“For the fourth and final bout of the evening we are pleased to present an Unlimited Weight World Champion Eliminator. In the United States for her first appearance in the Western Hemisphere , wearing the white leathers and equipment is Yumiko from Japan , standing 5'11'' and weighing 197 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she is undefeated in fifteen matches and holds the Japanese, Chinese and Australian Unlimited Titles. She has killed two opponents in the ring, knocked out six, won by blood rules four times and forced slave submissions four times. She is twenty-six, she is Yumiko!”

The darkened room full of women in arena seating applauded and yelled as Yumiko walked down the aisle leading to the circular wooden arena which was actually a huge vat before it had been polished and covered with a stark white padding and had the seating built up around it from a false floor. The diameter was nine feet and its edge was three feet high. The vat sank into the floor and the outside edge was a chain link fence with two doors on either side through which the combatants would step through and down into the vat. A black masked referee with a cattle prod waited inside the arena. Her job was to force the fight to end when the terms of the match were satisfied and enforce the round breaks. Two attendants for each fighter stood to the side of the entry doors. They were dressed in blue and white leotards and had their equipment bags at the ready.

Yumiko was huge and powerful having beaten all challengers in the eastern rings, including international imports. Her skin was dark yellow brown and she was pure Japanese even if she was extraordinarily large for her sex and national origin. She wore a white open robe that flashed her firm heavy breasts and shaved sex. Her nipples were dark brown, long and thick seated deep in swollen cupola aureoles so not only did they project they projected from the swollen aureole. Her clitoral sleeve was thick and distended. First it had taken a lot of abuse from both battles and lovemaking and second, like many girls in the business she loaded up on hormones to increase her muscle mass and swell her breasts. Her thick finger like click had grown to three times its teenage size. Her girl lovers called it “Yumiko Meat.” Her flat rock hard belly, arms, thighs and haunches showed no weakness although she was scarred everywhere. Her 44 inch chest was reflective of her muscled V back as well as her hormone swollen firm 44D breasts. She knew the women in the crowd wanted her and that drove the battle lust in her to new heights.

The fighting, the pain, the drugs, the training and the brutal aftermaths would eventually take a toll, even with the stay in the regeneration tanks after the fightsreatments. She had started in the game as a teenager fighting in the dojo, boxing professionally, wrestling as the Beast from the East and then fighting in MMA competitions, but she had found a home in Blood Rules clubs. There were one or two in most major countries, four in Japan and six in the U.S. A woman could make a reasonably good living and satisfy her perverse lusts while seeing the world until it either killed her or sated her. At twenty-six she was far from sated.

“And for her sixth U.S. fight, wearing blue leathers and equipment, is Sondra from Sweden , standing 6'2'' and weighing in at 213 pounds. In Blood Rules Rings she is twenty six and one and holds the European Unlimited Title. She has killed six opponents in the ring, knocked out ten, won by blood rules eight times and forced slave submissions two times. Her one loss is by knockout by Amanda our U.S. Unlimited Champion. She is twenty-nine, she is Sondra!””

Sondra walked to the ring wearing an open blue robe. She was fair skinned, blonde and blue eyed. Her right eye brow drooped a little and there was a bump on her nose, but otherwise her face was model perfect. She was taller and stronger looking than Yumiko. Her firm heavy breasts were high on her chest and measured 46DD. Unlike the Japanese woman she had not shaved her sex. Her mound and crotch were quite hairy with fine blonde hair. Her nipples were pink, long and pointed. Her aureoles were extraordinarily small and hard, barely larger than the thick nipples jutting out of her mounds. Her clitoral sleeve was thick and distended too. She had taken the hormones for a long time and her clit had become enormous, larger than any other of the professional fighters. She scoffed at the idea that the eastern women thought Yumiko's clit warranted the name “Yumiko Meat.” Sondra intended to break Yumiko and savage her meat. Sondra had intended to be the U.S. champion now, but six months ago she had gotten knocked out with a lucky kick just before she was able to finish off the black bitch Amanda. She hoped Amanda made it through her fight so they could meet again.

“This is the first night of our double elimination marathon competition to determine a World Unlimited Champion. Both these women are champions in their own right. There are sixteen recognized champions in the competition and by vote another sixteen have been added. Tonight eight fights are occurring around the world. Next week eight more fights will be held. Each fight is matching women from outside the host country's borders. Four weeks later this week's winners will be matched and this week's losers will be matched. The fights will continue until the champions of the two divisions meet to claim ultimate title of World Champ in Las Vegas , Nevada . Good luck and may the toughest bitch win.”

The two women stood across the arena as the crowd applauded and mumbled appreciative comments. At the sound of a bell they disrobed with a flourish and tossed their robes to their attendants. The cameras readied and the rules scrolled by for the private membership. Men could not attend these affairs or observe the aftermath, but some were more than willing to pay a thrice weekly charge to view the hidden feed over the internet. A modest presentation was prepared for them. The women in the room knew the rules. Their attendance required they fight twice a year or until they had fought twenty four times and paid their life membership in blood.

The first round was a mauling round so there was no equipment save the mauling gloves and the colored hair straps that held the traditional long hair in fighting ponytails at this stage of the fight. The attendants oiled the big women down slowly, making sure to linger in their crotches, soon both muscular bodies shined from head to toe. Clits and asses were worked to insure everything had been oiled and touched. Then they held out the brutal stretch leather mauling gloves, white for the Japanese and blue for the Swede.

