WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

IN THE FUTURE: BLOOD RULES – SONDRA VERSUS AKALA DAGGER by Mr. Cage (comments at mrcagefight@yahoo.com )

The Jamaican announcer took the microphone and the final festivities of the night began. The fighters were already in the ring, one of the many unusual features of the Kingston Club, one of a chain of underground Blood Rules Rings scattered about the globe.

“For the fourteenth and final bout of the evening we are pleased to present a fifth round match of the now infamous Unlimited Weight World Champion Eliminator. Both women have fought in Kingston before, but have never met one another. I know that many of you have registered monetary and consequences wagers tonight so let's keep the fighting inside the fence where it belongs!”

There was a titter of laughter among the assembled women. The Club's midweek members' matches only included nine matches resulting from squabbles arising from disputes and too many free hands earlier in the night. These women were all required to fight as a prerequisite to membership. Further they were drawn to the violence and that insured that the heated, sexual, situations around the professional fights would provoke personal feuds among these prideful, wealthy women.

“As you know, these women have already survived four rounds of bruising battles. Both these women are undefeated in four elimination fights. We started with sixteen recognized champions in the competition and by vote another sixteen were added. Tonight there are ten women left, six with 4 and 0 records and four with three and one records. Three of the five undefeated were selected by a random drawing. Then they were matched against the once defeated. The two unselected women are forced to go undefeated against undefeated, which means unless someone dies tonight both women will be seen at least one more time in this double elimination endurance match. Next month all survivors will be matched. If there is a bye it will be selected by lottery among the undefeated. The fights will continue until there are only two women qualifying to meet to claim ultimate title of World Champ in Las Vegas, Nevada. Good luck and may the toughest bitch win.”

Applause followed. The two women disrobed and more applause mixed with appreciative comments, bets and cries of undying lust rang out from the dark spectator seats.

“Tonight in five rings around the world the toughest, biggest women in the world are shedding blood and enduring the unendurable for your pleasure, but entirely on their own will. In Boston Yumiko 3-1 from Japan is fighting Olga 4-0 from the Ukraine. In Paris Amanda 3-1 from the USA is fighting Melina from Greece. In Tokyo Diane 3-1 from England is fighting Simba 4-0 from Kenya. In Rome Ivana 3-1 from Russia is fighting Carol 4-0 from the USA. No results will be announced before the end of tonight's fight here in Kingston between Sondra 4-0 of Sweden and Dagger 4-0 of Australia. And now tonight's undefeated fighters are:

“Wearing yellow leathers and equipment, is Sondra from Sweden, standing 6'2'' and weighing in at 213 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she is thirty and one and holds the European Unlimited Title. She has killed six opponents in the ring, knocked out fourteen, won by blood rules eight times and forced slave submissions two times. Her one loss is by knockout. She is four and zero in the Eliminator. She is twenty-nine, she is Sondra!”

Sondra was fair skinned, blonde and blue eyed. Her right eye brow drooped a little and there was a bump on her nose, but otherwise her face was model perfect. Her firm heavy breasts were high on her chest and measured 46DD. She had not shaved her sex. Her mound and crotch were quite hairy with fine blonde hair. Her nipples were pink, long and pointed. Her aureoles were extraordinarily small and hard, barely larger than the thick nipples jutting out of her mounds. All eyes were on her right nipple, which had been removed in the final seconds of her fourth round match. The regeneration tanks and surgery appeared to have been totally successful. If she had added another month the nipple of rest the nipple would probably be sturdier, although more tender, than the other. However, this month after month regiment made some betters take proposition bets on her losing the nipple in this fight as well. Her clitoral sleeve was thick and distended too. She had taken the hormones for a long time and her clit had become enormous, larger than any other of the professional fighters.

“Wearing white leathers and equipment, is Dagger fighting out of the Land of Oz, Australia, standing at 6'6'' and weighing in at 250 pounds. In the Blood Rules Rings she is ten and zero. She has killed five opponents in the ring and knocked out five. She is four and zero in the Eliminator. She is twenty-one years old, she is Dagger.

Dagger was dark brown skinned, black haired, dark eyed and half aboriginal. Her face was square, thick and heavy. She was notorious bull dagger dyke and greatly feared by man and woman alike. Unlike Sondra, there was no mistaking her for a model. She could not be called even handsome. Her immense, heavy broad based breasts were looked like watermelon halves, oblong and solid. Her dark black nipples were among the thickest and longest seen. Her black aureoles were the size of a small hand, raised, bumpy and thick. She never wore a bra but her stats said she was a 50J. She had shaved her crotch, exposing an immense hormonal enhanced clit almost as long as Sondra's, but it was thick and heavy the clitoral sleeve looking more like a cock than anything else. Her cunt lips were thick, heavy and drooped. The thick drooping right lip had been ripped off in her fourth round fight and it was sure to be a target in this one.

The two women stood across the arena as the crowd applauded and mumbled appreciative comments. Sondra was a long time favorite, but the young Aussie was a beast, a true unlimited weight fighter, stronger, taller and heavier than the more experienced Swede. Many had thought Dagger's inexperience; she had only six fights before the Eliminator vote; would have put her out by now, but she had proven herself and was actually the betting favorite to take it all. The cameras readied and the rules scrolled by for the private membership. Men could not attend these affairs or observe the aftermath, but some were more than willing to pay a thrice weekly exorbitant charge to view the hidden feed over the internet. A modest presentation was prepared for them. The women in the room knew the rules. Their attendance required they fight twice a year or until they had fought twenty four times and paid their life membership in blood.

The first round was always designed as a sexual battle of attrition: mauling, buffeting to the tits and cunt, gouge and flay, and the rare but horribly bloody bite down matches as well as some other nasty events. The second round was always a version of striking only from boxing with solid gloves to almost anything goes with rubber fists, elbow and knee gouges, and striking boots. The all out mandatory catfight to the finish was always the third round. Each round was ten minutes with a five minute break. A complete match was thirty minutes of absolute hell ending in death, knockout, blood rules decision, or the humiliating slave submission. The type of fight, weapons and equipment for the first two rounds were usually determined prior to the fight in the women's challenges, but in the Eliminators and the Championship fight the decision would be made by a computer as the women began their walk to the arena.

