WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don’t read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

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Amy’s first fight was described in Pit Daughters. Her second fight was described in Pit Daughters Althea versus Amy. Her third fight was described in Pit Daughter -Ms. Sanchez Versus Amy. Amy’s reputation was such that there were no more fights until the next winter. Amy came to me as before and explained she and a new junior girl wanted to fight it out. The girl was a stuck up beauty queen. I gathered, my bully of a daughter had tried to pull some shit on this girl. Amy had been reckless with boys for some time, but after her three fights she had been apparently getting to be quite the terror of the girl’s room. My guess was my nasty bitch of a daughter had tried some shit with this new girl and for a change got called on it.

The girl was named Billings Melinda Rauche, Billie for short. Billie didn’t want a boyfriend, parent or girl friend along. I spoke to her and told her I was there to make sure the rules were followed and I wouldn’t interfere no matter who was taking a beating. I suggested she bring someone so she wouldn’t feel outnumbered. The girl surprised me by saying she had already heard about the fights and knew I didn’t play favorites. I suggested she think long and hard about fighting Amy, especially with the consequences they were talking about. She was adamant, and sounded very excited.

When I met Billie I admit to almost choking on my tongue. At seventeen going on eighteen she was the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen. She needed to be walking the runways in New York, not a wispy thin model but the new brand of athletic body queen. I mean she was classic. Given what the girls had agreed too I hoped Amy gave her the ass whipping from hell.

Billie stood 6’0’’ on bare feet and weighed no more than 145 very lean athletic pounds. She had long, thick, straight blonde hair that hung loosely to the top of her hard, jutting, high riding ass. Her eyes were classic sky blue. Her nose was perfect. Her cheeks were high. Her skin was flawless creamy ivory, no tan in winter. She stripped down to the smallest white thong I had ever seen. It was tissue thin. She was hairless down below, smooth. Her mound was prominent and her lips were thick, but tight and looked more like a tight mouth than a pussy. I got hard just looking at her. Her breasts her high 38D mounds of perfectly formed broad based orbs, up tilting with small pink aureole and long pink nipples that jutted out like thick pink erasers. Her long elegant nails were red to match her toenails. She wore refined make-up. She looked far more like she was about to pose for Playboy than fight my daughter in the dirt for dominance. She was long and sleek with a 38D 24 34 figure.

They had decided to fight the day after Christmas. Billie told her parents that she was going on a sky vacation with her new friend, Amy, and would be gone until the day they went by to school in January. She hoped that the signs of the fight would be gone by then and if not, she would say she had been in a skiing accident or car wreck. Billie came from very well to do parents and could not afford them finding out she was brawling with another girl. But apparently, this was not the first time she had lied to them and so I decided it was between her and her parents.

As before, the so-called fight pit was in the woods behind our subdivision in a clearing. It had rained a lot lately so the ground was muddy. The temperature was a brisk and breezy forty degrees and the sky was clear. I used a rake to clear the pit down to the weeds and dirt. They would get muddy today and if my daughter had anything to do with it the beautiful blonde would be coated in mud and blood.

As before, the rules for this fight were winner would be the girl to first win ten submissions or hurt the other fighter so much that she refused to come out for the next round. As in the past I tried to get them to agree to some rules, but both of them sneered at the idea. They wanted a no rules fight and they promised each other that they would make the other want cry like a bitch before the day was over. I again confirmed their agreed upon consequences. The loser would be the winner’s toy girl for the rest of the Christmas Break. After the week was over, the loser would have her hair cut off in the girl’s bathroom, go down on the winner in front of the other girls and then take a golden shower right in the face.

My daughter was excited as usual. This fighting had really awakened something nasty inside her. Amy stood in the dirt. She wore a very tight small red bikini panty with a white crotch area and a tiny black cat on the front. She too had just had a bikini wax the previous week. Amy was sweet seventeen, attractive and 5’ 10’’ tall. She had filled out a lot, getting stronger as well from her working out and running. She weighed 142 lean pounds with green eyes and long straight black hair left lose as part of the rules of the fight. Amy played basketball, soccer, and softball. She was long, femininely strong and very tight bodied, if I was allowed to notice. I knew she had a 36C 25 35 figure. Her nails were long and filed for that day, painted black. She had left off her make-up. Her long legs were strong and firm. She smiled confidently and her long brown nipples flashed outward provocatively. She was excited for sure.

