Little Sheba

When it all started, I think I was pretty much an all-around average guy. I was in decent shape for a guy in his late twenties, and I had a pretty girlfriend and a good job. Like a lot of men, I thought two women wrestling or catfighting was a major turn-on, and my girlfriend knew it but didnít seem interested in participating in my fantasy. But at the same time, Jill, my girlfriend, didnít seem to mind if I indulged my interest with tapes and magazines and occasional trips to a strip club that had a weekly "catfight night."

Thatís how I met her. I went to watch the catfights, getting a seat right up front before they started. As always, girls that would be in the fights were mingling with the customers, trying to set up lap dances, etc. for afterward. Thatís when a girl I hadnít seen before made a bee-line for me and plopped the sweetest little ass in my lap. With a big smile, she said, "Hi, Iím Little Sheba! Iím going to fight just for you tonight! If I win, will you go into the Champagne Room with me to celebrate?"

I really, honestly couldnít have said "no" if I tried. See, Iím really attracted to small girls with good breasts. (Jill is 5í2" and 110 pounds with 34Bís.) Sheba was like my dream-girl. With her sitting on my lap, it was obvious that she was even smaller than Jill, but she had these gorgeous round boobs, like firm, ripe grapefruit. (I later found out that she was an even 5 feet tall and 99 pounds with 35D breasts.) On top of that, she was dressed like the hottest little harem-girl that you ever saw, in filmy, pink harem pants with something like a pink veil hanging over those fantastic boobs. With gleaming dark hair, smoldering dark eyes, and flawless dark skin rounding out the package, I had to tell her that Iíd take her in the Champagne Room if she won. Hell, Iíd take her in there, win or lose.

That didnít come up, though. Sheba stayed on my lap for a few more minutes and then went in back to wait for her fight to be called. Thankfully, she was the second match because I donít think I couldíve handled a long wait. She was up against a busty, brown-skinned babe called Cinnamon who was easily 6 inches taller and probably a good twenty pounds heavier. Cinnamon stripped out of a sarong to fight in a black thong, and Sheba peeled off her harem outfit to reveal a gold G-string that might have made a good eye-patch if it were bigger. The fights took place on a 12í x 12í soft mat surrounded by big, stuffed tubes that looked like heavy punching bags. As soon as the club MC blew the starting whistle, Little Sheba was all over Cinnamon like a bad rash. She spanked Cinnamon, she choked her, and she pulled Cinnamonís hair like she wanted it for a souvenir. Sheba dominated the bigger girl like she was nothing and won with a reverse-face-sit as she slapped the big girlís brown tits.

After Cinnamon begged for mercy, Little Sheba posed over her for a couple of minutes, putting a foot on her boobs and then her face. Then, she grabbed her harem outfit and came straight over to me, smiling as she saw the raging hard-on in my pants. Sheba took my hand, and I did something Iíd never done before. I left my seat before the catfights were over. I shelled out $150 for a half-hour in the Champagne Room, and Sheba peeled off that micro-string and rode me so hard that it seemed like a bargain. I mean, we didnít actually have sex, but the almost sex that we had beat the real thing with some girls I used to know. When our time was up, Sheba went to freshen up and so did I, and then we met back at the catfights. I managed to catch the last fight of the night with Sheba pressing that luscious body against me. Before I left, she promised to fight for me again if I came back the next week.

Well, I came back the next week and the week after that and every week that Little Sheba fought. Every time, she said she was fighting for me and won, and every time, she led me back to the Champagne Room for a celebration that got wilder and wilder.

It took about two months for Jill to get suspicious about it. She didnít know about Sheba, of course, because I never said anything about her. Looking back, though, my frequent trips and the money I was spending must have made it pretty clear to her. Jill didnít have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that her catfight-loving boyfriend was spending his time and cash on a catfighter.

So, Jill accused me of just that, and being a typical guy, I denied it completely. I wasnít lying, really. Jill accused me of cheating on her with a girl from the club, and I didnít think that I was. I mean, I only saw Sheba at the club, and all I really knew about her was how hot and gorgeous she was. I didnít even know if Sheba was her real name or not. So, how could I be cheating? In my mind, I was watching hot catfights and doing some extremely wild flirting, at the worst.

