A Warrior's Awakening

By; Teez

Rhonda is introduced to fighting


Rhonda shivered slightly as the taxi slewed through a sheet of water illuminated by a passing street light. It was a miserable night, they were a just a little late and for the umpteenth time forced herself to relax as she contemplated their destination and the purpose of the journey. The man sitting beside her hadn't said much but that was to be expected she supposed. There really wasn't much left to be said at this stage of the arrangements and what there was could wait until they arrived at the private home where it would take place.


The thought of Stacy and her partner rushing through the night for the same purpose and to the same place sent another shiver of anticipation up her spine and added to the heavy feeling in her stomach. That too was to be expected and in a way enjoyable. Actually almost delicious, something that the man sitting beside her said all the members of the group experienced when it came to participating in a sport fight. The knowledge that Stacy would be experiencing the same feelings added to her mounting excitement. She knew she was anxious for them to arrive at their destination and to let it begin and exhaling slowly she let her mind go back to the events of the past few months.

The main part of the arrangement had been arrived at weeks earlier when their partners had agreed on the basic ground rules for their meeting and the committee had approved them. Then there had been the legal requirements and since then, nothing but the intense training necessary to prepare her for this evening.

Actually it had started much earlier as almost all of the private arrangements did. In fact the groups main purpose was to encourage it to happen and after that their only other priority was to ensure that the arrangements were consummated as privately and discretely as possible. Of course in the case of Stacy and herself recruitment or persuasion hadn't been necessary both of them being the physical equal of most of the men and women in the group. In fact it had been those very qualities that had provided the attraction between her and her companion to begin with.

They'd met at a mutual friends house party, his name was Jack and although he was shorter and of a slighter build than she favored, she sensed he was her equal in everything else. In particular there had been a cruel and savage quality about him that she had found very attractive and the feeling of confrontation and challenge between them had been obvious to everybody at the party and especially themselves. When he called to ask her to dinner a few days later she had immediately accepted the invitation. Recalling just how bland the early conversation must have been and just how specific it had turned as the evening had progressed. Brought a sudden smile to her face.


It was a small exclusive restaurant catering as she had discovered to those seeking unique diversions as well as good food. She'd dressed simply in a green sleeveless mini and heels specifically chosen to display her powerful arms and legs to their best advantage. And it had had the desired effect she mused, not only on Jack but on more than a few of the rest of the group as well. Of course she hadn't been aware of that aspect of the evening at the time her attention being focused on her new companion.


He had apparently anticipated her wearing a soft clinging body suit that displayed his muscular body as well as hers did her and she remembered thinking that here was a man with whom she might finally be able to be herself. She couldn't remember much of what they'd talked about but it really hadn't mattered since their after dinner entertainment quickly blotted everything else out.

It had been over coffee and brandy that the center of the room was cleared. She'd watched with increasing interest and excitement as two female assistants erected a small fighting ring in the center of the room. Raised slightly so everybody could see, it was about twelve feet square, had three strands and a stark simplicity to it that sent a shiver through her as she contemplated it's purpose. Suddenly conscious of Jack's intense interest in her reaction and unable to contain her curiosity and she'd turned to him for an explanation only to have him direct her attention to the door.

Suddenly conscious of a rising level of excitement from the others in the room she'd turned to look in the direction he'd indicated as two individuals, a male and a female, made their way through the tables and approaching the ring. She felt her breath catch and then a surging shock of excitement and pleasure as she fully realized what she was about to see. Except for brief leather g-strings, both of the newcomers were naked and there couldn't be any doubt about what they were there for. Barefoot, their hands taped into fists, they were obviously there to provide for their entertainment. So intense was her interest that she barely noticed that Jack had moved his chair around beside hers and had put his arm possessively around her shoulder.


"I don't know how you are going to react to this darling. It will probably get pretty rough and if you don't want to see it we can go now."


"No" she replied, "no I really don't think I want to do that darling. I think you already know that I want very much to see them fight and I think we both know that I don't mind it being as rough as possible." Letting her hand play lightly across his cheek she laughed softly and whispered "tell me exactly what it's going to be like darling, you know I'm dying to know."

Taking a moment to reply, it was apparent that he was as excited about her reaction as he was at the thought of what they were about to see, he kissed her softly on the cheek and said.


"These are very private arrangements for a small select group for those of us who find personal combat to be the ultimate challenge and can afford to support our tastes in any way we wish. The fights are usually mixed but frequently there will be two women or occasionally two men who want each other and that's good too. We prefer the small ring because it keeps the fighters at close quarters and makes the sport of it much more intense. This fight, the one you are about to see, will be for three extended rounds of all in fighting and all of it will be recorded for later viewing."


"You mean that they will be permitted to fight without anybody interfering until one of the has finished with the other?" she asked. "Yes, does that bother you?" Leaning close to him she gently nibbled the lobe of his ear and whispered huskily. "No darling, not really, not at all," thinking quietly to herself, " this is my private dream come true and I don't want to change or miss a bit of it," Smiling to herself she relaxed in her chair and prepared to experience her most erotic and treasured fantasy come true.

The ring was in place now and everybody's attention had turned to the fighters as they slipped through the ropes and made their way to it's opposite corners. Two female assistants joined them there who after quickly stripping off what little they had on prepared to act as their corner assistants. She found the sight of it thrilling in not a bit unreal, four powerful figures, stripped for fighting and eager to begin, their obvious level of anticipation and excitement exhilarating and accentuating her own.

