So You Wanna Be Hardcore! Week 2

Hard rock music blares as the screen turns blood red, and the word "SEXY" appears in black letters. The picture changes to a beautiful brunette in a gold suspender-type thong (a thong with straps over the shoulders instead of the hips) and a black tube top, posing seductively in a corner of a wrestling ring. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to the same lovely brunette, but now she is on her hands and knees and bleeding from the forehead. An attractive black woman in white shorts and tank top is standing over the brunette, straddling her back, and she's holding a steel chair that she slams down on the brunette's head. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. When the picture turns back to ring action, two new wrestlers are in the ring. One is a tall, well-muscled woman with pale skin and white hair in a white one-piece with a black spade printed on the midriff. She has an Asian woman in a lavender bikini pressed above her head, possibly unconscious, and drives the Asian's spine across her muscular thigh for a backbreaker that looks almost lethal. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and changes to a scene involving a blonde and a brunette, both in thongs and bleeding. There is torn clothing in the ring, and both women are on their knees, locked in furious battle. The blonde has both hands wrapped around the brunette's throat, and the brunette is digging deeply into the blonde's breasts with her claws. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes, slightly faster but still hard and powerful. The picture flashes through five still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as a series of 5-second clips are shown of the contestants with their names. Angie is shown first, lounging on her side in the ring and leaning on her elbow. Her upper body is discretely covered by a short, black, satin robe that only shows a glimpse of her black bra, but her legs are showcased in sheer black pantyhose with black high heels on her feet. The second clip, Candy Treats, is different this week. The large redhead is standing on top of the Mercury Sable from the Car Wash Match with Tyneetina bloody and naked in an inverted bearhug. She drops to her butt and plants Tina's head into the steel with a sit-out Tombstone piledriver. The next clip has also been changed. It is no longer showing the two sisters, Tyneetina and Jessi. Jessi is alone now, wearing her tiny, blue-and-white thong with the attached straps large enough to cover her nipples. She is doing a bodybuilding pose, standing sideways to the camera with her hands clasped near her hip and flexing her slim arms. Still following Jessi is Su-A-Cydal, shown in profile in her blue-and-white-striped one-piece. The vertical stripes make her waist look slimmer while making her basketball-sized breasts seem even larger. The next contestant shown is Toya the Teen Terror in her denim cut-off shorts, "wife-beater" T-shirt, and army boots. With her massively muscled body, the dark-skinned fighter looks almost as wide as she is tall as she sneers and strikes an awesome double-bicep pose. Almost in perfect contrast, Kathleen the "All-American" is next, doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. Miho Shina is next, standing with her back to the camera in a white one-piece that is "high-cut" around her very nicely shaped buttocks. The Japanese fighter turns her torso and head to look at the camera, showing that her face and bust aren't as attractive as the rear-view, but there is something alluring in the demure smile and dark eyes. Following Shina is Madeline Mayhem, working on the heavy bag. The big Puerto Rican woman is wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist while she hammers at the bag with knees and fists. The most interesting part is that the bag has a pair of white panties and a blue sports bra somehow attached to it, and every knee is hitting the panties squarely while the punches hit above the bra, where a face would be. Next up is Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. Not surprisingly, the camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head. The camera catches every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. The next-to-last contestant shown is Melissa in a private school uniform of white blouse, pleated skirt, and knee socks. She's dark-haired and lean, and she's got a look about her like she can't wait for someone to be stupid enough to get in the ring with her. Finally, Ms. Devine is shown posing in a full-length black gown and stiletto heels with one long leg slightly bent and visible through the slit on the side of the gown. The stunning African-American woman looks cool and elegant and, most of all, confident. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

This week, the picture comes back to the regular S.H.A.G. ring and arena. Standing in the center of the ring is this week's hostess, The Ace of Spades. The Ace, or "Death Card," is recognizable as the pale, white-haired, and extremely muscular woman from the opening clips, the one that destroyed her opponent with a backbreaker. Her real name is Martina Korsov, and her white hair and pale skin are due to the fact that she was born an albino. She also has pale hazel eyes that look almost all white from a distance. The Ace is in the upper echelons of S.H.A.G. and has only one defeat on her record after two years with the company. That single defeat came from the only undefeated fighter in the company, the S.H.A.G. Champion. She wears white boots and gloves and a shiny, white, thong-back one-piece with a large, black spade on the midriff. Her right glove and left boot each have a black "A" and a small, black spade. In the ring, she is usually "all-business" and always capable of doing absolutely anything to win, but only to win. The Death Card has hospitalized opponents, but her only goal in each case was a victory in the ring. She has also ended two careers, and those two matches are the only known times that The Ace lost her temper.

