The matchup!

The date is set and as that date approaches both Kat and Viv are chomping at the bit to test themselves against each other, woman to woman. Both ladies are very self-assured women and very accustom to having their own way in every aspect of life and especially in physical encounters like this one will be! Kat is an inch or two taller but other than that each Hollywood beauty is almost the exact same size. Both are tall and have the loveliest feminine builds yet each is very lean and strong. Each is blessed with extreme beauty in their faces as well as bodies and each possess bust lines that would make the Playmate of the Year envious! Both ladies trained hard for their upcoming battle and were in peak condition physically as well as mentally.

The night in question arrived and two stretch limos picked each combatant up at the appropriate time. Upon arrival Kat was escorted to her bedroom to change and meditate in preparation of the fight. Viv's limo pulled up just minutes after and she was shown to her bedroom on the other side of the lovely but modest home in which she would have the chance to dispatch her rival. She changed and relaxed awaiting the time for her to be face to face with Kat and no one to stop their next “discussion” from its conclusion. Their rooms open into a large room that has been set up for “discussions” like this one to take place. It measures about twenty feet square and no furniture, pictures, or any kind of decoration as the women that meet within its walls need no adornments.

The clocks tolled and both ladies confidently strode into the room. There was no pretense, both ladies have no need of such things. Both wore only a black thong and as they saw their opponent, every muscle tensed and their eyes stayed locked together. Each woman moved with an incredible combination of grace, beauty, confidence, toughness, and raw feminine power. Kat and Viv approached each other and stopped directly in front of each other, nose to nose with their eyes remaining locked. Each lady is admiring the body of her opponent for its beauty and power.

Kat spoke first, “We had some ground rules set up, but now that we are face to face, I can't wait to tear into you with no restrictions!”

“Really now. Are you ready for that? Sure you are up to that level of challenge?” was Viv's response.

“Absolutely. Think you can handle an all out fight with me, or do you want to put some limits back into the fight?” Kat said as she inched forward into Viv's body. Now both women were physically touching the other with basically the entire fronts of their bodies, pushing slightly against each other.

“I was just about to ask you the EXACT same thing! And you ask me if I'm ready. Girllll, I am soooo ready for this, and I'm not gonna hold anything and I mean anything back! Now are you ready for THAT!?” as Viv inched forward just as Kat did. Now the pushing has ramped up a bit, and still with just their bodies, now even their foreheads are pushed one onto the other. Neither beauty was in a rush as both knew this would be an involved contest and there would be plenty of time for the actual fight. This was the time for both to feel each other out and search for weaknesses in body and spirit and mind. As their bodies were pressing against the other, neither woman could cense any weakness and this further excited them both inside. Both women thrust out their perfect chests at the same time and pushed each other back a bit. It had officially begun.

Kat begins to circle her dusky foe as Viv matches her movements. Each crouch slightly and their hands extend out. Viv raises her left arm up above her head in a silent challenge. Kat also wants to test her strength in a continuation of their handshake of a couple weeks ago. As Kat slowly raises her right hand to match Viv's left, she steps a bit closer and raises her right hand to which Viv matches her movement for movement. Both women's fingers interlock on both hands and both slowly begin to tighten their grip. Hands squeeze hands as upper bodies come together and legs slowly move back to brace themselves. Arms slowly move out towards their sides at about the 10 and 2 o'clock positions while their legs push forward so that their upper bodies are pressing against each other. Now they were both engaged in the contest each had been waiting for. Their entire bodies were now in combat with a woman of equal abilities and both were going crazy inside as the thrill of the contest has both starting to sweat from all the nervous energy inside that is now being let out and channeled towards her foe.

As both women strained against the other, their strength seemed to be just about even.

This went on for what seemed like an eternity but slowly Kat's height, however slight, gave her a leverage advantage and she began to bend back Viv's hands. Kat moves her arms up higher while bending back Viv's hands. While doing this Kat moves closer and more erect. Viv begins to slowly be forced to her knees. Kat now uses her kickboxing skills she had developed by countless hours of training and working out by bringing up her left knee and sinking it deep into Viv's taunt stomach. As she replaces her left leg to the ground she pivots back just a touch, twisting her torso in that same direction causing Viv to be thrown to the floor.

Kat attempts to follow up but Viv's countless hours in the gym gave her stomach the muscle to absorb the blow from Kat's knee well enough to not have her stunned and as she hit the carpet her left leg flashes up and delivers a kick to Kat's equally taunt stomach. Allowing her to roll away. Viv attempts to press her attach and is up onto her feet. Kat recovers from the blow she received to the stomach quickly as Viv did. Both women rushed at one another. Their semi-nude, perfect 10 bodies smack together as their left arms wrap around each other's necks while the right arms go around the upper backs. They begin to squeeze each other as well as twisting around attempting to throw the other down and gain the advantage.

