A Physical Discussion

By; Teez

Janice exhaled sharply as she finished that last rep on the abb machine and released the bar. She felt good, her body felt tight and hard from the workout and she was ready for what was almost certain to happen next. Rising from the bench she grabbed her towel and idly examined the reflection of her sweat streaked body in the mirror that covered one entire wall of the small gym.
She could always tell when it was coming. John really didn’t try to make a secret of it, preferring to let her know in one way or another that it was time and when he had mentioned that a lady friend of his was becoming difficult she knew what it meant. She supposed she liked it better that way. She didn’t really like surprises but when it came to this she really didn’t want to know too much about the other woman until they met. His not so subtle suggestions always gave her time to prepare for it and the waiting only heightened their anticipation.
They’d met at a private club where violent fights took place for the entertainment of those with an interest in such things and he’d been quite a catch in all respects. Wealthy, healthy, single with the physical and mental characteristics to complemented her own with the violence they were both attracted to providing the incentive, stimulation and the competitive outlet for their physical and sexual aggressiveness. Clasping her arms together above her head she cast a last admiring look at her reflection in the mirror, admiring the body that bore the marks and scars of previous arrangements. It was a powerful reminder of what she would be bringing to the opportunity about to unfold and slinging the towel around her neck she turned and headed to the shower.

He’d mentioned that she was about her size and left it at that. Also that she had become a bit of a bother without saying just why but she knew he’d have picked her well and she liked that too. It meant that he had been successful in his hunt for another woman capable of challenging her. He’d have slept with her by now, probably a number of times and today she would be coming by to tell her how she felt and what might be done about it. She smiled as she stepped out of the shower and combed back her thick wet hair, her breath a little shallow with excitement as she thought about it. It would be polite at first. Just the three of them in the front room discussing it over a few drinks but it wouldn’t be resolved there and their conversation would then turn to how it could or more specifically, how it would be. Thinking about that part of it brought a familiar surge of nervousness to the pit of her stomach and a tingling sensation in her breasts but it excited her too. It was about to happen and stepping into her wedge heeled sandals she again admired her reflection in the mirror. Letting her finger toy briefly with the thick lushness between her legs she let the sensation build, smiling again at the thought of how it would almost certainly play out. Another last glance at the mirror and then tightening the thongs around her calves she slipped into a short sleeveless dress and with mounting excitement walked down the hall to the front room.
He was there waiting, moving nervously about the room and after a moments hesitation she joined him. She knew how ready he would be for it by now and slipping her arm around his shoulders and pressing against him she let her fingers softly caress the heavy swelling thickness between his legs.
“You don’t suppose that she has decided not to discuss this with me do you?” she mused aloud teasing him with the thought.
“No” he murmured, “she’ll be here.”
“She won’t get herself lost will she” as she softly bit his ear?
“No, she knows how to find it.”
“I should imagine so” she laughed and with that the chime sounded to signal that it was about to begin. It caused both of them to start a bit but after only a brief look of understanding between them John moved to the hall to answer the door.
Taking a deep breath she let her hand play slowly over the tight hard muscle of her belly she waited for the sound of the door opening. She’d be standing there in the entry way now, just on the other side of the wall only fifteen feet away and unconsciously she held her breath as she heard John exclaim.
“Karen, really my dear, are you sure that this is the best time for us to discuss this?”
“Oh yes John, I’m very sure of it” and the sound of her deep throaty voice sent a hot flush of blood rush to her face as she savored it. “This has been going on for far to long and I really feel that we should resolve it now.”
“Well I’m not so sure of that but since your here perhaps it would be a good idea for the two of you to get together,” and added softly, “face to face. Janice is in the sitting room why don’t you come and meet her?”
“Yes, why don’t we, I’ve been looking forward to it” she heard her reply and Janice, another catch in her breath, moved to the center of the room.

