respect to her arms and thighs which were covered with a slight blush of fine red gold hair now plastered flat by the oil. Like her opponents they indicated a serious degree of attention to physical development and conditioning and feeling somewhat better Megan relaxed a bit as she turned her attention to their masks.


Formed by a solid band of leather that circled the head it had a hard leather mask attached to it that covered the eyes and extended down over the bridge of the nose. The black's was the simpler device being little more than hard red leather decorated with some fine black lines to highlight the eyes but Sonya's was a bit more elaborate. It was made of plain brown leather decorated with colored ink lines in a more cat like fashion and while it covered about the same amount of the face a triangularly shaped piece of leather extended upwards from the band in a point that ended at the hairline. She noticed that both were equipped with protective leather neck collars fitted with short pointed studs. Two impressive cats she thought as she watched them extend their hands to the cage boss for inspection. A critical part of it of course since in a fight their preparation was a bit more involved. A piece of dense, molded rubber would have been fitted which would cover the top of the hand from the first to the second knuckle and over this would be an identically shaped piece of molded felt all of which would be covered by a conventional taping application. It's only purpose was to protect the hands as long as possible and so contribute to prolonging the fight but incorrectly applied it could loosen and adversely effect the wearers ability to defend themselves.


The crowd was more restive now and finished with her examination as the cage began to lower around them Helen and the other female slipped out from under the side. The lights had also dimmed to a single source directly above them and raising her hand and nodding first to the black and then to Sonya the cage boss motioned for them to face each other in the center of the cage.


“You will fight three rounds. The first of three minutes, the second of five minutes and the last of indeterminate length. A three and five minute rest period will be observed after the first and second round. There will be no rules no restrictions and I will not interfere for any reason. The fight will continue until one of you has finished with the other.” and with that she clapped her hands and stepping back cried “you may begin.”



Quickly throwing her fists out in front of her and moving into a crouch Lute scuttled to the left while Sonya with a bit more seeming nonchalance turned to watch her. Then taking a step forward and raising her fists she slowly began circling to her right. Inevitable it brought them a bit closer but at the same time it confined Lute who was closer to the side of the cage to a smaller maneuvering area and as she started to back away Sonya suddenly darted in and clipped her left ear with her right fist. Ducking back and shaking her head the black jinked to her right regaining the center of the cage as Sonya whirled about to follow her. Again it was a slow pursuit both preferring to feel out the others capabilities or weaknesses at the onset instead of later. Lute was still moving to back away though and with a sudden lunge Sonya closed the distance between them and delivered two quick left handed punches to her mid-section as her back came closer to the side of the cage. It forced her to back up even further but as she retreated she suddenly twisted to her left and delivered a sudden snapping kick with her right leg to Sonya's right thigh driving the redheads leg out from under her and then as she stumbled past she twisted back to the right and gave her a left handed clubbing chop the side of her head.


It started Megan forward in her seat but just then Helen slipped in beside her and after exchanging a quick glance the two fo them settled back in their seats. It had been awkward on Sonya's part but she seemed to have at least partially anticipated it and as she'd stumbled past she'd raised her left arm and caught Lute around the waist pulling her with her to the floor as she fell. Exhaling Megan relaxed a bit. Both were scrambling about but Lute had landed on her back and using her right leg Sonya was able to partially leverage herself up and onto her. Forcing her left arm under the back of the black's neck she pulled her close and began driving short coupled punches into her left side with her right fist. Good Megan thought as she ran hands unconsciously along her thighs. She'd turned that around and as the red head suddenly arched her body over the black's and began driving her right knee up into the thick mass of curly black between her legs she felt a familiar quickening between her legs


“Yes” Helen mumbled leaning forward. “Cunt her” and then “now into her face you darling”


The thickening cloud of fragrant smoke wafting in lazy patterns through the light cloaked those sitting around the cage in an ever deepening bluish shadow. It was having it's usual effect and slipping her arm around Helen's shoulder she let her fingers play gently across her upper arm. Turning to glance at her Helen acknowledged it and slipping her left hand up the left side of her face let her lips caress her right cheek. They said nothing, didn't need to. They both understood how this would effect them and as Helen turned her attention back to the cage Megan tightened her arm around her shoulder and whispered,


“Like watching her fight as much as you liked watching me?”


