So You Wanna Be Hardcore! Week 4

The S.H.A.G. introduction has changed again, but only slightly. The hard rock music comes on with the first red screen, and the word "SEXY" is followed still by a scene of Showgirl Heather Sharpe dominating the pretty Asian girl that The Ace of Spades broke in half in the previous show introduction. The tall, gorgeous blonde in the rhinestone-studded body-stocking is on the mat with the Asian girl wearing a lavender bikini. The Showgirl has her long legs in a scissors-hold on the Asian's legs, her left arm in a choke around the slender neck of the pretty girl, and her right hand is under the girl's bikini top and squeezing her orange-sized breast. It's hard to say why, but the tortured expression on the Asian's face is incredibly erotic in its suffering. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to a new clip of the same beautiful Asian girl being dominated by another fighter. This woman also appears to be Asian, though her "Rubinesque" figure and some of her facial features hint that she might not be "fully" Asian. Whatever the case, she has a voluptuous figure squeezed into a shiny, red one-piece with a thong-back, and she has laid her petite opponent lengthwise on a table in the ring. The smaller girl appears unconscious, and her lavender bikini has been torn so her pert breasts are bare and her sweet mound is half-uncovered to show her trim, black "arrowhead" of pubic hair. The bigger fighter in red is on the top turnbuckle and leaps through the air to smash her beaten opponent through the table with a frog-splash. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. When the picture turns back to ring action, another wrestler from the old introduction is shown, the sexy brunette in the gold suspender-thong and thin black tube-top. She's joined by a gorgeous redhead in a matching outfit, and both of the lovely babes are being held about a three feet off of the mat by the throat. An immense woman, over six feet tall and probably near 300 pounds, is holding them both effortlessly and smashes them into the canvas with a ring-shaking double-choke-slam. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and changes to a scene involving two wrestlers, a dark-skinned African woman and a sensual Indian woman. The Indian woman has her opponent trapped in a "sharpshooter," but despite the anguish on her face, the black woman is shaking her head at the referee, clearly refusing to submit. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes to the contest's theme. The picture flashes through the same five still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as a series of 5-second clips are shown of the contestants with their names, slightly altered from last week. Angie is still shown first, lounging on her side in the ring and leaning on her elbow. Her upper body is discretely covered by a short, black, satin robe that only shows a glimpse of her black bra, but her legs are showcased in sheer black pantyhose with black high heels on her feet. The second clip, Candy Treats, is the same as last week, showing the large redhead standing on top of the Mercury Sable with Tyneetina bloody and naked in an inverted bearhug and executing a sit-out Tombstone piledriver. Jessi is next, wearing her tiny, blue-and-white thong with the attached straps large enough to cover her nipples, she is doing a solo bodybuilding pose, standing sideways to the camera with her hands clasped near her hip and flexing her slim arms. Still following Jessi is Su-A-Cydal, but now she has a "double-clip" showing her in action, to keep the introduction from becoming too short. The beginning of the clip has her, naked and bloody, following Toya the Teen Terror around the ring and beating her across the back with the barbed-wire-wrapped bamboo stick. That changes after a few seconds into Su applying her cobra-clutch-like hold on Toya, driving the barbed-wire-glove into the side of the teen's face. The next clip, Toya's, has been removed. Following Su's clip is the clip of her new friend Kathleen the "All-American," doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. Miho Shina is next, standing with her back to the camera in a white one-piece that is "high-cut" around her very nicely shaped buttocks. The Japanese fighter turns her torso and head to look at the camera, showing that her face and bust aren't as attractive as the rear-view, but there is something alluring in the demure smile and dark eyes. The clip after Shina still shows Madeline Mayhem wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist as she lifts Melissa by the throat and choke-slams her into the coffin from the Casket Match. Next up is Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. Not surprisingly, the camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head. The camera catches every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. The clip that follows Emerald Fire is Ms. Devine, shown posing in a full-length black gown and stiletto heels with one long leg slightly bent and visible through the slit on the side of the gown. The stunning African-American woman looks cool and elegant and, most of all, confident. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

This week, the show again isn't inside the S.H.A.G. arena. Instead, when the picture comes into view, it's back in the big warehouse-type building that was used for the Car Wash Match and the Barbed-Wire Match. The ring for this week's match looks normal, but where the race-course was last week, a type of scaffolding has been set up with thick mats below it. Su-A-Cydal is sitting in the bleachers looking like a badly-wrapped but very sexy mummy with all of the bandages from her match last week. The other eight contestants are standing in a line and watching this week's hostess in the ring.

