WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don’t read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

MILKED SLAVES–II by Mr. Cage (Any comments to mrcagefight@yahoo.com)

Juhi’s beating of Liz in their second fight had several consequences, all of them good as far as Ran knew. First, Juhi had become a sexaholic; she couldn’t get enough of his cock and it wasn’t the old man on top get it over quick or her occasional sitting on top and slowly sliding back and forth when she was feeling randy. Now she was a wild fucking machine, throwing her tits around, demanding to fucked in the ass hard, sucking cock, licking his balls and fingering his ass while milking him with her mouth. She was on fire. Second, Liz Darling and her money hole were gone from his life, the lack of blonde pussy was more than compensated by eliminating her black mail and knowing his son by Liz was now properly cared for by him and Juhi.

Liz on the other hand was still moping around three weeks after her beating, picking up money with blow jobs and such only when she absolutely needed it. Then during her fourth week of post-defeat depression she was fucking the government case worker who had decided to investigate her dole status. At least it was in a bed rather than in an alley. Her tits were so sore since the fight, worse they seemed to have gone into overdrive with the milk production just when she had no greedy bastard kid to suck the pressure off. She had been milking herself, but had forgotten to do the deed the previous two days while in a stupor. The big belly bureaucrat slipping and sliding on her belly with his tiny cock inside her suddenly fastened his mouth on her swollen nipple. She apparently squirted immediately and he pulled back with a weird look of ecstasy on his flushed face. Needless to say she kept her dole status, but more importantly she discovered she had another asset to sell. She stopped being an alley cock sucker that very day.

One of the teenage boys in her building she sometimes fucked so he would fix things in her flat was some kind of computer person using the school’s computer lab. For a blow job he helped her advertise herself as a Milk Maid Escort. Very quickly she was earning money nursing grown men, men with money and clean cocks, men with fancy fuck pads or high end hotel rooms, men with needs that she milked just as they milked her. Her old confidence began to come back. What luck! Not only had she gotten rid of the brat, but she had stepped up in the world! Still being beat by the fucking Paki whore galled her.

Strangely, her tits continued to supply a steady source of milk money growing fatter and fuller with the constant use and abuse her new career provided her. . Liz’s large pale white breasts were tipped by golf ball size thick bumpy pinkish aureole that now swelled into bumps from which thick rubbery red engorged nipples jutted. The more she was milked the tougher her nipples got. Now she needed a real nasty bite or pinch to give her that hot flash of pleasure pain between the legs. She gave up her flat and moved into a nicer neighborhood and began taking care of herself and her milky assets.

That’s when she had a flashback. One of her regular customers, a rich old man from the House of Lords, had a Paki mistress who called herself Princess Fiazi. There was a bit of a mix up and Fiazi walked in on Liz bouncing up and down on the lordship’s cock while he slurped milk from her swollen tits. Fiazi jerked Liz off by her blonde hair and then started screaming at the poor old man. Well Fiazi reminded Liz of Juhi since in Liz’s mind no matter where she fucking came from she was a brown foreign bitch. While Fiazi berated their open wallet, Liz attacked. The fight lasted three minutes and ended up with Fiazi face down on the carpet knocked out from Liz’s fists and feet. It cost Liz a customer and a bruised knuckle, but in it was the perfect medicine for that persistent feeling of humiliation. She was her old self-assured arrogant self and it felt good to be back. She began to fantasize about getting revenge on the fat-titted brown foreign cunt, Juhi.

About that same time, Ran closed up his store and went up the stairs expecting the kids and Juhi to greet him. Instead, Juhi greeted him a silk green robe wearing emerald green stockings and black high heels. She had that weird smile that had been on her face so often these days. She explained the kids were with Ran’s mother and she had arranged something special for him. She led him to the basement family room.

There in front of the couch was a plastic sheet on the rug and a large backyard blow-up pool in the middle of the sheet. Sitting on the couch was a Chinese couple. The man was unremarkable, but richly dressed. The woman was a stunning mid twenties beauty with green eyes and lustrous black hair. Her slender legs were crossed and her silk robe revealed she was wearing black stockings with striking red seams. Shiny black four inch heels wiggled in air as she absentmindedly kicked her cross leg in time to some internal music. It was the last thing Ran had expected.

What had Juhi planned for them? Ran wasn’t sure he wanted to swap women. He didn’t mind fucking other women, but he didn’t want his wife fucking other men. That wasn’t right. Ran was more than happy to watch his wife being brutally dominated or brutally dominating another woman after a fight and being the third body and only cock in the crowd, but sharing Juhi with another man was not on his agenda.

His concern was unnecessary. Juhi had been busy arranging something to please herself and satisfy his growing voyeuristic fetish about watching her strain and struggle against another woman’s body for dominance. Before her fight she would have found his fetish disgusting, but now that she had known both the agonies of defeat and the ecstasy of victory she was more hooked on the game than he should ever know.

She had met Amber Lee, a totally westernized Chinese beauty, in a chat room for women seeking women for rough play. Amber said she was a sex fighter and her husband was a watcher. She was looking for a lactating woman to fight in a rough erotic sex fight to exhaustion by orgasm. Amber was very much into milk fights, tit fights and such. But most of all she liked rough grinding sex fights with no pain wrestling for position to bring the other woman to orgasm until she either passed out or cried that she was fucked out.

They matched up well. Juhi was 5’4’’ and weighed 143 pounds. She had a thick body, very large heavy breasts, now 40DD or more. Her nipples sat high on the swell of her large globes seated firmly in raised, bumpy baseball size aureole that now that she now seemed perpetually excited, forming little cupola’s on her round brown mounds. The aureole and nipples were dark brown almost velvety black and appeared to be already a little wet at certain points. Juhi had considered waxing, but Ran had frowned. He liked her full thick lustrous black bushy triangle that hid her brown tight lipped cunt.

Amber Lee was 5’5’’ and 130 pounds and very muscular. In fact she must have been a fitness freak for outside of her 34DD milk heavy tits her light yellow-brown body was far slimmer and harder than Juhi’s lush darker brownness. She was smooth mounded and her cunt slit was protected by thick brownish lips. What was truly amazing was she had an enlarged, thickly hooded clit that was at least twice the size of Juhi’s. She was a sleek, sexy oriental pleasure princess and she was so very obviously proud and sure of it.

