WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don’t read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

IN THE FUTURE: BLOOD RULES - SWEET REVENGE? By Mr. Cage (comments to mrcagefight@yahoo.com)

Sondra had spent an extra month in the tanks fully healing while the seventh round of matches was decided. The extra month erased more of her old scars as well, but most importantly it made her often damaged right nipple almost as solid as it had been before losing it the first time. An extra month meant so much. She had been incredibly lucky to be the one girl out of five to draw the bye. But now, she was one of three left in the chase for the title. She would have to fight this night and if she won she would have to fight a month from then against a girl who tonight would draw a bye. A bye this time was far more important than the last one, but she was more than happy with her extra month. The tournament had shaken out: Yumiko with her one loss to Sondra had eliminated Simba and Amanda with her one loss to Yumiko had eliminated Olga. Now the three of survivors would stand in the center of the infamous Dark Coliseum.

The Dark Coliseum was located six blocks off the strip, built under a shopping mall by a wealthy group of fetish enthusiasts. The entrance was through a bank of elevators at the back of a three-tier parking lot. Despite its literal and figurative underground nature, the supposedly secret entrance was well lit and attended by attractive, attentive staff members. It was another of Las Vegas’ well known secrets! Fighting was not its only purpose. It catered to every perversion the inventive minds of men and women could imagine. The Dark Coliseum’s Slave Exchange traded in human flesh that voluntarily agreed to play the slave game. Some slaves were put on auction for the pleasure of it or to raise money, always a need in Las Vegas. Some were put on the Exchange after they had been won for the night or more in a fight or contest. Sondra herself had sold Yumiko’s night of slavery for a tidy price. Of course, now that Yumiko was in the three-way final, Sondra wish she had the bitch back. First she was worth more now and second in the terrible even that Yumiko avenged her earlier loss, Sondra could buy her own slavery back with Yumiko’s. Sondra had chuckled as she listed her one night’s slave rights to Yumiko for a delay auction. She had planned to taunt Yumiko about it in the clinches, but now she wondered if that would be wise.

The announcer broadcast: “Tonight will be the Eight Round of the Unlimited Weight World Champion Eliminator. After seven rounds of brutal double elimination fighting, only three of the toughest women in the world remain. Tonight we bring all three to the center of the Dark Arena. The first to rise will be fighting here tonight no matter what the result of our random drawing. She had a bye in the seventh round and now must face one of two women.”

Sondra felt herself rise up into the Arena. Up above, the fighting area was a perfect circle about thirty feet in diameter, very large, but the floor was composed of concentric circles, each of which could rise up making the fighting arena smaller or larger. Appropriate sized cages seemed to descend from the roof and attach magnetically to something under floor. It was all very ultra modern and perfect for setting up fights, getting the fighters in to the arena, cleaning up after, and getting to the regeneration tanks with minimal delay. Sondra had been placed in the center circle about eight feet in diameter. As it rose and her blonde head appeared the audience roared. . Sondra noted that the polished white marble floor had a standard white pad fastened in place. The final fighting arena would be a sixteen foot circle tonight. An appropriate sized cage would drop right before the fight started. Attendants and referees stood on platforms above the floor waiting to be lowered as needed. Sondra had no idea which woman she would be fighting or what the initial two fights would be. She felt her new right nipple tingling with anticipation.

The announcer continued as Sondra rose into the bright light, “Wearing blue leathers and equipment, is Sondra from Sweden, standing 6’2’’ and weighing in at 213 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she is thirty-one and two and holds the European Unlimited Title. She has killed seven opponents in the ring, knocked out fourteen, won by blood rules eight times and forced slave submissions three times. One loss was by knockout by Amanda our U.S. Unlimited Champion who she may fight tonight. The other loss was by knockout against a girl that died in the ring even after recording a win. She is now thirty years old, she is Sondra!”

Sondra rose into the arena wearing an open blue robe. She was fair skinned, blonde and blue eyed. Her right eye brow drooped a little and there was a bump on her nose, but otherwise her face was model perfect. Her firm heavy breasts were high on her chest and measured 46DD. She had not shaved her sex. Her mound and crotch were quite hairy with fine blonde hair. Her nipples were pink, long and pointed. Her aureoles were extraordinarily small and hard, barely larger than the thick nipples jutting out of her mounds. Her clitoral sleeve was thick and distended. She had taken the hormones for a long time and her clit had become enormous, larger than any other of the professional fighters, including Yimiko’s clit which was given the name “Yumiko Meat.” Sondra had beaten the Japanese woman and this time intended to take her big clit as a trophy, if she was in fact her opponent for the night. Secretly she hoped it would be the black bitch Amanda who less than a year ago had knocked her out with a lucky kick just before she the round ended. Sondra would have won that fight on Blood Rules. She wanted revenge on Amanda first and then she would give Yumiko a chance for her revenge. But Sondra wanted to be at her freshest against the wily American fighter with her famous big fists and fast, calloused feet.

The announcer waited until the roar for Sondra was over and continued, “Wearing the white leathers and equipment is Yumiko from Japan, standing 5’11’’ and weighing 197 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she is twenty-two and one and holds the Japanese, Chinese and Australian Unlimited Titles. She has killed three opponents in the ring, knocked out ten, won by Blood Rules five times and forced slave submissions four times. Her one loss was to Sondra earlier in the Eliminator. She was sold by Sondra in a slave auction with delivery postponed until the completion of the Eliminator. So she has several reasons to be out for revenge tonight. She is twenty-six, she is Yumiko!”

Dressed in white, Yumiko rose up from below on a two foot wide arc leaving a gap in the floor between the two of them. Yumiko was huge and powerful having beaten all challengers in the eastern rings, including international imports. Her skin was dark yellow brown and she was pure Japanese even if she was extraordinarily large for her sex and national origin. She wore a white open robe that flashed her firm heavy breasts and shaved sex. Her nipples were dark brown, long and thick seated deep in swollen cupola aureoles so not only did they project they projected from the swollen aureole. Her clitoral sleeve was thick and distended. First it had taken a lot of abuse from both battles and lovemaking and second, like many girls in the business she loaded up on hormones to increase her muscle mass and swell her breasts. Her thick finger like clit had grown to three times its teenage size. Her fans called it “Yumiko Meat.” Her flat rock hard belly, arms, thighs and haunches showed no weakness although she was scarred everywhere. Her 44 inch chest was reflective of her muscled V back as well as her hormone swollen firm 44D breasts. Tonight most of all she wanted Sondra. The audience roared as they sensed the malevolence in the Japanese woman for the Swede. Everyone but Sondra hoped that Yumiko would be picked to fight. Yumiko should have been hoping for the bye, but there was no doubt she wanted the blonde’s blood.

