Violent Delights, the prison series
By; Teez
A special kind of sport

Cory strode purposefully down the corridor. They were late, not that it mattered but it was cutting into the time she’d have with Pam and that was contributing to her growing sense of impatience. They’d arrived though and it was left to her to decide about how to fit it all together. Smiling with anticipation at the thought of that she passed through the security door and entered the holding room.
Her counterpart from across the state line was waiting for her and Cory felt a warm rush at the sight of her. Big, strong, black and beautiful she thought and putting her arm around her waist gave her an affectionate squeeze. “Your looking great Pam” she said as the other woman put her arm around her shoulders in response. “You must be getting used to riding in those little plane’s by now”
“Not really” she replied. “But I can put up with it” adding, “your looking pretty fine yourself girl” admiring the powerfully muscled blond who had come to greet her. “You breath too deep that little leather dress is going to split right off you.”
Neither said anything as they stepped back to appraise the other. They’d known each other almost from the start, had a lot to do with the planning and now were responsible for the physical development and training of the participants and the special facilities they performed in. The relationship had also become personally rewarding which was one of the major benefits for both of them. Letting her hands trace lightly up the ebony forearms she gently massaged the thick firm muscle and then as the other woman’s arm circled her waist offered a quick kiss of greeting,
“well, lets get them out of there and see what you’ve got” she said.
“Might as well” replied Pam reluctantly as she turned away and moved to the side door of the van parked along the wall of the holding room. Sliding it open she examined those inside for a moment and then with a wave of her hand motioned them out.
Silently the four women inside stepped out into the light. All wore short, sleeveless prison smocks and except for the first one they were cuffed. As they moved away from the van Pam intoned saying
“the one on the left is Sanchez, the guard that wants to work herself out of the trouble we talked about. Next’s Sienna who’s for your girl and the other two are Viola and Jena who are set to go tomorrow.” Addressing the four of them she continued “move over against the wall so the warden can get a look at you”
With mounting excitement Cory silently thought that Pam’s description’s appeared to be accurate. Except for the first one, the Hispanic guard, they were close to six feet tall and they all looked like they could go the distance. The guard and one of Cory’s that had also fallen into disfavor had chosen to make their troubles go away with a turn in the cage and from the looks of her it would be an especially brutal contest. The second one, Sienna, was a black who would be paired with her girl Anderson while Viola, another Latino and Jena who was of eastern European extraction were each to be paired with a guests “special friend.” They appeared to be capable of what was required for what they had been brought here for. Big powerful women, specially trained for the games they were to engage in and very much inclined and capable of participation at the level the games required. Feeling a little shiver of anticipation at the thought of it she pointed to the door and motioned them through to where their keepers were waiting.

Neither of them said anything after they’d gone, just a look and then with a smile of mutual anticipation and then the two of them hurried down the hall to Cory’s private quarters each knowing where the strong physical urging’s they were experiencing would lead them next. Silent until the door was locked behind them then Cory turned to her companion and let her hand slip up the slick leather back of her dress.
“Why don’t I get us a little something for us to relax with while we see just what we been doing to ourselves since the last time” she murmured.
“Yeah” the other replied with a soft laugh, “ you do that baby and I’ll get myself comfortable just like you like me.”
“Never going to find any black muscle like yours baby” Cory replied softly as she watched the other woman unzip her back and wiggle out of the garment.
“No and you ain’t likely to” replied Pam proudly striking a pose and then parading her powerful, naked, body for the other woman’s lustful gaze. Slipping in back of Cory she unfastened her dress. “You make mine extra strong” she whispered slipping her hands around the blonds body to cup her breasts. Burying her face in her neck she gently kneaded the firm flesh murmuring “this brings me here about as much as the other.”
“Yeah” murmured Cory a little breathlessly“and this time we been waitin on it too long.” Picking up their drinks she led the way to the wide sectional in the center of the room.

Neither said anything as they settled themselves in it’s center. Putting their drinks aside after a quick swallow they let their fingers, hands and then their tongues explore each other as they let the other’s presence blend into their own. Their heels were gone, now kicked beside the couch and reaching down Pam grasped the thin material of Cory’s panties and with a growl of lust tore them from her hips.
“You really missed me” laughed Cory as she fell back against the pillows and slowly spread her thighs apart while she watched Pam remove her own. Wiggling beneath her as the black moved over her she let her lips caress and then seize a thick, swollen nipple. Pulling it into her mouth she gently nibbled it and as Pam’s groan of pleasure escaped her let her teeth bite into the turgid flesh as she pulled the other’s body down onto her own.
“You aren’t ever going to find another big white girl like me either”
she murmured her tongue frantically licking the hollow between the firm black breasts before hungrily seeking out her mouth. She almost felt like she was ready already she thought. All week she’d been thinking of this, the smell and feel of the strong black body against her own, hungry for the taste of her mouth and grasping her head she let her tongue delicately explore the thick full lips before it sought out the inner recess’s of her mouth. Slowly pulling apart it took only a look to read the other’s mind and moving to the side Pam reversed position.
“You hungry baby?” said Cory softly as she spread her legs and arched her hips.
“No more than you ” was her husky reply and reaching between her legs let her fingers spread the lips of sex apart. Looking down at the blonds face she slipped her finger between the puffy lips of her labia exposing the long, pink spike of her clit. “Big and hard” she breathed. “Just like us ” and lowering herself onto her partners body they grasped the muscular cheeks of each other’s ass and buried their faces between the thick smooth slabs of thigh muscle and let their mouths feast on each other’s body as they molded themselves together.


