WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

TEACHING CONFLICT RESOLUTION By Mr. Cage (Any comments to mrcagefight@yahoo.com ) (A sequel of sorts to Milked Slaves)

“What are you trying to prove Saira? You're as big a slag as any one of us. You got so drunk last Friday in town using your fake ID you puked in the alley. I saw you spewing your guts out. And your two friends were holding your hair for you.”

“What's it to you, bitch?” replied the brown girl shaking her shoulder length black hair with an exaggerated flourish.

“Are you calling me a bitch?” Who the fuck do you think you are?” snapped the shorter, stouter girl brown eyes flaring in anger.

Saira stepped closer and snarled, “Jew whore, just because you're filthy people think you run everything you can't tell me what to wear.”

The shorter girl looked stunned, closed her mouth and walked away shaking with fury and perhaps suppressing tears. She hadn't had a racial insult hurled at her in years.

Saira snorted, “That's right Gemma you slag kike whore, run and cry!”

Gemma spun around fists clinched. The other girls in the rest room tensed. Nazneen and Amina moved to either side of Gemma. Suddenly everyone was aware of each other's skin color. A red head stepped to Gemma's side.

Saira snapped, “Linda, what business of this is yours?”

The red head said, “I don't like that kind of talk. Gemma is my friend.”

“Your friend, she's a kike. You're what? You don't even believe in anything?”

Linda snapped, “And you do. Where is this bullshit coming from? You've been in school for four years and you've never said a thing about religion. Now you're what, a fucking terrorist freedom fighter. Gemma was right. You're out every chance you get drinking and partying. Hell I know you fucked those town boys when you were a second year. What was it five guys two times through. Now you're a Holy Virgin? Make me laugh.”

A blonde stepped to the other side of Gemma and said, “Fucking Paki, I knew it all the time. Talks like us, dresses like us, acts like us, but all the time just waiting to turn on us and attack us from behind.”

Linda turned to the blonde and said, “Erica, we don't need any of your racist crap, thank you very much. Now let's get back to class. And Saira take that rag off your head. You know the rules. Nobody is allowed to wear crosses or stars or any other religious symbol. Our parents pay big money for us to get a secular education and the rules say no on school chapels or religious activity. If you want to go take your problems to god then go off campus. This is a god free zone.”

Some of the watching girls started laughing. Then one warned a teacher was headed for the bathroom and the conflict ended. But Saira didn't uncover her hair. She stalked into Modern History defiantly.


Edith Argyll‘s School for Young Ladies was the last place you would expect to find Amy McPherson teaching. At twenty-three she had hoped to get her first teaching position at a grimy city warehouse school. Instead she had had the fortune to get into a fight in with girl London 's Kat Club. When they had taken it into the alley and she had won a ten minute bloody nose, swollen eyes and busted lips fist fight she got rewarded with the attentions of a very proper mature lady calling herself Eva.

Eva turned out to be Jennifer Argyll Connelly-Smith the very married Head Mistress of the very properly posh school that catered to the wealthy new names and socially liberal elite of the so-called New Britain . Since they had very few true Blue Bloods the school was even more proper than a school with better blood and poorer students. The Head Mistress was a desperate dyke who had to live deep in her closet, not even her husband and children had a clue. And as deep as she was she was an adrenaline junkie and having a young girl friend fighting in alleys was like a drug. One thing led to another and Amy found herself wrapped in Jennifer's matronly kitten basket complete with fancy new job, school apartment and more strings attached than your average puppet show. Fucking Jennifer wasn't part of the job description, but Amy certainly felt the obligation. Twice a week they ate and fisted each other, sometimes quite roughly because the Head Mistress liked to hurt and be hurt a bit. Worse she was bound up in the school's strict codes and enforced hypocrisies. Still, life was about selling out and she had what she wanted, a shiny new job. But, with time the job proved to be deadly boring.

She started teaching the first year girls, but an unfortunate automobile accident put her in the senior girl's Modern History class. She found it practically impossible to remember that the eighteen and seventeen year old girls were not her contemporaries. Further, they were very forward and pushed every boundary they could find. Surprisingly she took a dislike to all their well-to-do self-confidence, but she hid it. Staying ahead of them and staying out of trouble were problematical.

Then her happy class became even more difficult. School girl cliques are a feature of every school in every nation, but in this international gathering of elites the cliques could become fearsome beasts. They ruled the dormitories and the lunch room, but heretofore they had not ruled in the classroom. An overt political act couched in religion brought the so-called War of Civilizations into her Modern History class.

A fully modern westernized Pakistani girl suddenly started wearing a headscarf to protest something and show her solidarity with some idiots she didn't know who got arrested for something she didn't truly understand. A very tough talking blonde with a bumper sticker for a mind say something to her. She said something back. They glared at each other. Not satisfied with making one enemy the Pakistani suddenly turned on a quiet Jewish girl and basically accused her of being behind everything wrong in the world. That started a nasty little verbal battle of the witless. A red head girl with a brother wounded in Iraq jumped into the fray and very soon the proper young ladies were face to face screaming past one another and inches away from a brawl.

Amy got between them and sent everybody to separate rooms, but girls being girls they told everyone they knew and pretty soon someone from the outside called the office and the school was on the verge of being in the newspapers as either a hotbed of terrorism or a hotbed of racism and religious oppression depending on the editors' particular brand of short-handed thinking. Amy took the fall and got shifted back to the first year classes.

Both sets of girls came to her and apologized. She was somewhat surprised to find they liked her, especially since she did not like them. The girls kept their argument out of the classrooms, but they never missed a chance to get in a glare or a whispered insult. The brushed passed one another. Amy heard it all as everyone's best friend. She kept the peace and saved the school a terrible embarrassment.

But instead of a reward she got her notice that her services would not be needed the next year. The Head Mistress was quite apologetic and arranged a job for her at a decent school on the other side of London . And, Jennifer Argyll Connelly-Smith slipped her an envelop full of cash equal to a years salary apologizing for having to break of their relationship. People were talking and she had to protect her position.

Amy had been fighting her whole life to get out of the estate houses and she had succeeded, but it left her with little love for the rich and privileged who paid other people to do their dirty work. She might have left without a word, but the money was an insult. Not being a fool, she took the money, smiled and thanked her ex-lover for being so helpful and assured her that her secret was safe. The old woman practically fell out of her chair as the pent up tension left her body. Amy smiled sweetly and left. There was no point in burning her bridges, not when she could burn a few others.

It was at that point that she decided it was time for the little want to be tough girls to get a real taste of life. Instead of keeping the little darlings apart she would put them together in a way that assured they would learn a few life lessons and she would remain happily uninvolved. It was a matter of timing and planning as well as a bit of diplomatic maneuvering. One of the themes she had planned for her class before she was removed was Conflict Resolution in the Modern World. She would give them a severe case of Conflict Resolution and she didn't much care which side won.

Amy's chance came when she was comforting Gemma, the small blockish Jewish girl in the middle of the conflict. Saira, the prime aggressor, had started calling her the dyke kike because Gemma wasn't known for chasing boys off campus. After about twenty minutes of listening to the girl moan and groan Amy decided to ignore the rules and do what she had wanted for a long time. It didn't take much for the experienced seducer to have the in the closet student kissing her neck and stroking her strawberry blonde hair. Amy didn't resist and soon Gemma was sucking on Amy's hard pink nipples and panting like a dog in heat. The office was nicely isolated and a locked door and music was enough to insure no one interrupted them as Amy allowed Gemma to bring her off with a wet panty finger fuck. The girl was terribly apologetic afterwards and then Amy revealed she had a history.

The story she told was basically true. She had been harassed in school by a fat girl who hated Amy's lithesome strawberry blonde beauty. Amy eventually had enough and they fought for thirty seconds in the school yard before the teachers separated them. Both girls were suspended. The fat girl bragged how bad she was beating Amy and would do it again as soon as they got back to school. Gemma was wide-eyed and asked what she did and then Amy laid out her trap.

She lied a bit. She and the fat girl had met in private in an abandoned storefront and fought it out to a bloody finish with Amy coming out on top after hitting the girl in the face repeatedly with a broken brick. Then she stripped the bloody girl and tied her hands behind her using her own torn jeans. When the dyke woke up Amy tortured her sexually pulling and biting her nipples, and fisting her until she forced the fat cow to have orgasm after orgasm. Before leaving she made the girl eat her pussy and lick her ass until she came as many times as the dyke. After that the fat girl left her alone. The last part was not true, but there was no point in telling Gemma about the subsequent knife fight. Gemma had not seen the thin scars on Amy's arms or the lateral gash that crossed the front of both her thighs. And of course, nobody had ever found the dyke. Amy had rolled her into a big oil drum scheduled to be carried off and dumped in the ocean by the local illegal waste removal operation. Ah, the memories of a school girl!

