SYWBH – Table Match

This week, there are new pieces in the S.H.A.G. introduction. The hard rock music comes on with the first red screen, and the same scene of the sensual Naheera in the curve-hugging, saffron thong-suit follows the word "SEXY". The Indian woman has the brunette half of 2 Sassy in her clutches this week, introducing Gigi to some erotic torture. The sexy brunette is trapped on her back with her lovely face contorted in agony as the cinnamon-skinned wrestler holds Gigi’s legs wide open in a leg-split with her knees and buries long, strong fingers into the former model’s abdomen with a two-handed claw. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to reveal a new scene, no longer Soon Yi being tortured by a giantess. The giantess is in this clip, however, and still destroying a gorgeous Asian fighter. This time, it’s the woman in red seen previously crushing Soon Yi and being crushed by the Ace of Spades. In this tape clip, she looks unconscious as the dark-haired giant in black presses her effortlessly over her head and hurls the helpless Asian from the center of the ring over the top rope and through a table set up at ringside. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. This week’s "Amazon" clip hasn’t changed. The Ace of Spades is facing the muscular African-American woman, as shown last week. The Ace has an edge in size and power, clearly, but the gleam of sweat from the two sculpted bodies is evidence of a tough match for both. In the short clip, the light-skinned African has the Death Card on her side in a tight headlock, but the Ace shows superb flexibility and brings up her legs to capture her opponent in a head-scissors. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and it changes to a new clip of the gorgeous Naheera in a cage match with Rhino Lubek. The Indian sex-goddess is clearly having a bad time with the heavyweight. She’s trapped on the ring apron between the ropes and the steel fencing while Lubek repeatedly crushes her into the steel with body-splashes. Though Lubek is bleeding from her forehead, she doesn’t seem hurt from the grin on her face, but Naheera is a different story with a blood-covered face and her saffron-outfit hanging in shreds from black-purple-and-crimson breasts. Before the clip ends, Rhino bends Naheera backward over the top rope for a vicious chop to the throat and then lets the ropes throw her back into the cage. Naheera is falling over to her right side when the screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes to the contest's theme. The picture flashes through the usual still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as the clips of the remaining contestants are shown with their names. The first clip had to be changed once again because of the brutal elimination of Su-A-Cydal last week. Kathleen the All-American is now the contestant shown, but because she hasn’t made it into the ring yet, there are no shots of her in action during the contest. Instead, it starts with the usual shot of the tall blonde doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. It then shows a brief montage of her grappling with a few trainers in practice, but it isn’t very exciting. Miho Shina has added to her clip this week. It starts by showing her wrestling Ms. Devine and Jessi. The Japanese fighter is shown first in Devine’s STF and escaping with the help of some pepper spray. Miho is then shown holding Devine in a camel-clutch. The clip then shows Miho flaying the skin off of little Jessi’s back with a Singapore cane. From that, it switches to a clip of the "audience participation" last week with Shina leaping off of the security barrier and dropping Kathleen with a "screaming wizard" kick to the head. The clip after Shina still shows Madeline Mayhem wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist as she lifts Melissa by the throat and choke-slams her into the coffin from the Casket Match. Madeline’s clip now changes to show scenes from the same tag-team match with Miho, starting with Mayhem slamming a brass-knuckled combination into Devine’s ribs. That’s followed by scenes of Jessi being dominated by the big Puerto Rican woman. It starts with Jessi getting a brass-knuckle uppercut that lays her out on her back, senseless. The picture then jumps forward to show the moments of impact as Jessi is pounded into a steel chair with a piledriver, powerbomb, and choke-slam. Then, she also has a new addition of footage from her actions last week, showing her beating a steel chair into the spine of a prostrate and motionless Su-A-Cydal on the ring steps and then spraying blood all over the ring from the destroyed woman’s devastated breasts. The last clip starts with Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. The camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head, catching every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. Fire is then shown in her first action shots facing the overmatched Su in their Hood Match. The first shot shows Emerald Fire squeezing Cydal’s neck in a powerful scissors while the bigger woman weakly scratched at Fire’s "paint-shorts" trying to breathe. This was followed by two shorter clips of Fire bending Su into a "C" with a Boston Crab and strangling the defeated blonde with her own T-shirt at ringside. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

