Shirley vs. Cora

The Gladiatrix's Playpen.

By; Teez

Chester maneuvered the Mercedes along the lane in silence as he let his imagination savor the thought of what waited for them now just a short distance away. Shirley hadn't said much for the last few miles but he knew that she would be thinking about it as well. Having nothing left to say that hadn't already been said he let his hand play softly along the firm flesh of her thigh as he thought back to the night before.

He'd always liked the before of “it.” Almost as much as the “it” itself and the night before was always the best. It had actually started up, again, several months earlier when Shirley announced that she wanted to accept Cora's challenge, if of course he was willing to underwrite the cost. He was, as was Cora's companion. It was a major interest and both of them as well as the others in the group were more than financially capable of supporting it and as a consequence it had taken little time for them to arrive at a preliminary agreement. A few calls to discuss the financial terms and the basic outline of the rules, or lack of them and after that a face to face meeting to finalize it.

That had been taken care of several days later when the four of them met at one of the “City's” exclusive private clubs. Very civilized of course. The women had been introduced over cocktails and after agreeing that it could be done, they had all retired to a private room for dinner. Both he and Alex had been more than pleased with how that had worked out. The women had intentionally worn clothing and accessories that served to display their more obvious physical qualifications for what they were discussing and the dinner conversation had served to emphasize and confirm this and to put it into context. Cora had wanted stud gloves and fight in a pen specially designed for those with a taste for this type of blood sport. Shirley, while agreeing to the pen had preferred to use tiger gloves and in the end that's what was settled on. That along with the decision that they would wear whatever, if anything, they deemed appropriate for the occasion. They'd also acknowledged the obvious that since it was to be a pen fight there could be no rounds or rest periods and that the last woman standing, or the survivor, would be the winner. He felt a flush of anticipation as he remembered their confrontation as they parted. Both of them had risen and as they'd approached the door, turned to face each other. They'd been close, each a muscular bare arm around the other in a loose embrace as Cora had murmured

“your sure you really want to do this with me are you?”


“Yeah” responded Shirley, her voice husky with emotion as she let her fingers trace a soft line across Cora's bare arm “I'm very sure and I think I want it even more now than I did before” and with a soft laugh continued, “actually I think we'd probably do it for free if we had too wouldn't we?”


“Probably” replied Cora giving Shirley's hand a soft squeeze let her mouth meet the other's in a long kiss.


They'd been pleased with the arrangement. It had become increasingly difficult to find a fighter that could provide a match for Shirley but Cora seemed to be all of that. Both were big, strong, well muscled women with a demonstrated taste for the brutal violence that sport fighting required and the physiological qualifications required to engage in it. Their background and training were also similar both having migrated from marginal existence's in search of a success that had ultimately lead them to the underground fighting circuit. The process that had lead them to it and their experience's there had served to ensure that both of them were not only well matched but also willing and capable of providing the level of competition required for these types of affairs.

Yesterday's workout had been a light one and in the evening they'd relaxed a bit and reviewed several of the tapes that had been exchanged. One in particular had been of special interest. It showed two women, Cora and a big blond and the blonds reaction to the reality of it. Apparently uncertain and soon unwilling it had been necessary for both of the their males to wrestle her into the pit so that it could begin. Once in she tried to scramble out, pleading with her husband and the guests but they'd ignored her and encouraged by the guests he'd kicked her back into the pit. She'd fought back, angry at first and then in desperation as Cora, her bloodlust wetted by her opponents fear had smashed her big hard taped fists into the blonds head and body almost at will. Into her breasts and belly, up to the face, destroying it until in the end she had held her up to finish her. With the spectators lusty screams urging her on she had placed a forearm against her throat and pressing her against the side of the pit buried her bloody fists repeatedly into the woman's lower body before allowing her to fall. They had looked at it several times, each time more caught up in the violence until finally Shirley had cried out for Cora to kill her. She liked watching it, said it put her in the right frame of mind and he'd enjoyed that too. Of course she knew what he was feeling, played with it and when they did get to it the pre-fight sexual experience had been even more sensational than usual.

It was their first time here, either as a participant or a guest but it appeared well suited for it's purpose. A little more, off the road and onto a country lane and then they were there. A rather non-decrypt rambling country house with a driveway curving around the back to a rather newish looking, long low barn. Not pretentious but private and rounding the house he drove the car into the barn and nestled it in along with the thirty or so already there. Glancing briefly at Shirley he slipped wordlessly from the car and rounding it helped her out and grabbing the fight kit followed her up the walk to the house.