Gemma was fascinated by the idea of fighting Saira. None of these sheltered bitches had ever been in a fight. Amy fed her suggestions. Because of the difference in height and weight, Gemma should grab that long black hair with her left hand and pull down while punching up with her right. Once she hurt the Pakistani she should throw her to the ground and sit on her, punching and banging her head on the floor. Then she should rip open the girl's blouse and pull her bra up. Most girls stopped fighting as soon as their tits were exposed. Once she got the tits exposed she should start torturing Saira's nipples and make her beg for mercy. Then finish stripping her and make her eat pussy so she would never forget who the tougher woman was. Of course that required a private fight with maybe only a couple of girlfriends watching to make sure no body jumped in and nobody got killed. Gemma nodded and Amy could see her mental gears turning. She knew who to ask to be her seconds.

Next Amy had to find a way to suggest a venue without actually suggesting one or being implicated in the fight. So far she hadn't suggested a fight she had just told a story about her youth. And she had fantasized with a lover who while perhaps wasn't appropriate wasn't her student and was of age. If Gemma spilled the beans, she was already leaving anyway and the school would likely shield itself and her against anything on her record. Even so, she couldn't be seen to be promoting the fight.

Still she had the ideal venue. A back alley behind the first street off school grounds had been converted to one car garage units, a single swing-out door with a lock, no windows and no furnishings. An overhead light illuminated and empty space four meters by three meters. The space was behind a solid almost soundproof swinging metal door. The things were essentially blockhouses armored against vandals who would just love getting at teachers' cars. Amy casually mentioned that she had given up her car and that Gemma could use the car park any time she wanted to park near campus. All she had to do was take the key out of the top drawer of Amy's desk.

Then to fix the time in Gemma's mind, Amy asked what she was going to do during her free week. Senior girls skipped final exams week. The week between their last class and graduation was supposedly spent in contemplation and in remembrance of their wonderful experiences. More typically the girls drank themselves sick and got in their last mindless fucks with the local boys before going on holiday to France or Spain with their bikinis in their bags and their diplomas on daddy's office wall. It was all Amy could do to keep from bursting into laughter as she watched Gemma's mind churn over the information it had been fed.

That night Amy began her plan to enjoy her little revenge and to make a bit of money on the side. She called a man who paid her to fight his wife every few months. He was a sadistic freak and his wife was perfect for him. She didn't mind being hurt and she liked doing the hurting, especially to young women. Amy had beat her badly three times and gotten beat badly once. Each time she walked away with two thousand pounds for her trouble which was more than enough to pay for the pain. The man rigged four cameras in the dark corners of the garage complete with mikes and set them on a switch to feed twelve hour recorders once the door was opened. Now she had to wait and stir the pot with Saira and her little clique of want to be freedom fighters.


Amy smiled and gave the thumbs up signal to her paymaster. Gemma had retrieved the key to the garage that morning. Amy's talks with the girls had brought them to the brink of girl war and now the war was going to be fought! Ran grinned. When he had heard that the fight was going to be between Pakis and English he whooped. Ran was an Indian storekeeper with a tough wife. A couple of years ago she had gotten the fight bug when she beat the crap out of some English slag who had been fucking Ran. Ran loved watching it and his wife Juhi loved doing it. Amy and Liz had fought four brutal battles in front of him. Amy fought for money. Juhi fought for pleasure. Today Amy might make as much money as she had in the four fights and forego the bruises. Sweet!

They sat in a white windowless van behind the row of garages. Ran had set up a wireless connection on the garage roof to send the output of the four corner cameras to four separate recorders in the van. They could watch in real time on four monitors. Amy had only been fucked by Ran once, when Juhi had beaten her bloody, but she didn't find the close quarters totally unpleasant. Besides, if Ran got desperate enough while watching the fight he might throw her another hundred pounds for a hand job. Now if only the stupid little rich bitches would show up and do each other dirty.

Time was passing and Amy was worried they would no-show. Suddenly the cameras clicked on. The garage door was open. Gemma reached inside and turned on the single bright overhead light and stepped inside. Linda the red head and Erica the nasty big breasted blonde followed.

Erica declared, “I bet the fucking slag Paki whores won't show. Bloody lot of cowards they are, the whole fucking lot of them.”

Erica was the biggest of the white girls. She was blonde, blue-eyed, pale white complexion now slightly tanned from the May sun, a typical English girl. Her face was attractive, but slightly mannish with a strong jaw and too big nose. She wore here hair long, curly and loose. She stood 5'7'' and weighed probably 130 pounds. She had a thick chest and broad shoulders and looked strong on girlish legs made hard by rough and tumble football and a number of other teams. Amy wouldn't mind fighting her and then fucking her, but the bitch was a real loud mouth slag that surely embarrassed her mother and father every time she opened her racist little mouth. Standing there in her red blazer, white blouse, red skirt, white socks and black pumps she looked like any other eighteen year old school girl. Of course she wore her blouse too tight to accentuate her big breasts, probably a D cup at least in Amy's judgment. Her skirt was tight and her butt was not small, but looked firm.

Linda the red head was freckled and looking like she wished she wasn't there. At eighteen she was the most classically attractive of the three white girls. Her nose and lips were perfectly placed and her oval face was graced with high cheek bones and a model's pout to her lips. Her eyes were green and her lashes were long. Her red hair was swept back into a cascading wave that just touched her shoulders. She stood 5'6'' and probably weighed no more than 120 pounds with most of that in her breasts. She was as busty as Erica but lacked the body to carry her tits so they looked bigger and softer. Amy thought they might be a problem in a dirty fight. She wore a more appropriate sized school outfit and was already talking about leaving.

Gemma was short and thick at 5'4'' and probably 130 pounds. At seventeen she was cute and her thick body was still tight, but it wouldn't hold up well with age. Gemma had curly brown hair, but she had frosted it with golden blonde and red highlights. She had a large nose that embarrassed her because she wanted to fit in with everyone else. Her eyes were dark and deep and showed her every emotion. And of course she was a closet dyke, something that Amy's cunt could attest. Thick waist, broad hips, round ass and two C cup breasts with very large thick nipples that made good sucking and the hairiest twat Amy had seen was the way she described Gemma for Ran when setting up the fight. Gemma was adamant that she wanted to beat Saira bloody and then ram her fist up her dirty twat until she admitted she was a no good Paki whore and kissed Gemma's ass in front of everybody. Linda shook her head. Erica laughed and egged the shorter girl on.

Just when it looked like the Pakistani girls were not going to show up a shadow flickered in the open door. Ran nudged her and smiled broadly. She looked down at his crotch. He was already hard from just listening to the girl talk. Hell she might get a bonus out of this.

Saira stepped to the edge of the door opening. She too wore the school uniform. She was very tall, probably 5'9'' and weighed no more than 130. She was slim with B cupped breasts that looked pert in her tight blouse. Her complexion was light brown, her eyes dark and her lustrous black hair hung loosely to her shoulders. She had a decorative scarf wrapped around her hair as her defiant statement. She stood provocatively with her fists on her slender hips. Until recently she had been a top student and one of the most aggressive of the eighteen year old girls.

Nazneen was a smart seventeen year old who was a year ahead of her classmates. She was short at 5'5'', slender at no more than 115 pounds and actually quite beautiful with a perfect mouth and dark green eyes framed by the thickest longest blackest hair that Amy had ever seen. She wore her hair to her the middle of her back, but today she too was wearing a scarf. Until Saira had gotten religion, Nazneen had been the most modern of any of the girls, politically liberal and a voice for female liberty. Her hips were boyish and her tits could be no more than generous A cups.

Amina was a lot like Linda. At eighteen she was 5'6'' and very busty while at the same time slender everywhere else. Amy guessed she weighed less than 120. She was slightly browner than her companions. Her hair was black and long, touching the curve of her tight upward tilted ass. Her eyes were dark and darted about. She really didn't want to be here either.

Gemma said, “One on one you ugly Paki cunt!”

Saira laughed, “You short pile of kike shit. I'm going to skin you and make you beg. You will beg to kiss my feet.”

Gemma and her friends stepped back into the garage. Saira stepped in pulling the door shut behind her. Gemma walked over and made sure the door was latched. Then she hung the key on the latch.

Ran said, “Did you fix the lock!”

Amy laughed, “Yes, I had it changed this morning. It locks automatically now from the outside. They can't leave until one of us uses the spare key from the outside.”

He nodded and asked, “What about somebody hearing them?”

“It's a Friday half and half day today. All the teachers who park here had their exams in the morning and a continuing education course at the university this afternoon. No one will be coming around here until Monday morning. Those bitches won't get out until you let them out. Now let's see if they can fight as tough as they talk!”

They turned back to the monitors. The girls were glaring at each other from about a meters' distance. The seconds stood back as Gemma and Saira circled each other yelling kike and Paki at each other. Both had begun to sweat. The May sun wasn't brutal, but the blockhouse wasn't ventilated. Gemma stripped off her red jacket and threw it to Erica. That signaled all the girls to shed their jackets. Two separate piles of three jackets were placed in opposite corners and the verbal slag-off began again. Were they ever going to fight? Amy had seen this before in her school girl days.

