So You Wanna Be Hardcore! Week 5

This week, the S.H.A.G. introduction has been re-vamped. The hard rock music comes on with the first red screen, and the word "SEXY" is followed by a scene of the sensual Indian fighter from last week's "Gladiators" clip and the sexy redhead in the gold suspender-thong and skimpy black tube-top from the "Amazon" clip. Last week's clip showed the Indian woman from behind, giving a view of a perfect, round ass in a saffron, T-back, one-piece, but this week, she has the redhead in a figure-4-sleeper so her full breasts are on display, thanks to the low-cut, saffron suit. The scene has a definite erotic edge. The lovely redhead is slowly writhing in the grip of her opponent's gorgeous legs, and the Indian combatant is obviously enjoying her control immensely because her nipples are pushing out her suit like Bing cherries and she's licking her ruby lips. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to show a new clip highlighting the same voluptuous Asian woman that put Soon Yi through a table in last week's clip. Unfortunately for her, she's starring in this clip with the Ace of Spades, and the Death Card has unquestionably dominated this match-up. The clip shows the Ace lifting the Asian fighter for a fisherman's suplex and turning it into a deadly brain-buster, driving her opponent's head into a steel chair on the canvas. The Asian collapses like a dead woman on her back, and you can see that she's been destroyed in this match. Spread-eagle on her back, her face can be seen to be bloody and swollen, and her shiny red one-piece has been torn so her breasts are visible. The right breast is red but still full and lovely, but the left breast is as purple as an eggplant, bleeding profusely from the nipple, and swollen to almost twice the size of the right one. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. When the picture turns back to ring action, another wrestler from the old introduction is shown, the dark-skinned African-American woman that was suffering last week in a sharpshooter. She's suffering in a Torture Rack backbreaker this week, applied by another African-America. This woman is built like a fitness model, has café-au-lait skin, and looks like she's over six feet tall, wearing tan shorts and a white sports bra. The dark-skinned woman, being bent into a "U," is in a gold athletic bikini and screaming her head off. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and it changes to a clip involving two more wrestlers that have been seen before, "Showgirl" Heather Sharpe and the giantess that choke-slammed the redhead and brunette in last week's "Amazon" clip. Last week, it was easy to see that this dark-haired woman was tall and powerful, as well as voluptuously beautiful, but holding the two babes in the air didn't show just how large and powerful. The footage shows the sexy, rhinestone-wearing blonde hanging onto the back of this woman, applying a sleeper-hold, and despite being 6'1" tall, you can see that Heather is dwarfed by this woman who must be at least 7 feet tall, if not taller. As the Showgirl tries to weaken her much-larger opponent, the giantess reaches back and grabs her by the sides of the head with massive hands, and then she surges backward and crushes Heather into the nearest corner. The impact shakes the ring and breaks the sleeper-hold, and the Showgirl is pulled by the head over the big woman's shoulder and into a Tombstone piledriver. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes to the contest's theme. The picture flashes through the usual still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as a series of 5-second clips are shown of the contestants with their names, changed, as always, to remove the eliminated contestants and show the winners in action. Angie has lost her spot at the beginning of the clips. The first clip is now Candy Treats and is still showing the large redhead standing on top of the Mercury Sable with Tyneetina bloody and naked in an inverted bearhug and executing a sit-out Tombstone piledriver. Jessi is next, wearing her tiny, blue-and-white thong with the attached straps large enough to cover her nipples, she is doing a solo bodybuilding pose, standing sideways to the camera with her hands clasped near her hip and flexing her slim arms. Still following Jessi is Su-A-Cydal, with a "double-clip" showing her in action. The beginning of the clip has her, naked and bloody, following Toya the Teen Terror around the ring and beating her across the back with the barbed-wire-wrapped bamboo stick. That changes after a few seconds into Su applying her cobra-clutch-like hold on Toya, driving the barbed-wire-glove into the side of the teen's face. Following Su's clip is the clip of her new friend Kathleen the "All-American," doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. Miho Shina is next, standing with her back to the camera in a white one-piece that is "high-cut" around her very nicely shaped buttocks. The Japanese fighter turns her torso and head to look at the camera, showing that her face and bust aren't as attractive as the rear-view, but there is something alluring in the demure smile and dark eyes. The clip after Shina still shows Madeline Mayhem wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist as she lifts Melissa by the throat and choke-slams her into the coffin from the Casket Match. Next up is Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. Not surprisingly, the camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head. The camera catches every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. The final clip is Ms. Devine in action. The stunning African-American woman looks cool and dominant as she's shown destroying Angie in three holds. The first shows Angie, in gag, pantyhose, and bra, flailing in the figure-4 leg-lock. The picture shifts to Angie in only the pantyhose and gag and arched above Ms. Devine in the suspended-ceiling hold. The last hold shown is Angie losing consciousness to Devine's Iron Claw, with the gag gone along with the crotch of her pantyhose. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