Alex was waiting for them opening the door before they had a chance to knock and wordlessly motioning for them to enter. Soft lights, a plain room that didn't appear to be much used and the figure of Cora waiting silently in a dimly lit doorway against the far wall her body was outlined through a thin cotton dress. He could see that she appeared to be wearing her fighting harness beneath it. Shirley moved cautiously closer to the figure in the doorway as the men openly devoured the sight of the other fighter.

Alex broke the silence by softly urging them to follow him and the four of them quickly slipped through the doorway and down the hallway that it opened on. Chet watched her move ahead of them thinking not for the first time that some women, and men, just seemed to be born or bred for it. Fighting acted as an aphrodisiac stoking their addiction to the violence that could only be satisfied only by engaging in personal combat He knew that by the time they had reached the level of the two walking ahead of him they frequently did it just for the sport of it. They took pleasure in it, sought it out and not incidentally, profited handsomely from the performances that were arranged to accommodate them by their growing group of supporters. And this one was obviously cut from the same mold as Shirley he thought as he watched her precede him down the hallway. Moving with the lithe grace of a cat, her muscular thighs and powerful back muscles working in concert through the thin shift she gave every appearance of being the superb fighting female animal that she was. He found himself wondering just how it would turn out but of course Shirley was very much like her and as Alex opened another door the sound and smells of those already there rushed to meet them.


“The first's done” he announced “they're cleaning up now and it'll be a few before the next. We'll get you some drinks and we can watch them get ready.”

“That would be the one before us” said Shirley as she watched Cora silently moving down the hall before her?

“Yeah” responded Alex. “One's an Asian, a Jap I think and the other's a black from here and they look to live up to their promise.”

“You said something about them having done it before with each other. That true” asked Shirley.

“Couple of times” responded Chet as he reached for the door and laughing softly as he opened it continued “which means there'll be no fourth but I've got to think it's going to get you and Cora to go em one better when it's your time.”


Saying nothing Shirley stepped in front of Chet and the two women preceded ahead of them into the room. It large, actually two combined but mostly dark except for the light over the pen shining through a pungent layer of smoke to reflect on those gathered in the shadows around it. More than she expected from the cars she thought. Probably seventy or so and quickly doing the arithmetic smiled at the result. Knowing that the price of entrance and that the winners of the fights split eighty percent of that among themselves she silently toted up the third she considered already hers. Still mentally dwelling on the financial potential she moved through the crowd nodding a few greetings, some of them to previous opponents, as she made her way to the side of the pen. The money always had been one of the most important parts of it she thought as she reached the side of it. Not the only part of course but important for sure and smiled to herself as she recalled how that had all come about.

She'd always been a big girl, strong, quick with her temper and naturally inclined to violence. She also possessed more than a willingness to use her fists, frequently just for the thrill of it. It was that and the reputation she earned in the process that had caused her to migrate to anonymity of a much larger northern city while still in her early twenties. There a few jobs, mostly as a waitress, but it supported her search for the diversions of the cities counter culture clubs and it was there that she found the opportunity to indulge her taste for physical violence. It was also where she found her aggressive inclinations channeled into a more interesting and profitable venue and one she had been quite eager to embrace.

Very simply it involved participating in staged challenge fights for money at one of the more extreme underground clubs. Billed as Dyke Fight Night it had catered to a more select clientele, higher paying connoisseurs so to speak and since she had an unusually brutal way of winning her fights, from both her own and the satisfaction of the spectator's perspective, it hadn't taken long to develop a following. It had afforded her a lot of personal attention of course, some of it interesting and if it was worthwhile she returned it but the night the note was passed had been different. No promises or questions just an invitation to discuss areas of mutually beneficial interests and equating benefits with money she'd accepted. Only a few days later she'd found herself in a fashionable sitting room discussing those areas of mutual interest with an attractive older woman. Her name was Karlie and after some polite small talk the conversation turned to her performance in the clubs. From there the discussion had centered on some of the finer points of fighting such as why it generated so much interest in certain circles, what type of people were involved and for what reasons and lastly, why she herself was involved in it. This last part of it had generated the most of the ensuing discussion and when Shirley had said that she was attracted to the thrill of the fighting just for itself and that there were no limits that she considered too extreme Karlie had been very pleased. It had been at this point that the other woman had said there were an increasing number of women that felt as she did and that she owned a small, exclusive fitness club that catered to those with a taste for such things.

