Big City Rules
By Teez

The limo continued to wind it’s way even further into the unfamiliar maze of old warehouses and semi abandoned factories and with an air of resignation Janice gave up any pretense of following it’s progress. Not much point in knowing where your at if you don’t know where your going she thought. Smiling to herself glanced briefly at the woman sitting beside her and stretching her legs let her mind drift back to the events of the past few months.
Not exactly a dream fulfilled but close enough she guessed, at least so far. A lot of things had happened since Claire had responded to her add. The meeting, their fight and the subsequent “arrangement” with Greta had all been pretty much a process in progress. Now what they were doing would take it even further, a lot further.
Pretty much what comes next she thought as she let her fingers play softly across the hard, brown thigh of the woman sitting next to her. Neither of them had known exactly just what it was they were looking for but somehow that seemed to have been taken care of. Maybe a bit too quickly but there wasn’t much they could do about it now she guessed. The Lady had seen to that, furnishing them with encouragement, the resources, pointing them in the direction they needed to go to further their barely formulated ambitions and all of it came together for them when she’d arranged their first “sporting event.” They’d accepted her offer and, it’s outcome, their reactions to it and conversations about it along with the check that arrived in the mail had wetted their appetite for more.

The wait hadn’t been all that long she mused. Watching while she’d taken Greta had been a strongly positive experience for Claire, both physically and psychologically, and it had created a powerful need to experience it herself and the Ladies call, a few weeks after she’d taken Greta had provided her with the opportunity to do it too. It was another “sporting arrangement” and although the circumstances gave them some second thoughts Claire had accepted.
It really hadn’t been all that big a deal, not like hers anyway. Sort of a no rules with the local muscle girl of a ladies bar and on the given evening they’d presented themselves to accommodate the offer. They’d been given to understand that there wouldn’t be any preliminaries and Claire should be prepared to go as soon as they arrived and that’s pretty much the way it went down. Hadn’t any more reached the door when it opened and once inside they’d found it to be pretty well packed with a lot of like minded females all prepared to enjoy the evening’s program. About the usual she guessed, at least as far as appearances were concerned. Lots of the bizarre with body piercing’s and garishly colored hair but some business attire along with the usual leather. Not that either of them had spent much time dwelling on it since the fighter Claire was to meet was leaning against the bar. Already unwrapped with nothing other than a thong and driving gloves she was nervously driving her fist into the palm of her hand while she waited. Wordlessly pushing herself away from the bar she’d met them in the center of the room and as Janis slipped Claire’s coat off the low murmur of anticipation from the watching women had turned into more forcible exclamations of approval. Janice had worn jeans but Claire, having a starring role in the evenings events had dressed for the part. Or more accurately undressed. Like her opponent she had only a thong under her coat, leather driving gloves and some flat soled sandals and that could be kicked off before they began and that was all.
The no preliminaries thing had been pretty much how it had happened and as she pictured the two of them coming together in the cleared area in the center of the crowd and flattening her palm against the firm, smooth flesh of Claire’s thigh the thought recalled the excitement that she’d experienced that evening. She’d launched herself into the blond while still about five feet away and it had been close quarters and brutal from then on. They’d stayed on their feet for awhile using their fists to batter each other about the small cleared area but then a slip and the rest of it was done in a corner on the floor while the spectators, herself included, crowded around screaming their encouragement. When it was over it had been Claire on top, one of the other woman’s thighs thrashing between her legs as she held her head by the hair and drove her fist repeatedly into the captured body from crotch to face. Finished, she’d staggered breathlessly to her feet leaving her opponent twitching on the floor and the two of them had made their way out as quickly as they had come in.
Later, when they had the opportunity to compare experiences their conversations had only served to confirm what both of them already knew. They liked the unrestricted nature of extreme fighting and when their opponent possessed similar inclinations and abilities it only served to accentuate their level of satisfaction. The close, brutal body contact seemed to unleash their inhibitions and give rein to their most primitive instincts to the point of total domination and then the destruction of an opponent. Turning a corner she was jolted from her reverie as they found themselves in an even grubbier blind alley and as her hand tightened on her partners thigh a heavy rolling steel door slowly opened in a wall at the other end of it.

Through the door into a low ceilinged room with a few expensive cars parked along the wall. The woman that had collected them had said little but now slipping out of the car and holding the door she suggested that they come with her.

“Leave your stuff in the car” she said. I’ll bring it up later after you’ve met with Miss Hilde” and leading the way into an old freight elevator the three of them ascended to the second level.

Not for the first time Janice had the thought that their driver was more than she appeared to be as she watched her manipulate the elevator door. Sort of nondescript clothing and maybe a little shorter than herself but there appeared to be a lot of her in there and following her down the hall she thought that being a chauffeur was probably not her primary duty. Reaching an open door she leaned in to announce “we’re here” and motioning them in with a noncommital “see ya” departed down the hall.
Hilde was there, seated on a chair facing a short table reading from what appeared to be a sheaf of legal papers and after giving them both a quick appraisal she rose to greet them. Motioning to several drink containers on the table she said “you should find something there to your liking.”
Selecting a canned dak for herself and another for Claire she silently examined the woman they were there to meet as she watched her stuff the papers into a brief. Pouring the contents of the can into a glass already filled with ice it was obvious that she appeared a bit different from their last meeting. Then it had been a long sleeved grey pant suit, horn rim glasses and slightly greying hair knotted in a bun on the back of her head. Now only the glasses and the bun were the same. Acknowledging her silent suggestion they seated themselves on the short couch facing the chair and waited as she poured herself a drink before taking a chair and joining them.
A bit of a Greta type thought Janis as they waited for her to open the discussion. A little shorter maybe but heavier and more powerfully built with most of it plainly on display. She almost felt overdressed in her cut-off’s and shirt compared to the short leather skirt and sleeveless blouse that accentuated the power of their hostess’s muscular arms and thighs. Silently she concluded that in all probability she also was probably more of a player in it than she might have thought.

“I must say that I found the tapes from both of your performances quite stimulating” she began as she swirled her drink “and I presume you found them to be in a somewhat similar vein?”

“Yeah, very much so” murmured Janis softly and Claire continued, “and if you mean like did we like doing it the answer to that’s yes too.”

“Yes actually, that was what I was referring to. Some of my candidates don’t seem to find it that way when it comes right down to doing it and after they’ve been committed it can be a bit awkward.” Pausing for a moment she continued. “I’ve found that some women are built for fighting and for those that like it, and know why, they find a great deal of satisfaction in it. Some in fact seem almost to born and bred for it and I’m pleased that both of you appear to be in that category. The other thing of course, and gratifying for a number of reasons, is that both of you appear to find the sport of women fighting each other so, ah invigorating.” Another pause and then “and that as participants you found the competitive aspects of our, huh, sport so stimulating,, and may I presume that you haven’t found your experiences to be too extreme?”