The announcer continued, “Wearing green leathers and equipment, is Amanda from the USA, standing 5’10’’ and weighing in at 195 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she is forty-six and one and holds the United States Unlimited Title. She has killed six opponents in the ring, knocked out twenty-eight, won by blood rules nine times and forced slave submissions three times. One loss was by knock out by Yumiko. She is twenty-eight years old, she is Amanda! Yumiko holds her slavery contract and has said she plans to collect it on her own, so Amanda has every reason to hope that she gets a rematch against Yumiko. But tonight either Yumiko or Amanda will have to fight Sondra in the first of the Three Way Finish of the Unlimited Weight World Champion Eliminator. So any hopes Amanda and Yumiko have for one another will just have to way for another month! She is thirty-one, she is Amanda!”

The crowd roared as the heavy fisted dark black African American Amanda was raised upward on another two feet wide sectional on the opposite side of Yumiko. Tradition and rules required the women to have longish hair that might be held in hair straps in the early contests. Amanda’s kinky hair was long, but instead of hanging down her back it ballooned around her head in a throwback style called an Afro. She would need no hair straps, but whether or not her black hair was an advantage or not no one could say. Amanda was a puncher of renown with fists larger than either of the other women. Her height was less than the other two women, but her shoulders were as broad as Sondra’s and her arm muscles fairly rippled glistening in the light. Her broad back was tapered. Her abdominal was ridged with muscle. Her hips were extraordinarily thin and taunt. Her ass cheeks looked more like a boy’s than a big woman’s. But like the other two women the hormones she took had given her solid large rounded ebony breasts, 42DD to be exact. And while her clit meat was a poor third to Yumiko’s and Sondra’s it was heavy, thick and perhaps even more obviously pronounced since it seemed to ride high because of her prominent up-tilted mound. She was cleanly shaven and her cunt lips were almost non-existent, tight and girlish. So when her clit meat stood out there was nothing to disguise it. Her long legs and short waist combined to make her big, calloused feet terrible weapons. A kick to the temple had taken out the Swede even though the bitch had carved her up for three rounds. Amanda was still smarting from Yumiko’s flash knockout and fully intended to beat the Japanese bitch to death with her fists after one of them finished of the blonde bitch. Amanda harbored a special resentment for whites, especially blondes and especially beautiful ones. No matter how supposedly enlightened, real society remained essentially tribal and furiously prejudiced against “the others.”

The announcer said, “Get your bets in right now! In thirty seconds we will announce Sondra’s opponent for tonight!”

A bell started clanging off the seconds. This was Las Vegas. They would make book on how many times a newly washed car would be shit on by birds while parked in the open during the match if the market was there. The bets flew in and a buzzer sounded. The lights dimmed and a spot light suddenly glared down on the black woman.

“Amanda will fight Sondra for the right to return next month and fight Yumiko!”

Visibly disappointed, Yumiko descended to be whisked away through the underground tunnels. Then the floor rose creating a solid, padded sixteen foot circle in the center of the arena. A circular fine mesh cage descended from above and fastened to the magnetic strips beneath the flooring. The attendants descended to equip the fighters for the first round which was usually a mauling contest of some type. The second round would be predominantly a striking contest. The third round was always a no-rules catfight to the finish. The rules in the first two rounds were structured to test the women, but not result in a quick ending. Death or humiliating slave submission was the only way out until the third round.

The attendants removed their robes and oiled them down, carefully violating their sex and asses for the amusement of the crowd. The women breathed slowly awaiting the announcement of the type of maul fight it would be. Sondra felt her massive clit respond to a long oily stroking. It had no idea how much pain was coming, or maybe it did. Sondra had often climaxed in her brutal fights, even when she was badly hurt, so she knew and accepted she was a pain freak. Amanda squirmed a little as a shorter, lewdly smiling bitch shoved three fingers up her cunt and a thumb in her ass, making sure the oil got everywhere. The audience loved it!

Anticipation mounted. Many matches were possible, anything from bare handed mauling to a bite down match. The crowd roared when it was announced that they would be doing This time the first round was what was referred to “Pound and Claw Buffet” fighting. Sondra stiffened. This style of match nullified her sneaking maneuvers and startling speed. Worse it gave Amanda and her rock hard ebony fists stationary targets to hit. The black bitch smiled knowingly at Sondra.

As the equipping began, Amanda taunted, “Your titties are going to be the size of water balloons after I’ve fisted them unless they pop. You remember what my fists did to those white fat bags the last time I worked them over.”

Sondra snarled back, “Can’t you people just shut the fuck up? I had your ass bleeding to death last time and this time I’ll take your nipples and clit as trophies.”

“White trash cock sucker.”

“Charming as ever, your jungle queen bullshit doesn’t scare me mud cunt.”

And so it went as the appropriate colored equipment was slipped on including light blue hair straps for Amanda’s blonde ponytail. Pound and Claw Buffet fighting was an unusual stationary affair for a championship bout. It started with the trading of breast punches for a minute followed by double breast claws for a minute, followed by the trading of breast punches for a minute, followed by a single breast claw and crotch claw combination for a minute, followed by trading breast punches, followed by a single breast claw to the other breast and crotch claw combination followed by trading breast punches for two minutes, followed by a single two minutes of mutual breast clawing. Other than the hair straps the only items of equipment were special gloves. The glove was solid rubber studded by hard pyramidal knuckles and penetrating studs along the striking surface of the upper fingers and back of the hand. The palm-side was peppered with tiny rubber hooks that grabbed and bruised but did not slice. The finger nails were tipped with long rubber points to add to the pain of penetration. All the surfaces of the gloves were abrasive and just rubbing them across skin would scour of a layer of dermis. No protective neck bands were needed. The hovering referees would severely punish anyone who sought to protect themselves from attack or strike outside the accepted targets. A small circular plastic pad was placed over the white mat. The pad had foot outlines for each woman to stand in while taking or giving punishment.