Ran mumbled about not wanting her to fight, but Juhi told him no one would get too hurt, they were going to test one another without resorting to violence. Amber Lee interjected that there would be some violence, but nothing more than was necessary for one of them to win the sexual battle. Simply put it was to be a rough sexual contest where one woman would dominate the other through orgasms, not by beating, biting and clawing. As both women were heavily bloated with milk it was to be a wet fight, hence the pool.

Ran sat down opposite the Chinese man who barely acknowledged his presence. In fact the man said not one word. Neither did he move his hands which were firmly clasped together in his lap. He was so unobtrusive that he could have been the little man who wasn’t there. Ran decided for the sake of good manners to ape his performance, although he ached to unzip and start stroking his cock.

The two sexual opponents stood and dropped their robes, and then they slowly came together outside of the pool still wearing their high heels. Amber Lee’s stockings were held up by a bright red garter belt, old fashioned style. Juhi had found a garter belt that matched the same emerald green of her stockings. She must have been shopping! They stood there pushing their bellies against one another, squashing their heavy swollen tits against one another pushing the swollen bags outward like dough. Then they began to sway back and forth rubbing their nipples back and forth, grunting and groaning. While they did this they raised their hands over their heads.

Amber Lee breathed heavily, “I’m going to milk you dry and fuck you out, Indian slut.

Juhi snorted in between biting her lips and replied, “We’ll see who is begging on her back with her tits flat and her cunt raw. Woman for woman you Chinese will never be a match for us.”

Amber Lee licked Juhi’s lips and suddenly they were kissing. Their hands were down grabbing hair and they struggled in a lip lock while pounding their bellies against each other trying to batter the other’s pelvis into submission.
Ran saw a fine sheen of sweat cover both women’s body and very quickly as their swollen jugs and bellies slapped together wet sucking sounds were heard. Finally Amber Lee pushed Juhi backwards. As the Chinese beauty called Juhi every kind of whore, slut and cocksucker she could think of, Amber Lee bent sideways and backwards stretching to take off first one raised heel and then the other. When she was finished, Juhi went through the same ritual. Amber Lee stepped into the pool. Juhi did the same. Both continued to slag the other with terrible names, practically spitting on each other as they worked themselves up into a frothing anger that had nothing to do with any real life anger, but was entirely sexual in nature. They seemed to need hatred to get them in the mood and they were very much in the mood.

Amber Lee knelt slowly down. Juhi followed. Amber Lee sat back on her fine hard yellow-brown ass and spread her tight legs slowly. Juhi did the same. Then the two beauties slid together cunt to cunt, leg over leg. They touched cunts, hairy to smooth and started into each other’s eyes. Now slowly one hand at a time they grasped each others’ tits, not squeezing yet.

“Are you ready cunt?” challenged Amber Lee twisting at the waist slightly to the left and stretching out her muscular left arm to brace her left hand on the lower bubble of the plastic pool for support.

“Ready to fuck you raw!” snapped Juhi doing exactly the same thing.

The women pushed their crotches together fiercely grunting at the shocking impact. Almost immediately they started to grunt and groan as they humped against each other’s slits. Their left hands kept them from sliding backwards as they grinded away their hips coming off the ground, lifting their round asses off the pool bottom and then smacking them down again. Juhi reached for Amber Lee’s right breast with her right hand because of the way the Chinese beauty was twisted her right nipple was closer and jutting upward nearest the Indian’s brown hand. Amber Lee gasped and then groaned as Juhi pinched and pulled on her full swollen nipple. The Chinese woman cursed and grabbed Juhi’s right nipple in return. The women pinched, twisted, stroked, and massaged nipples and aureoles while still grinding their mounds, one hairy and the other smooth.

Even though Juhi had been the first to start the nipple work it was the Chinese girl who yelped in minor triumph as Juhi began to dribble milk from three ducts in her nipple area. Amber taunted the brown woman calling her several filthy names all focusing on the fact that she was a cow and was being milked by a better woman. She made it racial very quickly and Juhi’s eyes flashed. Ran thought a real fight might break out, but both women were playing by their peculiar rules.

Juhi was leaking enough to coat her tit and dribble on her thighs. Amber continued to taunt her. Then the Indian woman dropped her hips to the ground and leaned forward grabbing Amber’s big round right breast with both hands. Juhi used her thumbs to rub across the already raw right nipple while squeezing the breast from both sides. Amber cried out, stopped grinding and leaned forward too. They were still cunt to cunt

Juhi squealed victoriously as suddenly a double stream of hot milk squirted from the Chinese woman’s right nipple, one stream hitting Juhi’s belly button and the other splashing against her left cheek. The Chinese woman whimpered and leaned forward shuttering for a moment. Juhi announced that the whore had climaxed. Now it was the Indian’s turn to taunt. Amber’s sweaty back heaved and she finally straightened up with a hot look in her eyes. She had definitely been forced to an early orgasm by the relentless cunt to cunt grinding released by the painful pleasure of a squirting tit.

“Cunt!” cried the Chinese woman as she grabbed Juhi’s left breast with both hands. She used the dual thumb probe against the engorged nipple from both sides crushing it in places and opening it in others. Her eight fingers sank in deep disappearing into the brown orb making the flesh bulge out like some great water balloon. Juhi moaned and suddenly she squirted hard splashing milk onto the Chinese woman’s sweaty belly. Juhi grunted and continued squeezing on Amber’s right breast.

The women milked each other relentlessly still locked together at the cunts. Juhi moaned as her left breast was mauled and milked, not violently but still relentlessly. She got a face full of her own milk as a streak shot out in a new direction under pressure as Amber added an upward twist onto the big milk jug. Juhi gasped and cursed. She ruthlessly milked Amber’s right breast and used it to anchor her new cunt thrusts. The Chinese woman was in trouble again. Juhi ground out a second climax from her smooth cunt and then pushed the weakened woman onto her back.