This hostess is a big change from Annie Potts. Her name is Soon Yi, a 19-year-old Korean girl, and she's instantly recognizable in her lavender bikini as the small and lovely Asian girl shown losing in the opening clips. The only thing that Soon Yi has in common with Annie Potts is the fact that she doesn't use a gimmick, other than being a victim in every match. Her only common traits with the other hostesses, the Ace and the Showgirl, are that Soon Yi is gorgeous and incredibly popular with the fans, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that she is always dominated. She sells tickets by the hundreds and thousands as fans flock to see her beg, whimper, scream, cry, and contort in the sexiest agony you can imagine. She's so popular as a jobber that she actually is "protected" by the S.H.A.G. management, in a way. Though she does face some top talent and get utterly destroyed in some matches, Soon Yi does not, and will not, face any of the truly sadistic talent in the company, the fighters that would permanently cripple or scar the delicate beauty.

Actually, one contestant knows Soon Yi from more than her clips in the show's introduction. Soon Yi has something in common with Miho Shina, a former association with the Asian Nude Submission Circuit that lasted almost two years. In fact, Miho personally wrung screaming submissions from the Korean girl in Singapore, Hong Kong, and her hometown of Seoul. Soon Yi's position in the Circuit was the same as the one she has now, a beautiful victim for other fighters to torture, but she didn't enjoy the "protection" that she does now. On the contrary, Soon Yi was becoming more terrified with each match because her opponents were trying to "top" each other, growing more cruel and vicious in their treatment of the sexy Korean girl like it was a contest to prove who could hurt her the most. Much like Shina, Soon Yi had a stroke of luck when she was seen by someone connected to S.H.A.G., and her contract was purchased from her manager (more like "owner"). Being brought to the United States, Soon Yi expected to be some man's plaything, but she's been very pleased to find that she is treated as a valued employee and a celebrity, not a slave. Because of that, she fights harder than ever now, even though she has no chance of winning, and will absorb huge amounts of punishment in order to please the fans and management.

In the middle of the ring, the "Asian Flower," as she's sometimes called, gave the camera a radiant smile and spoke in the excited "broken-English" that she used. Actually, she speaks English very well, but the fans like the broken-English because it adds to Soon Yi's youthful vulnerability. "Hello, Fans! I be hostess for contest this week! First, I tell about girls hurt in other weeks! First girl, Tyneetina, getting better very fast! We not have pictures, but Tyneetina go to gym this week and do easy workouts! Doctor say Tyneetina ready for normal workout very soon! Second girl, Melissa, she also get better very fast! We have pictures of her!" The image goes to a clip of Melissa doing roadwork. She's wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and her right knee is in a brace. Her hands are visibly improved, showing only the damaged fingers taped instead of her entire hand, and there don't seem to be any bruises left on Melissa's face. "Now, we have last girl, Toya! She very cut up and very angry! She have pictures, too!" The clip of Toya shows the massively muscled teen sitting on a treatment table in a hospital with her torso and half of her face wrapped in bandages. The half of her face that is visible is twisted into a furious glare at the camera. She starts to speak but a nurse tells her not to say anything, so as not to pull out the stitches in her cheek. The image shifts back to Soon Yi. "Doctor tell Toya to not talk because face cut! She send message that I read! Message say, 'Su, you are bitch and I kill you! I cut you bad in match and next time I break you bones! You never fight again! I get you!' Toya VERY angry!" Soon Yi turned to look at Su in the stands. "Su, you have message for Toya?"

Su-A-Cydal looked a tiny bit startled by the question. She didn't expect to be asked for a "rebuttal," but she could give one. It could even help her "image" in the contest. "Sure, I have a response! Toya, you cut me and beat me until I was a bloody mess, but YOU gave up, not ME! I plan on winning this competition, so I doubt we'll ever meet in the ring again! But if we do, that match will end the same way that the last match ended. with you begging me for mercy!" Having said her piece, Su nodded her thanks to Soon Yi and got a smile from the hostess.

