My girlfriend, Mandy, was more than a little despondent. She had just been turned down for a bit part the eighth time in four days. She was struggling desperately to break into the ranks of the starlets. All she had achieved so far was to be one of the most beautiful waitresses ever to work at the prime Hollywood nightspot of this month, Tankers. Money was a problem, so I helped out on her rent and bills, but she was beginning to seriously consider answering one of the numerous escort agency ads, doing nude modeling, stripping or saying yes to one of the rich bastards that propositioned her every night at the club. Of course she bitterly denied it, but the way she kept mentioning how easy it would be to make some money and how other starlets had done it told me she was on the edge of doing something that would cheapen her in her own eyes. I could have accepted just about anything, but I knew her and she would torture herself even if selling herself that way brought success.

Another week passed and it was clear she was getting closer and closer to crossing her own line. If I had been anything but young guy starting out in a CPA firm I would have lavished her with gifts and paid her way until she either achieved her dreams or they died. The darkest moment was Thursday night when she climbed into bed at 3 A. M. smelling of the club. She sobbed and confessed she had almost gone to a hotel with a fat, ugly, foul mouthed guy who put five thousand dollars on the table and told her graphically what she had to do to get it. I felt a certain atavistic urge to go looking for the asshole and kill him with my bare hands. Paying for pussy was one thing, but this guy wanted to totally humiliate her and was willing to pay for the privilege of pumping up his obviously pathetic ego at the expense of hers. I knew in my heart she would not be coming home to me Friday Night.

Much to my surprise she rushed in at 7 pm . Work started at 8 pm and it would take her at least two hours at this time of day to make it downtown again. Even more surprising, she was bubbling with joy. She had champagne and takeout Chinese food, a celebration feast for sure in our apartment.

Over dinner she told me she had been selected for a new reality show. I had forgotten about it. The interviews had been two months ago at least. Sixteen girls had been selected from around the world. Thousands of girls had applied and the show's producers had been doing background checks since then. The news had come down from on high that very day. Mandy was going on the show! It was her big break!

I asked her the name of the show and she looked nervous. She opened up a leather attaché case she carried on interviews. In addition to holding her portfolio of pictures it was really primarily a prop to show she had an education, which she did. Now it held an expensive looking folder. It was masterfully presented and clearly spoke well of the production quality planned by the producers, unless it was a typical Hollywood Hustle. Call me jaded, but next to Las Vegas , Hollywood is a magnet for the soulless predators that gather around the watering holes of beauty, wealth and fame. But this was a first class production and I found it was interesting despite my suspicions.

The name of the show was “Claw Your Way to the Top.” The logo showed a giant white pyramid with a huge gold tiara floating above it. Two disembodied female hands floated in air, bright nails flashing as the hands seeming clawed for the crown. Under the pyramid in bright red letters, dripping in blood, was written, “Sixteen Beauties Fight for Fame, Fortune and their Future, but only One Will Claw Her Way to the Top.”

I flipped through the rules and mumbled, “Do you know what this is?”

“Yes of course. It's a competition. They take sixteen beautiful women and put us in a situation where we will become nasty bitches, plot, scheme, lie, cheat and fight just like all the other reality shows. But, this one actually involves physical competition and fighting.”

“What do you know about fighting?” I asked incredulous.

Mandy snorted, “Nothing more than a couple of school yard slap fights. That's what they want. They checked us out. No one has even had self-defense training. We all start out novices so it's a test of will, not skill.”

I shook my head and said, “But can they put this on television?”

She laughed and said, “One hour will be on broadcast, another hour will be on cable and the big fight at the end each week will be on pay-per-view. Of course we will be on twenty-four hours a day on the website. Actually there will be three websites: free, silver and gold. Silver will be restricted and gold will be adult. This will be revolutionary. All the previous boundaries will be broken.”

I wanted to rain on her parade, but I had a hard-on just reading the program guide for contestants. Mandy wasn't stupid, she knew what she was in for, but I didn't want her to do this. Besides, I couldn't believe my beautiful, sexy, sweet girl could ever win this preprogrammed bitch war. On the other hand, I knew the producers had a winner on their hands. Every healthy male I knew who didn't have a woman telling he couldn't watch would be watching. And with the internet, the world would be watching. There was no way to stop Mandy. This was the big break she had been looking for.


I tuned into the Monday night broadcast, nicely placed as a lead-in to Monday Night Football. The girls were introduced with a long walk down a dock. All sixteen had been kept isolated from one another on a cruise ship that had taken them to an island of the West Coast of Mexico. It was a private island, rented for the show.

