WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don’t read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

PIT DAUGHTER – Tammy Joins In by Mr. Cage Tammy (comments to mrcagefight@yahoo.com)

Amy’s first fight was described in Pit Daughters. Her second fight was described in Pit Daughters Althea versus Amy. Her third fight was described in Pit Daughter -Ms. Sanchez Versus Amy. Amy’s undefeated record ended in Pit Daughter – Beauty Queen Versus Amy. After that defeat Amy had five fights in six months. Girls she had bullied wanted to take her down and humiliate her. Luckily she won all five and reestablished herself. Amazingly Billie fought two girls as well using me as her referee. I also refereed three fights between other girls who wanted to settle things like Billie and Amy had. I guess if you wanted to be generous you could say I was a being a good single parent, participating in high school activities supporting my daughter’s interests. Yeah, right! Billie and Amy bonded together to rule the school. I guess it was a Grand Coalition of bitches. With Amy’s senior year coming up I thought my days as a referee was over, but as usual I was more than wrong.

The summer began a war that ended very strangely putting me in a place I never expected. The start was even more surprising to me, “dear old Dad know nothing”. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that Tammy my second daughter would follow in her sister’s footsteps. With Amy as a role model, Tammy managed to pass her sister’s milestones, both good and bad, about a year or two earlier. I had no idea how far she had gone until I received a call from a woman named Sanjani Phillips wanting to discuss the fight her daughter Riya and my daughter Tammy were planning.

After stuttering a great deal I finally understood that my younger daughter had gotten into a fight with a girl on her soccer team and they had decided to fight it out like the older girls in their school did. I was stunned that Ms. Phillips, who had a bit of a strange accent, seemed quite willing to let her daughter fight. Actually she was afraid that I wouldn’t allow my daughter to fight. So after a series of lengthy discussions with Tammy, Amy and Ms. Phillips terms were agreed.

We met on late on a hot day in June. I had not laid eyes on Ms. Phillips and she was a bit of a surprise. I should have guessed that the accent was Indian. She had given birth to Riya in India, but married an American engineer two years later and moved to America to become a citizen. She was some kind of computer nerd herself, but what was truly amazing was that she was a dark beauty with startling green eyes, long shiny black hair and the most perfectly smooth brown complexion I had ever seen, not to mention great jutting breasts. Sanjani was a 34 year old knockout and her 15 year old daughter Riya had not fallen far from the tree. Only Sanjani’s accent said she wasn’t fully Americanized and her daughter had no accent at all. I expected her to be angry and unpleasant, but Sanjani was just the opposite.

We had a pleasant chat where I tried to play the good father and suggest we talk our daughters out of fighting. Now she stunned me when she said she wanted her daughter to fight, to prove herself. Riya and Tammy had already bet each other that the loser would have to go home with the winner and be a slave for the weekend to the winner’s family. I was reluctant to seem to be agreeable to this, but Sanjani continued to surprise me by offering to add herself to the bet if I would do the same.

When my arched eyebrows came back down I inquired as to what I might expect at her house. She smiled and said her husband was dead and all I had to worry about was her and Riya and she expected Riya to be busy with Tammy all weekend. Well if I hadn’t already been having a problem keeping my pants from turning into a tent, her green eyes and lusty smile did me in. What the hell was I dealing with? It looked like there was going to be a girl fight.

Our familiar arena, the so-called fight pit was in the woods behind our subdivision in a clearing. It hadn’t rained in a month, the wind had been hard, and the ground was broken and dusty. The temperature was in the high eighties. I used a rake to clear the pit down to the dust. They would get dirty today and if the past was any guide there would be plenty of blood, sweat and tears mixed in with the dust.

As before, the rules for this fight were winner would be the girl to first win ten submissions or hurt the other fighter so much that she refused to come out for the next round. As in the past I tried to get them to agree to some rules, but both of them sneered at the idea.

Sanjani added, “There aren’t any rules in a bitch fight. Let them settle which one of them is the toughest today. We’ll be here to make sure nobody gets killed.” Then she turned to Riya and ordered, “Fight like I said. Make her scream. Make her beg like a baby. Hurt here everywhere. I mean everywhere, just like I showed you!”

So, Mom had been teaching her little girl.

Amy chimed in, “You fuck her up just like I told you Tammy. Mess up her face, work on her tits, and cunt the slut.”

Sanjani gave Amy a look.

Amy snapped back, “My sister is going to make your little girl scream and then she’s going to use her hard, maybe she’ll share her with me.”

Sanjani replied, “We will see. In time we will see who uses who little girl.”

