A Sporting Arrangement II

By; Teez

The weather had changed from cool and clear to wet and cold. Not really all that wet but it did help to set the mood and as Paul nosed the car into the parking lot she felt a warm feeling of excitement and anticipation wash over her. Following the side of the building he found the alley and turning in they saw the light over the door at it's end.

She found it difficult to believe that only six weeks had passed since the last fight and felt a twinge of nervousness as she remembered it. That one had been the second of their series and the result had been Paul's defeat by Nicole and like Nicole's payment for Fred's defeat she'd paid in kind for his failure. Now, with a few changes to the arrangement, she was to be matched against Nicole in a last final decisive battle. Parking the car where they had been instructed she felt a little shudder race through her as she thought about it and hoped that the arrangements would be what had been agreed upon.

It hadn't been their first time. After their first tentative foray's into the underground fighting scene they'd both become addicted to it. The excitement of watching and participating against individual opponents or teamed together two on two had become intoxicating to the point where now one of them would occasionally do it by commission for a wealthy sponsor. It almost always always involved money of course, sometimes significant sums of it, but the thrill was still the most important of the motivators.

At first they'd had their inhibitions, what they would or wouldn't do, but that had passed as their involvement in the brutal sport and growing appreciation of it had progressed. Now for all intents and purposes there were no constraints and when they entered the enclosure any and all levels of brutality were not only acceptable but demanded. There could be only one way for it to end and that was the total and merciless destruction of the opponent. Their previous meetings with Nicole and Fred had been specifically to match themselves against opponents of another race and it had exceeded their wildest expectations but Nicole and Fred's as well. They'd met privately at their place to fight black on white, male or female, one on one while the other two watched with the penalty for failure being the sexual destruction of the losers partner by the prevailing team. Stepping out of the car they slipped beneath the lone overhead light and entered the building.

About what you would expect she thought and knew Paul and Inge would be thinking the same but her thoughts were cut short by the figure of Fred leaning against a far wall waiting for them. A silent nod of greeting and they followed him deeper into the building. Emerging into a softly lit, windowless waiting room he turned to greet them and after a moment's silent contemplation motioned them to a freight elevator. Sensing her flash of apprehension he quickly alleviated their fears as the car descended.

“You'll find it like I described it. We own the building and here in the industrial area of the city it's ideally suited for our purposes. I've subdivided some of it into smaller areas that are used for the most part for other more benign purposes but the rest of it's either sealed off and unused or reserved for this. I can assure you that we won't be disturbed.” Anticipating their question he said, “all of our “guests” have arrived” adding “also Marla” and casting a speculative smile at Inge, “and now you.” Their arrival was quietly announced by the soft thunk of the elevator reaching the bottom of the shaft and as the door opened he motioned them out.

What greeted them was entirely different from the narrow, dirty hallway up above. A dimly lite paneled corridor and traversing it he opened a door at the end and motioned them to enter.

It took her a few moments but her first impression was that it was the way it had been described. A smallish room with the fighting pen in it's center and about a dozen people gathered around it which would be about right. Half of them would be more or less familiar from previous arrangements or associations and while they weren't exactly friends those from Fred and Nicole's group wouldn't be either. Feeling a little rush of anticipation join the knots in her stomach she heard Fred lock the door behind them and nodding acknowledgment of their intense scrutiny silently made her way to the side of the pen as she let her impressions sink in.

About twenty feet square it was surrounded by a solid looking five foot wall the base of which appeared to be wider than it's top. Stepping down into the aisle that ran along the side of it she also noticed that the interior surfaces were covered in dirty white carpeting while that covering the outside floors, walls and even the ceiling was black. It provided a sharp contrast and the mottled brown stains that appeared on the white fighting surfaces served as a sharp reminder of what it was used for. A nice touch she thought noticing that the recording lights of the pre-positioned video cams in the four corners of the pen were already winking on. The tapes would be pre-sold of course, one of the changes from last time and she knew when it was over they'd be meticulously and lovingly edited to enhance and emphasize the audio and visual aspects before their limited distribution. Nodding with satisfaction she turned back to those that had been silently watching her inspect it.