The S.H.A.G. arena is the location for this week's match, and there's no mystery about the type of match that it will be. A steel cage surrounds the ring, 15-foot walls of chain-link fencing sitting right against the side of the ring apron. The cage has a single, open door with two padlocks at the ring steps, and leaning against the cage is a massive woman that hasn't been seen in any of the introductions.

This week's hostess is Rhonda "Rhino" Lubek. She's an even 6-foot and 258 pounds, and if you wanted to make a model of her, you could do it by putting a pumpkin on top of a 55-gal drum and attaching 4 thick logs for arms and legs. She wears dark gray, full-body tights with black boots and pads, she keeps her black hair cut short in a military-type style, and she looks like she has no neck, bust, or waist. Rhonda earned the name "Rhino" for several reasons, her size, power, temper, and style. She's immensely strong and tough, goes into a rage at the drop of a hat, and has little technique beyond "crush the bitch" in her matches.

Rhino is leaning against the only friend she has in S.H.A.G. In five years with the company, Rhino has probably been in over thirty cage-matches, and she's only lost three of them. In other types of matches, Rhino had a so-so record, but the cage-match seems to work in her favor. By S.H.A.G. rules, the only way to win a cage-match is to climb out over the top, and while she's not light on her feet, Lubek moves fast enough to catch someone trying to escape early in the match. In fact, she prefers to catch someone in mid-climb because they can't run or dodge easily. That means that most opponents find themselves trapped inside the cage with a short-fused, hard-to-hurt heavyweight that enjoys crushing bodies against the steel. In most of her cage-match victories, Rhino spent about 20 minutes pulverizing her opponent beyond the point of unconsciousness, and then she had all of the time in the world to haul her big body up and over the side of the cage.

The eight remaining contestants walk into the arena and down to ringside. Ms. Devine splits off from the group and stretches out in a seat in the front row, enjoying immunity for this week, while the others line up in front of Rhino. A member of the ring crew walks in also and puts a small table near Rhino, covered with a cloth, and hands Rhino a sheet of paper with the updates and clips for this week. As already mentioned, Rhino wasn't exactly a "people-person," and she was only hosting this week because of her "expertise" in cage-matches. With a voice like a chain-smoking grandmother, Rhino rasped out, "Okay, let's get the announcement junk out of the way so we can get to the good stuff. The loser update goes like this. Tyneetina got the green-light to go back to full training. Here's a clip of her and her sister." The clip shows the two sisters sparring with each other on mats. They're both dressed identically and look so similar that it's hard at first to tell which is which as one girl gets the other in a headlock and tosses her to the mat. The one on top turns enough to see that her hair is down her back, so it has to be Jessi. "The next loser is Melissa. Says here that her knee's fine, but her fingers need another week or so." The dark-haired Puerto Rican/Italian is shown in the gym doing a light workout, jogging on a treadmill. She not showing any signs of trouble with her legs, but her injured fingers are still taped. "Toya's next and she had shit to say." The image of Toya is a little startling. Su still has some adhesive bandages, including one on her forehead, covering a few cuts that were deeper and needed stitches, but Toya has decided to show her face without any bandages. The left side of her face has three or four scars on the cheek and her left ear has a triangular notch in the top of it. She's sitting on a weight bench doing arm-curls with dumbbells and she snarls at the camera. "You see what you did to me, bitch? When I get my hands on you again, you'll be lucky to have a face after I'm done." Toya stands and punches one of the dumbbells through a picture of Su and the wall behind it. When the picture goes back to Rhino, she almost looks like she's amused. "Okay, last loser is Angie. Her knee got dislocated, and the doc says she'll be ready again in about 6 weeks. That means she should be ready just in time for the Fan Choice match." Angie is shown very briefly, in a wheelchair with her knee strapped inside a plastic splint/brace. There is also a nurse in the shot, demonstrating how to get around on crutches.