The woman was introduced as Eve. Tallish, about 5 feet 10" and 180 lbs, very well developed in the arms and shoulders but with small but well shaped breasts. She looked very tough especially with the small leather g-string she was wearing drawn so tightly that full bush of her womanhood protruded in profusion from around the edges of it. She particularly noticed her nipples, enlarged and stiff with excitement, her rapid breathing and the faint but obvious marks of previous battles that she appeared to adorn her body.. When the second attendant introduced the male as Bruce Rhonda noticed just how evenly the two of them were matched. Although shorter and slighter of build his main strength appeared to be through his body and legs. As if to confirm this Jack whispered

"she's the puncher and will try to keep him up and on the ropes for a slow finish. He'll try to get her down on the floor and use his legs to keep her there while he does it to her. “I don't care but why they are doing it?” she whispered. “Because they want too” he replied “and because the winner will get $10,000 dollars" he added.

By now all eyes were riveted on the spectacle about to unfold before them. Both of the seconds had moved to stand briefly for the benefit of the cameras, an arm around their appointed gladiator, before slipping through the ropes as the spectators savored the imminent beginning of what they had come to see.


The male moved first, circling the ring and feinting at the woman just out of reach and Rhonda realized that she was holding her breath in anticipation at the same time that the woman made her move. Lunging at him as he passed a corner she forced him back and hooked her right fist into his lower belly.


Rhonda heard herself spontaneously cry out encouragement but her exultation was short lived as he countered with a vicious uppercut to her left breast and followed it up by driving his right knee solidly between her legs. Falling back with an involuntary cry he followed her across the ring driving her back against the ropes with a flurry of blows to her breasts and body. Clinching she was pinned herself against him, her nipples crushed against his chest as he forced her into the ropes driving his fists into her exposed belly and sides. She was entranced, mesmerized by the sight and sound of the violence of it and as she reveled in her secret dream come true the fact that it was happening at all was almost beyond her comprehension. Suddenly aware of Jack's hand caressing her thigh she experienced a further surge of pleasure in the knowledge that he was as excited as she was and wrapping her arm possessively around his neck she said in an excited whisper,


"This is the most exciting thing that I could ever imagine.” “Are you sure” he asked? “Yes, what is happening is absolutely marvelous. I'm not sure that I'm ready to be there with someone like you darling, at least not now, but I know I have to do it with somebody and soon” and trailing her finger along the inside of his thigh added “and you know I want you to watch me while I'm doing it don't you?" Turning to her he raised his hand to cradle her breast and kissing her softly on the lips whispered "it will happen and it will be soon darling, I'll make it happen and I'll make sure that you are ready for it when it's your time."

Almost in a trance they returned their attention to the ring. The implications of what each had said blotting out all other thoughts until the motions of the two in the ring brought them back to reality. The female had managed to push the male away and was engaged in boxing him back to the center of the ring and watching them spar Rhonda was again impressed with the evenness of the match and the ferociousness of their fighting. She was bruised and bleeding slightly from her left breast and from a heavy scratch on her belly while the male had a slight cut above his right eye. Neither of them appeared tired though and both were aggressively trying to find an opening in the others defense.

He found it first as she raised her aim and missed with a hard right cross it left her vulnerable to a low looping uppercut that he drove deep into her belly. The force of the blow turned her slightly to his left and she started to double over he followed it up with a right to her lower back that drove her to her knees. Her cry of pain, amplified throughout the room by directional mics, indicated that she was hurt but the response from the spectators was a groan mixed with cries of approval for his accomplishment. In fact Rhonda suddenly realized that several of the excited spectators were standing and urging him to get on her and finish her there on the floor.

Dropping onto her he forced her to her back on the canvas and then quickly sliding off to her side thrust his left arm under her left shoulder and leveraged her body over onto her right side tucking her head under his left shoulder. The move exposed her lower body and permitted him to drive his right fist into her almost at will as she vainly struggled to escape. She felt her mouth go dry with excitement as she watched her struggles while the male continued to drive his fist into her crotch and belly. Each blow caused her to groan and flop about as she tried to escape until in desperation she arched her back she was able to push him off balance and away from her and as he did she rolled on top of him. Quickly thrusting her knee between his legs and slipping her arms beneath his shoulders she forced his arms away from his body and above his head. Quickly hunching forward she drove her knee into his crotch and then again before burying her face in the hollow of his neck and beginning to chew. It was a dramatic example of how far they were prepared to go and Rhonda was struck by how much she appeared to be the predator. It was primitive and as his frantic screams and desperate struggles quickly gave evidence of the success of her attack she screamed out her encouragement for her to continue. The brutality thrilled her, the raw savagery of it and when at last they broke apart she was pleased to see that both the woman's face and the males neck were red with his blood. She knew she had never experienced stimulation such as this, she wanted it for herself and with the thick heavy feeling of excitement welling up inside of her she knew that this was where she would find it. Up until tonight her size, strength and inner feelings had always set her apart but in this room, she knew she could find her equal that would provide the competition and ultimate challenge that had up to now been missing.


