WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

PIT DAUGHTERS Chapter Six – Women at War by Mr. Cage (comments to mrcagefight@yahoo.com)

Amy's first fight was described in Pit Daughters. Her second fight was described in Pit Daughters Althea versus Amy. Her third fight was described in Pit Daughter -Ms. Sanchez Versus Amy. Amy's undefeated record ended in Pit Daughter – Beauty Queen Versus Amy. After that defeat Amy had five fights in six months. Girls she had bullied wanted to take her down and humiliate her. Luckily she won all five and reestablished herself. Amazingly Billie fought two girls as well using me as her referee. I also refereed three fights between other girls who wanted to settle things like Billie and Amy had. With Amy's senior year coming up I thought my days as a referee was over, but as usual I was more than wrong.

That summer began a war. First my daughter Tammy fought a beautiful tough Indian born American girl named Riya and I met Riya's mother Sanjani Phillips. After Tammy's victory I enjoyed Sanjani's company and apparently she enjoyed mine. I served as a referee for two more fights for Amy and one more for Billie. Damned few girls were willing to challenge either of the teen queens anymore. I spent most of my free time either fucking Sanjani or keeping Amy and Sanjani from fighting. The later was hard work.

Sanjani Phillips was a delicious a surprise. Her accent was Indian. She had given birth to Riya in India , but married an American engineer two years later and moved to America to become a citizen. She was a computer nerd, but also a dark beauty with startling green eyes, long shiny black hair and the most perfectly smooth brown complexion I had ever seen, not to mention great jutting breasts. Sanjani was a 34 year old knockout and her 15 year old daughter Riya had not fallen far from the tree. Riya was fully Americanized and had no accent at all.

With the brutal fight between Riya and Tammy resolved in Tammy's favor I had expected never to hear from Sanjani, but as usual I was surprised. For the first time since my wife's death so many years ago I found myself going out. Sanjani was a lusty fuck who particularly enjoyed rough and kinky sex. She was a revelation to me. I had to start working out just to keep up with her. And I had to learn how to yank hair, roughly squeeze breasts, properly torture nipples and how to fist fuck so I hurt her just the right amount. There was a line between pleasure and pain for her, it was just a lot further out along the horizon than it had been for my wife and I was a stranger in a strange land.

It was July, hot as hell, and things in my household were on the verge of going to shit. Amy and Sanjani had words every time they met. If Amy hadn't already been in two fights and carrying some nasty wounds from a close fight with a black girl they would have already been at it. Riya's injuries were healing fast enough that she was already talking rematch with Tammy. My cock had grown used to Sanjani's tight orifices, no holes barred, and I didn't want to lose her to Amy's fists.

So I was at work daydreaming about my problems when I got a call from a woman who I had almost forgotten. I met her for lunch, remembering that Sunday brunch session in the restroom. What could she want?

Rita Sanchez was only 5'5' tall in her bare feet, but today she was dressed to kill in three inch hump me pumps and a stunning red dress. Rita was a lush thick, strongly built woman. She weighed probably 150 pounds and possessed very firm 40D breasts tipped by huge black aureole and thick black nipples. I knew from her fight with Amy that she had a lush black bush and heavy-lipped pussy. I remember how thick those lips were and how strong her vagina walls were. She was a sport fucker for sure. Seeing her again I couldn't help but compare her rich brown skin Latin skin to Sanjani's even darker Indian complexion. Rita had a full, thick head of luxurious black hair. She had dark thick eyebrows and hard dark eyes set deep in her high round cheeks. Her nose was blunted, but not overly wide. She wore full make-up. Her nails were sharp and bright red. I guessed her figure to be 40D 28 38 with strong arms, shoulders, hips and thick thighs. She was only still only 27, so she still had that natural firmness to her body.

After some small talk and whispered references to her fight with Amy she revealed she had left her husband. She had caught him sucking the cock of one of her summer students and had given him the boot. I wasn't certain what to say so I mumbled some typical male comments about him being crazy and her being a great woman, which of course meant great fuck. While I stepped on my own tongue I suddenly felt something in my crotch. She had her right stocking covered foot in my crotch under the table. Damn, she was good with her toes. I froze and let her stroke my cock hard thorough my pants and hoped nobody was watching.