As the rules were announced the betting went from 7 to 5 against Sondra to 3 to one against her. The punters understood that these rules would heavily favor the American fistic champ. Sondra’s big 46DD’s might be solid, matrix heavy, hormone enhanced works of chemistry, but once Amanda’s heavy fists had pounded them they would be twin mountains of agony and interfere with Sondra’s skills in later rounds. Still a jump in betting odds that big said some major syndicate was backing Amanda. Just how random was this so-called computer? Sondra began to feel a little outnumbered. She had fought five times in the Fem Savage Cage league in France and had to fight the rules, the referees and the judges. She had been forced to swallow a tie even when her French opponent had spent the last five minutes of the fight begging for mercy. So far the Blood Rings had been scrupulously honest, but anyone could try and fix anything when money was involved and everything in Las Vegas had been fixed at one time or another.

The attendants finished and rose out of the cage on their platforms. A bell rang and the first ten minute round of the fight started. A ref would yell either “blue” or “green” and “right” or “left” during the punching phase and the fighter would have a maximum of five seconds before she lost her chance to deliver her strike.

The computer generated the first to strike and it was “green-right.”

Sondra grimaced. The damn computer was against her for sure. Amanda’s big right fist shot out from her shoulder, the American’s body twisted at the waist putting all her tremendous power into the flat footed punch. Sondra had a fraction of a second to brace herself. The solid impact drove the big fist deep into the meat of the blonde’s big left globe, crushing the heavy packed matrix between rubber knuckles and breast bone. The pain was indescribable, sudden and stunning. It was if her heart stopped a moment. She had been forced back a step. The crowd’s roar almost caused her to miss “blue-right.”

The Swede stepped back into the proper position and drove her own right fist as hard as she could driven by the pain in her left breast. Her immediate plan was to take advantage of Amanda’s tit structure. The black bitch was meant by nature to have small breasts and as such her connecting tissue was narrower at the base than Sondra’s. With the hormone swelled rock solid 42DD’s bouncing on her muscular chest the black bitch might be subject to drag if her tits got pulverized and swollen enough. Fighting with two water balloons hanging off your chest would make the later rounds difficult. So Sondra used her extra height and drove her fist into the top of Amanda’s orb, angling downward, driving the pyramidal knuckles into the matrix, hitting bone and then ripping downward, hoping to weaken the black breasts at their relatively small base through attrition.

Amanda gasped and shuttered, but remained standing flat footed. “Green-left” was barely said when her left fist went into the Swede’s right pink nipple, catching the big fat tit and driving it back straight into the breast bone. Amanda smiled as the white flesh curled around her green glove almost eating her big hard fist. The look of agony in the blonde’s eyes was uplifting. A twist of the fist while deep in the tit meat wrenched a moan out of the tough blonde’s throat.

And so it went back and forth. They were punching as quickly as they could, neither wanting to miss a chance during that first minute. It ended with the Swede forcing Amanda to step backwards with another savage downward driving strike. Both women were coated in pain sweat. Deep bruises showed on the Swede’s white breasts. Sondra’s breasts were swelling evenly. The marks weren’t as visible on the black breasts; however, Amanda’s tits were swelling from the top causing her nipples to begin tilting downward.

Now they were instructed to take the claw position. Both women reached out knowing not to wrestle or struggle. They positioned their hands over the slick swollen tits of the other and waited for the word “go.” They got it. Sondra moaned immediately. Amanda’s hands were bigger than hers despite her height advantage. The black bitch went for a full hand squeeze digging her finger points deep into the already tortured meat. The studs on the palms and the abrasive covering sanded away the flesh on Sondra’s pink nipples as the black bitch twisted with her fingers and ground with her palms. Sondra instead went for a high jerk grip. She dug her fingers under the upper sides of Amanda’s swollen orbs and crushed at the target tissue trying to compress it into a tube with the meat on the other side of the constriction. The tit was too big and firm for that now, but Sondra got a good solid grip and rather than crush and push she jerked, twisted and pulled. Amanda leaned backwards keeping her balance and increasing the drag on her tits. Sondra suffered far more pain, but she was convinced she was doing more damage. Sweat poured off both of them and before the minute was over they were moaning and trembling. When the round ended and Sondra saw her pink nipples were bright red and weeping already, she doubted her tactics. Was she was wasting her efforts?

They went back to punching. Thud! Splat! Grunt! Groan! Sondra’s swelling tits took the black woman’s fists to the nipple and to the heavy undersides. More than once her tits flew upward off her chest jerking back by their thick connecting tissues and bounced around shedding sweat and garnering the cheers of the crowd for the obvious tit destruction. Sondra concentrated grimly on pounding away on the tops of Amanda’s swelling bags. The black woman was grimacing now before the knuckles hit the tender area. And if her pain blurred eyes weren’t deceiving her, Sondra felt she could see the black orbs swelling unevenly and beginning to droop. The blonde decided to continue to work on the perceived weak spot.

“Position right hand on left tit and left hand on cunt and one, two three, maul!”

Amanda went straight for Sondra’s left nipple, crushing it and twisting before trying to yank it off. Amanda moaned low in her throat. The black bitch didn’t bother going for her cunt. Instead she clamped down on Sondra’s clit meat. The bitch was good. She pushed back the distended sleeve to expose the pink worm and then pinched it while grinding the entire area with the abrasive palm of her left hand. Sondra closed her eyes and let the sweat roll off her body as the pain mounted.

Sondra’s blue gloves went to Amanda’s flesh just as savagely. Continuing her single-minded tit torture, Sondra went back to the connective tissue of Amanda’s left tit, digging in deeply, probing with her rubber pointed fingers into the hot flesh already tenderized by the knuckle pyramids. Amanda gasped and shook as the hot flesh was stressed again. Sondra dug away until she was in deep and then jerked down again. Amanda whimpered as she felt tissue tearing inside her breast. The pain was so shocking that it almost overwhelmed that radiating up from her cunt. Sondra had jammed three fingers inside the tight black cunt, curled them hard under the pubic bone and anchored her hand there. Then she had jabbed her thumb down on the top of the clit meat causing it to swell downward and outward. Amanda’s upward tilting mound made her clit stick out like a hard cock. That’s when the wickedly designed palm of Sondra’s glove ground into the sensitive eraser head of Amanda’s big clit. Amanda’s ass cheeks clenched as she fought to keep from stepping out of her circle. She tried to pinch off the Swede’s fat clit meat, but all she got was a grunt out of Sondra and more fiery pain from her clit head.