Gaining their feet the two sweating fighters circled each other like two ferocious animals who having tasted blood wanted more and were determined to get it. Their concentration upon each other was total and Rhonda felt a calmness creep over her as she realized that one of them could very well destroy the other. The realization startled her but she also knew she wanted to see that happen and that she was about to and nobody would interfere. At some level she knew she was ready for it and the feeling that she wouldn't be able to control herself until it was over was almost overwhelming. Making a fist and flexing her arm she felt the power of it flow through her as she let her imagination provide her with the satisfaction of what it would feel like to drive it into another's body. Instinctively she knew that she would want to take it as freely as she herself would give it and the thought of waiting for it to happen was almost more than she could bear. Suddenly aware of the unconscious roll and movement of her hips as she anticipated it she tensed her thighs together and spread the growing delicious wetness there spread against her close pressed thighs.

The sound of fists impacting flesh followed by grunts of pain and frustration brought her back to the present and she returned to focus on the activity in the ring before her where both of them were now dancing in the center of the ring trading hard blows to each others bodies. The male now thoroughly bloodied about the mouth as well as the neck was trying desperately to fight the female off but with her superior body strength she was able to drive him back toward the ropes. It was obvious that she was the better fist fighter by the way he reacted to her attack but he returned almost as good as he got and she had to work for every step of her advantage. When at last she had backed him against the ropes she pressed in and with a savage display of pure strength, drove first one fist and then the other with ferocious intensity into his lower body. Rhonda was moving slightly in time with the woman now, felt the pleasure as first one fist and then the other buried itself in his body. She could almost feel herself silently urge her to lower her blows and as if they had communicated the female drove a low right uppercut deep into the males thinly covered crotch. His immediate scream was drowned out by the cry from the excited crowd and as they cheered her on and Rhonda heard herself scream with them as he staggered back and slipped into the corner. The female wasted neither time nor her advantage though and quickly following sank slightly above him and drove her left knee directly into his unprotected face. Driven back and partly out of the ring between the ropes she followed up by driving her right foot deep into his crotch and with a shrill scream of pain he fell, clutching his balls and sprawled to the floor outside of the ring.


She was exultant and with a scream of triumph she threw her powerful arms above her head and arching her back paraded proudly around the ring as the males second rushed to attend to him. The small crowd went wild and Rhonda felt herself drawn from her seat along with the rest as they rose to lustily applaud her performance. The feeling of exhilaration was intense and moving away from Jack she moved closer to the side of the ring where the female was standing. Just seeing her there, so close, her powerful body wet with sweat and smeared with blood thrilled her and while she was conscious of another close by her eyes were only for the fighting woman standing proudly before her. Suddenly conscious that the female was returning her gaze Rhonda motioned her and as she approached from inside the ring exclaimed, her voice trembling with excitement,


"fabulous, you darling, you are simply fabulous." Breathing heavily and shaking from the exertion and excitement of the fight the other responded, "is this your first?" "Yes" breathed Rhonda, "but it won't be my last." Still eagerly gulping in air the other smiled and said, "I hope not, I"d enjoy watching you here were our places reversed" and with that she turned and let her attendant begin to towel her off and attend to the damage.


Conscious that Jack had watched and listened to their exchange Rhonda returned somewhat unsteadily to her seat and taking a moment to compose herself whispered,


"This absolutely must happen for me like this darling. I must have a fight and I'm sure that you can arrange it with somebody that you would like to match with me can't you?" Pausing for a moment to collect himself he pulled her close and after a moment replied somewhat breathlessly. "I've already thought about that darling and have tentatively made some of the necessary arrangements. It just remains for you and the one I have in mind to accept the terms of the contract and prepare yourselves physically for the fight". Unable to speak she could only mumble her reply and question "when"? "Soon" he murmured, "very soon. It will be a first match for each of you." Almost numb with emotion and unable to say or think more she turned her attention back to the ring to silently watch the preparations for the second round.

Rhonda was conscious of her companion talking as she savored the thought of what he had said and only dimly heard him explain that the ejection of one of the fighters constituted a loss of a round for the ejected fighter. Listening further she heard him continue,


"the second round is usually longer because it's harder fought and if there is a third one, and there almost always is, it's the longest." "Why" she inquired? “Because the winning fighter can usually prevent the loser from exiting the ring and control how long the fight lasts" he replied. Running her hand possessively through his hair Rhonda sighed softly with pleasure and murmured breathlessly, "good, I hope she kills the son of a bitch and I hope she takes all night to do it."

Their attention was diverted as they heard the others applaud the re-entrance of the male to the ring. Still doubled over and limping slightly he climbed through the ropes to stand glaring at the female from his corner. His attendant wiped his face one last time and whispered encouragement to him and then slipped through the ropes to take her place in his corner. Evidently this was all the signal that was needed for the two of them to re-engage as both of them moved cautiously from their corners to begin the second round.

The female moved first, attacking him head on with a flurry of blows that appeared to do little damage and which the male avoided by covering up and standing his ground. Jack leaned over to whisper.


"She made a mistake I think. She should have done more damage in the first when she had the chance." "Maybe," murmured Rhonda, "she sure looks like she can do what she wants to with him from what I see though." "Maybe, we'll see" replied Jack.