Jill didnít buy it, of course. She insisted on going with me on my next trip to the club, and if I didnít take her, sheíd just show up on her own. I wasnít thrilled about it, but it wasnít the end of the world, either. I figured that, with Jill there, Sheba would find herself another customer, and that would be the end of it. It could even work out in my favor. Maybe Jill would like the catfights and show a little more interest in being a part of my fantasy. It could happen. I agreed to take her to the next catfight night.

That night was one surprise after another, starting when I picked up Jill. Now, Jill is a good-looking, girl-next-door blonde, and she always dressed like what my mom called a "good girl." Her pants were never too tight, her skirts and dresses always reached down to at least her knees, and her tops never showed a lot of cleavage. So, I never expected her to walk out to my car loaded for bear. Jill had a miniskirt just covering her ass, a camisole top that left her navel showing, and (I think) one of those "wonder-bras" because her breasts were really up and out on display. I didnít know she owned clothes like that! Add in the 4" heels Jill was wearing, and she looked like one of the girls that worked in the club.

Now, it seems pretty clear that Jill was establishing her "territory" by dressing so hot and clinging to my arm as we walked into the club, but I didnít see it then. To be honest, I was thinking that Iíd take her to some of our more usual night-spots and show off how good she looked once she was satisfied that I wasnít cheating.

Between my thoughts and the noise of the club, Jill caught me with my second surprise when she jabbed me with her elbow and asked, "Is that your girlfriend?" She was staring at the bar as she said it, so I turned in that direction. Sure enough, there was Little Sheba, barely concealed in her harem outfit and staring back at us. And hey, another surpriseÖ Sheba looked hurt. As we stared at each other, I felt Jill press herself tighter against me, sending a silent message to Sheba. Sheba saw and suddenly walked to the dancersí dressing area, out of the main club. Jill said something, but I really only made out that she sounded pleased. I was feeling kind of nervous all of a sudden.

Look, I donít claim to be an expert on strip clubs, but Iíve been to a few. A sixty-year-old, 400-pound guy with a face like a wart hog can have an absolute knockout tell him heís hotter than Brad Pitt in a strip club. All he needs is money. Thatís the whole point of strip clubs and the reason that I never thought Shebaís attentions were anything more than business. Maybe I was a favorite customer, but no more than that.

But, she really looked upset when she saw me with Jill. All of a sudden, having Jill here with me seemed a lot riskier because, if Sheba was angry and talked to Jill, I could be up shit-creek. If I was her favorite customer or something, Sheba could be pissed that I brought another girl onto her turf.

Anyway, that stuff kept going through my head as Jill snuggled next to me and watched the dancers on stage. I was too busy watching for Sheba to really notice them. I didnít even notice that "fight time" was getting close until Jill stood and told me that sheís meet me in the "arena" after she went to the ladiesí room. I donít know where she came from, but Sheba must have been waiting for Jill to leave because the little harem girl was suddenly right in front of me.

Hands on her perfect hips, she looked me in the eye and demanded, "Who is that slut and why is she here with you?" Oh man, she actually was pissed at me. I quickly tried to explain that Jill was my girlfriend and that Iíd been seeing her for months, putting emphasis on that last part. I was hoping that Sheba would be reasonable and not cause trouble for me. Wrong, it was time for another surprise. Shebaís face spent about 3 seconds going from shocked to hurt and then to angry. Before I could get another word out, she said, "No bitch is taking my man," and stormed off toward the ladiesí room.

As I tried to understand what was going on, a waitress delivered my next surprise. (I was starting to hate surprises.) Shaking her head at me, she said, "Boy, are you an asshole. Why the fuck would you bring another girl to the place where your girlfriend works?" Reeling in confusion, I asked what she meant by "my girlfriend." The waitress got this "donít-kid-me" look on her face. "Pal, everyone here knows that you and Sheba are an item. She talks about you all the time. Why the fuck did you think the bouncers let you two do that wild shit in the Champagne Room?"

Iím not even sure how I kept from falling over as the waitress shook her head and walked away. It was crazy! My little dream catfighter was wild about me, for real, and telling everyone BUT me about it? She talked about me "all the time?" Between disbelief andÖ well, pride, I must have stood where I was in a fog for a couple of minutes until it dawned on me that Sheba had gone to find Jill. With a weird mix of fear and excitement in my gut, I headed for the ladiesí room, double-time.