With the strong attendants' help the maul gloves fully covered the hands and half their forearms. Nails had been trimmed down anyway because no one wanted a broken nail to distract them, besides the gloves had their own means of inflicting pain. For this first round of mauling the gloves were coated with nasty grip surfaces the consistency of grinding paper. The finger tips were hardened and ridged. No padding on the knuckles was needed because there was to be no striking of any kind.

The attendants finished and stepped out of the cage and locked the doors behind them. A bell rang and the first ten minute round of mauling started. An automated voice would sing out the passage of time every thirty seconds until the last thirty seconds where a five second countdown would be done.

The nude slick muscular women moved cautiously, crouched forward, hands out. The only legitimate targets in the maul phase were breasts, cunts and asses. Other holds were permitted as long as the facilitated the mauling, if they didn't they had to be broken in five seconds. In this phase hair pulling was not permitted.

Sondra slapped Yumiko's strong hands away several times as she moved carefully ready to take advantage of the younger woman's aggressive mauling style. Yumiko really liked to build up the breast damage during this phase, but if she could get a cunt bleeding in the first round she would. Sondra had watched tapes of the Japanese woman wringing out an Indian's tits until they were squirting. Squirting would probably happen eventually. The hormones used to increase breast mass and tissue had the effect of engorging them as if they had just delivered, but the nipples and ducts were not nursing ready so it took some work to make a woman squirt.

Yumiko countered a slap, stepped in and hooked her right hand low, catching the Swede's hairy mound. The Jap got a finger into Sondra's slit for a second. Sondra hopped away and countered with a slamming open hand slap to Yumiko's huge right breast. Yumiko grunted and countered with her own slap. Slapping was not considered mauling, but as long as the hands were open the difference between a slap and a missed grab was too hard to rule on. Yumiko followed her slap grab with a right hand grab for Sondra's hip. She grabbed the Swede and then rammed into her.

Of balance, Sondra was forced back hard into the wall. Her ass hit the solid pad and her back pressed through the chain link waffling her. Yumiko snarled and finally got her hands on the Swedes big breasts. Yumiko's fingertips disappeared into the white flesh and she rubbed her abrasive palms over the point pink nipples. Sondra sucked in an involuntary gasp of air as her nipples were sandpapered for the first time. She knew they would be raw and bleeding before the night was over, but the first shock was always just that, a shock. Yumiko smiled, making the mistake that Sondra's gasp was a sign of weakness. Sondra didn't practice the eastern fighter's code of silence.

Sondra snarled and pushed her right hand down behind the Japanese woman's ass and went straight for her asshole. Yumiko's eyes went wide as the longer armed woman's right index finger pushed at her tight ass. Yumiko pushed backwards with her lower body to avoid the probing finger. It slipped out, but Sondra had only intended to get Yumiko's belly off hers. The left hand hooked down between them and up into the Japanese's shaved crotch. Sondra drove three fingers inside the fleshy cunt and curled them up behind the pubic mound firmly capturing Yumiko's sex. Now Yumiko couldn't retreat by using a breast press.

Yumiko grimaced and worked on Sondra's tits trying to force the Swede to defend her mounds. Sondra cursed her and groaned, but she kept her fingers in the Japanese's sex and used her palm to apply a little abrasive treatment to the famous Yumiko Meat. Yumiko cursed the Swede back and went for nipple treatment, digging her index finger and thumb into the Swede's breast, crushing the tiny areole and nipple and applying a twisting pinch. The Swede moaned and her eyes closed in agony. Yumiko smiled for a second and then clenched her teeth. Sondra had dug her hard ridged thumb into the big clit and was grinding it against the Japanese woman's mound.

Yumiko trembled. She suddenly released the tortured pink nipples, grabbed Sondra's right wrist with her left hand and used the right to pull the Swede's fingers from her cunt. Sondra smiled and suddenly her left hand left its grip on the Japanese's haunch and fastened on her right nipple. Yumiko grimaced as her proud brown nipple and supporting cupola was crushed, twisted and pulled straight down by the Swede's maul glove. The huge muscles in Sondra's back and arms rippled as she poured on the pain.

Yumiko yelled in triumphant as she pulled out Sondra's fingers. She endured the breast pain and jerked the Swede's right hand up and out. Yumiko spun around, capturing the arm over her shoulder and completed a perfect throw. Once again, the action was permissible since the whole effort had been less than five seconds. Sondra hit hard on the mat and started to roll, but Yumiko landed on her.

Sondra scrambled to roll out from under the big bitch, buy Yumiko was scrambling as well for a hold to keep the Swede in place. The referee moved forward to insure that the grabbling was maul related. She and her cattle prod would act quickly if someone was trying to break bones or wrench a joint. Yumiko looped her right arm around Sondra's waist and held the Swede in place long enough to get her left hand around the Swede's powerful white haunch. The Japanese's white glove pushed into the ass cleft and Sondra jerked as she was violated from behind by three powerful fingers.

Sondra grunted and slammed herself backwards knocking Yumiko on her back. The Swede was facing upward. She spun and the oil allowed her to roll over on top of Yumiko ending up in a cross body pin. Yumiko bridged up to throw the white woman off her, but Sondra had already slammed her left hand down onto Yumiko's thrusting mound. Sondra's blue fingers worked their way inside Yumiko's brown lips and again dug into the inner cunt wall. Yumiko's ass hit the floor and she clamped her legs tight on the Swede's left hand. Yumiko kept her right arm over Sondra's back holding her in place while she attacked the Swede's crotch from the rear with her left.