Saira took things up to another level. They were less than an arm's length apart screaming in each other's face. Saira suddenly spit out splattering a gob of hot wet humiliation in the middle of Gemma's face. All the girls suddenly went silent.

Erica snarled, “Fuck her up!”

Even Linda yelled, “You can't let that cunt spit on you!”

Gemma screamed, reached for Saira's scarf covered head. In a fraction of a second the offending scarf was over Saira's eyes and the Jewish girl had two fistfuls of black hair. True to Amy's instruction, the shorter girl jerked down on the trapped hair and bent the taller girl over. Saira was screaming and clawing at the air trying to find Gemma's face or hair, but she was temporarily blinded by her political convictions.

Ran whooped and said, “Now it's going to get good!”

Gemma hammered away blindly with her windmill uppercuts as Saira bent over and tried to back away from the furious Jewish girl. The microphones picked up the screams of the girls watching as well as the smack of Gemma's knuckles on the Pakistani girl's face and hands. Neither girl was an experienced fighter. This was pure cat fight with wild punching and for now Gemma was plummeting away at the brown girl. Amy was worried it might end too quickly for her banker, Ran. She checked and his cock was already straining against his slacks. Men were too easy.

Nazneen screamed, “No fair, let go of her hair.”

Erica yelled back, “Shut your hole Paki whore. We didn't say anything about rules.”



The seconds were becoming worked up. Perhaps it wouldn't be a total loss. Ran smiled broadly and again gave the thumbs up signal to Amy.

Gemma got tired of firing uppercuts and started chopping away at the back of Saira's neck. The tall Pakistani girl was bent over at the waist, her head held below her hips by the shorter girl's left fist buried deep in the now tangled lustrous black hair. Saira was getting her ass kicked! She reached forward for Gemma's white thighs and encircled them in her arms. Gemma started pounding hard on Saira's back. She staggered as the Pakistani pushed against her trying to tackle her. Nazneen and Amina were frantically screaming now for Saira to make a comeback.

Saira pushed forward her one inch regulation black school pumps clicking on the concrete as she pushed the Jewish girl backwards. Gemma's ass hit the concrete brick wall, but she kept her feet and was now really drumming her right fist down like a hammer between Saira's shoulder blades. Saira went down on her knees! Amy bit her lip. Damn it was going to be over too soon!

Suddenly Gemma screamed and stopped punching. She grabbed at Saira's tangled hair with both hands and jerked her head back. Ran grunted with animal excitement and pointed at one of the cameras. That view perfectly caught the Pakistani girl sinking her bright white teeth into Gemma's thigh. Her red skirt was pushed up and bunched against the Pakistani's nose. As they watched, Saira's left hand clawed down the thigh leaving five deep scratch marks while her right hand disappeared under Gemma's red skirt.

Ran muttered, “Oh, yes!”

Gemma screamed and hammered frantically at the back of Saira's head as her own face looked up at the roof in agony. Erica and Linda were the ones screaming about cheating now and Nazneen and Amina were whooping and hollering support.

“Saira, claw out her filthy cunt!” was yelled by one of them.

Gemma wrenched Saira's head away. A bright red oval of bite marks were left on the Jewish girl's thick thigh. Her red skirt was rolled up and stuck to her sweaty thighs. Saira grabbed for Gemma's right wrist with her left hand to relieve the stress on her hair, but she kept her right hand working under Gemma's skirt.

Gemma screamed and cursed, twisted off the wall and drove her left knee into Saira's tits. Already off balance the Pakistani curl twisted on one knee and fell to the side hung up by her twisted hair. As she fell her hand came out from under Gemma's skirt. It was hard to see what she had been doing, but it had hurt the standing girl and infuriated her.

Gemma started walking backwards dragging the Pakistani girl by her hair across the concrete on her ass. Every few steps she kicked Saira in the lower back and then jerked hard on her hair to keep her off balance. Somewhere in the struggle, Saira's scarf had finally come away from her face and the object of the little war was left near the wall quite forgotten by everyone.

Gemma grew tired of dragging Saira on her ass. Still twisting the long black hair around her left fist, the Jewish girl jerked Saira's head back forcing her face to look upward. Gemma bent down and slammed her right fist hard into Saira's mouth. It was the clearest, hardest blow of the fight and it split Saira's lower lip wide open. Blood welled and then splattered when a second punch hit the lip.

Nazneen rushed forward, grabbed Gemma by the hair and jerked her backwards. Erica rushed and pushed Nazneen hard with both hands sending the Pakistani girl falling on her ass. Erica stood over her with fists bunched.

Linda got between them and yelled, “One on one until somebody gives.”

Saira was pushing up on her hands and knees rubbing her hand across her bloody mouth. Gemma was standing nearby breathing heavily. Both girls had hurt and been hurt. This was the moment in most fights where they would glare at each other and then walk away.

Erica snarled, “Round Two.”

Nazneen nodded and yelled, “Round Two. Beat that Kike Cunt, Saira.”

Amy had seen it many times before. At this moment both girls wanted the other dead, but they were tired and scared. They would quit if they had a chance.

Amy mumbled to Ran, “You might have to go to the door and tell them only one side gets out.”

Ran studied the girl's faces and said, “No they're going to fight again.”

Saira was staring at the blood on her hand. Then she looked down and saw red drops on her white blouse. Her mouth twisted in fury. Ran had been right. This wasn't over.

Saira rushed forward swinging her fists wildly. The seconds cheered. Gemma stood her ground and started throwing fists back. Neither girl gave a thought to defense. Punch after punch landed on faces, arms, shoulders, ribs, temples, tits and even a few belly shots. They staggered around on their pumps punching and punching. Saira's mouth got really bad and blood was smeared across her face. However, her longer arms and higher firing position had begun to take a toll on Gemma. She was slowly giving ground. Her cheeks were red and swelling. She was blinking back tears. Then blood appeared on her upper lip from her nose. Nazneen went wild cheering Saira on.

Gemma took another hard punch to her eye. She turned away and Saira grabbed the back of her frosted hair. She jerked Gemma in a staggering circle by the hair and then threw her to the concrete. Gemma landed hard on her ass and elbows, skinning the latter.

Saira charged forward and kicked. The toe of her shoe just missed Gemma's chin. The force of the blow was such that Saira's kicking leg continued on and she staggered forward falling over Gemma's spread legs, hitting the concrete on her knees, straddling Gemma's right knee.

Gemma grabbed Saira by the front of the blouse and pulled her over to the side. The Jewish girl started to climb on top, but Saira's knees were up and in Gemma's belly. Gemma leaned forward still jerking on the blouse as Saira pressed her away with her knees. Amy smiled, Gemma was trying to expose the Pakistani's tits just as she had suggested. Gemma took another punch on the nose and this time blood dribbled out of both nostrils. Saira was propped on her left hand punching with her right. As she drew back her fist, the buttons on her blood stained white blouse finally popped and revealed she had on a lacy thin cotton bra with light pink flowers. Her bra was stained with sweat and her skin was glistening. She gasped and started to cover herself.

Nazneen was moving forward protesting. Erica pushed her back and the two glared at each other. Another confrontation and those two would be fighting!

Saira tried to pull her blouse closed. Gemma yelled in triumph, grabbed the front of the bra and jerked it up exposing both of Saira's round, pointed, black nipple B cups. Saira squealed and covered her nipples with her palms. Amy thought how stupid, but she had won so many fights that way.

Holding Saira's bra like a bridle in her left fist, Gemma hooked her right fist into the side of Saira's face again and again. Saira's knees were still propping Gemma up so the Jewish girl was swing away without fear of losing her balance. A hook to the eye landed so perfectly that Saira screamed and uncovered her nipples. She crossed her arms across her face and yelled for Gemma to stop.

Gemma was in no mood to stop. She climbed over Saira's knees and straddled her sweaty belly still using the bra as a bridle. Saira was holding her eye and crying. Gemma grabbed both of the girl's nipples, pinched, pulled and twisted. Ran applauded. The savage look on Gemma's face showed she was really enjoying the tit torture of her enemy. Saira screamed and kicked her feet helplessly losing both her shoes. Gemma would have torn off those nipples if she could. Instead she grinned madly looking down at Saira's tit flesh the toe of Nazneen's right shoe took her in the chin.

Gemma's jaws clashed shut. She seemed to freeze for a moment. Her hands came free and Gemma dropped forward covering Saira's still screaming face. Erica screamed and went for Nazneen, black hair with both hands. A fraction of a second after delivering the savage kick to Gemma's chin Nazneen was screaming from having her hair jerked by the big nasty blonde.

Erica was a dirty mouthed bitch and would surely have been in a fight or two if she hadn't been a pampered rich bitch surrounded by similar bitches. As it was she was still a physical bully and ready to throw her muscle behind her mouth. She used Nazneen's long thick hair like a rope and swung the Pakistani girl in a circle away from the site of her interference. Nazneen hit the wall hard and slumped against it. Erica ran forward, grabbed her hair again and banged her face into the wall. She would have done it again, but Amina kicked her in the back of the leg.