Six beauties strolled down the dock one at a time and entered closed limos that drove them to the house. Mandy was the seventh girl. There she was in her glory: a true blonde, blue-eyed corn-fed beauty from Minnesota . As she strutted in her stiletto heels and golden micro bikini I reflected on what a lucky prick I had been. Her full blonde hair was long and floated with each elegant sway.

Her stats appeared in that same blood red beside her as she walked. Mandy Miles, born St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.; living in Los Angeles, California; waitress wanting to be an actress; single with boyfriend; one parent and three siblings living; 5'11'' tall, 138 pounds, 38D 23 34; eyes blue; hair blonde; all natural.

She smiled for the cameras and my heart melted. She moved seductively into the limo and disappeared. The remaining girls, all impressive beauties in their own right, went through the walk and micro introduction. Then when all sixteen cars were parked outside the home they were to share the master of ceremonies, a middle-aged actress by the name of Samantha Deal, took over the show.

Samantha said, “Ladies, you can all hear me, but you can't see me. Your cars are parked in a half circle around our white Pyramid of Hope. All the doors to your limos will unlock at the same time. Take off your heels, this first contest will be conducted in your bikinis alone. As soon as the doors unlock you should exit your limos and run for the bright white pyramid in the center of the half circle. There are ten padded levels. This contest will determine the pecking order in the choosing of this weeks' bed and bedrooms. Our beautiful Hope House has only three bedrooms. The Queen's Room is single occupancy with its own bath, music and food supply. The Princesses' Room has three beds and one bath and nothing else. The Maids' Room has four beds and nothing else. The Help's Room has eight sleeping pads. A single bathroom is shared by all those living in the Maid's Room and the Help's Room. Won't that be interesting?”

Samantha paused and smiled broadly at the viewers. There was no reason to elaborate on how twelve beautiful women would react to sharing a single bathroom or sleeping eight to a room.

Pausing for her little joke to sink in, Samantha continued, “The contest starts when the limo doors unlock and ends when one of you climbs to the top of the pyramid and rings the bell. As soon as the bell rings our computer will measure your distance from the top and assign you your place in the pecking order for this week. In addition to accommodations, you will be rewarded 16 points for first place and 15 for second and so on down to 1 for last. The points will be important when you all of you vote for the two women you most want to see leave the house. At the end of the week, those two women will either choose to leave or fight one another in our special Claw Your Way to the Top Rules Match, the loser leaves Hope House and the winner will win the losers accumulated pecking order points.”

Samantha paused as a picture of a special padded pit was shown, and then she continued, “Each Monday night there will be a contest for food as well as a summary of the previous week's activity in Hope House. Then on X-TRA Cable, see your local listings, every Wednesday we will show happenings and contests that just can't be broadcast on Monday Night. Then on Sunday Night at 10 pm Eastern Time there will be a pay per view broadcast showing the details leading up to that night's Moment of Truth as one or both of our Pit Beauties goes home and leaves her dreams behind her.

“If in the unlikely event a fight does not occur we will give you free special uncensored footage that could not be seen even on cable and you will get a credit toward one half of the next week's pay-per-view. Of course the best way not to miss a moment of the beauties at war will be on our Golden Web Cast. See our official website WWW.CLAWYOURWAY.COM for details.”


The doors opened and sixteen beauties sprinted across the sand to the bottom level of the pyramid. The pyramid steps were three feet high and six feet wide. It was a huge structure with several camera booms to catch all the action. This event was live on five minute delay so they could censor any wardrobe malfunctions. The first girl to the first level was Ashanti something or another from one of those nameless African countries that is always on the verge of a calamity. She was on the end of the line. She threw her long leg up and got up to the second level a second or two ahead of a black haired French beauty. Mandy managed to climb up to the second level in fifth position.

The scramble up to level four had no changes. Then Lei Ling, an Asian American from New York , reached up and grabbed Ashanti 's long thin leg by the ankle. She jerked the African's leg out from under her and then tried to pull her off the pyramid. Ashanti squealed and kicked out with her free foot, hitting the Asian beauty right on her lush 36C boob. The camera digitized as the yellow brown tit popped free. Lei held on and fell backwards pulling Ashanti off the fourth level. Ashanti hit and rolled. Lei shoved her with both feet and the African fell off the third level and then rolled on down to the second. The camera showed a split view of Ashanti 's angry face as she looked up at Lei smiling down at her. Right then, the first enemies were made.

The French beauty, Marie Montross, scrambled up ahead of her rivals. There were two other attacks, but nothing as shockingly effective as Lei's first attack. One girl, a Floridian Cuban, took a swipe at Mandy's long blonde hair and missed. Mandy sped out of the girl's reach and escaped any further fights. Marie reached the top and the bell was rung. Immediately the picture froze. Each girl in turn was outlined in red, a straight line was drawn between her and the top by the computer and then a distance was noted. Mandy finished third in the race for the bell.

