First Fight 03160-2
By: Teez
I want to see what it’s like
Even though she’d been expecting it the sound of the bell still caught her by surprise. More than expecting, waiting anxiously would be more like it and with her heart in her throat she caught her breath and opened the door.
“Claire” her voice asking a question of the black woman standing on the step?
“Yeah, and that’d make you Janice I guess” replied the other a little uncertainly.
Neither said anything for a moment while they visually assessed the other and then Janice stepped aside and silently motioned the other woman to enter.
Janice could feel her eyes on her as she lead the way to the livingroom. Good, let her look and see what she’s getting herself into she thought and then caught her breath nervously at what that meant. Reaching the doorway she motioned for the other to enter and then followed her in closing the door behind them.
Neither said anything for a moment as they slowly moved to face each other in the center of the sparsely furnished room. Janice broke the silence “Well, lets see what you’ve got under the coat Claire” she said softly as she nodded in the direction of the couch.
Claire was silent, her eyes never leaving Janice’s and after pausing for a moment she slowly slipped the buttons of her coat and shrugged it to the floor beside the couch. Giving Janice an insolent smile she put her hands on her hips and moving closer said “Whadu yu think lady. Am I goin to be tough enough for us?”
Janice didn’t reply at first as she let her eyes devour the other woman’s body. Perfect she thought, about the same height and weight, powerfully built and obviously with similar inclinations and desires. Moving slowly around her she thought that this was almost too good to be true. About five ten, maybe a little heavier than her 166 lbs but it didn’t look like much of it was fat. She was very dark though with an oily sheen to her skin and while maybe a little soft on the outside there was obviously a lot of muscle beneath it. Almost Indian features she thought as she examined her profile and then realized with a little start that there was a thin, almost invisible line of darker hair above her upper lip. She didn’t know just why this excited her but it did but she didn’t care. Moving closer she continued her examination of the woman who had come to fight her. Not much on beneath the trencher either she thought, no more than she, just a cutoff shirt and shorts and by the look of her she appeared to be as satisfied with what she saw as she was. Her inspection done she moved back to face the black woman and said “I guess if you got any questions now’d be the time to ask em.”
“Well I guess for starters is this the place we’re goin be doin it?” replied Claire. “Seems a shame to mess up a perfectly good livingroom” and laughed as she continued “a girl could get hurt that way if you know what I mean.”
Janice laughed at the double meaning and it made her feel a little better. The ice was broken a bit and it would make what happened next easier to get into. “No, there’s a room in the center of the house where nobody can hear it. It’s big enough and I’ve fixed it up for what we have in mind” and with a little laugh said “really wouldn’t want one of to get hurt prematurely would we?”
“No, guess not” agreed Claire with a smile and reaching out with her hand she let it gently caress Janice’s arm. “You got some good stuff there babe, I’m goin have to be careful” and almost to her self, “real careful.”
“No morein me” replied Janice her hands slipping up the side of the other woman’s bare arm and let her fingers appreciate the firm layer of muscle they found there. “You said you’ve never done it like this before but how close have you come?”
“Hmm, bout like you I guess, maybe a little more. Course every time I start to get there something always seems to get in the way.”
“Yeah, seems that way to me too. Not this one though eh” and almost to her self added, “you look like you’ll be real competitive lady”
“Hope so” replied Claire softly. “I’ve been wanting something like this for a long while now, just like you say you have, and one way or the other I definitely don’t want to go home disappointed. I mean after all girl we do want to fight and I’m gettin real ready if you know what I mean?”
“Yeah, that’d turn you on wouldn’t it?” replied Janice tightening the muscles of her arm as she felt Claire’s finger tips slip over the surface of the skin. “I’m getting real ready that way myself. Think maybe it’s time for us to maybe get in there and see about getting it on don’t ya think?”
“Yeah” replied Claire. “Guess so, no point in waiting, I’m getting little butterflies just thinking about it.”
“Yeah, me too” said Janice “We been waiting too long girl, let’s do it” and turning resolutely to the door lead the other woman to the special fighting room that she had so carefully prepared.