Both girls shivered in the cold breeze, their young nipples rock hard and their lips quivering. I suggested we call it off because of the temperature, but neither would have it. They wanted to fight right now! I agreed and the cold weather became a thing of the past.

Billie and Amy moved into the mud like cats. Both carefully lifted their muddy feet and circled. They made a couple of slashing grabs with their claws. Billie dodged a nasty five finger swipe at her beautiful face and threw the first fist. It missed over Amy’s head as she ducked. Billie snatched at my daughter’s black hair and missed. The two separated and measured each other. Billie had surprised me so far. She was careful and not at all intimidated.

Amy lunged forward. Billie planted her left foot and snapped out a right foot. She caught Amy in the pit of the belly and left a muddy foot print clearly outlined on Amy’s skin and bikini. Amy staggered back, stunned, but not too hurt or even doubled over.

Billie yelled and leapt forward, both hands snatching for Amy’s flying hair. Amy dodged to the side and sank her left fist deep in Billie’s long, thin belly. The blonde grunted and bent forward. I figured she was about done. Amy grabbed her flying blonde hair, jerked her head down and drove a knee straight up into the beauty’s face. Billie took the knee hard on the side of the head as she turned away. Amy drew back her knee and started to send it up again. Billie surprised my daughter and me by lunging forward. The tall blonde’s head and shoulder took Amy in the gut and the blonde’s long arms encircled Amy’s thighs. Suddenly Amy was flying backwards, tackled perfectly.

The muck splattered as Amy’s ass hit. Billie scrambled on top. Amy’s right knee got up between Billie’s legs and the blonde was stymied. Amy grabbed double handfuls of blonde hair and jerked Billie down while pressing up with her knee. Billie’s long legs pushed and her feet dug into to the mud. She was trying to press over Amy’s knee and sit down on my girl. Instead, Amy used the hair and knee to convert Billie’s push into a flying toss over Amy’s head.

Billie’s long legs flew in an arc and splattered in the mud a faction of a second after her ass sank into the cold mud. Billie’s long blonde hair was stretched out still held by Amy’s fists. Billie groaned and started to roll over. Amy scrambled to her knees and jerked the blonde’s hair and dragged her on her ass in the mud. Billie screamed and reached back over her head, clawing at Amy’s arms.

Amy stood and continued to drag the beauty on her ass. Billie’s back was now coated in cold muck. Amy kicked Billie in her perfect back again and again. It looked like another slaughter! I hoped Amy decided to share her prize with her old dad.

Billie finally captured Amy’s right wrist with both hands and dragged down. Amy had the position, but the battle of strength stopped her. Her feet sank into the mud. Amy jerked up on the blonde’s hair. Billie cried out, but she rolled up, showing incredible flexibility. Her beautiful ass turned up in the air and both her feet were well over her head. Then she drove her feet up and back. She kicked Amy under the tits and then drove her feet up across Amy’s tits to dig into Amy’s underarms.

Amy’s arms were stretched out straight. The feet in her armpits must be hurting her because she groaned and grimaced as the test of strength continued. Suddenly she let go of the blonde’s hair and jerked on her trapped her right hand. Billie held on. Amy cursed and kicked with her left foot catching the blonde on the back of the head. Billie was stunned. Her hands came loose. Billie lay down in the mud. Amy fell backwards hard and crashed on her ass looking furious.

Billie rolled over on her hands and knees just as Amy stood up. Amy rushed forward and aimed a right foot straight at Billie’s beautiful face. I grimaced, waiting for the sound of a sickening crunch. Instead, Billie dodged and Amy’s foot flew past. Billie lunged forward and took out Amy’s left leg. Amy fell in a heap with the blonde crawling on top of her, belly to belly.

Amy grabbed the blonde’s mud matted hair and tried to twist her to the side. Billie had straddled my daughter’s left leg and spread her legs digging her feet into the mud to maintain her balance. As Billie’s head was twisted by the hair, the blonde’s fingers found Amy’s face. The muddy fingers left dirty tracks in my daughter’s skin, tinged dark red underneath the dirt. Amy screamed and twisted her head to the side. Another savage face rake and my daughter’s hands came away from the matted blonde hair and grabbed at the blonde’s wrists.

