WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.


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“For the sixth and final bout of the evening we are pleased to present a fourth round match of the now infamous Unlimited Weight World Champion Eliminator. Both women have fought in Great Britain before and have a very large following. I know that many of you have registered monetary and consequences wagers tonight so let's keep the fighting inside the fence!

“Wearing the orange leathers and equipment is Amrita from India standing 6'3'' and weighing 225 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she has an eighteen and two record. She holds the South Asian Unlimited Title. She has killed four opponents in the ring, knocked out ten, won by blood rules two times and forced slave submissions two times. She has lost by knockout twice. She is two and one in the Eliminator having lost only to the undefeated Amanda of the United States . She is twenty-two, she is Amrita!”

The larger than normal arena was also better lit than average and had been specifically constructed for this purpose by some of the wealthiest women in the Blood Rules Club. Almost six hundred women in arena seating applauded and yelled as Amrita walked down the aisle leading to the circular concrete arena which was built especially for these activities. The standard, water washable white padding and seating had been installed to complete the scene. The diameter of the circular arena was the standard nine feet and its edge was three feet high. The floor of the fighting arena was sunken three feet below the first row of arena seats. The arena was surrounded by a chain link fence with two doors on either side through which the combatants would step through and down into the arena. A black masked referee with a cattle prod waited inside the arena. Her job was to force the fight to end when the terms of the match were satisfied and enforce the round breaks. Two attendants for each fighter stood to the side of the entry doors. They were dressed in yellow and orange leotards and had their equipment bags at the ready.

Amrita was huge and powerful having beaten all challengers in the very secretive and brutal sub-continent rings, including international imports. Her skin was light brown with fine upper cast features of an Indian beauty. She was of course extraordinarily large for her sex and national origin, but in a nation of some many the statistical extremes were still numerically large. She wore a orange open robe that flashed her firm heavy oblong breasts and unshaven sex. Her nipples were dark black, long, thick based and tapered to sharp points projecting out from thick black bumpy aureoles that covered a two inch oval at the end of her long oblong, solid breasts. Her clitoral sleeve was thick and distended, like many girls in the business. The pink end of her clit was stark against the darker sheath. From a young age she was rumored to be a devotee of rough girl to girl sex and rabid masturbation. That and her natural hormonal imbalance and whatever supplements she took to increase her muscle mass and swell her breasts had given her an impressive “meat.” The fact that she had not shaven her mound was surprising in the ring. Her heavy black bush covered some of her impressive clit, but not her thick, heavy, hanging lips. She had massive cunt lips, normally a disadvantage, but hers were so thick and large they protected her tinder pink cunt from all but the most determined penetration attack. Her flat rock hard belly, ridged muscular arms, powerful thighs and big power-packed rock hard haunches showed no weakness although she was scarred everywhere. Her 48 inch chest was reflective of her muscled V back as well as her hormone swollen firm 48E breasts. She was an exciting, cruel lover and harbored a variety of personal prejudices that made her fights with Brits and Pakistanis and low caste Indians nearly always fatal. Unlike many women she wore full make-up: dark kohl painted eyes, red lip stick and a red dot on her forehead. She also wore long, luxurious, thick black hair down to her waist when it was unbraided and loose.

“And wearing yellow leathers and equipment, is Sondra from Sweden , standing 6'2'' and weighing in at 213 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she is twenty-nine and one and holds the European Unlimited Title. She has killed six opponents in the ring, knocked out fourteen, won by blood rules eight times and forced slave submissions two times. Her one loss is by knockout. She is three and zero in the Eliminator. She is twenty-nine, she is Sondra!”

Sondra walked to the ring wearing an open yellow robe. She was fair skinned, blonde and blue eyed. Her right eye brow drooped a little and there was a bump on her nose, but otherwise her face was model perfect. Her firm heavy breasts were high on her chest and measured 46DD. She had not shaved her sex, so it would be a rare “hair versus hair down there match.” Her mound and crotch were quite hairy with fine blonde hair. Her nipples were pink, long and pointed. Her aureoles were extraordinarily small and hard, barely larger than the thick nipples jutting out of her mounds. Her clitoral sleeve was thick and distended too. She had taken the hormones for a long time and her clit had become enormous, larger than any other of the professional fighters.

“This is the fourth round of our double elimination marathon competition to determine a World Unlimited Champion. Both these women are champions in their own right. We started with sixteen recognized champions in the competition and by vote another sixteen were added. Tonight there are sixteen women left, eight with 3 and 0 records and eight with two and one records. Since we have a perfect alignment for the fourth round eight undefeated matched against eight once beaten we have broken the divisions and redrawn the matches. Next month all survivors will be matched. If there is a bye it will be selected by lottery among the undefeated. The fights will continue until there are only two women qualifying to meet to claim ultimate title of World Champ in Las Vegas , Nevada . These two fighting bitches have already proven themselves. Sondra's fights include victories against Yumiko and Niagara both of whom are also fighting tonight. And Amrita's first round loss against the undefeated Amanda was stunning close. Good luck and may the toughest bitch win.”

The two women stood across the arena as the crowd applauded and mumbled appreciative comments. At the sound of a bell they disrobed with a flourish and tossed their robes to their attendants. The cameras readied and the rules scrolled by for the private membership. Men could not attend these affairs or observe the aftermath, but some were more than willing to pay a thrice weekly charge to view the hidden feed over the internet. A modest presentation was prepared for them. The women in the room knew the rules. Their attendance required they fight twice a year or until they had fought twenty four times and paid their life membership in blood.

