WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

GIRL GRUDGE: A Novella by Mr. Cage (comments at mrcagefight@yahoo.com )

I missed the start of it, but I was there at what had to be the finish, at least the finish of it at Nathan High. I started high school with both girls and of course neither knew I was alive. Most freshman girls' eyes don't see low enough on the social scale to recognize individual freshman boys, especially average dressed, tongue tied, junior varsity back-up offensive linemen.

Jessica Anita Langford was already the prototypical high school queen. Even as a freshman she was tall and coltish at 5'7'' and no more than 125 pounds. She was a soccer player, a basketball player, a member of her church choir, and to a desperate freshman boy an iconic blonde, long-legged, tan and firm breasted. She was of course selected as a junior varsity cheerleader. And, to top it off she was shit good in class and her family was relatively well-to-do, not private school well-to-do. In the land of exurbia the community public schools were the choice of most parents, from the large upper middle class and some rich to the very few poor.

Chelsea Tina Brown and Jessica might never have met had Chelsea 's mother not become a real estate agent, made a mint and moved to our little community. Her older sister and Chelsea brought our high school's minority community of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native American and the never quite identified “other” up to a whopping ten percent. I knew this because my mother was a vice-principal (yes, a little bit of hell on earth for yours truly) and was in-charge of insuring our stats were totally in-line with “greater community standards” so we could suck on the big Federal Golden Money Nipple, the most important function of any public high school administration.

Mom was also anger counselor, social relations counselor and a dozen other touchy feely bullshit things they try to push on kids these days. Put it this way it was her job to make sure all the so-called perfect angels remained perfect angels and did nothing to embarrass the school or the community. She positively celebrated when the Brown sisters were enrolled because it got us up to 10% minority status. We were a happy, liberal, diverse, democratic voting hybrid owning (SUV driving) community and we had the statistics to prove it. It's a good thing I grew up with advanced lessons of hypocrisy or our modern world might make me cynical. In any case, Mom's political concerns play a role in this saga, making my participation in certain events all the more dangerous for yours truly.

Apparently Jessica and Chelsea met on the basketball court during a gym class. Chelsea was tall 5'8'' and relatively thin at 120 with long hard legs, a high firm ass, flat belly and thin but relatively muscular arms. Her breasts were firm and high, not large, but on her body still attracted the wandering eye of a lust monkey teenage boy. Anyway, the meeting did not go well. Looks were exchanged, but nothing physical other than a couple of hard fouls.

Apparently they went their separate ways and began getting into each others' business. I had no idea there was trouble brewing at the time, but then I heard that two freshman girls were going to have a fight after school after the half day before Christmas. Well usually you hear a story about a fight and half the school shows up. Everybody stands around and nothing happens or just before the fight starts a teacher or some adult busy body shows up and screws it up for everyone.

I was standing on a small hill over looking our school's softball/baseball/soccer practice field. Our football stadium had bleachers and facilities, but the other outdoor sports were strictly come and sit on the hill. The only facilities were two dugouts a fenced area for the backstop and the dugout. Everybody was gathered on the hill or on the field side of the backstop. I had yet to hear who the fight was between.

I saw two small gatherings of guys and girls about a dozen feet apart. I pushed to the front and got out my cell phone. There were at least forty phones ready to record whatever happened. And, there was a guy actually walking around with a video cam and a microphone. He was interviewing the two girls! And I saw him stick the microphone under Jessica's beautiful red lips.

Circumstances developed and I later got to know this guy and helped him edit the tape of the fight. I think I have the only copy that was not downloaded from video sharing site. It was on the board for three days until the community (my mom among others) raised such hell that they actually forced the site to take it down. The cops, the school and the pandering politicians basically landed like a truck on everybody's neck, especially the guy who made the tape and posted it. I'll give him this; he didn't squeal on me.

Any way, the interview with Jessica went something like, “Yeah, I'm going to fight this bitch. I've got my rings on and I've oiled down my face. She thinks she is so hard. But we'll see. Everybody will see. Look at my audience!”

Jessica was so excited. You could see her cheeks were flushed and her nostrils were full. Her blue eyes were gleaming. She tied her shoulder length blonde hair back into a pony tail and flashed her right fist which was covered with heavy rings obviously borrowed from guys because she had temporarily resized them with tape on the bands. She didn't flash it, but her left hand was weighed as well. At the time I thought the rings were more funny than serious.

Jessica had taken off her coat and stood there in a very tight pink top that pushed her tits up and covered chest stopping just above the belt line. Her shoulders were bare as were her well defined arms. You could see the straps of her red bra under the sturdy straps of the bare shouldered top. She had on tight hip hugger black jeans with a wide red belt and two tone shoes with those little pink foot socks. She looked like Barbie gone bad.

Chelsea 's interview was edited down because her fucking sister kept popping off, but she basically said something along the lines, “That stuck up cunt is going to catch a beating. Fucking blonde whores don't know shit about fighting. Talking like she's hard! Fuck her!”

Well I'd say the school was about evenly divided: thirty percent wanted Jessica to kick ass, thirty percent wanted Chelsea to kick ass, forty percent wanted to see them both get beat up and a hundred percent of the guys wanted to see tits. The crowd wasn't divided along racial lines, well let's say all the black kids were rooting for Chelsea , but so were a lot of the white kids. The brown kids and Asians were split evenly and I still don't know who the “others” were. Anyway, the point is it wasn't a racial thing at any time before the adults got involved.

Chelsea was dressed in a too short green hoodie, white t-shirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes with white socks. Her long slender waist and lower belly were revealed as she ran her hands through her braids to tie them behind her head in a bun. Her hair was in tiny tight braids that normally hung to her shoulders. She had accumulated rings on her hands as well. Apparently some of the senior guys had donated to both girls. Her black face was shiny so I assume she had used Vaseline or baby oil too.

The two groups parted and the crowd started yelling. Fucking idiots yelling show us your tits do nothing but discourage girls from fighting. I wish it was possible to explain shit like that to guys, but most of them were laughing and hooting like clowns. I was afraid the fight would stop before it started.

Instead, both girls ran toward each other without warning, shouting and going for it from the very start. Chelsea 's right fist missed Jessica's face and wrapped around her head. The black girl immediately grabbed the pony tail. Jessica's first punch was also a right, but she punched straight from the shoulder. Her fist smacked Chelsea hard on the left cheek and turned her head to the side. The black girl almost fell to a knee, not from a knockout but from the force of the blow and balance issues.

Jessica drew back her fist to strike again, but Chelsea jerked back on the blonde ponytail. Jessica grunted and was forced to stumble to her left. The blonde planted her feet and grabbed for the bun of braids with her left hand while swinging her right fist into the side of Chelsea 's head. She cracked her twice and missed her twice.

Chelsea cursed and fired her right fist into Jessica's left ear and at the same time hooked her right foot behind Jessica's left. The blonde whacked away with her right fist, but was suddenly pushed off balance as Chelsea pushed forward and tripped the cheerleader in one mood.

They hit the ground on the side of the hill with Chelsea on top for a moment, but before the black girl could strike they rolled over three and a half times coming to a rest at the bottom of the hill. Jessica threw her leg over the black girl's hip and started to climb on top.

Suddenly Chelsea 's older sister reached down and grabbed her sister's arm and pulled. Jessica rolled off surprised and Chelsea staggered to her feet with her sister's help. A couple of Jessica's friends shouted. Chelsea 's sister pushed her sister toward Jessica and held up her hands like she had done nothing.

Jessica was standing and looking at the older black girl wondering if the fight was over. Chelsea 's right fist hit her right in the mouth. The blonde's head snapped back and she staggered backwards falling on her ass. The crowd cheered. Chelsea ran forward and started kicking at Jessica's body, but the blonde was scooting on her ass and Chelsea did nothing but hit the blonde' hips. Jessica on the other hand, or foot as it were, kicked up hard and literally followed the advice of an idiot to the right of me to “kick her in the balls.”

Anyway, Jessica's tennis shoe practically lifted Chelsea off the ground and sent her falling backwards. Jessica scrambled up, her lip swollen but not bloody. Suddenly Chelsea 's sister was in between them. She turned around and pulled her sister up. A bunch of people yelled at her and she again put her hands up like some bad manager on the WWE and acted like she had done nothing.