Sondra visibly relaxed when the announcer said, “The first ten minute round is a buffet match with skin splitter gouge gloves and knee cunt busters, a Kingston Special Rules Match.”

The crowd broke into applause; it was going to be a very brutal start, only a bite down match might be worse for the fighters. This was something new to the first round, but technically because of the prime targets it fit the stand specifications. This would double the striking period with the tits and cunts the only legitimate targets in the first round. The women would be very sore before the more traditional rounds were reached.

Sondra counted on her speed and experience to figuratively outweigh the Aussie's weight and power advantage. The colored coordinated equipment required included the nasty skin splitter gouge gloves which were surfaced with abrasive rough leather streaked with raised ridges along the sides of the hands and backs of the fingers and hand. The knuckles were two inch rubber pyramids seated on hard rubber padding designed to dig deep into the soft flesh of the breasts and bruise deeply or crush the lips and penetrate the cunt. The fingers were locked into fists so wrestling was limited. The knee gouges pads were called cunt busters because they were only used in restricted fights and their specialized target was the sexual area. The upward curving gouge was eight inches long and studded. It was shaped to look like some monstrous penis with cleats curling upward from the knee. Color coordinated hair leather straps held the traditional long hair in fighting ponytails at this stage of the fight. As purely a protective measure leather neck guards and eye goggle grills were placed to protect against the “accidental” foul.

The attendants oiled the big women down slowly, making sure to linger in their crotches, soon both muscular bodies shined from head to toe. Dagger spread her large brown ass cheeks and specifically requested that her attendant user more than a single finger on her asshole. The attendant forced four up the big bitch and Dagger grunted with satisfaction then demanded a fist in her cunt. The big bull dyke grunted and groaned enjoying her pre-fight fisting in a crowd pleasing sexual display of intimidation. Sondra ignored Dagger's intimidations as both women's clits and asses were worked to insure everything had been oiled and touched..

With the strong attendants' help the skin splitter gloves fully covered the hands and half their forearms. The knee cunt busters were slipped on. Both women made experimental knee strikes and asked for the angle of the gouge to be adjusted according to the angle of striking they thought would be likely. Dagger snorted that the Swede was going to get the knee fucking of her short life and her eggs would be on the floor before the end of the first round. The crowd loved it and the odds shifted from slightly in favor of the big Aussie to 3 to 2. And as the money shifted so did the crowd. Shouts of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” rang out and a couple of groups of women started rough fucking in the front row before the first drop of sweat had hit the floor.

The larger than normal fighting area was brightly lit by five spot lights leaving the front rows barely visible from the inside of the fighting arena. Jamaica was not the wealthiest of the fight clubs, but it was well constructed and concealed. Further, it was well attended by women from the four continents plus of course the Aussie contingent for tonight's match. In fact the seating designed for a thousand was holding over twelve hundred and more than one ass to a seat only started the normal crowd participatory activities a bit early. Grunting and groaning soon spread around the room as fingers found holes.

The stonework building from an earlier period had been gutted and fitted with circular wooden arena style benches with heavy pads for comfort surrounding the fighting area which was also circular with a diameter of twenty feet more than twice the size of a normal ring. The Kingston Club specialized in team fighting and often had as many as twenty women inside battling at a time. They also hosted the notorious battle royal last woman standing matches for young would be fighters from the streets to prove themselves tough enough to fight in the hardcore professional world.

The standard, water washable white padding and seating had been installed to complete the scene. The fighting arena was raised slightly above the first row of seats, an unusual feature. And normal solid fighting boundary of three feet of solid wall topped by a chain link fence was replaced by a unpadded steel bars that went from the floor to an open steel cage top twelve feet above. A chain link fence covered the interval between the bars. This ring was also used for escape the cage matches, another unusual feature of the Kingston club. In those affairs the winning fighter had to climb the cage wall and drop down into the mob below. Victory resulted in a bloody mob orgy almost automatically. There were no aisles for walking down to the cage. Rather than walk down the aisles the women entered already inside the cage from opposing doors in the floor. It was all very different. Once the trap doors were dropped and the pad fitted the floor looked as solid as any other fighting ring. The below the ring exit sometimes hindered the evacuation of the wounded to the healing tanks and gave Kingston a higher than average death toll.

And rather than a black masked referee, the referee wore a white skull mask. She still carried the cattle prod, but she too was inside the arena. The spare space gave her plenty of room to stay out of the action, but of course she periodically blocked a view. The crowds' shouts kept her moving. Her job was to force the fight to end when the terms of the match were satisfied and enforce the round breaks. The two attendants for each dressed in yellow and white leotards actually left the cage with their equipment bags on two lowered platforms. They would watch the fight from high above with the cameras and microphones. Everything in Kingston was done a bit different!

The first ten minutes started with a shout from the announcer, “Fight!”

The rules were simple, punch and knee to the body. If you purposefully hit above the shoulders or below the crotch you got the cattle prod and then you stood for three penalty strikes, one to each breast and a knee to the cunt. If you struck outside the target range accidentally you merely got the cattle prod and a fist to each breast. If your foul ended the fight by say driving the knee gouge up under the chin into the brain you were judged to have forfeited the fight. With the exception of fouls there were no counts or breaks. If the fight went to the ground you went to the ground.

Sondra circled her bigger opponent. Sondra fought big women, but this one up close was just plain scary and brutal looking. Her dark eyes had a dull malice in them and her lips, slightly fuller than a European's were twisted in an excited snarl. Her large, elongated nipples, excellent targets, were hard and clearly excited at the prospect of battle. This was a real blood thirsty bitch and she was a bit scary, even to an experienced fighter like the blonde beauty from Sweden.

The Aussie lunged, throwing a hard left straight for Sondra's firm round 46DD. It was a strong, but surprising slow punch. Sondra decided to avoid it rather than endure the shock of blocking it with her own arm. The big bitch's fist just missed. The wind of its passage played across Sondra's already sweaty skin. Sondra fired automatically under the sweep of the left club driving all four of her knuckle pyramids straight into the dark brown watermelon half jutting off the muscular chest wall. The middle pyramid took the long thick nipple straight on, crushed it and drove it backwards into the tit. Three of the four pyramids hit the tit within the bumpy aureole and the fourth found bare brown flesh to gouge into. Sondra's shoulder jerked on impact and she felt the solidness of the tit flesh being deformed, crushed and bruised by her very first strike. It was easily one of the most solid body punches she had ever thrown. Her yellow colored glove sank into the 50J balloon and looked to have been swallowed.

