WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

MIDNIGHT AT THE EMPIRE HAIR SALON Mr. Cage (make comments to mrcagefight@yahoo.com )

Tara Brightly sat quietly waiting for her boss and illicit lover, James Smyth-Branson to arrive with his solicitor. The holding cell was occupied by three sleeping drunk girls. It was a typical Friday night crowd in this part of London . The next cell held five loudly quarreling prostitutes. They had been bitching at each other for at least an hour. Tara didn't bother to look through the bars where the fucking Jamaican waitress was moaning. Tara smiled to herself. She had kicked in the bitch's ribs and broken her nose with a knee just as the coppers pulled her off.

“How's that for a tip, you off color slag?” Tara thought as she felt her tender cheeks.

The big tall rawboned blonde knew she would have a black right eye and a discolored left cheek. The Jamaican hadn't wanted to fight in the parking lot, but once the fists started flying, the fat bitch had proved she packed a punch. Tara flexed her fingers. Both sets of her knuckles were bright red and raw. The Jamaican's blood stained Tara 's hands, dress and even the top of her right shoe. The bitch bled like a stuck pig. Well it had been worth it to teach the fucking off color cunt a lesson.

Just after three James and his solicitor arrived and Tara smiled through her swollen lips at the black girl still waiting in her cell. Tara resisted telling the bitch off one last time. James didn't appreciate her low street ways and the coppers were fed up with seeing her almost every other Friday night. James had been at his daughter's wedding rehearsal that night and so Tara had been free to go pub crawling. She liked picking up a hot stud for a night's fuck. She even swung both ways and often went to girl bars looking for a fight, a fuck, or both. But tonight she had taken an immediate dislike to the big black bitch serving her drinks. Glares and whispered words were exchanged. Tara had waited for the bitch to close up and then forced her into a street fight. The coppers and their damn surveillance cameras were all over her before she had finished given the bitch a proper beating, but she had at least made her point.

Outside James said firmly, “Not one more time. I'm done with this. You're a smart, beautiful and sexy as hell, Tara , but this brawling has got to stop. You're going to get hurt or hurt somebody. You need to see somebody about whatever causes you to keep getting into fights.”

Tara smiled despite the pain in her face and said, “When we started this we said no strings and no changing anybody. I fight because I like to.”

The solicitor said, “I called in my last favor in this district, young lady. The press is going on and on about drunken brawls on the public streets. The television news is doing a special on violence between young women. The politicians are feeling the heat to clean up the streets with the local elections coming up. The coppers aren't going to turn a blind eye and smile anymore. Next time, high bail and you go to the dock. Even if nobody is seriously hurt you could get three months inside and nine months probation. Proper British ladies do not fight and you'll give even less sympathy when they find out that you particularly like taking on blacks and browns.”

Her sometimes lover said fiercely, “And I can't become involved! Damn it, Tara , you know I have a wife and family. I'm a businessman, a public figure. My wife doesn't care if I fuck cows on High Street, but if it gets in the paper and ruins her social standing she'll rape me in divorce court. So no more bail money from me. If you can't stay out of trouble we'll have to call our out of office sessions to an end.”

The solicitor quickly said, “And of course that in no way influences you position in the company. In fact, I'm sure a promotion and a raise are coming, perhaps a bonus as well. I'm sure you will sign an affidavit clearly stating that your business relationship with the firm and your supervisors is entirely appropriate.”

Tara nodded and laughed to herself. James was an adequate lover, especially when he was furious with his wife. Then he would mound and ride her hard and brutal just like she liked, but otherwise he was an old woman with a cock and a lot of money. She had no problem signing a piece of paper for a fat bonus. She was already making five times the money her old dad had in the mills before they closed. The broke old man had won a hundred thousand pounds in a sweepstakes, died happily drunk and passed on what was left, ninety-five thousand pounds and change. She was 25 with no responsibilities, a great job, plenty of money in the bank and the take no prisoners attitude of a mill girl.

Tara behaved herself for a month, but then she walked into her favorite beauty salon, the Empire Hair Salon. She had closed her eyes during a shampoo, but couldn't ignore the click clack of high heels across the floor. The sound of high heels always caused her too look. She saw a young Indian girl in a too tight green smock walking ever so proudly on impractical four inch heels. The haughty dark brown beauty must have been almost six feet tall in her bare feet. The swell of her bosom was challenging. Her waist was slim and the tightness of her smock showed her large hips were heavy with muscles, not fat pads.

Tara 's big pointed pink nipples immediately swelled and poked through her thin bra. She could feel the pressure as she lay under the salon gown. She squeezed her thighs together causing her swelling cunt lips to rub. Yes she was already getting wet. She felt that hot tingling on her too long, to thick, to hard clit. James was not the only man to remark on the size of her clit when it swelled with excitement. Some joked it was almost big enough to be called a cock. Just thinking that made her clit swell and burn. She liked her hood to be pulled back and the pink finger to be roughly sucked and rubbed. She liked it rough.

At 5'11'' and 155 firm, female, muscular pounds Tara was a match for most men and almost all women. But there was something about just seeing another large woman that fed her competitive juices. She watched the Indian move about. She compared their legs, their, arms, their asses and their breasts. Furiously, she had to admit the Indian was at least as strong and attractive in every category. In fact, the brown bitch's tits looked bigger and rounder. She doubted they could be any firmer.

The woman was an inch taller and maybe ten pounds heavier, half of it in the breasts and the rest in the hips. Her long black hair was pinned into a long silky pony tail for work and it brushed the bitch's high riding ass. The green smock provided no support, so the bitch's ass must be rock hard to ride that hide. Tara already hated the brown bitch. The longer she watched and listened the more she hated her. The bitch needed to be put in her place and Tara knew the perfect girl to do it.

That began a month of stalking. Tara followed the girl around, asked questions and learned her habits. The girl's name was Devon Riya Masterson. She was the daughter of English copper and Indian mother. She was born in Bristol but moved to London . It wasn't just to work. At 22 years old the proud bitch liked to party in the City's notorious lipstick lesbian pubs. She had been cast out by her family and was making it on her own working during the day as a manicurist and at night as a waitress in the Selena Pub. She partied at the Athena Club and the Katz Club. She lived in a dismal one room flat blocks away from the salon.

