So You Wanna Be HardcoreSo You Wanna Be Hardcore! Week 6

This week, the S.H.A.G. introduction hasn't been changed since last week. The hard rock music comes on with the first red screen, and the word "SEXY" is followed by a scene of the sensual Indian fighter and the sexy redhead in the gold suspender-thong and skimpy black tube-top from several introductory clips. The Indian woman has the redhead in a figure-4-sleeper so two pairs of full breasts are on display, thanks to the ample cleavage of their outfits. The scene has a definite erotic edge. The lovely redhead is slowly writhing in the grip of her opponent's gorgeous legs, and the Indian combatant is obviously enjoying her control immensely because her nipples are pushing out her suit like Bing cherries and she's licking her ruby lips. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to show the clip highlighting the same voluptuous Asian woman that put Soon Yi through a two weeks ago. Unfortunately for her, she's starring in this clip with the Ace of Spades, and the Death Card has unquestionably dominated this match-up. The clip shows the Ace lifting the Asian fighter for a fisherman's suplex and turning it into a deadly brain-buster, driving her opponent's head into a steel chair on the canvas. The Asian collapses like a dead woman on her back, and you can see that she's been destroyed in this match. Spread-eagle on her back, her face can be seen to be bloody and swollen, and her shiny red one-piece has been torn so her breasts are visible. The right breast is red but still full and lovely, but the left breast is as purple as an eggplant, bleeding profusely from the nipple, and swollen to almost twice the size of the right one. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. When the picture turns back to ring action, another wrestler from an old introduction is shown, the dark-skinned African-American woman that was suffering in a sharpshooter. She's suffering in a Torture Rack backbreaker this week, applied by another African-America. This woman is built like a fitness model, has café-au-lait skin, and looks like she's over six feet tall, wearing tan shorts and a white sports bra. The dark-skinned woman, being bent into a "U," is in a gold athletic bikini and screaming her head off. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and it changes to a clip involving two more wrestlers that have been seen before, "Showgirl" Heather Sharpe and the giantess that choke-slammed the redhead and brunette in the "Amazon" clip two weeks ago. As shown last week, it was easy to see that this dark-haired woman was tall and powerful, as well as voluptuously beautiful, when she was holding the two babes in the air, but the camera angle in that clip didn't show just how large and powerful. The footage shows the sexy, rhinestone-wearing blonde hanging onto the back of this woman, applying a sleeper-hold, and despite being 6'1" tall, you can see that Heather is dwarfed by this woman who must be at least 7 feet tall, if not taller. As the Showgirl tries to weaken her much-larger opponent, the giantess reaches back and grabs her by the sides of the head with massive hands, and then she surges backward and crushes Heather into the nearest corner. The impact shakes the ring and breaks the sleeper-hold, and the Showgirl is pulled by the head over the big woman's shoulder and into a Tombstone piledriver. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes to the contest's theme. The picture flashes through the usual still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as a series of short clips are shown of the contestants with their names, changed, as always, to remove the eliminated contestants and show the winners in action. The first clip has changed again since Candy Treats has been eliminated from the contest. Jessi is first now, wearing her tiny, blue-and-white thong with the attached straps large enough to cover her nipples, she is doing a solo bodybuilding pose, standing sideways to the camera with her hands clasped near her hip and flexing her slim arms. Still following Jessi is Su-A-Cydal, with a larger clip showing her in action in both of her matches. The beginning of the clip has her, naked and bloody, following Toya the Teen Terror around the ring and beating her across the back with the barbed-wire-wrapped bamboo stick. That changes after a few seconds into Su applying her cobra-clutch-like hold on Toya, driving the barbed-wire-glove into the side of the teen's face. After that, Su is shown in last week's cage match with Candy, being stretched and strangled with her own costume as Candy stands on her nipples. This changes to three very brief scenes; Su choking Candy out with the neck-scissors, Su falling from the top of the cage to the floor, and Su being wheeled to an ambulance on a gurney. Following Su's clip is the clip of her friend Kathleen the "All-American," doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. Miho Shina is next, standing with her back to the camera in a white one-piece that is "high-cut" around her very nicely shaped buttocks. The Japanese fighter turns her torso and head to look at the camera, showing that her face and bust aren't as attractive as the rear-view, but there is something alluring in the demure smile and dark eyes. The clip after Shina still shows Madeline Mayhem wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist as she lifts Melissa by the throat and choke-slams her into the coffin from the Casket Match. Next up is Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. Not surprisingly, the camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head. The camera catches every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. The final clip is Ms. Devine in action. The stunning African-American woman looks cool and dominant as she's shown destroying Angie in three holds. The first shows Angie, in gag, pantyhose, and bra, flailing in the figure-4 leg-lock. The picture shifts to Angie in only the pantyhose and gag and arched above Ms. Devine in the suspended-ceiling hold. The last hold shown is Angie losing consciousness to Devine's Iron Claw, with the gag gone along with the crotch of her pantyhose. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

