So You Wanna Be Hardcore! Week 7 by JJR9

This week, there's a new S.H.A.G. introduction. The hard rock music comes on with the first red screen, and the word "SEXY" is followed by another scene of that sensual Indian fighter in the curve-hugging, saffron thong-suit. The Indian woman has the brunette half of 2 Sassy in her clutches this week, introducing Gigi to some erotic torture. The sexy brunette is trapped on her back with her lovely face contorted in agony as the cinnamon-skinned wrestler holds Gigi's legs wide open in a leg-split with her knees and buries long, strong fingers into the former model's abdomen with a two-handed claw. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to reveal the sweet and delicate Soon Yi suffering at the hands of another opponent. The Asian jobber is dwarfed by the dark-haired giantess that was shown last week against the Showgirl, and in the clip, Soon Yi is receiving a rather unique form of rope-work from the gigantic woman. Forced halfway out of the ring between the middle and top ropes, Soon Yi's tiny body is being flipped over and over, twisting the ring ropes tighter and tighter around her waist and threatening to cut her in half. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. This week's "Amazon" clip shows another previous hostess, the Ace of Spades, facing the muscular African-American woman shown last week. The Ace has an edge in size and power, clearly, but the gleam of sweat from the two sculpted bodies is evidence of a tough match for both. In the short clip, the light-skinned African has the Death Card on her side in a tight headlock, but the Ace shows superb flexibility and brings up her legs to capture her opponent in a head-scissors. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and it changes to a clip involving what seems to be a mismatch almost as bad as the one between Soon Yi and the giantess. The picture begins with a small black woman in a white one-piece draped across the immense shoulders of a deeply-tanned blonde with a bodybuilder's physique stuffed into a minuscule, metallic-red bikini. The blonde drops backward and crushes the lithe girl beneath her shoulders with a Samoan Drop and quickly gets to her feet. She bends down to pull the smaller woman to her feet by the hair, showing that the blonde is at least a foot taller and probably twice as heavy. In a surprise move, the smaller woman jumps and drop-kicks her bigger opponent in the crotch, dropping her to the mat. Not pausing for and instant, the dark-skinned girl springs into the ropes to hit her opponent with a lionsault. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes to the contest's theme. The picture flashes through the usual still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as the clips of the remaining contestants are shown with their names. The first clip has changed again since Jessi was eliminated last week. Su-A-Cydal leads off now, with a large clip showing her in action in both of her matches. The beginning of the clip has her, naked and bloody, following Toya the Teen Terror around the ring and beating her across the back with the barbed-wire-wrapped bamboo stick. That changes after a few seconds into Su applying her cobra-clutch-like hold on Toya, driving the barbed-wire-glove into the side of the teen's face. After that, Su is shown in last week's cage match with Candy, being stretched and strangled with her own costume as Candy stands on her nipples. This changes to three very brief scenes; Su choking Candy out with the neck-scissors, Su falling from the top of the cage to the floor, and Su being wheeled to an ambulance on a gurney. Following Su's clip is still the original clip of her friend Kathleen the "All-American," doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. Miho Shina has a new clip this week, showing her wrestling Ms. Devine and Jessi. The Japanese fighter is shown first in Devine's STF and escaping with the help of some pepper spray. Miho is then shown holding Devine in a camel-clutch. The last portion of the clip shows Miho flaying the skin off of little Jessi's back with a Singapore cane. The clip after Shina still shows Madeline Mayhem wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist as she lifts Melissa by the throat and choke-slams her into the coffin from the Casket Match. However, Madeline's clip now changes to show scenes from the same tag-team match, starting with Mayhem slamming a brass-knuckled combination into Devine's ribs. That's followed by scenes of Jessi being dominated by the big Puerto Rican woman. It starts with Jessi getting a brass-knuckle uppercut that lays her out on her back, senseless. The picture then jumps forward to show the moments of impact as Jessi is pounded into a steel chair with a piledriver, powerbomb, and choke-slam. The last clip is Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. Not surprisingly, the camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head. The camera catches every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. Ms. Devine has also been removed since she has been eliminated. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

This week's episode is once again in the S.H.A.G. Arena, and this week's hostess is a very popular heel, Naheera. She's easily recognizable as the highly exotic and erotic Indian woman shown in several introductory clips using submission holds on other fighters. Originally from New Dehli, Naheera is a truly exceptional fighter and a master of many submission holds to wring screams and moans out of her opponents. She's also, quite possibly, the only heel that is truly "loved" by the S.H.A.G. fans. While there's no question that the brown-skinned wrestler enjoys and is aroused by the sounds of her victims' suffering, she really stands out as being more "naughty" than "nasty." Giving just about every move in her arsenal an erotic edge, Naheera is dominant but not sadistic like most of the other heels in the company. She clearly prefers wrapping her opponent in a sexy, crushing hold over drawing her blood. This is clearest in the arena-packing matches that Naheera has had with Soon Yi. Naheera and Soon Yi have met in several long, intense, one-sided battles with Naheera employing every hold in the book on the delicious little jobber, plus a few holds that she's invented. Soon Yi suffers like no one else, and Naheera has been seen to experience multiple-orgasms as she listens to the small girl's tortured whimpers and moans. It's no wonder that the fans fill the Arena whenever they face each other. Not known to the fans, the two wrestlers are close friends and often lovers out of the ring, and Naheera has been known to wreak revenge on anyone that harms her beloved favorite victim.