“Not bad” said Claire as Janice closed and locked the door behind them and then, “It’ll work” as she scuffed her feet on the padded floor. Nodding approvingly at the large packing pads attached to the walls she said “ seems you’ve thought of everything.”
“Yeah, I worked at it” replied Janice as she took a key with a long piece of string on it from her pocket and unlocked another door at the other end of the room. “Even thought of a place for us to put our stuff where it won’t get in the way” and turning to face Claire swung the key in a slow arc said “ as a matter of fact about the only thing that won’t be in there except for us will be a bit of this string. You see the lock on both doors is key operated from both sides so to get out of here one of us has to pull it out from under the door by this string when it’s finished” and smiling at Claire’s look of understanding she slipped the buttons on her cutoffs and pushed them down her thighs to the floor.
“I hope you really want this fight” said Claire as she slowly undid the buttons of her shirt and shrugged it from her shoulders?
“Yeah, I guess so or maybe I guess we’ll find out” responded Janice pulling her tee shirt over her head as she watched Claire slip out of her jeans. “But like you said, that’s why we’re here. We both want it this way and this time we there ain’t nuthin to keep us from doin it our way is there?”
“Yeah” replied Claire, clenching her hands into fists as she turned to face the other woman. “You ever been in a real fist fight before?”
“Yeah, but it wasn’t like I wanted. How bout you?” she replied as she moved closer to Claire.
“Once with a guy it worked out pretty good except he couldn’t quite get into doing it to me when he had the chance and I put him away” said Claire. “How bout you?”
“Close a couple of times but you know, pretty soon it turns into wrestling around and then somebody buts in and it’s over. And anyway who’s going up against this” she said proudly as she clasped her hands above her head and posed her powerful body for Claire’s inspection.
“That’s about the way it’s worked for me too” replied Claire after a moments reflection and moving closer let her fingers trace a line across the hard muscle of the other woman’s abdomen. “Me, that’s who’s goin up against it babe” she said softly. “It is going to be different though isn’t it girl?”
“Yeah” relied Janice

Both of them were silent as they let their eyes travel over the other. It was going to be different, just the way they wanted it and never dropping their gaze from the other they silently slipped out of their briefs and kicked the clothing into the closet. Picking up the two sets of driving gloves from the floor inside she laid the string into the fighting room and then clicking the lock, closed the door. Both of them were totally naked now, alone with themselves and moving to the center of the room Janice handed a pair of the gloves to Claire as they slowly came closer together.
“You know it not personal” said Janice as she tugged on one glove and slipped her arm around Claire’s waist and drew her against her body. “It’s just got to be this way for me. I’ve got to know what it’s like and when we get going I’m not going to be able to stop. You know that too don’t you?”
“Yeah, I know it girl. It’s the same for me” and suddenly cupping the back of the blonds head with her hand she let her lips slip softly over Janice’s mouth and murmured “I gotta know and I won’t stop anymorein you will.”
“You scared” said Janice softly as she pulled on the other glove and waited for Claire to follow suit?
“Yeah, but I want it too much to think about it” relied Clair as she quickly pulled on the second glove and then pushing Janice away with a sudden movement she drove her right fist into the blonds face.
Janice was waiting for it and throwing up her right arm she deflected the blow over her shoulder. Setting herself as Claire followed her body she drove her right fist into the juncture of the black woman’s breast and lower rib cage. It landed with a smacking thud and the sound of it and Claire’s grunt of pain caused Janice to experience a burst of sexual adrenalin that surged from between her legs to the tip of her hard, excited nipples. First hit and now for first blood she thought and turning to follow her moved forward to do it again. She was a bit too wrapped up in her thoughts though and met Claire’s left leg swinging rapidly in her direction. Only her upraised arm prevented the foot from finding her face and as she stumbled away it was Claire that became the pursuer. Moving quickly the other woman followed her and buried her right fist into the left side of Janice’s belly. It landed at the wrong angle to do much damage but it hurt and in an almost unconscious reaction Janice swept her right arm back driving the back of her hand into the side of Claire’s head.