Once again, the show opens in the S.H.A.G. Arena, and the opening shot is of those two gorgeous girls in the gold suspender-thongs and black tube tops standing in the middle of the ring. This is a well-known duo to S.H.A.G. fans, the team of two former lingerie models named Mimi and Gigi, also known as "2 Sassy." Mimi is the redhead, 36C-24-35, and Gigi is the brunette, 35C-24-35. Gigi is an inch shorter than Mimi at 5'6" and weighs a few pounds less than her partner at 115 pounds, but unless you're looking very closely, it's hard to see any real differences between their sexy bodies. Likewise, their wrestling skills are nearly identical. identically dismal. Like the company's greatest jobber, Soon Yi, these two seem incapable of winning any match, single or tag team, unless it's by DQ. Actually, a lot of people think that Soon Yi could probably kick either girl's butt in a one-on-one match, and they're probably right. 2 Sassy survives solely on appearance and popularity, and even in that, they aren't entirely protected, not like Soon Yi who is kept out of the clutches of the truly dangerous heels. Mimi and Gigi seem to be the stereotypical brainless beauties with full breasts and empty heads. They share a vain-ditz personality that can rapidly make just about anyone forget how lovely they are and wish for their humiliation and slaughter.

For the moment, though, the former models are all bright smiles and white teeth as they "vogue" in the middle of the ring and show off their bodies. Their little sex-kitten routine goes on for a good two minutes before Gigi seems to notice something off-screen and gets Mimi's attention. Then, both raise their microphones with just a hint of annoyance showing in their expressions. In typical 2 Sassy style, one speaks then the other in a "cutesy-babble" that doesn't have any pauses.

Today, Mimi starts off. "Hello, you lucky, lucky fans! 2 Sassy is here to take this show to new heights!"

Gigi immediately jumps in. "After subjecting you to weeks of lesser hosts, you have been given the two finest and foxiest hostesses that S.H.A.G. can offer!"

"We will add style to this contest!"

"We will add class to this contest!"

"And we will most definitely add stunning beauty to this contest, won't we Gigi?"

"That simply is too true, Mimi!"

Mimi opens her mouth to continue the self-serving blather, but her head shifts as something catches her eye. "I see our contestants coming into the arena, Gigi! I guess they're in a hurry to see some real S.H.A.G. stars!"

"It's not every day that they can be this close to the best in the business, Mimi!"

The camera turns away from the duo, not before Gigi and Mimi's expressions change in protest of the lost spotlight, and focuses in on the remaining contestants. The contestants walk in single-file, and unexpectedly, there are only six of them, when there should be seven. Conspicuous in her absence, Su-A-Cydal isn't here.

The camera goes back to 2 Sassy after the contestants reach ringside, and the looks on their faces say "it's about time." Gigi and Mimi clearly don't like sharing the camera with girls that aren't even rookies yet.

Mimi picks up where they left off. "You fans out there are probably wondering where that nutso blonde, Su-A-Cydal, is!"

"I guess we should start off our updates with her, Mimi!"

"I guess so, Gigi! Well, Su the blood-soaked blonde took such a beating in her "big victory" last week," Mimi rolled her eyes, "that she had to be taken straight to the hospital for emergency care!"

"No one ever told her that falling twenty feet on concrete is bad for her, I guess! DUH!"

