Second Fight 03260
By Teez

Claire saw the sign before Janice and had already started to slip the old car into the turn lane when she heard her companion mutter almost to herself, “well here we are.”
Just about thought Claire. “How you feeling” she asked?
“OK” said Janice and added softly, “You know I’m just ready to get there I guess.” Better be thought Claire as she slipped onto the side road that lead them away from the highway. According to their directions they had another mile or so to go and forcing herself to relax she let her mind slip back again through the events of the past few months.
It was almost four months since she responded to the blind solicitation to meet another woman in a private fight. It had been presented at the health club where she worked, through a third party familiar with her inclinations, and not without some hesitation she had accepted. It had been too exciting not too. The thought of being matched with another woman who wanted to fight as much as she did, equal to herself in attitude, size, strength and ability had been impossible to ignore and their subsequent conversations had only served to emphasize their agreement with respect to it. So much so that during the two week training period while they both sharpened up their appetite for what they had committed themselves to do neither one could think of anything else. Of course it hadn’t turned out quite like she had thought it would but after three or four days of solicitous attention from Janice she’d recuperated and the stigma of being defeated had diminished. Too say the least they’d become close after that and as Janice’s end motivations had become more clear she had found herself identifying with them too. So much so that she had moved in with her and adopted them as her own.

It had been about the third day that Janice had explained just exactly why she had wanted the fight. They’d both been up and about but were quickly back in bed when she had announced that she guessed she was tough enough to try it.

“Tough enough for what?” asked Claire.

“Tough enough to get into a contract fight with another woman for money” replied Janice matter of factly. Claire was silent for a moment but after she thought about it she said.

“I guess I should have picked up on that. I’ve heard about something like that and thought about it myself but never knew enough to know if I wanted to go after it.”

“Well now I think know enough about it” laughed Janice. “And face it babe, there isn’t a lot of ways that girls like you and I can make that kind of bucks and get off on something we like and want to do is there?”

“Guess not” replied Claire but you’ll have to tell me more than I know now which is next to nothing I might add.”

“Pretty simple” said Janice. “There’s a lady upstate that arranges fights for a select group of women that either like doing it themselves or be around them and watch. Sort of like a select club for sport fighting and she’s interested in me if I can prove to her that I can do it on her terms.”

“That’s why you taped us I guess” responded Claire.

“Yeah. I sent it off two days ago and she called me this morning. Seem’s to thinks I can, actually thinks both of us could, but says she wants me to sharpen up a little more with some of what she calls private practice.”

“Which is?” asked Claire.

“Well from what she says there’s a lot of members, from all over and some of them also like to indulge themselves in private with somebody like you or me.”

“So she wants you to sort of practice with somebody again before she sets it up for you” said Claire.

“Yeah, something like that” chuckled Janice and playfully letting her tongue brush Claire’s erect nipple looked up with a question in her eyes and continued. “Actually she wants both of us to do it again” and then seeing Claire’s sudden look of concern laughingly continued “but with somebody different this time.”

Claire hadn’t replied at first but putting her hand on the back of Janice’s head she pressed the questing mouth against her firming breast and let the delicious feeling of the soft lips and tongue stimulate her nipple into a hard, stiff thrusting response.

That had been about the end of their recuperation period and the next day they’d both thrown themselves into a crash program to improve their fighting skills and stamina. Claire arranged for Janice to use the club and Janice had supplied the place to live. A friend skilled in both kick and conventional boxing and had provided them coaching and they frequently found themselves back in the fight room practicing what they’d learned, albeit on a friendlier basis. By the time the Lady called both were more than ready to follow the instructions that she gave them.
Claire had taken it, noted the conditions, when and where it would happen along with the special training instructions that were to be followed. A little anticlimactic actually. A resort area in an adjoining state, at an estate out by the lake and easy to find. The “candidate”, a tough, strong Austrian in her early fifties who’d done it before, had seen their tape and wanted to do it with Janice. The only other people that would be present would be her invalid husband and a female friend who would act as her counterpart to Claire. It would consist of two, four minute rounds of fighting with ten minute breaks followed by a last round of unlimited length that would end only when one of them was completely beaten into submission by the other. There would be no interference other than by the two women who would act as their seconds and then only to ensure that they observed the ending of the first two rounds. There were to be no rules and any and all methods of combat were to be allowed. The husband who was confined to a wheel chair would only watch as he had on previous occasions when his wife fought another woman. The female friend, who was about their age and also a trained fighter, would interfere only if Claire did. The financial incentive had been more than acceptable and with little more than a second thought to the special training instructions, Janice had said yes.
Not that they had much choice. The special instructions were part of the deal were pretty clear but they did cause some nervousness at first. The four weeks in the future hadn’t been a problem but the diet and supplement schedule were or at least they were until the “care” package arrived. It had all been there, money to facilitate the diet she wanted them to follow to put on more weight and muscle, a very explicit physical training program and another package containing their “strength training” supplements. They’d had some concern about the last one but it hadn’t turned out to be all that big a deal actually. A friend at the gym identified it as having been developed for Eastern Block athletes as a “performance” enhancing drug with side effects that they quickly discovered seemed to extend beyond strength and performance aspects of it and into the bedroom.
In any event it and they had all been worked rather well she thought and remembering it’s effect she let her fingers slip appreciatively over the snugly clinging covering between her legs. They were here now she thought as she maneuvered the car between the security gates and into the driveway that had presented itself on schedule. Looking over at Janice she found her silently pondering the low ranch arranged along the lake front and offered a bit quietly,