“No” responded Janis. “If anything neither Greta or the club thing were tough enough if that’s what you wanted to hear?”

“And” she murmured with a questioning look of approval “it also appears as if you’ve been following the conditioning program that I provided with respect to diet, training and the special supplements.”

“Yeah, we’ve been doing all that” responded Claire. “And we think we’re showing it too, don’t you” rising from the couch and clenching her arms above her head.

“Yes, I do think so” she replied and rising from her chair she let her fingers run across the taunt chocolate skin of Claire’s swelling biceps. “Ahh” she murmured appreciatively. “It’s looks to me as if you’ve added almost two inches and that’s good. I’m also happy to say that you opponents have been just as diligent in that regard. I can also hope that the two of you are as mentally prepared to meet them as your physical conditioning suggests?”

“Oh I think we’re both ready for you to bring it on for us” and glancing at Janis added, “aren’t we babe?”

“Yeah, maybe more than ready” replied Janis as she rose slipping her arm around Claire’s waist as she joined them. “The supplements you sent did all you said they would and it sure seems to get you ready for what you have in mind”

“Good” responded the Lady approvingly. “There’s a growing class of people, lets call them afficionados, women as well as a few men, that are attracted to the violence and brutality that extreme female fighting provides. They’re strong, competitive, physically and sexually aggressive and find the discreet facilities that I provide ideal for the purposes of indulging themselves in that respect” Pausing for a moment she continued “and considering that your opponents are equally as fond of each other as the two of you are the pitting of two teams of lovers against each other will bring a new and unique element that they will be sure to appreciate.” Not waiting for Janis to respond the Lady rose from her chair and motioned for them to follow.

“As I think I mentioned the fighting takes place in either an octagonally shaped cage or a similarly shaped pit which is directly beneath it. The pit is accessed by raising the cage and it’s platform about ten feet when the venue calls for it’s use. We call it the bull pen and while not precise in it’s translation the connotations are fitting and the setting seems to produce the appropriate result.” Descending a stairway she opened a steel fire door and preceded them into the fighting room.

The room itself was mostly in shadow the only illumination coming from a dirty skylight set high in the ceiling. Neither of them had really had given much thought to what she had described over the phone but now as they walked around the structure in the center of the room it made sense. They’d expected it to be a bit more primitive but the eight sided structure that dominated the high ceilinged room was anything but. Running her fingers along one of it’s six inch square openings Janis turned to the Lady and asked,

“looks like it’s ah, should serve the purpose. How far across?”

“Sixteen feet actually and the octagonal platform that supports it is raised about three feet above the floor level surrounding it” she replied. “To access the cage itself it’s raised away from the platform on the guides located at the eight outside corners which leaves the inside free of obstructions. To access the fighting pit beneath it the entire structure, both cage and platform, are raised to the ceiling. The netting is made of a rough synthetic material and while quite strong it is also somewhat elastic. Also the height inside of it is another twelve feet which seems to contain most of the events that take place within it rather nicely.”

“How convenient” exclaimed Claire as she pushed against it and grasping the netting exclaimed “the openings are just big enough to hold on to and it’s all just about the right height for viewing the down and dirty” Noting the color of the floor covering she added “looks like it’s hard to keep clean”

“Not really” responded the Lady. “But then as you can see, we don’t really try. The white leatherette stains a bit but a stain just serves to stimulate ones imagination don’t you think?” Neither said anything as she continued. “You’ll notice that the outside floor surface around it steps rather sharply upward permitting unobstructed viewing from any position in the room and of course there are more private facilities on the next level above us that are even more accommodating.” By way of illustration she raised her hand and drew their attention to the ring of boxes about eight feet above the central floor level that abutted each side of the eight sides of the cage. “Rather like a small, personal gladiators’s arena don’t you think?”

“That’s all very nice” observed Janis “but we think we want to know more about how it’s going to be for us, and when?”

Pausing for a moment before replying the Lady said “well, as I have already indicated the fighting and the activities that are associated with it take place over four or five days with a period of time for adjustments to the program and recuperation if needed. Your arrangement will be in the pit on the final day which will be the day after tomorrow” and nodding to Janice continued “the two of you will be matched against a similar team of two from one of our sister facilities. You will fight in alternating rounds under the rules that I have previously described to you. The tapes that I provided should have served to better acquaint you with both the format and them. It’s also their first time under such a venue and they’re just as agreeable to the rules as you are.” Smiling slightly she added, “and as I am at the thought of watching the introduction of the four of you to them.”

What she had said caused them both to reflect but the Lady’s voice in the background brought them back as she said that the “arrangement” would provide approximately $17,500 to the winning pair and perhaps more depending on quality of the contest and how enthusiastically the spectators support it. Not waiting for a reply she went on

“By that I mean that a certain percentage of the sporting wagers that are made is split between the fighters with the majority of it going to the winner or in this case the winners. I’ll just leave it there for you to contemplate and now I have other things to attend to.” Nodding in the direction of the doorway in which the woman who had transported them had suddenly reappeared “see to them Dora” and she left the room.

It was all a bit of a jumble as they silently followed her further back into the building. Somewhat more in uniform now though thought Janice. Heeled ankle booties, a short leather skirt and a muscle tee and that was about it. And seeing the evidence of scar tissue evident on her exposed thigh, her broad shoulders and muscular bare arms corroborated her earlier assessment. Reaching a doorway she motioned them through and said, “your room is down at the end of the hall. I’ll be back around 7 to collect you.”
Shortly after 7 she returned and anticipating it they were ready when she pushed through the door. Handing them each a shirt and a pair of ankle boots similar to what she was wearing she stepped back to witness the change. “Sets your qualifications off rather well don’t you think” she asked when they were finished and both of them were inclined to agree. Cut in the fashion of a sleeveless mens dress shirt they were short, the sides riding up to the waist, with a tail and a tongue that barely covered the hips and genitals and all of it held together with a tie around the waist. They were soon enough and nodding approvingly she opened the door and motioning them to follow her they made their way down the hall and into the fighting room.
It was dark now and the room itself was somehow different. Earlier they’d been impressed with it’s size but now with the high ceiling and most of the room in shadow it seemed smaller and with the exception of the cage, which seemed to rise menacingly in stark relief under the dimmed lights suspended above it, more intimate. The spectators were already clustering around it chatting among themselves they waited for it to begin. Most had a cocktail in hand while a few were smoking, the smell of which quickly identifiable. None were familiar although some of their faces had been seen somewhere before although difficult to place and some wore masks to conceal their identity. Also scattered about were a few like themselves who seemed to be attired in the uniform of the evening. The common characteristic though were their buffed bodies most of which were briefly attired in expensive leather and silk that were designed to display their physical attributes to their best advantage. Bizarre thought Claire. It was all crowded about but exciting while Janice, silently mirroring her friends thoughts thought to herself, and with lots of money to back it up. A glance at each other and then aware of the intense scrutiny of the crowd they moved slowly through them in the direction of the cage.
The speculative silence that had greeted them was replaced with the low murmur of animated chatter and it was with relief that they found the attention of those around them diverted to the center of the room as the cage slowly began to rise. Ms. Hilde had also arrived and passing among them she slipped beneath the edge of it and mounted the fighting platform. So intent were they that it gave them both a start when Dora nudged them and motioned for them to accompany her. A quick questioning glance at each other and they slipped out of the press around the platform and followed her through a side door and up a narrow stairwell.