Quietly Cory snugged the silk shorts about her as she worked her feet into the low heeled ring boots. Looking over at her companion sprawled on the mattress she let her imagination explore, not for the first time, what it would be like facing her in the cage and not for the first time discarded the thought of it. Forcing it from her mind she shook her awake. “Time baby. Can’t keep them waiting can we?”
“No, suppose not” replied Pam lazily. “Don’t really want too either and a good first night sure seems to make the second one just that much better.”
“Yeah, it does seem to work that way doesn’t it” responded Cory as she watched her reach for her overnight bag. “And the first one looks to be especially interesting so we better get it on and get going.”
“Yeah, they do look to bugger each other up pretty good don’t they” and not waiting for a reply continued “bout how many “guests” you think?”
“Sixty five or so altogether” replied Cory as she slipped the sheer muscle tee over her head and proceeded to lace up her boots. “Pretty much the usual core group and making themselves comfortable in the usual way down in the guest quarters.”
Pam smiled. The core group referred to the women that were attracted to the type of contact sports that took place in the cage and to the type of woman that were by their nature inclined to participate in them. The guest quarters were the old north wing that had been converted specifically for their use. Completely isolated from the rest of the prison it provided them with discrete access, comfortable accommodations as well as other facilities unique to their requirements.
“Any new talent?”
Cory just smiled, “talent” referred to the females that their “guests” acquired from the more extreme gay and lesbian scene’s. They would be females with similar physical abilities and inclinations as themselves who served as friends lovers and occasionally as personal champions in the discreet encounters that were arranged for their pleasure.
“A few” replied Cory. “Something we can look forward to” she continued.
“Yeah” responded Pam as she pulled her shorts up around her waist and reached for her tee. Stepping into her sandals she continued, “they sure do like it rough don’t they?”
“No more than we do baby” said Cory as she placed her arm around her friends shoulders and pulled her close. Letting her lips play slowly across her neck and murmured almost to herself, “and we both know how rough it’s gonna get don’t we?”
“Yeah,” laughed Pam “and now lets you and me get the stars of the evening ready for the performance of their lives” and letting her tongue slip nervously over her upper lip continued “last thing we want to do is keep them waiting, if you know what I mean?”
“I do I do” responded Cory letting her hand gently appreciate the firm perfection of the black woman’s ass. “Good luck” and separating they went to check on their candidates for the evenings games.

The Preparation

Cory let her hand trail softly along the wire mesh of the cage giving it a final check. Really not much to inspect but if there was something she’d missed, a cut or a split seam in the carpet covering the floor, anything, it wouldn’t be nice. Couldn’t do much about the stains though as she let her eye focus on a brownish, platter sized spot and smiling as she recalled how it had gotten there. Pretty much all done now and me too until it starts she thought. It had all been mopped down, tidied up and the lights, audio and video systems checked. Leaning back against the front of one of the elevated viewing boxes surrounding it she let her mind focus on the octagonal structure indented in the center of the room.
It was similar to the ones used on the underground private fighting circuit’s except for a few enhancements. The wire surrounding it was woven with a lighter wire in a more widely spaced mesh, sprayed with a white plastic coating and supported by spring loaded straps connected to external poles located at the eight corners. It improved visibility without sacrificing structural integrity while at the same time giving it a more elastic resiliency not found with the standard construction. Measuring ten feet from the floor to top and twenty feet across it was designed to accommodate more than two fighters at a time. The top of it was covered with the same type of wire which effectively prevented a fighters premature departure from the enclosure and a definite improvement on the standard sized fighting ring that it had replaced. It had been hard enough keeping two of them in it much less four or six she mused and while mostly Ms. Brunner’s idea but she’d had her input too. The use of the plastic coating had been her idea and at the very least it was easier to clean than the thin carpeting material that covered the floor which needed frequent replacing. All things considered it had worked out for the better. She’d also designed the way the cage was situated and accessed. Raising the base of it about two feet from the level of the floor surrounding it had improved visibility and provided the spectators with almost eye level view of the action taking place which was frequently only inches away. Accessed through a small gate it provided the only way either in or out. All in all it had worked out rather well and she was pleased with the part that she’d brought to it. Breathing deeply of the stale smell of the fighting room she closed hr eyes and let her mind retrace the steps that had lead her here.

The Before

No regrets about the way it had worked out she thought to herself. She’d always had what others called an attitude and the fact that she was bigger and stronger than most of the crowd she ran with had inclined her to exercise it more frequently than she probably should have. All of it, her physical characteristics, the way in which she exercised them and especially her attitude tended to intimidate men. It had the opposite effect on certain types of women though and from there it had been a relatively short step to the lesbian scene and the staged underground fighting that was increasingly a part of it. She’d liked that part of it. It provided her with both the opportunity to exercise her physical aggression and exhibitionism and also provided her with not insignificant amounts of money. It had became old soon enough though and when the opportunity to go to work at the local women’s state correctional facility had presented itself she’d accepted.
Of course the offer had been predicated to a significant degree on her already known physical and mental characteristics but it had been the perfect opportunity and she’d made the most of it. Probably a bit too much so she mused. While it had been much more to her liking than the scene she’d left those pussy’s just didn’t like getting it on like she did and once she got started she didn’t like to stop. Once too often and definitely too much and for her it had resulted in a quiet reassignment to the smaller, upstate women’s facility for the incorrigible. And largely forgotten about as someone had mentioned just before she left. Not going anywhere and nothing to lose which was what that someone had also mentioned adding that she thought Cory would probably appreciate that part of it. She had to think she’d obviously known what she was talking about.