Chelsea charged forward again and rammed into the blonde driving her back into the fence of the batter's box. Chelsea had her left hand in the front of Jessica's hair and was pounding away at the blonde's head, shoulder, ribs and belly with furious rights at all angles. Jessica took the punches which were bruising but not well aimed. She bent forward using her ass on the fence to push off. She got a little aid when I guy grabbed her ass from the other side and pushed.

The two girls staggered back from the fence. They had their left hands twisted in each other's hair and were clubbing wildly with their right fists. The crowd was getting really wild now and pushing forward. The guy with the camera was in tight and he had three buddies pushing people out of the way so he could complete his little documentary. There is a Spielberg in every high school class I guess.

They staggered around in a tight circle digging into the dirt with their sneakers while they pounded away at each other. Girl's don't have the knockout punch and usually don't last too long before they both give out. In this case the girls were strong, but they still didn't have the right bone and muscle mass versus skull and brain to finish each other. But, they did have endurance. They had been going at it for two minutes, an eternity in a school yard fight no matter what you may see in the movies.

Somebody yelled blood and sure enough there was blood smeared on Jessica's face. Her nose was dribbling and Chelsea 's fist was smearing it around making it look pretty bad. Some time during this fistic battering, Jessica lost a shoe and then tripped going down on one knee. Chelsea tried to knee her in the face, but got pulled over by her braids which had come out of the bun.

The black girl fell on her hands and knees. Jessica was up on her knees. She dragged on the braids with her left hand and forced Chelsea 's head to stay down. Then she hammered the back of the black girl's head and neck with wild overhand ax blows. She got in four shots when Chelsea 's sister grabbed the black girl's arm and dragged her out from under the blonde again.

Jessica held onto the braids and was behind Chelsea . Chelsea 's sister grabbed her sister's braids closer to her head and used her other hand to turn Chelsea around. Chelsea grabbed the blonde's hair and the stand-up fight was on again.

They worked their way back toward the fence. Chelsea went for the trip again and they fell against the fence. Jessica ended up on her ass trapped against the fence. I noticed that the ever ready assistance by Chelsea 's sister wasn't there this time as Chelsea had position.

Chelsea tried to knock Jessica out by banging her head on the fence, but of course as much as it surely hurt the fence wasn't solid. Jessica hugged Chelsea to her and they wrestled with the blonde on her ass and Chelsea on her knees straddling the blonde's legs.

Suddenly, Chelsea 's loose green hoodie was coming up her back. All the guys cheered as the thin white bra strap was exposed. Chelsea was suddenly struggling to keep from having her hoodie and t-shirt tangled over her head.

The black girl twisted and tried to get off to the side. Jessica rolled with her and got to her knees as Chelsea desperately tried to lower her hoodie. Jessica kept the hoodie bunched up in her left fist and started driving those overhand ax blows into the long, exposed black back before her.

Chelsea 's older sister stepped in immediately and grabbed the hoodie and tugged it down her sister's back and at the same time straightened Chelsea up. Jessica cursed and punched Chelsea in the side of the face from behind. Chelsea started to fall forward, but her sister grabbed her under the arms and pulled her forward.

Jessica stood up and yelled, “Fuck this shit!”

Chelsea turned around and charged back swinging. The blonde took three wild punches to her face before getting back into the fight and hammering the black girl four punches in return. They fought it out standing there, shifting back and forth from pulling hair with the left and punching with the right to pulling hair with the right and punching with the left.

I was exhausted just watching it. I know from the recording counter that the fight lasted only three minutes and thirty-six seconds, five minutes with the interviews and the short credits.

The crowd parted and my mother charged through the crowd with our Barney Fife security guard behind her. About half the kids scattered and I was caught flatfooted by Mom's Medusa like stare. Shit!

Barney Fife got in between the two girls who were still swinging at each other, hitting him more than one another. He pushed and shoved and finally separated them dragging Jessica away. Chelsea 's sister grabbed her and tried to escape. My mother yelled Chelsea 's name and that was that.

The guy with the camera was running up the hill. Mom yelled his name and he groaned. She was good at her job. She knew everybody's goddamned name and being called down by her was the same as being cuffed. The guy had his body between her and his camera. He looked at me and tossed the drive to me while popping in another. I caught the thing in mid air and had it in my pocket before I knew what I was doing.

To make a very long and typical story short, the girls' parents were called. The police showed up. Charges were dropped on the condition the girls would attend anger management sessions. Racial sensitivity meetings were required for the whole school, insuring that what little racial feelings we had were vastly magnified out of all proportion. I just love how those touchy feeling solutions always produce the exact opposite of what they intend. So the shit was dragged out through January.

Me and the cameraman cut and edited the recording on my computer because even though they hadn't gotten the evidence off him his parents were dragged in and he was forbidden to touch his equipment for a month. We didn't have the after fight pictures so the swollen lips and eyes or smeared blood was missed. Chelsea had a big lump on her forehead and another on her right cheek. But the chicks were back to normal by the end of the Christmas vacation, although with make-up I guess there may have been some bruising visible on the white girl.

So I ended up with my own finished copies safely hidden away on my computer and on a memory stick. The foolhardy brave camera man had promised both girls he would post the fight. In an attempt to protect himself, he posted the fight on the internet site using a school computer he hacked under the nickname of Fight Promoter. Unfortunately, Big Mother had installed a key-log program and they had hidden security cameras watching the computer lab. He was identified. The recording was pulled down and he got the rest of the year in detention. I skated.

What was truly amazing was the response we got from the simple inserted question, “Who One? Who Cares? Good fight!”

Well apparently a couple of thousand people cared. Before the fight was pulled the comment section was filled up by racists of every stripe, social moralists decrying the decay of society, parents demanding everyone be arrested and a local television news hound doing a four part special on teen age violence, “What You Should Know about Your Children!” It was a fucking circus. Freaks and hypocrites of every stripe were using our little show as a platform.

And the school was savagely divided. The Chelsea camp said she had, “Whipped that white girl's ass!” The Jessica camp said, “Jessica won the fight four or five times, but Chelsea 's fucking sister kept cheating.” “Fuck that, the white chick bled. That's all you need to know,” was the response. “Jessica would have kicked her fucking ass,” was the retort. Those of us without a bitch in the fight said, “Rematch!”

Well nothing was going to happen for awhile. Jessica's mother basically raised such hell that an extra three guards patrolled the school grounds and honest to got cop cars followed every group of ten or more kids around until they broke up. Jessica and Chelsea played the sweet reconciliation game while they were under the thought police's eyes. But those two girls were not finished with each other, not by a long shot.

My old buddy Fight Promoter, the video geek, got the call. The fight was scheduled for the first Monday in June after school was out for the summer. The site was a closed and shuttered no-tell motel. Only the girls, one second a piece and their chosen witnesses, me and the Fight Promoter were invited. They didn't want a crowd to attract the cops and they didn't want a bunch of guys yelling for them to show their tits. They wanted to fight until one was beat. The winner would get the recording to show to her friends, but nothing would be posted anywhere as long as the loser admitted she had been whipped to anyone the winner demanded be informed for as long as they were in the same school. The Fight Promoter promised we would give them the only recording, no need to tell you he lied, but after our last experience we weren't going to let anybody know we had it.

We arrived early, parked behind the row of empty room, and waited for the combatants. Jessica and a tough looking brunette chick, combat boots and short hair tough, arrived first. Jessica was wearing a white t-shirt and those tight elastic short-shorts, red colored. She had on flip flops. Chelsea and her older sister, Tania I now knew, arrived twenty minutes later. The brunette chick and Tania crossed the broken pavement and had a brisk discussion about both of them staying out of the fight until it was finished.

The Fight Promoter had a happy suggestion. Since we were behind the hotel, the fight could take place in the empty fenced in pool. The seconds had to stand on the edge of the pool and couldn't intervene for any reason. They liked the idea of the pool, but Tania's past performance made her promises questionable. The butch brunette produced a two set's of handcuffs and suggested they be cuffed to the ladders at the either side of the deep end of the pool until the fight was over and gave us the keys. Ten minutes later Tania agreed.