Right now, the fans' favorite vixen was standing in the ring wearing a smile, her form-hugging saffron outfit, and matching 5" heels. The outfit only has a thin ribbon of silky fabric running between Naheera's buttocks, and combined with the heels, it makes her round, brown ass look absolutely fabulous. The crotch of the suit seems to mold to her large, full mound almost as well as Emerald Fire's paint "shorts." The same can be said of her E-cup breasts. The top of the suit just barely covers her areola, and it's so tight that her nipples are practically poking through the fabric. As the contestants file into the arena, Naheera is slowly turning and strutting in the ring so the camera can see her sensuous body from every possible angle.

Madeline and Miho went directly to a pair of seats in the front row to enjoy the immunity they earned at Jessi's expense. The other three remaining contestants walked over near the ring steps. The first was Emerald Fire, and the redhead looked as gorgeous as she has in every other episode. Her 38D's stand out, full and perky, and her mound and derriere are coated with a second skin of rubbery green body-paint that keeps no secrets. Kathleen the All-America walked in right behind her, also looking lovely and in prime condition. These two have managed, through luck and skill, to come this far in the contest without having to participate in an elimination match. They've had the chance to train and hone their bodies for seven weeks, but they both know that is about to change for one of them a, at least. The last remaining candidate hasn't been nearly so lucky. Su-A-Cydal looked like she should be running away from the ring instead of walking toward it. Though she's wearing one of her usual body-hugging, blue-and-white-striped costumes, she's added a half-T that covers her from the chest up, but that isn't what really catches the eye. Su's progress toward the ring looked more like lurching that walking, and there are so many bandages, both visible and under her costume, that she could probably have left the costume at home and still be discretely covered. Cydal has faced the two largest, strongest, and arguably meanest fighters in this contest in the bloodiest matches so far, and she won both only after donating most of the blood and receiving horrendous pain and injuries, the worst being a nearly-crippling, 20-foot fall from the cage to the arena floor. Kathleen and S.H.A.G. doctors have tried to get her to drop out of the contest and let herself heal, but Su stubbornly refused to leave the contest any way but feet-first.

Once everyone was in place, Naheera picked up the microphone waiting for her on the mat and started the show. "Hello, my darlings! This week, your naughty Naheera has been given the opportunity to host, and oooooh, what a fun match we're going to see!" Naheera gives the camera a little wiggle of pleasure and licks her lips. Then, she holds up her finger and waves it in front of her. "But before we can play, I have to give you the updates on the eliminated wrestlers and show you the training clips. So, let's get to it!"

"First on our list, we have the lovely but deadly Ms. Devine and spunky, little Jessi. Ms. Devine was very upset that Jessi didn't do what Ms. Devine told her to do." Naheera pouted her lips and shook her head. The picture changed to a clip of Jessi lying on her stomach in bed with her back, bottom, and legs bandaged where she was caned. Her neck is in a brace. Naheera's voice speaks over the clip. "Of course, Jessi was too hurt for Ms. Devine to tell her how upset she was. So, Ms. Devine told Tyneetina, Jessi's sister." The clip changed, and Tyneetina was shown kicking her feet frantically against a wrestling mat as Ms. Devine tried to rip her head off with a crippler cross-face. There was also blood trickling from the left side of Tyneetina's mouth, a sign that Ms. Devine had taken the time to "soften up" the tiny brunette. "Then we have the lady with the legs, Angie. Poor Angie is still in therapy for her knee, but the doctors say she's making wonderful progress! Take a look!" Angie is seen walking between parallel bars with a physical trainer, but unlike the last time, the trainer isn't helping her anymore. Her progress to the end of the bars is slow and a little shaky, but it's obvious that she's making a swift recovery. Naheera's voice says, "They say this lady will be ready in time for the Fan's Choice match, so all of you fans should keep her in mind when it's time to vote!" The picture changes to show Toya and Candy Treats. Candy is getting a massage from her pet trainer, Marlena, and Toya is curling dumbbells. Naheera says, "Speaking of the Fans' Choice match, there's an unlikely duo that want to send you fans a message." The next voice is Candy's. "If the fans want to see the biggest, nastiest, bloodiest beat-down in history, they should keep this in mind. Candy Treats and Toya the Teen Terror doing a two-on-one with Su-A-Cydal in a steel cage with barbed-wire! Come on, folks! Let us show you all just how much blood can be squeezed out of the human body!" Candy laughs. The picture switches back to Naheera, who is wrinkling her nose in distaste. "Yuck! I know some of you like gore, but. YUCK! Oh well, our last eliminated girl is Melissa, who is fully-recovered and in full training mode in case she's picked for the Fans' Choice. We tried to get a tape of her, but apparently she told our camera crew to go fuck themselves. So, that's it for our updates!"

