WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.


MILKED SLAVE by Mr. Cage (Any comments to mrcagefight@yahoo.com)


Liz Darling left the social workers office in a bad mood. Why couldn't the bitch just give her the money and let her get on about her business. How the fuck was she supposed to work with a crying baby at her breasts? Besides, she hadn't worked for more than three months in her twenty-four years of life and saw no reason to start now. She had her figure back now and was looking to make a few bucks stripping or giving alley way blow jobs, but that was no business of the social worker. All she wanted was her supplemental allowance and her hole in the wall government apartment, middle-tier on a shabby Essex estate block. That would take care of the brat and Liz could have a bit of fun on what she made on the game.


It was raining. She dodged down the dirty wet street in and out of doorways using their awnings as her umbrella. She was wearing a wind breaker over her gray tank top and black jeans. Her tennis shoes were soaked through. Fuck all it was a miserable day. Up ahead she saw the local wog grocery run by Ran and his cow titted bitch of a wife Juhi. Liz checked the time on a storefront clock and smiled. Juhi would be visiting Ran's mother who cared for the couples young daughters during the day. The youngest was still on the tit so Juhi's schedule was reliable. Liz had just enough time to have a bit of fun and pick up a carton of fags and some brews.


Ran wasn't a bad looking wog. He liked Liz's pale white skin, blue eyes and long blonde hair. His wife was all work during the day and Liz bet she wasn't much fun in the sack after hours either. Liz didn't like Pakis of any stripe, Hindu or Rag Head, or for that matter chinks, blacks or differently colored types of damned foreigner's just on general principles. Of course that didn't keep her from fucking them. A bit of black cock or brown cock could be quite nice if it came with some money or goods. And her brat was half wog; it was fifty-fifty whether it was Ran's or not. She made sure he believed it was his all important son even if it was a bastard half-breed. It made bilking him for a bit of spending money easier, although his bitch wife held the purse strings tight. Because of Juhi Liz often had to settle for payment in kind.


She came in and walked through the crowded aisles and winked as she slipped behind the counter to the steps down to the basement. She put her kid down on a couch and gave him a pacifier to suck on. He could suck on her sore tits later! Ran hustled his three customers out and would close the store for twenty minutes or so. Ran and Juhi lived above in a nice apartment and had fitted out the basement as an office/storeroom/family room. They were all about work and making their way in the world. Liz resented Juhi's work obsession and definitely envied her steady income and nice apartment. There was no way the fucking wog cunt deserved to live better than a proper English girl.


Ran came down the stairs two at a time. He started to protest they didn't have time but she covered his mouth with hers. A few seconds later she backed him onto his desk and unzipped his pants. His brown cock was about seven inches, nice and thick and clean too. She had blown worse. On her knees in a flash she had him moaning and holding her hair in his fists. It took her less than four minutes to make him shoot into her mouth. She smiled and made sure he saw her swallow the entire load. His nostrils flared and he started whispering stupid things to her. Liz reminded him of the time. On her way to the front door she packed a plastic bag with cigarettes and beer, adding some candy and taking an umbrella for good measure. Let the wog bastard cover the inventory.


On the street she rounded the corner now protected by the umbrella and happy with her babe strapped to her front and the bag of goodies in the other hand. And who almost ran into her, but that fat titted cunt, Juhi. Liz smiled at the bitch as sarcastically as possible. Juhi shot daggers at her and increased her speed. Liz chuckled happily. She had won a small little victory over the colored cunt and gotten some goodies as proof. What's more, Juhi had to be suspicious. Liz hoped the bitch knew that the best part of her man was in Liz's belly right now. Fucking whore couldn't make a boy baby and Liz could whether or not it belonged to Ran or that fat old wog druggist down the street.


Liz smoked a pack and drank her beer while watching the unlicensed television with an illegal satellite hook-up. The greedy little half-cast bastard sucked her tits as she changed channels and relaxed. She had earned the connection by taking it in the ass from an installer. The television came from Billy right before he got nicked by the coppers for stealing it. Luckily, Billy, her sometime boyfriend, was so juiced on coke at the time he forgot he had given it to her. Men were so fucking stupid, but useful all the same.


She fingered herself absentmindedly. Nursing always made her hot. Sucking off Ran had given her a taste for something more. She could go to a club or stop off at about closing time and have Ran for a couple of hours. On Monday Juhi left the kids with Ran's mother, dressed up in her finest wog clothes and played some stupid game with a bunch of other sari wearing cunts at their community center or whatever they called it.


Liz fed her little bastard. It was early and he didn't suck out a normal amount of milk. She dosed him with some sleeping powder so he wouldn't be any trouble for a few hours and took him down the way to Old Lady May's. The old bitch watched four or five babes for estate girls who dropped their brats before taking a walk on the streets. May was a drunken old cow, but she wouldn't sell the brats and would put up with them for four hours if you gave her two packs of cigarettes. May was the one who had taught Liz about dosing the kid to make him more pliable about being left. So she maybe wasn't a television mother, but so the fuck what? Her old Mom had run off when Liz was 6.


It had stopped raining and warmed up nicely. The night would be far more comfortable than the day if the damnable rain held off. Liz put on a set of sheer black mid thighs that perfectly fit over the swell of her thighs negating the need for a garter and black lace half bra that showed off her milk swollen tits. She slipped in a couple of black nipple pads to help stop leaks. She washed her cunt and fluffed her untrimmed yellow brown bush. She hadn't bothered waxing it since the brat popped out. Standing in front of her cracked full length mirror retrieved off a dumpster pile she admired her recovered body.


