SYWBH – Week 9

The opening of the program has a completely new introduction, and there is a definite change from the usual collection of action clips. The hard rock music comes on with the first red screen with the word "SEXY," and the scene of the sensual Naheera is replaced by an incredibly stacked fighter in a dragon-sleeper applied by the Ace of Spades. The Death Card’s victim’s face can’t be seen, but her body is phenomenal with scraps of a tiny green bikini hanging from it. Arched backward in the hold, two perfect, round breasts the size of honeydew melons stand straight up with large pink nipples erect, and shapely hips and full, shaved mons with thick, pink lips sway and buck like she’s humping the air. These erotic struggles don’t last long, though, and the albino Amazon’s prey seems to stiffen for an instant and then go limp. She’s released and the Ace stands to put her foot between the gorgeous breasts of an angel-faced redhead that looks a lot like Emerald Fire, but more voluptuous. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The same fantastic redhead is back, but she doesn’t look good at all now. She looks as if she’s been torn apart by a wild animal, covered in countless bleeding scratches and gashes. The wild animal in question is a masked wrestler in red one-piece and red fishnet tights with feather-like designs in sequins for a bird motif. She slams what’s left of the redhead over the top rope and through a table outside the ring, and then she leaps to the top turnbuckle and dives onto her broken victim. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. The red "bird" wrestler is shown again and now can be seen to be an impressively large and powerful woman in a tight lock-up with Showgirl Heather Sharpe. It was hard to judge her size as she rapidly dismantled the redhead, but tied up with Heather, you can see that this masked woman is about the same height as the 6-foot blonde and a bit more muscular. She forces Sharpe to the ropes and bends her over with a hard knee to the belly. As Heather folds over, she’s lifted and hit with a pump-handle slam, "with authority." The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and the redhead is back, facing the full-figured Asian fighter in the tight, red one-piece. This is definitely a closer contest; both of the voluptuous fighters show the signs of a tough battle as they stand toe-to-toe and topless, trading wicked haymakers to the tits. Before the clip fades, the Asian fighter lunges forward and pulls the redhead’s face into her swollen breasts, and then she screams as the redhead retaliates with a vicious bite. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes to the contest's theme. The picture flashes through the usual still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as the clips of the remaining contestants are shown with their names. Kathleen the All-American is still the first contestant shown, but because she still hasn’t made it into the ring yet, there are no shots of her in action during the contest. Instead, it starts with the usual shot of the tall blonde doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. It then shows the brief montage of her grappling with a few trainers in practice, but it still isn’t very exciting. Miho Shina has lost her clip this week. The clip that follows Kathleen shows Madeline Mayhem wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist as she lifts Melissa by the throat and choke-slams her into the coffin from the Casket Match. Madeline’s clip now changes to show scenes from the tag-team match with Miho as her partner, starting with Mayhem slamming a brass-knuckled combination into Devine’s ribs. That’s followed by scenes of Jessi being dominated by the big Puerto Rican woman. It starts with Jessi getting a brass-knuckle uppercut that lays her out on her back, senseless. The picture then jumps forward to show the moments of impact as Jessi is pounded into a steel chair with a piledriver, powerbomb, and choke-slam. Then, she also has footage from her actions interfering in the Hood Match, showing her beating a steel chair into the spine of a prostrate and motionless Su-A-Cydal on the ring steps and then spraying blood all over the ring from the destroyed woman’s devastated breasts. Now, new footage is added from her elimination of Miho Shina in last week’s Table Match. It starts with Mayhem putting Miho through a table with a powerbomb. Then, Miho is hanging helplessly from a turnbuckle getting brutalized with horrendous chair-shots to her head, and it ends with Shina being driven through a stack of tables with a Tombstone piledriver. The last clip starts with Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. The camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head, catching every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. Fire is then shown in her first action shots facing the overmatched Su in their Hood Match. The first shot shows Emerald Fire squeezing Cydal’s neck in a powerful scissors while the bigger woman weakly scratched at Fire’s "paint-shorts" trying to breathe. This was followed by two shorter clips of Fire bending Su into a "C" with a Boston Crab and strangling the defeated blonde with her own T-shirt at ringside. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

As the SHAG arena comes into focus, it isn’t really a big surprise to see two hostesses in the ring, the redhead and the masked wrestler. The introductions have usually included a clip of the hostess in a recent match, but this week’s intro was unusual since it every clip included one or both of these wrestlers. In fact, a few of those clips were a couple of months old, instead of recent match footage. The camera sweeps around the ring quickly and shows Madeline Mayhem already lounging in the front row, looking a little bored.

Clearly, there is tension between these two women. The redhead, barely wearing a green string bikini bra and matching thong, is all smiles as she prances and poses for the camera, but her eyes are constantly darting over to look nervously at the masked woman. There’s a good reason for this. The masked woman, with her red "bird" one-piece in sequins and wet-look fabric, can’t keep still in her corner. She’s pacing like a hungry cat in a zoo cage and glaring at the redhead hard enough to burn a hole through her. It’s plain to see that she’d be all over the stacked fighter in an instant if not for the referee who is clearly standing guard over her.