"Now, we come to our training tapes! Let's just go right through them because you know that all of these ladies are still in the game!" The picture goes to a clip of Miho, once again facing the young, blond trainer and putting her through hell. She uses her Sukhothai Spin, spinning the girl around by her mouth, to throw the trainer into the ropes, and as she bounced back, Miho used the Java Joust, dropping to one knee and driving her fist between the girl's legs. The blonde flipped over Shina and curled into a fetal ball holding her crotch with both hands. Miho spun around on her knee and pounced on the girl, shoving half-of her hand into the trainer's mouth in a mandible-claw. Next up was Mayhem, and the big Puerto Rican fighter was once again using her fists to pummel someone. The trainer, caught in a corner and getting her breasts flattened, was a new one, the replacement for Marlena after she quit to be Candy Treats' personal slut. Unlike the full-figured Marlena, this girl is a slim-framed Asian and looks barely of legal age. The only thing that seems to be in her favor as she beaten is that she has clenched her teeth and refused to scream as her small-but-cute breasts were repeatedly crushed by Madeline's punches, showing impressive toughness. Kathy was then shown against a brunette trainer, and in contrast to Madeline, she was controlling the trainer with an expertly-applied waist-scissors combined with a wrist-lock. Fire's clip wasn't in the ring. The nearly-nude contestant was shown with a trainer spotting her on the bench-press as the redhead works on some strength-training. Considering her "attire," the exercise is very erotic with her legs open slightly and her back arched as she raises the bar over her perky D-cups. The last clip was a bit unexpected, showing Su-A-Cydal sparring with the nasty heavyweight trainer. Considering her injuries, Su wasn't supposed to be sparring, and the heavyweight trainer was certainly the worst possible choice for an opponent. The clip showed the battered blonde hanging from the big trainer's grasp by her hair, clearly unable to stand otherwise and whipped into the ropes. Su's usual blue-and-white-striped outfit was bloodstained from unhealed cuts being torn open, and the massive orbs of her breasts were a mixture of red and purple from new and old blows. As she hit the ropes and bent backward, the trainer was all over her with a two-handed hammer to the breasts and a vicious knee to the crotch. Su bounced back from the blows with her eyes rolling back into her head and was caught in a headlock that quickly turned into a powerful DDT. After that, the contestant stopped moving, out-cold despite a few cruel kicks to the kidney to try to rouse her. The picture went back to the arena, and the camera focused on Kathleen staring at Su, who refused to meet her gaze.

The camera then swung back to Naheera. The hostess had a big smile on her face as she played with her left nipple through her outfit, tracing around the thick, round bud with a fingertip. "Well now, that's enough of the foreplay! It's time to really get hot and sweaty!" She pinched her erect nipple and seemed to shudder slightly, and then she turned her dark eyes on the three women at ringside. "Ladies, if you'll look over at the timekeeper's table, you'll see a bag. There is a special item for each of you in that bag, and I want you to get them now and bring them into the ring." The three contestants look over at the bag suspiciously. It isn't very big, but it could still contain any number of weapons. Emerald Fir again led the way, and Kathleen put a hand on Su's shoulder, telling her to wait at ringside. By the time that Kathy reached the table, Fire was already pulling out the contents of the bag, three wrestling masks, and it was clear which mask belonged to which contestant. Emerald grabbed the green mask while Kathleen grabbed the other two, a blue one for herself and a blue-and-white-striped one for Su-A-Cydal. They walked back to the ring and climbed inside, Kathy handing Su her mask and giving her a slight boost onto the apron. Once inside, Naheera told them, "Each of you pick a corner and put it on." The contestants spread out, and as they put on the masks, they discovered that they were really hoods. Though made like wrestling masks with openings for their mouths, they had no eye-holes, and once on, the three contestants were completely blind. Naheera giggled and announced, "We're having a Hood Match this week! Two of you will fight a no-DQ match wearing those hoods until one submits or is pinned! To make it more interesting, the crew will "booby-trap" the ring for the hooded wrestlers! And to decide which of you gets to watch, we're going to have a little "treasure hunt!" When I say to start, the three of you will try to find me! The first girl to catch me gets this week off! Are you all ready? Then let's PLAY!"

Naheera moved silently backward out of the middle of the ring toward the ropes while the three hooded contestants left their corners. Su and Fire, in opposite corners, moved toward the middle of the ring and the last spot where Naheera spoke, but Kathleen, between them, moved out and toward the left, toward Fire. The tall blonde was putting friendship before strategy. She wanted to find Emerald Fire instead of Naheera and let Su have the prize of this "game." Though she liked Emerald, Kathy couldn't stand the thought of putting Su through another fight in her condition, with Emerald or herself. Emerald Fire wouldn't try to maim Su like Candy and Toya any more than Kathy would, but in Kathy's opinion, the injured blonde didn't have the strength to face even the little redhead without serious risk.

Su would never admit it, but she agreed with Kathy. She was in no shape for a fight with anyone. In the two weeks since her battle with Candy, Su had only been able to walk for about five days, and when she foolishly forced herself to spar with the trainer, she was easily dominated and beaten senseless. Even her "trigger" hadn't worked. Because of her poorly healed injuries, she was in almost constant pain and terribly weak. Su blacked out in agony before her body could even try to produce the adrenaline she needed to fight. She desperately wanted to find Naheera first and let her body have some precious recovery time.

So as the "game" began, the contestants tried to carry out their plans. Emerald and Su moved as quickly as they could on a collision course in the middle of the ring, hoping to catch Naheera before she could get away, and Kathy was trying to cut off Fire. Naheera was backing to the ropes and smiling as Su passed in front of her by about a foot, and she almost laughed as Kathy missed Fire by inches, going behind the redhead and grabbing the ropes instead. Su and Fire met inadvertently in the middle of the ring, hands out and grasping for the "prize." Su accidentally got a handful of the redhead's right breast, and reacting to it, Fire pulled and twisted away, freeing her breast and smacking Su with a slap to the cheek that knocked the blonde down with a yelp.

The sound of Su spun Kathy around and got her moving toward the middle of the ring. Fire, unsure of what happened or whom she hit, was standing there waving her hands in Su's direction when Kathleen bumped into her from behind and grabbed her in a bearhug. With her size advantage, Kathy was able to lift the redhead relatively easily as she squeezed. The feel of bra and panties against her told Emerald who was holding her, and she grunted, "What are you doing, Kathy?"

"Sorry, but I'm not letting you find Naheera!" The blonde didn't add that she wasn't planning to find the hostess either. She just figured that Su could take advantage of her and Fire being "occupied."