Silently she watched her enter and as John moved to the side to watch them the two women silently confronted each other. He had done well she thought as the familiar feeling of anticipation and fear spread from the pit of her stomach to her sex and exhaling slowly she forced herself to relax. A darker woman, big but well built for it and with possibly some black blood in her she thought. Not that it would bother her, if anything it would add some additional spice to their “conversation.” She judged her to be only a little older than herself which would be the early forties and decided that her overall impression was that she would be both exciting and a formidable opponent as well.
“Hello, what have we here John?” she said.
“Janice I’d like you to meet Karen” replied John. “She’s been employed by me in one of the business’s for sometime and seem’s to think that there is something that perhaps the two of you should discuss”.
“Well I can’t imagine what that would be all about” responded Janice. “A bit big for a domestic aren’t you” adding, “no I don’t think so. You really aren’t very domestic at all are you?”
“No indeed not darling” laughed Karen. “And I’m not very domesticated either.” Moving beside them John suggested “why don’t you ladies make yourselves more comfortable while I make us all a drink” and motioning them to be seated turned to the bar.

“Just what type of service to you provide for John?” asked Janice.
“Oh physical things” responded Karen her eyes never straying from Janice’s as she settled into the chair and pulling her skirt up to mid-thigh crossed her legs.
“Yes, I can see where you might be good at that. Just what type of physical things might they be?” said Janice in her sweetest voice as John returned with their drinks.
“Well at first I specialized in persuasion” she replied just as sweetly “lately however there have been other activities that we’ve discovered a mutual interest in.”
Janice said nothing as she sipped her drink and evaluated the physical qualities of the woman sitting across from her. The warmth was becoming a fire and she felt a flush cross her face as she let herself wonder just how what they all knew would surely happen was going to come about. They were very close she thought, at least with respect to their apparent physical similarities and leaning forward she crossed her legs and leaning toward her let her hand caress the smooth flesh of the other woman’s muscular thigh.
Not dropping her gaze she said “Well darling, as far as I’m concerned, I’m the only one that performs those types of physical things for John”.
She knew the other woman would be as ready for it as she was. Her face was just as flushed and her breathing just as shallow and as they concentrated on each other she noticed her tongue nervously flicking about her lips. Suddenly conscious that it was duplicating her own she smiled and smiling in return Karen leaned forward in response and slid her hand along the inside of the other woman’s arm.
“John was certainly correct about you” she said in a husky whisper as her hand moved to slowly to caress the soft flesh on the inside of her arm.
“And what else did he say about me?” asked Janice just as softly as she let her hand curve around the hard muscle of the other woman’s thigh.
“Well he said that you were a lot like me, a big girl and that you like to have your own way.”
“Did he mention that I can be quite physical about getting it” asked Janice?
“Yes actually he did” responded Karen and smiling added “I found that to be rather exciting.”

“Well then” said Janice, “perhaps we should begin to discuss just what it is that you seem to think we need to talk about” and with that she moved closer to the woman seated across from her and pressed her thigh against the other’s leg.
“Really girls. I certainly hope we can be civilized about this” said John before adding, “I’m sure it’s not something that can’t be worked out between you.”
“Oh I think we can work it out” said Janice. “Of course it means that you will be doing without Karen’s services but then she’s not going to be around after we’re done discussing this, are you dear?”
“Actually no, I rather think it’s you that will not be here” responded Karen. “I have decided and John is not in disagreement that it would perhaps be best if you would find other areas of interest.”
“And if I do not choose to do so” asked Janice her eyebrow raised in question as she waited for the other woman to reply?
“The I suppose our discussion will become more physical” said Karen.
“I assume you would prefer that” said Janice no longer smiling?
“I certainly think so” responded Karen “and I’m rather hoping that you feel the same way” she added.