The redhead is Briagha O’Rourke, Naheera’s biggest competition for the title of "Sexiest Woman in SHAG." She has F-cup breasts and an ass like a ripe peach, and the first thing that anyone can think about when they see her is "sex." She’s built for it. Naturally, she’s very popular with the fans, and in the beginning, she had a lot of friends among the wrestlers in SHAG. Unfortunately, she has a "condition." Those who still like Briagha say she suffers from a "sex addiction" and those who don’t call her a slut that can’t keep her legs together. Once, the first group was bigger than the second, but nowadays, the latter group heavily outnumbers the former. The simple truth is that Briagha can’t make it through a day without having sex AT LEAST once (usually more), and she’ll get it from any man she can find, regardless of whether he’s already going out with one of her friends. She has never had a problem convincing the man in question to fuck her, not with her "assets." This has, repeatedly, gotten the redhead beaten to a pulp in the ring because she is a mediocre fighter at best. Basically, three things can be said about Briagha. The muscles in her body that are the most used and most developed are pelvic. If she was one-half as good in the ring as she was in bed, she could rip the heads off of most of the SHAG "elite." And finally, if not for the help of some tough friends, she’d probably be dead or crippled by now.

This brings us to the lady across the ring, obviously aching to sink her claws into Briagha. She is known as "L’Aguila Roja" (Red Eagle) to the fans and Anita Fuentes to her friends. Briagha used to be one of those friends, one of the best friends that Anita ever had. In fact, Anita was sent to the hospital on three different occasions for bailing Briagha out of very bad situations with other fighters. She loved the redhead like a sister. The only person she loved more was her husband Miguel. You know where this is going. The third time that Anita got herself hurt saving Briagha, she got hurt badly, enough to put her in the hospital for most of a week. Briagha was so upset about her friend being hurt on her behalf that Miguel had to drive her home. He spent the week with her. Miguel loved Anita and never had any reason to complain. Anita is a lovely young woman with the build of a tall fitness model, 5’11 and 165 pounds complete with B-cups and legs that go on forever, and she was good, if not imaginative, in bed. But suddenly, he had a sex goddess throwing herself at him, offering him the greatest tits and ass that he’d ever seen and introducing him to more sexual techniques and positions than he ever knew existed. He let his cock do the thinking. Briagha fell for him, too. Miguel was a strapping, strong, well-endowed ,and VERY virile man who was better at meeting her voracious sexual needs than any other man that she’d ever met. When Anita came home, they were honest and told her, which is about the only thing they did that was right, morally speaking. Anita was never hurt worse and couldn’t believe what Briagha had done. She divorced Miguel and vowed to utterly destroy the red-haired bitch. She can do it, easily. A third-generation luchadora, L’Aguila Roja has made a name for herself for both power and agility. A first-string fighter, Anita can match strength with all but the biggest powerhouses, and she can fly in the ring like a woman 50 pounds lighter. The clip in the introduction of Anita and Briagha was a little more than two months old and showed the first chance that Aguila had to make good on that threat, and she would have finished Briagha if officials and security hadn’t dragged her away from the redhead. Since then, she’s been demanding a Slaughterhouse or "Final Match" with Briagha.

While Aguila was kept in her corner by the official, Briagha wiggled a couple of steps out of her corner with a microphone, though she was still keeping one eye on Anita. "Hello SHAG fans, it’s time for the ninth week episode of our competition! I am the beautiful Briagha O’Rourke, of course, and I will be co-hosting this week with the amazing Aguila Roja!" Briagha flashed a hopeful smile at the masked wrestler, though she knew the compliment wouldn’t help matters with Anita. "My co-host and I will be doing more than officiating this week, though! This week, I will be teaming with that other ravishing redhead, Emerald Fire, in a special tag-team match against Kathleen the All-American and Aguila Roja! This tag match will be no-holds-barred with normal tag rules, but it can only end when one of our contestants can get a pin, a submission, or a knockout on the other contestant! Aguila and I cannot end the match!"

This special tag match was the brainstorm of the SHAG executives heading up the "So You Wanna Be Hardcore" promotion. The ratings for this elimination competition have been getting better each week, largely thanks to the fact that the competition has been so brutal that a contestant has been sent to the hospital every week. Unfortunately, this week’s contestants are Emerald Fire and Kathleen, and while they will certainly fight hard, they are the two contestants considered the most likely to fight a very clean, blood-free match. The SHAG executives didn’t want to take any chances of losing some of their blood-thirsty audience.

So, they came up with this match. They would take advantage of the blood-feud between Anita and Briagha by putting them in this week’s match, and they added the stipulation that, if Kathy and Aguila won, Aguila would get the Final Match that she wanted against Briagha. They knew Briagha would do anything to avoid that, since she was sure to be destroyed for good, and Anita would do anything to win her chance at ultimate revenge on the woman that betrayed her and stole her husband. To make it more interesting, they decided on the no-holds-barred format instead of no-disqualification. Briagha and her smaller look-alike Emerald Fire wouldn’t last very long against Aguila Roja’s rage in a no-DQ match, but now Anita would have to rein in her temper enough to avoid losing the match by disqualification. Likewise, they made sure that Briagha was aware that losing by DQ on purpose would still result in meeting Anita in the Slaughterhouse Match.