Different than the main level the upper viewing area was separated into eight sections each fronting on one side of the octagonal cage which rose through the center of it. Their construction and placement left a narrow passageway along the center part of the walls and larger areas in the four corners of the surrounding room. All of the surfaces of both the floor and the walls appeared to be carpeted. Pausing for a moment to let them get their bearings she said

“the corner areas are quite useful for the less formal arrangements” and pointing to one of the enclosures and silently motioned for them to enter.

The floor of the room, walled on the sides with thick smoked glass, sloped downwards toward an opening which fronted on one of the eight sides of the cage. A deep sofa was set back about two feet from the opening and several large cushions and bolsters were thrown about the floor. For the most part though it appeared that the occupants were expected to stand along a wide polished board which served as a protecting rail across the opening looking into the cage. The lights had been extinguished now and except for an array over the platform the spectators surrounding it were shrouded in shadow. An interesting arrangement thought Janice. Down there they’d been standing about three feet below the elevated floor of the fighting platform but up here they were about five feet above it. And the cage itself was only about six inches away which effectively served as the fourth wall to the viewing room. About to ask a question her thoughts were interrupted by Dora motioning at the spectators pressed against the cage below.

“The violence and brutality of individual combat, whether it’s males or females or any combination of them is of course quite stimulating to those that are attracted to it and for them” motioning to the spectators “it’s very much their sport of choice. The fighting that you are about to see will be brutal and merciless, as it’s intended to be and Ms. Hilde thought this would be a good place for you to observe how they” nodding at the spectators, “react to it and also what they expect from those that enter their arena.”

“That’s probably a pretty good idea” mused Claire. “Seeing what it’s gonna be like.”

“Yeah” murmured Janice, “and them too” looking at the faces outlined through the mesh. “Sorta like front row seats too.

It ever get too extreme, if you know what I mean” she asked tentatively?

“Yeah” replied Dora giving her a long look. “Sometimes it does or at least it does for one of em. It’s not something you can afford to think about though, or at least I don’t. When you get in there it’s because you want to be in there and your OK with that part of it. If it happens I think you’ll find you can do that too. If you have to” she added and nodding to the spectators, “that’s sort of the ultimate side of it and the fact that they’re here means they’re OK with that part of it too” adding with a short laugh, “it’s also why you don’t know exactly where you are.”

The fragrances from the room below were stronger up on the second level. Their personal scents along that of with sex mixed with a growing haze of cannabis gave a bluish tint to the scene but for some reason it seemed to make what she had just said less alarming than it otherwise might have been. Casting a quick glance at each other to confirm their reactions they silently returned their attention to the woman standing in the center of the octagonal platform below them.
Again it was a different Hilde. Ankle high ring boots accented by a short heel, a brief pair of leather shorts cut low in front that rode tightly up over the cheeks of her powerful ass and nothing else. Proudly strutting around the perimeter of the platform she put her considerable physical presence on display for the spectators as they waited for the selected two.. And a presence it was as Janice and Claire exchanging another glance between them acknowledged. The booties accented her heavily muscled calves, thick powerful thighs and the deliberately accented fullness of her mound bulging beneath the thin leather of the shorts. All of it was matched by a powerful torso topped by broad shoulders , heavy swelling breasts with just a bit of mature sag and a back and arms that rippled with muscle as she moved about the platform. Moving to the center of the platform she paused then raised her arm and waited for them to become quiet.

“Good evening” and then with a smile “are you ready for the evening’s games to begin?” and with a guttural growl of ascent they crowded closer as she raised both of her arms in the direction of the back of the room and signaled for it to begin.

The first to enter, a powerfully built blond wearing a short, unbuttoned red silk shirt similar to their own. She was accompanied by another woman, smaller but also of a substantial build dressed in a short black cocktail dress. As they made their way through the spectators Janis thought that the sensual movement of their swinging hips were not unlike those of fashion models preening on a runway. Reaching the platform they paused, their hands briefly caressing each other as they shared a lingering kiss and then the blond slipped onto the platform and moved to stand a few feet from Ms. Hilde. As if it were a signal the second fighter, a black, emerged from another door set along the back of the room and made her way through the women clustered around the platform. Wearing the same type of colored shirt she was accompanied by a small entourage of muscular black females also dressed in skimpy cocktail dress’s. Reaching the platform she quickly hoisted herself upon it and moved to stand on the other side of Hilde.
It was quiet in the arena room now and Janis found herself suddenly a little breathless as the lights dimmed to a single source that highlighted the three women standing in the center of the platform. Laughing softly and whispering among themselves the crowd pressed closer as Hilde motioned for the two to move in front of her. As they did so they turned to face each other and placing her hands on the back of their necks she slipped the shirts from their shoulders. Raising the blonds above her head she announced.

“I present to you Janine. She’s a body builder from South Carolina and has ten circuit fights to her credit. For this evenings performance she weighs in at 191.” and nodding to the black continued “Cloe’s from Detroit, and considers herself an extreme fighter par excelance. She’s had six fights and this evening she’s at 196.”

It had become quiet during the introductions but now the soft murmur’s of anticipation began again as the lights brightened to illuminate the floor of the cage and the two fighters began to strut along the edge of it.

“Their fight is subscribed for $25,000. It will be fought in three rounds. Two of five minutes each with five minute rest periods followed by a third round of undetermined length until one of them has prevailed over the other. There are no rules and there will be no interference. All manner of fighting is permitted and since we are about to begin you might wish your favorite well and complete your wagers within the next few moments.”