Su WAS trying to do that, but Emerald's slap, not really very powerful, had still been enough to rattle the blonde's senses in her current condition. And while she knew that Kathy and Emerald Fire were nearby, she couldn't figure out exactly where they were, and the two healthy contestants certainly had no idea that Su was practically right in front of them. So as Kathy squeezed, Emerald Fire squirmed, elbowed, and kicked, and once again, Su had the misfortune to be hit, this time with a kick to the temple and she got up to her knees. Worse, the kick wasn't a light blow this time but a serious impact, enough that Fire virtually "pushed off" from Su and threw Kathy off-balance. Forced to step back to keep on her feet, Kathleen had to let Emerald's feet touch the canvas again, and the struggling redhead put all she had into an elbow to the bigger woman's stomach, freeing herself. Su, in the meantime, had dropped face-first to the mat from the kick with the world spinning around her. She barely felt the spike of pain from her aching breasts as she landed on them because she was too busy trying to keep herself from blacking out.

Fire's freedom only lasted a few seconds as Kathy forced herself to ignore the pain in her belly and lunged forward to grab Fire again before she lost track of the redhead. Emerald had turned around to "face" the bigger woman, and the two attempted to grab and hold the other with little success. Kathy's size did, however, give her the advantage of being able to force the smaller girl backward as she tried to tie up Fire's arms, but that proved to be more bad luck for Su. Kathy was pushing Fire straight at Su's prone body, and the two of them tripped over the blonde and landed on her traumatized back, crushing her into the canvas with their combined weight. Su managed to give a brief shriek as her spine erupted in agony, and Kathy, realizing what she'd done, rolled to the right as fast as she could, pulling Fire with her.

From her spot leaning against the ropes, Naheera was a little confused by what she was seeing. The point of this game was for the contestants to find her, and she expected to lead them on a merry little chase around the ring. Instead, they seemed more interested in taking each other out, and from the looks of things, they'd done it very well with Su-A-Cydal. The bandaged blonde wasn't moving at all. She looked at Kathleen and Emerald Fire. Kathleen was trying to pin Fire beneath her, but the redhead was able to swing a forearm into Kathy's jaw to get loose, almost. Trying not to lose Emerald, Kathy grabbed for the redhead as Fire scrambled away and ended up peeling a 2-inch strip of her "shorts" off of Fire's left cheek before getting hold of the smaller girl's left ankle. Fire kicked out with her foot to shake the hand, yelling, "I don't know what's gotten into you, Kathy, but I'm getting sick of it! This isn't the damned match, you idiotic bitch!" As she tried to pull away, Fire's right hand grabbed one of the ropes, and she was able to use it to get loose and up to her knees. Still, Kathleen was right there, grabbing and holding, and the two soon began to throw punches at each other on their knees, going mainly for the body but occasionally smashing each other in the breasts by accident.

Naheera shook her head and looked back at Su. She still hadn't moved, and it looked like a bloodstain was forming on the forehead of her hood. Feeling a little concerned, Naheera took another look at the blonde and redhead, punching away at each other, and decided to check on Su. After all, Su had been deeply cut on her forehead when Candy used a key on her, and the kick to the head might have reopened that injury. Plus, she looked like she was unconscious, but what if it was worse that that? Naheera kept in mind that it could be a trap to lure her close and win the game, but she crept up close to Su on her hands and knees and leaned over her to check Su's breathing and bleeding.

As the hostess checked on the downed contestant, the other two were still fighting by the ropes. Emerald Fire scored a lucky combination, sinking a hard left into Kathy's stomach and then clipping her on the chin when the tall blonde bent over into her follow-up right. It was unintentional but effective, and Emerald Fire felt her opponent fall over backward away from her. Thinking she had a chance to get away from Kathleen and search for Naheera, Fire tried to scramble to her feet quickly, grabbing the ropes over her head to help her. Unfortunately, she left herself wide open for what she couldn't see; Kathy had landed on her back and was drawing up her right foot to kick Fire in the chest. With Fire on the rise and unprotected, Kathy's kick struck the redhead solidly in the crotch with enough force to knock Emerald Fire through the ropes. Fire screamed as she felt herself falling outside of the ring, but the shot to her sex was like a bolt through her body that kept her from holding onto the ropes to save herself.

Kathy, not sure what she'd done but suspecting, heard the smack of Fire's back hitting the thin rubber mats on the floor and winced in sympathy, but this could be what she needed to help Su. With Fire out of the way, she could find Su, make sure she was okay, and then sit in a corner while Su found Naheera. Toward that end, she pulled herself up with the ropes and headed back in the general direction of the middle of the ring. Kathy felt her foot brush another, and she bent down to feel the firm, round ass of someone on her hands and knees under her hand and hear a weak moan. Thinking she'd found her friend, the tall blonde put her other hand on the woman's side and said, "That's it, Su. You have to get up."

Kathy was shocked to feel another hand pressing hers onto the firm ass, and the kneeling woman's other hand came around to pull Kathy's hand from her side to a full (but not full enough to belong to Su) breast. In a throaty purr, Naheera told her, "Sorry, darling, but you're talking to the wrong girl. Su passed out, and I wanted to make sure she was okay. She was just starting come around when you won the game! You know, you have wonderfully soft hands." Kathy was too much in shock at first to realize that Naheera was using Kathy's hand to knead her breast, and then she tried to pull away. Naheera came up with her and pressed her lovely rear against the winner, still holding the blonde's hands in place. Speaking much louder to be heard by the camera mikes, she announced, "Our fighters this week will be Su-A-Cydal facing Emerald Fire! Clearly, neither of them wanted to get their hands on my body as much as Kathleen did! She squashed them both to get me!"