“Yeah” mumbled Helen a little breathlessly turning back to look at Megan. “No more, no less” and sliding her hand down to caress the inside of Megan's thigh she repeated, “no more, no less.”


Stimulating, Helen's hand still caressing the flesh of Megan's thigh and Megan's teeth gently nibbling her ear but it permitted a moment of relaxation. They both knew that this wasn't the time to dwell on it though and shrugging off the moment pulled away and returned their attention back to the cage.


Most of the spectators had returned to their seats leaving only a few crowded against the wire and Megan recognized one of them. A slender short haired blond TV stat from the states. She was dressed in a short pink cocktail dress and standing along the apron with her hands wrapped around two openings of the cage. Occasionally glancing back at friend her almost feral smile unmistakably conveyed her pleasure as she unconsciously moved her lower body against it in rough concert with the violence she was witnessing only a few feet away. Following Megan's gaze Helen whispered


“Her personal champion wouldn't you think?” and nodding to the friends overtly dykish appearance, “probably for the games to follow?”


“I would imagine” murmured Megan. “If not for what else and why here” adding, “And it should be a very high value game considering who she is.”


“Oh yes, I should think very much so” replied Helen sinking further back into her seat as Sonya rolled away from Lute and lurched to the side of the cage. She was about to say more but the three minute buzzer sounded and pushing up from her seat moved to the side of the cage and motioned for Sonya to join her.


As Sonya and Lute moved back to their corners Megan let herself relax and pushed back into the seat as Helen and Lute's woman began to tidy them up. No point in joining them at the side of the cage, too distracting and anyway there wasn't much time for it. Already the black had moved away from her corner and was shadow boxing along the side of the cage and as Helen finished with Sonya she to was dancing from foot to foot and shaking out her shoulders as she waited for the buzzer.


Almost immediately it did and briefly reflecting that it seemed a short three rose to her feet along with the rest of the spectators as the room erupted in applause and cries of encouragement. There was a higher level of energy present now as was always the case as a fight progressed. The first round was mostly intended to let them get the feel for each other but now in the second they'd be more aggressive and the action would reflect that. And as for the spectators with their initial impressions either reinforced or changed they'd have spent the break comparing notes and adjusting their wagering to match their opinions. Never taking her eyes from the two now circling each other in the center of the cage Megan again added her voice to the rest as Helen slipped back in beside her.


Watching them Megan was impressed both by their single minded determination and their physical condition. Both were superb specimens, the black with her long rock hard thighs, powerful shoulders and large, solid meaty breasts was particularly impressive although Sonya was equally so. Not as tall of course and without her reach but while she lacked her definition the raw power of her thighs, back, arms and shoulders was at least as obvious and Megan caught herself holding her breath as she watched them begin to close up with each other. She was intensely aware that the sexual component of fighting, always strong, seemed even more so when the fighting was female on female and when there was a personal component, almost indescribable. The violence, brutality and the personal interest accentuated the masochistic and sadistic tendencies and only added to the voyeuristic attraction of it. It was the way it worked and pushing back in anticipation she took a deep breath as they came together.