With that and a wave to the spectators she moved back while the two fighters stopped, stooped or kneeled along the side of the platform as they accepted their supporters last minute caress’s, advice and encouragement. It was time then and she slipped from the platform as the cage began its descent. It was accompanied by the dimming of the room lights which left just two small blueish pools of it focused on the two now standing at either end of the platform.
“They’re reputations precede them and consequently there’s at least another 25 big ones riding on it one way or the other,” murmured Dora nodding at the spectators, “which can be sorta inspiring since one of them is going to get a good cut of it.”

“Inspiring like in never say quit” replied Janice?

“Yeah, exactly” responded Dora. “Of course it’s not the only reason not to quit if you’ve been following me.”

Janis had thought about what she had said and glancing at Claire found her reflecting on it too. A quick smile between them signaled their agreement and they turned their attention back to the floor of the cage.
Janice marveled at the production of it. The room silent now except for the spectators rustling closer in the darkness that surrounded the cage. The only illumination being the two pools of light focused on the fighters waiting in silence for the signal to start. Both were big, about the same size, the blond close to six feet and tightly muscled with her short peroxided hair done up in a spiky punk cut although on closer examination there appeared to be dark heavy patches of it under both arms. Her plain Slavic face showed signs of previous encounters and her belly and back above the crack of her buttocks as well as her arms were heavily tattooed. The black was shorter with a stockier build and appeared to have a somewhat softer thicker body, especially around her belly. The front of her head was shaved ahead of the ears and upward before moving forward to a point on her forehead just above the center of her eyes. What there was of it left was moderately long and tied in a single braided pigtail at the back of her head. Both of their bodies were heavily oiled and the scars from previous arrangements were highlighted by the tint from the lights. Except for their heavily taped hands they were naked.

Hilde’s voice now, over an announcing system and with obvious relish asked of them all.

“If you are ready they are ready” and receiving a guttural growl of assent commanded, “time then, get it on” and as a gong sounded in the background the spots on the fighters were extinguished and the floor of the cage was bathed in a soft glow from a single source as the two of them began circling each other in it’s center.

Cloe, her dark body already covered with a deeper sheen of sweat was closest and as she moved away along the side of the cage Claire slipped her arm about her Janice’s waist and whispered.

“Look at their hands.”

“Yeah” Janice whispered back. admiring the rough white cotton tape that enclosed their fists. “Looks like floor isn’t going to be the only thing that gets stained around here tonight.”

“It’s pretty heavy tape” interjected Dora “And your right. They won’t be white for long.”

“Well at least it looks like they’ve got good finger movement” responded Janice as she watched them clenching and unclenching their fists as they approached each other.

“Yeah, probably a pretty good thing to” Claire nodded in agreement tightening her arm around Janice’s waist in sudden excitement as Janine lunged within striking range of the Black. She was waiting for her and as the Blond came in, she stepped to the right and swung a long arching left that glanced off the side of her head driving her sideways. It almost put her down but balancing on her right knee she twisted back to her right and lunged again, this time driving her left fist into Cloe’s left side. It threw her off balance but quickly regaining her feet she crouched, raised her fists and began circling the Black as she waited for an opening. Those crowding against the sides of the cage began to voice their encouragement and suggestions now and taking the initiative she batted away Cloe’s left jab and feinting to her face with her right drove a low hooking left into her belly. Lowering her head she muscled in against her pushing her shoulder into her breasts and pressing her against the side of the cage as she repeatedly dug her right fist into her lower body. Cloe’s back was into the mesh, the flesh pressing through the openings and desperately she wrapped her arms around Janine’s shoulders and drove her left knee up into the blond’s belly and against her thighs as she tried wrestle her away. Not very effective but it served to block some of the blows and when Janine lost her balance Cloe pushed her to the side and regained the center of the cage.
Janice sensed rather than heard Claire exhale and then realized that she had been holding her breath as well. Cloe’s back was to them and silently pointing to it she looked at Claire and said.

“Wouldn’t wanna get dragged against it like that”

“Yeah” muttered Claire as she speculated about the blood seeping from the ragged crosshatched pattern on her back. “The inside of it seems to really tear a person up if they’re not careful. Be nice to get her tits into it though.”

“Yeah” laughed Janice softly. “That’d be nice.”

She was about to say more but at that moment Dora murmured, “it’s pretty much made that way on purpose and before long they’ll be doing both sides of each other with it”

Janice didn’t reply at first, perhaps because the pungent haze of marihuana arising from the floor below distracted her but when they’d entered the arena room it hadn’t registered that the spectators were mostly women. Now on closer examination she saw that they were also a racially mixed group split, not just between black and white but there also seemed to be a fairly strong contingent of Asians and Hispanics as well. Considering what they were there for she knew that most would be bi or lesbian with all that meant. Pretty much have to be to make this work she guessed but there were a few males and looking beyond the press around the base of the cage she saw four of the spectators confronting each other in the back of the room. Two women faced each other, their males standing behind them holding their arms and as she watched they abruptly forced the two of them together. It would have been an interesting distraction but just as suddenly they pulled them apart and the four of them turned back to the cage.. Looking at them more closely and thinking about what Dora had suggested it added a measure of speculation to her curiosity and the thought of the activities they might engage in outside of the cage seemed to take on a new and more exciting meaning.

“I think they’ll probably be candidates for one of the corners” Dora said softly.

“For sure I wouldn’t wanna miss that” responded Claire.

Cloe was a powerful study. Her left knee on the floor, her hands on her right knee, she watched Janine circle around her. Her body didn’t appear as soft now that they had an opportunity to examine it in more detail. The muscle that hadn’t been so obvious was now more prominently displayed and both of them silently appreciated the sight of it working beneath her dark chocolate skin as she rose to her feet. While her heavy powerful thighs were still covered with a softness the muscles were clearly evident and her calves were thick and tight with it. A slightly protruding belly, large but somewhat flattish breasts with large areolas and rounded but well shaped shoulders, back and arms completed the picture. Letting her hand caress the back of Janice’s neck Claire murmured “you know who I’m for doncha?”
“Yeah” replied Janice “but she seems to be up for making it tough for her” nodding to the blond who was starting to cut cautiously back toward to the center of the cage. She was almost two inches taller than the black which gave her more of a reach and her muscular definition, especially the appearance of her shoulders and washboard abb’s, gave evidence of how seriously she took her challenges. Her body also gave more evidence of her past she thought as she focused on the scar tissue on her face and breasts and the jagged slash of it across her belly. Of course it was also more visible on her lighter skin and idly she wondered if the black had been responsible for any of it. Turning to Dora she whispered.

