The Prize

By Teez 03322

An Exhibition of Brutality


Jackie shivered slightly as a stray draft of cold air found it's way into the room and caressed her body. Letting the shiver develop she gently shook out her arms and let the chill pass as she waited, eyes downcast, for the door to open. She wasn't really dressed for the coolness of the night outside. The girl that had tightened the straps of the hood and secured the special leotard that she wore had seen to that. Shifting her weight from one booted foot to the other she smiled nervously to herself as she reflected that the momentary chill would soon be replaced with the other extreme. Thinking quickly of the scene that she knew was unfolding in the room next door she felt a shortness of breath as she pictured Ann and her acquaintances as they arranged themselves to view the violent spectacle that was about to take place in the small ringed arena constructed in the center of it. The thought of her waiting with mounting anticipation for her entrance excited her and for a moment she permitted herself to contemplate the purpose for which she, her opponent and the select group of female fighting aficionados were gathered for.

Entertainment of course, but primal and primitive in nature. Simply put she and the woman Clara were to be pitted against one other in a brutal fight to the finish specifically for the entertainment of the select group of women that had assembled to watch them. Glancing at her reflected image in the wall mirror beside the door her she flexed her bare arm and smiled approvingly. They were going to get what they wanted she thought, they and the hundreds of others that had subscribed the fight on the groups private close circuit TV system. She felt a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the tape would be watched again and again in the weeks and months to come and sighed ruefully as she considered the level of brutality and the physical damage that the two of them would inflict on each other in the final stages of the event. That it would be unpleasant was obvious and for one of them even more so but she still felt a familiar thrill run through her as she savored the thought and knew that it was how she wanted it to be. The moment passed and she let her mind go back to retrace the checkered path that had brought her here.


Chapt #1


The route to this evening had been to a degree predictable she supposed. Things had pretty much been leading to it for almost as long as she could remember. Without a doubt her size had something to do with it which at 6 feet and around a 190 lbs plus tended to dissuade conventional relationships. She knew it was more than that. She'd known the rough side of people and places from very early on and as she had gotten older, learned to like it in a perverse sort of way. She particularly liked it when it lead to a confrontation and provided her with an opportunity to exercise her naturally violent tendencies and even more so when there were those about to appreciate it. Later, when her earlier acquaintances had been replaced by a more sophisticated group, for the most part female, she'd found herself enthusiastically indulging their tastes along with her own in what for them had become a form of ritualized violence. A few “mistakes,” sometimes the result of too much encouragement from those around her but just as likely the result of her own inclinations had lead to some trouble with the authorities but that had only served to enhance her reputation and helped her to further define her personal focus. Immy had helped in that regard too.

The two of them had been a pair she thought. Like the rest she had been attracted to the fighting scene and to the women that did it and Jackie had been attracted to her for much the same reasons. It hadn't taken very long for them to pair up with Jackie serving as her own personal gladiator at the social soirees that were staged to stimulate the fighting. It usually resulted in at least one violent encounter and she discovered early on that she not only liked to fight but also everything else that was a part of it. The going one on one against an equal, driving their fists into each other's bodies in the most primitive and brutal of settings for a wildly appreciative audience lustily urging them on was intoxicating and the personal rewards that were attached to it even more so. If she wasn't always a participant it didn't matter. She enjoyed the sexual stimulation that the violence and brutality were so much a part but as her inclinations and abilities became more well known her notoriety grew as well. That was sort of the down side of that since as her reputation preceded her she had an increasingly difficult time in finding women who would accommodate her. Toward the end she found herself frequently relegated to being an enthusiastic member of the audience as two lesser contenders decided who would claim the female prize and the acclaim of the onlookers.

It was during this time that Immy was contacted by a woman who said that she thought that Jackie's talents might better be used in some more special and rewarding ways and asked her if she might talk to them about it. Jackie remembered that first meeting rather vividly. They'd both figured it would involve fighting and money and the woman who arrived to discuss it hadn't disappointed them. Her name was Ann and Jackie had immediately felt a strong physical attraction to her.

As tall as Immy and wearing a severe brown business suit, her rather plain face accented by a pair of wire rim glasses, she wasn't quite what they'd expected although even with the pile of auburn hair tied primly in a granny at the back of her head the full proportions of her figure couldn't be ignored. After a long moment of mutual appraisal the she had laughed nervously and said

“this is the first time that I've seen you with your cloths on” and moving closer she continued, “ A few of my friends and I have become fans of yours over the past few months and it occurred to us that you might like to perform in a different setting and perhaps for different reasons.” She was very close now and Immy was forgotten as the other woman had slowly let the tip of her finger trace a line across Jackie's forearm. Breathing more rapidly now in obvious excitement she had continued, “are you interested?” and with Jackie's silent nod of agreement she had continued.


Describing it she said “it” would be a “sporting event for a small select group of physically active women who very much enjoyed watching two equally capable women fight each other. Describing the fighting as extreme in nature she said that it took place in a small, very private, professional style ring maintained for that purpose at her estate. Her opponent would be of approximately the same weight, build, ability and attitude all of which would hopefully ensure that the fighting would be as equal as possible. In all respects she would be very much like herself with the desire and talent for money fighting. In addition there would be special stimulate provided to remove any last restraining inhibitions which would serve to enhance the performance and provide the extra incentive that she and her friends considered desirable. There bodies would also be oiled before the fight to offer some degree of physical protection and while Jackie thought the last was probably more to prolong it than to prevent injury she didn't object. Special ring gear would be provided and when the winner had been determined she would be permitted to sexually take the loser in as brutal and violent a way as she wished. She had smiled at Jackie's look of anticipation and added that there would of course be no rules and only one outcome, a fight to the finish. Without going into and more detail she went on to describe the financial arrangements.

