So You Wanna Be Hardcore!

Hard rock music blares as the screen turns blood red, and the word "SEXY" appears in black letters. The picture changes to a beautiful brunette in a gold suspender-type thong (a thong with straps over the shoulders instead of the hips) and a black tube top, posing seductively in a corner of a wrestling ring. The screen goes black with the word "HARDCORE" appearing in red letters. The picture shifts to the same lovely brunette, but now she is on her hands and knees and bleeding from the forehead. An attractive black woman in white shorts and tank top is standing over the brunette, straddling her back, and she's holding a steel chair that she slams down on the brunette's head. The red screen returns, and the word "AMAZON" appears in black. When the picture turns back to ring action, two new wrestlers are in the ring. One is a tall, well-muscled woman with pale skin and white hair in a white one-piece with a black spade printed on the midriff. She has an Asian woman in a lavender bikini pressed above her head, possibly unconscious, and drives the Asian's spine across her muscular thigh for a backbreaker that looks almost lethal. The screen goes black again with "GLADIATORS" in red, and changes to a scene involving a blonde and a brunette, both in thongs and bleeding. There is torn clothing in the ring, and both women are on their knees, locked in furious battle. The blonde has both hands wrapped around the brunette's throat, and the brunette is digging deeply into the blonde's breasts with her claws. The screen then starts to flash between red and black with "S.H.A.G." in the alternate color.

The music changes, slightly faster but still hard and powerful. The picture flashes through five still-shots. The first has the word "SO" stenciled on a wooden crate. The second is the word "YOU" generated on a computer screen with a shifting, chaotic background. The third is "WANNA" spray-painted on a brick wall, and the fourth is "BE" on a billboard. The final shot is the word "HARDCORE" tattooed on a flexed bicep. Then, the whole title, "SO YOU WANNA BE HARDCORE," is scrawled across an image of a wrestling ring with "S.H.A.G." printed on the canvas.

The music continues as a series of 5-second clips are shown of the contestants with their names. Angie is shown first, lounging on her side in the ring and leaning on her elbow. Her upper body is discretely covered by a short, black, satin robe that only shows a glimpse of her black bra, but her legs are showcased in sheer black pantyhose with black high heels on her feet. Second, Candy Treats is shown leaning back against the ring ropes. The large, trashy-looking redhead is licking her lips with her eyes closed while she squeezes her enormous left breast with her left hand and gropes her crotch with her right hand. The next clip is actually of two contestants, Tyneetina and Jessi. The two sisters stand side-by-side with their arms across each other's shoulders, wearing tiny, blue-and-white thongs with attached straps large enough to cover the nipples of their cute breasts. They look nearly identical except for the length of their hair, and they are both flexing their small biceps with their free arms. Following the sisters is Su-A-Cydal, shown in profile in her blue-and-white-striped one-piece. The vertical stripes make her waist look slimmer while making her basketball-sized breasts seem even larger. The next contestant shown is Toya the Teen Terror in her denim cut-off shorts, "wife-beater" T-shirt, and army boots. With her massively muscled body, the dark-skinned fighter looks almost as wide as she is tall as she sneers and strikes an awesome double-bicep pose. Almost in perfect contrast, Kathleen the "All-American" is next, doing a "Wonder Woman" pose in front of a large American flag. The statuesque blonde stands with her legs about shoulder-width apart and her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in her white panties and blue sports bra. Miho Shina is next, standing with her back to the camera in a white one-piece that is "high-cut" around her very nicely shaped buttocks. The Japanese fighter turns her torso and head to look at the camera, showing that her face and bust aren't as attractive as the rear-view, but there is something alluring in the demure smile and dark eyes. Following Shina is Madeline Mayhem, working on the heavy bag. The big Puerto Rican woman is wearing a black bra and black hose with boots and a skirt yanked up around her waist while she hammers at the bag with knees and fists. The most interesting part is that the bag has a pair of white panties and a blue sports bra somehow attached to it, and every knee is hitting the panties squarely while the punches hit above the bra, where a face would be. Next up is Emerald Fire wearing only green hot pants, literally painted on in latex body-paint. Not surprisingly, the camera is zoomed in closely on the gorgeous redhead as she "pony-steps" around the ring with her arms up behind her head. The camera catches every bounce of her uncovered D-cup breasts, as well as the way the "paint pants" highlight every feature below the waist. The next-to-last contestant shown is Melissa in a private school uniform of white blouse, pleated skirt, and knee socks. She's dark-haired and lean, and she's got a look about her like she can't wait for someone to be stupid enough to get in the ring with her. Finally, Ms. Devine is shown posing in a full-length black gown and stiletto heels with one long leg slightly bent and visible through the slit on the side of the gown. The stunning African-American woman looks cool and elegant and, most of all, confident. The picture fades to black as the music dies.

