So You Wanna Be Hardcore! Week 3 by JJR9

The S.H.A.G. introduction has changed this week, which isn’t unusual. The company changes the clips of the fighters once or twice a month so there is always recent fight footage in the opening. The hard rock music that comes on with the first red screen stays the same, but the word "SEXY" is followed now by a scene of Showgirl Heather Sharpe dominating the pretty Asian girl that The Ace of Spades broke in half in the previous show introduction. The tall, gorgeous blonde in the rhinestone-studded body-stocking is on the mat with the Asian girl, wearing the same lavender bikini. The Showgirl has her long legs in a scissors-hold on the Asian’s legs, her left arm in a choke around the slender neck of the pretty girl, and her right hand is under the girl’s bikini top and squeezing her orange-sized breast. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to a clip of The Ace of Spades fighting a… woman? The Ace’s opponent must be female, but "she" is the most androgynous woman you’ve ever seen (kind of like those Saturday Night Live skits with "Pat," the pudgy he-she). The appearance of the Death Card’s opponent doesn’t really matter because she’s obviously losing badly. In the short clip, The Ace catapults the heavily-bleeding woman over the top rope and face-first through a table on the floor. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. When the picture turns back to ring action, another wrestler from the old introduction is shown, the sexy brunette in the gold suspender-thong and thin black tube-top. She’s joined by a gorgeous redhead in a matching outfit, and both of the lovely babes are being held about a three feet off of the mat by the throat. An immense woman, over six feet tall and probably near 300 pounds, is holding them both effortlessly and smashes them into the canvas with a ring-shaking double-choke-slam. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and changes to a scene involving two new wrestlers, a dark-skinned African woman and a sensual Indian woman. The Indian woman has her opponent trapped in a "sharpshooter," but despite the anguish on her face, the black woman is shaking her head at the referee, clearly refusing to submit. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes, slightly faster but still hard and powerful. The picture flashes through five still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as a series of 5-second clips are shown of the contestants with their names, slightly altered from last week. Angie is still shown first, lounging on her side in the ring and leaning on her elbow. Her upper body is discretely covered by a short, black, satin robe that only shows a glimpse of her black bra, but her legs are showcased in sheer black pantyhose with black high heels on her feet. The second clip, Candy Treats, is the one from last week, showing the large redhead standing on top of the Mercury Sable with Tyneetina bloody and naked in an inverted bearhug and executing a sit-out Tombstone piledriver. Jessi is next, wearing her tiny, blue-and-white thong with the attached straps large enough to cover her nipples, she is doing a solo bodybuilding pose, standing sideways to the camera with her hands clasped near her hip and flexing her slim arms. Still following Jessi is Su-A-Cydal, shown in profile in her blue-and-white-striped one-piece. The vertical stripes make her waist look slimmer while making her basketball-sized breasts seem even larger. The next contestant shown is Toya the Teen Terror in her denim cut-off shorts, "wife-beater" T-shirt, and army boots. With her massively muscled body, the dark-skinned fighter looks almost as wide as she is tall as she sneers and strikes an awesome double-bicep pose. Almost in perfect contrast, Kathleen the "All-American" is next, doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. Miho Shina is next, standing with her back to the camera in a white one-piece that is "high-cut" around her very nicely shaped buttocks. The Japanese fighter turns her torso and head to look at the camera, showing that her face and bust aren’t as attractive as the rear-view, but there is something alluring in the demure smile and dark eyes. The clip after Shina has changed, no longer showing Madeline Mayhem working out with a punching bag. The big Puerto Rican woman is wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist as she lifts Melissa by the throat and choke-slams her into the coffin from last week’s Casket Match. Next up is Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. Not surprisingly, the camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head. The camera catches every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. The clip that used to follow Emerald Fire, Melissa’s clip, has been removed completely. Now following Fire is the final clip. Ms. Devine is shown posing in a full-length black gown and stiletto heels with one long leg slightly bent and visible through the slit on the side of the gown. The stunning African-American woman looks cool and elegant and, most of all, confident. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

This week, the show isn’t being broadcast from the S.H.A.G. arena. Instead, when the picture comes into view, it looks like the big warehouse-type building that was used the first week for the Car Wash Match. There’s a curtained-off area near the bleacher seats that must be hiding the ring for this week’s match. Madeline Mayhem is lounging in the bleachers already since she has immunity from being chosen this week. The other nine contestants are standing in a line behind this week’s hostess.

