WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

PIT DAUGHTERS by Mr. Cage (comments at mrcagefight@yahoo.com)

After my wife's death in a car accident I had to raise three daughters and a son. Luckily I had a nearby support system, including my wife's sister. I was able to keep working and providing and we made it just barely. Then the teen years came and a whole new set of problems. Like any father, I am not happy letting my little princess out of the house without a bodyguard, but you do what you have to and hope they survive.

So Amy started real dating at fourteen, too young in my opinion, but my support system said it wasn't anymore. What am I going to do argue with women about how to raise girl children? So Amy dated. By fifteen I knew I had a heartbreaker on my hands.

She left the house in the shortest skirts and tightest jeans. She wore shirts and blouses that never covered her midriff. One Saturday she came home with a tattoo on the small of her back just above her hip-hugging jeans or I would have never seen it. She wasn't a major problem for me discipline wise, but then again I wasn't that strict.

So when I got the call from school to pick her up for a five day suspension I was surprised. I arrive and found her in the nurse's office with a dressing on her right cheek and ice on her lip. She had been fighting! The school principle said the police had been called; lawyers were on the way, and every other damn thing. Then the other girl, a brunette named Jennifer, and her father was brought into a settlement and discussion conference. I later found out that he was divorced and her mother had left them while she was still a child.

I listened to a bunch of psycho babble bullshit for about two hours. Jesus Christ, so they had gotten into a fight. I was surprised of course, but still it was just a fight. We escaped without confinement, but after-school counseling was mandatory. Both girls rolled their eyes. Well it would do them no good accept as punishment for being stupid enough to fight on school property.

When the modern talkathon finally ended and we left for home and the beginning of the suspension, I asked what the fight was about. In all that bullshit, nobody had said. Amy said it was about something the other girl had said about her. And then she had said something about the other girl. I asked for specifics and Amy said she'd rather not talk about it. Being a man I asked her who had won. Amy said that she was winning, but the assistant principle had pulled them apart. I smiled and said something like good job and let it go. So maybe it wasn't the right thing.

Two days later she came home from a Saturday night date all messed up. Her black hair was matted with mud, her blouse was ripped apart, and her face was bruised and blood-stained. She was missing a shoe. I immediately thought she had been raped, but instead found out that she had been in another fight. This time Jennifer had jumped her from behind at impromptu empty field party. Apparently the kids drove to a field, but their lights on it and danced the night away to the blare of their jacked-up car stereos.

She said she would have won the fight even though Jennifer had hit her from behind, but Jennifer's black dyke girl friend, Sam, had jumped in once the fight had evened up. The two of them had beat on her while everybody else watched. Amy's boyfriend had finally intervened despite the protestations of the rest of the crowd who just wanted to see the fight.

So much for the school's successful zero tolerance for fighting policy and instilling pacifism. They can't teach the kids how to read and write, why should we expect them to be able to teach them how to act?

Amy wanted to fight Jennifer and her friend. She started calling her friends. I decided to intervene and suggest that they settle things one on one. First with Jennifer and then if she still wanted to with Jennifer's friend. I didn't want to see my girl in a gang fight where you can always count on some idiot using a weapon. The number of kids killed by somebody's pocket knife or a brick to the head isn't small and an idiot with a gun can change a dozen futures in ten seconds. Times have changed. Amy and her two sisters and one brother were too precious to lose stupidly.

I called Jennifer's father and told him what had happened. He was worried I was getting ready to sue and I explained no, but I thought the two girls ought to be allowed to fight it out once and for all. Fight as long and as hard as they wanted until one or both of them came to their senses. I said they were going to fight no matter what we did and it would be best if it was private with us there to make sure nobody got killed. The negotiations took awhile, but he agreed that the two should fight it out until they were done fighting.

The site of the fight was to be in the woods behind our subdivision in a clearing where I had once taken the kids camping. I knew that there was a dip in the ground where the soil was soft and there were no rocks. We could clean out any fallen branches. They might get dirty but nobody would bust open their skull on a protruding rock or get speared by a fallen tree limb.