Tara began the campaign in the salon. She made a point of asking for Devon and then bitched through the entire session. Devon bit her dark lip and managed to keep her flashing green eyes from casting fire. Tara treated her like shit on her heel and then purposely bumped her hard as she left.

Next Tara showed up at the Selena Pub. She ordered drinks at Devon 's station. Complained loudly about the service and left no tip. Then she found a small little dyke that Devon was chatting up near the bar and moved to sit by her. Tara wasn't that attracted to the little cunt, but she took her home that night and screwed the hell out of her. Tara made a point of showing up the next night and telling Devon all about how she made the little girl squirm with her fingers up her cunt.

Devon finally whispered, “I don't know what's wrong with you, but I suggest you get off me, Blondie, or you're going to be eating the pavement.”

Tara stood and leaned close to Devon and said, “You ugly, stinking wog. I'll kick your smelly different colored cunt out of London . Just say where and when.”

Devon glared at the girl and turned and walked away.

Tara laughed and called after her, “That's what I thought.”

Devon stopped in her tracks. Then she shook her head and finished walking away.

Tara dressed for Saturday night at the Athena Club. She put on a translucent white blouse that showed off her elegantly pink half bra making sure her rubbery inch long nipples were just covered by the bra cup and her perfectly circular two inch in diameter thick pink aureole were half exposed. The half cup caused her 40 DD breasts to balloon upward creating even more deep cleavage than normal. Her flat ridged belly disappeared under a tight black too short school girl skirt complete with shiny black leather belt and golden belt buckle. Under the skirt she wore nothing but a classical pink garter belt and sheer pink stockings. The skirt was so short it showed two inches of her muscular white thigh over the top of the pink stockings. She completed the outfit with four inch black strap-on stiletto sandal heels. She took out her hoop earrings in favor of flat studs. Then she loaded up both her hands with rings with raised settings and sharp edges. She wrapped a thick platinum chain around her right wrist and curled it up her arm like a slave chain hooking it in place below her elbow. She combed back her long blonde hair and fixed it in place with two soft clips. She used pink lipstick and a light blush to complete her look. She raised her skirt and looked at her shaved cunt. It was already glistening so she stuck her finger in it and ran up between her lips and pinched her clit until it hurt real fine. She was ready to fuck or fight tonight, maybe both! She completed her wardrobe with a fine black leather coat, pink mini-bag and black leather bag into which she placed her favorite toys.

Tara thought she might be disappointed, but then at eleven, Devon strutted into the Athena Club. Several heads turned as the admittedly breathtaking young woman stalked through the room to the dance floor with an older, wealthy looking woman on her hand. Tara knew the woman in question was some minor noble with a husband and three very proper sons. Perhaps she had bought Devon 's expensive green strapless form fitting dress that flared like a tennis dress at the hips exposing Devon 's long brown legs and occasional flashes of her firm ass as she bent forward dancing. Devon wore little green thigh stockings and green stiletto fuck me pumps. Her lustrous black hair was held back by three green ribbons and hung like a whip down her long exposed back. She had darkened her eyes; ruby colored her lips, and placed a red dot in the center of her forehead. Golden hoops hung from her earlobes. She wore two large fake emerald rings on each hand and a series of loose gold chains around her long brown neck. She appeared braless as her 42DD breasts swayed firmly inside the cups of her dress. She wore a green thong panty which was partially exposed every time she raised a leg to sit or dance.

Tara waited until Devon was getting drinks to move in on the rich bitch. The woman was flustered and flattered. Tara shocked her by going for a clench on the dance floor and then forcing a hard kiss on her lips. The woman gasped and pushed away, but Devon had seen the action. She stepped in between them and glared at Tara . The Athena Club wasn't some dive. Fights did not occur there. As soon as a fight threatened, the very proper attendants, off duty police woman, moved in quickly. No one wanted to be barred from the club and even loud arguments quickly resulted in enforced exits.

Devon muttered, “You've been pressing me for a month, bitch. Do you want to step outside and say whatever you want to say?”

The rich bitch said, “Please, ladies. No need to fight over me. I have a room, perhaps the three of us could go their and have a small party.”

Tara ignored the rich bitch and snapped, “You ugly wog. I want to fight you, but not here and not in the street.”

The rich bitch mumbled, “Now see here young lady, I'll have none of that talk.”

Devon nodded and said, “We can go to the Empire Salon. There is a small break room in the back. We can move a couple of tables and chairs out of the way. But I warn you, if you fight it won't be a quick slap, pull hair, tears and hugs all around thing. It will be a fight and you'll get your white cunt kicked up to your cow tits.”

Tara snarled, “I'll kick your fat brown ass back to your fucking mud hut wog.”

The rich bitch started to intervene, but Devon said, “This between me and her. It's got nothing to do with you.”

The two of them left the club wearing their coats. Devon had a large bag as well and Tara of course wondered what the brown bitch might have secreted in it. They clicked down the empty sidewalks and entered the Empire Salon at straight up and down midnight . Devon left the blinds down and the front lights off. She led the way to the break room. It was really a wide hallway about six feet wide and twelve feet long. Three doors went off the left side of it, two to bathrooms and one to a store room. Devon and Tara moved eight chairs and two cheap card tables out of the hallway filling one of the restrooms. The floor was tiled and the walls were clapboard. An overhead florescent light glared. The far end of the hallway ended at the chained back door. The near end was set off from the salon floor by a beaded curtain. They left their coats and bags in the chairs on the main floor.

Devon stood with her legs apart and her fists clenched and said, “Are you sure you want to take this beating?”

Tara snapped, “You're going to get your ass whipped and then I'm going to shave your head and take that hair home as a trophy. If you get lucky, I'll fuck you with my fist before I leave you bleeding on the floor.”

“You're a crazy fucking white cunt!”

“Shut up and fight you monkey whore!”

Tara rushed forward and hooked her right fist straight for Devon 's left eye. The brown skinned woman squealed and turned her head, taking Tara 's hard fist with all its four rings on her left ear. Devon yelped and staggered to the side. Tara 's left fist slammed into Devon 's big right breast as she leaned forward. The impact lifted the firm round globe up and out of the flimsy dress.