“that would be the door over there I guess, eh?”

“Yeah. That would be it” her companion replied matter of factly and as the gates clanging clanged closed behind them muttered. “Park it right in front and face it out will you? Something tells me this isn’t the first old clunk that’s ever been here.”

“No, probably not” muttered Claire as she swung the car in a circle in front of the door and slipped out to grab the gym bag from the rear seat.

“But we are here and it’s now and we should get in there and see what it’s all about I guess” and with a quickening of her heart she moved to the other side of the car and opened the door for her companion.

Somehow they found themselves before the massive double doors one of which swung silently open to reveal a brunette, already in sandals and a short robe, waiting for them. After a moments silent contemplation she nodded a greeting them and motioning them to follow led the way down the hall stretching behind her. Turning a corner she pointed to a door and said,

“you’ll change here, use only what has been left for you. There is also a small pill box in there with a special stimulant which I suggest you use, you can be assured that your hostess has. When you are ready go through the door on the other side of the room and we’ll be waiting there. ”

That would be her friend and second thought Claire as she dropped the gym bag and closed the door behind them. Definitely going to have to keep my eye on her when this gets going. Glancing quickly at Janice she slipped out of her smock and picked up one of the gear packs that lay by the bed. Janice returned the look and with a shrug slipped out of her jeans and joined her at the bed.
Slip on sandals with elevated heels that tied around the calf, an abbreviated leather thong, a short sleeveless white robe and lightly padded, fingerless tiger gloves made up the kit. That along with the small pill vial. Silently watching Janice she slipped into the sandals and pulled the light toweling robe over her shoulders. It was living up to it’s billing she thought as she watched her friend slip on her thong and draw it tight around her waist. The thin, cupped, front portion of it bulged snugly over her cunt and turning to face Claire she smiled as she gently let her finger slide over the sensitive protuberance of her clit now beginning to swell beneath the thin leather. Claire, a knowing smile on her lips just shrugged as she on pulled hers while Janice slipped into her robe and sandals. A nervous glance, a quick fingering the pill vial and then the contents were gone. Pausing, ready now, another brief look at each other and then without a word, gloves in hand they opened the door and entered the room where the fight would take place.

Their hosts were there to greet them. A male in his mid fifties sitting in a wheelchair with the woman that had greeted them standing about ten feet off to the side. The woman she was there to fight also, sitting with her legs crossed on one side of a small ell shaped couch arranged along the edge of a carpeted area in a corner of the room. Similarly attired in robes and sandals they silently assessed each other for a moment before the woman broke the spell and motioned for Janice to join her on the couch.

“Come, sit here beside me Janice. We have time and I think we should get to know each a little better before we begin don’t you?”

“Suppose so” replied Janice hesitantly as she arranged herself across from the other woman and laid her bare right arm across the top of the couch. “And if you don’t mind I think I’d like to talk a little bit more about the arrangements before we begin.”

“I’d love too Janice. Actually I insist on it since it does tend to remove any misunderstandings and I know that Rodger and Marie will also rather enjoy hearing us discuss them” and nodding in their direction continued with a thin smile, “won’t you?”

No reply and as Claire moved more to the center of the room Janice crossed her legs and leaning closer to the other woman let her fingers play softly along the other’s muscular arm.
“This is all in for two rounds of four minutes each and then we go all in until one of us finishes the other right? And no interference from your woman or Claire unless it’s necessary to separate us after one of the first two rounds right?”