I was still too late. By the time I got there, shrieks and swearing could be heard from inside, and a pair of bouncers were fighting their way through a handful of escaping dancers to get in there. I tried to follow, but another bouncer stopped me. There were a few more shrieks and a couple of deep-voiced shouts, and then the bouncers reappeared, holding "my" girls. Jill had a bright red mark on her cheek, Shebaís breast-veil was torn so her left boob was uncovered, and they were both hissing and struggling to get at each other.

Okay, I felt weird because two hot girls fighting over me was, you know, "The Fantasy," but this wasnít how it was supposed to happen. I mean, I was supposed to be unable to choose between two hot women, and they decide to fight it out for me. Thatís The Fantasy. I felt likeÖ I wasnít "ready" for this, and I should be. Besides, Jill had made it pretty clear that taking part in The Fantasy didnít interest her at all, and I was getting these images of cops and assault charges for Sheba, which I didnít want to see.

But, the surprises just wouldnít stop coming. The bouncer holding Jill wasnít quite as cautious as the one holding Sheba, and my girlfriend nailed her 4" heel into his instep. He howled, and she lunged free to spin Shebaís head around with a wicked slap to the face and followed it with a knee to Shebaís crotch. Screaming, "Lousy slut, Iíll teach you to jump me and try to steal my boyfriend," Jill wound up a nasty looking punch and would have used it if the third bouncer hadnít jumped in and grabbed her in a bearhug.

Sheba shrank from the pain in her pussy and came right back with an attempted kick with her little slipper-clad foot, and she only missed because the bouncer holding her saw it and yanked her back out of range. "Heís mine, bitch, and Iíll fight for him! I love fighting for him! How about you?" She kept trying to kick Jill even though she couldnít possibly reach. "Right now! Letís go settle this right now, bitch!"

Okay, I couldnít believe this was happening. The entire fucking club was watching, naturally. The customers were chanting, "Catfight!" The girls, probably thinking Jill was stealing me from Sheba, were yelling for Sheba to tear her apart. And most surprising (that word again), Jill obviously wanted a piece of Sheba as much as Sheba wanted a piece of her. So, like one big herd, practically everyone in the club followed along as the bouncers almost carried the two hellcats to the catfight mats. Me, I ended up surrounded by Shebaís dancer friends and led to a front-row seat.

Jill was dumped in one corner and Sheba in the opposite. I think Jill started to get some second thoughts right about then as she realized what she was doing. Sheba, on the other hand, was looking forward to this, if the smile on her face as she stripped to her micro-string was any clue. In seconds, Sheba was 99-percent naked and yelling for Jill to do the same. Second thoughts or not, the crowd, pride, and anger goaded Jill into a quick strip-tease down to her bra and thong, an eye-popping, powder-blue, see-through set that Iíd never seen before. With her blonde hair and slim, girl-next-door looks, I have to say she made a fantastic contrast with Shebaís dark, sultry sexiness.

The bouncers started to talk with the guy that did the usual MC duties, probably deciding how to keep this under some kind of control, but thatís when Sheba flew across the mats at Jill. With a snarl, she leaped through the air and tackled Jill halfway out of the "ring" so Jill was bent over one of those punching-bag cushions with Sheba on top of her. She was like a little demon. Jill shrieked as Sheba took two handfuls of hair and beat the back of the blondeís head into the floor.

It might have been all over before it started, but one of the bouncers, apparently chosen to be "referee," grabbed Sheba by the shoulders and threw her off of Jill and back onto the mats. Jill looked dazed. She grabbed her head and rolled over, still on the cushion so her tight butt was up in the air for everyone to see. She was very lucky that the bouncer was keeping Sheba back because it took her more than a minute to get up. Even then, she looked a bit shaky, but Jill seemed to shake it off when she saw Sheba trying to get past the bouncer. Coming up behind him, she managed to take advantage of the situation and sneaked a low left past him to hit Sheba right below the bellybutton.

