The Agreement

By: Teez

Rhonda decides to try it


As they left the fighting room and made their way deeper into the building her thoughts, for the most part, were all a jumble. Jack and a friend of his had arranged for her and the blond, her name was Stacy, to be present while the “Ladies” were permitted to decide and although she felt drained by the recent events she also knew she was extremely interested in watching them arrive at their decision. She also knew that it wasn't a stretch to know that the big blond walking beside her would be thinking the same. Knowing that she felt an exciting sense of exhilaration each time they were pressed against each other in the narrow hall.


Jack had introduced them, Fred, simply as an acquaintance of his and his friend Stacy who like herself was being introduced to the “sport” for the first time. Obviously not a new experience for them but the implications of why they wanted to share it was almost as exciting as watching the fighting itself. She knew beyond any doubt, even after given the opportunity to think about it, that given the opportunity she would eagerly participate in it herself and knew without asking that Stacy felt the same.


They were there now and silently holding the door for them Jack ushered them into a small room at the end of the hall. Dark except for a small night light set low to the floor, it took a moment for them to accustom themselves to their surroundings. The room itself wasn't large enough to accommodate much more than six people comfortably although for that it was plush indeed. It's distinctive characteristic however was the wall of glass that extended from ceiling to floor making up the fourth wall. Wordlessly settling themselves onto the soft velvet seating arrangements in front of the viewing window they waited for what was to come next.

Fred broke the silence first by asking them for their preference and then providing it from a well stocked cabinet in the corner of the room. There really wasn't much more to say since as their eyes grew accustomed to the light what was to soon take place before them on the other side of the glass became obvious. A dimly lit, room not much larger than the one they were in, about twenty feet square with lightly padded walls and floor. A harness arrangement that appeared to be attached to each of the side walls and a door in the center of the wall directly in front of the glass viewing panel. By way of explanation Jack began.


“The rooms are soundproof and although we will be able to see and hear everything they will be unable to see or hear us”. Also as you have no doubt noticed this arrangement is going to be different from the one you have just watched.”


“Yes, apparently” murmured Rhonda as she studied the apparatus attached to the walls. “I suppose your going to explain this to us aren't you?”


“Oh it will become clear enough” responded Jack. “But I will say that the third woman will play a central part even though she won't be doing any of the actual fighting herself.”


After a moment Stacy asked, “what prevents her from being physically involved if it gets out of control?”.


“Oh it will get out of control” Fred responded, “that's what they're here for and she'll make sure it happens”. He would have continued but at that moment an overhead light came on in the other room and the three women entered from the door on the far wall.


Rhonda caught her breath at the same time as Stacy and felt her press against her as their mutual feelings of excitement mounted. Both of the women were now stripped for fighting. Each wearing special high heeled ankle boots and leather golf gloves but for that their powerful bodies were naked. The Deb had also stripped and wore the same style boots but without the gloves. Working in silence she directed first one and then the other to the walls and began to attach their harness. They watched in fascinated silence as she slipped a narrow leather belt around their waists and secured it at their backs. It was tight, biting into their belly's and the line secured to the back of it appeared to attach them securely to the walls on opposite sides of the room.


Jack leaned over her and explained, “the harness line is connected to an electric reel on the other side of the wall. She can control the length of each line as and when she pleases.”


Fred added, “depending on how far they get into it and how far she goes with it , it's possible that one of them might not survive”.


“And” observed Rhonda experiencing a delicious shiver of anticipation at the thought of it, “nobody could enter the room to prevent it could they?” The males lack of response answered her question.


“I shouldn't think I'd like to do it like that with you” said Stacy a little breathlessly as she let her hand slip softly across Rhonda's thigh..


“No, I don't think I would either” replied Rhonda as her senses reeled at the thought of it. “I think if we did it though, and that's if, we'd want it to be all us without somebody throwing the advantage first one way and then the other.”


Stacy laughed but her voice was husky with emotion as she replied, “No, I don't suppose either one of us would like to be stopped from doing what we would want to do under those circumstances would we?”.