As the picture comes back, a very tall, shapely blonde that S.H.A.G. fans would recognize as "Showgirl" Heather Sharpe is holding a microphone. Heather's gimmick is that of a Las Vegas showgirl, and she's wearing her costume, a transparent body-stocking with sequins and rhinestones forming a "thong bikini", and pair of sequined stiletto heels, and a feathered head-dress gleaming with rhinestones. While extremely lovely, the Showgirl is also a well-respected fighter and her legs a recognized for their power as much as their length and curves. The Showgirl is also very popular with the fans and often does special commentator duties, so it's not that surprising that she was chosen to "host" this competition.

"Hello, everybody, and welcome to the first week of "So You Wanna Be Hardcore," a competition to find the next Sexy Hardcore Amazon Gladiator! Our twelve competitors," the camera swings to show the twelve contestants in their costumes, "will be facing each other in a single-elimination contest with one match taking place each week! Every week, two fighters will be chosen to face each other in a special stipulation or hardcore match! The loser will be out of the competition and the winner will be granted immunity from being chosen in the following week's match! But don't feel too bad if your favorite girl is eliminated! The week prior to the final elimination match to determine the overall winner of the contest to go on to face the S.H.A.G. Champion, there will be a special "Fan's Choice" with two eliminated fighters, chosen by you, being brought back to fight it out for a special prize purse!"

"So, let's get this contest started! This week's match will be something a little special!" Heather waves her arm and lights come on over six cars, each with someone behind the wheel. The 12 fighters can be seen in the background looking at the cars. "For the first week, we're going to let our contestants match themselves up! Ladies, pick a car, two fighters to a car!"

On cue, the contestants move to the six cars. There is a little jockeying among the contestants for match-ups. Melissa obviously wanted to follow Angie to the Toyota Camry only to have Ms. Devine get there first. The "school-girl" doesn't seem too upset, though, as she sees Emerald Fire at the next car, a Ford T-Bird, and quickly joins the topless redhead. There is a similar situation with Candy Treats and Toya the Teen Terror as they both head for Tyneetina at the Mercury Sable, with Candy nudging Toya out of the way at the last moment. Toya looks like she's going to make trouble over it for a moment, but then she notices Tyneetina's near-twin, Jessi, standing alone by a Lincoln Towncar and joins her. Miho Shina and Su-A-Cydal both choose the Pontiac Firebird, and Madeline Mayhem follows on Kathleen's heels over to the Chrysler Concorde.

"Okay, ladies, let me tell you what's going to happen next! Five of those cars belong to S.H.A.G. executives, and this is probably the last time that you'll ever see them! The sixth car is a prettied-up piece of junk, and the two fighters by that car will face each other in this week's match, a Car Wash Match! I can tell most of you have never heard of that, so let me tell you about it! The match car will be started and driven over to the fighting area!" The camera swings as lights go on over a large area surrounded by steel security rails. Two rails have been moved aside to leave an opening for the match car, and the area is full of garden hoses, buckets of water, and all sorts of brushes. There is a small bleacher set up outside of the railed area. "The two fighters will go into the car wash area and fight, using any materials inside the car wash area, including the car! This one is anything-goes, and you can only be disqualified for leaving the car wash area, on your own, of course, or trying to move the car. You can use the car or anything in the car, but you can't move the car! The winner will be determined by pin, submission, or knockout! Everyone understand?" The camera moved down the row of cars and caught all of the contestants nodding, some of them smiling.

"Okay, LET'S START THE MATCH CAR!" Everyone turned to look at the single car that coughed to life and the two fighters standing next to it.

Heather Sharpe had called the match car a "prettied-up piece of junk," and from the sounds it was making, she wasn't exaggerating. On the outside, the midnight-black Sable looked like it was in mint-condition, but under the hood, it was making noises like a rock crusher on the verge of exploding. Shouting to be heard over the disguised lemon, the Showgirl announced, "Our fighters for the Car Wash Match will be Candy Treats, at 6'1" and 200 pounds, and Tyneetina, at 5 feet and 95 pounds!"