Their comments had no sooner been exchanged when the male mounted a swift attack with a flurry of blows to the females head and breasts. Quickly slipping inside her guard he drove a right to her unprotected ribs and then followed it with a slashing left that opened a deep cut to her right cheek. This was followed with his forearm and elbow which smashed into her right eye. Dazed and bleeding freely from the cheek and eye she retreated and she did he was quick to press his advantage. In the small ring it was only a step before he had her cornered and again he moved in. Standing off to prevent her from getting a wrestling hold he demonstrated his own skill with his fists with repeated and accurate blows to the head and body. She recovered somewhat after a few moments but it was obvious that she still was on the defensive. Rhonda found herself watching the exchange somewhat dispassionately but that soon changed to cries of encouragement as the female lashed out in an effort to escape the ropes. Only partially successful the two of them were again in the center of the ring but the exchange of blows had now become more equal and intense as they both mounted savagely intense attacks on the other. Rhonda was suddenly conscious that she was holding her breath at the sight and sound of the two magnificent creatures fighting toe to toe and slowly exhaling let her other senses take in the spectacle. It was incredibly delicious she thought. The two of them, one male the other female, evenly matched and matching their magnificent almost naked bodies against one other in a no quarter given fight to the finish. The fact that they were doing it in front of an enthusiastic and thoroughly appreciative audience was even more incredible. They moved in so close to each other and she thought the deadly movement of their muscular bodies was beautiful as they struggled to defeat the other. She felt a thrilling rush as she savored the sight of their powerful arms driving bloody fists into each other's flesh. The sound of their harsh breathing and their grunts of effort and pain along with that of their fists meeting hard flesh only served to accentuate the experience.

The contest seemed to have become more even now but just when Rhonda thought that the female had regained the advantage she lost her balance and the male lashed out with a two handed clubbing that drove her to her knees. Half of the spectators cheered and the other half screamed but it was too late. The sheer brutality of what followed made Rhonda want to go to her aid but she knew that wasn't possible and reluctantly she settled back into her seat and waited for what was to follow.

Falling onto her with his knees he drove his fist into the side of her head and then followed it by bringing his fist back to club it from the other side. Pausing to savor his handiwork he glanced briefly at the crowd and his blood stained mouth breaking into a grin began his next assault on the female.

She knew that the female would be stunned and almost defenseless at this point but again that there wasn't anything that she would do about it and at some level she had to admit that she would want it that way too. Instinctively she knew that if it were she who were under the male she would react as the female was by accepting the situation and fighting to overcome it without interference.

Jack for his part had said very little but she could see that he was urging the male on to even greater acts of violence and couldn't help but chide him lightly for it. Turning he harshly replied.


"I told you that she made a mistake in the first. When she had the chance she should have hurt him more and now she can pay for it" Secretly Rhonda was forced to agree and silently turned her attention back to the ring where the next assault was about to take place.

Both of them were glistening with sweat now, their hair matted to their heads and their bodies smeared with the bloody evidence of their efforts. The male had now dropped beside her and slipping his left arm around her neck in a reverse headlock he forced her body away from his to expose her belly. Wrapping his powerful legs around her lower right thigh he strengthened his hold on her neck and began to stretch her body out in an arch to take the punishment he had in mind.


Rhonda felt a quick intake of breath and uttered an involuntary cry of dismay as it became obvious what was to happen next and the renewed struggles of the female indicated that she did too. Trying to thrust her body back over his she frantically reached out with her left arm and grasped his arm as he drove his fist into the soft triangle displayed before him. His cry of satisfaction blended with her grunt of pain and was echoed by the cries of encouragement from the crowd as he struggled to stretch her out for the second blow.

Rhonda found herself breathing carefully, somewhat surprised at her own reaction to the situation the female was in and she glanced about her uncertainly to gauge the reaction of the rest of the small crowd. A few appeared to be experiencing something akin to what she was feeling but most, both male and female, were lustily urging the male to do even greater damage. One woman in particular, a large, blond at the next table was standing and staring in rapt attention, her eyes eagerly drinking the sight of what was taking place and seemingly oblivious to anything else. Rhonda felt a soft thrill wash over her, "it's her first time too,"she thought before returning her attention to the ring. Then feeling herself also drawn from her seat she rose and with a defiant cry began shouting encouragement to the struggling female.

By now the two struggling in the center of the ring were so tightly entwined that they appeared as one, almost in a lovers embrace. Their powerful, muscled bodies glistening with sweat and the gore of their sport and the two of them were aware of nothing other than themselves. Rhonda noticed that the male was bleeding badly now and saw that the female was chewing savagely into his side in the only area left to her as she struggled vainly to escape the reverse headlock that was driving her face into his ribs. Twisting frantically in an effort to avoid her attack he grasped her left thigh and with a powerful thrust of his arm, lifted her left leg above her head and locked it behind his own.

The reaction from the crowd was immediate and intense and their collective sigh of anticipation was plainly audible as they awaited the males next move. Leaning his neck into the back of her left knee he wrenched her legs even further apart the thin leather of the g-string slipping the swollen lips of her labia and then, unable to see his target and wasting no more time than was necessary to secure his hold he began. His right arm flexed , her body struggled beneath him and then he began he drive his right fist again and then again into the increasingly bloody crevice stretched wide between her powerful thighs. Rhonda was conscious of her own sharp intake of breath as the directional mics picked up the sound of the impact from each blow, his grunt of satisfaction and her desperate cries as he drove them into her unprotected cunt.