Next came the equipping. Much to my surprise the girls had agreed to fight with rings on their hands again. After removing ear rings they equipped every finger with a heavy ring. Chelsea had shown up wearing boots, but she took them off at Jessica's insistence. They had agreed to fight barefooted and she had shown up ready to do so. Chelsea 's hair was cut short and styled in a two inch natural which gave her an advantage over the eight inch summer length of the silky blonde haired Jessica. Jessica started to tie her hair back, but Tania protested. Jessica shrugged and let her hair hand loose.

Chelsea had learned from her last fight. She pulled off her baggy shirt to reveal a gray designer sports bra and white shorts as tight and skimpy as Jessica's. Chelsea may have added a fraction of inch in height and maybe some muscles, but the only extra meat was revealed by the tightly packed breasts pushing against the sports bra. Already covered by the summer heat's sheen of sweat her beautiful, long, black body gleamed reflecting every ebony facet of her incredibly tight muscularity. She was no body builder, but she was slender and muscular. Her belly was flat and showed a four pack with sure signs of a six pack developing. Her long legs were tight, hard and ridged. Her white shorts looked like they were glued on and her ass was round and high looking like it was climbing up her legs not hanging down from her hips. She looked like an Amazon.

Jessica didn't seem intimidated. She stripped off her t-shirt. Cleverly she had worn a super tight white one-piece swim suit that fully covered her much thicker and lush bust. Her belly was flat but covered, but there was no way it was as firm and hard as the black girls'. Her legs were a bit thicker and a bit softer. Her waist was thin, but still larger than Chelsea 's. Jessica was a bit broader in the shoulders and looked very strong with her five to ten pound weight advantage, but she didn't ripple like the black girl. For once, the blonde beauty was outclassed, at least in my view of what a fighting female should be. She kept on her red shorts so I had no idea what the suit might reveal below the hip hugging shorts.

The seconds checked their girls over and whispered instructions as the Fight Promoter and I set up four cameras around the pool, all on tripods. We both held hand cameras and climbed down inside the pool for close-ups. We also were to stop it when one girl said she was finished or was helpless to defend herself. Otherwise, we were there to catch the battle so the victor could relive her triumph and humiliate her rival for the rest of time. The whole thing had a mythical feeling about it, despite the dirty, dry surface of the pool. Amazingly nobody had thrown bottles or trash into the hole so we didn't have to clear anything away. The seconds handcuffed themselves. The girls climbed down into the deep in from different sides. I held my breath, this was the point in time where sweet reason might prevail and violence be averted. Thank the gods, sweet reason was on vacation that day.

Their bare feet touched the dirty floor of the abandoned pool and they rushed at each other cursing. All those anger management sessions didn't seem to have been that effective, in fact, I'm sure that at least half the fury was created by those hours of lies and bullshit. Anyway, they practically rammed into each other. Their right fists missed their targets and suddenly they were face to face with their right arms around each other's neck. I don't know many people who wouldn't have wanted to be between these two babes normally, but not on that day.

Jessica's knee came up first. It hit its target, Chelsea 's crotch, but unlike guys that didn't end the fight. Instead, Chelsea moaned, jerked Jessica's head backwards by the hair and butted her on the cheek. Jessica moaned and turned her head to the side blinking her eye. Her right hand was twisted in Chelsea 's hair. Her left fist started pumping its ring armed knuckles into the black girl's glistening sides and ribs. It must have hurt because Chelsea twisted to the side and took some punches on her kidney while bringing her own left into play against Jessica's suit covered belly. They grunted and cursed each other jerking hair and punching away non-stop as they turned in a circle.

Jessica must have gotten the worst of it because she twisted to protect her belly and took a brutal punch to the kidneys. She moaned and staggered, but came back with a left to the underside of Chelsea 's strong jaw. Crack! The black girl staggered backwards and held up both her hands to protect her face.

Jessica drove her left through the guard and smashed the black girl's lips with her ringed fist. Chelsea tried to turn away. Jessica had a fist full of her short hair and it slowed the escape long enough for the blonde to grab the back of the black girl's hair with her left fist.

Chelsea was turned around now facing away and bending while trying to run out of range. The white girl jerked back on her left hand and straightened Chelsea up. The right fist hooked around hard from behind and crashed into the right side of Chelsea 's twisted face. Smash!

Chelsea fell hard on her knees leaving Jessica with a handful of short kinky hair. The blonde grabbed two handfuls of hair from behind and started ramming her knee into the middle of Chelsea 's back. The black girl was being rocked pretty hard.

Chelsea 's sister was screaming for Chelsea to fight back while Jessica's butch girl was laughing and taunting Tania. It looked like the fight was going to end pretty quickly. Then Chelsea stopped trying to pull away from the double hair hold and as Jessica drew back her knee for another shot, Chelsea threw herself backwards.

The blonde staggered and then toppled over the falling black girl to land face down on top of Chelsea . For a brief moment the two high school brawlers looked like they were in an athletic crotch munching session. Then they started to scramble on the dirt covered concrete.

Jessica was on top and up on her knees turning to go for the school girl mounted position. Chelsea grabbed a handful of blonde hair and jerked Jessica's head down almost to the gray sports bra, just as Chelsea 's hard pointed knee connected with the side of the blonde's head.

Jessica fell to the side stunned and Chelsea rolled on top still holding the blonde hair. Now it was time for the white girl to take a beating. Chelsea didn't bother to go for a mount; she started pounding away with her right fist with short shots into the blonde's face and head while trying to crack Jessica's skull on the pool's floor with her left fistful of blonde hair. She might have succeeded, but the blonde used the first catty move of the fight and raked her claws across Chelsea 's face going for the eyes.

The black girl screamed and turned her head away. Jessica bucked and rolled and now the white girl was on top. As Jessica rolled on top blood dribbled out of her nose and one of her eyebrows had a lump on it. Chelsea 's hands were covering her face and she was still screaming. Tania was yelling like a banshee and jerking at the cuff on her wrist. Jessica's girl was shouting, “Bite the bitch!”

Instead of biting the blonde straddled Chelsea and started driving rapid fire punches down on the black girl's face smashing against the girl's hands. Not satisfied, the bleeding blonde suddenly started pounding on Chelsea 's pert breasts, banging away at the sweat stained gray sports bra. “Bust her titties!” yelled the butch babe.

Well maybe it hurt and maybe it humiliated Chelsea , but it gave her a chance to peek through her fingers and grab for Jessica's wrists. The blonde jerked backwards trying to free her fists and suddenly got her shoulder hooked by Chelsea 's long right leg. They struggled for a few seconds and then the white girl went backwards falling on Chelsea 's left leg.

Chelsea still had the blonde's wrists. They rolled helplessly struggling to get off their backs. Then Chelsea raised her right foot and drove her heel down smashing Jessica's left breast. The white girl moaned and that energized Chelsea . I zoomed in on her face. She was wild and bloody. Parallel scratches had left bloody streaks across her face cutting both cheeks, the bridge of her nose and the white's of her eyes were red and watery. Chelsea got in three tit crushing heel shots and then she jammed her foot into the underside of the tit as if to push it up to the blonde's shoulder. Only, the full body white suit kept the tit from being exposed. The white suit showed the dirt and sweat quite well, especially the heel and foot prints on the left tit.

Jessica finally got a wrist free and rolled over freeing her feet from under her ass. Now she had a foot free and she kicked Chelsea in the face. Chelsea kicked back and smashed the blonde in the mouth leaving another foot print. The blonde kicked back and now Chelsea 's nose was bleeding freely. Jessica jerked her other hand free and twisted around breaking the mutual leg lock.

There was a scramble in the dirt as they tried to get the upper position. Knees and elbows were bloody now as the concrete took its toll. Fists and elbows flew. There were tuffs of blonde hair everywhere now and not a little of the natural black hair. Faces were dirty and bloody. Jessica's white suit was stained with blood, sweat, dirt and probably tears. While Chelsea 's gray bra was sweated through and her white shorts were just as dirty as the blonde's suit.

They had been going at it for six minutes non-stop most of it fighting on the pool floor. I thought Jessica had the best of it so far, but it was damn close and the blonde's face showed she had been in a fight for sure. Just then they hit the side of the pool, deep end. Jessica was trapped against the side on her left side. Chelsea had her right leg over Jessica's hip and was punching the blonde in the face with her left fist.