Suddenly conscious of the accumulated smells of the rooms past activities she rejoined the rest. Sort of a base gymnasium smell with a strong overlay of sweat, perfume and the odor of females in heat. It all seemed intermixed with the unmistakable scent of smoldering pot in this case a concoction of lamp oil and ground up weed that fueled the two flickering lamps mounted in opposite corners of the room. Fred's idea and noticing that the area under the single overhead light was already blanketed in a fragrant bluish haze thought it seemed to work at least as well as their concoction. And it wasn't all from the lamps noting that several of the others were already toking. It wouldn't be the only thing they were stoking with either and accepting a glass of liqueur from Fred waited for him to make the introductions.

“We've already introduced ourselves but” pointing to a black female standing closest, “Licia” and then continuing, “she's with Arlene, Pam and Matt and Fransy's with Loretta. And of course” he continued, “Marla” nodding to the black female standing beside Nicole along the side wall.

His announcement was met with silent stares from both sides. No nod of acknowledgment or the offering of a hand. None was expected, had no interest in it, they were competitors not friends and while some aspects of why they were here were social their purpose for being here was not. From somewhere in back of her Karen heard Paul say.

“Karen, Inge and I'm Paul.”

There was a pause as they sized each other up. Except for Nicole her sister herself and Inge most were casually dressed in short, loose fitting gym shorts, abbreviated sleeveless tee's and as usual the females seemed to be wearing some sort of heeled footwear that accentuated the muscularity of their legs. A form of advertising she knew and except for the equal split in the racial makeup nothing about any of it was all that bizarre. Like herself their physical characteristics indicated that they were also players in the game and also that their objectives were obviously identical to hers. Pausing to think about it for a moment she inhaled deeply and turned her attention to Nicole.

She was lounging against a wall about twenty feet away talking to her sister and motioning to Inge Karen made her way around the scattered tables in her direction. A sardonic smile, a nod of the head but nothing more as they silently appraised each other. Both were wearing short kimono style shifts similar to what she and Inge were wearing and turning first to Marla Karen said

“I've heard a bit about you and” nodding to Inge, “of course Nicole has told you about Inge. From the looks of it you've both got much in common.”

“Yeah” the other woman replied softly. “Sorta exciting isn't it” returning Inge's challenging look as if in confirmation.

“Yeah,” replied Inge nodding her head with a speculative look in her eye.

There was silence for a few moments as they savored the implications that Inge and Marla represented and then pushing herself away from the wall Nicole said.

“Enough, you'll deal with each other another time but” and looking at Karen, “ it's time for us now isn't it?” Pushing away from the wall she stepped into the aisle and opening a swinging section of the wall motioned for Karen to precede her into the pen.

Karen, her breath coming more quickly quicker felt a stab of apprehension followed by a soft hot fire of physical anticipation as she entered the pen then as her rapidly mounting excitement swept over her she let her thoughts creep back from the present.

It had been busy since the last time. Nicole had almost killed Paul and since then she and Inge had spent most of their time getting her ready for tonight. Almost with a start she felt her cousins hand on her shoulder and after a moments hesitation turned to gauge her reaction to the reality of it all now that the moment they'd worked for was at hand.


Reflecting on how it was that she was here she let herself relive the emotions she'd experienced when she'd discovered that her cousin was not only aware of their unique proclivities but related to them as strongly and in the same way as they did. Not that they'd been close before that but a sort of unspoken shared understanding of things had developed that had quickly given way to a more complete exploration of each others feelings and especially those about the sport of extreme fighting. They'd found it exciting that she was as attracted to it as they were and as they'd explored that the ramifications of it had quickly changed the relationship.