This time the first round was what was referred to “gouge and flay” fighting. The appropriate colored equipment included: one gouge glove, one whip glove, neck guards and eye guards, and colored hair straps to hold the traditional long hair in fighting ponytails at this stage of the fight. The gouge glove was a closed fist glove extending back to the elbow. The fist could be used, but the hand was melded around the handle of a twelve inch long gouge or “dildo from hell.” It was a solid rounded head gouge studded along its length with nasty half inch abrasive covered projectiles. It could be used as a rubber club or of course as a deep penetration device. The gouge and glove were one and the relative positions could not be changed. It worked as if you had gripped the staff in the traditional fashion for thrusting upward. The whip glove was again a closed fist glove extending back to the elbow. This time the grip was melded to the head of a heavy stock whip with two three foot long leather straps hanging down from the head. The straps were lined with metal studs for flaying. When fully in costume the women looked like they were about to engage in a gladiatorial whip and dagger fight, but the dagger was essentially a nasty club or cruel dildo. The attendants oiled the big women down slowly, making sure to linger in their crotches, soon both muscular bodies shined from head to toe. Clits and asses were worked to insure everything had been oiled and touched.

The attendants finished and stepped out of the cage and locked the doors behind them. A bell rang and the first ten minute round of the fight started. An automated voice would sing out the passage of time every thirty seconds until the last thirty seconds where a five second countdown would be done.

The otherwise nude, slick muscular women moved cautiously, crouched forward, ready to strike with whip or gouge. There were no restrictions on this fight, but the weapons essentially dictated the tactics. To keep the fighters from locking up, any stalemated holds were to broken up after one minute. Hair pulling was practically impossible, but a knee across a pony tail could effectively trap a woman on the ground.

Sondra stalked the bigger Indian bitch. She wasn't used to fighting women heavier and taller. Reach had a lot to do with the whip portion of the festivities. Sondra feinted, Amrita right arm was her whip arm. She flashed the arm down, the stock whips flashed. Sondra turned her left shoulder down and took the heavy strike across her back taking to welts and six gashes, but that was her plan. Her left arm drove upward; she was going for a cunt spear as her very first move! Such bold audacity was the stuff of fiction; nobody tried such a dangerous low probability of success move this early in a professional fight. The look on Amrita's haughty, made-up face was one of disbelief. She screamed as the gouge drove straight into her crotch from below. The head was slick and rounded. The angle was almost perfect. The rubber dildo rammed between her thick hairy cunt lips and hammered at her cunt. She was fortunate not to be impaled in the first second. The head ground along her slit failing to penetrate. The abrasive studs tore at her tender lips, dragging them up. Then the head of the shaft pushed up the between the folds and the abrasive studs dragged across the wet pink head of the Indian's clit. Amrita howled and stood up on her toes.

Sondra drove forward as planned. Her head and left shoulder rammed into Amrita's tight glistening abs and lifted the Indian off her brown feet and carried her backwards. Sondra drove like a tackle and succeeded in driving the Indian hard into the fence and solid barrier. It was a brilliant opening stroke. The stunned crowd, who actually favored the brutal Indian over the tricky Swede, could not help itself. It roared with applause as Amrita groaned and tried to recover from this master stroke. Sondra had practiced this over and over in case the gouge and flay came up in the Eliminator. She had never used the move before even though she had fought eight rounds of gouge and flay in her career.

Sondra implemented the next phase. She pushed upward lifting the Indian against the fence. Sondra jerked back her gouge and rammed it upward again. Amrita's heavy, muscular thighs were instinctively spread as her feet reached for something to push against. She had been standing erect only five seconds ago and her body had not responded to the sudden shock. Now she got another sudden shock. The gouge rammed in between her hairy cunt lips. This time Sondra pushed and twisted until she got the slick head into Amrita's channel. A hard push and Amrita's inner cunt had the thick, studded shaft pressing deep into its tight inner walls. Amrita screamed in agony.

The crowd roared at the sight of the huge Indian propped on the blonde's head and shoulders, pinned to the fence with about four inches of yellow gouge sunk into her cunt. The Indian hammered both her gloved fists down like gloves across Sondra's white upper back. Sondra grunted under the hammering and pushed her left hand upward getting another inch of gouge into the Indian's cunt. Amrita groaned and grimaced with furious determination. She hammered the tricky blonde again and again taking the agony inside her. Sondra took ten shots from each clubbing hand and then suddenly was overwhelmed by the combination of the lung vibrating shots and the Indian's weight.

Sondra hadn't counted on the hammering being so effective. Amrita was a strong bitch, but the Swede thought her broad back would last long enough to effectively cunt the woman basically out of the fight. Amrita proved her wrong. Sondra was on her knees and the Indian's feet were on the ground. Sondra drove her left hand upward trying to paralyze the Indian with twelve inches of rubber inside her. Amrita moaned in utter agony, but she used her footing and ass propped on the edge of the wall now to drive a knee up into Sondra's breasts. The blow knocked the Swede back far enough for Amrita to use her gouge like a small club. The blow hit the Swede across both cheeks and the bridge of her nose, stingy her and causing her head to snap back.

Amrita arched her back against the fence and suddenly walked up Sondra's body. Now the crowd had something more to roar about. The Indian used the Swede's tits and body as a stepping stool to basically walk up and off the gouge. Sondra's weapon popped out of the Indian's cunt, clearly slick with blood and cunt juice. Sondra folded back under the Indian's weight. Amrita's temporary elevation dropped as the Swede folded back over her own feet. It would have been perfect if the Indian had managed to keep her balance and end up standing on Sondra's big tits, but her feet slide off to either side and she ended up sitting down hard on the Swede's lower belly.

Sondra was trapped! Amrita grinned furiously and hammered her left hand dildo club down across the Swede's big tits. The slap of the weapon on the breast was like a rifle shot and Sondra groaned. The Swede struggled to get her feet out from under her own ass and some how get the big Indian of her belly. Amrita rode the wiggling Swede's sweaty belly and managed to get a whip strike down. The angle and range wasn't perfect, but the heavy leather straps with their metal studs, cracked just the same and left welts and tiny gashes across the Swede's face and one shoulder.