Though not exactly "loved," The Ace is certainly one of the best-known fighters that S.H.A.G. has and a tremendous draw for any card that the company puts together. Having the Death Card as hostess for an episode of the "So You Wanna Be Hardcore" contest could probably boost the ratings more than the Showgirl Heather Sharpe did last week. The Ace raises her microphone as the camera zooms in to showcase her impressive physique from the waist up. With the close-up, the white outfit is shown to be amazingly "form-fitting," and it highlights Ace's six-pack abs and full breasts in every detail.

"Hello, fans, I'm here to welcome you to the second week of the "So You Wanna Be Hardcore" Elimination Competition! In a moment, our eleven remaining contestants will be coming out to choose the fighters for this week's elimination match, but first, I have an update on last week's eliminated fighter, Tyneetina, and we'll be showing you some clips from our contestants' training sessions this week."

The picture changes to a tape of a gurney being wheeled to an ambulance. Tyneetina is strapped down and immobilized and has much of her face and torso covered with bandages. Jessi is walking alongside. The Ace's voice speaks as Tina is loaded into the ambulance and Jessi climbs in after her. "After her brutal defeat in the Car Wash Match, Tyneetina was rushed to the nearest emergency room by EMT's. She finally regained consciousness in the emergency room, and the doctors kept her under observation for 24 hours before moving her to a private room. They determined that Tyneetina suffered a severe concussion, a cracked rib, a broken nose, second-degree burns to her nipples, and serious skin abrasions to her breasts and pelvis. Though she will not be released from the hospital for two more days, the reports say that her condition has improved, and she is expected to make a full recovery in four to five weeks. Tyneetina will be ready and able to participate in the Fans' Choice Match, should you fans vote for her." The ambulance pulls away with Tina and Jessi inside.

The picture then changes to a gym. Several contestants and S.H.A.G. personal trainers are seen moving around the exercise and weight-training equipment. "The remaining contestants spent the week training, each in her own particular style." Toya is shown lying on a weight-bench slowly doing repetitions with a heavily-loaded barbell, somewhere in the range of 200 to 250 pounds. Jessi is shown, also doing bench-press exercises, but she is using a Nautilus machine with only about 3 or 4 plates. "Some contestants chose to work on strength, others on what they would use in a match." Madeline Mayhem is shown next, beating the stuffing out of a punching-bag. Then, Miho Shina is shown practicing her submission holds with a S.H.A.G. trainer. The clip shows a very unhappy trainer slapping the mat frantically as Miho works a chicken-wing-crossface in conjunction with a body-scissors. "Some girls made friends, which could be hard on them later if they have to try to eliminate each other." Su-A-Cydal and Kathleen the All-American are shown chatting and helping each other with stretching exercises on a practice mat. Angie is working her legs and laughing along with the two blondes from a stair-climbing machine next to the mats. "And finally, the winner of last week's match decided to take advantage of her immunity from this week's match." Candy Treats is shown reclining on a lounge-chair by a pool. The redhead is wearing sunglasses and tanning oil and that's it. Her tremendous breasts are covering everything between her collar-bone and groin, and her areola look like two reddish-brown plates, each with a meatball in the center that's pierced with a steel ring. Possibly even more amazing, Candy's pubic mound is covered by the biggest, longest, shaggiest, red bush that you've ever seen. The size of the red patch is demonstrated when Candy scratches her crotch and her left hand all but disappears from sight.