In the interest of making it as interesting as possible, for everybody, the level of payment would be high, both for the winner and the loser. This would ensure that they would both have an adequate incentive to fight as long as possible and in the process, prolong the performance. A $35,000 purse would be shared. $25,000 to the winner and $10,000 to the loser. As an added incentive she offered them each $2,000 for every round that they finished and an additional $2,000 to be split equally for each minute that the fight went beyond 40 minutes. As you can see she had concluded, this is not quite a sporting event in the commonly accepted sense of the word nor is it meant to be. It should however ensure a sufficiently long performance that appeals to women such as ourselves. It is very much the way we want it and the reward structure is designed to insure that we achieve it. Smiling wickedly she continued, both you and your opponent have been chosen because you appear to excel in this type of contest. If that turns out to be the case it will be most exciting and well worth the level of compensation that we offer you to participate.

Jackie had accepted, not without some trepidation, but her hesitation had been brief. Not just for the money but it would also an opportunity to put her power and sexuality on the line and go one on one in the ultimate style of fighting that she had been hungering for. She found the thought of matching her physical ability and fighting instincts against an equal exciting but she also found the thought of fighting for the pleasure of the woman who had offered her the challenge at the least equally so. On the appointed evening the two of them had presented themselves at Ann's secluded estate on the outskirts of the city.

She thought of the second meeting when their hostess had answered the door. In her heels she was almost as tall as Jackie but now more obviously slender and much more voluptuous. Low-cut tight leather shorts and heels accentuated her long bare legs and the abbreviated, silk tank top, already wet with perspiration, barely contained her heavy swelling of her breasts. Pausing only long enough for a quick greeting and look of appraisal she took their wraps and quickly led them down a corridor to a staircase and into another area below the house. At the bottom of the steps a substantial looking door and opening it she motioned them to enter. Another corridor with two doors on the side and opening the nearest she ushered them into what turned out to be a small but well equipped dressing room with a single door on the opposite wall.

There was a subdued murmur of voices from the other side of the second door and Jackie experienced a familiar rush of excitement mixed with a certain degree of apprehension at the sound of it. Like a small hot rock in the pit of her stomach it spread through her forcing her to catch her breath as it swelled through her breasts to harden her already firm nipples and explode in a soft sexual sensation in her already swollen clit. It was always like this when she was about to fight. It helped concentrate her mind on what lay ahead and this time the closeness of Ann's presence made the experience even more intense. Briefly letting herself imagine the others hands on her body, tightening the straps and adjusting the mask of her champion as she prepared her to fight and she sensed that the other would be eager to do so. She also knew from the look of concern on Immy's face and that of knowing understanding on Ann's that they were just as aware of it as she. Smiling to herself she let herself picture the two of them competing privately for her favors before she returned her attention to the matter's at hand.

Ann broke the silence asking Immy if she had brought the required equipment and after being assured that she had turned to examine it. Jackie enjoyed the obvious tension between them as she watched them inventory the contents of the bag and listened to Ann describe what was to take place in the room next door. Nodding her approval that all of the special items were present she turned to Jackie and handed her the small leather pouch that would cover her sex and said.


“As previously discussed, your only items of dress will be this pouch, wedge soled ankle boots, a neck protector and the special fighting gloves that were described to you in the agreement. You will also be hooded which will conceal your identity from the rest of the group and the masks they wear will conceal theirs from you. Unfortunately a necessity due to the closed circuit recording and retransmission system and the repercussions if something unfortunate should occur. As proscribed you will fight unlimited rounds of ten minutes each until one of you is finished and as previously agreed to your medical needs will be professionally attended too.”


Pausing for a moment to organize her thoughts she continued.


“As you know both of you have been selected because you have previously demonstrated a level of enthusiasm for what we have discussed. Enthusiasm I might add that coupled with the level of unbridled aggression tends to make these arrangements rather gladiatorial in nature. As you already know there are no rules which both of you have indicated is not only acceptable but also personally desirable. There will be a ring attendant present with a specially modified electric device which she may use to prevent extreme injury or death but other than to separate the two of you at the end of a round she will not interfere.” Sensing that there were no questions she added. “We feel that the level of compensation justifies the lack of restraints which ensures that the fighting will unrestrained and very brutal.” Handing her a vial with several pills in it she smiled and added, “ and very stimulating. They're what I mentioned during out first meeting and I suggest that you take them. I think you are probably not unfamiliar with what they will serve to accomplish. They do seem to make a significant contribution to your efforts, both yours and hers.” Seeing the question in Jackie's face she smiled and continued. “We've found that in the past it has facilitated a very satisfactory level of competition as well as ensuring that the prevailing fighting woman has been inclined to exercise her inclinations without the least sense of remorse or restraint at the conclusion of the contest. That, the concluding act, will be performed in an equally gladiatorial fashion. A specially designed device will be provided that will pleasure her in direct proportion to the punishment she is able to met out to the loser by using it. It will be reimbursed at the rate per minute that I have previously described and if the winner is particularly successful there will be additional rewards.”


Seeing Jackie's uncertain nod of assent she laughed softly and moving closer said.


"I'm sure that after you seen your opponent and the device you'll find it added incentive to prevail. Her name is Ruby and it's also her first performance for us here. Like you she's bored with the competition and interested in meeting an opponent that provides her with the physiological, physical and financial incentives along with the sporting element that make these private arrangements so stimulating. I might add that like you she is looking forward to this with a gratifying level of anticipation.” Letting her hand softly caress the inside of Jackie's arm until it cupped her biceps she concluded, “I think you will find it equally satisfying, as we do, that your opponent is black as are a significant number of those that will be watching.” Laughing softly she added, "It tends to remove the last vestiges of inhibition and lends a certain primitive aspect to these affairs that enhances both our appreciation and, I assume, yours as well”. Smiling at Jackie's look of understanding and with a last lingering lustful look she left by the door that they had come in by.