I stepped in between them before this could escalate. One fight at a time should be a good motto for a Dad with two wayward daughters.

My daughter Tammy stripped down to a pink bikini panty with a white crotch area and a tiny red cat on the front. She had apparently been shopping with Amy. Obviously big sister had taken an interest. Tammy had recently had a bikini wax, manicure and pedicure. Two years younger than Amy, Tammy was tall and skinny. My not so little girl stood 5’ 9’’ tall and weighed a very fit 130 pounds. She was a fierce soccer player and had just started basketball. She had the beginnings of her sister’s amply figure at 35B 23 33. She had blue eyes and long straight black hair left lose as part of the rules of the fight. Her nails were long and filed for that day, painted pink like her toes. She had left off her make-up. Her long legs were strong and firm. Her long brown nipples were stiff, even longer than Amy’s.
Riya stripped down to a bright green bikini panty. Unlike Amy she had obviously not removed her bush and it was startling thick pushing around the edge of the leg holes and threatening to escape over the very tight waist band. Her thick lustrous black hair made Tammy’s black mane look brown and sparse. Riya’s long black hair brushed the outer upward curve of her full brown ass. Riya was the same age as Tammy, but built differently. She stood 5’6’’ and weighed a thick, firm 140 pounds. She was broader in the shoulders and thicker than Amy and looked very strong. Her dark brown belly was round but firm. Her thick thighs were incredibly shapely yet again firm. Most impressive was her wide deep chest and the fact that it supported to jutting brown globes topped by raised orange sized aureoles and cigar thick outward projecting rubbery black nipples. I had never seen more impressive real tits. I could only imagine Sanjani’s. Riya’s jugs were broad based, heavy, round and yet firm. I changed my estimate of Riya’s weight to 145 based on the firmness of her massive breasts. I guessed the brown girl’s figure might be as impressive as 44DD 26 36. Tammy might have bitten off more than she could chew, especially if she planned on chewing on those tits.

Tammy was staring at Riya’s tits when Amy shouted, “Look at those basketballs. Stomp them until they’re hanging down around her ankles.”

Sanjani shot Amy another look. I had to get this fight started before the two older bitches got into it!

At the word, Riya moved forward with her fists up in a good approximation of a guard. I began to wonder if Tammy had been set up. But, as good as Riya’s guard looked Tammy suddenly tagged her with a sweet left jab right between the guarding fists. Tammy’s hard left fist cracked Riya right on the bridge of her nose and sent the green eyed beauty staggering backwards, eyes watering.

Amy yelled with glee. Tammy swung a roundhouse right that caught Riya on the left cheek, sending the Indian’s hair flying again. She staggered again beginning to turn around like all first time fighters.

Tammy grabbed the back of Riya’s hair and jerked with both hands. Riya stumbled backwards off balance. Tammy swung her in a circle and the Indian girl’s tits bounced enticing with each staggering step as she desperately tried to maintain her balance. Riya finally stumbled.

Riya hit hard on her left hip. Amy yelled for Tammy to kick her in the face. Tammy responded with a savage kick aimed for Riya’s stunned face. I almost shut my eyes. I’m glad I didn’t because Riya ducked backwards and Tammy’s dirty white foot shot past. Tammy stumbled forward ending up standing astride Riya’s thighs looking in the wrong direction. Sanjani was screaming something.

Riya grabbed Tammy’s right ankle and jerked it out from under my girl. Tammy yelped and balanced on her left foot trying to twist around to face her grounded attacker. I didn’t need to hear Sanjani yelling for her daughter to cunt my girl. I knew it was coming. Riya yelled a war cry and leaned back, kicking upward with her right heel. Tammy surprised me by avoiding the brown foot to her cunt and fell backwards. Riya’s heel barely scrubbed the red kitten on the front of Tammy’s mound as she fell backwards.

Tammy hit the ground on her ass, her right foot in Riya’s hands. Sanjani and Amy were screaming instructions, but I doubt either girl was listening. Tammy jerked her right foot free. Riya grabbed for it leaning forward. Tammy’s long leg was doubled back her knee almost to her tits. Riya’s grasping hands just touched the sides of Tammy’s dusty foot.

My daughter suddenly jammed her foot straight out, passing easily through Riya’s hands. The hard thud of Tammy’s bony foot to the inside swell of both of Riya’s tits sounded like a drum shot. Riya’s globes were large enough they brushed insides, but with her arms extended her big tits were squashed together. Tammy’s foot crushed both of them and then penetrated pass the tit flesh, thrusting the globes outward violently and then thudded a second time into Riya’s breastbone.