“Sorta seems like they’ve done this with each other before.”

“Yeah but that’s because they’re pretty well matched” replied Dora. “Have to be for them” nodding to the spectators. “They like girls like us to be big, strong, rough and real and believe me that’s what they get. Like I said nothing’s too extreme for our tastes.” Nodding to where Cloe was crouched in the center of the cage she added “and she’s a real crowd pleaser, so to speak.”

Slipping her arm around Dora’s waist Janice urged her body gently against the other’s and murmured into her ear “well, as far as I’m concerned they both are.”

At that moment Cloe launched herself into the blond twisting her around and forcing her violently, face first, into the mesh directly in front of them. Quickly reaching to grasp hold of it with her left hand she leveraged her arm across the back of her neck and pressing in against her began to drive her right fist repeatedly into her back and kidney’s until in desperation Janine drove her right elbow back into her face. It connected with her right cheek then skidded into her eye and across the bridge of her nose forcing a dribble of blood to drain from both as she stumbled away.
Janice was conscious of a feeling of rising excitement as she watched them. For some reason it wasn’t what she had expected to feel, probably in part due to the influence of the smoky fragrance that permeated the room but the sight of their muscular naked bodies locked together with the sounds of their combat sounds mixing with the cries of encouragement coming from the spectators was exciting It reminded her of her arrangement’s with Claire and Greta and casting a brief glance at Claire she knew it was the same for her. A smile of acknowledgment and then pressing back against the rail she let her eyes sweep around the cage and then up to examine the other cubicles arranged around the second tier. All appeared to be occupied but except for the slightly obscured figures pressed against the barriers the rest was too much in shadow to see inside. Turning back to Dora she murmured “very effective.”

“Yeah” responded Dora. “It’s only five feet or so down from here and it gives you a good view of it and them too” pointing to the faces reflected in the ring light below. She started to say more but their attention was drawn back to the fight by the sound of a body crashing into the side of the cage.

This time it was Cloe’s and Janine held her there her left arm under the Black’s left shoulder and her forearm wrapped around the back of her neck in a half nelson. Pressing in against her she forced her face into the lattice and then drove her right fist around and into the right side of her right breast. Again she did it and then again into the side of her head. The last was more effective, tearing her ear and causing more visible damage but the force of her attack had driven her breasts into the mesh and when she was able to push herself away both they and her face were gouged and bleeding. Janine still had her hold on her neck though and as they staggered away from the side of the cage she powered her over and forced her onto the floor. Rolling her over on her right side and trapping her arm against the side of her neck she forced it even higher and began driving her right fist repeatedly into the black’s lower body. Frantically she struggled to roll beneath her and when finally successful she reached her right hand around between Janine’s legs and began to claw at her cunt with her fingers. Not very effective but she did it again and this time Janine released her arm and scrambled away. Rolling to her knees and grasping the mesh she pulled herself up and Janice had the fleeting thought that the blond made a mistake. Both of them were breathing heavily now as they faced each other and the sound of it, amplified by the directional mics, muted the background sounds of the spectators. The damage they’d inflicted on each other was apparent . Cloe’s back, face and breasts still oozing blood from her contact with the side of the cage and her nose still trickled from the elbow that had crashed across it. Janine was also marked, her face breasts and belly torn and weeping with her left cheek and eye swollen and starting to discolor from a blow to the face.

“That’s going to swell up more than Cloe’s will” observed Dora as she compared their facial wounds.

“Yeah, it’s almost closed now” agreed Claire. “That’s goin make it tough for her if Cloe’s stays open.”

“Whatever” Janice responded softly and slipping her arm around Dora’s shoulder continued. “I’m ready for whatever.”

“Oh your gonna get that and more” she replied softly slipping her arm around Janice’s waist and hugging her closer. Pausing for a moment she continued, “sorta like it don’t you?”

“I think we both do” said Claire as she pressed in against Dora’s other side. “You ever do it in the pit?

“Yeah but the fights last longer” and letting her mouth nibble softly at Claire’s ear whispered, “more my style” and turning back to the cage they silently watched as Janine hauled herself erect on the far side of the cage.

Claire saw them first pointing silently to the camera’s up under the overhang above the cage. The were swivelling to follow the fighters and seemed to be remotely controlled but two women waiting in the shadows on opposite sides of the platform also seemed to have a hand held video cam as well. She was about to say something but Dora interjected softly saying,

“it’ll all be edited and spliced into a professional production for the obvious reasons.”

“All” responded Janice?

“Yeah, the whole meating, all five days of it” and laughing added, “that’s m e a t i n g, if you get my meaning.”

The dull sound of their fists finding each other’s body interrupted them and turning back to the cage Janice found herself pushing against the bar as Janine took a hook from Cloe in the belly and received a left to the face for her trouble. It didn’t appear to do much damage but as she danced out of range Cloe bulled in after her delivering another that exploded on her nose and then a series that pinned her back against the mesh. Burying her head in the hollow of her neck she pressed into her preventing her escape and began a series of short savage hooks and uppercuts into her lower body. Each one brought a grunt or exclamation as they rocked her body against the mesh until in desperation she wrapped her arms around the Black’s head and began frantically driving her knee upwards between the her legs. Some were blocked but not all and those that weren’t brought a corresponding grunt or exclamation from Cloe and a corresponding shift of her feet as she tried to deflect them. Finally, unable to take anymore of the knee lifts to her crotch she spun away and with a hand between her legs moved to the other side of the cage.
All three were pressed against the bar now and as Janine pushed wearily away from the mesh and moved after her Claire was struck by the amount of blood that covered her hands and arms. Turning to see if the other two had noticed her attention was turned back to the cage as the gong sounded signaling the end of the first round.
It elicited a sigh and then grunts of appreciation from those gathered around the cage and as the lights surrounding it brightened a bit the two of them cast a last glare at the other and moved to opposite sides of the structure where two stools had emerged from the floor of the platform.

The three of them were silent as the sounds of conversation again arose from the shadows below them. Exhaling and with a brief glance at the other they moved back and silently settled into the sofa behind them as they watched the two combatants slouch against the side of the cage and wipe their faces with the towels that had been poked through the opening’s of the mesh.

“Well, so far so good” said Dora softly as she slipped open her shirt and stretched out her legs to rest them on the rail?

“Yeah” murmured Claire as she let her hand slip tentatively over her muscular thigh. “Think so. What about you babe” looking at Janice.

“Hmmm”laughed Janice softly pressing in against her from the other side and reaching over she let her finger begin to play with the blond’s belly and then upwards to tease the tip of her thick stiffened nipples.“Haven’t seen anything I don’t like yet, if you know. And they seem to be pretty much into it to” she added softly nodding at the faces of the spectators moving around the outside of the cage below them.