Erica spun around. Linda moved between them. All four girls backed away from each other. Nazneen was rubbing her face which was showing some abrasions from the wall. Before anything else could happen screams directed everyone's eyes back to the original fight. Amy would want to see the replay!

Gemma was on her back with her legs locked around Saira's thin waist. The Pakistani girl had ripped open Gemma's white blouse, ripped apart her too tight bra and had buried her teeth in the Jewish girl's ample white tit flesh. At the same time the Pakistani girl had her hands squeezing and twisting the two orbs. Gemma howled and hammered at the back of the Pakistani girl's head and neck. The seconds gathered back around the fighters yelling encouragement.

Gemma gave up her scissors hold when Saira fastened her teeth to a big fat swollen brown nipple and clamped down. Gemma screamed for help and kicked wildly, losing her shoes as well. Saira growled and bit harder. Gemma writhed on her back crying out for someone to get the Paki whore off her. Erica started forward.

Amina shouted, “Nobody interfere; it's a fight to the finish!”

Gemma was begging and screaming. She ripped out great handfuls of black hair but she couldn't stop Saira from feasted on her big tits. Howling, the Jewish girl pushed her hands between Saira's face and her tits. As Gemma writhed on her back she and blood started to show on tits she got her thumbs into Saira's eye sockets. Saira screamed and immediately rolled away rubbing her eyes.

Gemma scuttled backwards on her ass and grabbed her breasts sobbing. Nothing had been bitten off, but the bite marks were deep and over lapping. The Pakistani girl had really worked over those fat white tits. Now they were dark red and turning black and blue. And, blood dribbled from four or five deep teeth marks, including one on the thick bumpy aureole around her right nipple.

Erica helped Gemma up. Gemma was rolling her tits in her hands looking at the damage and crying. Erica was snapping at her to get back into the fight and take stomp the Paki whore's cunt in. Linda looked on really wishing she was elsewhere.

Nazneen helped Saira up. Saira's face was badly swollen and now she had a bloody scratch on her right eye lid. She had been in a fight for sure. Her lose white blouse was plastered by sweat and blood to her skin. She was gasping for air. Nazneen was encouraging her to finish of the Jew whore.

Saira, still blinking, yelled between breathes, “Do you give up, kike dyke?”

Erica answered, “Fuck you Paki pig fucker.”

Amina said, “Either fight or give up. This time it's a fight to the finish. They go until one of them give up or is knocked out. And nobody interferes!”

Saira nodded and whispered something to Nazneen. Nazneen knelt down and removed Saira's socks so her bare feet had some traction on concrete. Then to Ran's and Amy's great pleasure the Pakistani girl removed her stained shirt and prepared to fight on in just her skirt.

Erica saw this and shouted, “Why the hell not. A fight to the finish and the loser gets stripped and forced to kiss the winner's ass in front of everybody.”

Gemma looked on uncertain, but she let Erica take off her socks and remove her ripped and stained blouse. Now they were both bare footed and topless. Sweat glistened on their skins. Their bellies heaved as they tried to replenish the oxygen in their systems. As they stood there the bruises colored, their faces swelled and the blood flow capped off leaving crusts around their nostrils, on the lips and on Gemma's tits.

Amy watched and whispered, “Now is the moment. If they actually start fighting again this won't end until all of them are bloody and three or more of them are beat to hell.”

Ran giggled and said, “Worth every penny of it.”

Gemma and Saira were still breathing hard. Nazneen was whispering advice to Saira. Erica was glaring at the girl. Amy sensed something was coming and she grabbed Ran's hand in excitement.

Erica said, “Let them take a break. How about it cunt? You and I fight it out while they rest or are you just a shit eating rag head pig fucking Paki terrorist cunt!”

The blonde bully had fifteen pounds and two inches on the younger fire brand, but Amy had been in fights with bigger women more often and not. Nazneen had the temper to win if she didn't let the blonde get on top and beat her early. Would she accept the offer?

Nazneen pulled off scarf, kicked off her shoes and took her socks off one at a time glaring at the bigger blonde. Erica smirked and did the same. Then Erica started unbuttoning her blouse. Nazneen looked around to see if there was anyway she could be seen and then slowly did the same.

Erica smiled wickedly and undid her bra letting her heavy white broad based DD cup breasts sag slightly against her brought rib cage. She was much stronger looking now that she was naked to the waist. Her pink nipples were hard and sticking out at ankles from one another like small thumbs. She had thick smooth pink aureoles covering a tennis ball circumference nose of her big breasts. Sweat had already pooled in the cleavage. She looked supremely confident and proud of her exposed body.

Nazneen's fire flickered at the sight of the bigger girl's body. They could not have been more different. Nazneen was small, thin, boyish, darker than the blonde, green-eyed and far more mysterious than “the what you see is what you get blonde.” Then she tightened her mouth and removed the tiny white bra she was wearing. Her small firm conical A-cup breasts were tipped by tiny hard black nipples with virtually no aureoles. As soon they were exposed her tiny nipples grew into hard pointed spear points. Her brown skin glistened with sweat.

Ran joked, “I'm going to need to change my pants.”

“Unzip and sit back so I can still see the monitors,” instructed Amy deciding to give away a free one just because she was so hot herself.

Ran did as instructed and she took his brown cock in her hand, brought the tip up to her lips, kissed it lightly, opened her mouth, fastened her lips firmly against the head of his cock and then pushed her head down. She kept her lips pressed hard against his skin all the way down until the cock head was hard against the back of her throat. She circled his shaft with her tongue and then began rocking back and forth. She really enjoyed fucking Juhi, his big breasted wife, but only after beating the older woman into a bloody crying pulp and then taking her hard. But taking Ran's cock in her mouth was an opening punch at Juhi whether the wife found out about it or not. Knowing she had something that had been inside Juhi inside her was exciting. Knowing how mad it would make the wife was even more exciting. All that combined with the four screen fight scene and her own fingers inside her panties made her cum before Ran emptied his load down her throat.

When she looked up from his cock the two girls were still circling each other cursing and taunting each other. The battle of wits when it wasn't racial and religious was about the other girl's tits. It was the fat, cow, udder dragging white whore versus the tiny toy tit sexless Paki cunt boy. She checked her watch. They'd been mouthing off each other for almost eight minutes! Somebody do something!

Suddenly the blonde lunged out reaching with an open right hand for Nazneen's long black hair. Amy noted the blonde definitely had not been in a fight. She was wide open and off balance. Nazneen jumped back and failed to take advantage of the opening. The blonde cursed and lunged again, this time snagging the end of Nazneen's hair as she tried to escape. Nazneen screamed as her head was jerked backwards and two the side by the long tail of her thick black hair. With a handle on her adversary, the savagely smiling blonde jerked with her right hand bringing Nazneen stumbling backwards and clubbed at the Pakistani girl with her left hand. Nazneen took the big fist on the ear and staggered out of control into the bigger blonde. It looked like a fast fight.

Erica grabbed another handful of hair, jerked Nazneen's head up and back. Nazneen screamed and reached back over her head raking the blonde's face with both sets of her relatively long fingernails. Erica screamed, let go of the hair and backed away holding the red welts on either side of her face. The bully wasn't used to being hurt!

Nazneen turned around and swung her right fist hard. It smacked Erica in the left eye and sent the blonde staggering. She turned around and hunkered over. Nazneen grabbed the back of her blonde hair and returned the earlier two handed jerk. Erica's head snapped backwards and she fell to her knees screaming. Nazneen stood over her holding the blonde mane in her left fist and drove her right fist down into the blonde's face. Smack right on the bridge of the nose. Erica crumbled and would have fallen to her back, but Nazneen had the hair and it the blonde dangled from her own locks.

The Pakistani girls were screaming and jumping up and down in triumph. It looked like the blonde bully had caved without much of a fight. Nazneen drew back her fist. Erica twisted on her ass, her hair twisting into a cord. Nazneen's fist came down on the top of Erica's head. Erica grunted and Nazneen moaned. The Pakistani girl let go of the blonde's hair and grabbed her hand. She had been using it like a hammer and not a fist and chances were she had just hurt herself, but if she had broken something it wouldn't be the first woman to throw a clumsy girl punch and pay for it.

On her ass and elbows, legs spread looking up at the smaller woman who had been beating her, Erica screamed and drove both feet upward. They hit the insides of Nazneen's thighs, came together at the ankles and drove up under the red skirt exposing Nazneen's white panties as Erica's bare feet slammed into the Pakistani's crotch lifting her off the ground a couple of inches and sending her falling backwards.

Erica pushed up to her hands and knees. Nazneen had busted her elbows on the floor and was rolling over onto her side drawing her legs up. Amy had taken boots to the cunt and not been hurt, but at the same time she had taken a single fist just right and been on her knees holding herself like she had balls down there. Apparently Erica's big feet had hit right and cunted the Pakistani fireball.