Four minutes gone and both women were panting. They weren’t exhausted from some fantastic active skilled struggle. This was pain, pure and simple. Just standing there and enduring was more exhausting than a full scale fight where one could rest for a second and capture a brief respite from the agony. This devilish “Buffet and Claw” match allowed for nothing but continuous and growing agony. One had to stand there and endure their tits and cunt being destroyed, hoping they were doing more to the other than she was doing to them.

Sondra felt her right breast turning into mush as Amanda pounded away. Something was broken inside and the swelling was now uneven. Even so she was rewarded by squeals from Amanda each time her own knuckles went into the battered, now stretching and weakening connecting tissues. The swelling was obscenely uneven and the big hormone swollen tits were pointing downward. The fluid pumping at the damaged top was filling the whole hanging globes. Sondra could feel the heat of the lymph through her gloves. Her own raw and bleeding nipples not withstanding, she felt she was seriously fucking with Amanda’s ability to continue fighting in top form.

The next maul had their hands reversed. Sondra smiled as Amanda reached for the top of
Sondra’s pain swollen right globe to even some score. That revealed that the black girl was suffering so badly that she had decided that Sondra knew something about hurting tits that she didn’t. Fortunately for the Swede her tits were so broad based that the tactic was wasted. Amanda should have gone for the full breast squeeze and twist to take advantage of the swollen and burst tubules inside. Amanda also when for the finger hook and palm abrasion on Sondra’s cunt. Sondra suffered the pain, but slowly grew more confident as she forced the black bitch to duplicate her tactics.

That confidence was almost shattered during the last two minutes of punching. The Swede’s swollen right globe felt like it was about to burst. Every time Amanda’s big fist hit the balloon the thud became wetter and wetter. Sondra’s tits were filling up and beginning to drag under the weight. Thankfully, Amanda’s gasps and moans showed that the continued pounding at the now raw tops of her tits were doing the job.

Amanda didn’t look Sondra in the eye when they positioned their hands for the final two handed double breast maul. The Swede took that as a good sign. Both women went for the tops of the tits. Amanda cried out as her fat tits were finally jerked away from the chest wall. Sondra managed to get her circular grasp around the necks of the globes, pulling the tissue further away from its secure seat and crushing the fat globes at the end into rounder and rounder swelling balloons of hot fluid. Amanda closed her eyes and shifted her attack back to the Swede’s nipples. Sondra whimpered as her pink nipples were crushed, twisted, pinched, pulled and abraded. She was bleeding freely now from both nipples having lost all the surface tissue. They were fiery points of pain. Amanda had to shift her hips to keep from behind pulled forward by her tits. Sondra jerked away actually imagining the tearing of the tissues under the skin as the skin stretched and ruptured. Sondra closed her eyes with her own agony and imagined tearing the black bags from Amanda’s chest. It had been done before, but not to someone as tough as Amanda.

The round finally ended and the women fell into the arms of the attendants. Sondra noted her own swollen tits and bloody nipples. She hadn’t won the round. She looked over at the rolling bags on Amanda’s chest. Amanda surely hadn’t won either. The betting had moved them back to 2 to 1 in Amanda’s favor. The massive swelling of Sondra’s tits looked like she was in worse condition, but Sondra knew how hurt she was and didn’t think she was hurt as bad as Amanda.

The attendants cut the gloves from their hands. Both women flexed their fingers pumping blood back into them. Then the striking phase was announced. The crowd roared. Supposedly there was a one in fifty chance of a Nail Gloves Only Match being selected. Given Amanda’s striking and kicking prowess this was the worst possible match for Sondra and the best for Amanda.

Solid leather striking gloves were fitted over their hands and tied firmly around their wrists. The gloves had a solid grip bar for their fingers to curl around, but unlike other gloves for striking, they were slick and smooth. A second glove was fitted over the first and effectively glued into place. This wicked device was thin leather glove with the striking surfaces from the fingers to the knuckles to the back of the hand were punctured by nail points extending less than quarter inch from the leather. The flat heads of the tiny nails formed a metal underside to the leather giving the gloves even more weight and solidity. The women formed their fists and then stood while the fists were taped solid; the thin color coded tape was punctured again and again by the pointed nail heads illustrating what would soon happen to their flesh.

Normally the striking rounds providing for elbow, knee and boot devices, but in a Nail Gloves Only Match the rest of the body was unequipped. Only their necks were protected by thick leather bands and wire gauze goggles were fitted over their heads to protect the eyeballs, but not the head or face. They were given gum shields to protect their teeth. A straight nail match with gloves, elbow bands, knee bands and heavy boots would have been better for the Swede. At least that way she would have boots to equalize against the highly trained calloused feet of the former kick fighter. Again the American fighter had been incredibly lucky with the random choice of combats.

This ten minute round would be striking. Grappling while standing was permitted, but if both fell to the ground they would be separated. Holding and hitting was permitted. Striking was permitted until either the ass or the tits were ruled to be on the mat and then the referee would separate them. A downed fighter got a one minute count, but the round time was stopped, and then they would be stood up to fight on. If they couldn’t stand they would be propped up the infamous Cruel Horse. The Cruel Horse was a three bar mechanism that could be inserted through the cage wall. One bar went between the legs and the other two under each arm. The only mercy on the Cruel Horse was that the victim could only be struck to the breasts while riding the Horse. More than one woman fighter had been ruined while riding the Cruel Horse.

Sondra noted the betting had again jumped to 4 to 1. Someone was betting heavily on the black woman and they were getting awarded again and again with lucky choices as to the types of combat. So far Sondra had survived, but now the black bitch could use her nailed fists and dangerous bare feet to put the Swede through ten minutes of bloody hell. Sondra would be lucky to get to the Catfight Round, her specialty.

They started from opposite sides. Amanda closed quickly, smiling broadly, expertly cutting off the ring with big strides. The black bitch knew this was her kind of fight and wanted to get into the bloodletting as quickly as possible. Sondra tried to flee but Amanda’s most dangerous weapons were her feet and soon enough the black bitch shot out a snake like strike with her right foot. Sondra had been escaping to the center of the ring. The rock hard foot hit her on the hip and sent her staggering. Amanda was moving toward the Swede before she regained her balance. A right hook slammed into Sondra’s firm belly leaving it dotted with nail holes. Amanda’s hard metal and leather padded knuckles did more damage than making tiny bloody holes; they bruised Sondra’s abdominals and took the wind from her lungs. If they had used more standard raised knuckle gloves, Amanda’s unnaturally large and pointed knuckles would have been only slight more effective than Sondra’s. However, that was not the case. It hurt like she had been hit with two inch pyramid penetrating rubber knuckles.