All of them were silent for a moment. Rhonda could see the movement of the women in the fighting room but for the moment her senses were overloaded with the implications of what had just been said and the almost overpowering feeling of the physical presence of the woman pressed against her.


Reaching out with her hand she let it slip up Stacy's back, gently letting it caress the thick layer of muscle at the base of her shoulder before asking, “If we did, do you think you could, do it to me, I mean?”


They were closer now, she felt Stacy's hand tighten on her thigh then gently caressing it but with a sensual urgency that communicated her thoughts all to well. “Yes, I could” she replied,”and it would be tough, but we'd want it that way and wouldn't have it any other way would we?”


No, “I suppose not” replied Rhonda letting her body relax more fully against Stacy's as she let her imagination wander silently through the possibilities that were flooding through her mind.


They didn't hear him at first, their senses being totally lost in each other and it took a nudge from Jack to bring them back.


Fred said it again, now with more insistence, “if the two of you think that something like this might work for you perhaps you might like to show each other what you'll be bringing to it”


Almost as an audible thought Rhonda heard Jack say, “we're all a little overdressed for this, why don't we make ourselves more comfortable before they begin to arrive at their decision” and added Fred with ill concealed anticipation, “and let's have a look at each of you while we do.”


Stacy was the first to react rising silently in a fluid motion and moving away as Rhonda rose to face her. All of them had temporarily forgotten the women preparing to fight each other on the other side of the glass and as they moved together, their faces only inches apart, they let their natural aggressiveness flow freely to the surface for the first time. It was intoxicating, the thought of the challenge and what they might be permitted to do with each other and as they slowly unbuttoned their sweat soaked dress's and let them fall sharp physical shocks of excitement surged through Rhonda's body. Stacy appeared to feel the same quickly slipping the lace briefs from her hips before moving away to cast a provocative look of invitation at Rhonda before raising her arms in an arc above her head and spreading her thighs to proudly display her lush, golden womanhood. Rhonda couldn't speak, only feel. She'd never experienced such a challenging feeling and after only a moments hesitation to gather her senses she reached down, gripped her panties with both hands and ripped them from her body. Again they were close but now they could sense the presence of the males pressing against their backs gently urging them closer. Naked except for their heels they let their heaving breasts touch as their harsh breath bathed the other and their senses drank in each others presence. With more urgency now the males pressed them forward forcing their bodies together as they held them against each other Parting their legs they slipped their thigh between each other's legs and let the sense of each other's sex permeate their bodies. Lost in the scent of their arousal they wrapped an arm around each others waist and let their greedy hands begin to explore the hard muscularity of the other's body. No need to speak, they were almost incapable of it as they caressed and then held each other close in a mutually powerful embrace then letting their faces nestle into the hollow of the others neck they let their lips and tongues explore as they luxuriated in feel and scent of each other until with a soft cry they parted slightly. Staring intently at each other but for only a moment they came together again in a long, lingering kiss.

It was over too soon and as the males pulled them apart and down to the seating they slowly returned from their imagined future and let their senses focus again on the present. It had been sensually and physically powerful, an erotic experience but in a way better to be over. They both knew they'd return to it in similar or different variations in the time to come. Feeling Stacy's body relax beside her own she snuggled in against it drawing Jack with her. It was obvious to both of them that they had been brought here for this. It was done expressly so that they would be stimulated to challenge each other and both of them knew that they welcomed and would meet that challange.

It was better now, their thoughts and emotions not so scattered as their attention was returned to the women in the fighting room. One of the males reached for the sound system and immediately the room was filled with the muted intensity of the conversation from the other side of the glass.


From their voices she decided that the one on the right was German and one the left English. Both were big and their bodies had the smooth hard muscularity that could only be obtained by a devotion to developing them. Neither were particularly attractive, a little heavy perhaps at 200 lbs or so and while their age showed they carried it well. A little softness around the middle but not unusual for women of their size and age. She also found herself admiring the tightly bunched muscles of their thighs and calves and the thick slabs of it across their backs, shoulders and arms. She noticed that both were marked by what she assumed to have been previous fights. They'd obviously trained for this she mused letting her attention wander to the thick tangles of pubic hair that crept upwards in a point toward their navels.