Erica stood up grinning like she had been winning the fight. Her nose was red but not bloody. She took five quick steps and drove her right foot into Nazneen's belly. The brown girl moaned and rolled over. Erica lifted her foot and stomped down on Nazneen's kidneys. Nazneen moaned and arched her back. Erica grabbed two handfuls of black hair and jerked Nazneen up to her knees. Standing behind the Pakistani, the blonde kept her left hand buried at the roots of Nazneen's long black hair pulling her head back. Then she raked the nails of her right hand across Nazneen's forehead trying to disfigure her smooth flawless skin. Nazneen screamed and grabbed Erica's right wrist with both hands.

They struggled for a second and then it was the blonde screaming. Nazneen had Erica's palm in her mouth biting brutally. The blonde danced on her toes and jerked on her hand, but the Pakistani girl kept biting. Finally Erica let go of Nazneen's hair and hammered the brown girl between the eyes with a properly thrown punch. Nazneen lost the bite and wobbled forward onto her hands and knees. Erica pulled her bloody hand away and backed away holding it and screaming about cheating Paki animals.

Erica was still screaming about her hand when Nazneen stood up and rushed her throwing wild punches with both hands, apparently her hand hadn't been broken. The bigger blonde took the flurry about her face and shoulders. Her head snapped back and forth as she retreated until her back was against the wall. Nazneen screamed and literally jumped against her grabbing her hair with both hands. Nazneen was a wild woman. Holding double handfuls of Erica's hair and pressing against the length of her body, Nazneen dropped her already bloodstained teeth to the big swell of Erica's right DD breast and bit.

Erica howled and finally realized she was in a fight. The blonde grabbed double handfuls of the Pakistani's hair and wrenched her mouth away. The outline of Nazneen's perfect bite was left behind, but no blood yet. Nazneen's mouth was open an inch from Erica's pink nipple and she was still trying to bite it even though her forehead was pulled back in the world's most painfully unnecessary facelift. Nazneen was determined to use her teeth and the stronger blonde was determined to prevent it.

Unable to run away the bully fought back. Nazneen was not strong enough to stay pressed against the bigger blonde. With some distance between them and Nazneen fixated on chewing tit, Erica was able to drive her big knee up into Nazneen's already bruised crotch not once or twice but three times. Nazneen finally noticed and closed her legs and gave up on the pale DD tits bouncing in front of her.

The two girls ripped each others head back and forth by the double fistfuls of hair. Erica's weight and strength gave her an advantage. She managed to get off the wall turn Nazneen to it. Then the blonde pushed the Pakistani back into the concrete and started banging her head against the unyielding surface.

Nazneen stiffened her neck and lessoned the impact but she was in big trouble. The blonde could out muscle her against the wall and bang her head until she was unable to fight back. Nazneen suddenly let go of the blonde's tangled hair and dug her fingers into the blonde's big breasts bulging between their bodies. Erica gasped. Nazneen refined her attack and fastened onto the big pink nipples. Erica screamed. Nazneen twisted and pulled on the nipples and the blonde squealed and danced on her toes in pain.

Then to Amy's surprise the blonde retaliated by going for Nazneen's tiny boy nipples. They may have been tiny, but apparently they were sensitive. Because as soon as the blonde dug her thumbnail into the nipple meat and pinched tight with her fingers Nazneen was screaming and writhing. The nipple war continued as they girls danced in a small circle back to the middle of the garage screaming and crying as they nipple tortured each other. It was crazy, but for some reason the two inexperienced fighters had decided to test each other in a nipple war.

The other girls were going crazy screaming for their champion to rip the other girl's nipples off. Erica's bigger nipples were visibly swelling and turning dark red. Sweat covered her body and she was crying, but she was still working on Nazneen's dark black points. Whatever the blonde was doing, Nazneen was screaming and crying between her clamped shut eyelids. The brown girl cried out something in her own language and was forced back a step. As soon as she gave way, Erica started pushing forward. Step by step she forced the smaller hellcat back to the wall.

Nazneen looked desperate as her ass touched the wall. She twisted even harder on Erica's nipples. Pulling and twisting so hard that the tortured bright red nipples kept popping free, getting rawer with each new attack. Erica howled and closed her eyes, but she was furiously determined to out last the smaller woman. With Nazneen flat against the wall and Erica pressing her hands crushing the small breasts flat there was no where for Nazneen's black points to go. Erica cruelly screwed her thumbnail into the tips of the black points and Nazneen screamed in total agony.

Nazneen begged for help. Erica grinned despite her own pain. She got immediately stronger. Amy had seen it a dozen times in bullies. Once they got on top they became merciless. Erica continued to work on the points, blood smearing now as her thumb nails dug out bites of nipple flesh. Nazneen screamed for help. Erica smiled and drove her knee hard into Nazneen's unprotected crotch.

Amina and Saira rushed the blonde. Linda and Gemma rushed to protect her. The pushing and shoving ended with the two sets of three backing away from one another. Nazneen was bent over holding her bloody nipples. Erica was red faced and even more red breasted, but she was smiling wildly having won her desperate nipple mauling contest with the smaller girl. Even though she had been ready to beg more than once, the blonde had won and now she was acting like the champion of the world.

Erica taunted, “Fucking boy tits. You are pathetic. You want to tit fight with a woman go get a set of tits you Paki whore.”

Nazneen screamed and lunged forward but her friends held her back. She was in no shape to restart her struggle with the taunting bully.

Erica continued, “Bunch of tit-less cunts. No wonder the men are always sniffing around real women or blowing themselves up. Can't stand living with Paki tits.”

Amina stepped forward and said, “Fuck you. I challenge that cow. We'll see who has the toughest tits here.”

Linda looked hesitant, but Erica and Gemma shouted for her to flatten Amina's big tits. Linda stood away from her side and looked at Amina. Amina took off her socks and shoes. Linda did the same. Then Amina unbuttoned her blouse. Linda slowly followed.

Amina pulled off her heavy shoulder straps, reached behind and struggled a second to unsnap her thick heavy bra. When she revealed her breasts they seemed to swell upon exposure. She was thin and the globes on her chest were no bigger than Erica's but they looked bigger and far rounder being smaller at the base than the big blonde. She had incredibly thick and long black nipples seated firmly in raised cupola aureole larger than Erica's. She looked at Linda in a challenging way.

The red head sighed and unsnapped her equally heavy bra. Her tits were pale and freckled. They heaved as she breathed. Her white tits were every bit as round and heavy as Amina's. And Linda was almost as thin. They were sleek, athletic young women with virtually no fat on their body, except for those heavy round big cup breasts. Linda's bright pink nipples were round, thick, but short like eraser nubs. Her aureoles were pale pink and smooth spreading over an orange size surface of her breasts. She flushed red as the other girls looked at her breasts.

Amina and Linda started circling with the girlfriends yelling instructions. Amy smiled. Ran was hard again. Hearing women yelling for someone to rip of those fat bags and stuff them up her cunt seemed to be pleasing to him. She knew the entire scene was making her hot. She would love to hurt both of the girls. She loved those moments when you had the fight won. You were on top pressing down. The other girl was looking up still fighting but she had the scared look in her eyes. Then you hurt her tits or cunt in that special way that said I am the better woman and you belong to me. Amy liked to torture tits face to face, watching the eyes turn as the agony broke the other woman.

Amina snatched out a claw going directly for Linda's left tit. Linda pulled back and all four sets of big boobs bounced. Amina called Linda a coward. Linda shot back a curse and challenged Amina to stand flat footed and grab tits and see who could take the most. The watching girls shouted encouragement.

Amina smiled and spread her legs making sure her bare feet were firmly fixed on the concrete. Linda did the same. They were less than half an arm apart. Their heaving nipples were less than a hand apart. There nearly identical heights and bodies had the nipple points making circles around one another with each breath. Slowly they raised their hands and put there palms over the other girl's boobs. They stared in each others eyes daring the other to start.

Erica yelled, “On three tear into each other: one, two, and three!”

The watchers yelled and suddenly the tit fight was on. Both girls moaned and gasped as the flat palms turned into gouging claws. Linda closed her eyes first and moaned. Her pale white freckled tits had already gone red from being squeezed and clawed. The English girl didn't falter though. She had gone for a palm up grab. Her four fingers were digging in deep to the top of Amina's brown tit flesh while her thumb was digging in from the underside inward curve of each round brown globe. It had Amina groaning and cursing between clinched lips, but the Pakistani girl kept her dark eyes fixed on Linda's agonized face and seemed to draw some pleasure from the redhead's agonized expression. It was a test of will and endurance!

