Megan & Sophie II
The English Scene By TEEZ

Janine had knelt to attend to the blond while the black, her arms raised in victory, pranced around the pen. No matter, it was time for her and Sophie to be prepared for their fight and giving it all a last glance Megan turned and made her way through the crowd to the prep room. Some of the crowd followed and as she joined her opponent in the cleared area they closed in around them.

A moments silent appraisal and then as the chatter resumed around them their men moved in back and began to unhook them from their dress's. Sophie's first and then hers crumpled to the floor and stepping out of them they presented their bodies to be oiled. Megan found herself a bit surprised at the size of her. She was bigger than she'd appeared in the dress but not appreciably so and she felt a shiver of anticipation as she let her eyes travel over her body. Very strong, anybody of their size and fighting weight would be, a pale complexion with short, dark hair with a thin line of it highlighting her upper lip. It also showed as a shadow beneath her arms and as a rather virulent patch between her legs. She'd carefully trimmed her's and thought her pale gold color would make a nice contrast. Just thinking about it she briefly tightened her hands into fists before extending the fingers so could Lyle tape her hands and fit the gloves. The tape took awhile, it had to be just right, but that finished the gloves were a task of only a minute. Made of tight gloving leather padded across the top of the hand they extended only to the second knuckle and were extremely tight and she rather liked them. Tim, Sophie's man, had finished with her's now and reaching for the face protector began fitting it to her head. Fashioned after masks worn by basketball and other sports players to prevent or protect an injury it consisted of a leather covering that extended from the hairline to the bridge of the nose with two tails on either side of the head that passed above and below the ears. When properly fitted and secured by lacing at the back of the head that pulled it tightly about the face it's appearance was a that partial mask which by design offered some protection to the eyes while leaving the lower part of the face and the ears exposed. That it also gave them a definitely gladiatorial appearance wasn't lost on those watching from behind the wall. Lyle was finished with her hands now and as he set about fitting hers to her head she began to deliberately drive her left fist into the palm of her right hand as she somewhat reluctantly admired the effect the mask contributed to her opponents appearance. Smiling coldly Sophie mimicked her and it brought a snicker of appreciation from the crowd around them. Done now and as Lyle finished knotting the laces at the back of her head and stepped away Sophie gestured impatiently for her to precede and the two of them silently made their way back through the crowd to the fighting pen.

Reaching it first Megan leaped over it's side and backing swiftly away to it's center bowed at the waist and with a flourish of her hands made as if to welcome Sophie to her arena. It brought an excited laugh from the crowd and as the brunette vaulted over the side to join her the crowd closed in behind her and began jostling for better viewing positions. Walking slowly toward her she paused and with an equal flourish of her own thrust her right leg forward and bowing slightly and then with a wicked smile of greeting turned the palms of her hands upward and dipped her head to Megan. The spectators loved it, all of it and broke out with applause as the two of them straightened up and turned to salute them. Janine had joined them and moving between them the three of them waited for the crowd to quiet. As they did she raised her hand to Sophie on her left and announced

“And now for our heavyweight fight of the night, two professionals whose reputations precede them. On my left is the gorgeous Sophie who's at 13.4 stone for this evenings arrangement” and nodding to Megan added, “and she's opposed by the magnificent Megan at about 13.6. Their fight will consist of three rounds of extreme fighting following the usual format of a first round of three minutes, a second of five and a third of unlimited duration. Equivalent rest periods will be taken after the first and second round. I'm sure you will find the time well spent in comparing notes.”

Both Megan and Sophie had moved back against the wall of the pen as she spoke and when she finished they both raised their arms and silently pirouetted in a last salute to the spectators crowded against the barrier. Janine waited and when they stopped and turned to face each other said

“In this fight there is nothing that is prohibited. When I give the signal you may begin and when the end of each of the first two rounds is arrived at I shall sound the warning horn. When that happens you must disengage from each other and return to opposite sides of the pen until I give the signal to start again. After the start of the third round I will not interfere in any way until you have finished it.” Pausing, another long look at each and then “assuming there are no questions you may begin” and with that she reached in back of her and putting her hands on the top of the barrier hoisted herself out of the pen and into the crowd of spectators.