As if to read her thoughts Jack said “They're both very much inclined to fighting and for this one they've spent time at a private facility in Europe that specializes conditioning professionals, like them, specifically for unusual types of it.”


“Which consists of what” asked Stacy?


“Everything from physical conditioning to weight training and diet with an occasional fight thrown in” responded Fred. “Not the real thing of course, practice meat just competitive enough to keep their appetites wetted. They haven't been permitted to participate in a real fight for some time so while she's goading them on to it they hardly need it.”


“Sort of like professional gladiatrices” murmured Rhonda appreciatively and settling in even further against her companion she thought that this might even be better than the other as she turned her attention to the third woman in the room.

The Deb appeared to be French. Not a small woman in her own right she was full figured with long perfect legs and lush swelling breasts that swooped upwards at the tips. She would be more than enough incentive for what the three of them had in mind and she was also finished now as each of the fighting women had been pulled snugly to the wall to glower at each other while they waited to be released. Their mistress encouraged them, approaching first one and then the other and her voice flooded softly through the room as the mikes picked up the sound of her throaty voice suggesting to each what they might do to the other. It was obviously having it's intended effect and as their impatience to get to each other increased she moved apart and picked up the box that controlled their movement. Letting each line out t a little she experimented releasing them from the wall and letting them approach closer to each other.

Teasing them she worked them higher with her taunts and in the process herself up as well and Rhonda had the thought that it would have to be exceedingly hot in the room. The three of them were drenched with sweat but the Deb turned the lights higher and appeared to shiver slightly as she slowly let the lines play out as she permitted them to join her in the center of the room. Not close enough to touch but close enough to touch her. They were eager for it and although their eyes never left the other their hands reached out to caress the mistress standing between them. More line, closer now and she let them embrace her. Parting her legs she let her moist sex caress a thigh, her hands a breast and her lips explore a face, almost as if she wanted to remember what they had been before she set them free.

Rhonda found herself almost not breathing as the Deb stepped back. It was going to happen now and in a way she felt as one with them as she waited for it to begin. A slight motion of her hand released some more of the line and they were free. They'd been anticipating it though and moving warily in a counter-clockwise movement they made a half circle around the other. As she watched it occurred to Rhonda that they could circle no further or the box could indeed control their destiny.

The Englishwoman attacked first sinking her taloned fingers into the breast flesh of the German. Throwing herself after it she grasped her hair with her left hand and wrapping a leg over the German's hip buried her face in the hollow of the others neck as she savagely chewed her flesh.. A grunt of rage from the German as she staggered backwards and then regaining her balance she pushed against her and with the English's teeth still imbedded in her neck they both fell to the floor. Crashing down upon the woman beneath her she grasped her wrists and dislodged the fingers digging into her breast but the others teeth had already found what they were seeking. Screaming in rage she pushed her away but the teeth were already chewing at her shoulder and as she fell away they parted from it red and wet. Throwing herself slightly to the side she straddled the English's thigh and holding her head to the floor by her hair and reaching behind her buried her fingers in the lushness of the others sex. Pausing while the woman beneath her struggled she rocked forward above her body and with a sudden yank ripped the fur at the Englishwomen's mound.

Screaming the English fighter arched her back and gripping the German's wrists forced her off and to the side just as the Deb pulled them apart. Both were on their sides as the ropes dragged them apart but just as quickly they recovered to find their feet and face each other. Rhonda had watched the Deb as she watched them and noticed her eyes were already clouded and her hand unconsciously caressed her breast before finding it's way across her belly and she wondered at the emotion that was driving her now. She would want them together, not too close but still close enough to come into contact with each other. She felt herself wishing that she'd let it play out again if only enough to bring their fists into play. She wanted that, the sound of their fists on the other's flesh, their grunts of pain, frustration and pleasure as one or the other prevailed and almost on cue it happened as the line played out and they came together.