Chapt #2


Immy was silent as she fitted the covering over the fullness swelling between Jackies legs. The abbreviated pouch cupped her tightly but still exposed much of her lush sex which escaped in thick profusion from around the edge of the tiny covering. Two narrow straps proceeded up across her kidneys connecting to a narrow belt cut low across her belly and a third, connected to the bottom of the pouch, passed between her legs and reconnected with a lower tail of the belt which when cinched down drew it tightly, between the cheeks of her ass. A protective neck collar covered her throat and the hood, loosely netted at the back, fitted snugly around the top of her head concealing the upper part of her face. The straps covering the kidney area had several very short studs attached to them as did the neck protector. Only about an eight of an inch in length and shaped like tiny pyramids, they wouldn't prevent intentional blows to those areas but it would tend to discourage them. Squirming at the thought she let her imagination picture how damaging they would be in the closeness of the wrestling during the later stages of the fight. Although the oil would help she knew that in their battle heat, neither of them would give it much thought by then. Trying to focus on something more pleasant she let her eyes travel slowly over the face and figure of her companion as she installed the hood and fished her hair through the netting at the back of her head.

Tall, with long legs and large, soft, lush breasts she was dressed especially for tonight in green, silk shorts that rode high on the hip and high heeled ankle boots which displayed the rippling muscles of her legs to perfection. Wearing an abbreviated cotton tank-top in matching colors, the soft netted material did little to mask the swelling magnificence of her breasts while accentuating the perfection of the softly curving female belly exposed beneath it. Silently comparing her to Ann she remembered the first time she had seen her. In a fighting room and as it had turned in her favor she had fully enjoyed sacrificing the will of her opponent slowly, deliberately and painfully, directly in front of her.


Chapt #3


Done with the fitting now she nervously began to slip on the special kid leather fighting gloves. Jackie liked the feel of them immediately as she flexed her fists and examined their construction. Much like a golf glove but with a course substance attached to the hitting surface she briefly she let herself imagine the experience of driving them into her opponents body and found that she was looking forward to it. There was some padding over the knuckles, probably to prevent premature injury she supposed and examining the palm found a surface similiar to that covered the knuckles. Shivering slightly as she imagined how it would enhance the grip make the wrestling holds more effective until oil on their bodies was dissipated by their sweat. She also thought briefly of the experience of using them and having them used on her and felt another shudder of dread mixed with anticipation as she considered it. Now finished Immy briefly admired her work and then began to apply a layer of light grease to her body. It felt pleasantly sensual and Jackie could sense the tension and increasing excitement in her friend as she worked it into the muscles of her arms and belly and spread it between her legs and down her thighs. She'd never used it before but it wasn't hard to imagine how it would tend to raise the level of brutality while adding an additional erotic ingredient to the spectacle. Almost finished she applied a heavier layer of it to the exposed parts of her face and standing back again silently appraised her work before shedding the application gloves. Almost immediately there was a soft knock on the door and a woman opened it motioning them to follow her.

The room they entered was arranged around the small fighting ring that Ann had described and as Jackie's eyes adjusted to the dim lighting she could see what appeared to be a similarly sized indentation in the floor directly beneath it. Illuminated by a single light over the center the spectators were grouped in moving shadows around it. It was also obviously warmer and letting the scent of their sweat and sex wash around her she turned her attention to the woman waiting for her in the ring.

Silently acknowledging her silent greeting with a nod she made her way to the side of it and slipped through the ropes as the spectators murmured among themselves and began their comparisons. Sensing that she was her equal and while that was a bit unnerving she found the thought exciting as she anticipated what it meant. At least as tall but probably a bit heavier her shoulders were exceptionally broad. Her hood and mask were white and the small tight white pouch between her legs did no more to cover the rich profusion of dark pubic hair curling from the edge of it than hers did. Like herself she hadn't shaved her body hair and suddenly conscious of a dryness in her mouth and a tightness in her lower belly she let a shiver of apprehension mixed with excitement spread through her body as she anticipated their first physical contact. Aware of her return scrutiny she leaned casually against her corner and when she greeted her with a cold smile Jackie returned in kind.

Her thoughts and their mutual appraisal were cut short by the sound of the softly resumed conversations as a third woman who slipped into the ring to join them. That brought a louder buzz from the shadows and it was immediately apparent that she was both referee and announcer. Tall, Jackie's height and close to her in weight, but older she gave the impression that she was a familiar participant in affairs such as this. A broad Slavic face accented by a small black satin mask above a cruel, thin mouth and topped with short red hair, Muscular legs encased in ankle boots and other than that just a narrow leather g-string that barely contained the fullness between her legs. A gym jacket was slung casually about her shoulders. Evidently well known to the spectators she moved to the center of the ring to get their attention and Jackie heard several call her by the name of Jill. Laughing appreciatively in response to their obvious respect she slipped out of the jacket to reveal the rest of her powerful body which was greeted with a genuine burst of applause. Jackie silently agreed with their obvious approval. In her mid to late forties, powerfully muscled with heavy swelling breasts topped with thick long nipples, she proudly displayed the obvious scars of a fighting career. Drawn closer by the continued applause and as if by common assent the three of them raised their arms to acknowledge it.

Silently they appraised each other as they waited for the excited mummer of the spectators to subside. They were very close and Jackie realized with a sense of alarm that the ring was not what she had expected. Not more than 16 feet across and topped with a double strand of rope it was elevated slightly above the surface of the floor and appeared to vibrate slightly from their weight. She remembered seeing the pit outlined beneath it and realized that the whole device would probably retract to below floor level for the fighting. Feeling a stab of apprehension mixed with excitement she realized just how much they would resemble two gladiatrices in an arena when that happened. The masked spectators massed together in shadows around the ring offering excited cries of encouragement as they locked themselves in a brutal, bloody struggle for survival in the lighted square below them. Letting the thought of it seep into her conscious she savored warm familiar feelings and fragrance's as she waited for what was to happen next.

The spectators were silent now and the woman Jill raised her arms and inquired of the attendant that the room was secure from interruption. Assured that it was she motioned to her assistant just outside the ring who handed her a large, thick double dildo with unique features that Jackie had only heard of before. It needed no introduction to the women in the shadows though and as she held it aloft they expressed their lusty approval and obvious satisfaction at the sight of it. Turning to the fighters she presented it to them for their examination. One end was soft, smooth and somewhat pliable, wider toward the end than in the center with a specially shaped shield to cover the genitals of the person wearing it. On the other side of the shield there appeared to be short, sharp points similar to those found on the throat protector while the thick shaft's surface was covered with hard knobby ridges out to it's tip. She knew it would also have an internal supply of compressed air that could be released to ensure a snug fit after it had been inserted.