Amanda slammed her left around and low taking Sondra in her right side rocking her kidneys and stunning the blonde again. The right hurled upward driving into the blonde’s left breast, sinking into the swollen underside and driving the whole mass upward. Sondra moaned as her swollen tit was pounded and punctured by nail points that lined the finger faces, knuckles, and backs of the hand. Sondra was hurt and caught, but she was in close and that was where she wanted to be.

The blonde standing with her side facing the black, spun at the hip driving her elbow into Amanda’s jaw. As tough as the fist fighter was, the big elbow stunned her and stopped her follow-on attack. Amanda stepped backwards and brought up her fists defensively. Sondra yelled and charged grabbing the smaller black fighter around the chest, capturing her arms and drove Amanda across the ring into the cage side. The impact of the two big women against the unyielding cage brought a roar from the crowd. Amanda grunted since she bore the brunt of the collision. Amanda hooked her right foot around the Swede’s left leg and hammered her heel into the back of Sondra’s left knee.

The blonde’s leg gave way, but she stood braced on her right foot still holding Amanda to the fence. Sondra replied to the heel strike by ramming her forehead down on the bridge of Amanda’s nose. Amanda grunted and blood flowed from both her nostrils. A second head butt missed the nose but cracked hard on her right cheek. The black woman struggled in the Swede’s embrace using the nails on her gloves to cut and slice at the sides of Sondra’s swollen tits. When that didn’t do anything she hooked her left leg around Sondra’s right and did the heel strike again. This time the Swede went to her knees. The rules said ass or tits touching before a break, so this didn’t cause a referee break, but it did cause the Swede to lose her bear hug.

Her fists freed Amanda hammered the top of the Swede’s head. The nails grated against Sondra’s skull, ripping her scalp and coloring her yellow blonde hair red after no more than three strikes. However, Amanda had slide down the fence along with the Swede. She was supported by her legs hooked around Sondra’s thighs and of course the fence grating along her back and ass. That of course left her crotch open, a clear space between her cunt and the blonde’s bloody belly.

Sondra shoved her fist down between them, taking the skull pounding. She couldn’t punch or use her fingers, but she could rake the nails of her knuckles and the back of her fist back and forth across Amanda’s prominent clit meat. The black woman screamed as the nails dragged back and forth. The crowd roared as the blonde’s elbow and shoulder worked moving the glove back and forth across the clit meat, shredding the African American’s sex. Sondra had found away to make the striking round into a catfight!

Howling in pain, Amanda hammered her fists into Sondra’s shoulders and pushed back. At the same time she unhooked her feet from Sondra’s thighs and flailed them about. She created just enough space between the two of them to slide down the fence and land on her ass. The break was rewarded with cheers for the Swede. Knockdowns didn’t count toward anything unless they put you on the Cruel Horse. Amanda sat on the floor and examined her bloody mound. The short nail heads had been dragged back and forth across her mound and prominent clit meat. The bitch had truly cunted her and it was so early that it might be a problem. Amanda stood after a ten second count, furious at the Swede’s clever dirty fighting.

Sondra smiled and asked, “How’s that feel bitch. Next time I stuff my fist up your filthy cunt and nail your eggs.”

Amanda snarled, “You’ll die screaming bitch!”

The black woman charged forward head hunting. The Swede blocked three punches getting bloody slashes on her arms and shoulders before driving a left straight into Amanda’s mouth. Amanda’s head snapped back and her lips bled, but she was a fist fighter and her reaction to getting hit was to hit back. Her right ripped open Sondra’s left cheek and grated across the Swede’s eye guard. Sondra stepped back and drove her right into the top of Amanda’s left breast. Rather than draw back she twisted the fist, pushed and then slashed ripping open several gashes in the swollen, fluid filled flesh. Amanda moaned as the abused flesh was shredded. However, her own fists were in motion. She hammered the Swede’s ribs again and again eliciting grunts and causing the bitch to back away leaving bloody holes in her skin.

Sondra started to snap a front kick to Amanda’s cunt, but the bitch had already slashed out with her own kick, a right high kick. The calloused ball of Amanda’s foot hit Sondra over the left eyebrow, splitting her eyebrow and knocking her on her ass. Sondra struggled to set up and took a thirty count on her ass trying to wipe the blood from her left eye guard with her forearm. Giving up she stood.

Amanda bounced on her feet and looked happy. Sondra noticed the flopping swollen bags on the black bitch’s chest. The left breast was blood coated; its swollen neck had been sliced and gapped. The bitch was so high on adrenalin from her flash knockdown that she wasn’t feeling the pain for the moment. Sondra resolved to remind her of it.

Amanda rushed forward snapping front kick out at the last minute. The foot took Sondra on her lower belly and propelled her backwards. The Swede hit the fence and sagged against it having trouble keeping her legs stiff. Amanda lunged forward, set her left foot and drove a savage kick straight out with her right foot. It hit the Swede’s left breast as she sagged over, crushed the breast flat against the breast bone. Blood and lymph squirted from the raw nipple. Sondra moaned and bounced off the fence and fell tits first onto the mat moaning. She rolled onto her back at the count of twenty. Her left breast was still weeping blood and swelling even larger. Sondra pressed up at the count of forty and stood at the count of fifty, just missing a ride on the Cruel Horse.

Amanda lashed out with a high left kick. Sondra turned away and took the heel on the back of her head. It staggered her off the fence and turned her around. Amanda rushed forward and leapt, driving a right flying kick toward the blonde’s spine hoping to cripple her right then and there. Sondra thwarted her by falling to her knees. Amanda’s foot flew over and her trailing body hit the Swede. Both women ended up hitting the mat and a mutual count started.

Amanda was up immediately. Sondra took fifty seconds again.

This time Amanda feinted with a kick. Sondra reacted as expected and the triumphant black woman slammed a full blooded right hook into the ballooning left breast, thumping it on its outside bulge, ripping multiple holes into the mass and sending it crashing into the other breast. Sondra moaned but stunned Amanda with a straight left to the top of Amanda’s right breast. Again the vicious cat fighter used the blow to rip and shred the stressed connecting tissue. Amanda was suddenly reminded of her agony. The blonde pushed forward maintaining contact. Amanda slammed a left into the Swede’s right cheek slashing it open. A right rocked the Swede’s bloody blonde hair. A left ripped open the right side of her mouth, but the Swede was charging using her stiff right like a battering ram and Amanda lost her balance falling on her ass.