The rules were essentially no rules since neither girl was likely to follow the rules. Instead, all a girl had to do was to scream or otherwise signal for time if she was hurt. Or, a father could call time. Each girl got to call time ten times and they would break apart, take a five minute rest and then get back to fighting. The idea was they would fight and fight until they would be too tired to fight any longer. And, we hoped they would learn just how much a real long fight hurt: during and afterwards. If they couldn't be friends at least they could steer clear of one another.

The dress was to be cut off jeans, panties, t-shirts with no bras and bare feet. No rings, jewelry or belts were to be worn so nothing could be used as a weapon or ripped out. We suggested no biting or face clawing, but they both wanted to claw and bite. So it remained no rules. If they got some scars, it would remind them that fighting was not a costless way to solve disputes.

So Saturday morning two fathers and two daughters walked into the woods. We got to the clearing. The sunken oval of ground was relatively clear. He and I walked around with rakes and cleared the ground so only a few leaves, weeds, wild grass and dirt were left in the fighting area. The girls pulled off their socks and shoes and walked down into the sunken oval, I'll call it a pit. They had been silent the whole time, but now they started cursing one another.

I learned that Jennifer knew the words: cocksucker, whore, cunt, bitch, slut, and fuck bunny. Apparently in her opinion, Amy was not exactly a virgin. I had gathered as much and what the hell was I to do about it. Well Amy new some words too: cunt-licker, carpet muncher, dyke, dagger, fist fucker and the like. Apparently Jennifer was at least bi-sexual. Her father was quite incensed at my daughter's homophobia. It turned out that his wife had been a dyke and left with another woman and he was a bi-sexual himself. In his opinion Jennifer's sexual proclivities were her own business and Amy deserved a beating. I pointed out that Jennifer had called Amy a number of names as well.

Jennifer challenged Amy that the loser would have to eat the winner's pussy in the girl's bathroom in full view of anyone who wanted to watch. Amy said that was no big deal because Jennifer had wanted to eat her pussy all along. Then Amy said the loser should have to suck the winner's father's cock right after the fight. They agreed to both terms. Now I had a stake in this fight other than teaching my daughter a life lesson.

Amy was sweet sixteen, 5' 9'' tall, 130 pounds with green eyes and long straight black hair left lose as part of the rules of the fight. Amy played basketball, soccer, and softball. She was long, femininely strong and very tight bodied, if I was allowed to notice. I knew she wore a 36B bra and had a 36B 24 34 figure. Her nails were long and filed for that day, painted red. She had left off her make-up and her tanned skin was a little rosy due to the brisk fall air. Her long legs were strong and firm.

Jennifer was also sixteen. She stood about 5'6'' and probably weighed 150 pounds. She wasn't fat, but she was definitely a big fleshy girl and looked strong as an ox. Her curly brunette hair hung to her shoulders and bounced with each step. I guessed her figure was a full breasted 40DD 28 38. She was broad, big and raw boned. A few years or a few pounds and she would be fat, but now she was lush, plumb, juicy, whatever. Her skin was pale and also flushing red with cold and excitement. Her cheeks were full and her eyes were dark brown and determined. Her hands and bare feet looked bigger than Amy's.

Amy had on a white wife beater half t-shirt that was probably shrunk two sizes too small, exposing her firm stomach and tight waist, while revealing long erect nipples and bumpy aureole that immediately reminded me of her mothers'. Her cutoffs were stonewashed and unraveling showing off all of her legs and part of her ass cheeks.

Jennifer's broader ass was better covered by lose black cutoffs, which gapped around her thick just beginning to dimple thighs. Her big boobs swelled out of a red spaghetti strap lose blouse that was for the moment tucked into her cutoffs. Her shoulders were broad and strong and looked quite impressive for a young girl. I thought it was a poor choice of tops though. Her heavy boobs lay on her swelling belly and only the tips of her nipples showed through the lose hanging top. Her nails were shorter than Amy's and unpainted. I understood she was a softball player too and she looked the part of a girl jock playing on the girls' only team in the locker room.

