The English Scene I with Megan & Sophie by Teez

It wasn't a particularly nasty night, cold and wet with a good stiff wind but to Lyle's way of thinking the drive over from the coast had been pretty smooth. Good thing for that too he thought as he pulled into the alleyway. Megan was tight enough as it was and the frustration of car trouble or heavy traffic was the last thing she needed. Making his way around some trash piles and the remains of an abandoned car he pulled into a clear area beside an old brick townhouse and killed the lights.

Pretty dark he judged but as his eyes adjusted he could make out some other cars scattered under the trees and along the building. A bit haphazard the parking he thought but then to the casual eye there would appear to be fewer than he knew were actually there. Anyway they'd be mostly rentals and except for the fact that a lot of them were expensive they wouldn't arouse much curiosity in this area of town. Slipping around to the other side of the car he opened the door for his wife.

Not that she usually did but tonight was different and preoccupied with her thoughts she waited for him. Saying nothing she slipped out of the car and grabbing her kit he followed as she led the way along the side of the building to the unlit doorway. Pausing to exchange a brief glance, a long moment and then she pressed the buzzer. Not that they hadn't been already noticed of course. The remote camera would have recorded their license number confirming their identities and the answering click of the lock quickly acknowledged it. Reaching for the knob he opened it and stepped aside to let Megan go ahead.

They found themselves in a small, sparsely furnished side room and Megan shivered unconsciously as she looked around them. He noticed it, also that she was perspiring but then she had been since almost before they started. The sheen of moisture over her lip would be nerves though and not the temperature although it was noticeably warmer in the building. It could be that but more probably it was the sight of the little ferret faced man waiting for them in a chair against the far wall. He was the gatekeeper, the one who'd observed their arrival and unlocked the door. Not a pleasant person but then some parts of this weren't. He'd be from London to keep his eye on things and make sure the mistress kept it all straight. Not that anybody would be inclined challenge him on that. Or for that matter anything else he thought as he nodded at the other door and with a terse “your early, they're just starting the second” he motioned them through.

A short flight of steps and a hall to a lighted doorway and now the tension mounted as the sound of those already there reached them. It always preceded a fight but even more so tonight since the whole thing was running behind and they'd have to wait and be part of it until the two ahead of them were finished. Not that he really minded in some ways, nor Megan either except that she was ready for it now. Whatever, it couldn't be helped and Sophie would have to put up with the waiting just like her. Anyway, what would be would be and it would be exciting to watch somebody else do it before it was their turn to be put together. It would be a bit different though with Sophie and her husband there, along with them and everybody waiting for the second to be done so they could begin. Nervously touching the packet of cash in his pocket he exhaled softly as they entered the room that held the fighting pen.


A low ceiling, a converted cellar actually and with a few more people than he had expected. Between forty five and fifty he guessed but then that wouldn't be too many. Besides themselves there would be Sophie and her husband Tim, the Mistress and her daughter Janine and the two fighters ahead of them along with their handlers. Seeing the Mistress making her way toward them he nervously fumbled for Megan's wrap, the other's forgotten for the moment as they waited for her to reach them.

A big woman, late forties, maybe older but somebody that still worked to keep herself in shape. He found her exciting and knew Megan did too. Tonight she wore green, low-cut, leather pants that outlined her powerful thighs exposing a still well defined belly and a marvelously tight ass. The matching bodice was sleeveless. It ended just below her breasts and it's briefness advertised the powerful sculpture of her arms, shoulders and the still obvious definition of her abs. Towering heels and bright red hair piled high in a bun punctuated it all. It was her place, she handled the arrangements and as he reached for the packet he noted again the trace of scars on her face and arms. Obviously from her own time in the pens he surmised and knew that Megan would be of the same opinion. Silently handing it over he found himself wishing he'd have a chance to see her there again.

Except for the other couple standing by the far wall their arrival went almost unnoticed by the others. Somewhat mixed although mostly female, at least half of them over thirty and typical of those that were involved in it. Not for the first time he found himself looking back and wondering at how it had all progressed to this. He's always been attracted to it, the fight game or at least the seedy side of it and the brutally violent world of unrestricted female fighting was all of that. That's where he'd latched up with Megan and they'd been together more or less, depending on her mood and sexual proclivities, ever since. She'd liked him of course, found him useful but she was primarily into the violence and sexual aspects of fighting other women and the social interaction that the similarly inclined women that supported it provided. There was always more than a little bit of male interest but this evening that appeared to be in somewhat short supply. Usually that way though and noted that more than a few of the faces were familiar to each of them for one reason or another. Most were gathered around the two females who were to fight next while a few others were in the other room watching Janine get the pen ready. Her examination of the packet complete the Mistress motioned them to enter and the two of them moved in the direction of the couple against the far wall.

