WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

PIT DAUGHTER – MS. SANCHEZ VERSUS AMY by Mr. Cage (comments at mrcagefight@yahoo.com)

Amy's first fight was described in Pit Daughters. Her second fight was described in Pit Daughters Althea versus Amy. Her third fight happened that summer just before she turned seventeen. Much to my surprise it started with a phone call from my sweet little girl's Spanish teacher, Ms. Rita Sanchez.

I caught the call from a pleasant professional woman with a slight Spanish accent. She introduced herself and asked if we could meet to discuss a problem with Amy's behavior. I was surprised that she wanted to speak of school property so I agreed to meet her for a late brunch on the Sunday before the end of school.

Ms. Sanchez was a very attractive woman, buxom and well rounded with thick dark black hair and black eyes. Her skin was deep brown and her face had the look of a Native American about it, but she assured me she was a second generation Mexican-American. It was a pleasant start to our conversation and then the other high heel dropped.

Ms. Sanchez informed me, “Amy is a terrible bully. Even the senior and junior girls were being bullied by her. I asked around and found out about her fighting. The two girls she's beaten are transferring schools. Any problem that arises, Amy challenges the girl to fight it out and none of them are willing.”

I mumbled, “This is all new to me.”

She laughed and said, “No its not. I know all the details, every sordid one. So you see I've done my homework. I took Amy aside and tried to talk to her and she told me to stick my head up my cunt. Those were her exact words.”

I mumbled apologetically and made vague promises about talking to Amy.

Ms. Sanchez said, “That's not going to do any good.”

“What is?” I asked.

Ms. Sanchez leaned forward and whispered, “She all but challenged me to fight her. I bit my tongue, but now the school year is almost over. I want to fight her, beat some sense into her and give her a taste of the humiliation she's given the other girls. And I want you to agree to do nothing about it.”

I blinked and played totally dumb, which some my say was my natural state with my daughters.

“My husband and I will meet you and Amy in the place where she's fought before. She and I will fight just like she did the other girls. And if I win she lives a month with me and my husband. You of course will get her back alive, but both my husband and I will spare her nothing. We will break her pride and send her home older and wiser.”

“And if she wins?” I choked out.

Ms. Sanchez said, “Then I'll come home with her and you two can decide what to do with me.”

I must have looked like I didn't understand.

She leaned over and whispered I my hear, “Do you want a free no holds barred fuck slut for your home.”

I gagged for a second as my heart bounced up into my throat and my cock threatened to rip through my slacks. A second later I felt her foot under the table rubbing my leg.

She whispered, “Follow me to the restrooms and I'll give you a sample.”

I did. She sent me into the men's room and followed a second later. She unzipped my pants, grabbed my already hard cock and forced me back against the counter. She leaned over and stroked me. Then she put her tongue to work on the tip of my cock. Then she took it in the mouth all the way down the shaft in four short pushes.

I felt like exploding, but her hand squeezed my cock at its base. Now I needed to explode. She took her head off, hiked up her skirt, she wasn't wearing any panties and turned around and guided my cock into her pussy from behind. Oh man it was hot and wet. She had great muscle control. I rammed her hard using my hands on her fine brown ass and exploded inside her.

She used some dish towels to clean us up while she talked matter of fact, “I like bare back fucking, don't you. That's what you'll get if Amy wins and that's what will happen over and over again to Amy if I win. Are you willing to stand aside and let her make her own decision about fighting me?”

I made sure I couldn't see myself in the mirror and nodded yes with my head.

She said, “Good, I'll bet she'll be more than willing. She thinks she can't be beat. Will see, but I hope for her own good she loses. Otherwise she will run into someone somewhere who decides just to blow her away.”

So that's how Amy and I and Rita and Ricardo Sanchez ended up standing in the woods in the middle of a hot, sultry July midday . As before the pit was in the woods behind our subdivision in a clearing. It had rained a lot lately so the ground was even softer than normal, muddy. I used a rake to clear the pit down to the weeds and dirt. They would get dirty; perhaps muddy was the better term.