Surging forward, eager for it and leading with their fists they came within striking range. The sound was louder now. Their room was filled with it, fists meeting solid flesh and their grunts of exertion and pain. They had established a rhythm to it now though and both seemed to have more than a beginners knowledge of fist fighting. Rhonda found it interesting to watch as they attacked each other. She also found herself moving slightly in concert with the fighters movements and felt Stacy do the same. She could almost feel the impact of the fists and imagined the sensation it would cause her if it were she who was the one that was doing it. She felt Stacy lift her hand to her mouth, felt her fingers against her lips and as the other woman tightly clenched her fingers she tasted the sweetness of salt on her sweat soaked fist. Reaching up she grasped it and drove it against her lips as her own hand slipped between the valley of the Blond's thighs and caressed the swelling mound nestled at their juncture. Moistening it there and then as Stacy pulled back, she raised her fingers to her mouth and silently looking the other woman in the eye tasted the sweetness of her sexual syrup.

She had let them closer now, their breasts were pressed together and their heads lowered beside each other as they continued to punch into each others body. Still they couldn't clinch, the Deb prevented that, wanted more of what they were doing and knew how to get it. It was too much though and in her excitement she released the English's line and with a lusty cry of enthusiasm she leaped on the German and threw her down.

The Deb was confused, uncertain what had happened and in the time permitted her the English woman took advantage of it. The German was on her side and trying to rise as the English straddled her. One knee on the surface against her belly the other leg cocked at her back she drove her right fist into the other woman's face. It exploded in a spray of blood and sweat and leaning forward she did it again and then grasping her hair in her left hand she pulled her head backwards arching her back against her leg and exposing the breasts. Yanking savagely at the hair she drove her right fist repeatedly into the German's arched and heaving breasts. Rhonda watched entranced as her fist buried itself into the flesh. She could sense her fury and appreciated the cruel brutality of it as the sounds of her fist striking the German's flesh mingled with her grunts of exertion filled the room. It was almost frenetic now, as if she knew that her advantage was about to disappear but still the Deb refused to act and she continued to bury her fist in the German's body.

More aware now, her mind focusing on the two before her she acted. The English was pulled from the German's body and as the line retracted she staggered backwards. Not to the wall, she left her a few feet but still the only thing she could do was to lunge against the line in a futile attempt to rejoin the other woman. Watching her panting at the end of her tether Rhonda had the fleeting notion that her entire focus, and that of the German as well, was on the total destruction of the other. Not defeat but destruction. The German was up, on a knee but up and cupping her bruised and swollen breasts with her hands she staggered to her feet and leaned against the wall. The blood from her nose was splattering her breasts and belly and smearing her arms as they supported the throbbing flesh and the sight of it caused Rhonda to idly caress her sex as she considered what the Deb would permit to happen next.


They didn't have long to wait as she suddenly came alive with anger at her confusion. Retracting the English to the wall she consoled the German. A hug, her hands caressing the powerful ass as she pushed against her, caressed the bloody breasts and crooned in her ear. All of them knew what she wanted and stepping back she released the German to do it.


The English was virtually helpless as the German attacked her. Held snugly to the wall by the tether she could do little more than fend off the onslaught of the furious woman as the two of them came together. Thoughts of her previous victory were now forgotten as the German waded into her body with a barrage of blows. First into her guts, furiously knocking aside her defense and then up to bury her fists into the English's firm, tender breast flesh. Not content she went higher, into the face and as the head snapped back from it's force she lowered her attack to the English's mound. Her right arm against the woman's face her left buried itself repeatedly into the softness of the other woman's sex. Each blow causing an unconscious nervous reaction as her body bucked and shuddered from the onslaught. Rhonda felt herself tense with each blow and felt Stacy do the same. Not in sympathy for the Englishwoman but in concert with the German's blows as she dug them into the body before her. The sight of the carnal brutality that was taking place was obviously affecting them both and in much the same manner.

The Deb had pulled her back now. Not all the way, she could still stretch to reach her but it permitted the English to deflect some of the attack. She'd also released some of her restraint permitting her to lunge blindly into the German and grasp the arm that was inflicting the damage. It was awkward and the German pulled loose a number of times but at least she wasn't helpless.


