The opening Night FF04

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This is the fourth in a series of stories describing the adventures of two females as they pursue their ambition's in the underground fight scene. Like the first, second and third it's rather graphic.


The Before


Janice leaned forward and ran her fingers along her ankle to check the taping for the third time. She knew it was right but the knot in her stomach told her to do it anyway and straightening up she cast another look at where Dora was finishing up wrapping Claire's wrists. It was just about time now and forcing herself to relax she let her mind retrace the events of the last few days.

It had been quite an adventure so far she mused. From an innocuous add in a local paper soliciting an opponent, to the opportunities that it had opened up and now to this. Along the way she'd acquired not only an opponent but a friend, one that shared her ambition and more than a little money for their trouble. If things went their way on the other side of the door there'd be more of that too and a further step along the way to realization of their ambitions. Breathing deeply she pictured in her mind's eye some of the more memorable occurrences of the past few days.

The first of course had been their introduction to the sporting world they sought when they'd witnessed a brutally savage cage fight between a black and a white. It had all been carefully choreographed by a fighter named Dora at The Mistress's behest. She'd explained the ground rules, answered their questions and at it's conclusion introduced them to the predictable consequences of the performance. It had almost been like browsing the arrangements to find which was the more appealing she thought. And they'd sampled a bit of each remembering the two males introducing their females to each other. What they'd seen had obviously been enough to wet their appetite's and when the main performance was finished they'd quickly retired to a second floor alcove to satisfy both they're own and they're males passion for it. Neither of them were very attractive but what they'd lacked in appearance they'd made up for in physical power and ferocity. Hustled up the stairs by their partners and followed by a troop of eager spectators they'd reached an alcove and been quickly stripped for fighting almost before the cage was cleared. Haranguing and urging them on, not that they'd needed it, they'd come together trading punches to the head and body until they'd fallen to the floor and then with the spectators crowding around them shouting their encouragement they'd finished it there after almost twenty minutes of furious fighting. When it was over the victres sat astride the unconscious vanquished, her arms raised in victory while the enthusiastic audience roared their approval. What had stirred Claire's interest more, of course, had been the potential matching of the black male with the Asian female. That one had also attracted a crowd to an alcove and smiling she thought that as far as she was concerned it had probably been the more memorable one to. Perhaps a bit more tidy but at least they hadn't been rushed together instead walking calmly to their corner and as the rest crowded around them they'd calmly described what they were going to do to each other. All very orderly, which for some reason made it more exciting. They'd described their preferences, physical qualifications and experience and then after the Asian female had stripped off her leggings they'd started. The way they'd gone about it appeared to have had a quieting effect on the spectators too and they remained mostly silent as they went about it. It was almost immediately clear that both were trained fighters, the male about 170 the female about ten more with an additional couple of inches of height but for the most part it had been pretty even. Back and forth, stumbling and falling into the corner without either tape or gloves they'd punished each other with their fists until finally the female had pulled him down. After that she'd been like a lioness with her prey putting her extra weight to use and it'd pretty much gone her way. In the end she'd been sprawled on top her legs and arms contorting his body until it stopped it's struggles and his muffled gurgles ceased. They'd left just about then and to be honest she had to admit that she didn't really know what his condition might have been. To be honest she really didn't care either as she rose from the prep bench and moved to Dora's side to silently watch her apply the last of the oil to Claire's body. Clenching her fist she balled it into it's mate and nervously shuffled her feet as she waited for them to finish.


The Preperation


Dora was finished now and glancing quickly at Janice she grabbed a towel and wiped her hands. Turning back to Claire she slapped her playfully on the shoulder and murmured,


“now for the head protector and your good to go girl.”


She'd explained it's use while she fitted it to Janice's head and reaching for the mask began fitting it to Claire. Made of soft, moderately thick leather it was fitted in the fashion of an Italian mask and covered the head down to the bridge of the nose and then extended below the eyes and under the ears. There it connected to the back of the hood which then extended down the back to the nape of the neck to flare in a short cape just above the shoulders. A hole was provided in the back for the hair with larger openings to expose the ears with a heavier leather strap connected to it at each side of the neck that encircled the throat. Not easily removed it served to protect the neck and the eyes while leaving the nose, the lower part of the face and the ears exposed. Theirs were black while their opponents would be white.


“Well what do you think” she asked snapping shut the neck's locking device.

“Looks like we're good to go” murmured Janice giving her a long look.


“Yeah, we're that for sure” responded Claire softly as she rose from her bench to join them admiring her reflection in the mirror and nervously fondling the smooth leather over her forehead. . Laughing softly she continued “yu nervous babe?”


“No moren you” replied Janice after a moment “but I'd just as soon now as later if yu know?


“For sure your that” interjected Dora before Claire could respond. “Wouldn't be right if you weren't but both of yu know it won't last for long when yu get out there. Jus make sure you keep your mind on what yu gotta do and not what they're screamin at yu.


Not much to be said after that and when the light at the end of the narrow corridor to the pit changed from yellow to purple the three of them moved silently down to it's door. Reaching it they waited and when it changed to red it automatically opened allowing the three of them to emerge into the glare of the overhead lights and to the spectators enthusiastic applause and cries of approval.