Where they'd been impatient before now they were careful and moving slowly away from the wall of the pen they approached each other in it's center. Megan was conscious of the sounds of expectation and anticipation rising in the background and it occurred to her that she hadn't tried to spot Sonya but no time for it now as Sophie suddenly danced closer and tentatively poked her left in her face. Megan responded by pulling back and jinking to her left while Sophie advanced a step and hooked her right into her upraised right arm before stepping back out of range. With a quick move Megan followed rushing forward and slipping her right fist up beneath Sophie's arms and hooked it into her right breast. It brought a grunt from the brunette and as she twisted away to her left it left her right side exposed and Megan quickly took advantage of it by rushing her and using her left arm to hold her dug her right fist up into her side. Again she did it but Sophie was able to twist back to the right and get her left arm under Megan's, freeing her right and pushing in close drove her fist into Megan's lower left side before they forced each other away.

So much for that thought Megan as she moved back closer to the wall and flexed her shoulders. She was a quick bitch, as quick as she and probably as good at a couple of other things too. Also very solid recalling the resistance her fists had found when they'd connected with her body. Quick and tough equaled very dangerous and while that in itself wasn't much of a revelation it reinforced her earlier opinion of Mistress Sophie's capabilities. But then she'd probably have much the same opinion of herself and moving obliquely across the pen in front of the brunette she set herself to engage her again.

The spectators had remained mostly silent while they felt each other out but now they encouraged them to get it together as the round began to draw to a close. Sophie made the move to accommodate them first dropping into a crouch and lunging forward forced Megan's back to the wall and as she crashed into it she thrust herself against her and began to quickly drive her fists into the now unprotected lower part of her body. Instinctively Megan reacted by lowering her guard and as the horn sounded Sophie took advantage of it by losing a haymaker right left cross that impacted on Megan's left cheek just forward of her ear. The force of it sent her sprawling to floor of the pen to lie against the side of and the wall but as Sophie made to follow her down Janine slipped between them. A moments hesitation and then raising her arm she smiled at the crowd and moved away to let Megan struggle to her feet.

She was still seeing stars when she found the stool that Janine thrust beneath her. Settling onto it she focused on the brunette leisurely leaning against the wall while her man Tim leaned over the top of the wall and wiped down the upper part of her body. Lyle was working on her too, had been actually but now she turned to look at him in an effort to gauge his reaction.

“Don't take that all that hard Love. It was worth the risk she just reacted quicker than you expected. Play with her a bit more and you'll find a way in without getting another clocking for you trouble.”

Megan didn't say anything, just grunted a response and as he finished with the towel she rose and kicking the stool aside rested her hand on the top of the wall and let her eyes scan the crowd for Sonya. Catching sight of her midway around she gave her a little shrug and receiving a smile and a nod in response suddenly felt better. Rounds to go she thought as she collected herself while she watched Janine climb back over the wall of the pen and move to it's center. “One minute” she called in obvious warning and with that the sounds of the crowd gathered around the top of the pen wall began rising in an expectant rush giving Megan a renewed surge of resolve. Forgetting the difficulty at the end of the round she herself pushed away from the wall and with a last fleeting glance at Sonya moved out toward the center of the pen. Sophie too although she had to break away from some of her admirers clustered around in back of her and by the time she turned away from them Janine had backed away to the side and cried “you may begin.”

Sophie was the bit more ambitious coming out quickly and crossing the center of the pen before Megan could do much more than raise her arms in defense before they collided. She also had the momentum of her charge and took advantage of it by forcing her back with a wild flurry of blows to her sides, belly and upper arms. Crowding in she used her weight to trap her against the wall and quickly hunkering down hooked her right fist up into her cunt and then quickly straightening up inside her arms began a furious fisting her breasts with both fists. The force of her attack prevented much more than instinctive reactions from Megan and it was only luck that the inside of her left elbow smacked the side of the brunette's head. Throwing caution away along with any pretense of defense she did it again and while it didn't do much other than to force her to the side it allowed her to escape the wall and lunge back to the center of the pen.