"You can say that again, Gigi! Anyway, she spent 5 days in the hospital and now she's been restricted to bed rest 'til next week!"

"So next week, Ms. Self-Destructo will be back, but this week, she's spending her immunity in her hotel room! Who's next, Mimi?"

"Next we have a quick peek at Melissa!"

"I hear she's fully-recovered and back in the gym!"

"Yes, she is, Gigi! Have a look!" The screen goes to a short clip of Melissa, back in her school uniform, punching and kicking the daylights out of a heavy punching bag.

The picture goes back to the ex-models, and Gigi takes over. "She's not the only one in the gym, Mimi! Toya the Teen Terror isn't letting a few cuts and bruises keep her from pumping iron!" Now, the picture shows Toya, still bandaged on her face, doing reps with a loaded barbell. It looks like there's around 300 pounds on the bar.

Back to Mimi, who says, "Toya doesn't go easy on the weight, does she? Some of our losers don't have it so lucky, right Gigi?"

"No, they don't, Mimi! Tell them about Angie!"

"Angie is in the gym, sort of, but only because she started therapy for her dislocated knee this week!" A clip of Angie is shown with her hobbling along between parallel bars with a therapist spotting for her.

Gigi takes over again. "And then, we have a. "lady" who isn't really hurt, but she isn't exactly working hard either!" The clip is Candy Treats lounging in a bubble-bath. The hot Latino trainer is still with her, naked and using a sponge to bathe Candy's ample flesh. Candy raises a leg out of the suds for her pet to sponge it down, and her immense red bush breaches the surface like a fiery-orange sea-monster. The only real sign of injury on Candy is a bandage on her forehead where it was cut by the side of the cage.

Mimi comes back on the screen. "So that's what happened to Marlena the trainer! I heard she suddenly quit for personal reasons!"

"Yeah, I guess now we know what they are! I just hope that Candy's bath also included a bikini wax! I mean, my GAWD!"

"She could stand to shave a few pounds off along with that mess of pubes, too! Some girls just don't understand good grooming and diet, Gigi!"

"That is so true, Mimi!"

"Now, we have to show what the other girls have been doing, Gigi!"

"Let's do that, Mimi!"

The "training clips" of the remaining fighters go by in a short, non-stop series. The first shows Jessi sparring with Emerald Fire while Tyneetina watches and shouts encouragement to her sister. Emerald is a little bigger than Jessi, in different ways, but the two girls actually seem evenly matched. The next clip shows Ms. Devine facing the heavyweight trainer that has been shown several times dominating the smaller contestants. The trainer still has a size advantage, but with Ms. Devine, it clearly isn't enough. The elegant black woman has the big trainer folded the wrong way and slapping the canvas frantically as she applies a Texas-cloverleaf submission hold. Kathleen's training clip is actually footage of her visiting Su in the hospital, and the sight of Su is pretty severe. She's rigidly supported to relieve pressure on her battered spine and virtually covered from head-to-toe in bandages. That's followed by two very short clips of Miho Shina using the "Samui Slide" to drag the young, blonde trainer's eyes along the top rope and of Madeline Mayhem executing a powerbomb on a brunette trainer.

As the image switches back to 2 Sassy once again, the ex-models are rolling their eyes in unison. Mimi speaks first, saying, "Finally, that's all the "old business" for this week!"

"It's about time, Mimi! I'm dying to get on with the important stuff!"

"Absolutely, Gigi! We have a match to get started!"

"But first, we have to get our fighters!"

Mimi and Gigi climb out of the ring together and move toward the six contestants. Gigi stands in front of them as Mimi goes behind them. They both point to a contestant, and together, they begin chanting as they go from girl to girl.

"Eeney, meeney, miney, mo!"

"Catch a wrestler by the toe!"

"Make her holler, Please let go!"

"Eeney, meeney, miney, mo!"

At the end of their little rhyme, Gigi is pointing at Emerald Fire's D-cups, and Mimi has picked out Kathleen the All-American. Gigi waves her finger and Mimi gives a little nudge to get the two girls to move out of line. The other four turn and start moving toward the front row of seats.