It was silent in the room as they adjusted to what had been said. The women were no longer smiling, their mouths twisted in a sneering challenge as their fingers now dug painfully into each others flesh. The speed laced drinks that John had mixed were having their effect and what had started as a warm sensual glow was rapidly being replaced by a heated feeling of physical aggression as the chemicals added their kick to their natural inclinations. There was no pretense at politeness now and when John asked if there could be no resolution they acted as one, putting down their now empty glasses and standing to confront each other. They were silent until Karen broke the silence.
“It would be a bit messy to finish our discussion here and John has suggested that you might have another, more appropriate place where we can, uh, do it”
“Certainly” breathed Janice. “There’s a special room we’ve constructed down in the cellar where we can be as messy as we like without fear of being interrupted” and turning to John and said, “and I think it’s time that we go there so that we can resolve this in a way that is mutually satisfactory to all of us?”
“That probably is appropriate at this point” observed John a little breathlessly and quickly rising from his chair he led the way to the cellar stairwell.

All of them were sweating profusely with nervous anticipation as they descended the stairs and with John leading the way they entered what had been a storage room at the far end of the basement. Snapping on a single light he ushered them in and locked the door behind them.
“Marvelous” said Karen almost to herself.
“Yes isn’t it” responded Janice. “We can be as messy as we want down here and I’m sure we will be don’t you think?”
“Oh yes” responded Karen “I’ve been looking forward to messing you up for quite some time and this is just perfect.”
“I’m so glad you feel that way” said Janice. “It’s only about twenty feet square but the carpeting on the floor and walls make it all quite adequate for the purposes of this type of discussion. It also serves to make it completely sound proof although unfortunately, as you have no doubt already noticed, it is not air conditioned.”
“Well I don’t think we shall miss the air conditioning but the soundproofing’s a good thing because you are certainly going to be making a lot of noise before I’m through with you.” Smiling at John she continued “I assume that you have the equipment to record our “discussion darling.”
“Oh he most certainly does” laughed Janice adding “you’ll notice the cameras located at strategic points about the room and I might add that they have served us both quite well in the past.”
“Yes I know” replied Karen evenly. “John showed me a few tapes of your previous performances after I said that I might be interested in meeting you.”
“Did he show you any in which he was featured?” asked Janice curiously.
“Yes as a matter of fact” responded Karen. “Quite exciting actually, watching a lover dominate, defeat and then physically destroy another in personal combat. Like one of us is about to do to the other I should think. And I must say” she added, “I found it quite exciting that you seemed to thoroughly enjoy watching him achieve his victories.”
“As he was obviously enjoying watching me achieve mine” adding “and I intend to do so again. What else might have kindled your interest?” she asked as she watched Karen grimly return her stare as she began to fondle the buttons of her dress.
“About twenty five thousand” said Karen. “Isn’t that right darling? You did mention that amount I believe didn’t you?
“Yes, I believe I did” he said nervously hefting a hand held cam that had suddenly appeared in his hand and moving to the side of the room.

That was unusual thought Janice as she moved to keep the other woman before her. Not his showing films of either of them fighting but the money. Not that she hadn’t seen him do it for that but most of her previous “discussions” had been for around half with one or two a bit more. Never one for this amount though. Not a concern though, there wasn’t any way out until it was over and assuming that she was the one the money would be hers. Moving closer to the other woman she knew it was time and as Karen moved closer asked “Just what do you do for John, work wise of course?”
“When I’m not enforcing I fight, usually in the clubs” responded Karen her eyes no longer smiling as she undid the top most buttons to her now sweat sodden dress and pulled it over her head. “Just like you did.”
Janice didn’t respond at first as she watched the other woman lift her arms out to shoulder height and slowly pirouette for her in the middle of the room. Feeling a hot flush of anticipation tinged with fear flood through her body she slowly finished undoing her own and letting it slip to the floor raised her arms and flexed her body and said “I don’t do it there anymore darling, the clubs come to me now and as for the twenty five thousand, for that I’d be almost willing to kill you.”