Billie went for a full straddle. Amy caught her with her right leg and as the blonde rose up Amy’s knee hit her hip and Billie ended up on her side. Amy’s right leg snagged across Billie’s hip and Amy scrambled to get on top the tall blonde. Amy had pulled Billie’s hands down between them. As Amy rose up, Billie’s nails found my daughter’s muddy breasts. Amy howled and bucked as Billie pinched both her nipples. Amy’s attempt to mount failed and both women struggled side by side in the mud.

Billie promised Amy she’s rip off her nipples and continued to savage Amy’s breasts. Amy cried out and slammed her forehead down on the grinning blonde’s perfect nose. Billie groaned and fell backwards bleeding. Amy crawled on top; there was blood on both her breasts. She grabbed Billie’s long neck with her left hand and started pounding the already bloody face with her right fist.

Billie took seven savage shots before she screamed for Amy to stop. Amy spit on the barely recognizable blonde and sat back on her belly. Amy examined her breasts and cursed. Billie coughed and spit up blood and struggled to push Amy off. I grabbed Amy by the arms and pulled her off.
I figured the fight was over now for sure. The beauty had surprised the hell out of me, but I was sure the bloody nose, busted lip and rapidly swelling eye would finish it. I swore that I would try to persuade Amy not to cut the girl’s beautiful hair.

I let them rest for the agreed five minutes. Then I asked Amy if she wanted to continue. Of course she did. Then I turned to Billie and asked her, expecting a quick end. She stood, blood covering the lower part of her face and spattering on the mud on her tits. She nodded and started shaking the mud of her feet. Damn! The fight was still on.

Amy came in with both fists firing. She was headhunting trying to finish the job on the beauty’s face. Billie blocked two shots, took a third and then crashed a stiff right fist into Amy’s left eye. Amy staggered back. Billie caught her with a hard left hook to the chin. Amy staggered again and bent slightly. Billie’s long right leg snapped out and her foot crashed into Amy’s ribs. My daughter staggered away groaning. The blonde was a fighter!

Billie snatched at the matted black hair and missed. Amy backhanded the blonde across the mouth and then drove her knee into Billie’s lower belly. The blonde grabbed hold of Amy’s shoulders and drove her own knee up into Amy’s cunt. Amy moaned and drove her head up into Billie’s chin. The blonde’s head snapped back and she staggered backwards and sat down in the mud shaking her head to clear the cobwebs.

Amy rushed forward and tried to stomp kick the blonde in the face. Billie’s right foot came up and she planted her foot hard on Amy’s left thigh and Amy fell backwards on her ass her right foot flashing uselessly in the air. The blonde pushed up and waited for Amy to come at her again with fists. Billie was bloody and hurt, but the damned bitch would not lay down for my daughter’s shit. It looked like it was going to be a long day for both of them.

Amy hit with her right and took a right in return. They hammered each other’s faces and heads in a flurry of undefended punches. After three minutes they stepped back, both breathing hard with their tired arms by their sides. Amy’s nose was bleeding now and her right cheek was swelling badly. Of course the one time beauty’s face was in worse shape, but she wasn’t caving in to my bully girl.

Amy sucked in enough air to start forward again. Billie sighed and kicked out with her long right leg hitting Billie on the thigh again. It must have hurt because my girl groaned and stepped backward. Billie feinted with her right fist and Amy blocked it, but the real blow was a savage left kick to the back of Amy’s thigh. Amy cried out as the foot thudded into her muscle and splattered mud in every direction. Amy involuntarily grabbed at her thigh.

As Amy limped, Billie threw a real right that caught my girl on the point of her nose. Amy’s head snapped back and she staggered. When she came to a stop blood was pouring out of both nostrils. Billie rushed forward and speared my daughter’s belly with a front right kick. The blow was so forceful that Amy folded over the foot and fell back on her ass hard. Billie fell forward over Amy’s body and hit the mud face first.