Not right away but it hadn’t taken long. She’d been impatient and hadn’t waited much longer than for her to get an idea of what it was all about before she’d summoned her. It had been about eight in the evening, a wet, cold, miserable night and although she had an idea of the what and why of it she hadn’t been as prepared for the how as she should have. And she wasn’t complaining about that either she thought smiling to herself. She’d let herself through security into the Warden’s wing pressed the announce buzzer and then walked down the hall to her private quarters.
Not knowing what to expect she still hadn’t been all that surprised when the door was answered by a black female prisoner wearing nothing more than a tee-shirt and sandals. After a moments quiet contemplation she’d motioned her to enter and then stepped aside pointing silently to the woman seated on a single chair placed at the edge of the cleared carpeted area in the center of the room. Cory’s first thought at seeing their “Boss Lady” was that in this setting she was more of “The Mistress” and that there wasn’t any question about what was to happen. Seeing the look of understanding cross her face the other woman had smiled and nodding her head in acknowledgment had risen from her chair had crossed to greet her.
She’s only met her once before, as business on arrival , but their reputations had preceded them and they were more or less familiar with each other’s proclivities. And this evening Cory thought hers were on obvious display. Wearing nothing more that abbreviated leather shorts, a sleeveless shirt showing off what had to be sixteen inch arms and heels that accentuated the thick muscularity of her powerful thighs and calves, she very clearly telegraphed what the evenings activities were going to be. About fifty she had thought which had proved to be about right, physically impressive and as it had turned out, very functional in all aspects.
“I suppose you might have some questions” she began but then added “but of course I think you already know the answers, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I suppose so” replied Cory hesitantly and stepping closer to the other woman nodded at the third woman lounging silently against the wall. “I’m guessing but is appears that you want to be entertained”
“Yes, and here in my quarters you may call me Gert. As a matter of fact I would like to be entertained” she replied and stepping closer let her fingers slip up Cory’s arm adding softly. “And I think you are probably familiar with the type of entertainment that I prefer and understand why Correta is here?”
“Yeah, I understand” replied Cory as she let the woman’s pungent natural fragrance’s sweep over her.
“Well, splendid” the other murmured a bit breathlessly. “And I assume your OK with that?”
“Sure it’s OK with me” replied Cory her fingers beginning to toy with the front of her shift “Just like a bit better idea how it’s all going to happen I guess?”
“Here let me” replied the other reaching to help her slip the buttons. “Very simple really. We’ll just make ourselves a bit more comfortable and you and Correta can then get to doing what you both like to do” and laughing softly added, “to each other.”
The buttons had been undone now and as Cory shrugged it to the floor Ms. Brunner ran her hands slowly up over the firm muscles of her stomach and up to cup the swelling breasts. “Very nice” she murmured running her finger up her arm, “you’ve managed to keep everything in such amazingly good shape, considering.”
“Oh, I do keep just about everything in amazingly good shape” Cory replied softly and as the hand moved across her arm she slowly flexed it and murmured “I like to use all of it a lot.”
“Well we’ll certainly try to accommodate you in that respect won’t we” she murmured as she rubbed her hand across her shoulder. “Your at 175 lbs isn’t that right” and seeing Cory’s nod of acknowledgment motioned for the black to join them.. “Correta’s at 184” as the black slipped the tee-shirt over her head and silently did so. Magnificent” she murmured almost to herself, “this is going to be so very good” as she let her finger tips brush the black’s long, thick nipples already erect with excitement. Pausing she seemed to catch her breath and then stroking her fingers up their thickly muscled arms added. “Your both so very well equipped for this and if neither of you have any questions perhaps it time for it to get started.”
Except for brief, silk panties and their sandals both were naked and as they moved closer to appraise each other Ms. Brunner began to fumble with the ties to her shirt.
“I might as well make myself comfortable too” she laughed, a nervous catch of mounting excitement in her voice. “And I shouldn’t think we’ll be wanting to wear these either” she added as she kicked off her heels and slipped her shorts to the floor. Pausing for a moment of silent appraisal she took both by the arm and guided them to the center of the carpeted area. “And now for how it’s going to happen” she began. “Correta’s sort of like how I understand you are supposed to be at this.”
“This meaning she really likes to fight?” responded Cory softly.
“Yes, she really likes to fight and it never seems to get too rough for her” replied Ms. Brunner. “We sort of like it that way and she’s been very good at providing both of us with, shall we say, satisfying experiences.” Accenting the look of hungry anticipation that crossed the black’s face she buried her hand playfully in her Afro and added, “haven’t you darling? You should also assume that she is a very experienced champion in arrangements such as this” adding softly, “she’s rather like my own personal gladiator if you know what I mean.”
The three were standing in the center of the carpeted area and Cory felt a tremulous shiver of anticipation ripple through her as Ms. Brunner ran her hands appreciatively over their bodies. Raising her arms across their backs she let her hands caress the back of their necks as she gently eased the two of them together. First to let their nipples probe each other’s breasts until with a soft sigh she tightened her arms and pressed them together in a full bodied embrace.
“Correta of course knows all this but there are absolutely no rules” she murmured as she let her mouth brush gently across their shoulders. “You will fight until one of you is finished and any outcome that is arrived at will be satisfactory to me.”
“Any outcome” replied Cory with a catch in her voice?
"Yes” her voice taking on a sudden lusty edginess. “I can assure you that here you may and should exercise your most primitive inclinations. I want and expect you to and will take great satisfaction in watching you do so. There are no restraints on what you may do to each other and there can be no consequences for whatever might happen.” Stepping back she raised her arms and letting her hands shake out her hair continued. "I will also be anticipating the pleasure of the winners company if she is still capable and so inclined.” Her face had taken on a flush and almost unconsciously she lowered her hands to her breasts she slowly backed away and let her fingers gently massage her nipples, now thick and hard with mounting excitement, . It was about to start and as the two of them silently shifted about and contemplated what she had said she settled into the chair. Watching them silently for a moment she began to run her fingers tentatively along the inside of her wide spread thighs and then with a sudden harsh hoarseness ordered “begin fighting."