Karen laughed, “John thought you might feel that way and even expressed some concern about it actually. Of course I told him not to worry for you see you shouldn’t have even a moments doubt about what I might do for twenty five thousand and I think you know that too don’t you?”
“No doubts whatsoever Darlin” replied Janice evenly as she moved to stand in front of the other. “Of course you might have to work a bit harder for it than you think.”
“Oh I like hard work” laughed Karen softly as she let her fingers trace a line along the side of Janice’s breast. “And the messier the work is the better I like it.”
Janice said nothing, she could feel her heart pounding as the other woman’s fingers traced a line across her breast. Reaching out she let her hand climb up the other’s arm letting her own fingers to silently probe the hard layer of muscle lying just below the thin layer of fat covering her triceps.
“Like that do you?” said Karen softly, her eyes never leaving Janice’s as she slowly flexed her arm. “It’s about the same as yours darlin and a sweet sixteen to both of us I should think.”
“Yeah, I’d say that’s about right” replied Janice with a husky catch to her voice adding appreciatively “Probably going to be messy enough for both of us yuh think?”
“Yeah” muttered Karen as she slipped her arm around Janice’s waist and pulled her gently against her body. “But that’s the way we both like it isn’t it?”
Janice’s heart was racing, her breathing coming in shallow gasps as she inhaled the animal scent of their arousal rising thickly around them. Slipping her arm around Karen’s shoulders she pulled her closer and returned the embrace. The were oblivious to everything except themselves now and tightening their arms they let their mouths seek each other for a soft sensual moment before they moved apart.
John had moved away while they embraced first slipping out of the silk judo shirt and then dropping the pants to the floor he kicked them into the corner before rejoining them in the center of the room. They turned to face him briefly admiring his muscular physic and silently contemplating the long, thick, swelling erection that they both knew so well jutting proudly from between his legs. They knew it wasn’t the least of the reasons why they were about to do what they were about to do but all the same knew that the driving primary was the uniqueness of the situation they had deliberately constructed for the express purpose of resolving it in violent personal combat. Trembling with anticipation now, their breath coming harshly through open mouths and John placed a hand on either of their shoulders and urged them closer they knew it was time. Looking first at Janice he silently let his fingers play across her back and then leaning over to Karen he squeezed her shoulder and then with a brief kiss hoarsely ordered “fight her” Growling with sudden aggression they moved apart and with a silent bow raised their fists and slowly began the circle that would bring them together.

Any fat she appeared to have was just that thought Janice as the two of them maneuvered for the opening exchange. Probably at least 190 she guessed, about five or six, more than she and hopefully not quite as fast as a result. Certainly appeared solid though, heavy shoulders and arms, a surprisingly muscular back with a flat belly above powerfully muscled thighs and calves. She found herself fascinated by the paleness of her skin considering her apparent racial makeup but most of all she concentrated the heavy swell of her breasts. More meat there than she offered and a good thing too. She knew that if she could get her fists and fingers into the fullness of those full, firm fleshy tits she might be able to give her enough pain to eventually immobilize her. Raising her right she flicked it in the direction of the other woman’s face and with a rising sense of excitement started working on the rhythm of her first attack.
Karen raised her fists and turned in the center of the room as Janice moved around her. He hadn’t exaggerated about her she thought. She was a prime fighter and for the first time she felt a quiver of doubt. Her height but a bit lighter, the powerful sculpted body bespoke itself of long hours in training and a complete willingness to commit it to what it could and undoubtedly had achieved here in this room. In particular she noted the thick bush that matched the auburn color of her hair and there was more than a little evidence of it peeking out from beneath her arms. Obviously beyond the time for any doubts she thought. They were both committed, wanted it that way and depending on how it and they went it could very well be to the finish of one of them.
Now growling to themselves in concentration, the last veneer of their civil behavior gone, they they circled slowly in the center of the room. They’d been brought here to fight, wanted to and had waited for it long enough. Twisting their faces into snarls of anger, John and the cameras forgotten, they began to maneuver toward each other.