That she was big, strong and naturally aggressive had been a major factor of course. It had drawn them together and when they'd discovered that she was also seriously competitive and possessed a temperament that complemented the relationship they'd become almost inseparable. They'd shared everything, the early morning road work, the endlessly repetitive chores in the gym, the bag work and in the process both had added pounds and inches to their already impressive physics. And through it all they'd explored every aspect of why it seemed to work the way it did for them both finding the partnership as well as the process exciting. Paul had been enthusiastic too. Not that he'd needed any encouragement being as attracted to her as she was and inevitably as they'd explored the sexual and psychological aspects of the relationship that too had become shared. Actually more of a shared pleasure she thought and when it became apparent that Nicole's sister Marla had similar inclinations and interests it had added a further level of interest and excitement to it and one they'd explored even further. Their reasoning had been two fold, the first being the need to keep Fred and Paul apart once they got started and the other in that it fueled their imaginations and opened a door to even more interesting ideas. Of course they hadn't anticipated the presence of the invited guests at the time. Their presence had pretty much made the first reason moot but the second had always been the more important one and Nicole had suggested that they serve as their seconds both of them had been wildly enthusiastic at the idea. That and their ready acceptance of it had energized them providing their relationships with a new focus and as their time approached she and Nicole had taken to talking about the various possibilities and permutations it presented.

Both Inge and Marla had followed them into the pen and now as Paul and Fred joined them and began taping their fists she cast a speculative at Nicole's sister. A bit shorter than Inge she thought but powerfully built and she appeared to be as equally enthusiastic about what was about to take place and her part in it as Inge was. They'd be a good match-up she mused knowing the thought of putting them together was something they'd want to pursue further. But not now she thought and turning back to Nicole let all of her other thoughts fade as she contemplated what they were about to do.

They'd talked, not frequently but enough to dispel any misconceptions about what each of them expected when they were put together. They'd been in complete agreement about that. It would have to be hard, violent without restrictions or interference and they'd liked talking about it as graphically as possible. Both of them had found that part of it exciting. It had heightened their anticipation making the relationship even more competitive and while their conversations had been almost friendly their context had been much less so.

The taping was finished now and flexing her fists she appreciated the new dimensions they'd bring to the experience. A molded rubber pad had been placed over the fingers between the first two knuckles and then covered with an equally sized piece of molded felt about a half of an inch thick over which had been applied a conventional taping application. It would serve to slightly cushion the blows and protect the fists while leaving the fingers and the thumb free for whatever purpose either of them might wish to use them for. All in all quite effective especially since they'd both filed their nails to a wicked sharpness in anticipation of at least some of the imagined uses. It was time though now and as Paul and Fred with a last bit of encouragement slipped over the wall Karen, her heart now pounding, turned to face her opponent on the other side of the pen.

The spectators had been mostly silent but now as they started to move toward each other they crowded closer along the sides of the pen and began to offer encouragement. Inge and Marla had shed their shifts and now wearing only brief g-strings followed and as they reached the center of the pen they slipped behind them and eased the shifts from their shoulders. Their simultaneous undraping was met by sustained applause and shouts of encouragement and then as they turned and raised their arms in salute Fred stepped forth from the side and raising his hand and turning to those now crowded along the outside of the pen said

“Our backers have a expressed a great deal of interest in this arrangement and have made some special requests which they feel will enhance the audio and visual qualities. They've also made it well worth while.” Nodding to Karen and Nicole now facing each other in gladiator like fashion in the center of the pen he continued. “You'll fight for five minutes followed by a five minute break and then continue until it's finished for one of you.” A nod of silent acknowledgment from each and then as Marla and Inge collected the cast off gear they turned back to face each other.

No longer was there any pretense of civility as they moved even closer, their hearts racing, their breath harsh and a glare of intense concentration in their eyes they pressed in against the other. Karen marveled at how equally well matched they were. The work they'd put in had gained them both weight and strength and as their bodies touched Karen let her hand play delicately into the small of Nicole's back and then travel upwards to caress the hard layer of muscle across her shoulders. It seemed to send a little shiver through Nicole and then as they pressed together she let her fingers play softly across Karen's back and then drawing her index finger downward she slipped it down between the crack of her ass. The emotional level was electric in it's intensity and unconsciously moving their legs apart they gently eased their now engorged and increasingly sensitive clits against each others thigh. Tightening her arm around Nicole's shoulder Karen let her hand move softly up the side of her arm as she let her fingers play along the thick oily muscle. Both of them were hot, their bodies slick with sweat and their sweet musky smell assaulted their senses as the let their powerful arms and thighs mold one to the other. Almost greedily they embraced, appreciating each other's physical power and then as those watching in fascinated silence on the other side of the barrier strained to hear Karen screwed her mouth in a snarl of anticipation and said

“You ready?”