Dagger's dark eyes flared and her nostrils twitched. A low, steroidal voice grunted and she staggered backwards against her will. Sondra's fist bounced back, expelled by the thicker than natural artificially enhanced matrix and tubule structure of the big Aussie's hormone grown breasts. The Aussie's eyes showed the agony and a slight groan passed her lips. Sondra had expected a cry of agony and a twist away. In fact, her second strike would have been a knee gouge to the ass.

Instead the Aussie found her balance on flat feet and drove her right fist into Sondra's left side. The pyramids hit the skin and scored it immediately driving between the ribs and hurting her bad. Sondra staggered to the side propelled by the solid power of the big dyke. Sondra grunted and twisted back into the dyke, not making the mistake of turning her back because of the pain. The Aussie had already started her knee moving and Sondra blocked it with a hip thrust surprising the Aussie by slamming into her big body rather than retreating.

In close, Sondra drove her left fist up into the underside of Dagger's right breast, sending all four pyramids into the flesh driving them upward and dragging the entire mass upwards. The Aussie groaned more deeply. The underside of her massive tit was apparently more vulnerable than the frontal meat. Sondra rotated her hips and drove her right fist up and speared Dagger's left breast. Dagger groaned again and clamped her arms around the Swede holding on, blocking any further tit shots.

Their tits bulged together, tanned against naturally dark brown. Sondra felt the big arms tightening. She wanted to head butt, but that was a foul in this stage. She pushed against the big bitch's body, but there was nothing to do but endure a bear hug for a moment. Sondra felt the power in Dagger's brown arms and forced herself to slowly relax an breathe against the crush. The grip was too high to bend her back, but it was trapping her arms below her waist and compressing her lungs, not to mention the sweaty tit squash going on between their bodies. Dagger's black nipples dug into Sondra's flesh and by twisting the dyke actually got her right nipple to fight Sondra's left nipple. Sondra's nipples were thick and hard. Luckily the left was not the logical target, the right having been just recently re-grown in the tanks. Still the black nipple slowly and surely seemed to bend back and then poke in the pink nipple. Sondra stifled her shock, but Dagger was face to face with her and smiled knowingly.

The Aussie snarled, “My nipple just whipped your nipple and we both know it. I'm going to hurt you so bad. You'll remember this night for the rest of your life, the night I took your body apart and then ripped out your soul. You'll eat my shit after this.”

Sondra spit in the bitch's eye, technically not a foul. The Aussie blinked and turned her head actually hurt for the moment. Sondra hooked her feet around the Aussie's thick legs and dug her heels into the back of the big woman's knees. It wasn't a blow so it wasn't a foul. Sondra knew every dirty trick in the book! This is where experience makes the difference she thought as the Aussie's legs began to buckle.

Instead of releasing her or falling to the knees, Dagger shouted and actually threw Sondra backwards. Sondra hadn't been monitoring the progress across the big ring and was stunned as she crashed into the steel bars. The Swede reflexively protected her crotch and crossed her arms to prevent a tit shot. Instead, Dagger stepped forward and fired a straight front kick. Her big foot hit the Swede below the tits and above her crotch. The brown heel sank into the muscled lower belly and squashed Sondra back into the bars. The front seats got a close up view of the beautiful Swede's firm, smooth ass cheeks as they were perfectly split by a bar and waffled by the chain links. Sondra grunted as the air was driving out of her and her belly penetrated.

Sondra was experienced. She didn't drop her hands. Instead, she made to grab for the leg. The bigger slower Aussie fell for it and jerked her foot back and stamped on the floor preparing to hammer the Swede with her big fists. Instead Sondra came off the fence and drove her right knee upward just as she had practiced. Dagger understood too late and started to close her thighs. The eight inch gouge passed between her thighs and drove into her dangling cunt lips, catching the recently healed one, folding it back on itself and driving it up into her well oiled slit.

Dagger actually squealed! The crowd roared. They loved seeing a fighter take it so deep in the cunt this early. Suddenly crowd that had been roaring for the all powerful Aussie started yelling for cunt blood. Sondra felt the gouge dig into the upper wall of Dagger's cunt and then jerked her knee upward and back making sure the wicked studs dug into the flesh and the head of her false penis was well buried under the pubic bone. Dagger moaned and drove her fists down on Sondra's thigh. The blow hurt and would leave deep bruises but it was the perfect result of Sondra's plan.

The referee judged the blow to be a purposeful foul and rammed the cattle prod into the back of Dagger's spine. Dagger screamed involuntarily, arched her back and caused Sondra's gouge to do even more damage as it slipped from her already bleeding cunt. As the bright red blood spattered on the mat and Dagger fell to her knees the crowd screamed as one. Nothing excited the women more than cunt blood on the white mat. Now they had the pleasure of watching a full penalty being awarded.

Dagger understood she had been out maneuvered and glared at Sondra as she stood and crossed her hands behind her back. Her big 50J tits were already marked up and the dark brown skin showed dark bruises. Worse as she stood with legs open blood dripped on the mat between her feet. Worse still she had to receive three penalty blows.

Sondra's right drove up under the left breast, driving in the solid pyramids. The stitching and the pyramids did their work as they lifted the breast and then dragged along its surface before snapping free. The big balloon bounced down and flopped around before coming to rest. The Aussie moaned deeply and staggered. An uncharged cattle prod strike across her left ass cheek steadied her. Sondra's left fist repeated the upward journey through the tissues of Dagger's right breast and again the big woman moaned and staggered, but incredibly she didn't fall. Sondra was a bit upset; she had hoped to gloat over the woman as she was whipped to her feet.

Instead, Dagger snarled, “Get it in deep you tricky cunt! I want to remember how bad it hurt when I get my hand inside you.”

Sondra smiled and replied, “Keep talking stupid. I'm taking your clit and nipples tonight as trophies. You should have learned to fight before stepping into a Blood Ring with me.”