Both girls lay there for a few seconds. Amy was holding her belly and gasping for air. Billie pressed up out of the muck and shook her head clearing mud from her eyes. She lunged across Amy and secured a perfect cross body pin on my girl. Amy struggled, but her right arm was soon stretched out and pinned down in the mud. Billie rolled onto her side using her weight to crush Amy’s tits flat and grabbled with Amy’s free hand until it was captured between the blonde’s long legs.

Amy did what she could. She snaked her head forward and bit at the blonde’s shoulder blade. Billie yelped and adjusted her position. Then she used her free left hand to claw at Amy’s belly! She ripped at the flesh. Amy writhed and yelled in pain. I thought it was a mistake. The blonde was going for pain rather than a brutal belly beating that might have put my daughter out. Soon Amy’s belly was crisscrossed with bloody mud streaks.

Amy cursed and struggled almost freeing herself four times, but the long blonde managed to keep the cross body pin. Then she jammed her long left arm downward. This time she wasn’t going for the belly claw. Her muddy fingers slipped under Amy’s tight red bikini. Amy cried out in fury. She crossed her legs but it was too late. Billie’s knuckles could be seen clearly bulging against the tight panties.

Billie yelled, “I’ve got your cunt now bitch!”

Amy screamed and curled her legs up, trying to knee the blonde away. Billie turned her head and took knees to the belly and tits, but she dug her long fingers down under Amy’s panties and I could see by the bulge of her finger knuckles that she had jammed at least three of her muddy fingers inside my daughter’s pussy! Damn she was working her nails in deep: gouging, probing, jamming and curling.

Billie howled and writhed for a minute. Billie yelled at her to take it like a woman and actually smiled viciously as she obviously gouged Amy’s sex. The blonde beauty wanted Amy to take it, last longer. She was as nasty and cruel as my bully bitch daughter. Amy might have met a match. Finally my daughter could take no more and she surrendered. The fight was tied!

The third round started with a fist fight again. Amy’s right eye was almost closed after the first five minutes, but then again Billie’s left eye was useless because her left eyebrow had split. These girls were intent on ruining one another! Billie’s lips were shredded again, blown up like balloons and popped. She looked like she had been in a car wreck, face planted on the pavement after going through the windshield.

Amy staggered the blonde with a savage right hook to the chin. Billie fell to her hands and knees. Amy took aim and then time connected to the blonde’s face with a right kick. Billie flew backwards and fell unconscious, her hands and feet trembling in spasms. I quickly pulled Amy off. I thought that the blonde might be permanently brain damaged.

Instead Billie was on her elbows at the end of four minutes. At the end of five minutes she was on her feet and ready to continue on even though she looked nothing like the American Beauty Rose she had been at the beginning. Amy might have to kill this bitch this time to get her to stop.

Amy came in for the kill. She connected with a hard right and left. Billie staggered but came back with a brutal snap front kick that speared Amy’s lower belly. Amy staggered backwards gasping. Billie shook her head sending mud and blood flying. She took a big step forward and kicked with her long right leg. Amy turned her head and crossed her arms, but the blow was headed elsewhere. Instead of the head or tits, it struck Amy hard between the legs, lifting her out of the mud.

Amy cried out and grabbed herself as she fell to her knees. Billie yelled like a fury, grabbed my girl’s muddy hair and drove a knee into the middle of Amy’s already swollen face. Amy’s head snapped back, but Billie held her in place by the hair. A second knee landed under Amy’s chin. This time she fell backwards with her legs underneath her. Billie raised her foot to stomp on Amy’s stretched out belly, but I grabbed the brutal blonde and pulled her back. Amy was knocked out, helpless on her back in the mud.

Theoretically this fight could go on until one of them had quit ten times, but at this rate one or both of them would be dead long before that. Somehow these two fit, beautiful girls with nasty violent streaks had found one another and would not stop until one stood and one didn’t.

Amy came too and somehow stood for the fifth round. At that point I suggested they shake hands and call it a draw. Amy actually thought about it, but Billie called her a chicken shit cunt and the fight went to the fifth round.