Her tits normally filled her 36DD bra nicely, now they threatened to swell out of it and pop it. She liked the look and never considered getting a resized bra. Her belly had some stretch marks on it, but it was solid again and no fatter than it had been before the brat. Smoking, coke, and free fucking helped a girl keep her figure. She turned in the mirror, her pale white ass was a little big and threatening to drop, but for now it was firm and lush. Perhaps she could claim she was a 38DD-28-38 now. At 5'8'' and 141 pounds she wasn't model thin but quite a lush tight fuck in her opinion. She pinched her rather over large clit and finger fucked herself as she watched in the mirror. She came, but all that did was make her want a cock. The club would take some time and she wanted to fuck now, so Ran got the prize tonight. Lucky wog!


In away, she liked the idea even more because when Juhi came home from her party she was always randy. Tonight the haughty wog cunt would find her husband all fucked out and she would know that she had been done to by a proper Englishwoman. Singing to of key Liz put on a red see-through half blouse with only one of its buttons done, exposing both her bra and the impressive swell of her cleavage. She wiggled into a too tight red tennis mini skirt that exposed her bare twat when she spun in a circle. Ran wouldn't know what hit him. Liz pulled on her cheep red raincoat just in case and clicked on her four inch red heels down the concrete walkways to the stairs. Several offers were shouted as she passed and she replied by giving them the fuck you sign to ribald laughter.


Liz clicked her way down the street and turned into Ran's doorway. The closed sign was already up, ten minutes early. She started to open the door, but it opened as she reached for the knob. Instead of Ran it was the wog cunt, Juhi, dressed in a dark blue full length rain coat with umbrella and bag. As soon as their eyes met they locked.


Liz could have easily said something about coming to the store and finding it closed and then walking away. Instead all she could do was smirk arrogantly at Juhi. Juhi could have locked the door, ignored the insult, and left for her night of gaming, late as she was.


Liz said, “Running late tonight princess?”


Juhi in a light accent replied, “Ran had to make a pick-up in person and had car trouble. I stayed to keep the store open as long as I could. Now I must go.”


Liz could have left, but instead she said, “So Ran is on the way back is he?”


Juhi's dark eyes flashed and she turned to stand face to face with the blonde. Juhi was shorter by three inches, but she was thicker. She stood even shorter in her dress sandals facing four inches of heels. Her long glistening black hair was braided over her right shoulder and reached down past her breasts. With her coat open it was clear the light brown Indian woman was wearing a bright blue sari with a bare midriff and silky blue pants with a lot of bangles and bracelets. Liz glared at the woman's brown cleavage. She was at least two inches and a cup size fuller, the fucking foreign cow! Her belly and waist might be thicker but they looked no softer. The blonde had to be satisfied with the observation that the brown bitch's ass and hips were broader, but by no means fat.


“You will leave now, and not come back,” stated Juhi flatly.


“Not very friendly to a customer, are you princess!” snapped Liz.


“Customers pay for what they leave the store with. Pay with money. Whores and thieves are not customers!” snarled Juhi.


“You filthy brown cunt! Are you calling me names?” Liz demanded hotly.


“You will leave now, and not come back ever,” warned Juhi.


“I go where I want. You're lucky I don't take Ran to court for child support you fat greedy piece of cow dung. But I'm a proper lady and I take care of my own.”


Juhi growled, “You go now! You're bastard doesn't interest me.”


“But he interests Ran, don't he girlie. Too bad you're weak cunt can't pop out a boy with two tries and I do it with one,” taunted Liz.


“English whore!”


“Wog cunt!”


“I will not fight you in the streets you filthy whore, now go!” demanded Juhi.


“You won't fight me anywhere you cowardly piece of foreign shit. I'd kick your colored cunt up between your shoulders and wring those fat brown tit bags flat. Shit, I think I'll just go in and wait for Ran. I'll fuck him in your bed while you go stink up your fucking girl's night with your useless cunt,” challenged Liz.


Juhi opened the door she had shut and stepped inside, “You fight me? You fight me in the basement where no one can see our shame?”


Liz chuckled, “Are you challenging me to a fight?”


“You leave or you fight!” declared Juhi quite seriously.


Laughing, Liz promised, “Okay, but when I win I'm moving in here with Ran's son. You can stay as his wife, but you sleep at the foot of our bed like a dog and you work and clean for me like the fucking wog servant you were born to be.”


Juhi stepped inside and away from the door saying, “Then you come and we fight, but when I win you take a whipping for being a lazy whore and you live here as our slave for one week or until I am tired of you. And you give Ran's son to us so he can be raised properly. Then you leave or we fight again! You leave but son stay.”


“Are you crazy?” asked Liz.


“Are you afraid to be my slave for a week? I know you don't care about your baby as long as the welfare continues. Are you afraid to fight me?” taunted Juhi.


“Afraid of you, you must be joking cow tits!” snorted Liz.


Juhi pointed to the steps and said, “Then we fight.”


Liz looked at the stairs and considered leaving. Juhi was already stripping off her jewelry starting with her ear rings. Liz was astounded that the Indian cunt was so serious. For a second she was scared. Juhi shrugged off her coat and detached her shoulder wrap standing in what looked like a blue halter top and harem pants to Liz's blue eyes. Liz continued to stand at the door.


Juhi snorted, “English cunt, pissing in her pants scared to fight, all talk.”


Liz snarled and stepped inside, “I'm going to enjoy this bitch.”