With all that on her mind, Briagha continued with her announcements. "We have very little for you this week in terms of updates and training material. Most of our contestants made statements last week and haven’t changed anything for this week, but we do have three special announcements! The first is an official statement from SHAG management regarding the incident involving Toya the Teen Terror. Toya was found unconscious in the training area. Her head was resting against a dumbbell rack and had a large, bleeding contusion, and her leg was underneath a barbell with a compound fracture. To all appearances, it looked like Toya dropped the barbell on her leg and fell against the dumbbell rack, knocking herself out. When she regained consciousness, Toya claimed that she was working out with the barbell but did not have an accident with it. Instead, she claims she was struck over the head and accused Candy Treats for the attack. The accusation was investigated thoroughly, but no evidence has been found to support Toya’s claim. So, Candy Treats has been cleared of all suspicion, and Toya has been removed from the competition entirely as her injuries will take 2-3 months to heal." Briagha paused and gave the camera a perfectly blank smile. Like most of the people involved with the contest, she knew that SHAG management was showing a lot of interest in Candy Treats for her trashy looks and merciless brutality in the ring. Even if they had a crystal-clear videotape of Candy attacking Toya, the chances were good that it would "disappear" so Candy could be kept in the contest. "Our second announcement is a taped statement from Miho Shina, who suffered a concussion, a broken nose, a strained ligament in her knee, and a bunch of cuts and bruises last week."

The picture changes to Miho wearing a sweatsuit and standing in the middle of the gym. Her face is taped heavily and discolored from bruises, and there is a bulge around her right knee that is probably from swelling, some kind of brace, or both. When she starts to speak, her voice has a slightly stuffed-up, nasal quality from her healing nose. "Hello, I’m sure you know what happened to me last week, and you probably expect me to demand a rematch with Madeline Mayhem and to make threats against her. Though I would like to face her again, I am not here for that reason. It is true that she made a deal with me and then double-crossed me so I would not be properly prepared to fight her last week. I blame myself for that. This contest can have only one winner, and I was foolish to believe the word of another competitor." Miho paused for a moment, like she was gathering her thoughts. It was hard to say for certain through the bandages and bruises, but it looked like her expression grew harder and angrier. "I am here because I should have been declared the winner of last week’s elimination match, but one person cheated me and prevented that! Madeline Mayhem went through two tables before I did! I won! But that enormous freak Cuddles refused to accept the first table that Mayhem went through and attacked me when I argued that it should count in my favor! Later, she took pleasure in further injuring my knee and making sure that I could not defend myself against Madeline! Cuddles did not want me to win, and she made sure that I did not! So, I have spoken to the management in charge of this contest, and they have agreed that I may make this challenge for the Fans’ Choice Match! I want to fight Cuddles in an "I Quit" Match! I will make her quit! I will make her pay for cheating me!"

The picture switched back to Briagha immediately after Miho finished speaking, but the redhead’s attention was on Aguila Roja and the threatening gestures she was making with her hands. It took Briagha a few seconds to notice that she was on the air again and a few seconds more to steady her voice enough to say, "O-our last announcement is a live announcement from Candy Treats!"

The scene shifts to Candy Treats, along with her slave-girl Marlena and the puny Herbert. Herbert is the most pathetic sight imaginable. He has a ball-gag in his mouth, a bottle of champagne in his hands, and is wearing something that looks like a tiny leather speedo. He has no muscle at all and looks like ghostly pale skin draped over bone. Marlena, on the other hand, is again naked except for some rings and chains and is scissored between Candy’s thighs, licking her belly and breasts. Candy is lounging in red vinyl pants and no top, enjoying both Marlena’s tongue and the champagne. The raunchy redhead gives a deep laugh and squeezes her pet’s ribs for a moment, making Marlena moan and lick faster. "Oh, you lucky fans, it is celebration time!" Candy reaches under Marlena and pulls out a folded piece of paper. "Here it is! This is Su-A-Cydal’s Death Certificate! The stupid twat has signed my contract, giving me my chance to shred whatever is left of her pathetic body and turn it into dog food! And it gets BETTER! The bitch can’t wait to die! Her slow, bloody and thorough torture is in THREE DAYS! This week’s main event on SHAG’s Arena Showdown will be the gorgeous Candy Treats maiming, mauling, and murdering a naked skank called Su-A-Cydal in a Barb-Wire Cage Match!" Candy laughs and guzzles about half of her champagne in one gulp. She holds it out to Herbert for a refill. "So, fans, you get an added bonus! In addition to seeing me slaughter that dumb-ass bitch, you can still vote for me to beat the living crap out of some other stupid skank in this contest in the Fans’ Choice Match! You could vote to see me break that skank Angie’s "perfect" legs, or maybe you’d like to see me complete the set by fucking up little Jessi the same way I destroyed TyneeTina!" Candy gulped down some more champagne and started playing with her left nipple. "You know you want me, folks! Just give me someone fun to hurt and you can have me!" Candy started to drink some more, and the picture went back to the SHAG ring and hostesses.