The pit itself had been modified by removing sections at either end to make the originally octagonal pit more oval in shape. This meant that while it retained it's original width of sixteen feet when they and their opponents emerged from their respective doors at either end of it they were almost thirty feet apart. Watching the Mistress Hilde leave the side of the pit and move between them Janice had the thought that Dora was right, it did make it more like an ancient gladiatorial arena than it had in it's previous shape.

And it was almost the same Hilde as on the night when they'd been introduced to the cage. Just the extremely brief tight leather shorts, ankle boots and her glorious physic but neither she or Claire paid her much notice so intent were they on the two waiting for them just thirty feet away. Raising her arm the Hilde slowly turned about in the center of the pit as she called for their attention and as the noise from the spectators died down Dora and the fighter that was to serve as the other teams second retreated to the holding box's built into each end of the pit.

“Good evening, are you ready for the very special treat that we've arranged for you” and as their enthusiastic response echoed back in the affirmative she continued. “Marvelous because it will be very special in that we have two teams of trained female fighters who are being pitted against each other in a most unusual contest. On my left wearing the black hoods are the blond Janice at 5 feet 9 and 172 and to her left the beautiful black Claire at 5' 10" and 179. They are recent additions to our group and have successfully completed two contractual arrangements. To my right wearing white hoods are Louisa, also at 5' 10" and 179 and Ling Ya at almost 6' and 186. They're from our affiliated group in Argentina and have also have successfully fulfilled two contractual arrangements.” Smiling with obvious relish she continued. “And as you know each pair are also in fact “couples” and as such hold each other in the highest affectionate regard, a situation which considering their obvious superb physical conditioning can only make their meeting even more exciting than it already promises to be. For this fight the rules of “Cage” will prevail and since they are no longer familiar to the most of you I will explain just how they will apply to this contest. Each team will put forward one fighter and they will fight two four minute rounds with a one minute break between rounds. At the end of a round one team will replace their fighter for another two rounds and then the other team will do the same at the end of the first round that follows. This will ensure that except for the first round segment each fighter will fight two rounds which will alternate the fighters between the members of the opposing team. As for the first round, since black is the host their lead fighter will fight two rounds and the white team's lead will fight only one. If a fighter goes down they must recover before the one minute time limit or they will be replaced by their team member who will continue in their place and who will be required to fight the remainder of that fighters rounds and their two rounds as well. If a fighter goes out the remaining team member will be required to fight unlimited rounds until they prevail or fail. All of the fighting will be accomplished on the feet with only standing wrestling holds or the fists are permitted. I will not interfere in any way except to enforce the down rule and the time limits. The winner's will be the last team or team member standing.”

The spectators had been silent while she had introduced the fighters and described the rules of combat but now they erupted in applause and cheers for the spectacle they were about to witness before hunching back over the ropes to stare with a silent intensity into the fighting pit as they waited for it to begin. Looking up at the lights The Hilde made a gesture and as they started to re-adjust to the setting desired she motioned to her left and ordered them to submit their candidate for the first four rounds. A moment, a look between them and then Janice raised her arm and Claire retreated to the holding box to wait with Dora. On the other side of the pit Ling did the same and as Louisa turned back the two of them cautiously began to advance toward each other across the glaring expanse of their arena.


The Fight


Round 1, Janice/Ling


She was big, especially for an Asian thought Janice as she watched her shake out her shoulders and heft her fists in front of her. Probably about Claire's size but from what she'd seen of her on the tapes she didn't appear to be as formidable. She could fight though, there'd been numerous demonstrations of that on those same tapes and consequently not someone to play with, particularly not here. Raising her fists she dropped into a crouch and scuttled to her left as the big Chinese fighter came into range.


Suddenly changing her stance Ling dropped into a crouch herself and as Janice instinctively moved back lead with her right fist in the direction of her face. It was a feint, she knew it but still she reacted by ducking back and when she did the Chinese leaped forward and drove her left fist into her lower right side before slipping off to her left. Whirling to her left she moved a few steps after her clubbing her in the forehead with her right fist and causing her to stumble away. That hurt she thought shaking her hand, she'd forgotten about the hood. Have to find something softer next time or I'll break it before we really get going and changing up she took a quick step after her and unleashed a hooking left into the Chinese fighter's right breast. It skidded across her shoulder and she received a chopping blow from her right arm in return as they passed. The hand still hurt and that worried her. It was way too early for something like that, she knew it but also that it probably wouldn't last when she got everything warmed up but still it hurt and when Ling sprang up after her she favored it. There followed a series of advance and retreat, parry and thrust much as with rapiers until finally the Chinese fighter tired of it and lunged into her with a barrage of blows that forced her against the side of the pit.

Feeling her back against it she hunkered down letting her come in and waiting for her to close in above her she drove her right fist up into her left breast before stumbling out from beneath her and scuttling away to the left. Hadn't been all that satisfactory and her right hand still ached but she'd have to use it anyway and as Ling spun around after her she stopped and setting herself drove it into her unprotected left side just below the rib cage. It brought a grunt of surprise and pain from her and as she instinctively dropped her left arm Janice fisted a right jab into her face and followed it with a looping left into the side of her head that sent her sprawling to the floor of the pit.