It was a quiet greeting. A nod, a smile of acknowledgment with a soft, noncommital hello and that was it. Megan was equally polite nodding in return and asking softly if she was feeling well. Considering the circumstances, a loaded statement but none of them took obvious notice of the irony of it. The women moved ahead of it, They were ready now and neither were very happy with the prospect of having to wait and beneath their calm exterior both were seething with nervous energy and excitement. The delay would only intensify that but for now their outlet for it would have to be polite conversation. Moving apart the two men let their women begin their appraisals of one another.

They were perspiring heavily now, not only from nervousness but also the closeness of the room. Their short cotton dresses now clung wetly to their bodies the black ringlets of Sophie's hair clinging damply to her head while Megan's, wound tightly in a reddish bun at the back, showed signs of coming undone. There really wasn't much difference between them. Both were professional fighters of about the same size and body type. Close to six feet and well muscled at around 13.5 stone they were by nature as well as training inclined to what they were there for. By unspoken consent they broke it off and turning away with a last look of challenge moved toward the group watching the activities taking place in the other corner of the room.

Those gathered around the preparation area moved apart as they approached their admiring glances and appreciative comments acknowledging their presence. Neither of them were unknown both enjoying more than a bit of notoriety from their past exploits and here and there would be one or two that had participated in some of those exploits with them. A few, those that knew one or the other on a more personal level pressed close and murmured encouragement before returning their attention to the more immediate gratification of watching the preparations taking place in the circle.

Always a unique group Megan mused. A few would be local, some from other parts of the UK and the rest from the Continent. The older ones, usually widowed or divorced, buffed by sun and money, were the ones that provided the organization and the financial incentives while the others buffed more by need, genes, physical conditioning and training served as their lovers and champions. The other part of it and the one that served as the working structure was the socializing the group participated in on a regular basis. It, more than anything else, created the volatile mix of interest, emotional attachment which developed into the deliberate resentments and grudges and provoked the sexual violence and physical brutality that the fighting provided. In many ways a clandestine if not almost secret society she thought as she looked around her and for the most part a uniquely impressive group. Physical appearance and conditioning being always paramount they were attired in the latest underground fashions that advertised their more challenging or interesting physical attributes and proclivities. Those anticipating some form of physical interaction in the near term were on display even more so. She knew that aside from the wagering on the evenings outcome some would be negotiating for what they hoped could be arranged later in the evening or in the near future. They'd also be under the influence of one thing or another but of course there wasn't anything unusual about that. Underground sporting events such as what they were here for were not for the squeamish or faint of heart. What was desired was a long, violent struggle culminating in a brutal beating, the more bloody and brutal the better and if a little chemical stimulation either inside or outside of the pen seemed to enhance it so much the better. Not important she thought and pushing through positioned herself just outside the circle.


The two women were staring silently at each other as their hands were tightly wrapped in soft cotton tape. There bodies were already oiled, their faces and hair greased with Vaseline and from the looks of it they's already popped something or other. Except for a thin strip of light toweling hanging on their hips both were naked. The closest one was a blond, probably in her mid twenties, the other a black and seemed a bit younger. She also appeared to be about ten pounds heavier although not as tall. The blond looked to be the more impressive though with muscular arms and a broad back with wide thick shoulders, a flat belly and legs that matched the rest of her. With her hair pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her head she gave the appearance that she would be tough to beat. The black seemed about equal in size but her body wasn't so well defined. She was big, obviously strong, but with a touch of fat that made her look softer than she probably was. She gave nothing away in the shoulders and arms though and Megan noticed that her broad well muscled back showed good definition as she flexed her shoulders to loosen them up. All things considered they didn't appear to be all that unevenly matched. Most probably provided by the syndicate to fill out the program she thought noting that two of their men were preparing them.

The black's handler was done now and tugging the last of the tape tight he secured it and then nervously stepped back to wait while the blonds had finished with her. Megan noticed that both of them were perspiring freely, their firm, swelling breasts glistened with it and it was collecting in droplets at the tip of their thick thrusting nipples. The blond, her head down now, was shaking it and as her handler finished with her she took one last look at her opponent and quickly strode to the door that lead to the fighting room.