Candy, as you might expect, had a cocky grin on her face as she leered at her little opponent, a girl only one-half of Candy's size. But, Tyneetina was grinning, too, and if anything, she seemed happier than Candy. As the Sable rattled and rolled into the fight area, Tina was practically dancing along behind it and shouting, "Come on, Tubby! I wanna kick your fat ass, and I don't wanna wait!" The car rolled into the center of the fighting area and shut down with a death-rattle. The little brunette didn't slow down, jumping on the back of the car and climbing up to the roof of the Sable. "Come on, Candy-Ass! I'm gonna show everyone who's the Queen of the Car Wash!"

Candy Treats walked over slowly, taking her time as she watched Tyneetina. The big redhead wasn't quite sure what to make of the teen. She looked like a wimpy ditz, but she talked like a confident fighter. Candy didn't like not knowing which was the truth.

As the jiggling redhead walked, she was also checking out the fighting area. The floor was covered with a thin mat that must have been some kind of foam rubber because the car's wheels had sunk down into it. The car was positioned so that there were 4 or 5 feet between the front and rear bumpers and the railing, and on the sides of the car, there looked like at least 8 feet of space to the railing. There was a big bucket (or small tub) filled to the brim with water in each corner, a pile with all sorts of cleaning brushes, sponges, and rags on either side of the car, and a garden hose near each pile. The guy who drove the Mercury was climbing out of the car and removing his jacket to reveal a referee's shirt.

The rest of the contestants were taking their seats in the small bleacher to watch the fight, and Heather the Showgirl joined them with her microphone. As Candy stepped onto the mat, she told the fighters, "Okay, fighters, as soon as the railings are secure, it's time to get WET AND WILD!"

Tyneetina didn't need any more encouragement than that. As the ring crew moved the two sections of railing to close the entryway for the car, she was dancing from foot to foot on top of the Sable, waiting for them to put in the locking pins to hold the railing secure. The second that pins were in place, Tina shouted, "COWABUNGA," and dove off of the car at Treats, slamming into the soft tits of the slutty fighter and taking her down to the floor. Immediately, Tyneetina jumped to her feet and danced around the apparently stunned woman. "WHOO! YOU'RE NOTHING, TUBBY! I'M GONNA MOP THE FLOOR WITH YOU!" Tina turned and jogged over to grab the hose on the driver's side of the car. The hose had one of those pistol-type nozzles, and Tina used it to send a hard stream of cold water into Candy's face. "First thing, though, I gotta clean that makeup off your ugly face! God, where did you learn to put on makeup... at clown college?" Tina kept the spray on Candy, moving around to get at her face when the redhead tried to block the water with her hands. She kept the water on Candy for at least two minutes, thoroughly drenching the big woman. Candy sputtered on the mat as she rolled over on her hands and knees with her hair plastered to her skull and back, and her nipples, already sticking out through the tight red sports bra, seemed to grow another inch as the cold water made them erect and hard.

Tyneetina tossed the hose aside and ran over to grab a couple handfuls of wet hair. Dragging Candy over to the back of the car, she pulled Candy's head up and back and slammed her forehead into the trunk lid. Again, the little brunette started grandstanding for the other contestants in the bleacher seats. "Do you SEE this? She's a WIMP! She's not even a challenge!" Tina seemed to get an idea and left Candy kneeling behind the car as she walked to the driver's door and opened it. She leaned inside and popped the trunk. Then, Tina walked back to Candy and grabbed her by the hair again. "Come on, you, let's check out the trunk!" Pulling Candy up, Tina started to shove her into the trunk, but Candy began to struggle, putting her hands into the trunk and pushing to keep from being forced inside. "So, you're finally starting to fight, huh? I can take care of that!" Tyneetina reached up and pulled the trunk lid down onto Treats' shoulders with a bang. "Want more?" The brunette raised the lid and slammed it down again, and again. After the third shot, Candy fell into the trunk. Tyneetina left her there, half in the trunk, and turned her attention to the bleachers again. "What kind of contest is this? I thought I was supposed to have a fight here! I'm gonna give this bimbo a chance to give up before I hurt her!" With that, Tina went back behind the car and raised the trunk lid. There was a "crack" and Tyneetina staggered backward a couple of steps and fell to her butt against the steel railing. Her eyes looked unfocussed.