Actually she continued, hers was one of several established for the purpose, both here and abroad, all of which had the primary objective of providing those inclined with the opportunity to witness or participate in private sport fights. You mean like in the clubs Shirley had responded. Not exactly she'd responded. Most of those that belong and all of those that participate are in top physical condition and target their training regimen exclusively with that objective in mind. By that you mean that they train exclusively to become competitive fighters asked Shirley. Actually a bit more like gladiatrix's responded Karlie. Many have reached a level where they are now the physical equal of most men and have acquired extensive training in various combat sports. When she'd inquired about how opponents were chosen Karlie had responded that they were usually but not always chosen from opposing clubs and as a consequence the arrangements were very much more intensely competitive. In particular she had continued, the type of arrangements that they chose to participate in are to say the least extreme. Actually as I've already suggested they're a bit more like the games of ancient Rome where physically powerful females, specially trained and conditioned, indulged in individual combat. Needless to say these games were by design rather brutal not to mention bloody sporting events. And she added since fighting is the ultimate and most stimulating of the blood sports replicating those conditions to the degree possible is our ultimate objective.

And there would be money involved asked Shirley? Of course she had continued, money is always an incentive and the fights are always heavily subscribed and the winners benefit from significant wagering as well. I think you will also find our membership very generous to those that provide particularly satisfying performances. Not waiting for her to reply she went on to say that if Shirley were interested she would find employment at the center sufficiently lucrative in and by itself and that the arrangements she might agree to participate in considerably more so. As for her duties at the center they would involve conditioning and preparing herself for physical involvement as the membership's representative in the activities that might be arranged for her and when not otherwise engaged provide some level of assistance in the physical training regimens of the members. She had gone on to say that there would be some travel involved and that all of her expenses would be provided for.

Of course she'd been interested, very much so and had accepted with little hesitation. The clubs offered little in the way of challenge or stimulation and the opportunity to be matched against more qualified opponents for more worthwhile reasons had been too exciting to refuse. She'd thrown herself into the environment of the club with enthusiasm finding it's resources and Karlie's sponsorship ideal. In the process she'd become comfortable with both the club and the people that frequented it finding them considerably more sophisticated with respect to their inclinations, both sporting and otherwise and much more in keeping with her own. As for the club itself she found the atmosphere quite conducive to the activities it promoted. It was designed to permit personal frictions between the members to be developed into the arrangements and frequently the opportunity to satisfy her own physical inclinations. As far as Karlie they'd been close. Not that it was her regular thing but she had found her exciting and found she rather liked hanging with another woman twice her age, one who shared her interests and especially one who could provide her with almost everything she wanted or needed. And of course it had been through her that she had met Chet. That thought brought her back to the present and reaching the wide stepped seating area that surrounded the fighting area she moved down to the edge of it.

This room she noted was bigger but other than that it was similar to Karlie's. Like her's it was dominated by a pen about five feet deep and twenty feet square with the fighting surface and both sides of the walls around it covered with padded canvas. Surrounding it was a three foot walkway and in back of that a shallow carpeted step about five feet wide that extended along each side of the pen containing a few couches along with some scattered tables and chairs. Along the back walls were several service bars and a wider area for walking around the room.

As interest had grown so had the money that supported it and with one leading the other the level of the violence had grown as well. Now with the more common use of performance enhancing drugs it was to the point where the survival of both of the participants was no longer assured.. Which was one of the primary reasons for the remoteness of the locations where it took place. Nodding in satisfaction she noted the old stains on the floor of the fighting area and let the familiar fragrance's of what had taken place before seep into her conscious before turning away to silently mingle with the rest and wait for the next fight to start.

Chet and Alex were still huddled with the woman finishing up the arrangements and she knew that at a minimum that the money would be substantial. For the winner at least and of course there'd be the side money too, not just from Alex but from most of the others as well and that was even better. She knew she'd get a good cut of that depending and if all went as she anticipated the evening would be not only physiologically and physically stimulating but profitable. Suddenly conscious of somebody beside her she turned to find a younger woman offering her a drink. Barely out of her teens she thought and then noting her big muscular body mused that serving drinks was probably more of a side job around here. Accepting it she nodded her thanks and moved on through the crowd.