The Indian crawled on top maintaining the split leg contact but now she was on top mound to mound. Juhi started humping Amber’s smooth cunt rhythmically. She shocked the Chinese woman with a new hold. Grabbing the un-milked left breast, Juhi squeezed it hard at its base and caused the full tit to balloon upward. Juhi’ s mouth was open when the first milk stream splattered against the back of her throat, but then the Indian had her lips firmly fastened on the leaky nipple.

Amber squirmed on the now milk slick plastic moaning and cursing between gasps. She was being rough fucked and brutally nursed by her Indian rival. She clearly thought she would be the dominant sex fighter and milking bitch, but instead she was on her back being fucked and sucked while having climaxed twice to the Indian’s yet to be one. Juhi was whipping this bitch’s ass. Ran couldn’t help the giant erection threatening to rip through his pants. He grabbed the head of his cock through his pants and squeezed it still trying to appear as stoical as the Chinese husband. He wasn’t successful because as Amber screamed out her third climax he exploded against his pants insuring a messy cleaning job later.

Juhi stopped her rough ride on the other woman’s cunt and asked, “You had enough you filthy Chink sow!

It was a mistake. Amber grabbed Juhi’s long braided black hair and pulled to the side as she thrust her hips and twisted in the same direction. Juhi cried out and grabbed for Amber’s even longer braided hair. Apparently hair pulling was allowed as a wrestling move, but now as a scalp ripping technique. It was too late. Juhi was rolled over onto her back her face squashed under Amber’s swollen tits. They scrambled for position and in the end it was Amber’s slamming pelvis that settled the issue. Juhi was trapped on her back with her arms stretched out over her head. Amber’s fingers were sinking deep into Juhi’s biceps holding her down. Now the Chinese woman lowered her full lips to Juhi’s raw swollen, leaky nipples.

Juhi moaned as she was relentlessly sucked and nibbled by the mounted Chinese bitch, worse her mound was being expertly ground. It took less than a minute for Juhi to make the sound that Ran knew from long experience meant that she had cum. It was nothing like Liz’s gusty explosions, but then Juhi fucked like a wife not street whore. Then to Ran’s surprise and Juhi’s astonishment she climaxed again. This one was a wild screaming climax that actually bucked the Chinese woman off and caused her to roll over the top of the small wading pool onto the surrounding plastic mat. Juhi moaned and held herself. She had squirted something all over her thighs and it was sticky with milk as well as her woman cum. She heaved in oxygen trying to keep from passing out.

Amber was exhausted and surprised by being bucked off, but the Chinese woman quickly recovered and covered Juhi in a cross body pin. Juhi moaned, but was still too weak to fully resist. Amber methodically stretched out Juhi’s left arm with her two arms and then held it in place with her right hand. Then she scissored Juhi’s right hand with her legs completing the cross body pin to perfection and leaving her left hand free.

Juhi moaned, “No!”

Amber snorted, “Oh yes, you will get fucked now, my little sow!”

The Chinese woman thrust her left hand in between Juhi’s milk and cum coated thighs sliding through the wet pubic hair and entering Ran’s wife’s tight cunt with four manicured fingers in a single thrust. Amber was obviously an experience hand fucker. Her broad thumb found Juhi’s clit. Juhi arched her pelvis upward crying out at the sudden violation and clit pain/pleasure. Amber screamed insults at her and went to work fucking Juhi’s wet swollen cunt with four fingers while rolling and flicking the growing thicken clit with her thumb. Juhi screamed and twisted in agony. She climaxed again and fell back on the pool’s bottom moaning.

While she was helpless, Amber straddled the Indian woman and trapped Juhi’s arms against her own side by Amber’s light yellow brown milk sticky thighs. Sitting pretty on her opponent’s heaving belly, Amber started brutally mauling the Indian woman’s big tits. They were soon squirting miniature white geysers. Amber viciously taunted Juhi as she emptied the Indian’s swollen tits. Juhi moaned and cried as she was milked like she had never been milked before. The pleasure pain of it as well as Amber’s filthy mouth forced a fourth shattering climax from Ran’s wife. Ran gulped. Now he worried that he had never so righteously fucked his own wife. He was being outdone by this cock-less Chinese bitch in his own basement.

Ran looked across the wet battlefield and saw the glimmer of a knowing smile on the Chinese husband’s otherwise featureless face. They both knew that at least today with these rules which one’s wife had been the better woman. Ran accepted defeat and actually hoped that Juhi would get back to normal. This knew sexual animal was a little frightening. He was still worrying about ever satisfying his own as she passed out from the eight orgasm. Amber tried to wake her up by sucking on the now red brown nipples and coming away dry.

Then Amber completed her triumphant by moving her crotch up to Juhi’s tits and using the turgid nipples against her clit one after another until she climaxed and squirted her own female cum juice onto Juhi’s heaving breasts. The Chinese woman stood and posed with her foot on Amber’s face and then amazingly fingered herself to another climax, knelt and wiped her cunt with Amber’s long black hair. It was a total sexual triumph. Ran hoped it was enough to bring his wife back to her senses. Of course it was not. Being so thoroughly out fucked by another woman seemed to drive her to further extremes. Ran had to start using pills to keep hard enough for her incessant fucking.

Ran grew so desperate for relief that he starting taking her out several times a week to movies and dinner. She thought it was a courtship reward for fucking, but it was his plan to get some time to rest his cock and hopefully wait out her sudden surge in sexual energy. Their kids spent as much time with their grandmother as they did at home.

His plan was working to a degree but then as the gods of chance and ill fortune would have it they went one of the finest London theaters for a play, he treated them to the best box seats available with a full view of the lower seating as well as they see and be seen of high society. Unfortunately, across the theater was Liz Darling.

She looked nothing like the cheap hooker of the year before. That bitch that fucked Ran for cigarettes and beers. That bitch beat Juhi once and got beat once. That bitch had given up her bastard child readily to avoid Juhi’s wrath. This Liz looked like she actually belonged with the man she was sitting with. Ran hoped that Juhi would fail to see the street whore in the blonde arm trophy so elegantly dressed for the evening.