Under the hood, Kathleen was blinking back tears because she knew it must have looked just like what Naheera had just said. Instead of helping Su, it looked like Kathy had just beaten up her fellow contestants to win the game and stay out of this week's elimination match. She pulled away from Naheera and ripped the hood off of her head and looked down at Su's prone body. Su was starting to move her arms and legs to get up. Then, she heard a growl and looked over to see Emerald Fire, obviously angry from the snarl on her lips, climbing back into the ring. Naheera tapped her on the shoulder. "You put Su in that corner, and I'll bring Fire into her corner. Then, once the crew finishes their dirty work, we'll start the match!" Kathleen turned to help her friend to her feet, but Naheera touched her shoulder and wagged a finger at the blonde. In a softer voice, she told Kathy, "Remember. There's no telling Su what the crew is doing." The hostess gave Kathy a knowing look until the blonde nodded. "Good girl," Naheera said as she gave Kathy a pat on the seat of her white panties and walked away toward Emerald.

Kathy did a little jump of surprise at the soft swat to her behind and looked at Naheera, kind of uncomfortable with the sexy wrestler's "friendly" touching. She watched the Indian woman help Fire to her feet by subtly hugging the redhead across the breasts with one arm and realized that Naheera wasn't singling her out for that type of attention, not that it made Kathy like it any more. Shaking her head slightly, Kathleen tried to ignore the hostess and Fire as she knelt down beside Su and slowly, gently helped her to her feet. It wasn't easy. Anything that Kathy did to hold or lift her friend seemed to draw a grimace of pain from Su, and once Su was standing again, it seemed to take forever to walk the few paces from the middle of the ring to the corner. On top of that, the bloodstain on Su's forehead, now about the size and shape of a small egg, wasn't the only one. While it hadn't been visible while she was laying on them, there were two, quarter-sized stains on Su's half-T, exactly over her nipples. Those were just as worrying as the one on the hood, maybe more. Su's nipples were virtually sewn back onto her breasts after they were nearly destroyed by the sadism of Candy Treats, and now they were bleeding through thick bandages, a cotton one-piece, and the added T-shirt. It was a bad sign that Su could be facing permanent damage to her magnificent boobs. Knowing she had to say something, Kathy started, "Su, please."

Before she could go any farther, though, Su begged softly, " Don't ask me, Kathy." The taller blonde was silenced by the plea from her hooded friend. Through clenched teeth, Su asked, "Don't ask me to quit. Please. I swore I wouldn't quit." Just saying that seemed to take a lot of effort.

Trying hard not to cry, Kathy nodded and then realized that Su couldn't see it. "O-okay, Su, I won't ask. But I'm begging you not to force Fire to hurt you! If you won't give up, fine, but please don't make your injuries any worse for nothing!" Kathy paused and decided to tell Su what she'd done. "Su, I didn't mean to find Naheera. I only wanted to keep Fire from finding her and help you! I'm sorry!"

Su didn't reply, and Kathy felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Naheera once again smiling at her. "Time to take your seat, darling." The sultry hostess sat on the middle rope and lifted the top rope to make an opening for Kathy. Kathy hesitated in leaving Su just for a moment, kissed her cheek for luck, and stepped through the ropes. Naheera, always mischievous, took advantage of Kathy bending over and, in a well-practiced move, shot her free hand under Kathy's bottom to give her just the tiniest pinch on her love lips. Almost anywhere else, Kathy might not have even noticed the pinch, but in such a sensitive area, it was like getting a jolt from a static shock. Kathy gave a tiny yip of surprise and jumped slightly, not enough to fall off of the ring apron but enough that she had to grab the ropes for balance. She spun toward Naheera, but the vixen was already moving back to the center of the ring, blowing a kiss to Kathy and waving.

The seductress of S.H.A.G. was having a good time, despite the chosen fighters for the match. Su's condition was. unappealing, and Naheera would have preferred to see the two healthy fighters groping each other blindly. She was even considering "falling" on Su by "accident" to give her this week off until she felt Kathy's hand on her ass. Still, that didn't mean this couldn't be interesting. While Kathy had attended to the battered fighter, Naheera had taken a little time to give Fire a "goose" for the match. As she checked out those lovely, firm tits, she'd kept Emerald distracted. "It's too bad, you know, but I think those two were planning together against you. When Kathy grabbed me, she said something that makes me think that she thought I was Su, now that I think about it."

"What do you mean?"

"I get the feeling that Su wanted another week to recover, so they plotted for Kathy to sabotage you while Su won a pass for this week. You didn't see it, but I watched Kathy head after you the whole time, right up to when she kicked you out of the ring." Naheera, enjoying herself, had turned Fire to massage her back and saw that Fire's "shorts," torn by Kathy, were continuing to peel away from the silky flesh. She also saw Fire's hands curl into fists. Smiling, Naheera added, "Obviously, they thought Kathleen wouldn't have any trouble beating you in a match." Fire was fairly trembling with anger at this point, and Naheera had seen that Kathy had Su-A-Cydal in place, finally. The crew was also done with their "booby traps," so Naheera went and got Kathy out of the ring before Emerald Fire cooled down. Now that she'd done all she could to make things interesting, Naheera announced, "Okay, sweethearts, the ring is ready, and I'm going to be your referee to take a submission or count a pin! Let's PARTY!"

The bell rang and Fire and Su both leaped out of their corners. Su, typically, was making a dash straight across the ring at Fire's corner, and Emerald Fire, feeling angry and cheated, was doing exactly the same thing and moving much faster. That's why Emerald reached the booby trap first. It was tremendously simple. In the center of the ring, they put a mover's dolly, a 2' x 2' board with four swiveling wheels that could roll in any direction.