Amina squeezed and clawed. Then she pinched and tried to dig out gouges in the smooth pink aureole around Linda's pink eraser nub nipples. Linda cried out and snapped her head from side to side trying to ease the agony. Still the English girl did not surrender despite her obvious agony. She used her clever grip and rather than just squeeze and claw, she bore down digging her fingers in deep so that they disappeared and the brown tit flesh flowed out between her spread fingers almost engulfing the hand. Then as sweat covered Amina's body, Linda savagely twisted the round globes outward. At first Amina didn't react, but then as Linda's elbows moved outward to give her leverage and the brown globes threatened to twist around at their base the Pakistani girl finally cried out and threw back her head screaming trying to endure the damage being done to the matrix holding her tits together.

Amina recovered from the shocking pain and bore down again. Now Linda moaned and trembled. The Pakistani girl's nails were carving up the pink soft aureole and clawing across the sensitive pink nipples. The redhead's freckled white breasts were bright red and bruises were already coloring under the flushed skin. Amina was brutal in gouging out nipple flesh. Blood was now smearing across the surface of both pink aureole and the redhead was screaming and crying, but she didn't release her grip on Amina's brown globes and she didn't answer Amina's shouts for her to give up.

The Pakistani girls were cheering now because Linda was bleeding from the aureole around both nipples, bleeding badly in some places. Amina's hands were now stained with her enemy's tit blood. Tears flowed down Linda's cheeks and she started moaning no, no, no over and over again. Still she refused to surrender. Erica looked like she was about to intervene, but then Amina cried out.

Linda had suddenly pushed with her left handful of tit flesh and pulled with her right. Amina's globes had been twisted around to the point where they looked like balloons about to be tied off. When Linda jammed and jerked she caused Amina to twist to the left. Amina's left globe was crushed against her chest wall and pushed up to her shoulder, still being crushed and gouged. The right one was pulled out stretching the twisted connecting tissues like they were taffy. Amina looked down at her right tit and saw an oblong balloon stretching like it was about to be torn off. The determination in the girl's eyes turned to horror.

Before she could react, Linda reversed the move. She jammed with her right hand slamming the tortured brown globe into the chest and pushing it up toward Amina's shoulder. And, she pulled hard with her left hand jerking the formally flattened tit straight out from the chest wall. Amina screamed as her shoulders were jerked in reverse and she staggered to her right. Amina called out for Linda to stop.

Linda reversed the move again. Amina's brown globes went from being stretched or crushed to being crushed and stretched. Her brown shoulders moved with the pressure on her tits and her knees gave way. She howled and begged for Linda to let go. Amina hung on by burying her claws into Linda's bloody pink aureole.

Amina actually fell to her knees screaming. Linda was bent over by the Pakistani pulling on her tits and she had Amina's stretched out straight from her chest wall all most doubled around. One of the cameras caught an excellent view of how deep Linda's thumb had pushed into the tit meat. Her grip was crushing the tubules and sacks inside the Pakistani girl's tits for sure and the twisting combined by jamming and pulling must be stressing and tearing the connecting tissues. Amy knew how to hurt globe tits and Linda was doing it about as well as it could be done in this position.

Linda reversed her elbows and brought them into her sides. Then she tried to pull Amina up by the tits like she was doing a dumbbell curl. The brown girl howled and was pulled up straight on her knees. Her eyes were closed and she was begging for Linda to stop, but the vengeful redhead's tits were dripping blood and she had no intention of stopping before Amina's tits were destroyed.

Now the English girls were cheering. Amina screamed and let go of Linda's tits. She grabbed Linda's wrists. Linda seemed to pull even more. Nazneen and Saira started forward. Erica and Gemma blocked the way. The four stared each other down. Amy thought the gang fight might be ready to break out, but they just stood there glaring at each other as Linda tried to wrench Amina's tits from her chest. Amina was screaming now for help.

Linda said, “Who's got the toughest tits, Paki cow?”

Amina whined between screams, “You. You do. Let me go.”

Linda did. As soon as she did Amina grabbed her tits and cried. She was on her knees with her shoulders heaving. Linda was standing in front of her breathing heavily holding her tits and looking at the damage. Then the formally reluctant to fight red head kicked Amina in the crotch as hard as she could. Amina gasped and fell forward on all fours. The other Pakistani girls started to complain. Linda stepped to the side, jerked Amina's red skirt up over her brown ass exposing a white bikini panty. The white girl grabbed the sides of the panty and pulled down quickly. Amina gasped and grabbed for her panty but it was already over her thighs and around her knees. Linda continued to pull and Amina rolled over on her ass with her feet kicking. She hit Linda in the face with a glancing blow, but the redhead came away with the sweaty panties in her hands and waved them above her head laughing as she retreated out of range.

Ran observed, “Hairy bush!”

Amy laughed and said, “None of them bikini wax until school is over I'm sure, if Amina ever waxes. I like hairy cunt, especially brown hairy cunt like your wife's.”

Ran bit his lip and said, “Juhi's ready for another fight when you are. She wants to get revenge for that brutal fist work you did on her cunt last time.”

Amy chuckled, “I bet she does. Set it up for next month. I need the money, but I want to get moved before I get into another fight with Juhi.”

“Afraid she's going to bust you up like the time before last?”

Amy smiled and said, “You bastard, you should know that win or lose we're going to hurt for at least two weeks or more, especially after a loss.”

“I enjoyed the time you lost. Maybe you wouldn't mind a little bit of that now.”

His cock was rock hard and out of his pants. When Juhi beat her senseless in their third fight both she and Ran had fucked Amy hard for two days. Ran's cock had been so deep in her ass that she was worried he had ruptured her. During most of it she had nothing but Juhi's hairy cunt in her face. They were a kinky couple of Indians, made that way when Juhi and a lover of Ran had fought it out wife versus mistress style a couple of times. A lot of couples got drawn into the sex and violence underworld by just such experiences.

Amy was wet again. She decided to milk some money out of Ran now that he was well satisfied with the results of the taping. He agreed to two hundred pounds, she stood, spread her cunt lips and screwed herself down on his cock. She bounce fucked him while he milked her tits and they watched the monitors.

Saira and Nazneen were holding Amina. She had stopped sobbing, but was still sitting on her ass holding her tits. From the monitors they looked larger than before. Amy didn't believe they could be swelling that fast! If they were Linda had popped something for sure and that could mean a visit to a doctor and some difficult explanations.

Linda still held the white panty in her hand and the three white girls were laughing and celebrating. Amy was bouncing almost to the end of Ran's hard cock and then plunging back down slapping her ass on his thighs wondering if the fight was over. Then she smiled and thanked the gods for Erica's nasty racist mouth.

The now haughty blonde snarled, “Okay you Paki pig fucking whores. We just kicked your asses. Now crawl over here and kiss our white asses like you were borne to do.”

Linda and Gemma laughed. They were no longer embarrassed by their foul mouthed blonde ally.

Saira snapped, “I fucking beat that Jew bitch. She can kiss my ass.”

Nazneen yelled, “I never gave up you stupid cunt.”

Gemma snarled, “You didn't beat me. I kicked your ass.”

Erica yelled at Nazneen, “You were fucked up bitch!”

“I'm going to chew your filthy tits off!” replied the furious brown girl.

Gemma snarled, “I kicked your ass, whore!”

“Kike Dyke!”

Gemma yelled, “This time nobody stops it until I strip the bitch and stick my fist up her filthy diseased cunt!”

Saira snarled, “I'll rip out your egg sacks you dirty bitch!”

The seconds backed away and left the two original protagonists the center of the garage. The concrete floor was stained now, mainly by sweat but also by blood.

Amy said, “Now we're in the bonus rounds. That means I want a bonus.”

Ran agreed, “This is fucking great. You're brilliant. I'll toss in another five hundred pounds if Gemma and Saira fight to the finish and another five hundred if the big blonde and that little beauty do the same?”

“What about Amina and Linda, the tit queens?”

“You don't think they'll fight again? Oh, that would be too much. Another five hundred pounds for them and if after that they fight until one set of girls is beaten I'll throw in another thousand. Good thing I've opened three more stores or Juhi would throw a fit.”

“She doesn't know you're paying for this?”

“Fuck no!”

Amy smiled. That was interesting information. She wasn't planning blackmail, but still. A man with money and a fetish was just a cow begging to be milked. She filed the bit of information away and watched as Gemma and Saira circled each other.

Gemma and Saira suddenly rushed each other throwing wild punches. Fists hit faces, arms, shoulders, tits and even backs as they swung wildly from every direction and without rest or defense. Gemma's nose opened up first, but Saira was quickly dribbling blood from both nostrils and her lip opened up to spread blood across her lower face. The grunts and groans were punctuated by the meaty smacks of fist on flesh. After two minutes they were both gasping and throwing slow looping punches. Their mouths were wide open and they were blowing hard. Sweat slicks covered their bodies and they ended up in a standing clinch, holding each other up.

Leaning together at the shoulders they were reduced to hurting each other by digging their claws into each other's arms. Then Gemma ripped her right hand down the length of Saira's long back leaving five red trails in her fine brown flesh. Saira screamed and arched her back. She grabbed Gemma's tangled frosted hair and jerked her head to the side and tried to throw her down. Both women were exhausted and Gemma stumbled but did not fall. She found her footing and retaliated by jerking Saira's hair.