Riya grunted and was driven back in the dust. Her hair snapped like a snake while her head flew back to bounce on the ground. She groaned and gasped like her lungs had been stunned, or maybe it was the foot equivalent of the heart punch, if there was such a thing. In any case, Riya was stunned and flat on her back in the dirt. Amy screamed for Tammy to get on top.

Before Tammy could move, Sanjani called for a break, first fall to my daughter. Amy yelled in triumph and helped her dust covered, smiling sister to her feet. Tammy joked, but I knew if Riya continued on my girl might not be so lucky the next round.

Riya was grimed faced at the start of the second round. Her nose wasn’t swollen, but her cheek showed some puffing under the left eye. Dust covered both girls, but there was a big foot print outlined on the inside of Riya’s tits and you could just see the toes peaking above the swell. Man, Tammy had really put the foot to those tits.

Riya came forward again. Tammy feinted with a jab and smashed a right into the side of Riya’s left tit. What a meaty thud! Riya grunted, but she fired her right fist straight forward and smashed Tammy’s left boob against her rib cage. Tammy grunted and smashed a wild left into Riya’s face. That’s when the shit hit the fan.

The two girls started throwing rapid fire headshots. Rights, lefts, forearms, elbows, back hands, knees, and kicks flew faster than the eye could see. Dust rose up and they danced in a circle hammering away. Hair snapped and heads jerked. The constant drumming of hard fists on faces, arms, tits and stomachs was punctuated by grunts and groans. Blood appeared on Tammy’s right eyebrow. Blood dribbled from Riya’s lower lip. Tammy’s nose started to dribble. Riya’s upper lip burst open and a gush of blood splattered on her tits. They kept swinging, no defense.

Tammy was the first to grab a handful of hair. She jerked with her left hand and fixed Riya’s already bruised face for six or seven rapid fire rights. Riya twisted her face away and grabbed for Tammy’s hair with her left. Now they dragged on each other’s hair and fired rights around the other’s blocking left. Somebody had to go down.

Finally they tripped over each other and fell hard on their sides. Tammy threw a long leg over Riya’s hips and started to mount the Indian girl. Riya’s knee came up and blocked the mount. Tammy fired down with her right and hammered Riya’s face. Blood spurted from Riya’s nose, but the Indian held on.

She brought her knee up between Tammy’s tits and rolled. Tammy went up and over hitting the ground on the opposite side of Riya. The Indian had Tammy’s hair with her left and a right knee between my daughter’s tits. Tammy’s right fist was buried under her body. She let go of Riya’s tangled hair and went for the Indian’s face with her left.

Riya jerked her face back and pushed with her knee. Tammy started to rotate in the dirt with her head held in place and her body being pushed backwards. Riya suddenly rolled on top of Tammy and pushed her flat on her back. Riya was astride my daughter’s breasts. The Indian girl jerked up with her left hand on Tammy’s hair bringing hr face up. Then Riya slammed down three hard rights into the middle of Tammy’s face. Blood poured out of her nose and her arms flopped. She was out.

I yelled for a break. Riya had evened it up.

What a difference a round makes. The two young bitches looked like they had been in a war and lost. Tammy’s whiter skinned showed more discoloring, but I couldn’t tell you which one’s face was in worse shape. They had fisted each other into swollen, bloody messes. All four eyes showed signs of closing and would be very black by the next day. Both fine noses were bloody and swollen, neither girl had reacted as though they were broken, but they might very well be. Upper and lower lips were split and bloody. No one had lost a tooth, but they were both spitting out blood. Their skin and hair were covered in sweat smeared dust. A little more dust and it would be impossible to tell Indian from white.

The third round started with the furious fist fight. They flew at each other. They didn’t windmill, but they punched straight and true again and again. Without defense, at least fifty percent of the punches hit something that hurt. Noses and lips began to flow again. They were going to feel this fight for a long time. It must have gone on nonstop for four minutes before they fell together in a mutual hug.

Tammy tried to use her height to throw Riya, but the Indian girl was heavier and her relatively big feet were solidly planted. They grunted and strained against each other, bleeding over one another’s shoulder adding red to the smeared dust stains. Tammy threw the first knee. Riya retaliated and they held each other by the shoulders kneeing at thighs, cunts and bellies. Both scored and both cried out curses, but neither fell or covered up.

Riya being shorter found that in all the pushing and sliding, that her face was flush with Tammy’s shoulder. She sank her teeth into Tammy’s right shoulder and bit down hard. Tammy screamed and immediately went for the tangled black hair to pull Riya’s teeth away. Riya had a deep bite and she held on like a dog with a bone. Tammy howled and screamed ripping out double handfuls of the Indian’s once beautiful hair.