Before Dagger could reply, Sondra drove her already bloody right knee gouge up into the big bitch's wet cunt. The gouge didn't catch the hanging lips, penetrated the swollen lips and drove home with a wet, solid thud. The crowds' roar overwhelmed the sound of Dagger's agonized groan, but Sondra saw her face twist in pain. They both knew how bad it hurt. And more importantly, they both knew Sondra had outfought her and that made up for the fact that Dagger had beaten her in the invisible nipple fight.

Dagger was given ten seconds to get to her feet before she was hit with the uncharged cattle prod. She was up in fifteen seconds and suddenly the fight was on again.

Dripping blood, Dagger stalked Sondra around the big circle. The blonde fired quick shots at the tits and hit twice. Dagger threw looping shots and missed everything but Sondra's arms and ribs, but when the Aussie hit the Swede was jarred. The crowd grew restless the early fast action had slowed. The Aussie wasn't fast enough to close and the Swede showed no inclination to get in and try to finish it.

After taking another shot straight to her already gouged right nipple, Dagger lunged forward like a bull. Sondra side stepped her and drove the knee gouge up at an angle so it took Dagger in the belly as she passed. The blow doubled the Aussie over and spun Sondra around in a circle. Sondra moved in from behind to cunt her victim again, but this time Dagger was feinting. As Sondra got within range the big woman mule kicked back and slammed her big foot into Sondra's blonde bush. The beauty groaned and doubled over for a critical second.

Dagger spun around and hammered down on the Swede's back. The back was the body so it wasn't a foul. The hammer blow knocked Sondra to her knees. The Swede crossed her arms defensively, but the eight inch knee gouge was already digging into her left breast. It went in deep. If it had been pointed it would have speared the breast, but as it was the rounded penis head with its nasty studs did almost as much. Sondra's left breast was penetrated to the chest wall, gouged, bruised and scored by the rough studs. When Dagger jerked back her knee she took some skin. Sondra screamed and grabbed for her breast, a sure sign the experienced fighter had been tit busted for sure.

Dagger drove her other knee up into the underside of the Swedes' right globe. Sondra howled as the gouge penetrated the bottom of her tit and threatened to come out the top. The globe deformed and showed the impression of the studded head as it appeared ready to burst through the top of the breast, but then the tissue reacted and the tit flew upward. The gouge wobbled in air and Sondra fell back on her heels. She screamed a fraction of a second later as the extraordinary agony finally was felt over the throbbing of the other breast. Both her massive tits had been brutally speared and she would be ballooning up for sure, so much for her plan to escape without serious injury in this phase.

Dagger paused to enjoy her work. Her vengeful eyes focused on the blonde fur covered pussy now exposed. Dagger made a note to rip that hair out during the catfight round. Until then she wanted to cunt the bitch who had already cunted her. She would have to get on her knees to drive a gouge into the bitch's slit and the angle would be almost impossible. She finally reached a decision that vengeance could wait for later. She raised her foot to stomp down on the Swede's lower belly and gut her that way, but Sondra was not the type to be finished by tit pain. The fraction of time Dagger had wasted was enough for the Swede. As the Aussie's big foot started down, Sondra's right fist smashed up into Dagger's bloody cunt. The pyramids tore into both lips and almost drove them into the slit, but Sondra's fist was just too wide to fit without a good deal of work.

The stunning blow seemed to make Dagger go rigid. Her big foot came down and glanced off of Sondra's now straightening belly. It obviously hurt the Swede, but not enough. The Aussie fell backwards the length of her body hitting almost as one. Her legs closed and her hands going down to try and ease her pussy pain.

Sondra climbed on top of the downed woman's thighs and drove her fists like hammers into the big woman's lower belly. The blows sank in and the big dyke sat up to respond. She threw a punch at Sondra's face reflexively and luckily missed for the penalty would have been obvious. Sondra hammered the big woman's breasts with two right left combinations knocking Dagger backwards. Sondra pushed her fists under Dagger's tits and pressed downward while lifting herself up on her feet.

Dagger moaned as her tits were ground upward, but she didn't react to the real danger. Sondra was positioning to knee her in the cunt. Even if the bad angle stopped penetration the gouge would still hurt her bad. The knee went down. The gouge hit the big thick hormone enlarged clit on its pink head, crushed it and then traveled downward between the lips, not penetrating the cunt, but grinding between the lips and finally grounding on the mat leaving the studs on the shaft to abrade the cunt lips.

Dagger screamed in shock. Her legs came up and clamped around Sondra's hips. Now her bloody pussy was up in the air and in position for a spearing if Sondra could get her knee back, but the Aussie's hip scissors actually protected her. Sondra struggled but couldn't get her knee into it again. While she struggled Dagger hammered at the Swedes' straight arms, perfectly legally. Sondra lost her breast push up. Suddenly Sondra was rolled onto her back and the Aussie was on top.

Sondra hugged the Aussie to her to prevent any blows. They struggle like that for minutes as each woman's supporters screamed for some kind of action. Dagger struggled to please and Sondra coolly ignored them. She wasn't about to let the big bitch free when she was on top. The round ended with them locked together.

The attendants came into the ring to change equipment. The crowd studied each woman for sign's of injury. While Sondra had escaped a cunting, the two breast spears had turned her globes into blue swollen balloons. They were as swollen now as they had ever been after a full three rounds. They were hot and heavy at the touch. Sondra knew she had been busted up badly inside. Her guts and ribs hurt too. The big bitch's fists were like hammers wielded by blacksmiths. Sondra had gotten the best of it but was it enough?

Of course Dagger's troubles were all too apparent. She was still spotting the mat with her cunt blood. She had been ripped up inside far too early in the fight. Her big tits were marked and actually bleeding in a couple of places and her right nipple was torn. She had been out foxed, but not out fought she told herself. The blonde beauty's clever tactics had won the first round. Dagger hated beauties and she hated smart bitches, but most of all she hated smart bitch beauties. She promised herself that no matter what she would hurt the Swede beyond anything the blonde had every experienced before.

The second ten minute round of striking was announced. The crowd cheered. It would be another wicked test for both women. The luck of the draw again favored Sondra in that the worst version of the striking round would be fought giving Dagger no chance at all to recover before the mandatory catfight to the finish in the third round. Sondra smiled. She had finished of Amrita exactly the same way, even if things had not gone easily.