The women gathered in the shadows were becoming impatient now and handing the dildo back to her assistant Jill turned her attention to their physical examination. First to Jackie silently checking her boots and gloves and then the thick pouch between her legs. Jackie responded by moving her feet further apart and laying her arm across her shoulders thrust herself closer as the other woman cupped the soft leather and massaged it's fullness. Slowly extending her index finger beneath the pouch she let it's tip slip erotically into the slit of her muscular ass cheeks before turning to the Black.

The earlier flashes of apprehension had been replaced with a growing feeling of anticipation and Jackie moved away impatiently as she watched her inspect the black. Jill was quickly done and with a lingering caress of the Black's gleaming breast she presented her to the audience. Striking a pose the other woman, arms raised, back arched, her firm heavy breasts proudly presented her body for the lusty appreciation of the watching women. Slightly heavier at an announced 194 lbs. and 5'11", her well muscled arms and thighs were covered with a fine profusion of short, curly, black hair now matted in the grease and although there was a slight softness to her belly Jackie couldn't help but conclude that she was going to be a most formidable opponent. Following her lead, she too raised her arms in tribute and moved quickly about the ring giving them an equal opportunity to appreciate her as well.


Chapt #4


The room was silent now and Jackie could feel the ring floor shudder a bit as it lowered into it's well. She noticed again that the two top ropes were too close together for comfort and when the floor of the ring was repositioned the height of the outside floor appeared to be about five feet below the top-most one. Almost time now and as she felt her apprehension dissipate in a glow of fight lust as the familiar jolts of adrenalin surged like electric charges through her body. It was always this way just before it started and she vigorously shook her upper body and made an effort to breath deeply as she waited while across the ring the Black would be doing the same. Taking a last opportunity to do so she flexed her shoulders and shook out her arms to relieve the tension.

Raising one arm, Jill and turning to first one and then the other announced.


"I will try to separate you physically at the end of the round and will use the prod only if necessary. At the end, when one of you has prevailed, I will assist her while she takes the other. After that my only purpose will be to ensure that both of you remain in the ring until the winner has achieved her satisfaction. A bench will be provided for mounting if she so desires." Pausing only long enough to receive their silent acknowledgment she raised her arm and continued, "I assume that you are both ready?” Jackie felt the silence settle over them and it occurred to her that she had not made an effort to locate Ann in the crowd but that would have to wait because Jill lowered her arm and said softly but with obvious satisfaction, "begin fighting".


Chapt #5


The stark reality of what was happening was upon her and she was only vaguely aware of the spectators collective sigh of anticipation as they repositioned themselves. Jill exited quickly through the ropes and moving out from her corner in a quick shuffle she crouched to avoid the Blacks first move. Slipping her fist above her shoulder she moved in quickly and buried her own in the pit of her stomach with a feeling of satisfaction at the grunt of surprise it elicited. It was short lived though as the Black brought the back of her right arm against the side of her head causing her stumble as she danced away .

Both of them were breathing more rapidly now, not from exertion but from excitement.. They'd made physical contact, experienced the scent and feel of the other's body and all other thoughts faded away as they let their growing fight lust overtake them. Circling quickly in the center of the ring they sparred as they waited for an opportunity to get at the other.

Ruby moved first. Dropping to a crouch she charged, throwing over the shoulder punches as she tried to maneuver Jackie into the corner. She reacted by moving to the side and clubbing her on her back as she passed but too late she found herself against the ropes with the other pressing against her. Consciously surprised at the other's speed she could do little other than cover up while Ruby strained to weaken her by delivering a series of alternating punches to her belly and breasts. Conscious that her weight advantage would tell against her she tried to push her off but not until she forced her to stumble to the side was she able to escape her temporary prison. Twisting to follow her she brought her arm down in a clubbing to the side of her head as she stumbled away. It staggered her and as she crashed into the ropes grasping them for support Jackie followed her, driving her left fist into her kidneys and hooking her right up into her belly before she could regain her feet. Turning to her right Ruby forced herself up and swinging her right fist in an arch buried it in Jackie's lower belly directly between the studded straps attached to her pouch.

Both of them were on their feet now and moving to the center of the ring they began to exchange a series of punches to the head and shoulders. Short and hard they kept them off balance as they went about the process of searching for weak spots. Their breathing was louder now and Jackie could taste blood for the first time and noticed that Ruby had a small cut above her eye. Aware of the advantage the mixture of blood and sweat in the other's eyes would provide her, she determined to enlarge it. Closing in against her she delivered a series of short hard punches to her lower body forcing her back against the ropes then thrusting her left thigh between her legs and quickly wrapping her left arm around her head she pulled her body across hers and prepared to enlarge her advantage. Ruby, sensing her intent, wrapped her arms around her waist and wrestled her head into her breasts. Her struggle to protect her head wasn't entirely successful and Jackie was able to find it several times before lowering her target to the breasts before Jill entered the ring to end the round.

Pressing between them she forced them apart pushing the Black away and directing Jackie to her corner. She offered no resistance enjoying the feel of the other woman's big hard body against her own and reaching her corner she felt exhilarated at her success. Forcing herself to relax she let Immy attend to her as she let her eyes search those of the audience arranged along the twin strands of rope above her. It was difficult to see with the light in her eyes but what she could see in the shadows above her was even more bizarre than she had expected.

It was only a few feet upwards to where they were and on closer examination it appeared to be a racially mixed crowd of not more than 35 or 40. Her first impression was that they were mostly in their thirties and forties but there were more than a few that appeared to be somewhat older. One in particular, a powerfully built black woman with a with a salt and pepper afro seemed to be well into her fifties. Looking further Jackie found them to be minimally attired in whatever displayed their physical assets to what they obviously considered their best advantage. Not all that unexpected she thought since it signified that their lust for the blood sport that they were witnessing wasn't the only thing that they had in common. About to dwell on it further her thoughts were interrupted by Jill's reappearance in the ring. A brief examination and then, her face flushed but expressionless, she motioned them to begin.