Jessica groaned. Her right eyebrow burst open and she covered her face with her left arm. Chelsea started to untangle herself and crawl on top. The blonde's right arm was under and behind the black girl. As Chelsea rose up the blonde's right hand grabbed the back of the sports bra and jerked on it pulling the black girl off onto her side again. They wrestled against the side of the wall with Chelsea having the advantage.

However as they rolled against each other punching and kneeing I noticed the gray bra being pulled up the sweaty and now dirt stained sleek black girl's back. I remembered the white girl had pulled the hoodie over Chelsea 's face in the last fight. Jessica was obviously trying to gain some advantage with the bra. The battle went on and on and the girls were obviously exhausted.

Chelsea made another move to crawl on top and take advantage of Jessica's back being up against the side of the pool. Suddenly Jessica's left hand was between them. She grabbed the gray bra from the front and jerked it up leaving it under Chelsea 's neck. The black girl's pert tits had long black pointed nipples. Her breasts were round at the base forming conical mounds, firm and the nipples pointed straight out from the mound like little flag poles. I zoomed on the nipples being the pervert I was and forgot about the fight for a second.

Apparently, Chelsea had the same reaction as me. She yelped as her tits were exposed and rolled backwards trying to pull her bra back into place. She paid for it because the blonde had room to bring up her left leg. Jessica still held the front of the bra bunched up in her left hand. As Chelsea struggled uselessly to pull down her bar, the white girl took aim and drove her dirty left foot hard into Chelsea 's belly.

Chelsea moaned but continued to struggle with her bra. Her sister was going crazy. Butch babe was laughing and yelling for Jessica to “tear off those nips.” The blonde was more interested in using her feet like a cat does. She kicked and stomped slowly causing Chelsea to rotate away. Now Jessica had enough room to use both feet. If she had been a lion she would have disemboweled the black girl. Instead she drove her almost perpendicular to her own body connected by stretched out bra and white arm.

Jessica sat up and started jerking on the bra. Chelsea screamed and held onto it even though the part in the white girl's hand was stretched over her head. Jessica got to her knees and then her feet and actually dragged Chelsea backwards by her ruined bra, but the black girl wouldn't let it go. Apparently getting her ass kicked wasn't as important as keeping her tits covered! I had a feeling that Jessica had no such concerns.

Jessica was in position to kick or knee at Chelsea 's head, neck and upper back. The black girl took kick after kick and slowly but surely lost her bra. When it finally came away she was screaming she wanted a break. What she got as she turned on her ass with her hands over her nipples was a dirty white foot to the chin. Crack! She froze in place, eyes rolling in her head. Jessica took aim, raised her foot and stomp kicked the black girl right in the face leaving a dirty foot print outlined in the sweat and blood of the black girl.

After that Chelsea fell backwards from her sitting position and hit her head on the concrete hard enough for me to put down my camera and run forward to stop the fight. Jessica climbed on top and started pounding the helpless girl's face. I grabbed and arm and tried to stop her, but she used the other arm and punched another ten times until I gave up trying to persuade her and just dragged her off.

Butch Babe was yelling and cussing me out. My buddy Fight Promoter moved in for a close-up of the blood on Chelsea 's face. The black skin was now dark red and Chelsea 's open mouth showed white teeth edged by blood from her nose and mouth. She was knocked out. One of her front teeth was broken off and sticking through her lip. Her nose was swelling before our eyes and both her cheeks were blowing up too. She was fucked up and as the song said, “knocked the fuck out!”

It was good thing the bloody blonde was exhausted from the ten minute brawl or she might have pulled free and finished the job on Chelsea . The hatred these girls had for each other was beyond all reason. Jessica cussed and fumed, but slowly she exhausted the last of her reserves. Once she calmed down she took the key to the cuffs from Fight Promoter and walked away holding Chelsea 's bra over her head like a victory trophy.

Despite Jessica's bloody, swollen lips, when Butch Babe was released they went into a lip lock that stiffened my cock for the next week. They fucking made out on the side of the pool with Chelsea bleeding and moaning in the dirt and her sister jerking at the cuffs trying to get to her sister. Butch Babe actually licked the sweat and blood off Jessica's busted face.

Jessica turned around as Butch Babe cupped her breasts from behind and taunted, “Now everybody knows who won, bitch. And you can't go talking about how you whipped a little cheerleader ass because I whipped you black ass and I got it on tape along with your titties. So fuck you and fuck your family. Fuck with me and everybody in the world will see me kicking your ass and taking your fucking bra. You're fucking lucky I didn't kill your weak black ass.”

Well the aftermath was relatively calm. Chelsea was really fucked up, but her sister cleaned her up and they went to a doctor in the next town with false id and a story about a car wreck. Anyway, she lived and had to suffer the humiliation of admitting her ass had been kicked by a white girl, worse a blonde cheerleader type. We didn't get in trouble and the recording stayed safe in Jessica's hands and of course we had our copies. I later found out that Jessica's parents were away for two weeks and by the time they got back a little make-up and a lie or two was all that was necessary for the blonde to skate.

Jessica strutted over the school during her sophomore year, making even the senior and junior girls back down more than once. Everybody said she was a crazy bitch. Even though she was apparently fucking a series of guys the fact that she had been obviously fucking a dyke scared the girls even more than her beating of Chelsea . In any case, Jessica was Queen Bee. And, with the vote of every horny male and a few girls, the blonde won homecoming queen. That night she fucked the senior quarterback, stealing him his girlfriend of three years, the runner-up. Apparently the teen queen liked cock as much as muff.

Fight Promoter and I recorded six more fights between girls and two dozen between guys. Fighting became a kind of a fad pastime in our community. An informal fight club formed for awhile, but somebody got wind of it and there was another parental outrage. After more touchy feely bullshit and a couple of car confiscations by outraged parents paying for dental work and broken noses the fight club died out. The fad was over and school year was starting again.

Then we heard that Jessica and Chelsea had come to blows in a grocery store parking lot while a gang of their friends cheered and joined in. The cops arrived and both girls got the anger management course again and a severe talking too by a judge. I give the girls credit; they didn't break out laughing in court. Instead they planned round three.

Unfortunately, Jessica's mother made such a stink about the grocery lot fight that the cops actually kept a close watch on the girls and the school. Nobody got away with anything. We had cop cars drive by whenever more than four kids gathered before or after school, even on a weekend. If I had been a robber, I would have worked eight hour days without worry because all the cops were watching kids making sure they have any fun. When the school year ended, Jessica's mother sent her on a two month trip to Europe.

Jessica came back a perfect young lady. Chelsea and Jessica had different classes and basically stayed away from each other it seemed most of their junior year. I thought maybe the girl grudge was over. Fighting at our school had peaked and now was a rare event always broken up before more than a couple of punches got thrown.

Then Fight Promoter called me and told me a story. Chelsea 's boyfriend of an entire year wanted to see the recording of Chelsea 's beating. I asked why he was calling me; he had the recording too. He explained that since he didn't have any athletes, especially big black basketball players, as friends it would look suspicious. Since I was still a second string lineman I could have another athlete over and even my hawk-eyed mother wouldn't know anything was up. I was worried that Jimmy, the boy friend, would be fucking pissed that I had a whack off video of his chick's ass-whipping. Fight Promoter said there was no danger of that. Jimmy was a big freak about fighting chicks even though he hadn't admitted it to Chelsea , it was the reason he had gone after her. And, he said Jimmy had some recordings of Chelsea I might like.

Well Jimmy was a freak. He fucking stained his pants watching the fight. Then he showed me six scenes of him and Chelsea fucking. She was quite the cock-sucker taking all nine inches of him into her throat. She was a hot little fucker too. She licked balls, tongued ass and generally did anything he asked, including taking it in the ass and cunt without a rubber. We traded copies. I had a new friend and my mother was delirious. Her white son had a black friend. Fucking hypocrites! What she didn't know was what her dog, pervert of a son had was a bigger dog, bigger pervert accomplice and his color didn't fucking matter.