Sophie turned to follow her, her hand holding the side of her face and Megan could see a trickle of blood coming from her nose smearing her mouth and chin. Probably the second elbowing though Megan letting the inside of her forearms massage her breasts. The bitch had gotten off some good hits into them and they'd be a primary target for her again. Leaning forward slightly at the waist she set herself she waited for Sophie to come withing range.

Not so quickly this time she did, keeping her guard up and shuffling in instead of dancing from side to side. She didn't have the wall to use to her advantage this time and there was too much time left in the round to take chances so her actions were just about what Megan would have expected. Letting her come she danced to the side and as Sophie turned she lunged back into her driving her left into her ribs just below the breasts before letting her momentum carry her in back of her. Quicker now than Sophie she loosed another left into the small of her back and then a right at the side of her head as she twisted around to the right after her. Her guard up she backed away as a snarling Sophie tried to reach her but she was already out of range. She'd hurt her too, the last fist to the face had impacted where the previous blow from her elbow had and Sophie was holding her hand to it again. It was a bloody hand and as she waited for her the brunette snorted through her nose to clear it and then wiped the blood and snot from her mouth with the back of her glove. Feeling better about things and wishing to hold onto her advantage, such as it was, Megan suddenly lowered her head and lunged into her driving a left that skidded across the brunette's belly and a right that impacted harmlessly into her left hip. As she tried to twist away however she started to slip and as she thrust her right hand in back of her to keep from sprawling on the floor Sophie twisted and sent her right foot in a scything loop into the side of her face. It was a lucky glancing blow causing not much damage but the force of it unbalanced her and as she staggered around on her left foot Megan grabbed her leg and pulled her down. Both ended up on their knees facing each other from about four feet apart and then after a moments pause simultaneously launched themselves into each other with mutual snarls of aggression.

It was the sort of red meat thing that the spectators wanted and the sight of the two big, superheated females fighting on the floor of the pen sent them screaming with their enthusiasm for it. More than a few leaned over the wall as far as they could shouting and shaking their fists as others around and behind them jostled them roughly against it. The two struggling on the floor of the pen were oblivious to it though, concentrating only on each other as the sounds from the crowd rose around them.

Sophie started to rise first getting her right foot under her as Megan scrambled to wrap her arms around her waist and throw her aside. The brunette countered by thrusting her left leg out to prevent herself from falling sideways while pulling Megan's head into her breasts. It was an instinctive move and while it served neither of them it permitted Sophie to twist to the right and wrench Megan's head along with her. It gave Megan enough time to draw her knees beneath her though and suddenly straightening up she forced Sophie over onto her back beneath her. Falling on top of her Megan forced her head from between her breasts and as the brunette's back hit the floor she head butted the lower part of her face..

The impact of the floor at the back of her head and Megan's head produced the desired effect and the crunching sound that came with it was exhilarated Megan. Broke the bitch's nose good that time she thought as she reared back on top of her body. Throwing herself forward over her she grasped Sophie's right wrist and quickly bending at the waist drove her left knee into the brunette's extended biceps. Hunching up over the brunette as her groan echoed throughout the room she lifted it briefly and then with a savage thrusting movement drove her knee home again. Sophie's groans changed to an agonized scream as she frantically bucked and twisted in an effort to wrench her arm away the sound mixing with Megan's grunts of exertion as she tried to capture the other one flaying about beside her. Finally in an effort to stabilize her perch on top of her body she opened her hand and placing it over her face smashed her head back against the floor of the pen. Repeating it and again and then loosening it she pulled it back beside her shoulder and drove her right fist into the side of her face. It would have been more effective had not Sophie's left arm gotten in the way but it served to stun her but as she was about to do it again the horn sounded and Janine reached from behind her and grasping her wrist pulled her off.