“Yeah” replied Nicole softly, “I'm ready” and added breathlessly, “only one of us when we're finished!”

Their lusty anticipation coupled with their closeness had them shaking with emotion and while they were ready to start they were also reluctant to break the spell. Still they waited and then tightening their arms they pressed their mouths together and let their tongues and teeth enjoy a cruel, hungry kiss before they parted. They were ready now and turning back to face each other from about eight feet apart, their breath coming in quick excited gasps, they moved back within arms length of the other and prepared to release their now unconstrained hostility.

Hardly breathing Inge pressed closer over the side of the pen with the rest. Watching them slowly moving together was thrilling beyond anything she'd previously experienced and almost trembling with anticipation she briefly let herself picture herself and Marla in the same situation. Two gladiators preparing to do battle she thought as she watched them circle each other and glancing over at Marla she knew that she'd be feeling the same and that their arrangement would have to be not too far in the future.


Both of them were ready now, the rest were forgotten and suddenly moving closer Nicole drove her forearm across Karen's face. It caught her a bit by surprise but reaching out she grasped her arm and as Nicole backed away trying to shake it off Karen reached out and slashed her sharpened thumb across her shoulder. Infuriated she turned back and grunting with rage lowered her shoulder and lunging forward wrapped her arms around her waist. Now locked together they wrestled for advantage but Karen, starting to lose her balance, took advantage of it and reaching down around and beneath Nicole's legs lifted and threw her forcefully to the side but Nicole, her arms still around Karen's waist, pulled her after her and the two of them crashed to the floor. Karen landed on top of her on top and wrestling savagely they struggled as they celebrated their physical union for the first time. It was happening, they'd thought of nothing else for so long that it blotted out all else except the exhilaration of being on with each other.

Rolling to the side Nicole threw her off and pushed her away. It left them lying on their sides facing each other and as she felt Nicole's fist in her belly she smashed her own in the other's face. It wasn't something that either could work with though and scrambling to their feet they moved back a bit. With no rules or rounds, no interference and those crowded along the side of the pen urging them on they'd be more careful now. Karen could feel her heart racing as she watched Nicole circle her. The feel of the other's strong, sweat slick body against her own had been good. Both of them were hungry for it, neither wanted to hit, that would come later, now as they crouched, arms out, fingers extended from their taped fists arched like talons to grip and tear, it was time to dig their fingers into the other's body and begin the punishment of the other that they hungered for.

Again Nicole moved first lowering her head and driving it into Karen's belly while at the same time reaching forward and sinking her nails into Karen's thighs. She could feel them digging into her flesh as Nicole's momentum carried them back and then the hot stinging feel of it as her back crashed into the side of the pen. Slumping to the floor she could do little other than drive her fist up into the black's breast before Nicole crashed down on top of her. Again they wrestled on the floor and their hands were driven within range by their flying fists they used their thumbs to rake and slice the other. Karen felt her head driven back as Nicole's fist found it and retaliated by burying her own in the black's belly, again and Nicole found her mound slashing, digging and then raking her fingers through it as Karen sank her own fingers deep into the other's breasts.

Together they wreathed like powerful snakes as they struggled but now more aware of the risks as well as the rewards they were more cautious. She felt Nicole slip her arm around her waist and quickly placing her hand across her face rolled on top. Quickly pressing her hand down she pushed her upper body away and drove her right fist up into her left breast and then as she felt Nicole arch her back beneath her rolled to the side and hooked it again up into the harsh curly mass of her cunt. Again she did it and a feeling of exultation swept over her as Nicole released her arm from around her waist and struggled out from beside her. Her objective had been achieved though and as they rose to their knees only a few feet apart she felt good about it.