Jackie noticed that the cut on the others head had stopped bleeding but that her mouth, like her own, was puffed and swollen. Determined to open it again she moved quickly into a crouch and launched her self into the other woman. She was waiting for her though and while she felt a momentary thrill as she drove her fist into the center of her breast she felt Ruby's fist explode on her mouth in return. Dazed she staggered back as the Black woman followed. Desperate to fend her off she slide sideways along the ring ropes but she followed, her fists finding easy targets of Jackie's back and sides as she drove her into a corner. Covering her there she let loose a barrage that landed on her opponent's body in a blinding fury. With little need to protect herself she drove her fists in rapid succession to Jackie's head and breasts, twisting her fists as they connected to do further damage and using her body to block any escape route. Jackie felt herself driven upwards and her back against a corner before she realized what she had in mind but by then it was too late. Pushing strongly against her she pressed Jackie's arms between the two top most ropes and then stepped back to enjoy her handiwork.

Pausing only a moment appreciate the advantage of the situation, the acclaim of the spectators lustily urging her on, she lowered her shoulders and slowly moved into hitting range as Jackie, only too much aware of what was about to occur, tried frantically to extricate herself from the ropes. Trapped, unable to move she knew she couldn't prevent what was about to happen as the now grinning Ruby stepped up and deliberately drove her fist into her belly.

The blow was enough to make her retch and as she rebounded forward a second connected with her left breast and drove her back across the top of the ropes. Still trapped she hung there, half in half out of the ring as the watching women screamed for her to continue and Ruby, her own fighting lust at a new high, needed no further urging. Deliberately and slowly so that all could appreciate what she was about to do she placed her hands on Jackie shoulders and pushing her back over the rope slammed her muscular thigh up into Jackie exposed crotch just below the studded belt. Holding her there she repeated it and then again, driving her leg powerfully up into the trapped whites vulva as the eager cries of encouragement from the watchers rose around them.

Jackie felt as she were being split in half and in a desperate effort she twisted her legs, escaping the thigh punishing her sex and wrapped her legs around Ruby's waist. Gasping for breath she paused and then tightening her legs she let the studs on her kidney strap grind into the others belly flesh. Reflexively it forced the other woman back as she frantically tried to push the legs away and hanging there for only a moment longer she pulled her arms from the ropes and as Ruby stumbled backwards and fell on her back she followed the other to the floor. Wrenching her up she grasped the Black's head with both of her arms she pulled her face into her breasts grinding her hips against her belly as she continued to work the sharp studs into the others lower body.

She knew she needed a chance to recover and desperately wondered how much time had elapsed. Ruby was frantically driving her fists upwards into her sides and breasts and she could feel an increasing wetness against her belly. She knew it was damaging her but also that it wasn't serious. The studs would cause severe bleeding, itself a problem, pain, but other than that, no serious damage. It also occurred to her that while she was having some success it meant that the blood and sweat were rapidly removing the grease which wouldn't be an advantage to either of them. They were still joined together on the floor when she felt Jill's knee come between them to pry them apart.

Back in her corner Jackie tried desperately to recover as she watched Ruby strut around their arena. No doubt about it, she had won that round and very nearly finished her in the process. She felt sharp stabs of pain as Immy applied the stick to her injuries and felt only mild satisfaction at the sight of the bloody lacerations on her opponent's belly. She found herself recovering faster than she might have expected though and that was encouraging. Taking full advantage of the respite she ignored the murmurs of the spectators and focused entirely on regaining her strength and focusing on what was to come next.

When Jill motioned for the third round to begin Ruby moved immediately to the attack. Moving quickly she covered the distance between them almost before Jill had exited the ring but she was less than cautious and Jackie caught her with a short right to the head that moved her to the side and opened a way for her to reach the center of the ring. Still recuperating she waited for her opponent to join her in a now suddenly silent room.

She was aware of the almost painfully intense concentration coming from those above them as they came together. She was also conscious of the heat. The closeness of the room and their body heat and that of those watching along with the heat from the lights was having an effect on the coating of grease that covered their bodies. Except for a slick film it was almost gone now and they were more exposed to effect of each others gloved fists than they had been in the previous rounds. She felt a sense of satisfaction as she chanced a quick glance at the Black's bloody belly and briefly savored the thought of capturing that head between her legs and having the opportunity to crush it against those same studs. Slipping the first blow over her shoulder she moved cautiously around her opponent and waited for an opening to present itself.

She hadn't long to wait as Ruby, her face a mask of intense concentration, continued her attack as she tried to drive Jackie back into the ropes. Keeping her back to the center of the ring she met it with a series of jabs and hooks that kept the other fighter occupied and waited for her to charge her again and impatient with her progress she did so. Covering up and she crouched and as she came within range Jackie stepped sideways and prepared to let her slip by but it was at that time that they both became aware of another dimension to their situation.

The grease that had covered them at the start had been transferred to the surface of the ring's floor and it was increasingly difficult for them could maintain their balance and as she stumbled against her the Black wrapped an arm around her waist and together they fell to the floor. Momentarily stunned they lay there for a moment but it passed and Ruby reacted first. On her back, her head at Jackie's feet, she reached behind her and slipping her arm between her legs grasped Jackie's hair pulled her face forward between her legs. With only a moment to respond, she replied in kind wrapping her left leg around Ruby's neck and leveraging her upper body back onto the floor. She had only an instant after that to breath deeply before she began frantically trying to extricate herself from the suffocating thighs. Arching her back she pulled the Black's body on top of her own and thrusting her right leg beneath her she frantically burrowed her fingers into her inner thighs as she tried to pry them away from her head. Ruby, for her part, loosened the hold on her head only long enough to pull it more fully between her thighs then using her hold on her hair to pull it up further into her cunt tightened her thighs as she strained to crush her head. She could hardly breath with her face wedged in the Black's sex and the strong, pungent odor of it and sweat washed over her as she desperately struggled to free herself. Keeping the other woman's neck still locked behind her knee she frantically used her other leg as a lever to force her back into a bridge while she continued to grind the studs on her groin strap into her back. Arching her back she did it again and feeling the first signs of capitulation desperately renewed her attack her fingers clawing and gouging the smooth black skin of her thighs and cunt as they savagely raked across them.

