A Star Is Crushed

Making the movie had actually been kind of fun.

Minnesota-born Tiffany Davis has been a wrestler for 5 years, since she turned 19. A tall and solid girl, she had jet-black hair to the tops of her shoulders, and almost everyone remarked on her close resemblance in looks and physique to the legendary Betty Page. In the ring, she was known as Tiffany Minx, a wrestler with good girl looks and bad girl moves that had earned her the championship twice. The small promotion that employed her mostly gave her shoot matches without a predetermined winner, and 9 times out of 10, she dominated and humiliated her opponent while the fans cheered for her. She didnít hold the belt right now, but her fans considered it just a matter of time before she reclaimed it .

It was after just such a match that she became involved with the movie. In her customary leopard-print one-piece over nude hose with matching boots and fingerless, elbow-length gloves, she faced a rookie in a cheerleader outfit and easily controlled the match from the moment the bell rang. She broke the kidís resistance with submission holds, and then she asked the fans if she should keep going. The fans always want her to keep going. She did it three times, and ultimately folded the rookie in a matchbook pin when the kid started crying. As the cheerleader was helped out of the ring, Tiffany Minx soaked up the cheers and adoration of her fans.

She was surprised to be told that the owner, Frank, wanted her in his office. Frank loved the way she flattened opponents and brought in the fans. She hadnít hurt the kid, so she couldnít figure out why he wanted to see her. He generally only called for someone to chew him or her out. When she got there, she was introduced to Dan Crawford. He was producing a low-budget, sci-fi/chick-wrestling movie, and he wanted Tiffany to both appear in it as the main villain and choreograph the other girls in the action scenes. It sounded interesting and Frank thought it would be a great promotion for her and the company. Tiffany agreed and joined the cast and crew of "Galactic Wrestling Angel."

From the beginning, it was obvious that this would never be considered a cinematic masterpiece. Dan was nothing if not cheap. The filming was being done with cheap sets in a warehouse he owned, the "science-fiction" angle was accomplished by turning most of the cast into "aliens" with makeup and Halloween costumes, and for the wrestling, Tiffany found herself working with about a dozen dancers, underwear models, and mud-wrestlers. To make the wrestling scenes work, she had to convince the director to cut out the sound of the girls in favor of loud rock music and "commentary" from the three-eyed, pink-and-green announcer over the action. That way she could shout instructions to the girls in the ring.

Still, the movie got made, and it had the typical cheesy plot. The opening of the movie had the title character Angel, played by the directorís 14-year-old daughter in this scene, watching her mother getting brutally beaten in a title match and losing not only the galactic championship but also her life to the vicious challenger. With purple body-paint, a ridged foam-and-paint headpiece, and rubbery, fin-like pieces on her forearms and calves, Tiffany was, of course, that vicious challenger, an alien woman called Kruka. Angelís mother, never actually named, was one of the mud-wrestlers, luckily. She had a clue about the proper way to fall, so Tiffany was able to "brutalize" her safely but still make it look good. Once "Kruka" had killed Angelís mother, the teen ran into the ring and made the obligatory vow to train and get revenge one day. Sheís joined by her motherís coach, a midget in a flowing, hooded robe and glued-on orange fur, and her motherís partner, a lingerie model that was "alienized" with stripes in her hair and on her skin.

The movie then goes fast-forward ahead in time about five or six years, and shows scenes of young Angel training for the ring and growing up. Taking over as Angel now is the star of this little epic, the improbably-named Barbie Dahl. The name has to be made up, but it does fit. Barbie has blue eyes, long blonde hair, perfect legs and ass, and a pair of tits that enter the room thirty seconds before she does. Gossip around the set said she was "discovered" by Crawford testing the limits of the indecent exposure laws in a teeny gold bikini at a car show, and she was signed to the movie in the sack. The "aspiring actress" was a royal pain-in-the-ass to everyone, one of those people that think they can do everything perfectly and are COMPLETELY wrong. Tiffany spent most of her time just teaching Barbie how to fall without breaking something and teaching the other girls how to avoid hurting the "star," no matter how much they begged her otherwise.