She noticed that Nicole's fist was between her legs and when she withdrew it her wrist and the back of her hand were red from it. That was satisfying but she was starting to move backwards and off to the side now and moving forward she circled, keeping one hand on the floor and then slipping sideways to block her retreat. Reaching out she let her hand slide across the black's hard oiled back and as Nicole let her move above her they suddenly reared up on their knees to meet each other on the floor. Again they mounted a savage attack, like two pit bulls, their magnificently muscled thighs strained to push the other down as their gloved fingers struggled to find a grasp and as their slashing fingers would slip on sweat slick skin they'd form into fists which would follow to an open target. Karen was still exhilarated at the success of her cunting and tingling waves of pleasure mixed with caution coursed through her as they wrestled. She knew it would be the same for Nicole. This was they way they'd wanted it and only the savagery of the fisting could satisfy it.

They also sensed that they needed a respite and by unspoken agreement pushed back and moved apart and regained their feet. The testing, such as it was, was over and it wouldn't be luck or chance that would get them there now. The one that was the more clever, careful and quick would be the one likely to prevail and moving closer Karen noticed her thoughts mirrored on Nicole's face. Knowing it would be finished when only one of them could continue to enjoy what both had willingly started caused a sudden hot tingling sexual thrill run through her and she knew it would be the same for Nicole.

The five minute buzzer sounded as they began to circle for another attack and Nicole, reacting to it first, raised her hand and receiving Karen's acknowledgment began to move slowly backwards to her corner. Karen too, her fight lust moderating, backed away as well keeping her eyes on Nicole as she did so until she reached the relative safety of her end of the pen. Only then did each of them turn their attention to the two that waited for them.

Inge had boosted herself over the wall and was waiting and handing her a towel silently started to work the salve into the worst of what Nicole had managed to give her. It stung but as she finished wiping down with the towel and began to apply the Vaseline to the gouges on her thighs and ass it seemed to help. Her cheek was split but had stopped bleeding but not so with her lips and nose. They still weeped a bit but she brushed it away with her hand and noticed that the taping had already turned a pinkish red from it. Not all hers either looking across to Nicole noting where some of it had originated. The black's breasts were still leaking from where her fingers had set themselves but the one that gave her the most pleasure was the blood that still seemed to be streaming from her nose. It had covered the lower part of her face and now smeared with the sweat across her breasts seemed to cover them with a soft glaze that reflected under the ring light. As she moved to wipe her chin Karen noted that her taped fists were equally as red as her own.

Her breathing had returned to normal now. Not entirely but then it wouldn't. She was too much into it and felt the first surge of impatience as she waited for the buzzer to signal the fights resumption. Forcing herself to relax she leaned back against the wall while Inge, finished with her ministrations, took the towel and began to wipe down between thighs. Still keeping her attention centered on the black female glaring at her from across the pen she asked “well?”

“Well, it's fantastic” she replied breathlessly. “Better than I thought, much better” and suddenly standing up she wrapped her arm around her shoulders and whispered. “I can't believe it's this good. Do it to her, make her bleed and scream ” and pausing for a moment continued, “and you know I gotta do it too.” Karen said nothing but then pulling her cousins mouth against her own murmured “yeah, and your gonna.”

Reluctantly Karen pushed her away. Almost time now, less tha a minute left but as she felt her cousins lips against her neck, her tongue gently tasting the sweat she reached behind her neck and pulling her head forward heard her murmur of encouragement as she said ,

“your magnificent, do it to her, do it to her hard.”

It was only a moment and then it was over. Straightening up she moved away from the wall of the pen and dancing a bit in anticipation threw a few shadow punches as she waited for the buzzer. She was struck by the blackness of the room and how even those lounging silently over the other side of the wall were still mostly in shadow. The reflection from the pen highlighted their faces providing another sharp contrast but now the whiteness had been joined by some dark brownish splotches of stain along the sides and floor. And they weren't all that silent either as their soft conversations began to become more clear. It appeared that they'd also become a bit more mixed too and for the most part they'd be discussing their respective performances and readjusting the bets that they'd already placed. She knew that at least a few of them would also be discussing future arrangements of their own but seeing Nicole push herself away from her sister she brought herself back to the now of it and with a feeling of exhilaration mixed with apprehension started to move along the wall. It was time to do it and as the spectators began to applaud and offer encouragement from the shadows they started to move back to the center of the pen. The respite was over. Both had been cleaned and re-greased and now rested eager but more cautious were ready to resume the fighting. Steeling herself for the brutality that was to follow Karen forced all thoughts of anything except what she was there for from her mind and began to circle cautiously around her opponent in the center of the pen.