“Yes, that’s correct” said the woman letting her finger play softly in a slow line up along Janice’s muscular thigh. “The early rounds let us acquaint ourselves with each other, so to speak and help to ensure that the fight is not unduly short and incidentally my name is Greta. Am I right that you are a bit new to this?”

“Not that new” replied Janice as she moved closer to the other woman. Letting her leg slide against the other’s she reached out to cup the brunette’s fist in the palm of her hand. “Newer than you I guess but still tough enough for what we want.”

“Well your certainly built for it and that’s for sure” replied Greta softly as she rotated her now closed fist in Janice’s palm. “I like going against a woman with muscle who likes to fight. Some of my guests have been under the impression that it would all be a bit of a wrestle and they’ve paid a price of their naivete if you know what I mean?”

“Not to worry” murmured Janice and smiling she slipped her arm around Greta’s neck and pulled her face gently to within inches of her own. “I like to fight to and there shouldn’t be any doubt about whether I’ve got the muscle to do what I’m goin to do to you is there?”

“No, not much at all Janice” she replied softly her rising excitement now evident and running her hand quickly along her thigh said impatiently, “Of course considering what the two of us are about to do there is the question of skill and heart and now perhaps we should take a look at each other and get started don’t you think?” Without waiting for a reply she rose from the couch and moved to stand in front of the other three.

It served as the signal and as Janice rose she shrugged away the robe and clenching her right fist flexed her arm in a tight angle against her side her eyes never leaving Janice. Moving to join her Janice let her’s fall to the floor beside the other one and struck a matching pose as those watching silently admired their muscular physics. A long moment of evaluation and then Marie and Claire gathered the gloves and moved to their opposite fighter. The male forgotten, they quickly fitted them to their hands and then moved aside as Janice and Greta moved closer together in the center of the room.

Neither said anything as they watched Greta let her hand slip around Janice’s waist and let her fingers trace up her back.

“Beautiful” she murmured her eyes fastening hungrily on Janice’s erect, thrusting nipples “It would appear that the pills you took are having their effect since you seem to match my anticipation at the thought of this don’t you?”

“Yeah” said Janice softly and letting her legs gently straddle Greta’s thigh pressed the thin leather cup of the thong against it. Lifting her fingers to the woman’s shoulder she let the tips trace a soft line to the tip of her breast. “It sorta seems as if we’re both going to get a lot of what you paid for and I really think we’re both going to get what you paid for if you follow my meaning?

“Oh, I most certainly do” replied Greta a bit grimly. “We both know we’re here because we want to do it. We also understand that we’re going to hurt each other, maybe badly and we want that too. There can be only one outcome.” and with that she moved back and raised her fists.