Sondra groaned as two white gloved fingers penetrated her ass and then tried to rip it open by spreading outward in a V. She pushed with her toes trying to press forward and get the bitch's fingers out of her ass. Yumiko rolled with the push and kept her fingers buried in Sondra's ass. Sondra grimaced and tried to break the bitch's will with her left hand, but the heavy brown muscles were restricting her ability to inflict more pain.

Sondra propped herself up on her right elbow and tried to find away to get her right hand onto the Japanese's mounds. She couldn't bend that way so she tried to crush the breasts with her own solid rib cage. The agony in her ass warned her she would soon be bleeding and in a Blood Rules fight blood did rule. If there wasn't a death, knockout or submission at the end of the battle of attrition the one judged to have inflicted the bloodiest wounds on the other would win.

Blood from specific targets counted more than just blood. In fact the bonus scoring areas were three points for the ass, three points for the cunt, three for the clit, three for each nipple, two for the nose, two for the lips, and one for each wound on an eyebrow, cheek, ear and general breast area. After that half points were awarded for every other source of blood noted at the end of the fight. A team of three judges would go over their bodies in full view of the spectators.

Sondra jerked on her left hand and freed it from Yumiko's crotch. She shoved off with her feet and twisted on top of Yumiko. The agony in her ass grew worse, but Yumiko had to remove her fingers or risk getting them broken. Sondra felt a surge of relief as the fingers slipped from her bloody ass. The Swede rotated on top of the Japanese woman, spread her legs and straddled Yumiko mound to mound.

Yumiko's right arm was now trapped and she had to slide it up Sondra's back, but the Swede used her head to keep the arm stressed. The muscles in both women trembled as they engaged in a test of strength for mobility. Sondra held the out of action using her shoulder and head while allowing her left hand free access to Yumiko's left breast which was squished outward by Sondra's right. Sondra dug her thumb into the breast meat and tried to pull it further outward into Yumiko's armpit.

The Japanese woman grunted and squirmed. It took a mighty heave but Sondra lost her position for just a second and Yumiko had both her hands free. The Swede landed in a breast smother and was grateful that biting was forbidden in this round. In order to keep the hold from being broken Sondra spread her arms out like chicken wings and dug the fingers of both hands into the squished out sides of Yumiko's mounds. Sondra's tits were flat against the Japanese woman's but with position it looked like the Swedes orbs were winning the quest for space.

Yumiko retaliated by grabbing both of the Swede's hard ass cheeks. Sondra thrust forward to avoid another ass violation. She sat up in perfect face sit position, her hairy blonde crotch flat against Yumiko's yellow-brown face. Sondra's big fleshy cunt covered the Japanese's nose and mouth. Yumiko struggled to free herself. She reached for Sondra's tits, but the Swede captured the downed woman's wrists and rode Yumiko's face in an act of total humiliation in the Blood Ring. The crowd roared to see the proud Japanese being face washed by Sondra's pussy.

The referee moved in. She consulted with the judges through her headset. While the face sit was not a hold for the maul, defending her breasts was permitted, so Sondra was technically on the defensive for the purpose of the maul. The referee didn't begin a count and the Swede enjoyed her ride on Yumiko's nose and mouth.

The Japanese muscle woman kicked her legs and almost extricated herself, but she had two hundred plus pounds of Swede on her. The jerking worked well enough for Yumiko to get her nose out of the wet cunt where she could breathe through the tuffs of wet blonde pubic hair. Yumiko raged inside, being face sit by this hairy cow was the ultimate loss of face. She jerked her hands down and toward her hips. Sondra strained to hold them in place. She had to lean backwards and Yumiko struck with her python legs.

Suddenly the brown legs snapped around Sondra's shoulders. The white woman shrugged them off once, but Yumiko's feet finally caught her solidly and the Swede was pulled off her perch backwards. Yumiko's face was wet with the Swede's sweat and cunt juice. She spit in fury and tried to get her hands into the Swedes' gaping cunt, but Sondra still held her wrists. They lay their trapped by each other's holds.

Sondra raised her foot and slowly searched for Yumiko's face. Kicking would get her a cattle prod, but just using her foot to give Yumiko's face a rub or a press wasn't illegal. Sondra pressed her foot down and Yumiko turned her face to the side and endured another humiliation of being foot pressed into the mat. The Swede was purposefully humiliating her, making her look like a fool. Yumiko screamed in Japanese, a sure sign in these international fights that someone had lost their temper since the language of the ring was English. Sondra allowed herself a brief smile as she used her foot to rub humiliation into her enemy. A furious bitch was dangerous, but careless.

Yumiko dug her heels under Sondra's arm and pushed. Now Sondra's wrist hold was causing her some agony. The referee continued to allow it as Sondra could release the wrists at any time. The blonde felt her grip weakening and her arms were throbbing. If the bitch Jap got free in this position the Swede knew her cunt would be savaged.

Sondra pushed down hard with her foot on Yumiko's face and then released the Japanese fighter's wrists. The Swede threw her arms over her head and then drew them down to her chest as she spun on top of Yumiko. Yumiko grunted as the heavy blonde knees and elbows worked over her body during the turnover. The Japanese woman grabbed with her hands, but the Swede was moving too fast to hold onto.