They were all more or less familiar she thought as she took a sip of her drink. As for the group it was much the same, predominately women some discreetly masked to conceal their identity and she smiled as the effect of the drink started to set in. Each place was different but all strived to provide a chemically stimulating refreshment which combined with the ubiquitous use of good weed served to enhance what they'd come to experience.

And I'm starting a little late she thought as she took another sip while taking note of the effect that it was already having on some of the others. Two women, forties, heels and short sifts were engaged in a low key but animated discussion as several of their friends stood close by. She knew how it was arrived at but a challenge was being discussed and they would reach agreement and later the two of them along with selected friends to encourage them would retire to a private, soundproofed room to exercise their physical inclinations to the satisfaction of at least one of them. Be interesting to watch she thought before moving on. The were both of a size and obviously had the physical qualifications as well as the inclinations to do what they were discussing. An acquaintance here and there, a word of encouragement and everywhere a sense of anticipation and the warm, subtle aura of sexual tension and excitement lingering from the previous fight.

Continuing on she slowly made her way through the crowd. Like the two she'd just passed most were dressed, costumed might be the more appropriate term, to best display their physical talents. She knew that those talents, when combined with their obvious and overt sexuality, would compel many to the type of private arrangements that several appeared to be already discussing. Another sip and then a murmur of excitement as they crowded together and watched the next two female fighters enter the room.

Alex was probably right she thought, about it being a good one. Typically both were big, wearing hooded sleeveless mini robes that fell to the hip and heeled fighting sandals. Both were also wearing sports masks that offered some protection to the upper part of their face the lower part of which along with their bare arms gleamed with a thick coat of oil and as they made their way to the pen the crowd parted around them. Slipping over the side they strode to the center of it scowling silently at each other as they waited to be prepared for the fight while the crowd gathered about the edge to watch making themselves comfortable as they offered their encouragement and suggestions. Shirley did as well and seeing Chet making his way to her she moved to the walkway surrounding the pen and made sure that there was room for him to join her. It was almost at hand now and as he pushed in beside her the woman he'd been talking to at the door, the fight mistress accompanied by an assistant slipped into the pen. The spectators were becoming more restive now and Shirley was conscious also of another feeling, that of impatience as she accepted another offered drink. The rest of those in the room were becoming impatient as well and as the two were gloved for the fight the room erupted in even more enthusiastic cries of approval and encouragement as they urged them to hurry. Glancing around at the activity along the sides of the pen she noticed that Cora was directly across from her on the other side and after smiling a greeting which the other acknowledged both returned their attention to what was taking place in the pen.

They appeared to be capable of doing what they were there for. Big but not fat and their physical development gave evidence to the seriousness that they both brought to it. She guessed them to be around 200 pounds, maybe a little less and a bit shy of six feet but it was difficult to tell since the high heeled sandals added at least an inch to their height. Strapped tightly around the calf and ankle the modified sole extended only to the arch, supporting just the heel and leaving the front part of the foot bare which displayed the muscular development of their powerful legs to their best advantage. Except for tiny fighting thongs that were visible beneath the robes that appeared to be it. Promising she thought and felt her pulse quicken as she transferred her attention to the binding of their hands, and bloody. Their handlers were almost done fitting the gloves now and although she knew how they were constructed she leaned closer for a better look. As she suspected they were bag gloves specially enhanced for this type of fighting. Mittens really since they encased just the four fingers of the hand leaving all of the thumb back to the palm free. Snugged to the wrist by elastic the hitting surface would be constructed with hardened leather lightly padded across the knuckles to lessen the force of the blows in the interest of prolonging the fighting. The thumb nails would be filed too. They'd be as short, hard and as sharp as possible and smiling to herself she dragged her own gently across her bare arm in a mental comparison. She rather imagined that both of them would be using them to roughen the hardened hitting surface to increase the damage they could inflict. It would take a bit of cleaning up after these two were through and taking another sip from her drink returned her attention to those gathered around her watching the preparations.

Aside from the two women she'd noticed earlier there appeared to be other's who had arrived at a like mind. Coupled for now their attention devoted to what was unfolding before them she knew their arrangements could have been made in advance with tonight's performances only serving as a stimulating catalyst for their own. Some would be males matched by their female's, a few would be between a male and a female but most would be women fighting savagely to assert their dominance and subdue another in front of a select group of admirers and lovers. The ultimate in performance would be demanded, no quarter given, the common denominator being their addiction to extreme sport fighting and the physical and financial qualifications that permitted them to participate in it. Recognizing several she knew from past experience, their nodded acknowledgments bringing memories of how they'd met and other's by reputation while the rest were mostly those that patronized the sport while participating in private arrangements among themselves.