The attendants equipped them for the second round. The attendants taped their fists and wrists. Next solid leather striking gloves were fitted over their hands and tied firmly around their wrists. The gloves had a solid grip bar for their fingers to curl around. They formed their fists and then the fists were taped solid. The finger face of the glove was crisscrossed with heavy leather stitching designed to tear. The knuckles were heavily ridged with hard leather raised knuckles. The back of the gloves were also crisscrossed with the tearing stitches. Next, the elbows were covered with a stretch band. The back of the elbows had a two inch solid knob of hard rubber pointing outward. The knees were covered next with a similar stretch band and capped with a four inch rubber gouge, less dangerous than the eight but it could be used anywhere. Then striking boots were put on their feet. The boots stopped just above the ankle. The toes, sole and heel were rock hard rubber and studded with cleats. There necks were protected by thick leather bands and half masks were fitted over their faces to protect the eyeballs against the gouges, but not the head or face. They were given gum shields to protect their teeth. Again, the Aussie fighter was dressed with white equipment and the Swede had the yellow.

In this form of striking fight grappling while standing was permitted, but if both fell to the ground they would be separated. Holding and hitting was permitted. Striking was permitted until either the ass or the tits were ruled to be on the mat and then the referee would separate them. A downed fighter got a one minute count, but the round time was stopped, and then they would be stood up to fight on. If they couldn't stand they would be propped up the infamous Cruel Horse. The Cruel Horse was a three bar mechanism that could be inserted through the cage wall. One bar went between the legs and the other two under each arm. The only mercy on the Cruel Horse was that the victim could only be struck to the breasts while riding the Horse. More than one woman fighter had been ruined while riding the Cruel Horse.

Sondra herself had ridden the horse and had her tits practically busted open in her last fight, but she had been careless and her opponent had been too clever. She judged that Dagger was in no danger of being too clever. Then she reminded herself not to get overconfident. The Aussie's power could still be deadly. The fight was started.

Sondra danced around and noted that Dagger was even slower now that her groin injuries had had time to tighten up on her. Sondra danced back and forth peppering the Aussie's exposed face with fists. Dagger's big swings were blocked, but bruises were already appearing on Sondra's arms and shoulders. Sondra moved in closer and drove a straight right into the bigger woman's nose. This time it was a solid shot. Dagger's head snapped back and she staggered. Her reflexive right swung around missing Sondra's head with the fist but hitting her with the right forearm.

Inside Dagger's ineffective guard the Swede pumped punches into Dagger's tits and belly crisscrossing the skin with marks as the abrasive gloves did their worst. The Aussie backed into the steel cage. Sondra plunged forward driving her knee up toward Dagger's already bloody cunt. The gouge dug into the back of Dagger's protective left thigh. Dagger's big arms closed around Sondra's shoulders capturing the Swede for the first time in at least two minutes of constant fighting.

Sondra immediately went to work on the Aussie's ribs while trying to drive the top of her head up into Dagger's too heavy chin. Instead the powerful brown woman twisted at the hips and powered Sondra around throwing her along the bars. Sondra came to rest with her guard up, but Dagger was bringing her big boot into the fight. Rather than following the blonde and punching, Dagger had hooked her left fist in the bars for balance and delivered a low round kick with her outstretched right foot. The hard rubber toe slammed into the Swede's mound right on its round tip, crushing the clit, digging in wicked toe cleats into the tender flesh of the clit and the surrounding tissues. Sondra screamed and doubled over in uncontrollable agony.

Dagger lifted her big boot up above the Swede's head and delivered an ax kick across the back of Sondra's head. Luckily the ankle took Sondra's head and not the heel of the boot. It wasn't the smart move Sondra would have made because it smashed her tits first into the mat and started the minute count out. Sondra was up at the forty second mark, still disoriented. She made ready to continue and at a minute the fight was started again.

Dagger moved in more confidently. Sondra blocked a couple of ham handed punches, but the third got through and split both of Sondra's fine lips. The Swede's head snapped backwards and Dagger finally drew some blood for her trouble. Sondra was an experienced fist fight and reacted to being hurt with a hard right that drove into the Aussie's big chin. Despite her mouth guard her teeth almost shattered. The big woman was stunned by how hard the Swede could punch.

Sondra's next punch crashed into the Aussie's nose, already bloodied. Dagger staggered a moment. Sondra's knee rose toward her cunt. Dagger took the gouge on the mound and screamed in fury. She lunged forward, grabbing the Swede, lifting her off the ground and ramming her into the side of the cage. Sondra's head hit the bar and her scalp was split open. Her clump of her blonde hair quickly stained red, but worse she was pinned in place with an enraged dyke in position to do some harm.

Dagger pressed her left shoulder into Sondra's ribs and held her to the fence. Sondra immediately kicked, her boots bruising the Aussie's big thighs, but missing her tortured cunt and mound. Dagger cursed and started pumping her right fist upward into Sondra's hairy crotch. Not every punch connected, but several did. The skin splitters did their work. Sondra was bloodied. But Dagger was furious she couldn't straighten her fingers and cunt the bitch that had so savagely cunted her. She thought about grinding her fist across the bitch's mound.

Instead, Dagger tried to push her fist up inside Sondra. The Aussie's fist was just too big. As hard as she tried the big bitch couldn't get her gloved fist inside the Swede's bloody sex. Sondra howled against the fence and started driving down elbows into the Aussie's shoulder and then into the back of her neck. The gouge to the neck did the trick and Dagger had to stagger away before she was paralyzed.

Sondra leaned against the fence moaning. Blood dribbled down her perfect thighs and dripped on the white mat. Just moving her legs took an effort. Dagger steadied herself and started back. The blonde endured the agony and propelled herself forward. Dagger reacted too slowly to stop the charge. Sondra drove the top of her head into the Aussie's chin and knocked the big bitch flat on her ass and forced the bigger woman to take a count, but it was Sondra who benefited from the rest.

Dagger shook her head and staggered to her feet in time for the fight to restart. A renewed Sondra was all over her with flying fists. Dagger fired back. The Swede hit her five times to three and cleaner as well. But Dagger was stronger. Soon the Aussie's face was a bloody mess. Her nose was swelling, her cheeks were swelling, her mouth was ripped open and one of her ears was rapidly puffing up into a cauliflower. In return she had ripped open Sondra's right cheek with a left cross, bloodied the bitch's perfect nose and put a knot on her forehead the size of a small women's fist. The beauty was no beauty anymore. This was the part of the fight that Dagger liked the most, when she ruined her opponent's good looks.