The picture changes from Candy's naked sunbathing back to The Ace of Spades in the ring. A different camera is being used, giving a view that includes the entrance ramp. Candy is seated in the front row at ringside in her red sports bra, shorts , and boots as the other ten contestants start to file into the arena in their costumes. The Ace tells them as they walk down the ramp, "Ladies, as you reach the ring area, please pick up a box from the table at the end of the ramp." The camera shows a simple folding table with ten long, golden boxes. Each of the ten contestants picks one up as she passes and then lines up along the side of the ring. The Ace explains the rules for this week's match. "Okay, contestants, the match for this week is an old favorite for the Sexy Hardcore Amazon Gladiators. The rules are simple: there is no disqualification in this match. To win, you have to get your opponent into that!" The Ace points up the ramp and the camera follows to show two crew members wheeling in a coffin. "That's right, ladies! Two of you will be facing each other in a Casket Match! Those boxes that you're holding each contain a flower. Eight of you will find a red rose and take a seat at ringside! Two will appropriately find a white lily and climb into the ring! Ladies, open those boxes and let's see who will be our fighters!"

Almost in unison, the ten women slid off the ribbons that held the boxes closed and lifted off the covers. They reached into the boxes and lifted out the flowers inside, mostly red roses but two white lilies stand out. Madeline Mayhem stares at her lily and then glares at the red rose in Kathleen's hand. She doesn't hide her feelings well, and it's very clear that she wanted to face her nemesis in her first match. The Puerto Rican fighter looks annoyed that Kathleen didn't choose the other lily, but that honor has gone to Melissa. The dark-haired Italian/Puerto Rican fighter in the schoolgirl uniform doesn't look much happier than Madeline. She hasn't been hiding the fact that she wanted to destroy the "Angie-bitch" or the "bitch in the paint." And while Melissa isn't afraid to fight anyone, Madeline is definitely larger than anyone else she's fought in the past. It'll be a tough fight.

The Ace points at the lily-holders from the ring. "Our fighters for the Casket Match are Madeline Mayhem at 170 pounds and Melissa at 135 pounds! Ladies, go to your corners and come out fighting at the bell. The match won't be over until I see one of you in the coffin and the lid is closed!" The other eight fighters join Candy Treats at ringside. The Ace of Spades then climbs out of the ring and takes a seat in a folding chair near the coffin, which is placed by the security rail in front of the other contestants.

Melissa and Madeline look at each other for a moment and then climb the ring steps and into the ring, Melissa first. They go to opposite corners and get ready for the match. Madeline removes her blouse and tosses it out of the ring, and then she pulls up her skirt until it is bunched up around her waist. Across the ring, Melissa removes her uniform shoes to fight in just her knee socks. They both stretch a little and notice that there won't be a referee. The Ace will be declaring the winner, like she said.

The bell rings and the time for stretching is over. Madeline and Melissa come out of their corners quickly, circle once, and lock up in the middle of the ring. Both women want to see how strong her opponent is, and it's obvious from the start that Madeline has a big advantage. They only struggle for a few seconds before Mayhem asserts her superiority and pushes Melissa back to the ropes. The "schoolgirl" bares her teeth as she's bent backward over the top rope, but she gets a chance when Madeline shifts one of her hands to Melissa's hair to bend her back farther. That frees Melissa's right hand to strike twice, once with a thumb to the throat and once to the bigger fighter's left eye. With a double-yelp, Madeline instinctively pulls back covering her throat and eye, and Melissa whips her right knee into the crotch of Madeline's black pantyhose with a loud "smack."

Definitely hurting, Mayhem tries to back away from her opponent while her right hand shifts from her throat to her aching pubic mound. She can't escape, though, because Melissa stays right on top of her, locking in a front-face-lock and grabbing the big woman's right arm. Melissa pulls the arm out to the side, rocks her opponent back and forth, and hits Madeline hard with a swinging neckbreaker. The big woman reaches for her neck on the canvas as Melissa rolls back to her feet, and she's still trying to recover as the schoolgirl begins to stomp her chest brutally, driving her heel down on the cups of Madeline's black bra to crush the 40C breasts. Crying out in pain, Madeline rolled over to protect herself from Melissa's attack, but that only left her open to stomps to the back of the head and to the kidneys.