Her screams now pierced the breathless silence of the onlookers and provoked a sigh of satisfaction as the brutal savagery of the sight set in. Rhonda to stared fascinated as he forced her more fully onto her back, his head still trapping her left leg behind his neck and prepared her for his next assault.


Filled with anguish, her hand running distractedly through her shoulder length hair, she made an unconscious move in the direction of the pair only to be held back by the man beside her.


"He'll kill her" she cried and was only dimly aware of the others crying for just the opposite as shouts of "kill her, mount the bitch and finish her" rang out. At the table beside her, the blond, rising from her chair, her face contorted in an expression of lusty pleasure screamed "tear the bitches cunt out you darling, for me!"

It was as if they were alone in the small noisy room. They were suddenly and extremely conscious of the other and instinctively sensed the implications. A long moment as they silently shared the rush of pleasure and excitement that it brought and then the sounds from the ring returned their attention to the violence taking place within it.

The male had managed to achieve his objective and the females head now faced upward with her chin almost touching the back of his shoulder. Her teeth no longer a threat he bridged her again stretching her powerful body almost to the breaking point and, pausing only a moment to relish the moment, began to drive repeated blows to the now full exposed meat of her breasts, belly and cunt. He was almost in a frenzy of lust to destroy her raking and gouging his roughened fist between her legs and across her breasts and belly between each punching thrust tearing the raw, rough fabric across her flesh opening old cuts and creating new ones. Purposefully he loosened his headlock with each blow so that her screams could continue to be heard along with his appreciative exclamations of satisfaction, all amplified by the directional mics, as each blow was driven home except now it was joined with the softer background noises of lusty approval and descriptive encouragement from the avidly watching audience. Rhonda, feeling that the females situation was hopeless, still somehow knew that the fight was far from over and forced herself to relax. She only hoped that she could somehow free herself from the punishing hold and escape the ring to recover enough to permit a third and deciding round.


Almost as the thought was formed she did and in a superb display of power and concentration, managed to roll her tormenter onto his side forcing his head to her belly and wrenching her own head from the devastating headlock. Weakened from the punishment she had taken she knew that her advantage would be short lived and rather than risk him again on the floor she staggered to her feet tried to gain the relative safety of the ropes.


She almost made it but he, although tiring from the heavy fisting to her body, managed to catch her before she could exit the ring and pressed her in against the ropes. Obviously not wanting to make the same mistake that she had he wasted no time before pressing his advantage and began driving his knee repeatedly between her bloody legs and then quickly forcing her arms over the ropes began his next attack. Almost lovingly he began to finish her with one well placed fist after another as he worked them into her exposed body. Beating a pattern from the vee of her womanhood to her bruised and bloody breasts, the blows not so hard so as to prolong his attack, the male began to slowly and precisely beat her to destruction. The directional mics, the volume louder now, captured each blow, her screams, her grunts of pain and amplified them for the appreciation of the group surrounding the ring.


Rhonda was almost in a trance now and forcing her eyes away from the spectacle looked around to see the reaction of the other members of the group. Almost noticing them for the first time as individuals she recognized that they appeared to be in many respects very much like herself and her companion. Most were couples in their 30's or 40's, although there were more than a few single females present, either alone or coupled with another and all quite obviously appeared to be both physically and mentally capable of participating in and appreciating what they had come to see. Indeed their single most common attribute appeared to be their strong physical presence and the uninhibited attention that they were paying to the savage struggle taking place before them. Rhonda noticed that most, including the unknown blond beside her, were dressed much as she displaying their physical capabilities as proudly and comfortably as she was. Two in particular, a black couple on the other side of the room caught her attention and forcing herself to to turn her attention away from the slaughter taking place before her she started to focus on them..

The female was the one Rhonda found herself most interested in and to her surprise she found that the other seemed to be just as intently concentrating on her. Only twenty or so feet away on the other side of the ring she appeared solid and well muscled, her coal black skin with a sweat sheen gloss to it that Rhonda was suddenly conscious of experiencing herself. She knew that the soft overhead lights would display her in the same way and instinctively knew what the other woman was experiencing and thinking. It was only for a moment before their attention was returned to the arena but she was conscious of her undivided attention and returned the knowing smile that the woman had obviously directed only at her.


The anguished screams of the female returned her attention to the struggle and the moment was broken. The male had moved above her now, his left arm around the front of her neck forcing her backwards even further into the press of the ropes and stepping onto the lower rope started to mount her to gain the position he desired. Close, they were very close and his right fist couldn't miss as he drove it fully to her belly for the first time and then again and again. Again, slowly and without full force, the blows were meant to punish and prolong the torment and not to finish it and the crowd voiced it's approval almost unconsciously with their short cries of satisfaction. Rhonda found herself surprised but she drank in the sight of the two of them bound together in their struggle and let it etch itself in her mind. The females body was now stretched to it's limit across the ropes, her breasts thrusting upward to accept their punishment as the male bent her back and she seemed powerless to protect herself. His face, devoid of any mercy, mirrored his satisfaction with their positions and the pleasure he was taking in the punishment he was giving her. Rhonda still found it an exciting sight, the two of them together, alone in their agony and exultation and couldn't help but admire his splendid body arching over hers and the signs of his huge arousal swelling beyond the confines of the leather strip between his legs. Nodding in silent agreement she realized that his efforts were having the same effect on him as they were having on the rest of the room.