Billie pursued Amy with her fists and feet. Amy’ face took four or five hard shots to Billie’s two. Amy’s legs and belly got kicked and kneed again and again. Billie was an expert with her long legs, better than Amy. Amy was getting desperate. Billie set her feet and I knew another kick was coming. This time however, Amy charged and lowered her head. She took the surprised blonde in the tits and drove the beauty backwards. Billie had just been expertly speared and driven into the mud!

Amy plastered her body flat against the blonde digging them both into the much. Billie groaned and pushed back with her hands on Amy’s shoulders, but Amy had other ideas. Amy’s right hand slid up Billie’s muddy belly. Amy’s thumb went under Billie’s left tit and suddenly the blonde’s big round tit globe was being squeezed and twisted. Billie cursed and hammered at the back of Amy’s head, but my daughter wasn’t finished yet. Amy took the head shots and twisted her head so her bloody mouth closed around Billie’s bulging pink aureole. Billie’s eyes went wide, her body stiffened and rose in an arc out of the mud and then she screamed wildly crying out that she gave.

Amy’s mouth came away from the tit. Even with the coating of mud and blood from their earlier fight, you could see the clear outline of Amy’s teeth in the breast flesh, and blood was welling out of several of the deepest marks. Billie held her tit and sobbed. Now I knew it had to be over. No sane beauty would risk her tits against a crazy nipple biting bitch like my Amy.

Again I was wrong. Billie stood. Amy taunted her. Billie challenged Amy to strip down. If they were going to fight like whores they might as well just do it. The two girls stripped off their muddy panties. And then it began to rain, rain hard.

The mud and blood streamed off them as they stood their in the cold rain. I suggested we call it off. They were determined to fight it out. Now with the mud gone I could see the damage they had already done. Both girls’ faces were a mess. Ice packs and stitches would be needed. My doctor friend would be a problem for sure.

Amy started to fist fight, but Billie rushed in taking a hard shot on the head just to grab Amy. She hugged my daughter tight and then sank her teeth into Amy’s shoulder. The fight was obviously gone to a new level in Billie’s eyes given the deep bite on her breast. It was literally tooth and nail now.

Billie bit Amy’s shoulder and ripped open the flesh on her back with nasty double handed scratching. Amy howled and ripped Billie’s back in retaliation. Billie tried to bite her away along Amy’s shoulder to the neck, but Amy stopped that with a right handed hair jerk and a left handed face claw. Billie’s teeth came away as Amy’s fingers sought the blonde’s eyes between her swollen cheeks. Billie cried out and pushed Amy back. Amy’s shoulder dribbled blood.

Billie shouted, “I’m going to bite your tits off bitch.”

Amy screamed, “I’ll kill you cunt.”

They rushed together. Fists, knees, feet, head butts, elbows, claws, teeth and whatever use they could make of their bodies sought to bring the other one to her knees. As a result they both fell to their knees still tearing at each other. Billie went low first and Amy screamed signaling the blonde’s success. Amy was reminded she wasn’t the only dirty fighting bitch in this war.

Amy ended up on her back in the mud with the blonde on top hunched in a ball on Amy’s belly. The blonde endured Amy’s hammering and clawing at her because she had her right hand deep in Amy’s cunt again, this time unhindered by Amy’s panties. Amy screamed and writhed. She ripped out great wads of blonde hair and clawed long streaks on Billie’s back and shoulders, but the blonde gouged my daughter’s sex until Amy screamed out her surrender.

They rolled apart and lay in the mud as the cold rain poured down. Both were in agony, exhausted and close to the end of their tethers. It was tied three to three and I had no idea who was ahead in terms of damage, pain or remaining endurance. The rain poured down and they lay there in the mud and deepening water crying.

In her earlier fights, Amy’s endurance had won out, but this long tall blonde was super fit and was proving to be at least as tough and determined as Amy. Moreover, despite her original angelic looks, she was a dirty bitch fighter, maybe dirtier and bitchier than even Amy.

The seventh round started like the earlier ones with a fist fight, but this fight was in clumsy slow motion. The girls threw wild, tired punches and ended up leaning against each other hooking low shots to the kidneys and ribs. They staggered in the mud and the rain got worse, water was standing in the shallow pit now and it was getting colder and colder.