Anyway, Barbie apparently didnít fuck all of Crawfordís brains out because the movie didnít give her too much speaking time in front of the camera. The bulk of the movie was action scenes with Angel climbing into the "futuristic" ring in glitter-makeup and a skimpy, shimmering costume that couldnít contain her casaba-melon tits for more than a few seconds. Her "matches" were generally like this: alien-babe beats on sexy hero and uncovers her tits, makes a mistake, and sexy hero wins stunning victory. After a few of these, the partner from the opening scene, Akki, steps in the ring with Kruka and is saved from crippling injury by Angel at the last second.

This led to the grand finale of the movie, the ultimate battle between Angel and Kruka for the galactic championship. Of course, Kruka stomps the living hell out of Angel for most of the match, but the gutsy hero wonít give in and turns things around with sheer willpower. She defeats Kruka but doesnít kill her, even though Kruka asks for it, because sheís too good for that sort of thing. Roll credits and send this dog straight to mass-production for the video stores.

Amazingly, this piece of junk was a big hit, selling a zillion copies. Of course, its main selling points were the long, pink nipples that Barbie kept waving in front of the camera, but that sells. There was plenty of action, and most of it involved huge breasts glistening with glitter and sweat in a wrestling match. They couldnít keep it on the shelves. And the big sales got publicity. Wrestling talk-shows and magazines ran "Galactic Wrestling Angel" for weeks. Frank was able to increase his ticket prices because of all the publicity and increased crowds when Tiffany Minx had a match. In fact, Tiffany Minx was becoming a very big name.

Maybe thatís what caused it. Maybe she got jealous. Everyone was riding happily on the wave of publicity, and then Barbie went public with a shocking statement. On a cable talk-show, the blonde was looking her usual bimbo self in fuck-me pumps, a micro-skirt, and a stretched-out tube-top. The host asked her how it was to work with Tiffany Minx on a movie. "Oh, sheís okay, but youíve got to remember that this was acting. She gets a lot of practice doing it in the ring, so it was no wonder she was able to do it for the camera. Wrestling isnít REAL. I let her toss me around a little then I tossed her around like the script said." To put the final nail in the coffin, she finished, "Itís not like she could do that to me in real life," and laughed.

Tiffany, Frank, and a host of Tiffanyís loyal fans wanted to gut the bimbo. The naughty darling of the ring DID NOT fake matches. But the statement was out there, and it had to be addressed. Arguments werenít good enough. The challenge was sent. "Barbie, if you think Iím a fake and I canít beat you, step in the ring and prove it!"

It took time. Barbie must have had a rogue brain cell that survived because she avoided making a reply to the challenge for weeks. But Crawford must have told her it would help her career, or possibly he was getting tired of her maxing out his credit cards. Wrestling reports had Barbie working out in a gym with a wrestling coach, and about a month after Barbieís blunder, as they called her statement, the blonde came out and accepted the match.

It took some more time to set it up. A couple of wrestling shows actually wanted to tape it for broadcast so Frank had to deal with the offers. The rules for the match went back and forth a bit, but Tiffany stumped Barbie when she asked for the "same rules as the match in the movie." In "Galactic Wrestling Angel," Kruka and Angel met in a no-holds-barred affair with only pins allowed to win. As soon as Tiffany made the demand, everyone wanted to see it and Barbie was forced to agree. After that, they set a date and time.

Standing in that ring, Barbie looked calm and confident, but Tiffany Minx only saw a lamb waiting to be slaughtered as she walked to the ring through the throng of her fans. Tiffany had on her leopard outfit, but Barbie, or "Angel," wasnít allowed to wear the flimsy sequins-and-straps outfit that she used in the movie, opting for white, skintight hot pants and tube-top. Tiffany made a brief stop at ringside to greet the girls from the movieís cast. Every one of them wished her the best of luck in ripping Barbieís head off.

Barbie jumped her as soon as she ducked down to come through the ropes. In Barbieís favor, Tiffany was actually very surprised by the attack. She expected Barbie to beg and run away. She didnít expect the busty blonde to grab her by the hair and pull her around the ring while beating a fist on her back. Her fans were more surprised than she was to see the favorite at a disadvantage. For a few brief moments, some of the less-devoted fans even wondered if Barbie had told the truth.

Then a wave of relief washed over the crowd. With a two-handed yank, Barbie made Tiffany stumble to her knees and went for a kick to Tiffís chest. Didnít come close to hitting her. Tiffany grabbed the bimboís foot with both hands and stood, showing no signs of trouble and giving her fans her trademark impish grin. As quickly as that, the match flip-flopped, and Barbie was hopping on one foot and squealing as Tiffany bent and twisted her bare toes.