Neither moved for the moment and then, never taking their eyes off the other, they began to slowly shuffle their feet as they began to move tentatively about the the other. There could be no mistaking the implications of what she’d said and both were increasingly aware that “that” outcome could very well be arrived at for one of them. Seeing a smile of understanding cross the black’s face Cory caught her breath and silently moved closer to her opponent.
“Think you can take me that far” she murmured?
“Don’t really know” she responded with a smirk. “But best you don’t give me the chance you know?”
“Well I’ll certainly do my best not too if you know” replied Cory as she let her finger trace a line across the top of the black’s left breast. Experiencing the familiar burn of anticipation creep up between her legs she added “you got a lot of meat on you girl. Looks like this might last awhile ya know.”
Laughing now the black reached out and gently grasped the blonds elbow pulling the finger deeper into her breast flesh and replied. “Well that’d just suit me jus fine” and nodding to the woman seated in the chair added “and her too, specially if it’s me that takes a long time to do it to you.”
It all seemed a bit surreal. Soft lights, the reality of what they were there for and the presence of "Madam" watching from her chair. It had also become rather warm and both were covered with a nervous sheen of sweat as they began to maneuver around each other. Cory was aware of other sensations and she knew that Correta would be experiencing them as well. The feeling of nervous heat flooding through their bodies, their clits engorged and throbbing in excitement along with a dryness in their mouths and the overall subtle scent of those special female pheromones mixed with that of sexual arousal that always seemed to precede a fight. She noticed that Correta was smiling, leering actually and assuming that she was still lost in her thoughts of anticipation she let it distract her. Too late she felt the other suddenly move and knocking Cory’s hand aside with her arm she drove her right fist into the blond’s belly.
Not that she hadn’t anticipated it. She’d already dropped into a crouch and tensed her abdominal muscles and as the black set herself to deliver another punch she grasped her left arm and using the other’s momentum threw her around to the right. Following her she moved in while she was still trying to catch her balance driving her right knee into her belly and as they staggered back she forced her left arm above her head and hooked her right fist into where the knee had gone. As they started to fall she did it again and then another that skidded across her belly and cut into the underside of her breast as they hit the floor.
She was conscious of a grunt of approval from Ms. Brunner as they rolled apart and crouched to face each other just a few feet away. She was leering no longer, her face now screwed in a snarling mask she was almost set when Cory launched herself across the gap between them. That first physical contact was always good for her. It had started and she’d been exhilarated by the smell and the feel of her opponent's strong body as they sprawled across the carpet. By now though they were both sweat slippery and although she tried to grasp her all she could manage was to drive her knee into her belly as she slipped by. Rising to their knees about five feet apart each smiled knowing from the look on the other's face that it was the same for both. Grinning in anticipation they got to their feet and began to move together again.
Correta moved first. Leading with her raised left arm she forced Cory's defense up and then hooked her right fist into the side of her left breast. Throwing herself after it she hooked her left into her kidney’s and followed it with a right upper cut between the blond's outstretched legs. Her momentum carried them both across the carpet to Ms. Brunner's feet and as they fell to the floor Correta pushed on top letting her left knee travel up the other's body and into her face. Holding her there by the hair, she pressed the side of the blonds face to the carpet and followed her knee with her left fist. Again and it came back smeared with blood and as Ms. Brunner uttered another grunt of satisfaction she slipped up Cory’s body and pulled her head back and upward between her thickly muscled black thighs. She'd sat there for a moment, playing with her head before drawing the blonds face up into her crotch. Raising her arm she invited their mistress to admire her success.
For Cory it had been all too real. Her head tilted back, the lower part of her face pressed into the rough tangles bush between the powerful sweat slick thighs, she could even see the expression on Ms. Brunner's face and as the black made her triumphant gesture the woman seated in the chair had smiled and slowly massaged the swelling moistness between her legs while silently nodding her approval.
Correta, her confidence increasing rose leaving one knee on the carpet and raising the other started to pull the back of Cory neck up against it but Cory was having none of the presentation. Sensing the moment that Correta changed her balance she thrust her hands to the floor and quickly rolling over rose to her knees and threw her off. As she scrambled away the sound of Ms. Brunner's delighted laughter followed her across the fighting area. No waiting this time and turning she rushed forward slamming her left fist into the side of Correta's head as the black tried to regain her feet. It knocked her back causing her to slip and as she fell Cory dropped on top chopping another left to the side of her head driving it to the right and then quickly following it with a right that landed between her mouth and her nose.
Returning the favor she thought and as Correta desperately bucked to throw her she drove her left into the side of her face as she slipped off her body. Now they were both marked, not much except for the face and Ms. Brunner indicated her approval with a cry and a clap of her hands.
"Yes! Well done each of you" adding with a cruel lilt to her voice, "now get your big powerful bodies together and do it again."
They were more cautious now. Both were bloodied and had developed a respect for the other. They also realized that in all probability they’d both been involved in an extreme example of what they were doing and that this could very well be another. Particularly in light of Ms. Brunner's remark concerning the "outcome." Forgetting her for the moment they concentrated on each other and focused on what they both knew they had to do.
Correta initiated the first move taking the chance by raising her fists and following them into range of her adversary. Quick hard hits, Cory to the belly, Correta to the side of the head and then , with the sound of fists smacking into solid flesh, a flurry of them that landed indiscriminately from head to belly as they pressed in against each other. Cory faltered first, either from a lucky punch or Correta’s superior weight but the outcome was the same. Arms across her face she staggered back and the black followed, quickly driving a series of punches into her exposed belly and breasts and finally to the thick patch of sweaty, blond hair between her legs. Screaming in shock and pain she retreated then turned and moved quickly to the far corner of the carpet as Correta leisurely followed.
Now increasingly sure of herself she had nothing more on her mind than crowding her opponent into a corner of the room and pounding her into unconsciousness at her leisure. Fists clenched in anticipation, a cruel smile playing across lips she was oblivious to Ms. Brunner's cry of warning as Cory crouched, whirled about and delivered the sole of her foot fully against the side of her face and as she staggered back to the center of the carpet Cory leaped after her. Not leaving her time to recover she set herself and as Correta straightened up she had deliberately drove first one and then the other fist into her opponents lower body. It broke her and as she doubled her she’d worked her fists higher to bury themselves in the fullness of the big, black, meaty breasts and finally with a series of quick hard blows to the head she’d driven her staggering backwards against the wall.
Apparently enough for her, at least for now, and as she sank back weakly covering her upper body with her arms Cory forced her to retreat further along the wall keeping her off balance peppering her with well directed blows that she desperately tried to avoid. Faster now and as they reached a corner Cory eyes narrowed in lustful pleasure. She couldn’t escape it and bulling in she sank her fists into her belly and breasts the first shock of sexual pleasure coursing through her as she drove her upright against the back of the trap she found herself in. Pausing, she looked briefly at Ms. Brunner and rewarded with her look of silent approval turned to the job at hand.
Correta had leaned back, weakly seeking the corner for support, her arms crossed weakly in front of her with her head turned to the right in an effort to remove it from Cory's reach. No matter, both of them knew it was finished, or almost so. Another look at the seated woman, her acknowledgment of what they wanted to happen and the instructions softly said but with obvious relish,
"do it to her."
First a backhand that drove her head back to the left followed by a gut ripping punch that pulverized her viscera and as she slumped along the wall Cory followed setting herself directly in front of the woman now cowering in the corner. Savoring it she exhaled again feeling the thick swelling sense of pleasure between her legs she slowly batted the black's face with her left. It had the desired effect and as she raised her right arm in an involuntary response Cory hunched forward and drove her right fist as far as possible into her belly and her explosive groan only enhanced her pleasure. Fabulous she thought as the savage fight lust welled up within her and watching her crouch over, almost doubled up she set herself and drove the same right fist higher, into her face and as the blow straightened her up she crowded in to deliver a ferocious series of savage left's and right's that dug into her unprotected sides belly and breasts at will.
She was almost out now and in an effort to prevent her from falling Cory thrust her forearm across her throat and pressed in against her letting the sensation that the black’s powerful sweaty body engendered sweep over her. Aside from the objective of achieving physical superiority over an opponent the act of fighting served as a powerful aphrodisiac, something well understood by those that participated in it and for Cory the reaction was almost always incredibly intense. Trembling with anticipation she nudged the blacks legs apart with her knee and let her fingers slip deeply into Correta’s slippery cleft to massage the fullness of her engorged clit. Still holding her there she transferred her hand to the firm smoothness of her ass and pulling her closer between her legs began to grind her own increasingly sensitive and swollen mound slowly and rhythmically against her muscular thigh and then with increasing urgency as the sound of Ms. Brunner’s groan approval urged her to her own release. Gasping and breathing heavily she leaned against Correta’s body trapping her muscular thigh now slick with her spend between her own as she luxuriated in the sensation. It was an intense emotion but not for long and feeling the black begin to struggle she stepped back and grasping her arm threw her to the carpet in front of the chair. A smile betraying her intentions she staggered after her, her eyes on the woman seated at the side of their arena and waited for the inevitable signal to finish what the three of them had started.
She glanced at Cory and then watching her champion moaning and twisting on the floor cupped her hands beneath her breasts and silently massaged the dark, thick turgid nipples thrusting like spikes between from her fingers. Her breathing had became heavier as she contemplated what she wanted to happen next, she was panting and as she let her lust for it overwhelm her she straightened her back, threw her head back and shaking her head and screamed again
“do it to her.”
Recovering she settled back into the chair, still panting, her eyes never leaving Cory’s as she began to silently stroke her palms up the inside of her thighs to massage her throbbing mound.
Grasping her hair Cory wrenched her over onto her back and moving the arms apart dropped to sit astride her heaving belly. Smiling up at Brunner she slowly slid her index finger into her still slick slit and receiving her nod of understanding turned back to finish it. It was always like this at the end and she reveled in the delicious sense of savagery that engulfed her as she prepared for it. A knee on either arm she pushed forward, settled herself and then as a toe appeared from the direction of the chair, slowly, idly toying with the sweat soaked Afro, she smashed her fist into the now pleading black face between her legs. Grasping her hair to hold her head she did it again and then, rising to her knees she did it again and again in a frenzy of destruction, the sodden sounds of her fists finding the flesh connecting her to the woman seated above her until she was done. Still on her knees, her breathing now harsh from exertion, her eyes sought the mistress’s and as the other woman reached to caress the back of her head she leaned forward, slipped her arms up the side of her powerful thighs and lowered her head between them. Reaching behind her, clawing her fingers into the full firmness of her ass she pulled her mouth into the rich, pungence of her sex as Gert arched her back and with a scream of pleasure, savagely pulled it even deeper into her sex slick crevice as they both shuddered to orgasm.