"Hello! Where are you going?" The four contestants turn toward Mimi. "You have a fight in the ring, silly girls!"

"Yeah! Your hostesses are the greatest tag team in history! Of course, we're going to have a hardcore tag team match, DUH!"

Mimi gives Fire and Kathleen a pat on the ass each and tells them, "You two get to sit and watch the teams of. hmm. Devine and Jessi versus Madeline and Miho! I think that would be good, don't you, Gigi?"

"I couldn't have chosen better myself, Mimi! You girls get in the ring now!"

"You're going to use no-holds-barred, hardcore rules and have the best possible referees!" Mimi and Gigi both pull their black tube tops down, baring their breasts to the camera, and turn them inside out. They're reversible tops with black-and-white vertical stripes inside, and the models pull them back over their boobs.

After they both adjust and fondle themselves to get the tops "just right," Gigi tells the four fighters, "We'll be officiating any falls and making sure no one goes into the ring unless she's been tagged! Anyone who doesn't listen to us or lays a hand on us gets her team disqualified!"

2 Sassy reentered the ring, and Ms. Devine and Madeline entered to start off for their teams. Speaking simultaneously, Mimi and Gigi shouted, "Let's get this battle started!"

Ms. Devine was starting for her "team" because her opinion of Jessi was that the teen was a weakling and an idiot. Madeline's reason for starting the match was different. She just wanted to get "first crack" at Devine, to see how tough the black woman really was, and she watched her closely as she removed her blouse and hiked up her skirt for the fight. Miho had no problem letting the two larger women start the match. She'd seen them both in action, and she knew that they were both tough fighters. Letting her big Puerto Rican "partner" wear down Devine made sense.

Not one for subtlety, Madeline makes a bee-line for Devine and starts off with a right cross aimed at the other woman's jaw. Nobody was home. Mayhem's fist sailed through thin air. Realizing that Devine had somehow side-stepped the punch, Madeline whipped her arm back in an attempt to hit her opponent with a powerful back-fist. Again, she hit nothing as Devine ducked under the fist. Still trying to land the first blow, Madeline turned her whole body to bring her left arm around for a clothesline, but the elegant wrestler backsteps just outside the arc of the big woman's arm. Madeline makes one last effort to nail Ms. Devine, stopping abruptly and lunging with the point of her elbow, but again, Devine crouches so the attack goes harmlessly over her head.

Mayhem was trying to figure out why Devine was able to read her moves so easily when she felt a stabbing pain in her left kidney. With her left elbow extended outward, her entire left side was unguarded, and Devine took advantage of it with a lethal finger-thrust. As Mayhem yells in pain, she bent over to her left and was pulled across Devine's shoulders, lifted, and slammed face-down into the canvas in a reverse-Samoan Drop maneuver. The big woman was stunned for the moment, long enough for the woman in the evening gown to get back to her feet and spike her high heel into Madeline's left shoulder and grind it in hard. The Puerto Rican fighter liked to punch so Devine's plan was to make that next to impossible by taking out Mayhem's arms. She followed the heel-spike with a knee-drop to the shoulder, and then she kept the knee in place as she grabbed Madeline's wrist and twisted the left arm up in an arm-bar.

Madeline was gritting her teeth as she felt the hold grind her shoulder in the socket. She cast a quick look toward her corner for help, but Miho was on the floor looking under the ring apron, not paying attention to the action. Great, she thought, the fucking Jap isn't even watching in case I need a tag! Madeline felt a surge of irritation at her "partner," which gave her a momentary burst of energy to pull in her legs and buck enough to shake Devine's grip on the arm-bar. Surprising herself almost as much as Devine, Madeline pulled her arm down as she pushed up with her legs even harder and threw Devine forward and off of Mayhem's shoulder. Despite preferring a brawling style, Madeline knew enough from her time at Queen Molly's Academy to get herself a few seconds and go for the tag. She managed a glancing punch to the kidney that still had enough behind it to make Devine grab her side and rolled to the corner. She expected to yell for Miho to tag her, but unexpectedly, the Japanese fighter was waiting for Madeline with her hand stretched out for the tag. As Miho came into the ring, she leaned in close to Madeline and whispered something. Mayhem stepped out of the ring and looked down, and she had to admit to herself that she might have misjudged her partner, after all.