During Candy’s little speech, Anita had clearly done something to spook Briagha. The mask was being stretched by the satisfied smile on Anita’s face, and the redhead was breathing hard against the far ropes. The camera zoomed in on Briagha, and you could see that fear and adrenaline had her nipples so hard that they were practically tearing through the tiny green triangles of her top. Again, it took a few moments before the sexy redhead noticed she was on the air, but another official jumped on the ring apron and whispered something in her ear. Briagha nodded and held up the mike. "I’ve just been told that we’re going to skip the training clips this week and get straight to the action!" Briagha smiled and pumped her fist in the air, but she just didn’t look really excited about that. "First, we’re bringing out my partner, EMERALD FIRE!" The camera shifted up to the arena entry ramp where a spotlight illuminated Fire. She had her hands behind her head, her shoulders back, and her breasts thrust out. Her body gleamed from a light application of body oil and the green latex body-paint of her "shorts," which seemed to be a little "shorter" than usual. After a brief pose at the top of the ramp, she did her pony-step walk to the ring, making her breasts bounce with each step. Climbing into the ring, she went straight to her partner’s side, giving the camera a view of four perfect breasts and two incredible bodies, and grabbed Briagha’s hand to raise it overhead as though they had already won the match. It seemed to help Briagha a bit, until she looked at Aguila and saw the glare from the masked wrestler. "And now we bring out Aguila Roja’s partner, KATHLEEN THE ALL-AMERICAN!" The camera again went to the top of the ramp where the spotlight was shining on Kathy. The tall blonde was in her familiar "Wonder Woman" pose wearing her white panties and blue sports bra and standing with her fists resting on her hips. Like Emerald, she held the pose briefly and then jogged to the ring, where she climbed in and stood by her partner.

Both contestants were given a short meeting, fifteen minutes maybe, backstage with their respective partners, just to get to know them a little before the match. On the redhead team, Briagha was pretty happy with her partner because of Emerald’s confidence, but Emerald Fire was kind of worried about the fact that Briagha was shit-in-her-pants scared of Aguila Roja. Part of the reason that Fire was prancing around and doing the whole arm-raising bit was to boost her partner’s spirits. On the other side of the ring, the team-up of Aguila and Kathleen was a more serious and business-like arrangement. Both wanted to win this match and earn their shots at their worst enemies. To that end, they made a deal. Aguila promised to go somewhat easy on Emerald Fire, despite her similarities to O’Rourke, and Kathy promised that she’d somehow get Anita a shot at Briagha in this match. Kathy didn’t care if Fire got roughed up but didn’t want to see Emerald hurt unnecessarily, and Anita knew that Briagha would only get in the ring with Kathleen.

Actually, Kathleen and Anita might have gotten along a little better than merely "business-like" if not for the fact that Kathleen was in, for her, a very bad, mean mood. Her friendship with Su was… over. In a very short time, Kathy had come to care about the busty blonde a lot, but she could not stand the way that Su seemed willing to throw away her health and career by agreeing to stupid matches. Kathleen liked to wrestle and win and knew that it meant that the loser was often hurt, at least a little, but she never fought just to hurt someone. Su seemed be to doing that, and the person she was hurting was herself. Though she couldn’t help still caring about Su, Kathy couldn’t be around Su’s frightening and dangerous behavior, and it left her feeling very angry.

Aguila Roja didn’t know it, but she was already benefiting from that anger. As soon as she was in the ring, Kathy started keeping her agreement and moved in between the referee and Anita, giving the Mexican a clear path to her enemy. Like her namesake, Anita seemed to fly across the ring at the redheads, intent on sinking her talons into the man-stealer. She came close and probably would’ve torn off a chunk of Briagha, but O’Rourke hadn’t taken her eyes away from Aguila once. She saw Anita coming and went the other way, cravenly pushing Emerald Fire into the bigger woman’s path.

Fire instinctively threw her arms around Anita as they slammed together, and Anita shrieked in rage as she saw Briagha almost dive through the ropes to get out of the ring. She looked Fire right in the eyes, letting the smaller redhead see the boiling fury in the Mexican’s dark eyes, and while she was caught by the gaze, Aguila smashed her in the nose with a wicked headbutt. Fire’s eyes immediately filled with tears from the sharp pain in her nose and her arms released Aguila Roja, but Roja didn’t want her getting away now. Grabbing two handfuls of breasts, Anita pulled Emerald back into a kneelift to the pussy, the latex paint doing nothing to protect Fire’s sensitive mound.

The little redhead folded over with her hands clutching her crotch and was grabbed by the hair to be thrown backward into her own corner. Emerald was trying to focus so she could fight back, but Aguila was on top of her a fraction of a second after Fire’s back hit the turnbuckles, burying another kneelift into her painted mons. At the same time her knee was crushing Emerald’s sex, Aguila lunged over the top rope hoping to grab Briagha and force a tag, but the bigger redhead was already jumping to the floor when she saw her partner being thrown into the corner. Pissed at her prey being out of reach, Aguila grabbed two handfuls of Fire’s hair and flipped her out of the corner and onto her back with a flying mare. With an easy spring, Anita was on the top turnbuckle and then flying through the air for a perfect flying elbow directly to Emerald Fire’s throbbing pussy. Fire had about ten seconds to show off her skill at bouncing around and screaming in the fetal position before her hair was grabbed again, and she was dragged across the mat to the opposing corner.