Both of them stumbled back, their hands raised in front of them as the sound of their harsh breathing filled the room. Their muscular, smooth skinned bodies were slick with sweat now, their eyes were stinging with it. Shaking their heads did nothing and using the back of their arms to wipe their faces only made it worse so with a final shake they silently moved together. Neither said anything as they concentrated on the other and what they were doing.
Going to have to stay from her legs thought Janice as she took another, more critical, look at the smoothly sculpted layers of muscle. They looked like dancers legs but even more like a dancer that did a lot of lifting. Balancing her weight on the balls of her feet she raised her clenched fists and stepped forward to meet the other’s advance.
Claire met her with arms raised and her hands open. With a swift, fluid hop she transferred her weight to her left leg and as Janice drove her right fist at her face she drove her right knee into the matted fur of the blonds cunt. Hopping forward she did it again and as Janice was bent forward from the blow she grabbed her wrists with her hands and drove her knee into the side of her face.
In desperation Janice tore away from her grasp and wrapping her arms around the black woman’s waist pushed her across the floor. The shock of Claire’s knee had sent waves of pain and nausea through her. Approaching the side of the room she felt the other woman wrap her right arm around her neck and pull her head tightly to her side. Too late she realized what she had in mind and as Claire’s shoulder touched the wall she wrenched Janice’s head into the padding with as much force as she could muster.
The impact of meeting the thinly padded wall stunned her and as her arms dropped from around the other woman’s waist she fell to the floor on her hands and knees. Claire moved back to her side, steadied herself drove and her right leg forward drop kicking the fallen woman in her stomach lifting Janice partly from the floor and throwing her against the wall on her back.
Claire circled her slowly, catching her breath she watched Janice writhe against the wall clutching her belly. She’d liked the feel of it so far, driving her head into the wall and the feel her foot lifting the other woman. She also liked the feeling that it engendered and as she raised her arm to wipe the sweat from her face she was conscious of a feeling of sexual warmth between her legs as the increasingly sensitive finger of flesh began to protrude from between the swelling lips of her cunt. Unconsciously her other hand stroked the stiff thrusting hardness of her nipples as waited. So far she had come out the better she reflected. Better to keep her from getting in too close though she thought as she watched Janice regain her knees. She was probably better with her legs but eyeing the blonds powerful back and arms told her that Janice was probably at least as good with her fists as she was.
“Ready for some more” she asked as Janice straightened up?
“Yeah, I’m ready” mumbled Janice as she dropped her shoulder she launched her self at Clair.
She hadn’t expected it and the force of Janice’s shoulder driving into her just below her breasts threw her half over the blond’s back as both of them were driven across the room. Locking her arms around her waist she tried to wrestle her to the floor but the force of the charge drove both of them into the wall before she could accomplish it. Frantically trying to lift her she slipped, stumbled backward and falling against the wall slid to the floor with the blond on top.
Claire’s muscular brown arms were locked around her waist and as they fell she felt her pull the back of her head into her belly and with her neck wedged between the swelling chocolate breasts felt her feet lift off the floor as the other woman desperately wrenched her upwards. The fall had knocked the wind out of her though and Claire just lay there, her right leg on the floor and her left chocked at the knee. Janice moved to take what advantage she could. It was an awkward position with her legs kicking uselessly in the air and her head just above the juncture of Claire’s wide spread thighs but swinging her right arm in a downward arch she buried her fist between the other woman’s legs. The startled scream was instantaneous and instinctively Janice did it again only this time her fist buried itself in the firm flesh of Claire’s left breast as the other woman threw her aside.
Landing on her belly about three feet away Janice scrambled to her knees as Claire rolled to her feet and backed away against the wall. Slowly getting to her feet Janice noticed with satisfaction that the black had her hand between her legs and then with a surge of excitement that it was smeared with red. A feeling of exhilaration surged through her as she stalked her along the wall. It was first blood for her and as she savored the feel of her fists between the other woman’s legs she determined to do it again. Thinking about brought a shudder of pleasure and shaking her arms to loosen the tenseness of her muscles she moved within striking range.