Sondra got her right leg out from under her ass. She took a dildo down stroke aimed at her mouth! The crowd roared its approval and then signed in disappointment as Sondra turned her face and sacrificed her right cheek. They would have loved to see the Swede forced to deep throat Amrita's hand held weapon. Sondra used her own dildo club as Amrita drew back her right hand for a whip strike. Sondra whacked the underside of the Indian's oblong tits and sent the right one bouncing upward and outward under Amrita's raised right arm. Amrita shifted and whipped the trap Swede again, crisscrossing her face with another set of welts. Sondra's left leg straightened, her feet dug into the pads and suddenly she bucked up. Amrita rocked forward off balance.

The Indian landed tits first across Sondra's face. There were no rules against biting so the Swede sank her teeth into the jutting underside of the Indian's brown oblong rocket tits. Shocked, Amrita pressed up. Her tit stayed in the Swede's teeth. The Swede bucked again and Amrita fell forward again. Amrita pushed off with her feet and pulled her tit out of the Swede's mouth. Amrita tried to dig a knee into the Swede's hard belly, but Sondra grabbed her around the waist with her left arm and held her firm. Then Sondra tried to ram her dildo into Amrita from behind, but the ankle was not good. She managed to jam the end of the dildo into the cleft of Amrita's ass, but got no further.

Amrita tried to crawl off the Swede, but Sondra held her firmly. The referee moved in and started a lock up count. At thirty she signaled for a break. Both women broke, happy to have escaped terribly desperate situations. Sondra was bloodied on the face, tits and back. Welts were evident everywhere on her upper body. The Indian showed less visible damage but there was already blood on the interior of her thighs and three deep sets of teeth impressions on her tits.

The referee restarted the clock. Amrita slashed down with her right hand and scored a full blooded whip strike across the Swede's big tits. Sondra grunted under the assault and slashed her own whip hand down. She scored Amrita across the face, tearing open her cheek and causing her to turn away and miss with a clubbing left. Sondra stepped under the left took the blow on her shoulder. She slammed a knee up into Amrita's crotch. Amrita grunted and drove her left elbow backwards into the side of Sondra's head. The Swede's pony tail flew as her head snapped to the side. Amrita repaid the knee strike with one of her own to the blonde's hairy cunt. Sondra grabbed hold and head butted Amrita on the already torn cheek, stunning the Indian


Both women hung onto the other trying to recover from the stunning blows. The referee looked to be moving in, when suddenly Sondra slashed with her right foot taking out Amrita's left foot and through the Indian hard to the floor, slamming down on top of her. Sondra recovered first and again used her head, cracking down her forehead on Amrita's perfect brown nose. Crunch! When Sondra pulled back, blood was already spreading across Amrita's upper lip and the Indian's nose was swelling. Sondra went for a pin, but Amrita's feet were firmly planted and the Swede flew off over Amrita's head.

Sondra rolled over and got to her feet just as Amrita staggered to her own. The Indian's nose was bleeding freely. If it wasn't broken it was damaged! Sondra slashed at the Indian's face with her whip hand, scoring right across Amrita's split right cheek and splattering sweat and blood from the abused woman's face. Amrita shouted in fury and delivered a sudden front kick straight to the blonde's tight lower belly. The force of it drove the Swede backwards and even though it didn't break down her muscle shield you could see that the Swede didn't enjoy the aftereffects.

Amrita swung her whip and slashed the top of the Swede's tits opening up three gashes and leaving two parallel bright welts across the top of the white globes. Sondra countered with her whip, but Amrita blocked it with her left arm. The Indian kicked again and again her foot hammered the Swede's lower belly. This time Sondra bent a little. Amrita's right hand whipped down and the two leather straps again crossed over Sondra's swelling red streaked breasts. Sondra moaned and almost turned away as one of the metal studs gashed her right nipple.

Amrita hammered down with her left hand and added to Sondra's tit agony. The studded twelve inch gouge hit right across the gash nipple. The tit deformed as the dildo-gouge-baton dug into the agonized flesh. Sondra cried out and twisted away. Amrita scored her back with a nasty full extension whip strike. Sondra arched her back and swung around in a circle. Her whip slashed right across Amrita's face tearing the right cheek even further opening up a two inch gash below the eye and an inch gash along the jaw line. The strike stunned the Indian and caused her to back away blinking her eyes.

Sondra yelled a berserker battle cry and surged forward. She hammered Amrita's bloody right cheek with the gouge. The blow knocked Amrita's head around and sent the Indian staggering against the cage wall. The Indian's cheek was ripped to shreds and the raw tissues were puffing up at a visible rate. Sondra whacked her wipe down the length of the Indian's back raising welts and opening gashes. The Indian arched her back and kicked backwards defensively. Her foot took the Swede on the right thigh and actually staggered her for a moment. A nasty bruise immediately appeared.

Amrita swung around and delivered a nasty lateral slash with her whips across the top of Sondra's already swollen red tits. The Swede groaned and lashed her own whip out and captured the Indian's whip hand. Amrita looked startled as her right arm was jerked forward. She was already off balance from her whip strike. She staggered forward right arm extended, right shoulder down. The Swede looped right arm over the Indian's head and suddenly Amrita was being choked by her own whip arm.

The Swede drove her knee into Amrita's twisted ribs. The Indian gasped as her rib cage was compressed. A second knee rose up and hit the underside of her right tit driving it upward. Amrita put her left hand down to steady herself. Sondra was behind the woman. She jerked back on her entangling whip pulling Amrita upward. As Amrita rose, the Swede drove a knee into her buttocks and leaned forward pushing the Indian flush into the cage and the surrounding container wall. Amrita's nipples stuck through as the chain links waffled her big tits. The women on the front roll had to resist reaching out and grabbing the black pointed nipples and crushing them. Sondra drove her body into the Indian's back driving her harder into the cage.