This week’s episode is in the S.H.A.G. Arena, but that’s overshadowed by this week’s hostess. Almost anything is "overshadowed" by this week’s hostess. This is Cuddles, the 7’3", 330-pound giantess that has been seen in various S.H.A.G. introductions playing with wrestlers like they were rag-dolls. She stands in the middle of the ring in a simple black one-piece outfit and boots, not liking flashy costumes. Her size is her "hook." Hell, her breasts alone are the size of an average adult’s head. Though about twice the size of the actress and visibly more muscular, Cuddles bears a close resemblance to Linda Carter in her "Wonder Woman" days with her long dark hair, blue eyes, big white smile, and hourglass figure. From her size alone, you might think that Cuddles was among the rarely-defeated elite of S.H.A.G., but that isn’t exactly the case. Along with her awesome size and the ungodly strength that comes with it, Cuddles brings to the ring an unpredictable, scatterbrained nature that makes it seem as if she’s in a world of her own. Winning rarely, if ever, seems to matter to her in a match, and on numerous occasions, she has lost by count-out when she’s forgotten to pin her opponent before leaving the ring. Even her "style" in a match cannot be predicted. Before the match with Soon Yi (shown in last week’s intro clips), Cuddles stated to an interviewer that she "loved" the tiny Asian fighter because she was "the cutest and sweetest girl ever." After pummeling and torturing Soon Yi until she was unconscious, Cuddles responded to the question of "why" by saying that Soon Yi was "even cuter when she’s sleeping." This is only one example of Cuddles’ "unique" perspective. Showgirl Heather Sharpe was saved by Cuddles from a brutal double-team at the claws of the Beverly Hills Blondes only to be horrendously triple-teamed a week later when Cuddles suddenly decided NOT to be her tag partner and joined the Blondes instead. Annie Potts bragged and threatened Cuddles for weeks about the bloody mayhem that she would inflict on the giantess in a barb-wire match. Potts lost the match but came out of it with barely a scratch, as Cuddles seemed to treat the bitter villain with kid gloves and go out of her way not to hurt Annie in the tamest barb-wire match in S.H.A.G. history. The only thing that you can predict is that, no matter what happens or what she’s doing to another wrestler, Cuddles’ smile will never waver for an instant.

While her motivations in matches are hard to comprehend, the reason that Cuddles is this week’s hostess is not. A quick pan by the camera shows close to a dozen tables surrounding the ring, folded up and leaning against the security rails. Clearly, this week’s elimination match will be a S.H.A.G. Table Match, a no-disqualification match in which the winner must put her opponent’s body through two tables for the victory. As with previous hostesses, this type of match is considered to be Cuddles’ "specialty." Her immense size not only makes it hard to set her up to go through a table, but Cuddles’ strength makes it all too easy for her to literally throw opponents through them. In addition, Cuddles has become famous, or possibly infamous, for her "Giant Table Shot," where she grabs a table at one end, lifts it over her head, and smashes it over her opponent, much like other wrestlers will hit an opponent with a steel chair.

At this time, the camera swings away from the ring and Cuddles to show the remaining contestants filing into the arena. Madeline Mayhem is leading the group in her blouse, skirt, and boots, followed by Miho in her white one-piece, Fire in her painted-on, green shorts, and Kathleen at the rear in her panties and sports bra. At the bottom of the ramp, Emerald Fire separated herself from the others and took a seat in the front row, glad that she had immunity this week. In last week’s match, she came out victorious but had an egg-sized lump on the back of her head and a concussion. The concussion was gone, but the swelling and tenderness from the lump hadn’t completely healed yet. The other three fighters lined up at ringside near the timekeeper’s table. Madeline and Kathy kept glancing at each other, Kathy frowning and Madeline smirking. Standing between them, Miho Shina looked unconcerned as she watched Cuddles raise the microphone.