"Okay, now we have pictures of training! You see contestants get ready for maybe fight this week!" A series of clips starts with Kathleen the All-American sparring with a blonde trainer. The most interesting part is that Su, bandaged from head to toe, is coaching Kathy as she spars. That changes to another sparring clip with Jessi. Unlike most of the contestant clips, Jessi is on the receiving end in this one. The slim brunette is working with a heavyweight trainer, a dark-haired woman that looks somewhere between the size of Madeline and Candy. The trainer has Jessi bent into a "horseshoe" in an over-the-knee backbreaker. As the clip shifts from Jessi to Candy Treats, it seems that all of the clips are of sparring sessions with trainers. In this clip, Candy is facing the same buxom Latino trainer that she molested in last week's clip, and from the action being shown, Candy has found a "friend" of her own. Candy and the trainer are having some kind of nude sparring session/sexfight, and Candy has the Latino in a reverse-face-sit while holding the trainer in a "matchbook" with the Latino's legs tucked under Candy's arms. Candy is grinding her bush into the trainer's face and definitely enjoying herself a lot, and the dark-haired trainer isn't struggling to be free, more like massaging Candy's ass as it gyrates on her face. The last two clips are normal sparring sessions. Miho Shina is shown applying a suspended-ceiling hold on a redheaded trainer that resembles Emerald Fire (with more clothing and smaller breasts). The final clip is of Ms. Devine holding a very young-looking blonde trainer in a fireman's carry and swinging her down into an over-the-knee neckbreaker. The young blonde convulses in serious pain on the canvas and can't counter when Ms. Devine turns her face down and applies a wicked camel-clutch on the girl.

"Okay, contestants are training very hard! Now, we choose contestants for fight this week! This week fight is "I Quit" Match! Only way to win match is say, "I quit!" Nothing else stop match!" In a way, this explains why Soon Yi was chosen to be this week's hostess. In addition to being extremely popular, no one has given more submissions than the pretty Korean girl. "To choose girls for fight, we have endurance test! Contestants go to platform!" Soon Yi points to the scaffolding, and the eight contestants walk over and, one-by-one, climb up to the platform, about 8 feet above the mats. "Now contestants hold onto bar!" There's a steel bar above the platform, within easy reach of even the shortest fighters. They all reach up and grab it with both hands. "Contestants hang from bar when I say "Go!" First two girls that fall do fight this week! Contestants ready?" They all nod. "GO!"

Soon Yi's description of the test didn't say exactly what would happen when she signaled the start. Angie expected the bar to be raised until the contestants were all suspended a foot or so above the platform. She planned on holding the bar loosely until it the last second to conserve her strength. Unfortunately, S.H.A.G. doesn't place "nice" that way. When Soon Yi said, "Go," the platform, which was more like a trapdoor, fell out from under the contestants and left them instantly suspended about eight feet above the thick mats on the floor. Angie, completely surprised, lost her grip with one hand almost immediately, since she hadn't locked her grip on the bar, and the other hand was slipping. Then, she really made a mistake, though it was a natural reaction. As the fingers of her left hand lost their grip on the bar, Angie grasped wildly with her right hand for anything to keep herself up in the air, and she got a solid grip. on Ms. Devine's gown. Angie's left hand slipped and all of her weight suddenly shifted onto Ms. Devine's dress. Surprised like everyone else when the platform dropped away, Ms. Devine was surprised a second time when her dress slid down off of her bra-covered breasts accompanied by a major gain in weight. As strong and skilled as she was, the confident black woman couldn't keep her grip on the bar, and after less than thirty seconds, Angie hit the mats with Ms. Devine landing on top of her.

This week's fighters had been chosen, and understandably, Ms. Devine was rather upset over the way she had been included. Like lightning, Devine shifted her body and locked Angie into a "crippler-crossface" hold, yelling, "You useless bitch, how dare you sabotage me?" Angie didn't respond, beyond a squeal of pain, and crew members rushed over to separate the fighters.

From the ring, Soon Yi said, "No fight over there! You have fight here in ring!"

Ms. Devine shoved the crew members away from her, adjusted her gown over her breasts again, and strode over to the ring. After a few moments, Angie managed to shake off the rough landing and submission hold enough to follow. The rest of the contestants were lowered to the floor and took their seats in the stands to watch the match.