Amrita's supports screamed for her to push off. Sondra's supporters laughed and made suggestions as to what to do next. The Swede needed no help. With her right forearm and elbow digging into Amrita's spine she dropped her left hand, rotated her wrist so her gouge was pointed upward at about eighty degrees from the floor. Then she rammed it up into Amrita's crotch. The brutal Swede had trouble finding a hole, but after four or five repositions, Amrita's body tensed and she moaned deep in her throat. The gouge was inside her cunt again, this time from behind.

As the crowd roared, the Swede worked furious getting the gouge in deeper and deeper despite Amrita's tight cunt trying to hold it out. The abrasive studs dug into Amrita's squeezing walls and made the agony all the worse as they dragged ever upward inside the Indian's tender cunt flesh. Amrita's mouth clench and tears streamed down her bloody cheeks as she was humiliated against the chain link in full view of the spectators. The Swede's left bicep was bulging now as were all the muscles of her left arm and shoulder. She forced the gouge in until her hand was butting against Amrita's firm ass cheeks. She was in deep!

Sondra yelled in perfect Euro-English, “She likes it. The fucking wog likes it from behind!”

About half the audience laughed and cheered. Many of Amrita's fans marked down the women laughing the longest. This type of public humiliation of a champion often sparked dozens of personal fights. There would be a lot of blood spilled over this fight.

Sondra chortled, “Oh yeah, she loves it!”

Sondra savagely began pumping the gouge up down just like it was a dildo. Then she started twisted it back and forth as she rammed it in and out. The abrasive studs did their job. Amrita was sweating bullets as the agonized cunt sent black waves of pain through her body, twisting her stomach, darkening her vision. She was afraid of passing out, a terrible defeat in the first round!

Sondra shouted, “I bet she likes it in the ass!”

Two thirds of the crowd roared its approval. The other was furious now. They yelled insults at the Swede and her loudest supporters.

Sondra pulled the bloody gouge out of Amrita's cunt. The yellow shaft was bright red now. Blood spattered on the pad between Amrita's feet. Sondra rammed the head of the bloody gouge a little higher. She was searching for Amrita's tight asshole. The head found it and Amrita grimaced. The brown buttocks clenched and frustrated the Swede's brutal intentions. Sondra tried twice more and then in frustration started ramming her body into the Indian's back, using the fence to punish Amrita's tits and face.

After a minute of this ramming, Sondra suddenly dragged on the trapped arm while using her left fist to push on Amrita's side. The Indian slid along the fence to her right. Her black nipples pinched in the chain links, dragged across the metal, punched back through an opening, pinched against the metal and then dragged again. Sondra displayed the agonized Indian champion to the entire arena before she returned. Amrita was wracked with pain now, cunt and nipple. Some wondered if she might make a slave surrender, but the Indian would die before that!

Tired of dragging the Indian, Sondra again leaned her knee into the woman's back, jerked back on the whip arm and bent Amrita's head back just enough so her forehead could be reached by overhand hammer strikes using the gouge as a baton. Sondra pounded the hard studded yellow gouge down again and again, splitting open the Indian's scalp eventually and sending a cascade of blood down across the twisted face.

Then the buzzer sounded and Amrita's trial came to an end. Sondra let the referee untangle them and stepped back smiling. She held up the yellow gouge for all to see and then licked its slick head. She tasted Amrita's bright red cunt blood and then spit it out on the floor as if she had tasted something foul. Her supporters laughed. Amrita looked at her with hatred as her attendants dragged her to her door and removed her equipment. Sondra was soon shed of her equipment. As always there was no care given, no water taken, no relief allowed. The break was for equipment change and any rest was yours to take on your own.

The first round was always designed as a sexual battle of attrition: mauling, buffeting to the tits and cunt, gouge and flay, and the rare but horribly bloody bite down matches as well as some other nasty events. The second round was always a version of striking only from boxing with solid gloves to almost anything goes with rubber fists, elbow and knee gouges, and striking boots. The luck of the draw favored Sondra in that the worst version of the striking round would be fought giving Amrita no chance at all to recover before the mandatory catfight to the finish in the third round.

The attendants equipped them for the second round. The attendants taped their fists and wrists. Next solid leather striking gloves were fitted over their hands and tied firmly around their wrists. The gloves had a solid grip bar for their fingers to curl around. They formed their fists and then the fists were taped into solid fists. The finger face of the glove was crisscrossed with heavy leather stitching designed to tear. The knuckles were heavily ridged with hard leather raised knuckles. The back of the gloves were also crisscrossed with the tearing stitches. Next, the elbows were covered with a stretch band. The back of the elbows had a two inch solid knob of hard rubber pointing outward. The knees were covered next with a similar stretch band and capped with a four inch rubber gouge. Then striking boots were put on their feet. The boots stopped just above the ankle. The toes, sole and heel were rock hard rubber and studded with cleats. There necks were protected by thick leather bands and half masks were fitted over their faces to protect the eyeballs, but not the head or face. They were given gum shields to protect their teeth. Again, the Indian fighter was dressed with orange equipment and the Swede had the yellow.

In this form of striking fight grappling while standing was permitted, but if both fell to the ground they would be separated. Holding and hitting was permitted. Striking was permitted until either the ass or the tits were ruled to be on the mat and then the referee would separate them. A downed fighter got a one minute count, but the round time was stopped, and then they would be stood up to fight on. If they couldn't stand they would be propped up the infamous Cruel Horse. The Cruel Horse was a three bar mechanism that could be inserted through the cage wall. One bar went between the legs and the other two under each arm. The only mercy on the Cruel Horse was that the victim could only be struck to the breasts while riding the Horse. More than one woman fighter had been ruined while riding the Cruel Horse.