That had been her introduction to The Brunner as she was known to be called. She’d been familiar with her past, the crowd she’d run with, the type of activities they favored and the role she’d played in them. What she hadn’t known she’d surmised and there were even a few spotty films of some her more memorable physical exploits at a few of the clubs. There was also another one not quite so spotty that had been made under somewhat similar circumstances at her last place of employment. That was the one that had been extreme enough so as to attract the unwelcome attention that had resulted in her transfer. It had all been flattering of course even if a little unsettling but when she had explained her interest the unease had been put to rest.
As she’d described it the type of activities that Cory, her friends and others in similar venues around the country had participated in had attracted a select group of physically and sexually aggressive females who were interested in seeing this type of activities they’d participated in taken several steps further in their degrees of extremity. They were also quite willing and able to pay very well for it and considered the discreet circumstances and lack of constraints that a remote institutional environment provided ideal for their purposes. In light of this she and a few of her associates at different locations throughout the country had organized a program to accommodate their requirements as well as the other more specialized activities that they desired. It would be Cory’s responsibility to select and then prepare volunteer candidates from the inmate population, candidates who were aggressive, physically powerful women, naturally inclined to fighting and who would be willing to participate at the level that these special inter-facility games would require. She’d not been all that surprised at the situation. The rumors of The Brunner’s activities were not unknown within the system and she’d welcomed the opportunity to be a part of them. Not only because she found it exciting but also because it suited her personally since it allowed her to exercise her more extreme inclinations without concern for the consequences. Smirking silently to herself she thought that The Brunner had reason to be pleased not only with her response but also for her successful contribution to the effort as well.
Returning somewhat unwillingly to the present she collected herself and made a last visual inspection of the fighting room. It would be filled soon enough with the unique group of sophisticated and wealthy women drawn to this very private and brutal fighting club where they and their special friends could indulge themselves in their ultimate blend of physical and sexual stimulation. Now it was time to check on those that had been chosen and complete the last minute changes and arrangements that always seemed to need attending to. She was well aware that even her favored position would be in jeopardy if everything wasn’t perfect for the evening’s performances.

Later that evening, about 10 PM

Cory watched the monitor above the stairwell her fingers idly massaging the hard shoulder muscles of the woman standing in front of her. The grunts and curses of the two struggling in the cage were becoming more interspersed with the spectators cries of encouragement now that the moment of truth was almost at hand. Just imagining it brought a smile and a stirring of anticipation at the thought of it. There could only be one outcome and recalling her introduction to Correta and knowing how strong the attraction of what they were watching was she knew what it’s effect would be. After the events in the cage they’d pair off in groups of three or more and retire to the more secluded parts of the compound where they or their “friends” could indulge those physical and sexual tastes in private. Digging her fingers into the tensely bunched muscles of her fighter’s back she silently watched what she could through the image’s of the spectators dancing across the screen. A sudden silence followed by labored breathing and then the dull resonating sound of fists digging repeatedly into the losers body before the screams of the crowd drowned it out. It was the first of the night, the two guards fighting to cleanse their records and by the sounds of it one was almost down and the other preparing to finish her. Silence as they held their breath and then their cry of encouragement followed by the pleadings of the loser as the Hispanic dropped onto her and began the butchery. A low groan, another cry and then her shrieks as the winners fists thudded into her body. Louder now, each followed by more cries of encouragement from those pressed against the cage and then their roar of approval as they applauded her kill.
Cory’s hands trembled with anticipation as she slipped them beneath her fighter’s robe and circling her waist she pulled her closer in a hug of encouragement as the figure of The Brunner appeared on the monitor. Moving to stand beside the winner as she rose from the floor, her powerful blood stained arms held proudly over her head, she raised her own arm in salute as the spectators enthusiastically applauded her victory. Then waiting for two attendants to remove the inert body of the woman sprawled at her feet she called for their attention;
“I think you will agree that this has been a most suitable and satisfying outcome and now if you will avail yourselves of the refreshments that are available at the back of the room” and with that the monitor went blank.