Now that she was in the ring, Ms. Devine seemed completely composed after her brief spurt of anger, at least on the surface. If you looked in her eyes, you could see a cold gleam as Devine stared across the ring at Angie, saying that the girl with the "perfect legs" was far from forgiven. In the opposite corner, Angie hadn't quite recovered from her mistake and its consequences yet, but she was doing her best to conceal the aches in her neck and back. The fall alone had sent a spike of pain through Angie's bad back, what with Ms. Devine landing on top of her and driving the air out of her.

Soon Yi took care of the last details with a final introduction of the fighters. "In this corner," she pointed at Ms. Devine, "is Ms. Devine, 150 pounds! In that corner," pointing at Angie, "is Angie, 140 pounds! When bell ring, you fight no rules! I stop match when someone say, "I quit!" You understand?" Both fighters nodded; Ms. Devine looked bored. "Okay, you both fight good!" Soon Yi backed into a neutral corner to be out of the fighters' way and nodded to the timekeeper, who rang the bell.

The two women left their corners, the blonde cautiously and the African-American confidently. Both were all in black with high heels. But as they locked-up for the first time, that seemed to be the only thing they had in common. As they got close to each other, Angie raised her hands in front of her and stepped forward to lock up with her taller and slightly heavier opponent. But Devine wasn't there. Without looking even slightly rushed, the black woman slid to her left and turned, avoiding Angie's hands entirely and countering with a knife-edge chop to the back of Angie's neck. With a yelp, Angie kept going past Ms. Devine and clasped her hands over the back of her neck, but Devine was already targeting a new area, driving a knife-thrust into Angie's right kidney. The strength seemed to flood out of Angie's legs as she wobbled on her heels and went down on her right knee. Instinct overrode strategy and Angie took her hands away from her neck to try to cover her throbbing kidney. Devine went back upstairs, executing a spinning-kick that spiked the stiletto heel of her right shoe into the base of Angie's skull. With an agonized shriek, the blonde slammed down face-first into the canvas and didn't move, half-unconscious and temporarily paralyzed by the lethal kick.

Seemingly in no hurry, Ms. Devine took two steps to Angie's feet, reached down, and grabbed them by the ankles. Crossing them, Devine pushed them up toward Angie's butt and sat down, straddling her shins and putting pressure on Angie's knees. In her stupor, Angie whimpered and moaned slightly as she felt her legs manipulated, but Ms. Devine didn't appear to notice as she reached up and grabbed Angie's short, black robe by the shoulders. She pulled the robe down, pinning Angie's arms for a moment, and then reached under the blonde's stomach to untie the soft belt at Angie's waist. Once it was untied, Ms. Devine pulled the robe off of her opponent completely and stood, leaving Angie face-down in just her black bra, sheer black pantyhose, and heels. Angie was just starting to regain her wits so she didn't quite realize that she'd lost part of her outfit, and Ms. Devine seemed to be focused on the robe that she'd just taken. Pulling the belt free, she hung it over her shoulder and turned her attention to one of the robe's sleeves. Grasping it firmly, Devine tugged at it a couple of times and tore it free, and then she folded it carefully into a thick square of fabric.

In the stands, the other contestants were trying to figure out what Ms. Devine was doing, playing with Angie's robe when Angie herself was helpless on the mat. It became clear to them when Ms. Devine sat down again, this time about midway up Angie's back. Taking the folded square of cloth, the African-American fighter reached around and stuffed it into Angie's mouth, and she took the belt and used it to tie the gag in place firmly. Ms. Devine wanted to stay out of a match as long as possible, keeping her skills a secret from the other contestants. Angie had ruined that plan, and now she would pay dearly for that until Ms. Devine chose to let her submit.

Now that Angie was silenced, Ms. Devine took a handful of curly blonde hair and pulled her up to her feet. A thumb to the throat, a heart-punch, and a knee-lift to the crotch slammed into Angie's body in the space of a heartbeat, again not looking rushed at all. Ms. Devine moved more like a precision piece of machinery, efficiently and rapidly carrying out its purpose. Angie started to crumble from the debilitating blows, but she was caught by the hair and crotch and lifted up onto Ms. Devine's right shoulder. Grabbing Angie's legs behind the knees, Devine spread the blonde's legs and pulled downward while dropping to her left knee. Angie's sensitive mound was smashed onto Devine's right knee in a Reverse-Atomic-Drop, crushing Angie's mound again. Angie made a sound that was high-pitched but muffled by her gag and began to topple over backward off of Devine's knee. Before she could, Ms. Devine caught her by the hair and stood, pulling Angie up. Still moving quickly but almost casually, the bigger woman backed Angie into the ropes and used them to whip the blonde across the ring. Following a pace behind, Devine watched Angie hit the far ropes chest-first and dove forward, hitting Angie with a spear to the lower spine as she bounced off of the ropes. Another muffled sound, more guttural this time, came out of the gagged girl as her body arched backward from the impact and then was thrown forward to sprawl over the top rope. Angie's arms hooked over the rope so she didn't fall while Ms. Devine gracefully got back to her feet and took a good look at the blonde. She must have been deciding on a target, but she didn't take long with the decision. Devine's left leg shot out from the slit in her gown in a superkick, stabbing her heel into the back of Angie's skull once more. Angie's head shot forward with such force that you could hear her chin go "thud" as it hit Angie's chest, and the blonde went limp and sagged down off of the ropes to the mat.

