Celebrity Tag Team

By: Railroad Spike

*The following events are fictitious. All characters herein have no association with any of these events


In Hollywood tensions run high amongst actresses who are vying for the same part. So when Don King heard about two actresses who got into a fight over a part which would surely have gotten them international fame, he got an idea. At first he thought about only publicizing the conflict over the first two celebrities, but then thought about all the other female celebrities who had problems with each other. So, he got together with various other celebrities around Hollywood and formed the American Cinema Wrestling Academy for Women (ACWAW). There were no regulations on where to hit, what to wear, or stripping. Although weapons couldn't be used, legally, certain matches would have various items applied. At first low-rated actresses joined to get publicity and the considerable prize money. But it wasn't too long before better known actresses joined.

Around the same time Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley and Elisha Cuthbert all joined the league. Two Oscar winning actresses and two young, aspiring actresses joining the league at the same time had not happened before. The General Manager, a 35 year old, attractive blonde woman named Shelia, decided to break all four women in at once with a tag team match, each team having an experienced actress and a younger star. Special rules were also made to welcome the newcomers. If the combatants failed to pin each other three times, then all the women could join in the melee. And after the match, the winning team would have 3 minutes to punish the losers.

The teams were randomly paired as Berry-Cuthbert and Theron-Knightley. Both teams trained hard for their first match. All four women were in the best shape of their lives. They knew that first impressions were important. And since the winning team would be able to punish the losers after the match, then this might’ve been one team’s last public appearance.

The crowd became quieter as the announcer stated the arrival of the two teams, "The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. After 3 failed pins, all four competitors will be allowed in, and at the end of the match the losing team will be punished for 3 minutes by the losers. Making their way to the ring, standing 5’11” in heels and weighing 120 pounds, Charlize Theron. And her partner, 5‘9” with heels, the 118 lb Keira Knightley." The pair came out wearing white robes that covered their entire body. They walked to the ring waving to the crowd and getting enormous response. Charlize walked up the steel steps and held the second rope down for Keira. They took off their robes to reveal that they each had on a silver two piece bikini with sandals with straps spiraling up their calf. The crowd gave them an even louder greeting when they were disrobed, and the two walked around the ring to display themselves.

When the entrance music died down the announcer continued, "And now, standing 5’8”and weighing in at108 pounds, Halle Berry. And her partner, the 5’6” Elisha Cuthbert." The crowd went crazy over the pair. Each was wearing a sports bra with a matching bikini bottom and wrestling boots. Halle’s attire was colored black while Elisha’s was red. Strangely, Elisha was carrying a paper bag. They waved to the crowd, but tried to show that they were all business by not strutting around as much as their predecessors, in their opinion, had. The two made their way to the far side of the ring, where Elisha put the bag down. Since Ms Knightley was already out in the ring, Elisha went over the second rope while Halle stayed in the corner. The bell rang to signal the beginning of the match.

Elisha was more than a little nervous. Her opponent was the larger of the women. Still she was going to take her down. Keira was expecting a wrestling match, but what Elisha was going to give her would be much worse. The two circled each other with a hungry look in their eyes. Then they locked in the center of the ring, each trying to get the advantage over one another. Elisha was finally pushed to the ground by the taller girl. Keira straddled her opponent and started punching her in the face. Elisha got her hands up and blocked some of the punches, but a lot of them hit Elisha right in the cheek. Finally she loosed Keira from her stomach and sent her to the mat. Elisha got to Keira before she could get up and locked her legs around Keira’s stomach. She increased the pressure by yanking on Keira’s long, dark brown hair. Keira struggled against the scissors. In desperation she started clawing on Elisha’s inner thighs. Elisha bit her lip, but kept the pressure on. Finally Elisha decided that she didn’t want to get too bloodied up too much yet and released the scissors. Then she went for the pin. ONE… Two… Keira kicked out. One failed pin, two more and the chaos would begin. Elisha stood up holding Keira’s hair and Irish Whipped Keira over to Halle, who jutted her knee out to meet Keira’s lower back. Before Keira could sink down Elisha rammed her with her shoulder which, with Halle’s knee still there made Keira feel like she was being broken in two. Elisha held Keira up and tagged a very eager Halle in to hurt the young British actress some more.