Claire was suddenly aware that her heart was beating rapidly and that she’d been holding her breath while she listened. Breathing deeply she forced herself to relax as she examined the two of them together. She was struck by their apparent evenness. The Austrian, in her late forties or early fifties, taller but only marginally while Janice had no more than three or four pounds on the other woman. Pretty good accomplishment for a woman of her age thought Claire as admired her thick thighs and watched the smooth muscles ripple beneath the skin of her muscular back as she shook her shoulders loose. Watching her edge back as Janice circled closer she thought that this might be a little tougher than either of them had thought. As if reading her thoughts a buzzer sounded and Greta moved, suddenly feinting with her left and as Janice moved to cover, slammed her right fist into the Blonds mouth. Pausing only a moment to access her work, a quick smile of satisfaction and she quickly followed it driving her left into Janice’s right breast and as she crouched to protect herself she hooked her right up into her smooth, tanned belly.
Already she was hurt, her mouth was bleeding and notwithstanding the dull ache in her belly the breast throbbed where Greta had gotten through to it. She knew she had to protect herself better than this or it would be over before it began. Dropping into a crouch she raised her fists and bobbed to Greta’s left.
Standing more erectly the Austrian turned to follow her, swinging her left fist at her head which Janice, still in a crouch, ducked and then charged forward to bury a series of rights and left’s into the big Brunette’s belly and breasts before breaking away. It hadn’t been much. The taste of the blood in her mouth told her they weren’t even but at least the bitch wasn’t going to think she’d be a walk over. She’d liked to have worked her fists a bit lower but that could wait and moved away with Greta in pursuit.
Claire and Maria backed away from the edge of the carpeted area as they approached and only then did Claire notice the digital readout on the wall counting down the time. Already the round was half over and they’d barely broken a sweat she thought but then Greta resumed the attack and forcing Janice closer to a wall delivered a series of jabs to the face and then a hook that connected with her side below the ribs. That drove her solidly against the wall and as she struggled to move away the Austrian lashed out with a right to the belly and then moved in to drive her right knee up between the blonds wide spread legs. Again she did it and as Janice tried to escape she followed, delivering a series of clubbing blows and jabs to her back and kidney’s as she twisted away.
Claire found herself barely breathing as her eyes followed them across the room. Both of them were now covered with sweat but while Janice’s mouth still bled across her chin and chest the Austrian’s body was unmarked. In fact Claire noticed that the fighting was having another effect and that in addition her excitement engorged nipples the swelling beneath the thinly cupped leather thong between the Austrian’s legs had become more noticeable as well. And not only on her she thought as she let her fingers play briefly over the thin leather covering her own increasingly sensitive fullness. It was having it’s predictable effect on her as well and with her fingers still toying with the smooth roundness of the leather covering she moved closer to Marie while keeping her eyes on the scene taking place in front of her.
Janice’s retreat had ended in a corner and as she leaned into it to catch her breath Greta moved more to the center to cover both routes of escape. They were silent, only the sound of their harsh breathing filled the room and then setting herself Greta lowered her head and from a crouch launched herself into the corner with Janice. Coming together in a tangle, her left cheek against Janice’s breasts she dug her fists the blonds lower body while Janice frantically tried to push her off. Partially successful she pushed the head away and as Greta concentrated more on the lower, swung her right fist in an arc that connected with the left side of her face. It stunned her and as she stumbled back Janice attacked furiously throwing her weight on her and pushing her to the floor beneath her. Less than a minute left on the clock now and seizing what advantage she could in the last few seconds she grasped Greta’s hair with her left hand and holding her head to the floor hammered her right fist repeatedly into the side of her head.
So intense was her effort that she failed to hear the sound of the four minute buzzer. The sound of it jolted Claire and Marie to intervene though and while Claire got behind her and pulled her off Marie caught her fists and pushed her away. Wrapping her arm around her waist she maneuvered her toward the couch while Marie helped Greta to her feet.
Reaching for a towel while Marie eased Greta to the far end of the couch Claire thought that the exchange had been pretty even. Janice had a puffy eye that could turn out to be bothersome but the blood from her mouth seemed to have stopped. Greta on the other hand had rapidly darkening bruises on her left cheek and over the eye where Janice’s fists had found her on the floor. Putting her knee on the couch beside Janice she tilted her head back and applied the coolness of the towel to her face as she wiped the blood away.

“Watch where you drive those fists when your down there. You miss and you’ll break a hand and then where’ll we be?”

Other than a grunt of acknowledgment Janice said nothing as she stared at the other woman being sponged down on the other end of the couch. Except for her labored breathing Greta was just as silent. Marie had given her an ice pack to apply to her cheek while she wiped her body down with a moist towel. Claire reflected that having Marie and herself to provide some level of control was going to turn out to probably be a pretty good idea but she wondered a bit if they could do it the way they were supposed to. In some respects there had been more control when Janice and she had done it. It had been just the two of them then but now there were four, all women that liked to fight and probably neither she or Marie knew what they might do if provoked. Thinking about it excited her though, the thought of all four of them in it together with no restraints and turning her attention to the two on the other end of the couch she was rewarded with a look of silent appraisal from Marie that told her she might be thinking along the same lines. Returning her attention to Janice she pressed the ice pack to her eye and asked
“you getting well acquainted?”

“Yeah” laughed Janice softly as her hand traveled idly up the inside Claire’s smoothly muscled thigh, “but not as well as we’re going to”

Glancing at the clock Claire said nothing. Marie had finished with Greta now and was slowly kneading her back while the Austrian stared intently at Janice while waiting for the one minute warning buzzer. It was almost time. Anticipating it they were both rising from the couch when it sounded and with a last brief glance at the other walked side by side to the center of the room. Turning to face each other, their hands balled into fists inside the thin leather gloves they stood only inches apart as they waited for the buzzer to sound again.
Greta’s fist was already in motion when it did. Straining and with a fierce cry she drove it into Janice’s belly and as Janice was driven back by the force of it she raised her fist and smashed the back of her glove against the side of her head. Following closely she drove her knee between Janice’s legs and twisting her leg sent her flying to the floor. It had all happened so quickly that neither Claire or Marie had time to do more than catch their breath but now Marie found her voice and shouted,

“get on her, kill her” as she moved with impatient eagerness along the edge of the carpeted fighting area.

Claire followed saying nothing as Greta stepped astride Janice and dropped her full weight on her belly. Arching her back she rose above her and shifting forward settled her weight on her breasts while her knees pinned her upper arms to the floor. Grasping her hair with one hand she smiled wickedly as Janice, realizing what was to happen next, tried to heave her off.