Devon grunted and grabbed hold of Tara . Tara cursed and tried to knee the Indian in the crotch. Devon was already rotating at the hips and took it on her thigh. Tara was muscled around and thrown back hard into the wall. She thudded against the wall and stepped forward throwing a roundhouse right.

Devon stunned the big blonde by blocking it with her left and driving her two ringed right fist straight into Tara 's prominent nose. Tara 's head snapped back and her blonde hair flew out of both clasps. Tara staggered backwards blinking hard. She felt blood trickling out of her nose and tongued the blood into her mouth.

“Okay, you monkey whore, no fucking mercy for you now!” the bloody blonde snarled.

Devon braced herself on her left foot and kicked out with her right. She connected with Tara 's thigh. The stiletto heel ripped a hole in the upper part of Tara 's pink stockings and etched a red streak across Tara 's pale skin. The blonde yelled and lunged forward. Devon put up her hands and tried to get her foot down for balance, but the blonde rammed into her and she lost her precarious balance going down hard on the tiles with the screaming blonde on top.

Devon 's kicking right foot lost its shoe. Tara straddled the Indian and lay on her pinning the wiggling cursing woman to the floor. Tara reached for Devon 's lustrous black hair, grabbed to handfuls and brutally banged the downed woman's head on the floor. Devon groaned and grabbed Tara 's wrists, her dark red nails biting into the white girl's wrists. They struggled on the floor, body to body. Stockings rubbing and stretching started to show runs. Tara 's ripped stocking pulled away from the garter belt and rolled down to her knee. Devon 's thigh highs started to slip as well. Devon lost her other shoe and was now in her stocking feet.

Tara pressed up into a sitting position and jerked her hands away. Devon shielded her face with open hands and ripped out the front of Tara 's tissue thin blouse fully exposing the lace bra. Tara punched down and around Devon 's flailing hands, missing three of four punches, but connecting hard to Devon 's mouth. Devon bucked up and rocked Tara forward. The blonde put her hands down and stayed on top. Devon reached up and sank her claws into Tara 's upper chest. Tara cried out, propped her self on her left hand and drove her right down hard into Devon 's left eye three times. Devon twisted her head to the side and took heavy shots on the side of her face.

The Indian girl grabbed Tara 's bra from below and jerked it upward. Tara 's big round tits were compressed and squished. Finally the bra pushed over the bunched up tit flesh and Tara 's deformed tits bounced down from the now empty cups. Devon used the bra as a handle to push Tara back where her flailing legs captured the blonde's shoulders.

Tara grabbed at Devon 's green dress for support. Devon 's strong right leg pulled back on Tara and Devon 's long arms pushed upward. Tara cursed as the green dress ripped open and she flew backwards hitting the floor with Devon 's right foot hooked across her shoulder. Devon sat up and saw Tara 's uncovered cunt flashing at her under the black skirt. Devon screamed in triumph and jammed the nails of her right hand into the fleshy pink vertical mouth. Tara screamed drew back her feet and kicked out hard.

Devon squealed and tried to block the flying heels. The blonde's black strap on stiletto sandals flashed passed Devon 's arms. One heel dug into Devon 's right shoulder twisting her to the side and the other smashed into exposed left breast, driving it back into Devon 's broad chest. The heel dug into the underside of the brown orb. Devon screamed in agony and fell backwards grabbing for her wounded orb. The heel had broken the skin and bruised her deeply. The whole tit throbbed for a moment.

Tara squirmed on her back and started kicking with both feet. Her heels were weapons. She scored hits on Devon 's arms, ribs, belly and finally thighs as the Indian scrambled backwards to get out of range. Tara's last hit ripped open the inside calf of Devon's right stocking and left a bloody streak on the Indian's finely shaped leg.

Devon screamed and scrambled backwards, rolling over and getting to her feet quickly. Tara stood as quick as she could. She was now on heels, taller and not as sure footed as the Indian in her stocking feet. They glared at each other, big tits heaving. Sweat poured down their bodies. Their make-up ran. Their fine clothes were sodden and ripped.

Devon said, “I'm going to take those heels and fuck you with them.”

“Come and get it you stinking monkey whore!” cursed Tara .

Devon started forward swinging. Tara stood her ground and the two women exchanged full blooded fists. Tara 's face took a pounding. One of Devon 's rings opened her right cheek. Tara 's fight rings ripped and shredded both of Devon 's cheeks and tore open the Indian's lower lip. The Indian stepped back and delivered a brutal stomp kick to Tara 's right leg. This time she had good balance. The blow caused Tara to stagger on her heels.

Devon rushed in before the blonde could stabilize herself. The Indian drove a right hook into Tara 's left eye and the blonde went staggering into the wall. Devon 's wild left splattered into Tara 's heaving right breast driving it across her chest recreating momentarily the bra's deep cleavage. The blonde groaned and raised her arms to protect herself. The enraged Indian drove forward and raised a knee. The point of her knee went into Tara 's hard lower belly and speared the blonde against the wall. Without her muscle shield Tara would have been crippled. As it was the blonde groaned and doubled over grabbing Devon in a bear hug.

The Indian clawed at Tara 's sides ripping the flimsy blouse away leaving the white beauty in her black skirt and heels with the pink bra rolled up under her arms. Tara hugged the Indian to her desperately. Their faces rubbed side to side. Devon dropped her teeth to the white's right shoulder and bit. Tara howled. She picked up her right foot and purposely used the toe to find Devon 's calve. Then she drove her foot down, driving the heel of her shoe into the top of the Indian's stocking foot. Devon howled and jerked her foot backwards. The green stocking was ripped and stained red with the Indian's blood. Her foot had been spiked.

Off balance, the Indian was unable to keep the blonde from throwing her around and pinning her to the wall. Leaning against Devon , Tara started driving uppercuts into the Indian's belly and ribs. Devon grunted and groaned and tried to capture the attacking white in a defensive bear hug. Tara 's heels scarred the floor but she stayed wedged against the big Indian. Devon dug her long red nails into Tara 's back and ripped ten deep furrows down the length of the white back. Tara 's head came back and her back arched breaking the wall pin.