Unable to use her legs, Fire couldn’t resist as Aguila pulled her up by the hair and got her in a bearhug. In an instant, she was lifted off of the mat, and her tortured crotch was assaulted again, this time with a Reverse Atomic Drop. Emerald fell over backward onto the canvas with tears running out of her tightly-shut eyes. She didn’t know it, but she looked too much like O’Rourke, thus Aguila’s repeated attacks to the redhead’s pelvic region. All that Emerald Fire knew at the moment was that the area between her legs had never hurt this bad in her life, and it was all that she could do to suck in shallow gasps of air through her teeth.

With her eyes squeezed shut against the pain, Emerald didn’t see Aguila Roja tag in Kathleen, and with her hands clutching her crotch, Emerald was unprotected when Kathy used the top rope to sling-shot herself into the ring with a leg-drop to Fire’s throat. Fire bucked her legs into the air from the impact to her windpipe, but she couldn’t resist as Kathy rolled her onto her stomach. From there, the blonde locked in a tight front-face-lock on the redhead and stood, pulling Fire up with her. It wasn’t easy with Fire’s legs being uncooperative, but Kathy managed to get the smaller girl up on her feet. Then, she released the face-lock and caught Fire’s arms in a double-under-hook. Kathy took a deep breath and nailed emerald Fire with a butterfly suplex, wrenching the redhead’s shoulders and tossing her on her spine with a crash in the center of the ring. The topless wrestler arched her back and moaned in agony, but Kathy wasn’t letting up, driving Fire back down with a knee-drop to the midsection. Fire curled up on her side trying to cover up and protect herself, but again, Kathleen stayed on the attack. Grabbing Emerald’s legs, the blonde rolled her opponent onto her back again, crossed the redhead’s legs at the knees, and pressed them forward and down like she was going for a matchbook pin. Putting her right foot on the crossed legs to hold them, Kathy then grabbed Emerald’s wrists and pulled up on her arms, getting Fire’s shoulders off of the mat. Kathleen held the redhead like that for maybe a half-minute and then fell backward, bringing her left foot in next to the right one. Emerald Fire was pulled and lifted into the air, folded on Kathy’s feet, and Kathy used her strong legs to launch the smaller girl over her head. It was her own invention, the Matchbook Monkey-Flip, and it was a doozy. Flying at least eight feet up into the air, Emerald’s legs sprang out of their folded position and flipped her over in mid-air to come down on her back over the top rope near her corner. Helpless and out of control, the smaller redhead was bent into a horseshoe over the rope and then tossed out of the ring as the top rope sprang back upward. Fire hit the hard arena floor face-down, spread-eagle, and nearly unconscious.

Across the ring, Aguila Roja was clapping and cheering on her partner, impressed by the rookie’s skill. Initially worried about Kathy’s "squeaky-clean" reputation, Anita could see now that the blonde was very capable of seriously kicking their opponents’ asses despite her unwillingness to fight dirty.

Oddly, O’Rourke was just as glad to see Fire tossed to the floor. Having climbed back onto the ring apron when Kathleen tagged into the match, Briagha had watched the All-American pound on Fire and throw her around the ring, but the bigger redhead remained unconcerned. Her only real worry was that Kathleen might try to pin Emerald while she was reeling. Now that Emerald was on the floor, Briagha happily went to help her partner up and make a quick tag. After all, it was Anita that did the real damage to Fire, and Kathy was just taking advantage of a hurt opponent. Briagha rolled Fire into the ring in their corner, tagged her, and stepped through the ropes, confident that she would dominate the blonde rookie as easily as Anita dominated Emerald Fire.

That confidence started getting shaken as soon as Briagha’s foot touched the canvas. Straightening up, she immediately saw the tall blonde airborne, slamming her bare feet into O’Rourke’s melons with a perfect dropkick to the chest. Totally unprepared, the "seasoned pro" was launched backward off of her feet while her undersized top, as usual, gave up its job of containing her titanic breasts. Briagha was slammed into the turnbuckles and fell to her ass with her tits bouncing free, and unfortunately for the still-motionless Fire, her partner’s round rump landed right on Fire’s face.

The bigger redhead was winded and confused by the sudden assault, not even realizing that she was face-sitting her partner. It was Kathleen that came to Fire’s rescue, of a sort, by grabbing Briagha’s ankles and dragging her into the middle of the ring. She probably could’ve dragged the red-haired man-stealer all the way across the ring to Anita, fulfilling her end of their bargain, but Kathy wanted a minute or two with Briagha herself. Though not top talent, O’Rourke was on the SHAG roster and working her over a little could only help Kathy’s image with the SHAG management.