Elisha put a full nelson on Keira to make her an easy target. “Halle, hit her in the face.” Keira grunted with every blow to her beautiful, or once beautiful, face, but she could still hear Elisha say “How do you like it, bitch?” Elisha abruptly ended the hold when the referee threatened to count the team out. Keira immediately dropped to her knees. The beginning of the match and she already had a black eye, a bruised left cheek, and a bloody nose. Halle pulled Keira to her feet by her hair. She had no problem with Keira personally, but if she had to win by tearing apart a girl who was literally half her age, then so be it. She slapped Keira a couple of times on her bruised cheek, and then whipped her into the ropes. Keira reached the ropes and then held onto them to stop her momentum. Halle was surprised by this. She was sure that Keira was pretty much out of it. She quickly ran over to the ropes and tried for a body press, but got an elbow to the chest from her opponent. Unfortunately for Keira, her badly hurt lower back didn’t let her move much, but she could still follow up with another elbow to the head. She grabbed Halle’s arm and whipped into the opposite ropes, bounced herself off of the closer ropes, and clotheslined Halle. She used all of her strength to get over to her corner to tag Charlize in.

Charlize was very distraught at seeing her younger friend destroyed and was looking for revenge against Halle and Elisha. As Halle was clearing the cobwebs out of her head, Charlize held both of Halle’s legs under her arms. She then slammed her two-inch heel into Halle’s belly, breasts, but especially in the crotch, over and over. By the time she stopped stomping Halle was in tears. Still holding onto Halle’s legs Charlize said angrily “Are you crying, Halle? Only babies cry you stupid bitch! Well if you are a baby then maybe you need to be PUNISHED!” And with that she slammed her knee down onto Halle’s pussy. Halle’s scream could be heard all over the arena. Charlize went for the cover. The referee intentionally counted slowly, which gave Elisha time to come out of her corner and kick Charlize off of her partner. The ref counted it as the second failed pin. Just one more. Elisha was scared too. Halle was the stronger of the two. Now she had been, unfairly, incapacitated. Elisha knew she couldn’t take both opponents, even if one had a bad back.

After she had been escorted back to her corner, Elisha turned to see Charlize smiling wickedly right at her. Charlize then bent down slowly over Halle’s form. She reached behind Halle’s back and ripped her top right over her head to expose Halle’s ample breasts. Elisha started yelling the worst curses heard in the Academy, but Charlize took no notice. She twisted Halle’s nipples around so that it seemed they were going to be ripped off. Once again Halle screamed. Charlize changed tactics after significant damage had been done and started clawing the skin off Halle’s chest. Red welt lines were all over poor Halle’s chest. Finally Charlize stood up. Halle was now crying freely. “Aww, let’s put the baby out of her misery” Charlize said evilly. She then put the hapless Halle in a standing head scissors. She made sure to squeeze as hard as possible. At first Halle’s arms were flailing around wildly, then not as much, then less, then not much, and then at all. The referee raised her once. The referee raised her arm twice. But before he could do a third Charlize released the hold and Halle fell to the floor. She picked Halle up and then threw over to the turnbuckle in Elisha’s corner. “Tag her, bitch. I need to clean that dirty mouth of yours, and your clock.” Elisha looked at Halle. Her face was streaked with her mascara, her breasts were bloody, and she had lost all of her dignity. Elisha hesitated for a moment, then grasped Halle’s arm and whispered “Don’t worry, Halle, I’ll win this” and entered the ring.

Charlize and Elisha circled each feigning attacks at the other. Elisha feigned a left uppercut but then came in and tackled Charlize from the right. The two rolled around the mat slapping, punching, and clawing each other until Elisha managed to pull Charlize’s bikini top off and used the cloth to tie around Charlize’s neck and started strangling her. Charlize recognized her danger and put her legs around Elisha’s midsection. Elisha had to use both hands to keep a strong knot with around her opponent’s neck, so she couldn’t even try to pry Charlize’s strong legs off her. To make matters worse, Charlize using her hands to pull Elisha’s hair out of her head. Elisha was forced to release the strings and tried to squirm out of the torturous hold. When that didn’t work Elisha’s nails went down to Charlize’s left breast while her other hand went for Charlize’s hair. She began to desperately yank and claw at Charlize, who now had tears forming at her eyes. Finally, Charlize gave enough where Elisha could roll out. However in doing so she had to give up some hair to her opponent.