Forcing herself to relax Cory took a deep breath and ran her hand in a comforting caress over the shoulder of the woman standing next to her. Big tall and blond and of course a volunteer and while not all that volunteered were chosen Cory made sure that those that were were well prepared. The primary criterion of course was size, physical ability and a natural aggressiveness which were the necessary qualities if she were to mold into what the competitions required. The other quality and the one that was just as important was their attitude which had proved to be the primary driving force in their volunteering. There were other reasons such as a relief from the boredom of prison life and the financial incentives that participation provided but they were of secondary importance to the attitude they brought to it. Each went through a rigorous training program including special diet’s, physical conditioning and training in various forms of combat and through it all they also benefitted from The Brunner’s experience with various performance enhancing drugs and supplements. All of it combined to ensure that the arrangements were of sufficient length and brutality to satisfy the desires those that gathered around the cage as spectators and also the primitive urges of those who chose to enter it. Brought back to the present by the light above the door changing from yellow to red she simply patted her charge on the shoulder and murmured.
“Your up baby” and giving her another squeeze of encouragement pushed open the door to the fighting room.
The Brunner was waiting in the center of the cage when they emerged and as an expectant murmur rippled through the spectators she opened the door and passed Anderson up to join her. Wearing a red sleeveless hip length robe her most noticeable physical feature were her powerfully muscled legs. They were so massive that they appeared to be almost disproportionate to the rest of her but Cory knew that the appearance was more illusion than real. Her upper body was also impressive with powerful well sculpted arms, broad shoulders and a thick strong neck topped by a flat featured Slavic face encased in it’s head protector. Reassured at the sight of her she turned her attention to her opponent as she emerged from the crowd and slipped through the door to join them.
Pam’s candidate was a black in her mid to late thirty’s and as she handed her up some of the assurance melted away. Wearing a gold robe and shorter than the blond her most distinctive feature was her powerful upper body and as she crowded closer along with the others the sight of her was a bit unsettling.. Heavily muscled arms, broad shoulders topped by a short thick neck and a typically black featured face framed in it’s head protector. A quick glance at her legs confirmed that while they were heavier than the blonds they didn’t appear to be as muscled. They complimented the rest of her though and as the two of them slowly pirouetted for them the crowd of women applauded and screamed their encouragement to one or the other. Waiting a moment for their enthusiasm to abate The Brunner motioned them to either side of her and holding an arm of each aloft and announced.
“The second arrangement will be between a martial art’s specialist and one who considers herself more proficient using her fists. It has attracted almost twenty thousand so please finish your wagering as they are about to be put together. On my right the blond. She’s at 6.1 and 207. Her arms are 16 inches and her thighs are 27. She’s opposed on my left by the black at 6.0 and 212. Her arms are 17 inches and her thighs measure 27.” Pausing and then with a slight bow to the crowd she turned first to one and then the other, retrieved their proffered robes and then slipped out of the cage as those gathered around it crowded closer and jostled for position.