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and as she rolled to her side the screams of approval from the spectators rose to a crescendo around them. Not all for her of course, most were for them both but here and there were cries for either “Sophie Sophie” or “Megaaan” and she paused for a moment to look about her before staggering to her feet. Five minutes she thought and she needed it. Not as bad as Sophie though she thought with satisfaction as she watched Tim jump over the wall and come to the assistance of his fighter. Moving back to where her stool was waiting she gave the crowd another scan and was rewarded by the sight of Sonya and Helen hovering behind Lyle as he handed her over a towel. Taking it she buried her face in it wiping the sweat before moving it across her breasts and belly before glancing up to find Sonya's face only inches from her own.

“Bloody, fuckin gorgeous you are darlin” she murmured as she put her hands on either side of Megan's head and pulled it toward her own. “You can kill her for all I care” and letting her lips press softly against Megan's added “and if you do, do it for me.”

“You can be sure of it” Megan replied softly as she let the delicious sensation of the other's mouth wash over her. Raising her arms she slipped her hands up Sonya's sides and pulling her even closer let her tongue slip inside her mouth. It gave her a tremendous rush and when Sonya met it with her own she held her breath as it curled slowly and sensually around her mouth. When they separated both were trembling with barely restrained lust.

It hadn't been lost on Lyle, or Helen either not to mention those pushing in around them but as Sonya drew back Megan gave her a brilliant smile and turned to let Lyle wipe off her back. It wasn't Lyle that did it though as she sensed Sonya's hands direct the towel first across her shoulders then down her back and finally beneath her arms to massage her breasts. Turning to look over her shoulder when the towel was withdrawn she received a silent kiss on her forehead and then as Janine moved back to the center of the pen she slipped away from the wall. Sonya had distracted her from the business at hand but she'd also supercharged her resolve, not that she needed it and it was almost with impatience that she waited for the signal to begin the third round that would be the finish for one of them. Sometimes literally she thought grimly. It had happened before when the one that prevailed was not inclined to stop and even if Janine should try to stop it there the crowd would probably prevent her from intervening. For some reason she didn't find the thought of it all that disquieting and with a bit of a start discovered her body reacting to it in a most positive way. It didn't really surprise her and she enjoyed the suddenly increased sensitivity in her already taunt breasts her and the new sense of sensual sexual energy surging between her legs. Smiling to herself she squared her shoulders and resolved that if it happened it would be she that sacrificed the brunette and she'd do it at Sonya's feet.

Tim, Sophie's man was hopping back over the wall as Janine reached the center of the pen. His presence in it was supposed to be prohibited and it angered her for a moment since it implied that it had provided her opponent with an advantage that she had not enjoyed herself. Nothing to be done about it of course noting with satisfaction that he'd forgotten to remove the cotton nose plugs that he'd inserted to control her bleeding. They still extended below her nose and she was forced to angerly yank them out as she rose from her stool. There was a brief distracting noise as the stools were pulled out of the pen and then Janine raised her hands for their attention.

“I'm sure that all of you are quite prepared for whatever outcome they should arrive at but since this is the third and deciding round I must warn you that any further attempt to interfere by physically entering the pen on behalf of either fighter will be delt with severely.” Pausing she looked around the pen and then pointing to the small man that had admitted them now leaning against the doorway she added, “by him.” It was enough for them and after a quick, furtive look in his direction they turned their attention back to the pen as Janine dropped her arms and shouted “begin.”

Sophie came out first determined not to appear as if her nose was a problem but as she did Megan noticed that it was starting to bleed again. And she'd have more of it to give she thought with satisfaction knowing that it would not only distract her but make her more cautious about her face. She was also pretty sure that Janine's warning served no purpose with this crowd other than to put them all on notice and she knew that if it came to it they'd all be screaming for a kill. Picking up the pace she sidled to the left as Sophie came across the pen after her.