“Payback bitch” she snarled as she twisted the trapped woman’s hair with her left hand and stretched her neck. Holding her there for just a moment she drove her right fist into the side of her face, again and as Janice screaming in fury tore her hair from her grip, again into the now upwardly facing mouth and nose. The desperation of it energized her and arching her back she bucked the Austrian’s body over her head and clasping her bleeding face she scrambled to her feet as Greta, an evil grin of satisfaction on here face, rose slowly from the floor on the other side of the room.
Claire caught her breath and felt a bit of the tension drain from her as she and Marie moved back from where they had unconsciously intruded into the fighting area. Janice had managed to somewhat staunch the flow of blood but her face, breasts and belly were covered with it and watching her as she waited grimly in the center of the room Claire wondered how long it would go as the big Austrian moved to close the gap. Looks like they’re both going to be a bit more careful though she thought as she watched Janice drop to a crouch and raise her fists in front of her.
The atmosphere in the room had changed from when all four had been sitting cooly on the couch. Then there’d been the anticipation as She and Marie waited for it to begin but now the anticipation had turned to passionate partisanship as they cried encouragement and paced along the sidelines. It was also hotter now, either by design or the results of the physical effort, and both were covered with a fine sweat sheen. The fighters to with their sweat mixing with blood to stain and smear the pale carpeting that covered the fighting area. The smell of it mixed with the scent of the physically aroused females hung heavily in the room. Not that the two in the center of the room were conscious of it but Claire and Marie were and as they waited for them to come together part of their attention was directed speculatively at the other. Both were more than aware of what the other was experiencing and neither were shy in acknowledging it. Claire’s hand cupped her breast letting her fingers play with the now engorged nipple at the tip of it as she watched Marie slowly let her index finger slip beneath the leather covering her cunt to gently massage the throbbing bud that was slipping from it’s house. A slap of flesh, a grunt and a cry of rage. A brief smile of acknowledgment and then their attention was returned to what was taking place in the center of the room.
Greta attacked almost immediately leading with a long range left that she used to bat at Janice’s head while she set herself up to follow it close in. When she did Janice let her, taking a quick punch to the breasts and returning it with her right fist hooking low into the other fighter’s belly. Pushing against her she did it again and as Greta curled into her body for protection Janice wrapped her arm around her neck and holding her head against her side drove her right fist flush into the mouth. Reacting in desperation Greta wrapped both of her arms around her waist and tried to throw her away but they staggered around the carpet Janice was successful in delivering two more short, hard blows to the face before she broke away.
Falling back, her face a bloody mask, Greta tried to avoid the pawing fists that followed her across the carpet. Offering only a weak defense she let herself be trapped against a wall and as Janice bulled in to deliver a series of left’s and rights to her lower body she was reduced to wrestling her around as she tried to ward them off. Finally, sobbing in frustration, she reverted to driving her knee repeatedly into her crotch and as they parted, a frantic left fist to the retreating face that exploded squarely on Janice’s nose.
It was enough and as Janice snorted the blood and tried to wipe it away with the back of her hand she backed away. Eyes never leaving the other they slowly circled in the center of the carpet as they tried to regain some of what they’d lost in the exchange. Greta had fared the worse being barely able to see with the blood in her eyes and as she rubbed her fists across her face to clear them Janice moved closer into her right side and lowered her shoulder as she prepared to strike.
Marie reacted first. A cry of warning followed by Claire’s shouted suggestion to finish her and as Janice swung her right into the Austrians belly Greta drove hers in desperation into the side of her attacker’s face. Following her fist she thrust her right hand between Janice’s left arm and side and wrapping her arm in back of her shoulder slipped her hand across the side of Janice’s face. Pushing her away she muscled her down and in a savage effort to inflict damage drove her left fist repeatedly into the trapped woman’s lower belly and kidney’s as they staggered across the carpet and then fell.
Both were on the floor now. The fall had broken Greta’s grip on her face and Janice had her left arm around the Austrian’s neck trapping her face in her breasts as she struggled to roll her over beneath her. Almost but as she slid over the other’s sweaty body she pushed her away. Quickly taking advantage of the situation Greta rolled to her knees and threw herself after her and as they came together she drove her left knee between her legs and rolled Janice onto her back. Claire’s cry of alarm was almost drowned out by Marie’s scream of encouragement but almost simultaneously Janice reacted. Grasping Greta’s wrists she held her away reducing the damage she could do to repeated thrusts of her knee between her legs as they rocked back and forth on the carpet.
None of them heard the sound of the buzzer and from somewhere it sounded again, louder, starting the two women at the side of the carpet forward. This time all it took was a cry from Marie and Greta relaxed her body signaling Janice that it was time to break. Gasping for breath but otherwise silent they moved apart and regaining their feet let Claire and Marie guide them back to the couch where they slouched into the leather at opposite ends and stared silently at each other as their seconds began to towel them down.