Ms. Devine stood over the unconscious blonde for a few seconds and then reached down to grab her by the ankles. She took a moment to pull off Angie's high heels and toss them out of the ring. Then, Devine dragged Angie into the middle of the ring and slowly, deliberately stepped over Angie's right leg and bent it so the calf was in front of Devine's thigh. Angie's left leg was held straight against Devine's left leg, setting her legs in position for a figure-4-leglock. Then, she waited. She waited until Angie started to move and a soft moan could be heard, indicating that Angie was regaining consciousness. The instant that Angie's eyes flickered open, Ms. Devine completed the hold by locking her right leg over Angie's bent leg and falling backward to exert terrible pressure on Angie's pride and joy, her beautiful legs.

Angie woke from a hurt-all-over haze to a focused torture of her gorgeous legs. Ms. Devine was showing her mastery of the figure-4 by keeping steady, painful pressure on Angie's legs and then raising her hips in a sudden surge of power that had Angie flopping around on the canvas in pure agony. Then, Devine would go back to the lighter pressure long enough for the sobbing blonde to regain some control of herself and try to escape before cranking it up again. Tears running down her cheeks, Angie was so overloaded with pain and fear for her prize assets that she simply couldn't think straight. As seconds turned into minutes, the tortured blonde kept trying to grab Devine's legs or pull them both to the ropes to escape. It didn't occur to her to pull the gag out of her mouth. She could do it; her hands weren't tied! Without the gag, Angie could submit and save herself, but she was concentrating on her legs so much that it didn't occur to her.

It finally took Soon Yi to give Angie the idea. Angie had been locked in the figure-4 for at least three minutes, with no end in sight, and Soon Yi, a gentle girl that hated the sight of anyone suffering so much, got down close to Angie and said loudly, "Why you not give up? You say "I quit," and she let go!" It was almost comical the way that Angie stared at Soon Yi. The words, "Why didn't I think of that," were written all over her face as she reached up for the gag. But Ms. Devine had planned for this and gave Angie the greatest surge of power that she had, raising her butt well off of the mat to send a fiery wave of agony ripping through the white girl's legs. Animal squeals forced their way past the gag, and Angie's torso bounced up and down as her arms slapped the canvas and flailed in the air. This time, Ms. Devine had no intention of letting Angie recover at all and gave Angie every bit of power in her toned, ebony legs until the blonde's eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out from the pain.

Once Angie was unconscious again, Ms. Devine untied their legs and stood, holding Angie's ankles and opening her legs. The best part of dominating a girl as a lesson was having her know that she was helpless, and Angie had a lot more lesson to learn. Raising her left foot, Devine drilled her stiletto heel into the crotch of Angie's sheer pantyhose, forcing heel and nylon between the blonde's nether-lips and into her vagina. The burning pain of it jolted the girl awake, reacting with both hands plunging down between her legs to try to ease the pain. Devine let Angie paw at her ankle for a few seconds and then leaned on her left leg, twisting and grinding it downward and deeper into Angie's sex. She took Angie to the edge of passing out again but withdrew her heel at the last second. The sobbing blonde curled into the fetal position beneath her tormentor, both hands cupped over her throbbing mound. Again, any thoughts about removing the gag had been driven away by the torture.