Sheba folded over from the punch, and Jill slipped past the bouncer as he turned to stop her. Shrieking in rage, Jill tackled Sheba this time and straddled her belly so she could slap the dark girlís head back and forth. It was a pretty wicked attack, and it shook Sheba up for a short time. But, Sheba did these catfights a lot, and I think this was Jillís first fight ever. Sheba realized that Jill failed to pin her arms, and the harem girl clamped her claws onto Jillís B-cups and squeezed with everything she had. Jillís rage turned into howls of pain, and she was pulled off to the side by her boobs.

Lying next to Sheba, Jill grabbed Shebaís wrists and pulled her hands away, losing her bra in the process. Now, Jillís B-cups were really on display, including her cute pink nipples, and she spent precious time covering up in embarrassment. That was a mistake because Sheba rolled on top of her and went for the hair again. Jill had her head banged into the mat once and figured out that covering her boobs was less important than getting Sheba off of her. Her hands wrapped themselves in Shebaís thick, black hair and yanked from side-to-side, managing to unseat the harem girl. The two of them started rolling across the mats, one on top and then the other. Eventually, they rolled up against the cushions at the edge of the mats, and it was just luck that Jill came out on top, pinning Sheba against the cushions. Jill may have been inexperienced, but she knew that sheíd gained a big advantage and didnít want to lose it. Sheba wasnít only caught beneath Jill, but her left arm had ended up wedged between her body and the side cushion. That left Sheba one-handed, and Jill was able to grab that free hand by the wrist, leaving Jillís free right arm to press against Shebaís throat and choke her. Shebaís friends were screaming for her to turn the tables on the "blonde bitch," but Jill had the better position and was really working the choke. Time dragged on and the sultry catfighterís kicks and struggles seemed to be weakening.

Thatís when Jillís inexperience tripped her up. As Sheba got weaker, Jill tried to increase the pressure on the choke by spreading her legs and raising her hips for more leverage. It wasnít really a bad idea, but it gave Sheba a clear shot at Jillís most sensitive area. The whole crowd made sympathetic groans as Jillís crotch got smashed by a vicious knee-shot. Jillís face got a lot paler, and it looked like all the strength just ran out of her. Sheba was able to wiggle loose and shove the blonde away, and they both lay on the mat for a couple of minutes, recovering.

Sheba was the first to move, sitting up against the side cushion and leaning her head and shoulders back over it to take some deep breaths. As poses go, it was a real crowd-pleaser because her D-cups stood up in the air with erect nipples and rose and fell with her breathing. By comparison, Jill was curled up in the fetal position with her hands massaging her mound, also a crowd-pleaser.

Finally, Sheba raised her head and glared in Jillís direction. Something seemed a little different about her now, but I couldnít put my finger on it. She slowly got to her feet and moved around so Jillís back was to her, and then Sheba shot forward and drove both feet into Jillís spine with a dropkick/baseball-slide kind of move. Jill howled and uncurled, arching her entire body backward to ease the pain of the blow. Like sheíd planned it, Sheba sat up and reached forward to grab Jillís right wrist and ankle, and she leaned back again with her feet in Jillís back, bending her into a bow-and-arrow hold. Man, she must have been taking Jillís spine to the breaking point from the way Jill was screaming in agony. Sheba practically folded her in half backwards.

Sheba released the hold when Jill broke down to whimpers, and Jill rolled face-down on the mat and shook with the pain. The whole place was cheering for Sheba. Hell, I suddenly realized that I was cheering on Sheba, and I hadnít planned on doing that. Sheba stood and strutted around Jill, shaking her fist in the air and blowing a kiss in my direction.

Then, Sheba dove across Jillís tortured back with a cross-body splash. She wasnít done with her rival, not by a long shot. Staying on top of the blonde, Sheba twisted around so she was almost sitting on the back of Jillís head and looking down at her butt. Then, she grabbed two handfuls of thong and introduced Jill to the concept of the wedgie. Sheba was pulling so hard that she was lifting Jillís hips off of the mat and giving half of the room a birdís-eye view of Jillís neat little blonde bush. The thong was pulled up into her vagina so only a thin blue line could be seen running down the center of her mound. Jill was squealing into the mat as her sore mound was tormented more, and it only got worse as Sheba started jerking at the fabric in different directions to drag it across the tender pussy lips. After maybe two minutes of wedgie-hell, Sheba let the blondeís hips fall back down and turned her ass-cheeks red with a very thorough spanking. I donít think she missed even a fraction of an inch of Jillís ass, and I couldnít help thinking that Jill really had an "apple" of an ass now.