To that end, Briagha’s legs were quickly locked under Kathleen’s arms, and the sensuous redhead found herself being rolled over into a Boston Crab. Applying the hold just as she was taught at Queen Molly’s Academy, Kathleen lowered her pelvis into the small of Briagha’s back and bent the man-stealer’s spine into a tight curve. Suddenly losing all confidence, O’Rourke broke down and began shrieking and pounding her fists on the mat as the pain mounted in her back. She got a moment of relief when Kathleen stood again and released one of the redhead’s legs, but she was simply exchanging one hold for another. Using her foot to pin the released leg to the mat, Kathleen used all of her upper-body strength to pull up the other leg, tearing Briagha apart with a standing leg-split and sending the redhead’s tiny bikini panties into hiding in her nether regions. Again the man-stealer was reduced to screaming for release and received it after about a minute. Kathy had a new hold in mind. Lowering Briagha a bit, the blonde turned around so she was facing Briagha’s head and wrapped the captured leg around her own in a leg-lock. Like with Fire, Kathleen then reached down and grabbed Briagha’s arms, gripping them near the shoulders. She rocked forward and then rolled backward, pulling Briagha off of the mat and holding her in the air. It was another "invention" of Kathleen’s, a modification of a suspended-ceiling hold that bent her opponent over Kathy’s feet while putting a huge amount of pressure on her hip and twisted leg. It had Briagha howling and kicking her free leg spastically in the air. As she held Briagha in the air, the All-American glanced at her corner to see her partner’s reaction. It was mixed. While she was thrilled to hear the slut screaming in pain, Anita was almost begging for Kathleen to tag her into the match so she could be the one causing the pain. Deciding it was time to make good on her deal, Kathleen released the redhead’s arms and kicked out her legs, slamming Briagha face-down in the middle of the ring.

Standing, Kathleen circled around Briagha for a moment, looking for signs of life and finding none. The sex-queen was lying on her tits and crying softly into the canvas, and Kathy squatted down next to her and said, "Just stay there. My partner wants a piece of you, and I’m going to go tag her now." Kathy stood and took two steps toward her corner when she heard the squeal of terror and turned back to see Briagha, on pure survival instinct, scrambling on her hands and knees toward her corner where Emerald Fire was standing, shaky but partially-recovered. Not wanting Briagha to escape, Kathleen spun around and bolted after her, leaping at the redhead and bringing her to the mat with a double-ax-handle to the lower back. To be certain now, the All-American moved up the voluptuous body and locked Briagha in a secure side-headlock, pulling her up to her feet and dragging her bodily toward her corner and Aguila Roja.

Operating on panic over what she KNEW Anita would do to her, Briagha fought wildly, scratching and punching at Kathy’s legs and midsection. A punch that was more luck than good aim slammed into the front of the blonde’s white panties, making her stop for a second as a shock of pain exploded outward from her mound. Realizing what she’d done, Briagha drove her forearm up between Kathleen’s legs with all of the force that she could muster, shaking the blonde to her core and making her lose her grip on the redhead and bend over slightly. Briagha pulled her head free and pulled herself upright with a handful of Kathy’s blue sports bra. Face to face with the tall blonde, O’Rourke felt her confidence returning and pressed her momentary advantage with a sharp knee-lift to the crotch and a nasty eye-rake. Blinded and feeling terrible pain between her legs, Kathleen was in no shape to stop Briagha as she put her shoulder into the blonde’s midsection and shoved her backward to the redheads’ corner. Kathleen felt her spine hit the turnbuckles an instant before her hair was grabbed and pulled so she was bent back over the turnbuckles.

Emerald Fire had the blonde by her long, golden hair and was leaning way back to keep the bigger woman trapped in the corner for her partner. Briagha didn’t need any more help than that as Kathy’s flat stomach was wide open for her, and she drove punch after punch into the firm abs. Luckily for Kathy, the match did have "normal tag rules," and double-teaming in the corner wasn’t allowed in this match. The official quickly moved in and started a ten-count on the rules-infraction, making Fire release the hair-pull. With her hair free, Kathleen sort of sprang forward into Briagha, but the man-stealer repeated the eye-rake and knee-lift combination before the tall blonde could gather herself. Blinded and weakened again, Kathy was shoved back into the turnbuckles, and Fire was tagged into the match.

Emerald stepped through the ropes slower than usual, and from the cracked and peeling paint at her crotch, it was easy to see why. Aguila Roja’s crotch-attacks had the sexy redhead’s mound swelling to almost twice the normal, enough that the red flesh was splitting the paint of her "shorts." Thanks to the throbbing between her legs, Fire couldn’t move at her normal speed and couldn’t join her partner in double-teaming Kathleen with kicks to the belly. As the referee counted, Briagha kicked while Emerald did her best with punches to the blonde’s breasts.

Unfortunately for Fire, her weakened punches and Kathy’s sports bra were proving to be just enough protection to prevent any serious damage to the All-American’s C-cups. Plus, Briagha’s decision to move her target upward was actually giving Kathy a chance to recover as her tensed abs absorbed most of the kicks with little effect. So when Briagha was ordered out of the ring, Kathleen lunged out of the corner and tackled Fire to the mat, driving the air out of the smaller girl’s lungs. Quickly getting to her feet, Kathy stomped her heel down between the redhead’s D-cups three times, further depriving her of air, and then ran to her corner for a tag so she could rest and recover from the crotch-beating she received.