Fire's left foot hit the dolly, and it shot out from under her, sending her to the canvas hard on her back and knocking the wind out of her. The dolly, launched by Fire, raced off in the same direction a few feet and slammed into Su's leg. With a cry of pain, the startled blonde flew headlong on top of Fire, driving a head-butt into the redhead's navel. They both laid there quiet for a few seconds, Fire catching her breath and Su stunned and fighting down pain from the fall. The only sound came from the wheels of the dolly as it kept rolling toward the ring apron and then clattered to the floor.

Emerald, unsurprisingly, was the first to move, and she started off with a scream of "BITCH" and her best right-jab into Su's forehead. She followed that with a left-jab and another right and another left. Then, she placed both hands on Su's head and pushed down so she could lock her gorgeous thighs around Su's neck and squeeze for all she was worth. Su was trapped with her face pressed against the redhead's mound, and she could taste the latex paint covering Fire's pussy as her legs squirmed on the canvas. Emerald Fire was raising her hips off of the mat to increase the power of her scissors, and it was putting pressure on Su's injured spine as well as cutting off her air supply. She fought to free herself by digging her fingers into Fire's buttocks, but she wasn't accomplishing anything more than speeding up the removal of the paint on Emerald's derriere.

Emerald Fire almost couldn't believe how easy it was to control the bigger wrestler in her weakened condition. Normally a sweet-natured person, Emerald did have the "quick-to-boil" temper made famous by redheads, and the thought of being cheated, of having Su and Kathy teaming-up against her, brought out that temper at full-burn. Even so, she didn't want to add to Su's list of injuries, just embarrass the sneaky blonde by making her submit quickly. Arching up and squeezing as hard as she could, Emerald heard Su gasp and felt the hands fall away from her butt. Loosening her hold slightly, she ordered, "Submit, Su, or it only gets worse!" There was silence and the scrabbling of fingers on her ass. Another maximum-power squeeze made Su croak. "I told you to SUBMIT!" Still, the answer was silence and the almost unnoticeable scratching of fingernails on her smooth cheeks.

Emerald was amazed and annoyed at the stupid refusal to surrender. Opening her thighs, she shoved down on Su's head again and sat up, quickly getting to her feet. The cameras zoomed in on the redhead's ass, now almost bare. Her left cheek was uncovered, the right was about two-thirds bare, and only a thin strip of paint was nestled in the crack. She put a foot on Su's back, between the shoulders, and pressed down to keep Su from moving. With the hood on, the most important thing was to keep track of her opponent's position at all times. Su didn't try to get free. She just laid there as Emerald moved over her and dropped her lovely ass on Su's back. That got a brief flurry of kicks and slaps against the mat as the injuries to her back flared up in protest, but it only lasted a few seconds until Su laid still again. "Will you give up now?" Emerald asked. She muttered, "Stupid," as she got more silence and stood, turning around. Then, she reached forward to grab Su's limp legs, hooked them under her arms, and locked in a Boston Crab. Again, there was a short surge of wild arm-flailing from Su as her back protested the new torment, but then her head dropped forward and her arms slowed to a weak twitch every few seconds. The bloodstain on her hood was visible again and had grown to about double in size. After about two minutes, Fire growled, "I am going to hold you like this. until you give up. or until I hear your back break!" Emerald Fire was losing any patience that she had left with Su's refusal to surrender.

Naheera could hardly keep from giggling. She couldn't see Su's eyes any more than Emerald could, but as the hold stretched on past 3 minutes, Naheera could tell from the way that Su's head was drooped with her tongue hanging out that Cydal was out cold. Her fingers were twitching from nerve-spasms as her body suffered. It was too bad that a knockout couldn't end this match. Emerald could keep the Boston Crab until her hair turned white, and Su wouldn't utter a submission.

It was starting to look like that would be the case as the redhead kept the hold over five minutes, but then Emerald started to fidget. She was getting tired from keeping this hold, and the scraps of her painted-on shorts were irritating her butt. It wasn't helping her patience any, either. With a final growl of exasperation, Emerald Fire hauled back much harder than she had been, or normally would think of pulling. It was enough to get a nasty-sounding "pop" from Su's tortured spine, but the sound of shifting vertebrae was drowned out by the agonized scream of Su being dragged back into consciousness.

Freed from the hold, Su's legs dropped to the mat with a dull thud and she moaned. Emerald Fire stood and pulled the last of the paint from her ass. Now, only Fire's mound was covered and the edges of that were peeling away, too. She scratched at it for a second and peeled it away so she was completely nude, except for the hood. She tossed it aside, not noticing that Naheera snatched it out of the air and sniffed it for the camera. Fire was concentrating on the moaning body between her feet. "I warned you. I told you to give up or it would get worse." She bent down and got her arms under Su's arms, tying them up in a full-nelson. Then, Fire hauled Su to her feet, doing most of the work because Su was helpless in her hands. Being taller and about 40 pounds heavier, Su was hard to maneuver so Emerald took her to the ropes. Getting Su on the top rope, almost hanging over it, Emerald used the full-nelson to drag her along to the corner. Releasing one arm, Emerald felt for the top turnbuckle, found it, and drew back Su's head to slam it into the padded steel. She was as surprised as anyone when the turnbuckle made a loud "pop" like a balloon bursting and Su's head made a metallic sound on impact. It was another fiendishly simple booby trap. The padding on the turnbuckle was replaced with a thin plastic bag of air that popped as soon as it was hit with enough force. In seconds, the reddish-brown stain on Su's hood spread over most of her forehead as the collision of skull with unpadded steel reopened the partially-healed gashes on her head.

