WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

PIT DAUGHTERS – ALTHEA VERSUS AMY by Mr. Cage (comments at mrcagefight@yahoo.com)

Amy's first fight was described in Pit Daughters.

Three weeks after what I thought was a “learning experience” that would stop Amy's fighting I learned that my father knows best plans had gone into the crapper. My little “sweet sixteen” princess was ready to continue her war against Jennifer and Althea. Having disposed of Jennifer in convincing fashion, my little dynamo readily accepted Althea's challenge.

Althea was a dyke for real and wanted to avenge her bi-gal pal Jennifer. And, as it turned out her mother, Deena, was what we used to call a Dagger Dyke in my unenlightened teenage days. Luckily, Althea did the convincing of her parental authority figure this time and surprisingly Deena was all for the fight. So with a minimum of discussion the four of us gathered again in the so-called pit for the girls to settle their difference under supervision.

The pit was in the woods behind our subdivision in a clearing where I had once taken the kids camping. I knew that there was a dip in the ground where the soil was soft and there were no rocks. As before, we cleaned out fallen branches and anything hard or sharp. They might get dirty but nobody would bust open their skull on a protruding rock or get speared by a fallen tree limb.

Just as with Jennifer, there were to be no rules. All a girl had to do was to scream or otherwise signal for time if she was hurt. Or, a parent could call time. Each girl got to call time ten times and they would break apart, take a five minute rest and then get back to fighting. The idea was they would fight and fight until they would be too tired to fight any longer and one of them was clearly beaten and could make no excuses to continue the fight outside of parental control.

Since the nature of this fight was already a grudge and the previous fight had ended in the sexual humiliation of Jennifer, sucking my cock in the woods and eating out Amy in the girl's bathroom at school in front of their classmates, there was a change in clothing. They stripped down to their panties and bare feet. No rings or jewelry were worn so nothing could be used as a weapon or ripped out. I again suggested no biting or face clawing, but they both wanted to claw and bite. So it remained no rules. They were young, stupid and hot to hurt one another so they didn't care about the risk of scars or permanent injuries.

Amy stood in the dirt. She wore a very tight small blue bikini panty with a white crotch area and a tiny pink bird on the front. I had paid for a bikini wax the previous week and you could tell she was hairless down there. Amy was sweet sixteen, 5' 9'' tall, 130 pounds with green eyes and long straight black hair left lose as part of the rules of the fight. Amy played basketball, soccer, and softball. She was long, femininely strong and very tight bodied, if I was allowed to notice. I knew she wore a 36B bra and had a 36B 24 34 figure. Her nails were long and filed for that day, painted red. She had left off her make-up and her tanned skin was a little rosy due to the brisk fall air. Her long legs were strong and firm. She flexed and stretched while staring at Althea with the savage hatred and disgust that only the truly young or truly stupid can possess.

Althea was dark black skinned like her mother, heavy, thick and very strong looking. I didn't give Amy must chance. Althea stood 5'10'' and weighed probably 175 pounds. She had dark skin, dark eyes and close cut hair almost like a burr cut. Amy's long hair would be another problem. Althea wore a ridiculously tiny white triangle thong. She was very hairy and her bush jutted out over and around the triangle. Her big belly still had the firmness of youth but it was round and heavy and poked over the thong bottom. Her ass was heavy and again firm with youth. Her shoulders were broad for a woman and thick. Her chest was enormous compared to Amy's. I guessed the black bitch had a set of 42DDs stacked on a 42DD 30 40 body. Her hands and feet were also large for a female.

Amy was going to get her ass kicked. I hoped she got out of it without any serious injury and her pride would recover because they had included the same rules this time with a little variance for the fact that Althea's second was a female. Who ever lost would go down on the winner's parent and then go down on the winner in the girl's bathroom the following Monday. Well, my little girl had gotten herself into this and I guess eating a little pussy was the price she had to pay for getting into a fight with a dyke beast like Althea.