"Hi, folks, welcome to the eighth week of the "So You Wanna Be Hardcore" Elimination Competition! I might as well go right into the updates, and I’ll start with Su-A-Cydal because we’ve had a lot of fans contacting us to find out if she’s still alive! She is! We don’t have any video of her because she still looks really icky after last week’s match, but I can tell you some stuff! She woke up in the hospital and found out that she lost her match, and then she asked if she’d be okay for the Fans’ Choice Match. The doctors kinda think she’s gotta death-wish or something, but they made a deal with her. As long as she stays in bed for treatment to let the cuts and bruises and gashes and other pulpy injuries heal up, the doctors will let her be considered for a Fans’ Choice Match!" Cuddles paused to let that sink in, and the camera swung over to show the disbelief in Kathleen’s face at discovering that her friend was STILL determined to stay in this contest at any cost. The picture went back to Cuddles, and the smiling giant went on with her announcements. "One other contestant didn’t make a video, Angie, but she had her last big check-up on her knee and got a gold star! She sent a message for you fans saying that she’s back, ready to fight, and hopes that you’ll vote for her to be in the Fans’ Choice Match! The rest of the contestants made videos with their own suggestions of matches for you folks out there to vote on!"

The pictures changes from the S.H.A.G. arena to the training gym, with TyneeTina and Jessi wearing matching thong outfits and posing for the camera. They’re flexing their arms and legs, not showing much, and then Tina starts off with, "You all know already that we got robbed!"

Jessi jumps in. "Tina was cheated with a cheap shot from a tire iron, and I was stuck with a stupid partner that watched me get double-teamed without doing anything!"

Then TyneeTina said, "Fans, if you want to see the best match ever, you need to vote for the Super-Teens," she waves her hand between herself and Jessi, "in a tornado-tag match against Candy Treats the slut and Ms.Devine the moron!"

Jessi finished by saying, "They both have some real nasty payback coming to them, and we are just the girls to give it to them!" She gives TyneeTina a high-five, and then they both do a double-bicep pose.

The next clip starts immediately and shows Melissa in her schoolgirl outfit standing next to Ms. Devine in her gown and heels. They both look cool and confident, at least on the surface. After a moment, Melissa speaks for them both. "If you’ve been watching this contest, you saw that we were both eliminated before we could really show off our skills for reasons that weren’t really our fault. I was eliminated after I was injured and couldn’t defend myself, and Ms. Devine was eliminated because she was forced to team up with an airhead. It should be said that we both are pissed off by this and want to show you the kind of damage that we can do in the Fans’ Choice Match. We have decided the best way for us both to do that is to team up and offer you a suggestion for a match. Vote for us in a 2-versus-3 tag match against Angie and those idiots, Jessi and Tina. Those bimbos never belonged in this contest in the first place, and Ms. Devine and I would love to prove that to you!" Ms. Devine nods and smiles slightly as Melissa finishes their message.

The picture flips back to Cuddles. Cocking her head a little to the right, she said, "There’s one more clip that was supposed to be Candy Treats and Toya, but something happened to Toya. It’s kinda weird, I think. We’ll just show it to you and you can decide for yourself."

The tape starts and shows Toya, but the muscle-bound teen is strapped to a gurney with a bloody bandage around her head and her right leg rigidly immobilized with splints. It’s hard to hear over the sound of the paramedics working, but you can just make out Toya mumbling something that sounds like, "screwed me twice."