She suggested we get a room. I explained about Sanjani and Rita replied about what Sanjani didn't know wouldn't hurt me. I chuckled and weighed my options. A good moral man would have comforted her and sent her on her way. But, in all honesty, we all know a good moral man wouldn't have refereed a brutal fight between his oldest daughter and her teacher and then fucked the teacher as a consequence. So yes, of course, we got a room. Who did you think was telling this story?

Well let's just say I got back from lunch a little bit late, like not at all. Rita was a fireball. I thought our previous fucks had been electric, but this one was nuclear. Maybe she had something to prove. In any case I was all fucked out by the time I got home. I called Sanjani and put off our dinner date with a lame excuse. Long story short, no matter how good Sanjani was, Rita was different. So I fucked the Latin fireball four out of the next seven days and Sanjani two. Yep, I rested on the seventh day.

And then the Garden of Earthly Delights turned into the Inferno. As it turned out, Rita Sanchez had been Tammy and Riya's teacher and she knew Sanjani. The association was not a pleasant one. Rita had wanted to challenge Sanjani to a fight, but in the end her husband persuaded her that fighting a parent would almost as crazy as fighting a student, especially since Sanjani had given no indication that she was a fighter, unlike Amy. Well, Rita's husband was now gone and she had seen Sanjani and me out on dates. Her seduction of me was merely a pleasurable first step in a calculated campaign. Rita Sanchez called Sanjani Phillips and asked her if she knew where my cock had been most of the previous week.


The next three days were full of sound and fury, the sound of bitching women and the fury of jealousy. Amy helped things along by doing her best to make both women furious. She bragged to Sanjani about how she had kicked Rita's ass. She assured Rita that Sanjani was a pussy just like her little girl Riya. We should drop Amy behind enemy lines and let her start civil wars. My daughter was a bitch! Of course, to those who know her that is not a big surprise.

In the end it came down to a negotiated fight between to sexy women, not over a man, but over who was the best woman. It had become personal to each woman and somehow in all the phone calls and emails they had concluded on a very methodical, brutal way of determining which of them was going to be the top bitch.

Sanjani produced a document:


1. No biting anywhere.

2. No facial, head or neck attacks other than as agreed.

3. No choking, bone-breaking or submission joint locks.

4a. Headlocks allowed in conjunction with allowed Holds.

4b. Holds must involve breasts, belly, ass or crotch.

4c. Agony, not permanent injury, is object.

5. Hair pulling allowed.

6. Other than biting, everything allowed to the body.

7. Unlimited number of five minute rounds, no stoppages.

8. Five minute breaks between rounds.

9a. Fighters may surrender during break.

9b. No surrender, fight continues.

10. Fight to be nude in garage loft.


Winner owns loser for the rest of the summer or until loser asks for a rematch. Winner and her slave will reside with John. John agrees that he is the prize of the winner and will only fuck around after another woman proves she is better in another agreed upon prize fight.”

Both women had signed it and there was a place for me to sign. It was a fucking fight contract. Hell I would get to see a nasty fight and end up fucking both of them. Give me a pen, or do you want me to sign in blood. Hell yes.

So that is how the three of us came to stand in the sweltering loft. I had a window air conditioning unit, but they wanted it hot. We could have opened windows, but then the noise would have gotten out. As it was I sat up a boom box in the garage below with heavy base and let it rumble as though I was working on a car and listening to tunes.

I was sweating already. And, I admit my cock was hard and standing straight out. Hell it was hot and it wasn't like I was the only one nude.

I have already described Rita. Let's just say her rich brown skin was glowing with excitement and shimmering with sweat. Her long thick black hair was slightly damp already and was beginning to stick to her back. God what a sight her big perfectly globular 40D's were with their erect thick black nipples and bumpy aureole. I was glad she still had her full rich bush. Her thick lipped cunt would probably hold up better than Sanjani's thin long lipped cunt if they got to mauling down there. On the other hand, as magnificent as Rita's tits were, Sanjani's were awesome.