Amy stood in the dirt. She wore a very tight small red bikini panty with a white crotch area and a tiny black cat on the front. In preparation for the fight I had paid for a bikini wax the previous week. Amy was sweet now seventeen and finally stopped growing upward at 5' 10'' tall. She had filled out a lot, getting stronger as well from her working out and running. She weighed 140 lean pounds with green eyes and long straight black hair left lose as part of the rules of the fight. Amy played basketball, soccer, and softball. She was long, femininely strong and very tight bodied, if I was allowed to notice. I knew she graduated to a 36C bra and had a 36C 25 35 figure now. Her nails were long and filed for that day, painted black this time. She had left off her make-up. Her long legs were strong and firm. She smiled confidently and her long brown nipples flashed outward provocatively. She was excited for sure.

Rita Sanchez was only 5'5' tall in her bare feet. Amy had the height on her, but Rita was a lush thick, strongly built woman. She weighed probably 150 pounds and possessed very firm 40D breasts tipped by huge black aureole and thick black nipples. She wore a white bikini that revealed her lush black bush and heavy-lipped pussy. I remember how thick those lips were and how strong her vagina walls were. She was a sport fucker for sure. Amy's deep tan looked pale next to Rita's rich brown skin. Rita had a full, thick head of luxurious black hair. She had dark thick eyebrows and hard dark eyes set deep in her high round cheeks. Her nose was blunted, but not overly wide. Unlike my daughter, she wore full make-up, more than when she had met with me. Her nails were sharp and bright red. I guessed her figure to be 40D 28 38 with strong arms, shoulders, hips and thick thighs. She was only 25, so she still had that natural firmness to her body.

The rules for this fight were the first to win ten submissions or until the other fighter refused to come out for the next round. I tried to get them to agree to some rules, but both of them sneered at the idea. They wanted a no rules fight.

Ricardo came over to me to go over the protocols again to make sure we behaved ourselves. He was very cool and matter of fact about it.

Then he said, “Rita is a hellcat. When we were teens she used to fight all the time. I loved it. She's been talking about kicking your daughter's ass for months. So after Amy gives up I don't want any misunderstanding with you. We're going to take her home and fuck her senseless. If you don't agree then let's call this off now.”

I replied, “Amy agreed to the rules, she makes her own decisions. But if you wife loses, I'll be sticking my cock in her as many times as I can get it up a day.”

He smiled and said, “Agreed then. We let the women fight and decide which one of them is top bitch.”

Amy danced out into the dirt circle and snapped, “You fat old spic whore I am going to fuck you up.”

Rita said, “Baby Chica, I am going teach you a lesson.”

Amy lashed out with her hard left. She had become quite a little fist fighter. Her fist caught Rita on the right cheek and jarred her head. Rita yelped and swung with her right missing my girl. Amy slammed her right fist into Rita's ear and sent the teacher stumbling. Amy's left flew over Rita's head and now the teacher struck back with a hard left into my daughter's panty.

Amy cursed and hammered Rita on the back of the neck. The brown woman stumbled forward all ready bent over and tackled my girl taking her to the ground hard. Rita started to climb on top, but Amy grabbed her hair and jerked her to the side. Amy rolled on top and straddled the woman. Rita grabbed my daughter's hair and pulled her head backwards. Rita bucked and now my daughter was on her side. Rita rolled to get on top, but she was between Amy's long legs.

Rita groaned and gasped as Amy's legs crushed her waist. Rita clawed at Amy's thighs. Amy yelped, held her hold and hooked her thumbnails down into Rita's cheeks while still pulling hair with her fingers. Rita cursed wildly, jerked her head around and grabbed for my daughter's thumbs. Amy tucked them away immediately, twisted Rita's hair and tried to crush her waist in half.

Rita held Amy's wrists and leaned forward trying to bite my girl's tits. Amy kept the bitch an inch away from her un-tanned breasts. Amy jiggled her legs really digging in her scissor hold. Rita moaned and let go of Amy's wrists. The Mexican's hands went straight for Amy's brown nipples. She dug into them, clamped and twisted. Amy screamed in agony.

My girl suffered nipple torture for a couple of seconds until she ripped out a handful of Rita's black hair. Rita screamed and grabbed for her hair after the face. A really tremendous wad had been ripped out just over the ear and it looked like blood was bubbling around some of the ripped out roots. Oh my!