The gods were laughing. Just as he tried to direct her attention elsewhere and shift his head into her line of sight, she tensed up. He continued to move into her vision, but she pushed him roughly back in her seat. Her eyes were fixed like laser beams on the blonde alley whore turned high class escort. Ran started to pray one more time, but all he could hear was the raucous laughter of some demon. His eyes had strayed toward Liz Darling in the hopes that she would fail to see Juhi seeing her. Instead he saw two ice blue points staring back at Juhi. The two might as well have been alone. All he could hope was that the venue would control their hatreds.

Two minutes into the first act Juhi stood up and left the box she said to go to the restroom. Ran surreptitiously watched and sure enough, Liz in her new high lady persona apologized to her escort and left a minute latter. Ran closed his eyes and worried about what would happen. He saw no way to stop a fight and no way to keep his wife from being dragged off to the Nick. This was not the place for two women to settle their differences physically or verbally. It simply wasn’t done. He watched from afar as the blonde entered the women’s room. Now what?

Ran stood outside and listened as though he was waiting for someone. He didn’t hear raised voices or the sound of one woman killing another. He looked around and figured he might have ten minutes to get them out of there without a major scandal. He held his breath and entered the restroom. It was silent and empty. He listened for a moment and heard some muffled grunts and moans. He looked again and noted that one of the stalls was closed. This was an elegant place and the stalls went from the ground up which left him no way to see what was going on unless he climbed up on the toilet and peered over the top into the next stall. A particularly loud grunt caused him to do just that.

Looking over the edge he saw that Juhi had Liz pushed into back corner of the stall. Their dresses and bras had been hung on the door. They were nude accept for their stockings, both were wearing old style garter belts and stockings. Their legs were twisted and they were now locked into a tight wedge between the stall wall and the toilet. Juhi had her head on Liz’s shoulder and vice a versa. The two bitches were finger fucking each other furiously while slamming their full breasts back and forth across each other. Liz’s large pink red nipples, while shorter, seemed stiffer and she was bending Juhi’s black nipples more than she was being bent, but the real battle was between their legs. Juhi had four brown fingers inside the blonde and her thumb was working the former alley cock sucking whore’s clit furiously. Liz was grunting and groaning slowly loosing control of her body. The blonde in turn had one hand rubbing Juhi’s hairy cunt from the front and the other fingering her roughly in the ass from behind. Even so, the blonde seemed far closer to coming first which was what Ran assumed this was all about.

Liz’s moans grew and Juhi covered her mouth with her free hand and continued to rough hand fuck the blonde. Both had allowed their crotches to grow wildly and blonde pubic hair was already tangled with black and some of both had fallen on the white floor as has juice from the rough fucked cunts. Liz moaned deeply and went into flopping spasms. Juhi grunted with her success and pulled her sopping wet hand out of the blonde’s cunt and wiped her hand off on Liz’s face.

Juhi savagely whispered, “I’ve beat you again English whore. Now you get on your knees and lick my pussy like you were born to do.”

Liz groaned and mumbled, “Fuck you Paki dyke cunt. I wouldn’t get on my knees for the Queen and I won’t do it for some brown shit stain foreigner like you.”

“I destroyed you in our last fight. I just out fucked you. I guess I can live with that, but can you?” challenged Juhi as she started to get dressed.

“You fucking whore. Without your man I would have killed you the first time!”

Juhi snorted, “Without Ran I would have killed you last time. But if you want to fight again we can handcuff him so he can’t interfere until one of us is finished with the other. I might not kill you but I’ll stomp your tits flat and leave my mark all over your filthy whore’s body.”

“You don’t scare me Paki cunt! You really want to fight again? No rules this time to save your ass! I’ll take your hair home in my purse. I’ll cut it all off and maybe clip your nipples too. How would you like that cunt?”

“You try if you have any courage!” Juhi snapped beginning to forget her learned very correct local English accent.

Liz said, “I’ve got to get back to my date, but shall we arrange something for Monday night. That way I have four days to clean up for the weekend.”

Juhi challenged, “Just you and me, no rules, this time until the finish. Winner does what she wants to the loser and Ran can’t intervene to save anyone!”

Liz looked at Juhi standing their in her heels and stockings with her dress in her hands and said, “Dressed just like this. I want to use my heels to walk on your fat milk sacks until they burst!”

“Oh I’ll milk you until you bleed bitch!” snarled Juhi and then as she started to leave, “And I’ll fuck your ass with my high heels.”

Liz chuckled, “I was thinking just the same, whore! We settle this Monday! And after I hurt you like you’ve never been hurt before, take your hair, mess up your tits, rip out your cunt and ass, I may let you live if you drink my piss and beg for more.”

“I kill you whore!”

Just then another woman came into the rest room and Ran was trapped in the closed stall. Liz and Juhi left, but a steady stream of women coming and going kept him trapped. He heard way too much conversation. Men didn’t talk in restrooms, but apparently women did and they talked about everything! Finally the last of the First Act crowd had returned and he escaped, making his excuses to Juhi that he had been in the restroom. It wasn’t a lie; he just didn’t say which one.

Once home Juhi sprung the fight night on Ran. He protested. He didn’t want Juhi risking her sex, her good looks and perhaps her life against he upstart street whore. Their first two fights had been more brutal than he could have imagined. Even though he got off on Juhi fighting, he didn’t want her destroyed. And, he didn’t want to have dispose of a body should she kill the bitch. But, Juhi had become something of a fight fanatic and at least with Liz, she truly wanted to destroy her opponent.

With a couple of days Ran prepared their downstairs family/office/store room. He removed all the dangerous articles from the desk and table tops, placing them under the desk and sliding the chair into the leg space. He had replaced the lamps with ceiling lighting already so that was a problem solved. Since getting Liz out of their life they had made some improvements to the basement, moving the file cabinets and metal storage racks to one area and closing it off with a wood panel wall. The basement was thirty by sixty, but now the family area was about twenty by thirty, wood paneled with no brick exposed. On the fight day once they had bundled the children off he moved the television and the kids’ things to the back room leaving only the thick red carpet, the new six piece couch which the salesman said was a leisure pit unit. With the end tables and center glass table removed the couches formed a three sided arena. He added a fourth side by dragging three tables to complete the arena and then leaning mattresses against tables forming a false wall with the three other sides being the couches.