As Toya is wheeled out, the camera follows and Candy Treats comes into the frame, with Marlena, the former-trainer-turned-sex-toy, and an unknown man in a shabby-looking suit. Marlena is nude except for a dog collar around her neck and shiny, gold, chain-and-rings slave jewelry. She has a 1-inch ring piercing each nipple and her pussy, and three thin chains run from the small rings to a larger 2-inch ring that hangs a little above her navel. A thicker chain also runs from this bigger ring and is being held at the other end by Candy. The camera continues to follow Toya but stops for a second when Treats yells, "Hey, asshole, aim the camera at ME!" In the moment that the camera is stopped, there is a glimpse of what could be the head of a sledgehammer peeking out from under Candy’s gym bag, but then the frame shifts back to center on the big redhead and her two cronies. Looking extremely pleased with herself, as usual, Candy smirks at the camera and licks her painted lips for a second before speaking. "As you can see, Toya has had some kind of unfortunate training accident that has resulted in a broken leg and severe head injury. I’m sure you all join me in (snort) wishing her a speedy recovery." Marlena starts giggling but quiets when Candy tugs on her chains. "It is probably for the best, though," Candy continues, "because we were going to announce that we had to withdraw the match we offered last week from your consideration. It seems that, due to her fucking stupidity last week, some officials in S.H.A.G. felt they couldn’t possibly allow Su-A-Cydal to fight in a barb-wire cage, especially a handicap match with me and Toya. They said the fans could only vote for her to face one of us in a less… risky match. Of course, that means you fans would have definitely voted for me to kill that bitch instead of Toya, so it’s just as well that she doesn’t have to be disappointed that way." Candy pauses again and winks at the man. He’s a scrawny scarecrow of unknown age, anywhere from late-20’s to early-50’s, with a rapidly advancing bald spot and thick, coke-bottle glasses. The whole time that he’s been on camera, he’s been gazing at Candy with the same enthralled expression that Marlena has for her mistress. Patting the little man on the head, Candy said, "This scrawny, ugly runt is Herbert, the record-holder for the smallest, limpest dick in the world." Despite the fact that Candy is insulting his manhood, or lack of it, on camera to be seen by possibly millions of people, Herbert’s obvious adoration doesn’t seem to fade in the slightest. "In spite of Herbert’s shortcomings, he’s here because he has three EXCELLENT qualities. He has a ton of money, he knows how to make a deal, and he knows that the best way to make me happy is to give me what I want. So, I have a new offer that I’m making directly to Su-A-Cydal! Thanks to Herbie, the CEO of S.H.A.G. has sanctioned a barb-wire, locked-cage match between me and Su-A-Cydal! The rules are real simple so that stupid twat can understand! She’s gonna walk into that cage bare-ass naked, and I’m gonna walk into it wearing any damned thing I want, carrying all of my favorite toys for fucking up stupid cunts! They’ll lock the cage, and we’ll fight until the special official decides that one of us (Candy laughs) can’t continue! All we need to make this wonderful match happen is Su-A-Cydal to sign the contract! Why should she do that, you ask? You take the match, Su, and Herbie will have a briefcase full of $200,000 in cash waiting for you when the match is over! What’s your answer, bitch?"

The picture switches back from Candy’s cocky smile to the S.H.A.G. arena, in a wide-shot that shows Cuddles in the ring and the contestants at ringside. Cuddles hasn’t changed her expression, but the four contestants show varying degrees of shock at Candy’s offer of a small fortune in exchange for the chance to finish the job of crippling Su-A-Cydal. Kathleen was visibly the most disturbed, naturally, probably afraid that Su would agree to it just for the guarantee of one more S.H.A.G. match.

The camera focuses once more on Cuddles, and she quickly shows some brief training clips of Kathleen, Miho, and Madeline. They’re very short: a few seconds of Kathy facing the heavyweight trainer and frustrating the big woman’s attempts to take the blonde to the mat, a short piece showing Miho Shina basically taking it easy with light weight-training and exercise, and Mayhem bludgeoning the gory face of the cute blonde trainer until she’s dragged off of the girl by two other trainers. Then, the camera goes back to Cuddles and follows her as she walks to the ropes and steps over them to jump down to the floor. "There isn’t any point to having a contest this week to pick the fighters. Madeline, you have a choice because of the special immunity you won in the tag match. You can sit out this week, or you can pick one of these girls to fight in a table match. Which will it be?"

Cracking a smile to match Cuddles’ grin, Madeline stepped forward and started bunching up her skirt around her waist. "I feel like fighting this week!" With that, she whipped her left elbow back and smashed the nose of her opponent.

Kathleen the All-American yelped and staggered back in shock. Miho Shina fell backward as her nose seemed to explode in blood and slammed the back of her head against the steel security rail. Mouth hanging open, Kathleen just stared at Madeline, who laughed. "You trained for me; she didn’t!" Then, the big Puerto Rican pulled off her blouse and tossed it into Kathy’s face as she reached down to grab the Japanese fighter.