Sondra stood off during the ten second count. Amanda was up and rushing back to take advantage of her wounded prey. Sondra dodged contact for a full minute before a passing kick to the thigh slowed her down. They ended up slugging away near the fence. Amanda’s flying fists ripped the Swede’s face and tits to shreds, but didn’t put her down. The battered blonde hammered back and she was the taller, heavier of the two. Amanda seemed determined to slug her way to victory rather than use her foot techniques. As hammered as the Swede was she actually fought the black to a standstill. It was Amanda that pulled away first.

Both women were essentially raw now. Blood dribbled from hundreds of slashes, gashes and punctures. Their faces were shredded. Their arms were marked from glove to shoulder. Their ribs bleed. There stomachs were bruised and shredded. And their boobs were basketballs stretched tight with swelling and punctured and slashed by nail heads. Both women were exhausted and they were no longer gory, they were coated in blood. Sondra’s beautiful blonde hair was wet red and dripping.

The crowd was roaring and stomping. Betting had gone off the charts. Both fighters had been in the crowd during blood feasts like this and knew it was fueling a massive, writhing fuck party. Well the audience was getting their tickets worth today!

Sondra could barely see through the red haze covering her eye guards. Worse she was hurting everywhere she could hurt above the waist. Her guts felt like they were about to fall out and her ribs had to be broken. Her tits were beyond pain and she was literally skinned. The worst part was she could feel her energy draining out on the floor. She was bleeding out slowly but surely. How much longer?

Amanda coated with blood too snarled and edged forward. Sondra could tell this time she would be using her damned feet. Now was the time to throw the dice. If it didn’t work she would be riding the cruel horse and her tits would be bloody rags. But she couldn’t match this bitch in a fist fight any longer!

Amanda edged forward. She was tired and hurt. The bitch had tricked her into a slugging match and she had foolishly tried to overpower the blonde out of sheer arrogance. Angry at herself, Amanda moved forward cautiously. She would gut the bitch with her feet and that would be that. Once the blonde was riding the Cruel Horse those fat white bags would be popped and that would make the catfight a mere formality. The blonde staggered away looking scared. Amanda knew that look. She had seen it on so many other tough bitches when they realized that they too were going down.

Amanda snapped out three low kicks going for the Swede’s stumbling legs. Two hit and the Swede was limping! Amanda feinted with a right fist and snapped a quick front kick into Sondra’s sweaty bloody belly. The Swede moaned and fell to her knees. Amanda’s first thought was to kick fast before the bitch could fall to her tits. She spun around aiming a spinning back kick with the heel directed at the Swede’s bloody ruined face. Amanda imagined hearing the sound of cracking bone. She might kill the cunt right then!

Amanda’s foot flew over Sondra’ shoulder. The Swede was on her knees and one hand. As soon as Amanda’s leg was on her shoulder, the bloody blonde lunged upward grabbing the leg with both arms, lifting it upward. Amanda yelped and immediately started to lever up with a dangerous head kick, using trapped right leg to lift her body off the ground as she kicked with her left. Even if it missed it would put them both on the ground and she would have another chance. But, the Swede was not playing by the role of helpless victim. The bitch had kicked as soon as she stood. Her legs weren’t as useless as she pretended! Amanda took the toes to her cunt and lost balance. The force of her left foot spun her in the air and she hit face down on the mat.

She pressed up, but she was exhausted and her cunt was throbbing again. It took her fifty seconds to press up. As soon as she stood the Swede pushed in against her. They slugged across the bloody floor. Amanda couldn’t get any distance. Sondra put her body against the black woman and they fought inside. Amanda’s skills and punching power were smothered by the Swede’s big bloody body. They shredded each other’s ribs and arms. Rabbit punches opened up their shoulders. Hooks around the body to their kidneys had both feeling sicker and sicker.

Amanda made one more attempt to get some fighting distance. She pushed off the Swede and snapped a knee upward. Sondra groaned as it gutted her and fell backwards on her ass thwarting any follow-up. Amanda gasped and steadied herself. She was dizzy! The Swede vomited, but stood at fifty five seconds. Amanda knew she could finish the bitch’s fat tits if only she would stay down long enough to Ride the Cruel Horse.

Amanda lunged forward and snapped another deadly kick hoping to cave in Sondra’s ribs, but the Swede lunged forward as well. Amanda was slammed off her feet and driven into the mat, the Swede’s shoulder crushing Amanda’s breasts as they hit. Sondra held on for a few seconds before rolling off. Amanda struggled to her feet at a count of forty, upset with herself again for failing to take advantage. Sondra barely managed to make the count, but she did make it.

Amanda forced herself forward. Sondra retreated, shuffling away. The round came to an end with the bloody blonde in full retreat and the bloody black in full pursuit. No one doubted who had won the round, but Sondra had survived and inside the bloody arena, both women knew that was the only victory either of them could claim. Both women had to be held erect as their equipment was removed.

Sondra breathed deeply and did her best to remember that this was now her fight. All she had to do is avoid a knockout and she could cat with the best of them. Of course if it went to a Blood Rules finish she might have a problem if the judges were bent. Or, there was the problem of blood on white skin and blood on black skin. Some thought that darker skin women had an advantage when it came to judging simply because the wounds were not so obvious. Sondra moaned as the nail gloves were cut away. Her 46DD breasts were the size of basketballs now, hot and heavy with fluid. They were still filling even with all the slashes and punctures. If she had been put on the Cruel Horse the bitch might have burst one or both of her tits. As it was they were a danger now for sure. She turned her eyes to the vicious black bitch suffering across the way.

Amanda was having trouble seeing straight. She had lost so much blood and she had poured every once of her energy into the last round. The blonde looked like a prop in a mad ripper film, but the bitch had managed to last two hard punching rounds. That rattled Amanda. She remembered their first fight and knew that she had been losing when her desperate kick had garnered a flash knockout. She looked down at her tits. They weren’t as swollen as the blonde, but they were hanging funny. All the weight was pulling them down on against her hard muscled belly. Those last few minutes they had been flopping around like gel filled socks on her chest. And her cunt was a ruin. Even now she was bleeding from multiple gashes and punctures to her clit meat and her mound had been scraped raw. She knew the Swede was a legendary cunter. Now she was worried.