Juhi put on a light green robe and wore only her green stockings, a bright red garter belt and her four inch black stiletto heels. She removed all her ear rings and bangles. She had a handful of rings to wear should Liz show up with rings on her fingers, but she was prepared to go bare knuckle. Liz showed by cab wearing an expensive dress. Once in the house she flirted outrageously with Ran just to show her contempt for Juhi. She wore five rings, three on her right hand. All were raised and had heavy wickedly pointed settings. Juhi pointed out the rings and demanded that Liz take them off. Liz countered she had been wearing rings on the night in the women’s room. Juhi argued so had she and then she produced eight knuckle dusters. After a lengthy negotiation Liz removed her rings and then her dress. The blonde had a smooth cunt now, showing its prominent thick lips that could suck a cock as well as her lush full lipped mouth. She was wearing silver stockings, matching garter belt and four inch high silver heels. Both women’s heavy jugs were full and sagged ever so slightly.

At 5’8’’, not counting heels, and now 135 pounds Liz was leaner and firmer in the belly and thighs, but her heavy tits remained at least 38DD and her already red-pink nipples looked ready to squirt. Newly styled blonde hair hung loosely to shoulders and her blue eyes gleamed. She was well made up and far classier looking that the street whore that had fucked Ran so regularly for cigarettes and beer. Liz had come up in the world despite her brutal defeat and lost of her child. Ran guessed she was a 38dd 26 38 now.

At 5’4’’, not counting heels, and 143 pounds Juhi was still thicker and bigger in the breasts than the blonde. His wife had firmed up and gotten even stronger in the arms, shoulders and legs. Her 40DD 28 40 body was as firm as it had ever been and strong. Her big brown tits and there black nipples were more than a match for the pale skinned English woman. Liz looked fitter and perhaps that would be a problem if the fight went long. Juhi’s long hair was unbraided and its lush thick blackness floated off the curve of her big brown ass. She still sported a full black bush that filled her crotch and peaked out of the back of her ass cheeks when she bent over to take Ran’s cock up her ass, which she had grown to demand now that she was a bitch fighter.

Ran allowed his right wrist to be cuffed to the steps where he could sit and see the arena. Liz proved she had the key by showing him how to unlock it. Then she put the key in chair under the desk outside the fight area. The women climbed over the right and left side couches and faced each other across about eight feet of red carpet, nude except for stockings, garters and heels. Ran studied their heaving milk laden breasts. Liz’s large pale white breasts were tipped by golf ball size thick bumpy pinkish aureole with thumb like pink turning to red engorged nipples. They were heavy with milk and while they were firm they still rested on the curve of her upper belly. They were impressive tits to be sure, but still less than the larger rounder brown breasts bouncing up and down on Juhi’s chest. Juhi’s nipples were slightly thicker and slightly longer. They sat high on the swell of her large globes seated firmly in raised, bumpy baseball size aureole that now that she was excited had formed little cupola’s on her round mounds. The aureole and nipples were dark brown almost velvety black and appeared to be already a little wet. Both women cupped their breasts and stared at each.

Liz snarled, “You’ll be sorry you ever moved to this country you thieving Paki cunt!”

“Dirty ass alley fucking white whore!” spit back Juhi.

The battle of the wits continued for about forty seconds as they circled each other spitting out every insult known to womankind. Ran was amazed that his wife had such a command of slang, but then she had amazed him before. Liz was of course no lady and it was no surprise she was a racist street whore with a dirty mouth. But in terms of insults neither woman was proving herself to be much of an enlightened lady.

Juhi stuck out her hands in the shape of claws and challenged, “Are you up to putting your fat white tits up against mine like last time?”

Liz cursed, “Fuck you cunt. I’ll tear your tits off.”

They closed and for a moment Ran thought they would tit fight like they had before. Liz suddenly spit in Juhi’s face and lunged forward. The blonde grabbed to handfuls of black hair, jerked Juhi forward and drove her silver stocking knee up hard toward Juhi’s hairy crotch. The knee caught between Juhi’s green stockings, but the Indian was still pulled forward stumbling on her heels. Liz jerked her knee back and yanked up on Juhi’s hair twisting her head up and back. Liz started to knee again, but Juhi was not so inexperienced that a sudden attack would overwhelm her.

Liz threw her right knee again, but before it could connect she screamed. Juhi had ripped her green painted nails across both of Liz’s pale tits and then sunk the nails into the red-pink aureole: gouging, pinching and twisting all at once. Liz howled and screamed as both nipples squirted early. Her knee hit Juhi’s outer thigh doing very little damage. Using her weight, the fact that Liz was off balance and her painful tit hold, the Indian suddenly pushed forward driving Liz backwards stumbling over her own high heels. When the back of her calves hit the left wing of the couch she sat down hard with Juhi coming down on her lap.

Liz screamed. Juhi smiled wildly. The Indian was ripping and tearing at her enemy’s big tits sending milk squirting from the overfull bags and digging out deep scratches all over the balloons but focused on the tender red-pink nipples. The blonde howled and grabbed for Juhi’s wrists, doing absolutely no good for herself. Juhi seemed fascinated with the white woman’s tits and was looking down at them greedily smiling. She had neglected her own protection. Liz rammed her forehead straight at Juhi’s nose. Juhi moved at the last moment and took the brunt of the impact on her open mouth.

Both women groaned. Juhi seemed stunned. Both her lips had been busted open on her own teeth which had been wide open when the blonde’s forehead had hit. Luckily, Juhi had lost no teeth. While the brown woman sat on the white woman’s lap doing nothing but wobbling and holding onto tits, Liz leaned back against the couch back. She had rocked herself with the blow. Juhi’s teeth had cut open her forehead in what looked like four places. Blood trickled down two streams into her eyebrows and then down the side of her face and two between the eyebrows, down her nose to threaten her vision. There was a moment’s pause as the two stunned fighters recovered.