The desire to throw themselves against each other was over now. Their lust for that had been fulfilled and the seriousness of what they had to do was about to begin. Those lounging along the other side of the wall knew it too and as they positioned themselves to better observe what was about to happen she was vaguely conscious of considerably more bare flesh in evidence on the other side of the barrier and knew that they'd already begun to indulge their physical lust for the violence as they watched them begin their confrontation. She had the fleeting thought that perhaps their's would not be the only confrontation of the evening, frequently that was the case but then the five minute buzzer sounded and as it did the spectators cried out screamed for them to join and they moved to do so.

Nicole, sliding sideways and raising her fists in front of her invited Karen to come to her. Karen noticed with satisfaction that blood still seeping from her nose and mouth had again covered her breasts and now was smearing across her belly and thighs. There was a warmth about her as her fight lust began to build and as she moved a little closer she could feel her clit begin to push through her thick engorged labial lips as it started to swell in anticipation. The closeness of the room, the heat from the lights and the results of their exertions had coated their bodies in sweat sending small stinging rivers of heat and pain across where the other's fists and fingers had opened the skin but still both felt a shiver sweep through them as all thoughts of anything other than each other vanished and they moved closer into hitting range.

A few tentative taps, not enough to cause damage, more to develop the timing and they began. Nicole put her shoulder into a right to her breast and in response Karen brought her fist up into the bottom of the black's left breast letting the pleasure of the feel of driving into it's firmness and the grunt of pain it elicited sweep over her. She wanted to do it again and moved forward crowding her against the side of the pen but Nicole wouldn't let her though. Slipping sideways she circled behind her and as she turned to follow her the black lunged forward and pressed in against her. Her attack was more determined now and as her fists thudded into her body she felt herself driven back against the side of the pit. Too late she felt it against her back and as she tried to escape Nicole moved in to prevent it.

Furiously they fought toe to toe,, their breasts mashing together as their fists dug indiscriminately into each others sides. Too late Karen realized one of the problems of the pens design. Her back was up against the top of it and she couldn't move her arms effectively without smashing her elbows against it. It was an obvious reality that had escaped her but Nicole having fought in it before was using it to her advantage and throwing caution aside launched herself into Karen pinning her hard against the side and putting her entire weight into the attack drove heavy well placed punches into her crotch and up to her face. She could feel her viscera being pulverized with each thudding blow. She was trapped and could only move her arms desperately from side to side in a swatting motion as she tried to escape. Feeling herself slipping down the side she lowered her head and tried to struggle free to the center of the pen but Nicole in her fury thrust her forearm up against Karen's throat and pushing her back over the top of the wall began hooking her fist upward and into the sweaty mass of fur between her legs.

Her scream filled the small room bringing cheers from some of the spectators as she desperately tried to break free by pushing herself along the side of the pit. Nicole followed though, repeatedly clubbing her across the back of the neck and as she slumped to her knees danced forward and drove her right knee upwards unto her belly to send her sprawling to her back. Quickly dropping on top of her and pinning her upper arms with her knees she rolled forward to put her weight on them and then drove her fist into the side of her head.

She knew that much of this would finish her and desperately arching her back she raised her right leg up behind her back and locked it around her neck. It wasn't ideal and if given a moment Nicole could have pulled it off but with a quick wrenching show of determination she straightened her leg and rolled her to the side. It sent them both scrambling away on their hands and knees but Nicole regained her feet first and charged the still weakened Karen as she started to rise. Desperately Karen pushed herself into her as they met and wrapping her arms around her waist carried them both back to the floor of the pen.