Sanjani stood there just as wet and ready. There was a fire in her green eyes. Her dark brown, flawless complexion gleamed with sweat. Her thick lustrous black hair was longer and fuller than Rita's and continued pass the middle of the back to sweep the top of Sanjani's still pert ass. At 34, the Indian was incredible. Her belly was rounder and softer than Rita's and even hairier. Her ass was rounder but higher. But the biggest differences were the huge heavy brown oblong tits that confidently jutted out from her broad, thick chest. These heavy 44E jugs were supported from broad connecting tissues and what were unusually broad shoulders on a woman. Sanjani stood 5'4'' and weighed probably 155 pounds, not a little of it in her magnificent tits. Her figure probably was 44E 28 40. Her jutting globes were topped by raised orange sized aureoles and cigar thick outward projecting rubbery black nipples. I had never seen more impressive real tits. Her thick thighs were incredibly shapely, softer than Rita's but powerful looking. Between the two of them I had to say Sanjani's tits and her sexual appetite made me favor her in a close fight. But what the hell did I know.

I had a seat by the door, a glass of water, a stop watch and a video camera. The winner wanted to have the tape to play back while she fucked the loser.

The room was twelve by fifteen with a full bath and storage closets behind doors on the back wall. I had decided to go to the expense of covering wooden floor with some foam rubber mattresses. They had about six inches of padding to sink into. And the mattresses curled up the wall all along the outside of the arena. I guess I could have bought real pads and even hung them on the walls. Maybe I would if this became a fight room. That might be smarter than walking into the trees and fighting in the pit.

I clicked the stop watch and said, “Round One starts now.”

Until now, they had been very quiet. Suddenly a stream of nasty ass trash talking turned the air blue. I heard cunt, spic, wog, whore, slut, cocksucker, shit eater, and every four letter word you could think of. It took them thirty seconds to get past the talking to the fighting.

Rita finished with, “I'm going to walk those cow tits flat you fucking cunt!”

Then the Latin fireball lashed out with her red nails on her right hand. Sanjani instinctively raised her hand to protect her face, but faces were off limits. Rita's palm struck Sanjani's huge tit on its outside. The balloon had just begun to deform and move when Rita's claws curled in. Rita shouted and jerked her hand back, ripping four deep scratches in the perfect brown beauty. Sanjani cried out. First Blood goes to the Latin!

Sanjani cursed and lashed out with a foot. Rita dodged backwards. Sanjani's toes almost combed Rita's bush as they flew by. Rita grabbed for Sanjani's foot and got the Indian's ankle. Sanjani jerked her leg back too late. Rita jerked up on the leg and Sanjani found herself falling backwards on the mat. Rita held the leg and immediately went for the crotch stomp. The Latin was going for the quick kill!

Sanjani writhed and took the stomp on a hip. Then the Indian jerked back and drove her free foot straight up into Rita's prominent black haired mound. The sound of the solid impact of Sanjani's brown heel on Rita's cunt left no doubt the Indian had struck home. Rita groaned and dropped Sanjani's foot. Rita stepped backwards on trembling legs and grabbed herself.

Sanjani rolled to her knees and said, “How's that feel spic whore. My whole foot is going in next.”

Taunting Rita was a mistake. The Latin screamed and lunged forward driving her own foot hard into Sanjani's lower belly. The Latin's toes disappeared in Indian's dark brown belly and Sanjani grunted. Now it was the Indian's time to grab herself.

Rita followed up with a double hair grab and a savage knee to Sanjani's huge left breast. Sanjani fell backwards and Rita leapt on top of her. The Latin straddled Sanjani's belly and smashed both her palms down on Sanajani's upward jutting tits. The impact vibrated through the length of the heavy oblong projections. Sanjani grimaced and reached up for Rita's dangling hair. Rita however wasn't finished with the tits. Once her palms had bounced back she hooked her claws into Sanjani's thick, rubbery black aureole.