Desperate, Tammy scored a lucky foot stop that caught Riya’s toes just right. Riya cried out and of all things released her bite just long enough for Tammy’s double hair pull to jerk her head back. Tammy butted her head down and clashed with Riya’s forehead, staggering them both.

They broke apart and sucked in air. Riya moved first with a sudden lunge. She hit Tammy and took her off her feet. They landed hard with a cloud of dust, the Indian on top.

Riya started to sit up, but Tammy locked her thighs around the Indian’s left leg. Riya jerked at the leg, got no motion and on Sanjani’s yelled instructions dropped her right hand to Tammy’s crotch. Tammy stiffened as Riya’s brown hand pressed against her mound. Riya started to push her fingers into Tammy’s cunt around her panty, but my daughter reached up and grabbed the brown face, clawing it and pushing Riya to the side.

Tammy started to crawl on top, but Riya grabbed both her tits, crushed and twisted them pushing the white girl down to her side. Tammy screamed out a curse and grabbed for Riya’s big nipples. Locked together at the legs, they began mauling each other’s tits in some demented test of tit pain. Riya worked the meat of Tammy’s smaller tits, while the white girl clawed, pinched and gouged at the huge aureole and thick black nipples of the Indian. Riya seemed to be in more pain, but she took it and soon Tammy was mewling and crying just as much.

The tit mauling continued with Tammy working Riya’s nipples and Riya putting bruises on top of bruises on Tammy’s tit meat. The girls cursed and screamed at each other. Both threatened to rip off the other’s tits. Tammy’s wicked nails soon had both of Riya’s nipples bleeding. The Indian girl’s howls grew louder and louder.

Riya switched to Tammy’s nipples. Now Tammy howled louder and louder, but the Indian had waited too long. Tammy had her nipples raw and bleeding. Riya cried out and started yelling for Tammy to stop. Tammy poured on the pinching and twisting. Riya screamed and rolled onto her back. Tammy climbed on top and now pressed all her weight down on the Indian’s fat tits. Riya groaned as her huge tits flowed around Tammy’s dirty hands. I swear my daughter’s hands almost sank into the brown tit flesh.

Riya finally yelled for a break and Tammy crawled off her too tired to even think about celebrating. Tammy pulled ahead two to one. Sanjani helped her sobbing daughter to her feet and whispered furiously to her. Amy did the same thing for Tammy. Tammy nodded uncertainly and sucked in air. The girls were past exhaustion now. Unfortunately, both girls were well conditioned athletes and fanatically determined to win. It would go on.

They lumbered around each other on flat feet. Riya missed with two slow rights. Tammy missed with her left jab. Riya missed with a long left. Tammy snapped a kick up and scored against the Indian’s green panties. Riya grunted, but didn’t go down. Instead she lurched forward and drove a low blow into Tammy’s pink panties. It was a perfect shot just below the waist band. Tammy folded over the fist and groaned. Riya followed it up with a hair grab and a knee to Tammy’s bent over face.

Tammy took the knee on her forehead and dropped to her knees. Riya jerked on her hair and pulled my daughter’s face back for some fisting. Tammy’s claws came up and sank into the Indian’s fine brown belly. Tammy ripped down and grabbed the green panties, clawing Riya’s belly and jerking the panties down to her thighs.

Riya screeched and grabbed her stomach. The shock of ten razors slicing her tender skin stopped Riya in her tracks. Her thick black bush was now fully exposed. Tammy grabbed a handful of the bush and ripped down. Riya’s head snapped back and she screamed out a quick surrender as Tammy’s hand came away with a tuft of pubic hair.

Riya fell on her ass and held herself crying. Her mother got in her ear and screamed at her to fight back and show what she was made of. Amy taunted both Indians. Tammy was vacant eyed and past celebrating. She needed the fight to be over quickly.

Riya stood pulling her stretched panties back up over her luxurious bush. Amy commented that she was a dirty hairy animal. I don’t know why all the young girls are waxing off their bushes. I always liked to plunge my face into a hairy bush nosing around until I found pussy.

Tammy was ahead three to one, but right now it could easily be the other way around. Tammy’s nails and dirty fighting had been all the difference. Amy had obviously been helping her prepare for the pit fight.

The fifth round started very slow. Riya was still crying, probably as much from her mother’s tongue lashing than the humiliating bush ripping. Tammy came forward trying to finish it with her fists.

Soon both girls were hammering each other’s faces, shoulders, arms, tits, ribs and bellies. The slow pushing punches hurt just the same and as before the only defense was the clumsy blocking by simultaneous punching. Fresh trails of blood from nose and lips appeared on the red dust stained bodies. Riya staggered. Tammy staggered. They both recovered and leaned into the other still punching.