Her reverie interrupted by an exclamation from the spectators she returned her attention to the center of the pen where the mistress was motioning for their attention. Watching her move around it giving it a quick inspection she thought fifties probably, not tall but powerfully built and smiling to herself thought, and letting it all hang out. Also probably eastern European as well noticing her unshaven legs and arms that were covered with fine, tight, curly ringlets of hair. Heels to show off her muscular legs, brief leather shorts and a modified leather vest open to display the proud thrust of her breasts and that was it. She knew she would also be a player and was advertising it as she raised her arms to quiet them.


“Well, has your appetite been wetted” she began and in response to their cries of approval continued, “next in the pen are, and pointing to the two fighters announced “on my right is Kiko. She's at 197 for tonight, has not had a fight in four months” and acknowledging the spectators murmur of approval added, “but she's been waiting for this one so you know what that means don't you?”

Their response was subtle but unmistakably positive and as she turned to the Black soft exclamations of impatience could be heard.

“On my left, at 202 and from Detroit who also hasn't had a fight in the same amount of time and for the same reason, Melda.” Stepping back as the sound of their excited chatter broke out she paused and then ordered “disrobe.”

Most thoughts of frustration and impatience caused by her own wait for the pen were gone now and catching Cora's eye from across the pen she knew that she'd feel the same. The physical violence and the blood letting that they were about to witness would serve to increase their own appetite and sharpen their appreciation of it and forcing herself to relax she returned her attention to the pen and began her evaluation of the two fighters.

The Jap although not quite as big and with small regular features somehow appeared the more formidable. Now with the robe was off she did have a bit of fat, mostly across her shoulders and around her belly but her upper arms were heavily developed and even with the layer of fat the shoulders showed evidence of considerable development. Relatively small breasted she thought but interestingly she seemed to have it for tattoos. That, for some reason, was exciting. She'd thought of having one herself but maybe the Jap's were too extreme. Something like a flower on her shoulder, the usual bands of design on an upper arm and ankle but the most interesting was a depiction of a winged woman rising from the vee between her legs that spread across her abdomen. Somehow it matched the cats eyes and whiskers painted on the front of her mask. Letting the thought go she transferred her attention to the Black.

The fighter Melda was another matter. A little bigger with just a trace of fat around the waist and hips but her upper body gave no sign of it and her muscular development in that area was impressive. Her black mask was unadorned. Seeing the mistress motion for the two of them to join her Shirley leaned closer along with the rest and waited to hear what she had to say next.

“As you know” she began, her voice amplified by a directional mike, “Kiko and Melda are already acquainted with each other. They have been put at each other twice before with each prevailing once. Which is fortunate” she continued with a trace of satisfaction, “Since it is for the third and final time and the winner will take the loser in the manner of her choosing. I'm sure you are all familiar with the terms of such an arrangement. And now, with your wagers tallied and your tastes wetted, there is no reason why we should not begin” and looking at the fighters, “is there?”

Kiko's response was unintelligible but her evil smile as she danced about smacking her fists together made her answer obvious. Melda simply raised her arms in a silent acknowledgment and as they turned for the crowds inspection, their oiled bodies gleaming under the light, they raised their arms in salute. Then as the background lights dimmed to only a single bright bulb over the pen the mistress shouted


“no rounds, no rules, to the finish” and with a wave she stepped back and slipped out of the pen.

Shirley exchanged a brief speculative glance with Cora on the opposite side of the pen. Of course their time would come but for now it was this and returning her attention to the fighters her thoughts of what lay in store for her faded as she watched them begin to circle each other in the center of the pen.

The Black, Melda, had her back to her and as she silently admired the woman's powerful physic She was probably bigger than she'd thought. Big arms, thick heavy wrists and powerful shoulders, a broad muscular back and powerful legs accentuated by the large, black fleshy globes of her ass completed the picture. Watching her suddenly lunge toward the other fighter she thought that while she might not be as quick or graceful as the Jap she was certainly built for fighting as she watched the other fighter dance quickly out of the way. Kiko looked at least five pounds lighter no matter the stats and shorter by an inch or two and while she wasn't as heavy through the arms and shoulders her legs were just as impressive. Over all she exhibited a physical capability that at least in the past had obviously been competitive. There was also some scar tissue on her lower face and more scar lines on her breasts and belly that seemed at odds with the tattoo.