The rest of the episode involved the girls racing to their rooms in order of their finish and claiming their beds. Then there followed a mandatory greeting session where each girl explained something of her life to the others. Then Samantha interviewed them one at a time trying to start trouble with her questions. It was clear that Lei and Ashanti wanted to go at it, but both girls wisely contained themselves.

Samantha explained, “Of course any time two of our girls come to blows or challenge one another we can settle the dispute in the Pit.”

A picture of the Fight Pit and the attendants hiding of camera flashed.

Samantha continued, “Mutual physical fighting, as determined by our committee of judges, in the house will be stopped by the attendants and the ladies in questioned will be moved to the Pit. Challenges can be made at any time and refused at a cost of two points transferred to challenger. The winner in a challenge Pit Fight gets ten pecking points from the loser.”

Ashanti looked ready to challenge, but she stayed cool. Lei sneered at her and tossed her long shiny black hair back and forth as she talked. Those two were headed for the Pit sooner or later. Right now none of the girls knew who could fight and who couldn't. They were just dumb starlet chicks. They all showed special calculation in their actions. The producers had chosen well.

Then we got to see them undress, digitized for Monday and recorded for replay I'm sure, and get into bed for about ten minutes of girl talk. Already, alliances were being formed. Mandy knocked on the Queen's Room door and was allowed in by Marie. The French girl spoke English of course and was happy she wasn't being isolated as the winner of the first contest. My eyes fell out of my head when Mandy leaned forward and brushed the other girl's cheek and kissed her lightly before leaving. Marie stared after her and touched the spot on her lips that Mandy had kissed.

Samantha played that up during the summation and I began to wonder just how far my girlfriend would go to win this contest. I stroked myself to an explosion just thinking about it. The following morning, the broadcast had won its timeslot and was the talk of the industry. Several political groups were organizing protests. Women's groups were strangely divided. Most hated it, but some argued angrily that these were tough, strong women obviously willing to put themselves on the line to win. Apparently some of these discussions provoked a number of catfights in real life.

By Wednesday there had hundreds of fan web sites set up to worship or hate a chosen girl. The Ashanti girls and the Lei girls got into chat room fights and there were reports across the world of girls and women fighting it out in the school yards, streets, bars and even a few offices. Mandy got the nickname, Golden Girl. She became immediately popular at women's colleges. The fact that she had a boyfriend did not stop the lesbian chic movement from “outing” her. Several women stepped forward claiming relationships. Mandy had reached a certain level of fame; she had stalkers and graced the pages of all the major tabloids. Who knew it would take a little kiss and a kind touch between two beautiful women to set off such a mini-firestorm of sudden celebrity.

With the free advertising on talk shows, water cooler conversations and political diatribes, the Wednesday Night show on cable broke all the records for viewers and complaints to the FCC and even the UN Committee on Morality, whatever the hell that was. The digitizing effects were gone. We got to watch them shower and walk about in the nude. The wardrobe malfunctions during the contest were played back in loving slow motion. Never has so much warm water and soap flowed so slowly over such smooth skin. Oh, it was something. Claw Your Way to the Top was a pure five star hit. Or in other words, it was a five sock broadcast, if you know what I mean.

Then at the end of the cable show the girls met in the living room, sans clothes. They grouped together in obvious alliances and waited. Samantha again asked provocative questions and got them riled up. Then they left the room one by one to vote on which two girls show be sent to the Pit. The ballots were secret to the girls, but we could see how each one voted. It was quite interesting what was revealed.

Mandy, Marie, the two other girls in the Princess Room and Lei, who had finished ninth voted for Ashanti , giving the African 66 points. Maria got 21 points. Mandy got five of the lowest girls' votes totaling 15 points. Lei got 34 points. It was a classic and it gave the people what they wanted: Ashanti versus Lei on the Friday Night Pay-Per-View! I was somewhat concerned that Mandy had a faction against her, but so far so good.


By Friday the media was buzzing about Claw Your Way to the Top. Speeches were made in Congress against it. Boycotts were organized, but the sponsors clamored to get their spots on the Monday night. The World Wide Web had never seen a premium pay site grow so quickly. The show was financially a success and now it was to deliver its first big must see event. I tuned into the pay-per-view and began to calculate whether I could afford the web cast as well.

The Claw Your Way to the Top Pit Fight rules were very specialized and obviously directed toward satisfying the typical male viewer's idea of what a cat fight should be like.