Liz removed her ear rings and one gold chain. She dropped her coat to the floor and puffed up her chest staring back.


Juhi turned sideways and walked toward the back of the store. Liz started to jump her from behind, but the Indian turned immediately and pointed up at the mirror. I know you are cowardly cunt who attacks from behind. We fight downstairs so the store isn't torn up and nobody breaks a neck on the stairs. Liz nodded and followed two arm lengths behind as the Indian kept a close watch for any sneak attack.


They eyed each other cautiously as they made their way down the stairs. Once in the basement Juhi suggested they clear some space. She removed various dangerous articles from the desk and file cabinet tops, placing them under the desk and sliding the chair into the leg space. The basement was thirty by sixty, but the back half was all storage shelves. The fighting area was about thirty by thirty bounded on three sides by brick walls and on the fourth or southern side by a long line of metal shelves and stacked boxes. The open area was constricted by a wall of file cabinets on the east side and north side. A large heavy desk centered in front of the file cabinets on the north wall. A long work table with overhanging shelves lined the west wall. The shelves held books, toys, boxes and other household items stored and forgotten. A television and entertainment center had been built into the shelves along the west wall facing what looked to be an out of place family room. In the center of the empty floor space was a large circular woven rug. Two long couches, end tables and two comfortable chairs formed a three sided family room.


Juhi looked around the room and then said, “Now we fight until one of us begs to be the other's slave.”


“I'm going to stomp your fat brown ass, wog shit skin!”


Juhi curled her fingers into claws, snarled and started circling. Liz spit at the Indian wife and rushed her grabbing for the lustrous black hair. Juhi screamed and slapped at the bigger blonde. Both had obviously had one or two fights as children or teens, but neither was a skilled fighter. They slammed together screaming like furies. Liz got the Indian's long braid in her right hand and jerked Juhi's head to Juhi's left while connecting with a wicked slap with the left hand to the exposed right cheek. Juhi screamed as her face was punished. Her nails clawed down Liz's white neck to her cleavage and then ripped open her cheap half blouse in the opening seconds leaving the fat white tits and black bra jiggling. Liz howled as her breast flesh felt Juhi's manicured red painted nails. The fight had begun and neither had any thought but to destroy the other.


Liz hammered three more nasty slaps down onto Juhi's right cheek while jerking her in a circle using the long black braid. It made a nice handle. Juhi reached up for the loose shoulder length blonde hair and grabbed a handful with her left fist. Liz cursed as her head was jerked down. Then she screamed as Juhi clawed the left side of her face with her free right hand. Liz had to grab the clawing hand with her left hand. Now they jerked each other by the hair staggering in a tiny circle on the rug, screaming and cursing while wrestling left to right hand.


Liz screeched as a wad of hair was ripped out of her temple. She kicked with her right foot and got Juhi in the ankle. The Indian hopped and staggered. Liz realized her high heels might make good weapons. As their tits banged together Liz lifted her left foot and stomped down trying to drive her heel into the Indian's exposed foot. The sandal straps offered little protection. Juhi screamed as her instep was spiked and jerked backwards. Liz held the hair and pulled mightily swinging the Indian in a circle letting her fall hard onto one of the couches.


Liz jumped on top of the fallen wife, hitting at her head with both badly formed fists. Juhi groaned and tried to cover up. Liz grabbed the top of her hair and ripped out a handful of black hair.


“How do you like it cunt?”


Juhi screamed and grabbed the big white globes riding above her eyes. She sank her nails into the pale flesh imagining Ran sucking on them. Scratching wickedly she scored the top and sides ending up with the cups in either hand. She pulled down and out. The bra fastened in the front. It was cheep. Juhi noted it was typical of the white whore. The bra popped and suddenly the heavy milk bags flopped down swelling up as the compression was released. Liz gasped and leaned backwards reflexively covering herself.


Juhi slammed both her fists into the white cunt's exposed belly and then pushed. Liz grunted and fell backwards on the couch. Juhi started to climb on top wrestling with the bitch's flailing long legs. Unfortunately, for the Indian, the spike red heel on Liz's right foot connected to the left breast. It hurt and got in the halter. Juhi yelped and flopped backwards trying to avoid the heel. Her beautiful top was ripped now, but still intact.


On her back, Liz kicked wildly. She scored another hit with her left foot to the Indian's belly. The right heel scored Juhi's right arm. Juhi was scared of the flying heels and every time she reached for them she got caught. Then she noticed the flying red skirt. The white whore wasn't wearing panties! Juhi turned to the side taking a heel strike to the back of her left arm and struck. Liz gasped as the Indian's left hand slammed into her cunt. It wasn't a punch but more of a palm strike. Once Juhi felt the impact she twisted her fingers into the dirty whore's blonde bush and yanked.


Liz screamed and drew back her feet. Juhi jerked out a handful of her blonde pubes and Liz straightened both her legs like she had been hit with a stun gun. Her heels drove into Juhi's breasts and drove the Indian backwards. Juhi cried out in agony and slammed into the couch's arm. Her halter was ripped in two more places and threatening to slide up over her big swollen tits. Liz was kicking madly with her feet. Juhi gasped as she was spiked again and again to the stomach, arms and breasts. She twisted on the couch trying to roll off.


She hit the floor rolling. When she scrambled to her hands and knees she stuffed her tits back into her shredded top and paid for the delay with a toe kick to her lower belly. Juhi moaned and fell backwards. Liz stood over her cursing her non-stop while stomping. Juhi felt her silk pants rip as the heels caught the fabric and she shifted to bring her own feet into the fight. Liz got in a nasty stomp to the Indian's lower belly, but paid for it with a wild sandal kick to her naked cunt.