After maybe two-dozen stomps in all, Melissa reached down for two handfuls of dark hair and pulled her opponent up to her knees to lock in a reverse headlock. Another neckbreaker or possibly a DDT was coming, but Madeline, though hurting, was no pushover. Throwing her arms around Melissa's waist, she bulled the smaller fighter backward into the nearest corner, slamming her spine into the turnbuckles and driving her shoulder into Melissa's midsection. The schoolgirl gave a wheezing shout as the double-impact drove the air from her lungs. Momentarily stunned, Melissa might have fought back with knee-lifts but couldn't, and Madeline grabbed the middle rope on either side of Melissa to drive her shoulder into the schoolgirl's stomach three more times. Gasping for air, Melissa reached for the bigger woman's hair to counter-attack, but Mayhem stood and cut her off with a short left to the right breast and a sharp right-cross to the chin. All of her practice with the heavy bag came into good use next as Madeline used hard punches to the body to weaken her opponent and finished with an uppercut that snapped Melissa's head back and left her holding the ropes to stand. Grabbing some dark hair, Madeline pulled Melissa face-to-face and growled, "I owe you this one," and then her right knee pounded up under the uniform skirt with a "thunk" that everyone could hear. Melissa's legs turned to rubber and she hung in the corner by her arms. Still holding the hair, Madeline used it to "hair-mare" Melissa out of the corner and throw her to the mat on her back. Straddling Melissa's chest, Mayhem dropped down onto her and pinned Melissa's arms with her knees. Using her left hand, Mayhem pulled up Melissa's head, and with the right, she pounded away with her fist, slamming 10 punches into the left side of the schoolgirl's face.

Madeline sat up after the tenth blow with a boast about putting Melissa in the coffin on her lips, but before she could speak, the cotton knee socks of her opponent locked around her head and yanked her backward to bash her skull on the canvas. Madeline rolled over to her hands and knees, shaking her head to clear it from the unexpected blow, and Melissa nailed her with both heels to the right temple, putting Mayhem face-down on the mat.

The action was slowed to a crawl for the next minute or so as both fighters tried to shake off the effects of powerful shots to the heads and regain their feet. Melissa was the first to her feet because she managed to get to the ropes and use them to pull herself up while Madeline was on her own in the middle of the ring. The woman in the school uniform took advantage of this to marshal her strength as she watched her opponent get her legs under her, and as Madeline started to move from one knee to standing, Melissa charged and leaped, kicking her legs out at the big woman. It looked like a devastating dropkick, but actually, Melissa had a more painful plan in mind. Again, her legs clamped around the Puerto Rican's head, and with a powerful twist of her body, Melissa flipped Madeline onto her back. Melissa hopped up to her feet and went into the ropes. Madeline was trying to sit up and got hammered back down with handspring-leg-drop to the head by Melissa. Her legs shifted down slightly as she grabbed Mayhem's arm to immobilize it, and then Melissa poured the power into a neck-scissors to choke Madeline out. The effect was immediate. Madeline began clawing at Melissa's legs with her free hand in seconds and bridging up with her legs to try to escape. Melissa let Madeline struggle but kept increasing the pressure whenever she threatened to get in position to get free. After being on the receiving end of Madeline's punches, she wanted the big woman to waste energy and tire herself out. It seemed to be working because soon Mayhem's boots began to slip on the canvas so she couldn't keep bridging. Melissa increased and decreased the pressure of her legs, almost feeling the strength ebbing out of her opponent, and she added to the torment by raising her legs and dropping them, making Madeline's head bounce on the mat. About two minutes after locking the scissors, it seemed that Madeline was out. Her free arm and her legs went limp, and the only sound coming from her was a slow wheeze as she struggled for air. Wary of a trap, Melissa put everything into the hold for about twenty seconds but didn't get anything more than some twitching as the big woman's air was cut off completely. Satisfied that Madeline was really out, she released the hold and stood slowly, rubbing her legs to work out the fatigue from the sustained squeeze. Then, she put her right foot on Madeline's face and raised her arms over her head.

At ringside, several of the other contestants cheered for the apparent victory, but most of them stayed silent, as did The Ace of Spades. Miho Shina quieted the cheering girls with a few words. "Why are you cheering? She hasn't won. Her opponent is not closed in the coffin!" Miho's words also reached Melissa, who hadn't forgotten that it was a casket match, but she felt that knocking her opponent out made that a minor detail. Mayhem wasn't moving, and as long as Melissa didn't do anything stupid, it would be child's play to get her into the coffin.