1. Fighters will where different colored Pit Body Suits. (A picture of a model in the Pit Body Suit showed that the transparent, tissue thin, stockings left nothing to the imagination. A demonstration showed how easily the tissue could be torn or shredded. As the camera played over the model you could see her hard nipples pushing the suit outward. It was so tight and stretchy that it conformed to the mound and ass like colored skin. The feet, hands and head were uncovered.)

2. There will be no attacks to the face, head or neck. Only hair pulls are permitted above the shoulders. Headlocks and face pushing are permitted only in combination with hair pulls or another legitimate attack.

3. Below the neck, only biting and joint holds are forbidden. Everything else is allowed.

4. Each match will last one hour or until one woman admits defeat. Submissions are permitted and will be scored to the dominant fighter as follows: one point for general submission, two points for a breast smother, three points for a crotch smother, four points for a breast pain submission and five points for a crotch pain submission. The decision of our panel of judges is final.

5. A one minute's disengagement will be declared after each submission.

6. Then the fight will resume without further delay until the next submission.

7. At the end of an hour the points scored will determine the winner of the fight. If the loser retires before the end of an hour or looses by more than ten points she will have her head shaved by the winner before being expelled from Hope House.

8. Challenge or Grudge Fights will be conducted in a similar manner accept they will last for only thirty minutes and only points will be exchanged unless the fighters agree to additional enforceable stipulations.

9. An illegal move or blow will be treated as a five point submission as a penalty for the perpetrator. An intentional broken bone will result in the disqualification of the perpetrator and retirement of the victim. The decisions of the judges are final.

10. Request for medical attention after a fight other than what the contestants can provide for themselves will cost the requesting contestant ten pecking order points which will be added to the total of the next winner of the Sunday Night Moment of Truth Fight. If there is no Sunday Night Fight, the medical points will be rolled over to the next week.

The Pit was a padded circular hole about ten feet in diameter. The padding was stark white again, better to show blood I suspect. The Pit was dug into the sand behind Hope House. The fourteen girls not involved in the fight circled the pit, breaking into three or four identifiable cliques. Then Ashanti and Lei walked to the opposite sides of the pit.

Ashanti wore a beautiful slowing green robe and Lei had the same robe colored yellow. At the sides of the pit they disrobed, revealing similarly colored body suits under their robes. The beauty of the two women took my breath away. They were both flawless for the moment.

Ashanti was gloriously black. Her hair had been straightened and combed back. The tips of the hard, thick black hair brushed her perfect, muscular ass. Her nipples thrust through the suit showing they were at least an inch long and thick as a little finger. The black bumpy aureole that surrounded the erect nipples seemed to be about two inches in diameter and rose like cupolas. Her body was hairless off course, but the darkness between her green sheathed legs was intoxicating. You could see she had fleshy, heavy vagina lips and a pronounced clitoral hood. Her make-up was perfect to including light green blush and lipstick to match her suit. Her nails where painted silver white, toe and finger. Her face was purely African and quite beautiful as one would expect after the laborious selection process. Here was a panther, pure and simple.

Lei had that light brown tint of a third or fourth mixed Asian-Anglo woman. Her eyes were still Asian, but many of her features included Anglo tints. Her hair was smooth and lustrous black. It flowed in long webs to the middle of her hard, firm ass. Like all the girls she was incredible fit, fitness model fit: hard legs and arms, flat belly and high, pert breasts. She too was hairless between her legs and her mound was quite pronounced. It grew out of the yellow suit and when surrounded by her flat belly stood out like a mountain. Paradoxically, her vagina seemed almost a smooth slit with very tight lips that seemed to hide all but the top of her clitoral hood. Her make up was just as perfect giving a glowing yellowness to her cheeks and a bright blood red to her lips and nails. Here was an Asian Mountain Cat.

Ashanti 's statistics played along side her frozen form: 5'9'', 134 pounds, 35C 24 36. Lei's did the same along side her form: 5'7'' 121 pounds, 34C 23 34. I immediately assumed that Ashanti would dominate. I checked on the Vegas betting line and found that Ashanti was running six to four to the better of it.

I resisted betting and watched as the two beauties dropped down into the pit, a four foot drop and faced each other. The Mexican sun had already brought sweat to their faces. The camera zoomed in like a spaghetti western and gave us the eye glare shots. The determination in both beauties' eyes was startling. Ashanti broke the spell by mumbling something in her own language.

The show's producers supplied a ready translation, “I'll tear off your udders you slant eyed whore.”

Lei merely smiled and waited for the sound of the bell that would signal the beginning of the fight. Something about that smile made me happy I hadn't bet on the black beauty. The girls around the edge started shouting out encouragement. Most of them apparently felt Ashanti would win because they favored the black girl. Mandy and her friends stayed silent obviously not wanting to get on the wrong side. I suspect they wanted the fight to be long and brutal so both girls would be handicapped the following week. They had voted for Ashanti because the feared her the most and hoped that who ever fought her would take her down a notch.