Sonya appeared to be a bit more determined to take it to her now and lowering herself into a slight crouch she charged into Lute before the black was fully out of her corner. Lunging into her she drove her right fist into her breast bone and then leveraging her body to the left and quickly lifting her right leg drove it into her left side. The sound of it smacking into her ribs was followed by Lute's first groan of pain and as Sonya's momentum carried her staggering into the other side of the corner she fell back against the other side of the cage Grasping the bars she pushed herself away turned back as Lute who, still holding her side, scurried away along the side. It brought a storm of angry response from her supporters and as a few of them moved into the isle screaming suggestions Megan caught herself holding her breath again. Using her knee like that at this stage had been a bit risky but there was always the possibility that she could have broken one of her ribs and that would have made it worth it and watch as she watched her move after the black she knew it would have made for an easier kill. That thought made her smile. An early kill would be good of course but as she settled back in her seat she also knew it wasn't what the rest would want and a bit ruefully had to admit she didn't either. It would be too quick and as Sonya began to dance after the black she slipped her fingers along the hem of her short skirt and let her hand play idly along the smooth, tense muscle of her thigh. Running her finger along it for a moment she watched them come within range and then as Sonya crouched for the attack she arched her back and eased the short skirt back beneath her hips and up around her waist. She knew that in all probability neither would make a real kill but still she had to admit that she was starting to find the thought of it exciting. Forcing herself to relax she stretched out her legs and settling back in the seat she let herself imagine it. The two of them together, the black weakening, then falling, Sonya pausing only long enough for all to appreciate what was to follow and then following her to the floor to brutally wrench the life from her. Running her fingers unconsciously along the side of her thighs she let herself savor the thought of it for a moment but then the sound of Lute's fist cracking across the side of Sonya's face returned her to the present.


The black seemed determined to press her advantage and as Sonya's back crashed into the side of the cage she bulled into her delivering a series of short, quick punches to her belly, sides and breasts before the redhead could wrestle her away. It had bloodied her and Megan noticed it smearing her left cheek and down to her breasts. The aggressive attack had obviously had it's effect and as Sonya backed away wiping at the blood with the back of her glove a now smirking Lute followed after her. Suddenly crouching and moving in close she feinted with her left before dancing away to Sonya's left. It caused Sonya to turn after her and as she did Lute stopped and lunging back into her hooked her left fist up into her belly and then as Sonya raised her arm to push her away, again into the side of her face. It staggered her but she took it, desperately shaking it off and charging forward forced Lute to raise her arms. As she did Sonya stabbed her left into the her right breast and as she covered up delivered a series of short jabbing blows with her right to her head and shoulders following up with a hooking left fist to her belly before falling away. Shaking her head and raising her fists the black cautiously moved after her flicking her fists in front of her as she advanced. They were both bloodied now, their taped fists were red from it Lute having caught one that opened her lips to match Sonya's cheek. They were also drenched with sweat and it dripped from their noses, chins and breasts spotting the canvas on the floor with an increasingly reddish stain.


In front of them the Dyke had joined her Deb and a few more of the spectators had crowded into the aisle to watch the exchange and scream suggestions. The noise level increased even more as the black lowered her head and violently swinging her body to the right delivered a stunning kick to the side of Sonya's face with her left foot.


It all happened so quickly that it caught both Megan and Helen off guard and as Sonya sagged back and then to the floor they both came out of their seats crowded in with the rest against the cage. Helen was screaming for Sonya to cover up and roll away but while she tried she wasn't quick enough and Lute was on her. First jamming a left knee on her right arm then quickly leaning forward she grasped Sonya's flailing left arm with her right and as she desperately arched her back and tried to dislodge her she twisted to her right and drove her right fist up into the Sonya's thick reddish cunt. Sonya's sudden anguished scream rose above those of the spectators and as she slipped her right arm up between her splayed out legs and it became obvious what she intended they screamed their approval. Quickly pushing her right hand up under her back until her biceps were snugged against the redheads cunt she yanked her hips up with her right arm and then wrapping it back around Sonya's left side and digging her fingers into her belly while pushing up with her right leg she heaved her up until only the back of her neck and head remained on the floor. Digging her fingers into the sweat slick flesh of the Sonya's abs to hold her she rocked forward increasing the pressure on her neck and as her fans erupted in screams of encouragement wrenched her left arm back and leaning forward into Sonya's inverted body began to press down on her neck. It was a killing maneuver and she'd probably have been able achieve it but both were so sweat slick that her right arm slipped off of Sonya's belly and as it did she was able to wrench her left wrist from Lute's grasp and roll over onto her belly beneath her. Not all that much of an improvement thought Megan as she screamed for her to get up on her hands and knees. It seemed only to delay the inevitable but as Lute planted her right knee in the center of Sonya's back and began to reach for her head the buzzer sounded and the cage boss roughly pushed her away.