Rita's dark eyes gleamed and her lips snarled as she dug in her nails, then her fingers, squeezed, pinched, pulled and twisted on the end of Sanjani's prize features. Sanjani howled and redirected her hands to Rita's wrists. Sanjani's nails clawed the Latin's wrists, but Rita wasn't about to let go of those doughy balloons. She worked the Indian's big 44Es trying to wring the fight out of the Indian. Even when Sanjani's nails gouged out flesh and left bloody marks on her wrists, Rita bore down on the Indian's balloons.

Sanjani moaned and writhed as her tits were mauled. Sweat dripped off Rita as her snarl turned into a savage smile. She was enjoying this! Sanjani bucked. Rita rode the Indian's belly, using the Indian's tits for handles. Sanjani howled and tears came out of her eyes, but she didn't plead for mercy.

Rita growled, “I'm going to make you bleed, bitch!”

Sanjani spit, “Fuck you spic!”

Then the Indian bucked again. Rita's crotch came up clearing a space between her and Sanjani's belly. Sanjani's right hand snaked straight for the Latin's hairy black crotch. Rita yelped as Sanjani's nails found her still rising upward. Rita started back down and Sanjani's hand had her grimacing. Rita screamed and rose up on her knees.

With her brown hand in Rita's bush, Sanjani drove her knees into the Latin's back. Rita groaned and arched her back. Sanjani's knees struck again and Rita twisted in agony. Rita let go of Sanjani's abused nipples and grabbed for the hand in her cunt. Sanjani drove her other fist deep into Rita's belly and then kneed her again in the back. Rita ripped the Indian's hand out of her crotch and fell to the side moaning.

Sanjani started to scramble on top, but Rita clamped her spread legs around the Indian's waist and squeezed. Sanjani immediately went for Rita's cunt, having found a weak spot. Rita was ready and grabbed both of Sanjani's hands. The Latin clamped her legs tight and wrestled with the Indian's hands keeping Sanjani trapped on her side.

I watched as the time ticked out and Rita tried to crush the life out of Sanjani. At the end of the round I thought the Latin had won on points, but nobody was keeping score in this battle. It would go on and on until one of the women admitted after the break that the other woman was her better and then accepted slavery. I had a feeling it was going to be a bloody day in the neighborhood before that.

The two bitches promised each other new levels of agony as they sucked in air and sweated out water. I had offered to give them water during the breaks, but there was to be nothing but rest. This was an endurance contest. Given how determined they were I wondered if someone would pass out due to dehydration before surrendering to pain.

Sanjani's nipples were even larger than before and I swear her aureole's looked to be swelling unevenly. If so, Rita had really done some quick work on Sanjani's tits. Rita kept checking her cunt for blood, but there wasn't any yet. The fact that she checked told me that Sanjani had gotten in deep and scratched her just the same.

Round two began with another short trash talking session as they circled. By now their long black hair was plastered to their backs and shoulders. Their bangs were wet and glued to their foreheads. How much longer could they go?

Rita suddenly rushed Sanjani as she got close to a wall. Whack. Sanjani hit the wall hard with Rita pressed against her. Sanjani grunted and grabbed for Rita's hair, but the Latin already had what she wanted, the Indian's big tits.

Sanjani yanked out a handful of tangled black hair and got rewarded with a scream, but Rita had her nails into the Indian's nipples again and wouldn't let go. Sanjani started gasping and moaning. A fresh shine of sweat and tears appeared on her cheeks. Rita was really working her big nipples and the Indian was suffering.

Unable to get the Latin off, Sanjani let go of the mangled black hair and dropped her hands to Rita's brown shoulders as if she was about to hug her torturer. Instead, Sanjani dug her nails into Rita's flesh just behind the shoulder and then trailed her nails down the length of the Latin's back all the way to her round ass. Rita started screaming after about three inches of deep scratches appeared on her back. She went wild when Sanjani rotated her hands and sank her nails into the underside of the Latin's ass cheeks.

Rita tried to push away, but now the Indian was holding on. Rita's struggles got her spun around and pressed into the wall. Sanjani's tits bulged out from under her arms. What a set both women had! Rita squealed as Sanjani did something to her ass cheeks, or maybe it was her ass by now. Rita pressed her ass against the wall and spread her legs, a big mistake. Because as she writhed against the wall trying to dislodge the Indian's nails she opened her crotch to a savage knee strike.