Screaming the Ruby released her and rolled to her knees, her head now trapped between Jackie legs as the other lay gasping for air. She couldn't hold her though and wrenching her head from it's prison she rocked back to her feet and sought safety against the ropes as she massaged the pain between her legs.

Rising slowly Jackie staggered to her feet. Her breath coming in short gasps as she followed her along the ropes. A steady trickle of blood was flowing down her legs from the damage that her throat collar had inflicted on the inside of her thighs and more deliberately now she moved in closer, conscious of the others ragged breathing and realized that her hold on the Black's neck had been as equally effective as her's had been on her. Feinting with her left she drew her defense above her breasts and with a feeling of savage satisfaction she stooped beneath it and hooked her right fist into Ruby's exposed left breast. In her weakened state it was still a delicious sensation highlighting the hot, delicious, sensitive sexual rush that extended from her engorged nipples to her rapidly stiffening clit. Twisting her fist deeply into the solid flesh she felt her start to double over and shifting her weight she wrapped her right arm quickly around her neck and prevented her from falling.

The other fighter was almost helpless now and sensing that the round would soon be over Jackie moved to make the most of it. Oblivious to the pain on the inside of her arm from the other's neck studs she held her there, doubled over and exposed as she dug her left fist into her belly and side again and then again as she forced her back into the ropes. Releasing her she forced her up with her shoulder and moving closer battered her body with a series of savage blows that started between her legs and traveled randomly up her body.

She could feel herself slipping into that certain state and deliberately she let it sweep over her. Alternating her blows she drove her left fist and then her right into the helpless female. Almost in a trance, her nostrils flared as she drank in the smell and feel of her opponents body as she continued the assault. Vaguely, in the back of her mind she knew that unless she were prevented from killing her she would. The feeling was so strong and she almost wished it would happen and vaguely wondered what it would be like. It was what they were there for and it was only a short step from almost to the actual and as she delivered another smashing blow to the others face she let her self imagine what it would be like. The final savage blows, not to injure but to kill, the screaming adulation of the crowd as she stood proudly above her lifeless foe, her body bursting with the powerful, sensual sensations of the ultimate victory. It was almost with relief that she sensed Jill elbow herself between them and force her numbly back to her corner.

Breathless, still reeling with the powerful sensation of pleasure that the experience had provided her she was only partly aware of the wildly enthusiastic approval of the women surrounding the ring. It was a wall of flesh gleaming dimly in the shadows and they were so close that she was a part of them. She could feel their hands reach out to touch her even as Immy rushed to wash the blood from her face and body. It was an incredible sensation, their hands caressing her body with undisguised lustful appreciation, the soft exultant cries of admiration were music to her ears as they praised her destruction of the Black. Almost languorously she leaned back and let it engulf her.

A few feet away Jill was helping Ruby's corner woman revive her, passing the salts across her face and massaging her arms as they tried to instill new life into her. She was pleased that she seemed to be aware of what was happening though and felt satisfaction that it wasn't over yet. She seemed to be in better shape than she might have wished though and as they watched each other from across their small battlefield it was apparent to those that were watching that both of them were capable of carrying on with it.

Time now and as Jill stood back from her, Jackie moved out of her corner. Meeting in the center of the ring they exchanged a series of long punches to the head and body as they waited for an opening and Jackie noticed that the other appeared to have made a full recovery. She was moving well, better than she would have wanted, and the savage look of concentration on her face told her what she had on her mind. Moving quickly she let the other's fist slip by her shoulder and then crouched as she put her entire body into a right handed punch to the Black's belly that sunk into into the smooth, solid black flesh, just above the vee of her pubis. It doubled her over and crouching in a desperate effort to protect herself she clasped her belly with her hands and retreated as Jackie followed. Too close and ignoring the agonizing pain in her guts she turned and butted her head into Jackie's breasts. It carried her backward and slipping on the floor she sprawled on her back as Ruby moved above her thrusting her knee between Jackie's legs as she fell. Clawing at her face with one hand she gathered her strength and punched her other fist into the bottom of the vee between Jackie's legs barely avoiding the studs.

The blow paralyzed her, momentarily short circuiting her mind and she could only lie helplessly as Ruby positioned herself above her. Moving slightly to the side she wrapped her legs around Jackie's right thigh and locking her face beneath her left arm she arched her body outwards across her left thigh. She could feel the studs biting into her back, the smell of sweat and the sense of the other fighters excitement as the Black began her assault. She could feel her fingers begin to penetrate her, pushing the thin covering over her mound aside and digging inside her as the roughened fingers clawed at her sex. It was Ruby's turn now and arching her body she displayed Jackie as if she were about to provide the watching women with a trophy. Pushing her hand through Jackie frantic, blind defense she grasped the white swelling breast and clawed it red with the palm of her sanded glove. Holding her there, her body vulnerably displayed, arched for all to see, she again lowered her target to her sex. Spreading her fingers she grasped her between the legs and raked her with the coarsely sanded palm of her glove. Not content, she reached between her legs and grasping the hip, lifted her ass to lacerate the gleaming, oiled flesh from behind.