Megan felt herself exhale. She felt drained and as Helen moved to the corner of the cage to coax Sonya off the mats she pushed herself back away from the rest giving a sigh of relief collapsed back into her seat. It had been a near thing but as Sonya pushed herself up and crawled to Helen she began to breath a bit easier. It would be five minutes this time and as the black did a provocative dance to the other side of the cage the crowd against it thinned and stepping back into the aisle she moved to where the two of them were crouching.


“You've got to stay away from her feet” she murmured as she stooped down beside them.


“Yes baby, you gotta do that” added the frazzled Helen. “She's too fast and you'll need to stay inside of her and put some muscle into her with these” reaching through the cage to stroke Sonya's fists.


Sonya smiled, a bit grimly but she looked excited and reaching through the cage touched each of them before pushing herself to her feet and turning to look for Lute . Turning back she laughed softly and replied


“She'll not be able to use them again. I promise” and reaching through let her fingers run up Megan's arm as she continued. “You will see how well I fight now.”


Not sure of exactly what it was she was referring to Megan merely nodded and smiled before pressing the fingers against her arm and moving away so that Helen could finish with refreshing her. Returning to her seat she thought that so far it was advantage Lute but as she looked back at Sonya decided not by much and watching her towel herself off she was struck again by the raw power she exuded. Of course her calve, thigh and abb muscles were more defined now that she was this far into it but it appeared that the most apparent change was to her upper body. The physical exertion would be responsible for most of that but all suggestions of softness had disappeared and the muscles in her upper arms, back and shoulders now seemed to converge at the base of her powerful vee shaped neck. She had to think that without that rather striking physical attribute she might not have succeeded in escaping the potential consequences of the last round and watching as she began to dance about in preparation for the beginning of the third she felt a bit reassured. Of course the black was equally physically impressive and her performance so far indicated that she was also ruthless. She'd exhibited the physiological ability to take this to it's logical end and she felt a shudder of dread run through her at she considered what might come next. Not the outcome she favored of course but she also knew that it accented and emphasized it's attraction to those sitting back in the shadows and looking about noticed that the break had restored some of their composure. And as potential players in all of this they were also showing a bit more flesh as they talked among themselves, sipped their drinks or took a drag on a joint. It was a tense and edgy composure though and as they waited for the break to be over their attention was never far from the actions of the two in the cage. The efforts and determination of the black at the end of the second had reinforced the reality that there really were no limits or consequences and Megan knew that in the third they'd savor the image of it, the sounds of their fists and every scream and groan of pain as they watched them struggle to reach it's finality. Forcing herself to breath more normally she hiked her skirt up around her waist again and stretched her legs out in front of her. It was better that way, it felt cooler and gently running her palms along the sides of her thighs she let herself imagine how Sonya's would feel pressed against them. Shuddering at the thought she clenched them together and let her finger gently press in against the thick sensitive mound now bunched up beneath the sheerness of her panties. Sighing she cupped it and taking another deep breath was about to do more but for the cage boss stepping out from the side of the cage and motioning for Sonya and Lute to join her.


The black came prancing out holding her arms aloft and pirouetting for the crowd and Megan noticed a slight pinkish slash now visible between her legs. The nearness of her success had apparently aroused her and that was disturbing since it could only mean that she was psychologically even more ready for a kill. Sonya was moving more slowly, flexing her shoulders and working her neck back and forth as she tried to loosen it up and feeling somewhat relieved Megan relaxed slightly and took a quick glance at those sitting around her. On the other side of the cage the male from the first fight was reclining on a couch with a female admirer using her mouth to stimulate his interest while closer, the Deb and her Dyke had returned to their seats although the front of the Deb's dress was now unbuttoned and the Dyke had stripped to her briefs. The two females whose near term future had been arranged earlier were also in disarray and now pressed together in the center of the couch by their partners, each with an arm around the other's shoulders as they seemed to move in cadence to some future imagined violence. Briefly imagining again what that would be like the cage boss raised her arms for their attention and Megan's was returned to the cage.