Iíd finally figured out what was different about Sheba by this point. She was just as angry as when she started the fight, but now she was calm. The normal catfights here at the club were much more "real" than the usual "giggle-and-wiggle" you get with oil and mud matches, but you could tell that they were "friendly" catfights. So far, Iíd never seen Sheba lose, and it was all because she stayed calm and wore down her opponents, even if they were a lot bigger than Sheba was. When the fight began, Sheba had been fighting wild like Jill, but since the choke, sheíd gotten herself under control and was using her usual methods to destroy her enemy.

And "destroy" was definitely the right word. Once Jillís ass was glowing red, Sheba bounced her round butt on Jillís lower back a few times to tenderize it a little more. Then, Sheba got off of the blonde and used some hair to pull Jill up to her knees. Going to one knee behind Jill, Sheba put her thigh against Jillís spine and bent her backward over it in a nasty back-breaker. She used her right hand to press down on Jillís chin while her left hand switched between hammering the blondeís taut belly and yanking on the golden pubes between her legs.

Through all of this, Jill had broken into tears and was screaming for mercy that no one seemed to want to give to her, especially Sheba. No, Sheba only broke the back-breaker hold when she got bored with it, shoving Jill onto her back on the mat. The next move was for Sheba to stand on Jillís hair while she pinched Jillís pink nipples and pulled upward as hard as she could. Take it from someone who has felt Jillís breasts; theyíre well-formed and soft to the touch, but I never thought they would stretch like that. Sheba had them stretched out like traffic cones! Jill went beyond screaming into silent agony as the tears rolled down her cheeks, and even though I felt like a slime for it, I was still cheering for Sheba.

I donít know if Jill knew I was cheering for Sheba, but Sheba did. She sent a big smile my way as she let Jillís boobs snap back to normal, and then she dropped down and planted her beautiful ass over Jillís face. Man, with that micro-string Sheba was wearing, Jillís nose must have been halfway up Shebaís anus. She obviously couldnít breathe because of the way she started flailing around, and when the flailing started to wind down, Sheba raised her ass just enough to give Jill some air while Sheba raked Jillís pussy with both hands. It must have been five minutes. Smother Jill with her ass and then give her a little air and pussy torture to wake her up, over and over again. I was watching and wondering when Sheba would finally smother Jill out, but she never did. At least, she didnít do it with her ass. After Jill was truly beaten and humiliated, Sheba climbed off of her and sat her up in a headlock. I saw her whispering something to the defeated blonde and could guess what it was about. Then, Jill gave a weak nod and Sheba finished her quickly, pulling the blondeís flushed face into her D-cups and smothering her into dreamland.

Sheba dropped Jill like a sack of wet laundry and sprinted toward me to leap into my lap. No words, she just stuck her tongue down my throat while her friends and the other customers cheered. The bouncer woke Jill, and I think the first thing she saw was Sheba sucking my tonsils out, which must have been the last straw. I caught a glimpse of her collecting her clothes in tears and running out of the arena, probably to get dressed and call a cab.

I donít know. That was the last time I ever saw her. I tried to call her or stop by her place, but she wouldnít see me or talk to me. I felt bad about that. Jill and I had a good time together and I never meant for things to end like that.

But that was afterward. At the time, I had Shebaís red-hot body writhing in my lap as she flossed my teeth with her tongue. I was gasping for air when she finally broke the kiss and just told me, "Wait right here." She scooted off, grabbing her harem outfit as she went, and about ten minutes later she was back in this black spandex tube dress that looked like it was painted onto her body. She grabbed me by the hand and said, "Come on, youíre taking me home so we can really celebrate! And donít you ever let an old girlfriend try and get her claws in you again!"

I took her to my place and she screwed my brains out. AllÖ nightÖ long. And into the next morning. She was crazy for me. Said she knew I was her man the second she saw me. Said she followed me a few times to learn more about me. Said she knew about Jill and was really glad I gave her the chance to pound on the "blonde bitch."

Thatís how it started. Not long after that, things really started to get interesting.