Sondra ended up reversed sitting just under Yumiko's big brown breasts. Yumiko grabbed for the woman's white ass, but all she could do is gouge at the firm haunches because the blonde was tilting her ass and cunt forward. Yumiko was not similarly protected. The Swede slammed her left palm down into the pit of Yumiko's flat yellow-brown belly pinning her ass to the mats so her leg kicking would be restricted. The right glove went into the shaved crotch. Yumiko had snapped her legs shut, but from this angle she couldn't prevent Sondra from forcing her long index finger in between her muscular thighs. Rather than go for insertion, Sondra used the index finger to scrub the abrasive glove back and forth across Yumiko's enlarged clitoral hood, slowly turning the dark brown sheath dark red and raw. Yumiko squirmed and struggled to dislodge the two hundred pound plus bitch riding her belly, but between Sondra's big ass and her hand firmly sinking into Yumiko's lower belly the Japanese fighter was nailed to the mat.

Yumiko started pushing on Sondra's big ass cheeks trying to force open a path to the more vulnerable crotch area. Sondra hunched her cunt forward. Yumiko moaned as her clitoral hood was sandpapered and the clit beneath crushed and rolled against her own mound. Sondra winced as the Japanese bitch spread her muscular ass cheeks and started digging her thumbs into the cleft looking for a way to the Swede's asshole. In retaliation, Sondra pushed four fingers between the yellow-brown legs and started to work at the agitated clit. Yumiko couldn't keep from yelling as the head of her meat was scrubbed by the grinding surface.

Yumiko wanted to start punching, but that would get her the stun from the cattle prod and let Sondra do even more damage while her nerves were useless. The probing fingers managed to get her leathery shield burning and now they pulled it back exposing the ultra sensitive tip and about an inch of her bud. The leather ridges and grinding surface rolled and pinched her exposed clit and sent waves of fire through her body. Sweat poured of her and she couldn't stop from twisting her head uselessly on the mat and moaning as the Swede savaged her clit without mercy.

Yumiko focused and heard that the round was thankfully coming to an end. She had less than thirty seconds of torture to continue. The fire grew worse. Her legs started to shake. She cried out in fury and drove her thumbs under Sondra's ass looking for her already bloody hole, but the Swede humped forward like she was scrubbing Yumiko's hard belly with her hairy wet cunt. Yumiko felt something like a dagger in her belly and realized that the pain in the head of her clit was now everywhere in the long nerve. She ground her teeth together and stifled a wail and waited for the countdown. When the bell rang she almost whimpered with relief.

Sondra rose and pumped her bloody glove in the air to the cheers of all her supporters. She strutted around the arena while Yumiko struggled to get to her edge and rest. All she would get is water, no treatment. The attendants were there to equip her and that was all, this was between her and the smug fucking blonde. Yumiko's dark eyes narrowed as she watched the big bitch celebrate. Sondra even turned to her licked her bloody fingers and made smacking noises with her lips.

The attendants entered and the equipping began for the next round. The gloves were cut off their hands. Blood from Sondra's ass had obviously stopped, but Yumiko's sex was still bleeding. The insides of her thighs showed blood. Both women's nipples and breasts showed abrasions and the beginning of deep bruising and a little swelling. They had been relatively lucky to escape with just that. A lot of maul rounds ended with both women bleeding from cracked nipples and bloated boobs.

After the gloves were removed and they flexed their fingers the attendants taped their fists and wrists. Next solid leather striking gloves were fitted over their hands and tied firmly around their wrists. The gloves had a solid grip bar for their fingers to curl around. They formed their fists and then the fists were taped into solid fists. The finger face of the glove was crisscrossed with heavy leather stitching designed to tear. The knuckles were heavily ridged with hard leather raised knuckles. The back of the gloves were also crisscrossed with the tearing stitches. Next, the elbows were covered with a stretch band. The back of the elbows had a two inch solid knob of hard rubber pointing outward. The knees were covered next with a similar stretch band and capped with a four inch rubber gouge. Then striking boots were put on their feet. The boots stopped just above the ankle. The toes, sole and heel were rock hard rubber and studded with cleats. There necks were protected by thick leather bands and half masks were fitted over their faces to protect the eyeballs, but not the head or face. They were given gum shields to protect their teeth. Again, the Japanese fighter was dressed with white equipment and the Swede had the blue.

This ten minute round would be striking. Grappling while standing was permitted, but if both fell to the ground they would be separated. Holding and hitting was permitted. Striking was permitted until either the ass or the tits were ruled to be on the mat and then the referee would separate them. A downed fighter got a one minute count, but the round time was stopped, and then they would be stood up to fight on. If they couldn't stand they would be propped up the infamous Cruel Horse. The Cruel Horse was a three bar mechanism that could be inserted through the cage wall. One bar went between the legs and the other two under each arm. The only mercy on the Cruel Horse was that the victim could only be struck to the breasts while riding the Horse. More than one woman fighter had been ruined while riding the Cruel Horse.

Sondra was excellent with her fists, but so was Yumiko. The Japanese woman was well known for her knee use. The four inch rubber gouges on her knees were often dark red by the end of the round. Sondra wasn't very happy facing the prospect of a Yumiko Cuntbuster. Yumiko was furious for allowing the big ass blonde to humiliate her so effectively and bloody her famous clit. The throbbing pain of her raw and bloody sex filled her mind with thoughts of bursting the Swede's big tits.

Yumiko came out on the attack. Sondra's slightly longer reach allowed the blonde to keep her left jab in the Japanese's fighter's face. Yumiko got frustrated and rushed forward to get a shoulder grab in order to deliver her signature knee cunt thrust. Sondra brought up her own knee and turned it to the side to take the gouge on the outside of her thigh. Sondra grunted at the strength of the blow and thanked the gods of battle it had not been in her cunt. Now Yumiko paid the price. The Japanese woman's right foot was still coming to ground and her arms were spread holding Sondra's shoulders. Sondra fired five sets of rights and lefts to the undersides of Yumiko's big brown orbs. The heavy, broad based, fluid engorged bags bounced and distorted as the hard penetrating knuckles bruised the packed tit flesh. Yumiko gasped and staggered backwards.