Karen attacked first. Standing upright she charged, both fists indiscriminately seeking Janice’s face and as she crouched and moved backward her left fist found the side of her head staggering her against the wall. It was followed by a right to her belly and another left to her kidney’s before the blond was able to push her away and drive a right uppercut into the other woman’s left breast.
Both of them felt the thrill of the first physical contact rush through them but it elicited not much more than a grunt, more of frustration than pain and as Janice scuttled along the wall Karen followed her. Not a good idea to let her catch her in the corner she thought as she fended off some pawing arm movements and taking a chance ducked under Karen’s extended left arm and buried her right fist in her belly. Not much effect on that hard muscle she thought but it gave her the chance to escape the wall and move back to the center of the room. Not as satisfying as getting into those big, firm, juicy tits either but she knew that Karen couldn’t be brought down there. The face was another matter though and keeping her fists raised in front of her shoulders she stepped closer to the bigger woman.
Karen was still relishing the effects of her early success as she turned to follow Janice back to the center of the room. She hadn’t really expected to catch her with a head shot so early and the follow up had been more than satisfactory. If she could remain on the offensive there was a good chance she might be able to turn the other woman into a bloody wreck without much cost or damage to herself. Throwing her left shoulder forward she jabbed her fist at Janice’s face and set her right to wait for another shot at the blonds belly or breasts.
Janice read the move and risking another right to her kidney slipped to the right and let her left fist drive into Karen’s face. The other woman’s movement spoiled her aim but the effect was much the same and her wild swing glanced off her cheek and smashed into the side of her nose before the force of it carried her out of range.
Karen turned to follow her, shaking her head and snorting away the stream of blood that suddenly covered her mouth and chin as she set herself after Janice. It caught them both by the wall and as the bigger woman moved above her Janice drove her fists up into her breasts and belly as she tried to force her off. Still not getting much she thought as she spun away from her and regained the center of the room. One of her fists had found the going lower down a bit softer though and that was encouraging, especially since she seemed to be favoring herself there as she started to move after her.
Backing away a bit Janice watched Karen approach. Both of them were bathed in sweat and the blood from her nose was still streaming down her chin and mingling with it on her breasts to turn them a dusky pink in the gleam from the overhead light. Have to work on her nose a bit more she thought as Karen waved her left fist in front of her and moved to follow it, her right still cocked at her side. She was more cautious now though and even if she found an opening she’d have to be careful how she took advantage of it. Moving backward in a small circle to her left she waited for the bigger woman to come to her.
Karen stalked in silence as she moved slowly after her. Starting her nose had been lucky and it had cost her. She’d have to breath through her mouth until the bleeding stopped and although it was subsiding it was still doing it. She felt good though even with the damage to her nose. The physical contact had brought with it another familiar rush of adrenalin and she was sure that all things being equal she could beat the other woman. Stopping in the center of the room she suddenly turned to face her opponent pawing at her face with her left fist as she drove her right into Janice’s left breast.
She’d anticipated it, at least to a certain degree and as Karen’s fist buried itself in her flesh she moved into a crouch and drove her right fist into the meat of the other’s lower belly again. Straightening up they faced each other at close range exchanging a series of short hard punches to each other’s head and body before breaking apart. She felt as wetness on her mouth and wiping her hand across it confirmed that Karen had split her lips but that wasn’t cause for as much concern as the throbbing pain in her right eye. She’d caught her there with a straight on punch and if it closed she’d be in serious trouble. Better to keep up the pressure now and seeing Karen back closer to the wall threw caution aside and launched herself into her.
Letting her rage to hurt the other woman sweep through her she drove her fists into the sweat slick body crowding it to the side of the room. Lowering her head she bulled in against her, their sweaty breasts, bellies and thighs slipping wetly against each other as they struggled against the wall. Thrusting her arms beneath the other’s she threw them up in a wing on each side of her body and dropping her arms drove quick solid punches into her body at close quarters.