“How you feelin babe” murmured Claire as she slipped her knee onto the couch beside Janice and started to wipe the blood from her face. “You doin it to her?”

“Yeah, I think so” replied Janice. “She’s one tough bitch though and she sure likes doin it this way don’t she?”

“About like you when it comes to that I guess” and as Janice lowered her head Claire gently pulled her face into her belly.

“Bout like both of us eh?” she murmured almost to herself as she felt Janice’s hand slip around the back of her thigh. Wiping the worst traces of the fighting from her face she silently sponged the sweat and blood from the rest of her body while Janice turned her attention to the pair at the other end of the couch.

It was much the same. Marie had moved to kneel in front of the Austrian and was working a moist towel between her thighs while Greta returned Janice’s silent stare. Both fighters had slumped, legs apart, as they were tended to but now as the rest period grew short and they regained their energy their thoughts returned to what was to follow next. While the fighting had excited Claire and Marie it had an even greater effect on Janice and Greta. Along with the furious fighting energy and pain engendered it had also aroused them and as they contemplated the next round their fingers played unconsciously at breasts and across the thin bulging leather now pulled tightly between their legs.

Greta acknowledged it first, spreading her index and middle finger and letting them slide through the thick nest of pubic hair that protruded from each side of her thong she smiled lewdly as Janice returned her stare. Thrusting her legs apart she let the back of her hands caress the inside of her thighs as she pulled an imaginary head tighter into the vee before letting her fingers slip beneath the thin covering to stroke the thick, thrusting clit now tenting up beneath it. The challenge had raised the level of tension in the fight room palatably and Janice rose from the couch to acknowledge it. Keeping her eyes on Greta she pulled her thong covering her mound even more tightly into her slit and as the soft flesh swelled out on either side instructed Claire to make it even tighter.

“We need some body oil too” she added hoarsely

“Yes I think we will need some oil” replied Greta as she rose to join her while Marie savagely cinched her thong tighter too. “I have some special oil that I reserve just for occasions such as this Janice. Would you care to try it?”

“And what’s so special about this oil?” asked Janice.

“Well it’s rather thick which lets it stay with you longer and it also has an astringent that tends to cause some physical and very personal aggravation. Which I might add will also heighten the intensity of this last part of our arrangement.” Not waiting for her reply she continued, “Marie, provide Claire with some oil and begin to apply it to me.”

Both of the seconds needed no further urging and both of the fighters were quickly covered with a coating of a seemingly mentholated, almost molasses like oil.

“Put more here between my legs” murmured Greta. “When I get done with her face that’s where I’m going to keep it while it does it’s work..”

“More here” responded Janice as she guided Claire’s hands as they lathered the heavy slippery substance around and beneath her swelling breasts. “And maybe some more here too” as she spread her legs.

The astringent in the oil was already working it’s way into their cuts and abrasions and as the warning buzzer sounded they moved aggressively together with Claire and Marie at their backs.

“Well are you ready” muttered Greta softly, her face flushed and anger already clouding her voice as she let her hand travel up Janice’s upper arm and across her breast?

“Yeah, more than” replied Janice softly and as her breath quickened from the oil she let her fingers gently caress the swelling bulge in the leather drawn tightly between the Austrian’s legs. “When the buzzer sounds we’re goin to walk out there into the center of this room and that’s where I’m goin ta kill you.”

“It’d take you a long time to do that lady” replied Greta softly and as the buzzer sounded they separated and walked to the center of the room.

Moving closer together Marie and Claire stepped back as they watched them turn to face each other in the center of the carpeted, fighting square. Their function was finished, at least until it was finished and both knew they were now prepared to let it run it’s course. Reaching out Claire pulled the other woman close and still never taking her eyes from the two in the center of the room let her tongue gently caress the blonds ear. Still watching the fighters the blond responded, nuzzling against Claire’s body she cupped the black’s breast and gently kneaded the thick, turgid nipple as she maneuvered them both back to the end of the couch. Both were breathing rapidly in anticipation and still watching they pressed closer together and they sank to it’s smooth leather surface and waited for it to begin.