Mayhem grabbed the front of Miho’s white suit and started to pull her up, but she’d barely begun to pull when Miho brought her right leg straight up into Madeline’s crotch, doubling the big woman over. "Double-crossing bitch! I agreed to help you by keeping her (points at Kathy) busy while you destroyed her friend! You told me you would destroy HER this week!" Shina got a grip on the top of the rail with her left hand and pulled herself up. Her right hand wrapped itself in Mayhem’s dark hair.

Madeline let loose with a roar and charged forward, still bent over. Her head buried itself in Miho’s stomach and drove her back into the rail. Screaming, "Let’s see how you like it, slut," Madeline followed up with a brutal uppercut to the Japanese girl’s mound. She could feel the jolt run through the smaller fighter’s body, and grabbing the railing on either side of Miho’s torso, Mayhem pushed back and lunged forward again to crush Miho against the steel a second time. "How do you like that, bitch?" She pounded another hard fist into Miho’s crotch and switched it to a claw-hold. Mayhem put all of her strength into the hold, digging the fingers of her right hand into the thin white fabric and tender flesh underneath. She felt Miho’s hand release her hair and smiled to herself, expecting the Japanese woman to try to free herself from the claw.

Madeline forgot Shina’s experience in the Asian Nude Submission Circuit. As the bigger woman moved her left hand down to reinforce her right hand in the hold, Miho fought through the pain, wormed her fingers into Mayhem’s armpits, and applied the Phuket Pinch. Madeline experienced a sharp pain shooting through her arms, and then they went numb with pins-and-needles from the nerve-pinch. Miho crossed her hands at the wrists and swept them downward to knock Madeline’s hands from her mound. Then, she brought them up in a double-chop move that caught Mayhem right in the windpipe and sent her staggering back, choking. As much as she wanted to continue the attack, Miho was in bad shape with a burning groin and throbbing back at the moment, not to mention a broken nose that made it harder to breathe. Knowing that Madeline would shake off the effects of the Pinch soon, the smaller fighter opted to use the opportunity to put a little space between them and recover before Madeline could attack again.

While Madeline and Miho were "feeling each other out," Cuddles had picked Kathleen up and placed her in the front row next to Emerald Fire, rather than waste time telling the blonde to sit down. Fire pointedly stood and moved down the row a couple of seats. She was still angry about Kathleen trying to "fix" the Hood Match last week, and more important, they both knew for certain that they would be fighting each other next week for a spot in the final match of the competition. The grinning giant didn’t notice or didn’t care about the seating change, more interested in the fight between Mayhem and Shina.

Miho had moved around the corner of the ring and tried to wipe away some of the blood from her nose. Her mouth, chin, neck, and the chest of her white one-piece were all stained with it. As Shina did that, Madeline was trying to shake the feeling back into her arms and stalked after the Japanese fighter as soon as she could make a fist again. Shouting, "I’m gonna knock your fucking head off," Mayhem ran around the corner to go back on the offensive. Miho got ready for her, or so she thought, by moving away from the ring and raising her arms like a boxer. She wanted room to move and block Mayhem’s attack. Her only mistake was in assuming HOW Madeline would attack.

The Puerto Rican fighter had displayed time and again that her "weapons of choice" were her powerful fists, so naturally, Miho had her guard up against a punching attack. But as she watched the fists of the approaching woman, she was caught completely by surprise by a thrust-kick to the groin that nearly knocked Miho off of her feet. Once again, burning pain surged through the Japanese girl’s pelvis, and before she could do anything about it, Madeline put her shoulder into Miho’s chest and ran her backward like the defense in football. Again, the heavy woman slammed her smaller opponent’s spine into the steel barricade. This time, though, Madeline stood up and laid her best right cross into Miho’s jaw before the Japanese could do anything. The punch was perfect and snapped Miho’s head around violently. Trying to stop the world in her head from spinning, Shina toppled and ended up against one of the folded tables leaning against the rail. Sensing opportunity, Mayhem drove her boots into the dazed girl over and over, pounding her ribs until she was sitting against the table, looking helpless. Madeline grinned and backed away a few paces, and then she charged back to dropkick Shina through the table.