Candy stood up with a tire-iron in her hand and a smile on her face. "Who's the wimp now, bitch?" Candy knew all that she needed to know, now. Even Tina's shots with the trunk lid had been weak. This little girl was all mouth.

Hefting the tire-iron in her right hand, Candy walked over to Tina and yanked her head back by the hair. Like a hammer, Candy raised the tire-iron and slammed it down into Tyneetina's forehead with another "crack." Tina's entire body seemed to jump like she was jolted with electricity. The redhead let go and Tyneetina fell over like a domino. Candy reached down and pulled Tina away from the railing by the strap over her right breast, uncovering it. Then, she straddled the dazed girl's chest and turned the tire-iron around. The tool was the type that was bent near one end with a lug wrench socket, and the rest was long and straight with a flattened end to pry off the hubcap and act as a jack-handle. Candy put that flattened end to use now, digging it into Tyneetina's forehead until she was screaming and kicking her legs frantically. Over the screaming, Candy shouted, "Who's the wimp now? I should've known you were all talk, you little bitch! I'm gonna rip you to pieces!" Candy really leaned forward, putting her weight behind the hardened steel and ripping a gash in the brunette's forehead despite the blunt end of the tire-iron. Once she saw the blood, Candy sat up and slid backward until she was straddling Tyneetina's waist. Like most head wounds, the gash in Tina's forehead was practically gushing blood, and already it was running all over the brunette's face. Candy turned the tire-iron around again and raised the weapon. With her left hand, Candy reached forward and lifted Tina's head by the hair. One more time, the big redhead smashed the steel into the teen's head, opening the cut further and probably giving Tyneetina a concussion.

Candy let go of the hair, and Tyneetina's head fell back to the padded floor like a dead weight. At this point, the buxom redhead could've won the match any way that she wanted... pin, submission, or KO, but instead, she tossed the tire iron aside and stood, pulling the limp brunette up with her by the straps of Tina's outfit. Once standing, Candy dragged the bloody girl from behind the car to the passenger side. There, the redhead pulled Tyneetina into a bearhug that doubled as a breast-smother because of Treats' immense, soft boobs, and she charged into the side of the car, crushing the teen between the Sable and Candy's voluptuous body. Candy grunted from the impact, but if Tyneetina made a sound, it was muffled by the fact that Treats' soft mounds of titflesh had swallowed the brunette's head, even with the red sports bra. Luckily (or maybe not), Candy didn't keep Tina in the hug for long. Backing up a step, she pulled Tina's bloody face out of her cleavage and turned the girl around so she could beat Tyneetina's face repeatedly against one of the side windows.

Candy must have slammed the teen's face into the window at least 15 times in about a minute. The little brunette was hanging limp in Candy's hands, held up by the redhead's two-handed grip on her shoulder-length hair, and blood from the now-much-larger gash on her forehead was covering the window, Tina's face, and her chest and 34B breasts. As Candy continued to beat the girl's head into the car door, Heather Sharpe called out to her. "Candy, if you're trying to put her head through the glass, forget it! When our crew cleaned up the car, they also replaced the windows with shatter-proof plexiglass! You'd need a sledgehammer to get through that stuff!" The Showgirl's statement made the catfighter stop for a moment, frustration and annoyance on her face. Clearly, that had been Candy's plan. Tyneetina's face showed something completely different, a vacant stare and a nose that had to be broken. It seemed that not all of the blood on Tina and the car came from her forehead.

Candy stood holding Tyneetina's hair for a moment, thinking about what new punishment to use, and turned the girl around to get a good look at the damage so far. "Shit, girl, you're a fucking mess! I thought you were gonna kick MY ass!" Candy laughed as Tyneetina bled silently in her hands.

"Keep laughing, bitch! Any second now, my sister's gonna get her second wind, and then you're gonna be DEAD!" Up in the stands, Jessi had jumped to her feet, enraged by the lack of respect that Candy was showing Tina. "NOBODY uses cheap-shots on us and gets away with it!" It looked like the younger sister was going to leave her seat, but Su was able to calm her enough to get the teen to sit down again. The rest of the contestants were casting glances toward Jessi, wondering if she was watching the same fight that they were. This was a slaughter, and Tyneetina would be lucky if she came out of this in one piece.