Rhonda let her hand play softly across her belly, then lower to stroke the increasingly soft moist swelling sensitivity of her mound while she watched the struggle before her. The brutality of it was having it's effect and the violence had unleashed an appreciation of it deep within her that she hadn't been aware of and she consciously let her senses get their fill of it. The sight of each blow etched in her brain along with the sound of the fists striking flesh provided a graphic picture of the fighting women that she would never forget, intoxicating her and her newly awakened lust for it drove her to want it even more.


Someone had turned up the sound system even further and she felt her self lean forward as if drawn to it as the Deb suddenly released the Englishwoman's line sending the struggling woman hurtling into the German. It was totally unexpected but the Englishwoman must have had some premonition that it could happen because she was prepared, swinging her fist into the other's face before they reached the floor and grasping the German's left arm with her own she dug her right fist repeatedly into her. First the unprotected belly and breasts and then lower into the thick fur between her legs as she struggled and squirmed beneath her. She felt Stacy move against her, felt her arm slip around her and pull her closer. Raising her own arm she slipped it around the others back let her hand cup the swollen firmness of the other's breast. Suddenly rolling on her side, the fighting momentarily forgotten, she let her lips gently caress the breast, her tongue toying with the turgid nipple at it's peak while her hand slipped briefly between the blond's muscular thighs.

Both of the fighters were temporarily loose from their wall now and free to attack each other on an equal basis. Pulling back from the sensual pleasure of Stacy's body Rhonda was even more excited by the sight of it as she watched the Englishwoman pull the German beneath her and mount her at the waist. A leg on each side, her left hand again holding the German's head to the floor as her right smashed into her jaw. Again she did it and Rhonda leaned closer to the glass to watch as the German's head was driven to the side by the blow. Both of their faces were bruised and bleeding and their white driving gloves were red from it. She found herself flinching as each blow drove the blond head savagely to the side but still appreciated the picture the powerful Englishwoman presented as she did it. From her thick powerful thighs, the tight firm ass up to the vee of her back, the muscles of her powerful shoulders moving smoothly beneath the tightness of the skin she was the perfect picture of what she herself wanted to be and do. Settling back into the cushions she savored the sight of it and let the carnal brutality of it take possession of her as Stacy snuggled down beside her and reached to cup and then caress her sensitive, swollen breast.

The Deb reacted now. Activating her controller she retracted the Englishwoman's tether and pulled her off the German. She reached out as she was pulled away, reluctant to release her prize and eager to inflict further damage but all she could do was stand, gasping from her exertion, as the German, just out of reach, struggled to regain her feet. She watched as the Deb helped her, easing her back to the wall and giving her the opportunity to recover. She watched with growing excitement as she pressed against her, parting her thighs and letting the soft moistness of her sex rub against the German's muscular thigh. Her hands cupped the breasts, caressed them as she nestled in against her body and crooned encouragement until she could recover her senses. Turning her attention to the Englishwoman she watched her pace at the end of her tether, impatient to continue but apprehensive of what the Deb would do next.


The Deb was impatient too and even before the German was fully recovered she moved to join them. Blindly facing the watching gallery, her body now covered with the German's blood and sweat she grasped the controller and played out each of their lines. The German moved cautiously, keeping it slack as she came to the center while the Englishwoman let her weight carry her forward as she approached the other. Not quite within arms reach they were stopped, measuring the distance with their arms but the Deb had other ideas. Approaching them she let her body brush theirs as she gave them her instructions. Almost casually Rhonda heard her say.


“That was very good darlings. I have been most stimulated by your performance but now it is time for one of you to prove yourself and finish with the other. I will initially release just enough line so that you can fight but not enough to permit one of you to gain a premature advantage. After that the automatic line control mechanism will be activated until one of you has begun to establish her dominance over the other. At that time I will again control your access until one of you has proven herself to beyond a doubt clearly superior. Then I will release her upon the other. You should do everything in your power to ensure that you prevail since I will not prevent the consequences that will befall to the one that fails. The dominant fighter will not be prevented from doing what she is inclined to do when it comes to that point.”


Jack's voice brought her back with a bit of a start. She could feel his hand slip appreciatively across her back as he said “first of all it won't be a death fight”


“No” added Fred, “those are much more formal and more heavily subscribed”


“Have either of them ever fought to the death before?” asked Stacy.