"Okay, now there's a couple clips of training shit." Rhino doesn't say anything more, so the crew just plays all of the clips one after another. The first shows Candy and her "personal" trainer, once again totally nude. The other contestants can't even get the stacked Latino to talk to any of them because she seems obsessed with the big redhead. In the clip, Candy's lying face-down on a massage table, glistening with oil as her trainer runs her hands over the ample flesh. The Latino is massaging one of Candy's feet and then starts licking and sucking her toes. The next clip shows Kathleen doing some light sparring on the mats with Su-A-Cydal. Su has maybe a dozen large adhesive bandages visible on her, and there are slight lines in her tight outfit that indicate more underneath. Su is trapped on her knees with her left arm in a hammerlock and Kathleen's right arm locked around her chin. The bigger blonde has her friend arched back against her knee, but it's pretty clear that Kathleen is going easy on Su with the hold. The next image is of a trainer, the young blonde that was shown with Devine last week, being tied in the top and middle ropes by Madeline Mayhem. Mayhem has a big advantage in terms of size so she has no trouble tying the girl helpless in the ropes, and then she unloads a vicious bombardment of punches to the poor girl's breasts and face. The last clip is Emerald Fire, and she's sparring in the ring with the heavyweight trainer that flattened Jessi in last week's training footage. Emerald isn't faring any better than Jessi did. She's trapped in a Boston Crab with her bare D-cups being crushed into the canvas and her back being curled into a "C." The camera moves around so it shows that this isn't the only abuse she's received from this trainer. The latex body-paint on her crotch is peeling away and revealing red-and-purple bruises on the redhead's smooth mound.

The image goes back to Lubek, who doesn't notice for a few seconds. When she does, she says, "Finally, it's time for the real action. Okay, nobodies, I'm sure you've all guessed that this week we're having a cage-match, unless you're totally fucking brain-dead. Here's how we're gonna find out which of you will be fighting. You see the two locks on the door?" The camera focuses on the padlocks for a moment. "The keys for those locks are right here." Rhino pulls the cloth off of the table and shows 7 keys lying on the surface. "Each of you is gonna grab a key and then try to open those locks with it. If your key opens a lock, you gimme the lock and get inside the cage. Once you're both inside, I lock you in and you fight until one of you can climb out over the top to win. Now, grab your keys."

The seven contestants moved over to the table as a group and each picked up one of the brass keys. Candy Treats used her size to push her way to the front of the line, eager to try her key and, hopefully, take her seat. The look on her face when the first lock opened immediately was priceless. With a loud "Oh FUCK," she looked at the lock for a second and then took it off of the door and walked the two steps to Rhino to hand her the lock. As she did so, Jessi slipped out of the group and put her key into the second lock, but as hard as she tried, it wouldn't turn and open the padlock. Miho Shina was next with the same results. Candy was climbing into the ring as Emerald went next, but this wasn't going to be a battle of the redheads, it seemed. Emerald Fire stepped out of the way as Su moved forward to try her key. There was a loud "NO" as the lock popped open easily, but it came from Kathleen. "Su, you're not completely healed yet! You can't fight a cage-match! Ms. Lubek, I'll take her place!"

Again, that look of almost amusement passed over Rhino's face, but then she shook her head. "That ain't how it works, Blondie. She gets in the cage and fights the redhead, or I'll drag her ass in the cage and break her myself. There ain't any substitutions, got it?"

Kathy looked ready to beg, but Su put her hand on her friend's shoulder and handed the lock to Rhino. "Kathy, stop it. I signed up for this contest knowing that I could end up in this kind of situation. Please, don't cause trouble for us both like this. Just take a seat and root for me, please?" Kathleen looked anything but happy, but she gave Su a kiss on the cheek and followed the other contestants to the seats in the front row. Su climbed into the cage, and Rhino slammed the door and locked it.