Both Janice and Greta were sweating heavily, the sharp, biting flush of pain from the oil turning their anxiety to anger and heightening their impatience as they waited for the buzzer to signal the start . for what they were about to do.
It did and Greta was the first to break the frozen tableau. Almost in a rage she balled her right fist and slowly shoved it into Janice’s ribs and started to push her away as Janice moved back in a crouch. A further push, Greta crouched and as Janice batted away the fist she lunged after her driving it into the side of her breast. Janice had anticipated her and partially blocking it with her left shoulder moved in against her and hooked her right fist into the side of Greta’s belly. Stepping aside she tried to follow it with a left to the face but Greta ducked it and throwing up her left arm under her shoulder threw her against the wall. They were together almost immediately with Greta burrowing in against Janice with a flurry of punches to the lower body and when Janice tried to pull her close she allowed it, wrapping her arms around her waist and sinking her teeth into the swelling orb of her left breast. Chewing frantically she held her there as Janice screamed and tried to push her away. She wasn’t successful and as Greta hung on, her face buried in Janice’s breasts, they began to slide to the floor. The impact distracted Greta though and marshaling all of her strength she forced the chewing teeth away from her breast and rolling to the side drove her left fist into Greta’s face. Frantically following it with her hand she grasped the Austrian’s head and levering her body above it drove her left knee up between her legs before she was thrown off.
Rolling to the side she came to a crouch as Greta rose to her knees clasping her mound with her hands. Her own already smarting from the oil she smiled at Greta’s discomfort as she quickly regained her feet. Obviously the oil was doing the same thing to the tender flesh beneath the leather covering that it was doing to the abrasions on the skin that surrounded it. Moving to Greta’s side she prepared to renew the attack as the other woman struggled to her feet.
Greta crouched and scuttled sideways as Janice loomed above her flexing her fists. Lunging she kneed the Austrian in the face and raising her right arm lowered in a chopping motion that connected with the back of her neck. Down now, she was sprawled on the carpet and quickly lowering herself she rolled her over. Wrapping her left arm across the front of Greta’s neck she leveraged her up and thrusting her left leg under her body slipped her right leg between Greta’s and locked the Austrian’s left leg between them. Arching her body backwards over her pelvis she pulled her neck further under her left shoulder and tightening her arm raised her free right arm and drove her clenched fist into the broad expanse of belly that was presented to her. Again, this time into the swelling vee between the legs and then a now screaming Greta frantically tried to wrench her head from beneath Janice’s shoulder, again into the bulging, sweat stained leather between her legs.
Both were slippery from the oil and as Janice made to do it again Greta pulled her head from beneath her shoulder and twisting to the side pushed her body to a lying position beside Janice. This time it was her turn and quickly forcing herself above Janice she drove her knee into her crotch and grabbing the blonds hair with both her hands, rolled above her.
Frantically she tried to throw her off but the Austrian would not be denied. Their bodies now slick with sweat and oil her hands slipped ineffectually from the wrist up the arm as Greta bashed her head repeatedly into the floor. Throwing herself upward she pushed the clutching hands above Janice’s head and with a quick crouching movement drove her knees into the blonds belly. Screaming she forced one of Janice’s wrists to the floor behind her and with her other hand fisted repeated blows to her unprotected face as she frantically tried to push her off.
It could have ended there but for the oil and Janice’s furious efforts to escape. She was too slippery to hold for long and wrenching her wrist free and arching her back she bucked the other woman off to the side. Scrambling free she lunged to the wall and pushed herself erect as Greta rolled to a crouch and faced her from the center of the fighting area.
Gasping for breath she grinned as she surveyed the damage to Janice’s face. Blood was running in quantity from her nose and lip, the left cheek was torn and the blond hair was matted with it. Still in a crouch she rocked back on the balls of her feet and letting her arms rest on her thighs silently watched the blond wipe the worst of the gore from her eyes. She sensed a win and was starting to have that deliciously familiar feeling that accompanied it. Rising to her feet she flexed her fingers and then balling them into fists slowly advanced toward Janice as she considered her next course of action.
Janice watched as she came closer. She knew she needed time that wasn’t going to be there but lacking that she moved sideways along the wall presenting only her side to the other fighter as she tried to regain some sense of composure. A sudden movement and as Greta lunged after her she ducked, rather slid down against the wall and as they closed ducked under her and buried her fist into her belly at the point just above the vee. Rising beneath her she did it again only this time the target was the rib-cage directly beneath her left breast and as she came erect she let her left fist upper-cut into the soft swelling mound between the Austrian’s legs.