Crunch! Rita's eyes went wide over Sanjani's dark brown shoulder and then the Latin groaned deep in her throat. Another knee hit and her head rocked back. Her mouth opened and a wild desperate moan escaped. Sanjani tried to knee again, but the Latin closed her legs.

They struggled against the wall, locked from thigh to shoulder. I could see the outside of Sanjani's tits moving as Rita's hands still tried to maul her. Of course, with their tits pressed together, Rita had far less leverage and no space to work with. Sanjani was plastered to the Latin and leaning into her with her dark brown arms extended downward to where the disappeared behind the Latin's lower back. Rita wailed some more.

Sanjani said between gasps, “I'm going to do the same thing to your filthy cunt bitch. You'll cry every time I ram my fist in it.”

Rita mumbled something that sounded like a prayer and suffered for two more minutes before I called time. They were both hurting, but it was obvious that Sanjani was ahead on points this time.

Sanjani stepped back and staggered away breathing heavily. There was blood on her tits, on Rita's nails and on Rita's tits. Most of the blood was the Indian's and it had spread to both women's bellies. I swear Sanjani's cigar like nipples were even bigger, the swelling all around her aureole was now obvious. Rita had really done a job on those beautiful tits, at least on their ends.

Rita slide along the wall where she had suffered. Well I'd have to wash that down. There was blood on the wall. It had come from deep gashes on her back and her ass. There was blood on the back of her thighs too. I later asked and yes, Sanjani had gotten an index finger inside Rita's fine ass. What a mauling the Latin had taken.

I asked them if they wished to continue. They had been silent, sucking in air. The question got them cursing and trash talking each other. It was clear neither bitch was willing to admit the other was the better woman yet.

I considered the advantage these rules had. They insured a long, brutal fight and since there was no submission during a round once a woman got to the break all she could think about was getting even for what had been done to her. How long would it take for one of them to break?

Round three began slowly. Rita moved carefully around and both women stayed away from the walls. Rita couldn't resist the big targets on the Indian's chest. Soon she was slashing away with her nails. She scored three or four unanswered scratches. That got her confidence back.

She lunged again and Sanjani snapped out a kick. Her foot thudded into Rita's thigh. Rita staggered forward and retaliated, not with a claw, but with a fist to Sanjani's heaving lower belly. Sanjani grunted and slugged the Latin right back. That started a punching contest.

Fist after fist went into the brown stomachs. They stood flat footed face to face, hunched over, slugging away without any thought of defense. Neither bitch would back off or even turn to the side to protect her belly.

Thud! Smack! Thud! It went on and on. They were both grunting and shedding sweat with each punch. These weren't light rapid fire short punches, but swinging from the shoulders, weight behind it gut busters. Fists went in and the bellies shook. Their tits shook. Even the skin on their backs seemed to deform. They went on and on slowly turning in a circle as they gutted one another.

Sanjani gasped louder than the last time. Rita's fist had sunk in almost to the wrist. The Indian gobbled and staggered backwards, bending over. Rita sucked in some air and grabbed the Indian's hair. She jerked the woman forward and drove a knee up into the Indian's tits.

Sanjani fell to her knees, more hurt by the gut busting than the knee to the tits. Rita staggered in front of her. Still holding the Indian's tangled hair, the Latin drew back a knee to punish the breasts one more time. Sanjani drove her right fist up. Whack. She caught Rita square with an upper cut to the cunt. The Latin cursed, bent over and froze for just a second.

Sanjani reached up grabbed Rita's dangling 40D at their base and jerked down savagely while rolling backwards. Rita howled and was pulled forward. Sanjani tried to get her feet up into Rita's belly for her version of the tit flip, but Rita came down to quickly. Instead the Indian's knees speared the Latin's already battered belly. Rita still went over Sanjani's head, but not in a flip. She hit the mat face first and bounced once. Her belly slammed into Sanjani's face and the two brown bitches lay on the floor for a few seconds. They only sound or motion was related to the gasping of air.