Liz groaned and staggered backwards. Juhi rolled over and scrambled to the other couch to stand and face the white bitch. Liz leapt on Juhi's back as she stood and rammed the Indian face first onto the couch. Liz used both hands to rip at the Indian's halter stripping it off with a yell of triumph. Juhi pressed back with both hands and suddenly Liz was falling backwards.


Liz hit the rug and started to rise up. Juhi screamed and landed on top of her. The blonde reached up and ripped at the Indian's face and neck, but Juhi was straddling her stomach and slamming punches down into Liz's face. The blonde twisted her head back and forth. Juhi was throwing untargeted punches, but with the non-stop flying brown fists coming from every direction Liz had to cover her face. Juhi saw the engorged pink nipples rolling on Liz's chest and grabbed them.


Liz screamed. Her normally large pink nipples were now huge, swollen and raw red without the filthy wog's help. Juhi pinched and twisted the rubbery nipples viciously and was rewarded immediately with an agonized scream and two streams of milk. Both women froze in shock as the milk squirted splashing on both of them.


Juhi suddenly laughed and taunted, “I'm going to milk you dry!”


Then she wrenched on the nipples again. Liz screamed and cursed as she felt herself being milked by the brown cunt. Yelling in frenzied fury, the white bitch bucked madly and lifted her hips of the ground. Milk squirted strongly from various openings in the white woman's red nipples. Liz lifted her whole body off the ground bucking into an arch and holding it. It was Juhi's turn to be surprised. She wobbled and fell forward, her bare brown tits slamming into Liz's reddened face.


Juhi started to press up, but Liz wrapped her arms around the Indian's back and rolled. She came out on top with Juhi's legs wrapped around her waist. The Indian's strong silk enclosed thighs crushed at Liz's waist. Liz moaned with her nose between the Indian's big sweaty tits. Juhi's hands clawed at Liz's bare back adding to her discomfort. If she let go of her bear hug the wog slut would be free. Liz felt the burning scratches on her back and opened her mouth.


Juhi's eyes went wide and she screamed in terror. The white whore was biting the inside of her right tit. Juhi grabbed the blonde's hair and jerked wildly pulling the head back. Liz kept her teeth in the fat brown globe. Juhi screamed and pressed her chin to her body looking down in horror seeing the nasty blonde whore with a mouthful of Juhi's lush brown tit flesh pulled out like taffy from the body of her tit. Liz looked at her with hateful blue eyes and managed to twist the corners of her mouth into a vicious smile. Liz growled something in her throat and bit even harder!


Juhi screamed for mercy. The blonde growled and sawed her teeth into Juhi's flesh. Juhi rolled to the blonde to the side, opened her legs and started kicking driving the bitch's lower body away, but the whore held on like a limpet to the brown tit. Juhi released her right handed grip on the bitch's matted hair. As Liz bear hugged her and bit, Juhi twisted her hand over the top of Liz's forehead and suddenly dug her fingers into the white whore's eyes.


Liz screamed and immediately released the bite and the bear hug. She rolled away hands clamped to her face screaming about being blinded. Juhi scooted backwards on her ass and grabbed her right tit. The massive swell of the inside right globe was crisscrossed with deep bite marks, several of them wept blood and two of them bled freely sending rivulets of red tinted sweat and blood down her brown skin pooling in her navel and then staining the waist bank of her sweated through pants.


Liz finished wiping her eyes. She could still see. Nasty red marks were on her eyelids and on her forehead. They might not leave scars but she was marked for a couple of weeks and the scratch marks on her cheek were red and swollen now weeping blood in a couple of places. The blonde snarled and pushed up on her hands and heels.


Juhi gasped and scrambled to her feet. Liz rushed her and drove her back into the work bench with a thud. The bench took her in the small of the back and hurt. Liz bent the brown woman back over the bench digging her nails into the woman's shoulders and pushing. Juhi went for the blonde's face again with her nails. Liz cursed and turned her head away, ducking and then going for Juhi's upturned breasts with her teeth.


Juhi squealed and got a hand under the blonde's chin forcing her teeth back. They strained against each other for several moments. Sweat rolled off them. They gasped and groaned as they wrestled against the bench. The blonde had the superior position and Juhi was fighting uphill.


Juhi used her left hand in the blonde's hair and right hand cupping the chin to twist the blonde's head around. Liz moaned as her neck was twisted against her will and stressed. Her eyes got wide because she could feel her neck straining and suddenly she feared a broken neck!


The blonde pushed back getting her chin free. Juhi straightened up and slammed her right fist into Liz's left eye, but at the same time the blonde's knee connected with Juhi's crotch driving right into her full lipped cunt. Liz staggered backwards blinking as Juhi's brown knuckle imprints blurred her vision. Juhi bent over groaning.


Juhi suddenly wanted to get away. She turned and started to move toward the stairs. The blonde screeched in fury and dived after her. Liz got the waist band of the silky loose fitting pants. The waist band gave way. Juhi screamed in fury falling forward to hit the concrete floor as her pants were pulled down her bare thighs leaving her blue thong covering her crack. Liz hit the ground just as hard with four fifths of the pants in her hands rolled down Juhi's surprisingly thick, curvy, but solid legs.