“Yeah, well it’ll get turned up a few notches from here” responded Dora. “They’ll start stoken now and by the time we get half way through three they’ll be wantin it to go all the way” and reaching into her shirt pocket she extracted a joint and lit it.

Moving closer and letting her hand slide up Dora’s thigh Claire asked. “How come they hear the bell” pointing to the two in the cage?

“They hear it because that one” pointing to a woman on the far side of the cage with a long rod in her hands and handing the joint to Claire she continued “will put the prod to them if they don’t.”

“Well that’d work for me” she responded as she took a hit and passed it to Janice and with that they retreated into their own thoughts and silently watched the spectators mill around the platform.

Ten seconds before the rest period was over a warning buzzer sounded and rising from the couch they returned to the rail along with those in the adjoining box’s. The spectators on the floor below had also ceased their socializing and when it sounded they cheered the sound of it voicing their encouragement as they pressed back against the mesh to watch the fighters resume their dance. Janice had a slightly different perspective on it now and she watched the blond begin to circle the black she found herself admiring the symmetry of her powerful body as much as the style with which she pursued her objective. Bending forward at the waist, now crouching, her fists raised in front of her she let the black circle her until she came too close to the mesh. When she did it momentarily distracted her and the blond responded with a long hard right hook to her left breast. She reacted to it by turning back to her left and instinctively raising her left arm to cover it but this was the opening she’d wanted and quickly setting herself she hooked her left fist upwards into the black’s cunt.
From where they were standing it almost seemed as if the blow had lifted had her from the floor and as she sagged back against the side of the cage the Blond closed with her and again setting herself began to deliver an alternating series of quick, short body punches into her lower belly then up to just beneath the breasts and then finally into the breasts themselves. Janice exhaled softly as she watched her force her muscular body into her opponent’s. The back and shoulders moved in concert with her flexing arms each blow rocking the Cloe’s body along the side of the cage until in desperation she reached out and circled the blond’s head with her arms. Pulling it into her breasts she wrestled her closer, restricting the movement of her fists and lifted her knees into her stomach. Both of her legs were off of the floor now and as the blond struggled to shake her off she slipped. Not falling but it released her back from the mesh and as that happened she thrust her away and with a parting right hook to her head she staggered back to the center of the cage.
It had been a remarkably silent exchange, just the sound of their fists and their grunts of exertion but now the room erupted in a spontaneous cheer for both the punishment the blond had provided and the black’s desperate escape from it. They’d returned to lounge on the couch and now the joint was passed around again. It’s effect and the fragrance of more of it coming from those below was much stronger now and the three of them were feeling it’s influence. Shifting her position Dora slipped her arm around Claire’s waist and rolling toward Janice pulled her over until the her face was buried between her breasts. Quickly running her hand up the Claire’s side she cupped her right breast as her lips found Janice’s turgid nipple on her left. Claire, one hand holding Dora’s head to it’s work while with the other she pulled Janice’s face close until their tongue’s met. For the moment it was a confusion of female flesh writhing closer to the other until screams from below pulled their attention back to the carnage taking place in the cage.
Janice reacted first, rising from the couch and running her fingers along the rail as she recovered her senses. The sexual connection with the other two had been a powerful and as they rose to join her she slipped her shirt from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Breathing deeply she focused on the floor of the cage as Dora and Claire followed suite joining her just in time to watch Janine reach the black standing in the center of the cage. Standing motionless they appraised each other for a moment and then as the spectators urged them together they raised their fists and crouching, prepared to do it to each other again. The sight and sounds of it were a powerful visual stimulate. Savage, erotic, two powerful naked bodies slick with mingled blood and sweat gleaming under the single light as they moved together. Just the faces of those below were visible through the haze now Any semblance of restraint had been removed and here and there arms and hands extended through the mesh screaming encouragement and suggestions. as the first solid punches of the second round began.
Cloe moved first, slipping inside the blond’s guard and hooking short hard punches into her ribs and sides until Janine managed to club the side of her face. It upset her rhythm and as she withdrew slightly the blond followed, hooking her right fist upwards into the black’s left breast and following it with a roundhouse left that smashed into the right side of her head. If it would have connected with her jaw it might have been something else but hitting her beside the eye it only drove her to stumble away, slipping to her knee only to recover her footing as Janine threw herself after her. Retreating as best she could she held her at arms length as Janine bulled her around the cage until in her haste she slipped and the black in a desperate effort kicked the side of her head as she fell. That too could have been the black’s opportunity but as she was about to take advantage of it the gong sounded ending the second round and the long black pole came between them. They could see it tempt her but with a few moments indecision she danced back and with a last look of hate at the blond struggling to her knees in the center of the cage she returned to where her stool had risen from the floor.
None of the three in the booth said anything for a moment preferring to stare silently at the blond as she regained her feet and staggered to her stool. Claire still had the joint in hand and taking a long pull passed it to Dora who did the same.

“It does seem to increase ones appreciation of it doesn’t it” she murmured nodding to the two in the cage as she tried to hold it in.

“Yeah mumbled Dora” as she exhaled and handed the remainder of it to Janice. “Special stuff. Puts you right where you want to be doesn’t it” and pulling Claire against her. “Think I’ll just show you what I mean” as she pushed the black backward onto the couch and fell to her knees between her out spread legs. Pausing for a moment, a glance at Janice and then upwards to Claire and she lowered her head and began to delicately trace her lips across the chocolate belly. Janice said nothing but leaning over the blonds back she slipped her hands around her side and cupped the fullness of her heavy breasts. Slipping her leg over her back she straddling her transferring her weight to her back and let her hands slide up Claire’s side’s to her breasts Leaning forward she tightened her fingers luxuriating in the smooth satin feel of the flesh and let her tongue trace across the top of Claire’s lip. Her soft sigh of pleasure told her that the blond had achieved her objective and pulling themselves even more closely together they collapsed together in the corner of the couch. A shudder seemed to signal that a certain point had been reached, and breaking apart they sprawled on the couch and floor as they regained their senses. Looking down at Dora on the floor Claire spoke first as she snickered

You shur nuff like you black meat don’t you baby?”

“Yeah” muttered Dora as she caught her breath and looking up at Janice “Seems we’ll have to share her just a little, round here anyway?”