Karen couldn’t retaliate or even protect herself effectively for that matter. With each punch Janice drove her shoulder under her arm, keeping them above her and with her back to the wall she could do little except frantically try to slide along the wall until she could regain access to the relative safety of the center of the room. Moving to prevent it Janice shouldered her first from the left and then the right as she tried to keep her trapped against the wall. Not wanting to waist the opportunity she bulled in against her as she frantically buried her fists into the bigger woman’s breasts and belly. She’d get away soon enough and while she couldn’t get to her head the feel of her fists sinking into the softer meat of her felt good. Lowering her aim she let her right start at thigh level to bury itself into the mass of curly black pubic hair between the other’s legs.
Karen’s scream of pain and shock, the first of the fight, caused her to straighten up and move back as the other woman sagged against the wall. A good cunting she thought noting that the carpet on the wall and floor where they had been standing was red and wet with blood and sweat and knowing that most of it was Karen’s brought a smile of satisfaction to her lips. Maybe some more now she thought and stepping forward drove her right fist into her left cheek, straightening her up and exposing her belly to further attack. Hard, satisfying hits to the head and breasts followed, ones that could be delivered with force and precision resulting in more damage to the face and opening long, scraping cuts on her breasts and belly. She almost wondered if it was over then but in a last desperate burst of energy the other woman lashed out with her foot, driving it into her cunt and as she fell back, moved away from the wall.
Karen knew she needed time to recoup. Her face was a bloody mess, forcing her once again to breath through her mouth and her breath came in ragged gasps as she struggled to regain her composure. Already she could feel her left breast swelling and rubbing her fingers along the tightness of the throbbing flesh wondered if she could prevent Janice from rupturing it. The pain between her legs was another matter, painful, bleeding from the cunting but manageable. It would be nice to get the blond bitch’s face trapped there for awhile and as the other woman approached the thought of it brought a brief smile to her bloody lips.
For her part Janice felt good about the exchange too. She’d determined that she was as strong as the other woman and the damage she had inflicted would provide her with a distinct edge as they went forward from here. Admiring the results of her work she felt a familiar feeling of pleasure sweep through her as she contemplated what further agonies she could inflict. She was just about to begin when Karen changed the plan by launching herself at her and carrying them both back against the wall.
It caught her by surprise. She had expected her to be more defensive and now she was the one with her back to the wall. Karen didn’t give her time to dwell on it though, immediately digging into her with a barrage of punches the rapidly worked their way up from below her navel to her breasts before she could cover up effectively. Even that was soon of no use as she found herself bulled along the wall until the other woman had maneuvered her into a corner.
Frantically she lashed out but she was trapped. The angle of the walls on either side prevented effective retaliation and all she could do was to protect her face as best she could and deliver ineffectual jabs to the other’s sides as Karen mauled her from the front. Desperately she wrapped her right arm around the other woman’s thick neck and pulled her head against her right breast as she struggled to escape. The slipperiness of their bodies made it difficult to hold her though and as soon as one gained a hold the other would slip out of it. Still fighting furiously they remained in each other’s arms. Quick hard blows to the body accompanied by grunts of pain and exertion, their sweat slick arms slipping from heads and necks until Karen reached under her left arm and wrapped her hand back over her shoulder to cup her chin in the palm of her hand. Pushing her head back she almost lifted her off feet as she forced her up into the corner. Thrusting her right knee between Janice’s legs she drove her left fist upward into her exposed cunt and then again into the softness of her extended lower belly. Grunting in pain and frustration they struggled until Karen was able to get by Janice’s flaying right arm and bury her fist into the now totally exposed firm breast flesh. Again she did it, and again, her grunts of exertion and satisfaction exploding in ragged gasps as Janice slid lower and then side along the wall. Her head was almost at thigh level now and as her grip on her chin began to slip she transferred her weight to her right leg and jerked her left knee up driving it fully into the falling woman’s face.
