This is a purely fictional story. Hope you all like it. This is Part 1, the workup!

It is always easy to visualize “normal” women in competition. That “rough” girl in school beating up other girls until she meets her match and gets her butt kicked. It is harder to visualize famous women for some but they are women with competitive streaks and likes/dislikes just like everyone else. Perhaps more so actually since they have to work so hard to reach the top of the entertainment world. Well, they do! We just don't know about it. Their money and social standing keep that side of their world hidden, until now! Here is the scoop.

At one of the many award shows, Viv Fox is looking around the room. She has been all smiles and said all the niceties to all the people she needs to in this visible setting. In the back of her mind, she is elsewhere. Viv's mind is on a thousand different things and thinking of nothing all at the same time. Simply, she is just hanging around so her exit will not be looked down upon or viewed as an insult to the many power players in attendance at the party. As she sips her drink she sees a striking brunette enter the party. Viv could not make out exactly whom it was but it stirred inside her. As she was to casually move around and get a better look she was intercepted by those she had avoided for most of the party and had to engage in some useless small talk.

Kat Bell walks into the party after a long day of shooting some cameo for a film that will actually only be seen overseas. It was only part of her day because of some small print within a prior contract that had her on the hook for this day's work! That same shoot and contract also made her appearance at the party an almost certainly. Kat gave that lovely smile and made some light chat with the people she needed to chat with and mingled around the room setting up her soon to be exit! As Kat looked around the room she noticed Viv almost in the same manner as Viv viewed her when Kat entered the room earlier. Kat could not tell who the dusky beauty was across the room but something about her grabbed the eye and for a moment all Kat's attention was focused on her in an effort to identify the woman's identity.

Kat and Viv were both casually but very deliberately moving closer to the other. Both are absolutely gorgeous in their looks but still give off that fit and physically powerful aura. Amazingly enough, they had never met each other before. Both also enjoyed enforcing their will upon rival women in those private settings and yet, still have never met. Actually, neither knew the other was into that type of “female discussion” that each liked to participate in. One of the Hollywood power players that knew of their extra curricular activities saw each woman's look toward the other as he moved to intercept them both. With a big smile he introduced them to each other in a very casual way. As they both greeted each other their eyes locked as their hands grabbed each other's shoulders. Both could feel the firmness of the other's body and inside each woman a competitive fire began to stir. Each woman could “feel” the other woman was a physical rival and not just another Hollywood pretty face!

In the past both women had used their firm bodies to “accidentally” bump into women they wished to “test” as they give that red carpet hug. Kat and Viv both attempted this move on the other at this time and neither made a backward step as two of the loveliest pairs of breasts in Hollywood proudly came together and neither gave way. This had both ladies going crazy on the inside. Viv had never had someone like Kat stir up that rival feeling inside her. Kat was slightly taller and just as full in the chest, just as lovely in the face, just as firm and athletic while being model lovely in the body, and apparently just as determined in spirit as she was! Viv's only thought was that she was right and that Kat had the same feelings burning inside her. As Kat and Viv kissed each other on the cheek, Kat had the exact same thought running through her head about Viv. After a couple minutes, they separated and finished up the required Hollywood mingling about the party but continually thinking about the brief introduction they just had.

Once home Kat's thoughts were of Viv and how she would love to confront her if they were to meet up in private. She picked up the phone and made the call to that power player that introduced them just hours earlier. Only a couple hours had passed and Kat's phone rang only to be that same power player giving her the news that he had just spoke to Viv and that she wished to meet up with Kat in private one day soon.

A couple weeks later, as fate would have it, both lovely ladies were again in attendance at the same party but had not seen each other. Viv had excused herself and went to powder her nose. She exited the rest room and was heading back to the party when she bumped into someone as she rounded the corner. Again, fate would have it that the person was Kat! Just as with the “test hug” at the earlier party, neither lady really budged the other. Viv and Kat both were in the process of saying excuse me when the eyes met! Viv extended her right hand asking if Kat was all right saying, “I hope I didn't hurt you???” Kat immediately responded with the same question as she grasped Viv's hand both ladies stood quiet and squeezed the other's hand with the best grip each could muster. Both ladies forearms and triceps showed the power within as their eyes were locked for what seemed to both to be many minutes. In actuality, it was for only a few seconds but was very intense to say the least. As they relaxed the grip Viv asked Kat if she felt like meeting up someday very soon to workout together as she put it and complimented Kat on her grip. Kat responded immediately that she couldn't wait to see Viv and returned the compliment on her grip.

“I see that we both know what kind of workout this will be.” Viv said very matter of factly.

“Definitely!” Kat replied, adding, “ I understand you have done this type of ‘workout' before? I have too. What limitations are we going to put on this ‘workout' we will SOON have?”

“Let's just say only slaps to the face but that will be the only restriction, anything else goes. I mean we both have to walk in front of the cameras and neither of us needs that kind of attention if our faces were not looking their best. Don't you agree?” Viv said as she placed her hands on her hips.

“That sounds great actually. I see we are both thinking along the same lines. I am going to enjoy our meeting up and testing each other to the limits! What do you say about us having no breaks between submissions, just separate, breath for a second or two and get back at it until YOU concede the contest as a whole?” Kat said as she matched Viv's stance.

Viv moved up until she and Kat were as close as they could be without actually touching and replied, “I love it and also can't wait until you scream out that YOU give up the match completely! I will give our friend a call tonight and let him get with you. He will arrange the meeting. Oh, by the way, topless attire and it will be just us and our friend to ensure it doesn't go too far???”

“Wouldn't have it any other way!” was Kat's instant response.

Neither woman could contain herself for the next two weeks! Both ladies have only lost twice and each had won over fifteen fights, so each is expecting to win. Both cleared their calendar for the next eight weeks, so you can tell they are serious! Next, the fight!