The bell rang.

I wondered what kind of fight these two inexperienced beauties would put on, especially given the no blows to the head rules. Ashanti moved forward confidently her hands up, her knees flexed, on the balls of her feet ready to respond. It looked very sexy and very threatening. Lei lunged forward without hesitation and slashed her right hand, fingers in a classic claw position. Ashanti flinched. The smaller beauty's hand caught Ashanti on her left upper arm and slashed her, ripping open the flimsy suit and scratching the ebony perfection beneath. Ashanti screeched and pulled back her arm and looked at it as if she was stunned she been hurt.

Big mistake! Lei leapt on the black girl and dragged her to the padded floor. Lei hooked her right arm around Ashanti 's head, but she didn't go for an illegal choke. Instead she dug her nails into Ashanti 's perfect 35C right breast. The Asian American dug her nails into the underside and pulled it up toward Ashanti 's shoulder. The African girl screamed and kicked her feet. She ripped at the Asian's hand and then reached back over her head to grab to massive handfuls of lustrous black hair. The muscles in the black girl's arm popped out and she jerked Lei's head forward bending it over a black shoulder.

Now both girls were hurting. Lei clawed at Ashanti 's breast, ripping open the green body suit and fully exposing the beautiful orb. Lei's neck was bent at an incredible angle and it looked like she was being choked out by the kink in her neck and Ashanti 's hard, lean shoulder. The girls around the pit were going crazy screaming instructions.

Lei brought her other arm under Ashanti 's left arm and fastened her hand on the other breast. Now Ashanti was getting a two hand tit maul from behind the back. Ashanti screamed something in her language and ripped out two huge handfuls of Lei's hair. Lei screamed and her head flew backwards. Her face was dark red yellow brown now having been released by the choke. Ashanti clawed the back of Lei's hands and ripped up both arms leaving deep scratches along the way. Lei squealed again and straightened the leg she had hooked around Ashanti . Ashanti bridged up and reached back over her head again to grab another two handfuls of hair. Lei screamed and snapped her heel back down on the point of the black girl's upward thrusting mound.

There was a collective groan around the world from the men watching. I sure a few women crossed their legs too. Ashanti groaned and her bridge collapsed. She drew up her legs and captured Lei's foot. Lei was being shoulder choked and Ashanti 's beautiful tits were being shredded by the Asian American's nails. Both girls were slick with sweat now. The camera close up on Ashanti 's tear stained cheeks showed how much agony she was in. The girls screamed instructions.

The camera's switched to their faces. I was stunned by how angry and twisted the beauties' faces had become. They screeched and pumped the air with their fists. Girls cheering for different fighters exchanged nasty looks. The game was on for sure.

Lei lost some more hair and this time she shook her head and leaned way back to keep her hair out of reach. Ashanti scrambled for more hair and got a warning not to claw at the neck or face. Ashanti squealed as Lei pinched her long dark nipples. She rolled in the wrong direction and Lei clamped on a scissors hold. When the Asian American's legs snapped shut crushing Ashanti 's thin waste it was all over. Ashanti cried out she gave in a long frustrated scream.

The attendants pushed through the girls and quickly pulled the two cats apart. They were separated and leaned on the side of the pit gasping. Ashanti cried and looked at her clawed breasts. Her black skin didn't show the extent of the damage, but the cameras zoomed in and showed that Lei had crisscrossed both orbs with nasty scratches and deep gouges. The nipples looked swollen. Four tuffs of black hair lay on the mat. Lei ran her fingers over her scalp wincing.

Samantha announced, “At ten minutes and thirty seconds Lei wins by breast pain submission and gets four points toward victory. Ladies, prepare for the bell.

The bell rang. Lei leapt forward to strike. Ashanti greeted her with a stiff side kick that took the Asian American in the lower belly. Lei folded over the leg and Ashanti fell backwards from the impact. Lei sat down in slow motion holding her belly. Ashanti got up and started forward, but Lei gasped out a quick surrender.

Samantha announced, “At ten minutes and thirty five seconds Ashanti wins by general submission and gets one points toward victory. The score is Lei four and Ashanti five. Ladies prepare for the bell.

Lei got up still holding herself. She was gasping and stumbling around when the bell rang. Ashanti moved forward snatching out at the Asian American as Lei retreated in hesitating steps. Ashanti cut off the circle and kicked at Lei's right leg. The Asian American staggered. Ashanti raked her right hand in a roundhouse downward swipe and sank her nails into Lei's right shoulder and ripped down across the top of her breast, exposing half her upper body in one swipe.