Slowly releasing the pressure of his arm around her neck he brought his right fist up to caress her exposed left breast before drawing back only enough to drive it forcefully into the turgid nipple with an excited cry of satisfaction. Her scream rose above the crowds exclamation and pausing only long enough to savor it the male lowered his fist to slowly caress his next target. Her struggles were much weaker now and as the urging of the crowd grew louder and stronger he drew back only far enough to drive his fist deep between her bloody legs. Again and again he fisted her crotch, his body unconsciously mounting her as he pressed his arm across her neck.


Her gurgling screams were no longer audible over the cries of the screaming crowd and Rhonda found herself rising from her seat with the rest as they moved to witness him finish her. It was hot now, very hot and sweat had glued her dress slickly to her body. She was conscious of Jack behind her and the blond woman beside her as they approached the ropes. The faces and expressions of those surrounding the ring were without exception the same, hard, excited, smelling the blood and scenting the finish but it was not to be. Loosening her right arm the female thrust it between the males legs and with a desperate upward lunge threw him out of the ring before slumping to the canvas and then slowly crawling beneath the ropes to safety.


The overheated crowd erupted in a spontaneous roar of approval and Rhonda found herself pressed against the blond by the other's around them. She reveled in the feel of the hot, solid body pressing against her, the smell of her sweat and the fragrance of her womanhood rich to her nostrils and she gloried in their closeness. Suddenly the sight of what was taking place before them was not as important as it had been the moment before and as if by common assent they drew each other close their arms around each others waist and let the weight of their male companions press them both together against the ring ropes. It lasted only a moment but it had been more than enough time for them to communicate their innermost feelings and as the watching crowd moved back and they separated their faces mirroring the intense emotional pleasure they were experiencing. Rhonda knew and it was obvious to her that the other woman knew it too, both of them were destined to find what they were seeking here. Trying to control her growing excitement She returned to her seat and boldly returned the other's gaze as they began their mutually challenging appraisal of each other.


It was obvious that the blond was as intently interested in the inspection as she and lounging about in her chair to face her she stretched her body out to it's full length to display it. She knew instinctively that they were equals, knew the other felt the same and raising her arms above her head she clasped her hands together and flexed her body, slowly and powerfully, for the other's benefit. The effect it was having on the blond was also obvious and with a slight flush coloring her face she responded to her overture. Smiling in triumph Rhonda continued to slowly flex her arms, her pelvis unconsciously matching the movement as she experienced the first vicarious thrill of contact and imagined the other within their grasp. As if in answer the blond responded. Never taking her eyes from Rhonda's she slowly parted her legs and as she ran her hands softly across her thighs slowly swivelled to face her as she pulled the bottom of her sweat soaked skirt above the hip to reveal the profuse, swelling womanhood, protruding from between her powerful legs. It was an intimate and awesome response and cocking her fist Rhonda flexed her own arm in acceptance of their mutual challenge. It was a total physical and sensual exhilaration that she'd never experienced before and accentuated by the knowledge that it was the same for the other it allowed both of them to wrap their most secret desires into each others consciousness. As they let their eyes devour the other neither wanted the moment to end. They were two big hungry heated cats having let their imaginations run wild with the possibilities of their newly discovered awareness and as the sounds of the room around them faded they let themselves imagine the pleasure and excitement of meeting a challenge with the other in the small square ring before them. The thought of hitting and being hit in front of a frenzied blood lusting crowd, the two of them locked in a fight that only one could win was intoxicating and almost more than she could bear. Here was the previously misunderstood promise of a fulfillment that had eluded her for so long.


If hadn't been for Jack softly whispering in her ear she really didn't know what might have happened. In a way she knew she resented the intrusion, the theft of their precious moment but as she let the broader implications of the experience take root and flood her conscious she forced herself to return to the present and experience it's fulfillment.


By now the experience had eliminated any inhibitions that the audience might have had and she noticed with pleasure that almost without exception they were giving rein to their lusty pleasure and passion in very physical ways. Most were on their feet, pressing closer to the ring as they encouraged the female to return while the male relaxed in his corner and let his second wipe the blood from his face and towel his body. He looked rather splendid Rhonda thought. Lounging there confidently on the ropes while he waited for her to recover. His body bore the marks of their struggle, bruised and bloody, scratches about his face and a puffiness about the eye and mouth but there could be no doubt that he was as eager to get back at her as the select audience was for him to do it.


Rhonda let her attention wander to them now and again marveled at their appearance and apparent attitudes that brought them together that evening. Again she was conscious of the heat which the closeness of the room only seemed to accentuate. Their sleek silk clothing clung revealingly to their bodies, the excited women their escorts pressed close eagerly flaunted their powerful sexuality as they moved among each other and Rhonda was sure that hers was not the only challenge that would be answered that night. Her eyes alight with the excitement of it she unconsciously toyed with her breast, her fingers teasing the nipple as she and surveyed the room. Totally immersed in her imagined reality she didn't feel Jack's hand slip between her legs until he to slowly began to caress the hard meat of her thigh. It interrupted her thoughts as he silently nodded to a scene taking place several feet away.