By the time Miho had made it through the ropes, Ms. Devine was back on her feet and, beyond a little rubbing around her right kidney, showing almost no indication that she'd been fighting a woman twenty pounds heavier than herself. In her white boots and snug, white cotton one-piece, Miho looked severely out-matched, giving up 5 inches and 30 pounds to the African-American woman in the black gown. There was no sign of worry on Miho's face, though, and she moved to meet the bigger woman in the middle of the ring.

Devine watched Miho approach, judging correctly that the former submission wrestler wouldn't charge in recklessly. The two began to circle slowly, studying each other minutely for even a hint of an opening. Miho made the first move, taking advantage of what looked like a misstep by Devine that made her stumble, but the Japanese girl immediately realized that she'd been led into a trap. Trying for a side-thrust-kick at the "weak" left leg, Miho was caught totally by surprise to see Ms. Devine easily slip to the side, grab the kicking leg, and drive her right knee into Miho's thigh. Miho grimaced but couldn't pull her leg back before Devine turned it and used it to throw her face-down on the canvas. A second later, Miho's leg was bent up and locked in place with Devine's legs, and the black woman grabbed her chin to finish locking in an STF hold.

Devine cranked back on the hold, making Miho groan with pain, but of all of the contestants, Miho was probably the one that could best withstand it. The Asian Nude Submission Circuit was world-class training in pain-tolerance, and Miho Shina was as much of an expert at taking it as she was at dishing it out. She also knew in seconds that she couldn't possibly break Devine's hold and wasn't completely sure if getting to the ropes would break the hold because this was a hardcore match. But then, she had been looking under the ring. As Devine ordered her to submit, Miho reached into her modest cleavage and pulled out a can of pepper spray, giving Devine a full blast in the face from it.

Suddenly blinded by fiery pain in her eyes, Devine rolled off of Miho furiously rubbing at her eyes. Miho shook off the effects of the submission hold quickly and stood, tugging down the back of her suit. Devine was on hands and knees trying to stand, but now Miho got in that kick that missed before, a side-thrust-kick that slammed into the left temple of the rising woman. Ms. Devine went right back down without a sound, stunned by the expert kick. Shina dropped on her opponent's back and applied the Phuket Pinch under both arms, digging a pair of claw holds into the nerves under Devine's arms to render them useless for a few moments. Once she saw that Devine's arms were limp on the canvas, Miho went for a submission hold of her own, hooking the lifeless arms over her knees and locking in a modified camel clutch. Rather than the usual chin-lock, Miho locked her fingers together across Ms. Devine's throat to choke her out while she bent Devine's spine. The combination of the Pinch followed by the camel clutch struck Devine as a great strategy. While she was still strong enough to break free, her arms were numb. By the time they got the feeling back, Miho's choke had been on for over 30 seconds, and Ms. Devine could feel that she was already growing weaker from the lack of air.

That's when Jessi, almost forgotten in this fight, ran in and stomped her tiny right foot on Miho's shoulder to break the hold. Miho lost her hold across Devine's neck and was knocked to the side, and as Mimi and Gigi carried Jessi back to the corner, Devine bucked and dislodged Shina. Both fighters scrambled to get back to their feet, but Miho was faster and grabbed Devine's left foot. Again thinking about slowing down the larger, skilled fighter, Miho tried to get Devine's shoe off in preparation for the Sukhumvit Toe-Splitter, but Devine was recovering from Miho's assault too fast. As the Japanese fighter worked at the one shoe, the heel of the second shoe spiked her in the sternum. Feeling like she'd been stabbed in the heart, Miho clutched her chest with one hand and tried to keep hold of Devine's foot, but the free foot stabbed her in the forehead, making a small cut in Miho's forehead. Shina jerked backward grabbing her head and lost her hold on Devine's foot, allowing the black woman to get back to her feet.