Right off the bat, this hostess doesn’t seem anything like the Showgirl or The Ace of Spades. Each in her own way, those two fighters were unquestionably beautiful and popular with the fans. This woman doesn’t seem to fit either criterion. The first thing that you notice is she looks something like the famous wrestler, Judy Martin, if Judy ever went face-first through a plate-glass window. She’s wearing a grey one-piece outfit, the kind of swimsuit-style suit that Martin would have worn, with black boots. Her legs and arms are covered with scars from cuts, burns, and surgery, and on both knees, she’s wearing braces instead of pads. Her hair is short and brown with hints of gray coming in, and if that weren’t enough of a clue, her scowling face has some very visible wrinkles, as well as a couple of scars.

Her name is Annie Potts, and she doesn’t use a ring name or gimmick, unless you consider being old and bitter a gimmick. Annie has been in one ring or another for the last thirty years and has never been a "star." Annie’s entire career has been as a "second-stringer," never getting beyond a mediocre record. As the years passed, she began taking more and more risks to try and gain glory, including her decision to join the extreme-fighting ranks of S.H.A.G. Here, she’s made something of a name for herself in terms of hardcore damage. It’s generally accepted that Annie has shed more blood than any two other fighters in the company. She’s respected as a tough lady, but so many old injuries have combined to rob her of speed and endurance that it often seems that she keeps going only on stubbornness. Her only championship match in all those years was last year, with the S.H.A.G. Champion, and it was possibly the worst beating of her life, which is saying a lot. Many thought it was the end of her career, and some say it should have been. Prior to that match, Annie managed to hold onto a 50:50 record, but since then, she has been in a sharp decline. To make things worse, Potts seems determined to fight in only the most dangerous and bloody matches and pushing her battle-worn body to its limits.

Annie holds up a microphone and looks at a piece of paper. "Okay, let’s get started here! Uh, first I got some updates on the losers from the last two weeks. Okay, uh, Tyneetina got let out of the hospital and is recovering well, according to this." The picture changes to a short clip of Tyneetina being helped from a wheelchair into a car by a nurse and Jessi. She’s smiling and looks a lot better. "The other loser, uh, Melissa, went to the hospital and had, uh, half her fingers either sprained or broken, nose busted, concussion, and a sprained knee. They got her down for 3 or 4 weeks to recover, and we got a clip of her, too."

The clip shows Melissa on an examination table getting her knee wrapped with an elastic bandage. Her nose is taped, and she has two black-eyes. Both of Melissa’s hands are taped up with splints, and it’s hard to say which fingers are injured because they’ve all been pretty much taped together for support. Melissa looks at the camera and speaks. "Mayhem, you bitch, I’m not forgetting this! I’ve got a message for the fans and for you! I’m praying that you get eliminated Madeline, and if you do, I’m begging the fans to put us together in the Fan’s Choice Match! I promise that, if they give me a chance for revenge, I will give them the bloodiest match in history! You hear me, fans? You give me Madeline, and I’ll give you her pulpy corpse in any kind of match that you want!"

The picture goes back to Annie, who stands there with a sideways grin. There’s a scar on her left cheek, and it makes her smile a bit lopsided. "I like her attitude," she mumbles, not realizing that the mike is picking it up. She remembers then that she has more announcements to make. "Uh, we also got some training footage of the contestants that are left." The picture changes to some more short clips of the contestants. The first is of Candy Treats sparring in the ring with a well-endowed Latino trainer. The girl is crucified in the ropes with her arms tied in the top two ropes, and her halter top has been torn down the middle to reveal two large brown breasts with 4-inch dark areola and nipples like chocolate candies. Candy’s "attacking" by groping the full breasts with her left hand while her right hand is busy inside the girl’s tight shorts. There is a look of pain on the girl’s face, but she’s spreading her legs wider, not trying to close them to protect herself, as though she likes it. There is a sound like a snort, and Annie’s voice is heard over the footage. "Guess no one told these two that it’s a hardcore fighting competition, not a hardcore porn competition!" The next clip shows Kathleen the All-American and Su-A-Cydal running together, both wearing jog-bras and spandex shorts. "How cute, we got two bimbos distracting traffic! Half the people on the street are looking up to watch Big Boobs bouncing around, and the rest are watching Long Legs’ gams!" The scene changes to Ms. Devine sparring with a brunette trainer. She has the trainer slapping the mat frantically because she’s trapped in a figure-4 leg-lock, but Ms. Devine doesn’t show any signs that she’s going to release the hold. "That’s it! Break the bitch’s leg!" There is a groan of disappointment as the picture changes again. This clip shows Emerald Fire and Angie working on the mat together, and Angie is dropping her "perfect leg-drop" across Emerald’s 38D’s. "Great, we got another clip of legs and tits!" The last clip shown is of Madeline Mayhem doing a light workout on the weight machines. She still has some large bruises on her chest and lower back from the fight with Melissa, and you can see that it’s causing some discomfort as she exercises. "Shit! You call those injuries? I’ve not only done a full workout with worse than that, but I’ve fought matches in worse shape!"