Parting to let her through they followed, first the black and her handler and then the rest jostling for a vantage point around the perimeter of the pen. By the time Megan and Sophie had crowded through Janine was already in the pen keeping them apart until everybody was ready.


The Introduction;


The three of them waited alone in it's sunken center, their bodies already slick from the heat and nervous perspiration as the rest closed in against the curved barriers. All of the money would be out now, the waiting almost over and as she joined the rest Megan felt her own apprehension fade to be replaced by the feeling of sexual tension and excitement that always preceded the actual fighting itself. Letting herself join into it she exchanged a glance with Sophie. It'd be having the same effect on her and reassured she turned her attention back to the trio in the sunken depression. Not for the first time she thought that more than anything else it was all very much so like a cockfight, Big, strong, supercharged fighters set together in the middle with the spectators forming a circle around them eager for the physical violence of their clashing bodies.

The blond was shuffling around now and Janine moved more forcefully between them as she shadowed their thoughts. The rest, crowding around the barrier surrounding the fighting area, savored the sight they presented and let their psychological arousal reach new highs as they savored the thought of what they were about to see. Megan noticed that Janine had shed her top and except for a tight leather g-string her muscular body was as naked as those of the fighters.The guests crowded against the barrier were silent now, their attention riveted on the three in the pen and Janine glancing around to see that all were ready announced,


“this will be a one round fight to the finish” and pointing to the black said “Marie” and then the blond “Joyclyn. There will be an additional L500 to the winner if it goes beyond twenty minutes and another L1000 beyond thirty. By mutual agreement of the handlers a five minute break can be taken at the twenty minute mark” Pausing only long enough for the significance of her announcement to sink in she moved back and said, “begin fighting”.


Megan felt a flush of anticipation as she pressed forward against the barrier with the others. It was an advanced novice fight designed to introduce them to the level of brutality that the sport demanded and in the process wet the blood lust of a superior fighter to the point where she would not feel restrained from continuing to inflict as much damage as possible after the contest had been decided. She knew that the twenty minute break would be agreed to only if both of the handlers felt that their fighter was still in it and if they did it would very possibly last the thirty and maybe longer. In these types of things where they were evenly matched it took at least that long for superiority to be established but after the dominant fighter emerged she would inclined to prolong it as long as possible both to maximize her reward as well as her level of satisfaction.

The blond moved first, raising her fists and dancing slowly to the side as she waited for the black to match her. Neither would be eager to close with the other at this point. They'd play with it a bit to see how the other reacted before moving in close and trying to do some damage. Throwing a few jabs to keep her moving the black followed her. She wasn't quite as quick on her feet as the blond though and venturing a little too close the other fighter clipped her cheek with her right and then ducking down beneath the black's right arm and drove her left fist into her kidney. It forced a grunt of surprise from her and bending to the right to relieve the pain in her side she scuttled away. The blond danced after her landing a series of long glancing blows to her face and body that did little harm other than to keep her retreating. Reaching the side of the pen she forced her back against it and as she instinctively threw her arms up to protect her breasts and face the blond moved in closer and crouching and leaning into her right shoulder hooked her right fist deeply into the area between the blacks navel and her mound.

Gagging, an anguished sob escaping her lips she threw her arms around the blond and clinched with her as they locked together and staggered back to the center of the pen. For her part the blond desperately tried to push her away first with her hands and then finally by driving her fists alternately into her sides and belly before finally directing them upwards into her breasts. The final blow, in conjunction with a knee between her legs forced her to her toes and as the blond slipped her head from under her arms the black slumped backwards to the floor of the pen.

It was all met with suddenly exploding cries of approval from the spectators and as they screamed out their encouragement and suggestions and glancing around Megan took stock of them again. She hadn't focused that much on them before being preoccupied with her thoughts of herself and Sophie but that seemed to have passed somewhat. All appeared to be somewhat paired up now and it seemed to be having it's predictable effect as she watched them aggressively jostle each other around in search of better viewing positions. It all had it's purpose of course and as she watched it seemed to be working as two of the “companions” were separated from each other on the other side of the pen. Somewhere they'd have their chance she mused and it would probably be here or nearby and most probably, tonight. She knew that by the time she and Sophie had arrived at their decision there would be more who would be eager to throw themselves into the fighting games that followed. Silently observing that she probably wouldn't be in any condition to observe any of it she returned her attention to the two fighters maneuvering around each other in the center of the pen.