Miho had a chance to see a smudge of blood from her forehead on her hand before Devine closed with her and drove a finger-thrust into her solar plexus. Shina gasped and bent forward as Ms. Devine raised her elbow to drive it into the back of her opponent's neck, but the smaller woman managed to surprise her by grabbing Devine around the waist and throwing her body backward. Showing real ring presence, Miho realized that her own corner was a couple of yards behind her and used her entire body to pull Devine into that corner. Of course, Ms. Devine saw what was happening and struck Miho like a cobra with finger-thrusts and knife-edge chops to the torso. She broke the Japanese girl's grip just short of the corner, but Miho threw herself back and tagged Madeline's outstretched hand.

Madeline ducked through the ropes to get in the ring, and Ms. Devine, after sinking a last shot into Miho's side, turned to grab a handful of Madeline's hair. Mayhem's fist came around as expected, but Ms. Devine turned her body to take it on her arm. An instant later, she regretted it completely as pain radiated up and down her arm from a blow that felt like a sledgehammer. Staggered by the power of the punch, Devine looked at Madeline's fist and saw another of Miho's "finds" from under the ring, brass knuckles. Worse, with one hand in Madeline's hair and the other numb, she was left wide open for Madeline's left-right combo to the ribs, both causing searing pain that told Devine that Mayhem had brass knuckles on both hands. Ms. Devine instantly started to backpedal to get some distance between herself and the big Puerto Rican woman's loaded fists.

Madeline went after her, swinging haymakers that would break bones if they connected, but now that Devine knew about Mayhem's toys, she was keeping her body away from them. Like the beginning of the match, Madeline was following Devine and throwing punches that seemed to miss at the last second every time. The only difference was that Ms. Devine was having difficulty breathing because of her injured ribs, so she wasn't turning Madeline's attacks back on her. She was trying to keep her distance long enough to get her strength back before counterattacking.

This was a good plan, but the flaw in it was that Jessi didn't know what the plan was. Standing in her corner anxiously awaiting her chance to get in the ring, the teen brunette only saw Ms. Devine backing away and assumed that her "partner" was in trouble. So when Devine got close enough to the corner, Jessi lunged and slapped Devine's hand, tagging herself into the match.

Ms. Devine spun around as Jessi shot into the ring. "What the fuck are you doing? Get out of the ring!"

"Don't worry! I'll take care of this bitch!" Jessi tried to shoot around Devine to charge at Madeline.

Devine moved to block the teen, but she was surrounded by 2 Sassy and ordered out of the ring. "I didn't tag her!"

"She tagged you, silly girl!"

"You tell her, Gigi!"

"I am not letting this stupid kid lose this match!"

Mimi frowned at her. "Get out of the ring or you lose by DQ!"

Gigi nodded. "There was a tag, and you've got to leave the ring!"

Devine glared at Jessi. "Tag me back in!" She stepped through the ropes and held out her hand. Jessi, however, was looking the other way at Mayhem, who was standing a few feet away and waiting for the argument to be settled. "I said, TAG ME!"

Jessi turned back and said, "Don't worry! You just rest for a minute while I deal with this wimp!" The teen's eyes were practically glowing with excitement as she turned back toward Madeline and charged. "COWABUNGA!"

Actually, it was more like "COWABAAWWW!" because Madeline raised her left boot into the tiny girl's gut. As Jessi bent over, her descending forehead was met by the brass knuckles on Mayhem's right fist, cracking into her skull and lifting her off of the mat to land flat on her back with her eyes rolling around in their sockets. On the ring apron, Devine screamed, "YOU FUCKING IDIOT," as Madeline stood over Jessi with a smile on her face. The smile got wider as her boot crashed down on the teen's crotch and small breasts, making her body spasm with each stomp. Picking her up by the hair, Madeline ran Jessi back across the ring to her own corner and slammed the girl's face into the top turnbuckle.