The final round would be ten minutes of no rules cat fighting. The women had their gloves, pads and boots removed. This time catfight gloves were put on. The catfight gloves were covered with rough abrasive surfaces. The knuckles were padded and ridged cutting down Amanda’s knuckle advantage. The key addition was eighth of an inch of sharpened metal in the shape of finger nail. The eye masks were tightened and checked to make sure they were still safe from penetration. The neck bands were similarly checked. Bands were added to the wrists to prevent anyone bleeding out from an unlucky cut. Finally, the blonde’s hair bands were removed and the hair was combed free. Wet stained red blonde hair limply plastered to Sondra’s neck. Amanda’s Afro was matted and caked with blood and sweat, but it was at least off her shoulders.

The fighters stood ready again. This round could end one of four ways. The first was death during combat; the second was knockout where a woman no longer reacted to pain; the third was the infamous slave submission during the course of the round; and the fourth way by Blood Rules at the end of the ten minutes. During this round if the referee called a break to count a knockout, the fight was stopped and the downed fighter was given to a count of ten to recover, if she didn’t the referee would inflict pain three times. If there was no response it was ruled a knockout and then the loser would be checked to see if she was still alive. The rarest, most difficult and rewarding victory was to force a slave submission during this round. The slaved fighter would lose all the prize money to the winner, suffer the standard humiliation by the winner, then suffer the same from the audience and be forever marked as a weakling. Very few slaved fighters fought again and those who did had to prove themselves all over again.

Amanda doubled up her fists and moved forward carefully. The mat had become slippery now with blood and sweat. Sondra crouched and circled with her claws out, cat fight style. Amanda positioned herself for a kick. If she could stun the blonde she could finish her off with claws.

Sondra feinted forward. Amanda’s kick snapped up and missed. The blonde grabbed for the black foot. Her claws ripped Amanda’s fine black right calf and shins open clawing furrows down to the ankle, but Amanda got her foot free. Sondra shot in going for a takedown. Amanda blocked her with her hands on the blonde’s shoulders. Amanda curled her fingers into the flesh. Sondra moaned as she was slashed, but the blonde ignored that and grabbed Amanda’s just planted ankle. The blonde jerked and Amanda’s foot flew upwards. The black woman shouted, and grabbed to fistfuls of bloody blonde hair for balance. The wet stringy stuff made a good grip and as Amanda fell she ripped Sondra forward by the hair.

As it turned out it was a bad tactic. Amanda hit the mat on her ass, her right foot up in the air and left outward at and ankle. Sondra was between her legs. Amanda found her ankle free and went for a scissors, still ripping at the blonde’s sodden hair. The reason why her ankle was free became readily apparent. The blonde’s hands were between Amanda’s legs. Amanda screamed as her tight cunt was penetrated by four stiff, abrasive coated, steel nailed fingers. A second later that agony became secondary. The Swede had jammed her right hand into the black woman’s tight cunt, but her left hand had grabbed the thick prominent clit meat, four fingers sank into the sheath and the thumb hooked straight in crisscrossing the eraser head with sharp steel.

Amanda’s cunt screamed and bled. Four steel nails were inside slicing and dicing, turning the tender blood rich flesh into mulch. Worse, the head of her clit was being sawed. Blood poured out of her cunt, but it spurted from her clit. Amanda screamed drew her knees back to her swollen rolling tits and kicked. Her hard souls hit Sondra like hammers. The left hit the top of the blonde’s head. The right hit her left shoulder. The blonde was propelled backwards like a cannonball falling hard on her back almost limp. Two huge handfuls of bloody blonde hair with parts of Sondra’s shredded scalp remained in Amanda’s bloody gloves. She had ripped out at least half of the blonde’s hair from her temple. Hell patches of her scalp were still attached!

Amanda moaned as she rolled over to her hands and knees. Blood poured out of her cunt and dripped from her clit meat. The bitch had ruined her deep. So much blood! Amanda felt herself getting dizzier and dizzier. She didn’t have too much left in her. Maybe the blonde was knocked out! Amanda turned her blurred vision onto the blonde.

Sondra rolled over onto her hands and knees and shook her head. The blow had stunned her. She had almost been knocked out, but her head hand been down. Her neck was aching, probably disk compression again. Well she could still feel the pain throbbing throughout her body. She wasn’t paralyzed.

Amanda cursed and started crawling forward. She felt like she was moving in slow motion! The nearly scalped blonde had her ass toward the black. Amanda saw a chance to stick her claws into the white cunt and get some payback. The blonde hair sticking out between the tight sweat slicked ass cheeks was her bull’s eye.

Sondra was seeing double through a red haze. She felt Amanda’s approach as well as heard the roar of the fans watching. The thought of her exposed flanks flashed through her pain addled brain and she reflexively kicked backwards with her right foot. The blind mule kick caught Amanda in the face as she jammed her right hand out to rip at the blonde’s fat cunt lips. The solid blow propelled Sondra forward and rocked Amanda back on her heels. Her busted nose was spread over her face now and she just couldn’t see for the black spots in her eyes.

The blonde crawled to the fence and pulled herself up. The mat was a sticky mess. How could either of them had bled that much! Amanda was sitting on her feet in the middle of a pool of blood. Sondra understood just how deeply she had slashed. If she had only trapped those damned legs with her knees she could have ripped out the slut’s womb and bled her out finishing this horror. Strands of Sondra’s once beautiful hair hung from between the black’s fingers. The Swede staggered forward circling to the side.

Amanda heard the crowd noise and snapped out of her mental daze. The blonde was no longer in front of her! If she was standing over an opponent she would be delivering a knockout kick. One word screamed in her mind, “Duck.” She ducked her head and twisted to the side. Sondra’s legs were suddenly in front of her. Amanda grabbed for the ankles, but the blonde jumped on top of her. Amanda was left with the Swede’s left calve and thigh.

Sondra rode the black woman like it was some regulation wrestling match, sliding easily on their mutual oil of blood and sweat. The black woman held one thigh keeping her from getting totally behind. Sondra drove her other knee into Amanda’s ribs three time getting satisfactory groans, but then the black bitch sank her claws into the thigh and started reaching up for the blonde’s cunt. Cursing, Sondra reached under the bitch’s armpits and found what she had been looking for from Round One, the tortured tops of the swollen black tit bags.