The shock of the booby trap made Emerald Fire lose her grip on Su, and the injured woman crumbled downward. Trying to catch her, Fire pushed forward to pin her against the ropes as she grabbed for the T-shirt, but the limp blonde only tumbled through ropes and fell off of the apron. Fire, holding the T-shirt, was pulled into the ropes and shot backward as the half-T tore. Catapulted, the hooded redhead hit the mat and rolled over, unsure of where Su had fallen out of the ring. On the floor at ringside, Su ended up on her back with her T-shirt torn open to reveal the red-and-purple boobs she wanted to hide, plus bloodstains on her striped outfit that were about 6" in diameter.

Emerald moved slowly and found the ropes again and then the corner with the booby trapped turnbuckle after a couple of minutes. Once she found that, she got down on the canvas and crawled under the ropes to the outside, just missing stepping on Su. As it was, she kicked Su lightly in the shoulder and found her that way. Su moaned but didn't move. Exasperated, Fire shook her head and said, "You know, those bimbos were right last week! You are "Miss Self-Destructo!" Anyone with a brain would've given up and saved herself by now!" The redhead grabbed Su by the T-shirt again and raised Su's shoulders up to her waist when Su shifted and came free of the torn shirt. The "escape" didn't look intentional to Naheera or the other contestants, and neither did the shot from Su's head to Fire's crotch as the blonde fell. Unfortunately for Su, Fire was blinded by the hood and her anger, and after massaging her smooth pussy for a few moments, she screeched with fury and stomped her foot down as hard as she could, barely missing Su's neck to hit her in the breast-bone. "I am SICK of you being so DAMNED STUBBORN!" Taking the torn T-shirt still in her hands, Fire bent down and wrapped it around Cydal's throat, and then the redhead crushed Su's right breast under her foot, to hold Su down, as she pulled up on the shirt to strangle the blonde. Su's body reacted in spasms to the lack of oxygen, but the beaten wrestler's overall lack of reaction made everyone watching think that Emerald Fire was working over an unconscious woman.

In fact, Naheera decided to slip out of the ring and grab Fire in a bearhug to drag her away, just in case. As Fire struggled, Naheera told her, "Her lips are turning blue, darling! You choked her out!" The hostess didn't want a contestant getting brain-damage while she was the official, so she held onto the nude redhead for about a minute until she seemed to regain some calm and composure. Naheera purred, "Finish it, darling," and flicked Emerald on the ear with her tongue.

Emerald heard her but didn't even notice the lick. As soon as Naheera released her, she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to Su, immediately grabbing her under the arms. Su was clearly out. As Emerald stood, it was clear to see that she was supporting all of Cydal's weight because the blonde was completely limp in her arms. Fire was thinking that Naheera was right. She wanted to finish this NOW by getting Su into the ring for an easy pin. Despite her anger, Emerald still had no desire to really hurt Su, and the thought that she had been strangling a blue-lipped, unconscious woman scared the redhead. She wanted to end this before she blindly did some permanent damage.

The next moment was consumed by Emerald Fire's efforts to get Su in the ring. The broken blonde was out-cold and dead weight. She made no sound or movement as her body was manhandled up onto the ring apron, even when Fire rolled her onto her devastated breasts. If not for the movement of her chest as she breathed slowly, Su might have been a corpse as she was shoved back into the ring.

Once Su was back in the ring, Fire needed a moment to catch her breath after moving the larger woman. Su wasn't going anywhere, after all. She bent over with her hands on her thighs, giving the camera a clear shot of her pink anus and some pussy, and then she stood up and took a couple of steps backward. Suddenly, her legs flew up in the air, and the back of her head slammed into the steel ring steps hard enough to cause an echo in the nearly-empty arena.

The moving dolly, the booby trap from the start of the match, had been there the whole time, between Su's helpless form and the steps. Again, it had taken Fire's feet from under her, but this time, it took her out. The nude redhead curled up next to the steel steps, dead to the world and probably suffering from a major concussion. For maybe a minute, the arena was totally silent as everyone processed the unexpected turn of events. No one was quite sure what to do now, including Naheera. If both wrestlers were unable to continue, who was the winner? Was it Emerald Fire because she had been in control of the entire match, or was it Su-A-Cydal because she was in the ring while Fire was on the floor? The hostess even went out of the ring to borrow the cameraman's headset and talk to the control room.

It was a tough question, but it became moot when Su started to regain consciousness. That doesn't mean she was trying to get up or anything, but she started to man and mutter "Oh, God" and shift shaking limbs slightly. Naheera looked shocked for a second and got back into the ring to see if Su would submit, since the blonde had no idea that Fire was taking a nap.

But as Naheera went to Su, somebody else got an idea of her own. Pulling off her blouse and hiking up her skirt, Madeline Mayhem climbed over the security rail and pulled Su-A-Cydal away from the hostess and out of the ring to fall with a "splat" on the hard floor. Su barely got out a croak of surprise at the new pain before the 170-pound Puerto Rican woman put the boots to her purple, swollen, and bleeding boobs, crushing the discolored bags of flesh against her battered ribs.

Kathleen immediately jumped to her feet and clambered over the railing in a rush to help her friend from her arch-nemesis, but she never made it. Madeline had worked out a deal with Miho Shina to "have some fun" torturing Kathleen by destroying her new friend. All that Miho had to do was keep Kathy from interfering, and she did her job with style. As Kathleen climbed over the rail, Miho stepped on top of it and launched herself at the tall blonde, nailing Kathleen in the temple with a "screaming wizard" roundhouse-kick to the head. Kathy dropped like she was shot, not quite unconscious but teetering on the edge. She wasn't able to defend herself or help Su as Miho leaped on her back wrapped her up in a body-scissors. Worse, Miho used her knowledge of submission wrestling to dig the fingers of both hands into the sides of Kathy's neck to work her pressure points and cut off the vital blood to Kathleen's brain. Kathy was securely held, but she wouldn't pass out unless Miho wanted it. Trapped in a half-conscious fog, the All-American wailed as she realized that she couldn't do anything to save her friend.