The girls walked down into the depression in the ground, the bottoms of their feet already picking up soil. I had no idea what would happen next. They looked at each other and continued to close, both of them talking a mile a minute. I can't remember all they said, but it wasn't lady-like.

Then suddenly my daughter stepped forward and connected with a roundhouse right slap that sent Jennifer's hair flying and head twisting. Jennifer yelped and slapped back, but Amy's left was already moving and blocked the counterstroke. Amy's left hand his Jennifer straight in the face as her head was just turning back to the front. Jennifer howled again and grabbed for Amy's hair.

Amy screeched as her hair was jerked down and Jennifer's knee came up. The height differential helped protect Amy a little bit from the knee to the mound, but it hit and she grunted. Jennifer twisted her head to the side and pulled down causing my daughter to cry out in pain and anger. She reached out for Jennifer's body and caught the spaghetti straps. My concern for Jennifer's attire was proven in the first minute of the fight. Amy ripped the straps off and suddenly the lose top was hanging around Jennifer's waist and her two big bouncing pale boobs were fully exposed.

Jennifer yelped and covered herself. Amy laughed and drove her right fist straight into Jennifer's nose. Jennifer's head snapped back and she stumbled still trying to cover her boobs. Amy rushed forward and pushed the staggering girl backwards. Jennifer let go of her boobs and grabbed the air as she fell back hard into the dirt.

I figured it was all over. Amy rushed forward and tried to kick Jennifer, but the heavier girl kicked from the ground and clobbered Amy's shins. She yelped and stumbled backwards rubbing her shins. Jennifer tried to fix her top and her father yelled for her to get up. She fumbled too long. Amy's fight foot crashed into her ribs as she started to press up from her hands and knees.

Jennifer groaned and rolled to her back. Amy stomped and buried her right foot in the girl's belly. Jennifer gasped and her father yelled for time.

Amy jumped up in the air and pumped her fist. I thought it was a bit early to celebrate. Jennifer crawled to her father and listened to him lecture her about forgetting about the top and to use Amy's top against her too. Well it looked like it wasn't going to end soon.

The second round started with Jennifer bare to the waist covered in sweat and dirt, including a big footprint on her belly. Amy was sweaty too, but almost pristine. I had a feeling she wouldn't be clean too much longer.

Amy missed with a right fist, but it caused Jennifer to dodge backwards. Amy missed with a left. Jennifer missed with a right. Amy stomp kicked out with her right and thudded her foot into Jennifer's left thigh just above the knee. Jennifer grunted and staggered. Amy's right hand hit her hard in the left eye and sent Jennifer staggering away.

Amy rushed forward as Jennifer turned away and hunkered down. Amy grabbed two handfuls of brown hair and pulled Jennifer erect and backwards. Amy swung the big girl in a half circle and let her fall to the ground. Jennifer got her feet up and kept Amy at bay. After taking two glancing kicks to the thighs Amy backed off.

Jennifer started to get up, but my cagey daughter was lying in wait. As soon as the heavier girl put her feet down and pressed up on one hand, Amy rushed forward and jumped on top of the girl. Jennifer's feet missed and Amy landed between her big thighs. Jennifer groaned under the impact.

Amy tried to climb on top, but Jennifer caught her hips with her thighs. Amy's left hand clawed Jennifer's face and her right smacked down hard on her left boob, splattering the big bag of young tit flesh all over Jennifer's chest. Jennifer howled and grabbed Amy's hair. She twisted my girl's head to the side and rolled. Amy squealed and found herself on the bottom for the first time.

Jennifer turned her face aside to keep Amy's claws from getting her eyes. Her cheeks were already marked up. Then she pounded Amy's head into the ground using the twisted up fistfuls of black hair. The pounding caused Amy to grab Jennifer's wrists and hold on. They struggled like that with Jennifer slowly trying to climb on top, her big boobs hanging down on Amy's hard body. Amy bucked up and the big girl was suddenly on her side.