That one hurt too but this time it didn't bother her. It had achieved it's purpose and the excited response of the spectators made it even more worth it. The down buzzer had sounded though and stepping back she waited for her to regain her feet. She didn't seem to be in all that great a rush to get up and Janice suspected she was waiting for the round bell and raising her arms in the direction she let their cries of approval of her efforts sweep over her and as it sounded. Turning her back on her she walked back to the box. It had been an unexpected break and she knew she had another minutes rest before meeting Louisa and raising her arms out to her side she let Dora wipe down her face, breasts and sides. About to say something to Claire but her partner spoke first.


“Good going Sis” she said softly. “You take it easy on the spic you hear?”


“You'd like her a little bouncy eh” replied Janice ruefully as Dora rolled the towel over her ass and then between her legs?


“No baby, I wanna be maken her bounce” she snickered.


“You guys just be attending to what you gotta do and leave the bouncing to later” interjected Dora as she finished up with the towel and as the round bell sounded she pointed silently to the white hooded fighter leaving the box on the other side of the pit.


Round 2, Janice/Louisa

Janice, anticipating it, was already turning when it sounded and as the spectators applauded the resumption of the fighting the swarthy Latin came dancing at her across the floor. Pushing herself away from her box she shuffled out to meet her. Better to start it nearer the center she thought suddenly moving more quickly and as Louisa came withing range she clipped her with a wide left hook to her right cheek before dancing off to the side. That had felt good she decided and her hand no longer bothered her. Turning after her and smiling to herself she ducked under Louisa's left backhand and easily hooked her left into her left side. Too easily and Louisa quickly moved closer and sent a clubbing right fist into the side of her head. She tried to follow it with a left handed uppercut into her face but Janice had anticipated her and as she stumbled to her right it sailed by her left side. Quickly recovering she rose from her crouch and raising her fists in front of her moved more to the center of the pit. Thinking to herself, come and get it bitch, she rocked back a step and as the Latin advanced she batted away her probing right arm and suddenly twisting to the right sank a short powerful uppercutting left into the center of her belly. Using her forward momentum she muscled into her, pushing her back and as she stumbled drove her right fist flush into her face. Pausing to admire her work she watched her wipe the blood streaming down her chin as she enjoyed the sudden acclamations of approval coming from the spectators for her first blood. Didn't get the nose, at least didn't break it but sure fucked up her mouth she smirked watching the Latin wiggling her jaw as she hurriedly backed away and in the background she could hear Claire shouting


“ way to go Sis” and laughing “good arm!”


She was about to go after her but the bell sounded ending the round and the figure of Hilde came between them. It startled her, she hadn't given her a thought since the start but suddenly remembering the time constraints she merely nodded acknowledgment and turned back to the box.

Dora opened the gate and as Claire stepped out she slipped in beside her. Almost like the penalty box at a hockey game she mused as she took the proffered towel and wiped her face. Claire hadn't said anything as she did a little dance to loosen up but now she leaned into the box and gave Janice a quick kiss

“My turn sis and just you watch me make her bounce”


and at the sound of the round bell she turned and charged at Louisa who'd already made the center of the pit and was waiting for her.


Round 3, Claire/Louisa


She wasn't about to get caught like that again though and as Claire came at her she stooped, almost cocking herself and launched herself into her before she could get set. It had caught her by surprise and as she quickly covered up Louisa came up in front of her and drove a series of short hard punches into her sides and ribs before slipping away to her left. It suddenly occurred to Janice that she'd figured out that Claire was left handed and was using that to her advantage and settling back into the seat began a re-appraisal of their opponents. She also gave the pit itself a more critical look and judging from the height of the spectators faces ringing it thought that it was about two feet lower than the surrounding floor. That plus the three foot wall topped by the two strands of rope made it about six and a half feet of containment she decided. Just about what the Hilde had said it was but a shout from the spectators brought her back to the present. Not that she hadn't been aware of how Claire was doing but now as she watched Louisa, far from bouncing, was taking it to Claire who was covering up and backing away with blood from her face starting to turn her taped fists brown. Louisa followed her, moving in close and every time she ducked to the left or right she unloaded a fist into the other side of Claire's body. Dora was already on her feet leaning out of the box screaming suggestions and now Janice joined her as the spectators began shouting encouragement to the Latin. Louisa was a bit careless though and being as close as she was to Claire when she failed to bring her left arm back up to protect her upper body Claire rose and twisting slightly to her left hooked her right fist up into her left breast. Startled and in pain she brought her arms up in front of her and as she started to back up Claire took advantage of her confusion and lunging forward drove her left fist up in a hooking blow into her lower belly. It surprised her and as she groaned and started to hunch over Claire gave her a backhand to her back just below the bottom of her helmet as she danced away.