The Fight

By the time she’d joined up with Pam the two of them were prancing around the perimeter of their arena displaying their physical assets, stooping occasionally to talk to one or another and a few of those in the crowd were reaching through the mesh to touch and caress their chosen gladiator as they passed. Finished they returned to stand side by side, their thighs apart and turning to face them they raised their arms and struck defiant poses inviting their approval. Except for the fingerless fighting gloves their only other item of gear was the specially designed headgear and while it served a useful purpose it also gave them a decidedly gladiatorial appearance. . Made of thick leather fitted like a hood in the fashion of an Italian mask it covered the head and part of the face down to just below the eyes leaving the ears uncovered. With the exception of a hole in the back for hair it extended down to the nape of the neck and flared just above the shoulders with a heavier strap just below the ears that encircled the front of the neck connecting in the same place on the other side of the mask. Not easily removed it served to protect the neck and the eyes and helped to ensure that the fighters would be more inclined to use their fists than might otherwise be the case with unprotected heads. It’s main purpose although not stated was to prevent a premature and perhaps fatal injury. Both of their bodies were heavily oiled as was the blonds pigtail and the single overhead ring highlighted the marks and scars of their previous arrangements. Cory thought that while the black had the heavier, more muscular upper body the blond was probably quicker and had the more powerful legs. Not that Sienna’s weren’t but from the tapes she didn’t use them well, or at least not as well as her fighter could. And the blond could take and give a punch too she thought recalling previous occasions as she admired her girls powerful arm and shoulder muscles. They were truly impressive women in both size and physical development and to no little degree this was due to Pam and her efforts. In the interest of added insurance both had been dosed with one of The Brunner’s special cocktail’s which would serve to further guarantee the level of brutality and would also help ensure length of the contest. The fact that the winner of it would receive almost twenty percent of the total gate and wagering would also contribute to that outcome.
A buzzer sounded in the background and as they turned to face each other the crowd quieted. It was time and with their faces twisted in wolfish smiles they closed the distance between them. Reaching out and let their finger tips touch then moving even closer they let their hands creep up the other’s wrist until their bodies touched and then as a moan of approval escaped the crowd they came together. Not with a clash, the blond dug her right fist into the black’s left side and the black rewarded her with a left to her belly. Falling away she spun on her left foot and threw her right leg in back of her letting her heel connect with the blonds right breast. Her arms raised in front of her she stepped back, her face a mask of surprise as the black lunged after her and batting away her ineffectual feint she lowered her head and charged driving the blond back into the mesh on the opposite side of the cage. They wrestled there, the blond struggling to escape the rough material abrading her back and the spectators on the other side of it instinctively moving back as their bodies slammed noisily into it. Frantically she tried to push her off but Sienna reaching above her wrapped her fingers into the mesh and pulled herself upward across her body. Hanging there for a moment to adjust her position she started to driving her right fist into the side of the blonds head. Each blow drove them further to the left until the blond slumped lower against the side of the cage and then using her feet she stomped her down even further until finally the blond was able to scramble off in a crouch to the opposite end of the cage.
A low, guttural moan of approval escaped from the spectators and Cory took a moment to look at them more closely. Mostly in their thirties and forties, a few older but all of them impressive in their own right. And not for the first time thought that their most impressive quality was their physical conditioning and the way they displayed it. One in particular, a tall mature blond, the owner of a string of physical fitness centers was attired in nothing more than a pair of leg chaps supported by a belt around her waist and a cut out bra. Her friend, a young very muscular Asian, was wearing tight, very low cut leather shorts, heels and a leather vest open down the front. She also had a multi colored kerchief tied around her wrist signifying that she was open to an invitation for a more physical confrontation later in the evening and glancing around noticed that there were others also sporting them. Well aware that it was an acceptable way of advertising her availability she mentally filed it away. Both were sharing a joint, and probably more as were some of the other’s and depending on the qualifications and motivation of who accepted her offer it could be a most interesting arrangement to attend. In any event it would be a thing that would take occur in a more private place for a select audience and with that a laugh from the spectators brought her back and she turned to watch the black slowly cross the cage toward the blond.
Classy she thought. Not in a hurry, knew what she was doing and didn’t appear in a hurry to do it. Not bad thinking either since she would know that each winner received a not insignificant part of the wagers and her actions would ensure that the wagering at this point would be going her way. Still and all Cory thought she’d take the odds. Raising five fingers in front of Pam’s face and receiving an acknowledgment she returned her attention to the two as they began maneuvering around each other on the other side of the cage.
Sienna had reached her now and as the spectators collectively held their breath she tentatively pawed at the blond’s face while moving slowly to her right. There was a pause and then the blond backed into the side of the cage and using it to brace herself lunged forward into the black and as she did she managed to bull her way beyond her and in passing was able to deliver her right fist in a downward chop into the other’s mouth. As she turned and scurried away Cory thought that perhaps the specialities had somehow been exchanged but then as Sienna whirled in a fury to follow her it became evident that this was not the case. Anderson had halted in mid-stride and balancing on one foot cocked the other to deliver a divesting blow with the sole of the foot to the front of the oncoming black’s unprotected face.
Cory caught herself screaming “nice” along with the rest as together they crowded closer into the mesh. Catching her breath she cried “get her down” and as it overtook her screamed “kill the bitch.” Catching herself she looked across at Pam smiling as she let her fingers toy with the base of her throat. Too early to tell of course but perhaps her reward for Anderson’s performance might be more than she had anticipated but then a cry from the spectators forced her attention back to the cage in time to watch the black, wiping the blood from her face with the back of her arm slowly circle away from the blond.
She’d got both the nose and the mouth thought Cory and from the looks it the blood wasn’t going to stop. No sooner did she take a swipe at it but it returned and from the way she was snorting it away her nose was probably broken. That’s good she though, it’ll tire her out and if her girl could take advantage of it she’d have a victory. Not there yet though as she watched the black attack. Obviously sensing her problem she’d forced herself to return to her speciality of relying on her fists and lowering herself into a crouch she cautiously moved closer to the blond. Anderson backing up, re-balanced herself as she retreated to the far end of the cage all the while keeping her eyes on the figure advancing toward her. She was obviously hurt but that was probably all, just hurt and as Sienna launched herself at her she set herself and drove first a left and then a deflected right into her as she charged. Falling to the floor against the side they tangled together in a frenzy of arms, legs, knees and fists as they desperately tried to damage or escape the other. Through it all though Anderson seemed to regain some semblance of the initiative first kicking Sienna away with both of her feet and then scrambling along the mesh to make some room between them. It was a temporary thing though and as Sienna recovered she threw herself after her bringing both of them back to the floor. This time it was the black that had the advantage. Pushing the blond’s body against the side of the cage she pressed her left forearm across her throat and grasping the mesh with her fingers forced her head back into the mesh with her arm. Pressing forward she kept her neck trapped behind her arm and as the blond arched her back and frantically tried to pull her arm away. Grasping it with both hands, her face contorted into a grimace, she struggled but just as she was about to succeed Correta snorting blood and saliva from her ruined mouth and nose would lung, forward cutting off her air and drive her right fist up between her legs.