Jimmy told Fight Promoter to be ready that he would find away to get Chelsea and Jessica to fight it out one more time, maybe more if they didn't kill each other. I doubted it because both girls had grown up a lot and seemed to be acting like sane young ladies.

I got a file attachment from Jimmy with a note that it was my ass if anybody else saw it. I opened it. Jimmy was in the back seat of his car. Jessica was topless with his cock between her big tits. Her mouth was working on the bare uncut tip of it. She was moaning and groaning. The recording was pretty shitty since it was made on a cell at night. I recognized the scene. It was behind a grocery store with strip center with light provided by the security poles. Most of the time, you didn't see much of anything.

During the six minute scene, Jessica made him promise not to tell her boyfriend or Chelsea. Jessica was going steady with the new quarterback, now just one grade ahead of her and by all accounts fucking him silly. Apparently she was also fucking the basketball star. Well, maybe not fucking but definitely sucking. She worked on his shaft with her red lips and licked his balls while he squeezed and pinched her big white tits. Even in the semi-dark the contrast was stunning. He shot his wad near the end of the recording and she licked her lips laughing and then licked off the tip of his cock while mumbling about Chelsea being a stupid cunt.

Jimmy had dynamite in his hand, but timing was everything. But his recording was like having a nuclear hand grenade. Sure it would blow the hell out of whatever you threw it at, but unless you had a very long arm you wouldn't ever be worried about sunscreen again. He had a plan and it was a good one, but it could go off track at a dozen different places. He wanted to enlist the quarterback and he thought I would be a good guy to make the opening move.

Our quarterback, Dale, had already learned to be friendly and political with his linemen. We might just be beef to him, but were all that stood between him and beef with different colored jerseys. So I opened negotiations after practice. I asked him what it was like having the best looking and the toughest girl in school as his steady girlfriend. He laughed and said it made it difficult to cheat, but he was still sneaking some stuff on the side. I asked him if he had ever seen the fights. He hadn't, but said he'd give an arm and a leg to see one.

It's so nice to finally have something that makes me friend material for the Beautiful People. Condensing a month or so of conversations I finally admitted I had a recording of the fights and after swearing him to secrecy I had him over in the afternoon. He didn't cum in his pants, but he might as well have. Flush faced and sweaty he chuckled and tried to act like everything was just fine. I'm sure he went straight from my house to Jessica's cunt.

Dale visited a couple of times to watch his chick fight. He was hooked. I had to refuse a copy since being a man of my word I would never ever betray a confidence. Have you ever noticed that the biggest liars are always telling you about how honest they are? To take things to the next level, I suggested that he and Jimmy should talk and see if they couldn't get their chicks to fight one more time. They could do it in private with me and Fight Promoter making a copy just for them. He wasn't sure how to do it. I offered to make the approach first so if Jimmy was pissed off it wouldn't be a big thing. Dale nodded his head like one of those car dash dolls. I had him hooked.

Jimmy was laughing out loud as I told him about the lengths I had gone. He had another couple of recordings of him fucking Chelsea . While he was still in her ass after coming, you could hear him whispering in her ear what a great fuck she was and how she was the hottest chick in school. Then as she moaned in pleasure as he licked her neck while still in her ass he lowered the boom, “I can't believe that blonde cunt really whipped your ass. Everybody thinks she's so hot. Fuck it. I bet it was a lucky shot. You could take her nine times out of ten. I'll bet.”

Chelsea snarled, “Fucking whore pulled off my bra. I tried to cover my boobs and being the cheating whore she is she kicked me in the face. After that I never had a chance.”

“You should fight her again, but with nobody around and make sure you're both dressed in nothing but bras and panties or something so she can't cheat.”

“I'd fucking kill that cunt.”

“I know you would baby. Beat her up and then hold her down while I fuck her in her fat white ass. Get that recorded and see if that bitch ever brags again about kicking your ass all over the place.”

Chelsea giggled and said, “That little whore couldn't take your big cock. You'd split her open. Her fag boyfriend probably has to beg her for a hand job. Has she been bragging again? I thought she had stopped that shit.”

At that point, Jimmy turns to the hidden camera, hand on the back of her head holding her face down, and winks at the camera. What a guy! Then still smiling he gave a couple of more hip thrusts into Chelsea 's firm black as and nodded at the camera with a big grin. Dog of the year award!

Then he showed me a third recording. He and Jessica were in the equipment room. Jessica had her hands on the table counter and her cheerleader skirt hiked up over her ass. Her panties were missing. Jimmy was behind her sliding his big cock, with a black sheath rubber in and out of her juicy pink, shaved cunt. She was grunting and moaning with each thrust. He obviously shot his wad.

She slipped off his cock, turned and pulled off the rubber, wrapped it up and put in her purse. With the evidence gone she giggled and said, “Now you know how a real woman feels, not that skinny little crack baby.”

Jimmy said, “She's hot too and she don't make me wear a rubber. So it's hard to compare.”

“I stomped that little cunt bloody. But as long as you're putting your cock in that whore, it's not going inside me without a raincoat. You've got no idea what a lying little cunt that sleazy bitch is. I'll bet she fucks half the school bareback. You're lucky your cock hasn't fallen off.”

Jimmy pulled up his pants and said, “Well, she says you got lucky and cheated the one time you beat her and that she had you whipped in the first fight that got broken up.”

“She's a fucking liar! I've got a recording of the fight if you want to see you're little girl bleeding and crawling like the cunt she is. And I was kicking her ass in the first fight, but her damned sister kept jumping in.”

I'd love to see it, but you better keep out of her way. I think she would really like whipping your ass and stripping you naked.”

“I'm not afraid of that little twat. This time I'll stuff my fist up her cunt and make lick my asshole.”

Jimmy giggled and said, “Baby, I'd pay to see that.”

I asked if she had shown him the recording. He grinned and said she had and they had fucked in her house as they watched, but he still had to use a rubber. I asked him where his recording of the event was and he laughed. Unfortunately, he hadn't had time to even position his cell phone to memorialize the event. He definitely wanted a high quality recording of the fight, if it happened.

Jimmy and Dale worked both sides of the issue; actually Jimmy was working both sides all by himself. The girls had spontaneously chosen avoidance as their means of conflict resolution, but all their feelings were still there. All it took were a few well chosen words to revive their mutual hatred, especially from boy friends. I worried the girls might compare notes, but luckily their refusal to acknowledge one another's existence worked in the guy's favor.

Jimmy was sharing another set of sex recordings with me in return for being allowed to whack off to both the fight recordings I had. This guy was getting more pussy in a week than I got in three years. He said he thought all we needed was a time and a place to bring things to a head. I pointed out the need for privacy, especially if the loser was going to be ass fucked after her beating.

Jimmy called me back in a week. He had a brilliant plan he was calling Operation Prom Night. Prom night in our town was officially a two stage event, but in actuality was a three stage event. Stage one was everybody dresses up and goes to the Prom. Stage two was various clicks go to a “safe house” and change into casual clothes and then party all night long, no drunk driving or going off alone, just good clean dancing and excessive partying in a large group. The parents fell for it hook line and sinker. In actuality, stage three was almost everybody pairs off and fucks their brains out, lies about the great party they were at all night long, and when they arrive home at daybreak race to the shower before somebody smells the drying cum.

Dale and Jimmy would continue to promote the fight right up until the Prom. Then when the girls were all dressed up in their silky formal dresses with high heels, skimpy bras and thongs, sheer stockings they would spring the trap. The two guys would appear to have a brief argument. Then they would return to their dates, making sure nobody heard anything, and say that the other guy had said his girl was the toughest chick and would prove it that night in private. They would propose to leave the Prom while no one was watching, drive to Dale's family's stables, go to the barn and see which girl was the toughest once and for all. They would take off their dresses and fight in their bras and panties until one was stripped naked and unable to fight. Then the winner would keep the loser's dress as proof and the winner's boyfriend would fuck the loser in the ass.

There would be no witnesses or recordings so the cops, the school and the parents would have nothing to go on. The winner would have the proof of the dress to show everybody who had won. The loser would wear her second set of clothes home so no one would know they had fought until they were naked and somebody got ass-fucked. Of course, Dale and Jimmy wanted Fight Promoter and me hidden in the barn recording the whole battle and aftermath. What Jessica and Chelsea didn't know wouldn't hurt us. I hope all of the four get rich or enter politics because I've got a great payday coming once they can't afford to have the idiocy of their youth exposed to the hypocrisy of the “real world.”