Candy answered Jessi's tirade with another chorus of laughter. She pulled Tina close so she could look into the blank eyes and say, "You're idiot sister is a riot, but you're starting to make me a little sick! We need to clean you up a bit so you're not so disgusting!" Candy moved toward the closest water bucket, throwing Tyneetina in front of her so she sprawled on the floor. "First, let's clean up that face a bit!" Candy grabbed Tina by the scruff of her neck and picked her up to her knees, and then she plunged the teen's battered face into the cold water and held her under. Even in her demolished state, the fear of drowning kicked in for the little brunette, but her struggles were useless. She barely had the strength to kick her feet a little and make a few pitiful slaps at the hands holding her head under the water, and that was quickly used up. It was hardly even thirty seconds before Tyneetina seemed to go still, and Candy waited a few more seconds before pulling her head up. The girl gasped loudly for air and coughed a little, too weak to do anything else. "Let's get a look at you, slut, and see if you're a little more presentable!" Treats pulled Tina's head back to get a clear view of the girl's face. Most of the blood had been washed away so the real damage was easier to see. The nose was definitely broken; it had changed shape since the beginning of the match and was still leaking blood from both nostrils. Likewise, the cut on her forehead wasn't showing any sign that it would stop bleeding soon. Starting in the middle of Tyneetina's forehead, the ragged gash looked about two inches long and would certainly need several stitches when this match was over. To top it off, the repeated smashes into the shatter-proof window was causing the rest of Tyneetina's face to swell up like a balloon. Candy smiled at the remains of Tina's pretty face and said, "Still ugly, but I guess it'll have to do!"

Candy pulled Tina to her feet and scooped her into the air with an arm between the girl's legs. She carried the brunette over to the Sable and body-slammed her down onto the hood. The redhead looked at the bloodstains covering Tyneetina's torso all the way down to her crotch and shook her head. "Now I gotta clean up the rest of you! Don't move, bitch!" Candy walked over to the pile of cleaning supplies and began to sort through it, selecting a sponge and a scrub brush. Then, she grabbed the hose and carried her toys back to the front of the car. "These should do the job! Let's get that fucking messed-up outfit off you!" That was easily accomplished for the big woman. Tina had no strength to resist as the straps were pulled off of her shoulders and the thong was pulled down her legs and off. The teen may not have even realized that she was naked, showing her neat triangular patch of pubic hair to countless fans on television watching this. Candy picked up the sponge first, and it was stuffed deep into Tina's mouth. Then, she used the hose to soak the naked girl down with cold water. Then, she started "cleaning" with the brush. The brush was about 3" wide by 6" long with short, stiff bristles. The only use it would have on a car would be scrubbing the tires because it would destroy the paint job. It was even worse on soft skin. Leaning over Tyneetina to get her weight into it, Candy ripped the hard bristles back and forth across the tender nipple of the broken brunette's right breast, turning it bright red in seconds as she scratched and scraped the tender skin. The helpless teen squirmed and squealed through the sponge in her jaws as her adorable mounds felt like they were being ground off of her chest. After at least a full minute of scrubbing, Candy did the same to Tyneetina's left breast. She scoured it raw while blood beaded up all over the right breast and nipple from dozens of tiny scratches. After the left breast matched the right one, raw, red, and bleeding, Candy leaned back and admired her work, but she wasn't done. Blood had run down into Tyneetina's pubic hair as well, and that needed to be scrubbed out, too. The veins in Tina's neck stood out as she screamed through the crude gag in her mouth at the fire that erupted between her legs. Her most sensitive area was being scoured viciously, the rough brush dragging up and down her labia. Candy was scrubbing so hard that she was balding Tina's mound, scraping away the skin and pubes. The vicious slut even used her fingers to spread Tyneetina's nether-lips so she could "deep clean" the tender inner folds of the girl's sex. Then, once the areas of Tyneetina's womanhood were all shedding blood, Treats picked up the hose again and unleashed a stinging stream of cold water at the raw flesh, holding the hose only inches away. Pink streams ran off of Tina's body and disappeared against the black of the hood. When Candy finally was finished, she grinned at Tina and told her, "There, don't it feel good to be clean?"