The picture goes back to Potts, who is shaking her head in annoyance. (It’s probably because she knows that most of these girls, despite what Annie may think of them, have a better chance at "stardom" than Annie has.) "Okay, that’s it for the clips! Now we can get down to the important stuff! Raise the curtain!" The camera swings over as the curtain is raised to reveal a wrestling ring. The ring has no turnbuckles, but it also has no ropes. It has barbed-wire. Running between the ring posts, there are four lengths of barbed wires, and these four wires are connected by more wire in a zigzag pattern, forming a "net" of barbed-wire between the posts. The only ways into the ring would be to crawl underneath, where there is roughly a foot of space, or jump over the wire. The camera goes back to Annie, and it’s clearer now why she’s been chosen to host this week’s show. Annie has been in more barbed-wire matches than anyone else in the company, so she’s considered a kind of "expert" on this type of match. "It’s time for two of you to taste the barbed-wire! And to decide who will be the lucky bitches, we’re gonna have a little race!" Lights turn on over a "race-track." There is a starting line and about 20 yards of bare ground, and then there is about 50 yards of "hurdles," coils of barbed-wire stretched across the course. After that, there is another 20 yards or so where the contestants must crawl under a frame supporting more barbed-wire about 18 inches above the ground. After that portion, there is roughly a 10-yard sprint to the finish line. "Get to the starting line! The last two to cross the finish line get to fight in the wire!"

The nine contestants walk over to the starting line, understandably reluctant. This race alone could be ugly, and coming in last meant being included in a match that was a guaranteed bloodbath. Looking at the race course, a couple of contestants decided to make some "little changes" to their outfits. Angie wisely slipped off her high heels, knowing that running and jumping in them would be a problem. Ms. Devine did the same, and after a momentary pause, she also unzipped the back of her gown and let it fall to the floor, revealing a superb figure in a black bra, garter belt, and hose. She recognized that, even if she could jump the barbed-wire "hurdles" easily, her long gown could get snagged and cause her to lose precious time. Aside from those two, no one else seemed worried about her outfit, though some of the barefoot girls seemed a bit nervous.

"Come on, come on! Get to the damned line!" Annie Potts was getting impatient with these contestants that seemed worried about getting a little cut up on some wire. Not waiting for everyone to be in position, she counted down, "3… 2… 1… GO!"

The countdown made everyone jump to the line, but a few girls leaped off the line with a definite advantage. Jessi bolted at a full sprint with Miho Shina right behind her, not running as hard but looking more… efficient. Ms. Devine, Emerald Fire, Kathleen, and Angie seemed to take off next in a group, with Kathleen’s long legs starting to take her to the front immediately. That left Toya, Candy, and Su-A-Cydal, and Candy decided to grab an extra advantage by grabbing Su’s hair and driving her boot into the outside of Su’s left knee. Then, Candy started running as Su went to her hands and knees, about a second behind Toya. The Teen Terror was chugging along powerfully but not that fast. Despite some devastating "high-flying" attacks on her resume, Toya wasn’t built for running and jumping, using ring ropes to give her momentum and height.

Jessi and Miho were approaching the first hurdle, a spring-like coil of barbed-wire about 2 feet in diameter, as Su cried out at the starting line, and Kathleen, who was rapidly gaining on them, surprised everyone by turning back and running to help her new friend. Even Su was shocked as she saw the tall blonde coming back, and she screamed, "Kathy, no! We don’t want to fight each other in this match!" Kathleen stopped dead and was slugged in the stomach by Toya as she passed by the blonde, lucky that Candy was on the other side of the short, muscular teen or she might have attacked as well. Kathleen bent over holding her belly for a second, but she straightened up to see Su getting up and waving frantically for her friend to get back in the race.