Sondra fired another uppercut, but this one was directed at the Japanese woman's chin. Yumiko had turned her head just in time and took the blow on the outside of her lower left jaw. This time she had reason to be thankful. The glancing blow hurt and staggered her, leaving a dark red streak up her cheek. Yumiko ducked way and resorted to a sidekick that scored hard to Sondra's lower abdomen, knocking the pursuing Swede back and causing a break in the action. The foot print of Yumiko's boot was clearly displayed on the Swede's firm white belly.

Yumiko moved forward again. Sondra circled backwards and connected with three unanswered jabs busting open Yumiko's lower lip with a twisting knuckle drag. Yumiko stepped in closer and this time fired a right hook into the Swede's ribs. The solid thud hurt Sondra and caused her to bend away from the hook. Yumiko's left just missed the Swede's nose and smashed hard into her right cheek, snapping her head back and causing her blonde ponytail to fly. Sondra took a step back, but her instinctual reply drove her own right hard into the Japanese woman's mouth, stopping her attack and ripping open her upper lip to match the lower.

Sondra's right cheek was bright red and slowly swelling. The skin splitters and deep bruising knuckles had been designed cleverly to do their job. Sondra drew the Japanese woman forward and struck with her first kick, a front stomp. The boot hit Yumiko hard on her right thigh and stopped her in her tracks. Yumiko groaned and stepped backwards making sure her leg was still working. Sondra struck quick with a perfect side kick that hit the yellow-brown lower belly just above the shaven mound. The heavy boot hit hard and sank into the muscle shield. Yumiko gasped and bent over the leg, but the Japanese fighter wasn't helpless. She grabbed for the leg with her gloved hands, just missing it as Sondra snatched it back.

Yumiko bulled forward with her head down before the Swede could ground her foot. The bull rush hit the Swede in the tits and carried her back hard into the arena wall. Her ass crushed over the hard rim and her back waffled through the chain links. Yumiko hammered the Swede's ribs and sides with rights and lefts while Sondra hammered the back of the Japanese's neck and shoulders. The rapid solid thuds, flying sweat and resulting groans were aphrodisiacs for the crowd. Some of them had already worked themselves to climax and now they started dropping their hands to others crotches. The smell of battle and sex rose with the temperature of the room.

Sondra hooked her right leg around Yumiko's left and then hugged the woman to her. Yumiko struggled to get her arms free to punch but all she could do is throw weak punches from the elbow into Sondra's red sides. Yumiko tired to bring her right knee up, but Sondra had her close and the two bitches were trapped against the side of the arena. Yumiko jerked and twisted, but the Swede held on. Yumiko started ramming her body into the Swede's. The stalemate continued.

In frustration the Japanese woman suddenly straightened up her head and butted Sondra hard on the nose. The Swede moaned and turned her head as blood dribbled from her nose. Yumiko's next butt hit her on the right cheek. Sondra retaliated and the two clashed their foreheads together three times until they ended up pressed together from bloody foreheads to ankles.

Yumiko wanted to free herself and she continued to jerk at her arms and bang with her body. The Swede held on taking the pelvis and tit banging. Then Yumiko thrust back and the Swede let go of her arms. The Japanese woman looked startled and fell backwards over Sondra's curled right leg. Sondra raised her boot to stomp but the referee stopped her with a warning thrust of the cattle prod. The Swede nodded and stepped away as the referee nudged Yumiko with her foot.

“No knockdown, get the fuck up and fight.”

Yumiko got up angry at having being humiliated again by the Swede. She moved forward looking to force the fight again. Sondra was breathing heavy and her ribs were hurting, but she wasn't going to back away now. Yumiko came in swing hard with the right. Sondra took it on her left forearm and smashed her right straight onto the Japanese woman's smallish nose. The half mask covered the top of the nose, but added no protection. Yumiko's head snapped back and she staggered toward the edge of the cage both nostrils flowing. Sondra hooked quickly with her left and missed. She recovered and stepped in with a hard straight right. Yumiko took in on the side of the head.

Yumiko staggered away and kicked hard with her right leg. Her boot took Sondra on her left thigh and staggered the blonde. The Japanese came and slammed a full blooded straight right into Sondra's right breast, crushing the great orb flat, leaving dark marks on the flesh and throwing the Swede back again. Yumiko dug a left low into Sondra's belly and then clubbed her with a short right. The Swede's hair flew and she grunted, but she kept her feet and drove her elbow down hard. The knob on the point of her elbow went into the top of Yumiko' left brown orb, dug in and traveled downward, crushing the flesh and leaving a dark trail of bruised tissue. Yumiko cried out and grabbed herself with her right hand reflexively.

Sondra pivoted at the hips and slammed her left straight into Yumiko's right eye. Only the sheath across the eyeball kept the hard knuckles from scraping the eye. Yumiko spun in a half circle and started to fall. Sondra grabbed her from behind with her clubbed hands and drove a knee up hard into Yumiko's crotch from behind. The Japanese' woman's thick muscular thighs stopped the knee from impact, but the four inch gouge scored against the skin between Yumiko's cunt and asshole. Yumiko screamed and spun around, throwing her right elbow in a flat circle. The point of the knob hit Sondra on the right cheek and knocked her sideways opening up her cheek.