Cydal had barely stood upright when 200 pounds of raunchy redhead plowed into her and crushed her spine into the corner turnbuckles. Candy had every intention of winning this match and didn't feel like waiting for the bell. "Bitch, your goody-two-shoes friend don't know it yet, but she just kissed you "goodbye!" I'm gonna rip your cunt out and make you gag on it!" As she bellowed in the blonde's face, Candy was driving her right knee upward with all of her might, sending three shots into Su's stomach and two into her pussy. Su made an explosive "BWAAUUGG" noise from the first knee as she expelled all of the air in her lungs, and each knee that followed was accompanied by a dry-heaving noise because the busty blonde had no breath to scream. Su started to sink to the mat as her legs went weak, but Treats caught her and hung her arms over the top ropes to keep her standing. Turning sideways slightly, Candy hammered the point of her elbow into Su's forehead twice, three times into her nose, and twice into her mouth. The nose was broken and gushed blood and snot over Su's chin, and the shots to the mouth split both lips. The blows to Su's forehead rattled her brain, but the bandage on her forehead protected her nearly-healed cut.

Candy didn't like that. She ripped the bandage away and sank her teeth into Su's forehead, wrenching a high-pitched squeal from the buxom blonde. The cut that had almost closed completely was gnawed back open so Candy could taste the salty blood in her mouth. Pulling back, she said, "Yeah, that's more fucking like it!" She pulled Su up and turned her around to drive her face into the side of the cage a few times, tearing open her forehead more. After about four slams into the steel, it looked like Su couldn't stand without Candy holding her up, and the redhead hung her on the turnbuckles again. She looked down at Su's body, focusing on the other bandages that she could see. "Now, let's get rid of the rest of these fuckers!" Using both hands, she gave Su a "hair-mare" out of the corner to throw Su down hard on her back. Standing over Su-A-Cydal, Candy licked the blonde's blood from her lips and spat it down into the blood on Su's face. Then, she dropped her knee onto Su's throat to pin her to the mat as Candy tore at the blue-and-white striped costume like a wild animal, ripping it open between Su's basketball-breasts all the way down to her crotch. Bandages started flying. They were torn off of Su's breasts, nipples, belly and mound, where the deepest cuts hadn't quite healed. Su was flipped over face-down and pinned again with a knee, now on the back of her neck. The torn suit was peeled down her back to her thighs, and the handful of bandages on her back and buttocks were ripped from her skin. Visibly pleased with herself, Candy stood and stomped her left boot down on each partially healed wound and twisted her heel on it to bring fresh blood from the old wounds. Once Treats had reopened the old cuts, she bent down and pulled the torn outfit off of Su completely. She twisted the cotton outfit into a short rope between her hands and watched Su trying to push herself up on her arms. The big redhead let Su get up almost to the point where her breasts were off of the canvas before flipping the "rope" over Su's head and pulling it tight around the blonde's throat. Candy then planted her right boot in the small of Su's back and hauled back on her makeshift noose, strangling Su and bending her spine to the breaking point. Su-A-Cydal looked helpless, kicking her feet on the mat and clawing at the cotton as blood ran down her face and stained the fabric.

Candy was laughing as Su croaked and flailed beneath her, but her eyes were drawn to Su's tits, the only tits in the contest that rivaled her own. They were swinging back and forth beneath the blonde, and the thick nipples were growing long and hard from the tips gently scraping the canvas. That gave Candy a wicked idea, and when Su's struggles faded after a minute or so, Candy put it into action. Taking her foot from Su's back, she lowered the blonde back down and used the toes of her boots to nudge Cydal's boobs out from beneath her. Spreading her legs a little wider, Candy stepped on the long, meaty tips and squashed them into the canvas as she hauled up on the twisted suit again. The result was a bizarre picture of torture and agony. Su's face was painted red and transformed into a mask of silent torment while her beautiful, round breasts were stretched out into long cones more than twice their normal length. Standing over the suffering, naked blonde, the red-haired heavyweight had an expression of mixed pleasure and exertion as she pulled upward with all of her might to make Su's pain as horrible as possible. It was definitely no surprise that Su-A-Cydal seemed to go limp in mere seconds and was hanging lifeless with drool running down her chin in less than a minute. Still, Treats held her victim for over a minute because she felt like it, and when she let Su down, she raised herself up on her toes and twisted a few times to grind Su's nipples into mincemeat before she stepped away.