Juhi groaned and tried to crawl, but her feet were tangled up in her own pants. Liz literally pulled the Indian's knees out from under her and then climbed up the back of Juhi's legs. Juhi twisted at the waist and raked her claws across Liz's swollen left breast as it swung heavily off her chest. Liz moaned and grabbed the back of Juhi's almost loose hair. She jerked backwards bending Juhi backwards and then pushed forward ramming the Indian's face down on the concrete. Then the blonde mounted the sweaty brown back and pushed her left hand down firmly on the back of Juhi's head grinding her face into the concrete. Juhi moaned in agony.


Juhi's fingers clawed uselessly at the concrete and her feet kicked still tangled in her pants. The blonde rode the brown woman's back and gasped for air. Liz rested and pinned the moaning wife down. Liz looked up and saw Ran standing on the stairs open mouthed playing with his obvious erection in his pants. He had obviously been watching for some time as he had stacked supplies on the stairs behind him.


Liz spread her legs to make sure of her balance, jerked back on Juhi's hair bending the Indian's head backwards. Juhi's face was bloody and her forehead had a large egg on it from being hammered into the concrete. Tears streamed from her eyes. She didn't see her husband watching her humiliation. She scrabbled at the concrete for something to hold onto, but there was nothing to do but suffer.


Liz started hitting Juhi from behind in the side of the face with her right fist while using the Indian's hair as a bridal in the left. Juhi cried and moaned with each punch. She writhed on the floor trying to dismount the blonde whore, but there was no way. Ran watched as his wife was beaten badly by the grinning white bitch. He started forward.


Liz shook her head at him and shouted, “Have you had enough, cunt?”


Ran stopped. Juhi cried and said nothing. Her big brown tits were squashed against the floor and flowing out under her armpits and ribs. Liz looked at the packed flesh, leaned backwards using the braid to further extend Juhi's neck and reached down with her right hands to claw and gouge at the side of the right breast. Juhi squealed and cried.

Liz screamed, “Say enough now or I'll hurt you bad!”


Juhi whimpered and finally said, “Enough!”


Liz smiled at Ran and then demanded, “I am the new mistress of this house!”


Juhi squealed and struggled and then said, “Yes.”

“Fucking slave!” spit out Liz while standing and stomping down with one foot on the middle of the sobbing Indian wife's back.


Liz stripped off one of her rolled down hose and tied Juhi's arms behind her back. Then she stepped off and pulled off her other hose to tie the Indian's ankles. Juhi cried and moaned as she was humiliated in her own house by the blonde street slag.


Liz grabbed the woman's hair and the back of her arm and lifted her roughly to her knees. Through her swollen eyes Juhi saw Ran looking on in stunned horror. She moaned and tried to sink into the concrete. Liz explained in detail that the two women had fought and what the terms were. As she explained she squeezed on Juhi's full milk bags and forced intermittent streams of milk to squirt out. Liz reminded Juhi of who was getting milked and who was getting milked. The Indian wife sobbed and closed her eyes unable to face her husband while the white whore milked her.


Finished with the explanation and milking, Liz dragged Juhi to the couch and forced her to watch as she sucked Ran hard and then mounted his cock riding it until the Indian exploded inside her. The blonde mocking promised to share with Juhi and then stood. Liz obscenely fingered herself and came away with a palm full of Ran's cum and her filthy juice. Then she gave Juhi's bloody face a facial.


Ran finally protested and said Liz should leave and not come back. Liz called him a pussy whipped wog. Juhi spoke up and told Ran that it was her shame and she would bare it. Liz had been right about one thing. Ran was whipped, whipped by his mother and wife and whipped by his community. Fucking Liz was basically his only vice and now that it was out in the open and his wife was telling him to do it he accepted the arrangement.

Under a terrible burden of guilt and shame, buoyed by the thrill of watching the fight an his wife's humiliation, and shamefully thrilled by the prospect of a lustful threesome with the proper Juhi and the most improper Liz Ran left to get his children from his mother's. Then he went to the estate to gather up what he had long believed to be his son. The fact that son's mother was a shameful whore didn't alter his love for the boy. Juhi wanted to take care of the boy! That thought heartened Ran. He considered the impossibility of reaching some happy arrangement all the way back to his home.


When he returned the women were cleaned up and dressed. Both their faces bore signs of the struggle: scratches, bruises, swollen cheeks and the beginning of a couple of black eyes. Juhi's dark eyes were downcast. The still very young children didn't understand too much of what had happened. Thankfully Liz didn't do anything to overly humiliate Juhi in front of her daughters. That was saved for later.


It was clear for about a week who was Mistress in the House of Ran. Juhi did all the housework, nursed both the youngest children, worked in the store and no longer wasted any time outside her house with her women friends. Neither did she visit Ran's mother which was a relief for him. He was even more scared of her than Juhi. At night Juhi slept on the floor at the foot of her marriage bed as the blonde whore gleefully took Ran again and again.


Liz used her as a fuck slave providing Ran with a shameful toy. Liz loved having Juhi's face shoved in her dirty cum filled cunt licking away as Ran drove his cock up his wife's asshole. Juhi had never liked anal sex, but that was all she was allowed by the blonde mistress. A brutal, humiliating week passed ever so slowly. Liz wasn't content with the quality of Juhi's work. She whipped the woman's back with a belt and lectured.


Even when there was no problem Liz found new ways of humiliating the Indian, finally making her lie in the bath tub while Liz stood over her pissing and taunting her with how pathetic she was. Juhi didn't know how long a week could be. Her shame demanded she endure and she did. Ran looked so guilty that she knew she owned his soul forever, but first she had to regain her own from the whore. Finally the week ended. It was time for Liz and her son to go. Juhi had but one true wish and was delighted when it was granted.