It was the first time that she'd noticed them. Two women indulging their own inner thoughts while a third, an excited and animated "Deb" fueled their imaginations with suggestions of a future that could include only one of them. Almost naked, her dress now open fully down the front, her full swelling breasts thrusting through the parted material, she pressed against one and then the other as she urged them on. Instinctively Rhonda knew it could only be a prelude to the private violence that would soon take place between them. They were going to fight for she was her objective thought letting fingers now painfully compressed the nipple. She noticed they were similarly attired beneath their now almost discarded dress's and marveled at the sight of them. Both older than their companion, in their late forties to early fifties, they sported the tight leather fighting thong's that seemed to be favored. They barely containing their thick, lush pussies doing nothing to conceal their breasts and in fact seemed designed to do just the opposite supporting their fullness and almost defiantly presenting them for display to the other. It was apparent by their actions that their aggression was increasing and equally apparent that the Deb was as excited about the progression of it as they were. Looking at Jack, her eyes asking the silent question and he responded.

"For some of us this is only the first part of the evenings experience. After this is decided others will follow, equally interesting but in more private settings for just the participants and perhaps a few of their invited guests. Those two will retire to a previously reserved suite and decide who shall possess that little darling with them". “Woman on woman", Rhonda breathed. "That would be very exciting darling. I don't imagine that we"re invited but I would certainly like to see what it's like for just two of us, if you know what I mean?" "I'll see if it can be arranged" he said after a few moments as the noise from the others announced the return of the female to the ring. "I think there are at least two others that would like to see a second fight this evening and I'm rather sure that those three won't mind".


Rhonda only partially heard him as she focused her attention on the female slipping through the ropes on the other side of the ring. It was intoxicating, all of it and never had she seen such a beautiful creature. Powerful, proud, willing to risk it all in a brutal, one on one struggle with an equal be it male or a female. Her hair had been re-tied in a loose pony tail to keep it out of her face and a light oil had been applied to her injuries but other than that she stood before them as she had left, her powerful body proudly displayed, glaring at her opponent as he lounged in the opposite corner. She couldn't take her eyes off her. From her carved, rock, hard thighs to her taunt glistening abs and swelling biceps she was a vision of what she wanted and knew she could be. The thought that she was here, ready and more than willing to do this with another, particularly a male, was almost more than she could comprehend and she felt a strange but strong feeling of pride as she watched her move out of her corner to engage him. Secretly she knew that if she killed him she wouldn't be either shocked or disappointed.


The rest were mostly silent now. What soft sounds they did make were nothing more than background noise to the sound system as they watched the final act about to be played out before them. The male moved first. Feinting with his right he tried to crowd her to a corner but she was ready for him and threw a left that glanced off his shoulder before they broke apart. The crowd, much more partisan now, urged their respective champions on with strangely muted cries of encouragement. It was almost as if they didn't want to disturb the rhythm of the scene taking place before them. He moved, again feinting with his right he rushed her and drove his left into her belly. The force of it carried him into her and even as her grunt of pain was broadcast to the room she twisted sideways and rebounding from the ropes, forcing him away from her and into the center of the ring. Maintaining her momentum she followed him out and beat a light series of blows to his head as he tried to stay away from the ropes. Dancing about deadly serious and very much aware of what was at stake they each plotted their next attack. Cautious, not eager to commit a fatal mistake, their movements were almost conservative compared to their earlier engagements. Short jabs, an occasional hook that did little or no damage, they shuffled closer together within the small confines of the ring and waited for their opportunity to strike. Confident of his recent success the male again moved to take the fight to the female. Rushing her with little regard for caution he targeted her head and in a blinding flurry of activity, forced her to retreat to a corner and the crunching sound of the onslaught filled the room as the sound was adjusted to capture the final moments. Her cries were no longer grunts of pain but rather exaggerated whimpers and sobs of frustration as he drove his fists triumphantly into her flesh. Lowering his aim he concentrated on her lower body as he started the finish of what he and the watching crowd desired.


She could do little else other than to cover up and hope for her own opportunity as her body was rocked from one side to the other and she was in real danger of not being able to extricate herself from her corner prison and suffering the defeat that all expected. The male was exultant. Blood poured from his previous wounds and from recent ones as well but the scent of victory seemed to be upon him. Ignoring caution he concentrated on his final assault.

Rhonda felt as if she were in another place as she witnessed the bloodletting destruction taking place before her. While she wanted the female to prevail, passionately in fact, she knew she respected the brutal, ruthless struggle for what it was and would support the outcome whatever that might be. The thought occurred to her, only briefly and somewhat to her surprise that she could even support the ultimate outcome if that was where it ended. She appreciated the fact that both had entered the ring intent only on the destruction of the other asking for no help or favor and expecting none in return. They interest was the opportunity to destroy the other in individual combat and experience the satisfaction that the experience would bring. Rhonda sensed what the others felt. It was the same, there would be no interference and also that it could be no other way and it was with a sense of relief that she accepted it and now with a more dispassionate view she returned her attention to the two in the ring before her.