Billie staggered forward and stepped on Amy’s foot. The blonde pushed and my exhausted daughter fell backwards in the water. Billie fell on top of her. The blonde grabbed my girl’s head and twisted her face to the side until her nose and mouth were in the muddy water. Billie rose up on her arms and pushed my girl’s face into the muddy water.

Amy clawed bloody streaks down Billie’s long arms. Then she scrambled blindly and found the blonde’s big tits. Amy clawed them, pulled them, twisted them and pinched them, but Billie just moaned and kept pressing down. Amy’s feet began to kick desperately. She bucked. Her face rose out of the water and she gasped. Billie pushed down hard and Amy went back under. Amy bucked and her head came up. She blew out water and mud. Billie grunted and shifted. Amy bucked and writhed, but the blonde rode her.

Billie slid up Amy’s body as my daughter desperately bucked and rolled. The nasty blonde put a knee across the side of Amy’s face and pushed her down into the water again. I got ready to stop it as soon as Amy was obviously unable to keep from being drown. Amy jerked free again and Billie slid of to the side.

Amy pushed up on her hands and knees coughing and choking. Billie rotated onto her butt, now five inches deep in the mud and muddy water and kicked with her hard right foot. The foot was aimed at Amy’s head. Amy crawled forward in a lurch and took the kick on her shoulder. The blow threw her on her side in the water.

Billie got to her knees and started forward. Amy slid on her ass in the mud and brought her feet up. Billie slapped at Amy’s feet, trying to grab an ankle or find away through my daughter’s desperate defense. Billie made her move and Amy sank her left heel deep into Billie’s flat lower belly. The blonde gasped and doubled over.

Amy kicked again and missed Billie’s head. Her foot caught the bent over girl on the right shoulder and put her back on her ass in the muck. Both girls sat up in the deepening water and breathed heavily. Amy tried to press up, but her hands slipped and she sat back down in the water. I thought maybe they would call it off. As usual, I was wrong.

Billie pushed backwards on her ass and then stood up. Amy did the same. They stood about six feet apart, breathing heavily. The pouring rain cleaned the much from their bodies and now the blood ran free giving some of the rivulets of water a pink tinge. God damn, their faces were a mess and their bodies weren’t much better: bruises, scratches, bites and a couple of gashes.

Billie started forward. Amy rushed forward swinging. Billie dodged under Amy’s fists and upended my daughter with a perfect tackle. Amy splashed down in the muddy water with Billie on top. Billie went for the mount, but Amy smashed her under the chin with a knee. The blonde started to fall to the side. Amy grabbed her dangling tits and pulled her hard in the other direction. My girl’s legs flashed and she captured Billie in the most convoluted scissors hold I’ve ever seen. Billie groaned and struggled, but they were locked in place.

Billie was sitting on her heels leaning backwards. Amy had her right leg under Billie’s left arm and her left leg over Billie’s right shoulder. Her ankles were locked, but the angle was so bad she was barely choking the blonde. The real pain was in Billie’s stretched out DD tits. Amy had both of them pulled out straight from the chest and twisted back on themselves. Amy smiled through her ruined lips as she jerked and twisted on Billie’s bags. Billie howled and scratched at Amy’s hands that were out of sight.

Billie screamed and screamed as her tits were mauled. She finally rose up on her knees. Amy twisted at the hips trying to take the blonde over, but Billie had other ideas. As Amy twisted she exposed the back of her ass. Billie grabbed Amy’s hips with both hands and then pushed her right hand into Amy’s crotch from behind.

Amy groaned as her clinched ass cheeks were parted. Then she screamed as Billie’s nails reached her already wounded sex. Billie jammed her hand in and Amy’s legs parted. Amy rolled and scrambled through the water trying to escape. Billie jumped on her back like a lioness and rode her into the water.

Billie again tried to drown Amy in the muck. She pushed Amy’s face in deep, the water covering her ears now. Amy kicked useless and pushed her hands into the mud trying to press up. Billie did her own push up using the back of Amy’s head as her point of pressure. The blonde’s long body strained as she straddled Amy’s back and pushed Amy’s face into the mud.