The first step was to get her out of the ring, so Melissa squatted down and lifted Madeline's shoulders by grabbing her under the arms. Gently, she stood and dragged Madeline to the ropes. The 170-pound woman was a dead-weight, and it wasn't easy to move her. When she did get Madeline to the ropes, she lowered her gently and then rolled out of the ring to the floor. Reaching back under the ropes, she pulled Mayhem onto the apron and then squatted down to pull the bigger woman across her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Struggling a little bit under the weight, Melissa carried Madeline to the coffin and looked at The Ace. The Ace merely looked back at her. With Mayhem getting heavy on her shoulders, Melissa asked, "Aren't you going to open it?" The Ace just kept looking at the schoolgirl, making no move to get out of her chair. Obviously, the Death Card had no intention of doing anything for the contestants in this match. Melissa had to think about this. She couldn't open the coffin without letting go of Madeline, in which case, she'd fall and undoubtedly wake up and fight. She had to put Madeline down, open the coffin, and then put her inside. Moving as though the big woman were fragile, Melissa dropped her right shoulder and gently slid Madeline across her shoulders until the older woman's feet were on the floor. Then, she hugged Madeline under the arms and draped her over the security rail. Madeline still wasn't moving so Melissa smiled and turned her attention to the coffin. The lid opened easily, and she looked at the silk lining for a second before turning her attention back to Madeline.

In that second, the lid of the coffin slammed down on Melissa's fingers with all of Madeline's strength and weight behind it. With a shriek of pain, Melissa hugged herself and tucked her burning, throbbing fingers into her armpits, and Madeline flattened her with a short, powerful clothesline to the throat. She was able to put enough power into the clothesline to spin the Italian/Puerto Rican so her head hit the floor first.

Madeline had been unconscious… for a few seconds. Melissa had been right to anticipate a trap when Madeline first went limp, and the schoolgirl's final squeeze as a precaution had almost ruined Madeline's plan, knocking her out for real. But Melissa had made a mistake in choosing to do her "victory pose" instead of getting her opponent into the coffin. When she felt Melissa's foot on her face, Mayhem had regained consciousness and decided to "play dead." She realized that she was at a disadvantage and needed recovery time, and letting Melissa carry her out of the ring gave her the time that she needed. Then when Melissa made the mistake of taking her eyes off of her "unconscious" opponent, Mayhem had the perfect opportunity to attack.

And it may have been a match-winning attack. Lying dazed on the floor, Melissa was nearly senseless from hitting her head, and most of her fingers were bright red and starting to swell. At least some of them had to be sprained, if not broken, and without the full use of her hands, Melissa was at a huge disadvantage.

Madeline clearly thought it was over because she opened the lid of the coffin before reaching for Melissa's hair. But just because she was hurt, that was no reason to think Melissa would give up. The schoolgirl let herself be pulled up to her knees and threw an uppercut into Madeline's crotch. The punch backed Madeline up holding her crotch, but Melissa screamed louder and hugged her hand to her chest, in more pain than Madeline was feeling. Worse, it was a distraction that kept her from seeing Mayhem come back with a knee-lift to her chin, laying Melissa out on her back again. Mayhem continued her attack by raising her right foot and stomping her boot down on one of Melissa's damaged hands, crushing it between her heel and Melissa's chest. The pain was terrible, but it cleared the cobwebs from the knee-lift so Melissa could kick her own right foot upward and nail Mayhem's pussy again. The big Puerto Rican woman was driven back once more, bent over and cupping her pussy with both hands.

Now that she had a little breathing room, Melissa scooted backward on her butt to the ring apron and reached up to pull herself upright. Unfortunately, the pain in her hand when she grabbed the ring apron made her shriek and nearly fall again. The swelling in her fingers was bad enough already that she couldn't make most of her fingers bend anymore, and even touching them was agony. Madeline would be back on the attack at any moment, so Melissa got her back against the ring post and pushed against it with her legs to "slide" back up to her feet. Then, she was able to roll up on the apron and into the ring. She wanted distance between her and the coffin, and time for her fingers to hopefully stop throbbing so badly.

Madeline saw her opponent roll back into the ring and gave a shriek of her own, one of rage. The "schoolgirl" couldn't even use her fucking hands, but she wouldn't do the smart thing and give up! It was time to convince Melissa that she'd already lost this match, and Madeline went under the ring and pulled out a folded steel chair to do just that. She tossed the chair inside and rolled in after it, keeping her eyes on Melissa, who had crawled across the ring and was pulling herself up by hooking her elbows over the ring ropes.