The most difficult thing Fight Promoter had to do was tell the teachers he wasn't going to take the assigned “dog girl” date to the Prom. The school tried to match geek guys without dates to “dog girls” who couldn't get dates. Fight Promoter managed to lie to the school and to his parents, telling the first his parents didn't want him going and telling the second he was going. I had a more difficult problem, an actual girl friend, Toney. For Jimmy lying to women was easy, but I'm no good at it. And anyway, I was fucking her so maybe ditching her wasn't a good idea. In the end I did what no man should ever do, I told the truth to a woman. Luckily, it turned out she hated both girls and wanted to see them kill each other. I made her swear secrecy and decided to sneak her into the loft and surprise Fight Promoter. He was a total geek and I was the closest thing he had to a friend, so he would have to go for since the alternative was blowing our cover.

So Toney and I arrived at the barn together, much to Fight Promoter's distress. But Toney has big tits, really big tits, and as soon as she put them in his face and did this nauseating baby talk she does to get her way he caved. The three of us settled in and she actually got to use one of his cameras he had set up on a tripod for a fixed line of sight on the planned fight area.

We waited for awhile and I began to believe nothing was going to happen, but then I heard the sound of a car. We made sure we were in the shadows. The barn door opened and in came Dale's sports car with Jessica in her strapless breast revealing light sky blue gown.

The barn had a big open area, big enough for four cars to wedge in tight. Of the large open area was a twelve foot wide corridor that subdivided the rest of the barn: a row of stalls on one side and several closed storage areas on the other. The horses had been moved during the winter and our uncertain spring. They weren't scheduled to return until the end of May. Dale clicked on a string of hanging lights which brightened up the space below and added to our concealment in the loft.

Jessica was talking shit a mile a minute. She was real excited and wanted to fight. Dale didn't need to pump her up but he did telling her to fight dirty: scratch and bite her tits and punch her cunt. Jessica promised, “I'll pop her titties and crack her eggs. She won't be able to walk when I'm finished fucking that cunt up.”

Five minutes later another car pulled up. Everyone held their breath. Discovery was more of a worry than the aftermath of a fight. Teenagers are young dumb and full of cum. Perhaps the Dark Ages had a better way to keep us under control: marriage at twelve, either to the fields or to war for the guys and fat and pregnant for the girls. But we were teens in the US of A and we had no fucking responsibilities, no wants and god damn we were bored and stupid. Consequences happened to other people, not us. Neither of the girls had any concern that something might happen to them and of course the guys were only thinking with their little heads. I had a hard-on waiting.

Toney rubbed my cock and whispered, “I hope they fucking rip each others' faces off. I could kick both their asses for you, lover boy.”

I was afraid my cock would rip through my pants. Dale went to the door. It was Jimmy. Dale opened the door and Jimmy drove his college recruiter's gift Escalade into the barn and parked it beside the sports car. Dale closed the door and returned to Jessica's side stripping off his shirt.

The fight would take place in the corridor. Dale opened a big gate about ten feet down the corridor and tossed out several sacks of feed grain. He was obviously experienced since he chucked the things out almost in a straight line. He stacked a second level across the corridor producing a three foot high barrier. I give him this, he had told us to set up perfectly and now he made sure the fight would stay directly underneath our prepared site. He filled in the entrance way with another line of sacks.

The fight could still be called off. Dale nodded to Jimmy who had been standing by his car. Dale opened Jessica's door and the blonde beauty carefully turned to the side and slowly took off her high heels. She stood and turned her back to Dale and told him to unzip her. The door to Jimmy's car opened and Chelsea stepped out in her red frilly dress, already bare foot and bare legged. She had been wearing sheer red stockings. She reached under her arm and unzipped her dress, stepped out of it in one motion and handed to Jimmy.

If anything, Chelsea looked even stronger than she had at the pool. She was no more than an inch taller at 5'9'' and weighed no more than 125 pounds of lean rippling female style muscles. The only body fat on her must have been her smallish cone titties topped by magnificent thick, rubbery almost velvety black nipples and maybe some of her ass cheek, but that was a hard high riding ass so maybe it was all muscle. She looked like a wild panther stretching before getting down to the business of the hunt. She wore a see-through red thong showing she had waxed her mound. Her red strapless bra was tissue thin and her nipples threatened to tear through the material. Her bra and panties covered nothing in reality.

Jessica had grown a little too, maybe to 5'7 and one half inches and weighed no more than 130 pounds. Her larger, heavier breasts were rounder and rode high on her strong thicker than normal chest cavity. Her pink nipples were half exposed by the blue half push-up strapless bra she had worn. Her pink-red nipples were smaller and pointed and surrounded by smooth, tiny aureole. The thong was blue lace and already showed some wet stains on the small triangle that did virtually nothing to cover her prominent mound and tight lipped pussy. Jessica's body had been ruthlessly winter sun lamp tanned and there were no tan lines other than the tiniest of bikini lines. While she had more flesh and less muscle definition, her shoulders and hips were broader than Chelsea 's and her arms looked stronger.

I felt my girl tighten up beside me. I forced myself to breath. These two beauties below were about to coolly walk across the barn's dirt floor, climb over the line of grain sacks and proceed to beat each other senseless. The cold silence between the two was even more promising than there previous battle of trash talking. These were too seriously pissed off bitches ready to have a hot fight in cold blood.

Dale was cheering on Jessica. Jimmy was wisely silent. I zoomed in on their upper bodies as they stalked one another with fists at chest level. Both were breathing deeply and slowly and measuring the distance between them. Jessica threw a left jab, almost a textbook jab. It smacked off Chelsea 's right cheek. Jessica smiled and Chelsea mumbled, “Fuck you, cunt!”

The fight was on. Chelsea stormed forward swinging with both fists. Jessica stood steady and fired straight lefts and rights through the black girl's wind-milling fists. Chelsea 's face took an early beating as her own fists bounced off the white girl's head and shoulders. Jessica had definitely improved her fistic skills!

Chelsea took another hard blow to her left eye and lost it. The black girl screamed and leapt forward grabbing two handfuls of blonde hair and driving her knee upward. Jessica's right fist rocked Chelsea 's nose, but the black girl was in the air. Her knee speared Jessica in the solar plexus as the weight of her body hit above Jessica's sturdy center of gravity.

They went down hard with the black girl on top. Jessica was flat on her back moaning. Chelsea 's nose dribbled blood and she was sitting on the white girl's stomach, her hands in the blonde's hair and her eyes closed. Chelsea shook her head and jerked up on the blonde's hair. Jessica cried out as her hair was pulled to the snapping point. Chelsea then rammed the blonde's head back down onto the dirt floor. The thud was audible, but the dirt was soft and Jessica was jarred, not knocked out. Chelsea pulled up again.

Jessica screamed as two handfuls of her blonde locks ripped out of her scalp. Chelsea rocked back surprised to find two wads of hair in her hands. The blonde cursed, reached up, sank her sharp red nails into Chelsea 's smooth black upper chest and ripped down. The single motion left ten deep gouges in Chelsea 's flesh and popped open the tissue thin bra to free Chelsea 's very firm tight conical breasts.

Chelsea gasped and crossed her arms over her scratched breasts. I thought the black girl's modesty would cost her again, but she didn't stop fighting. As soon as Jessica pushed her backwards and hooked her with a dirty foot, the black girl uncrossed her arms and started struggling to stay on top.

Chelsea cursed as she went backwards and to the left. Jessica sat up between the black girl's legs and immediately grabbed for the red thong. Jessica wasn't careful with her nails. She snatched up part of the black girl's fleshy cunt lips along with the thong. Chelsea screamed wildly and drew back her feet. As the thong was torn away and her cunt lips scratched and pulled, the black girl drove her feet straight out and flattened the blonde's big tits hard against her chest wall.

Jessica moaned and fell backwards holding her now dirty bra cups. The front of Chelsea 's thong fell from the blonde's hand. Chelsea was nude! Instead of covering herself, the black girl stayed on her back holding the blonde's ankles. Chelsea raised her right foot high and drove her heel down into Jessica's stomach. Jessica gasped and jerked on her own legs trying to free herself.