They stood there and started talking to one another. Let's just say it wasn't a meeting of the young women's Christian Fellowship for Racial Harmony. Damn, my little girls could cuss. Althea was no slouch in the foul mouth league either, but I didn't understand about fifty percent of her taunts. Amy did and she gave back racial shit and homo shit tit for tat. Both girls were worked up to a screaming fit before they acted. I noticed Amy's long brown nipples sticking out like eraser heads from her thick bumpy aureole. Althea's much bigger aureoles were of course dark black but surprising smooth and her nipples were conical, smooth and ebony black.

As the final insult was thrown Amy lunged forward and connected with a perfect straight right to the middle of Althea's mouth just as she was yelling one last insult. Althea's eyes looked surprised and her head snapped back. Amy clobbered her with a round house left to the right eye and sent the bigger black girl staggering. Deena yelled for her daughter to fight back. I wondered if Amy might actually win this easily.

Amy hammered Althea's left cheek and then smashed the black girl in the right eye with a hard left. Althea planted her feet, lowered her head and charged forward. Amy grunted as the black bitch rammed into her. Amy was backpedaling as Althea's feet dug into the dirt driving her forward head and shoulders under Amy's tits.

Amy went down and Althea speared her into the dirt. Amy groaned but I'll give my hellcat credit, she didn't fall apart. She hooked her left arm across the back of Althea's neck and then hooked her forearm under the black girl's chin going for either a headlock or one armed choke. Amy's long white legs were around the black girl's big waist. My little girl crossed her ankles and her dirty feet waved high over Althea's back. Althea didn't immediately know she was in trouble. She tried to rise up and found she couldn't lift her own weight and Amy's hanging off her head. Amy's choke tightened. Althea's big hands reached blindly and found Amy's face. My daughter turned her head back and forth. Luckily Althea didn't have nails and all she did was leave dirty red blotches on Amy's skin.

Amy started using her right fist to hit Althea in the side and back. Althea grunted and cursed. She may growling sounds and thrust forward. Amy grunted as she was hammered into the ground and then slide across it on her back and ass as Althea tried to power out of the double choke and scissor hold. Deena yelled instructions, but Althea wasn't listening. Althea's fingers found Amy's mouth and she tried to rip open Amy's cheek, but the ankle was wrong and Amy's teeth were there. Amy bit into Althea's fat fingers. The black girl screeched.

She ripped her hand away and threw her weight to the side. Amy rolled with her and kept the scissors locked around the big girl's middle. Now she had the black girl's face pushed into the ground under her left arm while she still choked and scissored the bigger bitch. Deena was going crazy.

Finally Althea waved her hand desperately. Amy had to my surprise one the first round, handily.

Althea's mother was furious with her daughter. She slapped her face back and forth and yelled at her. Then she whispered instructions. Amy was bright and happy even though her face was crisscrossed with dirty red streaks where Althea's fat fingers had tired to rip her apart. Her back and ass were dirt covered and she like Althea was covered in sweat despite the brisk day. I warned her not to get careless and that Althea was a big bitch. Amy nodded, but I could see the excitement in her eyes. She thought she had this fight won.

The second round started. Althea held her fists up in what looked like an attempt to guard her face. She moved forward in slow deliberate steps. Amy darted forward and drove her hard right fist straight through the guard and hit Althea's already abused lips. Althea yelped and her head snapped back. She started to turn away. Amy hit her on the side of the head. Althea cried out, ducked down and again charged.

This time she lifted Amy off her feet and slammed her down even harder in the dirt. Amy groaned. She went for the scissors again. Althea got and arm down and kept Amy from getting the legs over her fat ass. Althea pushed upward on her toes and slide up Amy and hooked her left thigh over Amy's right thigh preventing a scissor.

Amy grabbed Althea's ears and pulled the black girl's head back. Althea shook her head free and continued grabbed my daughter's wrists. They struggled face to face, Althea's big tits covering my daughter's and spilling out across to cover Amy's sides as well. They grunted and snarled at each other. Amy was strong, an athlete, but the black girl was bigger and on top. Amy's arms were eventually flat against the dirt and Althea was above her grinning.