Abandoning all pretense of protection the female lashed back at the male. Desperately pushing him away, fending him off a right to the face she waded into him and with a desperate wild hook to his crotch left him sagging on the middle rope. Rhonda could see his eyes, they were glazed and unseeing and knew that it had been a wildly lucky hit. Watching him there on the ropes, frantically trying to recover his senses before she could follow up her attack, she knew that the course of the fight might again have changed. The female sensed it too and pressing her advantage rushed the ropes and threw herself against him in an effort to hold him there. Having no other thought than to survive she delivered fists to any part of his body that she could reach. It was primitive, their sweat slick, bloody bodies pressed together on the lower ropes as each tried desperately to fist the other into oblivion.


Rhonda was entranced. Her eyes devoured the sight of them. She felt the carnal thrill of pleasure run through her and she admired them as the sounds of their struggle resonated through her body. As far as she was concerned it no longer mattered who prevailed, only that one of them would and that it would be terribly decisive. Hungrily she watched their arms piston fists blindly into each other as she savored the sight of their powerful bodies moving ever tighter in their final deadly embrace.


Almost exhausted the female broke free and pushed herself unsteadily to the center of the ring. Drained, gasping for air and bleeding profusely from the numerous injuries that the fight had cost her she staggered to a corner to regain her strength. Rhonda could only marvel at her. Still powerful, the equal of the male, she knew the female was ready to complete the contract. He was moving to now as he tried to extricate himself from the ropes and sort out where it all was at. Sensing it the female summoned up a last wellspring of energy and moving to his side and almost gently forced him back to the center of the ring.


Pandemonium reigned throughout the small arena. They all sensed the end and as they rose to witness it Rhonda found herself again pressed tightly against the blond. It was almost the same but now their thoughts were only on the spectacle before them and they crowded to the edge of the ring to witness the kill. Again she felt a carnal wave of pleasure wash over her as she felt herself pressed among the others as they crowded against the ropes. There she was, the female, exhausted but still deadly, still facing her opponent who was now too disoriented and weakened to present the defense required. Rhonda thrilled as she drove her first blow with deliberate precision into his ribs and followed it with a soft hook to his face. Instinctively she knew the female didn't want him to fall, just to drive him back so that she could enjoy a bit longer the payback that his earlier victories had earned her. Staggering to the edge of the ring he rested his arm over the top rope and tried to fend her off but she moved in easily to stand beside him. The spectators were away from their tables now, out of the dark of the room and gathered under the bright ring lights that bathed the fighters in a soft glow of perspiration. All of them, without exception, were mesmerized by what was taking place before them and Rhonda could see no more mercy in their faces than she knew there was in hers. They felt as one as they cried out for the female to finish him.


Moving slowly about the ring now the female did little more than prevent the male from leaving it as she regained a measure of her strength. Rhonda could hear an excited murmur as several of spectators speculated or voiced a preference for the females intentions and she compared them to her own thoughts as she glanced about the room. Forcing her body to relax she waited for the end.


Sufficiently recovered now, her abs corded with renewed determination and her powerful arms pumped for the final assault, the female cautiously moved into the male for the last time. Rhonda felt Jack's hard presence close behind her and thought briefly how strange it was that she had thought so little of his presence until now, and then the female drove her fist into the males belly. Doubling over he coughed up blood which sprayed across her thighs but she, moving quickly to prevent his collapse, put her arms under his and held his erect. They stood there, both together, he sagging in her arms as she steadied him until he moved to escape her embrace. Letting him go the female crouched before him and waiting only long enough for those watching to appreciate it drove her right fist into his chest. Pausing, she followed it with another right that crunched across his face spewing blood and spit before rising to her feet to press him against the ropes. Nudging his arms in back and over the ropes she almost caressed him as she stepped back for the end. Everybody sensed it, wanted it and with a cry of encouragement, demanded it and thus done, she provided it.


First one and then the other. A fist to his belly followed by another to the face. The males lips were lacerated, his nose clearly broken, and the frenzy of her attack turned the ring red with the evidence of it. She was obviously appreciating her situation though and just as obviously seemed determined to enjoy it. And Rhonda could sense if only for a moment that she really might be seeking the ultimate victory because obviously no one would move to prevent it from happening. It continued. Harder now, her rage awakened, she began to beat a slow but deliberate pattern with her fists. First to the body and then the face and occasionally a long deliberate fist to his crotch. Each one creating a spray of spit, blood, sweat and eventually vomit that covered her as well as the male. Smiling as she did it she was obviously reveling in the experience. To weak to scream now he could only moan as she worked herself and the spectators to the final frenzy of physical destruction until standing back, her body gleaming with the bloody sweat of battle, she loosed his arms from the ropes and let him fall to the floor. It was over. The female was the victres and as she raised her arms and turned to face them the crowd roared their approval. For her part Rhonda felt complete for the first time in her life and unashamed of the emotions that the experience had unleashed. She cheered as much for herself as for the savagery of the female parading proudly about the ring before them, her face and breasts covered with blood intermingled with sweat, it glistened under the lights as she let the crowd admire her for one last moment before she left the ring.

Perhaps she did it deliberately but as she moved through the crowd of spectators she caught Rhonda's eye and as she passed, reached out and held her in a brief close embrace. Only for a moment they held each other. One naked, hot and tired from a physical struggle of epic proportion, the other exhausted from watching it. Rhonda gloried in her closeness, the smell of her sweat and sex, the blood and pain. Softly she murmured, "next time you will be me". The other, holding her closely for a moment replied, "I'll be there".