Sondra spun back around with a back fist. Yumiko dodged under it and drove an uppercut into the Swede's crotch. Sondra moaned and grabbed Yumiko's head pushing it down into her uprising knee. Yumiko ate the gouge. It would have gone down her throat if the mouth guard hadn't blocked it and transferred the force of the blow to Yumiko's teeth and jaw. The Japanese woman's head flew back and she stood up straight with a stunned look in her eyes. Sondra hammered her right low into Yumiko's belly and then drove her left knee upward. This time the gouge took Yumiko in the cunt, penetrated her and stiffened her entire body.

As Yumiko stood tall like a shocked statute the crowd roared its approval. The gouge came out and Yumiko started to fall. Sondra managed to drive a fast left into the Japanese woman's mouth, tearing it again. Yumiko's knees hit and then she fell backwards ending with her ass on her feet and her head on the mat. Her bloody cunt spread for all to see as the gouge had reopened or further wounded Yumiko's proud pussy.

The referee stepped in and started the first count. She announced the clock stopped with four minutes and six seconds left. Yumiko rolled over to her knees and sat there sucking in air and waiting for her legs to regain some strength. The agony deep inside her told her she had been right and truly cunted. Someone had used her own cuntbuster on her and it didn't feel good. She stood up at fifty seconds and shook out her legs ready to fight on.

Sondra thought about rushing the bitch, but Yumiko was far from finished. Instead the Swede circled just out of range. Yumiko stalked her on wobbly legs. Sondra jabbed and tore Yumiko's shredded lips twice more. The Japanese woman was basically washed in blood from her forehead to her knees now. Sondra was messed up too, but there was no doubt now which woman was ahead in the race for blood.

The Swede stopped retreating, stepped in and flattened Yumiko's right breast with a twisting fist. Yumiko moaned and crashed her left into Sondra's red ribs. Sondra moaned and dropped her right. Yumiko started to strike again, but the blonde's left crashed into her chin and dropped her hard on the mat for a second time.

The referee started the second count and announced there were three minutes and forty seconds left. Yumiko shook her head and was up and ready to fight in forty seconds.

Sondra tired a couple of low kicks at Yumiko's legs. The Japanese girl didn't respond very fast and took some nasty bruising on both shins. Sondra hammered at Yumiko's arms and belly taking a hard shot in her own belly. They exchange rapid head shots and both ended up bleeding from opened gashes in swollen cheeks. Sondra splattered Yumiko's nose again and Yumiko crushed Sondra's left tit with a brutal uppercut. Sondra returned the favor with interest by crushing both Yumiko's orbs and then dragging her knuckles back across the right nipple. Yumiko squealed. The crowd roared because the first of the red lymph squirted from the raw nipple.

Yumiko hammered Sondra with her right and then drove the knob of her right elbow back into the inside of Sondra's left breast bouncing the orb under Sondra's armpit for a second. Sondra moaned and retaliated with a knee. It missed the cunt but did hammer Yumiko's lower belly. Yumiko cried out and folded over the knee. Sondra drove her right elbow down four times into the back of Yumiko's neck until the Japanese girl fell for the third time to her knees.

The referee started the count and announced there was a minute twenty-two to go. Yumiko shook her head and again managed to stand after fifty-six seconds. The undefeated Japanese fighter looked ready to fall again.

Sondra moved forward, blocked a defensive kick and slammed her long right straight into Yumiko's already badly swollen left eye. The Japanese girl's head snapped and blood flew in an arch over her head. She staggered. Sondra grabbed the girl's shoulders and drove her knee up hard into the woman's cunt. The gouge penetrated her again. Sondra jerked it back and fired again, not missing a beat. The bloody gouge did its work again and Yumiko finally screamed and slumped onto the knee. Sondra managed to hold the wounded bitch up for a few seconds. She pulled out her knee and let Yumiko's head roll back on her shoulders. Sondra jerked forward and Yumiko's face bounced back. Sondra drove her bloody forehead straight into the Japanese woman's left cheek. Yumiko's limp head flew backwards and Sondra finally let her fall.

Yumiko fell hard a pile on the mat. Blood poured from her nose and a rupture in her left cheek. Her crotch dripped bright red between her legs. The referee started the count and announced that there was still forty seconds to go. Yumiko pushed herself up to the roar of the audience and staggered forward at fifty-nine seconds.

Sondra didn't waist any time. She drove a front kick into the woman's lower belly, folding Yumiko over and sending her back to the mat. She climbed back up after puking and staggered forward.

Sondra hooked a right into Yumiko's bloody face and sent her staggering. Yumiko swung wildly and missed. Sondra savagely kicked the back of Yumiko's right thigh. The poor bitch went down again. She stood and limped forward.

Sondra drove a right through Yumiko's guard hitting her left eye again. Yumiko staggered, but this time Sondra didn't allow her to fall. The Swede rushed her and drove her back into the side of the arena cage. Once pinned, Sondra drove her right knee up and down driving the gouge into Yumiko's thighs, belly and mound. She kept trying to cunt her again, but Yumiko's writhing saved her another cunting. However, her thighs and belly were gouged again and again leaving deep bruises and red streaks.

The round came to an end and Yumiko collapsed. The referee asked her if she wished to submit. The crowd held its breath. A submission at this point would be a slave submission and that meant that everyone in attendance would get the pleasure of humiliating the big woman with a variety of tools.

Yumiko vomited again and then snarled, “She'll have to kill me first.”

Sondra smiled. She had no intention of killing the Jap bitch. She wanted her able to fight in the next round. Any one who got a free ride would be a danger. All Sondra had to do now was keep ripping at the woman's body and add more blood points to her total.