Ms. Devine stood poised over Angie, not even breathing hard at this point, while Angie was flushed red, gasping from the gag and crying, and wracked with pain. Still casual about it, Devine moved so she could put her right foot on Angie's back and push her face-down on the canvas, still holding her crotch. Straddling the blonde, the African-American fighter dropped down onto Angie's lower spine, pinning her down with her hands trapped beneath her. Devine could have done a lot of things at this point, but what she wanted to do was unhook Angie's bra and pull it off of Angie's average-sized breasts. Getting the brassiere off meant releasing Angie's arms, but that was no problem. Angie's strength was pretty much at an all-time low at the moment, and Ms. Devine could hold both arms with only one hand. It was time to make sure that Angie didn't try to get rid of the gag before Ms. Devine was ready, so she used Angie's bra to tightly tie Angie's wrists together.

With Angie bound and helpless (though she was pretty helpless before her hands were tied), Ms. Devine stood and dragged Angie up to her feet. Immediately, Devine locked her right arm around Angie's throat from behind, both to choke the blonde and to keep her from falling. Angie's legs were still next-to-useless from the figure-4, and only the dark, sinewy arm around her neck was keeping her upright. In a gesture designed to humiliate, the dominant woman gently ran her left hand down Angie's body, cupping each breast and stroking her swollen mound. She even discovered a small rip in the crotch of the pantyhose, made by her heel earlier, and worked a finger into it to play with Angie's labia. Through all of this, Angie cried and whimpered for mercy through her gag, unable to muster the strength to resist.

After a couple of minutes of this, Ms. Devine moved on to more punishment. She turned Angie around so they were facing each other and used a knife-thrust to the diaphragm to bend the blonde over. Pulling Angie's head between her knees, Ms. Devine jumped up about a foot and dropped to her knees, nailing Angie with a pedigree. Face-down and flirting with unconsciousness again, Angie barely felt Devine take Angie's ankles and hook them around her own shins and then reach forward to grab Angie's arms. Like with the figure-4, Angie suddenly found herself pulled back roughly to reality, this time with a suspended-ceiling hold that had her back arched and her breasts pointing up at the lights. The strain on her arms and legs was bad, but this was working Angie's back, too. Past matches and old injuries made Angie's back one of her weakest points, and the suspended-ceiling was compounding the damage done earlier. It felt like blades digging into her spine as Angie keened through the wad of fabric in her mouth.

In this hold, Angie barely lasted a minute before Ms. Devine released her, rather than let the blonde pass out. Devine thrusted with her legs as she let go of Angie's arms, resulting in the blonde being flipped and slammed face- and breasts-first into the canvas. Poor Angie was trembling on the mat in her pantyhose, unable to move because of the horrendous beating that she was taking. And with each move by Devine, Angie was getting weaker.

Ms. Devine knew that, but she didn't care. She had a few more moves that she wanted to use on this worthless bitch before giving her the chance to submit. She sat up and got to her feet, in no hurry since Angie wasn't going anywhere. With practiced ease, Devine picked up Angie's left leg and applied a single-leg Boston Crab, focusing on the knee. She leaned back into the hold, cranking up the pressure, and spent the next minute or so listening to the deep moans coming from her victim. It was a good start. Devine held the half-Crab until she felt Angie's thigh begin to spasm from the strain, and then she went to the next step. Never releasing the hold, the African-American turned around, locking Angie's leg in place with her own legs. Then, she reached forward to secure a chin-lock. Angie felt the tendons in her neck stretch along with the ligaments in her knee as Devine's STF hold was solidly locked in. Now the moans rose in pitch to screams, and Angie's right leg slid back and forth on the mat. It looked like she was trying to push them to the ropes or (more likely) that she didn't have enough strength left to kick her leg against the mat.

A few of the other contestants like Miho and Su had to be impressed by the scene in the ring. Ms. Devine had created a perfect picture of domination. Devine was still elegant, wearing her gown and heels and looking virtually the same as she did when the match started. Angie was wearing only torn pantyhose, her blonde curls were flat and limp with sweat, she was flushed bright red from pain and exhaustion, and most important, Angie was totally helpless in Devine's hands. The hapless blonde couldn't do a damned thing but squeal and squirm as Ms. Devine played with her, increasing and decreasing the pressure of the hold for several minutes until she got bored and knocked Angie out again.