The black girl spit down in Amy's face and asked her if she liked it. Amy yelled a couple of racial insults at her and then took the fight to a new level. As Althea's tits waved above her face, Amy snaked her head up and bit into the underside of Althea's left tit.

Althea yelped and sat up pulling her tit away from Amy's teeth. She grabbed herself and looked for blood. Amy's hands were free, but there was 175 pounds of black meat on top of her. Amy reached up and grabbed both of Althea's nipples, pinched, crushed, twisted and pulled to the side as she bridged and rolled to the left. Althea screamed and grabbed for my daughter's fingers, but fell off to the side.

Amy was fast. She scrambled on top in a cross body pin. Althea tried to roll, but Amy spread her legs and rode the big bitch's tits. Amy grabbed Althea's left arm and stretched it out straight, using her own left hand on the wrist to trap the arm on the ground. Then my darling princess shifted so her left side was pinning Althea and her right fist was free. She started driving her fist into Althea's big fat belly again and again.

The smack of Amy's fist into the black girl's fat belly alternated between the sound of a wet slap and a meaty thud. Althea' grunted and yelped. Her feet kicked the ground and she bridged up and tried to throw the white girl off, but Amy rode her like a cowboy. Amy's fist caused the fat girl's belly bounce and roll like a wave machine.

Althea reached with her right hand and grabbed the waist band of Amy's panties. At her mother's screamed instructions, Althea pulled Amy's panties up tight. The crotch dug into Amy's ass and cunt, her thick nude lips appearing around the edge of the white crotch area. Amy groaned and cursed as she was sawed on by her own panties.

In retaliation, Amy straightened her right arm, pushed her hand under Althea's white thong and grabbed a fist full of kinky black pubic hair. Deena screamed and cursed, but nothing as loud as Althea screamed. Althea let go of Amy's panties and pounded Amy on the back. She writhed on her back and jerked her ass back and forth. Amy ripped out a full handful of Althea's pubes and then dug in for some more. Althea screamed out and quit again.

Amy had taken the first two rounds and seemed against all odds to be kicking Althea's ass. Her speed and athleticism and willingness to fight dirty were beating the black girl's weight and strength.

The third round started much the same. Amy darted in and busted Althea on her lips which were now visibly swollen and they were large to begin with. This time the upper lip split on Althea's white teeth and Amy drew first real blood. Althea grunted and threw a hard right back, really her first good punch. Her big fist took Amy on the left eye and sent her hair flying. Amy took three steps back and to the right before she got steady.

Althea looked surprised and came forward punching. Amy blocked three hard punches with her arms and shoulders, but even then she was rocked. Amy got in a left to the right eye and tagged Althea's bloody lip again. Althea drove her right fist straight forward at chest level and crushed Amy's left 36B boob flat. Althea's fist hit so hard it knocked Amy backwards and seemingly paralyzed her left side for a fraction of a second. Amy stood there shocked for a second and then she gasped.

Althea lunged forward and delivered a round house right straight into Amy's nose. Amy flew backwards and hit the ground like she had been shot. Blood flew out of her nose and she hit hard and lay on the ground moaning. Althea stood over her uncertain of what to do next. Her mother yelled for her to stomp the shit out of Amy. I took matters into my own hand and surrendered the round.

Amy got her senses back about a minute later. Her nose was swelling, but it didn't seem to be broken. Both her eyes were still tearing up and there was already some swelling. For being ahead 2 to 1 she had just taken a nasty turn. The blood stopped at about four minutes.

Althea was grinning despite her nasty swollen split lip and red teeth. She came forward flat footed ready to fist fight now. Amy circled cautiously realizing she was in for a fight now for sure.

Althea stalked her missing with heavy punches for two minutes. The big girl was breathing heavy again and Amy was still backing away. Althea and Deena called her a coward among other things, but Amy kept blocking and moving out of Althea's slow ponderous punches. I decided that she wasn't scared, but was actually fighting smart! What a clever little hellcat I had fathered!