Jessi swayed on her feet for a moment and was grabbed by the hair by Miho. The submission wrestler pulled Jessi's neck over the top rope and put her weight on it to choke the girl. Madeline nodded and drove punches into Jessi's kidneys and lower spine, the brass knuckles making each punch devastating. Poor Jessi took about a dozen of the hammering blows, turning her lower back into a mass of purple bruises, before Madeline backed off. Miho grabbed Jessi's head and dropped to the floor to slingshot the girl off of the ropes and into Mayhem's arms. The Japanese fighter pulled out a steel chair from under the ring and slid it under the ropes in front of Jessi and Madeline. Madeline hugged Jessi around the waist, lifted her up, and threw her face-down into the folded steel chair. With a stomp to the back of Jessi's head, Madeline then tagged Miho back into the match.

Strictly speaking, this type of hardcore brutality wasn't Miho's style, but she was in a S.H.A.G. contest and knew that this was the type of fighting that made S.H.A.G. famous. She entered the ring with a weapon that she'd used before, a "Singapore cane." The long bamboo "sword" was sometimes a stipulation in the Submission Circuit, with losers being caned by the winners until they bled. In the Circuit, Shina always made sure that she was the one swinging the cane at the end of those matches and knew exactly how to use it. Putting it under Jessi's chin, she used the cane to pick up the brunette in a choke and hung her over the top rope facing out of the ring. She tied Jessi's arms in the ropes to keep her up and tightened her grip on the cane. The first swing seemed to hiss through the air and struck Jessi across her tight ass with a bullwhip "CRACK" that made Jessi shriek. Miho drew back the cane and slashed it across the sweet buns a second time. Jessi could swear that it was ten times worse than the first because Shina seemed to hit in exactly the same, inflamed spot. That was Miho's secret with the cane, hit the same spot several times until the flesh was practically leaping off of the victim's bones from the pain. She struck the same red welt six times until Jessi had a thick, red rope of throbbing meat running across her butt. Then, she slashed lower, cutting into the tender skin on the back of Jessi's thighs. Once Jessi's thighs had welts to match her buttocks, she received more of the same across her calves and then was slashed across the back. When Miho was done there, Jessi was hanging with only the ropes supporting her and sobbing uncontrollably from the burning wounds left by the cane. Miho pulled her loose from the ropes and let her fall on her back, which had Jessi convulsing and screaming but unable to turn over.

That was enough for Miho, and she tagged Madeline into the ring, saying, "Finish her." Madeline climbed through the ropes and yanked Jessi up by the hair. Bending her over and putting her in a standing head-scissors, Mayhem picked Jessi up in an inverted bearhug and carried her over the steel chair. She looked over at Devine, who looked disgusted, and dropped to her butt in a sit-out piledriver. Jessi's neck bent sideways as the impact shook her tiny body, and Madeline let her crumble in a heap, unconscious. Gigi came over to count, but the brunette stepped back when Madeline stood and pulled up Jessi. She wasn't finished yet. Holding the girl in front of her, Madeline pulverized her crotch with three sharp knee-lifts to wake her up. She let Jessi fold over from the pain and grabbed her around the waist again. This time, Jessi went up until she was practically sitting on Madeline's shoulders and was smashed back into unconsciousness with a powerbomb on the steel chair. Again, Madeline picked her up. Five knees to the pussy were needed this time to rouse the broken teen. It was time to really finish her. Madeline shook the brass knuckles off of her right hand and clamped it onto Jessi's windpipe. Squeezing tightly, she lifted the girl as high as possible and choke-slammed her onto the chair, one last trip into dreamland. Then, she kicked off her right boot and put her foot on the girl's face as Gigi counted her out.

"We have our winners, Mimi!"

"Yes, we certainly do, Gigi! And Madeline must be very happy that she's the one that got the match-winning fall!"

That got a reaction from Miho. "What do you mean "Madeline must be happy?" We are partners. We both won!"

"That's right! You did! But we kept a little secret!"

"The wrestler that got the fall for her team gets a special prize! She gets a choice! She can take TWO weeks of immunity, or she can choose one week of immunity and her own opponent for a match two weeks from now! You just get one week of immunity and NO choice!"

Miho looked a bit annoyed, but it was hard to say if she was annoyed at Madeline getting the special choice or annoyed at the smug attitude of 2 Sassy. Madeline looked very happy with herself and gave Kathleen a very "special" look.

On the other side of the ring, Ms. Devine was walking out of the arena, looking very unhappy.