The black was almost up now, resting on one knee and as the blond ventured a bit too close she launched herself at her and buried her right fist into her mound. Ducking beneath the other's instinctive reaction she slipped in back of her and regaining her feet whirled around just in time to catch one of the violated blonds feet full in the face. It staggered her but she'd been almost beyond range of it and the force was somewhat diminished, still though it caused a trickle of blood to start from both her nose and mouth. Wiping it with the back of her hand she waited as the blond cautiously moved to follow up on it.

Watching her Megan was surprised. First blood of the fight after all of that but then neither of them seemed to be in any difficulty, at least not yet. True, the black seemed to have taken the most of it but it didn't seem to have affected her all that much. Certainly not her confidence she thought as the shorter woman suddenly danced forward and hooked her right into the side of the blonds left breast and as she moved to cover up drilled it up again and into the inside of her right one. It brought a grunt and a gasp of pain from her and as she crossed her arms in front of her breasts and backed away the black attacked with a series of short left and rights that powered into her arms, shoulders and then in an incautious moment, into her face.

That evened things out a bit thought Megan as she admired the blood streaming from her nose and across her mouth and chin. It also brought an involuntary expression of approval from her and as the black backed off to the right she seemed to look to where Megan was standing and nodding her head silently acknowledged it.

“Putting it on her now are you?”Said Sophie who had crowded in beside her.

“Not really” replied Megan with a little laugh. “More on me I should think. And you?”

“Well certainly not you my dear” responded the other woman as she let her arm circle Megan's waist to gently pull her closer. “I do think she's going to get the short end of it though and since she's your pick I'll certainly enjoy watching her get it.”

“Perhaps” murmured Megan letting her arm slip across the brunette's shoulder. “But I wouldn't count on it my dear” and smiling sweetly she returned her attention to the pen.

Their close proximity added a certain excitement to it and as the spectators crowded in around them they tugged each other even closer and let the sensual feeling of the others body sweep over them. It was a rather heady affect and Megan sensing the growing thickness between her legs knew it would be the same for Sophie. It was starting already, the growing feeling of anticipation and they weren't even into it yet she mused silently hoping to herself that it didn't get too distracting. All part of it though knowing that everybody watching was experiencing it to some degree and particularly for those that would be participating later, such as she and Sophie, the emotions would intensify as the carnage and brutality increased. A quick movement from the pen brought her back from her reverie and as she and Sophie instinctively hugged each other close the two fighters, assuming a boxers stance closed the distance between them and began to duck and weave about each other as they sought to find advantage.

The blond scored first, driving a long hooking right across the top of the black's left arm into the side of her face and receiving a punch to the right side of her ribs almost simultaneously in return. It caused her to winch but throwing caution aside for the moment she decided to try and make the most of it moving in closer and driving her left fist upwards into the black's right breast and then ducking under her left arm she delivered a smashing blow to the other woman's face. The force of it caused Megan to winch and she was sure she heard something snap as the black was thrown backwards a stream of blood spreading across her chin and quickly smearing with the sweat covering her heaving breasts. The blond didn't seem inclined to follow up though and ignoring her nose the black gathered herself up and furiously attacked with a barrage of blows that landed indiscriminately on the other fighters upper body, arms, shoulders and as she staggered back, occasionally about her head. Not very workmanlike though Megan but noticing a bright red smear of blood covering the blonds forehead and running down her nose, also not totally ineffective. She'd made a good connection there and in this, a no rest type fight, it could prove crucial. Already she was having to wipe it away from her eyes the evidence of her efforts covering her arms and if it got worse it would probably effect her ability to see. Of course the black had suffered some serious damage to but at least the blood streaming from her broken nose was starting to slacken and wouldn't impair her vision. Joining with the group Megan shouted encouragement and applauded her efforts. About to look about for Sophie her attention was directed instead to Janine who had slipped into the pen. Holding out her arms in the direction of the handlers she raised and lowered her thumbs and receiving a thumbs up from each moved in to separate the fighters.

A too quick twenty thought Megan as she watched them press them apart and back against the sides to waiting stools. Looking about to check on Lyle her attention settled instead on a familiar face making it's way toward her through the press against the rail. That'd be Helen and where's she been lately she thought as she returned the others woman's smile of greeting as she slipped in beside her.

“Well good to see you” said Megan giving her a brief hug. “Decided to catch me in another good one eh?”