Janice’s approach had forced Claire to back up and suddenly she found her self uncomfortably close to a corner of the wall. Straightening up she raised her fists and waited for Janice to come to her. They were both breathing hard, their breath coming in excited gasps, their arms raised as they maneuvered their sweaty bodies around the other. Janice struck first jabbing at Claire’s head with her left and moving suddenly in against her to drive her right into her belly.
Claire was ready though and ducking beneath the jab blocked the right with her arm and hooked her fist into the blond’s ribs. Pushing her away she followed it with a short left jab that split Janice’s lips and as she staggered back, a long looping hook that connected with the side of her breast. Well that evened things up a little she thought as the knot of anxiety in her belly melted a little.
“Liked that cunt hit did you” she said almost pleasantly as she followed the other woman now backing away from her to the center of the room.
“Yeah, I liked it” replied Janice sarcastically “and I want some more of it too” she continued.
“Seconds are goin be a bit tougher” responded Claire grimly as she feinted with her left and cocked her right. “But you are more than welcome to some” and suddenly lunging forward slipped beneath Janice’s outstretched arms and buried her fist into the soft, unprotected flesh directly above the thick fur between the other’s legs. Following she straightened up and in a series of well directed blows found first the blonds breasts, her belly and as Janice crossed her arms in front of her and bent over to protect herself, a left to the cheek and a right that skidded across her face. She was rewarded by the sight of blood spurting from the blond’s nose as she staggered away and lunging after her she slammed her body into her as they hit the wall. Pushing her arms aside she fisted the other woman with left’s and rights to the lower body and breasts as Janice frantically tried to protect herself. Wrapping her arms around Claire’s waist she wrestled the strong, sweaty body against her own. She could feel the harsh kiss of her crotch against her thigh and almost as an after thought she wedged her leg between Claire’s and pushing her away drove her knee up and into it.
It wasn’t the force that did it but it caught her off guard and as Claire moved away she seized the opportunity and raising her leg delivered a slicing kick that glanced off Claire’s thigh and thudded into her belly. This time she fell back and as she did Janice moved away from her along the wall as Claire recovered her balance in the center of the room.
The initial rush of adrenalin had subsided to be replaced by an appreciation of what would now be required and with grim determination they set out to accomplish it. Both now bloodied they circled each other, their fists cocked at their sides.

Watching the other woman maneuver around her Janice let her gaze drift idly over her body and observed that the fighting appeared to be having the same effect on Claire as it was having on herself. Unmarked except for the blood on her thighs her body glistened with sweat as she shuffled around in the center of the room and waited for Janice to come to her. Janice noticed in particular the hard erectness of the black woman’s nipples thrusting from her firm swelling, breasts and was conscious of the tingling sensitivity of her own. Must work on those juicy targets she thought and slipping to the side hooked her left fist into the cleft between them. Claire blocked it, partially, by raising her left arm and deflecting it up but this left her side open and Janice took advantage of it by driving her right fist into her left breast before dropping into a crouch and moving away. Claire swung around to follow her, pawing at her face with her left fist before lunging after her. Rising to meet her Janice wrapped her arms around her waist and lifting her left knee drove it up between her legs before throwing her to the side as she regained her balance. Claire slipped as she hit the floor and Janice followed her, dropping her right fist and driving it up into her face knocking her back against the wall.
“Payback Bitch” she thought as she teased Claire’s arms lower with a feint to the belly and then delivered a series of well timed, accurate punches to her unprotected face. The first mashed into her cheek and started the nose and the second split her lips rewarding Janice with an immediate show of blood that quickly covered her chin and began to spread to her heaving, sweat, slick breasts.
“That even’s it up a bit” she thought as she rose and danced away. She was conscious of a warm feeling of satisfaction as she watched Claire, her hand to her mouth, push herself upright against the wall. “More like that and I’ll feel even better” and smiled at the thought of it as she did a quick dance to establish her timing before launching herself into the other woman’s body.