Sondra was known to be expert with her fists, but Amrita was also an expert striker, particularly with the knees and feet. Still after the brutal beating she had taken in the first round, the betting odds had become prohibitive in Sondra's favor. The Swede's face and tits were swollen and crisscrossed with welts and marked by gashes, but compared to Amrita's once beautiful face the Swede was untouched. Blood still flowed from Amrita's nose, ripped apart right cheek and split forehead. And of course there was the blood dribbling down the inside of her thighs and dotting the mat between her feet where she sat or stood. The proud Indian with her once lovely make-up was surely crushed. She would be eliminated from the tourney after losing to the favored Amanda and the likely choice for Amanda's final challenger.

Amrita limped out. Sondra and her supporters immediately noted the Indian's weakness. A savage cunting could take the legs out from under any woman. Amrita's right eye was almost swollen shut and the left was constantly blinking to clear away the dribble of blood and sweat into it from her forehead. Sondra moved forward quickly and drove a left jab outward. Amrita dodged it clumsily. Sondra's right hook caught the woman on the side of her head. Amrita staggered backwards avoiding a looping left and a reaching right. As soon as her ass hit the retaining wall dodged under another right and fired a right left right combination into the pit of Sondra's stomach. The Swede was rocked.

Sondra stumbled back hurting almost as much from the surprise as the punch. Amrita yelled something and up came her right foot. The high kick took Sondra on the point of the chin and the Swede sailed backwards off her feet. She hit the mat hard and bounced to a stop. The audience went quiet and then roared. Sondra shook her head and rolled over on her hands and knees. It took the big blonde forty seconds to begin to push up. She staggered to her feet by fifty five seconds and the referee signaled to start again.

Sondra eyes were still not locked on target. The blow to her chin had split the skin and knocked her senseless. The Indian's powerful legs were still in the fight. Her limping around must have been a trick. Sondra put up her guard and circled away hoping to regain all her faculties. Amrita came after her, proving the limp had been a put up job. The crowd came alive. Both women's supporters were back into it now.

Amrita's left jab was almost as sharp as Sondra's. She moved in on the blonde and peppered her mouth and cheeks with fast shots trying to set up a hard right, but the blonde was good with her fists. She blocked more than she took and after about thirty seconds on defense she jammed her left straight into the Indian's swollen nose. Amrita's head snapped back and her nose spurted again.

Sondra came alive. Her right crashed into Amrita's left breast, driving it into the right and sending both oblong globes jiggling. Amrita hammered Sondra's left eye and flattened her right tit in retaliation. Sondra missed with a right, took a low blow to the belly, and answered with a nasty forearm to Amrita's mouth. The Indian was forced backwards. Sondra's right knee came up at an angle. The nasty gouge missed the Indian's already bloody cunt, but the head of the gouge hit just above the mound and sank into the belly muscles, causing the Indian to groan and stumble backwards.

Sondra kicked out going for the Indian's knee. Amrita avoided the crippling blow by jerking her leg back and leaving herself leaning forward. Sondra followed with a savage uppercut to the underside of the Indian's left tit. The oblong balloon deformed around the fist and then bounced upward like a zeppelin in flight. Amrita grunted, took the agony, set her feet, and drove a hard straight right into the blonde's face. Sondra's head snapped back and her nose spurted. She wobbled and ducked under a following left roundhouse and circled to Amrita's right side, the nearly blind eye.

Amrita turned quickly, but took a quick left to the already ruptured cheek. The nasty skin splitters and cross hatching found the raw meat and bloody, sticky skin perfect. A fog of blood and sweat splattered from the shot. Amrita's head twisted around and she moaned in agony as a flap of skin pealed down her cheek exposing an open wound. Blood poured down the side of her face. Sondra snarled in pleasure and hammered a right into the Indian's left eye. Amrita ducked her head and raised her arms.

Sondra grabbed the woman's shoulders, permissible, pushed her downwards and drove the wicked knee gouge up. The gouge speared Amrita's left tit, sinking three of its four inches into the brown fat bag before rebounding. Amrita's scream told the tale. The Indian fell to her knees, but failed to fall on her ass or tits. She was still not officially down. Sondra stepped back and aimed a foot stomp at the Indian's head. The cleats would have done a job, but the kick itself was intended to knock the Indian out. Amrita ducked under the kick and Sondra ended up with her right leg propped on the Indian's left shoulder. The crowd sucked in its collective breath waiting for the next blow. They knew what was coming. Sondra frantically brought her hands down to protect herself, but Amrita's fist was already arcing straight for Sondra's cunt. The crushing impact sent the blonde falling off balance onto her ass.

The Indian had been down on her knees, but now the Swede was writhing in cunt pain on the mat being counted down. Amrita's supporters grew wild. The Indian stood up first and walked to the side of the cage to rest. She had been taking the worst of it, but for once the smug Swede was mewling like a little girl. Amrita smiled, but her lips and face were so ruined it was hard to tell what it was. Sondra got up and walked off the pain. The referee signaled the minute was over.

Amrita came forward with some new confidence. The Swede grimaced and prepared to duke it out in the center of the arena. They came together in a flurry of hard head punches rocking each other, opening lips and noses. Sondra worked on Amrita's left eye again and again forcing the Indian to step back after five or six hard shots. Her left cheek and left eyebrow were rapidly swelling and she might be sightless in a moment.

Sondra lunged after the Indian pressing her back to the circular wall. Trapped against the wall, Amrita took a thorough fisting to the head, face, shoulders, tits and ribs. Sondra's arms grew tired and she switched to her front stomp kick. The boot landed flush on Amrita's lower belly, heel on her mound toe up her belly. Amrita gasped as she was nailed by the boot to the wall. She folded over.