Devon twisted and pushed. Tara stumbled backwards tripping on her heels and landed hard on her ass by the beaded curtain. Devon started forward, but Tara 's flashing heels fended her off. Devon cursed and grabbed at Tara 's ankles and took three or four slashing kicks to her arms. Devon retreated and picked up her heels. Tara saw the Indian preparing to use her discarded stilettos as hand weapons. Scared, Tara quickly took of her own heels and rose up.

The two big fighting bitches stood four feet apart breathing heavily holding their stiletto heels like weapons in both hands. Tara was blinking her eyes; both were swollen and would be black in the morning. Devon 's face was even a worse mess. Both women had expected to beat down the other quickly. Now they knew they were in for a desperate fight to the finish. Someone was going to be very sad she had ever seen the other.

Devon yelled and rushed forward swinging her right hand in an arc driving the pointed stiletto heel straight for Tara 's sweaty forehead. The blonde dodged and drove her own right heel down as Devon 's lunged carried her forward. Tara 's down swipe passed the Indian's face by an inch and scored a direct hit on her huge left tit. The pointed heel struck as the tit swelled out from the chest wall, dug into the brown tit fat, then slide down the swell of the orb, across the aureole, just missing the big hard dark brown nipple, and then off the ledge of the quaking bag. Devon screamed in agony. She hadn't been punctured, but a grove had been left in her smooth flesh and blood welled out all along the abrasion.

Devon staggered to a stop and despite her pain swung around and backhanded Tara between the shoulders. The Indian's heel hit hard and scored the white woman's back, but the main effect was sudden sharp pain in her upper spine. Tara cried out, arched her back and staggered forward, spinning with each step.

Tara 's right hand was blocked by Devon 's arm as she spun around. The Indian drove again went for a head strike with her left hand. The blow missed Tara 's skull, but impacted on her right shoulder. Tara moaned, but she was in close now. Rather than go for a heel strike, she dropped her left shoe and drove her left fist upward into Devon 's prominent chin. Crunch! Devon 's teeth crashed together, her wet hair jerked, her head flew back and her knees gave way. The Indian went down.

Devon fell to her knees in front of Tara . Tara immediately swung her right hand, armed with her grasped shoe. The heel hit Devon full on the forehead. Devon 's eyes went wide and then rolled back for a moment. The heel ripped open a gash from her hair line to the middle of her dark eye brows. Blood poured forth and the Indian fell on her back pole axed. Tara stared down at her victim, stunned by her own success.

The blonde grabbed what was left of Devon 's flimsy green dress and ripped it away exposing the Indian's small green thong. Determined to strip the brown bitch, Tara leaned down and ripped away the thong. Devon blinked her eyes and saw the bloody blonde standing over her. Tara was smiling holding the thong like a prize. Devon screamed and drove both her stocking feet upward.

The blonde blinked and then cried out. Devon 's feet drove upward between the blonde's thighs. Tara started to reach for her crotch, but it was way too late. Both feet were funneled by the blonde's muscular thighs straight up into her bare cunt. The desperate Indian's legs were strong and driven up from the floor. The impact was a dull meaty thud. Tara groaned and then yelped as she flew upward, driven by the powerful brown thighs. The blonde actually rose almost a foot above the full extension of Devon 's toes before gravity brought her down.

Tara flew backwards a foot or two. When her feet touched the floor her knees gave way and she fell backwards on her ass groaning. Getting kicked in the cunt was not as bad as being kicked in the balls, but it was no free trip. Black pain clouded Tara 's eyes. Tara could not help but to draw up her legs and moan. Devon blinked the blood out of her eyes and sat up surprised not to have the blonde standing above her.

Nude accept for her rolled down thigh highs, Devon started to press up. Her stocking feet slipped. She cursed, reached down and stripped of her stockings. The blonde finally rolled over and started to press up on her hands and knees. Devon looked at the green stockings in her hands and suddenly wound them around both hands, pulled them tight and rolled onto her knees. The blonde was reaching for one of her dropped heels, but was still on her knees.

Devon scrambled forward on her knees and wrapped her stockings around Tara 's long neck. The Indian jerked the stockings tight and crossed her hands before jerking backwards. The blonde's head came back and the stocking bit into the white neck. Tara 's eyes bulged out and she reached for her neck with her left hand. Her fingers clawed her own flesh until she got them under the throttling stockings. Devon extended her arms and sat back bending Tara backwards until the blonde's back was jammed hard on a brown knee between the bloody shoulder blades.

Choking, the blonde twisted around until her right shoulder was pointed at the Indian. Unable to free herself and choking, Tara raised her arm and spiked Devon 's thigh with her stiletto. Devon moaned and tightened the choke. The first three blows bruised her deep, but then the desperate blonde drove the heel down just right. The stiletto punctured the already damaged skin and dug into the meat below.

Devon howled and jerked back her leg. Without the brace Tara was dragged by the throat down on top the Indian. Tara 's left hand clawed at Devon 's face. The Indian jerked on the stockings trying to choke out the blonde, but Devon had to twist her face to the side to save her eyes. As it was Tara 's pink nails left crisscrossed scratches in the once smooth brown flesh. Worse, the wild eyed blonde still had her heel in her right hand. Unable to swing she pushed it into Devon 's left breast. Devon moaned and tried to finish off the blonde with the choke, but Tara rose up and used her own weight and tits on top of her right hand to press the heel in deep. Devon 's tit deformed. She felt tubes and glands being crushed and displaced by the unforgiving heel. If the heel penetrated the flesh her tit would be speared, perhaps ruined. She couldn't take it any longer.

Devon released the choking grip on the stocking and seized both sides of Tara 's red face. Now the Indian dug her red nails into the white flesh, ripping and tearing trying to disfigure and force the blonde off. Tara squealed and now she had to turn her face to save her eyes. She escaped by rolling off the Indian and scrambling to the opposite wall.