With a roar, Mayhem charged across the ring with the chair raised over her head, planning to hammer Melissa right through the mat. The schoolgirl waited until the last second and ducked the swing that might have knocked her out cold, and as Madeline's chest went into the ropes, Melissa sent a thrust-kick into the small of her back. Madeline cried out and turned around swinging her weapon, but again, Melissa ducked and countered, this time with a side-kick to the bigger woman's stomach. The air "whooshed" out of Mayhem, and her butt ended up on the middle rope. Melissa risked a dropkick and it paid off. She slammed her sock-clad feet into the chair and drove it into Madeline's face, knocking her through the ropes and to the floor. Madeline landed hard on her back, still holding the chair.

This was Melissa's chance to take back the advantage and win, and she stepped carefully through the ropes to the apron. She measured the jump and leaped with both feet to smash the chair down onto Madeline. That should've knocked her out for good, but Madeline moved the chair. Specifically, she turned it straight up so the top of the chair went between Melissa's legs and crushed Melissa's labia underneath her white panties. Caught in mid-flight, Melissa fell sideways and landed very badly, reaching out instinctively with her hands to break her fall and nearly passing out from the surge of pain. Of course, she then went almost face-first into the floor since her hands hadn't done anything to break the fall.

As Melissa struggled through the pain, Madeline was getting up with the chair in her hands. The first chair shot was to the back of Melissa's skull and rang throughout the arena. The second, third, and fourth chair-shots went to the back of Melissa's right knee because Madeline didn't want the bitch able to get up and kick anymore. To be absolutely sure, Mayhem opened the chair enough to put Melissa's knee between the seat and the legs, and then she jumped on the seat with both feet, mercilessly bending the steel around the trapped limb as Melissa wailed in agony. Ignoring Melissa's cries of pain, Mayhem kicked the chair out of the way and moved to the schoolgirl's head. Grabbing two handfuls of hair, she pulled Melissa's head up and shoved it between her nylon-covered thighs and then reached to grab the waistband of Melissa's uniform skirt. With a powerful heave, Mayhem lifted Melissa and slammed her into the floor with a vicious powerbomb. The schoolgirl's head bounced on the thin padding over the concrete and rolled to one side, on the edge of consciousness.

Madeline stood over her opponent for a few seconds, breathing hard from her exertion. Melissa wasn't moving and it was time to win this match. The coffin was on the other side of the ring, so, grabbing a fistful of Melissa's blouse, Mayhem dragged Melissa around the ring, popping a few buttons and giving a glimpse of Melissa's lacy bra beneath. For her part, Melissa couldn't believe she was in this much trouble, but she couldn't do anything to change it. Her hands were useless, and she could feel her right knee beginning to swell and throb.

The coffin was still sitting open when Madeline reached it with her opponent in tow. Using both hands, Madeline picked up Melissa so she was upright, for the most part, and clamped her right hand on Melissa's windpipe. Growling, "It's over, bitch," Madeline lifted Melissa and choke-slammed her into the coffin. The shock went through Melissa's body, but one arm hooked the edge of the coffin and hung outside. Trying to stay in the match against the odds, Melissa resisted as much as possible when Mayhem tried to stuff the arm inside the coffin, but that pushed Madeline over the edge. Throwing one leg over the side of the coffin, she kneeled on Melissa's chest, screamed, "IT'S OVER," and punched Melissa in the face. Then, she screamed, "IT'S OVER," again and punched her again. And for the next two minutes, Madeline screamed the same two words over and over again and punched Melissa as hard as she could each time that she said it. When she finally calmed down and stopped, Melissa was long since unconscious, and Madeline climbed out of the coffin, shoved the schoolgirl's arm inside, and slammed the lid.

The Ace of Spades suddenly seemed to appear at her side, raising Madeline's left arm in victory. "The winner of the Casket Match and immunity from fighting next week is MADELINE MAYHEM!" Madeline shook her right hand, sore from punching Melissa repeatedly, but she smiled as her victory sank in. She was still in the contest after a few bad moments, and she had a week off to heal and train before she had to worry about being chosen for another match.