As this was happening, Jessi leaped over the first hurdle at top speed and stumbled, moving too fast, and she avoided going face-first into the second hurdle with a desperate dive over it at the last second. Miho, right behind her, was running at a more controlled pace and cleared the hurdle easily, landed without breaking stride, and took "first place" with a clean leap and landing. As Jessi scrambled to her feet, the Japanese fighter was over the third hurdle on gaining a sizable lead. By the time Jessi was up, Ms. Devine was coming over the second hurdle, Angie was about to leap over that hurdle, and Emerald made a squeal as her leap over the first hurdle was slightly mistimed and got her a deep scratch on the right calf. Candy and Toya were pounding up to the first hurdle, neck-and-neck, and Kathy was cutting their lead as Su tried to catch up.

The race line-up stayed much the same until the contestants grew closer to the second barbed-wire obstacle, the frame that they had to crawl under. Miho was the first to it and through it and finally opened up to a full sprint to cross the finish line first, followed by Devine and Angie right behind one another. Emerald managed to slip ahead of Jessi as the little brunette dove under with her butt too high and snagged her thong on a needle-sharp barb. It only took a few seconds to pull free, but it cut her thong in the process so she finished the race bare-bottomed with the crotch of the thong hanging in front of her.

At the last two hurdles, Kathleen, who had been gaining steadily on the two heavyweight fighters, passed Toya and Candy. Toya, unable to keep a steady stride, stuck one of her boots into the next-to-last hurdle and sprawled on the floor, cutting her leg in several places. Kathleen was able to leap right over her and dodged a backhanded swing from Candy who didn’t want to let the blonde pass. Unfortunately for Candy, the missed punch threw off her timing, and she had to stop dead in her tracks so she wouldn’t step into the last hurdle. She had to watch Kathleen sail over the hurdle and sprint to the next obstacle, gaining an unbeatable lead over the redhead.

That left Su, who had just passed by Toya, and Candy slowed up enough for the buxom blonde to catch up at the frame obstacle. Su was literally right behind Candy as the big redhead crawled under the frame, with Toya right behind her. Candy stopped, and mule-kicked Su in the face. Su dropped and Toya grabbed her by the legs, dragging her out from under the frame. With a handful of Su’s hair and blue-and-white suit, the teen powerhouse pulled the blonde up from the floor and threw her on TOP of the frame! Su shrieked as her body was caught and stabbed by the virtual "net" of barbed-wire and flailed a little, unable to reach the ground to get free. Su was out of the race.

Now, it was down to Toya and Candy to see which would cross the finish line first and which would face Su-A-Cydal in the barbed-wire ring. It was going to be close as both of the heavyweights had a slow going under the frame, Candy finding it difficult to get low enough with her immense boobs and Toya having trouble crawling with her thick body and bleeding leg. Candy managed to get out first, but not before Toya had closed the gap enough to grab Candy by one of her red boots. The teen was trying to pull Candy back into the frame, and Candy turned over on her butt so she could kick the black girl in the face with her free foot. It took three kicks to get Toya to let go, and Candy rolled over and scrambled away on all fours, getting to her feet and running as hard as she could to the finish line. Toya tried to scramble after her, but once she saw Candy on her feet and running, she knew that she couldn’t catch the redhead.

In the meantime, Kathleen had run back to help Su, who was trapped on the barbed-wire. She tried at first to pick Su up off of the wire, but with nothing to brace against, Kathleen quickly saw it couldn’t work. Then, she saw a rolled-up exercise mat and ran over to get it, bringing it back and rolling it out next to Su. With a little help, Su was able to roll over onto the mat, and with it beneath her, the buxom blonde was able to sit up enough for Kathleen to grab her and help her up. "My God, Su, you can’t fight like this!" Su had little cuts and stabs all over the front of her body, with trickles of blood running down her arms and legs and spreading circles of red on the blue-and-white-striped outfit, especially her breasts.

Su held out her arm to lean on Kathleen, saying, "I’ll be okay." She looked over and saw Toya beat her fist on the floor in frustration before getting up and walking toward the ring. "She’s cut up, too, and besides, I don’t have any choice if I want to stay in the contest." Kathleen didn’t look too convinced, but she helped her friend over to the ring, going slowly so Su could get back as much of her strength as possible. As Kathleen helped her to the ring, Su-A-Cydal couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty. In the short time that they’d known each other, Su had come to feel that Kathy was one of her best friends, and she knew that Kathy felt the same way toward her. On top of that, the tall blonde was a genuinely sweet person, and right now, her concern for Su was written all over her face. Su could’ve at least eased that worry with a few words.