Still the Swedish beauty would not stop punching. Dagger felt like she was being hit by three or four women, not one. She swore she would practice her skills more rather than relying only on her strength. This bitch was beating her to a pulp, but in a test of strength it would have been no contest. Dagger felt her eyebrow rupture under the face mask. Now her left eye would be full of blood! In frustration she swung a hard right low and sank it into Sondra's belly. To Dagger's surprise the Swede groaned and grabbed hold for just a second. The Swede's gut couldn't take it!

Dagger pushed the Swede back and fired a knockout blow at the bitch's bloody nose, hoping to shatter the nose and put the bitch on the Cruel Horse. Sondra bobbed to the side and the gloves ripped along the side of her head skinning her again but giving Dagger no knockout blow. The Swede's fists came in like bees. Dagger felt her lips being chewed to pieces by the skin splitting gloves. Her left cheek was ripped open and now she knew her left eye was swelling shut from above and below!

Dagger tried to head hunt again, missed again and paid for it again. The Swede was out fighting her! The Aussie took the hammering, her face had never been a prize to start with and she didn't fear it being torn apart like she imagined the beauty must. She wanted so badly to hurt the Swede by ruining her face, but she didn't have the skills.

Another nasty twisting fist hit Dagger's already ruined lips and almost ripped off a portion of the upper lip. The spray of blood and pain drove the big woman to drive her right fist straight downward. It sank into the Swede's navel and drove her back. Dagger looked at the Swede's face using her one good eye. The Swede was in agony! The gut punch had hurt her! Dagger reluctantly gave up on punching the bitch's face and decided to go low and bust her gut.

Dagger charged forward driving punches to the body. Sondra replied with a front kick and then a dodge. Dagger staggered as the solid rubber sole thudded into her muscular thigh driving the cleats in and bruising her big muscle. Her leg cramped for a second and she missed the satisfying feel of her fists sinking into the Swede's gut. The damned blonde was too fucking fast!

Her disappointment changed to agony as the quick Swede was behind her driving punches into her kidneys. Dagger felt her knees giving way and she swung her right elbow around in a reflex. The gouge hit Sondra on the right cheek and actually seemed to rip it from the ear to the nose. Sondra staggered stupidly across the big circle.

Dagger started after her but suddenly found herself on her knees again. The pain in her back was dull, but somehow it had taken her legs out from under her. Sondra steadied as the Aussie staggered to her feet again. Dagger's only desire was to catch the bitch and bust her gut open.

Sondra despaired of finishing off the big bitch. The creature lumbered forward despite having a face that looked more like a bloody monster mask than a face. How many times had she hit her? She had pumped fist after fist into the bloody maul, twisting the knuckles into the flesh, dragging the stitching across the wounds, hitting the split places again and again. The woman's face and upper body were coated in blood now and still she lumbered forward. Right now there was no doubt as to who was winning the blood rules fight, but the last thing Sondra wanted to do was meet this monster in a no-rules catfight while the bitch could still stand.

Dagger got too close. Sondra dodged and kicked to the back of the big woman's left leg. The boot hit hard and Dagger cried out. Her leg collapsed and she fell to her knees. Sondra rushed forward, leaned forward and drove her left arm back under the bitch's chin to keep her from falling forward. Then she drove her left knee into the middle of the bitch's shoulder to keep her from falling backwards. Sondra raised her right elbow and drove it down past the woman's shoulders into her upward pointing right breast. She speared the breast good, drew her arm back and went for another spearing. Dagger reached up and hooked her arm around the Swede's waist and pulled her over her shoulder they both hit the mat tits first and Sondra's plan to gouge off the Aussie's breast was ruined.

Sondra cursed her mistake as she stood up. She should have worked on the bitch's back and shoulders with her elbow and taken her strength out of the fight! The Swede moved around slashing away with her terrible fists. Dagger's head snapped back and forth and her blood and sweat splattered in every direction, but still the big bitch would not fall down. Sondra started kicking at the legs to chop down the tree.

Dagger staggered around furious that the blonde was making a fool out of her! She had almost lost an earlier fight to one of these dancing bitches. That should have warned her! Dagger backed away until she was against the bars. The Swede seemed reluctant to close now that she had to come straight in.

Dagger tried an experimental kick supported by the bars. The Swede dodged it so easily that even Dagger had to admit she wasn't up to this ruled fight. Finally the Swede came in, but she came in foot first. Dagger moaned as the boot crushed her mound. The Swede had feinted with one foot and slammed the right one straight into her mound. Worse yet, the bitch twisted her foot and scrubbed the cleats back and forth across Dagger's big clit, her pride and joy toy. Her hours of hard, almost brutal masturbation and cunt to cunt grinding had toughened her, but not for this. Screaming in agony she pushed at the offending ankle, hurting herself even more.

Sondra jerked her foot down and Dagger almost groaned in relief. Then she saw the Swede's fist for a fraction of a second as it flashed upward toward the tip of her downward pointed nose. Then there was an explosion of a pain and everything went black. She heard a distant voice calling for something.

Rough hands lifted her up. Something hard and cold slipped under her arms and then up between her swollen cunt lips. The agony in her crotch started to bring her back around. She woke up on the Cruel Horse, dangling helplessly by her arms riding the metal bar with her crotch. The hated blonde was pounding on her ruined breasts. How long. The agony was just beginning to reach her brain. She howled and crossed her arms.

The referee yelled for the Cruel Horse to be pulled away. The fight was on again. The swollen bloody bags of pain on her chest told her she had been taking a beating for more than the few seconds she had realized. She felt every inch of the metal bar dragging across her crotch as it left through the bars. The beauty was on her again! Fists flashed into her face and tits with the regularity of a metronome.

Dagger staggered back to the cage and then lunged forward. She ran into the Swede and grabbed hold. A knee gouge almost got into her cunt, hurting her inside thigh instead. She struggled to hug the sweaty dervish against her, anything to stop the flying fists! The Swede pushed her away, leapt up and drove an elbow gouge down like a hammer into her forehead. Dagger felt the impact and sank to her knees.