Claire really wasn’t ready. Her fists were up but her back was still against the wall and Janice had no trouble getting through her weak defense with another series of punches to the lower body and breasts. She experienced little jolts of sexual adrenalin surging through her body as she felt her fists drive into the other woman’s smooth, firm flesh. This was what this was about she thought as she feinted again to the head. Rewarded with the instinctively upward move of the other’s arms she set herself and drove her right fist with all of her force into Claire’s left breast.
An anguished groan of pain burst from Claire’s lips as she grasped her breast and staggered away. Janice followed, savoring the sight and feel of it trying to decide what to do next as she waited for the opportunity to do it.
Not long to wait. Claire reached the far wall and still cupping her breast with her left hand braced herself against it with her right as Janice followed behind her. A kick spun her partly around and as she turned to face her Janice wrapped her left arm around her neck, trapping her head beneath it and wrapping her right around her waist wrestled with her as they fell to the floor together.
Falling backwards and as she hit the cushioned surface her grip on Claire’s neck was broken and the other woman rolled on top of her. Struggling savagely they used their knees, fists and occasionally teeth as they fought as they rolled around on the floor. Claire emerged on top or almost and without hesitation began to drive her right fist into any part of Janice that she could find. Neither of them were in position to put their full power behind the blows but they still did damage and their bodies were quickly smeared with fresh blood from their bleeding faces. Janice could feel the other woman’s weight pressing down on her and knew she had to escape or Claire would have her there on the floor. Raising her arms she captured one of her arms with her right hand and pushing her face away with her left rolled out from under the other woman’s body. Continuing the movement brought her to the middle of the room and pushing herself to her feet she watched Claire do the same.
Pausing to catch her breath she asked “Well babe, is this what you wanted?”
“Yeah, so far” gasped Claire. “Pretty much the same with you too I think” she added never taking her eyes from Janice as she continued to massage her breast and slide along the wall.
“Yeah, I guess we’re a good match for each other” responded Janice and raising her fists prepared to meet her again, smiled “that big left tit of yours is goin be a lot sorer when I get done resizing it babe”.
Claire didn’t respond, preferring to steel herself and meet Janice somewhere other than with her back against the wall. She wasn’t as confident now. The blond had hurt her and while she wasn’t afraid she knew that she had best get this over with while she still had a chance to control the outcome. Raising her fists in front of her she moved away from the wall and confronted Janice in the center of the room.

Hadn’t really used her feet much yet she thought and seeing Janice drop to a crouch she quickly balanced on her right foot and drove the left into the other’s head. It didn’t really connect but then it wasn’t meant to and as Janice straightened up and backed away she transferred her weight to her left foot and spinning rapidly around to the left smashed her right foot into the left side of the other woman’s head. That one did and Janice’s face exploded in a spray of sweat and blood as she was driven back and wasting no time Claire hopped after her to drive her left foot squarely into the blonds lower belly.
“Good hit” she thought as she wrapped her left arm around Janice’s neck and pushed her against the wall. “And more to follow” as she buried her right fist into the blond’s belly twisting it viciously as she did so. Working upward she did it again and then thrusting all of her weight against her continued to do so as she repeatedly fisted the blond’s breasts and then the face trapped beneath her arm. Her fist was coming back bloody now and she was conscious of a wetness on the side of her left breast where Janice’s head was still trapped beneath her arm but increasingly the blond was able to get her hands up to block the full force of the blows. The mixture of sweat, blood and now snot made it increasingly difficult for her to continue to hold her there though and with a desperate, violent movement, Janice was able to throw her away.
Both of them ended up on their hands and knees about ten feet apart frantically gasping for breath as they struggled to regain their strength. Janice knew it had been a near thing. A few more moments and Claire would have gotten through to her head with one she couldn’t block and it would have been all over. Finding the wall beside her she leaned against it and wiped her face with her bloody palm as she watched Claire try to shake the sweat from her eyes. Seeing her start to turn and search she pushed herself unsteadily up against the wall and moved away.