Ms. Devine used the brief break to adjust her gown and catch her breath a little, unconcerned about Angie. The girl was completely out and didn't so much as twitch until Ms. Devine was ready to continue. The black woman moved around to Angie's head and bent down to pick her up once more, using pressure points under Angie's jaw to get the girl up on her knees. Reaching under Angie, Devine grasped her around the waist and pulled her up to her feet and then turned her around so Angie had her back to Ms. Devine. A moment later, Angie was lifted up so she was in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker, with her legs hanging in front of Devine. Again, Angie felt the pressure building in her spine as she came around, but that wasn't Devine's goal. With a few long strides, Ms. Devine went into the nearest corner and hurled Angie forward like a javelin, sending the blonde's legs on either side of the ring post. Angie came to an immediate stop as her abused crotch rammed the unyielding steel pole. Unsupported (and unable to use her hands), Angie's torso fell downward toward the mat, but Devine completed the latest piece of her plan by catching Angie's legs and hooking them in the turnbuckle to hang Angie in the dreaded Tree of Woe.

Now, it was stiletto-heel torture, slow and thorough. Devine started by stepping up on the middle rope with her left foot so she could dig the right heel into Angie's vagina. Carefully slipping it through the tear in Angie's pantyhose, Ms. Devine inserted the long heel between Angie's lips up to the sole of the shoe and worked it inside the girl. As Angie let loose shrill squeals and rolled her head on the canvas, her tormentor rocked her foot back-and-forth, side-to-side, and up-and-down, scraping the tender walls of Angie's temple and tearing out the crotch of her hose completely. That went on for a couple of minutes until Angie was on the verge of another nap before Devine withdrew her heel and jumped down to stab the slick stiletto into Angie's forehead. The sharp spike to the head jolted Angie's body and revived her somewhat, ready for more torture. The next targets were the blonde's smallish breasts. Each breast was speared perfectly in the nipple, and then the heel was twisted slowly to dig it into the tender nub for a minute or more. Finally, Ms. Devine went for the throat and jammed her right heel into her victim's windpipe until Angie was out once more.

There was one last piece before Angie would be allowed to surrender, the final destruction of her legs. Unhooking them from the turnbuckle, Ms. Devine let the blonde's body slide down to the canvas and then arranged the aching-but-lovely limbs so they were under the ropes on either side of the ring post. Sliding out to the apron, Devine entwined Angie's legs and her own around the steel post, locking in another figure-4 leg-lock! She tickled Angie's feet a little to bring her around and then slipped off of the apron, letting gravity aid her in applying maximum force to the vicious hold. The effect on Angie was immediate and extreme. Her body arched up rigid like she'd received an electric shock, and despite the gag, she let out a deafening scream that made her voice crack. Then, she passed out. But, Ms. Devine wouldn't release the hold, not until she felt something "pop." She wasn't sure if it was the leg or the knee, but it didn't matter as long as the "perfect legs" were damaged. Devine pulled herself back up to the apron using the ring post and untangle her legs from Angie's.

Rolling back into the ring, Ms. Devine draped herself over Angie's chest and untied the gag first, then reached underneath the unconscious girl to untie her hands. Grabbing two handfuls of matted blonde hair, the dark-skinned fighter stood and dragged her broken foe to the middle of the ring. Devine saw that Angie was still out, but she also noticed that Angie's left knee was swelling up like a balloon. That must have been the "pop," probably dislocated. Putting a heel on the swelling knee, a little pressure brought Angie back to consciousness with a cry of agony. Keeping one hand in Angie's hair to keep her sitting up, Ms. Devine clamped her right hand over Angie's face in an Iron Claw and squeezed. After a few seconds, she said, "Okay, bitch, this is your chance to submit. Better take it before I do some real damage to you."

Angie didn't need to be told twice. "I. I. quit. Please. I. quit. No more. please."

Soon Yi had moved in close when she saw Ms. Devine untie the gag, and even though it was barely a whisper, she heard Angie's submission and signaled for the bell. "Angie say "I quit!" Match over! Ms. Devine win!" She looked back and saw that Ms. Devine hadn't released the claw and that Angie looked unconscious again. "Please, you let her go now! You win!"

"I'll be done in a minute." Devine kept the hold clamped on for about another 30 seconds, making sure that Angie wasn't moving at all. Then, not letting go of Angie's hair, she turned around and used her free hand to pull aside the back of her gown's skirt, and she pulled Angie's face into her bare ass, pushing Angie's nose right into her crack. She gave a brief wiggle, the final humiliation, and let the girl collapse back on the mat. Then, Ms. Devine stood straight and tall and raised her arms in victory.