Purely on reflex she pushed Nichol's head away with her left hand as they fell on their sides. Her right fist already drawn back was in position and she instinctively used it, driving it into her cheek as her head hit the floor. It stunned her and reopened the gash from earlier in the fight and as she clasped her hand to her cheek and pushed away Karen scrambled to her feet and stumbled along the side of the pen as she struggled to regain her senses. Nicole on her hands and knees was moving too though and while Karen knew she didn't have much time maybe Nicole wouldn't be quite so eager now. Desperately sucking air into her lungs she leaned against the side of the pen waiting for her to regain her feet. She noticed bleeding gashes on Nicole's back as she rose and felt a sense of satisfaction as she looked at her hands. The flaying about hadn't all been in desperation and the tape now blood red seemed almost slick and sticky. It also felt as if particles of flesh were buried beneath the finger nails and she knew that when they had been against the wall she had at least scored some hits. Only a few though she thought as she moved to meet the other. She'd feel the damage but wouldn't care and she'd have to find another way to bring her down.

From the shadows Inge had silently watched as they joined and unconsciously began moving in concert to the sight and sounds of it. She'd had no doubts as to what her reaction to it might be but now she found the sensation that it engendered almost indescribable. Her heart pounding and her breath came in shallow bursts as she watched their powerful bodies join each other and unconsciously her finger slipped between her thighs to slowly finger her moist, swelling clit as she let her eyes be drawn to Marla on the other side of the pen. Meeting her gaze, her face expressionless she returned Inge's look of silent challenge as they let their imaginations begin to stroke their own fight lust.

Determined to maintain her momentum Nicole moved into Karen's range and began a series of jabs and straight arm punches in an effort to force her to move back against the wall again. She did, not in retreat but enough to give herself some room and draw Nicole into following. She still needed time to recover from her beating and this was a way to do so. Letting her follow, always moving in a circular direction, she stayed near the center and kept her away from the sides of the pen.

Nicole had had enough. Impatiently she moved in, raising her right arm as a barrier before her she began driving her left into the firm, muscled expanse of Karen's belly. It would have been more effective if she'd attacked straight on but her fist skidded off to the side and as she stubbled past Karen delivered a clubbing blow to the back of her neck. It drove Nicole to her knees and quickly throwing herself onto her back she forced her head down with her left hand and began driving her right fist into her side and back. Feeling Nicole begin to slip forward she leaned forward wrapping her left arm under her throat and then pulling it back and pressing her thighs into the other's sides began driving her right fist alternately into either the side of her face or her right breast. In a savage frenzy and gasping for breath she continued to do it her swelling clit now moving erotically against the sweat slick skin of Nicole's back until finally, exhausted from her efforts and taking advantage of Nicole's confusion, she slipped her left arm beneath her left shoulder and yanking her up flipped her over on her back. Quickly lunging forward she drove her left knee onto Nicole's outstretched right biceps and pressing her left hand against the right side of her face arched her right shoulder back and hooked her right fist up between her legs. Shifting her weight to restrain her she did it again and then as Nicole began pushing up with her left leg she swivelled over her and drove her right knee into the same spot. Again she did it, the satisfying feeling between her legs growing even stronger and then finally as Nicole was able to extract her head from beneath her hand she reared back and throwing her left leg over Nicole's body, straddled her and began to rein blows into the her breasts and face in an indiscriminate frenzy until finally clasping her hands together she brought them downward in a clubbing blow across the front of her face.

The sound of fists striking flesh intermixed with either grunts of exertion or a cries of frustration brought corresponding cries of anguish or encouragement from those crowded around the pen but exhausted by their efforts and slippery from blood and sweat Nicole was able with a desperate heave to push Karen off and slide to the side. Not quite free she started to twist away but as she did Karen managed to thrust her thumb into her breast and pushing it in and twisting let it slice a deep bloody furrow in the gleaming black flesh as she scrambled to her feet.