Madeline’s victory roar turned into a surprised shriek as her "helpless victim" dropped and rolled out of the way, letting Mayhem drive her feet through the table and into the security wall. The shock through her ankles made the big woman howl, and she grabbed her legs in pain as Miho got back to her feet, raised her arms, and shouted, "One table for me!"

"No, that doesn’t count."

Miho whirled around and stared up at Cuddles. "WHAT? What do you mean?"

"The rules say YOU have to put her through a table. She put herself through that one, so it doesn’t count for you."

Miho couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and Cuddles’ perpetual grin just seemed to make it worse. "You are CRAZY! She tried to kick me through the table! I tricked her so she went through instead! IT COUNTS!"

There was another problem with Cuddles’ constantly cheerful expression. As countless opponents could tell you, it was impossible to tell if Cuddles was getting angry just by looking at her. You had to wait until she did something, and by that time, you were already in deep shit. Miho Shina learned this as a steel bear-trap snapped shut on her throat and lifted her off of the floor. She barely saw Cuddles’ hand move, but now it was lifting her by the neck like a doll. "Don’t argue with the official. The official’s decision is FINAL!" The word "FINAL" was punctuated by a roundhouse slap to the face that hurt more than Mayhem’s right cross. The force of it was enough to spin Miho in a midair cartwheel before she hit the floor. She made an attempt to get up, but Miho was choking so hard and so dazed by the slap that she collapsed face down on the floor. Her point made, Cuddles made a brushing motion with her hands like she was wiping dirt off of them.

A light tap to her shoulder made Cuddles turn around. Madeline was standing there, smile on her face and steel chair in her hand. After the initial shock, Madeline found that her ankles weren’t that bad, just a little tenderness in the right one. Breaking the table must have absorbed most of the kick so the barricade didn’t do any serious damage. She watched Miho’s disastrous attempt to get in Cuddles’ face and decided to be on her best behavior with the giantess. Voice dripping with sweetness, she asked, "Excuse me, but may I continue? I want to destroy that little bitch, please."

Cuddles graciously stepped aside and waved Mayhem past. "Go right ahead. I was just making sure she knew the rules." The dark-haired Amazon took a few steps back and hitched her hip onto the ring apron to watch.

Miho was making her second attempt at getting off of the floor when Madeline straddled her back and drove the top edge of the chair down into the Japanese wrestler’s lower back. Shina went down again. The next one was to the smaller woman’s neck, followed by a sharp blow to the back of her skull. Those last two chair shots must have left Miho nearly unconscious as she barely reacted to them. Mayhem looked pleased. "Now let’s have some real fun." Stepping to the side of the Japanese fighter, Madeline kicked her in the side three times to roll Miho onto her back. Then, she placed her left boot on the girl’s windpipe and raised the chair again. For the next minute, Madeline looked like a construction worker handling a jackhammer. As she held Shina in place with her foot, she beat the top of that chair into Miho’s forehead as hard and fast as her arms could go, while Miho’s legs helplessly convulsed from the pain. When she stopped after what must have been at least thirty hits, Miho’s eyes were crossed and glassy and her forehead was cut open with a 1-inch gash. That wasn’t enough, though, and the Puerto Rican brawler reversed the chair in her hands and gouged one of the legs into the wound until it was three times bigger and literally gushing blood. Finally taking her foot off of Miho’s throat, Madeline strutted around for a few moments with the bloody chair raised over her head while Miho laid motionless on the floor with a small puddle of blood forming under her head.

Despite the destruction heaped upon Miho Shina, Mayhem wasn’t taking any chances. The Japanese fighter had surprised her in the tag match and twice tonight, and the big woman didn’t want to make it three times. She tossed the chair in Kathleen’s direction so her blonde nemesis could see all of the blood closely, and then she grabbed a table and set it up as quickly as possible. All of this took perhaps a minute, but when Madeline went back to Miho, she still hadn’t managed to move beyond some weak kicks of her legs. Grabbing Shina’s blood-soaked hair with both hands, Mayhem pulled her up, supporting the oblivious fighter completely. Shoving Shina’s head between her thighs, the Puerto Rican grabbed her around the waist, swung her upward, and reduced the table to kindling, putting Miho though it with a powerbomb.