Both girls were grunting now and breathing heavily as they struggled to gain the advantage. Amy couldn't climb on top so she got her hand back in Jennifer's face. Jennifer retaliated by biting the side of the hand. Amy reacted by using her other fist to pound Jennifer's face. I'll give my daughter this; she is a mean little bitch. She got in six short hard little cheek reddening punches. Jennifer turned her head to the side to escape the punches.

Amy finally managed to get on top straddling the heavier girl's hips. Amy went for a two fisted windmill attack, hitting Jennifer in the back and the front wherever her wild swings connected. Jennifer grunted and reached up with her left hand and grabbed the neckline of the wife-beater and pulled hard. Amy's shirt held up, but it stretched and it also pulled her forward. With her wild swinging hands she just fell forward on top of Jennifer as the big girl rolled to her back.

Amy's legs spread and her feet dug into the dirt as my daughter rode the bucking girl. She managed to stay on top and even grabbed a handful of hair with her left hand and captured Jennifer's left wrist with her right. Between Jennifer's bucking and pushing and Amy's determination to stay on top the squirmed across the soft ground digging up the soil with their feet and leaving a trail that surely meant Jennifer's back and ass were thoroughly covered in dirt now.

Jennifer hammered at Amy's ribs from the bottom and then clawed at Amy's t-shirt but the tough white cloth held together. Then in a change of tactics, Jennifer started to roll the shirt up from the bottom. She had it rolled into a tub under Amy's firm young tits.

They continued to wrestle and struggle in the dirt, grunting and groaning like little bitches in heat. I have to confess I was getting an inappropriate hard-on and dearly wished my girl to win now so I could bury my cock in Jennifer's mouth.

Jennifer screamed. I looked and saw that Amy had bitten into the girl's bare shoulder. Jennifer yelled in fury and with a mighty push off from her feet rolled Amy in one fell swoop onto her back with Jennifer on top between her thighs. I yelled for Amy to scissor her and she did. Jennifer groaned as Amy's long legs hooked at the ankles and narrow in on the bigger girl's waist.

Jennifer pressed up with her hands on Amy's breasts. Amy cursed her and called her a fucking lesbo. Jennifer ignored the insult. She wasn't going for Amy's tits anyway. Instead she hooked her thumbs under the rolled up t-shirt and jerked it upward over Amy's tits and then covered her face with it!

Amy's legs came apart and she scrambled to grab her shirt, which was exactly the wrong thing to do. Jennifer pushed up through Amy's flailing legs and dropped a knee across my girl's crotch and another across the inside of her right thigh spreading her open and pinning her to the dirt. Holding the t-shirt with the left hand, Jennifer doubled up her right fist and started pounding Amy's covered face without mercy. Amy howled and tried to block, but her flailing arms were only partially successful. Blood appeared on her t-shirt where her nose would be. I started to call time, but Amy beat me to it.

Jennifer stood up covered in dirt and sweat with Amy's t-shirt in her left hand. Amy shrugged it off and joined Jennifer as being bare to the waist. Jennifer held up the shirt and yelled in triumph and then she spit down on Amy who had curled up in the dirt crying. My daughter's face was bright red from the punches and her nose was definitely bloody. She had fought a good round, but clearly lost.

She recovered quickly. We weren't allowed to help them at all, but we could talk to them. I suggested she punch more and stay off the ground. She didn't mind that her tits were there for anyone to see. Even though they were considerably smaller than Jennifer's they were perfectly form with uplifted nipples and the definition of perky.

The third round started with Jennifer on the attack. The big girl plowed through Amy's punches, taking one on the left eye and another to the right cheek. Jennifer smacked bare chest into bare chest and grabbed Amy in a bear hug. Amy had her arms free and grabbed to handfuls of hair pulling the screaming girl's head back.

Jennifer threw Amy like a rag doll. However, this rag doll had two fistfuls of hair. Jennifer staggered after Amy and landed hard between her legs. The impact hurt Amy, but she clamped her legs tight around Jennifer's trunk, capturing one boob and one arm between them, while jerking like a madwoman on the brown hair. Jennifer cried out as she was crushed and scalped simultaneously. She clawed at Amy's crossed legs with her free hand. Amy grunted with exertion as she used all her leg muscles to crush Jennifer's chest and stretch out at the same time pulling the hair and twisting the girl's head.