Amy still had a left hand full of hair. Rita grabbed at that wrist with her right hand and reached for Amy's face with her left claws. Amy twisted her head to the side and got ripped on her right cheek. In retaliation she doubled up her right fist and slammed it into Rita's chin as the woman tried to wrench her hair out of Amy's left fist. The punch slammed the teacher's teeth together and rocked her hard. Amy hit her again in the same place.

This time Rita had to grab for the fist. Now she was stuck again and my daughter's legs started working. Rita grunted and groaned. Her feet dug into the mud, but she couldn't free herself from my daughter's long legs.

Finally she cursed and said, “Okay, I give this one.”

Amy popped up smiling even though her face was scratched and muddy. Both women were dirty now. Even the ends of their hair had picked up the near mud. Amy's back was mucked over, but she had won the first round and squeezed the fight out of the tough Latina .

Five minutes later, Rita had recovered. She looked determined as ever. Amy smiled and taunted her. I have to admit, my daughter was in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. But, I wasn't rooting for Rita to give it to her. Selfish as I might be, I wanted to use that fine piece of brown ass myself for a month.

The second round started out with Amy jabbing. She was pretty good at it. Her left hit Rita a couple of glancing shots and one full on to the lips that rocked the Latina . Rita move in closer and hammered back. A right clocked Amy on her left cheek. A right flattened Amy's left tit. Amy crushed Rita's left ear and sent the teacher stumbling. Amy's left hit the woman right on her nose and snapped her head back. Amy was on her now! A right to the left cheek and a left to the mouth smacked home. Rita covered up her face with both arms and got knocked back and forth with a barrage of blows to the arms and the occasional glancing shot to the head or face. Amy punched herself out and stepped back breathing heavily.

Rita lowered her guard and shook her head. Her mouth was split and both eyes were swelling. She was breathing heavy too. Rita came forward. Amy started jabbing again. Rita lunged forward and took a shot to the face just to hammer Amy's nose with an overhead right. Amy's head snapped back and she staggered. Now the Latina was all over the teenager. Rights and lefts came from all angles staggering my girl and sending her stumbling. She turned away bleeding from the nose and blinking both eyes.

Rita grabbed the back of her hair and jerked her backwards into a choke hold. They hit the ground hard with Rita on the bottom, choking Amy with her left arm supported by the right in sleeper position. Rita completed the perfect hold with a rear scissors. Amy resisted fruitlessly and finally had to signal that she gave before getting completely choked out. Rita had evened the score.

Amy no longer looked so pleased with herself. Her nose was bleeding and her upper lip was fat. Both cheeks were marked and threatening to swell. Rita's face my have been in worse shape, but she had forced Amy to turn away and that said something.

The third round started with Amy's long left still in Rita's face. Rita lunged and Amy dodged. Amy flicked her left again and then dodged again. The Latina cursed and reached out for Amy's hair on the third dodge. She caught my daughter's muddy hair, but she also caught a right hook to the nose. This time Rita stumbled backwards and sat down bleeding from the nose. Her eyes were spinning. She raised her hands across her face by reflex. Amy's foot wasn't headed for her face. Instead my daughter's dirty foot hit toes first into Rita's once white panties.

Rita groaned and closed her legs and dropped her hands. Amy grabbed her hair and drove a knee into the woman's chin. Crack! Rita's head snapped back and she fell flat on her back her arms limp. Amy raised her foot to stomp, but Ricardo yelled that his wife was knocked out. Amy stomped anyway, but I grabbed her and pulled her back before Ricardo got involved.

It was now two to one for the teenager.

Rita was still slightly dizzy. She had bitten her mouth and it had joined her nose and lips in bleeding. Her chin was red and so were her tits. Amy had busted her open. I don't think the tough woman had thought the tough teen would be able to bleed her like this.

Amy stayed with her jab. Rita didn't move forward. She circled and waited. Amy feinted with a lunge. Rita jumped backwards. Amy suddenly threw her left leg up and around to execute a perfect roundhouse kick to the Latina 's ribs. Rita groaned and staggered to the side. Amy lunged forward and hammered the Latina in the face with her right fist. Rita's head snapped back and she lunged forward grabbing my girl's biceps. Amy started to jerk away, but Rita drove her head up into my daughter's chin.

Amy's head snapped back and she staggered backwards, falling in the mud on her ass. Rita staggered forward and fell on her knees unable to take advantage of the head butt. Amy shook her head and saw the teacher kneeling in front on all fours. Amy slide forward on her ass and kicked. Her foot hit Rita on the side of the head and threw her on her side in the mud.