Devon rolled the other way. She got up and grabbed one heel in her right hand and leaned against the wall sucking in air. Tara was at the other wall breathing just as heavily. Both women were covered in sweat, blood and strains of each other's hair. Their faces were swelling and the bodies were tortured. They eyed each other reassuring themselves that they were winning this fight to the finish. The three heels on the floor were out of Tara 's reach and Devon smiled at her promising the blonde she would pay.

Tara smiled back and suddenly unfastened the heavy chain on her right arm. Devon blinked as she realized the apparent decoration was a weapon. Tara wound the chain around her right fist making sure the cutting rings were still exposed. Now she had a weighted fist ready to throw. Devon had already been knocked senseless by the blonde's fists and had no desire to test the chained fist.

Devon circled to the left with her heel in her right hand flicking out like it was some kind of dagger. As the Indian approached one of the fallen heels she kicked to the back door clearing the floor and putting weapons out of Tara 's reach if they fall to the floor. Tara watched the heel very carefully and continued to suck in air as she warily stalked the big Indian. Their feet began to track blood as they walked through each other's blood trails. Devon was nude. Tara was in her hiked up black skirt, belt, garter belt, one stocking still attached to the belt and the other rolled down onto her knee. The girls were hurt, hot, bloody, tired, and determined to break one another. They had gone from being confident to being scared of one another.

Devon lunged forward and swung her heel down trying to spear Tara 's already scarred and black and blue big white left tit. Tara yelped and twisted away. The heel just missed and the force of the blow swung Devon forward. Tara shouted and swung her right chain right fist blindly in defense. The metal wrapped knuckled hit Devon on her left cheek. The rings on Tara 's fingers bit into the swollen brown flesh and the metal split open the former brown beauty's left cheek. Devon 's hair flew like a wet whip and her head snapped to the side. She staggered forward and rammed into the wall.

Tara spun around from the force of her blow and slipped. Her sodden stocking feet flew out from under her and she hit hard on her ass with both her feet up in the air. She scrambled away to avoid Devon 's attack. Tara pulled up on the other wall and turned to see the Indian shaking her head and leaning against opposite wall. Her eyes were still glazed. Tara started forward and slid again. Cursing the blonde jerked her tight skirt up over her hips completely exposing her shaved cunt, grabbed her garter and ripped it and the stockings off. Now she was nude accept for her rolled up skirt and belt.

Tara moved forward to finish of the Indian. Devon looked stunned. As Tara got close enough to be dangerous, the Indian came off the wall with a perfectly timed sidekick. Tara had been watching the heel and barely had time to tense her heaving belly. She looked down as Devon 's brown foot sank into the blonde's normally tight but now slightly softened lower belly. The foot hit just over the pubic bone and the impact thundered through her gut, bouncing off every gland and organ. The white bitch groaned and staggered backwards unable to keep from bending over.

Devon swung down her heel going for the blonde's head. Tara surged forward. Devon 's heel hit her on the left shoulder. Tara whence, but her pumping feet had driven her into the Indian's belly with a spear tackle. Devon was rammed backwards hard into the wall. Her head bounced against the plasterboard a second after her ass had grounded so hard that the plaster board dented. This time the air left Devon 's lungs and she folded over the white woman moaning.

Tara 's face was against Devon 's right hip. The blonde let the bounce of the blow carry her back six inches before she rammed her shoulders into the Indian's middle again. A third ram and Devon 's arms encircled Tara 's waist from above. The Indian tried to put all her weight on the blonde and take her down. Rather than fall face first. Tara dropped to her knees and kept her shoulder in the Indian's guts. Devon pressed up to take advantage of the kneeling blonde, but Tara had a new fleshy brown and pink target.

The blonde's wicked chained wrapped right flew upward flashing between the sweaty muscular thighs of the Indian. Tara 's fist hit the Indian's fleshy cunt from below and crushed the big hanging outer lips up into the fleshy inner lips and then up into the pubic bone. There wasn't a crunch, but a wet thud, followed by a deep gasp and a terrible moan from Devon 's swollen lips.

Devon stood up straight and her hands went to her mound, but were blocked by Tara 's head. The Indian grabbed the blonde hair in both hands, dropping her heel. Tara fired upward again, this time with straight fingers. She found Devon 's cunt and after her sharp nails had scored the swollen lips and pushed them apart she penetrated the Indian with four stiff fingers all the way up to the rings and chain.

Devon squealed and fell down on top of the blonde. They ended up with Devon lying on top of Tara who was bent backwards with her heels trapped under her own ass. Devon 's face hit the floor hard and she sobbed and whimpered she had had enough. Tara jammed her fingers in and then curled her digits to claw at the Indian's sensitive inner walls.

Devon screamed and scrambled forward crawling off Tara trying to escape from the savage cunting she was taking. Tara grabbed the Indian's thighs and rolled taking Devon onto her back and rolling on top the trembling brown legs.

Devon screamed, “Enough! You win!”

Tara looked up over the Indian's mound and tits as Devon rose up screaming out her surrender. The blonde's busted mouth twisted into a cruel smile and she pushed her face into the Indian's mound. With her right hand inside the Indian and her left arm holding the muscular brown thighs she wasn't going to miss a chance to really hurt her enemy. Tara bit into the Indian's fleshy clit. The bitch had no right to have such a meaty clit and now she would have to pay for challenging Tara 's supremacy.

Devon screamed as the teeth closed or her bud. This crazy cunt was going to bite off her clit. The pain and terror gave Devon the power to sit up and grab the blonde's hair with both hands. She jerked up pulling Tara 's face upward, but the blonde had her teeth in the clit meat and would not let go. In fact, she wasn't trying to bite off the clit only torture it, but Devon 's hair pull was threatening to rip off her own clit. Devon screamed in agony as tears poured from her eyes, but she had no choice but to fight on. The crazy white bitch wouldn't stop so she couldn't.

Holding a fist full of matted blonde hair in her left hand, Devon reached into the newly created space between her belly and Tara 's upper face. Devon curled her fingers into claws and ripped across Tara 's left eye trying to gouge it out. Tara had closed her eye lid just in time, but the attack was still so effective that the blonde's teeth open and her own scream of pain and terror joined Devon 's.