Both Dora and Janice slumped back into their seats as the two in the center of the pit began to exchange a cautious series of blows that while not appearing to do much damage did indicate a new respect for each other. When the bell sounded indicating the end of the third round they both turned immediately in the direction of their respective box's as the spectators voiced their approval. Janice noted that it also appeared to be having a similar effect on the Hilde. Leaning back against the side of the pit about halfway between the box's her fingers were idly stroking the bulge of her mound and as she silently watched them retire to their box. She also noticed that her shorts seemed unable to contain all of her thick curly pubic bush some of which poked out along the inside of her thighs and that dark patches of it appeared as shadows under her arms. Leaning out to help Dora wipe her face and body Janice slipped her hand up her arm and pulling her closer murmured


“Don't go rushin there babe. This does not look like a cake walk and we goin hav to be careful if we wanna get where we gotta go” and playfully running her fingers across her mask added “now go out an make that big chink bounce a bit.”


Round 4, Claire/Ling


The minute was about up and as they sat back in their seats Claire turned was moving quickly to the center of the pit as it sounded for round 4. It brought a silent reprimand from the Hilde who motioned her back and while she didn't heed it she stopped until Ling was clear of her box. When she was Hilde motioned them together and they began their maneuvering for position.

By now it was apparent that there was a risk in hitting the head anywhere except the face or the forward lower side of it. Not that the helmets were hard but they were somewhat stiff and could cause injury to hands that were only taped. Better to try for body shots in an effort to weaken and save the head shots until they were less risky. Consequently when they came together it was for a series of probing fists to test the others body defenses. Ling scored first with a short jabbing punch to Claire's left side that connected with her ribs just below her left breast and Claire responded with a cutting right that scythed into the Chinese fighters left shoulder. Both bounced back out of range until suddenly Ling charged into Claire driving a flurry of fists into her that carried them both back against the wall. It was mostly effective in that the wall at Claire's back restricted her range of movement of her arms and forced her to cover up as best she could while the Chinese crowded in closer and hooked a series of short hard left's and rights into her sides and kidney's. It had Janice on her feet again but as she was about to scream her suggestions Claire suddenly lowered her head and butted the Chinese in the face with the top of her hood. Not hard, she didn't have the range of motion for that but it crushed her lower lip back against her teeth and as she covered her mouth and ducked away to her right Claire hooked her left fist into her unprotected belly just above the pubis. Throwing herself after her she did it again finding the lower left side of her back and as Ling turned charged into her forcing her to collide with the wall of the pit. Not pausing she muscled into her unloading uppercuts into her belly until in desperation the Chinese wrapped her arms around her and they clinched. Janice was about to shout for her to keep her legs together but at that moment Ling reminded her by driving her knee up forcefully into Claire's unprotected cunt. Backing off, her hand between her legs and Ling made a move to follow her but the bell sounded signaling the end of round four and instead she moved reluctantly back in the direction of her box.

Slipping out of the box Janice held the door for her and as she went made a quick inventory of her injuries. Not to serious she supposed, some body abrasions from the tape that were a little bloody and another on her cheek that had been more than a little but had stopped weeping. She'd have two rounds to rest though and as Dora began to sponge off her face Janice turned to find Ling. Not to far to look, she was turning around in front of her box and as the bell sounded signaling the start of round five a smiling Hilde raised her arms and motioned them together.


Round 5, Janice/Ling



Janice approached her cautiously eyeing her face to see how her lip was doing. It had some obvious swelling giving her face a lop sided look and although trying for it again carried some risk really fucking up her mouth could be worth the trouble she figured. The rest of her looked in remarkably good shape though, a few abrasions on her sides and a rather mean one on her left breast but other than that not much to slow her down. It bothered her a bit. The rules and the protective head gear almost guaranteed at least a ten rounder and from her perspective the white appeared to be in better shape for it, at least up to now. They were in range with each other now and as Ling lead with her right Janice batted it away and sent a right jabbing fist into the Chinese females left breast. It brought a high keening whine from her and cupping it with her left hand she staggered backwards. Janice quickly stepped after her determined to make the most of it and as Ling instinctively held her right arm out in front of her she crouched to slip beneath it and hefted her right fist into her cunt. Another wail and as Ling bent forward at the middle she straightened up and unloaded her left fist in a short arching curve that exploded directly upwards into her mouth. The impact of it straightened her up throwing her backwards and as she twisted to the side and fell to the floor of the pit holding her mouth. More like it she thought as the down buzzer sounded. Writhing in pain at her feet she pawed at her mouth as they spectators crowded over the top ropes and roared their approval. She'd fucked it up good and savored the feel of it but she began to grow impatient as Ling made no effort to get to her feet. “Get up you fuckin cunt” she screamed and was startled when she heard the sound of her voice echoing back at her. She could also hear Ling's sobbing moans of pain and it occurred to her that the directional mic's had been turned up and their every sound from the impact of their fists on each other's bodies to their screams and cries of rage or pain were being amplified throughout the room. From where she was standing over her it even seemed to mute out the sounds of the spectators. Momentarily confused she was about to turn back to her box when the one minute buzzer sounded again and Louisa charged across the floor of the pit to take Ling's place.