Amy suddenly jerked forward somehow. The blonde slipped on Amy’s back and her hands flew off Amy’s head. Amy rolled and the blonde slide off to the side. Amy came out of the water gagging and coughing. Her face was covered in mud. She spit out globs of mud and coughed up water. She choked and gasped head down on her hands and knees in the muck.

Billie rotated on her hip took aim and launched a savage heel kick. The heel hit Amy on the temple. My girl fell face down in the water and did not move! It had to be a knock out! I started forward slogging through the mud.

The blonde climbed on my motionless daughter’s back, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face deep in the mud again. I grabbed the blonde and pulled her off. Then I dragged Amy to the side of the pit and lay her in the mud. She was still breathing, but she was knocked out.

I had no choice but to declare the fight for Billie when my girl was still raggedly breathing with her eyes closed after an overly long ten minute break. Despite the brutal cold rain which was a degree from snow, Billie crawled on top of my daughter and relieved herself right there.

I got them inside and cleaned up. Thankfully Amy came to her senses and cried like a baby. She had been whipped and she knew it. I cleaned their wounds out as best I could and had my doctor friend come over. He iced them and bound their ribs, neither of them had shown it but both of them had cracked ribs. Amazingly, despite swelling to twice its normal size Billie’s long fine nose was not broken. Amy’s nose was cracked though, but it didn’t have to be reset. Amy had a concussion, no surprise there. Both of them had black eyes, swollen faces, and bruises and hurts too numerous to list. Billie’s eyebrow took stitches. Both their lips had to be stitched back together. Both girls went to separate warm beds with ice packs on their faces. They had truly fucked each other up.

Amy’s humiliation waited until the third day. It took that long for Billie to feel well enough to do anything more than eat and drink hot chocolate in bed. At first Billie just used my daughter in her room. I could hear the sounds of passion and taunting laughter. But that wasn’t enough for the blonde. She had Amy crawl around behind her through the house, licking her feet, kissing her ass and eating her pussy at the kitchen table.

The humiliation grew worse and worse. Billie enjoyed putting Amy through her paces in front of me. Amy groaned to a forced orgasm three times as Billie fisted her on our couch as I watched bowl games. Amy could barely hold up her head any more and when she did, Billie forced her to eat pussy or tongue asshole.

Billie ran out of new ways to use her toy so she brought my daughter into my bedroom. Billie forced Amy to suck me hard and then the blonde fucked me using Amy as a mattress. Sorry girl, but you made the rules and lost the fight. I was happy enough to enjoy Billie’s tight cunt. She was a fantastic fuck and she knew it. She really got off laying on top of my daughter with my dick deep inside.

After I had come inside the blonde, she squatted over Amy’s face making sure Amy swallowed everything that came out of her wet cunt. And so it went for the rest of Christmas vacation, New Year’s Day and the day after. It was the season to be jolly, at least for me and Billie. I told myself that it was good that Amy had finally learned a valuable lesson and that her fight days were over.

Amy came home from the first day of school with about two inches of chopped of hair left. That had been bad, but being humiliated in front of all the other girls in the bathroom had been devastating. Billie had sent me the whole thing on her video phone. Amy’s face was pressed into Billie’s crotch as she set on the sink. All the girls that Amy had bullied stood around laughing and making suggestions. Amy licked Billie from asshole to belly button and then took Billie’s fist in her cunt. My bitch bully had paid the price, but it was a price that threatened to keep paying. The final moment with Amy on her knees mouth open and Billie sitting above her peeing had to be the end of Amy’s misbehavior.

How can such a good guy be so wrong? Apparently Amy’s thrashing encouraged a lot of girls to try and kick her while she was down. Amy had five fights in six months. Girls she had bullied wanted to take her down and humiliate her. Luckily she won all five and reestablished herself. Amazingly Billie fought two girls as well using me as her referee. I also refereed three fights between other girls who wanted to settle things like Billie and Amy had. I guess if you wanted to be generous you could say I was a being a good single parent, participating in high school activities supporting my daughter’s interests. Yeah, right!

I worried that it was only a matter of time before the two killed each other in a rematch, but surprisingly they seemed to have bonded together to rule the school. I guess it was a Grand Coalition of bitches.

Then summer came and the fight cards got crowded, but that’s another story.

The End.