Jennifer screamed in agony and then coughed when she couldn't get air back into her lungs. She made this low moan and then waved her hand desperately signaling she wanted a time out.

This time Amy stood and spit on the downed girl before cursing her out and walking away. My daughter was ahead two to one. Jennifer sucked air into her lungs and listened as her father whispered advice. I again suggested she that Amy fist fight the heavier girl and avoid going to the ground for as long as possible.

The fourth round started out with Jennifer rushing forward grabbing for my daughter's hair as Amy smacked her in the face three times and Jennifer came away with only a handful of black hair. Jennifer turned and took Amy's hard right fist full on her nose. Jennifer stumbled backwards holding her nose with her left hand. She looked at it and sure enough there was blood coming from both nostrils. Amy laughed and taunted her enemy.

Jennifer screamed in fury and rushed into my daughter. Amy tried to sidestep, but the heavier girl arm tackled her and drove her backwards until she lost her balance and hit the ground hard with Jennifer on top. The heavier girl recovered from the impact first and straddled Amy's belly.

Amy reached up and grabbed Jennifer's hanging breasts and dragged her down on top and then put on a bear hug holding the girl down against her. Jennifer grunted and tried to press up with her hands in the dirt. When that didn't work she reached for Amy's hair. Amy groaned and yelled in pain as the bitch twisted her fists deep into Amy's hair on both sides of her head. She jerked Amy's head right and left. Amy cried out with each terrible tug.

Jennifer then started trying to bang Amy's head into the ground, but the angle didn't give her much space to develop any force. Frustrated the strong heavy girl pulled Amy's head upward. Then suddenly Jennifer drove the crown of her head down hard at Amy's face, taking her square on the right eyebrow. Amy groaned and whimpered. Her bear hug fell apart and Jennifer set up on top of her belly.

Jennifer held Amy's head with her left fist full of hair and smashed her right down into Amy's left eye and nose. Amy took six terrible shots until she captured the fist with her own hand. Jennifer tugged backwards to free her hand and Amy got her left foot up and under Jennifer's right arm pit. Jennifer grunted and struggled, but she was suddenly traveling backwards off my daughter.

Amy rose up between Jennifer's legs which were still bent at then knee and on either side of Amy's hips. Jennifer was trapped on her back by Amy's left foot. Jennifer grabbed the foot and twisted the toes. Amy howled and drove and ax like double fisted blow down onto the other girl's jean covered mound. It sounded like a drum. Jennifer screamed and grabbed her mound, yelling for time.

Amy rolled the weeping girl off her and stood. My daughter would have a hell of a black eye and her eyebrow was swelling badly, but she was ahead now three to one and Jennifer was still curled up in the dirt. Amy cursed and let go a big gob of spit that splattered on Jennifer's dirty, sweat and claw streaked back. Amy shouted for her not to quit that she wanted to hurt her more.

Jennifer cried through the break, but she finally stood and shouted curse after curse at Amy as she continued to cry and get red in the face. Her father was whispering instructions to her to fight dirty, go for the cunt, go for the nipples, go for the eyes, bite her, etc. Jennifer challenged Amy to take off her jeans and fight in panties if they were going to start cunt fighting. Amy wiggled out of her jeans and stood there in a light blue thong with a pink rose in the center of the small covering over her mound. And for the first time in my life I knew that my daughter must have shaved herself. Jennifer on the other hand did not. Her dark brown bush was thick and stuck out around the full white bikini panty she wore.

Jennifer roared like an animal and charged across the shallow pit going straight for Amy like a bull. Amy dodged and fired an overhead right. Jennifer missed, but her left arm encircled Amy's waist. Amy's right thudded into the middle of Jennifer's back. Jennifer grunted but pushed her shoulder into Amy's waist and got her right hand on Amy's ass. Jennifer's feet pumped and dug into the dirt and she drove Amy backwards until she fell.