Finally they again ended in the standing wrestling clinch, two exhausted, battered bitches unwilling to stop and unable to finish the other off. Riya hugged Tammy and tried to bite her again. Tammy twisted to the side and drove her knee into the pit of Riya’s belly. The Indian groaned and hugged Tammy tightly again. I got a rear view of the Indian girl hugging my daughter. Her big brown tits, claw marks still visible ballooned out from under her arms. Her big tits had squashed Tammy’s upward just below Riya’s mouth.

Amy was screaming for Tammy to use her nails. Sanjani was yelling for Riya to bite into Tammy’s upward thrusting tits. Tammy heard first.

My daughter suddenly released her hug, rotated her hands on Riya’s shoulders and raked down the length of the Indian’s stained back. Riya screamed as Tammy’s long, pointed nails ripped open the brown perfect skin. My girl left ten streaks down the length of Riya’s back. The Indian arched her back, her head thrown back screaming. Tammy reached Riya’s fine brown ass and clawed downward, pulling down the already stretched out bikini. My girl was either naturally nasty or had been thoroughly briefed her sister. She rotated her hands again, cupped Riya’s big ass cheeks and dug her nails into the underside of each cheek.

Riya screamed and leaned backwards. She grabbed for Tammy’s hands behind her own back. Sanjani was screaming for her daughter to take it and bite Tammy’s nipples off, but Tammy had her. As Riya twisted backwards, Tammy slammed her head down on Riya’s upward tilting nose. I can’t say I heard a crack, but Riya went limp and fell like a sack of potatoes. She fell so fast that Tammy fell over her and ended up gasping for air entangled in the brown girl’s limbs.

I pulled Tammy off before she could recover and do any more harm. Sanjani checked on Riya who slowly came around. There was no question the girl’s nose was broken. Sanjani expertly put her fingers on it and did something that put Riya out again for four minutes, but her nose was back in place. The fight was clearly over.

Sanjani said she wanted to take Riya to a doctor to make sure her nose healed right. I said sure. Then Sanjani promised they would come over that evening if able and if not, they would make it up.

Well they arrived that evening. Riya’s nose was plastered. Her face had swollen grotesquely. I had thought that the slits that were now Tammy’s eyes were bad, but Riya’s nose and cheeks were bloated. Both girls had busted each other up pretty badly. Hard fists to the face without defense or knockout power just piled tissue damage on top of tissue damage. Maybe they had learned something.

Tammy took Riya immediately to her room to begin her slavery. Amy reminded her of what to do and said she was available to help.

Sanjani came to my room. She stripped off her clothes. Her breasts were even more magnificent than her daughter’s. I had no intention of humiliating her, but she wanted to fuck and be fucked. What’s more she wanted to be fucked hard in every way. She sucked my cock hard again and again and then rode it to sweaty climaxes.

After the first night of fucking she started getting kinky in that she wanted to be tit fucked. I rode her belly jamming my hard cock up between her globes while she squeezed and twisted her huge nipples. After awhile she begged for me to slap her tits, then grab them and then punch them. I tortured her tits to her specifications while jamming my almost raw cock in between them. When I finally shot my wad she was covered with bruises, gasping from what seemed to be a twenty minute long orgasm and covered in my cum. What a fuck bitch!

I was falling in love with this green eyed beauty. We fucked and then we talked. On Sunday Tammy and Amy led an exhausted Riya into my room. She was whimpering. Amy wanted her to suck my cock. I said no, but Sanjani said she lost, she should learn not to lose. So I let the swollen lipped girl do her best, but her mother’s mouth had almost emptied me already. Sanjani took over, licking my balls and fingering my ass until I was hard enough. Then she sat her daughter down on my cock and I fucked the beaten bitch while Amy and Tammy double teamed Sanjani.

I think I passed out more than once during that last day leaving my two daughters to work on Sanjani and Riya. I woke up long enough to see Sanjani eating her own daughter’s pussy while Amy fist fucked the Indian mother from behind and Tammy rode Riya’s face.

I refused to humiliate either woman so my daughters took turns using their faces as bathrooms. When it was all over I reluctantly said goodbye to Sanjani. There was a woman I could spend some time with.

Much to my surprise, no astonishment, Sanjani called me and made a dinner date. We fucked that night and every night that week. She was so hot and so into fucking. I had the perfect woman, except for one thing.

Yes, you got it in one. Sanjani and Amy were determined to fight it out. Can’t a guy get a little piece in peace?