But she didn’t. She couldn’t, not yet. As much as she cared about Kathleen, Su was in a competition with her and couldn’t tell Kathleen the secret that Su fought at her best only after she’d been brutally abused. The only person that knew that secret was Queen Molly, and Su hadn’t realized that she’d known until "graduation day." That was something that Su would never forget. On graduation day, students went to Molly’s office to receive a certificate with the Queen’s "Seal of Approval" and a few words from the legendary fighter. The words to Su were these. "So, Su Ann Cydal, you’ve graduated, but I know what you are and what you’ve been doing. You’re what I call an "adrenaline fighter;" you only fight well in pain when your body pumps adrenaline into your system. You know it, so you’ve been prepping yourself with undiluted "liquid-heat" on your tits. I knew someone else that was like you. She was a wimp until she got hit in the pussy, and then she would turn into a wildcat. From now on, you won’t be using the "liquid-heat" or anything else to help you. I let you get away with it here because it was the only way you could learn the techniques properly, but you’re not going into a pro match using chemicals to enhance your performance. No one from my Academy EVER uses chemicals to boost their performance. If I ever even suspect that you’re taking shortcuts again, I am going to make phone calls. There is a small, select group in this business, my personal elite. They are the best, the strongest, the most lethal, and the most loyal students to graduate from my Academy, and they will do anything for me and my school. And if I tell them that you’re using something to boost yourself, one of them will find a way to get in a ring with you and end your career. You won’t stand a chance, even if you set your tits on fire! Remember that." Su had felt ready to pee in her panties at that point, but Queen Molly got a little mellower for the last thing she said. Putting her hands under Su’s basketball-sized tits, she bounced them like she was judging their weight and said, "You won’t need any boosts anyway. Most opponents are going to look at these and see two huge bull’s-eyes. You’re biggest worry is going to be opponents who are too nice or too honorable to target your breasts." Then, Queen Molly handed Su her certificate and told her to send in the next girl. Su had headed straight for her locker and thrown the remainder of her "liquid-heat" in the trash.

The Queen’s words ran through Su’s mind like they did before all of Su’s matches. As she climbed up on the ring apron and crawled under the sharp wire that Kathleen was holding up for her, Su was already on her way to producing that adrenaline, thanks to Toya. By throwing Su on the barbed-wire frame, Toya already had the buxom blonde feeling like the front of her body was throbbing from all of the stabs and cuts. And Su could tell by the look in Toya’s eyes that she wouldn’t need any encouragement to continue dishing out the punishment. Before she could get to her feet, Su felt Kathy squeeze her hand once more for luck and support, and Su smiled at her friend. When the contest was over, she’d tell Kathleen her secret and hope that Kathy wouldn’t be hurt or angry about it.

Annie Potts wasn’t impressed by Kathleen’s concern, though. "Hey, Legs, you wanna get your ass in a seat before I puke? We’re supposed to be watching a fight here!" Kathleen turned her head sharply and glared at Annie, but she gave Su’s hand one last squeeze and walked to the front of the bleacher. "Okay, Boobs, you and Muscles have a good start, so at the bell, keep it up and rip each other apart!"

Su and Toya were both annoyed at Annie’s "nicknames" for them, but they were to busy staring at each other from opposite corners of the ring. Of course, Toya was checking out the cuts on Su that were too numerous to count, plus the red bruising around her left knee, but the teen wasn’t in perfect shape either. When she stuck her foot in the wire "hurdle," Toya had not only tripped but instinctively pulled her leg away, dragging the barbs through her dark skin to make at least a half-dozen long, shallow cuts on her right calf. Then, the kicks to the face under the frame was making her left cheek puff up and had caused a small trickle of blood from her left nostril. She didn’t seem noticeably slowed down by these minor injuries, but they were weak points that Su filed away.