She heard the crowd roar as her forehead split open like never before, from the scalp to her already ruined eyebrows. The hot blood finished coating the half mask and filled her swollen eye sockets. She fell forward on her tits and wished she had thought to fall backwards on her ass.

She awoke on the Cruel Horse again. Sondra was weak with exhaustion having turned the Aussie's 50J tits into unrecognizable swollen bags of lymph with hot tears in the raw meat that now covered them. Dagger started to fight back, but the round came to an end.

Both women had to be held erect as their equipment was removed. Dagger found the agony somehow comforting. She remembered where she was and what had been done to her. She swore to learn how to use her fists like the blonde. At least the rules nonsense was over. Now she could fight! For ten minutes she could do anything she wanted to the beauty and there was so much she wanted to do!

The final round would be ten minutes of no rules cat fighting. The women had their gloves, pads and boots removed. This time catfight gloves were put on. The catfight gloves were similar to maul gloves. The gloves were covered with rough abrasive surfaces. The knuckles were padded and ridged. The key addition was eighth of an inch of sharpened metal in the shape of finger nail. The eye masks were tightened and checked to make sure they were still safe from penetration. The neck bands were similarly checked. Bands were added to the wrists to prevent anyone bleeding out from a unlucky cut. Finally, the hair bands were removed and the hair was combed free. Wet stained red blonde and black hair hung limply down the backs of the two warrior women. Dagger flicked her steel fingernails and smiled. She knew just where they could do the best.

She had ripped open her last opponent's belly from the inside, killing her in the last minute of their fight. She didn't want to kill Sondra only hurt her beyond anything that had ever been done to her. She had grown to love the bitch and she always enjoyed inflicting pain on those she loved. She imagined making Sondra her slit slave and hurting her endlessly for years. Her ruined face twisted into a leering smile which looked as much like a pained grimace as anything else.

The gory beast that Dagger had become lumbered forward in a slight crouch hands formed into big claws with the steel fingernails gleaming. The crowd began to shout encouragement to her. The beating she had taken had turned her into an improbable crowd favorite and of course they wanted to see the blonde carved up too. Sondra circled ready to move to either side. She was well ahead on points, but knew the big bitch had knockout power and feared what would happen if they got into a clawing cat fight while the other could still walk.

Dagger snatched with her left, raking Sondra's forearm. Sondra slashed back with her right and carved three furrows in the bloody meat of Dagger's misshapen massively swollen left breast. The big woman groaned and lunged forward missing Sondra with a two handed grab. Sondra dodged just outside the grasp of the big woman and punished her with a quick kick to the belly. Dagger grunted and stepped backwards.

Sondra circled toward the right, the left of Dagger, judging the big woman's left eye was probably no more than a slit under the eye mask and even if it was still open it had to be partially blinded by the blood from her ruined brow and forehead. Dagger twisted quickly trying to keep her right eye on Sondra, revealing that Sondra's assumption was probably true. Sondra tried a low leg kick to Dagger's left calf. Dagger didn't see it coming. Sondra's instep snapped hard against the big muscle of the Aussie's powerful leg and obviously hurt her. Dagger stepped with a slight limp as she twisted around to square up with the circling Swede.

The crowd wanted blood and were tired of Sondra's hit and run tactics. Sondra ignored the bloodthirsty bitches. She had fought six members in special paid challenge matches and carved them up. These women were fighters but they weren't professionals and a professional had to keep her passions in check, especially when fighting a killing machine like the big Aussie. She had felt the strength in those arms and had no desire to get down on the mat and claw face to face with the monster.

Dagger cursed the size of the fighting arena. She simply was unable to cut the Swede off in a circle this damn big. Dagger lowered her head and rushed with her arms wide. The Swede would make her pay, but all she needed to do was get one hand on the bitch!

Sondra lurched to the side and slapped away Dagger's left hand. As the big woman passed, the Swede hooked a nasty kick to the back of her left knee. Dagger's leg collapsed and she hit the mat hard knees first. Sondra grabbed her matted black hair with both hands, jerked back her head and drove a brutal knee into the middle of the big woman's back. Dagger moaned and reached back over her head.

Sondra used her left fist to hold a wet knot of Dagger's hair and used her right claws to rake the woman's face from jaw to hair line, ripping new furrows in the swollen flesh, carving strips away. Dagger howled, but the big woman's long arms reached and suddenly it was the Swede screaming. The Aussie beast had both of Sondra's swollen bloody breasts in her big hands. Her steel nails sank into the tanned white flesh, blood spurted along her white gloves and the tit flesh squeezed out between the Aussie's crushing fingers like dough in some press. Despite the difficult angle, the Aussie had finally got her claws into her nemesis.

Sondra screamed and drove the elbow of her right arm down on the busted forehead of the downed woman. She wished she still had a gouge, but her hard pointed bone was more than enough to knock out most women. She hit once, twice, three times she hit at the already split gash on Dagger's ruined forehead. The blood flow had never really stopped but now it opened up and Sondra swore she could see yellow white bone exposed at the bottom of the gash. How was this woman still fighting?

Dagger methodically crushed and twisted the big bags above her. The battering of her forehead was a distant problem. She could barely see as was, now her brain was being battered about inside her skull and she was experiencing triple vision and near black outs, but she wasn't going to let go of those tits. Her big hands managed to grasp the great globes and crush them into something like a wet towel twisted between two hands and she could see blood and lymph squirting from the wounds. She wanted to rip off those bags and shove then up the beauty's cunt. The fury of her hatred for the surpassed anything she had felt before. She had to break this woman!

Sondra moaned and sobbed as her tits were literally crushed and shredded before her very eyes. She watched as Dagger's white gloves became bright red and the tit blood from her own tits slowly coated the fucking dyke's bulging forearms to finally drip off her elbows onto the mat. It was like having your tits in a double vice but the flat face of the vice had been replaced with metal nails. She hammered with her elbow. The bitch had to have a brain and it had to have a limit. Somewhere inside that big skull she had to be bouncing the brain into mush.