Lei screamed as her beautiful right boob was bloodied. She grabbed herself. Ashanti yelled a war cry, stepped forward and drove her right foot straight up into Lei's crotch. Smack! Lei squealed and dropped to her knees. Ashanti grabbed the downed girl's hair and drove a knee into the bloody tit. The force knocked Lei on her back. Ashanti dropped down driving a knee into the Asian American's belly. Lei gasped. Before she could surrender, Ashanti grabbed both her breasts and began mauling while still driving the knee deep into Lei's guts. The girl screamed out her surrender.

Samantha announced, “At eleven minutes and forty seconds Ashanti wins by brast pain submission and gets four points toward victory. The score is Ashanti five and Lei four. Ladies prepare for the bell.”

Now both sets of breasts were exposed and marked up. The Asian American was having trouble standing straight. Ashanti had turned the fight around. The bell rang and Ashanti rushed forward again. She kicked out for Lei's left thigh. Lei dodged it and drove her head into Ashanti 's belly. The African was speared. She flew off her feet and landed hard on the mat with Lei on top.

Lei scrambled to climb on top, but Ashanti 's long legs captured her hips and held her in place. Lei immediately grabbed Ashanti 's breasts in her hands, crushing and twisting the orbs while trying to de-nipple them with her thumbs. Ashanti screamed and clawed down Lei's back ripping the back of her already ruined body suit and leaving ten nasty long scratches from her shoulders down to her ass cheeks. Then Ashanti sank her claws into the side of the girl's hips and clawed up her side.

Lei screamed and let go of Ashanti 's tits. She grabbed at the clawing hands and they began to wrestle. Lei stayed on top for quite awhile, but eventually she got rolled onto her side and Ashanti tried to get her legs up around the Lei's thin waist. Lei drove a knee into Ashanti 's ass and pushed frantically with her other leg. Ashanti actually lost ground and had to clamp her legs around Lei's hips.

Lei let go of Ashanti 's wrists and grabbed for the girl's hair. She jerked Ashanti 's head back and then used her own head to head butt the black girl's jutting breasts. She got in four good shots, when Ashanti grabbed the Asian American's long hair and jerked her head back. Now both women had double handed hair pulls. They were locked together with Ashanti 's leg lock around Lei's thighs. They pulled hair and yelled and screamed.

The lengthy stalemate saw wads of hair ripped from both heads. Tears welled out of closed eyes and they whimpered against each other in their hateful impress. Ashanti finally opened her legs and rolled on top of Lei.

Ashanti kept the hair hold with one hand and moved the other under her side. I thought she was going for a breast hold, but when she rotated her shoulder it was clear she was pushing her hand down between their slick bellies. Lei bucked wildly and through Ashanti off. As the Asian American tried to get on top, Ashanti 's right hand found its mark. The camera had a perfect angle as Ashanti 's black hand ripped away the tissue thing body suit covering Lei's shaved sex. Lei screamed and propelled herself forward to avoid Ashanti 's already bloody claws.

It turned out to work well for the smaller woman. She ended up sitting on Ashanti 's chest. A brief arm struggle ended with Lei pinning Ashanti 's left hand to the mat while Ashanti 's right could barely reach to claw Lei's ass and back. Lei used her right knee to pin Ashanti 's left arm to the mat. Ashanti bucked up and Lei slid forward just where she wanted. Ashanti cursed and ripped down Lei's back with her right hand, but the Asian American ignored the pain. She dropped her crotch on Ashanti 's face and went for the crotch smother points.

Ashanti 's long legs kicked as both girls' supporters screamed down into the pit. Lei must have heard one of the quite censorable suggestions. As Ashanti bridged up, thrusting her pelvis up in the air, Lei twisted around keeping on her smother and hammered the side of her left fist down on Ashanti's mound. The black girl collapsed and drew up her knees.

Lei moved quickly. She reached down and pulled Ashanti 's head up into her nude crotch burying the black girl's face deep in her sweaty sex. Still holding the head up, Lei managed to hook her left calf under Ashanti 's raised head locking on what could only be described as a figure four smother hold. To add to Ashanti's desperation, Lei grabbed a full fist of hair from the top of Ashanti's head and jerked up undoubtedly introducing the black girl's nose to the inside of Lei's sex. She rode the face hard and sure enough, Ashanti started pounded the mat in surrender.

Lei rolled off smiling and laughing despite the blood on her body. She mocked the black girl who rolled onto her belly and wiped her face with both hands. Lei's supporters laughed and taunted the black girl. Apparently the smother hold was the perfect humiliation among these women.

Samantha announced, “At nineteen minutes and eleven seconds Lei wins by crotch smother and gets three points toward victory. The score is Lei seven and Ashanti five. Ladies prepare for the bell.”