The blonde informed them that she was staying unless Juhi was woman enough to make her leave. Ran protested, but Juhi silenced him. She wanted to fight. She had to fight. This time she demanded the same terms including Ran's son. Liz argued she had already won the fight and this time Juhi would have to put up something more. Liz put up her son versus Juhi's wedding rings and jewelry.


The children went to a friend of Juhi's on the next Monday. In the basement Liz faced Juhi once again to determine who was mistress of the house. Liz had taken to wearing Juhi's best clothes and had selected a pair of white harem pants trimmed in gold. Juhi wore the torn blue from the previous week. They were both topless and bare foot. Juhi had left her long black hair loose and combed it back. It touched the curve of her ass. Ran stood on the stairs as witness and to insure no one got killed.


Liz looked at the full brown tits as if they were affront to her slightly smaller equally round and firm breasts and said, “This time I milk you dry and leave you flat!”


Juhi snorted, “Your tits are fat bags. You want to match tits!”


Three minutes of insults and negotiations ended with the women willingly walking forward standing at arms length and slowly putting their hands on the opposing woman's breasts. Liz's large pale white breasts were tipped by golf ball size thick bumpy pinkish aureole with thumb like pink turning to red engorged nipples. They were heavy with milk and while they were firm they still rested on the curve of her upper belly. They were impressive tits to be sure, but she felt insulted by the larger rounder brown breasts bouncing up and down on Juhi's chest with each breath. Juhi's nipples were slightly thicker and slightly longer. They sat high on the swell of her large globes seated firmly in raised, bumpy baseball size aureole that now that she was excited had formed little cupola's on her round mounds. The aureole and nipples were dark brown almost velvety black and appeared to be already a little wet at certain pours.


“I'm going to crush your tits, wog!” promised Liz.


“Cunt, whore, slag, your tits are going to be flat bloody bags!” promised Juhi.


At that they sank their fingers, nails first, deep in the milk swollen breasts. Their eyes went wide, they clenched their teeth, sweat popped out on their faces and then they moaned low in their throats. Staring at one another they tried to penetrate to the center of each others' breasts. The round globes distorted and bulged as the fingers dug in. Both girls were moaning louder and beginning to move on their toes. The pants and bare feet danced below as they turned slowly in a circle. If music had been playing it might have looked like a Bollywood dance scene.


Juhi groaned and cursed as her right breast squirted first. Liz laughed at her and pumped on the other breast to try and get it to squirt. Her smile suddenly turned to fury as her right breast and then left breast squirted between Juhi's digging brown fingers. The Indian wife's momentary triumph was equaled when her left breast squirted from to ducts and then wept like a faucet from the nipple. They women grunted and cursed as they hauled each other around by their squirting and leaking breasts. Soon their bellies were splattered with each others' milk. Then the front of their pants became sodden as the sweat and milk dribbled down their heaving bellies.


Liz cried out as her big red right nipple was seized and twisted by Juhi's wet left hand. The white woman retreated two steps, dug her feet in and pressed forward. Juhi retreated two steps before digging in. Their toes dug into the weave of the rug and they leaned into each other determined not to retreat a step hands sunken into leaking tit flesh. Juhi continued to work on the right nipple and it was soon dripping and squirting like a sprinkler. Liz squealed and cursed with each pinch and twist.


The white woman finally retaliated by twisting her left wrist around. She dug her four fingers up and under Juhi's right udder digging it up from the tit flesh and causing the entire cupola to balloon upward. Then the wicked white slut plunged her thumbnail down from above biting into the bumpy aureole and crushing at the roots of the nipple from above and below. Juhi screamed and lost her footing. Milk positively shot out like a geyser splattering Juhi's chin and Liz's nastily grinning mouth from two separate streams. Juhi was driven back, her brown feet slapping on the rug trying to stop the retreat, but the back of her knees hit one of the couches and she fell onto the couch. Liz pushed her down by the tits and mounted the Indian's kicking thighs pinning her to the couch. Juhi was screaming in nipple agony. Ran almost came off the stairs to stop it.


Juhi writhed on the couch and pushed up on Liz's fat white tits from below. Liz moaned as her tits were pushed up under her chin, stretched into half zeppelins, nipples pointed toward the ceiling, dribbles of milk rolling out and down her very red and swelling globes. Liz bore down gouging deep into Juhi's tits, using gravity as an additional weapon and Juhi suffered, but the Indian did not stop pressing upward. Liz was slowly forced up straight and both of her tits started squirting upwards. Juhi's probing fingers and grip had apparently crushed a tubule or sac and forced a rush of milk upward from the base to red, raw, porous nipples. Liz wailed as the rush of hot milk squirted on her face from below. She was forced to bend backwards and suddenly she fell off Juhi's lap to hit the milk sodden rug hard on her ass with her legs spread and feet in the air.


Juhi held her tits and gasped for a second, but then she saw Liz on her back holding her own tits. The white bitch was just drawing her knees up to roll over. Juhi lifted her feet and drove both of them down between Liz's legs, gathering up the puffy white pants and driving to land solidly on the white whores upturned cunt. Liz cried out and straightened her legs with explosive force sending both her feet up hitting the bottoms of Juhi's leaking tits. The double drumbeat of the soles of the white woman's feet on the brown woman's heavy breasts was followed by an agonized grunt from Juhi as she was driven back against the back of the couch.