All of her previous thoughts and musings vanished as she moved in closer to Sophie. She assumed she'd want to protect her face from further damage but knew with this one it wouldn't prevent her from doing what she thought she had to do and raising her arms she pawed at her face as they closed to within range. Sophie was similarly careful keeping her head down behind her fists and using them to create an opening she could exploit without undue cost to herself. Deciding to risk it Megan suddenly ducked and as Sophie lowered her arms to her breasts she lunged over them and delivered a right handed blow that skidded off her left shoulder and across the lower part of her face. She paid for it as Sophie hooked her right fist into her belly and swung her left in a wild, blind arc that crashed into the right side of Megan's head. Both of them fell away from each other, not eager to go all in just yet but it was Sophie that seemed to have the better approach as she stalked Megan across the pen.

Shaking her head Megan backed away. She could feel a wetness on the right side of her head, her ear was ringing and she assumed that Sophie'd torn it. Have to be a bit more careful there she thought shaking her head as she quickly backpedaled away while Sophie followed after her. For some reason it hadn't registered that her back was almost against the wall but Sophie reminded her by lunging into her and pinning her against it. Pressing in against her she quickly following it up by driving her fists indiscriminately into her lower body leaving Megan to desperately try to cover up or escape. Attempting to stop it she threw her left arm over Sophie's shoulder and wrapping her right arm around her waist tried to lift her away but she was only partly successful and as she started to slip to the left Sophie wrapped her left arm around her neck and as they fell, twisted, forcing her to the floor beneath her. She also kneed her in the cunt as they reached the floor and grasping Megan's neck with her right hand pulled her head to the right as she buried her left fist into her right breast. Apparently realizing that it would hurt but not incapacitate she shifted her hold on her neck to her left hand and drove her right fist into her mouth.

It crushed her lips and as the blood spurted across her face she desperately reached up to grasp Sophie's right wrist as she pulled her legs beneath her and struggled to bridge her body upwards. Rolling to her left as Sophie dug her left into her right side she threw her away, not far but it was enough and scrambling to her feet she moved quickly away along the wall holding her hand to her mouth to staunch the flow of blood. Bitch she thought, lost twice to her and it's only just begun. And reaching the far side of the pen she leaned over and placing her hands on her knees shook her head to clear the blood. It didn't do anything to stop it, it never did for noses and lips and straightening up she started to move back in Sophie's direction. She met her with an almost cynical smile as if she considered it payback for the nose but as the crowd howled for more Megan decided to take it to her again. Best to stay on her feet for awhile she thought throwing an overhand right above Sophie's guard and following it with a left hook to her kidney as she twisted away. At least her breathing wasn't restricted and if she could get in closer she could do some serious damage to Sophie in that regard. One more good punch and she'd have it up on her there and settling herself sideways moved in to see what she could get done.

The spectators had settled back now, silently appreciating the spectacle of it as they watched them maneuver about the pen their masks and bodies clothed in a shimmering glow of blood, sweat and oil all seeming to give them a gargoyle's appearance.. Already the third round had gone past five and since neither of them had given any indication that they'd had enough of each other a few were already secretly wishing for a death fight. At the back of their minds both Megan and Sophie knew it but neither of them paid any conscious attention to it. Whatever happened happened and their only thoughts at this point were how to disable the other and survive.

Again it was Sophie who felt lucky and as Megan pawed at her face with her left hand she blocked it up with her right arm and swung her left into her belly. She was off balance though and it didn't have the force necessary to dissuade the redhead from giving her a chopping blow to the back of the neck with the edge of her right hand as she stumbled passed her. This time it was Sophie that paid the price for a miscalculation as Megan had used all she had to hit her and it caused her to stumble and then fall to one knee. Whirling around after her Megan gave her little time to recover quickly kneeing her in the side and then balancing on her left leg she kicked the right side of her head with her right foot. Continuing to dance on her left leg as she attempted to regain her balance she had the satisfaction of seeing Sophie sprawl on her left side about six feet away and as she regained her balance the brunette rolled onto her belly. She hadn't expected it and somewhat incautiously moved around to her head and within the brunette's striking range and she did. Quickly gathering herself on her knees she launched herself into Megan's belly, wrapping her arms around her waist and carrying them both back to the floor of the pen.

Sophie was on top this time her head now buried in Megan's breasts and Megan's scream of pain and fear signaled to the crowd what she was doing with her teeth. Desperately she tried to push her face away finally getting her hands under her chin and forcing it away from her breasts but when she did the angry red smear that covered the brunette's face advertised her success.