“Well that of course” the other woman responded. “And also I'd like to introduce you to my darling friend here as well” and motioning to the woman standing behind her said “Megan, I'd like you to meet Sonya. As you might imagine she's very much a protégée of mine and quite as interested in catching it as I am.”


Helen while well into her fifties was quite well off with an attraction to strong, attractive physically violent women and the female that had sidled up beside her appeared to be all of that. It caused her to pause and reminisce for a moment. They'd been close on occasion when Lyle wasn't about or out of favor and she'd always had rather fond thoughts of her. They'd attended more than a few events such as this, several on the continent and one in the US and on two occasions she'd participated in a fight that Helen had arranged. Looking at Sonya caused her think that she probably had as well. From her appearance and the fact that she was with Helen she was obviously quite functional in that respect as well as certain other things. Young, pale complected and looked to be in her early to mid twenties she was shorter than herself, about 5' 8" or so but probably not that far off her weight. Megan found herself strongly attracted to her immediately. It usually seemed to work that way when two women inclined to fighting met each other she mused. Not just the physical competitiveness but more than anything else they understood the powerful sexual stimulation that fighting provided. It was something that those adherents that remained on the sidelines could only experience at a distance.


“Nice to meet you” murmured Megan extending her hand. “I hope I don't have reason to disappoint you.”

“Unlikely” replied the other with a distinctly Eastern European accent. “I found the tapes of your performances exciting and watching you in person will be ever so much more so.” About to say more they were distracted by the exclamations of approval and encouragement that greeted the sound of the stools scraping across the floor of the pen.


Their attention returned to the pen but not before Megan had taken her measure of the other woman. Her short sleeveless dress almost seemed too small for her but it displayed her obvious physical qualifications to their best. Stocky with relatively small breasts she appeared to be softly fleshed but her powerful vee shaped neck, broad shoulders and heavy arms belied the softness. Glancing quickly at her legs as those around jostled for better vantage points she noted that they were well defined and appeared bigger than her own but then she had a bit more height. All in all, an immensely powerful young woman she thought and smiled as she pictured her and Helen together before returning her gaze to the pen. Leaning against the rail, Helen to her left she felt Sonya press between them her right arm circling Megan's waist as she pressed her right leg against Megan's thigh. And incredibly hot she thought as she felt the warm flush of desire well up within her. Slipping her arm around her shoulders she glanced at Helen and finding her watching with undisguised interest and obvious approval though that all of their interests, whatever they were, would likely to coincide somewhere in the not too distant future.


The black had lost her toweling just before the break and the blond had apparently decided to join her. Both were now totally naked and as they moved together the spectators lusty murmurs of approval rose around them. It would get more extreme now and and the muscular lines of their bodies would lend itself to the primitive nature of the contest. So far the blond seemed to give the impression that she felt the advantage was hers and while Megan was somewhat doubtful of that she could see why she might think so. Compared to her almost feverish intensity though the black seemed more relaxed and as they began to dance around in the center of the pen she seemed have a better idea about how to reach her objective. The possibility of an additional L1000 was obviously having it's effect on both of them but probably better for them not to dwell on it all that much at this point. Feeling Sonya's hand creep further around her waist she let her fingers creep across her shoulder and then down the smooth skin of her thick arm. Gently pulling her closer she let her fingers admire it's strong muscularity as she consciously inhaled her scent, her mind already at work imaging the scenario that would place them together. About to suggest what she was thinking but the Blond suddenly crouched and ducking under the Black's guard hooked her right fist up into her left breast.

It had caught her by surprise and as the force of the blow drove her to her right she hacked her left arm downward against the side of the Blond's face. Clumsy but it gave her space and quickly twisting to her left she came back and slammed her left fist into the still crouching Blond's left side. The force of it drove her around but as she straightened up she hooked her right fist into the Black's left breast again and as she fell back followed it with a straight armed punch to her face. While it was somewhat lucky it was also effective. It crushed her nose and as the Black staggered back a stream of blood cascaded from it to coat her lower face, breasts and belly. Angrily shaking her head and snorting her nose to clear it she danced away as the Blond straightened up and slowly moved after her.


“You were about to say” said Sonya turning to smile at her.


“Nothing really” replied Megan exhaling slowly as she tightened her fingers around Sonya's arm. “Which one's your pick” nodding to the two in the pen.


“The black I should think. The other one's going to tire soon and if she can't put her away before that happens she'll do it to her”


“Yes, I think you are correct” replied Megan adding softly “I rather think you'd do well against her don't you think?”