Liz moaned and rolled onto her knees and hands. Juhi lay back on the couch moaning and cupping her leaking breasts with her hands. Liz crawled across to the other couch and pulled herself up to sit on it. The two tit fighters sit on their couches and sucked in air while gingerly cupping and examining their wet breasts. Liz's pale white breasts were bright red now and darker red areas were slowly darkening. She would be bruised all over. Juhi's brown breasts were darker as well like they had been burned. And while the damage wasn't apparent the darkest brown areas were going to soon be nasty deep bruise marks and sore for weeks. Worse, both sets of breasts were crisscrossed with nasty scratches and multiple bloody gouges where the finger nails had dug out flesh. While Liz's nipples were swollen and angry red with heat coming off them like a stove they were both in better shape than Juhi's right nipple. The velvety black cupola and thick thumb-like nipple were twice their normal size and bent due to uneven swelling. Worse than the swelling for Juhi was the face that her nipple had been cut or split by Liz's vicious thumbnail gouging. The nipple was leaking milk and bleeding turning the fluid into a pinkish soup. Juhi trembled just looking at it and cried out when she tried to rub away some of the fluid to see the damage.


Liz challenged, “Had enough wog? Ready to admit your tits can't take it?”


Juhi sat up moaning as her swollen breast swayed and rolled on her belly to reply, “Fuck you English cunt. I like it rough with the tits. I thought you were just a dyke trying to excite me. If it hadn't been for the smell of your cunt making me sick I might have cum.”


“Don't lie slut, we both know you love the smell of my cunt and the taste of my piss otherwise you wouldn't have been eating and drinking so much from between my legs,” taunted the white woman.


“You will be the one doing the eating and drinking this week, you whore!” shouted Juhi as she stood up and started forward.


Liz leapt forward and screamed, “I'll stomp your cunt in bitch!”


The two women rushed forward on the bare feet, their silk pants singing as the wet sweated through and milk sodden fabric rubbed, their immense and now even larger due to swelling tits bounced and rolled on their slick gleaming bellies, and they rammed into each other at full speed. They thudded together tits crashing and splashing into each other. They might have bounced back groaning, but their hands found deep grips in their sweaty heads of hair. Screaming they pulled great wads of hair out of their heads while trying to jerk the other off her feet. Their tits bounced and squashed against each other, sore nipples digging in and dragging across the flesh to clash against each other. Both moaned as they nipple dueled, neither getting an advantage.


They bounced together and slowly turned on their feet in a tiny circle, neither willing to take a step back or let go of the other's tangled, ravaged hair. Liz was the first to change tactic. As she was arched backwards by a double fisted hair pull-push she brought up her left knee. The point of her knee got Juhi on the pubic mound. The wife cried out and lost her footing. Suddenly she was dragged by her hair in a falling circle. She hit the ground hard on her right side and Liz came down on top of her.


Liz immediately went for a straddle and tried to pin Juhi's brown arms to the ground, but the wife rolled flat on her back and bucked up hard. Liz bounced forward and fell tits first across Juhi's face. As soon as the sticky white breasts filled her nostrils Juhi remembered Liz's teeth in her right breast. She opened her mouth and sucked a mouthful of hot tit flesh in and bit down. She was rewarded by the white woman going stiff and screaming.


Liz pushed up with her left hand and clawed at Juhi's forehead with her right hand. Juhi had a bear hug around the white bitch's ribs trying to keep her meal from escaping. Liz screamed in agony and moved to gouge the Indian's dark eyes. Juhi had to turn her head to keep from being blinded but she had tasted rich tit blood and knew she had evened the score on bitten tits. Liz leaned back and punched at the side of Juhi's head until the Indian gave up the bear hug and fell back to the rug.


Liz cursed as she saw the inside of her left breast was bleeding freely from a deep set of Juhi's teeth marks. Savagely she dug her claws into the tops of Juhi's rolling swollen bags and raked then deep scratches into them crossing both nipples with her digging curled index fingers. Juhi screamed and pushed her hand into Liz's crotch as the white woman rose up off Juhi's belly. The expensive white and gold trousers were tissue thin and made for fluid comfort. They offered little protection to gouging brown fingers. In fact, they added to the discomfort as Juhi pushed three fingers covered by the silk up into Liz's cunt. The white girl was more shocked than hurt for the moment. She positively leapt forward crawling across Juhi's body and across the carpet to pull the silk out of her cunt while screaming insults.


Juhi rolled over on her hands and knees and grabbed at Liz's fleeing left ankle. She caught it and pulled the leg out from under the white whore. Liz yelped and hit tits first on her front with her left leg pulled straight out and up behind her. Juhi held onto the foot and rushed forward bending the leg up behind Liz's ass and falling across the white bitch's kicking right leg. Liz reached behind her back and grabbed a fistful of Juhi's long wet and matted black hair. The Indian moaned as her hair was pulled straight and strained to keep her head straight. She used two hands to twist the white woman's ankle.


Liz screamed and pulled harder on the hair trying to get the Indian off her ass and leg and free her twisted ankle. Juhi cried out as a wad of hair ripped from her scalp. She fastened her teeth onto Liz's instep and bit as hard as she could. The white woman screamed and scrabbled at the rug for a hold. Blood began to drip from Juhi's lips as she chewed into the white woman's trapped foot. Liz screamed and started begging.


Ran stepped forward and shouted, “Do you give up?”


Liz shouted, “Fuck you!”


She twisted back and grabbed another handful of hair and jerked. Juhi moaned and tried to hold onto the bite, but this time the wad of hair was so thick it didn't come out. Inch by inch the Indian's head was pulled backward and she lost the bite. Liz's bloody foot dripped down her ankle to stain her white pants. Liz pulled and pulled and Juhi was rolled back onto the white woman's ass.