Janice felt her nose and mouth explode as the warm blood sprayed across her breasts. Falling to the floor on her hands and knees she leaned against the wall and weakly shook her head to clear it. She knew she had to get up or she’d be on her again and glancing to her left saw her standing, a smile of satisfaction on her face as she stood panting and gasping in the center of the room. Catching her breath she waited until she saw her start to move and then summoning all of her remaining energy, hurled herself erect and along the wall as Karen smashed into the corner where she had been trapped.
She hadn’t been conscious of John up to now, neither of them had but now they collided as she escaped the wrath of Karen. He didn’t have the camera anymore, it would be in it’s bracket recording by itself and pushing him to the side she kept his body between herself and Karen as the other woman struggled up from the floor and turned to find her.
He tried to shrug her off and moved aside but she kept her hand on his shoulder and moved with him. Not that she was hiding behind him but she was. She knew she needed time and this was about the only way she could think to get it. Forgetting her injuries she struggled to fill her lungs with oxygen as Karen lumbered after her. He wasn’t having it though and with an angry shove he pushed her away and shouted “take her.”
Not sure who that was for she thought as they circled in the center of the room. Wouldn’t want that to happen again either. If the big bitch got on her like that she could hold her there and there wouldn’t be much she would be able to do about it except to take it. Better this way now, it would dangerous but she was at least as good with her fists as Karen and it would give her a little more time to recover. Lifting them in front of her face she started to dance around the other woman as she waited for the inevitable attack.
John had moved back leaning against a wall, totally absorbed at what was taking place. An excellent match up he thought. Janice was a big, powerful, vicious bitch and it was always difficult to find a suitable match for her. Karen though, in all respects, physically, mentally and in her obvious lust for the fighting, was apparently her equal. Suddenly aware of the almost painful level of his erection he pressed back against the wall silently caressed it length with his fingers as he watched the two big, powerful females come violently together in the center of the room.
Karen moved first slipping her left at Janice’s face and then letting her right swing in an uppercut to her left breast before she danced away. Janice moved after her. Keeping no space between them she swung her right fist in an arc that connected with the side of Karen’s breast before skidding into her face and as she staggered back, she crouched and summoning all of her strength muscled a strong left uppercut into her cunt. They were back against the wall now and sobbing in shock Karen desperately wrapped her arms around her as she tried to restrict the movement of her arms. Janice could only wrap her arms around her and wrestle her along the wall as they staggered around the room. Their faces would be only inches away from the other as they crashed into a wall and immediately their mouths would open in snarls of rage as they attacked each other with their teeth. A hand on a head, holding it away as teeth sought out a breast or neck and then the head would come back to chew a shoulder until it too was driven away again. They fought like wild animals, their sweaty, blood streaked bodies locked tightly together and as one would succeed she would be thrust away as the other sought her out in turn.
John thought the head of his cock was about to explode as he watched them slam each other against the wall. Karen had managed to move them both along it and as they approached the corner she wrestled Janice into it and then threw her violently to the floor. It landed her on her back with a crash and she had no time to protect herself before Karen followed, dropping all of her weight in a dead fall onto her body.
Janice was stunned, couldn’t move, hardly breath with Karen’s weight on her. All she could do was to try and protect herself as the other woman began driving her fists into her sides almost at will. In a frenzy to finish her she grasped her head and sank her teeth into her shoulder until Janice pushed her face away, then lowering her head she transferred her attention to her right breast.