Sanjani put her hands on Rita's wide hips and rolled the Latin over. The motion seemed to revive Rita. As she hip her fight side her knees came up and slammed into Sanjani's belly as she tried to throw a leg over Rita's hip. Sanjani moaned and rolled backwards away from the Latin. Rita pushed up slowly, her hair and tits hanging while sweat dripped off the ends of her hair and the tips of her nipples. Sanjani groaned and pressed up on her hands and knees watching the Latin.

I checked the watch. They gasped for ten seconds. I called time and the third round came to an end without a winner.

They were exhausted, hurting and neither looked ready to give up. I asked if they wanted to call it a draw. I thought I saw a moment of hesitation, but then Rita said Sanjani's gut couldn't take another punch. Sanjani promised to stick her fist up Rita's cunt. After that any chance of them seeing reason this time around was gone.

They came out with their fists ready, but Sanjani challenged Rita to put her tits on the line. The Latin foolishly agreed. She could probably have finished the job on Sanjani's belly.

So they stood face to face, no defense, and hammered rights and lefts to one another's tits. Tit flesh bounced around, jiggled, deformed, snapped back into place and did it all over again. Fists came in straight, driving nipples back deep into the tit flesh. Fists came in from the side deforming tits and sending them smacking into their companions. Fists came from below driving the balloons upward and then adding to the shock when they fell back into place. Fists came in from above driving the tits downward, pushing lymph and flesh to the head piling on pressure on the matrix tissues. Bruises covered bruises. Sweat flew in a fine fog. And still they punched each other's breasts. On and on it went.

Again they circled slowly. Grunting with each thrown punch and moaning with each received punch. It was slow and methodical. They were bent on beating the other down through tit pain. They were testing one another. At any given moment, a quick kick to the wide open crotch could have given the kicker a decided advantage, but these were determined, proud, stubborn bitches. They wanted to prove which one had the toughest tits.

On and on it went. Sanjani seemed to be winning. Rita was backing away a few inches with each full turn. Then the Latin started chopping and driving straight fingers into Sanjani's meaty tits. The straight fingers hurt the Indian more than anything else. Rita started gaining ground. Sanjani switched to chopping and put Rita on the defensive. I swear you could see the tits darkening and swelling with each blow. They punched and punched until their arms were sore and unable to punch anymore. The punches became slower and slower. Then suddenly they stopped. They stood glaring at each other with their arms at their sides, gasping.

Rita screamed once to wake herself up and charged forward. She slammed her open palms into Sanjani's tits and pushed the unprepared Indian to the wall. Rita leaned on her straight arms pushing Sanjani's tits up to her shoulder while clawing and gouging the flesh. Sanjani moaned and cursed. She reached around her own agonized tits and grabbed both of Rita's.

Rita had the advantage of position and she endured just to torture Sanjani. The Indian was soon wailing non-stop, but she wouldn't relinquish her own maul. Rita was trembling. Sanjani's nails opened up both her nipples and left both badly swollen tits shredded with claws and gouged out flesh. Both women added more blood to their tits and belly and still they wouldn't stop.

Finally the time ran out and I called for a break. They both continued to wrench on the other's tits until I shouted I would stop it if they didn't abide by their own written contract. They counted to three and broke the mutual maul. Staring eye to eye they promised to destroy the other one's tits in the next round.

Then they separated and leaned against opposing walls trying to massage the agony out of their bloody, swollen, scratched breasts. I didn't see how it could go on much longer without someone passing out.

The fifth round started very slowly as the two cautious bitches circled one another outside either's range. Rita taunted Sanjani about being afraid to trade fists to the belly and slapped her sweaty belly to make the point. Sanjani slapped her own badly bruised belly by way of accepting the challenge and dropped her fists to waist level to begin the body fist fight a second time.

I thought the Indian was making a terrible mistake. Her muscle shield had already been pierced. Another punchout would put her on the mat at the Latin's doubtful mercy. I guess I would have Rita as my lover and Sanjani as her slave. Actually, I didn't see what I had to argue about, no matter how it came out. So I was perfectly calm as Sanjani stepped forward and held her fists low a challenge to trade belly punches. Rita smiled like she knew she had won and moved forward quickly to meet the challenge.