It brought a groan from the spectators. Part empathy for the blond part approval for the black and as they continued to struggle more approval than empathy. Her face was turning red now, not only from the black’s spittle but also from her lack of air and as she tried to twist her body to her side away from the black Sienna grasped her right thigh with her right hand and pulled her back. It was awkward but unwilling to relinquish the arm bar to her neck she settled for fisting the blond’s crotch, belly and left side until in desperation the blond was able to tear her arm partly away and roll to her knees. It brought another groan from the spectators, now more approval than not but as she struggled to regain her breath the black lunged forward and forced her onto her back beneath her. They lay that way for a moment, the black spreadeagled on top of her and then holding her arms by the biceps she pushed herself downwards until her mouth found her breasts. Her scream confirmed it and as the black’s teeth began to savagely chew into her breast meat the spectator’s roared their approval.
Cory caught her breath, surprised at the primitive nature of it but at the same time it excited her and she knew that as the carnality of the spectacle increased so would her appreciation of it. Rubbing her hand across the increasingly moist and swelling firmness between her legs she glanced at the spectators to gauge their reaction and finding it to be like her own pressed even closer to mesh for a closer look.
She should have seen it coming of course. Given a chance a woman would exercise any weapon she had and using the teeth was not all that uncommon, especially when the object of it was right there in front of them. Seeing the black raise her head, a grin of savage satisfaction on her bloody mouth Cory found herself thinking that she seemed to have found it a tasty morsel. For the blond the respite was all she needed though and quickly forcing her arms down to her sides she forced the black to roll off to the side. Rising to their feet a bit more slowly now, the black flashing a blood smeared grin at the spectators while the blond, the blood streaming through her fingers, cradled her lacerated breast and sidled away.
A sigh of satisfaction and several cries of encouragement distracted her and glancing around she looked to see what their reaction was to what they were witnessing. Sometimes, especially if they were new to it, there would be a few that would discover they weren’t quite as enthusiastic as they thought they’d be but apparently not tonight. Their enthusiasm was obvious. It was also getting hotter, a combination of too many people in too small a room and less than adequate air conditioning and the haze from what they were smoking wasn’t helping in that respect either although it was contributing to their appreciation of what they were witnessing. And hers too she thought taking a deep breath. And there was a lot more skin on display now although she knew the rising temperature had little to do with that. Pressed together jostling each other and shouting encouragement to their champion of choice she knew that it was all in the process of confirming the alliances and liaisons that they had arranged for later on. With another quick glance around at the crowd Cory returned her attention to the cage.
Anderson's breast didn't appear to be as bad as she’d feared. It hadn’t stopped bleeding but the expression on the big, blond's face as well as her even breathing indicated that while it wasn't forgotten she wasn’t going to let it bother her too much. As she approached the black it was obvious that she had other things on her mind. Raising her fists she and feinted with her right and, as the black ducked down to her left, she snapped her right foot in a scything swing at her head. Just about but not quite out of range it swiped across Sienna’s face bringing a new torrent of blood that sprayed over the spectators crowded together on the other side of the mesh. Following through she lunged back at her holding her pinned against the side of the cage as drove her right fist repeatedly into her ribs and kidney’s. Thrusting her left arm under her right shoulder she wrapped it back up over her shoulder and around her face cupping her chin with her hand and forcing her over to her left. It exposed her lower body and as it did she hooked her right fist into her belly, breasts, then between her legs until finally in desperation Sienna wrapped her right arm around her neck and pulled her off balance. It started to pull them apart and as they staggered to the center of the cage she was able to drive a left fist in a looping hook that smashed into the blond’s mouth. Throwing her away she moved back, the blood pouring from her ruined mouth and as she did Sienna delivered two thrusting kicks with her right leg that struck her in the chest. She tried a third time but the blond had recovered her balance and as the foot sailed by her left shoulder she lunged under it and drove her right fist between her outspread thighs. It was a good solid hit and as Sienna fell screaming backwards onto the floor clutching her cunt she rushed in and kneed her in the face. She’d have tried it again but the black desperately bucked her aside and with one hand still between her legs staggered away to the far end of the cage. Reaching it she buried her fingers into the mesh and pulled herself up as the blond rose to one knee and then her feet and slowly turned to find her.
Sienna looked the worst for it thought Cory. Not that Anderson was in such great shape but she was starting to look like she knew what was coming. Gasping for breath, her fists loosely clenched in front of her face, she pushed away from the side of the cage and prepared to ward it off for as long as she could.
They’d been at it for over thirty minutes thought Cory as she watched Anderson slowly close the distance between herself and the black. She thought it was probably over for the feet if for no other reason than Sienna’s physical condition and the blond’s desire to take advantage of it. She’d still want to inflict as much damage as possible though and as the distance closed she was proved correct. Fists raised they came within range and immediately began to maneuver for an opening in the other’s defense.
Sienna seemed to find it first but was tired and ventured little and after the blond took her offering to the side of the head she moved in on her with a quick series of quick short punches into her ribs and chest before being driven back by a fist to the mouth. Sienna tried to take advantage of it, charging into her and desperately throwing a series of punches that slipped in around her defenses but the blond didn’t seem to care, even welcomed it opening her arms and letting them through and as they closed she grasped her shoulder with one hand and her side with the other and threw her along the side of the cage. Leaping after her before she could regain her balance she rammed her left hand against her face, pinning her against the side of it and setting herself drove her right fist into her guts. It breached her muscle shield and releasing her hand from her face she delivered a double handed clubbing blow to the back of the head while at the same time swinging her right knee up into her face as she stumbled forward.
To the spectators Sienna’s head seemed to explode in a new spray of red that covered her face and streamed down to cover her bruised and swollen breasts. Staggering back, never out of the blonds range, she tried to fend her off but without avail. Setting herself directly in front of her the big blond dug her left fist into her lower belly and then with seemingly nonchalance a right into the side of her face.
What was to happen next was obvious and as she set herself those watching from the other side of the mesh voiced they encouragement. One, using the mesh to pull herself up above the others screamed “gut her, kill her you beauty” and as the cry became a chant the rest joined her, vigorously shaking the mesh in their enthusiasm and voicing they their lusty approval of her request. First a fist buried itself into the swollen breasts, then another, slowly delivered to maximum effect before she moved her fists upwards across the body to the head. A straight arm punch drove her back into the side of the cage and except for it into the spectators now only inches away. Pausing for a moment she lowered her arm, bunched her fist and as the thick cut muscles of her back and arm stood out in bold relief, smashed it up into the now vulnerable cunt. It was an extremely effective blow and the black uttered a scream of shock and began to sink forward she proceeded to smash first one fist and then the other in savage uppercuts randomly into her body. They served to keep her erect, each one bringing a grunt of pain and an screams of approval from the crowd. Belly, breasts and face until finally in a frenzy she pushed the now almost unconscious black against the side of the cage. Placing a hand between her breasts, gasping from her exertions, she held her there and as the spectators bayed for the kill she administered the final finishing blows to the side of her head.
It was over now and as the crowd screamed their approval she released her and stepping away let her crumple to the floor. Her breath still coming in heavy gasps she stood over her for a moment, thighs spread to reveal the pink spike of her arousal now visibly nestling between the engorged lips of her labia. Turning to face the guests she raised her blood stained arms in victory as they continued their cries of approval and slowly paraded around the cage, her opponent forgotten in a growing smear of blood against the side of their arena.
Cory as tightened her arm around Pam’s waist and slowly exhaled as the roared their approval along with the rest. It was over, the winner obvious and as the Brunner and two attendants entered the cage. they knew the attention of those in attendance would now transfer to what inevitably followed such a spectacle. In the near term they’d attend to Anderson and Sienna but then it would be time to follow their guests into the nether recess’s of the building and involve themselves in the more discreet and personal games that were sure to follow.