Su looked utterly destroyed. Blood flooded out of her savaged nipples from old cuts and new ones, coming so fast that puddles began to form around them almost immediately. Raspy breaths shuddered in and out of Su's chest through the blood-and-saliva foam on her lips. Other than that, she wasn't even twitching.

Candy Treats strutted around the blonde's body like a critic inspecting a piece of artwork, and she was obviously pleased with it. She turned to look at the other contestants and took in the looks of disgust, approval, and, in Kathy's case, teary-eyed horror. "You see this? You can all expect the same if you're gonna get in the ring with me! This is the second bitch that I've destroyed without getting a scratch! Fuck, this slut was even easier than the first scrawny skank!" Candy turned back to Su, drew back her right boot, and launched her toe into Su's twat hard enough to lift her ass a foot off of the mat. The "crunch" of impact was accompanied by an anguished shriek, and a new stream of blood began to flow from between Su's nether-lips as her legs squirmed on the canvas. "Consider yourself lucky that I don't fucking cripple you, slut! You don't fucking deserve to be in the ring with me!" Candy stepped on Su's back and walked over her toward the corner where she started to climb the turnbuckles, intent on getting out of the cage and finding her pet trainer for a little celebration.

She had no reason to believe that Su would be able to move, so she never bothered to look back. But, Su-A-Cydal was past the pain-threshold that triggered her full skills and, thanks to Candy's cockiness, she'd regained consciousness in time to use them. As Candy walked away from her, Su forced herself up to her hands and knees and crawled after the red-haired sadist, leaving three trails of blood and getting to the corner only a couple of seconds after Candy. She fought through the pain to get to her feet and surprised the hell out of Treats by reaching up and grabbing the redhead by the crotch of her shorts, getting a handful of Candy's bush in the process. "What the FUCK! LET GO OF MY BUSH!" The fact that Candy had a bush big enough to hide a small car was known to all of the contestants, thanks to Candy's numerous episodes of nude training, sunbathing, etc. Su went for it because she was weak and figured that pulling pubes would even things up a bit. She couldn't know how much Candy loved her overgrown red thatch, that Candy treated her pubes like Samson treated his hair. Treats froze in place and clung to the side of the cage with her feet balanced precariously on the top rope. "If you don't let go of my bush, I swear I'll kill you! I'll tear your fucking eyes out and squeeze your head 'til your brains ooze out! I'll AAAAHHH!" The redhead's threats caught in her throat as Su gave her beloved bush a hard yank. "LET GO!" Desperate, Candy tried to kick her left foot back into Su's face, but the blonde gave another yank at the same moment, throwing off Candy and making her other foot slip from the rope. Candy hung from her fingers for a few seconds and then came down, hanging her tits over the top rope and busting open her forehead on the side of the cage. Su didn't hesitate and clamped her arms around Candy's waist, pressing her down on the top rope and using the springy cable to help pull Treats over backward in a German suplex. Candy went over right on the top of her head and flopped over face-down on the mat, moaning and holding her head with both hands. Su got to her feet and left Candy where she was. She had to climb while she had the chance. Wiping the blood from her eyes, she concentrated on scaling the turnbuckles and the chain-link fencing.

It was probably the best decision for Su to make, but it still wasn't a good one. Candy was stunned but a long way from out. She was up and staring at the blood on her hand from her forehead before Su reached the top turnbuckle. Then, she looked at Su up on the turnbuckles and went after her. Now, Su was surprised as Candy's head pushed up between her legs, forcing Su higher as Candy got up to the top turnbuckle with the gory blonde on her shoulders. Too weak to hold on, Su was pulled off the side of the cage as Candy hit her with the electric-chair from the top rope. Cydal slammed into the canvas with a sound like a thunder-clap and was left spread-eagle and momentarily paralyzed by the impact.

Candy Treats got up a little slowly after the fall herself, but she did get up and she looked at Su with murder in her eyes. "You stupid, fucking whore, don't you know when you're fucked? I gave you a fucking break, and you fucking pissed on it!" Candy reached into the front of her shorts and pulled out something metallic. "Now I rip your fucking face off!" Candy sat down on Su's legs and pulled the blonde up, locking her legs around Su's torso and arms to keep her in place.