Rita came forward confidently, legs spread for balance and feet flat and firm on the mat. Sanjani snapped a wicked kick out without warning. Smack! Her instep hit like a baseball bat right on Rita's thick cunt lips. Rita yelped and staggered backwards with a shocked look on her face. Sanjani pivoted on her left foot and drove a straight right foot into the Latin's lower belly. Thud! Rita groaned and folded over the foot. She made a grab for the brown leg, but Sanjani had already pulled her foot back.

Rita was leaning over one hand on her belly and the other on the floor trying to keep from falling forward. Sanjani grabbed her wet hair, jerked forward and twisted. Rita was dragged in a stumbling circle until Sanjani let go and the Latin staggered hard into a wall. Rita bounced off the wall and ended up on her hands and knees.

Sanjani jumped on the downed Latin's back. She hooked her legs around Rita's hips, jerked backwards on the Latin's hair and then leaned backward. Sanjani's ass hit the mat and her legs and hair hold pulled Rita in an arch to end up lying on the Indian looking upward, trapped.

Sanjani clamped her heels inside Rita's crotch, hooking the bitch in place and spreading her legs. The Indian snaked her hands under Rita's flailing arms and secured what I decided to call the dreaded rear double tit claw pull. Before the Latin knew what was happening her already bruised and swollen 40Ds were jerked outward and terribly stretched with the thick globular ends pulled into her own armpits. Rita screeched and kicked her legs. I've never seen a tit stretched like that. I wondered if it was possible to rip them off. Rita cried out reached over her own head for Sanjani's hair.

The Latin secured double handfuls of Sanjani's matted hair and pulled like she was doing a pull-up. Sanjani groaned and then cried out as great wads of her luxurious black hair were ripped from her scalp on either side of her face, but she held onto the Latin's tits. Rita howled and screamed curses as her 40D's were pulled like dough, crushed, clawed and twisted.

I watched as the Indian's mouth twisted into a savage smile. She dug her fingers in, crushed, pulled and twisted with glee while the Latin screamed curses. Sanjani added a nasty rear heel kick when Rita's flailing legs opened too wide. From behind the Indian could kick backwards from the knee and drive her heels into the Latin's cunt. She got in four or five great heel strikes until Rita clamped her legs shut on both feet.

That stopped the cunt shots, but it did nothing to stop the tit mauling. Worse, Rita couldn't use her legs to try and at least break part of the hold. Now she was stretched out on her back riding the Indian and getting her tits wrung out like she was on a medieval rack. Rita wailed. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. I checked the watch. She had two minutes to go.

Rita couldn't even get her claws into the back of Sanjani's mauling hands. The position reduced Rita to dropping her hands and clawing streaks on Sanjani's legs and hips. Each time Rita's nails ripped into Sanjani's fine brown flesh the Indian cursed and plunged her thumb deeper into Rita's tortured tits. Rita had a minute to go on the tit torture rack. After that, she would be free.

Thirty seconds later Rita started begging for mercy. She promised to quit the fight. She promised to be Sanjani's slave if the Indian would just stop mauling her. Sanjani taunted Rita and pulled even harder. I seriously thought there was a danger of Rita's tits being ripped off her chest. I mean how far can skin stretch. Rita gasped and cried. Even if her tits weren't torn off I had to believe all the glands, tubules, and sacks were being rearranged. What of her firm matrix? Would her tits hang down to her waist after this prolonged power stretch? Finally I called time. Sanjani let go immediately and rolled a sobbing Rita off onto the mat.

Sanjani spit on the writhing Latin and taunted, “So tell me again about how tough your tits are. O baby, I fucked you up real good! You better quit before we have to stuff those fat bags of yours in an ice chest and rush you to the hospital. You fucked up when you fucked my man, bitch!”

Rita sobbed and held her swelling tits. I kid you not; those tits were swelling visibly right before my eyes. They had darkened to purple brown. Even the bright red scratches and blood drops from gouged out skin looked purplish. Her nipples had blown up and gone from hard brown black to steaming engorged but soft purple black. Proof of the damage to the internals was seen as pink lymph leaked through the nipple. You could almost see the heat of the blood filled bags rising off the Latin as she cried and tried to hold her heavier than normal tits from pulling against her tortured matrix tissue.