Sondra grabbed the doubled over Indian's shoulders again and drove her knee upward driving the gouge into the belly she had just worked over with her cleats. Amrita tried to fall forward, but the brutal Swede pushed her back and started jamming knee after knee upward into the brown tits and belly. Amrita finally captured the knee and held on. Sondra started pounding the woman's back. Amrita took that and twisted to the side, using Sondra's leg to pull the blonde off her feet and send her on her ass a third time.

Sondra bounced up, but had to wait the entire minute. There were less than four minutes to go and she definitely wanted to put the Indian on her ass at least once. Amrita was severely hurt. Forget the ruin of her face, now her problem was her gut and tits. They had been rammed repeatedly by the four inch knee gouge powered by the Swede's strong thighs. Amrita's muscle shield was torn and she could barely stand straight. Even her breathing, which was critical, hurt her now.

Sondra moved in fast and through a hard right. Amrita spun around and captured the arm and executed a judo-like throw. Standing grappling was permitted. Instead of throwing Sondra over her hip, the Indian whipped the blonde in a circle and threw her hard into the fence. Sondra's ass hit the wall and her back hit the fence. The blonde bounced off, but Amrita rammed her shoulder up under Sondra's tits driving her upward into the fence. Sondra's back pimpled through the chain links and her ass rested on the top of the wall.

Amrita pumped rights lefts into the Swede's exposed stomach, especially low in the belly. Sondra grunted and groaned while driving her elbow down on the back of the Indian's neck. For or five of these strikes forced Amrita to give up her belly beating. They wrestled against the fence hammering each other with short shots. Sondra tried to muscle herself off the fence while Amrita pressed to keep the Swede trapped. The struggle ate up a minute leaving less than two minutes to go.

Sondra appeared to force Amrita back, but the Indian grabbed her in a bear hug. The strong brown woman lifted the big blonde off the ground. Sondra hammered at Amrita's ears with both fists. Amrita heaved the blonde into the fence. Sondra bounced of the fence. On the way down the Indian drove a straight leg up into the Swede's mound. The heel took the Swede right on the clit, while the sole of the shoe wrapped around digging the nasty cleats into the Swede's belly. Sondra groaned as her clit was crushed by the hard rubber cleats.

Amrita snapped her foot down. Sondra started to fall with her hands going for her crotch. The Indian spun around in a tight circle and drove the gouge on her right elbow into the Swede's temple. Sondra fell hard and lay still. Amrita staggered away and raised her hands to the applause of the crowd.

The count started. The Swede was out. At the end of a minute, the referee called for the Cruel Horse. . The Cruel Horse three bar mechanism was inserted through the cage wall. Amrita's attendants helped the referee lift the unconscious blonde up. One bar went between her legs and the other two under each arm. The blonde might fall off the bars, but it was difficult to escape. If Sondra woke up and fought back the bars would be withdrawn, but of course if she couldn't stand the withdrawal would hurt.

Amrita had ninety-four seconds left. The only mercy on the Cruel Horse was that the victim could only be struck to the breasts while riding the Horse. Amrita started pounded Sondra's hanging orbs. She drove straight punches, uppercuts and hooks into both gloves. She sank in her fists and twisted, making sure the rubber flesh splitters and the coarse cross stitching worked their magic.

Sondra's head bobbed as her tits were turned into swollen bags of bloody ruin. The Swede woke up at the thirty second mark and blocked Amrita's tit punches. The referee called for the withdrawal. The bars were retracted. Amrita kept punching away, but downward at the tits now trying to make sure the metal bar made multiple contacts with the Swede's crotch. She was magnificently successful. Sondra's crotch was sawed as the bar pulled away.

Amrita followed the blonde to the wall and began kneeing her. The gouge didn't get into Sondra's cunt but it skinned her mound more than once. When the bell rang the Swede was huddled over bleeding from the face and tits. Her arms were covered with deep bruises. She had taken a terrible pounding. Now she had to face the catfight. Of course she could surrender at this moment, a slave submission. That meant that everyone in attendance would get the pleasure of humiliating the big woman with a variety of tools.

Sondra shook her head and said, “Fight on. I'll kill that wog!”

Besides, as unlikely as it seemed, Sondra was probably still ahead on blood points. If she survived the catfight she could still win this on a decision. Amrita had gotten lucky and made up some ground, but she hadn't won yet!

The final round would be ten minutes of no rules catfighting. The women had their gloves, pads and boots removed. This time catfight gloves were put on. The catfight gloves were similar to maul gloves. The gloves were covered with rough abrasive surfaces. The knuckles were padded and ridged. The key addition was eighth of an inch of sharpened metal in the shape of finger nail. The eye masks were tightened and checked to make sure they were still safe from penetration. The neck bands were similarly checked. Bands were added to the wrists to prevent anyone bleeding out from a unlucky cut. Finally, the hair bands were removed and the hair was combed free. Wet blonde, stained red, and black hair hung limply down the backs of the two warrior women.

The two battered fighters stood ready again. This round could end one of four ways. The first was death during combat, the second was knockout where a woman no longer reacted to pain, the third was the infamous slave submission during the course of the round, or the fourth way by blood rules at the end of the ten minutes. During this round if the referee called a break to count a knockout, the fight was stopped and the downed fighter was given to a count of ten to recover, if she didn't the referee would inflict pain three times. If there was no response it was ruled a knockout and then the loser would be checked to see if she was still alive. The rarest, most difficult and rewarding victory was to force a slave submission during this round. The slaved fighter would lose all the prize money to the winner, suffer the standard humiliation by the winner, then suffer the same from the audience and be forever marked as a weakling. Very few slaved fighters fought again and those who did had to prove themselves all over again.