Both women got up on opposite sides of the ring. Each was furious that they hadn’t been able to get the advantage. Plus, while Elisha had a bald spot, Charlize had lost her top. The two began to circle again, watching each other carefully. They each had gone halfway around the ring when they charged at each other. Elisha put her arms like she was going to lock up, but at the last second put them down and speared Charlize. She quickly got on top of her and started to slap Charlize on her face until her cheek was bloody with welt lines. She quickly changed tactics and once again began clawing at Charlize’s breasts. When the woman was subdued Elisha went for the pin. ONE…TWO… and Charlize kicked out. Three failed pins. That meant the all four women could come in. Elisha looked up just in time to see Keira Knightley charging at her.

Elisha was halfway up when Keira hit her and knocked down. Keira grabbed Elisha’s hair and pulled her to her knees and was ready about to give a backhand when Halle Berry reached Keira and knocked her into the ropes where she gave her a vicious clothesline. Halle was livid from how she had been humiliated before and was now going to get her revenge. First she helped Elisha, who was glad beyond words at seeing Halle in the ring, to her feet. “So which bitch do you want?” Elisha asked Halle. “I’ll take the little slut; you just make the big bitch watch.” And with that Halle picked Keira up by the hair and whipped her into the turnbuckle that had once been her sanctuary. Elisha put Charlize in a headlock so that she could watch her partner get destroyed. Halle started to punch Keira in the face for the second in the match, only this time with more ferocity. Keira slumped to the bottom rope, her old wounds opened again. Halle pulled Keira to her feet by her hair and put her in a standing head scissors in the middle of the ring.

Charlize was struggling with all her might against Elisha’s headlock. She almost had herself free when Elisha shifted her position to get Charlize in a camel stretch. She could only watch and swear as Halle picked Keira up by her hips and delivered a perfect pile-driver. Elisha stood up as she saw that Keira was now just lying on the floor twitching. They picked Charlize up and threw her into the ropes and on her return each kicked her in the head. Halle put Charlize in a standing head scissors and used all of her strength to make it hell for the poor actress. Meanwhile Elisha climbed to the top rope and came down with a double axe-handle on Charlize’s back. Her legs gave out, so Halle was able to pick Charlize up onto her shoulders and deliver a finishing Power-Bomb. Then Elisha went over to the still dazed Keira and slid her bikini bottoms off. Keira didn’t even realize what was going on as she was picked up over Elisha’s shoulder and carried over to the now near nude Charlize, who was only now wearing her sandals. Elisha and Halle went over to the opposite sides of the ring and threw the bottoms off to the crowd, where two small riots broke out for the precious memorabilia. Charlize was dumped onto Keira’s body with each of their faces buried onto the others crotch. Elisha and Halle each put their boots on Charlize’s back as the referee made the three count. He tried to slow it up, but the two women were way too out of it. Now Charlize and Keira would experience the worst three minutes of their lives.

Halle immediately took Charlize and started beating her back to life. Elisha, however, went out of the ring to get the bag. Halle put pulled her shorts down just enough and sat on top of her prey’s face. “Alright you little bitch eat me or I will teach the meaning of the word pain.” When Charlize refused to comply, Halle began beating on her boobs until Charlize finally gave in and began eating. Elisha woke her little bitch up by reaching into Keira’s virtue and started clawing. Keira immediately woke up and started convulsing. Tears formed in her eyes in seconds as where she was and what was being done to her all came crashing down. After a full minute Elisha stopped the torture. She looked over and saw that Halle was still rocking on top of her foe. She took the item out of the bag and forced Keira to see what it was. It was a plastic container simply labeled ‘ITCHING POWDER.’ Keira understood immediately. “Please don’t” she pleaded, “I’ll do anything, just don’t empty that on me.” Elisha responded with a wicked smile on her face “I’m tired of scratching your vagina, why don’t you take over for a while,” and with that she started sprinkling the powder all over Keira. Boobs, clit, back, face, and anywhere else that was accessible. Keira scratched herself all over with animalistic ferocity. She was screaming and crying as the powder took full effect. Elisha was just laughing till she heard Halle give off the loudest orgasm she had ever heard. For a few seconds Halle just sat there on Charlize’s face then she pulled her bikini up and said ‘Very good you little whore. But for the next minute you’re mine so I think I’ll just tear out all of your cunt hairs.” Despite Charlize’s protests and screams Halle ripped all of the hairs out of her cunt. When her cunt was balded the three minutes were pretty much up. Halle went over to Elisha and they stood with their arms draped around each other’s back, each smiling at their handy work. They left the ring arm-in-arm, smiling. Charlize and Keira would be picked up from the ring by the medics. They would each have a shower and would spend a week in bed.