Hands and thighs smeared with her opponent’s blood, Madeline was ready to grab Miho and finish the job when her wrist was caught in a massive hand and jerked up over her head. Scared that Cuddles was going to turn on her, Madeline stared up at the grinning face and breathed a sigh of relief as Cuddles announced, "Madeline Mayhem takes the first fall! She has one table to none for Miho Shina!" Cuddles released Mayhem’s wrist but put a hand on her shoulder. "You don’t HAVE to do this, but wouldn’t it be NICE to do SOME of this match in the RING?" Madeline nodded; Shina looked completely out of anyway, so there was no harm in following Cuddles’ request. And there was at least a chance that it might be harmful NOT to do what Cuddles wanted.

Released by the giantess, Mayhem grabbed the crimson-stained front of Miho’s formerly white cotton suit and pulled her up into a sitting position. In the process, one of the shoulder-straps slipped and bared the small breasts of the Asian girl, giving Madeline an idea. Miho was used to fighting nude anyway, and stripping her was just another way for Mayhem to humiliate her opponent. Madeline let Miho fall over backward again as she peeled the white outfit down the girl’s body and off, leaving Shina in nothing but a pair of white boots. Then, she wrapped the suit around Miho’s throat and pulled it tight, using it to drag Shina out of the wreckage of the table. Once clear of the table, Madeline started to run along the side of the ring, building up speed as she dragged Shina behind her. Near the corner, she stopped and swung the smaller woman with all of her strength, lifting Shina off of the floor and onto the steel ring steps. This smashed Shina’s left hip into the ring post and left her lying over the steps face down. Mayhem rolled into the ring under the bottom rope and dragged Shina into the ring from the steps. Still holding the twisted cotton suit, Madeline hauled the Japanese fighter to the middle of the ring and arranged her spread-eagle on her back.

Madeline Mayhem then rolled back outside the ring and went about setting up another table. Miho stayed where she was. She looked beaten. Her shiny, black, shoulder-length hair was dull and matted from being drenched in blood. It left a streak of red from the ring apron to Miho’s head like a paint brush. Her face, neck, and upper chest were covered in deep red, and now that she’d lost her outfit, some red bruises could be seen on her midsection and around the wispy pubic hair on her mound. On top of that, her left hip was turning purple from slamming into the steel post. Larger, stronger opponents were always a challenge to the slim Japanese wrestler, and her greatest danger in a fight was having such a woman grab an early advantage. Right now, Miho still hadn’t given up in her heart, but she wasn’t sure the rest of her aching body would obey its orders.

The Puerto Rican finished with the table in short order and, giving a cocky smile to Kathleen, climbed onto the ring apron and up to the top turnbuckle. She gave Kathy another smile and leaped into the ring, crushing Shina’s throat with a guillotine-leg-drop, the All-American’s signature finishing move. Miho made a loud croak and kicked up slightly, but otherwise, she couldn’t move. Half-closed eyes followed Mayhem as she stood and walked down between Shina’s legs. Miho managed to moan, "no," just before her pussy was nailed to the canvas by a devastating knee-drop, and she curled her toes and fingers against the agony as the 170-pound woman used all of that weight to grind her knee into the sensitive area.

Madeline seemed satisfied with the pitiful response. If that was all that Miho could do… it was time to finish the match. Piling more humiliation on top of humiliation, Mayhem got Miho into a sitting position by pinching her large nipples and pulling her up with them. Then, she got one arm under Miho’s right arm to lift Miho as she stood, throwing the other hand between the Japanese’s legs to lift her off of the mat completely. Easily carrying the 120-pounder to the corner nearest to the table on the floor, Madeline sat Miho on the top turnbuckle and held her there as she climbed the turnbuckles herself. She wanted to finish this match with style and planned to lift Miho in a choke-slam and throw her through the table. Once in position, Madeline clamped her hand on Shina’s throat and tightened her grip for the lift.