Height again came into play but this time in Viv's favor. Where Kat's height gave her leverage as their hands were above their heads, Viv's lower center of gravity gave her better position and allowed her to perform a perfect hip toss and throw Kat to the floor. Viv did not let go of her grip and followed her foe to the floor landing on top of the brown haired beauty with all her body weight to add to the force of the fall and impact of hitting the floor. This momentary stunned Kat allowing Viv to gain a mounted position. Both women still had maintained their head locks with their left hands and began punching each other in the ribs with the free right hands. Viv being in better position was able to put a little more on her punches. Kat knew she could not just stay in this position or she would give her foe a great advantage. Kat braced her feet close to her butt and bucked forward with all her might while twisting to her right at the same time to maximize her left arm headlock position. She timed it perfectly, just as Viv took a breath after delivering a punch, Kat put her plan into action. It worked as she was able to unseat Viv from her mounted position but that was short lived as Viv's legs know locked together in a very tight body scissors. Now on their sides, both women maintained their headlocks to keep the other from punching but Viv's scissors squeezing with such power were enough to make Kat yell out her submission. The dusky beauty held her holds for a moment while she asked into Kat's ear, if she wanted to continue? As they unwrapped from one another Kat pushed her foes body away from her and quickly got to her feet. Her look without a word uttered gave Viv her answer. Viv rose with her body brimming with pride of gaining the first submission in their fight. Kat was determined to even the score and Viv was equally determined not to surrender her advantage gained!

Kat is seething as she arises. Not in a rage but in a controlled anger at giving her stunning foe the early advantage. As per their agreement, there is almost no break. Both rise and return to the sides of the room from which they started this “workout.” Kat standing stone faced and Viv with the slightest of smiles as they face each other. Kat is the first to move forward with Viv matching her movements. As they approached, Kat raised her arms, fists clenched, assuming a boxers stance. Viv matches her without hesitation and motions with her fingers to bring it. Viv shows she has knowledge of the sweet science as she pops Kat with a left jab that hit home quickly and with some sting. Kat answers with a snapping jab of her own. These two drop dead gorgeous women circle each other jabbing and hooking like champions not Hollywood starlets. Kat is bleeding from the nose while Viv's blood trickles from her lip. Beautiful breasts show red marks from blows absorbed. Ribs and stomachs have taken their share of punishment. Even with all this, both ladies eyes show no sign of slowing down, nor despair, nor fear. Actually their eyes are still locked upon each other and burn with desire to conquer her foe.

Kat had purposely only boxed with Viv to wait until the right time to use her feet. Viv missed with a right cross and Kat struck. She front kicked Viv into her left breast with a very straight and hard blow. Kat followed up with a knee strike to Viv's right side rib cage. She grabs her foe's dark locks with both hands and drives another knee. This time to Viv's right breast. Viv catches her leg after the strong blow lands and moves forward causing Kat to lose her balance. Kat continues to grip the hair of her foe and is ready for her fall to the floor, using her legs to flip Viv over her head similar to a monkey flip from the WWE and then lets go of her hair. Kat and Viv roll over and get to their knees about the same time and both came together yet again. As they come together, Kat blasts a right uppercut into the floating ribs of Viv's left side causing all the air to rush from her lungs, stunning her momentarily. Kat drives forward pushing Viv onto her back. Viv does not want to be mounted as she had Kat earlier and she twists slightly as she falls onto her back. Kat takes advantage of this by sliding behind Viv and works her way to gaining a rear choke. Her right arm is coiled around the dark lovely skin on her opponent while her left snakes under Viv's left arm in a half nelson type of hold. Kat throws her right leg over the middle of Viv's body at the same time.

Kat uses her half nelson to roll Viv enough to get her left leg under her body and complete a powerful body scissors of her own. She sinches her holds tight, squeezing Viv with almost her entire body. As Viv did to her, Kat whispers into her ear asking if she was woman enough to continue. Viv struggles frantically to escape the holds and stubbornly does not submit the fall. Kat's whispers seem to enrage the dusky beauty and she continues to struggle against the slender but lean and very powerful limbs that now choke the air from her lungs. This rage and stubbornness cost Viv as she is choked out by Kat's holds before she can submit. It takes Kat a moment to realize she has won. Kat releases her holds and rises to look down upon her awesome opponent. She is glad her whispers made Viv mad enough to lose sight of the big picture. A mistake she is sure not to do again when they get the chance to workout together again. Of this she is absolutely sure. As closely matched as they are, Kat also knows she will win and lose to this incredible lady if they end up having a series of matches in the future. Oddly enough, this only excites her more! Knowing she narrowly gained victory today and easily could lose to Viv in any return match to come. Kat welcomes the next time as she turns and strikes a victory pose for the not so hidden camera.

Viv wakes, finding herself in the bed and immediately is mad at herself for allowing Kat to take her off her game mentally. As the gorgeous woman lays, a smile comes across her face. She too, knows that this was only the first fight she would have with Kat. Like Kat she knows she will both win and lose to her in the future, but assures herself she will win the next encounter.

They both have found an equal opponent on strictly competitive grounds. Neither lady hates the other even after this fight. On the contrary, this fight has actually brought these two superstars closer together in spirit and admiration for each other as women. Kat and Viv respect the skills of the other and will become friends in all other arenas but when they meet in that room again, then they will fight like wildcats! They both can't wait!