“As you are aware this is the last arrangement on our formal program. Of course, as we know, there will be others that follow it but that is for those of you with that interest to pursue. Our final fight has been subscribed in the medium five figure range and I've been informed that your wagering is also in that range. I say this since as you know in addition to the her portion of the gate the winner will also receive a significant percentage of that as well and in light of that if any of you are still inclined you should consider placing any last bets at this time as the opportunity to do so will pass when they begin.” Looking around she paused and then continued. “Of course you are also aware that this last round will be of unlimited duration without restraints or consequences with respect to the outcome. I will leave the cage and neither I nor anybody else will interfere to prevent one of them from finishing the other in whatever way she chooses. They It's the way they've requested it to be and it's their's to finish” and with ve requested it to be that way” and waving them together she stepped back and then slipped out an access door at the side of the cage.


Megan was struck by the silence that followed then with a wicked smile the black suddenly bent a knee and holding her palms upward in front of her saluted. Pausing for only a moment Sonya stepped back and bowing slightly at the waist extended her arms out to her sides in an equally elaborate flourish of respect. It had begun and with a unanimous groan, cries of approval and sporadic applause rising from the shadows they straightened up and prepared to resume the fight.


Balancing on her right foot and twisting to her right the black flexed her left leg at Sonya and the message was obvious. It telegraphed her desire and intentions not only to Sonya but to those in the shadows as well and as they began to scream their approval and encouragement Sonya slouched to her right and raised her arms. A few voices were crying “kill her” but to who it was addressed was unclear and neither of the two in the cage took notice. It caused another shudder to race through Megan though but Helen had rejoined her and with a quick nervous exchange of glances they returned their attention to the cage as Lute swung back to center and charged into Sonya.


The redhead met her head on, batting away a right feint and muscling in to deliver a short hard cut to her left side and as she fell away a left hooking cross that slammed into the outside of the black's right breast. Quickly following up before she could regain her balance she lunged forward hooking her right fist up into her belly before the black was able to cover herself and then driving it in a skidding blow across the right side of her face before scrambling away to her right. Better thought Megan with a quick glance at Helen and was relieved to see nod in silent agreement. In a way both of them had too much riding on this she thought and slipping her arm back around her shoulders gave her a gentle squeeze of encouragement as their champion, her back to them, squared her shoulders and moved after her opponent.


Lute was more cautious now and forgetting her fancy footwork moved with Sonya, bobbing and weaving with her in concert as both looked for advantage. The black found it first and as Sonya moved slightly back to avoid a left arm in her face she hooked her right fist into the redheads left side and using her momentum and twisting to her left kicked her right leg up into her belly. Not much damage but it doubled her over and as it did she raised both arms and gave Sonya a two fisted hammering blow to the back of her neck. Too close for it to be truly effective but it caused her to stagger forward and before she could recover the black hopped backwards on her left leg and drove her right foot into the front of the redheads right thigh. If it had landed lower it could have resulted in a broken leg but it didn't and surprisingly she didn't follow it up. Megan sensed that to be a mistake. It gave Sonya an opportunity to regain her balance and as she turned those sitting around them were treated to the ferocious expression of almost uncontrollable rage on her face.

By now Helen's skirt was also hiked up and stretching out her legs she ran her fingers nervously along her thickly muscled legs as she leaned over to Megan and murmured.


“She'll do it. You just watch. The black bitch's fast but not that smart or she could've had her by now, and now it's probably too late. Sometimes she doesn't seem to get started until late into it but she finish's strong.”


“Think it'll be the black's last” murmured Megan pensively?