So much for the reversal of positions she thought with a little bit of satisfaction but the thought was only at the back of her mind. Time to press her advantage and as their momentum carried her to the side she chopped her right fist downward into Greta’s kidney as she passed.
It was enough to put her down and as she rolled to her back Janice dropped onto her and planted her left knee onto her out thrust right arm. Quickly grasping her hair with her left hand she stretched her neck to the left and hesitating only a moment, slowly and deliberately began to drive her right fist into the fallen woman’s body from her crotch to her now vulnerable face.
Almost over now. Janice’s arm’s were tired but still Greta clung to consciousness and letting go of the hair she rose on shaky legs to move away from the now mewling woman curled plaintively on the floor. Her arms ached from their effort and the room was filled with the sound of her labored breathing as she staggered back while silently willing the other woman to rise.
And slowly she did rolling into a sitting position against the wall and then pulling on all of her remaining strength she pushed herself up and stood erect in front of her waiting opponent. Weakly raising her hands, now only loosely clenched into fists, she slid slowly away along the wall as she waited for Janice to finish what both of them had started.
Sprawled in the corner of the couch Claire tightened her arm around Marie’s waist and pulled her closer luxuriating in the feeling of her muscular back pressing against her breasts. A quick glance brought a knowing smile of appreciation signaling that she would make no move to intervene. Returning her attention to the scene before them she let her hand slip up to cup her breast letting her fingers first caress and then knead deeply into the firm flesh as Marie rolled slightly to her side and slipped her fingers eagerly between her own chocolate thighs. A quick glance, a smile of acknowledgment and they pressed even closer together and returned their attention to the final, brutal carnage that was about to take place before them.
Claire was a bit surprised by the feelings that the fight had engendered. She knew beyond any doubt that she had enjoyed it, lusted for more of it but under the circumstances it was a bit surprising that it had effected Marie in the same way. She also noticed that it appeared to have had a similar effect on Janice as she watched her fighter slowly stalk her prey. She looked magnificent, her muscular body now pumped with exertion, slick with sweat, oil, and blood, was a picture of physical aggressiveness as she prepared to finish the Austrian off. Still keeping her eyes on the two fighters she emitted a soft, guttural growl of pleasure and let her teeth play softly with Marie’s ear as she watched her move forward to close with Greta.
Not in any hurry now she followed Greta as she pushed herself away along the wall. Batting away a hand raised in an ineffectual defense she cracked the back of her right hand against the side of her face as she tried to cover up. Again she made to do it and then taking advantage of the defensive movement it elicited, she grasped her opponent around the waist and threw her physically in the direction of the couch.
Staggering backwards Greta frantically wiped her eyes as she began to recover a portion of her senses but her efforts were to be in vain. It was over, she knew it as did the others, most particularly the big blond now forcing her back. Suddenly feeling the couch against the back of her calves she reached back and as Claire and Marie scrambled to get out of their way Janice launched herself to capture the Austrian and force her down beneath her over it’s leather back.
Claire caught her breath as she watched Janice staddle Austrian’s muscular body. She was preparing to administer the coup de gra and looking around the room she met their eyes. Then grasping Greta’s hair she stretched her head and neck backwards over the top of the couch. Sliding higher on the sweat slick body she adjusted her mounted position and smiling with obvious satisfaction arched her back and drove her right fist into the swollen globe of flesh that was the Austrian’s left breast.
No longer mewling in protest Greta’s gasping scream of shock and pain filled the room. Trying to escape she twisted away and Janice let her but only to a point and then jerking her head back and shifting her position she buried her right fist into the now unprotected stomach muscles of the woman trapped beneath her. Greta was beyond expression now and as she started a reflexive curl Janice released her hold on her hair and rose above her. Again that look of total satisfaction and with a brief look at the watchers she began to drive first one fist and then the other indiscriminately into the body trapped beneath her. The sound of it filled the room. The smack of leather connecting with the firm sweaty flesh along with Janice’s grunts and Greta’s mewling sounds of pain until finally, exhausted, she paused and as she rocked back from her position on the Austrian Greta collapsed unconsciously across the arm of the couch. It was over and as Janice rose unsteadily to her feet Marie looked to Rodger and mouthed a silent question.
He nodded, an unexplained smile of satisfaction on his face and without a word wheeled himself to the door. Curious thought Claire. Almost as if it was the outcome he wanted but then as the door opened to permit his exit another woman entered and her train of thought was interrupted. Moving to Janice she covered her shoulders with the robe and guided her to the door as Marie and the other woman prepared to carry the unconscious Greta to the other.