Though disappointed at losing Briagha, Anita wasn’t blaming Kathy after the slut’s low-blows and eye-attacks and reached in for the tag. A split-second after touching Kathleen’s hand, the Mexican eagle was perched on the top turnbuckle and soared into the air, coming down with cataclysmic force in a five-star frog-splash to the little redhead’s battered chest. The hit was hard enough that Aguila literally bounced on Emerald Fire’s ribcage and rolled away hugging her midsection, but Fire clearly took the worst of it. Mouth wide open in a silent scream, the little redhead was convulsing on the canvas with her entire ribcage in agony, as though every rib had shattered. It was only going to get worse. Anita quickly recovered and kicked to her feet, moving over to the downed redhead. Grabbing Emerald’s right arm, the masked fighter yanked it straight up so Fire was lying on her left side, and with her left foot, Aguila stepped on her victim’s left breast and mashed it into the mat. A quick glance at her corner showed Anita that Kathy was okay with this new torture, and she raised her right knee and dropped it into Fire’s right side. A shriek of pure agony erupted from Emerald as horrendous new pain shot through her injured ribs, but still, Kathleen wasn’t complaining to her partner about going too far and didn’t even seem that concerned for the redhead. Seeing this, Aguila Roja repeated the knee-drop twice more, getting a terrible scream for each one. Then, she switched arms to roll Fire the other way, crushed Fire’s right breast into the canvas, and gave her left side three rib-cracking knee-drops.

After the third knee-drop to Fire’s ribs, Aguila Roja stepped back to survey the damage and decide on her next move. Emerald Fire was flat on her back and sucking air through clenched teeth as tears ran down her cheeks. Her red, swollen mound was nothing compared to the deep crimson of her chest and the swelling in her boobs, and darker, purple bruises were already forming on the sides of her torso and the insides of her breasts. Anita knew that, even if Fire didn’t have any cracked ribs at this point, the bruising alone was bad enough to make her easy prey for anyone, and Kathleen would be able to pin the little redhead at any time. With that in mind, Aguila picked up Fire’s legs, said, "Tag your partner," and catapulted Fire toward her corner. The hapless contestant landed right on her boobs and screeched as the intense pain of it shot through her entire chest, but as Aguila planned, she landed easily in reach of her corner. Fire was beaten; Aguila wanted some of Briagha now.

Once again, Briagha was on the floor, though, and while Emerald Fire was reaching and practically begging for a tag, the bigger redhead was shaking her head and putting her hands behind her back, too terrified of Aguila Roja to even think about getting in the ring with her. Enraged, Roja stomped over and dropped onto Fire’s back, sending even more pain shooting through the girl’s body, and held out Fire’s arm herself. "Tag her, you cobarde, and get in here so I can kick your puta ass!" O’Rourke moved farther back, leaving her partner at Aguila’s mercy.

Again, Kathleen came to Emerald fire’s rescue, sort of, by calling to her partner, "Tag me, Aguila! If O’Rourke won’t fight you today, I’ll pin Fire so she has to fight you later!" Anita’s masked head whipped around to stare at Kathy, but the blonde kept waving her over to the corner. Feeling cheated, Aguila stood and dragged the broken Fire out of reach of the ropes, and then she went to her corner. Before tagging, the two partners had a brief conversation. Then, Kathleen slipped back into the ring.

Briagha looked terrified as Kathy walked over to the unmoving Emerald Fire and shoved her onto her back with a foot. Measuring an elbow, the tall blonde drove right between the little redhead’s breasts, making her convulse violently for a few seconds. Then, Fire went limp and Kathy spread herself over the red chest for the pin.

O’Rourke couldn’t believe her luck! In a rookie mistake, Kathleen had positioned herself facing away from the redheads’ corner, and Briagha dove into the ring to break the pin. She could hurt Kathleen and get Fire enough time to rest and then pin the blonde. Clasping her fists together, Briagha lunged at Kathy to nail her with a double-ax-handle to the head as the referee slapped the mat for the first time.

Across the ring, Anita shouted, "Now!" and the blonde rolled away from Fire. Surprised, Briagha couldn’t stop herself and drove her fists into the right tit of her partner! Fire jerked as her breast, now swollen as large as her partner’s, was smashed under the combined fists, and Briagha, realizing too late that she’d been baited, turned her head to see the All-American on her feet and driving a swift kick into the man-stealer’s stomach. From their corner, Anita was yelling, "Perfecto, Kathy!" and jumping up and down as their quick plan worked perfectly. Kathy gave her partner the "thumb’s up" and reached down to grab Briagha’s left arm in a hammerlock, pulling her to her feet.

The referee naturally got involved, saying that Briagha had to leave the ring because she wasn’t the legal wrestler, but that was part of the plan, too. Swinging the big redhead around, Kathy whipped her into the ropes and met her on the rebound with a picture-perfect superkick, driving her heel into the point of Briagha’s chin. The sex-maniac was lifted off of her feet and slammed to the canvas with enough force that her body rolled under the ropes and out to the floor. Nearly knocked senseless, O’Rourke lay on the arena floor by the ring apron until Kathleen dragged Fire over to the redheads’ corner and rolled out of the ring herself. Picking up Briagha, she helped the wobbly redhead tag Fire and then rolled her into the ring. Jumping onto the ring apron, Kathleen reentered by executing another slingshot-leg-drop over the top rope, this time flattening Briagha’s bare breasts under her firm thigh. Getting back to her feet, the blonde rolled Fire out onto the apron and then pulled up Briagha. Hugging her arms around the voluptuous redhead, Kathleen locked her hands together under Briagha’s round ass and lifted, getting Briagha up on her shoulder. Then, with a womanly roar, the All-American charged across the ring and squashed the man-stealer into the turnbuckles of her own corner, driving her shoulder deep into Briagha’s soft belly in the process.