“That can't be known for sure except for those that would have been in attendance but since this is actually a prelude to their next one, which will almost certainly be much less controlled, it could quite possibly result in that.”


“But what is happening now?” asked Rhonda as she felt a shiver of excitement at the thought what had been said. “Explain to me what she has said about the control system”.


“What she means is that the tethers will be released until they are just within each others hitting range. She will then put the system on an automatic feature that will release an inch of line each minute. If one is driven back or retreats the slack will be added to the other's line permitting her to press her advantage. The distance between the two will remain the same the only changes being the adjustments that the automatic line release system makes”.


Both of the fighters were more restrained now. Just out of arms reach they glared at each other as they struggled to regain their breath and prepare for their next contact. Covered with blood and sweat, their spiky hair plastered to their skulls they waited for the deb to release the tether. The German still had a considerable amount of blood coming from her nose and the English from a deep cut on her breast which dripped from the nipple down to her belly and then to the floor. Both leaned slightly against the tether waiting for it to telegraph their mistress's decision.

Deliberately she activated the control and then stepped back to watch what she had sent in motion. Both fighters jerked in their harness as the line released and then they came closer to each other. It was a reach and only the face was close enough but they both made the most of it as they stretched their arms to reach the other. Little evasive action by either now such was their hate and desire to engage the other. Another inch and suddenly the German punched her right fist into the side of the English's face. It drove her back permitting the German to surge forward but only for a moment. The English forced her self forward, parried another blow and landed one of her own crushing the German's nose.

Another gout of blood, spreading across her face and splattering the breasts and belly. She continued to lean forward though, her gaping mouth open as she gasped for breath reluctant to give up the advantage of her position, while the two of them sparred at range until the next release of line.

That seemed to be a signal and now they were close enough to reach each other almost at will. Sensing it they moved sideways, maintaining their relative positions but now more to the side of the other. Their style of fighting changed as well. More contained they abandoned the wider swings that were necessary before and adopted a more professional stance, resorting to their fist fighting skills as they met in the center of the room. Coming within range their fists penetrated a defense, found an opening and connected with short hard blows to the head and body.

Both Rhonda and Stacy were totally absorbed by the brutality of the spectacle taking place before them. As each pass was initiated they sensed the other's body tense as they both anticipated them coming together. So caught up were they that each blow brought a response from the watchers as the sound and sight of the fists meeting flesh were telegraphed to them on the other side of the glass. By now Rhonda favored the English and Stacy the German and their groans and cries of satisfaction at a loss or victory grew louder and more vociferous as the tether's played out. The Deb had moved back, just out of their range and leaned back against the wall her eyes a bit glazed as her finger delicately slipped down between her slit to stroke her engorged clit. Breathing deeply she smiled in silent satisfaction as her two lovers come ever closer together.

They no longer swung so far from side to side now. Too far would invite the other to follow and the line now permitted them to remain within each other's range throughout most of the arc. Some slack was evident and both remained in the center and began a furious exchange of blows. The sound of it intensified, each one bringing a grunt of exertion and pain and mounting in fury as they engaged. Neither stepped back or to the side now. They fended off the other as best they could but neither had any other thought than to destroy the other as totally as possible.

The English was wilder though and as she let her right fist slip over the Germans shoulder the other woman seized her wrist and holding it up above her head lowered her shoulder and buried her own into the taunt firm flesh of the other females lower belly. An anguished grunt, her face a picture of stricken pain and she was forced back. The line released again and Stacy shouted her satisfaction as the German released the wrist and wrapped her arm around the English's waist. Her shoulder still low her right fist now smashed frantically into the other woman's lower body at will, the crotch, belly and reaching up, into the breasts driving them even higher with each furious blow and Rhonda stiffened, her identification with the English fighter filling her with a feeling of despair as she watched the German stagger across the floor with the other woman in her arm. She knew that if the English wasn't able to return it with equal force the German could finish her.