Ling down Janice/Louisa



She barely had time to collect herself before she was on her with her fists flying and kicking out with her legs and knees as she forced Janice away from where Ling lay. In her eagerness however she wasn't completely balanced and when she stumbled slightly Janice was able to clip her on the side of the head with her right and as Louisa settled back on her heels she moved into her for an even exchange. Ling was still lying on the floor but she'd rolled to her hands and knees and was trying to make the box and as they engaged in their exchange they frequently bumped and stumbled over her. On one occasion, just before the fifth round bell, Louisa ended up on the far side of her and Janice took the opportunity to kick the big Chinese in the ribs just as she was pulling herself up into the box. Making her way back across the pit after it sounded she looked back to see their second pulling her in and then flopping back into the seat.


She was conscious of the heat when she returned to the box, that and the obvious smell of marihuana drifting down from the spectators. Not that she shouldn't have expected it but the sweat was literally pouring off her and leaning gratefully back against the front of it she let Dora sponge her down while she looked around at the structure of the fighting pit. As before she thought it an interesting arrangement since with two feet of depth and three feet of wall topped by two strands of rope spaced about nine inches apart it put the surface of the fighting area about six and a half feet below the highest rope. From where she was standing which was about two feet below the level of the spectators she could only see the upper part of their bodies arrayed around the top most one. She was definitely the center of their attention or at least for those at her end of the pit as she listened to their comments coming from the shadows. Very approving they were and complimentary too but her attention was still drawn to Louisa waiting, like herself, for the sixth round bell. Portugese she decided although maybe Italian or Spanish. Not that it mattered, she was still a spic but she was definitely the more impressive of the two on the other side of the pit. Probably about five ten she thought but the way she was built made her seem bigger. Heavy shoulders on top of a wide powerful back, well muscled arms and legs and enough weight and power to use them well. She was also dark complected with a bit of body odder and apparently didn't shave her body hair at regular intervals. It was especially noticeable on her lower legs, under her arms and as a dark triangle spreading from between her legs down the inside of her thighs and poking upwards toward her navel. There was also a dark outline of it on her upper lip much as Claire did. About to mention it to Claire she was distracted by the Hilde moving away from the side of the pit and as Louisa pushed herself away from her box the bell signaling the start of the sixth round sounded.


Round 6, Janice/Louisa


Gotta soften her up she thought. She'd have her own two rounds now and what she started perhaps Claire could finish. She also thought that too bad it wasn't the chink because she looked to be the easier of the two at this point.


Apparently she'd gotten some advice from her box and as she came out to meet her she raised her fists in front of her face and invited Janice to come to her. Sparring they danced about, neither being quite sure of how it would go with Janice on more of an offense and Louisa defending. She wouldn't be wanting to make a mistake with two to go she thought and suddenly dropping into a crouch she led with her right to the Portagee's left side. That part of it was Ok but she came in too close and as her fist dug into her side Louisa's right fist slammed into the left side of her head. Hopping to her left she did it again and as Janice straightened up and tried to get away from her she stepped in and hooked her left into her face. Dazed and bleeding from the mouth she could only cross her arms in front of her and duck hoping for the best as Louisa furiously attacked her from every angle. Into her guts, sides, another hook but this time to the breasts and finally into her back as she stumbled away. Not far, the wall was right there and grasping it with her hands she twisted to her left and kicked the approaching Portagee in the belly as she crowded in. She tried it again but she was too close now and quickly turning halfway to face her Janice looped her left arm around her neck and weakly began fisting her in the belly as staggered along the wall of the pit. As Louisa tried to break away she tightened her arm around her neck but the Portagee was too strong and pulled them both away from the side of the pit and reaching the center she was able to extract her head from under her arm and back away. It had been enough though and taking a deep breath she danced to the right and began to maneuver for her own attack.


It worked like that for awhile but as the spectators became more restive and shouting for them to close they did. Half wrestling half punching with no clear advantage to either it might have continued to the bell except for an unguarded moment on Janice's part and Louisa rewarded her with a stunning right hook to her face that laid her out at the door to her box. It was her turn and as the down buzzer sounded she took a stance with her feet astride her screaming epithets as the spectators pressed over the ropes and roared their approval. It brought Claire out of her seat and except for Dora holding her back she would have gone over the wall at her but the round bell sounded and with a wave of her fist in her face Louisa turned and walked away. Pushing open the door to it Claire exited and as Janice pushed herself away from the floor, first to her hands and knees and then to her feet Dora moved to assist her. Leaning unsteadily against the wall for a moment she waited for her head to clear and then slumped into the seat. Looking up at Claire as she adjusted her hood she muttered “sorry.” “Not to be sorry sis” Claire replied shaking her shoulders and turning to face across the pit she waited for the bell to sound.