Outside the ring, Kathleen screamed, "She's still got her key from the lock! My God, somebody stop her! She's going to use it on Su!" She made an effort to get over the security rail, but she got shoved back by Rhino.

Rhino shrugged and gave the tall blonde another of those partially-amused expressions. "No shit, she's gonna use it. She gave me the lock but not the key, so I figured she'd use it. There's no-fucking-rules, remember?" Kathleen stared at the big woman in shock, not able to believe that she was being forced to stand there and watch as Su got maimed.

Inside the cage, Candy had her victim's head pulled back with a handful of hair, and she was digging the brass key into one side of Su's forehead and dragging it across to the other, unleashing torrents of blood. Once she reached the other side of Su's head, she started over again, tearing four gashes in her head in all. "Now, let's get these!" Candy grabbed the bottom of Su's left tit and shoved it up practically in the blonde's face. Of course, blinded with her own blood, Su couldn't actually see Candy stab the key into the top of her soft tit, but she could feel it rip a bloody line down the ravaged breast. Candy slashed away at her rival's breast and gave the same treatment to the other succulent boob. After the second breast was destroyed, the redhead released her legs and slammed her fist into Su's face, laying her out on the mat again. Breathing hard, Candy moved back so she was kneeling between Su's legs. She saw Su feebly reach up to wipe blood from her eyes and said, "Yeah, watch this, bitch! Now your cunt gets it!" She raised her fist with the key poised to tear more flesh.

And Su's legs clamped around her neck like a bear trap. Running on pure survival instinct, Su-A-Cydal's legs squeezed with maniacal strength, even as she caught Candy's hand before it reached her mound. Disbelief kept Candy from reacting immediately, and that let Su lock in the scissors like iron beams. All of a sudden, Candy felt the alarms going off in her head. She couldn't breathe! She was getting dizzy! The legs were cutting off the blood to her brain! She had to get loose! Candy punched and gouged and scratched with her left hand, tearing at the tits and pussy of her opponent, but it was like Su had already felt as much pain as she could. She didn't even flinch as Candy wildly fought for freedom, too focused on maintaining her holds on Candy's neck and the hand with the key. Pretty soon, Candy was slapping grabbing anything she could in the hopes that Su would loosen the choke-hold on her neck, with no luck. Her vision began to swim and grow dark, and after about a minute-and-a-half, Candy's eyes were closing as she faded from consciousness. Not a moment too soon, Candy fell over and Su released the holds.

Su was able to pull herself to the corner, near the end of her strength but determined to win the match. She started to climb the turnbuckles, moving terribly slowly. It took nearly two minutes just to make it to the top turnbuckle, and she still had nearly ten feet of fencing to climb. But she kept going, an inch at a time, nearly at the top when Candy regained consciousness and saw her up on the wall of the cage. With a roar of rage Candy was up and slammed her body into the side of the cage, hoping to shake Su loose, but the blonde was clinging to it like a spider. Now it was a race between Su and Candy as the bigger woman went up the side of the cage after her foe.

Su had her left leg over the top when Candy caught her by the right ankle. "Gotcha, bitch! You ain't going nowhere!" Candy pulled, planning to yank Su back into the ring and throw her the 15 feet to the canvas, but Su was half out of the cage and fighting with the little strength that she had remaining. The deciding factor turned out to be Su's blood, ironically. Candy's vicious tactics had the blonde bleeding worse than she had in the barbed-wire match, and Su was virtually covered in it. Candy's hand slipped. Su's ankle just popped loose, and suddenly free, she tumbled over the top of the cage and fell nearly twenty feet to the arena floor, landing like a bag of wet laundry. Inside, Treats saw Su hit the floor and fell from the side of the cage, landing on her well-padded ass in shock.

Rhino's voice came over the sound system. "I don't fucking believe it, but the winner is Su-A-Cydal. Candy Treats is outta the contest!"

Once again, Kathleen the All-American found herself beside the broken, bloody body of her friend. Su had won the match, but again she had been injured far worse than the woman she defeated, losing a great quantity of blood. Kathy was afraid that Su couldn't survive another "victory" like this.