The final round would be ten minutes of no rules catfighting. The women had their gloves, pads and boots removed. This time catfight gloves were put on. The catfight gloves were similar to the maul gloves. The gloves were covered with rough abrasive surfaces. The knuckles were padded and ridged. The key addition was eighth of an inch of sharpened metal in the shape of finger nail. The eye masks were tightened and checked to make sure they were still safe from penetration. The neck bands were similarly checked. Bands were added to the wrists to prevent anyone bleeding out from a unlucky cut. Finally, the hair bands were removed and the hair was combed free. Wet blonde and black hair hung limply down the backs of the two warrior women.

The two battered fighters stood ready again. This round could end one of four ways. The first was death during combat, the second was knockout where a woman no longer reacted to pain, the third was the infamous slave submission during the course of the round, or the fourth way by blood rules at the end of the ten minutes. During this round if the referee called a break to count a knockout, the fight was stopped and the downed fighter was given to a count of ten to recover, if she didn't the referee would inflict pain three times. If there was no response it was ruled a knockout and then the loser would be checked to see if she was still alive. The rarest, most difficult and rewarding victory was to force a slave submission during this round. The slaved fighter would lose all the prize money to the winner, suffer the standard humiliation by the winner, then suffer the same from the audience and be forever marked as a weakling. Very few slaved fighters fought again and those who did had to prove themselves all over again.

The referee stood out of the way and the battle was rejoined. Sondra darted forward and swiped her right hand across Yumiko's big boobs. The Japanese had been expecting the Swede to retreat and counterattack. The right hand claws sliced across the top of both breasts and then scored the inside of her bicep. Yumiko screamed and surged forward driving her right into Sondra's belly as she tried to sidestep. Sondra grunted and spun around and hit Yumiko with a perfect back fist, sending the Japanese girl's hair flying and head reeling.

Yumiko staggered away, but countered with a quick kick to Sondra's right thigh stopping her charge and causing her to limp a moment. Yumiko steadied herself and slashed her claws across the blonde's breasts, paying her back and scoring blood. Sondra winced and kicked outward with her right foot. Her bare toes smacked into Yumiko's bloody crotch and the Japanese woman cried out involuntarily. She started to drop her hands to her wounded sex, but Sondra jumped forward, grabbing Yumiko's face with her claws and drove her left knee into Yumiko's belly. Yumiko groaned and fell backwards screaming as her cheeks were ripped open.

Yumiko hit the mat hard and immediately brought up her feet. Sondra dodged around the feet and Yumiko spun on her ass kicking out. Sondra took another heel to her sore thigh and ripped at Yumiko's ankle trying to capture her leg. Yumiko was quick with her feet and held the Swede at bay. Sondra dodged and slapped at the legs trying to get around to the left. She took a hard kick in the knee and staggered backwards limping.

Yumiko snapped kicked to her feet and charged. Sondra ducked under the charge and tackled the big bitch. They went down in a tangle with neither woman in control. The wild scramble on the ground resulted in multiple slashing. Bellies, asses, legs, arms, tits and faces were scored again and again. Sondra's fists did good work hurting Yumiko between the legs again as the Japanese fighter tried to climb on top. Yumiko's knees crushed Sondra's clit twice as the Swede wrestled for control.

Bleeding from multiple scratches, the two kicked each other apart sliding on their sides in their own sweat in blood. Sondra's right foot got the last nasty kick into Yumiko's scored belly and then the two rolled in opposite directions and scrambled to their feet. Sondra reached her feet first and charged. Yumiko saw the Swede coming and kicked out. Sondra took the kick on her hip and rolled into Yumiko still charging.

The big blonde rammed into Yumiko and drove her hard into the side of the arena cage lifting the big woman's ass over the three foot wall and ramming her into the cage. Yumiko immediately ripped at Sondra's exposed back crisscrossing it with bloody welts. Sondra had her shoulder in Yumiko's belly just below her tits; in fact the Japanese woman's big brown orbs were being crushed upward. Sondra jammed her right hand up into Yumiko's already bloody sex. Yumiko howled as the glove penetrated her.

Sondra cruelly curled her fingers inside the howling Japanese woman and basically held her off the ground using the clawed white shoulders and the right hand, four fingers inside and the thumb gouging the famous Yumiko Meat. Yumiko screamed and started pounding on Sondra's neck with both hands. The beating forced the blonde down and Yumiko got her feet on the ground and grabbed to handful of Sondra's wet blonde hair, now tinged with red.

Yumiko jerked the woman's head back and drove a knee into her chin. It was a short knee so it didn't knockout the blonde cunt mauler, but it did knock her backwards. Yumiko cried out and grabbed her self as the blonde's bloody glove ripped out of her crotch. Sondra shook her head and drove both her feet outward kicking Yumiko's ankles out from under her. The big Japanese woman essentially did a split and ended up on her ass, back against the wall and her legs spread wide. Blood from her sex flowed frightening freely and pooled on the mat.

Sondra braced her hands on the mat and thrust both feet straight into Yumiko's lower belly. Yumiko groaned and grabbed Sondra's ankles and jerked. Sondra's ass slipped and she fell off her hands. Yumiko jerked the blonde's ankles up and put Sondra on her back like a turtle. The blonde twisted quickly, but Yumiko brought up her right leg under the blondes and then retaliated for the constant attack on her crotch. Yumiko's yellow brown food hit Sondra's sex so hard it knocked the blonde out of Yumiko's grasp and pushed her out of range of a follow-up.