Karen's effectiveness after the beating she'd administered had caught her by surprise and she appeared to be uncertain how to react and sensing it Karen pushed herself to her feet and moved to exploit it. The window of opportunity would be narrow and seizing it she pushed herself after Nicole. There was no dancing now as they crowded together. Just their fists at a furious point blank range but as Nicole was driven back to the side of the pen Karen lowered her shoulder and lunging into her drove her back against it. Leaning into her she held her there and drove her fist into the other's kidney before taking Nicole's weak left to her breasts in return. Again she did it and when rewarded with a quick agonized scream of pain she straightened up and drove a series of left's and rights into her now paralyzed body. Breasts deformed by the force of the punches as her fists disappeared into the swollen globes, then deeper into her belly breaching the muscle shield as first one fist and then the other almost disappeared into black flesh. Sobbing she staggered away grasping the side of the pen for support while Karen, pausing only a moment to savor the sight of it, followed. Pushing her right shoulder in under Nicole's left shoulder she forced her back until her back was again pinned against the wall of the pen then pushing in against her body, their breasts compressed together, she slipped her left hand under Nicole's right shoulder and wrapping it back around her throat twisted her to her left and exposing her lower body began driving her right fist up into the bloody sweat sodden mound between her legs.

Nicole's muffled screams mingled with Karen's grunts of exertion until finally exhausted she released her hand from around her throat and let her fall forward. Sobbing, grasping at her mound she buried her face in Karen's breasts and gasping for breath Karen supported her. Then as the spectators fell silent and her anguished moans of pain began to fill the room she grasped her by her arms she pushed her erect. Stepping back she measured her then drove her fist into the side of her face. A jolting left followed by a right, the force of it covering them and those standing behind them with a spray of blood and sweat. Still she remained on her feet and Karen, now trembling moved back in closer and using her foot persuaded Nicole's thighs to part for what she intended to do next.

Inge found herself arched out over the wall in anticipation, Paul's arm across her back, his hand slowly milking her turgid breast as they watched in fascinated silence. It was far better than she'd imagined, she could smell it, almost taste the need to do it like this and looking across the pen she knew where and with who it would happen. Suddenly grasping the top of the wall with both of her hands she almost shook it as she began screaming along with the rest for Karen to finish her.

Her breath coming in ragged bursts she turned to look at them and then turning back to Nicole standing splay legged before her she pushed her away until she sagged back against the side. Inge knew the black was finished but Karen wasn't. She'd want to take another measure of it before she finished her and holding her breath watched as she prepared to get it. She was a magnificent sight, standing menacingly over her opponent now sprawled back against the apron. Her body glistening with sweat and smeared with blood she was the epitome of everything She wanted for herself. Raising her arm she again looked at them, then at the others, her thumb silently asking the question and finding their raised found it's answer. Her powerful muscles back contracted as her fist was drawn and then as the sound of the sodden sound of her fists driving deliberately into Nicole's belly mingled with the screams of the spectators as they screamed their approval. Almost in a frenzy, as if her battle lust had maddened her the force of them drove Nicole back up over the top of the wall until finally losing consciousness she finally fell back to the floor of the pen. Weaving, staggering in exhaustion Karen paused, looking down at her for a moment and then dropping down straddled her. Inge felt Paul's hand tighten around her breast and as they both held their breath waiting for it to be finished. Her breath coming in short pants of pleasure Inge felt him grasp her hair with his other hand and turn her head toward the couple at the other end of the pen. Marla was facing them, Spectators now restraining the anguished Fred and she knew exactly what she was thinking. Nodding her head and smiling in acknowledgment she slumping against Paul and turned her attention back to where Karen sat mounted on Nicole's prostrate body in the center of the pen.

None had made any move to interfere with what had taken place before them. This was as it had to be and it would have to be finished by them. Nichol was still now though and Karen trembling with exhaustion, her body shaking, rose slowly to her feet and again straddling the fallen fighter raised her bloody arms over her head. It was over and as she slowly turned to salute the cheering spectators, her peach colored clit now emerging prominently from between the swollen lips of her cunt, they screamed their approval. The fighting had been brutal, her victory viciously decisive and with her arms still held proudly above her she posed above the crumpled and motionless figure of Nicole as they wildly applauded and cheered her victory