I asked Rita if she wanted to continue. Amazingly she nodded at first, stood, gingerly removed her hands from her tits and made fists. But as soon as she moved the sway of the blood filled bags hurt so much she felt to her knees and grabbed her bags again.

Rita's head was bowed and she whispered, “I give.”

Sanjani snapped, “Who is the better woman?”

Rita whispered through a sob, “You are the better woman.”

Sanjani snarled, “Not loud enough cunt. Beg like a slave or fight on like a free woman.”

Rita sobbed and cupped her breasts and finally shouted, “You win. You kicked my ass. My tits can't take anymore. I'm your slave. Please, let me eat your pussy. No more fighting. I can't go on.”

Sanjani nodded triumphantly stood and pushed her hairy pelvis forward and commanded, “Crawl over her and eat my pussy bitch. If you do it right I'll let you be my slave, but if you can't get me off I'll start beating you again.”

Rita's body shook as she crawled forward on her knees trying to hold her swollen tits from swaying. She looked up at the Indian's sweaty belly and then pushed her tear stained face into the wet cunt hair. She had to be thinking how close she had come to winning. Sanjani had tricked her with that crotch kick, but it was fairly done. Rita should have done the same or worse.

Sanjani thrust her cunt forward and used her left hand to push Rita's head to the right place. The Indian looked at me and raised her right hand in victory as the Latin's lips and tongue made muffled smacking noses. Rita licked and sucked desperately and Sanjani despite her exhaustion seemed delirious. She came in less than four minutes and fell back on the floor writhing, pinching her already abused nipples. Rita knelt watching as the Indian trembled and worked herself to a massive squirting climax by mistreating her own nipples.

Damn, Sanjani was the Mistress of Pain. That demonstration of her ability to enjoy pain seemed to completely break the Latin. Rita sagged and just sat there submissively holding her hot balloons and moaning. Her slavery had begun.

The first week was a bit slow because both women were in agony. Rita didn't lose her tits and in fact they slowly returned to normal size and shape. Well, they had been stressed to near destruction and recovered. However, the black bruises and terrible tenderness didn't leave for a long time. Still Rita took my cock in her mouth to make it hard for Sanjani's cunt. And of course, Rita worshiped Sanjani's clit and ass. The Latin was put through the paces several times a night.

During the day, Rita cleaned and cooked in the nude. When ever we ate she was under the table licking cunt or sucking cock. When we went to bed she slept at the foot of the bed on the floor only coming into bed when we wanted to use her. She periodically got to wipe Sanjani's ass with her own hair and of course gargle Sanjani's piss.

I had intended to keep her presence secret from my younger two kids, but of course their older sisters had already told them the joys of sex and violence. My boy quite enjoyed having an older woman suck him off in the morning. He also spend his after school homecoming fucking her over the back of the couch. I think she liked the young cock. Of course Amy and Tammy used their teacher and apparently they introduced their youngest sister to the joys of having your pussy eaten by another woman. So now any pretense I had of keeping a normal house hold was gone. Thankfully my kids were bigger perverts than me and had no interest in exposing our little Garden of Eden was in fact a poor man's Sodom and Gomorrah . Well maybe not so poor. Rita was a great fuck, slave or free. In fact, she seemed to really get into her role.

She found ways of challenging Sanjani's rule. Sanjani liked to rub cunts. She and Rita started getting into hour long grind offs and Rita actually outlasted her owner more than once. I could see a fight for freedom was coming.

But that is another story. Besides, Tammy was trying to talk her younger sister into fighting some girl who had called her some name. That's the last thing I needed. And of course, Sanjani has started pointing out to Amy that she kicked Rita's ass far worse than my daughter did. If Rita doesn't challenge Sanjani for her freedom my daughter and my lover will end up trying to kill each other.

Can't we all just get along? I was getting more pussy than I believed possible, but I knew a shit storm was coming. I just didn't know when.

The End