Round 7, Claire/Louisa


When it did the big black was already in motion moving quickly across the pit to confront Louisa before she was properly clear of her box. Not even bothering to set herself she rushed her driving her fists at her indiscriminately and giving her little opportunity to do much except try to avoid them and move away to where there would be more maneuvering room. Claire tried to block her as best she could but after the first intense attack Louisa evaded her and they found themselves in the center of the pit jabbing and punching and hoping for an opportunity. Louisa found it or almost opening up a gash on Claire's left cheek that got part of her eye but the black retaliated with a quick hard left hook that caught her below her right breast and as she hunched back a thudding right to her belly. Dropping back the Portugese seemed to invite her to follow but as she did she quickly lowered into a crouch and delivered an overhand looping right fist that crushed into Claire's nose. It might have been deciding but Claire was already in motion and as it impacted her face her left fist was driving upwards simultaneously in a savage hook to the other fighters cunt.


Immediately Claire's face exploded in a spray of red as she snorted and pawed at her nose to clear it while Louisa slumped weakly against the side of the pit her hands between her legs emitting soft mewling wails of pain. Immediately the room erupted in a show of bi partisan support as the spectators leaned over the ropes and screamed encouragement as Claire began to stagger after her. Slowly wiping her face with the back of her arm she reached her and grasping her shoulder spun her around and smashed her right fist into her mouth. Now both were covered with blood and spittle and as they stumbled away from the side of the pit the spectators cried for more.


Hilde too although her approval was more visual. Leaning back against the wall with her legs splayed apart her hands unconsciously kneading her breasts, fondling the meaty globes and twisting the thick nipples as she let the carnality of the spectacle take control of her senses. It was obvious that she was as consumed with the fight lust as the spectators but for the two in the center of the pit, they were the only ones present. A long hook to the side of the head, a short hard jab to the ribs, a feint, a response followed by Louisa wrestling Claire against the side of the pit. They stayed there for a moment, struggling just for the sake of it and then Claire's foot slipped and as she stumbled to the side Louisa clocked her with a hard left fist to the side of her head.. Again it could have been it for Claire but the bell sounded ending the seventh round and Louisa wearily dropped her arms and headed back across the pit leaving Claire to pull herself along the side of the pit to where Dora and Janice were waiting. As she approached the box Dora slipped out and supported her as she slipped into the seat while Janice stepped out and silently watched Dora clean her off. All three of them had the sense that it was coming to a conclusion and they also had that disquieting feeling that they really weren't sure just what that would mean to them. It had been a lot tougher that they'd expected and while it was probably the same across the pit that wasn't much of a consolation. Stepping aside as Claire lurched to her feet and out of the box she slipped her arm around her and whispered, “just one more baby and then I'll take from there.” “Jus one more” mumbled Claire in response and as the eighth round bell sounded she shambled out across the pit.


Round 8, Claire/Ling



Ling was fresh and came out quickly. She'd had two rounds rest and except for her mouth she was relatively unmarked. She also sensed that this could be a deciding round and was determined to make the most of it. She was also stupid thought Janice as she noticed Claire suddenly pick up her step and as the overconfident Chinese danced closer she unloaded a series of short, hard left's and right's into her upper body and head before the other fighter realized she'd been lulled into a false sense of advantage. Not stopping Claire drove her back, hooking into her guts, then into the side of her head and as she bent over she followed it with a two handed clubbing blow to the back of the neck. If she could have gotten her knee into her face it would have been better thought Janice but as it was she'd take it. The Chinese was hurt and confused and as an enraged Claire attacked she was able to drive her randomly around the pit never giving her a chance to regain an initiative. She was still feeling the consequences of Louisa's final accounting though and knew that this would be now or never. Summoning all of her remaining strength and resolve she forced her back against the wall of the pit and leaping forward thrust her arms under Ling's and leveraged them up over the lower rope surrounding the pit. Leaning into her, their breasts pressed together she paused to catch her breath and then before Ling could react she grasped her wrists and pulled them forward over the top of the wall effectively trapping her with her back against it. It would hold her but not for long but she didn't need that much and setting her self and again summoning every bit of what she had left she began to drive her fists indiscriminately into the trapped fighter's body. The directional mic's picked up the sound of each impact broadcasting them to the screaming crowd hanging over the ropes and rising to their feet Janice and Dora contributed their own shouts of encouragement. Working them upwards she continued, desperately increasing their frequency as she worked them savagely into her breasts and then as she began to slump out of the ropes she hooked her right fist sideways into her jaw and sent her sprawling to the floor.


The one minute down buzzer sounded immediately and Claire could only stare stupidly at the form sprawled at her feet. For the moment there was pandemonium as the spectators hung their arms out through the ropes or sat on the wall and leaned out into them screaming their approval. It also brought Janice and Dora as well as Louisa and her second to their feet. It seemed obvious that Ling was finished and as Louisa uncertainly slipped out of her box Claire wearily turned to face her. Arms at her sides she shuffled away from the body as she and Louisa waited for the buzzer to sound.


Ling out in round 8, Claire/Louisa finish out Lings round


No effort was made to retrieve Ling's body. Forgotten she lay in a widening smear of blood by the side of the pit and as the buzzer sounded Claire and Louisa moved toward each other for a final confrontation. Janice glanced around, not the first time, for the clock but she still couldn't find it and could only hope that the round was about over. She knew Claire was about finished but she was feeling the effects of the fighting too and hoped she could do some damage to the Portagee before it was her turn to go with her. Almost holding her breath she settled back into the seat as she watched Claire raise her hands and begin a slow hop to the side as Louisa moved into fisting range. She'd try to hold her off, that much was obvious and as the spectators became silent the sounds of their fists impacting each other's bodies resounded through the room.