Juhi tightened her tit mangling grip first bringing Liz howling out of her paralysis. The blonde’s hands drove fist first into Juhi’s tits from slightly below. They white knuckles shank into the brown bladders causing them to rise and bounce up to hit Juhi in the chin. The blow knocked Juhi backwards. Liz raked her claws across Juhi’s jiggling tits, crossed her belly and went for her wide open crotch. Juhi screamed before Liz could rip at her clit and slide off backwards to fall hard on her ass. Liz started to jump on top but got spiked by defensive heel kicks, one to the shoulder and the other scraping the tissue between Liz’s hanging tits and threatening to slide up to her chin. The blonde fell backwards on the couch and the brown woman rolled frantically to the side to escaped Liz’s retaliatory heel strike. Ran thought round one went to Juhi on points, but just so.

Liz scrambled to the feet and started to attack, but Juhi dodged to her own feet and swung around backhanded the blonde across the mouth. That started a two fisted headhunting match where the women fought almost man style hitting each other about the head and shoulders. Smack! Thud! Crunch! Splat! Juhi took three hard punches in a row to her left eye and it started to swell. Then she hit Liz on the point of the nose and sent the blonde staggering back sniffling. Liz tried a belly kick and missed leaving her crotch open for a brutal toe kick which luckily hit the back of the blonde’s other leg.

Liz ducked under a haymaker and then took a hard punch to her right ear. She staggered toward a couch threatening to go down again. Juhi swung hard and level with her right fist. The brown fist smashed into the red-pink nipple on the blonde’s left, driving the nipple back into the tit flesh and folding hot white flesh around the brown fist. Liz moaned and almost fell onto the couch. Instead as Juhi’s hand bounding back from the recoiling crushed tit, Liz drove her right fist up into the underside of Liz’s left breast. This time she pinched the flesh hard against the breast bone causing Juhi’s black nipple to point upward for a fraction of a second. In that same fraction, Juhi squirted a tiny geyser of milk out of her tit and moaned.

The sight of the Indian’s milk seemed to refocus Liz. Now she grabbed Juhi’s tits with both hands, crushed and twisted. Juhi gasped as she was brutally tugged and swung by her tits. Liz’s claws came off and the Indian woman flew backwards landing hard in the center of the center unit. Liz’s sharp claws had her bleeding from five out then pointed wounds in her otherwise perfect brown flesh. Worse she was leaking now from both nipples. And, she was sitting and on her ass.

Liz stormed forward to finish the fight and took both of Juhi’s four inch pikes to her hairless mound. Liz’s mouth formed a big O and she staggered backwards half bent over holding her mound. Juhi got up breathing hard and started forward. Liz screamed suddenly and plunged forward headfirst from wear she had bent over holding herself. It was a perfect tackle.

The blonde rammed into the Indian’s belly with on shoulder, grabbed her around the thighs and drove forward. Juhi grunted and was nailed backwards hitting the long wall formed by tables and mattresses. The tables were heavy but they still slid a bit. The mattresses threatened to rebound and fall over both fighters, but the angle was sufficient to keep the temporary wall standing and Juhi was trapped against it standing up with a blonde ramming into her belly repeatedly.

Juhi spit over Liz’s back as she was gutted by the blonde’s hard shoulder repeatedly. The Indian finally got some semblance of control and dug her nails into Liz’s back just above the ass and then clawed up the length of the flawless white back. Liz screamed and involuntarily arched her back, now reddened by ten long welts worsening to gashes in places. As her back arched she released the pressure holding Juhi against the mattress and the Indian came off with a knee that crushed Liz’s hanging left tit flat against her chest and sent the blonde staggering backwards on failing knees. Liz tripped and went down hard on her right side.

Juhi lunged forward raised her right foot and stomped down driving her right heel into Liz’s left ass cheek. Liz howled. The spike penetrated into the packed meat of her ass cheek threatening to disappear inside her. The blonde went into a sudden spasm, twisting and kicking wildly. Her kicks took out Juhi’s left foot and the Indian went down with a thud on her own ass her right heel pulling out of Liz’s bloody ass cheek and waving around in the air.

Liz snarled and grabbed at her ass cheek rolling to a sitting position. She saw Juhi’s exposed ass and hairy crotch before her and tried to stick her own heel into the hot darkness and rip out Juhi’s sex or asshole. Juhi was already moving and the heel ripped open the back top of her left stocking and left a welt on her thigh. She rolled out of range and got to her knees. Liz moved just a little faster. As Juhi stood she took a savage uppercut to her already bloody mouth. Her head snapped back and her sweaty hair flew in a halo around her head as and arch of blood ruptured from her ripped lips. She waved her hands in front of her as she staggered backwards turning as if to get away. Liz could have taken advantage of her if she had grappled, but instead the blonde through three wild knockout punches. Each other missed the staggering Indian and did little more than to set Liz’s big bruised and bloody tits to bouncing around.

Liz’s fourth punch hit Juhi hard on the forehead and hurt her, but the Indian had regained her composure. Even as her head snapped back into place, she charged forward. Liz had drawn back her fist for another punch. She quickly moved to defend herself, but the Indian had leapt on her, grabbing hair and driving a knee up again. This time the English woman failed to catch the knee before it smashed into her smooth cunt. Liz’s pain and off balance position did nothing to halt the Indian’s forward momentum. Liz went over backwards with the Indian coming down hard on top of her.

Juhi had two handfuls of blonde hair and had Liz’s left leg trapped between her two legs. Her face was just above the swell of Liz’s breasts. Liz grabbed the back of Juhi’s hair and pulled hard, but not quick enough. Juhi sank her blood coated teeth into the left tit flesh and bit down hard. Liz screamed and jerked Juhi’ head up by the hair. Juhi’s teeth lifted the white woman’s 38DD upward. Liz screamed louder. She bucked wildly and pulled her right fist from Juhi’s hair. Juhi bit like a dog with a new bone. Liz punched the side of Juhi’s face repeatedly, making the brown flesh glow red and swell, but Juhi continued to bite and she had blood dribbling now, not just from her ripped and ruptured lips but from the white woman’s fat tit. Liz opened her fist and clawed at Juhi’s left eye. She had to let go of the breast and turn her face away.