Screaming uselessly, her face still imprisoned in the pit of the others arm, Jackie frantically tried to break the position she found herself in. Reaching in back of her tormentor with her left hand she tangled it in the thick afro protruding from the back of the hood. Aided by the slickness of their bodies she pulled her back forcing her arm off the top of her head. Not pausing to recover she forced herself over onto her and drove the captured knee deeply between the black's legs as she frantically drove first one and then the other fist into her breasts and belly. Again she hit her, feeling the firm flesh begin to yield to her fists as the other woman released her leg and tried to push her off. Quickly spreading her lags apart Jackie mounted her frantically pumping and raking the studs against her belly until finally with a sudden thrust the Black threw her off and the two of them rolled apart. Grasping the ropes for support they pulled themselves to their feet on opposite sides of the ring both drenched with sweat that burned their eyes and brought stinging hell to their bloody bodies.

Ruby moved first, sliding along the side of the ring she kept her back to the ropes and forced Jackie to either meet her or retreat to the center of the ring. She was tempted to do the latter but resisted it and as she came within range she launched herself at the others head. It left her body open but it happened so quickly the other woman had no time to react before Jackie crashed into her carrying them both to the floor. Being careful to avoid the neck protector she wrapped her right arm around her head and drove her left fist into her face. Again she did it, with as much force as she could and had the satisfaction of feeling the other's nose crush beneath her fist. Then feeling her hold on the other begin to slip another one which sliced into her forehead before she rolled away and regaining her feet.

Hunched over above her she waited for her to rise. She knew she had to, she was too vulnerable where she was but she would pay a price when she did and as Jackie let her get to one knee, one hand on the rope to support herself and the other raised above her for defense she struck. It was a light punch, intended more to encourage her to fully regain her feet and as she did Jackie moved in with a series of body blows that drove her back into the corner.

She felt more confident now, she could see the fear in her eyes and as they closed she experienced the familiar, sensual surge of pleasure sweep through her as she prepared for the kill. Sweeping aside the other's feebly efforts she fisted her from crotch to breast savoring each blow, drawing it out while watching the reaction in the others eyes. Both of them knew that the she was beaten and who would savor the pleasure of the victory. It might have ended then but for Jill stepping between them and forcing them apart.

Jackie was almost unaware of her as she pushed her away. The only thing she could think about was finishing her and only with reluctance did she return to her corner. She supposed it was better this way. She would have more time to do what she wanted to and the Black would still be able to resist which would make it better. She would have a full round to inflict her punishment and looking across she knew the other knew it to. Only dimly aware of Immy's administrations she turned her attention to the women arrayed around the ring above her.

Her eyes, more accustomed to the light now, brought them more into focus. In pairs for the most part although there appeared to be some threesomes and a few singles present. Looking around her she thought that if there was any one common quality other than their undoubted enthusiasm for the activity they were watching and that for the most part they appeared to be capable and inclined to participate themselves. Most appeared to be dressed specifically to show off their bodies as sexually and physically as possible and remembering what Ann had said at their first meeting she could readily imagine that there were more than a few of them who engaged in the sport themselves. That thought brought her back to the present and she quickly scanned around the ring to find her. Not successful on her first attempt she tried again and finally identified her directly on the other side of the ring about halfway into the shadows. Seeing her brought a smile of satisfaction and she was rewarded with a smile of in return. About to acknowledge it she was cut short by the sudden awareness that Ann was not alone and that the woman accompanying her was giving Jackie her undivided attention.

Jackie felt herself go still they appraised each other. A big woman clad in a short white toga that matched the color of her close, cropped hair, she radiated a physical presence that Jackie recognized immediately. She realized she shouldn't be taken back but it caught her by surprise nevertheless. There wasn't any reason why Ann would not have an existing relationship just as Immy had with her but it was disconcerting. Also exciting she thought as she considered the implications of the presence of a rival. As if in answer the other raised her arm in salute, acknowledged the potential of a future relationship. The review had been intense but brief and Jackie had only time for another brief glance before Immy brought her back to the business at hand as she completed her preparations. It was about to begin again and Jackie felt the familiar jolt of adrenalin surge through her as she finished wiping the sweat and blood from her overheated body. She was eager to do it, she felt powerful and enjoyed the feeling of taut physical anticipation of the thought of what she would accomplish in the next round. She was more conscious of closeness of the women around the ring now and realized that they had moved closer against the ropes for the finish, their heightened level of excitement almost palatable in their closeness. Jackie felt a warm wave of pleasure wash over her as she again anticipated what was to occur next and their obvious level of enthusiasm as they anticipated it.

They were ready in the other corner now and Jackie watched as Jill and the corner woman assisted Ruby to her feet. She sensed her reluctance and as she rose to meet her she let her arms hang almost casually at her side as she moved across the distance between them. Offering no defense she let the other woman strike first letting her right fist connect weakly with her ribs before she moved to attack. They were close and without changing her stance she drove her right fist deep into her lower belly directly between the studded straps. Moving back as she doubled over, her left arm still at her side, she punched her again, this time driving her fist into her mouth and twisting it as it connected to increase the damage. It straightened her up in a spray of spit and blood and as she stumbled backward into the ropes it was a simple matter for Jackie”s fists to drive her there.

She was almost out of it moaning with pain as she attempted to assuage her ruined mouth while she supported herself with her other arm over a ring rope. The blood from over her eye had blinded her and as Jackie moved in to finish her she weakly raised her arm before as she tried to fend her off. Pausing only long enough for those watching to more fully appreciate what she was about to do she moved in front of her opponent and prepared to complete their contract.

Flexing her fingers inside her blood soaked gloves she surveyed the damage already inflicted and considered how to go about the destruction. She knew she didn't want to completely destroy her, not yet anyway. She wanted to feel her resistance when she mounted her after the fight if only vocally as she was violated. Almost leisurely she doubled her right fist and drove it into the other woman's swollen left breast. Not so hard as to rupture it but a slow twisting turning blow that still penetrated deeply into the tortured flesh. Ruby hadn't seen it coming and screaming in pain she clasped the damaged flesh and sagged back against the ropes while Jackie, not content to let her fall moved in against her. Putting her arms beneath the others she lifted her back into an upright position and prepared her for what she had in mind. There was no resistance now as she draped the others arms deliberately over the ropes and thus supported with her feet splayed apart before her she moved in to straddle an out thrust thigh. Moving closer she tipped the others head back with her hand, their eyes meeting as their breasts touched. Almost gently she let the swollen pouch covering her sex caress the other's trembling thigh before hooking her fists into her belly, sides, breasts until finally she slipped to the floor. Moving to fall on her for more but Jill stepped between them, the Blacks towel in her hand to signify her capitulation.