Helen didn't respond, just a quick look and then with a shrug returned her attention to the cage where Sonya was pressing into her opponent. A quick left hook to the side of the face that Lute responded to with a flurry of fists to her belly and breasts before backing away and then as she lowered her guard Sonya smashed her right fist into the juncture of her nose and mouth. The force of it sent the black female reeling backwards her hands to her face as she tried to staunch the flow of blood that streamed down her face with her hands and dancing back Sonya paused to admire her handiwork as it quickly mixed with the sweat that already covered the black's shoulders, breasts and belly. It had been a good hit, both Megan and Helen knew it and as they watched her lower her left arm and slowly advance toward the black they found themselves pressing together in anticipation as they wondered how she'd go for it. What was it to be, right side, the breast or into the belly if it presented itself. Neither of them knew but it would be neither and suddenly straightening up, a grimace on her bloody face, the black twisted to her right and slammed her left foot into Sonya's navel just above her thick reddish mound. That had been a good hit too and it drove Sonya back with arms outstretched to slam into the side of the cage. She impacted it with a loud crash but before she or the spectators could react Lute seemed to collect herself and lunging into her drove a series of short, hard blows to her mid section before suddenly straightening up and placing her hands on Sonya's shoulders. Quickly pressing her back against the side of the cage she gave a fiendish exclamation of pleasure and began driving her big thick powerful leg up into the redheads cunt and belly and then as Sonya started to slump to the side, she shifted her weight to her other leg and began slamming that one into it as well. It brought both of them out of their seats and as they screamed for her to roll away she did but Lute followed, kicking her knee up into her at will until finally, desperately, Sonya managed to grab her leg and lunging upwards into her caused her to lose her balance and pushed her away.


There room erupted in pandemonium as the spectators screamed their approval or offered encouragement as they crowded into the aisle. Megan knew they were primed for a kill and was struck by their seeming indifference to the consequences. Neither she or Helen doubted that the black would end it that way if she could and with suddenly increasing concern left their seats and moving down to the aisle added their voices as they screamed for Sonya to move back and make the black come to her.


Part of it must have gotten through because Sonya, with an almost imperceptible nod of her head, moved backwards and wiping her face waited while Lute pushed herself away from the side of the cage. Not so good so far thought Megan but then as they moved back from the side of the cage Megan noticed her smiling, like a cat watching a bird she thought and then as the black leaped after her, heedless of the consequences, she raised her arms and wrapping them around her neck threw her to the floor.


Both of them landed hard rolling over each other until finally Sonya managed to end up straddling the black. Bridging Lute tried to buck her off but leaning forward Sonya managed to stay on her and as she settled back for another try she drove her right fist down into her face following it with a backhanded blow to the right side of her head. Should have hit her again thought Megan as Lute desperately bent her knees and began walking her feet beneath her ass. Right on her fucking chin dammit as she suddenly arched her back and lifting Sonya into the air managed to roll her off to the side before scrambling to her knees. Sonya also landed on her hands and knees and wasting no time launched herself back into her sending them both crashing like two pit-bulls into the side of the cage.


Most of the spectators were packed against the sides of the cage now and as they thrashed about below them Megan and Helen forcibly pushed in among them. Neither seemed able to obtain an advantage and with the intense jostling of the crowd it was difficult to clearly see what was taking place but when it finally stopped it was white on black. Lute was on her belly with Sonya's her left arm under her left shoulder and wrapped back around the back of her neck in a half nelson. Her right hand was grasping the black's right ankle and suddenly heaving back on it she pressed forward increasing the pressure on the back of Lute's neck as she tried to pull her head back beneath her shoulder. Desperately the black tried to push herself up with her right arm but Sonya pushing herself up over her yanked her right her leg up over her back and then quickly slipped her right arm down her leg and wrapped it around her upper right thigh. It effectively immobilized her and as she began to scream and pound the mat with her right hand Sonya began to rock forwards then slightly back each time increasing the force she was applying to the black's neck. Megan felt as if her heart would explode as she watched her set up for the kill. A few more rocking motions and she'd suddenly tighten her grip around her neck as she tried to break it but it was not to happen. Exhausted, wet and slippery with sweat she couldn't maintain her hold and in a sudden desperate effort the big black female managed to heave herself back far enough with her right arm to dislodge her.