Liz twisted and managed to get half her body all the way around. Juhi had to give up the foot hold and rolled in the direction of the hair pull. They scrambled on the rug, white girl beneath brown girl. Punches, elbows, claws worked on heads, backs, sides and arms. Juhi ended up lying across the white bitch's chest. Liz was biting her right forearm which was grinding across the white cunt's face. Juhi was biting Liz's left shoulder. Liz was clawing at Juhi's back with her left arm and pulling hair with her right hand. Juhi punched the white whore's belly again and again. Feeling her fist sink in deeper and hearing Liz's desperate groaning inspired the Indian to further mayhem.


Liz kicked her feet and tried to reverse the cross body pin which was crushing both their tits, but hers were under the Indians and taking the worst of it. Juhi noticed the kicking and stopped punching Liz's now reddened bare belly. The white girl bridged up at exactly the wrong time catching Juhi's eye. The Indian flattened out her hand on the white girl's heaving belly and slid it up quickly going under the waste band of the silken pants. Liz reacted too slowly, dropping her ass back to the ground too late to prevent three brown fingers tipped by red nails from pushing between her swollen cunt lips into the tender pussy within.


Liz screamed and writhed, closing her legs too late. Juhi bore down on her left hand. The knuckles working could be seen by the inverse imprint on the white pants. Liz screamed and screamed ripping at Juhi's already bloody scalp and shredded brown back. Liz's body rose up in agony trying to throw off the Indian. Then it collapsed again, the white girl wailing in agony. Soon the white crotch of the silk pants started to get red. Liz cried and screamed.


Ran asked, “Do you give?”


Liz screamed and shook her head no. Juhi redoubled her efforts. The white girl screamed and kicked helplessly, but she still refused Ran's offer. Then Juhi shifted her head and fastened her mouth to Liz's left nipple. As the Indian closed her teeth the white girl screamed out it pitiful surrender. Juhi continued to bite until Ran pulled her off.


Liz lay on the floor sobbing. She was too weak to curl up. Her stolen white pants were clearly blood stained now from her own cunt blood. Her body was beaten and bruised. Her fine breasts were swollen bags of pain and now her left nipple bled as freely as it leaked milk. She had been whipped and Juhi stood over her gasping for air.


Juhi put her brown foot on the white girl's face and said, “Lick my foot, slave cunt!”


Liz whimpered and did as commanded. Without taking any rest herself, Juhi pulled off Liz's pants and then pulled off her own. She squatted down sitting on Liz's sore tits and pulled the white woman's sobbing face into her hairy black cunt. Liz was commanded to eat and she ate. Juhi wiggled on top of the white girl's swollen tits and moaned. She commanded Ran to strip off his pants. Then she directed him to grab Liz's ankles and lift them up. Juhi put them under her arms and leaned forward curling Liz up into a ball with her bloody blonde cunt pointing up to the ceiling. She commanded that Ran stick his fist into the cunt and his cock into the girl's puckered asshole. Liz screamed as she was double penetrated, but the sound was more like muffled gurgling as Juhi rode her face to a shattering, exhausted climax.


After Ran had filled Liz's asshole with his cum, Juhi had him carry the beaten white whore to the bathtub where Juhi had suffered such humiliation. The Indian was determined to get revenge for everything right now and then pile it on in the days after. Liz moaned pathetically as she was forced to swallow Juhi's pungent piss and then lick the hated woman's asshole. It was just the beginning of a terrible week of humiliation and sexual torture made all the worse by the growing pain of her wounds.


Liz was barely able to lift her arms or stand by the end of the week. Of course Juhi was also so sore that often all she could do was order Ran to punishment Liz with his cock. Liz had been fucked and penetrated so many times she was totally fucked out by the end of the week. Closing her legs was a challenge and she worried she might have to wear a diaper after so many ass penetrations. And her strength was not returning. The pain made it impossible to focus on revenge. While she ate regular meals she felt her real diet was cum, cunt juice and piss. Her tits felt like they were twice their normal size and they were black, not blue. When the week came to an end she couldn't imagine fighting again, but that's what Juhi offered.


“You fight me or leave forever!”


Liz didn't answer the challenge.


Juhi made Liz sign a document that seemed to acknowledge Ran as the father of her son and give him custody. In return Ran gave her a monthly allowance equal to what she had been getting by using the baby as a dependent. Juhi warned her that all the documents were legal and would be witnessed by respected members of the community. Liz didn't doubt it because the fucking wogs stuck together and were slowly taking over the town. A real Englishwoman had no more rights!


When the signing was done and Juhi finished a dire warning of what would happen if Liz ever went back on her word or showed up at the store. Liz was given another chance to fight for her rights. Liz dropped her head and left wearing a sweat shirt and the short skirt and heels she had worn two weeks previously. Ran's brat stayed. Maybe she could borrow him for the next social worker's review, until then she was more than happy to be free of the little bastard. Right now all she wanted to do was smoke some cigarettes and get drunk.


She groaned as she flopped on her dirty couch happy she didn't have to take care of the brat and said to herself, “Fucking cheating wog cunt. There is no way that whore whipped me fair and square. Dirty cunt fighter. Next time I'll scrap out her eggs. Next time I'll make her eat shit!”


Liz fell asleep in her drunken stupor dreaming of her revenge. Five days later she was giving blow jobs for drinks in a back alley and still moaning about how unfair life had been to her.