Mayhem’s eyes bugged out in surprise as she again felt sharp pains in her armpits and lost the use of her arms to pins-and-needles. She looked into the eyes of Miho and realized that the Japanese woman had just used about all of her remaining strength to use the Phuket Pinch again. In a hoarse whisper, Miho forced out the words, "Your turn, bitch," and threw her body into Madeline to push her sideways over the top rope. Without her arms to grab the ropes, Mayhem couldn’t do anything to stop herself and did a belly-flop out of the ring and through the table that she’d just set up.

Unfortunately, Shina wasn’t exactly in full control either, and she only avoided going through the table with Mayhem because her foot caught in the middle turnbuckle and left her suspended by one knee from the top turnbuckle. It seemed natural at this point in a very bad match that Shina had to be hanging from her right knee, the one with the old ligament injury. Miho could feel the old injury tearing and adding its voice to all of the other "screaming" pains in her body, but there wasn’t anything she could do to alleviate it. She just didn’t have the strength to pull herself back up and get her foot loose.

Right then, Cuddles hopped up on the ring apron, grabbed one of Shina’s hanging arms, and lifted her upright. "I kinda think that was just lucky, but I guess you did push Mayhem through THAT table. The second fall goes to Miho Shina and ties the match at one table each!" Miho hardly cared as the throbbing in her knee eased off, and she tried to wiggle her foot free of the turnbuckle. "Back the way you were!" Suddenly, Cuddles gave a little yank and let Miho fall a second time, ripping at her knee ligaments again! "The official can’t take sides and help you out, you know!" Wiggling her fingers "bye-bye," Cuddles jumped down from the apron and left Miho hanging, her face in a rictus of agony. It was beginning to appear that Cuddles had decided to dislike Miho for some reason.

Whatever the case was, Miho was trapped and utterly helpless while Madeline pulled herself out of the broken table. She was holding her chest, winded from the rough landing and definitely sore from her more substantial bust taking the brunt of the trip through the table. Overall, she wasn’t badly hurt, though, and when she saw Miho hanging from the turnbuckle, Madeline went under the ring and pulled out a folded chair. What followed was roughly three minutes of non-stop chair shots to the head and face of the helpless Japanese. Swinging the chair like a bat, Mayhem must have slammed the steel chair into Shina over fifty times until it was so bent out of shape that she tossed it away.

Miho was done. She was unconscious, her face was unrecognizable, and she was bleeding so much that a steady, rapid stream of thick drops was forming a scarlet puddle on the apron beneath her. Nothing short of a hospital was going to bring her around from this.

But first, the match had to end, and Mayhem set up another table right underneath Shina. Then, she went, picked up a folded table, and laid it on that table. She did the same with a second and a third folded table. Once she had the three folded tables stacked on the set up table, she climbed onto the ring apron and grabbed Miho. Since she was out-cold, Mayhem had no trouble getting her free from the turnbuckle and setting her in position for a Tombstone piledriver. Madeline stepped onto the stacked tables, placed Miho’s head firmly between her thighs, and kicked her legs up in front of her. For an instant, it looked like the stack was too strong, and then with a loud creak and a few pops, the stack spilt down the middle sending the two fighters went to the floor.

Miho was destroyed; a limp, broken thing sprawled on Mayhem’s lap. The Puerto Rican was about to shove her away when Cuddles stepped up and picked up the broken fighter. With no more concern than a person tossing garbage, she lifted Miho high in the air and tossed her away, sending her sailing into the seventh row of seats. Paramedics were clambering over seats to get a spine-board to the injured contestant as Cuddles helped Mayhem up and raised her arm for the victory. "The winner of the table match is MADELINE MAYHEM, with a score of FIVE tables to one! Madeline will be one of the fighters in the final match of the contest! Do you have anything to say Madeline?"

"Yeah, I have something to say. Kathleen, I want to destroy you in the finals! I want to hurt you more than I’ve ever hurt you before! And I’m telling you now that you better beat that little red-headed bitch next week and get yourself in the finals! If you don’t, I’ll KILL her! I mean it! I’ll hurt you, but you’ll live so I can beat you more another day! SHE won’t be that LUCKY!"