It brought the crowd back over the wall and pandemonium reigned as they screamed their advice and suggestions at their favorite. Wildly shaking their fists and reaching out they implored first one and then the other to finish it in increasingly specific ways and in response to at least one of them Sophie forced herself up over Megan's body and grasping her neck with both hands began to choke her. Pulling the rest of herself up to sit astride Megan's upper body she pressed her neck down against the floor of the pen, digging her fingers into her neck, as she attempted to strangle her. Megan for her part could only think of escaping the fingers that were slowly choking the life from her and rolling slightly over onto her right side managed to get her left leg beneath her. Grasping Sophie's hands she used her head and foot to push the center of her body upwards and as Sophie's knees left the floor of the pen rolled her over onto her right side and pulled away.

It had been a nearer thing than she bargained for. At some level she knew the brunette wouldn't have stopped and the thought of it gave her pause as she massaged her throat and waited for Sophie to regain her feet. In the background she could hear a voice she recognized, Sonya's, screaming “take it to her on the floor” and almost numbly she complied launching herself at Sophie while she was still on one knee forcing them both back to the floor.

Again pandemonium reigned around them as they struggled with each other. First one and then the other would achieve a gain but their sweat slick bloody bodies prevented either from asserting a clear advantage. In the wild melee that followed some punches and knees got through and the damage quickly showed as both of their faces began bleeding profusely. Megan felt that she had the advantage though and when Sophie twisted her head to her left Megan landed a lucky punch that pulped the left side of her mouth and started her nose again. The directional mics had been turned up and each sound, either of fists finding their targets or their grunts of effort and cries of surprise or pain were broadcast throughout the room to mix with the spectators screams of encouragement. Both knew they had to seize the advantage from the other knowing that neither could last much longer and in desperation Sophie pushed Megan away and scrambled away her breath coming in ragged gasps and her hand to her face in an futile attempt to staunch the blood pouring from her mouth.

Megan slowly pushed herself to her feet and started to stumble after her. Her breathing was also ragged but more controlled and she knew what she had to do. Reaching Sophie she pushed her around to her left and setting herself hooked her right fist up into her belly. It doubled her over and as an exclamation of shock escaped from her mouth Megan hooked her right up again directly into her face. It straightened her up and as her face exploded in a red spray of blood and sweat Megan almost wearily crowded into her and wrapping her arms around her waist threw her against the wall of the pen. Staggering around to confront her she batted aside her feeble attempts to defend herself and set about her destruction. Quickly into her guts causing her to hunch forward, her shoulders raised, the arms dangling uselessly at her side while Megan clipped her jaw with an almost slow right cross. Now almost leisurely she placed her left hand against her chest and pushed her back against the wall preventing her from falling. Pausing to catch her breath she looked around at the spectators crowding over the top of the wall. All eyes were on her as they waited for her to finish it and then Sonya's recognizable cry for her to start and she did. Holding her there she dug her right into her guts. Not so hard as to cause her to collapse and as she tried to twist away to Megan's right she hooked it up into her left breast. Her anguished scream was music to her ears and as Sophie feebly attempted to push her left hand away from her chest Megan tilted her body to the right and stooping hooked her right fist into the thick curly hair between her legs. It caused an immediate reaction as Sophie unconsciously drew her legs up beneath her it required more effort on Megan's part to keep her from falling. Quickly substituting her left shoulder for her hand she leaned into her and summoning all of her remaining strength set herself for the last time and hooked her right up into the brunette's unprotected belly. She could feel it go in, pulverizing her viscera and considering it enough she let her fall. Raising her arms she slowly turned about in the center of the pen, the screaming throng arrayed above her and as she turned over the unconscious figure of Sophie at her feet her eyes locked onto those of Sonya gazing back at her from directly above it. She's achieved her objective albeit unknowingly and feeling an immense satisfaction in her victory let her eyes return the knowing smile as she slowly relaxed and let Lyle usher her from the pen.