With Juhi avoiding the facial claw she shifted enough that Liz’s hair pull and thrusting hips rolled them over side by side. Juhi threw her left leg up and tried to climb back on top, but what she got was Liz’s stocking knee in her hairy cunt. Now the blonde climbed on top and started banging Juhi’s head on the carpet. Juhi got her claws up into Liz’s face and now the blonde was rolled off trying to keep from being scarred for life. Liz tried to stay on top, but as soon as she straddled Liz’s hips the blonde bucked and Juhi was pitched forward. Liz hugged Juhi down against her face.

Suddenly Juhi’s face came up from the carpet screaming. She hammered at the top of Liz’s head. It was obvious the blonde was now introducing Juhi to the pain of a tit bite. Screaming wildly, Juhi got her knees under her and forced herself up with her hands. As she came off the ground Liz rose with her. Ran could see that the blonde Juhi’s fat black right nipple between her teeth and she was trying to bite it off. Suffering greatly, Juhi used her left hand to brace her position and then force her right one between her tit and Liz’s face. Liz moaned and then screamed letting go of the bite. Her hands went to her left eye which had a deep scratch at the corner of her eye socket.

Juhi set up and took a fraction of a second to look at her tit. Her nipple was dribbling heavy white milk tinged by the blood coming from a cracked nipple and gashes in her cupola aureole. The blonde had almost taken her nipple. Liz recovered from the shock of nearly being blinded. Her left eye was closed and swelling rapidly, but her right focused on Juhi’s belly. A fist went in deep and Juhi moaned. She wobbled and was bucked off to the side. Liz started to crawl on top but a heel to the belly rolled her backwards.

Juhi got up on the opposite side of the arena gasping. Her hair was matted by sweat and blood. Her mouth was twisted and gory. Her face was clawed. Both eyes were swelling but the left one was far worse than the right. Her tits were coated by the blood from her busted mouth and now from one nipple and the deep scratches on both.

Liz appeared in worse shape. Her left eye was close and blood dribbled from the corner of her eye socket. Juhi had almost plucked out her left eye. Moreover her forehead was still bleeding into both eyes and her left eye was already swollen as much as Juhi’s so even if she did open it, it wouldn’t be of much use. Her tits were scratched and her left one bore overlapping bloody teeth marks. Her ass cheek was bleeding from a puncture wound and her mound throbbed from knees and kicks.

The blonde raised her fists and came forward. Despite her injuries she appeared fresher than Juhi. The fight had been going on so long that endurance might be the deciding factor and Liz was in better shape. Ran jerked at his cuffs for the first time. He had figured that if Juhi won she would stop short of murder, but Liz might not. She was a racist street whore despite her recent found wealth. She could kill and sleep soundly.

Liz started fist fighting again. Juhi matched her. They smacked each other’s swollen faces back and forth sending sweat, blood and hair flying in different directions after each solid impact. Juhi worked on Liz’s left eye closing it and even opening the eye brow. Liz almost closed Juhi’s left eye and blasted her mouth again and again. Ran worried about the number of stitches it would take to put her mouth back together again. He had an Indian friend in the Health Service so it could be handled without a police report, but still his wife was being mauled and mutilated. It could get only worse. There punches strayed to the bouncing balloons on their chest. Hard punches got squirts from all four tits and sent the bruising deep. Still they kept going back to the head.

Finally Liz’s left eye became a distinct disadvantage. Juhi’s rights were hitting the blonde repeatedly. She was essentially blind from the left. A brutal right hit the swollen left cheek one two many times and the giant mouse on the cheek split open. A gush of purplish blood squirted and Liz staggered truly stunned by the surprise impact. Juhi swung her left hard and hammered the blonde on the end of the nose again. Liz’s head snapped back and she sat down hard on her ass, blood spurting from both nostrils.

Juhi gasped in a mouthful of air, straightened and took aim Liz was still sitting on her ass holding her gushing nose. Juhi raised her right foot and stomp kicked. Ran shuddered as her heel spiked Liz’s swollen and already bloody left breast, this time right above the nipple. If he knew Juhi she would be upset that she had missed the nipple bull’s eye, yet she had succeeded and driven her stiletto heel into the fat meat of the swollen 38DD. Liz screamed and awoke from her stupor immediately. She grabbed Juhi’s ankle with both hands and jerked the spike from her breast which was squirting bloody milk from the nipple and just plain blood from the tiny hole left by the heal.

Juhi was hopping on one foot smiling wildly having destroyed her enemy’s breast with her spike heel as she had promised she would do. Unfortunately, the fight wasn’t over. Liz screamed like a banshee and pushed Juhi’s leg straight upward. The Indian woman was already off balance. She managed to hop long enough on her left foot that Liz decided to kick at it. The Indian went down hard with her left leg doubled underneath her and her right leg up in the air.

Blood still pouring form her nose, cheek and breast, Liz howled and slid forward on her ass to drive her right heel toward the Indian’s hairy crotch. Juhi moaned. The heel ripped her inner thigh open from just above her ruined stocking to her crotch, but did not penetrate her. Juhi grabbed the offending ankle and jerked it out of her crotch and twisted it. Liz resisted for a moment and then moaned as Juhi put a brutal two handed twist using the blood heel as a handle for one hand. The blonde had to roll with the twist and let go of the right leg she had captured. Juhi rose on her left knee, twisting the leg trying to snap the ankle. The blonde plunged forward ripping her heel off her foot.

Juhi reversed the heel in her hand, holding it by the toe and wielded it like a cave ax over her head. She struck down at Liz’s lower back forgetting that the blonde had another foot. Liz mule kicked backwards driving her last heel into Juhi’s belly just above the pubic hair line. Juhi gasped and grabbed the leg. Not wanting to be ankle locked again, Liz jerked her leg away and lost her final high heel still sticking in Juhi’s belly.

The blonde scooted backwards on her ass and hit the couch. She pulled up and braced her self there breathing with some difficulty out of her mouth. Her nose was swollen and now her right eye was threatening to close up. If her nose wasn’t broken it might have well been. Juhi rose slowly and gingerly pulled the silver heel from her belly. She had been punctured, but not to deeply. Now she was on heels and Liz was flat footed. Juhi had the blonde’s silver stilettos in each hand. She came forward intending to use them as weapons. The fight was clearly out of hand now.