They jerked at hair and sent each other stumbling around in a drunken circle. The girls were screaming their support. Saira almost fell over after a particular strong jerk to the side and down by Gemma. Gemma jerked the other way and swung Saira in a staggering circle and let her go as she was totally out of control. The tall slender Pakistani girl slammed her ass into the concrete wall and fell forward on her hands and knees. She gagged for a moment like she was about to vomit. They had been fighting in the enclosed garage for a long time and from Amy's own experience she knew exhaustion often ended fights between inexperienced opponents long before real damages.

Gemma stood flat footed sucking air into her body. All the girls' bodies were slicked with sweat and their long hair was matted and tangled hanging wildly and sticking to their bodies wherever it fell. Erica and Linda yelled for Gemma to kick Saira in the face. Gemma looked like she was about to fall over. Saira shook her head and started to push up. Gemma cursed, took three big steps forward and kicked savagely upward.

Saira's face was down and she didn't hear the warning shouts from her seconds. The Jewish girl's instep crashed into Saira's nose. The Pakistani's head snapped back and she rose up on her knees. She looked stunned. Then an absolute flood of blood burst from both nostrils. Her eyes closed and you could see the nose swelling up and the surrounding cheek tissues ballooning. Saira coughed and blood filling her throat from her nose spilt out of her mouth. Gemma looked surprised. Erica screamed for her to kick Saira in the cunt. Gemma nodded like she was too stunned to be thinking herself and did as instructed. The Pakistani girl cried out, spitting blood on the floor, grabbed her cunt and folded over. Gemma raised her foot to stomp on Saira's head. Saira moaned and rolled onto her back and raised her feet defensively.

Gemma grabbed the Pakistani's right ankle and held it against her left thigh. Amy had recommended this tactic in one of their many discussions, but never hoped the student would remember it. Gemma twisted inside the Pakistani's girl flailing left foot and stomped her right foot down on the brown thigh pinning it to the concrete and opening up Saira's barely covered hairy crotch for all to see. Gemma stomped down with her left foot on the exposed cunt. Saira moaned and clutched at herself unable to free her left leg from the concrete or her right ankle from Gemma's hip. Gemma ground her foot back and forth across Saira's cunt, actually pushing aside the white panty guarding the hairy slit and the rather large lips guarding it.

Gemma taunted, “How's it feel to be foot fucked you Paki whore?”

Saira screamed and cursed unable to defend herself. Her nose stopped swelling at about twice its normal size. Her eyes were almost closed and the lower part of her face, neck and now her tits were covered in her own blood. She was crushed. She was begging for Gemma to stop, but when the Jewish girl asked her to say she gave up Saira suddenly refused and writhed on her back almost tumbling Gemma off her.

The Jewish girl cursed and actually knee dropped her left knee down onto Saira's mound. The brutal thud was picked up by the sound microphones. Erica and Linda gasped and then laughed. Amina and Nazneen grew silent and grasped each other's hands. Saira moaned and cried out in woeful agony. In between writhing shouts she screamed that she gave up and that Gemma had won.

Gemma rolled the girl onto her stomach, put one sweaty foot on Saira's lower back then reached down and seized the back of the Pakistani girl's red skirt. The senior girls had a tradition of not wearing their black belts and only buttoning the top button of three on the skirt's waist band. Who knows why and where the tradition developed, but woe be unto and underclass girl who failed to wear her black belt or got caught with her waistband unbuttoned. Amy smiled to herself at the craziness of what teenagers thought was important. And then remembered the fight had started over a foolish scarf.

Gemma undid the button and unzipped the skirt. Then she seized the red skirt by its sides and jerked it down over Saira's thin hips, pulling her white panties down with the skirt and short exhausting tugs. It took over five minutes for Gemma to strip the crying Pakistani girl naked. Erica was shouting for Gemma to fuck the bitch, so Gemma obliged her by rolling Saira onto her back, grabbing the sobbing girl's ankles and lifting her legs straight up. Gemma positioned her big ass over Saira's face and squatted down hooking the long legs of the brown girl under her arms executing a perfect reverse face sit with a roll up pin. More importantly Saira's exposed cunt was open and pointed to the roof.

Erica and Linda laughed and suggested things. Gemma spit onto Saira's cunt lips and then roughly inserted four fingers inside the Pakistani's hairy cunt. Saira screamed under Gemma's big ass and writhed. Her trapped toes made circles in the air behind Gemma's back as she helplessly struggled to free her legs from under the Jewish girl's arms. Gemma smiled triumphantly and perhaps a little lustfully as she began to jam her four fingers in and out of the trapped girl's sex. Her fingers were slick with Saira's cunt juice, sweat and Gemma's spit. It looked like a total victory. Amy doubted the other Pakistani girls would have the heart to continue the fight.

Then without warning, surprising even Amy and Ran, Nazneen crashed into Gemma and slammed her off Saira backwards. Saira grunted under the impact. When her legs came free the flopped down hard her heels bouncing on the concrete and then lying still. Gemma hit the wall hard right behind where she was sitting. Nazneen was screaming wildly and grabbed the Jewish girl's hair, twisted her head and crashed her face into the wall three times before Erica seized the back of Nazneen's hair and pulled her back. Gemma slumped against the wall.

Linda moved forward and Amina jumped on her from behind.

Saria writhed on the floor trying to set up, a pool of blood staining the floor where her face had been. Now the entire side of her face was covered in blood from the pool and her long hair was dripping blood where it had mopped it up. Saira lifted her head. Her nose was swollen twice its size and twisted a little to one side. Both her eyes were swollen shut. She coughed out blood and lay there on her elbows not really knowing what to do. For the moment Saira and Gemma were out of the fight.

Ran breathed, “Nose job for sure.”

Erica dragged Nazneen away from the wall with a left fist full of hair and started punching up into her face with her right hand. Nazneen tried to pull away, but when she couldn't she rushed the big girl grabbing her around the thighs in a perfect tackle. The blonde went down hard on her ass with Nazneen on her thighs. The blonde still had the hair and used it to pull back to a sitting position. Nazneen cried out as her hair was yanked, but she used the big girl's weight and launched herself forward ramming Erica between her big tits.

Erica hit the concrete hard bouncing her head. More importantly, the fireball Nazneen came down on top. She immediately grabbed the blonde's arms and pushed them up over her head. Then without hesitation she dropped her teeth to Erica's sweaty DD right globe and she did what she promised she would do. She started chewing on Erica's tits. The stunned blonde started screaming and writhing. Her arms wrestled, but despite her strength she was trapped in a hold. The blonde planted her feet and started bucking throwing the lighter Nazneen about, but the Pakistani girl rode the blonde's waist and she kept biting and tearing away at Erica's boobs.

A few feet away Amina was choking Linda from behind. They were both on their knees and the Pakistani was pulling the white girl over backwards. Linda had her right arm trying to keep Amina's left forearm from choking her under the chin. The redhead had reached back over her shoulder with her left hand to grab a wad full of black hair. Amina's right hand was punching wildly from behind the redhead hitting the face about half the time and punching either Linda's arm or her own arm the rest of the time.

Linda pushed backwards and got her feet out from under her ass. She pushed back hard trying to free herself. Her moved turned out to be a big mistake. Amina ended up on her back still choking the white girl, but now she added a brutal leg scissors to the thin waist of the redhead. Linda groaned and let go of Amina's hair. Now she started elbowing back and trying to bridge up to shake off the scissors. Amina gasped as her swollen boob took and elbow and immediately grabbed Linda's less swollen but scratched and scabbed right boob by reaching under Linda's right arm.

Linda cursed as Amina sank her claws into the bruised white globe and tried to wrench it off the white girl's chest, pulling the fat round breast under Linda's raised arm and stretching the skin on her chest tight. As soon as Linda screamed Amina started asking her how she liked it and reminding her of what Amina had suffered in the tit fight. Linda kicked out with her feet and tried to roll to the side. She almost succeeded. Amina held on and yelled for Saira to help her.

Saira was on her hands and knees blood still spattering from her broken nose. She had crawled away from Gemma, not knowing the Jewish girl was on her side next to the wall still not moving. Nazneen must have cracked the girl's head on the wall. Saira grabbed the redhead's right foot as she pressed up almost rolling over. Saira jerked the foot outward and then sat on both of Linda's knees.

Amina yelled, “Strip her. Strip her!”

After her own humiliation the Pakistani girl knew what to do. Saira reached up and grabbed Linda's skirt. Saira popped off the button. Linda cried out for help writhed trying to keep Saira from unzipping her skirt. The redhead failed. Saira jerked the shirt down until it was holding Linda's thighs as surely as if it had been a rope. Then she stripped Linda's white thong down exposing a full red bush.

Amina clawed the trapped redhead's bloody right breast and yelled, “Punch her in her dirty cunt!”