At the sound of the bell, Su charged across the ring with her usual "suicide run," as some opponents called it. There was no thought of caution or defense, just a full-speed, head-on rush at Toya that the teen stopped cold by raising her left boot into Su’s crotch. Su’s eyes bugged out and she folded at the waist, but the Teen Terror didn’t let her fall, catching her by the head and throwing her at the ring post. As mentioned, there were no turnbuckles; the wire was attached directly to the steel posts and the posts themselves were wrapped with more wire. Su barely managed to put her head down in time to hit the wire-wrapped steel with the top of her head instead of her face. There was a dull "thunk" as flesh and bone met metal and a shriek of pain as Su dropped to her knees with clumps of her hair tangled with the wire and turning red. Toya grabbed the back of her neck and yanked her over backward, ripping out locks of blonde hair and leaving Su staring up at the lights. The Teen Terror jumped into the air and dropped with both knees into the flat stomach of her opponent, driven by her 200-pound body and forcing a sound like "GAAWWK" out of Su as the oxygen rushed out of her body. Reaching down, Toya pulled Su’s head up with a handful of reddening hair and smashed her right fist repeatedly into the blonde’s nose, striking it three times until she heard a "crunch." As blood leaked from her hair and down her forehead, Su-A-Cydal’s nose gushed a wave of blood and snot over the lower half of her face.

In her seat, Kathleen was trembling and crying as her friend was apparently going to be butchered in front of her. Not wanting to see Su maimed, she screamed, "Tell her you give up, Su! The contest isn’t worth being mauled by that bitch!"

Standing nearby, Annie sneered at Kathy. "Shut up, Legs! This match is just starting, and if you can’t take it, you oughta get the fuck out of here and don’t come back!" Kathleen glared at the bitter old fighter again, and Potts smiled back in a nasty way. "In fact, I made sure there was some stuff here to make things more interesting!" She stood and walked toward the ring, while security made sure Kathleen stayed in her seat.

In the ring, Toya got off of Su after crushing her nose and pulled the blonde to her feet by the hair. She grabbed the back of Su’s outfit with one hand while she kept hold of Su’s hair with the other, and she ran Su across the ring toward the bleacher. Just before they reached the wire, Toya used her strength to boost Su into the air so she came down on top of the barbed-wire with her massive breasts hanging outside the ring. Dozens of needle-sharp barbs dug into the tender bottoms of Su’s boobs and stabbed into her stomach and mound. The blonde, shrieking in pain, tried to pull down on the wire to get her tits free, but Toya wouldn’t allow it. Standing right behind Cydal, the young, black powerhouse launched sledgehammer punches into the lower spine and kidneys of her enemy, driving Su’s torso into the wire even more and robbing the strength from Su’s legs.

As Toya hammered at Su’s spine and the front of Su’s cotton suit turned from blue-and-white stripes to solid red, Annie walked up to the ring and pulled up the apron to reach underneath. What she pulled out made Kathleen scream in terror for her new friend. It was a bamboo practice sword, what some call a kendo stick and others call a Singapore cane, but for this occasion, it was wrapped with about three layers of barbed-wire along everything by the grip. Shouting, "Here, see what you can do with this," Annie held it up so both fighters could see it and then slid the weapon into the ring by Toya’s foot.

Toya took one look at the wicked thing and smiled. Combining her fists into one, she slammed them down on the back of Su’s neck, forcing the barbs upward deeper into her boobs and leaving her nearly paralyzed on the wire. While Su was unable to move, Toya reached down and picked up the bamboo sword, gripping it with both hands and waving it back and forth to get the feel of it. She waited until Su tried to reach for the top of the wire again before striking, but when she did, it was a full swing slicing into the back of Su’s thighs, right where the short legs of her suit ended. There was a "smack" as the flesh was hit followed by a tormented scream as the teen dragged the barbed weapon across the back of Su’s thighs like a saw. A second slash tore into Su’s calves, and her legs gave way, leaving her literally hanging on the barbed-wire. Toya took a step to the side of Su and slashed with the sword again, this time striking down on the tops of Su’s breasts and dragging the barbs across the soft skin, now crimson with blood from many wounds. Then, there were several slashes to the shoulders, to the back, and across the lovely ass of the bloody blonde.

Through every strike, Su hung on the barbed-wire and screamed in agony as tears raced down her face and the trickles of blood on her body turned into torrents. Since her "suicide run," this match had been a one-sided massacre with the Teen Terror ripping Su-A-Cydal to hamburger on the sharp wire. To everyone in the stands, it looked like the blonde was already eliminated from the contest, and now it was just a matter of Toya deciding when she wanted to end the match.