Melda was back now, shuffling in closer and coming within arms length she lunged again. This time the Jap wasn't able to totally escape and the Black's fist glanced off her ribs directly below her right breast. She let it carry her around and as the Melda slipped by she clubbed her on the back of her head with her left fist and as she stumbled, swung her right into the side of her face.

Both had drawn blood. The Jap a large red seeping bruise below her ribs and the Black bleeding freely from a cut on her right cheek. Couldn't hardly give first blood to either she thought as the spectators around her growled their approval. And it hadn't slowed them down either as the Black used the side of the pen to push off to find her.

She was waiting, and as Melda straightened up she drove her right fist into the her meaty left breast and then quickly stooped and throwing her whole weight behind it hooked it upwards into her cunt. An involuntary shriek of surprise the squealing in shock the Black wrapped her heavy arms around her and threw them both forcefully against the side of the pen while she waited for the pain to subside. Now it was her turn and as the Jap struggled clear of her and slipped away she charged after her delivering a barrage of blows. The force of them drove her back against the wall and then crowding against her the Black forced her up against the side of it until her back was arched over the top. Not very artful she thought, more brute strength and anger, but it worked and when Kiko finally struggled away she looked the worse for it. Rolling along the side of the pen she pushed past her and gaining the center wiped the blood from her face as the big Black swung around to find her. She was a bit too satisfied with herself though and as she savored the results Kiko cocked her right leg and buried the heel of her sandal in her left breast. Falling back, screaming with pain, her hand clutching her breast, she staggered against the side of the pen as the Jap lunged after her. There was no finesse to it, she simply moved in with her fists and hit everything that presented itself and as Melda desperately tried to cover up she wrapped her left arm around her neck and forcing her against the side drove her right fist repeatedly into the struggling woman's face.

Shirley felt her hand tighten. Kiko's fists and the trapped woman's face were rapidly turning red indicating that Melda was getting some of it back. Desperately reaching up she blindly tried to deflect her fists but the Jap tightened her arm around her neck and using her body forced her down into a lying position on the floor with her back against the wall as she continued to smash her right fist into her head twisting it as she did to scrape and tear the skin and start even more of a blood flow.

The spectators were more vocal now, crowding to the edge shouting their encouragement and as they jostled against her the noise rising in a frenzy around her Shirley was conscious of her own increasing level of physical arousal The fighters were sprawled together only feet away, their sweat slick bodies smeared with blood. Kiko had angled her body over her now, almost sitting on her hip her arm tightened around the Black's neck now trapped beneath the crook of it. Her exertions were taking their toll though and as she relaxed slightly, gasping for breath, the Black reached around her back and burying her sharpened thumb nail into the fullness of her exposed ass savagely raked it tearing a deep bloody furrow in the glistening sweaty flesh. Under the circumstances it was about all she could have done but it worked and as Kiko involuntarily straightened up, her mouth open in a scream of rage and pain, Melda pushed her away and slowly sat upright on the floor where she'd been trapped.

Massaging the wound she moved away and Shirley could see the flow of blood from it streaming down the back of her thigh. The Black's face wasn't much better she thought. Blood seeped from below the mask from where the Jap's fists had cut her around the eyes and that from the cut on her cheek and from her mashed lips created a steady flow that was quickly covering her breasts with a glistening reddish sheen.. She'd probability also broken her nose she thought as she watched her snort blood from it. Now, with her mouth open as she gasped for breath and a murderous look on her face she pushed herself off from where she had been resting and slouched toward where the Jap was waiting for her.

Those crowded around the pen were quieter now as they waited for them to close. A few cries encouragement or murmured comments to those around them but Shirley's attention was drawn to Cora returning her attention from the other side of the pen. Leaning forward, her elbows on the top of the retaining wall, she seemed to stand out from those pressed in around her. She was also aware of Shirley's attention and raising her arms she ran her fingers through her hair and thrusting her upper body forward over the top of the pen she provocatively shook her swelling sweat slick breasts slowly from side to side in a provocative undulating motion. Suddenly extending her tongue she let it creep up across her upper lip until it delicately caressed her nose. It was both an erotic exhibition and an interesting physical ability and the sexual nature of it was not lost on Shirley. It was also in a way the ultimate physical challenge and she felt a shudder of anticipation as she watched the brunette slip her hands beneath her breasts, cupping and fondling them as she displayed to Shirley her willingness to put them to the ultimate risk.