Chelsea sat up still holding the blonde's ankles. She drew back her left foot and jammed it into Jessica's crotch. Jessica cursed and moaned. Chelsea laughed and promised, “I'm going to put my foot up your cunt, whore!”

Well, it was a big foot and it wasn't likely to fit any time soon. The pain brought the blonde to the sitting position. Chelsea kicked with her right foot, displacing the blonde's bra and revealing her left breast, but it cost her. Jessica grabbed the black girl's ankle and tucked it under her arm. Chelsea used her left foot to grind on Jessica's cunt and the white girl didn't like it much, but the blonde wasn't wailing in agony. Instead, Jessica grabbed Chelsea 's toes and bent them backwards.

Chelsea screamed and jerked her foot away, letting go of Jessica's ankles and scrambling backwards. Jessica was up quickly and after the black girl. She got in some nasty kicks to Chelsea 's legs before she could get to off her back. Chelsea rotated on her ass in the dirt and retaliated by leaving another footprint on the blonde's thong.

Jessica staggered backwards and Chelsea scrambled to her feet. The blonde saw the black recovering and charged her grabbing to handfuls of hair and jerking. Still not flat on her feet Chelsea screamed as she was jerked in a circle and then thrown. She staggered and fell to her knees in the dirt. She turned and raised her hands to defend her face, but the blonde's dirty foot was headed for the belly.

Chelsea groaned and folded over. Jessica raised her right foot and stomped on the black girl's back driving her face first into the dirt. The blonde stomped again. Her heel driving down into the middle of Chelsea 's shoulder blades sounded like a drum shot. Chelsea moaned and grabbed the white ankle in front of her and pulled her mouth to Jessica's leg. Jessica screamed as Chelsea bit into the side of her leg. She tried to kick, but the black girl jerked with both hands and the blonde fell on her ass.

Chelsea lunged forward holding Jessica's left foot up in the air with her right hand and reaching for the blonde's wide open crotch with the left. Jessica reacted too slowly. The black girl's fingers dug into the meat flesh above the thong triangle while her thumb gouged at Jessica's pink lipped cunt from below. In a fraction of a second the blue thong was in Chelsea 's fist. She ripped it away with a shout of triumph exposing the blonde's waxed cunt. The celebration was costly. Jessica drove her right foot into Chelsea 's mouth and knocked her backwards.

Chelsea pushed up from the dirt her mouth bleeding and turned to attack, but Jessica landed on her from the side taking the girl back down. Jessica straddled Chelsea 's hips. The white girl grabbed the back of Chelsea 's hair in her left hand and held Chelsea 's face in place for a rapid series of right fists. Chelsea 's already bloody nose and mouth now poured. Blood spattered in the dirt, on Chelsea and on the blonde. It looked like a slaughter. Dale started to cross over the line and stop the fight, but Jimmy grabbed him and shook his head smiling. Jimmy didn't really care which girl won as long as it was a nasty fight!

As she punched Jessica shouted, “How do you like that bitch?”

Chelsea writhed on her side turning onto her back, not making the mistake of exposing her back. Jessica rode the black girl's taunt belly and continued to punch away with her right fist. Chelsea 's face took a pounding and there was no way the blood from her nose or mouth had a chance to coagulate. The dirt and blood covered most of Chelsea 's swelling face. It looked like a matter of time for the black girl.

Chelsea stopped trying to block the punches and reached up for Jessica's sweaty tits, one hanging out of a dirty bra cup. She ripped away the bra and went straight for the pink nipples. Jessica gasped and took it, now using both fists to hammer away at Chelsea 's twisting head. Chelsea bucked as Jessica had both fists working, pulled down on the white girl's bigger tits and actually sent Jessica falling forward. She landed across Chelsea 's bloody face.

Jessica started to push up with her hands in the dirt above Chelsea 's head, but the black girl wrapped her arms around the blonde's slender back and pulled her close. Jessica groaned and continued to push up. Then the blonde screamed and jerked. Her whole body was writhing. She threw herself to the side and Chelsea rolled on top.

The black girl had sunk her teeth into Jessica's right breast. It looked like she had sucked half of it into her mouth and then clamped her jaw down. Jessica screamed and ripped at Chelsea 's braids, pulling out fistfuls of the tiny tighten woven braids, but Chelsea kept chewing. In fact the black girl rolled on top still hugging Jessica to her mouth, still chewing on both tits.

Jessica arched her back and tried to roll Chelsea off, but now the black girl spread her legs and dug her toes into the dirt stabilizing her position on Jessica's belly. Jessica' arch collapsed and she screamed in agony and maybe terror. Her tits were being chewed!

Jessica pounded on the back of Chelsea 's head and neck. But, still the black girl kept biting. Blood was flowing down Jessica's side by her armpit, whether it was tit blood or the gore from Chelsea 's ruined face it was hard to tell, as it turned out it was both.

Jessica cried and wailed screaming for Chelsea to stop. Then the blonde girl cursed and grabbed for the side of Chelsea 's face. Chelsea had her face in between Jessica's breasts and protected for the moment. Jessica howled, but methodically worked her nails into Chelsea 's cheeks, then she thrust her thumbs across her own tortured breasts in between her tit flesh and the swollen flesh of Chelsea 's battered face.

There was a moment as Jessica screamed with her eyes closed and kicked her heels uselessly when I thought the tit bite would finish off the blonde. But then just as Jessica twisted her head back in forth in agony, Chelsea screamed and rolled off holding her eyes.

Jessica sat up crying examining her breasts. They were marked with deep bite after bite. Where the skin wasn't broken it was deeply bruised. Where the skin was broken the gashes were deep and ragged. Blood dribbled out of the wounds and now made rivulets down the white girl's belly.

Chelsea was on her knees rubbing her eyes yelling about being blinded. I thought the fight might be over. Then Chelsea cocked her head and looked out of right eye; it was red and there was a deep gash in her cheek. The left eye was clamped shut. It was watery, swollen and the lid and cheek showed the gashes left by the white girl's thumb nail. Maybe she hadn't been blinded, but her left eye was closed for now.

Chelsea stood. She was covered in sweat and blood, caked with dirt from the stable floor. Jessica quickly stood and reluctantly let her breasts free from her cupped hands. The beauties were visibly swollen and colored deep red, dark blue and bright red with bloody gashes. The white girl's tits had been mangled, but I thought she was still winning the fight. What were tits compared to eyes?

Chelsea rushed forward cursing. The blonde planted her feet and swung away again. She slammed three fists into Chelsea 's bloody face rocking the black girl backwards. Chelsea staggered, lowered her head and charged. Jessica side stepped and slammed a fist down on the black girl's neck as she passed. Chelsea staggered and fell to her knees by the line of bags.

Jessica was breathing heavy, but she moved forward to finish the black girl. Chelsea struck out with a savage mule kick that sank deep into Jessica's belly. The blonde gasped and doubled over. Chelsea grabbed a handful of hair with one hand while still on her knees. She aimed a wicked uppercut with her right fist and cracked Jessica on the nose. The blonde dropped to her knees and blood poured out of her nose.

Chelsea hammered the blonde again with her right fist. This time Jessica replied with a left and a right, both targeted on the black girl's already damaged eyes. Chelsea 's head snapped side to side and she rocked back on her heels. Jessica raked her claws across the black girl's tits trying to get some revenge. Chelsea gasped and threw a handful of dirt into Jessica's face.

The blonde girl was startled and took most of the dirt in her open mouth. She spit out the dirt and rubbed at an eye. Chelsea rocked forward and grabbed the blonde's hair. Jessica sank her claws into the black girl's tits again, but Chelsea took it. She jerked Jessica forward and butted the blonde on the chin with the top of her head. Crunch!

Jessica's arms dropped for a moment and she slumped forward with her head still pitched back. Blood poured out of her mouth. I wondered if she had bitten off her tongue, but instead she had broken off a tooth and it had cut through the back of her lip and now protruded through her lower lip, revenge for the second fight! Blood seemed to pump from the wound.