The referee stood out of the way and the two women began stalking each other, yellow and orange colored gloves gleaming with metal fingernail substitutes. This part of the fight always insured both fighters would be spending time in the regeneration tank with its electric blue healing fluid. The most horrible flesh wounds would mend, sometimes leaving light scars sometimes perfectly depending on a number of factors. Of course the healed areas were tender and less sturdy than the others for some time and that was a factor for women fighting like this on a monthly schedule.

The blonde was still shocked by the stunning knockout and subsequent tit beating at the end of the previous round. She moved defensively, testing out her reflexes and balance. Amrita pursued, but she was cautious as well. She knew she had been seriously hurt and was feeling the effects of the fight more than every before. The Swedish bitch had cunted her and the damage and blood loss was accumulating. She knew neither of them was ready for this savage portion of the match.

The Indian closed and swiped at Sondra with her left claws. The blonde knocked the hand away with her right and drove a quick jab into the swollen, blood dripping nose of the Indian. Amrita groaned as her broken nose was rearranged again, spread over her once perfect face. Blood spurted and her eyes watered. She stepped backwards and brought up her fists to guard. Sondra slashed low with her left and her claws ripped a furrow along the Indian's right side. Amrita flinched and fired back with her right fist, smashing Sondra in the mouth, busting a swollen lip. The Swede stepped back this time.

Amrita suddenly kicked out and her brown foot snapped into Sondra's crotch. The instep crushed Sondra's cunt and stunned the blonde. Sondra groaned and grabbed reflexively for her crotch, her arms squeezing her tits outward and upward. Amrita's right hand came down claws first onto the top of the Swede's already badly swollen and gashed left breast. The metal nails did their job ripping five furrows down the top and across the already gashed nipple.

The Swede screamed and started to twist away. Amrita jumped forward to take advantage, but the Swede was a professional. Either she was tricking the Indian or at the last moment recovered her highly ingrained instinct to strike back when in pain. Her right fist jumped upward in a tight combination hook and uppercut. It took Amrita under the jaw and stood her up on her toes.

The Indian staggered forward grabbing for Sondra. The Swede turned into her. Amrita's claws dug into the Swede's shoulders, gashing her. But, Sondra's hands were already up and headed for Amrita's magnificent brown twin rockets. Amrita saw her mistake too late. The Swede had both her tits. Sondra was a skilled tit crusher. She dug her metal nailed thumb into the undersides pushing up under the aureole. She dug in her four fingers in a half circle along the upper side of the brown bags. Then she crushed, pulled, twisted and jerked almost simultaneously. Amrita screamed as her tender flesh was ripped and shredded, crushed, pulled and twisted. She grabbed for Sondra's wrists, making another mistake.

The Swede drove her forehead down on the Indian's shattered nose, further splattering it out along Amrita's ruined and swollen cheeks. Amrita's knees started to give, but her situation was not about to improve. Sondra drove her knee up into the Indian's crotch just as her legs opened and her collapse to the floor started. The knee woke her up and stood her up straight, just in time for another head butt to the nose. Amrita's head went back and she was held erect by Sondra's hands on her tits and her own hands on Sondra's wrists. She wobbled. Sondra struggled to hold her erect, planting both her feet wide.

Amrita cried out in agony as her brutal, proud breasts were tortured, but the pain restored her senses. Leaning backwards, choking on her own blood, she reacted. This time the Indian's knee rose up and crushed the Swede's cunt lips. Sondra grunted and her eyes got big. She grimaced and closed her legs. That caused her to lose her balance and the Indian went down backwards. Sondra went down on top of her still with her metal nailed fingers deep in the brown tit flesh.

Sondra spread her legs over Amrita's thrusting hips and rode the Indian while savaging her tits. No one had seen those fine brown jugs since Sondra had seized them and the crowd expected to see some horrible wounds. They were on their feet looking for a glimpse. The robot cameras responded to similar requests for low angle shots, but Sondra's hands and own ballooning tits hit the maiming of the mammary mounds.

Amrita screamed and writhed unable to throw the Swede off. Finally she began to try and get her hands out from under the Swede. Sondra pressed down with her own tits trying to hold the Indian's arms in place. Amrita groaned and jerked on her arms, the muscles in her biceps and shoulders trembling. Suddenly both hands came free. The crowd roared.

The Indian immediately dug her nails into the Swede's pale back. She ripped down the length of Sondra's spine, reversed her hands and dug her metal nails into the Swede's firm round ass cheeks. She dug and ripped Sondra groaned and flinched, but she held onto her tit hold and sank her teeth into Amrita's shoulder. The Indian quickly twisted her head to block any attempt at biting around the neck guard. The two lay there shredding each other's flesh as the crowd lost its self-control. Hands disappeared into crotches. The entire arena began to touch either themselves or the woman next to them. No one looked away or bothered to ask whose hand was rubbing their clit.

Amrita cried out in total agony. That meant one or both of her nipples had just been split, gouged or torn off. Her body stiffened. She had tried to claw Sondra off her and failed. She hadn't been able to get a finger into the bitch's ass hole or cunt. The Swede seemed willing to let Amrita rip off her ass cheeks.

The Indian stopped clawing and grabbed the bloody, tangled, sweat matted blonde mane with both fists. She pulled and pulled slowly bringing Sondra's head upward. Sweat was pouring off both women now. Sondra's teeth were bloody and there were deep gashes in the Indian's muscular shoulder. Amrita sank her teeth into Sondra's right jaw biting over and under the jaw line. The crowd roared.

Sondra groaned as her jaw was chewed. Then the Indian let go of her hair and suddenly ten nails were ripping at Sondra's face. The Swede cried out. Her forehead was opened. Her swollen cheeks were ripped. The referee stood by if Amrita tried to rip away the eye guards. Sondra howled through clenched teeth as her face was shredded and bitten. Finally the Indian's tactics forced her to release the tits.