Tiff took a good, close-up look at her "opponent." She was still a pain-in-the-ass and nothing more. From the look of her, Barbieís rush training had tightened up a little of the baby fat on her curves, but she hadnít toughened up at all. She was all show and no substance. There was glitter makeup on all of the exposed skin, and white spandex was stretched over her ass and tits so tightly that it could be considered a tattoo. Those big nipples stabbed out under the white tube-top an inch or more.

While Tiffany checked her out, Barbie made herself look like an idiot by swinging her hands wildly at the wrestler in between squeals of pain from the toe-twisting. With Tiffany holding her foot, Barbie was missing by about a foot, but it didnít seem to be sinking in that she should try something else. She only got loose because Tiff was ready to start the real fun. Throwing Barbieís foot to one side, she spun the blonde around and grabbed her from behind. Faster than Barbie could yelp in surprise, she was tossed on her head with a German-suplex, and she landed so hard that she seemed to bounce on the back of her skull as her body flipped over face-down on the mat. Tiffany got back to her feet and brushed herself off as a wailing Barbie grabbed the back of her pounding head and kicked her feet on the mat.

If Tiffany wanted the pin, it would have been a simple matter of shoving Barbie onto her back and holding her down with a nonchalant foot. Barbie got nudged onto her back, but her big mouth had bought her too much trouble to consider ending the match now. Tiffany raised her left knee over Barbie, waited for the bimbo to see it and shriek, and dropped it into Barbieís throat. The blonde gave a violent kick into the air and treated the fans to flailing limbs and a bucking pelvis as Tiffany held her leg in a choke. Tiff, on the other hand, was sitting calmly on her heels and smoothing down a few out-of-place locks of hair, seemingly oblivious to her victimís suffering.

She did notice when Barbieís flailing began to taper off, though. Standing, Tiffany allowed Barbie to have two deep breaths and then pulled her up to her feet by the hair. Smiling that famous smile, she led the stumbling, wheezing blonde around the ring so everyone could see her, and near the ropes, Tiff spun around and delivered an open-handed slap that sounded like a gunshot when it hit. Barbie twirled away and ended up hanging over the top rope by her arms with the left side of her face turning cherry-red. Tiffany was shaking her hand. It wasnít hurt; it was wet with saliva because Barbie was drooling in her dazed state. The raven-haired wrestler walked over and wiped her hand dry in Barbieís hair, getting laughs from the crowd.

Tiffany took a good look at Barbie. She was hanging by her arms facing out of the ring, and those huge globes on her chest were swaying between the top and middle ropes. Tiff wanted those tits. It was just too bad that there were kids in the crowd preventing her from exposing the big boobs like in the movie.

Slipping out on the ring apron, Tiffany put her left hand behind Barbieís head and pressed down, choking her a bit and keeping her still. She raised her right hand and slowly curled it into a fist, and with the fans cheering, she swung it out and down in a big arc to nail Barbieís left tit with a massive uppercut. Even with the spandex covering, the fleshy slap as Tiffís fist sank into the ample breast-meat carried all over the arena, second only to the anguished howl from the trapped bimbo. Her hand went up in the air again as she shouted, "Should I do the other one?" Tiffany knew how the crowd would answer before she asked, but she waited for the swell of cheers before she gave them that devilish grin and swung her arm in another big arc to bury her fist in the right tit. "More?" Of course they wanted more. They were shouting for Tiffany to beat the immense boobs into pudding. Enjoying every second of it, Tiffany wound up and delivered a dozen or more uppercuts to the milk mounds and took special care to drive her knuckles into the erect nipples with each punch. When she was done, Tiff gave her knuckles a kiss and waved to her fans as Barbie hung there by her neck and armpits, moaning.

As much fun as this was, there was much more to come. Lacing the fingers of her right hand with her left, Tiffany stepped back off of the apron and dropped to the floor, pulling Barbieís neck into the rope with real gusto. She even held onto the blonde for 20 seconds or so to watch her spasms before she let go and let Barbie get launched over backward into the ring. She still didnít know the right way to fall and landed on the back of her head again. Stretching in under the ropes, Tiffany was just able to reach Barbieís ankles and dragged her under the ropes. She wanted her fans to see Barbieís punishment up close and personal. And it wasnít like she had to worry about being counted out in this match.