Moving back she felt a weakness sweep over her as it was done. She was only dimly aware of Immy wiping her clean, vaguely felt other hands caress her and heard the approving remarks from above and around her as she watched Jill pull the Black to her corner. She didn't know exactly what to expect now but she was ready for whatever it was to be. The spectators were talking more freely now as they discussed their reactions and desires among themselves but while she could sense their partisanship she knew there would be no reluctance for how it would be finished. They wanted it that way and expected her to do it as it had been described. For her part she meant to make sure that they remembered how it was done. Seeing Jill move across the ring, the device in her hand, she moved away from the ropes to meet her.

Silently unhooking the straps she let the pouch fall to the floor and wrapping one arm around her waist she urged her legs apart and gently inserted the tip of the device between her legs. Pressing it's swelling fullness into her body she moved behind her and connected the securing straps before stepping back to allow the others to admire it. The spectators enthusiasm was more obvious now and their comments left little doubt about what they wanted to see happen next and moving closer to the ropes she idly let her fingers caress the phallic devices hard, knobby length as she stoked their imaginations. It felt good between her legs. About ten inches in length, a little over an inch and a half thick it was thick and pliable. It penetrated her completely and turning slowly in the center of the ring she tantalized them by stroking the hard, knobby protrusions along it's length, A soft pliable apron covered Jackie's sex and with short, sharp spikes attached to it facing the exposed tip. Moving slowly around the ring, as much to experience how it felt as to show it off, she continued to stroke it gently as she considered how she would use it.

Jill had ripped the Black's pouch from her now and a leather covered weight bench had been placed in the center of the ring and as the reality of what was about to happen became clear she began to struggle. In her weakened condition she was no match for Jill though and wrestling her down upon it she moved to her head and sinking to her knees held her there. Leaning forward she pressed her breasts into the Black's face and wrapping her arms around her body and beneath her shoulders and with a sudden wrenching motion pulled her beneath her. Pressing down she held her there and motioned for Jackie to start and kicking her weakly flaying legs apart she did so, Savoring it for a moment and then as the spectators lustily screamed their approval she placed her hands between the Black's thighs and pushed them apart.

She was struggling harder now, bouncing her back on the bench as she tried to buck Jill off and it required both of them to hold her as Jackie settled herself on the seat between her legs. Any thoughts of what she was about to do had been replaced by a primal lust to mount her in as primitive a way as possible and the women arrayed around them knew it. Grunting with exertion Jill tightened her grip around her upper body as Jackie maneuvered herself further up between the muscular black thighs. Then settling herself on the bench she slid forward until the tip of the device brushed it's intended entrance and almost gently adjusting her body she gently slipped the rounded head of the dildo into the Black's gaping slit. Rising slightly, her knees still slightly bent, she put her hands under the Black's knees and forced them further apart as she set the device and began to work it into her. Feeling her lift her legs to accommodate it and relieve the pain building within her sex she paused only long enough for the spectators to appreciate what she was about to do and then with a savage thrust buried the rest of it into her as they lustily screamed their approval.

Their sudden screams were followed by silence and as Jackie paused and then slowly continued to work the knobbed length even deeper into her body. Ruby had ceased to struggle now and began to whimper in pain as the device probed deeper into her body. Jill had released her grip on her body and slumped to the floor leaving them alone on the bench and as Ruby slowly raised her legs to delicately circle them above her back Jackie finished seating the facing points into the meaty mass of her sex.

They stayed that way for a long moment at both they and their audience appreciated the moment. One woman had forced the other to submit while those in the shadows waited breathlessly for her to make her pay for it. She was at Jackie's mercy now with a sudden thrusting movement she set the points, imbedding them into the meat of the Black's sex. Abruptly withdrawing and then with a savage surge of sexual exuberance she drove it as deeply as she could into the body trapped beneath her. Ruby's scream startled her but only momentarily and she paused, savoring the feel of her body and the feel of the twitching of her muscular thighs as they wrapped around her back as she tried to relieve the painful pressure between her legs. Gently rocking her hips she pushed it even further and then rewarded by a low groan slipped her arms beneath the Black's shoulders pulled their bodies tightly together.

She had never experienced a sensation like it before. It was a powerful sensual feeling that went beyond the physical destruction of an opponent in the ring. She could feel the pressure of Ruby's breasts bulging against her own, taste the sweat and blood of their struggle and above it all the heavy scent of sexual arousal from the shadows around them. Knowing what would come next she felt Ruby wrap her arms around her in an attempt to restrict her movement. It was delicious and suddenly grasping the others hair with her right hand she pulled her head down over the back of the bench. Now holding the lower bar of the bench with her left hand she arched her back and withdrawing slightly, thrust the instrument as hard as she could into the now woman's sex.

Again the mounting screams of approval from the spectators as she continued to grind and thrust and arching her torso she twisted from side to side as she savagely gouged the points of the shield into the Black's body. Her low grunts and moans were replaced by screams as Jackie withdrew and then with several quick thrusts drove the knobbed dildo repeatedly into her cunt.

She was conscious of a warm feeling between her legs now and realized that the points on the shield and the knobby surface of the dildo had done what they were intended to do. She was also aware of an overpowering feeling of warmth within her as the instrument's chemical coating sent surges of sexual heat through her own body. Goaded on by the Black's screams she thrust the instrument deeper and again until at last she achieved satisfaction and a magnificent orgasm rolled through her being.

The Black was silent now. Withdrawing she stood between her sprawling out thrust legs, the bloody instrument dripping it's gore onto her body and to spread onto the floor beneath her. Moving away she raised her arm in triumph, turning to exhibit herself and the victorious tool for the enthusiastic approval of those that had watched while the Black slid off of the bench and slumped to the floor at her feet.