Liz, hurt as she was, found she was much faster on her stocking feet than she had been in heels. She rushed forward relative to the Indian and drove her stocking foot up between Juhi’s legs and smashed her hair cunt lips hard. Juhi gasped and dropped her weapons. Liz grabbed Juhi’s bloody tits, twisted and squeezed sending geysers of bloody milk in several directions while driving her knee up again hard into the Indian’s sore cunt. Liz milked the Indian, jerking and pulling roughly on the swollen orbs.

Juhi started to fall but she grabbed the blonde and held on. Liz hammered her kidneys and sides and even bit her shoulder trying to get free. Juhi took the punishment and held onto the blonde. Ran worried again that his wife might lose severely now that Liz had found the advantage of being barefooted. Then without warning Liz screamed and pushed desperately at Juhi’s shoulders. They staggered around and Ran saw why. Juhi had driven the spike of her heel down into the top of Liz’s stocking right foot. The stiletto had ripped open the stocking and two inches of the foot to end ground into the flesh between the toes. Liz’s silver stocking was already bloody around the footing.

Juhi allowed Liz to push her backwards just enough to slam her forehead down on the blonde’s already bloody nose. Liz fell backwards like she had been hit with a hammer. Her foot was still pinned to the carpet. Juhi jerked her foot out of Liz’s foot, took a step forward and stomped heel first down on the blonde’s smooth mound. Liz screamed and kicked back. Her bare feet drove Juhi backwards to fall on the couch. Juhi sat up and stripped off her heels. Liz squirmed to her knees holding her bleeding mound. Juhi’s stiletto had put a deep gash into the folds of her sex. She fingered herself trying to find out where the blood was gushing from.

Liz tried to stand, but Juhi was up on her own stocking feet. She took five quick steps and kicked Liz in the side of the face as she pushed up. The blonde fell on her side and rolled on her back. She put up her feet but Juhi pushed between them to fall on top of the blonde. The Indian had her own heel in her right hand and brought it down like a hammer into the middle of Liz’s forehead. The heel sheered off ripping the blonde’s forehead open along a three inch gash as well as stunning her.

The Indian dropped her heel-less weapon and straddled the bitch. Juhi was gasping for air, but she started punching her nonstop. Liz fought back at first ripping and milking Juhi’s hanging breasts, but eventually the pounding of Juhi’s blood covered brown fists into Liz’s shattered nose and swollen face broke the blonde. Juhi finally exhausted herself and sagged their riding the blonde’s belly. Fortunately, she tired out long after Liz stopped trying to defend herself.

The Indian sat on her enemy’s still heaving belly and gasped. She was slick with sweat and near to passing out from pain. Still she could focus on the hated breasts rising and falling slowly below. She carefully folded Liz’s arms and put knees on them. Then the Indian grabbed Liz’s tits and began to maul them. She squeezed them. She pulled them. She twisted them back around on themselves. She clawed them. She gouged them. Liz woke up screaming and cursing. She watched as the Indian did to her pale tits what she had fantasized about doing to the brown bags. Juhi continued to maul the tits. She flattened them with punches and when that was too tiring she drove her elbows down on them. She milked and milked them until blood tinged milk became milk tinged blood. She ravaged her enemy’s tits until they were rolling bags on the again unconscious white woman’s chest. Liz’s tits were busted.

Juhi rested on Liz’s belly until the blonde began to moan. Then the Indian crawled off and retrieved the four high heels. She slapped Liz awake and then drove the stilettos down hard one to each tit. Liz passed out again. Ran pleaded from the stairway for Juhi to stop. She growled like an animal back at him and slowly pinned Liz’s legs back over her head until the toes touched the bloodstained carpet. Then she sat down in reverse on the back of the stretched out thighs.

Ran screamed, “Enough!”

Juhi moaned, “Wake up you bitch!”

It took time, but the bloody blonde moaned and cursed. Then she screamed as Juhi buried a heel in her ass. Liz almost threw the Indian off despite the incredible negative leverage, but when the struggles subsided, Juhi stuffed the toe of the shoe with the broken heel into Liz’s cunt as far as it would fit. Satisfied, Juhi staggered off the blonde.

Strangely, the weight of Liz’s legs held her in the ass up bent over position. Juhi looked at her and made a sound like a death rattle, but Ran guessed it was laughter. Juhi sat back down on the thighs, this time not in reverse and slid down to wear she was right above Liz’s bloody ruined face. Ran was screaming for Juhi to stop. She ignored him.

Juhi’s strangely guttural voice croaked, “I beat you bitch! I beat you!”

Then she squatted over the ruined blonde’s face and pissed as they had threatened one another finishing her humiliation of her mortal enemy. Juhi staggered away looking for scissors to cut off Liz’s hair and maybe clip off her nipples. She was so weak she had to sit down and Ran persuaded her to stop and let him loose.

Juhi recovered relatively quickly with the help of their secret doctor and a friendly nurse. She had a strange indentation on her lower lip and of course some off color scars on her body, especially around the tits. Still all in all, the Indian woman recovered.

Liz was another matter. She woke up moaning and Ran thought that was a good sign. She even managed to pull herself up on the couch removing the shoes from her flesh. She cried and she cursed Juhi, promising she would make her pay. She would make everyone pay. She was going to the cops. She was going to the newspapers. Juhi fetched a knife and Ran was about to let her shut the bitch up. The bitch was going to ruin them. Then Liz suddenly drifted off to sleep.

Ran wiped down the couches and cleaned the carpet. Thankfully no one ever had recent to test the slightly rusty stains that remain disguised against the red fibers of the rug. Also, no one noted that in the back of the basement of Ran’s house, behind the steel shelves and a newly laid brick wall is a non-descript foot locker with something inside covered in lime, wrapped in plastic and zipped inside a bag.

No one ever heard form Liz again and for strangely enough, no one ever looked for her. Despite her large number of clientele apparently no one wanted to report a missing Milk Maid Escort. In time her web site disappeared and so did any inconvenient memories of the blonde named Liz Darling.

Ran breathed easier in time and for awhile Juhi’s shaken by her actions returned to being a good, safe wife. However, both had a taste of a different kind of life and neither could leave it entirely. Ran took over the management of Juhi’s sexual combats because the both agreed she did not have the temperament to do so herself.