Then Dagger found Sondra's right nipple. She dug her thumb into it sight unseen just hoping the stiff bump on the head of the tit she had crushed must be a nipple. Sondra's head went back and she screamed. Dagger's mouth tried to smile spilling out some of the blood that had gathered in it from her forehead. Dagger felt the nipple give and when the audience roared its approval she knew she had rooted out the beauty's fine pink nipple. She felt her ruined clit actually try to stiffen. She felt a wave of near pleasure, but real pleasure was impossible now, she was too injured down there. But the blonde's screams would do for now. What beautiful music!

Sondra reacted to the loss of her nipple with renewed fury. She stopped hammering the gash with her elbow, and sank the claws of her right hand into the gash. As Dagger crushed and dug at her left tit obviously going for the nipple, the Swede yelled like a berserker and ripped open the Aussie's forehead, peeling her forehead back, rolling it up like it was newly planted turf, not skin. The crowd gasped, actually shocked at the brutal ferocity of the Swede's reply. Dagger felt the pain burning and thought she could ignore it, just another gash, but a gash was nothing like having your living face peeled away from your skull. Fire and fear like she had never felt before flooded her brain.

The Aussie howled and jerked forward on both of the bloody globes she had caught in death grips. Despite the Swede's bracing and superior position the sudden surge of mad impossible power pulled her over the Aussie's gory head. Sondra flew over the Aussie and hit face first on the mat doubling her head back pile driving her face into the mat the weight of her body jamming onto her neck. Her feet flopped in air for a second and then arced over and bounced off the mat. The blonde was still, laid out like a table, her head under the Aussie's bloody crotch, her ruined tits were the meal still held in the Aussie's big dripping hands.

Dagger roared and planted her knee in between Sondra's tits and started jerking upward trying to rip the globes from her chest. Sondra didn't react. The referee moved in with the cattle prod and sparked against Sondra's swollen clit. The body moved, but Sondra didn't react consciously. Dagger ignored the referee's activities and focused the small point of her vision left on the bloody tits she was determined to rip away. The referee jammed the prod inside Sondra's pussy and sparked it. Again the blonde's legs flopped but she showed no conscious reaction. Dagger took the left nipple and finally let go of the left breast. She held the severed pink object up to her one eye and studied it like it was some fabled charm. The referee sparked the cattle prod one last time against the head of Sondra's pink clit. This time Sondra's body flopped and smoke curled up from the clit, but the Swede still didn't react consciously.

The referee called for the bell. Dagger ignored it and popped the nipple into her mouth and chewed it while going back to trying to rip away Sondra's tits. The referee signaled for help and started shocking the big Aussie non-stop. Smoke rose as the cattle prod branded the big bitch. Her nervous system must have almost shut down because it took multiple strikes before she went into spasms. The attendants pulled her away and Sondra's bloody de-nippled misshapen swollen bags of hot blood and lymph rolled like water balloons on her bloody chest.

The referee held up Dagger's gory arm even though the woman couldn't stand and announced, “The winner by knockout in eight minutes and thirty seconds of the third round, Dagger of Australia.”

The crowd roared. Dagger's head rolled on her shoulders. She was still trying to reach the tits that somehow had gotten away from her. Four women held her back. The referee peeled back the mat and the floor opened. The medical staff rushed through and carried the unconscious Swede to the medical facilities beneath the building. The crowd celebrated the stunning victory by going fuck crazy.

With half of the faces buried in wet pussy and the other half with their heads thrown back no one noticed when Dagger suddenly slumped between the four women holding her shoulders. In fact the attendants didn't notice for some time because they thought her dead weight was her attempt to get to Sondra as she was being carried out. At least that's what they explained later in the Club Inquiry.

It was the better part of an hour later when the announcer explained to the now sated and astonished audience, “After winning her fight in the third round of the fifth Eliminator, Dagger died in the arena. The medical staff has informed me that she suffered massive hemorrhaging throughout the brain and even reconstruction would be doubtful and recovery of lost memories and her mind was impossible. Rather than her record being tarnished with forfeits, Dagger will be officially retired from the Eliminator with a perfect 5-0 record. Sondra will advance to the next round with a 4-1 record. While she was clearly knocked unconscious and received significant damages, including two crushed vertebrae in her neck the medical staff believes she will be able to fight in next month's sixth round.”

There was loud applause and a wild tumult of voices excitedly discussing the events. None of these jaded women could remember such a dramatic finish as well as a death of the winner in the Blood Ring. It was all quite exciting. Most thought it was too bad about the big Aussie, but well that was part of the Game, and she should have learned a few defensive skills. Mercy was not a currency in the Kingston Club.

The announcer continued, “And in the other fights in the fifth round I can now report that in Boston Yumiko from Japan defeated Olga from the Ukraine. Both fighters are now 4-1 and advance to the sixth round. In Paris Amanda from the USA defeated Melina from Greece. Both fighters are now 4-1 and advance to the sixth round. In Tokyo Diane from England was defeated by Simba from Kenya. Diane is eliminated. Simba at 5-0 advances to the sixth round. In Rome Ivana from Russia defeated Carol from the USA. Both fighters are now 4-1 and will advance to the fifth round. With Sondra from Sweden advancing that leaves us eight fighters: seven with 4-1 records and one still undefeated. This was a bad round for the undefeated, but the Blood Rings thinks it shows how evenly matched the fighters are. So next month there will be four fights. And, as if we needed to be reminded after tonight, next month's fights will be do or die for everyone but Simba.

“And because of the growing interest in the Eliminators the Blood Rings Executive Board has decided to move all four fights to one venue, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Next month's card will include forty-six fights over four days with an Eliminator each day. The fights will be located in the fabled Dark Coliseum with its ten thousand seats and erotic companion staff and no limits dungeon rooms. Ticket holders will be provided suites at the Elysium Hotel and Casino. Anyone with visa problems due to the USA security watch will need to obtain their clean identities from our USA chapter. A gentle reminder to those of you with such problems, don't do anything while you are there using our papers that brings attention to our Club. We have ways of dealing with you that would make Homeland Security fill their panties.

“And in a bonus announcement next months' matches have already been made.

Yumiko from Japan fights Melina from Greece. Amanda from USA fights Simba from Kenya. Olga from the Ukraine fights Ivana from Russia. Sondra from Sweden fights Carol from the USA. The betting windows are open.”

The End