Ashanti rolled over and stood up. Her laborious treated air was reverting back to its natural kinkiness. That and Lei's sweat had turned the African's model hair into a wild tangle of kings, curls and matted clumps. Of course, Lei's softer hair looked pretty terrible as well. Her long silky bangs were sweat soaked against her forehead and tints of red from a wad of ripped out hair stained the right side of her forehead. Ashanti 's breasts were now clearly bloody and swollen. Lei's breasts looked far worse and Ashanti had left furrows on the Asian American's sides, back, belly, ass and tits. Do to skin tint it was hard to see who was in worse shape.

The bell rang. Ashanti came forward like some kind of inexperience kick boxer. She tired stomp kicking, snap kicking and side kicking. Lei dodged and retreated in a circle.

Ashanti kept attacking and Lei kept retreating. The pattern continued until Ashanti stopped and stood there here belly trembling as she tried to replenish her oxygen supply. Lei retaliated immediately. She duplicated the African's side kick and drove her smaller foot straight out into Ashanti 's heaving lower belly. The foot hit with a solid thud and sank in. In the slow motion replay you could seed the green suit and black skin deform around the edges of Lei's bare foot.

Ashanti made a started sound as all the air exploded from her over tired longs. She wailed and slowly grabbed her belly before pitching forward. She managed to cry out a quick surrender before Lei could react to her sudden success.

Samantha announced, “At twenty-five minutes and forty-six seconds Lei wins by general submission gets one point toward victory. The score is Lei eight and Ashanti five. Ladies prepare for the bell.”

Lei stalked Ashanti as the black girl retreated bent forward trying to recover from the violation of her vitals. Lei dashed in and out avoiding Ashanti 's dangerous kicks and clawed at the black girl, ripping bits of her shredded suit free and adding to the pain of her once pristine flesh. Soon Ashanti was practically stripped to the waist with only bits of green on her arms. The rest of her suit was hanging around her hips. Lei's suit was almost as tattered.

Lei made another snatch. Ashanti slapped away the arm, but Lei was feinting. She lunged inward driving her left knee up. It took Ashanti in the crotch. The black girl groaned and fell back against the side of the pit. Lei grabbed the girl's breasts and drove a knee back into her crotch. Ashanti screamed and clawed back at Lei's breasts. But Lei had the angle and the advantage of a knee braced against Ashanti 's crotch. Ashanti soon sobbed out her surrender.

Samantha announced, “At thirty-four minutes and six seconds Lei wins by breast pain submission and gets four points toward victory. The score is Lei twelve and Ashanti five. Ladies prepare for the bell.”

Ashanti was crying uncontrollably as the bell rang. Lei leapt for her. Suddenly Ashanti drove her right fist in a short arc that ended in the Asian American's taunt belly. Lei grunted and grabbed Ashanti for support. Ashanti replied by driving her knee up between Lei's legs hitting her bare sex hard. Lei moaned and clutched at Ashanti 's biceps, digging her nails in deep. Ashanti grabbed Lei around the hips and spun her around and thrust her hard against the side of the pit.

Lei grunted and hung there. Ashanti rammed her shoulder in to Lei just under her right breast pinning Lei's right arm over Ashanti 's left shoulder. Ashanti dropped her right hand and curled her claws up into Lei's previously uncovered crotch.

Lei screamed wildly over Ashanti 's shoulder. The cameras caught the claw perfectly and the move was named in bright red capital letters with an exclamation point: “CUNT CLAW!” Lei howled as the camera caught Ashanti 's long index finger force its way inside the Asian American's tight vagina lips. Lei grabbed at the offending wrist, but Ashanti hooked her middle finger inside the Asian American's sex and then dug the thumb into the exposed clitoral hood from above. Lei howled out a quick surrender.

Samantha announced, “At thirty-nine minutes and three seconds Ashanti wins by crotch pain submission and gets five points toward victory. The score is Lei twelve and Ashanti ten. Ladies prepare for the bell.”

Lei felt her sex and came away with blood on her hand. She looked furious. The bell rang and she screeched in fury and leapt forward. Ashanti did the same and they rammed body to body in the middle, hands in each other's hair. They danced in a small circle jerking hair, kneeing and kicking. Ashanti finally tripped Lei and they fell with the black girl on top.

Lei rolled her over and suddenly curled up on the black woman's belly. Lei's hands went down quickly and ripped open Ashanti's body suit leaving her bare accept for the arms, the thighs and the back of the suit welded to her firm ass cheeks. Lei ripped at Ashanti 's bared fleshy vaginal lips. Ashanti screamed and dragged the Asian American backwards by the hair and through a leg over her.