Sondra rolled over and over fleeing as she tried to get control over her legs again. Her cunt had been stomp kicked and it was all she could do to roll. She expected Yumiko to fall on her at any moment, but the Japanese woman had her own problems. Yumiko had tried to stand twice, but the pain in her crotch had caused her to sit down once. The second time she tried to rise she slipped in her own blood. Sondra got to her knees breathing heavily and looked as Yumiko slid out of her own blood and started pulling up using the edge of the arena and then the chain links.

Sondra stood and started forward as Yumiko got her feet under her. The Japanese woman was drenched in pain sweat and covered in her own gore. She staggered as she turned still using the fence for support. Sondra moved forward slowly, still hurting between the legs. Yumiko waited, preparing to kick the bitch away.

Sondra saw Yumiko's left foot digging into the mat and her left hand holding the fence. A rush would get her a stiff right kick. The blonde checked the time, she was so far ahead on blood points that she could fight defensively. Yumiko might pass out at any moment as the pool beneath her crotch grew with each second. Sondra smiled through her twisted mouth and taunted Yumiko.

“How's that famous Yumiko Meat, bitch. I kicked your ass and made you cry like a little girl. So much for you fucking Jap bitches.”

Yumiko shook with fury and lunged away from the wall. Her legs staggered and she came to her senses. Sondra moved forward and rather than kick or claw drove a right jab straight through Yumiko's raised claws and smashed her already ruined nose. The Japanese woman's face was already swollen beyond recognition and all this did was splash more gore and stagger Yumiko. Yumiko retaliated by slashing Sondra's right nipple cutting it open and causing a spurt of blood. Sondra screamed in fury, drove her left fist into Yumiko's practically closed right eye, crushing the mask against the swollen flesh, bursting a mouse. The eye mask quickly filled with blood.

Yumiko staggered and slashed Sondra's face. The Swede took the pain and then went for revenge by grabbing both dark brown swollen orbs by the nipple and cupola aureole. Sondra dug in her metal tipped fingers and twisted, ripping the flesh and freeing the not fluids in both the badly beaten breasts. Yumiko screamed and smashed Sondra in the mouth with her right fist and clawed at the blonde's wrists with her left. Sondra's head snapped backwards and her bloody claws came free.

The blonde staggered several steps backwards while Yumiko swooned. The woman stupidly cupped her squirting tits and tried to walk. She looked with her one good eye and saw Sondra recover from the punch with nothing more than a bloodier lip than before. She felt her knees start to give way. Sondra stalked forward in slow motion moving toward the right, into Yumiko's blind spot. The Japanese woman staggered in a circle keeping her body turned toward her enemy even as blood poured down her front from her rupturing breasts. She was beaten, but refused to give up or go down. Let the blood rule.

Sondra slowly forced Yumiko in her tight little circle. Yumiko was growing weaker and weaker by the second. Sondra's own exhaustion was total, but it was only physical. Beating another woman this severely and decisively lifted her up and gave her the will to make one last effort.

Yumiko staggered in her turn just a little too slowly. Sondra planted her right foot and threw a surprise left sidekick hard in to Yumiko's upper thigh. The Japanese stumbled and reached out for Sondra. Sondra slapped the claws aside and grabbed the Japanese woman's sodden black hair, jerked mightily backwards, and through Yumiko off her feet to hit the mat like she had been hit by a clothesline.

Yumiko lay there helpless. The referee started to move forward. Sondra brutally knee dropped on the downed woman's right breast. Bloody fluid squirted out of the ruined nipple and the crowd exploded in ugly rapture. Yumiko stiffened, pissed herself and passed out. Sondra grabbed the swollen left orb in both hands and started to rip at it.

The referee moved in and watched long enough to see that the Japanese woman was not reacting to the pain. She tapped Sondra across the top of the head with the shaft of the cattle prod as a warning. Sondra smiled threw her twisted lips and slowly rolled of Yumiko, crushing the right breast even more brutally under her knee.

Once off she rolled away and stood up while the referee did a ten second count. Yumiko didn't move. The referee prodded with the cattle prod on both nipples and her ruined clit and got no response. The fight was over!

The referee checked for a pulse. The Japanese woman still lived. Under these circumstances, Sondra was allowed to postpone her humiliations if she chose. Sondra looked at the crowd and waved off their calls for her to take the punishment then and there. Yumiko needed to get to the regeneration tanks quickly or she would die and then someone would get a free pass in the next round. For once Sondra wanted her defeated victim to recover and fight once more.

Sondra held up one finger for silence and shouted, “All I want from this bitch right now is a place to piss. She's not worth the effort to put the dildo to her and her mouth is too ugly to touch my fine pussy.”

The crowd roared its approval. Sondra was saying she didn't even want to be serviced by the bitch or sexually abuse her. All the defeated woman was worth was a moment's relief. Yumiko would remember this humiliation for as long as she lived.

Sondra staggered to the side after pleasing the crowd and walked without aid out of the arena to the regeneration tanks. Six other fighters were already immersed in the electric blue fluid having their wounds healed. Even a broken bone or a ripped away nipple could be healed in a month. There would be a lingering weakness perhaps, but if you lived to make it to the tanks you could usually be made almost physically whole, but the memory of the agony of defeat could never be expunged.

The patrons engaged in their after fight orgy and applauded periodically as the results of the other fights around the world were made known. The Mistress of the Arena announced that the next fights would all be member fights held on the second Friday of the month. The next professional fights and the next round of the World Champion Eliminators would be held in four weeks at the same venue.