She dragged Barbie until the bimboís legs and hips were hanging down from the apron, leaving her belly wide open. Tiff clasped her hands together and raised them over her head. A sledgehammer blow crashed down on the blondeís unprotected midriff and was followed by four more, each accompanied by a guttural cry of pain. Then Tiffany reached out and grasped Barbie by her throbbing nipples, squeezing and pulling on them to force the "star" upright. Getting in close to her victim, Tiffany shifted Barbieís legs apart with her knee and moved it up against Barbieís crotch. Looking back over her shoulder, she asked, "Should I?" The fans were supportive, as always. Tiffís leg pulled back and pistoned up with a loud "smack" into the well-used pussy. "Again?" Yes. Smack! "Again?" Definitely yes. Smack! "One more?" Oh, yes! SMACK! Barbieís nipples were released, and she fell to her knees with her hands buried between her legs and a look on her face like she was fighting the urge to vomit.

The bimbo wasnít going anywhere, and Tiffany had an idea for incorporating some "audience participation" in the match. Leaving Barbie, Tiff walked around the ring smiling at the people and looking for something in particular. She found it on an exceptionally large man in the front row, a strapping brute that was well over 6-foot and built like a grizzly bear. Giving him a special smile, she sidled up to him and purred, "Now you just hold still for Tiffany, big boy. I need to borrow something." He swallowed hard and couldnít hide his excitement as she reached for him, but she was only after his belt. Opening the buckle, she slid the thick leather strap from around his waist and held it doubled-up between her two hands. She walked back around the ring, snapping it with sharp "cracks," and Barbie was still on her knees, crying and trembling. When she saw Tiffany walking toward her with the belt, she tried the shrink away, pleading to be left alone. Tiff grabbed one of those aching nipples and made the bimbo stand, turning Barbie around and forcing her to lean on the ring apron. Tiff gave the shorts a solid yank to reveal a fair portion of Barbieís lovely, round ass and then gave that ass ten lashes with the belt. Barbie was screaming and crying, but she got dragged the corner of the ring and bent over the apron on that side. She got another ten lashes. Her ass was bright red now as she was nipple-dragged to the next side of the ring. Another ten straps across the ass and Barbie was pulled to the fourth side of the ring for her final ten licks. The sobbing blonde went back in the ring then. Tiffany grabbed her by the shorts to give Barbie a wedgie/shove under the ropes, and then Tiff returned the belt, giving the owner a smooch for letting her borrow it.

Slipping back into the ring, the entire crowd was stunned or laughing at the difference between the two fighters. Tiffany Minx had barely a hair out of place and looked as fresh as when she walked into the arena. If anything, there was a fine sheen of perspiration that gave her a healthy glow under the lights. Barbie Dahl looked like sheíd been dragged behind a car. Her hair was a mess, her belly, butt, and face were bright red, and she was sweaty and puffy from crying.

Tiffany bent at the waist and grabbed two handfuls of the wild blonde hair to drag her victim to the middle of the ring on her tits and belly. The referee wandered over, curious as to whether Barbie was about to be pinned. Not yet, she wasnít. Tiff grabbed the blondeís legs and crossed the ankles against Barbieís ass. Draping herself across the bimboís back, the wrestler locked the legs in position with a scissors and reached forward with her arms to lock up Barbieís head and right arm in a chicken-wing/cross-face submission hold. Barbie broke into anguished screams as she had in most of this match, and Tiffany smiled up at the ref and asked for a microphone. "I want everyone to hear something." He shrugged and went over to the ropes to get a microphone from one of the announcers, bringing it back to Tiffany and reminding her that she shouldnít use it as a weapon in the ring. "Thatís not why I want it, thanks. Just put it on the mat near the slutís head." He did as Tiffany asked. Tiff leaned a little more forward to make sure the mike would pick her up and said loudly, "Tell me, Barbie Dahl, do you still think wrestling is fake?" She tightened the hold slightly to emphasize the question.

Barbie shrieked some more, but after a few seconds, she was able to choke out, "I-Iím s-sorry! Iím s-s-sorry! I-itís re-real a-and I d-d-didnít meanÖ mean it!"

Tiffany relaxed her hold and then tightened up again. "What about me? Am I a fake?"

"NO! N-no youíre n-not!" She was crying again.