Jennifer tried to climb on top, but Amy had her in a front head lock which turned into a choke. Jennifer ended up sitting astride Amy's thighs with her ass up in the air and her forehead buried in the dirt on Amy's right side. Amy had her right arm over the back of the girl's neck and around the front in a modified choke. Her left hand had a handful of hair while she pushed down making sure Jennifer got a good look at the ground.

Jennifer clawed at Amy's arm, but she couldn't free herself. She tried to back out, choking herself. Desperate she snaked her right hand down and went for Amy's pink rose covered mound. Amy gasped and cursed. Jennifer dug at Amy's sex with her dirty stubbing fingers, finding a way around the side of Amy's thong and into my daughter's cunt. Amy moaned and wailed, but she held onto the choke. She kicked her feet and tried to knee Jennifer, but all she could do is smack the girl's big ass with the top of her thighs.

Jennifer had Amy screaming and crying, but my daughter wouldn't let go of the choke. Jennifer's left hand wobbled uselessly as she reached for Amy's face. The heavier girl's coordination was going. She started shaking and trembling.

It was pain verses unconsciousness at this point.

Despite the pain in her sex, Amy dug her feet into the ground and bridged up so she could get an even better choke hold on the struggling girl. Jennifer slapped at the ground. I thought she might be giving up, but Amy kept choking and Jennifer's father just watched. Jennifer slapped some more and then waved. It was obvious she was signaling. I shouted at Jennifer's father saying I thought she was giving. He said bullshit. Amy kept choking and then Jennifer went limp.

I jumped into the pit and pulled Amy away from the unconscious girl. Her father looked at his limp daughter and finally realized how badly she had needed a break. I didn't complain when he revived her with a light slap. Jennifer coughed and gasped. She curled up and sobbed in between shocked gasps. It had been a close thing!

Amy stood up and waited to fight. She pulled her twisted thong out of her pussy and examined herself for blood. Luckily there was none. At the end of the break Jennifer was still sobbing on the ground. Amy surprised me by saying she would give her another ten minute break if she wanted to fight some more. Jennifer shook her head.

Amy demanded that Jennifer agree to the terms of their bet or keep fighting. Jennifer cried and begged her father to help her. He stood up and cursed Amy and called her a little whore. She spit on him and the asshole actually slapped at her.

Well as his hand hit her on the left side of her face and spun her around to hit the ground, my right fist cracked into his left cheek. He staggered backwards away from his helpless daughter. He turned to me a furious look on his face, but my left hit him hard in the eye. That put him on his back.

Amy was screaming for me to kick his ass. I was wearing hiking boots and I didn't spare him. As he turned over on his hands and knees, I through a savage kick into his ribs. That put him on the ground curled up holding his ribs. I later found out I had broken one of them. The fight was out of him. He tried to sit up so I kicked him hard in the balls and that finished it. I watched as he held himself and puked his guts out. He held up one hand and waved me off clearing ending the brief battle.

I heard a scream behind me and turned around to see Amy on top of Jennifer hitting her again and again. I pulled my daughter off. She yelled at Jennifer to get on her knees. When Jennifer didn't comply, Amy grabbed to handfuls of hair and dragged the sobbing girl to her knees. Then my daughter, sweet and innocent that I thought she was, unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock.

So there in the woods my daughter forced Jennifer to suck my cock while Jennifer's father wretched in the dirt helplessly. I surprised myself by filling her mouth in about five minutes. She turned to spit it out, but Amy was on her with a hand over her mouth and an arm around her neck. Jennifer had to swallow or get choked out again.

Well we left them there. Amy's bruises were only partially healed by the time the suspension was over. She came home that night and regaled me in private with the seen in the girl's bathroom as Jennifer knelt down while Amy sat on the rest room couch. Amy spread her legs and Jennifer was forced to eat her out in front of twenty girls, including Jennifer's best friend.

Jennifer's best friend, a black girl named Althea, was so furious that she challenged Amy to a fight. And of course my daughter accepted. This time they intend start the fight in their panties and end it in the same way as the last time. Perhaps my object lesson didn't work as well as I had planned, but at least I got a blow job out of it.