Althea grew angry and lurched forward swinging with both fists. Amy almost got out of the way, but a wild left clubbed her shoulder and suddenly Althea's hands were in Amy's long black hair. Amy's head was pulled down and Althea tried to knee her in the face, but the big girl's leg wasn't fast enough or high enough. Amy caught the knee and held it up.

Althea was hopping on one foot holding Amy's hair. Amy pushed forward and kicked a leg behind Althea's foot. The black girl yelped and started falling. Obviously not experienced she released the hair and flailed for balance. Amy roughly slammed both of her palms into Althea's big jugs and the black girl fell hard.

Amy didn't pause for a second. As Althea hit and lay there stunned for a second, Amy's dirty foot slammed down hard on the black girl's mound. Althea yelped and closed her legs, bringing her feet up. Amy was already to the girl's left. She kicked her in the side of the head. Althea rolled over and Amy jumped on her back, pushing the big girl's face into the muck. Amy held her head down with her left and started driving nasty punches into the back of the girl's neck. Man, my girl was going for the kill!

Althea's mother called for a stop. Amy got up, her nose still dribbling, but she was smiling again. Althea rolled over and spit out dirt. She was not smiling.

Three to one, but I was still worried. Deena talked furiously with her daughter.

The fifth round started with Althea on the attack again. She was determined to get to Amy. Amy backed away using her stall strategy. Althea missed with at least a dozen punches and hair grabs, but she eventually got the back of Amy's hair as she tried to sidestep. The black girl jerked my daughter's head back and wrapped her other arm around Amy's neck in a standing choke.

Before the choke became effective, Amy drove her elbow back into Althea's right tit. When that hurt the girl she loosened the hair grip for a second. Amy rammed her head backwards and caught the girl on her wide nose. It must have hurt because Althea's choke fell apart and the black girl backed away holding her nose.

Amy spun around missed with a back fist. Althea ducked again and Amy missed with a wild right. Amy threw a left and hit Althea on the side of the face. The black girl had recovered though and her right fist smashed Amy on the left eye, rocking her. Amy fisted Althea on the nose and then the right eye. Althea smashed Amy hard on the eyebrow and then the ear. Amy crushed the black girl's already split lips and started them bleeding afresh. Althea hammered Amy's left eye and cheek twice, while missing with rights twice. Amy stopped the wild swinging and kicked Althea hard between the legs.

Althea doubled over. Amy hammered across the back of the head with a double ax hammer blow. Althea fell to her knees and I thought she was out. Amy drove a knee into the girl's chest than drew back for a second shot. Althea surprised me by grabbing Amy's thighs and holding her tight. Amy pounded the black girl's head and ears, but without hair to pull she couldn't get to the girl's face. Then Amy screamed. Althea's teeth were deep in her muscular thigh.

Amy pounded Althea's ears, rocking the black girl, but she held on and kept biting. Amy's struggles overbalanced her and she fell on her back. Althea crawled over Amy's thighs and ended up straddling her hips. Amy sat up and punched Althea in the nose. Althea's head rocked but she punched right back and reopened Amy's nose. Amy fell backwards and the black girl climbed on top of her belly.

Amy clawed up and tore deep claw marks in Althea's big hanging boobs. Amy's long nails were a definite advantage. Althea cried out and then screamed in fury. Her own hands closed on Amy's perfectly formed 36Bs and crushed them into misshapen lumps of flesh. Amy grimaced and moaned, but she kept ripping at Althea's breasts.

Deena's mother had been screaming for her to bounce on the cunt and Althea finally heard her mother's nasty screech. The big bitch did exactly that. She rose up her ass and dropped it on Amy's belly. The first time didn't seem to bother Amy but after a dozen or so ass slams Amy was groaning and grunting and finding it difficult to breath.

Amy had blood and flesh under her fingernails. She was in trouble so she went for the silky smooth conical black nipples. That got Althea's attention and she grabbed Amy's hands and pulled them off her now scratched and weeping nipples. My girl's nails had done a quick job on those smooth tasty looking nipples.