Helen along with the rest were raging along the side of the cage rattling the links with their hands and screaming unintelligibly while several, by using their feet and grasping higher links with their hands had managed to boost themselves up above the rest. The dramatic moment was past though and raising to a stooped crouch and twisting her neck and shoulders Lute scuttled to the other side of the cage while Sonya wiped her face with her hand and rolled to her knees and then unsteadily to her feet. Both were covered with a reddish sheen of sweat, the black's mixed with snot and as she savagely shook her head to clear her nose the few who still lingered in the aisle moved back and returned to their seats. None were confident of the outcome now but what was certain as they watched them circle in the center of the cage was that it would be decided soon. Both were close to exhaustion, their breath coming in ragged gasps and as they wiped the accumulated blood and sweat from their faces they seemed to know that in all probability only one opportunity to finish it would present itself. Neither could afford make a mistake a fact that the spectators seemed to appreciate and as they moved cautiously together they began to applaud and chant their approval


Megan, somewhat unsteadily, had also moved back to her seat but couldn't sit choosing to stand while she witnessed the finish. The Deb and her Dyke were in a tight embrace while the four on the couch were now in the aisle pressing against the cage screaming and shaking their fists along with the rest. Megan sensed that the black seemed less certain though and as Sonya waded into her Megan was conscious of Helen muttering “


”yes, now, beat the bitch” and then softly in a murmur, “kill her beauty, kill her” and taking a deep breath Megan watched as she started to do it.


Bunching her shoulders and crowding in Sonya seemed to know she had her. Letting her right fist toy with the black's guard she let Lute bat it away and then suddenly straightening up lunged forward fisting her in the belly with her right before wrapping her left arm around her back and driving the top of her head up into her chin. Tightening her grip around her body she lifted her from her feet and then heaving her aside followed her down to the floor and dropped on top of her. Even with the chaos reigning in the room and the sounds of the crowd surging around them Megan thought she could hear Lute's mistress screaming encouragement but she knew it was of no use. Nobody least of all Lute would be paying attention to her. She was Sonya's now and as the first of her fists drove into the black's body Megan felt a rising surge of exultation as she began to add her own almost incoherent screams of encouragement to those of the rest.


Straightening herself up Sonya settled her weight onto Lute's belly and then leaning forward drove a long looping right into the side of her face. It sent a reddish spray of sweat over those clustered just outside the cage and she followed it with a backhand that drove the black's head back and then a two handed downward chopping blow to the front of the face that exploded her nose and lips in another spray of blood, sweat and saliva.. Breathing heavily she paused to survey the effect and then rocking back she placed her bloody hands on her hips smiled around at the spectators, her eyes asking a question as she waited for them to voice their expectations. They did and as they expressed their wish she responded and slowly pushing herself to her feet reached down and began to urge Lute to hers. Megan watched with bated breath along with the others as she positioned the black's blood soaked body in front of her. Both were covered with it and as Sonya shifted her weight back and raised her fists Megan felt a surge of sexual stimulation between her legs and an almost overwhelming sense of desire for her. She was a goddess, she knew how she'd finish her and as the spectators began voicing their approval and encouragement she felt a calmness creep over her as she watched she her deliberately hook her right fist up into the left side of the black's belly just below the rib cage. The force of it doubled her over and as she grasped at her side and staggered back against the side of the cage Sonya, occasionally taking a lick at her blood stained fists and grinning moved after her. This time when she reached her though she didn't pause and quickly setting herself fisted into her navel and then again into the side of her left breast before following it with a looping left cross that jolted her head back to the left in another reddish spray of sweat. Seemingly satisfied for the moment she paused and then in a sudden fury moved in against her and began indiscriminately driving short, close coupled left's and rights into her body using her left shoulder to pin her against the side of the cage as she started to collapse Finally, trembling from exhaustion, she stopped and standing back let Lute's limp body slump to the floor at her feet.


Sighing Megan forced herself to relax as she let the tension drain away from her. It was over and as the screaming spectators surged against it Sonya raised her bloody arms in a victorious salute and pirouetted around the cage in triumph. For all intents and purposes she'd made her kill and as the lights grew brighter and the cage began to rise Megan hurried to join Helen as they slipped beneath the side to join her. Her thoughts were still a jumble and it would have been difficult to describe exactly how she felt but it didn't matter. It had been fantastic, Sonya's performance had been heroic and as they turned to make way for her through the spectators crowding around them she felt Sonya's arm slip around her waist and looking back was rewarded with a knowingly triumphant smile that mirrored her feelings.