Tara rolled away holding her left eye and cursing. Devon sat there like nothing had happened looking down at her pussy almost as if she was surprised that her beauty pink clit with its dark brown hood was still seated in the midst of her flesh lips. There was blood there and blood oozing out coloring her cunt lips. The crazy bitch had cunted her for sure. Devon 's agony and desperation turned to fury.

Devon rolled to one knee and started to stand up, but Tara was rushing forward on both knees. The Indian gasped and held up her arm to guard, but the blonde's bloody right fist hit her flat on the nose. Devon 's head flew back and she hit the tiles practically senseless. She couldn't see because of the black circles over her eyes. She coughed and spit out blood filling her mouth from her pouring nose. It throbbed. She could feel it swelling as she lay there trying to remember how to communicate with her muscles.

Her vision came back just as Tara mounted her and wrapped pink stocking around her brown neck. The blonde's macabre smile looked down as the stocking was pulled tight. Devon tried to move her arms, but found they were under Tara 's knees. The big blonde was sitting on her belly choking her out and all Devon could do was buck. Tara rode the bucking brown body. Devon 's mind just couldn't respond quickly enough. By the time panic set in there was no air in her body. Her muscles burned.

She begged with her green eyes, but there was no mercy in the blonde's blue eyes. Instead, Tara dropped a bloody stream of spit out of mouth purposely into both of Devon 's wide eyes. Devon wanted to pray, but her brain was graying out.

Tara twisted the stockings tight with her left hand, sat back and started using her chain wrapped right fist to bound Devon 's large rolling brown mounds. Sweat flew and flesh jiggled with each brutal hammer like shot. Devon groaned, but without air it was barely heard over the wet meaty thuds of Tara 's fist and Devon 's deforming, swelling, throbbing painful tit bags.

Tears poured out of her eyes and she knew she was going to die. To her horror, she felt her bladder void and suffered one last humiliation before passing out. Tara 's cruel laughter was the last thing she heard.

There was blessed peace for awhile. Then the agony began to return. But there was a strange buzzing sound coming from somewhere. Was she at home in her bed. Her alarm was supposed to be music, not some annoying buzz! She tried to open her eyes but they were matted shut. She tried to move her arms, but then remembered she had been fighting a big blonde racist cunt and she had lost!

She felt something hot against her. She struggled to open her eyes. She was sitting in one of the customer chairs. The blonde was pressed against her. And there was something inside her. The blonde was thrusting away with a strap on dildo. The blonde was grunting trying to get herself off by using the back pressure of the seat of the dildo on her own mound. The dildo must have been a foot long and three inches thick because Devon 's cunt felt stuffed to bursting. Devon felt her head being moved around. The buzzing was still going on. She had to open her eyes.

The right eye opened and she saw the swollen black and blue tits of the blonde bouncing close by, but they were covered with clumps of lustrous black hair! As Devon looked she saw another clump of black hair fall across her vision and then to the floor. The blonde stopped plunging away at the dildo and stood up straight, keeping the dildo about half way into Devon . Devon felt her head being pushed forward. Then for the first time she felt something metallic and hot on her skull.

Tara cursed, “Fuck your hair is thick. You almost burnt your own clippers up, monkey whore. Hope you like your knew hair style butch.”

The evil bitch laughed. Devon watched as the evil white pulled out wads of black hair form the clippers and went back to work. Devon groaned involuntarily, she understood that in addition to being beaten, choked out and raped, her head had been shaved.

Finished with shaving her hair, Tara through the clippers over her shoulder into a sink and lifted up Devon 's limp legs, spreading them and holding them against the white woman's hips. Tara wiggled her ass and jiggled the dildo before pushing it in deep. She grounded it hard inside Devon and then began to pump away like she was a man with a huge hard-on. Tara grunted and groaned with each thrust. The fucking psycho was going to get off force fucking her conquest!

Devon moaned and tried to move her hands just to see if she was tied down. Amazingly she wasn't! Tara noticed the motion and groaned in some kind of demented pleasure. The blonde let one leg go and grabbed Devon 's aching right tit. The blonde crushed and twisted it forcing another moan out of Devon . Then Tara cruelly seized a swollen nipple, crushed it savagely and then twisted it back on itself.

Tara huskily muttered, “Wake up you brown monkey whore. I want you to feel this all night long. I'm fucking you. I'm going to fuck you until you are begging me to hurt and fuck you some more. You're my fucking bitch! Wake up wog.”

Devon screamed in fury and clamped her legs around the bitch's waist as she thrust forward. Tara grunted in surprise and leaned forward. Devon grabbed the bitch under the arms and pulled her tight. Tara 's big right nipple pressed against Devon 's split lips. She opened her mouth, sucked the big hard thing inside her mouth and then she bit down as hard as she could. She wanted to bite the whore's tits off.

Tara screamed in agony. Her hands pushed at Devon 's hunched over shoulders trying to get her body straight, but her hips were locked into place, her dildo was buried in the brown woman's cunt and now she was hugged tight leaning over into the chair. Devon ground her teeth and tasted tit blood. Tara howled and tried to claw at Devon 's hair, but there was no hair to claw out. She clawed the already bloody scalp; she had been none to careful with the clippers. Devon suffered the new pain easily and chewed and chewed at the rubber tit doing her best to fill her mouth with tit flesh. She tasted her enemy's tit blood and it drove her to new frenzy.

Tara jerked back and forth useless, but then there was a squeaking sound. Suddenly the chair snapped off its single elegant pole. Both women reacted as they fell over backwards still in the chair. Devon 's mouth came open and her arms and legs straightened automatically reacting to the shock of a fall. Tara did much the same. They hit hard and rolled. Tara 's dildo slipped out and she ended up on her back lying in the matted remains of Devon 's beauty mane of hair. Devon ended up on her side by the chair.

Tara grabbed her right tit and set up. Blood seeped through her fingers. Her pink nipple still poked out between her spread fingers, but it and the aureole had been cracked and slashed. Deep bite marks covered the nose of her right tit and blood seeped through her fingers and down her arm. Tara looked aghast at her tit. Then her horror turned to hatred.