A frenzied cry of satisfaction from the spectators returned their attention to the pen in time to see the Black launch herself, arms outstretched, in the direction of the Jap. She'd maneuvered her along the wall and as the force of the collision drove her into it she wrapped her arms around her waist and wrestled her back into the angle of one of the corners. Forcing herself in against her she lifted her until her head and shoulders were above the top of the pen's side and as the force of the impact snapped her head back it sent a shower of sweat and blood over the nearer spectators. Tightening her grip around her waist she pushed in against her forcing her back even more tightly into the corner and burying her face between her breasts. The spectators crowded in closer now voicing suggestion to one or the other and as Kiko placed her hands on her shoulders in a desperate effort to push herself away Melda, appearing to follow one of them, sank her teeth into the now exposed breast as a roar of approval from the watching crowd washed over them. Screaming in shock and pain the Jap smashed the palm of her glove against the Black's forehead pushing her mouth away and as Melda face came away from her breast she desperately dragged her thumb nails across her face. It left bloody furrows and caused her to loosen her arms and as she moved to wipe the blood from her eyes Kiko thrust her away and clutching her breast lurched to the center of the pen.

Both were showing signs of the fight's toll now and the sound of their harsh and labored breathing amplified by the directional mike's in the ceiling was clearly audible above the background sounds from the crowd. Turning after her Melda slowly moved to the center of the pen still wiping the blood from her eyes with the palm of her gloves as the screaming spectators urged them together again..

The blood was still seeping through Kiko's fingers as Melda cleared the last of it from her eyes. She appeared to be a bit apprehensive now and seemed to move away, crouching lower and raising her arms but as the big Black approached she suddenly lunged forward and buried her right fist into the her unprotected belly midway between her navel and the lush patch of womanhood between her legs. Her agonized grunt was drowned out by the cry of the crowd and as she staggered back, doubled over almost paralyzed with pain, the Jap leaped after her. Setting herself she cocked her left fist and drove it into the side of the Black's head and as she was driven around by the force of it she hooked her right into the front of her face. The effect was instantaneous. A spray of blood and sweat splattered the spectators and as she fell back onto the side of the pen they moved back from the edge for a moment before crowding back as Kiko moved cautiously closer. Too close considering her position and as she paused Melda drove her right leg upward burying her foot between the other's legs.

Now it was her turn and clutching herself and shrieking in pain she staggered backwards to the other side of the pen as Melda slowly pushed herself upright and regained her feet. Not much effort to clear the blood from her face this time and probably useless to try Shirley thought. A thick stream of it oozed from her broken nose and newly ruined mouth and all of it was finding it's way to her upper body to smear with the sweat and oil on her arms, shoulders, breasts and belly. The Jap appeared less marked although her face was a bit battered and the ragged gouge on her ass as well as the teeth marks on her breast still seeped blood. The results also covered her upper body in much the same way as the Black's and under the glare of the single light above the pen their bodies gleamed with the evidence of the carnage they'd inflicted on each other.

Shirley thought there seemed to be a sense that it was nearing the end as she watched the Black herd the Jap to the side of the pen. The room temperature had risen, the air conditioner overwhelmed by the pack of the crowd, and the flimsy clothing they were wearing was now plastered to their bodies as they pressed hard against each other vociferously screaming and shouting their support and encouragement. Their lustful level of excitement was rising as they anticipated the end and she knew that what she saw in their faces would also be reflected in her own. Breathing deeply she let the scent of the sweaty, blood soaked bodies in the pen mingle with that of stale marihuana and the pungent odor of sexual pheromones and adding her voice urged her to complete her destruction.