Through it all, Naheera did nothing because this was a no-disqualification match. No rule was being broken.

Mayhem had watched Miho drop Kathleen with a smile on her face and then went back to work on Su. Looking at what was left of the blonde, she glanced at the ring steps and went over to pick up Emerald Fire and shove her inside the ring, out of the way. Then, she hauled Su more-or-less upright and drove her bloody, hooded head into the steel steps. Hauling her up again, Madeline slammed Su down on her tits and drove her elbow into Su's back to crush them a second time. Standing over Su, Mayhem shoved her across the top of the steps so her head and arms hung on one side and her legs hung from the other. Su's back was as badly injured as her breasts, and Madeline wanted to make it much worse. She grabbed a steel chair and folded it, watching Su with devilishly cruel eyes. Holding the chair by the legs, she raised it over her head and slapped it down across Cydal's back and then a second time and a third and a fourth. She raised the chair for a fifth blow and then paused just long enough to turn the chair sideways so she could drive the edge of the chair into the damaged spine. That made Su's head bob as she was struck, as did the sixth through tenth blows to her injured spine. Again, Mayhem paused as she raised the chair for another shot, but this time, she tossed the chair aside and muscled Su off of the steps and onto the ring apron.

The last thing that Madeline was doing was showing mercy. She simply remembered the bloody proposition that Candy and Toya made in their "training" clip and didn't want to leave Su-A-Cydal so injured that she wouldn't be available for the Fans' Choice match. Madeline knew that would KILL Kathleen.

So, she shoved Su back into the ring and followed her inside the squared circle to finish her off in a slightly more. restrained way. Grabbing Su by the hood, she dragged the helpless woman up on useless legs, taking a moment to stomp her boot down on Emerald Fire's head when she heard Emerald moan. No need to have distractions like Fire waking up. Su was swaying in Mayhem's hands, held up entirely by the hood. Madeline had no difficulty in shoving the broken woman against the ropes and tying her arms in the upper ropes to keep her vertical. She also had no trouble tearing the bloodstained costume off of Su, as well as the bandages on her nipples. In moments, Su was hanging naked except for the hood and a few smaller bandages, and she was not a pretty sight. The smooth skin and womanly curves were covered in discolored and swollen bruises, including her pubic mound that nearly suffered a broken pubic bone in the cage match. But while her body was a mess, her breasts were horrific. Any firmness had been beaten out of the immense mammaries, and damned little of the breast-flesh remained white. Hanging from her chest, the once-proud boobs looked like lumpy, spoiled eggplants, except for the split, heavily-bleeding nipples. Even Madeline seemed shocked by the extent of the damage.

Shocked, yes, but she didn't let it stop her from adding to it. With a spongy slap, her right fist buried itself into the purple flesh of the left breast. The left fist found the right breast. A right uppercut tore out the last stitches in the left breast as it drove the aching meat up to Su's shoulder. An uppercut from the left sent the right boob slapping into Su's chin with a splash of blood that covered the lower half of the blonde's face. As it fell back down, a right cross sent the right boob crashing into it, causing a virtual explosion of blood as the jellied tits collided. A left cross was thrown. A right-left combination slammed into the left breast. Vicious, powerful punches flew into the quivering bags of milkfat, never getting even a whimper from the unconscious woman. This was pure, unadulterated butchery of the lowest kind, being heaped upon an innocent third party in the feud between Madeline and Kathleen.

In no time at all, Su-A-Cydal was a glistening canvas of red from head-to-toe as the blood literally splashed out of her breasts with each punch. Naheera was getting visibly green from watching the sickening gore, and in a surprising rush, she leaped across the ring and drove a thrust-kick into the back of Madeline's neck, stopping the Puerto Rican's slaughter. Madeline sprawled forward onto Su and was yanked away by the right arm. Giving up size to the brutal woman, Naheera gave her no chance to recover and swung her around once to throw her out of the ring via the top rope. Grabbing the top rope with both hands, she looked the startled Madeline right in the eyes and said, with no trace of her usual banter, "Stay out of my ring!" Madeline seemed to think about it for a second and then walked back toward her seat, giving Kathy a kick to the ribs before she and Miho climbed back over the railing.

Kathleen staggered to the ring apron holding her ribs as Naheera untied Su and lowered her to the canvas, clearly not wanting to touch the shattered blonde any more than necessary. Her reasons for stopping Madeline became even clearer as she actually checked Su for a pulse and breathing, both of which were weak. Mayhem's punches must have done their damage to Su's ribs as well. Once she was done with Su, Naheera went over to Fire, who was moaning and starting to move again. A little shaking got Fire awake again, though confused, and with a tiny bit of help from Naheera, she crawled over to Su and collapsed on top of her. Naheera's three-count was quick, and Fire was pulled off of the injured contestant even quicker.

EMT's sprinted to the ring as Naheera helped Emerald Fire to her feet and raised her arm. The redhead was wobbling and didn't quite know that she'd won the match. She probably didn't even realize that she was smeared in Su's blood from the pin. But Naheera made the announcement. "The winner of this match and continuing on in the contest is EMERALD FIRE!!"

An EMT helped Kathleen as she followed the stretcher bearing Su's body. Madeline's eyes followed her the entire way up the ramp.