When Sondra's bloody hands slid out between their bodies the crowd roared in approval of the Indian's tactics. Sondra's hands immediately went for the Indian's face. Amrita's cheeks were already split, but when Sondra dug her thumb deep into the raw ruined meat and gouged down and up it was Amrita's turn to scream. Her teeth opened and she pushed upward on the Swede's bloody face. Sondra was more than happy to be pushed away. She straightened up on Amrita's belly.

The crowd gasped. Both women's bodies were smeared, coated in rich red blood. They were slick with sweat and smeared gore. At first you couldn't tell if it was Amrita or Sondra who had been ripped apart. Then as the new blood flowed from the Indian's maimed tits and it became clear it was the Indian's tits that were flayed and shredded. Amrita couldn't resist raising her head and looking at herself.

Sondra took full advantage of the Indian's natural mistake. She drove both her fists down like hammers on top of the ruined bloody bags. The fists hit with a splat. Blood and sweat flew like they had been blown out of balloon. Amrita groaned and reached upward for Sondra's tits. She grabbed the blonde's round globes and pushed backwards. At the same time her legs came up to try and pull the blonde off backwards. Sondra moaned as her tits were ripped from below and pushed upward. The Indian's feet hooked around her shoulders and Sondra grabbed the Indian's tits for support.

Sondra struggled to stay on top. Her nails dug into Amrita's ruined oblong bags and pulled them up off the bloody chest. Amrita screamed as her tits were stretched, but she had to get the Swede off her. Sondra cried out as well as Amrita's nails ripped the tender underside of her tits adding to the blood on her belly, now as much hers as the Indian's. The test of will and agony continued.

Finally, Sondra shrugged her shoulders and Amrita's feet slipped. Sondra leaned forward bearing down on the Indian's tits despite the agony in her own. Amrita groaned piteously. Sondra leaned over her maiming her tits. Blood from the Swede's torn face dripped down onto the bloody Indian. Both women looked like they had been dipped in red paint now. Almost all of Sondra's blonde hair was reddish pink now.

Suddenly Amrita's powerful legs heaved upward. Sondra's ass had lift up off the Indian's belly. Amrita's belly hit the bloody scored ass and Sondra fell forward. Amrita pushed and pulled in the direction of the fall on Sondra's tits. The big blonde's body fell forward landing tits first above the Indian's head.

Amrita's arms clamped around Sondra's back and held her close as the Indian's powerful legs pushed to the right. They rolled and suddenly Sondra was on her back with the Indian's face on her belly. Sondra clamped her legs tight around the Indian's ribs. Amrita groaned as the big muscled Swede almost crushed her in the first squeeze. Amrita sank her teeth into Sondra's heaving belly searching for enough fat to bite into. At the same time she reached upward to claw at Sondra's tits from below.

The Swede howled and clamped down on the scissor hold trying to break the Indian's ribs and finish her once and for all. Amrita cried out and gasped as the python legs bent her very ribs inward. She dug her nails into the Swede's pink nipples, slashing and gouging them trying to lesson the pressure. The Swede bore down.

The crowd was loud. When a stream of blood squirted between Amrita's bloody nails and what was obviously the right nipple of the Swede flew off they went silent. In that fraction of a second a loud crack was heard. Then Sondra screamed in terrible agony as the pain of being de-nippled reached her brain. Amrita's hands fell away and she went limp. Sondra howled and ripped at the woman's hands, pulling them away from her tits. At the same time the Swede's legs popped open and her feet pushed against the mat trying to escape from the triumphant Indian.

Sondra scrambled backwards sobbing and holding her tit looking like a beaten woman. The referee ignored her and studied the motionless body of the Indian. There was a hush in the arena. Only Sondra's heavy breathing and sobs could be heard.

Then the referee counted to ten. She used the electric prod to the face down Indian's asshole. The prod sparked, but Amrita didn't respond. The referee knelt down and stuck the prod up between the motionless legs and sparked the Indian's cunt. She tried one more time and declared a knockout victory.

As Sondra looked on not understanding why Amrita was on top of her beating her senseless, the referee checked Amrita for a pulse. The referee looked upward, shook her head and waved for the emergency technicians. There was a chance that even without a pulse, that the Indian could be revived. If she was, Sondra would add her to the list of women she had victory rights over.

The arena waited for an announcement.

Sondra was carried away on a stretcher to have her nipple replaced and bathe in the regeneration tanks. She would definitely not be at a hundred percent for the next month's fight but she had eliminated one more fighter.

As the crowd waited, the results from around the world were announced: “In Seoul , Yumiko defeated Amanda by knockout. Yumiko is 3-1. Amanda is 3-1. In Moscow Diane defeated Ivana. Diane is 3-1. Ivana is 3-1. In Berlin , Olga defeated Princessa by slave submission. Olga is 4-0. Princessa is eliminated. In Paris , Melina defeated Chin Li by blood rules. Melina is 4-0 and Chin Li is eliminated. The New York , Chicago and Mexico City fights have yet to begin.

Sondra couldn't believe her ears. They were still getting her ready for the tanks when she heard that Yumiko had defeated the undefeated Amanda. Sondra had wanted to be the first to do that. Still, she had defeated Yumiko and the woman still owed her victory rights. Since the matches would be made first between the undefeated and the once beaten she now had a chance to get either Yumiko or Amanda in the next round. She was still trying to decide which would be better when she went under.

The last thing she heard was from the adjacent table, “Ribs crushed the heart and lungs and the spine snapped. That blonde's legs must be like steel springs or maybe it was a spasm from loosing her nipple. Amrita's body can be preserved, but we will need to grow another heart lung set. If it all works perfectly she'll live, but she won't be mobile for at least a year. Alright let's put her in the freezer and contact the tissue bank. Damned shame, I really thought she had the blonde tonight.”

Sondra's last thought before going into sleep state was to agree with the voice.