“Which one” she asked a provocative look of challenge on her face?


“The black I should think. Yes I do think I'd like to see you fight the black”


“Yes I think so to”responded Sonya. “I much prefer to fight women of color when I have a choice and actually you just might have that opportunity.”


“To?” “Yes you might have an opportunity to watch me fight next month. Don't you think Helen” turning to the woman on her left.


About to reply but before she could do so the two in the pen captured their attention as with a flurry of blows to the head and shoulders the blond closed with the black.. Mostly she caught them with her arms but not all and the nose was quickly restarted. She didn't seem to be letting it bother her much though and when the blond overextended and lost her balance she moved into her with a series of short close hooks to her lower body. Concentrating on the business at hand and ignoring the blood streaming from her nose that splattered them both as she drove her back in a ragged retreat. Obviously seeking to trap her against the barrier but the blond seemed to be aware of it and moved to the left as she sensed it in back of her. They were close though and as she made a quick glance to her right to gage the distance the black caught her with a left cross to the side of her head that drove her into it headfirst. Grasping the top of it with her hands she tried to push herself away before the black could have her but she was already on her from behind driving her fists into her sides and back and using her right knee to try to kick up between her legs. Finally pressing in against her she wrapped her arms around the blonds waist and tried to lift her over it and into the spectators. It might have worked but one of them, apparently one of the blond's supporters, pushed them back and they both went sprawling to the floor.

The blond landed partly on top and as her supporters screamed for her to get up she jammed her elbow into the side of the black's neck and scrambled away. Rolling after her and still on her hands and knees the black followed then pushing herself up she regained her feet and began to wipe some of the blood from her face as she watched the blond wipe more of it from the side of her head. Both of them were covered with it, the black's front and the blond's back and the blow that had driven her into the barrier had apparently hit the side of her mouth because the lips were split and bleeding. She'd also taken a hit to her left eye and the dark discoloration around it looked to close it before long. That would affect the outcome thought Megan and she noticed that the black appeared to think so to.

She had a bit of a grin on her face now and as the blond began to back away she started after her. The spectators were urging them together and as the intensity of their cries increased she rushed her. Reacting the blond raised her arms to fend her off but the black's forward momentum carried them both into the barrier. The shock of the impact momentarily stunned her and taking advantage of it the black used her left hand to push her backwards over it while she pumped her right fist into her kidney's and lower belly. Using her right knee again she began alternate between driving it upwards into her cunt as her right fist continued to deliver the body blows the impact of each bringing a grunt or exclamation of pain from the blond. The spectators had moved back close in behind her now shouting advice and encouragement and as the black bent her even further over the barrier they pushed her back until Janine placed herself between them to prevent it. It was a distraction though and it provided the blond with an opportunity and when the black started to lift her knee again she hiked up her legs circled her waist with them . Locking her ankles together she began to apply pressure to her rib cage while at the same time she catching the fist with both of her hands and shifting her weight to her right. It unbalanced the black and the two of them slid down the barrier to the floor locked together.

They'll probably finish it there thought Megan sensing Sonya's taunt readiness for what might be the kill. They were both ready for it and their arms tightened around the other as they cried out for it. The black was apparently ready for it too and rolling onto her left side she pinned the blonds back against the barrier and forced her over onto her back. Pushing away the pawing hands she grasped her head and began a frantic fisting of her face and as the blonds legs slowly began to release their hold around her waist she pushed herself up to sit on her belly, a knee on either arm. Stopping, her chest heaving for breath she looked to the spectators her facial expression asking the question and they after a moment's pause they rendered their verdict. Finish it, do it to her, gut the bitch and dipping her head in acknowledgment she did. A right to the jaw followed by a two fisted clubbing blow to the right side of her face and as the blonds legs began to quiver uselessly in back of her another looping right to the side of her face that put her away.

It was over, at least that part of it and as the black rose on unsteady legs and raised her arms in victory Megan suddenly realized that while she'd seen it she hadn't heard the cries of the spectators. She'd only been conscious of the closeness of Sonya and as they let themselves return to the reality of the room she realized that she'd been there with her.

“My turn now I guess” she said. She could see Sophie already making her way to the prep room and giving Sonya a last squeeze she turned and made her way to where Chet was waiting for her. The look in his eyes told her that he had watched her with Sonya and that he understood but now it was her time in the pen and she intended to make her a gift of Sophie at her feet when it was done.