Both of them had regained their feet now but neither said anything as they slowly circled each other. “Still here babe” thought Janice as she watched Claire move to follow her while for her part the other woman thought of nothing other than” this is one tough bitch”. Both of them had developed a strong appreciation of the other’s capabilities and in a way the ultimate outcome had become less important. What was important was to finish it their way and suddenly , as if by common agreement, they moved within range of the other and prepared to do it.
Claire immediately angled for another opportunity to use her powerful legs and feet while Janice, thankful for the second chance, vowed to do everything in her power to prevent her from doing so while she went for the face. Both were partially successful but Janice more so and after a sideswiping blow to Claire’s face and receiving a knee to her guts she straightened up and delivered a series of crisp, hard blows to the other’s head that drove the black woman back and forced her to cover up. Taking advantage of it she followed it by driving in with a knee to the crotch and another series of quick, hard blows that crashed into her ribs and the side of her breasts. Briefly standing back to evaluate what she had accomplished she reset herself and as the disorientated Claire struggled to regain her senses, stepped back in to deliver hard left’s and right’s to the body that straightened her up before her legs betrayed her and Claire slipped to a semi-sitting position against the wall.
Gasping for breath Janice staggered back watching Claire struggle to regain her senses. She knew she would stay there and wait while she recovered enough to get back into it and that presented Janice with the decision of whether to go along or not. Either way had it’s downside but coming down on the side of caution she shook her head to clear the sweat and moved away to wait for Claire to join her.
It wasn’t long. Realizing that delay would work against her she pushed herself off the floor and raising her fists and moved uncertainly away from the wall.
Janice felt a rush sweep through her as she watched her approach. She could have her now and while no longer in a hurry she moved closer as she savored what was at hand. A right feint to the body, Claire’s response and then a left hook that crossed over the black woman’s arm and crushed into the side of her right breast. Claire grunted as she drew her arm into protect the flesh and awkwardly slipped her left arm out to drive the fist weakly into the side of Janice’s face. It landed with enough force to drive the blonds head back but not enough to deter her and swinging back she unleashed a barrage of hooking blows, left’s and rights, into the black’s body. She couldn’t get enough of it Crowding her now to keep her up she waded in hooking into her now unprotected guts and then again upward into the bottom of her breasts finishing with a cross to the face before standing back. Claire was defenseless now, disoriented, blinded by the sweat, she cast about aimlessly as she searched for Janice. Seeing a movement she made to follow it but Janice, in a fine display of brutality, stepped in and delivered a superb right cross the her jaw and as she staggered away, followed it with a left hook into the right side of her face. As Claire slumped, her right knee on the mat, Janice followed, pushing her crotch into the other’s face as she softly caressed the back of Claire’s head with her left hand almost gently pulling her face between her legs. Digging her fingers into the matted hair she tilted her face back and set herself for what she knew would be the final fisting. A downward blow to the face followed by more until Claire fell from her grip but she paused. It was over and the experience had been what they had wanted, at least both of them at the outset, and inflicting further damage and pain served no purpose other than to exercise her sadistic urges. Suddenly the fighting tension drained from her and gasping for breath she reached down and slipped her hands under Claire’s, “I guess we’re both tough enough babe” and struggling to keep her self from falling pulled the other woman to her feet. “Seems we both need a little attention don’t ya think?” she murmured as she felt Claire wrap her arms around her shoulders and sag against her for support. “I think I’ll just prop you up here in the corner till I get the key and then we can see about what to do about what we just did to each other.” She was almost startled when she heard Claire gasp “yeah, and after that maybe we ought to find out what else we like about each other if you know what I mean.”
Turning back with the key Janice sipped her arm around the other’s waist and drawing her close let her lips slip over the damaged face. “It was a good fight” she murmured “and now it’s time for what comes next” as she led the black fighter to another room where the two of them would become each other’s lover.