Devon shook her head and pressed up. She could barely stand. Tara had beaten her badly and her insides felt like they had been rearranged. She looked at the blonde's waving dildo, glistening with juice and stained by blood. Something had rearranged her; the fucking blonde whore had brutally fucked her! Devon stood. She was going to teach the white cunt a few things about suffering.

Tara stood up still holding her tit and said, “You fucking stupid cunt. All you had to do is to take it and I would have left you crying in the morning. Now I'm going to have to hurt you even worse. I'm taking your nipples home in my purse.”

Devon snapped, “You'd won the fight. That should have been enough. Now I'm going to hurt you, hurt you so bad you'll never want to fight or fuck again.”

“Fuck you cunt!”

“Fuck you!” screamed Devon as she rushed forward.

Tara met her with a wide right. The two stumbling bitches slugged away at each other like worn out ironclads. Blood flowed from reopened wounds and still they staggered and punched. Devon 's already ruined face was pounded again and again. The white girl's rings slashed and gashed her, but at least the metal chain had been left behind somewhere. Devon 's big rings did there job too, opening up Tara 's swollen right eyebrow and filling her eye with blood.

They ended up staggering together, wrestling back and forth unable to punch. Devon used her head and butted the blonde on the bridge of the nose. Tara groaned and staggered backwards until her back was against the wall. Devon slammed into her and for the moment both women just held onto one another gasping and groaning.

Devon dropped her right hand and punched Tara in the ribs. Tara replied in kind and they lay against one another pounding each other's ribs. Tara switched to rabbit punching Devon 's kidneys. The Indian took it for awhile and then moved to the right.

Devon reached up with her left hand and clamped onto Tara 's blood weeping nipple and crushed it merciless. Tara screamed. Devon twisted the nipple. Tara 's claws ripped down her back. Now Devon moaned. Tara pushed her face against Devon 's and bit into the Indian's right ear. Devon howled and jerked away, leaving a notch out of her hear between the white woman's bloody teeth. Devon clamped a hand on her ear. Tara spit out the tiny piece of flesh and laughed.

Devon slammed into the blonde again and crushed her against the wall. Tara pounded her ribs some more with her right and clawed at the Indian's dark brown, almost black left nipple. Devon did the same in return and they writhed in mutual agony against each other propped up by the wall.

Tara whispered in between her own grunts, “I'm beating you again, cunt. I love the sound you make every time I hurt you.”

“You're a crazy fucking white Nazi cunt!” Devon shouted and suddenly twisted to the sid and pushed the blonde backwards along the wall until her ass hit the counter top.

Tara groaned and found herself forced backwards over the counter with the Indian's sweaty tits squashed over her own. Devon used Tara 's hair to bang her head against the mirror twice, shattering the mirror but not causing it to break. Tara had no hair to pull back against. She stupidly thought about maybe shaving the cunt's hair off hadn't been such a good idea.

Devon leaned back relieving the pressure on the blonde for a second. Tara started to straighten, but Devon grabbed her tits and pushed until Tara was on her back on the counter, her head hanging into a sink. Thankfully none of the tools of the shop were on the counter tops. They were all in drawers. Devon climbed on top of the blonde and started punching down at her face.

Tara 's nose took four hard shots, breaking on the fourth and filling her airways with blood. She spit out the blood and kneed the bitch as she tried to mount. The thin counter was no place to wrestle on. The knee hit Devon and knocked her to the side. The Indian's own knee slipped and suddenly she fell of the counter hitting the floor hard. Tara rolled over and spewed blood out of her mouth into the sink until she could breathe. Then she started to roll of and stomp on Devon .

Devon grabbed Tara 's feet as she swung them over the edge and jerked. Tara yelped and slid off the counter crashing ass first on the ground, cracking her head on the counter as she fell past. Devon spread the stunned blonde's legs, holding them by the ankles.

The Indian looked down at the waving dildo and kicked her toe up under the mount. The damned thing was shielding Tara 's cunt. Frustrated, Devon dropped Tara 's legs grabbed the dildo harness and pulled it over Tara 's hips and off her legs. The just recovering blonde let her legs come free and then kicked hard to Devon 's thighs. The blow knocked the Indian backwards and she stumbled over the fallen chair hitting the ground with her feet up in the air.

Tara pulled herself up. Her eyes caught the belt had removed and thrown in the sink by wear she had shaved Devon balled. Her skirt lay on the counter, but the belt was her target. She would use it to whip the Indian into submission.

Tara went for the weapon. She grabbed it just as Devon rolled off the broken chair. Tara turned with the whip raised high, but Devon kicked the chair with both feet. It careened into Tara 's shins and the white girl fell over it hitting the tiles face first, the belt skidding across to Devon 's feet.

The Indian grabbed the belt. As Tara pressed her blood face off the tile, Devon hooked the belt around the blonde's neck. Tara surged forward and drove the top o her head into Devon 's chin. They came to rest with the blonde on top. Devon spit out a chipped tooth and grabbed a handful of the blonde's matted hair. Tara had no such handle.

Devon pulled back Tara 's head and reached up to bite the long neck. Tara squealed and rolled over. The Indian rolled on top. Tara clawed Devon 's face. Devon clawed back. They ripped at each other's twisting face and snapped their teeth on each other's hands and faces. They fought like wild animals, mad animals actually because surely wild animals would have ceased to fight long before this.

Devon returned the favor and bit a chunk out of the top of Tara 's right ear. Tara grabbed herself for a second. Devon sat up on the white woman's belly, the dildo actually bouncing against the brown ass. Tara reached up to claw at Devon 's bloody breasts and took three hard straight punches to the mouth. The third punch broke off her front tooth and bounced her head back on the tiles.

Tara crossed her arms in front of her face and bucked up. She was momentarily helpless if she didn't get the big bitch off her. To her surprise she felt the Indian's weight leave her belly, but not over her head. The Indian had slipped to the side!

Tara looked and saw to her horror that Devon had retrieved the belt. Tara rolled in the opposite direction, but not before the heavy belt buckle and nasty leather belt whipped across her back. The sting was terrible and the buckle felt like it had torn a chunk out of her back. She yelped and lunged forward. The next strap hit her on the ass and then she was free. She turned around and started to stand.