Amanda rested on her knees and twisted to the side climbing the blonde’s left leg even as the right knee crunched into her side. She was determined to cunt the slut! Open her up and leave her eggs on the floor! She barely reached what she was going for, sinking the metal finger nails of her index and middle finger into the hanging left cunt lip. She felt Sondra’s muscles tightened and then spasm as the metal sliced into the tender cunt meat. Amanda’s ripped lips twisted into a warped smile at the thought of her bloody fingers. Now she just had to reach a little forward and she would be inside!

Sondra screamed as she was sliced, but she stayed in place and hooked her steel nails into the hot already ripped flesh holding the swinging bags of black tit flesh to Amanda’s chest. Amanda stiffened and moaned, but seemed intend on ripping at Sondra’s cunt. The blonde wailed in agony as a finger got inside her and then another, but she slashed, grasped, squeezed and jerked downward on the now elongated tit neck.

The crowd roared in a mutual orgasm of blood lust as Amanda achieved her goal of cunting the big blonde. But Amanda didn’t enjoy the triumph of her blood coated fingers. Instead she was screaming in agony as her tits were literally milked by razors. The big swollen bags were squirting under the pressure of Sondra’s downward milking strokes. At the same time the bloody steel finger nails were slicing and ripping at the tortured necks holding both masses to her chest.

Amanda screamed as she felt something giving way. She had a vision of her tits being ripped from her chest. She planted her bloody hands on the mat and pushed up throwing the blonde off backwards. Unfortunately that pulled Amanda over backwards too.

They landed with the blood soaked Swede on her back, her arms under Amanda’s armpits, her hands still milking the ruined utters on her chest. Amanda twisted and tried to turn, but every motion increased the stress on her tits. She clawed at Sondra’s arms shredding them again and again, but the Swede continued to twist and jerk. Amanda started firing elbows into the pit of the Swede’s belly. The blows affected Sondra. She drew up her knees trying to block them.

Amanda felt more tissues tearing, planted her feet on the mat and pushed violently. She rolled back over the blonde’s body. Sondra lost a hold on the right tit. Amanda rolled over and clamped her right hand into the blonde’s now bloody cunt. Sondra screamed as Amanda worked her steel nails into the big clit, but seconds later Sondra released the other tit hold and reached around to slice into Amanda’s super tight ass cheeks. As her index finger entered the black woman’s very tight anus, Amanda jumped forward and slide away avoiding penetration. She wasn’t going to sacrifice her ass for the white whore’s clit.

Amanda slide in the blood on her knees rose up and turned to face the blonde. Sondra hadn’t bothered to rise. Instead she slide around on her ass and kicked out with her right foot. It hit Amanda under the chin and knocked her on her back. Her ruin tits rolled on her chest and she lifted her head trying to see where she was. Amanda couldn’t get her eyes to focus on the red apparition swaying above her. Then she saw something flash.

Sondra stomped down with all her might driving her foot deep into Amanda’s heaving belly. Sondra had been gutted so many times by the black woman’s foot that this mighty stomp was a wet revenge. Amanda spewed everything that was inside her out and pissed herself while sitting up grabbing for her belly. Almost falling over Sondra remembered she had to win this fight and she had no idea if she was ahead or behind.

She grabbed the sides of Amanda’s face, digging her claws in and fired a knee up into the black woman’s chin. The knee closed the screaming mouth and sent the head flying backwards. Strips of skin hung on Sondra’s nails and broken teeth shoved through holes in Amanda’s lips. The black bitch was helpless, but she was still moving. What was it going to take to knock this bitch out?

Then the pain maddened Swede saw the bloody black bags rolling around on Amanda’s heaving chest. Remembering her fixation on those tits, Sondra put her foot down between the rolling breasts, leaned over, and hooked her claws into the tortured tits, squeezing them around their shredded necks. Amanda moaned. Still no knock out. How much time?

Sondra straightened upward, pulling both massively swollen bags out from the chest. Sondra’s big foot crushed down on the breast bone. Amanda moaned and she clawed weakly at the foot. Sondra groaned under the strain and jerked as hard as she could. Her addled mind dreamed of her ripping away both breasts. Her dream was interrupted! Amanda kicked her in the back some how. Sondra was furious with the interruption. A second kick felt like it ruptured something inside her and she explosively straightened up. Suddenly she was falling backwards.

She hit the bloody mat hard. What had happened? Feeling returned to her legs. There was a moment of strange silence in the Arena. Was it over? Had she lost? She pushed up on her elbows and raised her feet defensively, fully expecting to see the black bitch coming to finish her. Then there was a roar of celebration. Startled Sondra forced herself to the sitting position, almost passing out in the process. She had put everything she had into that last jerk and now she was helpless. There was a moment of terror at what a vengeful Amanda would do to her clit and then the referee was helping her to her feet and holding up her hand as though she had won!.

Sondra looked dumbly around the ring. Laying two body lengths away was Amanda. Attendants were positioning her on the center of the mat. Sondra studied the limp black fighter and noticed there was something wrong with her. She was face up but she had no tits. Her torso was coated in gore, but she had no tits! Sondra looked around and saw to red bags of black meat lying to either side of where she had fallen like they had flown in opposite directions as she had fell.

Sondra slumped as she was helped to the reemerging center circle. They were taking her away now. It must be over.

She heard the announcer say, “Winner by knockout in six minutes twenty six seconds of the final round, Sondra.”

Sondra looked at the attendants helping her for an explanation. Two attendants were bagging the bloody tit bags. Sondra was passing out and she struggled a moment.

Apparently misunderstanding the Swede’s distress, a tall slender teen attendant said, “Don’t worry, Sondra, we’ll collect your trophies. They’ll be preserved until you decide how you want them mounted. What a sweet move! We’ve never had a double ripper before. Best fight I’ve ever seen. My money is on you in the next fight. Rip that Jap’s fat clit off and shove it down her throat!”

Sondra nodded half understanding. Once underground they put Sondra on a floating gurney and whisked her away to the tanks. She would have a month to recover. Just before she passed out she finally understood she had taken her revenge on Amanda and now in less than a month she would have to give Yumiko a chance for her revenge.

A doctor approached just before she went under and said, “Amazingly, that tit-less loser will survive. It will take more than a couple of months to put her back together again, but after that beating I doubt she’ll ever dare to get into the Blood Rings again. Still, I bet she’ll fetch a pretty price in the Slave Exchange once her tits grow back.”

Sondra tried to answer, but her mouth was full of tubes so she mumbled, “She’s no fucking loser, you cunt.”

Sondra soon forgot the thought and went to sleep as the healing blue liquid saved her life and began to put her back together.