“Yeah” murmured Janice as she slid from the couch and forced her body onto the blonds. Wiggling on top of her she set herself and then slipping her arms around her pulled her lips against her own. A long kiss, reciprocated their mounds working in concert with the other. Then with a last moan of pleasure it was over and they rejoined Claire on the couch catching their breath as they stared out silently out through the cage. Dora produced another joint It’s effect even stronger and after a few drags they pulled themselves from the couch and leaned shakily against the rail breathing deeply as they watched the activities of those milling about below. All of their inhibitions had been removed and it was obvious that any that those below might have had were gone as well. The drink and stoking from the drugs had done their work and now with much of what they’d been wearing gone the way of their shirts they were growing increasingly impatient for the buzzer to sound again. The two couples had again retreated to the back of the room where each male, an arm around their respective female’s waist were holding them just within arms length of each other. Others had joined them forming a loose circle and suddenly a push from behind sent them together into a knotted mass, each male pushing his female forcefully into the other as they flayed at each other’s body. Loud laughter, cries of approval and then they wrenched them apart and dragged them kicking and screaming back to the cage.

“I wanna see that one too” declared Claire thickly one hand massaging her breast while the fingers of her other hand slipped between the engorged lips of Dora’s labia. Pushing, prodding she found it and delicately stroking the slick thick clit she continued. “I wanna see em fight each other real bad and I wanna be real close to them when they do it.”

“Almost guaranteed” murmured Dora suddenly reaching to guide the hand more forcefully and leaning over to nibble her whispered “I’ll just make sure you and Janice are in row one when they get it on.”

Janice hadn’t said anything but she knew she’d be there too but just then as the buzzer sounded bringing the three of them to their feet to silently press against the bar. Looking down through the haze she saw something that was as equally interesting and turning to Dora pointed to an Asian female dressed only in silk leggings supported by a belt around her waist and a smaller African male in a posing thong. Pointing them out to Dora she asked the silent question and nodding the blond replied.

“Probably the other corner for them. They both like fighting the opposite sex that are essentially their physical equal. They’re both very good and they’re also very brutal which has made it harder for them to get matched up but I rather think that they’ve finally found one. And that would interest you” a question in her voice as she let her left arm cross Janice’s chest and putting her hand against the side of her head brought her lips to hers?

Taking a last pull on the joint Janice handed it to Claire before replying in a voice thickened by lust and smoke. “Yeah, I’d be real interested in watching them get at each other, and you?

“Yeah, me too” murmured Dora. “And I want to see her kill him if possible real slow. Bother you?

“Not me or her neither” nodding in Claire’s direction and just then the gong signaled the start of the third and decisive round of the fight.

They approached each other with a bit more caution now. There wouldn’t any further respites and any mistake’s they might make could greatly contribute to the final outcome. The spectators realized it too responding with subdued almost polite comments and light applause as they approached each other in the center of the cage. Not crouching so much now but preferring to stand erect and as they came within range they began to dance, duck and weave as they peppered each other with a barrage of body shots. Both were good with their fists and both Claire and Janice had reason to be thankful for the training that Hilde had insisted that they take. Both knew that even with that going against either one of these two would be more than very tough. They were picking up the speed somewhat though, hoping for a slip, an opening and the chance to move in for a killing blow but it didn’t happen that way. It was a miss and as Cloe’s fist slipped over her shoulder Janine’s knee came up into her belly. Twisting after her the blond sank her fingers into the black’s hair at the base of the braid and turning to the side backed away pulling her off balance and as she stumbled after her she threw her roughly to the floor. Leaping on her she sank down and grasping her right arm quickly planted her left foot on her neck and her right on her ribs. Laughing, her face twisted in an evil grimace she began twisting and jerking the arm as a screaming Cloe, her feet drawn up beneath her arched her back and tried to escape. It only caused her to pull harder and rocking back she did so as she repeatedly stomped her feet into the black’s side and neck.

With a low moan Janice exclaimed “god, she’ll tear it off won’t she?”

“Maybe” murmured Dora. and as the black began to buck and twist in a frantic effort to break the hold “at least she’s gonna try.”

She was shrieking in fear now and it seemed to excite Janine even further as she gleefully continued to twist her arm and kick her neck and ribs. In her eagerness to inflict maximum damage though she failed to notice that the black was within reach of the mesh and reaching it she desperately thrust her hand through one of the openings and began to haul herself up the side of it. They might have stayed that way, Cloe hanging onto the mesh Janine, still grasping her arm and bracing herself with her feet but she had increasing difficulty holding on and finally, aided by the oily slickness of their bodies Cloe slipped free and as Janine fell back to the floor she staggered away to the other side of the cage.
Rising, to her knees and then to her feet, she slowly wiped the blood from her mouth and face as she moved after her. Closing she crouched and then as Cloe pawed her face with her left she ducked and drove her right fist into her belly. Straightening up, well inside her range she did it again only higher into the black’s left breast taking her left hook to her navel in turn. Now each began a series of short hard blows to the other’s body, hooking and jabbing with little thought to protect themselves the sound of it resonating around the room as they staggered about the cage. Cloe seemed to be the more aggressive though and as she drove the blond back she suddenly crouched, set herself and drove her right fist into her belly just below the navel. She wasn’t prepared for it and as the fist breached her muscle shield it bent her over at the waist. Gagging it permitted the black to stoop beneath her and drive another right into her mouth. Wheeling away, blood streaming from her ruined mouth she skidded and fell and as she did Cloe dropped on top of her burying her face in her breasts and reaching beneath her left arm reached it up in back of her shoulder and wrapped her arm around the front of her neck. Quickly hooking her neck in a reverse half nelson she leveraged Janine onto her left side and pressing her head in against the front of her shoulder to hold her there began a series of short hard punchs to her back, kidney’s and then around her side and into her right breast. Tightening her grip she twisted her over leveraging her own body across the Blond’s back forcing her head back against her side as grunting and gasping she tried to bring her neck to the breaking point. Frantically Janine beat her right arm against her back and shoulders but as Cloe’s hold on her neck tightened her screams of fear became increasingly muffled by her hand and arm. Then it all changed. Cloe relaxed her arm and rocking back pulled Janine’s body back over her own. Now grasping her right leg with her right hand she recaptured her neck beneath her upper arm and tightened it forcing it down over her left side and arched her back across her belly. Pausing for a moment to secure her hold she wrenched her head down below her side as she held her body in place with her right hand.
Janine’s feet were pointed to their enclosure and as Cloe’s actions forced the blonds legs further apart the manicured fur of her bush spread apart to reveal the pinkish slit between them. At first her muffled cries could be heard but as the black continued to tighten her arm around her neck, forcing her head even more tightly under her shoulder, they soon faded to gagging gurgles. Cloe’s grunts of exertion had become more mixed though and with the spectators screams of encouragement she alternated between tightening her arm around her neck and heaving and jerking at her legs. Janice was about to say something when Dora turned to her and said,
“yeah, she’ll probably try to break it but she’s not doing it right. The white girl’s just too strong and what’s happening is making her even stronger.”