From the looks of things, that might be a while because Toya was smiling like a kid in a candy store. After turning Su’s back and the back of her costume into red shreds, she used one hand to grab the back of Su’s neck and rip her away from the wire, literally. Su’s breasts were dragged over the wire and the top of her suit basically stayed behind, leaving Su with nothing but a few tattered ribbons from about halfway up her stomach. Su was turned around to face her tormentor and shoved back into the wire so Toya could work over the front of her victim. The first swing went low, cutting across Su’s mound, and the second slashed into her gut, even with her navel. But those were just warm-ups for the real targets, Su’s breasts. Hanging down in front of her like plump turkeys, the tops and bottoms were cut up and bloody, but the nipples and sides were mostly untouched, until now. The outside of the left breast was first with the bamboo and wire striking deep into the flesh and being dragged out toward the nipple. The same happened to the right breast, cutting bloody furrows in the side of the beautiful boob. Then, Toya stepped over to Su’s side and swung with all of her incredible might, bringing the practice sword into the huge areola and long, thick nipples with an echoing "SMACK." This time, Toya didn’t pull the wire-sword away; she pressed it in deeper as she moved it side-to-side to dig it into the tender nipples.

As she did it, Su stopped screaming for the first time in several minutes, her eyes going wide and locking on Toya’s face. "Critical mass" had been reached. Her left knee shot upward like a missile and slammed into Toya’s crotch with a "crack." The surprise did as much as the pain to ease Toya’s grip on the sword, and Su’s forehead plunged forward to smash into Toya’s already damaged nose. Now, Toya yelled in pain for the first time, but before she could back away, Cydal drove a second head-butt into her nose, getting the same crunching noise that accompanied Su’s broken nose. Toya backpedaled away from the torn-up blonde with blood gushing over the lower half of her face and a look of shock that her victim was suddenly fighting back.

Su-A-Cydal got off of the barbed-wire and looked down at her gory body. She felt like every inch of skin was stinging and burning like she’d been dipped in hot acid, but it was kind of… background noise. It was like that once the adrenaline kicked into action. Her outfit looked like a badly woven net after all the slashes from the wire-wrapped bamboo, so Su grabbed it around her waist and pulled, tearing it off completely. It didn’t matter really. Her tits and neat, blonde bush were already on display, and the torn suit would only be a hindrance anyway.

Adrenaline or no adrenaline, Su realized that she was losing a lot of blood and had to do some damage to Toya before she grew too weak to fight. The main problem with that was the bamboo stick that Toya held in her hand and was waving in front of her to keep Su back. Toya had never seen anyone this torn up start to counterattack, and she wanted some space to figure this out. She didn’t expect Su to move in recklessly and take a shot to the side just so she could smash her foot into Toya’s pussy. And she couldn’t believe that Su would clamp her arm down to trap the sword and kick her in the face to knock her away from the weapon. But suddenly, Toya was standing near the barbed-wire on the far side of the ring from the bleachers, holding her throbbing nose and watching Su take a practice swing with the bamboo sword.

The practice swing was followed immediately by a war cry and a charge with the weapon at the ready. Toya managed to dodge the first swing and run to the side, but Su was right after her and cut her off near the corner with a strike to the left shoulder that tore the shoulder of Toya’s "wife-beater" T-shirt and gashed the dark skin beneath. Toya bellowed and tried to cut back the other way, but Su was quicker and slashed downward to cut Toya just above the right knee. The pain took the leg from under the teen, and she stumbled and took a hard smack to the lower back. That put her down on both knees, trying to knee-walk away from the repeated biting shots that cut into her thickly muscled shoulders, but she couldn’t get away. Su drove Toya closer and closer to the wire at the side of the ring and then hit her with a dropkick that sent Toya sprawling into the sharp steel. Now Toya felt the pain of the barbs raking her scalp and left side.

The only sounds in the "arena" were coming from the ring because the other contestants and S.H.A.G. personnel couldn’t believe the total reversal that was happening before their eyes. Toya was on her left side and pinned against the wire as Su drove a knee into the hard abs of the teen and pressed the bamboo sword into the small boobs on her massive chest. The person who really couldn’t believe it was Annie Potts. It was no secret that she didn’t like beautiful, buxom fighters, and she didn’t want to watch Su win this match. So, she went under the ring again, but this time, she didn’t announce it and show off the weapon that she pulled out. This time, she slipped the weapon onto Toya’s right hand, hidden from Su’s sight by the teen’s massive torso. To cover the action, Annie shouted, "Come on, Muscles, are you gonna let Big Boobs do this shit to you?"

Su answered by stabbing the bamboo stick out of the ring at Annie, but to do it, she had to let up the pressure on Toya. That gave Toya the chance to use the new weapon, and she hammered it into the back of Su’s head. It was a barbed-wire gauntlet, a heavy leather glove that went halfway up Toya’s forearm with barbed-wire on the back of the hand and around the forearm. Su felt the heavy blow and the barbs digging into her scalp, and she fell to the side grabbing her head. She was lucky that Toya didn’t shred her ear with the cheap-shot, but she was also very unlucky to lose her grip on the wire sword and drop it outside of the ring.