Amy rolled over to her hands and knees and got up staggering. Her mouth was bloody and she spit out two chipped teeth. Damn, now there would be a dental bill to boot. This was getting expensive.

Rita rolled over to get up. Amy's foot caught her in the ribs again. Rita groaned and rolled onto her ass and kicked back. Amy circled trying to get through the thrashing mud caked feet. Amy managed to kick at Rita's now muddy panties, but got kicked in her own. Amy kicked again, and Rita grabbed the foot. She twisted the ankle and encircled it with her own two legs. Amy yelped and fell down.

Rita twisted the leg and used it to roll up to her knees. Still holding the leg up, she looked at my daughter's crotch with business in mind. But Amy wasn't helpless; her other foot slammed into Rita's round brown belly and knocked her backwards, freeing Amy's foot.

They both rolled away and then struggled to their feet. Amy slogged forward throwing rights and lefts, forgetting her jab. Rita was flat footed. She got rocked twice and started throwing back. Amy got rocked. The sound of mud covered fists on muddy faces in the hot muggy summer sun was strangely wet and sharp. Amy staggered away holding her right eye. Rita stood there breathing heavy unable to raise her arms again.

Amy recovered and through a front kick at Rita's crotch. Rita cried out as the long leg snapped into place. Rita grabbed Amy's leg despite her crotch pain and jerked. Amy's other leg doubled under her and the teen ended up on her ass with one leg up in the air.

Rita screamed like a fury and lunged forward driving Amy's trapped leg upward forming an L with her other leg. The Latina didn't stop her charge. She knee dropped toward Amy's open crotch. My girl got her other leg closed and took it on the thigh.

Rita ended up straddling one thigh with the other leg on her shoulder. Amy struggled on her back. Rita yelled in triumph and drove her fist into Amy's pussy, three times, before she grabbed Amy's panty crotch and jerked. Amy yelled out her surrender just as the crotch gave way leaving her shaved pussy exposed.

I'll give Ricardo credit; he dragged his wife off before she could jam her dirty fingers into Amy's cunt.

Amy was hurt, but she stood up. The score was even and Rita was now smiling between her bloody split lips. The two bitches had knocked the crap out of each other and you could see they were both surprised that the other had taken it and would not stop.

Both women were slow now. Their punches lacked zip, but they were still throwing them. Amy's jab continued to frustrate the Latina . Her nose and mouth were soon dripping blood again and she couldn't close with the teen. Rita stopped moving forward. Amy suddenly closed and her right hammered Rita on her left cheek. Rita cried out and staggered away, her cheek split open! Amy kicked out and tripped the Latina .

Rita hit the ground. Amy landed on her back and pushed her teacher's face into the mud. Amy scrubbed the woman's face into the mud. Rita tried to press up, but Amy's weight on her back and on her head kept her face in the mud. Rita's feet kicked wildly. Finally she started waving her hands. I pulled Amy off.

Rita rolled over and clawed mud out of her nose and mouth, choking up blood and mud! My bitch of a daughter had used a mud smother hold on her teacher and taken a three to two lead in this battle of attrition.

Rita managed to stand, but I recognized that the woman was exhausted now. Amy's youth and endurance had served her well in her two other fights against heavier opponents. She seemed to have the right about of muscle and wind to begin to dominate as the match wore on. I saw concern on Ricardo's once confident face. It was clear he hadn't expected his wife to take this much of a beating.

Rita came out for the sixth round. Amy's persistent left was in the Latina 's ruined face from the very beginning. Rita yelled after her split left cheek was hit again with a sudden right. Rita leapt forward and body tackled Amy. They hit the ground in a tangle, rolled and rolled back. It was a classic street fight in the mud for about five minutes.

The action was brutal. Bites to the arms and shoulders were exchanged as their heads were side to side. Hair was ripped out. Bruised and swollen cheeks were scratched. Rita tried to blind my daughter, but merely got her thumb bitten for the trouble. Rita got a hand into Amy's crotch and managed to penetrate her for a moment before Amy pulled away and slammed her forehead down on Rita's already bloody nose. The head butt stunned Rita.