“Probably” murmured Janice almost out loud. “Gotta think they’d like it though” gesturing to the spectators crowding around the cage screaming their encouragement.

It was a lot hotter now and Janice noticed that for the most part the spectators were now wearing less. And their comments to either the black or the Blond were much more vociferous and precise. Four of them, the same two powerfully built females, their male companions pressed close between them, watched the black stretch the Blond even closer to the breaking point. Nodding to them Claire said

“looks like they’re stoken all their furnace’s now eh?”

“Probably” responded Dora. “That’s what those big corners up here are for.”

“Something like intermission on the mezzanine” suggested Claire.

“Sorta” responded Dora. “Ya gotta notice that they’re all gettin up for it now though” as one of the females suddenly pushed her companion forcefully against the other male.

“Think I’d like to see that” mused Claire as the other female pressed her body into his back and held him there and with a sudden movement he responded by digging his fist into the other males body. Pressing them together the females held them there for a moment letting the two of them drive short hard blows into each other before edging between them and urging them apart.

“I can see how that might work” replied Janice huskily as she watched them press them away from each other. “They’re almost there now and all four of em will be ready for it pretty much before this is done.”

“Sorta like our kind of cockfight eh?” said Dora as she let her fingers play gently over the taunt flesh of Janice’s breast, “mine too but probably not until the next ones over” and then added. “Course we might have a choice of activities to watch” nodding to two female couples engaging in similar activity at the other end of the arena.

“Hmmm” murmured Claire as Cloe released her hand from the blond’s thigh and with a sudden movement released her hold around her neck and flipped her onto her belly. Scrambling onto her back she grasped her hair with her left hand and holding her there alternately drove or ground her face into the floor of the cage as she fisted her in the back and kidney’s.
“Think she’s got her” said Dora softly as she leaned back against the side glass. It was quieter in the cage now. Cloe had risen from the blond’s back and moving in front of her hooked her fingers under her chin urged her to her feet. . Almost gently she pushed her to stagger backwards into the side of the cage then pressing her shoulders into the mesh she stepped back and hooked her right fist up between her legs. As Janine began to collapse she heaved her shoulder into her, straightening her up and driving her back against the mesh. Taking time to set herself, holding the blond erect against the side of the cage with her left hand and then she hooked her right fist up into her belly. It probably would have ended it there but with a desperate twist Janine hooked her right arm under the black’s and slipping her left leg in back of Cloe’s right knee muscled her to the side and then to the floor. The movement of her body carried them both to the floor and Janine crumpled on top. Desperately gasping for breath she scrambled astride her quickly driving her left knee onto Cloe’s right arm and reaching over her with her left hand captured the black’s left. Arching her back she drove her right knee into her cunt and began to fist her breasts, belly and then up to her head, the blows becoming a frenzy as the black frantically tried to unseat her.
Janice thought that she seemed to know that she had to do it now and those clustered around the cage seemed to agree. Screaming encouragement they urged her on with specific suggestions, “in her teeth,”again, cunt her, make it bleed” and soon it was. Janine’s fist returned coated with the fresh color of it and panting and gasping for breath she paused, shifted her weight astride her belly, a knee on either arm now and dropped her head in exhaustion. It was a long moment as they both gasped for breath but then with a desperate burst of energy Cloe forced her head from the floor and fastened her teeth into the Blond’s right breast. Shaking her head like a dog she savaged it, shedding a spray of sweat and oil as she tore at it’s meat.
Screaming the blond grasped the her head and frantically smashed it back to the floor before lurching to her feet. Clutching her breast she stumbled away a flow of fresh blood seeping through her fingers as Cloe shook her head and using the side of the cage slowly struggled to her feet. Groggy she leaned against the mesh as she watched Janine stagger along the far side of the cage looking back at her. It wasn’t finished though and there was no where to hide so dropping her hands at her sides she turned and walked across the floor of the cage to where Cloe remained hunched against the side of the cage. Passing the center of it she raised her fists and as Cloe pushed herself away from the side she steeled herself and charged into her.
It wasn’t going to be pretty Janice supposed but still she marveled that either of them seemed to have so much left. Idly stroking her breast she watched as Janine reached her burying her right fist into the black’s heaving belly before her momentum drove them both back into the mesh. Covering up Cloe crouched, her ass pressed into the mesh as the blond pushed herself away. Setting herself she drove her right fist into the side of Cloe’s face and then swinging again with a left that glanced off the side of her head. It drove her to the side and as she staggered away Janine collapsed against the side of the cage and grasped the lattice’s to keep herself from falling. Pausing for a moment, her breath coming in ragged gasps, she collected herself before pushing away to go after her.
She wasn’t far away. Standing spread eagled just out of reach and as Janine shuffled into range she delivered a straight right that exploded in her face. The force broke her nose sending her staggering backwards as a new spray of blood and snot streamed down her chin to mingle with what was already coating her sweat slick breasts and belly. Staggering after her she crouched and from a distance of only about a foot drove her right fist into the blond’s belly midway between her navel and her crotch.

It was the final telling blow and as Janine sagged silently forward, her mouth shaped in a perfect silent O, Cloe wearily leaned over her back and wrapped her right arm around her neck. It trapped her head behind her shoulder and pausing for a moment to catch her breath she hooked her left fist up into her belly. Pausing, panting from exertion she reached beneath her and dug her fingers into her belly, clawing into her abdomen and lifting her feet from the floor slammed the blond’s ass into the side of the cage. Trembling with exhaustion she held her there then wrenching her away from the side of the cage and with a herculean effort hoisted her above her head. Her legs kicking uselessly in the air for a moment as she slowly turned to display her body to the crowd. Holding her there for a few moments more, displaying her like a trophy, then straightening up in an unbelievable display of power she arched her back and as the screams and cries of the spectators rose in a crescendo slammed the blonds body to the floor where it bounced and then slid along the oily slickness of it to lie in an unconscious heap, the blood from her nose, mouth and breasts creating a dark brown stain beneath her body.

The enthusiastic roar of approval from the crowd mingled with their own and as she staggered, almost falling to her knees, she raised her bloody arms in a victory salute and shuddering with the effort slowly moved around their arena. There was a moment of contemplation from the three in the alcove and then turning from the bar they made their way silently down the narrow staircase. Their time would be soon but for now it was time to be part of the crowd preparing for what was to follow the games in the cage.