Anita’s eyes were practically dancing with joy as Briagha dropped to her ass and Kathy tagged her into the match. Vaulting the top rope easily, Anita got Kathy’s help in lifting Briagha and sitting her on the top turnbuckle before the ref could warn Kathy to leave the ring. In a flash, the Mexican eagle was standing on the top ropes, straddling the redhead’s thighs, and as quick as the eye could follow, she was airborne again, locking her legs around Briagha’s head and planting her on the canvas with a ring-shaking hurikanrana. Now Briagha was convulsing on the mat because her spine felt shattered by the unbelievable move, but Aguila was already back on the top rope and measuring up her next target. She waited a few seconds for Briagha to be still and launched herself in a somersault into a knee-drop, hitting Briagha where it counted the most, the crotch. The redhead’s howl echoed off of the arena walls as she went into wild spasms and buried her hands between her legs. Again, Aguila gave her a moment to quiet down before making her next move. Wrapping her left arm around O’Rourke’s throat in a choke, she used her right hand to get a firm grip on the redhead’s tiny bikini panties and pulled her up, digging the green fabric into the man-stealer’s aching pussy. Once she got Briagha more or less on her feet, Anita amused herself a little by yanking on the panties hard enough to lift Briagha’s feet off of the mat a few times, really cutting the wedgie in deep, and then, she gave a final yank that pulled her enemy up into a vertical suplex. Aguila held her inverted for a while to let the blood rush to her head. Then, she walked back toward the corner and let Briagha fall forward, driving her mound down onto the turnbuckle’s hardware. Wracked with pain in her vagina, Briagha just froze on the turnbuckle with her eyes squeezed shut, and Roja once again went up to the top ropes, still maintaining the choke and grip on the panties. With another mighty yank, Briagha was lifted vertical again, and now Aguila completed the suplex, letting her victim smash to the canvas from the top rope. Convulsing out of control with her panties almost invisible up between her labia, Briagha couldn’t breathe after the tremendous impact and the agony in her back was as bad or maybe worse than the burning between her legs. Like with Fire earlier in the match, it was only going to get worse. Kicking O’Rourke’s legs apart, Anita went to town on her hated enemy’s pubic mound, stomping, kicking, and grinding her heel on it until the raw red flesh bled. Once she was sure that her ex-friend and ex-husband wouldn’t be having any sex for a while, Aguila grabbed a fistful of red hair and sat Briagha up so she could drive her knee into the cute, button nose and break it in a burst of blood and snot. Keeping her grip on the hair, she pulled Briagha further forward and then jumped up to put both feet on the back of O’Rourke’s head. The added weight drove the broken nose into the bleeding crotch, not to mention straining the injured back.

Jumping off of the man-stealer’s head, Anita watched Briagha fall backward again, face and pussy covered with blood. It wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy Anita’s desire for vengeance, but it would keep Briagha from enjoying Miguel’s bed for a while and give the puta something to think about until Anita had her alone in the Slaughterhouse cell. Grabbing the hair again, Aguila dragged Briagha back to the redheads’ corner, lifted her, and sat her up on the top turnbuckle one more time. Then, she reached down to the ring apron and picked up Fire, helping the two helpless redheads tag one last time. Lifting Emerald up over her shoulder, Anita carried the deadweight girl over to the corner where Kathy waited and slammed her to the canvas with a spine-buster, getting a squeak and a spasm but not much more. Tagging Kathleen, she said, "You finish yours while I finish mine." Kathleen nodded and climbed to the top turnbuckle while Aguila jogged across the ring and climbed up with Briagha.

At nearly the same instant, the two tall wrestlers executed their finishing moves. Kathy leaped into the air and kicked her legs forward, dropping the long, muscular limbs across Fire’s chest and knocking her mercifully unconscious. Across the ring, Anita threw her arm across Briagha’s ample chest and dove out of the ring with her, crushing her spine into the hard floor with a one-arm spine-buster from the top turnbuckle. She too was unconscious upon impact. Aguila, feeling the effects of the move herself, slowly stood and shook it off as the referee dropped down for a three-count on Emerald Fire that was just a formality at this point.

Sliding back into the ring, Aguila walked over to her partner and raised her arm in victory as a cameraman tossed Aguila a microphone. "And the winner of this week’s elimination match is KATHLEEN THE ALL-AMERICAN! In two weeks, Kathleen will face Madeline Mayhem in the final match of this contest for a $100,000 grand prize and a choice of any match and opponent that the winner desires! But before that, we have the Fans’ Choice next week, so be sure to tune in for that!"

As the show ends, that last thing seen, besides Kathy and Anita walking out, are two stretchers being wheeled to ringside.