Althea leaned forward and forced my daughter's hands down into the dirt. This time she lowered her bloody tits onto Amy's bright red and bruised orbs and rested. Her back and belly heaved as she sucked in air. Amy struggled beneath the big black girl, unable to dislodge her.

Althea recovered enough to sit back up. Amy tried to bite the swinging tits in front of her, but she couldn't rise up high enough with her arms pinned to the ground beside her head. Althea slowly slid up Amy's sweaty belly and then sat on her tits. Althea methodically edged her knees up across my girl's biceps. Amy bucked furiously, but Althea's big ass rode Amy's tits. Amy went for a bite.

Althea gasped as the inside of her right leg was bitten, but the determined big girl wasn't going to give way now. She wrestled Amy's left arm until it was pinned down by the black knee across its bicep and bent back forearm. Amy bucked, but Althea's right hand was already pulled back. Her big fist pounded the left side of Amy's turned face six times before Amy cried enough.

So it was three to two in Amy's favor. Althea was not going to be an easy fight. Amy's face was swelling badly now and she would have a hell of a black eye, maybe two when this was over.

The sixth round started with Amy backing away again. Althea started forward confident, used to the way the last few rounds had gone. She knew she would eventually catch Amy. But Amy suddenly changed the pattern. After avoiding two of the black girl's ponderous swings, Amy moved in and smashed Althea in the left eye with a stunning right. The follow-up left crashed into Althea's right cheek. Althea's arms grab out for Amy, but my daughter's next move was a savage knee into the black girl's white triangle covered cunt. Thud!

Althea's hands grabbed Amy's biceps as she bent over from the cunting. Amy wasn't going to be tied up. She pushed her hands into Althea's face and clawed, going for the eyes. The black girl screeched and fell backwards hands going to her face to save her eyes. Deena screamed in fury. Amy didn't even hesitate a moment. As soon as Althea was on her ass, hands over her face, my little girl slammed her best soccer kick up under the girl's chin. Crack! Althea went backwards and you knew she was knocked out.

Her mother yelled no more just as Amy stomped down into the girl's lower belly. Amy's foot sank in deep and disappeared for a brief moment in the fleshy belly. Althea was so out of it she didn't even respond. Her body jerked and you could see she had pissed on herself, but she was still knocked out.

Deena rushed forward and pushed Amy off her kid. I stepped in just to make sure that was all.

Deena looked at me angrily. She was probably about thirty pounds heavier than me and only two inches shorter. She was a big fucking, ugly dyke.

She snarled, “I'll kick your ass you white mother fucker!”

I said, “No need for us to fight. Our kids have settled their problem.”

She snapped, “Chicken shit asshole.”

She started for me and a white streak hit her from the side right in the knees. Amy had struck. Deena yelled and went down in a heap. Amy started to jump on her and I pulled her off. Deena cursed and rolled over to stand up.

She cried out, “She wrenched my fucking knee. God damn, my fucking knee.”

Amy went over to Althea and slapped her awake. The girl's eyes could barely focus. Blood poured out of her nose and mouth and she coughed and gagged. I expected to see teeth shattered, but apparently all she had done was rip her gums to shreds or maybe bite open the inside of her mouth.

Althea was finally on her knees with my cock in her mouth and Amy's hands on either side of her head helping her work it. It was perhaps the worst blow job in history, but of course that wasn't the purpose of it.

I understood from Amy that Althea was a much better cunt licker than cock sucker. She told the story of her rubbing Althea's face all over her cunt while thirty girls looked on giggling and shouting advice. Jennifer did not show up and both girls transferred schools at the end of the term. Apparently neither, Jennifer or Althea wanted another piece of Amy after that.

I have never hit a woman, but I wondered if Deena would have qualified. Well, hopefully I'll never find out. Unfortunately, my plan to teach Amy that fighting never settles anything was a complete failure. But that is another story.