Amy climbed on top and started two handed punching of the Latina 's face. Rita's hands clawed upward ripping at Amy's neck and tits. Then the teacher had to cover her bloody face. Amy grabbed the woman's wrists and pushed them over her head and down into the mud. Amy was in the classic school girl pin.

Rita bucked up. Amy rocked forward, but recovered her balance. She bounced up and down on Rita's chest compressing the woman's lungs and actually hurting her. Rita's feet stopped pushing her ass out of the muck. Amy jerked the arms out into the cross position and moved her knees up onto Rita's inside biceps. The Latina was pinned down now for sure. She bucked up and wildly tried to bite Amy's inner thigh. Amy's shaved cunt was an inch from Rita's chin.

Amy used her left hand in the mud for balance and pumped rights down into Rita's face. Rita turned her head to the side and Amy pounded the hell out of the left side of Rita's head. Rita finally shouted for her to stop. I took that as surrender and looked to Ricardo. He nodded and dragged Amy off as she got in a fifth punch after Rita's first signal. Amy struggled to finish the kill. It took me a couple of minutes to come her down.

Rita was behind now four to two. What's worse her left cheek was split open and swollen beyond recognition. She could no longer see out of her left eye. Ricardo talked to her in low tones, but she shook her head defiantly. What's worse, Amy taunted the teacher, begging her to fight some more. I wished she had shut up because winning it now would save both women a lot of pain and suffering.

The seventh round started. My little killer bitch moved to the Rita's left taking advantage of her blind eye. Where had my darling daughter learned to fight like this? Rita staggered trying to keep my daughter in sight.

Amy suddenly rushed forward driving her hard knee into Rita's crotch. Rita grabbed hold of the teen. They struggled on their feet and then fell again. They rolled and Rita tried to go for the cross body pin, but Amy sank her teeth into the ample mud covered brown breast covering her bloody mouth. Rita screamed and rolled off.

Amy rolled on top and went for her own cross body pin careful to keep her tits out of Rita's mouth. Amy's 5'10'' frame spread across the Latina . Amy spread her legs for balance and captured Rita's left wrist with both her hands, pinning it to the mud.

Rita's free arm struggled to get out from under Amy's belly. Amy had no such problem. She held Rita's left wrist with her left hand and dropped the right to Rita's crotch. Amy shoved her hand under the tight mud stained white panties and went for her teacher's thick bush. Rita screamed and bucked.

Amy's side got close enough to bite. Amy cried out but she stayed on top. She retaliated for the pain by obviously jamming her muddy fingers into Rita's fat lipped cunt. Now Rita screamed. Rita screamed and screamed as my daughter's knuckles could be seen through her panties. Amy was really working her fingers into the Latina .

Ricardo watched with raised eyebrows. For a moment it looked like he appreciated Amy's savage skill at reducing his fighting wife into a screaming, crying little girl. Rita finally surrendered.

I didn't have to pull Amy off. She got up slowly and wiped her muddy, bloody, cunt juiced hand across Rita's swollen face as the once confident teacher cried in the mud. Amy stood up and strutted toward me proudly.

She led five to two. From the look of Ms. Sanchez it looked to me like school was just about out for summer. She had come to teach Amy a lesson and learned on herself. Sobbing and crying into Ricardo's shoulder, she quit the fight.

We took them back to my house and cleaned them up. They were so battered we agreed to postpone any festivities until they had been seen too by reliably doctors. So it was two weeks later when Rita arrived with a single bag. Her face was still swollen and she had stitches in her left cheek. Amy's teeth had been capped by then as well.

Amy only made Rita eat her out once the first day. Then I got to take the hot blooded bitch to my room. Amy wanted to participate, but I drew the line. That would have been too weird, which was saying a lot considering how weird it already was.

I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to bury my cock into Amy's teacher. She took it and she liked it. She was easily the best lay I have ever had. She sucked cock great as well. My dear departed wife was a lovely woman but she had no idea how to suck a cock. Rita also had no problem taking it in the ass; in fact, with a little bit of work she loved it.

Amy enjoyed her teacher too; humiliating her with trips to the bathroom as well as eating cunt and ass. My girl was not a sportswoman; she was a full tilt bitch on high heels. I pity the fool who marries her.

On our last night I allowed her to join Rita and me in a rough as hell three-way.

And that is the story of my daughter's graduate course in ass-kicking.