Chelsea was unsteady, but she held the white girl by the hair and butted her again on the forehead. Jessica flopped on impact and her hands made grabbing motions at something only the blonde could see. Chelsea rose up on her knees and twisted Jessica's head to the side. Then the black girl opened her mouth and actually bit into the swelling knot on the blonde's forehead.

The shock woke up Jessica. She screamed and cried as her forehead was opened up. Her right hand curled into a claw and she punished Chelsea 's exposed cunt. Now it was the black girl's turn to scream with her head back. She let go of the tangled, bloody blonde hair and grabbed for the hand between her legs.

Chelsea screamed and pulled at the offending wrist with both hands. Jessica took aim with her left fist and smashed the black girl in the face five times fast opening up Chelsea 's right cheek and trying to close her remaining eye. Chelsea finally jerked the hand out of her crotch and rammed her body into the blonde knocking her back on her heels. They wrestled covered in each other's blood and sweat on their knees.

Chelsea got her fingers into Jessica's tit wounds and forced the blonde onto her back. Climbing on top, the black girl spread her legs and you could see the inside of her thighs was bloody. She climbed on top of the blonde and sank her teeth into the already bloody tits.

Chelsea screamed and went for the eyes again. Chelsea 's face was forced away. Her eyes were slits now and Jessica's bloody thumbs slid across the tortured flesh of her once flawless black cheeks. Flesh and gore were packed under the white girl's thumbnails. Chelsea sat up on Jessica's belly and started punching the white girl in the face. She missed more than she hit, but when she hit it hurt the blonde bad and caused her to cover her face.

Chelsea grabbed the blonde's wrists and went for a school yard pin with her knees, but Jessica bucked and the black girl flew over the top to land face first on the line of feed sacks. She moaned and tried to press up, but she didn't have the energy.

Jessica rolled onto her belly and got to her hands and knees. Blood poured out of her nose and mouth now splattering the already muddy dirt beneath her. Both beauties were coated now in a fine layer of dirt caked into the blood and sweat that covered their once beautiful bodies. Jessica crawled forward going to finish off Chelsea .

She grabbed Chelsea by the back of her tangled braids and pulled her face up. Chelsea 's bloody face was a ruin. Holding the almost limp black girl by the hair with her left hand, the blonde reached around and raked her bloody nails across the black girl's face again and again. She was trying to rip Chelsea 's face off!

Chelsea moaned and suddenly lurched backwards. Jessica wasn't hit but she was pushed back on her heels. She jerked on the hair and started to reach back around for another swipe at the bloody face. What she got was a blind elbow to the mouth. Crack! Jessica went limp and slumped on her knees blood rolling out of her mouth along with another tooth. Her perfect bite would need some work for sure.

Chelsea tried to turn around on her knees. She was blind for sure now. She reached out with her bloody hands feeling her way. Then suddenly she doubled over and started coughing up everything she had eaten or drunk that day. Then she went still.

Dale and Jimmy looked at each other. Neither girl was moving. Jimmy climbed over the pile of feed bags and touched both their necks. He said they were still breathing and declared they had both lost the fight.

Dale looked kind of horrified now and muttered, “What do we do? Shit they are all fucked up. I never thought it would be this bad.”

Jimmy smiled and said, “Well you're right they're both fucked up and that means they both lose.”

He unzipped his pants, grabbed Jessica under the arms and threw her over the feed bags her ass up in the air. Dale protested that Chelsea hadn't won. Jimmy laughed and said she had lost too and it was time for Dale to collect his prize. Dale looked around guiltily. Then he shrugged, dropped his pants and dragged Chelsea over the feed bags side by side with Jessica.

Chelsea moaned and pushed off the feed bags. She felt Jessica beside her, grunted like an animal and started fighting again. Jessica was out of the fight. Chelsea was blind, but she fell on the white girl, bit into her shoulder and pounded away blindly with her fists.

Dale stepped back. Jimmy laughed and said, “Shit, looks like your girl lost. Now help me get this crazy bitch off her so I can split that white ass.”

Dale nodded and pulled Chelsea off. Chelsea muttered wildly about killing the bitch, but finally her last burst of energy left her and she slumped to her knees.

She asked weakly, “Did I win?”

Dale said, “Yep, I guess you're the last one fighting!”

Chelsea moaned and weakly raised one bloody fist and then tried to yell in triumph. What came out was a weak squeak, but then she wanted to know what was happening.

Jimmy spit on his hand and lubricated his hard cock and said, “I'm about to bust her ass for you baby.”

Chelsea nodded weakly and said, “Fuck her till she bleeds!”

Jimmy cheerfully said, “Just because I love you babe!”

So from my position in the loft I watched Jimmy work his huge black cock, glistening with his sweat, inch by inch into Jessica's tight ass. She moaned after the first four inches and actually stirred when he shoved all the way in and bounced off her dirty ass cheeks. Jimmy whooped and yelled as he hammered into Jessica. Chelsea 's busted mouth split into a twisted mockery of a smile.

“Fuck that ass!” she snarled between gasps.

Jimmy whooped, “I'm popping her for you baby girl!”

Jimmy took about ten minutes to squirt his wad deep into Jessica's ass. The battered blonde merely grunted a couple of times and then went still. Luckily I could see she was still breathing.

When he was done Dale said, “What the fuck do we do now?”

Jimmy shrugged and said, “Well I clean mine off and take her back to the Prom parking lot so she can show everybody she kicked your girl's ass.”

“But her face, everybody will see she's been in a fight and there will be trouble!” Dale warned.

Jimmy smiled and said, “White boy, you're a fucking quarterback with a scholarship to the State University . I'm the top scorer on the basketball team with a free ride for a year or two until I turn pro. Ain't nobody no how going to do anything to us because a couple of crazy cunts almost killed each other in private. Once their mothers and the school knows what they did and who was involved, they'll fucking cover it up. Hey, man. Show some balls. We just get them home and ride it out. As long as it doesn't get reported everybody will cover their own ass. And speaking of ass, you're girl's ass sure was fine. No need to thank me for opening her up.”

Well I never would have bet money on it but, Jimmy was right. Both girls ended up in hospital, but absolutely nothing happened to anybody. The cops were involved for a while and the school got into it. All the kids talked about it, but the five of us who witnessed it kept quiet and the tapes remained a secret. And my girl fucked me like a demented rabbit for a month after the beating. She was totally turned on by the vicarious violence!

I kept waiting for the shit storm to fall, it didn't, so I asked my Mom what was going on she said, “Be quiet. Forget. There is no reason to ruin four young lives and destroy everything this town and school stands for. Thank god there was no recording this time or witnesses! Now, I want you to forget all about these rumors and stay out of trouble!”

That's when I learned once and for all that the world is like high school with money. It may be true that you shouldn't do the crime if you can't do the time. But it is even truer that for some people in some circumstances there are no consequences because everybody just agrees to turn a blind eye and pretend there is nothing there.”

And speaking of eyes, Chelsea wasn't blind. She was able to finish her junior year and returned the following year as the top senior girl. Her complexion helps hide the series of healed scratches and gouges that become apparent when you stare. Jessica really fucked her up before losing to that elbow shot.

Jessica's folks kept her out of school the rest of her junior year and sent her away to some private academy for her senior year. With several thousand dollars of dental and cosmetic work she was as beautiful as ever. If it wasn't for the shame of her defeat I'd say she came out of the fight in better shape than Chelsea .

To complete the cover-up, Jessica's parents actually moved to another town to insure that their daughter would never run into Chelsea again. I think that was wise since they would kill each other if given have a chance.

It was like the fights didn't happen, but how do you explain the almost feature length footage Fight Promoter and I put together: the three fights, Jimmy's sexual various escapades, the planning, the set-ups, the aftermaths, the interviews and the commentaries. It's a classic.

We've sold it “exclusively” six times so far to perverts with money, lots of money. If Jimmy and Dale become big time pros or Jessica becomes a famous senator or something, then we'll sell it again for a fortune. People should be careful what they do as kids because today, somebody somewhere has a recording of it just waiting to be released. Oh, and I just got an e-mail from Jessica. She says she wants to see me this summer before we go to school. She wrote, “I plan to be in town long enough to settle some old business.”

I guess maybe my story doesn't have a finish yet.