Both fighters were scary sights as they both got to their feet, but Toya wasn’t quite as gory as Su at this point. Maybe that’s why she was able to get up a little faster, or maybe it was the shot to Su’s head that slowed her down. Whatever the reason, the Teen Terror was able to grab Su by the hair before she was upright and swing that loaded right hand in a vicious uppercut between Su’s tits. Straightened up by the blow, Su was driven back into the wire with a short clothesline with the gauntlet, and she stumbled back to have the wire-wrapped hand go into her crotch. Toya grinned at Su’s expression of pain and lifted her into a power-slam. Getting off of the blonde’s bloody body, the teen used her army boots to kick Su face-down on the canvas and dropped a crushing leg-drop on the back of her neck. The naked and torn body gave a spasm at the blow to the neck, and Toya stood to do it again and again.

After the fifth leg-drop to the neck, the Teen Terror felt cocky and backed away to get a running start for the sixth. She was overconfident. Su was down but not out, and as Toya went up into the air, Su rolled clear so that Toya landed with a painful "thump" on her tailbone. Surprised once again, Toya sat there for a couple of seconds, confused, and Su launched a counterattack. Leaping on Toya’s back, she reached down in front of the powerhouse and grabbed her hands, pulling the loaded right hand up against Toya’s left cheek and pulling the left arm over it. Then, she grabbed the left wrist with both hands, posted her knee against Toya’s back, and pulled. Toya started howling immediately as the left side of her face was gouged by the barbed wire on her own hand, but she couldn’t pull free. Su had leverage, and besides, the pain of the wire digging into her left arm made it hard for Toya to use it. The muscle-bound teen was stuck kicking her thick legs on the canvas as she suffered.

After at least two minutes in the hold, Su shouted at Toya, "Give up, muscle-bitch! Say it!" Toya didn’t say anything but managed to shake her head slightly. Su put everything into her pull, increasing the agony. "I said, GIVE UP!" Still, the teen wouldn’t submit.

Frustrated, Cydal released the hold and stepped back, but she immediately slammed a spinning-kick into the back of Toya’s neck, making sure she wouldn’t launch a counterattack of her own. The black girl started to fall over, stunned, but Su caught her and, with difficulty, dragged Toya over to sit against the wire. The Teen Terror’s face was a mess. Her left cheek and ear looked like they’d been torn to ribbons, and her nose resembled a crushed tomato. That didn’t stop Su from driving her heel into the girl’s face twice, and then she repeatedly stomped Toya’s collarbone until she was lying under the wire. Nodding to herself, Su moved to Toya’s feet and lifted the teen’s legs, tucking them under Su’s arms. Lifting Toya’s legs as much as possible, Su bent her knees and fell backward, like she was going to catapult Toya over her body. But she couldn’t with Toya under the wire. The muscular teen wailed in anguish as her spine bent over Su’s knee’s while her upper body pressed upward into the barbed-wire. Again, there was no escape. Toya had more than enough muscle to struggle free if the wire hadn’t been there, but in this case, any attempt to pull in her legs or twist her torso meant the barbs burrowed deeper into her chest, shoulders and neck. The only thing that Toya could do was dig the barbed-wire glove into Su’s leg, but the blonde seemed to be beyond feeling it. On Su’s side, the hold didn’t require much effort at all, just keeping her knees bent and Toya’s legs trapped. Again, the hold stretched on for minutes, but Su wasn’t going to release it. Finally, Toya had to break down and shouted, "I GIVE! LET ME GO! I GIVE!" Su seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as she released the hold and crawled out from underneath the powerhouse.

Outside the ring, Annie Potts couldn’t believe it. Her face was a mixture of shock and disgust, but she couldn’t avoid making the announcement. "I don’t fucking believe it, but the winner is Big…"

Before she could go on, Kathleen took the microphone away and rammed a shoulder into the older woman. "The winner of this match is Su-A-Cydal, you miserable, old hag! Now, go get the paramedics, you bitch! Can’t you see that she’s practically bleeding to death?" Kathleen threw the microphone down and squirmed into the ring under the wire, quickly going to Su and cradling her head. Ignoring the blood, she whispered, "You’re going to be okay, Su. Don’t worry. You’re going to be fine."