Of course, she wasn't waiting for any answers to get past the sponge wedged into Tyneetina's mouth. Candy grabbed a handful of hair and yanked the girl off of the hood down to the floor. Tyneetina was obviously in too much pain to move, and she fell on her side and stayed there. It looked like nothing could make her move, not even when Candy drew back her red boot and kicked her in the nipple of her raw right boob. She didn't move when Candy kicked her a second time, when Candy kicked her in the left boob, or when Candy kicked her right in her bleeding pussy. The redhead looked annoyed. "Get up, bitch! I'm not done yet!" Another brutal kick exploded into the girl's damaged pubis. "Fine, I know what'll make you move!" Candy walked around to the driver's side of the car and got inside, and after a few rough tries, she started the car.

Everyone in the bleacher was on her feet, and the ref started moving toward the car. Had Candy lost it and decided to run over the destroyed brunette to finish her off? Had she forgotten that moving the car meant an automatic DQ and elimination from the contest?

But as everyone tried to figure out what the redhead was doing in the car, Candy climbed out again and moved to the back of the car. She disappeared into the trunk for a moment and came back out with a set of jumper cables. There were gasps from some of the other contestants (and cheers from some) as they began to understand what Candy was planning for the destroyed brunette. As she moved back to the front of the car, she stopped for a second and popped the hood release. Then, she walked around in front of the car and clamped two of the jumper clips onto Tyneetina's bleeding nipples. Once they were securely attached, Candy opened the hood and held the other clips near the terminals of the Sable's battery. "This'll make you move, slut!" In one motion, Candy hooked the cables to the battery, and Tyneetina began to convulse in agony, the blood and water on her breasts providing a perfect path for the electricity coursing from the car battery. Candy backed away quickly, being careful to avoid contact with her victim since she was also soaked with water and Tina's blood. "Yeah, that's it! You're getting a good jump-start!" Candy did a jiggling run around the car and jumped inside to rev the engine a few times. Tyneetina continued to have spasms on the floor, and Candy half-stood/half-sat so she could watch. "Yeah, now you're juiced up enough for the big finish!" Candy shut down the engine and carefully went around the car to disconnect the leads from the battery. Tyneetina was twitching on the floor. From the looks of them, her nipples were now burned as well as scraped and bloody.

Tyneetina was pulled up by the clamps on her nipples and put into a side-headlock. Candy reached up to close the hood, hesitated for a second, and then slammed it down on Tina's head for good measure. Then, she closed the hood for real and shoved the devastated girl up onto it. Climbing up on the hood herself, Candy cautiously grabbed Tyneetina and pulled her up onto the roof of the car, being careful not to fall. Again, she followed her victim up onto the roof of the car. Then, being careful to set her feet solidly, Candy picked up Tyneetina and scooped her into an inverted bearhug, lowering the brunette's head until it was between Candy's thighs. Treats seemed to savor the moment and then jumped up into the air and dropped to her butt. A sit-out Tombstone piledriver and it drove Tyneetina's skull into the steel car roof with a sickening "thunk." The poor girl's head seemed to twist at an ugly angle, and then Candy just let her go. Tina's legs tumbled forward, and her body followed, rolling down the hood and to the floor. She hit with a "thud" and ended up spread-eagle on her back, badly injured but breathing, at least.

Candy walked down the hood and looked down at what was left of her "competition." With a smile to the other contestants, the redhead raised her arms over her head and jumped off of the hood, dropping her big, round ass on the injured girl's chest. She got comfortable and waved the referee over. "Go ahead and count! Make it a ten-count! She ain't gonna move!" The ref nodded, knowing she was right. He got down on his knees and slapped the padded floor ten times, and then he took Candy's hand and stood up with her, raising her hand as the winner of the match.

The Showgirl left the bleacher and swung her long legs over the steel railing. She walked over to the other side of Candy and raised her microphone. "The winner of the Car Wash Match and immunity from being in next week's match... CANDY TREATS!" Candy put her arms behind her head and shook her massive tits for the camera, setting them shaking in waves that you could surf.

Out of nowhere, Jessi jumped the steel railing and ran in to jam her hands into the fat boobs and knock Candy back so she ended up sitting on the hood of the Sable. Before either could make another move, Heather caught Jessi and locked her up in a full-nelson while the referee planted himself in front of Candy to keep her from retaliating. Without any trouble, Heather started to drag Jessi away as the teen shouted at Candy. "YOU CHEATED, YOU SLUT! Tina would've killed you if you hadn't grabbed that tire-iron! You better pray that someone eliminates you before I get a chance! If I get a shot at you, I'm gonna cripple you for what you did! I'LL CRIPPLE YOU!"