Louisa, like Ling before her was over confident and looking for an early kill and as she followed the retreating Claire the black suddenly stopped and risking it all waited for her to come in. She did, too quickly and Claire hooked up into her guts with her left and as Louisa's left crashed into her head she arched it upwards smashed it into her chin as the bell sounded ending round eight. Both staggered, Claire fell and Louisa was thrown backwards into the wall of the pit.


Louisa puts Claire down but she's hurt. Less than a minute to go, Louisa readies herself for Janice in 9.


It brought Janice and Dora back to their feet and as the frenzied spectators surged forward against the ropes Dora moved quickly to Claire's side and dragged her to the box. Louisa's second also emerged from the box to assist her while Ling still lay where she'd fallen, forgotten as the furies of the fighting passed her by and now there was no time to retrieve her. Apparently she'd be an obstacle for her time with Louisa and shaking out her shoulders she began to dance about as she waited for the ninth round bell. She knew she had to finish her and this time she meant to do it. She was acutely aware that under the rules of their combat Louisa could just as easily prevail if she couldn't put her down. She could sense Dora behind her and as the bell sounded for the ninth she felt her give her a pat on the ass and offer a soft encouragement, “kill the bitch.”


Round 9, Janice/Louisa


Increasingly loud growls of enthusiasm and encouragement followed them as they advanced toward each other in the center of the pit. There could be no mistakes now or it would be finished for them and as they began their first exchange the growls seemed to turn into an indiscriminate blood lusting snarls. Louisa came in first, feinting with her right while keeping her left cocked at her side. Leaning slightly to her right she invited Janice in closer but she declined and batting aside the second feint she forced the Portagee to slowly sidle even further to her left. Moving slowly she forced her back closer to the wall and as Louisa reacted with a lunge, leading with her right Janice crouched and twisting to her right hooked her right fist up into her cunt. She followed it with a left swinging hook to Louisa's right side but it skidded off her belly and as she twisted away to her right the Portagee quickly raised her left leg and kneed her in the face. It brought another rush of blood that mingled with the sweat and snot covering her body and as she stumbled away holding her face Louisa gave the back of her neck a chopping blow with the side of her right hand. The cape from the hood reduced the force of it but it still sent her sprawling and forgetting about the one minute down rule she was almost back on her feet when it sounded. Already being up it meant nothing and was immediately followed by the buzzer to resume fighting and as she moved away to the other side of the pit Louisa followed driving both of her fists indiscriminately into her side, back and kidneys. Reaching the side she grasped the top of the wall and pulled herself up and as Louisa crowded in against her she drove her left elbow back directly into her face.


Turn about she thought watching her stagger away clutching her ruined nose and mouth and pushing herself away from the side of the pit stumbled after her. She hadn't far to go, the Portagee had stopped in the center of the pit and straightened up to meet her with a scything right that glanced of her left shoulder followed immediately by a left jab that buried itself in her right breast. Ignoring the pain Janice allowed her momentum to carry her into her and as their body's came together she drove her right knee into her cunt and as Louisa backed up her right fist into her ruined face. More blood and screams for more but the two of them were oblivious to the crowd leaning out over the ropes above them. Straightening up, their faces masked in snarling grimaces, they began to exchange short, hard punishing blows to each other's bodies as they confronted each other in the center of the pit.


The crowd had forced against the restraining ropes as the sounds of the blows and their labored breathing flooded the fighting room. It was what they were there to witness, four trained fighting women now reduced to two in a brutal, bloody fight to the finish and now totally uninhibited the thickening scent of pot and the effect it was contributing to their natural inclinations they were intent on drinking in the sights and sounds of it. All signs of civilized inhibitions had been abandoned as they pressed out over the top of the ropes and screamed at the two struggling below them. Cries of cunt her, into her face, again and again while a few in the background were hysterically screaming, kill her, kill the bitch with the sounds of all of it amplified throughout the room. Three of them, a woman with her back against the ropes was holding the big Chinese woman breast to breast against her body while her male thrust his engorged cock into the screaming woman's ass. Two other women, apparently each supporters of one or the other had already disappeared down behind the wall in a wild melee of fists and feet as they tried to destroy each other while those clustered around them urged them on. It all seemed to be reaching a destructive crescendo when Janice lost her balance and Louisa slammed her left fist into the right side of her face. The blow lacerated her ear and as Janice clasped it with her right hand and tried to hold her away with her left the Portagee crowded in and buried her left fist into her belly directly between her navel and her cunt. At that it was over for Janice but as she slumped to the floor of the pit the bell sounding signaling the end of round nine and the Hilde stepped between the two of them and held Louisa away.


On her hands and knees Janice made her way back to the box as Louisa raised her arms and smiling at the crowd did a victory dance to the delight of her supporters. It wasn't done, the bell had saved them from that but obviously in her mind it was and she savored it as the crowd applauded her. A minute to go and she'd finish her and she'd take all of the allotted four minutes doing it. Knowing that both she and her supporters would love how she did it she wearily made her way back to her box on the far end of the pit.