They rolled and wrestled back and forth on the mat unable to gain advantage. They clawed and punched each other's bodies. Soon they were both nude accept for shreds of their suits on their arms and thighs. They finally exhausted one another and came to rest side by side tangled in a hateful embrace from head to entwined ankles. This face to face fight was nasty in that each snuck in hard side punches, knees and elbows. They clawed each other's backs, sides and arms bloody.

Lei pressed her upper hand up between then and fastened on Ashanti 's bruised and bloody tits. The black girl screamed. She pushed Lei back with both hands and suffered a two hand tit attack. Ashanti got her knee up between them. She suffered as Lei tried to rip out her nipples. Then she clamped her hands in Lei's tangled hair and started kicking with both feet to Lei's lower belly. It looked like a cat trying to disembowel an enemy. Lei groaned and gave ground, but Ashanti didn't stop. The black girl got her knee up on Lei's shoulder and started to rip out handfuls of the Asian American's once beautiful hair while using the knee as a brace.

Lei screamed and drove her right hand up into Ashanti 's crotch. Now the black girl had to roll away. Lei pushed up to her hands and knees. Ashanti rolled to the side of the pit and stood up. Lei surprised everyone by surrendering a point.

Samantha announced, “At forty-nine minutes and fifty-two seconds Ashanti wins by general submission and gets one point toward victory. The score is Lei twelve and Ashanti eleven. Ladies prepare for the bell.”

Lei was totally out of gas and Ashanti was not far behind. The two women stood bent over and gasped during the break. They had a little more than ten minutes to go and Lei was ahead by one point trying to survive. The bell rang.

Ashanti moved forward on shaking legs. Lei backed away still gasping. Ashanti seemed to take heart and stumbled after her hated rival. Lei waited to the last minute and struck out with a defensive kick that Ashanti on the thigh. The black woman fell forward off balance and slammed into Lei. The both went down. Lei hit the side of the bit and slid down while Ashanti fell to the side.

Lei rolled onto a hip and through a kick at Ashanti hitting her in the side as she pushed up. Ashanti rolled over twice and got up on her hands and knees. Lei did the same and they stared at one another. Ashanti got up on her knees and shambled forward. Lei moaned and rose to meet her.

They clashed on their knees with wide, wild slugging to each other's bodies. Tiny fists smacked off sweating shoulders and arms. Ashanti reached out and grabbed both of Lei's small brown nipples. Crushing the nipples between thumb and forefinger she forced out a wild scream from Lei. Lei grabbed the long black nipples in front of her and soon Ashanti was screaming. They worked on each others nipples without respite as the sobbed and moaned. The brutal tit mauling continued on and on.

Blood was on both women's hands and bellies. They had hurt each other brutally. The terrible screaming and agony continued. Suddenly Lei stiffened and howled. She grabbed at Ashanti 's hands and cried out for her to stop. Ashanti kept mauling until an attendant pulled her off. Lei rolled into a fetal ball holding her tits crying.

Samantha announced, “At fifty-six minutes and one seconds Ashanti wins by breast pain submission and gets four points toward victory. The score is Ashanti fifteen and Lei twelve. Ladies prepare for the bell.”

Lei rolled on the ground crying. She straightened out and stood up slowly. Her left nipple was cracked and dribbling blood and limp down on her belly. She backed away covering her ruined breast with a cupped hand. Ashanti seemed in no hurry to force the issue now that she was ahead.

At the last moment Lei screamed and rushed forward. Ashanti had been waiting for a wild attack. She kicked out and took Lei in the belly. The Asian American gasped and sat down on the mat groaning. Ashanti moved behind the downed girl, grabbed her tangled ruined hair from the back and drove a knee in between the shoulder blades and leaned back. Lei screamed as her head was forced backwards and her once beautiful hair was pulled taunt. She lost two huge wads of hair. Freed, she flopped forward and rolled onto her side helpless.

Before the Ashanti could stand, the bell rang.

Samantha announced, “At sixty minutes Ashanti wins by fifteen to Lei's twelve. Lei is expelled. Ashanti is the winner of this weeks' Moment of Truth Pit Fight.”

The attendants hopped into the pit and lifted out the sobbing Lei. She was carried away and that was the end of her. Ashanti was lifted out and congratulated by her supporters as they helped her stagger back into the house.

The camera caught them as they bathed her and tried to medicate her terrible scratches with the Fight Aid Kit. Mandy and her clique retired to the Queen's Room and plotted to force Ashanti into a challenge fight before she was ready. They drew lots and Marie got picked first. Mandy had the second assignment.

The show went off the air with two of Ashanti 's supporters making love to one another in the shower.

Claw Your Way to the Top was a runaway hit.