Lunging forward she smashed into the Jap and both crashed into the side of the pen before falling to the floor their arms and legs entwined together in a furious tangle. The Black was mostly on top covering the Jap with her body and as they watched she caught one of her legs between her own and wedging her left arm under her chin stretched her out beneath her. She tried to bridge out with her free leg but Melda rolled against it and as she did she drove her right fist into Kiko's exposed side. Again and then again and as she flopped around trying to escape she twisted her over on her side and began driving it repeatedly into her breasts and belly. She was screaming now the sounds of it mixing with the Black's grunts of physical exertion and the volume on the sound system had been increased to make it audible over the sounds of the crowd. They were all the same now, the ones who would and those that would watch all voicing their lusty appreciation. More flesh gleamed in the shadows surrounding the pen now as some of the spectators shed sweat soaked clothing and coiled together along the side of the pen. The fighters were joined tightly together rolling on the floor struggling for survival and as they watched Kiko struggled free. Pushing Melda onto her back she put her hands on her shoulders and frantically began driving her knee into the matted fur protruding from the patch between the Black's wide spread legs. Grunting with the effort the Black pushed her away, first with a hand across the Jap's face and then by driving her fist into her belly until she rolled away on hands and knees gasping for breath.. Melda rolled after her slowly climbing to her feet as the other fighter leveraged herself up the side of the pen. Neither was eager to close the distance and for a long moment they just stared at each other as the amplified sound their labored breathing washed over the crowd. Then, breaking the moment Kiko raised her fists and started to circle away from the side as Melda moved after her. They were now in the center and neither appeared ready to retreat. Melda first with a feint to the head quickly followed by a hooking fist to the breast and then Kiko moved in closer and drove her right fist into the Black's belly. Both were well inside the other's range, determined to make their stand and as they did the sound of their fists striking flesh was clearly audible over the roar of the crowd. Neither tried to protect themselves not having much left but the Black seemed to have more than the Jap and slowly maneuvered her to the side. Slipping a straight armed punch to her head over her shoulder she pushed in against her and delivered a series of short hard punches to her belly that finally forced her back to the side. A final lunge and she lost her balance and as she fell she hooked her arms over the top of the wall for support. Shirley felt quickening sense of anticipation as Melda threw herself after her. Crouching slightly set herself and then buried her right fist into the Japs guts and then setting herself again she hooked it into her unprotected face.

Ordinarily it would have sufficient but she was as weary as the Jap and the force of it merely straightened her up against the side of the pen to wait slackly for the end. Pausing, savoring what she was about to do and then in a fury she began driving her big meaty fists into her body the sound of it rising in a crescendo to join that of the Jap's mewling grunts of pain and fear as the room erupted in a roar of approval. A final crunching left into the face drove her to the side and as she started to crumple to the floor it was followed by a savage right that drove her into the wall in a final spray of sweat and blood. She hung there, limply sprawled along the top of it as Melda raising her arms in victory paraded around the edge of the pen acknowledging the lusty cheering accolades of the crowd .

Shirley exhaled slowly. She'd been holding her breath at the end and knew that one would have to be pretty sure of winning before agreeing to the consequences of losing considering what was to happen next. Stooping Melda stepped on first one and then the other glove pulling them from her hands and then retrieved a large, specially designed rubber dildo from the side of the pen where it had been placed for her. This one was meant to pleasure one not two and waving it triumphantly over her head she slipped the smooth end of it between the thick swollen lips of her cunt. The assistant had joined her now and slipping behind her she quickly cinched the supporting straps pulling it deeply into her oozing cleft. The Jap was beginning to stir now slowly becoming more aware of what was about to happen and the girl quickly pulled her from the side and began wrestling her to the center of the pen. Smiling in anticipation Melda watched silently stroking the thick cruel ridges of the device protruding from between her legs as she savored the thought of what was to come next.

She was silent but she felt a rising excitement as she waited along with the rest for it to begin. Slowly letting her fingers play gently with the tip of the dildo she moved to stand at Kiko's feet as she watched the girl force her to her back in the center of the pen. Moving quickly to her head she grasped her wrists and placing her feet on her shoulders she pulled her arms above and then in back of her. Looking up at Melda she silently nodded that she was ready. Dropping to her knees between the Jap's flaying legs Melda wrapped her arms around her knees and forced her legs up beside her as she thrust her body forward between her legs. Releasing them she let them flop back over her thighs and grasping her ass with her left hand she used her right to guide the tip of the dildo into her cunt. Slowly caressing the Jap's white trembling thighs she savored what she had achieved and what she was about to do and then reaching beneath her she set her fingers like talons into her ass and lifted her slightly as the tip of the mighty prick slid deeper into her body. Pausing to look around the pen, her face asking the question and then with a triumphant cry and a mighty thrust she drove it into the screaming Kiko as she frantically arched her body and tried to struggle free. It was no use, she was not to be denied and as the girl released her grip and scrambled away Melda threw her self forward onto her body and with a rolling thrusting movement, her scream of lusty pleasure blending with that of the crowd, and began to savagely rape her.