The fury of the attack and a scent of a victory had pushed the German off balance though and as the line released she slipped and the English desperately twisted above her as they fell. Not much of an advantage but she made the most of it. Grasping the German's head she held it beneath her as they fell and driving her left knee into her belly slammed the other woman's head into the padding with as much force as she could muster as they hit the mat. Holding it there with her left hand and crying out with rage and pain she drove her right fist into the unprotected face. Again she did it and Rhonda rose to her knees and crowded against the glass to see them better.

The rest joined her there, watching silently as the two fighting woman writhed in a snakelike embrace beneath them. The line was loose about them now, both were free of it's restraint, it's purpose forgotten as they fought for dominance and destruction of the other. The Deb moved closer too breathing deeply through her open mouth as her fingers unconsciously massaging her taunt swollen breasts. She as she stood transfixed, watching in fascinated silence while the final act she had initiated was played out before her.

In desperation the German struggled to her knees. Blindly reaching through the English's indiscriminate fists she pushed her away and scuttled to the side of the room. Pushing herself erect she turned just in time to receive a savage left hook to the belly as the English crowded her in against the wall.

The automatic line mechanism had reset now and both of them were forced to return to the center of the room as it retracted the slack. The German was weakened though and appeared confused and the enraged English strained against the tether to get her. Falling back she tried to fend her off but as she retreated her lost line was added to that of the stronger English and she followed. Not more than three steps and the German was snugged with her back to the wall. Both paused as they realized the implications and then as the English leaned into the tether to get to her she weakly raised her arms to fend her off.

The first blow was a left hook that buried itself in her weakened belly forcing her into an unconscious crouch. Instinctively she crossed her arms to prevent another. A right hook into her breasts forced her back and as she straightened up the English stepped closer and drove her left knee up between the German's thick, wide spread thighs. Gagging, her arms now hanging uselessly at her sides she was helpless to defend herself as the English attacked and leaning into the tether she began to drive her fists into the helpless German's body. A deep hooking fist to the lower belly, again, only going in deeper and following it with a right uppercut to the breasts that buried itself to the wrist. It straightened her up and but before she could sag into her harness again the English moved to prevent it. Grasping her hair with her left hand she forced her head back against the wall and holding her erect to prevent her from slumping continued her assault. Between the legs then as the tether played out further she moved closer and releasing her grip on her hair she finished her with a frenzied series of short, furious blows that thudded indiscriminately into the defeated woman's body.

Rhonda was conscious of Stacy pressing against her. Moving her shoulder back she felt her slip her arm around her waist before wordlessly returning her attention to the scene playing out before her. She was totally aroused by the carnal display of brutality and knew her feelings were shared by the woman beside her. Draping her arm around her neck she slowly exhaled her pent up breath as she pulled her head against her own while the dead weight of the German's body began to slump against the wall.

Apparently the automatic retraction system had been programmed to understand and as she crumpled to the floor the English was pulled away from her back toward the opposite wall. Watching her lean into her tether as it pulled her staggering backwards Rhonda was struck by the undiminished intensity of her fighting fury. She was magnificent and letting her mind wander she let herself imagine a different ending. One in which the English stood untethered over her defeated foe, an arm raised triumphantly in victory as she waits for the crowds decision. They bay for the kill and the decision rendered she falls on her victim to administer it. Rolling her onto her belly she straddles her, a powerful thigh on either side as she wraps her muscular arm around her neck. Placing her other hand against the side of her head tightens her arm and raising her head awaits the crowds decision. A moment then as their desire for the ultimate penalty becomes clear she accedes to their demand and with a victorious scream administers the coup de gra, wrenching her arm back and smashing her hand against the side of the victims head to break her neck as they scream their approval.

Experiencing another shiver at the thought of it along with another emotion that she couldn't quite identify she slowly forced herself back to the present. She knew that she understood the emotions and the incentives that had driven them now and while fearing the implications as they related to themselves she knew that the two of them would accept the challenge. It was the only thing that would fill the undefined physiological void that they had lived with and both of them knew it. Thinking about it was exciting, more than that it was intoxicating and the thought that they would serve in some way to fulfill it for the other somehow satisfying. Sliding her hand over Jack's thigh she murmured


“I think all of us have a lot to do in the next month of so don't we?