Tiffany released the holds on the bimbo and stood, picking up the microphone. Smiling out at the crowd, she spoke into it. "I suppose it would be kind of silly to ask if Barbie thinks I can beat her up or not, wouldnít it?" Laughter and applause came from all sides of the arena. Tiff acknowledged it with a deep bow to each side of the ring. "There is one question that I want to ask. Do YOU want me to keep going?" The fans always want Tiffany to keep going. "You heard them Barbie. I have to give my wonderful fans what they want!" Tiffany tossed the mike over to the ref and walked back to grab the blondeís hair.

Barbie was dragged back to her feet, hardly able to stand, and was scooped off of the canvas. Tiffany held her prize long enough to slowly spin around so everyone could see it and dropped to one knee to bend the bimbo in half with an over-the-knee back-breaker. Not stopping there, the raven-haired woman put her hands on Barbieís throat and crotch and pressed down to really put pressure on her spine. Of course, that also gave her the opportunity to choke the bitch, and though the fans couldnít make it out, she was able to pinch Barbieís labia through the thin shorts, too. Tiffany held this for around a minute, long enough for Barbie to really get the point but not so long that the fans would get bored with it. She shoved Barbie off of her leg and watched the bimbo shudder on her back in agony as Tiff stood and moved to Barbieís feet. Lifting them in the air, she gave the fans that grin again and listened to their cries of "DO IT!" for a few seconds before she drove her heel down on the blondeís mound and ground it in place. Then, she stepped through Barbieís legs and twisted them around her own leg, turning the bitch over into a sharpshooter. Again, she showed Barbie the finer points of the torturous submission hold for a minute or so, using her pelvis as a fulcrum to cause maximum discomfort in her victim, and then she released it so as not to let the fans get tired of it. Turning around so she was facing Barbieís head, Tiffany dropped her butt on the abused spine and brought her knees up. Now she locked in the camel-clutch, hooking Barbieís arms back over her knees and lacing her fingers under Barbieís chin to bend her backward. This one she could hold for a little longer. By using some short jerks and shakes, Tiff got those massive udders dancing for the crowd to keep their interest as she hauled back on Barbie for a good three minutes. When she finally let go, Barbie was barely strong enough to sob on the mat.

Tiffany stood and pranced around the ring as her fans cheered. When she passed near the referee, she asked for the mike again. "Thank you, everyone! There isnít much left of Barbie the brain-dead bimbo, but if you REALLY want me to, I could give her a LITTLE more!" It probably doesnít need to be said that the audience got on their feet and shouted for her to continue. She handed off the microphone and sauntered back to Barbie, still face-down the way Tiffany left her.

There was virtually no strength left in the blonde, so it was a slow bit of work to get her on her feet this time. Of course, getting her to bend over was a piece of cake. It occurred to Tiffany as she locked a double-under-hook on Barbieís arms that she was doing this match in reverse. As she used the arms for a suplex that left the bimbo spread-eagle on the canvas, she thought about the way she normally used power and submission moves to weaken an opponent before humiliating them. It put a little extra in her smile as she realized that with Barbie she was able to embarrass the wimp right in the beginning, and now she was using some wrestling to finish her off. The suplex put Barbie near a corner, as Tiff wanted, and the favorite climbed to the top turnbuckle. This was kind of rare for Tiffany Minx; she didnít like the risk involved in top-rope maneuvers usually. That didnít mean that she couldnít do them though, and that was very clear from the perfect moonsault she executed onto Barbieís amply-padded chest. Now, Barbie wasnít quite unconscious, but the lights were on with nobody home. Tiffany peeled her off of the mat one last time and got the blonde bent over in front of her again, placing the bimboís head between her knees. Not quite loud enough for the fans to hear, she told Barbie, "I donít know if you can understand this, but when you wake up, youíd better remember that if you ever piss me off again Iíll make this beating look like a walk in the park." With that, Tiffany pulled the blonde up inverted and dropped, planting her blonde head into the mat with a textbook piledriver. Barbie bounced and collapsed, dead to the world, and Tiffany stood and placed a boot on her neck for the three-count.

Barbie was carried away, back to a "career" of shaking her cans at trade shows and maybe some nude photo shoots. In the ring, Tiffany Minx was given a standing ovation and a little surprise. The cast members from the movie had arranged it with Frank. En masse, they climbed into the ring and strapped the "Galactic Wrestling Championship" belt around Tiffanyís waist and hoisted her on their shoulders for everyone to see. They even carried her out of the arena that way.