Now it was her turn to scream as the bigger woman chewed into her breast flesh. Freeing her right arm she frantically pushed the face away before losing her grip to let it slip back to feed again. She did manage to roll her slightly to her side though and when she pushed the head away again she managed to hold it there and even bend her neck back a bit further as she partially shifted her body out from beneath her. Now she could use her own mouth and throwing Karen’s head to the floor beside her she savaged the neck and then removing her right arm from under the other’s waist, buried her fingers into her left breast clawing into it’s firmness. Slamming her left arm into the side of her head she worked the fingers deeper into the flesh and as Karen screamed in pain and rage raked them back gouging the nipple and the flesh around it. Her fingers were bright red with new blood now, the other woman’s breast was slick with it and drawing back her arm she buried her fist almost to the wrist in the violated flesh.
Karen reacted violently, holding her injured breast with her left hand she pushed herself away from the floor and with a cry of rage drove her right fist into Janice’s face before struggling unsteadily to her feet. Cupping her breast she backed away as Janice, now on her hands and knees, pushed herself away from the floor to follow her.
Crouching , her hands held in front of her she staggered after her. She would finish her now or be finished by her and with only the former thought in mind she smashed her right fist weakly into the retreating woman’s bloody left breast. It forced her to back up even further and as her back touched the wall Janice moved in with a furious series of punches that rocked the bigger woman from side to side as she drove them into her body. Her only attempt at defending herself was an unconscious reaction to cover up after each blow which left her open for Janice to dig her big hard fists into her again at a different part of her body.
She could feel a warmth sweep over her and felt the swelling sensation of her sexual arousal emerge from between the swelling lips of her labia. Pausing for a moment she let it sweep through her, savoring her approaching victory before resuming her assault. Karen was making no effort to defend herself now and as each blow connected her head was driven from side to side in a spray of blood, spit and sweat. Holding her there, her natural blood lust wetted, she forced her against the wall with the force of her fists. Not to fall, not now she thought. She wasn’t done and crowding against her she prevented it.
Wrapping her arms around the beaten woman she rested her head on her shoulder and held her there while she frantically gulped air into her tortured lungs. Moaning Karen weakly tried to push her away but Janice held her and straightening up and arching her back pressed the moist, swollen fullness of her cunt against Karen’s thigh. The pressure of the hard muscled leg rubbing weakly against her sex excited her even more and as she let it sweep over her she saw a reflection of understanding in the other woman’s face. Weakly she began to struggle against her again but Janice, giving vent to her feelings and with a scream of satisfaction, threw her to her back in the center of the room. Following, her clit now fully emerged from it’s sheath, she circled her then legs apart she straddled her until with another scream she dropped heavily onto her belly. Proudly arching her sweat slick body she raised her bloody arms in victory as she looked to where John was standing. Continuing to watch him she smiled a silent acknowledgment at his look of understanding and approval and then cupping her breasts she slowly caressed the thick turgid nipples as she slowly inched higher on Karen’s body. Positioning her knees on either side of her she squeezed the nipples again, this time to the point of pain and then with a sigh of satisfaction turned to what she was about to do. Smiling down at the woman now trapped between her legs she paused just long enough for her to appreciate what was about to happen and then as she began to struggle feebly she uttered a carnal scream of pleasure and let her lust to dominate and destroy sweep over her. Squaring her shoulders and arching her back she started punching down into her body, burying her fists repeatedly into the bulging breasts, then hooking her fists into her blood covered face until finally she ceased her twitching. Exhausted she stayed there, trembling from her exertion she remained mounted as she relived the experience then rising on unsteady legs she staggered away. That part of it was over and casting a last look at the unconscious form of the woman sprawled on the floor she turned to John and proudly raised her arms in victory. Smiling to her self she let him pull her close and as they settled back to the floor she thought that perhaps there could be a further use for the woman she had just defeated. There was those thoughts never fully explored of herself teamed with another woman and perhaps she could be the catalyst that stimulated their imaginations to go further with it. Smiling at the thought of it she let him press her down and arching her back she spread her legs. The fighting had produced one of it’s desired effects and she was ready and letting thoughts of what had happened fade away she dug her fingers into his back and pulled him eagerly into her aching body.