Saira was still groggy and barely able to see through the slits her grossly swollen eyes had become, but she smiled at the prospect of sharing some pain and started pounding at Linda's bouncing crotch. The redhead grunted as punch after punch hit her mound, her belly and her thighs. Saira's aim was not that good, but even a glancing blow to the mound was no fun for the white girl. Saira grew frustrated with Linda's gyrating hips and grabbed hold of the thick curly red bush with her left hand and jerked.

Linda screamed and stopped struggling. She started begging. Amina was in no mood to listen. She twisted the already bloody red nipple from behind and clamped her scissors even harder. Saira warmed to the task now that she had a stationary target. She punched at the hairy target again and again. Linda cried and begged.

Amina yelled, “Fuck her with your hand!”

Saira smiled wickedly remembering the brutal fucking she had just endured, stiffened two brown fingers on her right hand making sure her bloody nails were leading the way and jammed them in between Linda's thick cunt lips. The white girl squealed and stiffened like a board. She begged for mercy. She promised to kiss their asses. Saira jammed her hand in and out and then added two more fingers to her attack. She was stuffing Linda's cunt and the white girl was begging for mercy. Warming to the task, Saira jammed her thumb into the tight hole and did her best to fully fist the paralyzed and stuffed redhead.

Erica's bucking had finally thrown Nazneen off her waist. The brown fireball had landed on her knees and gone for a cross body pin, girl fight style. She was on her side with her ribs across Erica's neck pressing the blonde's chin back and threatening to choke her. Nazneen had captured the blonde's right arm with her left hand and was holding it straight out while effectively lying on the blonde's left arm. That left her right hand free and she was pounding Erica's belly turning it bright red from repeated knuckle strikes. Blood from Erica's chewed tits covered both girls' bodies.

Ran was going crazy, “They've got them. They've got them. Should we stop it?”

Amy said, “No way. If the stupid cunts kill each other we'll leave them locked in there. I can't think of a better way to ruin them and the school.”

Ran said, “Trapped in there with my cameras. Not your best idea, Amy.”

Amy chuckled, “Damn, you're right. Okay let it go for a bit more.”

Erica managed to shift enough that suddenly Nazneen felt the blonde's teeth on the flesh under her arm. Nazneen cried out and tried to remount the blonde, but as she moved Erica thrust to the side and the Pakistani girl was rolled off. Erica scrambled after her tormentor. Nazneen twisted on her butt and kicked. Both feet took the blonde in the face as she reached for the brown girl. Erica fell backwards and to the side.

Nazneen scrambled to her feet and started kicking the blonde over and over again. Erica rolled onto her stomach and tried to crawl away. At that moment Nazneen saw that Linda had been stripped and was being brutally fisted by Saira. She saw the blonde's big ass exposed by the rolled up skirt. Nazneen put her foot in the middle of Erica's ass, grabbed the skirt at the waist band and jerked. The skirt bit into Erica's waist and then ripped and unzipped at the back. Erica crawled out of her skirt and tried to escape from the brown wildcat. Nazneen delivered a perfect kick to the blonde's thong from behind. Erica fell on her belly trying to protect her cunt. Nazneen stomped down on the small of Erica's back nailing her to the concrete. Then she grabbed the back of Erica's tissue thing red thong and ripped upwards. Erica gasped as the thong bit in between her hairy blonde cunt lips and stretched to its breaking limit. Nazneen jerked and jerked until the thong ripped. Then the Pakistani literally pulled it up and off using Erica's groove to guide it on its wet journey through the blonde's hairy cunt.

The blonde cried out and begged Nazneen to stop. Nazneen stomped and kicked Erica as she squirmed on her belly, then her side and then on her belly again. Tiring of kicking the white girl, Nazneen jumped on her back, grabbed her matted blonde hair and banged her face into the concrete six times before letting go. Erica moaned and bled, but she didn't offer any more resistance. Nazneen stood up and looked over as Saira had her hand in Linda up to her wrist. The white girl was sobbing and crying. Amina continued to gouge at her nipples and choke her. They didn't need Nazneen's help.

She walked over to where Gemma lay slumped against the wall. She grabbed the Jewish girl's hair and dragged her over onto her back. The side of her face was gashed open from the top of the hair line down to her cheek. She must have hit the wall hard because she was busted open like a great melon. Gemma was still breathing so Nazneen stripped her and completed the humiliation of the English girls.

She stood again and asked, “Saira, what do you want to do to this pig?”

Saira pulled her hand out of Linda. It glistened with the white girl's cunt juice tinted red by either the blood on the fist when it went in or Linda's own cunt blood. The red head moaned and begged, but Amina was determined to avenge her own swollen tits and she had a couple of inches to go. But at Saira's instruction, Amina rolled the limp white girl off. Linda curled up into a ball crying.

The two exhausted and battered Pakistani girls helped each other stand and walked over to where Gemma was laying helplessly on the concrete. Saira touched her ruined nose and mumbled some curse. She knelt down sitting on Gemma's breasts. She grabbed Gemma's hair by the front with her left hand, lifting the head off the concrete and then started slamming her right fist into Gemma's nose. At the same time Amina got between Gemma's legs and started ripping out her thick pubic hair. Hand after hand left the Jewish girl's crotch. The pain revived her somewhat because she kicked her feet in rhythm to Saira's fist strikes.Amy counted ten punches before Saira was finished spreading Gemma's nose across her face. The blood from the gash and the busted nose covered Gemma's face and upper body and colored Saira's fist, arm, and even the insides of her thighs where it had splattered.

Ran muttered, “Oh fuck. That was brutal!”

Amy had to agree, but she was still riding a sudden shattering orgasm imagining she had been the one ruining Gemma's face. She continued to imagine herself as she watched the three Pakistani girls fist fuck Gemma brutally, leave deep bloody bite marks around her nipples and on her belly. Then Nazneen insisted on fist fucking Gemma in her shapely ass, but try as she might the slender Pakistani girl could only fit three fingers inside the tight puckered hole. The pleasure of the abuse was somewhat muted since Gemma barely responded. Ran began to speculate that they were going to kill the girl.

It was Amina who called an end to the torture, “The fucking animal doesn't even feel it any more. We better stop. She's almost dead and everyone knows you hated her.”

Saira looked around and said, “We have to kill them all.”

Nazneen walked over to Erica and kicked her in the face claiming, “This one's mine.”

Amina, her huge swollen and weeping tits hanging heavily downward under the weight of the hot fluid filling the damaged areas, argued, “Our blood is all over the place. We kill them and they get found they'll know it was us. Do you know how to hide a body? I don't! And if we got help could we trust them?”

The other two girls nodded in agreement. The Pakistani girls helped each other stand. They celebrated a moment until the exhaustion hit them. They had won but none of them had gotten off free. Saira in fact had to be helped to the corner where she sat down for a few minutes. The other two girls tried to clean each other up using the English girl's clothes as towels. Then they dressed slowly trying to look normal. They went back and helped Saira to stand. They collected their scarves and tried to cover their ravaged hair and battered faces.

Amy said, “Quick, no point in keeping them locked up. Those other bitches don't have any fight left in them. Unlock the door and they'll never know anyone else was here.”

Ran did as instructed. He got back to the van as the Pakistani girls started up again.

They spit on the downed girls and gave them once last round of body kicks. Then they gave them a long lecture on what would happen if any of them told anyone who had beaten the shit out of them. Then they made each girl kiss their feet, denounce their religions and swear to that of the Pakistani's. Amy chuckled. Not one of the bitches in that room gave a shit about their religion. People never failed to find something stupid to fight about. Linda and Erica curled up in little balls crying. Gemma barely responded. The fight had been beaten out of the smug little bitches. Amy was only sorry that more damage hadn't been done to all six of them.

Ran worried whether or not they should get the girls some help. Amy convinced him to give them some time by sucking him dry. Then she let him eat her. She wondered if Juhi would know. That excited her.

An hour after the Pakistani girls had left Linda and Erica helped get Gemma up. They were fucked up and there was no helping it. They had to take her to hospital. After they left, Ran and Amy evacuated the camera equipment and got away clean. The inside of the garage looked like a murder scene. And the next day its yellow taped exterior appeared on all the major papers and channels under head lines like: “Girl Religious War; Rich

Girls Gone Bad;” “Racism Rampant at Edith Argyll's School for Young Ladies.”

Amy enjoyed reading one article after another about the scandal at Edith Argyll‘s School for Young Ladies. The Trustees removed Jennifer Argyll Connelly-Smith from her position and all six girls were refused diplomas. They had to repeat a year of school and make other arrangements for their colleges. Of course their daddies' money eventually found homes for their terrible reputations. But first nose jobs, breast operations, internal stitches and weeks in isolation from the press were endured. All in all, it had turned out to be a very good first year for the young teacher from modest means. It was made all the better a month later when she beat Juhi senseless after a brutal thirty minute maul fight. This time instead of just fucking Juhi, she humiliated her by fucking Ran in front of Juhi making the Indian wife furious, guaranteeing a return fight fee. And, Amy hoped, she had made Ran a very happy bad boy.