Those crowded around the pit were more subdued now and except for the final sounds of excess coming from the Chinese trio and the two finishing up on the floor behind the wall the room was relatively quiet as Janice hauled herself up against the wall of the box with the help of Dora and Claire. The big Chinese female head was now trapped between the ropes, her head held there in a reverse headlock by the female while the male with his cock deep in her cunt finished raping her. The two behind the wall were mostly silent, at least the one on the bottom was with only the occasional sight of fists and arms swinging in arcs above her unseen body to indicate that the victres was not yet satisfied. Leaning in exhaustion against the door to the box Janice gave it all a final, unseeing look and was already pushing herself away from it when the bell sounded for the tenth round.


Round 10, Janice/Louisa


Janice was conscious of the strong odor of sweat and blood mingling with the fragrance of sexual pheromones coming from those crowded against the ropes above her as she raised her fists and prepared to meet her adversary. The Portagee had proven to be a formidable fighter and she seemed to have the advantage. As she prepared to engage her she knew her only chance would be to disable her early in the four minute fighting period. Hunkering down, seemingly resigned to her fate, she waited for the her to come in to finish her off.


Louisa emerged confidently from her end of the pit, her face reflecting a wicked smile of triumph. She was seemingly in no hurry and as Janice moved to meet her those crowded against the ropes broke into a final round of applause and cried encouragement. They as well and the two of them knew it was to be decided now and seemed to sense that it could result in the destruction or death of one of them. All of them knew that nobody, including the Hilde, would intervene.


She might have been able to except that but she hadn't really figured out just how she wanted to do it and Janice knew she couldn't afford to wait while she decided. Tentatively pawing at her face she forced Janice back toward her box but realizing the relative closeness of the wall Janice maneuvered herself to the side and let her back her up against it in the center. It wasn't much of an advantage but it was the best she could come up with and as Louisa swivelled to follow her she lunged into her and fisted her into a retreat to the opposite side of the pit. Following closely she buried her right fist into the left side of her back and as the Portagee turned and tried to escape to her right she hooked her right into the lower right side of her belly. She was rewarded for her boldness with a backhanded right to the side of her head but ignoring it she surged forward and kneeing her just above the cunt wrapped her left arm around the back of her neck and with her right hand began to force her head up and over it. It would have been the perfect position for what she had in mind which was to break her neck but Louisa's right shoulder was against her left breast instead of behind her left shoulder and she was able to turn to her left and dislodge Janice's right hand. When it happened it provided a momentary advantage to Janice though and as she continued to turn to her left she locked her left arm around Louisa's neck in a reverse headlock and as they staggered away from the wall began to drive her right fist up into her body.


The cries of the crowd had reached a crescendo as they reached the center of the pit and suddenly reaching beneath her Janice grasped Louisa's left wrist and with a sudden heave cinched her neck even further up beneath her armpit. Again she heaved, almost lifting her feet from the floor of the pit and then in an effort to finish it she did it again while at the same time throwing both herself and Louisa to the floor of the pit. With luck the impact would have broken her neck but instead the slickness of their bodies enabled Louisa to twist so that she was facing into Janice's body when they impacted and she was thrown clear. No buzzer sounded and as they rolled to their feet neither of them expected it. Janice was in a better position to take advantage of it though and as Louisa backed up with her hands to her neck she steeled herself and closed with her driving her fists at random into the retreating females body. Left's and rights she drove her back, the sound of her fists impacting resounding throughout the room as they mixed with the screams of the crowd. There would be no further rounds, she was determined and as Louisa's back came in contact with the wall of the pit she crouched and summoning all of her strength, hooked her right fist up between her legs. It lifted Louisa from the floor and as she grasped the top most rope in desperation her sudden wail of pain drowned out the other sounds in the room. Moving in, almost beneath her Janice shoved her left shoulder under her right side and wrapped her right hand around the Portagee's ass to prevent her from falling as she tried to steady herself. Louisa had both hands on the ropes now desperately trying to pull herself away and as her legs slipped over Janice's shoulder she was able to kick the blond in the side of the head and scramble away leaving Janice slumped against the wall. Pushing herself away she stumbled after her and as the Portagee turned to face her she set herself and wearily hooked her right fist into her left breast. It didn't have the force of their previous exchanges but it stunned her and Janice, lurching to the left took advantage of it and hooked it into the side of her face. Catching herself she pulled herself erect and as Louisa's arms dropped to her sides she smashed her left into the other side of her face and then as she began to fall she summoned all of her remaining strength and drove her right that caught her on the point of the chin.


It was over and as the screams of the crowd suddenly cascaded over her she raised her arms and the Hilde came to stand at her side. Both Ling and Louisa lay where they'd fallen, the concern of someone else now and as Dora and Claire left the box to join her she pirouetted slowly in the center of the pit, her clit slipping visibly from between the swollen lips of her labia for all to see. They'd met the challenge, their opponents destroyed and as she let the feelings of exhilaration sweep over her she knew she'd do it again.