Devon was on her! The Indian's right fist hit Tara on her already broken nose and she went blind with pain. She fell backwards, but had the presence of mind to try and roll over. She felt something slide over her head. Too late! The belt had been looped around her neck from behind. Devon 's free hand pushed Tara 's face down hard smashing her nose and ruined face once again into the hard tiles. Then the Indian carefully threaded the tongue of the belt through the buckle.

Tara started to struggle again. Devon jammed her knee across the back of Tara 's head crushing her face again. Tara twisted her bloody face to the side and Devon 's knee road the right side of her face crushing her left hard against the floor. Using her knee on Tara 's head, Devon pulled the belt tight until the buckle was biting into the white flesh of Tara 's long elegant neck. Devon held the choke while Tara 's legs flailed on the floor, pushing black hair and pools of blood about like some kind of demented snow angel.

Devon removed her knee and jerked up on the belt. Tara 's hands flopped and the blonde sat up stupidly, her eyes trying to focus after being almost choked out. Devon took aim with her right fist and started punching Tara 's face again and again, while holding on to the restraining belt with her left hand. Tara 's nose splattered. The blonde's mouth shredded. Both her eyes closed. Her cheeks split. Not happy, Devon pulled the limp blonde forward and bit a gash in her forehead. The blonde's face was unrecognizable and hidden by a mask of blood. Her long blonde hair was pink now and the bitch's body was soon covered with her own blood.

Devon let the bitch fall backwards. She sat on her belly and started punching both tits. Her own brown tits were swollen enormously and pulsed with pain pounded into them by Tara 's fist. Devon punched the swollen white tits until they were totally discolored and rolled on Tara 's chest like bags of pudding. She punched until she was exhausted.

Devon looked around, found the clippers and went to work. The clippers jammed again and again. Frustrated, she through them away and got another pair. She labored away. Shaving a woman's hair took some time. The blonde blew blood bubbles out of her ruined nose and Devon madly thought that watching the bubbles was a nice way to pass the time. Once the blonde was blonde no more, Devon let her fall back to the floor.

Devon stood up and went to a sink to drink some water. She washed her bloody face and was shocked at what had happened to her. She was squinting through her left cheek. Her right eye was closed. She turned around and the bitch was actually crawling on her belly. The white bitch would not quit!

“Where the fuck are you going?” Devon grunted.

She grabbed the dragging belt and pulled up on it. Tara rose up on her knees and reached behind her back for the belt. Devon walked around her and jerked her backwards on her ass dragging the poor white bitch to a foot bench they used for pedicures. She bounced Tara 's forehead off the bench twice until all the fight had been knocked back out of the cunt and then dragged her across it. Tara moaned, face down. Her swollen weeping tits rested on the tiles and she folded over the bench.

Devon looked around and remembered the stockings. They were still in the back hallway. She used the pink ones to tie the blonde's ankles to two stools. Then she used the green ones to tie the bitch's arms behind her back. The blonde groaned and spit up blood.

Devon methodically pulled on the strap-on, despite her exhaustion and pain. She was possessed with a need to pay this bitch back with interest. She started by jamming the huge dildo into Tara 's pink cunt from behind. It was hard work, but she got some satisfied agonized grunts from the bald, beaten bitch. Just holding the white girl's hips and pumping the huge dildo in and out of her filthy cunt wasn't enough.

Devon stood up, flexed her knees and started ramming her pelvis into Tara 's muscular ass cheeks, driving the dildo into the pink cunt all the way up to its head. Devon reached around and grabbed the hanging bags of pain that had been Tara 's perfect tits and started crushing and twisting them, using them as handles to increase the power of her pelvic thrust. She was fucking and milking the cow bitch now!

Tara groaned and begged for mercy and Devon snarled, “You'll get no less than you gave me. No that's a lie; you'll get no mercy from me. You'll remember this night for the rest of your life. Every time you think you're better than someone else you'll remember the night you got your ass whipped and fucked by a wog.”

Tara moaned and Devon laughed. Devon worked and worked, finally grinding out a shattering shameful orgasm as she thrust the dildo in and out of Tara 's bloody ass. Totally exhausted she crawled around to the front, pushed the dirty dildo into Tara 's blood mouth and tied it into place. The bitch couldn't take more than five inches in the mouth with out choking so it wasn't quite as satisfying as Devon hoped.

She sat there in the debris of her place of employment, resting and watching as the blonde twitched and jerked in agony. What was she supposed to do now?

Luckily the salon was closed down for Sunday. Devon showered in the bathroom and did her best to clean herself up, but there was no way she could clean up the shop. At eight a. m. she called her brother who was going to college. She promised him and his friends the free use of Tara 's holes. By eleven, six horny college students traded off cleaning the shop, even fixing the chair and bare back riding Tara .

The groaning white girl took it in the pussy and the ass over and over again. Devon warned them against filling her mouth with their cocks. They could see the bites on her. They had no doubt the crazy white bitch would bite off their joy sticks should they dare give her a chance. Good for them her pussy and ass had no teeth.

The boys did the rounds on Tara three times a piece. Then they took her to the showers. One of the kids watched cop shows and he didn't want to leave any DNA behind. They used a hose to wash her out by basically ramming the nozzle into place and letting the water run. Devon laughed during the process and then added to the merriment by jerking them off one by one a last time while someone held Tara 's mouth opened. So in the end they left DNA behind in Tara 's stomach. Each time one of them came, Devon made sure his load filled Tara 's gaping mouth. Then Devon held the mouth closed until the white bitch had swallowed the load.

No one noticed the van pulling in the alley beside Tara 's apartment. When she awoke in the middle of the Monday morning just before the sun came up, she was propped in a garbage bin, wrapped in her coat with her purse hanging around her wrist. She made it to her apartment and collapsed in a warm bath. It wasn't until she opened her purse later in the day to make a series of private doctors' appointment that she found a note.

The note read: “And so ends the lesson.”

Tara trembled in fury. She had won the fight, but the cheating wog refused to beaten.

Tara read the hated note again and mumbled, “I was never very good with lessons, bitch. But maybe I can be a better teacher next time.”

The End